Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 12, 1866, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 12, 1866 Page 5
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CONDITION OF THE SOUTHERN 8TATES. OUR MILLEBtEWlE COIBESPOtlKWCt. Hi. i wmittiiijEf Gft-i Dec. 6, 1800. The meeting of the Legialature concentrates Informa tion In reference to all parts of the .-Hate. Milled/eville la i small place of some two thousand Inhabitants, half and half, with but one hotel of any prominence, in which a majority of the members, and those of most Intelligence and influence at home, are domiciled to gether for the spaoe ef the six woek* which the session la-ls. Tno utmost freedom prevullv in tho intercour o of tho members. All disguise is thrown off, and que tlous of all klndq nre dlacussed with all tho abandon that prevailed in the palmiest days of the confederacy. There Is a disposition, to which I think propor to allnde, among some who have lost all by the success of the United States arms, and who ha\ a not entered upon tho work of repairing their fortunes, or who may have settled down In a permanent sttle of dospondonoy, to talk, In a very free and unlicensed manner, against the measures of the government. This freedom of speech they sometimes use with a sort of flcndlsh pleasure, whenever Northern correspondents are pros ent, little recking how their conversation would appear In Northern prints. And sometimes this sort of speech Is need with evident Intention to mislead those whom they think would gloat over tho revelations they pretend to make, as evidence of lurking troason In the Southern ?eart. It Is possible that sometlmos Ignorance profound and depravity unexampled may lead to tho expression ef disloyal sentiments towards a government all have ?worn to support, and under whose protection they en joy the very freedom of speech which they so grossly pervert At home their conduct Is regretted. But wher ever you see men determined to reinstate themselves in the atniles of fortune, and to build up for themselves name and fame, nothing of the kind alluded to occurs. The deprivation of fortune and the sudden plunging Into the vale of poverty, If not oT penurv, has ofton proved a source of demoralization; and not tho lo.sof property in slaves nor other pecuniary losses so much excite our pity and commiseration as the Absence of self-reliance, em rgy and oconomy where tbmt Is all that can avail for the attainment of cornp" tency. If you hco a man industriously at work to set himself up again, and to make use of all the means 10 Ilia power to re-establish the fortune be may have lost, you may set It down as certain that such a man leaves the government to go Its own way, and politics to take care of themselves. Nothing would make a Northern man more regret the nnn-reMoratlon of tho iftely re bellious States than the plea that is made by some of Ihe fact to engage in ho work by which Individual pro" Klty may be promoted and tho general weal of the te and of the whole country enhanced. We do not wish to be understood as implying that any vary large class of the citizens of Georgia are hopeless or desponding. The results of the crops this year prove Uta contrary. In the faco of one of the most baleful drought* that the Plate has ever seen the crops are such aa to give the greatest encouragement for future agricul taral labor. Reasoning man will take Into account the pbsUclee in the way of successful agriculture this year, aad will be encouraged by partial success to strive harder the coming year. Already men have expressed (heir regrets that they have lost a year in inactivity, and another year they are determined to dob" tier ; while (ha feeling of hope has sprung up gouoraily In the Afri aaa breast, and higher wages are u.-kod and promised the osxt year. The Legislature af the State is also Influenced by gene ral hope which has revived. Railroads have been char tered to run In evary direction through the State. State encouragement has been given to foreigners and people from the North to settle here, aod manufacturing and mining companies are as abundant as could be dial red. No | > papers are shunned because they are radical tf they are truer A" the principal papers of Now York are freely circulated, and I even beard the JYibune spoken ef by a prominent member of tho Leg'hlaturo as one of Ibe best and ablest papers la the country. In mauy Instances the transformation of habits among people Is truly wouderful. I have often seen the keecl * ' " i character sticking out so plainly In native born e Georgians that 1 have wondered myself. Men and even Woman and children have gone to the field or to appro priate work, while the African is loft foe to fllTlhe ?eboolhousos t i with his children, and to refuse to allow MB children to do menial work. The change will still go - cbsni la addition to ttiis a very marked change is taking Sin thj comparative number of whites and black* in of the reunites. The counties best adapted to the J of cotton, whero the best prices for lanor can be are d'-pluiiug rapidly the grain counties, while ever the road* thai lead to the more fertile lands of (be West a constant stream of block population is flow ing with Increasing volume. A bill will be Introduced lite the Legislature to tax negro brokers $f>00. as it is seriously apprehended that under the enticing influence ef high wages some counties may lose land the loss will be forever) mure of tho black population than can be gl spared at tho present time. Under the inspiring uSnce of hope aDd reviving prosperity the demoral .ion and marked mortality among the African race been arrested. The great incubus on Georgia Is private debts. The eu Legislature strongly squints at repudiation ? but it certain)? will not be attempted in this session,nexcept py tbe influence of stay and exemption laws of the kind Indicated formerly. The bonds of the ra lroad to run from Maoon to Bruns wick will be endorsed by tbe Mate, and In consequence frs friends to the measure who have been using ad iheir Mfrglss to carry the measure through the Legislature think the road will be tin.*hed In twelve or eighteen months. The railroad known a* the Alt Lino, whose President lives in New York, will also have Its bonds Corsed by the State; at least such Is tbe probability. Legislature has pasted a hill to that effect, aud tbe ?ly doubt on tho subject Is whether a two thirds ma ?ty In both bousfle dan he obtained to pass it ovsr kins' veto, for be wilt certainly vetq Ik The Prmldent's Message was received in Milledgevlll* |be day after Its delivery In Washington. I have heard fiat few comments upon it. Indeed, the days of painful ?ellcltude In relation to messages of the i'lesident and of Congress have paseud away from the people MU or Ems, tb abuser? i, they rightly Judging that auy J 'resident must be a If he ooi atlve man If he onuwi.u the good of the whole iple. and any act of Congress that forges chain* for necks of the pe >pl? of aay one t <wts has forged the e ebain for the necks of the people of every Stale. AL AB AMA. FIQH Ml SftClAl MMESPOWtMT. PrtCMdlni* of the Ij?aMMirit Urtwth of the Union FeellM?The Anxiety at' the Pewplo In Kecird to the Ac Moo el Cengreen?Brleht Praeoeeta for the A4opcloo of the C'oontltntlonol Amendment. MoKTooxKaT, Ala., Dee. ft, iftftO. Aflhlra are looking brighter every day, and Uie Indlca thai ere now that the l/glMalure will take tome favor Caction oa the oonetltutlonal amendment thla very i The bill Introduced on the Ad mat. by Mr. Aieoka, of Lowndea oounty, provtdiag for negro auf? *e, aet the ball la motion, and baa beau productive of moat happy reenlta. Mr. Brooke baa alnoe heard from bta eonatttaanta, and I am glad to aay hM aotion haa mot with tbeir moet hearty approval. raa oonanrtmonat. amivonaav. In I be Senate to-day the Committee on Federal Rela tione, to whom wee referred the oonetUuUonal amend ?eat, together with a preamble and reoolntione rubmlt <tng the proportion of Congreea to tho people at an elec Hon to bo held in Augurt next, reported that according In the oonatitelion of the Uniteddttatee It waa neceeaary fry the Legi .iaturee to ratify the propoaod amendment, and that, apart from' mottyaa of propriety aa well an aanrteay towardt the government of tba United tale*, it waa n plain and palpable duty which the Iegirlature awad to Iteelf and the requirement# of the federal ma. natation, that It ehonld promptly roMlder and art ?pen tho propn?el amoodrueni aa wledom and patriot lem dictate). The concluding part of the report ran ae follow*:?"To Ignore the OBtgeee altogether, to leave a queetlonof eoeolemn * nature, and #?> vitally Important to the eommuaweaUb, ee ahlft directly or ludirttly the grave re?poat'hlluy rilci ottoohee to It to a future Leglalet'ire would bo the eMtniattou of y..tir r xumillee a deft l!< .t u of d ity without a pallia'lac eiroametance, dlanourtrnue to tba authority whteb baa aenl it hern, and unwelcome to the people of the blade, who ere tn no U<?rt at ?He Jon tore to hecone# nmbroti*<i in or p"1 tical etrif". or ttug among other r-aeone your cnmmltteo report ?d veree y to the renol Itteni." Mr. ftiMh of Chnmhata county. got tho gear and re marked that a<> good oould rouie riout aay dweuweun upon a mere elwt-act quiet ion. Me thciu- fit that pe<>. ate would ue much better employed la trvtdg In build ?p the MMe, and featuring It to proof flip than In mgutng ? ol Htatc rghta, which had been tart <d aheut P.r fifty year* hack. He, therefore, moved te ley the report on the table. Mr. iUh*m-i hoped the motion to lav en the tah'e Would lei with I rev. u for a moment, lie bad a * ug'e fomark 10 make. ytr. ii.aem?With that on lerataodiog I am ?Mlia( to with ''aw my mollua lor the preewnt. Mr (itaaarr?There t? e Senator l>*rw who wt?b<-? lo aff-r a eurtiiluia for that report. Sena 'or Hyk??, 1 baltevr Mr B?a*w*-ln Ihet ea*e I will not withdraw my mo Mr gyxtta raid h? we* vorry to era that the gag law waa about to prevail. Tb' report of th- eommtttee wea laid open the table by a vete of II to P. , , . ... . ? Mr Hyb?e' prepovtttou ** to eubrolt the cenetittitlonal amendment to e vo? of the p.- ?!* to h? . vm e apodal etoetion on the eee-.nd T? *d?r n J?n ?ry ee?t, a< tba'. It might be a guide !? to* egHlalurf! h w 10 * t It l? one whK n 1* thought verv favorably of by (Invent r Patten, the Trendent ?f the enete, Sprekvr of the joa?? *ud the moat influential e : eea* ol tceplac*. la Ml probability It will Borne up again bef'-te the Senate before the eed of the week. Licr*t?TTM von nm rtrrt""*. The preeeat Uugieiaiure ohowe aa eiceilao* dt 'poet, tioa to do Juetlee to tho fr?? dmen. A bill to emend the ?my law ?? that M would aot apply to -nntraria for l?boi and ettl" ft* eaaaaM end battery be* received a eeoeod reading, and will no doubt besom* * law toll o* Una TJ># object ?f ?h# amendment la to eaeble oOgroea tu ont'tft* hif tk* coming /ear witbaut feat of 9trt * Jta ??????* '*n ? mm, ? their employers are disposed to lake nd?wita*? of the ?Hay law. This bill ought to he passed Immediately, aa most of the contracts Setweeo the freed rue n and thair employer* ere made about (hrMnu time. r Trno1* to oononnm Mr. Moaatt presented a petition to the Congress of the rolled States praying for 'he passage ot a uniform bank ruptcy bill In (he present condition of things he thought a was the only means lelt ths people of the -hAte to recuperate their lost fortunes. The matter was laid over qntil the 10th of January uext. THK AVXIKVY TO HK?K FUUM WXSIUSUToS. The President's Message. or rather a portion of It, is at baud, but the antloiv to benrfr un Congress overshadows evervthl g else, and but Utile Internet Is taken In what thw President has to ray. Tho people ur.< heginnlug to feel that they arc completely at (ho morcy of Oongr-M, an l every movement of that body w It .lio looked upon with the deepest interest. Consequently I am assert the question a dozen every dsy, "What la the news irirm Washington t" Everywhere the hope is crt prugsed that' Degress will not act precipitately in ilio matter, and that the Sontbern Stales will ho allowed a few weeks' gra<'o before any dollnlte plan is agreed upon Horn of ibe legislatures, among (be re-i llio legislature of this .-tnt?, Instead of adjourning now in a few days, as Is Ui>- ru.-;iotn, have de< ided to lake a r cess until ine l.Ttb of January, so that th" members rnlgut have uu opportunity ot going home and conferring with their constituents, and ihcy are anxious (hut Congress will not decide upon any plan of action before the different legislatures infer again. There Is no dould the Southern people siifU bo better prepared to act uiiuit the cons' I1 u tioniil amendment six weeks h"Bce than they are to day. Tliey arc becoming more reconciled to tueir pecu liar-situation day after day, and from the assuraucee I havo moeived from several of the leading men In the legislature I liave no hesitation In saying tiiut in less than six weeks from uow ihe people of Alabama will be fully prepared to vote for the adoption of the consti tutional amendment or sumo klndrid meavtro lhal will he acceptable io Congress and the people of the North. "Give us a little lune,'' they nay, "to go a ud sue our constituent* and erp'nin the true condition of affairs to lh'-tn, ind we wilt come hack ready to swallow iho dose, obnoxious a . il Is. '' Tiicy seem 10 be sincere ill what they ray, and I have no doubt will act in good faith If OongTe -a allows them the tow weeks of grace they ask for. Judge VCIIev, the member of Congress ot?ct from this district, leaves for Washington iu fin looming. He is a staunch Union man. and will, no doubt do wh it ho oan to induce Congress not to act precipitately in any matter affeciing relations hetwoen the people of this State anil the general government. NORTH CAROLINA. OUR RALE It H COBBESPQHQEHCE. JUOCIOH, V. C., nor. H, HiV? There are two or three matters of tact which 1 Mud 'you this morning aa no illustration ol what Ih going on In the ?-Olct North Slate." The "rogulatotv," or, mora appropriately, "nnhiing scoundrels," have renewed their work or burning, rob bing and n^rderiog with vigor as Christmas approaches. Tlie operation-) are mnDtly eonflneri to the (Custom half of the >tnte, and their compllmeuts are almost univer sally paid to negroes and Ventre", thereby indicating the animus of tlie animal. The devil* who compose the rank and Oleof these "regulators" are low born brute*; but they are led by the eons and relatives of former na bobs, and, inasmuch as the better classes do not cauae them to oe arrested and hung, therefore I charge that theee upper classes sympathize with them. It does no good for them to say thev do not, so long as they remain passive, while their sons and relatives are encouraging and leading on the miscreants to their work of dia bolism. Recently thev set Ire to the ylu house of a Mr. Col grove, a Northerner, who had purchased and was culti vating a plantation In Jones county. Bo idee the sin bouae they destroyed his ootton prose and quite a large amount of cotton that he had gathered, pretty much ruining the rnan'a prospects. And it was lot?uded that It should ruin him. They don't winl the "damned Yan kee hers. And yet they talk about encouraging emi grntlon! It get* the rncoursgracnt "he wolr gives to the lamb. A few day ago a tlorman family emigrated to Newborn, and but (or some ftermaus and Yankees w ho havq jpokBlito th'mi as 1 learned wh-n th-ra veatcrday. thev wonld have otArvMllffe ln?if ajTirai. Emigration is encouraged here with a venpe vne. *.Mr- naK hb"L hT ihe regulators m ilreene amtntv. Negroes are rebtied and murdered hv ""cry day iu the eastern hair of the route. This i- nut more assertion, but In. t, and who-. or deule# i know*, if he knows am thing, thai lis denies what la true. The most of these cases never got into tlie iwiwre. They are kept hushed up hy the offender? tbem. eetvec or e's'wthe papers dare not publish them. Tin* may all go to indicate a pretty bad slate of feeling do* u here, hut It la true, nesertlieleHs; and If Southern Union '"f**. u,e hcgroca dared to speak out ju t what tlier think, every one of them would avow it all 10 be true, and not the hundred ih part told at that. A New York merchant, who n buying cotton in thia State, recently took two who a"e -qicnd tig the waiter hero u> a touruanu-ut hail at Ooldabor ?, where they were so I nan I ted by the chivalrc reb'l t. lie ) present ttiat they were obltped to leave the dancing hah And this, too. when ihclr uncle ha large interests lu t0., mate. )? ncouragement tu. emigration" r. un s. in here. lutr* i* U4t now conBi')?*ri?>)?* cigaliag ui tha town* alon^ th? rail rood in tho Kant Mm nirt of t ho S\n to (whoro tho porikw mvo |ooemllT qnlto well known) ovor (u# following blood tlitrwtv r"rr?wf*,n<t #!)?*. You w ll ?oo from tbfs (&t* w?I! ha from olhur evj?jf*nc<> I h&vo given you) mat the war ui not over yet. Mr. [>t*.??wnr one of th* parties ntm*!. la a broker au?l kr. Ju >ti<V a lawyer, both being old citizen* nf \>wf?orn Htiro la the way Ills done among the chivalry, as p-stel almut the streets of Newborn, and also published iu oue of the Newborn paper*; ? to re* rraiic. The following card was hand d ? me hy a friend this morning ? i rjm *?*?***. K. r . r>w i iwm 4 personal dlrtlf lit-- having orvuml hmiw^n Mr. AbRian dnr J.UiUc" *o l mv%?<jf. and dmnandesl ??tiff trtion #unual baiwr>nn u'-iitluru-n which ha It** re.'u* 4. I h*reb/ po?t him at * poltroon an I enward. f. I>| <iOHW %V. In Justice to my-elf, and from a tealou* . are to pre serve tho good opinion of a < .immunity in which I have lived thn* long, entoyiug its respect and adeem, I am now celled upon to discharge the moat dtaagreaabla and painful duty of my life. I shell proceed to e rorreapnndence which of itself la enough to convlnoc the pub lo rmtid of my desire to screen from Its gaze a private femllv quarrel. and noth ing bat mv owu goon name, tod e desire to ret re It pure, a* e lege, v to luy cbtidrea. should foree me tu divulge what I believe it neraemrv to attain Una end Oe Saturday aveuiog teat I wae presented with the following note:? ,, *??****, Dee, I, |M* Mr. Jl.vrica ? Mr_Vour eendu'tt.. n,.- to day . aim.* tie overlooked, and the hearer of ibit note, lur friend, Mr. Prtmrow, will make *u< h arTtngeuiert* tor tali.fe. tlon a* may be prtiper and uecetta y fur the .-tndloailoa of rar 2fr . , ' DtRueWAY. Hereupon follows a correvpotidenca in the good old fo'itheni ohivelric etyle, tuiutned up la (bit conclusion of the card of tho challenged party ? Tain glory t He knew I w^nld ?M fight Mm when he ienged. I would elieeiiee aim for bedlreeuaent to a titver but I would net dep. ire bar if a hutba-id, contemptible at I tbougbi htm. 1 Save donef0r h" hr*"r/' * "onl for M? pua'lUn laxity, and Having tome atftrirlngs that I might Igkt him, he seek, every meant of giving public t, p. the challenge; not only make- confidante of all ha tneeva, nq| emnje. the .ectei to the wife of hiti borem. my own daet l|.,w ti .nle ? how ganvroua of hint' tamgo-igu. kill your br ck-r, dear wife, but I do not want yoe to aay arching about It " He la loo .mall in aletors. In wind and In cher.cier to re 'I'twe' J,lwdi *' '*'* "m*' Jl bTit'It. We are having here the lovetiaat kind of weather the days being as warm and aunny as to J use |t cannot continue thug much longer, however. Huaineae .a dull ?o much a? that the merchants are all having the dumps' The cotton crop ta so very mm h tighter thee was antici pated that it tehee ail the mooey that ? o nes from that "L^V. ?? for pa? expanses, and nothing e*n be almrded for luxuries. No one. aoarrely, in all the Slate hoe more than one baif waat they abiicipetad and what they had very goad reason to anticipate even ae late m the latter jiart of AuvuaL Then th.- r.ot atruck It, and a very abort crop .* the reenlt. Many wtll o A ra--o more vaan oae-thlrd of whet was reasonably ants i. paled, which will not payeipenrea. With ail I here drawbar*! the Houth lifrutv >n a deplora ble i ondltloo. Abe ta hardly any better o9 sow than ?hen the war rlored The enrre .M lr?] wem* to he smiting her utore and more every day; sod, what Is Uie worn rf It, her people will not e?. and aeksowledge it, aad art ta a epiru beeom n? anep a rond tioa of thing* """"I up U at the* have doao wrong sad mode foots of uteri,reive*, and with a oh serf ul fore ?Mending the hand nf fa lowahlp an 1 pledging amity and c" operation la all tha' p?rta nj to the glory aod welfare of the country hereafter ae one would naiorally infer it wonld bo Uielr true poi cy to do, to ?av aoUiIng st out 'tie prompting* or niagr?nlmll* and htvalry, they go ?oowling aliout. gy ndmg their teeth, eureins the Tankee* ?'$????," d'l onng the "lost raore," and "<Mdar11 v rehlng up social, military and political etubert that ought to have been permitted to die mil long ago ."Mot ? m *rege even, doee not *e?m to rndve An<l T*? ilivy are wondering all r emigrant* do not pour in here, Why bust nere doe. not revue, why the a.ggen. will no* go out lulo the .-onatry aad wrrk fo? th*m; whv Yankee* will m?mpl"n if ih?y rob it,cm, why the "nifg*ra won t utierent to be murderel without giunibtlng, why the . oui.'.otn fftaio* are not admitted, and various oth-r Idl.k I ?yncr*c,e f uil* afilcac, loooceul and 'hivairoo* people. VIRGINIA 8UR RICHM1R0 MRRESRCRWRCf. Rraaovn, Dec. g, )*dg !a the IlooM of Delegate* to day a commuateattoa was recef- *t from IbetJovernor in relation to tha loudna au.1 Ilamiifhlra Itailroad, which la now in reaning order i a portmn of its length an? will be rr mpl'lwl to leae burg ahor'ty by its pr*?ent eom[*ty, who are unable to | pee i further with the work. The flgyernor recom i mend- the aaie of the mad on condlt: n that u shall be completed by Its purchacera to tho coal regions In Haer p ' ?bire <v, >oiy, which are aaid to bo lb# moat oiteaaica j and valuable in the country, the Penaayicaata* not evcepted. Tor tho manufacture of gat thin coal la oa*nrpaa*ed in ,neiby. That sow brought to Baltimore by tire Hen more aad Ohm Ball road from the adjacent Mfdmrat regMP- ttrifb *f a oup?t(?v qaaJty w % , Mrior lo the Hampshire oen?. Added to tbte the roed ?oold paan through the Meet IhrtUn and tmnHfay potaloa of Virginia, Loudon, Jellbraoa and Berkley oounUos Into Hampshire, nod would cauee the development of their great reeourcee, besides building np the city of Alex andria an a cummer lal mart. lie route will involve the bridulug of tl>e rihcuandcuih river aud the tunnelling of the Knobby Mountain,on the border uf Hampshire county, or a h-avy an>l clrcuiuue grade to reaeli the location of the mlnoa. For an investment of capital there I* no belter enterprise than thin. Copies of the message were ordered to be primed lor the use of the lloosc. A bill was panned n the >Seu Ue authorizing the Dlsmnl Swuinp Canal Compauy to Insue eight |>er cent bond* by n vole of Koventv-seven yeas to two nay*. No other business of importance una transacted, and both hoii'iB adjourned at an early hour. lly an examination of the books of the Collector of In ternal Revenue it Is ascertained ihut the people here are not altogether without resource i. Income* are reported by lour hundred purcuis at ft 1,000 ; one hundred and twenty-live at from fftflo to $1,000, and twenty-one oi?r fudO each, which In a gratifying exhibit considering thn poverty stricken con dition of the communis gamnlly; but should the crops tho coming year lira out uvura >ly there id every reaaun t > lielh-ve that a new eia of proeperlty and welraro will dawn oil the people of this old common wealth, such ?? their most -uoiloo oxpechillons never before realized. The crop of wheat now planted Is eetl mated to l? the must evp-naive y deposited tu the toil of the state. Other grain crops will also be compara tively large, ad will al o the lob*co crop, so that wlih a propitious season next year the state will sga u ho in a pros|s-roiin condition. There is no nown whatever of a |k>Iii oal character here; the people are tired of the present tadicul agita tion, end wish it eMod by almost ?ny means pnasible; luly - - - ? they are an -ileus oiH. tu build up their Slate, and lo do this are busy in attending to the.r domestic uiTairs?the cultivation uf the.r lauds the rebuild ng of their hou-sos, and the development of their internal FMaklfCue as means will pernt't, 1 hern is some talk a to t he probable fate uf the amendment at the hands of tho Legislature. A great many are anxious that It should he adopled, while others are hi,terly opposed to it, tho press being unanimous uga.uat It. -nnie 1st rpjeotud by both bouse witlinui a diasonlinu vote,- while others de clare there will t>-i a large number in Its favor. This latter is thn opinion most gen. rally enter' lined, though It Is cunoeded by ail that It will bo rejected. EPISCOPAL CONVENTION. _ ? Assembling of the t'onvointloii* of I.oiig lelnuil -The lllneeunu QuestIon Considered A me Attendsnew of llie t'lrrgv. ,Ve. The convocation* <g Island assembled ug.un yes terday morning, pursuant to adjournment, at Grace church, comer of Hicks street and Grace court. Ibe at tendance was not very large. After preliminary religious exeiruA the business meeting *?* organized, the K?v. Or. Ihtilejohn being called to the chair. Tho Rev. Mr. Moor* niovrd that the laymen prevent he requested to bury their name to llie Secretary, that it might lie known how maoy panslie. worn represented.' Return this motion war put. on motion of the Rev. Mr. Partrldre, the minute, of tbo list meeting were read by the secretary, ihe Rev. Mr Applelou. The oiginal uio tlun was then carried. The Rev Or. Hurt wit aid tu* ha I learned there was a letter from the Hisnop uf Sew York, explaining why ho was nut present, and on hi.v motion it *??- read. MiTTM mow rue tunilor. This letter *iai.-d that he nuild nut be present owing to tbe fact lb si be had made an appointment lo preside at a meeting of the North, rn Convention, heid in Albany on the same day. and hsx .ng bail on Wednesday to con secrate a church in the ue ghhorlical. t he III,Imp added:?,lM.v presence wi'h you Is llie less nere. s.xry In asmuch as ui your le?t meeting | decisrel very dhtitneily my entire readiness to couenr in nvasurea for the erec tion of Long Island Into s diocese in the manner sug gested In my aildre-A lo the last convention of the dim ccse, and 1 confess 1 hope that ii< thing may occur 10 pie\ out its be ng aci oinplisiied wiili p. r eot good leet ing." On motion ol Mr. Hioinxv the letter was placed on the minutes. * mcsrt.Toa-T nii'vrv. On motion of I). R IT otti Jo is the report of the com mittee ot whirb Rev. Mr. I'mM.n R ??- chairman was resit uy mo latter winch v-ds forth the urgent. tH-ireffaUy of active missionary ni'sauina, and iidvlstag ine distri bution of religious knowledge by tip-aav of ihe relig on* pie-1 and pauipUlele, 1 nil ii-*> tho a udili.din.eiii of hraneh Vun'I.T? ?< hoo'j and a-'.ive missl u work for adults and young. Rev. Mr. Rii.iv sdvo. ..ted the establishment of aw hool In fain parish. Rev Mr. HxsKtvs offered a lertaa of resolutions refsr nng to thn oh,, i of the meeting. Ho reviewed me Ins torv of the endesvor, fbr n-vdsl >.?m contlnned. to ??? lahllrh a new dloreso. lb-hup I'otter bud opposed tin division of the dl'>cc.e, ano hsd declared that he could not consent to .t uniil lie saw u was required by Ibe in terest* of the di'a-a *e; slid to this re. oil he would come without any pre-?ore from otit-ido |mril 1 Now he had c included ibai llie tone lor toe divl- on had arm ad. Rev. IV UorvMis moved thst the secretary be re qnuMed to rnturn to toe lll-b"p Ihe acknowledgment of | ibe reception of hi*^^' r* 4t-'1 '*g"t thai tu.-. . luclai | duties had prevent! dWiM atiendance. A resolution and piesmmn embodying the o Ideas Was tlieu ottered and adopt d. Mr. Hi?*iss' rosubitlons provided that the subject of disco-sling thn q- ation o( IU? dues ?? be taken up, and tnat sueli knoWlVlge lie obtained from Ulost pre not a would itiad 'o the lurtherauce -,l the object In v ew On tin" |i volution sou.i- dli ur-iou eusiied. It was stated that $40 (yd) vould nave to lie r.u *d for Ibe ? inbliebmnnl ot the Blshoprlr, white some sstimateit that $100,000 w uiild be required, it was a qdi silou, I liars fore, w hether the nece^ iry sum oould be raised. Rev. Dr. (iknasbCA* u? marked upiu, the activity ef hlblted In the Roman Catholic t liurnii, and ilu nvel of uiors energy anil mors church"* ot the Kpl*coitul den *11 uistion. A Bishop wn.> to super,up ml and prop srly cars for the Interests of thi* i hoicb on Long Isiaud, particularly in Brooklyn. R.-v. 1 tr Lrrrujoiir remarked on the questions lo be pot by the roinmlUee of the fpi-e-.pal t onvenib nto ill' rspre-en alivcs o.' tho parishes ot Long Island, and gnts assiirau'-ei thai the iiunmlltee wo .id endeavor io do its duty fully aad faithfully Rev. l>r. PkPDO n ?' ip il that Ilia question was one bs tweon a Very large dloeeie si.J n dbjeese of moderate mxo. The dan ess of Long Island would tie large enough to lake a reap? table stand, and Its re.poustbth los would be suHW.ent for any one roan to ass ,m? ?i c.rg rwir i In hahatfof th? cotumittea ap|?> ntad at the l?4Cf?n rmti'io lo rouitfr the ?lnli"ct and report to th ? meeting, thay pKipoyude-l tba following ?]oe?tlone lo the 1 oog leland oonent-ailao* prerlnu u> making a report to th- uati annuel l)tore?nu < onvi atlou of New Ycrk ? 1 In poor Judgn.. at. l< the erection of a o> o do* me in the emitters i?r. ?f the tli mmo of Sow York deetrabla, to .unmet of iMUg laiuid, and, ,n a certain t"niinfenrv, of "ftateo laland and wifn an endowment of ttia ept?uo pat" of not loaa than 140,000, It being under-total thai a c ifinactioa with tha Botbar dtoccw. .hall ha retained ft.r tha promotion of tha r common Interewta? J. dliou'd ?'ir.h a connection not oa retained would tba aractton of "yu'ta ? M'T r? W/? '???? ??? tba prnpo-ad now dlocaee, in jmiil Judgniut. by wit u btef X la It, in your judgment p?w tl<ahl? v> r*le?"i rum of not lean than $40 000 for tha creation of a fund for tba tuptmrt of tba aplxvpata of tl.a propomd now dioraaat If ran. plaaaa mate on what farta or inform* tloa yottr Judgment l? founded t. If your judg mant It adrerae, atthar in whole or In part, to Hie erection < f tha proposed aaw dioc'-ae, will you rUtta tha grounds of your Optoma I ngagyr o? ma-a qrinaa Rar. Mr Hurra** th-n apokr la faror of tha aodow. m?ot of a blaboprtc and of urn amount which would ba acccaaary f'tr that purpow. Rar nr. raBTBtl'ia tpoka In objection to tba earer anca of tha due-ma, and remarked that what tha F.pK o pai church needed bayosd anything aha waa trttal godn neea on tba part of tha minlatry. Ra*. Mr !"Viv presented a aartaa of raanlotlnna faror ng a d vi> on, with or without any connection witn tha moth?r dlo e-e, and anawartng tha aararal >|uatiaa rr^tran. tha prarpnia raaolulioa waa wttbdraan to give pare to th?ea a. a au'wlltul" Rat J. fa1 i nirna dwnit opp??ad the dlvlalnn on the ground that It indeed a chauga la tha organic law of tha rburrh Ttne dlocrae. If w para tad, wait tank -iith or aaventb of all tba diorama lo tba United Htalea. Mr OajnantAl-f* of Jamaica, remarked that in a eoun. try an rich aa l?n* !aland It waa rUtrylour to gueetloc tba ability to raiaa $4*1. b00, and ha fall Mtlafled (inn onO "itiM ear ly ba pro< ired for a purpura of ihla kind If n ?aaaary. Rr?. Mr. Maaeittiri waa daroledly In faror of a dlvia Ion of tha dloceaa. bat h. wa? a* strongly opp-.rrd to ua aararaoea J ut bow Ho fait aat'*Aad that tha H "hop waa uppow 4 to tba dit laioa, and ha ranaratad and lorad tha man Mev Mr. #rv?ar?n aald ba bad had a eonvaraatlow with tha Iltahop Una morning, and knew ba waa in favor of tba dJrUloo. Ilev. Mr. M'a.aaaalda diviolent of tha dlncwaa moat ?vntnelly take place, aod that It waa eapartally n*eaa ?ary to appoint an ag -iaal btebop, in order to Vltava tba preaent htahup of much entra labor, which In bla a l vaared aged .1 la a provldanca of 'rod i^at ha a ahla to aeeooipllglk ?tr rran Tha flrwt raaolutton ofleeed by Her Mr Stocking, which atBrmatiralv angwera tba flret query, wu adopted. Tba awcood raaolutl a wag al o parsed. and egprwweH tba Plata that If praatioabla a connection with tha Mot lief Church ought to be main- unad for tha prumotir a of tba general Inta-edt The third reanlwtl'>n, whl'h air ?ea tba erection of tba now d:? em, wnatnar aay mnaartion with tha ovdhgr dlocem oa ratamad or not, waa alao wlnptad Ti n fourth rwanlatlnn, that tha pr- peiaad an dowmant ran ba numd at the tlwia aparlflad by tba ntah p in hi* all rem, waa alao paaaad. A furthar dtaeneamn anauad after a 'hart reeeaa dur ing wh h nuthlng iiwporTant waa alt ttad -a rota of thanta bring paamd pi tba Htahnp. aa aliudad to hafnra Tba ConvaaiHin than adjourned. count or en* tno n$? ?n Allrgrd Morder. Rafora Jtldga '? Q Barrard lanmard Fay, who bad bean tnd'rtad for altageg w ir dar, waa Or .tight ap for aantanea. It appeared tba prta ena^dmitted that a platoi which ba bad In bla poeaa* etno went ell accidentally and rh'd hi* frier.d. Tbera waa no avMawre to r .ta'a tha Md priaonar a nwa planaaior J Iga Barnard ordered the prisoner lo ba barged, ml mating that the judgaiae of tba aaurt waa ?.upended fry tba praaeat. TH TUT UTN 1$ fclTiaOflf. _ .mr II, )?M , . , _'l""S'a arb-e la of tbta In fwwra ao teaaher eiwpiovad ^ J, Nataa will ha required rn wae w mmT af Iwr THE DIVISION STRUT MTMTOOPME. Inqweat (fet BwIIm ?( the Victim* TmiI ?tony H?fm Iks Csrsssr?Tsrdlsl of ike Jury Th* Fir* lk? Wsrk of an Isrridlarv Thr .llsisr llecoiiiuiended to Otter ? Kf wurd for the Detection ol" the Olli ntler (If t'ouiuieudullon of the Jury Kcgmdiu* the Storage s| Petroleum. Are., iVr. Coroner Cover held ananqnest si the .Seventh preolr.ct

IMlre station house yesterday, ou tho ho of the v lo ll?* of tho late disastrous (Ire at 213 Division Street After the Jury wro ?mpanti"l d they proceeded to th? scene of the calamity, ami made a thorough research Ol tbo premise*. The rooms occupied hy the unfurl u n e people wore found in the utniu-t dlaorder; the fur r.i'nre oharrod and blaekenod by smoke, and alio of the Into occupants and the toys of the children were la; ins Just as they hud been left when their owners .reflrel to rest the night before. returned to the room where the Inquest was to he held, tho Coroner uuprevted the jury on tb" necessity oi carefully Invodlgatln,; all the clrcumstlUMMt connected wlih the melancholy occurrence. It seemod to him there must have berni some fault In regard to the storage of <uch dangerous materials as keroaen ? on promises wbwebuinuii bo.rig, routeI, and he trusted the l.'gn lat re would enact laws Uiat woild bottur protect life in the city for tho futnro. TranvoNT sire iff. na'ftrr, \v1k test.fled as follow, -I live at Mat Mlt. Dlvlelnn 11nut; Inst night about eleven o'clock I heard an t'arm of Ure, an I went to No. 213 Division street, wh'rel found itnoke rruplnir out of the front door end op thrro h the grating from the hasouienl, hsving friends lu die house 1 attempted t<>enu>r the hail, when I in't son* frauds coming out, who t"hl nie tbe pohc would nol allow mo to go In; I then returns* to the street; one or l*o lire engiuet vroro there at tli ? lone; tho most of the irnolte k< einod to tie in the back of ih" house and goitig up tho slain; I ?w the timr.tos making their o.cipe; I think Inn I I been ail iwed to go up sulrw at ihe tlmi 1 ll-sl attempted to do so I onuld have savd the live, ul those who w< re lost, I saw a policeman intending at tie door; I did not attempt to pasa h m. hearing Irom otb-ra lha< It was no use hi trv to do so; I srrlved at ihr flro tbout throe minutes afier the uJarro was given, rnrigow <>r rargn k ohnuiut. Patrick O'Brlon was tbe ucxt witness eutmlned, and test: led a* follows ? T live at (12 War get street; was sit ting lust night in a burro. >m at No. :| Hester street, right ?cross from where tho lire waa, about twenty-five mlu uten to eleven o'ciork . 1 heard a noise In thosireet which I su; pu?ed wa> a flght; I ran <>ut and saw at 213 IMvl sion treot a crowd, slid noticed a hose being Stretched In there. I attempted to pa?. in at the Im!! door, when line a policeman who a ked me it I Itolnnged lo the tire department, I replied no, when b? said "you cannot go In then;" I!tiding It undoes to stand there, I ran litre gh the milk store and found the proprielur and his wife just getting out of lied; f told him lo liurrv out, a. Ins lion ?? was on flro ; I |m ed ihrougn their bedroom to gain the rear tloor .n the tall w a) ; wlien I opened tlie door leading to the J back ball the flamee met me, and 1 abut the uoo. again and weal to tho front of the mum I attempted logo I in th-ougli (he front door again, but the policeman re fused m" s.lmittonce. wbd talking lo him I Waastruck on the shoulder by something did not kuow whet it wat at the i me, bul nlterwaid" learned It was Mr. John ford, who Ml on me as he was tumping from the Second mnry window I went again to the policeman and l>ld him there were otheia In the house; be ?id go I away, the Inmates were ml out; t called s friend end I we went lltiougb su adjoining house and got on thn root; . 1 saw ome flreii.en on tb* rtf a." wo were going up, I bul when we g d on the roof they were gone away , the I ?mnki was o intenan wo ha t to leave aiso Uteiw wue no 1 ladder leaditir from the top flour lo the roof j 111 the adJoiuiuf ho.-e, ami we weie rem polled to swing otirr"lvea up by our hands; t had I been silo a ed to ente.- the house the 11 nd time I I attempted to do no, I think I could have sayed ail the j inmate-, with Ih? as*.slam o of frien who were wdlt in?. at ihat time the imoke was not very d*u?i I did not see any of lb* inmate Icare the hottnu by Ute door of the mining bouse the rmeit of them escaped ..vei the root ol tlis adjoining h ui'llAg. i crtmm or sc. jutt' ctssa. I live at lib Monroe street; was with the pr*v,M< wit tie- s In.-' nmht at the eommatir. timol of the die, henid the si. in alei'ii twenty minntee i" eleven o'< lew k, when 1 ran out and ,aw a crowd; proceed, d to the pot and found I' w;i a tire an I not a row, as I at flrnt supposed , we attempted to enter, but were stopped by a policeman, 1 heard o linen ay to 'he policeman "I have some friends there, and I desire to live them;' the *tttaar s'ked htm was h" a j flrem n , and ho nrwered ha vas not I 1 ully eorrolio rule VI <i llrten < testimony; hail f been allowed Ui go in thvi at lir-t I could have uonfled all the persona in the hoe of iheb ,larger without tb* *??'.stanceof my frtand* there were uo Sreaneo or nnj other per-onii going ir. or ont the roth" n, hut there irt ??? rung thioupl Mr Kr'fv ' the moke was pot yty In tense ?' the time, and I am sure I could have got up dry and iaved the people. IttTIIIMt or ll? Wktvriu. I lift 1.1 (KM vi?l?r .tract, ! at Jin !| ImUrilMl !?? I night. *h?n I heard a u n in, Mill though' H *?? a r-iv. j 1 weul Mtt Wbd Oaw Hook itnd ladd'-r Company B ? rrwlngMio bull on Hm? u)'limit, 1 run m i to gib Idyl. Iol r.-et. arnt i< I WM going In tli" entry I heard -Olite one "Inn out 'take tlilt hrby 1 tie hahv war being lower*-.i -a i f the front wi?nlo>. dm floor, aouM ouo took tfi<' t>i >v and than another < *n on rehl "irk" Ihn woman. alluding to a WWWiab wik" a a* laMOt; lowered from til" -a-ia nlotto*, I tlm t' P#d to t ' ?? Ilia woman, hIm foil on rna ami wa l.lh fell 'Ian I liittn r?'tijru d to the hall door irut Iter- t?a.; a police mail, who ,1-u iil mo tf I wa- ? ,,ramao, and I aula I w? not, Uuii raid no. 'you r.,nuot K" In I told him I hail aotno frlatulo lli 't*. hot be ii'tm " - 'I ' von cannot go III'1 the waa Ion.- Mbm Ida Ira alarm ring. but there van a Boa* oart Ultra, Mr. Kriiy tb*ti <auiauuto< thu entry. ami I a? -tan to rrmrm hi* fori tnr.- ecioag tlm ?trnoi; there was no amove at tho tuna Mr Kelly rania out of tho li-ii aiiv ihat wi ild alia t aaroaa; I thn.a i eotiid have ami from tlia b? to: ? totha top i>r it.a build lug at ill' time anil arou nd all Ika inn,an* if allowed in do M; 1 Itava ha-n in wnr/e itaui thai way, itfwaa ?bout iiii< atouto* afiar I got tbaiw f raw Mf, kellv; It w?< not tha nit! or that tbay ray wac on duty at the t on MMMHHMi I did not PM a tlroman eilem{it to ao into the bo ire. they waie attending to ihetr npi'trnlii*. lo Mr. Phillip*, tha Inrrntan tha Jury It waa ?bout ten ninut< ? after I arrived there I or Brat ladder war raiW". iti'l 'hat only reach"'. to the Ural atory, and H wn> Bltoea tbtawtte attar tha' brfnyuthe hiatier bol der* war rai'ed tba hydrant it. am war 'he fir-t wa ar put on lb" flri' n waa a . aid wtu.o naf.ira a e'earner cam* thrr* J flr*t thought It wa* a rlahle on flfa, hot when I ma the uaakt warning on. of tbe trunt cellar it loakwl Dke amok* produced by Kerneawa oil, It wa* no thick awl OU t. Hie taild r waa <rt?ed In fiont of the building. tae eeri after biking ell Mr Kelly ? furmturu acmat lb atraat before the hi t. Udder rn ratrnd rum an nv *.r wa. uaaegirr. W Hilar Ha,-tar, the next w uncart, u.d I llijp at Ilk [ttrlaton "treat, and MCOprad lb'- naim ov-r the milk ?tore, ah it balf pra' elev"a but night 1 era paa-ng through 11# Mdrnnm and Brut note ad the mell of am 'ke, rnr ' later >i?n< d th< door and -aid . itebou.e war on Bra "We.f.g "CJ'kr in tie hall w l.toti waa rurbllig up the tair my, I lowwred all my people (ml of tba Irulit eiodaai, I then won I round tba mora to gither p rotna thing', and re main**) abpit twenty ntln ilea In tha room Wore I kfl a tmail Iw.der we* put up n?e unbulaa before I left tha h"i?a, over wlneti | earaped; tan at in u tor *rwr I left tba honm a tony ladder waa fiat up; if the long ladder* b?l 'iaer. put up when they Brut arrived, awl en entrance rained by the ?li down. In toy opinion, el ooald here beet at "d, I had lo hallo . MbaatMM to put up a ladder belir* the ? mill on' wee pal up for mo ui .?(>?? by, |h*i|.Te ?? tha Uma I left tba room onbady had I aen ernoi Hired I hav? alw >y? bad a drwad of thai ho., ? onaceour'of the quea'o y of ke'i.uoe oil et. rod in tlm haremeat that em" a*v id' nl ef Una at lure might hep pen Phtlwi who I* dead oltea bai l to me it ought la> pot out if the lion**, lb- re la a nlntllir en lay th- huii nl 1 have often noticed the raor of th ber tT' ui wek-l w,'h keriwene ml, the atoell o; It m the r o cellar wee vary itmng end hat me to think | tbe gar yi er?l? i Would unmet me oiuta ur up. I Kara no , knowledgr that any liareoi; W?0t Into till- alter '??? ; night ihereUar wee'livtded Into wo-id liouaae lor Uf fgm.liea I log in itr* heoett rvwrta >?T na airraew onwoee, NatUtee IkeegM waa then eiainmad and "Old ? I lire at \o vlft brie n atr-*t, and bttp B iMW'jaaM ell Mora , uadar me tw* f ug (iart of tba bo?*a, and al*o u?e ipc treawinent n l?r be r tk rtore at a ytoyoge rtxim for oil, f ret rued mm* teat nlybl from feed nc my hi roe a' *ait half-pact ew I it . ant retired to ImoI about two or baif- 1 pe-t I reap In tb" r?er pert af the More; an I waa gating Into led me doe bar led eo tn I ? ercantlf; lial t 1 ' ? "d '"Iter h?ik |e t antra | *r. -r war in lb" hoora and I aat t bn MM f I'd get Ib, till d'lf nnnltaued to hark , I loan (id Bp and ] r.oUi-od -in*' forciny uee f through th* rre?>??r of ? fan Itght o ar the toor I adlag into tba hark ball, I then went o it u t'.a atraat tbfougb tha atora, I m* a boo. and ladder v iopanr et wr tk putiing up lb?ir lad ler- lo th* bo te* I baaid no bell at thtalin.e, d#n*i Meek emoka wa. ?. nln# tp thro gh UIMMf iaat Ml fraat uf Ihe riot' di or ; in? wife red hltd er*ap~1. ' did b * iiien.i t to ?*? aaythlna on mrooot af lit* ? -lok- 'tn my up tbf<Ifb tba ."Uteg Mktf aataiifif lb# hall do**, whan tba ayiota ka' romearhat gabeMnd I went la wttu one of the Bf r??n Mid get eotne oi m? cl -tbiny I em inanred for I"'" add -'g' mf awwk et |l W Itkeuar had any ol to me aatwia lap| Mtarht ,n it; hare knoei len.ut# ga d/?n far wood there with a I fM, but ' not know of any pero n in?. ?? le t a ?-bt; the aotoke vd? d?nae la mf pl?ne. I bad leM nigbt In my placeonlr <W* full tenwl ri oil, atmut Bra ga. ooa a an ? a her and a out Bftean or twenty ye ton* tn ' ear, wb. b I brought l -ak. not iie-'ny * "l all I by right awl In tba inwrn ag I <n?? ar all leaked m thai H wo rld dr~* - "it, ihi ' r ? lata tbe ruheeWtr, I I are no peram el keowi y? but frem Wiat I ??'* eaen I d, I bar* f ab l?eura?" 'ofBpeay wbte* allow* me * eigfit to tea be'iei# eil, I do not ?- ** lb* compel ; I rey-y k-y o, .. l ?*'" ?l?r? at e I rW. (Ha wae be-a * *!* J*''* uTa ror. aT'lr icare' '' 'i **' ro-t. and ?aa 11 vim .. I ac ' p" 1 "?"? baaw aeat to wc ''1 Ml ? f'iaaa retutaed ?tamma 9m awiy pelf a barrel there ) ?bd aai rWT ?"*r (If /?* a agiUtiTte* c'net H t? U?|c# reft l-.f'at I ef tbe HeimWistaa WH' f>e| a/fnaW, IM Itra at Ho' i niMMiM my _*.* at Ha. IM CIIMaw atraat, w? 'died not of mr bunt room lact a gut, whan I got WW* en tb* truck bad geoa, I ibaa Mr Kgliy. wa tatd Me My !>?> -> ** m Irr. I t?t b?M? and w? bar *-* m g#? i* tap floor aa wy wife bawd tbara lr It.My. on* of n? towMbayu, owl r>e waald gw wto Wt* w* broh Wrropted t* go *p trot were drtr** twdt ?*'?*# ?? reach-d tbe Brat Boor by a ?Mb aa uwMiafg' tor* of >*?? jt Nt ~ Tptmii ?**OM"1 than wriii Into tha nr4< and aaaMed i , r.ltu ? \%^r, which reached op to my rtom ?Blt WBOt , ' li, and wlih my Ira cap broke u? window wban tba amoka guabf I out aiid m 11? ma ;?i< j ttl,n want on the roof ?f lie -labia adtoluiDg. iKm ghir.h ? ladder led U> Uio rgf of No. 216, i ? -ui uk, iu.? ,u , found nuioke and llano coming up tha y uttla ^,?ir ( triad to go down to o<K for tny wtfa, hut could oat r. main an Inalant thaw I than returned an I cam* to u.? Biroat, I anbtcju' uia laarnad my wtiu mud" b-r eecgk.? to tha roof and druppii from that to the roof of iha m a building; if abe had o-llrad to had at the tin,a the Bra broke out, I am entitled aha would bar a aii.ired tba name fata ?? tha othon; I have bean alwaya tpprulu-u alva a Ilia would breakout tn thia hou?d oa orouut of tha quantity of kcraacio oil -toted there, aud that an ? pcivou could ootua In from tha otreet and go down to tha collar, the oil heed to ]>wk ?" fre-dy through tha baM?nianl floor ? to animate tnv wood tu the eb collar, I have apakatt to tha agaut ibooi tha ttacaei ty of put* tlug ulo'kon the frontdoor; my wifo aid, "afore Cnllng the -mull or rmnke, -he h-ail ? n iao which aha thought waa catigad ky a di-lurhanca down claim; after finding my wife anfe I aaatotad Tk removing tha <!? ,e! bo?ii>'-, I n.01 at iha lira Ic hiro tha l?dl mug. 1 un poritive no human !h inc coili I hare m ? nagignd in guiuing the oppm flooraiwhiii T (Imt attempted it, and I vn- at tha lire i?ry aoou alter II nroka am. rnKiidajiT or on on h* Simon He'C te Ilfiei! tic Ilv U it 12-l.S'iTolk ttreal ?nd Icocd Uio li ,"???'JI7 ?n<l atfif .tr.- i :ha ad .loiniUi, houaua to tha one Where the fir, ta.ia did net know there wag a aottUin UMldur t% tha Iioo-W, and wa< iiaTcrtohl tllll thera "hmiM oa n He n oil" <h r , knew th-rn woa a law ragardiuv aueh BMMhnr, had h . houi only Ml,CO Way lack VI. iinoKY op aHgauan c ii il Abraham c. Hull hNftut of nook and tad.h,p ? '>m puny No. (J, aa,d that on henrtiiv tha alarfi of ire b" Htariad for tha place and attached , hoa? to fh? hydra the truck canto up immediately after, a ebfrt la tdar v a. put up, and he then w,*ul into Iha hall; Ailer lie got In eight or um feet he could not g, t In nfither; lie thou ordered a Ion. ladder put un outside, Itallen'im ,nd he went ap tog, .her, but the amoka eauaed ilr m to retreat alter breaking a Window; he I ban acnl a ladder Ui the al.iblo roof to reach the root of No Jl", au,l nonce of tha nieu want up Uial way , the Ural ladder ? ih ra) ,ed half a rum He afler the trunk NMMllW lire, and tha long one waa up w thin four ndaula*; pa tu ? <? lisl In rewlnng tiullautliic'a room from Be roof when Knginaar Owen call, d out from ilie window of th* II"or iwiow to ?wild ami) men to bring down tba bodtug, b aro . he at onco went below, and found thr engineer in I'lmlcn'e room, ami lying on iha floor were Wta bo-lma of a mail, woman and two or three .hi'drau; thav l,?,kru ?r if they hud got nut of had and could go no fuitte r tics luovr or i-naHiae i. agu.Y ('harl-a U Kelly, ? iiiemher of Honk and led Mr \ , 4, tea I tied to finding iheliwdiaaof the remaining ytctlme raaruoar or mm* act k,ua Mm. M iry MilIg, of No. 14 Sult'olk atreet, raoognired Iho tedier ,,f Mm. Schilling and her child Mi? schil ling wc a Mar of Mia. Ualptn, who alao l"'l hrt life it the aula time TtwnsnMT 0* ?g? arcTKii earr. Mr->. Ilurkeiman a * Intel of Mrw. fiaipin, 'dentlfl-d Inr body and ata ed that ?he real dead at >' Itanuah, Oaorgia, ami aai on a tiall W hai cator, Mr* >1,lolling, at the ilmnot the melanehoty w i.rrence or niunafii wtatan. f'harlen II vvnian*. tba poi eaman wl,o firet glwevere l the Ore. -aid hie altaulion ,iae met dirw ied tu it by eeeiup u light pufl'of toioke and a b ate wbleh came Qp out of iha liaaeinaut and re.iehwl a- higb e? the oe ond glory. Win u thin axptnaion oootwred na immediately gaye 'he ? urin and earn to Hook uwl ladder No 0 and told Hum of It, ikeiiMopT <>? raniwii irwciat. Police ofll, r John J. N|c< ioi wua at the Are, -aw no pole cinen aw nn k>er .<>Qa gmug iuio the hiion, thajmUrw polloa afficere cot ou gom : to a Bra w r p?> ailow no p< I?,,n evcapt a ilr- inaa to go ingida lb# cbain thay drew .-,i iuJ toe , illding. mi hi ai. i?. ,ruoNi .h im It, j, M l?,, batng duly awora oayi:-I have e ,.i Iiiiiml iha t-'-i ? o. ihe I'nalen, hclitlllng and l!a';uti ram.lie uow 1> ' 1 at ti l-va'.iou houea, numbering In ?l! nine p i '.it no "l bleu e of DBmi U|ioii oil bar of i he i* ,? * aim and -crane agproccli.n n alii- le-maikMoi able ip m the app antnoa of the btel , ,i, li, : ,r\ of the < ?a, B i am of th opinion death ih ation. Ilia to i tb t'oronar addra- ???'. ti e j in . i d ?4 tn hta mind aoiaa |>er -m - ' ? o tha onlortuiuile aflmr The avid'One t , i, He auppowed ilr. Oi c. o, lh" proprietor ,, i, know "iiiietlilng rn"r n mgaid to the , ii> ,?, ,?ui tia iUmsIuht?I to Che |urf There nog on, f i t, r. apparent to hint and llial Wa* that no* only the I ??. nature, btlt ib# ? ,><l Mtlhnrllo -In, .1,1 foil) ? **k *n to iha danger* that ' n roomled uurciti t. tn , an l utuaproper legal precaution * to pmb - t them 1 b> j.ury tu n roi.i?d and after npanding a long Hi In <p Mb, rat ,,n, 1 i igbt in 'be folloe;ug rardkt.?''Tlakl the said pnrtXH ,**me atfirtr .eatha t>y auff,gallon, ?i I the caor wa? if,"n *n iki ediary flr# by a party or ; r lie-, on the ti ght ,r iha lUUi *uty of HoaiMhar. l"?l un Btf.wn Ui iour pirore i he j ,rv a ? n> ule the fo'iowing renontwtandaiwg In ragnrd to the Ate at Naa. kli and 216t{ i?l*i o ?'reel, ou tha uignt of tha luth or lio-embar. whacaby a !#?# of not# 'Uvea ,g "tired, In addition to tha veydlct ?? aom|NMtylng tl ?- w ? mo" rw i**, ifnllyr?'.hui i tltr fo > ? lug Wi ar>- of op'.nUM, froro tha cylden-e, Mai thmm ii- acan, Htc pvoprinloi of tha -tore No- g|*, aa l DiviMoo ntri?i, i* , ,bl? f .r tl 4 C?reb iu?u?,-i In rind',, nag on the ir-t llor and bMiakan' 'eh uc-a <>f k rawenaol! We?r aiuof ilnvrpin oa n*1 re. "ibiineuJ Ui l!.a pro pur anlburiia* tie paa-eg Of w law prof, olirw ihe atolagw of ;lo !? and iMIier inflammable arte ,eg, arm the ,|, of Ihau, iu hulhiinga oc- iplei aw dwal'mr- M" a' -, racoinittand to log h,uor tha Meyar ta "lor a ?? llabla reward for the ccnrl< '.on of the (>,-ri>etiai"n of t - in fainoia ant Ka Mac " oaare tha laweo of ih* a l . -r, mg pr. mi e? No. 21) for not having a ladder to b aCUllla. J' N PHIhl.IP.-l, toremori. Tha Jury than raf irnad ihgnka to tha Cor oar im tl." region t manner In whi, h be dla> barged hta d tt eg A great nomb i of partone were pra-ent durinr *ha f, i p, i, and Uuo'ifhnnt the day peopla warn ? on' o i gi'v , 'iiaing I, vow the bodiaa fba refSe'i ,c ,,l Mr and Mr- f'haloti and ihe.r three i bltdrrn .to I of 'lr* Mubilltng aud her < mid ware removed by their Irtan , lu tt,, eaanlug THE ALLEGED DISTILLERY FRAUDS I iirllirr l'r?. ? "dlnaa Mrfitrn I '.irimU.lnn.-r Nrv.mii Vrilrr4*r rrtu ol ibr Vtki*k>-> Trnitr Whirl li ( *.l* it ManUi in Ntilltl) l.nirriim. in OlMrrra-.k* Trad* iihI I .ark* PraHla, Tbe aaa* .4 M* -p> itavalin. Tll'nq end l,?ra?, chafed ?ilk defra nflat ih? fimrnineal b* bran It n? H?|u.m >n wbt>-h u Mi *lle**<l no Uteab* 1 hmn paid, ? *aj|. I lm. for* rmt*d prat** CnmanamnMr S?wt<m, in Hrir.Al> a, 1 It* Unit wliu**? 1 *11 -'1 ? ?? Mr F. J* Tappa*! whnl/a Ii0*4 Ihai ba trad I?pair ?'ei trior of lha Tliird ' mln iMiit Uirarv 1 nfi't I tad b?' ? #0 unoa IM7, h? iira idlon 'Inrlnf period; bla >rtt*iri ??* w?* In intpwt ft'i, ?? ud mart tpir.l*, ba a'.ao lutperted lobar n Mr A? J Pbi.hpt, *Un> ?i> Mr H* Itrw Mr Devellit it ltd? and aim Mr .wan <ih> hail aadaaa appii**i > a at lb* oCtr* In bara IMpior map r" 1; ha rapr "terttwd I. uaetf aa a brokar la ?|< ntt, htrl bad an l.n?era a- adnata* Mr I?a*al n nriar m?d" aa? appli/al a u? l>a ? I'l'iaf lanparled I'mM-aiaminad?Mr ,ib*r I rev* I a air Iravtn Mara kanwn In him in ba dtniuisr* did ant kr..w thai <> -rrlia lia . aa| paftwnUr p * ? <t( Inrwt; ba ball#** I h. * aa a at."* 'ilalnr. Mr. ?*.#*? v MrdMaN laai dad lb*1 ba ?*a l!.a *b n I lark ? lb* .tarwa r of Iba r**r>ad dhdrt'i abd bad I'll lha pw.11 too ?!*<# Aopiet. I, ba tbr'i. drar.tba-1 IP* manii*r 10 *I ? 11 ?i< ni ? ?< r* *ao*?-i aa ut> y lad, aad also Iba mntn rstailrO IP lha roB* i.'.o of U,. lain, inopaetad M?|n r wmild Ik- known '?* lha brand of il<? Hirfarlor (mof la <*pUlnb?r I, 1MM a ? MCI bad ??*?? nvjaliwd 00 ?*> 1 bad |<?.r and MM lha. Ui * .11 art lra?? r.ol Imwi. a.* w*d io l*?;> 'j . fin thru ' in n Mr J A IVr II la.' dad M1.1 ti?*Mir" 1-r and bla plana of In. sum** aaa at Kn io W?l-r >lr'?l, H* lm h?'.ad |. .rcl ??*1. Indn Jof.t Ita *..* tb?a?bl I ? dm ba par* .**#<! a at in Mar it I Omit inn l" par aalil Oa?Slr?f *i . n-r. I?ail>*r I ba had pMM i.m*d laa Mkaaa?d faite. ; lha t*a*."1 la buF*o( biia abn lm ??*< ? t. A a aa?di,'ll1*d tpirHa ;i ?n |A bi<b or-' tt -.,1. r l,lfi Wieee. be pwwtted * - frnui btm fwr 1 1 ?? t II *, In 1.?alt* al "brrl. Mart "ajoaailaw I ?? r*.a?- I 71,407 diUrdta. .. ra I il, and li wa* la**u *t , lha amount ia*ladiap par at*", waal4 ? ?? 1 ? ?? a fir* linndrr I aad Ml b??'li*d barra.*, I.* paid fi 1 || tu in |7 4 IMT rallaa 'at what b* pa- -aa* I, I t barr?< 1 a*ir* braii 1*1 aa taaaafbnarad pr.ut . *pv?a bar I (ba Inrt MP t"?r t ilnn ??! P.. j. , t ba aaa n aa Iba nraada; ba dM Ml k?"ar that I in bad * pta. - ? batiaaw aa* b>?a al b.? ',*' ? p v 1 and aMda par'A.ataa "f Ibafa, 'r kpaw Mr J T l/**an, Mr !?* t .1 nfafinad blm I - ? a*, bit b"?kar Crraa "it; tad Tba braad dH n-a *.'? tbi 1 ?*! 1 of li, if r>" Mm a'It fr-'-a alb r pa., -a, .i.t af tl> at ? a* - Mr *, mo Mmli-*--' 1 'pad lha ' nffpatAr' -fa n.-Aam*. I Kara a, *11 bart tarn * **.? jrtlr *aa roar aprritr, ft., lb* arl .1 b* par I |i k0 n* ?? ' Oil? Hi ?*?! - Had h- - "t ?d ir'"? Mbar palim f ,r 11 70, Iba pr-na r'-A h' ? 1= at* II #? Ca ha ba I h** ^ * lV" *??*??????? m* / M tt Iban |J rbara ni|M SprO baaa ?? ?. . -a lb* >ar**? *" ta tu-? ?m ba.1 nail Mtad H . r**t Hia I 'Mdt, J ? u ftp.!,, artp >iad Iba a?m*la par' 1 trip far ?tl,?r l?r? t? r J rfpb H O'lnaWtfbent t? 1#J thai In bad a '? Vwr la Whi,seeders tod r?MMlM ai?<.?>, bo kpttr Mr TV.aim Mat lb* lar al Aaptao ??|; in . ? if >, tn* il bad | \fbaa*d af b? ttrwu #4la? band' >1 bar i*b af ' I' ? or r' ; tj'r r r. Ml ay ??? ? .. . o. m . ? 1 arris?? aatli ab'tl Mm atiddl* ? MaaawilP>r; 'b? ' K?, ear b-abd*4 at tit* ana* I/I Iba la< ? <at"??t i bat hp Nmtfa TMPat 00 I Pbir'pt ipap*.< >*t f ba '1 KM may paH (fpnt I' Mb fi Ik (Mr ? r < (a ?. koaa *f aa ?a.,ar brtad no t?.* barr*I* ft* ?* aa* I bad MMWabnd. MPta td ? ? ?.* ?. t'?M .... abv I aaa K it i.~l aad aavanW #ta art t < * " f? . d bctndad bf iba laapa-Mr af ibt a I 4 ??? ? bat kl .aa M? WNMl tt t 4aalar la apr?. 0mm I* f a* A rr "< of kM? |*ar bad ma* I'M w b ? rail.t# * 1 p t a f. il - ?"0 araattr , Mr la- ta ?u * a koaka* aad Iba br.)k ar ?? inat" <mt sub a a < r at tint ' ad-.l adrrttiv-A Ibal Mr l~*a?ta Mpa * t| -. a">? 1a tp r ia aar?r ? mm aire irktt ?Sairuar, aattrbpadnr aar ?baa|a* itaa 'mat M* i>*tt a, aa dtrwtad ibat ba aaa a ?*'T atlanaira tf~ *la ? tad ?t -rt Paa 4 a*4 ba eafU.ta? aarprMM^ in bla bea<b? a larI* naartl 4 Ufa*# ra i.? 4 prar .ona p lay*aai. 'wr t. . HaAir*. I M* b? |k? tt m?-a krnaa b ?. f"U* la dap- ' p 1 Iba lUtor <bm af a Mtallar .barartpr Mm , a*tat tam.aiaf u?Maae?rM tr?*k Mt iM aia Mn? Jut ? war I'dr a aannar M a kiUM Of OHM *a | *%*<?<* fartythrt* mum tmmar m*f* ca M* tefeber 1 would M *&out fSM.uoo gahemt ?10" ih|u Ubm the prro >i*d been Mduallv dwiiii^g Mr flannel r.O(U taetibed thai Ht* "--lewbor I ?? had p" renewed tlisui "0? huodrad tirMi or Hg??i ma l.'??u; bad dm puretoaaed atiy from Dill In. M J W. Mjrifay loeillal that ha waa Inrnrrlor ?fl Spirit* is tha MK Otid collection diatrlet. The or tin* wurj' M wa# aimlUr to Una given ttjr Mr. IbMeaiL ft woul i in' difficult to < auou rfatt hla broad ao toot at on .! not delect It; ? etandl plat* roakor might lawMI i n.- likii it by bating tUo brou i, but ba could ton get Ml ha hud a mail* ln.iuM.if, iha mail who inadu i. nUgM [ make aootbar lllra It Mr Mniirv ii'U.roa taatiflMil that ha raaldad ?' III# anr ??> of Huitron avuueaud Plymouth atnwt, ?> 1 Was ia ' I it . Iii.i:, hi nllar> , bad known U.' luu.*; V" ' 1 l" in pant tlo'ir in) i i pft r to Saptam ht 1 ai.q "Ill "iledbyht. I. at knoaru Ih lint daatrr iu aptr'.ta toy about* year, bad a ?kl tim llij '?* '* i. "intiar 1 ; It ?a* Inajtai'tsd and Mr ..? uiauufai i trad i?ri >r ia M|ibi"l?r I J I,,n caiu. with It.iu oooa and ' ' ? t a I.-tti fit about Iba 1? uf ho vmrn-r, it- ... | j j ; Icl-.r* ibat tunc: coma , ,, |,r?vto i igUt. ncit had uot ba^a pj-i viou-iJy broi.u i, t ...| . ma t.nweew a . and m, hi o.loak n II .1 i , ,,Si , ? (J,, || ?a. runnU.,, Ivjin never cam* we , ,, ,. ? wag I ami 4 aa having b?an . iao in..r u, ,, einh-r ] pn.thpg i?,4 alao brooded b|<?or , , r?, pavtl n: he k*ow that, b*CB*i?o I , Iifto p .aim, ?ho tin! aiiil ilial wlim 11 * i? **? .,1 won .1 mini aa Inspector; bo dirt u.'t in Mr li"i . lin bad I aid It HI at blah at per gall u ,i -1 an l a Jl ,s, Mr. DcvnUo rrmarked tuat h - ?. i>*y ?. f I ? nth to giivarmU"nt . , Hi* I ilUltllora who 'hull with i...n, did r. ,t know lint ha that M a rat ri rr a re duction in i iH'#; h war.tail tit* li'iuor, iWnih at a Inw r prt n Ii tha dietitian would five Imaday ? run rrini lu aai h month ba would pat |t i -t, r ? , if not. uly |l M); alUr that ionroraatt it ? tifainiad Mr. Ifairioa nnd Mr Mar-ball, of tha N"v? Vork Imarual fiarimua iiepnimatit. and iiatwawa tb?m boy <v ,, a t.-d a t'laa to latch Ib'iabn, Mr U rtou oasa u\, r u> iiw hot."" ami itnnauiad all algbii about f. ir o'riorjt iba nan inunuax limy oaw carl* 'hi|?ii with wbitkr ? .in/ im t lha lionar to tM plumb n* ahnp kapt by Jbi.all' ? r ibrr, In liud-on avMUo". Mr. Phllllpa airiii I at Ui? ahnp at aaroa o'otuck In lli*> morning, jnat aftar 'la. b? t Mr. linrton and Mr Mar-liall ware than infomn I, and I hay want wuli ?lUiam. ami two olliam to tbi alio;', wi. ra tin y ?..? Ilavrlin. I'billlp* wan la the yanl, there an r? -m\ arai barrel* of lH|in>r ibara, Mr. llorbtn Mid tu lb .'i n lliare ??< wk.-ln v tliara, and ba wanted lo fi? in l> reHu dl-puiad bin right until Tappaa w*a urn coming up, whan ha I.t him in; tlr. fi'irtna ai'arwanlo laforuiad witMM that the wlii?k' y w*a Belrad and a guard placed orar II; tha r*ri* bait not laft tha doar whan Iba wirura wa* mwla, it *u oggnmoa to beer nart? witlnw pan In tho morning; there waa anoiber at IV'Tbll - depot* In John -treat, ba did out kon* how lb# wlurkay going Ibara waa tuarkcl, but the d.aUilora Md eanb a letter with which their harr-la were marked la chalk ; hd uted bi gat h.i cheek* at tha plumbing ahop, lud had man nth r partle* gattlng chacha lb era dace tho 1*t (if M?ptn||il? r The luriber baarlng wvi then adjourned ualll IhJa morning. ALLEGED TniEVINO 0PER4TI01 II OIL. A Klrm llobbrd WH.OOO worth of Uo*da by ihrlr Porirr llow !? 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