Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 12, 1866, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 12, 1866 Page 9
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seen fit to discontinue the New York oiated Press reports and to trust to the copperhead concern of this city for tbcir telegraphic new?, are engaged in abusing the former and colli g it " old ma chine." Well, it r n macl'i-) ? w!k>sc enter prise and Bberali'y bare giv. a Ibcui all the reputation as u-' '?'? -?Jpaper* ?hat i-hey ever possessed. The only "old uii -bine" about it Is Craig, the late ug ot th,- a-11 i i ion, who has been dismissed from ! r . ' because of his incompetency and nnreitahil! This Craig was the rotten port ot Hi ? "ol lmiaebine," and the greatest folly of whirh tit.- Associated "Press has ever be.-a . ;iay s the Jolly ot not baring sooner turned !:iin adni't. .So tbo papers that make this ontcry hnvv, in t.ret, only got the "old machine," which is Cr.iig him self and are excluded from the benefits of the New York Associated l'reas under i.s new and reformed managem nt. with its energy, enter prise and efficiency renewed uud increased through having abolished Craig and all tho other nuisances and abuses thai h id grown up ?nder him. The National Bunt* anil rlie ( uitcnor Qnm. -lion in ('nntirr-n. We perceive a movement- his romm-nced in Congress on tho highly import-in: 'ju :*s?Ion of abolishing the nation>1 bink currency n-id j substituting in its place legal tender-. \V?> have repeatedly crry-d such S ru sur>- t:j jn Congress, for several reason^. ir ' that the government was literally giving away to pri vate corporations a valuable privilege sort!- I over twenty, millions a yea#, ft* wh; h neither ; It nor the public received any com >< n* Viou cr I advantage. Se<-ond, that by wlfl-dinwiny tb - | national bank cir< ului.Oii and r-dwlttu to r lev. ri ' tenders In its rliogm-ornui a. would- v over twenty million.-, a - t-<r. i-'or imd-in-' the Issue of three hundred million-., v inov o' legal tenders, whatever rmonnt nay be fi; illv , fixed upon, tlaj Treasuagr could buy up wISi: that or retire the s;?n- nmouu' id inU i --' be r- j ing bonds? that is, the bonds row b-yo Iter! b the national bnnln aa scoui'Uy or thrdr rb-cu- i lstion, from which they drr# twenty miflio is or moi-e annually in the way of interest. in ad- 1 dition to the profits ot !h- r clreuluUoo. Thl-' would not increase tho currency and would only substitute one kind of paper money for another. Wny should the peopl - be taxod to make such an enormous gratuity to com panies of capitalists ? Why should not this amount bo saved to the Treasury -and applied ns n sinking fund to p y i the national debt? Third, bcc iuso the legal i tender currency is hotter, safer and more acceptable to the public than that of the -national banks. Although in ordinary times the bonds deposited with tho Beer -tary of the Treasury by the banks as security for their cir culation may be sufficient to redeem thotr Botes, the time might com ?, In n grout commer cial or war crisis, when those bonds would be SO depreciated that tliey would not rcaliz> enough to redeem the notes. The loss would then fall upon the government and public, whereta for legal tenders the government is always responsible and would loto nothing by Umm in a crisis. Fourth, wo arc opposed to the national bank system beenns- it is a dan gerous monopoly, controlling all the labor and ' products of labor, the markets and commercial ?Shirs of the country, placfog, in fhet, all th? ? industrial Interests of the country in the hands of grasping capitalists. It is, too, a dangerous political machine, which in a short tirap would control the destinies of the republic. Every way tbe national bank system is a' monstrous evil. The Congressional ?ction referred to was the resolutions submitted in the House of Rep resentatives by Mr. Ross, democrat, of Illinois, and Mr. Harding, republican, of Illinois, both pretty wrack In ihe Sam-* terms, to the effect that th ? Committee on 13 inking and Currency be instructed to inqnire into the expediency of | withdrawing tbe pnttonal bank enre-mey and winding up tho national banks and furnishing the country with greenbacks, or currency of a similar character, in place of the national bank currency. The resolution of Mr. Harding was stronger and more explicit than that of Mr. Ross, and was to inatmct the committee to re port a bill. On tbe motion of Mr. Washburne, ot Illinois, who appears to be very active in the interest of tbe national bnnk monopoly, the resolutions were laid on the table. But th?^ vote shows clearly that the views we have ad vanced are making way rapidly in Congress. Againat the motion of Mr. Rohi the vote stood 86 to 59, and against Mr. Harding's 94 to 60. This ts great progress in th ? right direction since the last session, and we are not without hope of seeing a majority in Congress before the close of the pros -nt session in favor of such a radical clung in our currency and banking -system us will pine1 the whole on a sound and htaltby basis. Tbe national bank intercut is powerful in Congress, but we think it will be nnabla to resist the progress of enlightened views on this subject THE TEHHmff LEBISUTUK. ArntiniMU for tbo Celebraltaa of tha Bat do of Kaehrlllw-Ueasral Tha man to Participate?The Abetrnrtrd Mr bo of Pood? Pall Poworo ? rated la Ibo IJororoor far It* Booooory. ' Htomui. Dan. 11, 1M6. A rooMafa relating to the acboot fund wax waived to da y In the House of Bepreeeatatives, and a committee waa * pi ?*a?#d to make the necessary inmeCgatlon. The lionee concn rred In tha Senate reootatioa ordering the Comptroller la borrow IXSO.OOO to aid la paying tha lalataet on tha State bonde falling doe January L A rommunwatioa waa read at both boneaa announcing thai Malar Ueoeral Tbomaa and aUff would, la rmponeo to Uie Invitation of the Iegtelatare, rlelt Vaabvllle to participate la the ceramoulta of the eon I Ternary of the Battle of Neahnlle A Joint raaotniton wm adopted ap ponilna a Joint committee to make tue necaanory ananeeuH uta toward a proper celebration of the oc aaaton llie -tenate adopted a raaolntlaa aothnrtstaa the Cor. arnor to iak> *cuve meaeureeto raoorertha a-boot fund* Which have been ebuim fd, and prov idlng that lor tbto ptirpo-e ho have .nd etenlee plenary paw era ta do and perform all neceeenry aeta otintineled with the Tenaeeee Xenons! Bank of eaphu todev admitted that tha "tale Treasurer bad a In the heblt of placing the whool fund* Id charge of thai laeiituiion I'ublle eenUmeot le much eaareiaad on Urn subject, aad r?ara are eotartolned that tha ? hool fubd to being a triad led ?way. Uoreraot Brawalaw la wt* prompt energr to earn tt. If paaaAla Much one re u I aga.o aaaifaated in renhm el re Inn here, Cirata* bar beew reaantly organised at KaotvMe end Chattanooga aader the wmplee- of Qeneral O JfeU, aad that of IhrnhvUle will be rvnetr.-d aa Thoraday HOAGU UtttUTNE. ftererhel f. Jwaaaan Rlerted I'ailed Mataa Rnaler< *r. . MuxaanaviuJi, Dar. IU ?aanrhal P. Jahwmn waa rn-slactaJ fnited Stotaa Saaafor no tha Brm halloa. The Hoaaa passed the Beateeteed Ml'. Cttaptloae hare tewn Iorreread one headrad par east, aad alaa applied ta sea tram, badge paaMag lbs MU. A rata la at pasted iron tha Onvaraer. The Mil paneed by I he Miai I IsahMmtn the sat?fans meat of emigration, with ep-r ai ra oreoce to ueergto, waa rgjauiad hr tk assail ?eete. ur EUROPE. f ? Special Telegrams to the Herald. JOIM H. mum FIRST ARREST. Extraordinary Revelations Concerning the Lincoln Assassination. The French Evacuation of Rome Completed, and a Dangerous Criaia Anticipated. THE FRANCO-MEXICAN TRANSPORT FLEET Seizure of a Su!>ro-?r?l Fenian Steamer ii: tfie Dk'dtvay. &,r. K.;-. fcc. BY THE CABLE TO DECEMBER 11. THE LINCOLN ASSASSIN. SPECIAL TtlltaAia TO THE ttESALD. T'm* I.r.nn.-r AfrtiUft John (I. Surrutt-\Vh* *? ? Infill ini'il il Krvi l itiim. uf.lurrntl ' I J?*tl ilium' t'ubiiii-f. SWRt, Pen II Tsiw. TVo mati vbo lnfoprs*0 fhfled States Mltii -tiT King. In title ci . a.abott U. ?ninvt, the ? uuoia Msasstn cnuspirn' >i, pic''Ions r? lii-i llrm . rri'-i whw .?rv;n^ In the Papal Z-miW", is a Wlti-h ' H'.nlUn, n iiu?d Ht. Mar . T:..- t*t**n .-"rvcit at on;* period during 'no Snitlhetti Ann < .in ? bclli'iri a idler t:i :he ar?> th : Ami fi enn ArVr lii.i di .. ir? !,<? w -ot to .iurojt- and < nti-rc i the ran!: ?> 0< l!io l'upnl IV ?<?/?, ctilUtmc u llto Rotmve*. Wti-ni St. Marc tpflh- in America both Surrnll and him itelfp.i J their addr In, in fact u u> sail .*Hli wit* dncpiy in lovn wMi, one lady then re.-ddinf in tlit* city of H'aslilntTnti, I) (;. /trior their emigratuM, both having ftmud employment and libeller In the Hotm'i artni*, St. Mh i. rei-ngnlttod Nirrott. and hminit fully tdMMfied him brtraved liiiu; it ia a*sei|pil lien tbrotuh Jealousy. Ht Mario nay/, thnt John II. Surratt ha* al-eid* tolo him that the asxashlnation or the la'n Preside it 1/ neoln was the result of a preconcerted rebel \n> i'can pint; tbatJM'. Serrate, bad car-led the detail. of the plat and plat^P mode of Its orerutlon fl.ieri from the !Hv s Cabi net In Richmond to \Vashioctnm. and thai ihe snth-e quent as- isainatiou we-, not only n full arcordmce w.ih tlie desires of the jnir l)a?M gin-eminent tod cabinet, but was done and aucomphah < ny (heir d eOus and orders. THE ROMAN QUESTION, SPECIAL TELEtiUMjra Tni Re HALT. The Frrnrh Kvnrunlinii of the Btrrntl flty ConpMe-Nnpulrnu'i, Finn It,-pined It - the Pope's. R eta, Da . 11, 1944. This (Tnnsday) morning tin- important nod long ex pectod event of The ovur.uation of Kotne by the French troop., waa completed. At an early honr the soldier* of Naooleon marrh?d from the Caetle of Sou Angel.? The tmperi-l French flag waa immediately run dona and the I'outideal color, houn d on the atronKhold at unci. The Tope in goue to t Ivila Vecchla, where hia Holt, aeon will remain daring ten dave. The fwenty-aiatb (French) regiment of the hoe hen been embarked for France The remaining French troops were embarking at Ctvita Veochta. The French Annonnrrtnewt. fika, Dor II?Soon. The evacuation of Rome by Ntf French troop,, which baa been In progrou foraovoral day a p ut, will be vir tually completed to-day. DIRtenltlee Apprehended In the City. Pant*, Doc. lo, 1S9A. Serious difficulty ia apprehended la Room after the withdrawal of the French troop c It is eaid thai propara Uona ate making by the authorities to moot the eoi.t. PRUSSIA. SPECIAL TELE6RA1 T) THE NEIALO. The United Atnte* .tilnlater Merlenely III. Brum, Dec. 11, IMC The Hon. Joseph A Wright?Governor Wright?United Stales Minister near the Court of Protein, la lytof *ori ously III In thla city. Compliment* te Denmark. Rraitv Dec. 11, IMC. King Frederick William, of Proves, hae conferred the order of the Black Ea-le on the King ami Crown Prince of Denmark. The military budget hat been leid before the Cham SAXONY. , SPECIAL TELES?'* TO THE HEnLO. The Old Narr llrl?,r, to Hcr.r Fineelo. Dnminun, Dec. 11, IMC. The Karon naval officer, who ba-1 been c-mttn twoned by the King before aud a.nco the late war in Germany, unanlmo tiy retiuw to nerve un-l*r the King of Prussia, and have ail con.,? ju-.utty rerlgie-1 their poeilioaa HANOVER. , ? Prand.. flppre?a|n?. h"W? Dec. 10, IMC. A lelegr. II from H.norer report* the c immenrement of opprveaive men.-ire, ag?net the people by the Prussian aathontiee. THE MEXICAN QUESTION. The Freark K.aremlon Transport Fleet AImmii te Wall. Tnl'UMt, Dec. 10, IMC It waa supposed that the Iran .per i ? to hnag bome*lhe French troops front Mexico oou.d o l from Breet, but they are now gelling ready In thin harbor. There ie .real activity here Hue, Dec 10. IMC The depart ore of the ff -ach fleet of war veeiela aad tr.n.p'-n* for Van, frit, m uoe ?ald to b? fliel for next weak. The reeeeU ere full rnvno-d end provisioned aud .re expene-l to reach th-ir l?t uati.-u about the tuid-lla of Jsauary. CANA01AN CONFEDERATION. The Worth Amerlrnit Delruaten In t nnarll In Knglnnd. UlM, Dec 10 -Kv rum. Mesy of the delegate, from the Hrtie't American previa- ?. ta view the float ?tiler, ivat of ine Con federatlon achemn bete arrived Tt-rv have fiWrriM tliemealvee Into a coofervtid wad eeleeuid Mr. Mr Donald to pre. da ovrt thrir drndw. .Una. FRANCE. Cabinet t'hannr. Mill npnUrm nt. I'.em. tm, 10 IMC II I* again removed dial Mow -tr KonM, the emteeai French Minlaterof '".ian a, *|ll toon rea .a THE FENIANS. -tied rear. Uni,?. iter U?K.eo The w-?-ier C-> * bv ????. end a t ?e Mr -U * tap. til itr., I ;ru ku' a .?? i. powder wwefoe?#o?6ew?ibBebeme>. Mhn tfAnu biwitJ nr ih? Vnl?H* Lohdok, Dm. 11?SMolng. A quantity of arms, intended for the oM of the Fenl ana, and all tha Attlngs of a gnnamith'i shop, wan Mlaad to day at Cardiff, whlla on their way to Ireland. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL The Leadea Money Market. Ioxtkjw, Dec. 10?Evening. Money remain* eaay at 8?? a 4 per cent; with the done of the year the demand exhibit* a alight lucreaae. Consols maintain a steady appearance, being quoted this evening at 88 for money, and 88)4 for tbeaceounl. The money market dosed (pilot and steady. Console for money were quoted at *8>(, ex-dividend. During the day Erie Railway chares declined M, cloning this evenlag at United States Ave twenty bonda of 1802 icoupon) also declined H, and at the close were quoted at Tl. Illinois Cent nils, however, oloeed at an advance, being In demand at 77 V American aantnuTUOU Lomnos, Deo. 10?8 P. V. After considerable fluctuations, opening at 71 and rising to 71 >?, American Ave-twenty bonds of 1868 Anally closed this evening at the opening flgure. There were buyer* at 71. Railway shares were rather off In Erie there were ?alee at 40)4 a 4074. TIIR OPKMDeS?Dir. 11. txwixi.*, fter. 11?Noon. t'onsols for money irt-e firm at 8814, ex dlvhlend. The following are the opening rates for American se en rll lea United States Ave twenties (1882) coupon 71 Erica ... ..4?V IMInois Centrals. 77*4 secottn iiki-ort 1.Omsk. Dee. Tl?goes. Aiti? linnds opened at lower Hgn-os tip* morning, sain* havuij tie -n reported at "0*, a 7074? The general ?siting rote however, Is 7l Ki t" shares arc rath -r lumber and qqnt-d at 48*4 a *7. Wlinok Central share* arc easier, tho ruling tkuru lie lug Ti'i. Ia)mw>?. Dec. 11?Evening. Consols tils evening closed at 88',' for money. American serttrltlea closed u' the following prieee:?? t'nitcd St ilex Ave-twentlee 71 Illinois Central .-lure# 77 '4 Erie Railway share - 47'1 Tim Kmnkfort Honrse. Iamikw, IMy. 11, 18M. A telegram from Frankfort, dated last evening, re. ports the market lor t otted Status flvn-t veuty bonds closing litin at 76)0 a 7.'>1,. The l.lverpool Cottnn MnrUrl. I.u XBTOOL, Dee 10-I'votiiug. Tti<-cotton market. to day h is I --(ji very nellve, and 10 ltuli the sal" foot no more than 20,000 liules. I'ricea have advanced fully ' d., middling uplands closing ucll'.d per pound. ? Uivttnroou, Dee. 11?Noon. The cotton market opened :o-dav with a proatbM of det rmined activity Tito sdo* will proi-ably reach lfl not) bales Sale of middling uplands continued to b" ma le at 14 '4d. AVorni:.: 01 (PATCH. . I,tvi -u O"!., Dee. 11, HiV). Tho activity of the cottoq market Contlnuo.* and full twice* are paid. The day's -ales are e ilma e-i at 18,000 hile?, and -lore I ' -day ASj000 -quotation* ruling- altoog a' M'.d ft-r strict nphuitl* and K'.dL for strict milt mid dlttiTtie trnde aro free biiv-rs of at jnt.-o uplands at 141 Liiuim-i, Dec. 11; 1808 Tha cotton mark"! to-day has be?u qult-.i active Mid dflflg upland dosed at 14tfd. Tho sal- s re.ichert 20,(KM) bales. Mnnrhnter Trnilr Rrpert. EuOKittl, Dec. U( 1800. Ttie Maiieliii'lcr market I- steady l.ivi-rpool llrcndetitfts llnrkrt. Iimnrmi^ De-. 10?Evening Tliere has been a verv iiulei feeling in the insrkei for Aour and wheat to day. 1ml price* lisve naderyooe no material variation. Indian corn Is o(Tared at Ma. for mlxo<l, anil 80s. 3d. tor bl ill mired. Ursaroot, Dee. 11?Kv< otng The market for hreadstufj*. closed utr haugod Corn was last quoted at UHs. 8-1. I.ltcrpool Produce .Hat-bet. iMVaaroqt, De.*. 10? Evening. Tt-i- market for tallow is steady and prices ate without/ quotable mange. Iiltrrpsol I'rat Ulnns Market. Uvrnr-.-ot., Dec 10?Evening. Pork i* firmer aud prl'c* u-nd upward lAVtitmftL, Dec 11?Evening. Tha provision market Is Inactive, hard closed -full. The Prtralrnni Trnde. l.ivs'r-ooi.. lb*--. 11. lROfl Only a moderate laovemi-nt le obwr. oJiie In pEtroh-utn Pda morning, and I - Ad. for prims Penney I vaaut white ta still the correal figure. The Ucrtnan market < for petroleum are tolegratihed aa steady a' previous rotes. BY STEAMSHIP TO NOVEMBER 30. The Moravian, Opto in Alton, whlrh l?ft November 110, ami t.rorm a.tlx on lit* UOtli nil, arrived at I'ortlaixl, Mum-, at tan o'ebtck ve.lertley morning. Her linair.a'ail. icoa ami market* report have lieeo fillip anticipated bp our cablo despatches published in the Hmit,n, ImiI telegraphic detail* of onrn?wt hp the cable aro glvbo in our coitioni* thla tnorntot'. In F.agLand, the ngar ahlp itoaa Wtnana had returned from a short cnu-e. She enroonterad very rtorrny weather a tut steamed through the heavy aoa eixu-en lcno(? an lionr. ? The eetreo artlelea constituting the Wis of the treaty of peace hatwean 8paiu and Chile and I'eru ahuw that tharn aarar wa? a shadow of mtn Mh MEXICAN AFFAIRS. Knatl.k IN-port mf an Aimrtrno IiS.-rvenllen Arraagrtl with Fraare tlatlmillna Hold In he Iniilgaaal, and l.lhrlv la Treahlr Nope. Iran. The l-ondon CPol* eaya it hr received Information of an Important nature from a reliaMr mure, reieiire to the rollapee of the Me.lean empire i informed II nt there Hi not only a perfrct understanding between the Calilnele at Para and at Washington, but that formal eommttnlcailon between the two government, hive taken (dace, the baste of erraa-emerit hetuv that ihe li.t d Sta'ee ran do what they like wi'h Me* < o, ?uh Je-t to those condition.: ? I. That certain tract* of land in a hon' li>d(wirt of .Jlexu o -hall lie left open to Hrenrh rnlonlrall .n X I hat arraugemenl. whedi Kr.nre he. made for Ihe parnientt to Mexican bondholders ahail out he .lie torbed. It !? *1.0 elated that th1? arrangement nit concluded wttboiit lh" knuah-lge of Mxtlmiliaf. and t at when he waa apprtaed of H he mani V ?-.t the gr<-ate.l Ifuilg. na'lon, and rewired at o'nre to nhdl' *v and .jnlt I t onaatrv, lea. I if the French to treat far the withdrawal of their troop, e.ther with duarcr or with h > i pr -tiM. orH?tbe I f tied SIMM. On arming at Vera Cru* Mat mllixn wrote a letter to nam,ne, insulting to I im per ".nelly and lh<? re-erse of Ci uii/lno. lalary to Napoleon. It la expc tad whan Wngt uiilian arriren in Kunp* he will have r-w- .rse to varum, meaetipea implm-ant to Napoleon, incladtng the (mhltra Hon of Ihe latter a It-tier Tlie e,. Kinp?rur rnaSa lallh not only l>r>ken him, hal that bwhaa hewn tr< red with ?tnd.ed indignity. It H retorted that the of fimpn n Ctr'otta fear tlie abeoli.te Inaa of her mama at wall ae her life eoaa. THE FENIANS. Sm Arii.r tlovrm. ?l Ifaeepl hv the (lerrrn> ?newt A llrnrlh wf I.oral Mm In Irrlend. When the Moravian .ailed, the am ety mused by the Kenmni In Ireland waa unahatad. It ta motored that Mill mora troupe aro to ha deep-itched to Ireland, It* rinding a battalion of Iba Coldatrram Guards, within a few days. A regiment would embark at luverpool for Iletfaet on ihe third of Pneembvr Another .troag detachro?nt of Woolwich marina light Inlantry wera under cdera for Ireland, and eovera! twitenae and other brigade* were ordered in readlncsn lit leave Woolwich at abort In the meantime II.a Fenian, roada ho movement, and nothing had tranei'lred bey-ind a faw -cattered arreau. Rnmora had been cnevent that ftephen. wa* It* Ire lard, hot there wa. nothing 10 < un'lem them The I/mdon T>m*t romp'* in. that loyal people la Ira land do pot .how thrpaeelvaa. hut aeeui to leave every thiag to the gorvrnmeni, the pnlrar and army and nary. PRUSSIA. la iterlin the iheather of Depollaa grmated Uw tern of 'dt onIIion thalora that waa deamnded by the govern men I ae an edd'itoa to aalarle* of .overamam ogkiala; hut dwided by nine tee a majorMy that the further a a.-ei hi of M O*) i baler* demanded for an parlor form t onarlee alone, .hall likewtaa bn distributed amoag tbo ?obordtaal* aMrtalt. The K'ua bad goon to nroedew for ?tvo daft whoa tbo Haiail? kft ROMftT Of INFUSN Mtffl RURXRCf Pnroaiaarerv, Hen. 11, |IM fk* m-idep-e of I'mieaaor Mnrrn. (Ittaled ? lb Oft dietaane below I hie city, aa lho aaoth read, waa brobaa into hy horglar* late am "ooday night aad tba wbota ho:Ming rmawekad from pip m bottata, Hr Worm aad family h?tar aiweat The kw keoa nearly ever* door la tbo bo'iae wen* br.Meo and tbo room* thoroughly evar baotad. A hot rewitetamg a vary vakaaMe am of Mia. giaph inetromenia b*l?W(tag to Ppfaaeor Moraa waa *tao omkea into aa-i tbo eeataata aoarlv all daatlwyod. The raw. uw .i.ivad tba ana# estlar aad btaka tbt raock* of many nattree of vgloaMe wtao Yae orday another roMdeaao aaae Pi if *am i NaWt w . % -? ?t,' r.ed hv Ibre.m aad raw of etching. *e - lap . en raw. oa no <mm b* rot, tboogb ateaaga ftvtf i t.a... Ihm yw ywfel Mgatatdi aaat ban. c' tHf WEATHER. ?HwH?M : or the Fifth Athm Rlalt To-Day. As foreshadowed by aa artlola la yesterday's Haaaio, the cIom ptolimit/ of tbf skating season la now mora apparent than avar. Yesterday the weather was sufficiently wintry to lnaplra the proprietors of ponds with the belief that "opening day" would soon be at hand, And the thick cruet of lea upon the bosom of the principal lakes was (taught with cheerful promise for the skating fra ternity. Several days tn^y elapse before the extensive ponds In the Park are mantled with their glassy cloaks, but the several artificial lakes, whose depth is not suffi cient to endanger the lives or the limbs of the skaters, sill undoubtedly be invaded by the public at an early late. Ir the oold woatlter continue* Major Oatyan's fifth aveaae skating rink, situated on the corner of ''ttty-nlntb street and Sixth avenue, with ita covered (alienee, spasmus reUrlnx ruom< and proficient band of mimic, will t*r4plaoed at the <ti*poaal of hi* fashionable fat roue to day. lost night ihe lake was eompl etely frown over and n.T" is lutie olianoe that Old Sol will smile upon tha loe vttli sufficient warmth to transform the mlrrovllka sur flea into an expanse of rippliw waters. The first day of 11* season, the pleasure* of which will undoubtedly be enjoyed by the visitor* to the fifth avenue skating rlnlc, will giro iho steel shod lada end lamina 61' the metropo la no excellent opportunity to (Raplay their proficiency ou rkales under exceptional advantages. shatim. is VMHMMMh Tlie boys of the town of Morrisanla yeaterdey put on Dieir hknice, for the cold night of Monday had frozen ihe eater in Ihe little ponds 'if thai town to a sufficient llnckiies- to bear the pioneer* of skat n- for this seasnii. aid a tight inerrv time tlicy had of U, their shook and etclstnoUaOM of i'iv *howui( thai they npprscie'ed the "port, uotwitfc*:aiidiag the chilling air uf in* nsovoit u, fill all the more ke-uly on .aerosol of ihe tiiy mild ?'alitor Ilia, wo had laeni having for a few 'lays paxl The U riilhcr klsrwhrre. PnonmtRvi-'in, llec. 11.?The weather I. rerv cold ami Ic Is f'irni.n< nwldly. All the pond* hi this virmUy are frisen over and the sk aliug carnival will undotib'edly oonimeiice tomorrow or next day Hut few vcifcel* were visible on the rlvor to day bouud north ward. This weather will hasten the departure of vessels from Troy and Allainv. Smv Havrv. I'onn , lh?c. 11.?The weather to-day lias b" n the i oldest of the seonaw, tha tnermumctor atsiidlng ut 18 degress aliove zero. Her ai<u, Dae II.?Twonty-fom tnchee of snow have fallen ainea f inr o'clock A. M., and it l-sik* aa though we WCre going to have more. O wi-sai, Dec II ihe woollier continues riear and coll. N'oauowiet. ? m vm.axii, Dec. 11?bloody and cold. Wind due wed mid snowing liv -rj alia. Cm ix.vari, I) <?. 11.?Weather otaar ami cold; Indli a

tiunaof enow. The mercury I* M t'otevi o ,0., Dec II ?7 A. M. iticrmomeinr 20, noon I'. M SO; clnudv ' i ? v. . Imc 11. -The thermometer to day ranj;ed from | in H degrees above zero. No enow. Ik'.raorr, lie 11.?Wind strong west Weather mod eratin <ind Hurries of MM I sr. Therinometer 24 above. lou ' ii.;'. Dec. II.?The weather is ciuar; barometer 20.AA, UMrtnoaseter ?"?0 Dkomo, i.'. W, Dec. II. -Weather clear and coll Tlurm one eg 12 below frcexing pooil. 8'mvu, Dec. 11.?blowing u gale. Cold and fr'-rlng hart. Q r.i "-, Dec. 1J.?Weather dull, Willi npfiearHiir s of anoe , wind ilght and west, Uicrmofhe 'T 22 Moxtxrai., li". J1 -Tliernn oieier la shove a'eight A M ; milder now, wlih *ppear*n< <* of snow. Ottawa. Dee. 11.?Cold and cloudy ; thermometer 18 below (yeexine. Kim "Till, Dee. 1|.?fold and snowing all day; ther mnrieter 24 below; touched 1g. Nrw Oni.xA*", Dec 11 Tbe Weather la hold and die ngre.' l.le; thermometer below 4f?, a' time- it t< cloudy ; tlier I a anowy aspect and feeugg. BROOKLYN INTELLIGENCE. Mi ktna or ma Ho aim or Mm?frmn.-Tb" Kings Count v Board of dnperrhnra m-t yo'tardap afloruaua. Supervisor r?l)wl la thacbair. l(.*oliilloU* worn |mm- xl Incin.i'lng lli? ulanou of Mr M.tJIiir*. Janitor <if Ihe now ?"Hirt H^'ino, Irom fl,000 te 41,290 j the englnarr, Mr. 6 W. (nioitliua, to Hi" mm* oiinami, mid Mr. HirtiUi, llir ??? . 'ant lcix'p?r. from Jfuxi to (300. The qui*?i hi of pun-hewn*BH< graunm on either udo ?it thei'oait 11<>. w wo dwintl at n'lwi length. ft In boil.-vwl wnn tin* growth at the eitv It map at X MB* (MHirn time l>* lirO?tMir? to fink" agtmnuotin to tlMI < our Hoaan. and llinrnlorH It wan thought ad rmblt te inquire m to wliai it wotM rrwl The 'and in qnaattna oon?lnii. or three Iota on th" wo- (Id* at ttin building, and thlt entire property on ihn i ant nlde running through to llnerurn e'rcal. A -I'd cnm'iMtk ?' ilin-n win finally ?|i i rltni point "d in inquire an tt> Ita rltnntlnn Hiiporvlnor i H?r man I.UUe and Hchoi form tlm commute- Tha Mn |>?ri'iM>ra g-oaroiMt it I nan* w I the pav of gt.ind and pi-t<t /hroi* to $?; pur ila? and 9a# r 01H par mile for m'iea vi e II atrd tlioa wI.hh i tied, to lur.-i an Tuendap i.o 11 Tnr It it mi or Cnwrtania a ami m? Km -rrn?. maoaar The Board of Mi porviaur* mat ??? a Hoard of Canvi-.ora yc tnr l.v/ afternoon. wh-oi 11 wan moved to pubiiali the vol* of King* oouiily Mr t ram ie f!. Klrt.y claims that he la the Kuprmnienrtdm of tha I'oor for tha flarodd dfcltrttil for aMIber yam . aod Mr Henry Corr c.laiin- that the poailinn rightly b"loiiy* lo htm. Now, if the o iuld Inrm a partd*vakip and difido n* a ilarr and p -rqulnile Ilia Iroulii* would Im esdud. Hapervwor Ode-ma maud that Ihr motiot; to ti dinih tlm rote lie on I'm table to awnii the der.ii k>a <r the tuprome Ceurl m ti e mttlar of the con teat between tlin rlannmia for the otllre ?f taupenntnpd. nal of ti n I'oor Tin- ? matiat tlrnl h had been aor>HI ?itli a tnahderww. troin the Maoreiee '"ourt ra. ' qui r i h( tha Hoar J ti iiipoy before the Court on ilia I 15ib hi*t , to nhow M?r why it, . rlmuid not git a tin ti r J H?r. a ? tflltrit* ?i tit ?!??? i?u an Haperinteedcti t of th# I' ?o toi t tin Hi < art 'i.r'nr! lei riall WM r - feri 'd !?? t'leflia'miao niwl 1'"ra o'lli" B'nrd to mat" i t?t en-? r latum lo it Hi* Hoanl ihew adfowraed tin- >ti An Cmumnc lart. /.rrtnf ro r ?! Coary lei.aya Citrus Hon r",'n '"in named Mirbael llalry ||. te iit>t?l lo for I f'udap Inland eroei. on Monday after* iiii'Hi on l.orwii* a. Iiu' 'he ??to eat probably dm ; r than In au'dialed. nod laifh ridor tod horae wore drown*in- -? ? ? oorli * u?M -m tnqur t on ihe I rely of Unit' vni -r! i", abea t r?4Bnt oi an id-ami drown- j log war ren icmd Tut I i"t >'ioety. -The poll* of the Forty, eighth rr? I pet have tfrented Jnln B. ten in, tha cod d ivtor, u d "? Uoi ' oi -a. itie drl rer of mo Creen wood . ir whirU roii ovor nnd kill i I'ntrlelt r olvtn ' II adai i . it. They art iedd to aartK the rennlt of th" ' rLfitar. .VH*. gatkoi. Tat tAe-r rtnra Asrt Phi i ta C**r te mr flairyn i ; Ihirwrr John MWtah.ih, Mlrhiol Qj' .u and Jn I' n Kirnia, who hara hn ?? un4*r aryeal f-ir own ,-.?<?? i* t | etMrgad wltfi rtnlauav the peyanne end fMl'ngt if the apattrar.ti < f ".i . i:Baa WaJkar, M.1 Mer nr"i Imcay . ar d Asia t"? iiptidll, <?' . ? :o2 Korth soreaifi atrart K fl.frdt I. ? :aiiij oi I i 14 lu?' *ei. rim |i l an i; u. telon- Jnetire Italy yeot?rd>y afiernre ". The , Brat will" * vnili'd fay |i>? ftaMNHn war one of the | uatngp w Hoan. Me Mirt*-ii rr He.- taetUBaay i ?raj A?wj aookBtio v. >? of in* Iota le of (hpoetrar*, | already pobliehaA Wie f illv IdnntiAed thp pn ewr Mon .i ai and tfu in aalieny two of the pnr ien to the I fanl pr tr- -hiiK M*rgaaat ? iacoi W the *???!? imii | treriH't waa l npln'ed on the >o>t. lie lent!dad to adinj ??? gmatar i?'r* u? of the pr'pertv -?<,.??, |.4 the cellar of Ihe bonne wha-e thearieoamr M nhanr* dad Tim eiewnetio i woe theft agf? ra**! to r 'Wriitf ?e*t Tlm nr. mar n rwlu ea*die>d.argid Uy ih Jneii". the*" liefog or ? ideure .n air ?l htm ParaniBrrf ilavoarwenCatlMM. m llhooy? r? ? % j fair npd f ?? ral. for >ho porpuae 'f fwi*1ni$fthada to build a rew ? liuoh In place -.f Pr Portar'r Befortneil ' imi. !i afareh, in .ro.n.j ii o * i*d .<? eight la a'ath , logton laii. *od will ha c. o'lonad ihie afteru-on end eoealng. NayaiOooaT M?n i?!. 1 aeenl e mrt iaaf'%1 In now ia aaeaiot at the iory yard. The feliowi >< mmd oA. i corn awrm th* oat ?Coram'* lurwo W.i in at K. leti* ( may. ITadd*Bt John Marntoe, J W .M'r' ? ,?u, ? , art*n Maardanl, J. W. I.tiiiinl a, i ooininod m If. T dhaw and J K Thaatpantt rha pMaMdhoga tmrete, Ii M rum id tha'Ceptaw H*?d Wcid-n aiwl Uw.ief a< r.mimen'*'' "'n?a*T ha*e here r fde*?d tn ?* ear Hafom . the near loeaaeey ? oergm. ?f who* nature baa ha* iranapimt Klwii o ana Chi** KnotuBia ay rna I'nt Har?at- | ?aar, Wirraan Iharae o ?The Maonial rtart. a for Ch.ef Rag I nee* #f tlm W**t?rn 4> IM wae hetd ie*t aigM hp tha rartaw *n?lh?. h"**. aad Wat ladder rttmprn a<aa, and re?utt~d lo li.e reelari on ?r .foo?f ?.'.*, ng. bam thayyewat inea nbawy. ay a BMf*,rt:y of Ml r*'e? I o*ar Wi mm rapier, the at'totm, vaadrtata. Tfm eira tion pawei off r*r * q ' ei|, ti,* t e*i ?.,t* eat bp tAo plr* ftepwli i"0t m I ?l* MMH IT HtKMl. I I It -eft a, lie.. U, l*dB At FrWH'm n, Mow Hnm ?(.,??, on iat irtUy >. gbt laat, Oaar:* MaiweM. a farmer ny.ny aloaa. waa hyw tally o?ai wi I aad hta robbed hp a.t,? uqhnowa ?he r ?.oi aher* tl ? murder ? ?? ; ?.;?*??'-d ihowad a-idarm# of a ?arr hie #Tr.. W.t * i.* *t ? i fr?. t md in weiemi r?tc -a, and wd a*cfe e<?rtp aey Willi ir me l".n*! trr.00 Kara dbrnd * r-*erO af |M ay tha mardor r oho n*a trardd i< ward* 1 '* ' mnftni a af I * ? ? * ? 't m ' tib rmmimu mu imywbowu. Int. u. iMa it *a tha Now Tart on; *arh ad <if a-4ay, that ? fht cat af thirteen dal ? ,-njera rare'.* Pv?a aaw* fran Ih-fe-ldtmp Mimftay w aalri.nlod in git a a wrmg naBraatlaa " " liar ' aetethemiwa af Um PMfadalpti ? pat-** It - Baa had eight ?'y paw-y* that haw* *?** raid f? ?*<*v*aw4>i* wva, aad tlh*M Wtavi roaMa na a tha maka *f Um Aao? dgM fan Ha Ida ipginwi-i m*ia n heart ?' t artng Maood ? angle goaamlaa If tha uyqwanioa I ? ?? on of? fc aibar ntua* -mm the* ?'? m , MMMto 4 mmm mm mm +*n. AMUSEMENTS OoMMe waa masted tor the IUM uw< ?ventog to a crowded hoaaa. MUa. KMiMwtM. Wlueta.pp^, lag respectively as ibo statue and iho etuunorwt atuiptog sang with marvellous efieot and muriiad the untu plaudits and final recall with which their efforts v? t* warded. During one of the *ntr',uie? anoooaoe.n- nt waa made that MM. Jolgnet and Drivel having with drawn had placed the management of iba thaaUe in the hand* of the aaeortaled irtiiln, and th* speaker >i prorated the hope that the enlightened patrons of inualo and the drama would accord the performer* a continuance of the generou* patronage whlrh ha* never failed their predei encora. The hearty r> 'i" u?? or the audience gave every aasurauce that the i uuunuablo and appreciative playgoer* of the metropolis, by geueroue awtm encouragement, will *e<> to the perntaaMl eetebl'*bmeat of op-ra uonitgue?that moot n dnod mil delightful of cnterlainnieoU? In lb* mcitopol a of the Viw World. New York Tkralre. Ortflth (leant, cut off In the height of lie popularity by managerial arrangement* made prior hi Ita birth a* e drama, >u preeeuted laet evening for the la * time, and expired glorioualy in an "atifhnr'* night" f ir the bene fit of the embltlou* voung diamallit The bouee waa prulllably filled with on audience highly Nattering lu ita brilliancy lathe beiioflclare, who held a laver tn a pri vate bos on the prompter * iMle of the stage, aud there entertained hu*t? of hi* friend* In hla ham ?y wrnten drama Mr. Daly hae eoaroely done hiniaeff Ju aice ba> ing rollgloitaly followed the trook in hla work to the *tu Itiftcnt Inn of hut original d in luetic thoughts, there ?oil! being that he liaa novated all tl.l ground of iho novel, hut only proenM* ita skeleton in a drametic shape. Tlilg te a imel dull Mil ta >k, however, form* dramatist, end In It Mr Daly has sue caedcrt beyond oil peeeedent; Put teed lie lM"t'* so dm posed h* inigbl heve niade 11 drama in lewer vet* and loss cliainrlerrL that perhap. might have out! ted th> reptitatlnn of the novel and In addition gamed an p. penal name for Mr-oil. ilwt the dramatist hae suoc.ctrt , d lu nuiiuug hie louiel- ta the path he chnee to pur*.mi nr.d the stamp of public apjrroval has rewarded Id* elforl The play (upmed off with lie u*ual affcctlvenem h t nv n nig, and v>? I olio wort by a Concert, In whi<h Niguor Tenia, Mr, Mulili, Ml, W. J. llill, Theodore Ttieinaa, M nor Toenail ami Mile. Hmila Boulieur, volume-re for the Ancanion, look pari. Wc ?m happy to mate tin t ibn le.siimoulitl ?h? lo.hly mMnfec 'ory nod remunerative to the yonii., drummed, who lia* well merited Una apyreoi atiou from the pwllc. ? hirlawn r llnll Me*mee. Uanilel'* etibiitua oiwtorlc of baraentt era* give v at hlekaway Hull but night tot the laet time. The U,ye nana lu rod in full .drs'irglh, and, aa U' ore. Dr. Caller ab> tended hi tbn organ, Mr. ? olhy to the grand piano, ami Itr. (iuoige Morgan. all hough auffortag from never,- i dopiMllou, Wielded the hiiton with lit* *n ustour 4 ?kid. On Wertip ?Uy, the lttlli instant, a novel end i - torealing onlariHliiun-nl will I hi ?iv i>n by lh? I isuhaii M vlt-f Richard i.' ikor, UMMr celebrated sepraoo* will m.ike hi* Ant appearance in New Y- rl. since b retur from Kuropa. The ?Voldler'n < horn*" and "llrg -i our I'uion will Us Ming by the entire Ion e of th* ('??. I'm choir, on - huudrcd .oi cs with fall orchestra and organ aceompanini.-nu Mi. Dsweoa, splanUt Irum Uie Ouu*erratnry oi ?vuiwola, end highi> gpokea if will liittintUM today at Hp-inway Mall,*' throe P. M Tin- iciuai popular concert, with a vegy aMiacuve pto gramme, will Ink* place In the a vnuing. Mi-s Ighkm HmMli, Mcs.r* Kopla and Orlhy and the orchestra will MMiat, CI IY INTELLIGENCE. A Bor i? Thikf?WiUM to ?A gnnilemtn from St I /hi w, while etanding a day or two ego at ihe entrance of the I'reacoU Jlouae. oouverdng with a frtatwl, who itiiddcnly relieved of lua wateh and etoaln by a pick l>oclret, who boldly eel/ad them and decamped The friend al onre atirt?d in puftdll and euureode I in oi er Inking the robtier, bni bad Mjairoly touched bun when be (dipped and letl, tba thlof in oooae.(uMied making good hie ear\|?. An offlr?r Hub*' qnonlly mOO?ijU''d the de kOrl|>t?m given of the man a* that of aaold and notora n* ofletider I he willleinun thtta daringly pluad'Wwt Iwa iiierrliiiit of HI. leatia, and had come to New tort on Id* wadding tour LdrruuK fir Ex-ilowor O I'onxoa.-.Another lecture by ex-lliahop O Connor, of tba Jreidt rv.ofraleniiiy, will lie deilrered IbUi f -enlng ai Cooper Inelituto, for tbo tieneot of tb? GaUmlm Protectory The nobject ,?? lotted lit "CalhoU Ceremonial" now on whn b no man le better 011*1 to dlai iHirw tliao the learned do mr An a lecturer he la perhnp- on" of Ibe eery be?t among the light. ot U?c CalbUlo Cburcb. I.e-rnaa in Am <i? thb OtTT ?1-irm ?'TbwRer J f. O. MeKnwn will deliver bta new leotnra on Home# and llie Hmneleie" tl.i* evening, at tba Alan. o Meihodttl Kpl.>pel rliurrli, Norfolk street, 10 aid of the City Mia sum. Mr. M<K?wn ta one of the moehflnie ied end me nu'lit speaker* connected With tli" MeUl ?Mti*t deaomina lion, mid tim otijert for Whlrli tbe leemre le fo be da. liver - I n worthy the patronage of our evilienn grm orally Tub Heir; WflACtAI ?'Tlir cargo of the Praaalaa bug Wilbeltii, aaborn ou the Boioor, ha*. been nearly all aaveil and In good order. The veaael baa gone to pier -a leimri iMTtm Bold-.?Complaint* ?r> fredUenlly brongbt lo u?e lirntu. oglce ibat letter* placed in the lemppo t letter bo tea are frci|iienllr mowed or fotajaid <?ne genih m?n in particular atatea that r.- rally eevwrsl lei lor* ? oDtattllnc mouey remittance# have tailed to reirh Uieir d etinatlon. Theae bote* ought lo be mail# aecuro aga<turt the ? ?poiattoua of rogiue *iet reliable ta ftie public, or oUierwiee thry eticuld oe af?diah#d. Tub Aim o n In* tinned Mrisnt tan C tea.?The arretted charged with bouig ln*ol?ed in the late all fed ?wimlliiig Iran actions, wharahy ifty or wnj dry good* Ii.err.hant* of Urn dtp liava been >mi mired In the amount of at unit UMLQItt were brought up again yewer d*y morning be fata J ittt* linen", al llie, bulla eonaopiroce of the ebwnoe of Kuril A Unci ay lied ford the aiarninaUoo wan idao painted to Moudsy nttt, the nth loat, at ten o'clock A. M all the i>ertlea being admitted U. bail la the auoi of $MH. Mr Aaron flegrew, ul :*eitb ?U"et gmig eedurtl* lor leennrd <?. Mllark, Jewell, of No II ?ad Mr. Albert J e oat I, of No II Weriwu itreat, lor J# ripe H. Hoggin Itneiumr tn r?r lr?rir C*a* Mr. O. f> R'gW, of No. 141 I "carl rtieet, on N**ving tb? Fourth avenue car* y.eV-iili y, neer Twrllth etieet, wae rodety )..ailed by a g oUemvnl* Irvikleg men, and In. mediately nfter die rnvnr*d that he had bn*n robbed ol a eery eatoble d * mond pin InforninU- o wa? I mined tat "fy gltrn al Ibe Tlrt ot It r A .jrnr /, No. he prravd ?ay. altd one of III* form daepatehed Ui liool up the mirlvr T I* 11a* *? Maitaia An mavr -1 he injery Ui 'He Iter iem bridge waa greetly etagrereied l>y rumor aa-l wm m,t of a rltenWer in Interfere with traeal over t r. iu? t'.*t nil ? al'irdaf evenleg a portion af ll a plank log. near wlievw lha rveidwar !? tevorbea from Ihe aoulb t.d? itid wber* llnw ani.atrurlei) en Iba art- ?( U.e old or ?Ural atrnrutre, g?*e wav, owiae lr> lb# M'UI' U of aa|i ? aud i o.k Into Ibe water lor uoeiaii 001*1 on or.ah'.il" **<ou 1. il ill- 1 um, a am mo ne* ida.,t nub! have oorutrcil The damage did not lainrf.on with iraial, ea tba m-m port' n uf tl.e ri*4?ay waa -m? to rHed, an 1 tic m* m ? ?/ * '?? rr f^-r? Mte an rf? loaf lef'iil l! U aai I ibe U" a 'doll* wdl be opev I ? ' " <w? mouth*. laa 'fiiomn Maix?Omaer rwre -Tt?e Uurf fifth aafl al ball d Ibe Thi t'a AeareleMou. notbed in reater day'* paper, takr a place ?n iba 1Mb teat el Imr g llall, I Ota ttty. and n>A ou the nub M?et . at prevtnutty Klated. Tb- jirrceeoa are to be derated la U>e rH?*f of the dee reeled of all eatrrti*. an efoerf whirl, raaaal fa-' p> etilM U.e aympatbaal of erery rl*? 'a the urnnu ?by Tita faauiaa' txtm. - The rwg'dar ""ebly meat ng of ttb. I armor* <1nb waa held ywterdev. al He< to. rvwa fMUfUke, IV ddtnt Mr ny la Aiiwrng tthag Mffre uilfwt. tli* Pfv*etit low ateadar I '* Seer la the B'ale of New fork wai d*eue*ed, aad a ruae eliea pwatrd, ap|we?ilimf ? r-eumillee le feare.4 le AHuey. and |? i.t. io ihe legtaeUera to revive ibe attee of !? arwetnr of dour. BO Heal the aC h? ..Id la the marked mat be arc -eurfty of a 1'*aiwy at far r?tuov*4 feem abatdele purity. Tw* ffiiiit *ri?t Nt-Aiwbiaa Mow* *??? ,x, u Tmterday alWunm lb. velum am pi of ad m removing the bytrkt" aad rubt-ttl el W? Walier wemt wf.W, bu i ' eg waa bunted mvwral Bay* ago. diaooramd Ibe etwwred and dawmmpudttl ratuwneuf a mae. enppnmd .? he fhnae of Mr JaWU I. Mirmiadham tattflka pef w It* who waa bofped In death at the Mute of Ihe Tba run *iua a era gatb ar*4 up, add ewwvwyed It V Frank' j, atrwri f dire etutbm by wn.e* Ifyde, of ?> pink mimml wberw 'nroue* wndry "kB Mid I* bod aa iddaewl Mr Chertea * White uf Momma a. a n?e* relative uf. Mr Hlrmiaghdm. bmd M arge of ike r? eta, on for 10 trmettt Tbe *'?' leeul lived Id ??* Farm*, VadrMMf NtMf Me a at about turfy fre y euro or t?e aud a imtevu uf I bta twy A'?ie>a?? a iittattd vender, named TVtmat Mr < a day. itnt't J awnvua injenta yeweedav tfletwd tbrungk having fdiieu, wWt W? elm#of mdntMMM*. fmtn a tgu. ? atrr.nd A." near Teal fib tdr*e* d* edbrwv of lb* He rani a# nib anrfe t ptedad Mm eg wd "4t?eyed ban to I let tar U* H/ipMI A beet ? ne u ebiHl y ? mrfdey mam ug t m?e ml' revered If *g 'in Ihd Mdwwalh Wi Ohimr *" "*? f<^n mm allwi If tJf ad. tdra.?k?' mdail \M.h "ft %** f. at ae eUark ?f agalepey and learn I" "??ur, p lat ate'r 4 wae r.ieai'jr ,Ur a-r'"-aad ??I e aa W ..lieiu FufWmg. and Ibe* k# wmddd td ? ' T.erry auuat lie hw* iMdam, k Id#1 war ma d?m ?tread, ere rua tet by e eaym m u.e turn- id ?rty mt'tttb rfrvet and f krd aven te^danruwew r u*/? 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