Newspaper of The New York Herald, 14 Aralık 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 14 Aralık 1866 Page 1
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mm ii WHOLE NO. 11,??3. NEW YORK, FKIDAT. DECEMBER 14. 1866. fRlCg FOUR CENTS. pwggovAi* x *? H.-NOTE RECEIVED TOO LAML TOO WILL find reply at uiue station. v' i'BTTK, .ptain talbot, call at ? west twenty ssennth street. , : LUCY IIART. formerly of Washington. SOR'IK K1 Y8KL -IK TOUR HEALTH PERMITS I ii see you uiii to-daj (Friday!, at one o clock, at |e tuo. ,U, JB? MORTON. lAVB ANT INFORMATION tan AT IB LIBERTY ?trect. Twenty-aeruuth polk* precinct, or the where* lUuf Henry U. I d ay. recently In the Ineaue Asylum, be thutiklully reoelrud and Ill>e.f*lly rewurded by his rr. lie i? a boat sit feat high, with reddish hair and iKchr, and very much freckled. 'ormation waktbo?ofjumr and danulen wn. also of Bridget and Catharine Olennau. from the ih of Ahaecroeh, county Oalway, Ireland. Abt tnfor oia of their waereabouia will be thankfully reeetred by ' ituphew, Patrick Olennau, I'ltUon, Luzerne Co., Pa. OBHATIQN WANTED?OP THE PLACE OP lence. of Mr. Edward Klehard by Ida aiater*. Roaa Add ll?. the latter wife of the engineer Mr. Autonlo Snares Ill find a letter at the Spanish Consul's ottloe. ? i 'ORMATION W.tNIED-OK TIIE WHERE ABOUT; Adolph K. Thimus, formerly of 1'iuasla. lately of i. Add; ?h Julius ahnbert, ?t. Charles Etcliange, Cte Kl, Ohio. 'ORMATION WANTED?OK MICHAEL KEARNEY, rho h.ts been missing eloee Sunday. Height, A ft. I in. k hair. Rrwldeuue, IBM Waaliiugu.n street. 'ORMATroN WANTED?OK DAVID KENNEDY, OF leinplenuirtln, county Kilkenny. Ireland, by lain sleter, -*t Kennedy. Address 16 Washington street, Mew York, achuaelt* papers plenae copy. THE YOCNO MAN WHO, ON THURSDAY EVEN ng. Den. U, left an urgeut letter for the companion of syhood, '' ' " * "" r, both i roadway, __ _ -m can communicate by letter if he pre/era; in either case II be confidential. c. o, loll an nrgeot letter lor tne companion or rl, at his houae, and subsequently hi" card to the h requesting an Interrlew, will call upon hi* uueie, ay, he willmmM himself and hi* best friend?; I?BE AT MRS. H.'S THIS EVENING, AT THE same time, and Josy will be there. JOSIE. M. KOESTER?I HAVE LOST YODR ADDRESS, i'lf.iae write to me at 101 Nassau atreet. J. A. 88 HELEN BROOKLYN.-WRITE IMMEDIATELY to youranzious friend. YMPIC THEATRE.?WILL THE YOCNO LADY who reeetred a note address Frank Sinclair, Herald | to-day? RHONAL.?MRS. MARY L. E. I HAVE JEST RE tpraed from Koatou. Letter for you at station D. T. HfARD SIMON. BORN IN C'OLBEKO. PRUSSIA, Jun? 8, 1.H4, ami last heard ef In Mew York October KM, Is requested to cell tit the ntBoeof the Hamburg Pon ?, New York, where Interesting new* i? awaiting htm. TH ADAMS?I HAVE BBKN TO SEE ABOPT PUT. ting our little deaf and dumb girl In th^ Aaylum. An, B. O.-YOHR HIS TEE EMMA IB AT 8T. DENIS Hotel. Would like to -ee you. 1LLA-IT WiLI. TAKE KROM ONE TO THREE nee It* befure starting So you better look nut. Your*, CHARLES. E PERSON WHO LOST HER MPFF ON MONDAY tet front the ehon In Broadway, just shore Eighteenth bwould be glad If the lady who found It would return Kant Thirty.IIrat atreet. A. suitable reward will be .NTED?THE ADDRESS OF ISAAC NICHOLSON, of Medlork ?treet, Hulmo. Manchester. England. Any ?unlcalloua please address to A, box 6.044 Post ofllce. LL THE CENrLKMAN WHO WAS TO MEET THE person at 7 o'clock last h rldey evening on Thirtieth call at hei house, on Broadway, near Thirty third t. as sickness praiented her from meeting hlnj J. H. MATRIMOMAL, YOCNO WIDOW LADY, A 8TRANOKR IN THE city, deal res the arinalotance of u rrnlleman of mean* a view to matrimony. Addret* Cu nolle, station U., York City. I.I?NT \WD KUI'ND. tT-ON SUNDAY EYKNINO, 9TII IN8T.. AT oulh ferry. Now York, a lady's Mink MuiT, with Iw terchinf trislde The finder * i, be suitably rewarded ivlng It at 9t j, Pearl street, N. V, (IT?ON TUESDAY, ON BROADWAY, BETWEEN 'uurteenth aireet and l?rd t I'aylor'e stern, a Port*, ale, cnutalnlng $27. herd earned erases of a pocr eer [lii. The liuder will be liberally rewarded on returning W 10 Mag* ) I .eater, 66 Weil Th.rly-nlnth street $;.y REWARD,?A LADY'S gold watch, '1th a small Chain and four "'harms attsehed, rrpre. g it chair, a Ian, a doc's head Ac. The above reward |? paid bv Messrs. Ball, Black A " " , to lite person who he?e objects at their MM, M Hroa<lw?y. and no us asked. -ON WEDNESDAY MORN 1 NO. DECEMBER 12, young S. to r s-iut; color brown nod while, wit td legs; in tha rh Itijtr of Brunt and H>.uth W 111am i. Any person Hiding and returning MM to (II Water will be suitably rewarded, h oM THE EYEMUO OF THE 12TI1 INST, ON fourth areuu'. between Fourteenth and Twenty drat a blue Mosaic i. ? saipln. The under. on r. turulng It 1 ha??, No. 120 Wall street, will be rewarded. -NEAR THE JUNCTION OK GREENWICH Etreei and Ninth s-eoun. a ptekaiie of eight Pair of | Kid (.lores. W hearer will reiurn the same to No. 112 nd street will is most Itber.tiir rewnrded. |T-A PAIR ON OOLD SPECTACLES, IN THIRD irenue eir No. NO. on Saturday morning, be a lady sick in the car The finder will please return them to ist Twenty-siith street IT?"IN TI1UR.SOAY EVBNINO, UFO 19. IN OO (ng from the kslor House to MMaTfi OaaiM, RMte Ud?r will ne I 1., ally rewarded by calling at Helm drug atore KM H.vndway. 7 " EKWtKW. BANKER* brokers and DEALERS in gov URN ME NT AND OTHBR BBCURITIKfi. BONDS en'1.EN-$10,000 REWARD. Itnyal Inaaraaee Company will pay a reward af fur t! e ievorcry of Uorernment Securities annusInad la bus -tnleD in.m their safe on ihe loth lust., sod sill hat proportion for the recovery of any purtlno of li.e ?iriuea Tha publle an cautioned against negotiating ?ecu i tea ?PER < ENT COUPON 1*74 BONDS, $1 000 EACH. . I."ifd, l."W7,1.A'.h. 1 riu9 ? 931. 18,693, Into, II,341. 12.1MMS. , 12 ;v,2. lXKM U'.tM. 12 it'll, I'.'.hM, 12 907 1 i**-. 12.WW, 14,490, 14 ' 14 t? .1.094. 14 A J. l"..ia?, lk KM. li.161. , 10,762, Id Tffl 1474, li.tefi. 10.700. 10 707. I6.7M 10.7(18, , went. 10 .72, lu 74 10.-74, 10,771,10 .74 16.777. 10.770, , 10.740, 10 :n, 1(1,797., 10 754. 14796 |4;*9. 147*7, _ 3 7te, 1*7911,10,791, liwi., r;k i6,;ao, 10.7110. io,nj?. io,wi. Hck I teNT htiri'OS 1M1I BUND*, $1 mi each, lp in the order of Atom Rente and Beujamin B. dbsr imiulltee, sot BM endorsed.? oim, nftKw on.!*#, ten ?m woe, $? 000114. ??yff, OO.OM, tofijn. p. nil, 04 019, eOtiU. M.M 84 014 RMh 81,91* M.BI6. as qui sigh . 00 BDNOB. $LOOn EACH 1JO.Fte. X'Mfi. 2M44 29.U*.'. to,940, M.fiAo 114080, 117.(07, 117,884 117,IWto. Ui HI. 110 Tin Ate RON DM, $tm RACK. JAM, *mv 2* 884 m.*?, m,rn. to too :?0" *4 PKR CENT 1881 RONDO. $1,000 EACIf. REM D.M9 1 I'M MM. 0,809. 9 810 *,?!? -811, 9W., |9,*<!" |K ?K s too, 8.M. 498<\ 0 087. ROM 1,267. l.Jte 1.70*. 1*9. li?Wi, 144*7 ?A? -aeh. 1. * COUPON E'EN 1)6. 9 PER CENT 10 Sb. 36 7MI. ?? *12. 99 914. Krt.MJ $1 080 esnh. P86.174, 26 m, 39.277, 88,178, 84278, (9,184 39,981 387*8 ta'dlSTRRRD stock OF 1*?. $10,008 EACH. "067. (.MS, 9 .... (iforisKEri hfocK dp im $4<s? each, L 1.294 ij?* *.274 f 200, 7.7*1. 7,282. 6 911, X?t* iREHIOTERt '? ?Ti,h4 or 188' $1 0HU ia< H 17.814 AK I" c?, IS,34" 19 294 MO PER CENT BONDS. 1 ,K9. 1 793 AV"?i oaeh. U 274 $l.<Wt li-t -lain "w Veil, Dr* II. I8C4 JtrwtRD ' IN SlTTH OR rol H H ,vK. fn I?, '?? ? n I s el'US awl Thirtlath streets, on I .as , . l.i its '.log ha,: ind It Sen ? In. I .th gakl r. tnd silver yUee st"acb*0 Th* ilnder elve in* ai' .re 'awaad by retu. ,iag '.nam to No. 37 WStftk a rse N Y. reward i Oof. O* WROWIMDAY EVEN las. a - die il '1 Trrr'sr *lut; answers to ihe ?' on* .'??iiiulnf her to 100 Wooelor street ?else 'heshv. reward. HI-WARD -A N-rwtOt;NDLANt? rtTP, ALU Kite !-' ? Up of each saa whM n 4a hta A. A*7 one re. un n r?rt, e toe abose mWWrd 8y ?alileg at .U9 reel, b. the ? Rl W \ HI) I D*r OR 8TDULN, ABOUT 4 E. M., n? 10. at r ?. n? rt Empire ncwlng M?< nine "ken tart .? "he . e . -*e?s for ?a. ? lira d ' naruablw Jul I'rsesn*l e?U?al. ? gau Isstaii s OsOO Qaort h *sen 1 ? or One be,. 4oy ana reuM-hta* I,et. I.ii.e . -"rest W'.l! refits the abort re and no ") ? . . ,* ? e ke.; REWARD -NTKATED. ON THURip If EYEN Injf last, a trnli fOEBw til iiOd I",' h. Italian broed. Timet Tha a ?> reward win be pau OO return ' to h"ns? 198. or o,r ' 71* ' lesmbera etceet. and $? ra ? ant "Bfiirmsuoo :ha) *111 lead ta her rotvwerr. HBWARD.--DOST, ?N THE 17TH INFTtNf. A Hues a d Tan Terfter "Met The ab we reward eiit I la any ene reiurt ug he; tu 213 1A? ?t Twaniy-eacotid REWARD-TANRN PROM THB CflUNTEKOP. Halm** ? Co'? Men, 747 Broadway, on T ieegay toon D'" em bar 11. oed pteeeef OlaOk Irtab i -wlln caa about Of' yard*. Thm ahor# reward wiil he paid ta ton returning the (mads, and no'iuestloas asked. RRWAf l?.-l2>BTt ON WEDS KOI'AY. THE fmwt fn'tuti Merit*' te I to tee M- 'r oetnae II Mat, _ isiim m ffll the (edar psM l?e alew-a rewatS sm resereMw Ihe same I e ? rtaaa A " 8., 7W Paltau Market In REWARD-I2)$T? ON ?71 lEh fti*" , la g toe fn to'a llotri, ur Hittn T?aaA9| ?f Nsonnel Bane B"W adbmn" the i.k? Trirr. neimin. fIT A NT UrT'RRO DAJI'Y - TO "SENTI.EMKV a' 'lie New Y"r* Mneennt ?f Anasnmr. 01* Broad L4- irs d* In i'*'?rl to east laet?ee. nsay reneir* a fb. *a ling ten eenra AdMet Setrst.ry af New uar. m of \nal"tor. ? is (tt -4 V?y bk'iadway erae i c -y k mi yHiti. n-.!.?; 8M eh aa erery Mm, lay>al 7U E M. Iftrrie JraOndM-'r nigh* Ere* factnte *?e A s>ndugT tag l'?a aa . rrary Ta irodif a eg bsthrday at ji y M ?iKllMl >0 *88*1109 del It 3$ aOeoo ISSTBITTUW. AT $20.?JMXIKKEEI*ING. PENMANSHIP,_ AK1TH ? _ netic, Algebra, day uj trailing. PAINE' Biookl/u College removed Reading, Speillafc Jinralihr taught, INB H RuslaeeaCollege. ? Bowery. >yed toMV Pnlton, opposite City Hail. A YOUNG LADY, FROM MF-W KNOLAND. WITH Jl\. itnrtl years' ??iperlrno* In teaching children and ad vanced pnpda la all Ut English brauohes aleo Uiin and lac rudiments of Pre nth unaMusic, desire- an engagement lo tench pupile at their own residences. For refarcnoes and terms spply to B. T. St, hoi 211 Poet offl'e. A LI, LETTERS FOB TFACHF.B3, SCHOOLS OH pupils promptly answered bygddrening the National Teeclicr's Ioelilute, J82 Broadway. Teachers and eiiuca Oonal correspondents wanfd ervwhere. BIOK A ANDREWS, Prlnelpale. BOOKKKBPISO, WRITING, gc? FOB BUSINESS.? Mr. DOLBKAK. ?09 Hrueaway, teaehee Boohkiieping practically, n* ueed in the Pert New York bouso?. lie also remover stitfiics*, cramping or trembling from the worat hand, and makes elegant business penmen. COUNTING ROOMS POR PRACTICE AVI) INSTRUC TION IN BOOKKEEPING AND BISINFKH AFFAIRS. RetuO'lehed and rnr looted hv O. 0. MARSH, Aui.ins of the Popular Work* on Book kneplng, 5|ti Broadway. Circulars. Ladies and gentlemen desirous to lkakn the French or German language. b<- '>om"tent and well raoompM nded tenriers, will oleosa ad irees Profeeaorii, bor S.94H Post oili'.e, New York. TILE TCRF. UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTINa?FWDAY, DEC. Id. at IK P. M. Male, $1,1X10; mile heaU. heat three lu flee. Otvnnr*? s. g. Atooaghan Ranger, In h-iueaa; owner's h. g. Jimmy Lynch, io.wagoii Ram or ah'nc. WM. SHAW, Proprietor. SPORTISU. . STEAM PROPELLER YACII* FOR SVLE-FIETY I right feet long, ten feet beam: about liro monthseld: ^>ullt ofoak and copper faatcDOd; hen accommodations fur eight persons benidea the crew; is well fnurd in rrery re spect. Apply on board at foot or Raat Tenth street. All kinds of fancy doom and birds, *c., for ale?At B. DOVRY'N. JM Canul street. near Chur-'h. Medicines for all canine diecorea. Prepared food fer mocking turds. Breech loading sporting qL'Ns.?a good assortment tor ?*'>? to the trade. W. IRVING A CO.. 28 CM* etreet._ F1RANOIS BUTLER. NO. 3 PECK SLIP. HAS ALL THE >hdee ureedr of Dnrt. Hutler's Infallible Mange flnro and flea F.rtcrmlnatnr. 7ltecnt?. Butler'a new work <<a the Dog, t'l. bogs trained, buardod, Ac. Medicines far all dis eases. JOHN GRAY. U ROOSEVELT STREET, NEAR CHAT bnm, hu for sale Newfoundland Dogs, Rull Te-rlere. Spitz Dotjs. Black and Tan, nootob and Hkye Terriers, good ratters. Three of the largest bloodhounds for sale cheap, on account of room. Inquire at IM Grand street. In lager beer saloon. HORSES, < ARHIAOES. AC. ALAROE ASSORTMENT OF ENGLISH KERSEY Hnrse Blankets nrt fine at 26J Pearl street Importer of Saddlery and Krrtteye. ALVROE LOT OP SLEIGH BELLS, ROBES, LAP Robes, Phaetons. Coaches. 100 Wagon*, top and open: AO note of Harness, 3) Express Wa"nn?, I Hbo Kimball Sleigh. Apply at 1,39!) Broadway, near Fbrty-urst street A FULL ASSORTMENT OF FINE CLARENCES AND Con pel, at twenty per rent less than Broadway apnea. Also three second hard Coupes and twenty second hand Carriugea. JOHN C. HAM, No. It) East Fourth ?iroot, cor ner Bruadway. ? m . AT lit CLINTON ri.At E IS TIIE HANDSOMEST. clones! mat mod arid best tenm of fast Iloraes for rale In the city. Pleaae call and sec them. Across matched team of hokse?, black and gray, seven ac.l eigut years old. la>?: bands high: a fieauU'nl fcum; warran.ed In ev-rr respect Apply s! sLMei 116 and 117 West I rrenir-ihlru sin-ek A VERT SUPERIOR FAIR OP CHFSTNUl COL \ ore 1 Hor???, 1(1 hands high, w tlh long, full tails snd manes. 7 and S years old, own br'.the re, Pathfinder stock, f >r stale and ac'iun cam oi lie i irp??se d lor a gentl> man's private will h>- sold at a gm.a hurgul-i, for want of use, wi rranlvd aouno and kind In single and double bar u?m< Inquire at VAN KAiNSYd ataldes, Canal atn-, t, afew door* east of Br.uidwag. Buffalo row cat.f id monthr old. ?juite touts, fine am m. 1, To' a.le. Apply lo A. T. SO HA I F FI.F.R. SuperiatcBdent Ancilcdii Lite Stock Com; au;, 19V Water at: s-l m I'E Wk.NTUr'?TO HIKE FGR TWO .MONTHS: muni b? In flrr condition, A lid I ? Coup., Herald FAST p: NV TRAM FOR MALE THE HANDSOMEST in ilia ell); li cW ? i I *->rrt I. ItU baud#, urltb ion* flow ing tab*, ; yc*r;. ?>i<l- onn trot to.' In 3:44. Al*'< elegant new Wagon witIt pole ?nd ?ham, Ktogle and double bar ???". b'aukutn. fohiui, An Apply on tin? pr?rai*e? Ijo. 7 Wart h e.enth au-eet. rear o' |>.-can A Co.') coal otBor The ?rl,ol? or pert of ainltle, mi stnlU, to let. FOB HALE-ANELKOANT PARIS MAI?E LAN I'AIJ, on double puppet,?! o, eight spring* and nr.dar car riage wttn Far.* ma le Harnett, complete for n pair; will h<' w-M al a harg?I i til .uUu new and new In atylo. < at lie ?een at ll'niil) HROTHERS ,Mh". Proad'vay, \gen:a for'he OMiiiifacturi ri. Word itroth'1? an prepared to get out no order Oil elytra of Parle made Carriage*. OB SALE row. LARGE SI W TWO HORSE Truck*. Apply to S W". WILSON, She Broadway. fjtoR HALS?ONE FECUND HAND CUT ORDER Hoeitawav, in good <*> dltlon: h a pole and akafte Inquire of V. w iTTT Broadway, near Bb-ecker, or U. H. Hi KL>. 64 Uroodwa,, Ml. i.'l ?rke Hotel. Fob sai.k-srpERB white polar flrriN. head and etawa on. m muted by Giathor: nerer ttaed; prko glSO. Apply at .So. ? Vfe-t T went T-four "A it tel. h!AOR BALE-NOME op C. P. K 1MB ALL'S P1NEMT 1 make Portland HMgha. 7i and do Han* rtr-ot. LTOP. SALE?A LADT - SADDLE MARK; IS OENTLE. r will go aingie or double. Appir et W Real Tenth *trv"t. F P?K MALE? A EATB OF BARK BAT PERFF.CTLV mat- bed carriage Horace, *1* year* old 11 band*, war rente' sound and gird, *'*n Kugflvh Dog tlart end dagger Wegot with pole end ahafta Apply at I0B Wert T itrty aeranlh aire at. For nalk-a p\*k or bat pavtlv horsed; kind and gentle n ad barue**. andu.tder the aaddle; ? great bargain. To be ?een at 490 Blub areuud. LAOS BALE?ONE BAT HORSE, Id HANDS HWIT. F 7 yea redd "in tiS In three minuter. Prlue gflufi Alto on# bay florae. l*t< tande high, 4 ye?r? old. Priee $.W, <,r weuTd at'tiangn .?r boreea of lr?e vniee. Inquire in the butter store JIM My. lie a due. rurner of Car lion arenua, Brooklyn. fX?B BALE-TWO SOBBED, HALF BROTHERS, Hlark Hawk atoe'. rleiug ait year* aomd and kind. I4?a hand# Inch one of them .tan trot In three mint.tea; aulutie for any htian>'? ' all at Ml Ka* t Heuatou atrnet. FOB BALL? BI TCHEK ?'ART. HON** AND HAB eaaa, ebeap. At 1*5 an ; 177 Fit *t *v*n>ia. W. WIF.H F*?l! saLB HO BAR TRI'CK AND HARNESS: IIOESK Bmndka atgh Wtairarited sound and glnd. Impure ot Mc' I AHNBV I McDivm, UBlManoay .treat F*OR BaT.B?A LOT or STAGE*, WNKMA HAP. Iien and Feed Wagon*, a large Mar Cutter and FT-rac power. With other Huge Pr ,perff, In good order, el atege ull'oe. I hlrteen'b afreet, corner of avenue C. HORBE FOB BALE?A FINE BLACK HORSE. GOOD lor aaddle or haroaae Apply at the ?table* II Feat Thirteenth street. Horse fop. bale.?a btbono and handmimi: lull blooded Vorgan H r?e, John, perf rtly aound awl klud. very appeal or for family or eipme P'TPo*,?_ M?y *??n for a week unteaa eold, et Nedine'a atablee, 1J6 Pterre ponl atreet, Brooklyn. Homes wintered in the cointrt-at great Neck. L. I. Apply to JAMES HABPEK, IV Court atreet, Brooklyn. - TTORBBB ON LIVERY IN COL'NTRT-BENT OF CAKE; ?1 beat etty reference, prlrwa moderate Inquire et It*, err atoMe IIS East Thirteenth alreet. CJFA* "OF" PA*f~CAKRIaOR " HOMES FOR BALE O 1 they are hi other* j )at Meek. ISM Ire and elf yeara ulit: el i rot together In 8 -15 mind, rind and g-ntle. rrt -e ?I nflS Addreae J, c. BeMdCuauatagton. Hamp?bir?eo'.nt>. eeaa. SALE <>B EXCHANGE?A BBTEN TEAR OLD HAT iter Mare ebeaP: elao a fart pair of Trotter* Addreae J. f W., Wright'a Hotel. DM Broadway FtOHN -AN ABDORTMBNT OF FINE CCTTER*. eunae very light, far trotting, and agme with pole#, of my nwt! maiinf'ietura, acknowledgad to bn the duett and heat ta market; at*) a Met Portlaedmake. eed 'w*e three aaet, Cit.v nod ?Mflliig aaat. of the Albany alvlda. K. M. sTL ? lid ( amage Mann far* urer M Is 1??J Kaat Thirty drat rtruel. Alan two vary Bne Clarence*, end a large awek of Kget and tap U'tgoaa VJLETGHB BLDtiHB, RLEIGIID-PORTLANDS. O Swell Bodice. Poey end Wt Scat, vary cheep, alee Rail* and Kobe*, at K Wooatcratrccl UTABLB TO RENT?WITH ROOM FOR SIX HORN KB *7 and four carriage*. Call at Ne. 3 R**t Tw*nty-4r*l atreet. near Fifth avenue, before 1 o'rtork toutav. Sleighs for balb-i? new Portland blfighd trloimed end unt imm-d c*n heeeea atC JOHNSON A CO 'a. corner of "-ev. tr avenna aed Twenfv acrond ?t. (?tables fob bale-on revkntekntii street, O north aide, warn ef Siuh evnnea. ia*t Rnlehed dim ee BtoweMuWl Apply to JOHN J TOWRSRVD U NaaSMei. rnwo FINE eorFtS FOR SALB-TIIE obntlfman I who made en eCer on a Coupe M*trr?l*v *i So I Knot T euuet eea hero it. t ali hafore u t M W'%S ItitoWMMHra Q-CUiog NT WILLIAM ABMOTT aaetiunaer, two dor* brown fwean. et Toner * Mahlea, l? Moame a'reet. I?H bend* high, wmud and hind in efl harneao. Ban naeMevt ante*. WANTED?A LARGE TRt'CK, TAFARLB OF CaRBT leg from two to Ihredtooe Attorvaa J. heotl Clifton. Star on 1eland lVr4BTED?WAGOMB TO BULL BINDLINO WOOD. TV Apply al to r* MB avenue. (Gf! ? * SAW i IMIL1 OB Nl ftNl BS R ? I. laiVi ale* Nav. Sk <w ir? In > to, warraatoi, lvr|l* b viU!T:.s IJgBaalTuotii) ??(? .u** AMAft WILL BPT rHI BEAT PlAN r WLgtM eta)' )t 1 ( art ad tan H?w? In tbf toto, a palrnf lapple gray ?' <.u a? 1 a ??idle Penh, eM wv| hre?r and muet be w '-4 COPARTOMHHP*. AM INDUSTRIOUS TOUNO mam r?K A RETIRED old gentleman wanted. With |1W to MM rath, aa clerk, by a unary Cm 111 a quiet ca?h busiueae; tl.fibO "uth capital agaluat your aemoea; not one In New York Ilk-; It. Only penman out of bii?ti>esn and able to ehow the money are re queued to call at PARKINSON A CO.'U, 1U Kurd aveaue, room Mo. 1. A partner WITH a small capital wanted? for a newly lilted up Lunch Room, In af ait Improv ing neighborhood. Address A. V., bui 4,?u7 Font ofltoe A FARTMFR WANTED?IN A S APE ' ASM BUSINESS, t\ paying bendeoraely; eetabllehed several yearn; only ?mall capital (eay BRAl to |W?> required. Apply at Sad Broadway, room fa 1. ^ A partner wabtbd?witb $ ro b?.?w, in a eti icily vaaU buaiitese that will afford a sure and profit able Income. Addreea, for interriew, with real aaiue. La crailte, box 174 Herald office. APARTNBK WANTED- WITH ts.uuu TO BB.000. TO join a party In a manufacturing and Commercial iiuei neaa, long aatabAabed. ISAAC A. BIGGS k SON, <7 Kaaaau utrraL A YOUNG MAN" WANTED AS PA RTXKR?f AMERI . ran or German pieferr-dl. In a ea?h paying nleaaunt office bualnea.; Mid capital requ.rod to purchase equal Internet. . Call 118 Naar .u itract, room No. 9. DECEMBER 18 ISfl-TQE I'NDKHtfGNED HAVE formed a enparttirr amp for tk* naan ifarture of a rti nt hoop skirt holder, under the "rin of I: mile 1-olsanu IV., SM Broadway. BMIl.fc. LOI8KAC. ADOLPRR fol.l.KSAN. November i. i*w. -tiir undersigned havb (ornieil a roparturr-ahlp for the purpoec of transacting a banking, exchange and ooremlnd< n IwiMtl, under the II rm of .fames W. Tucker A Co., Nor. 11 acd 5 Rue Scribe, Paris, Franco. J AMES W. TUCKER. HOWARD R. ANDREWS. Rapreeentud by PRAWN Tt. ANDREWS, 24h Waahingum rtreet, RoeLrui. 0 PARTNER WANTED-IN A B! LIABLE AND PROFIT able rash mui tfactorlng bn limn rlieau.. established. Aahawee aeldom offered. Apply to MOilDY A CO., IB Fine ?licet. New York, room 31, or to L1ALK, at the war-mom, M Fulton 'Beet, Brooklyn. PARTNER WANTRD. -AN ENKRORTIO MAN, WITH a few hundred dollar* tn lake one.half internal in a w?ll entail1!-hid Maffcnfantuflag Business, p tying large proilta. fall at 10 Doyer street afuimoon. PARTNERS WANTED?MEM WITH MEANS AND good character Bnd permanent and Inrrttlve buaioeaa at room No. 8, 2UB Broadway. If not in earnest don't couM. fHA.MBEKl.IN A CO. P.AKTN .i HIP. AN ACTIVE MAN WITH CAPITAL la wanted to la'a charge in a we?tam itr, ef a new oilnetf >offt atai agin lliieciiy. Address S. ?>. 0., box DM Hornet oflh e. , WANTF.D?A PARTNER. \t !TH B-VOUO TO fltMM IN a Manufacturing ami Cumin, on IP iilm-aa, B".'*" ran be made over and above air exprnee* within thr< >? months Andrea* P. B., Herald office. Wanted er"M to pM,Wa. with active or special partner, to enlarge the huiinaaaOf an old ? established Paint and V ll'ltiab houie., Address W. box 1AI Herald office. mrnn -partner wanted, in a pleasant ^Ic'UU. and profitable >>u?in? ?: #I5.fOO ran be made T?aidy. fall on Mi. hindalre, 10 Uuioo square, from lu to fwtn -wanted, an active partner with il.l "117. Up-abo - t mount In a alrimly 'a<h to. m faeturlng bo-tne??; iirtn r ,1a only need apnly. A'lln M W , box 6.707 Fuel oAee 4; ",lk AAA * rRAH TO BE V A OB WITH A MAPI ?Jl?/Vr,IIU" tat of B'.KI"--A Partner, with thie eauitnl, i* required for the prcwlut't'nn ?.f art article In great de mand. not subject to fash.on. CjM?imunieatloo<. with foil name and good referencea, to box 9.WSW iieratd uffl'-r. will bn attendad to. BI MAK-S OI'IMMITt .ATT1IW. A rare ciiaN' e pdr a fep.sow wttii ret lit tl? capital, to but on' a Bindery with aAeam power. There baa been aon* fur many yeara a Uoorlahlng buaiiirxa In bookbinding, ulbnuu and ?tat inner) artlelea. Alao ban ha bt, ignt okaap, the Store and Kit! trre tirloDgiog to the ?loueern. Inquire of XAftKL k CO., US William nueet. ATBBY NARK OTFORTIINITY FOR A PARTY TO inrrrt B6.'k*l o an eub rpriae wbteh will iniurr a rerr large f'tc.i;n?. Eragy cmportMlty aff.nded for a tuuro ,gh intretigntlon. Tor part' iLr< all ai A-l Broadway, room 14. hetwrrn the huura of 1U .A. Al and 6 P. M. AOF.NTS WANTED.?A REM ABLE MAN IN KVEP.V city and tbwn 'n fba I'nhed Mairi. 'o take charge of an miliia for the Introduction aodaala af the Patent Ariirr'ran Pm kat Timrkeeper. tbe<:?Ht?sl wonder ef modrm ac.enee It rrquirea neither winding nor regulating: eannot run ' ? ? ?* ? oorroet alary will I'i paid Or Bft rirr eei.t ? u aalUiguarnateed to our ag> o:a. A ?parimen with dlrecNnu i on re * pt of j.r' e ($2 itr toa:iv addrrae ?r Ih good tetereiirea. Aildrraa Na tional lnrr-itor** Rxohanfe, fuB Broadway, New Yoik. GUAT CHAKfR FOR LUMBERME*L?I OWK A Inieeland ? ?! :??. w'tb rit-n?tr? "team nlllr, abo-i dance of r. d.,r. pmean l or tail, t from city. [MiM find an e,f?orlenccd parr, wl'h m*aj ? to ma rage It, or wll r-ell the half. Add! i-aa ur apply to Brewner, llv M oadwey, mom IS F ARTIRB WITH CAPITAL OOtHO Wl NT OR SOITTIL mid find It to ' Telr inter eat to ' ill at Noa. IJb ann 137 WiUlan, et-nei, Totwr n 9 and IU A. M. tin- lajr. WILSON. rKXCiMftoR- roK any kind or mi.k.han dl", an Improved K'rui. In Writ Virginia. oil the rail road. c?u?l uuildnga aim! en nil welt, v. HI good *" ?? i ??*. a treat bargain. F.liMlK, 7< Naaaau ?ln?i room III. 10 cAPiTAi.rsTs.-A riionOAb party or yearn Of eipert. nee <!r?lre l<> meet with a party of mei i? to pot fa operation an inrontlnn I f! .11 k la of oil"!" ti ran lie mode at a) n.v h c una par than praear.l ? oat ?< to dafy aooipnlilinu. Addrene N K..Intent". llaraln oHi.ia. The <iiiam k or a urn tixk.~a new invkn. tlrn in tb? war ?>* light, superior to g?a or ker .sri a or an, rttlmr on etpi before knows "r .eed. nou etpliid.e, wituon. o<lor. clean and ?lira|wr 'han dayl'glit. nail and rt'iruino for lunrsalf. o- *on<l tamp for parti, niara. Printer offne, -tU Pearl -Iraot, up 'luri. fliAh/r TO gion W! LI i UTARr AJIV PEMOM IX A ?Vwil * {den.! id mmufaa 'rlnj bualneea, from wb.-li glu.nOn run he inaitM In ail urn nr. ti .!.. ?ta| e >1 fo if. Call and iote'tigata St 7* ' ariainr atrweu $ >00 ~ANT 0!<,! ,,A,r,N" THI* A*n iternro'ir of li.rr.ung It In a I alm-ao that wttt mi KOWl.KK. '* I he pr.rnanent and proAuhla, ahouid epply at at.* to Mr Chan:' -ra Ureal, rKM No, 1, fro41 10 to 3. ft?AA Tt? ?W will. HE< I i:l AN INTERtor IN ^TeJCMI apteaaeat huarooaa, panneM par red. K ra etiaare |riMlimt yaar aura. Cal. at 7S < hamhara at rat ?, ite m No. i. $(;()0 flM>|VT7NI RIAH. op TlIK I NIftO Plain of art article of bouaab ? nao or Daily r.inauuii lie n. If ron w mid de?lra a go .1 thing call ou KoNNKR * CO.. 117 Neaaaa atxart. SI 000 70 vri? T1I,R AM-onw ,, ran learn of i eaten.fid oppsrtnirtttto hay an lalarest la a food .nbatanWal ouniuesa. t ali at XU Hwds.a t'l t)?W) ? Mtl.k IXTKkKNT PUR Hii.K. IN A Ursa (a?< weekly and I ng aet.bilihod ?Sowililr Newai"iper for sale rary low ' la I. a r-re MM r.naiica Addrwr- Pal.Ibtbar, boa 1.4)4 New York I'u '. aA - w. ? 7 AAA -rCRMTi BR tNO RET*TUNA NT'iHr ?Jr ) ,UU"i Kir aeiO??e>"d WewlUKl reaap rwnt, lore lee an Apply at Ike atari, 7* and 7T Haailt n a rawer t-o.uh Rrnnk'; n. $10 000 wr,',' * "*| k ,vT* hi** iii a valiiahle Nenaf s'tnriar ?watweas al raady la enereaaltil oper tloa No ebeWts need appt? I M. <IK?Rl>rM.l. Ii ? N.weai. suroet AN P.EPKMI.NCKP TEACHER WI1.I. OIVI IV ? tmriiona on tba P anw to a Itmtte- tu'iie' of popiia Terms mndorsi*. tpj.h a1 X7b tne. I arwni ? ftra. a i.adt wiixaivp ixprRctrnuN ox tip; pt?no J\ and Ml g.'ig at popiia' resides ? for 410 p?r <| i.r-er. Jtm.t "f rater, oce gum Addrwae. with res .teste. laaoaer, hot 111 llara.d 'Mia ALlDY rROriWXIONAl. TRAilIER 'if HCilC 0E ?ire? Hre-a and H?ra?t, wb?n? "He may re"dor eertl'ea a* ioral or laalromeii'al tea oer la part peym? il Beetof rrgerwa. e. t all ..a or adilreaa Manry t . ka<, W. Rrnmne rl Alft'.llLY Al'C 'Hfl.lMIIP,i> PMP.Xt'll I.a BY Wfl.l. glta laaadt a on tae ptwao to a fee- yw iap Udlaa. Will go u> " >lr hiiuani If doalrad. Addraaa Mu rial, box IM Tlerald lOlon, A TCHIIVE MOHlOtf. IXvflTTnP I.St RNUAHWAT. eotranoe ? Thnty'oorth etreei. 11' who hir? riot Mibaerltiea to Mgenr Mori-a'a all f"W lea*.- I to a alba y , leetrd io rail ...tweea a A. M . and ? o'rtir ? P. M eeary day. aa h# .i"t will 'iiee nail liel.iraay IMI. met a 8D. MuU'ENHAIT.K'X WI'XIi'Al. < i.XhRKV ? TPItT, Hotnheoth'a hvllrting. XSO Rr.iedaray.?loMroot. iua In ?al and liniritnrnte' ? >a?n fill a term. MR J tail X EP'IIHRRO, t'OWPOHKR OP THE OPPRA Rouffe "The port .r ?! Alaowtara," will raratre a limit, adnnm rr of p. tdla la Maatmi fiawaae'-lon and I ao the Tlo).n and Pi.iiki Addrrew Irwoa 10 In II A. M. or from !ito4 P. If., 74 Merdimgal -treot. ORUANIbT WANTf f??EAR A OUT'Ri'H, f?W RERnHf hill llorty mlnoieo' ride h* birea ewr frme. Jeroar riia ferry, "no an .?lo?ti"d to IhO Kp | %l r? ea ; e'arrrd Addraaa It. II. W , bai't.Aei I'rm ..t?ee. w. A N IUT.I.EK. IkEI I'TT OIMIaEIIIT Of THIX7 ty eh' . b Now wort. Wfl rwnatro a oratted nwa.har of pwpllr* (gr the organ a- d plaPSforta. Addreaa ?? r?i| ol TrkMtp aWM, Roar T ork. . of VaadarMtt araaaa, anrtb Put. laaaiMuf, Mraonalpa $10 laortaaaoa). Nwxr fork Moatnal ln?tilale. 177 Wen Blew en Ik at real, i-oraar of Math aaaaaa. UWaa baqra from ? MU t t'laeMUa tor part lew HOLIDAY PRKIK4TI H UtlDAY fKH?r?X IIOI.fPAT HOUPR. NAARIPICBXT AlaURTRKXT OP RWH OOOttR ? CI M UMDM R Mr (J LA k PRIt t.H. Alt afeonl '' lyla* ahaalit mil uoforo purehwe'ng -pl-ndid line Hen la' and LAdkn llroaaing 'aaea. M to ||g mw 1 | IW i Ig 11 / * 1 * *wk ^o apg^P Ml o BWW wis, W. IRV*' ? wa J Rrar a r?r?| Icim fw film, ft. iv i%", aw p?p#r iuiHM Wort fai'i and WrP eg VMa JiaH lam, Watek Ink litatida. rhartwimaler, Vaie Stande. brwngdaad other I la,r? aaeo. and I P? d> a* In# art'rlaa. maklag the flneat eofia-dton wt ore goods In ha had in town Wakaietlaaa mteedld aaonlwA of H"wiary and I'l. le'g.r iiania, Himda, Nahtaa sad Hoot go at haif tnea H aeipi >og lAweia, Nlaototaapd tf .iua vary 'heap Miaaaa pod n iMrea ? 11 1 ?.ii.?aa llggt ? 1 dar*. Owe I adlip Rig Oloeaa at ?4 ? ara a rial le any impart ad RONALD*"* A NEARl> rrraaraltib status and Piaateaatb rroat and ijg E rhtk i'l*. a leiant r ' -oath aa? air yep if taraata FISAWClAla. Ambrioan rankino bxcIianob AND COMMIHRION HOCKE, N?W 8 AND 5 Rl IS NCIUBR. PAIlItt, krasor. ? JAM KM W. TTCKKK. EDWARD R. AKDKF.WK. JAMES W, TECKPR A CO. buya?d eel! Ceiled sulee Recurtlle* end Korenn Sesiurltlea, Issue and cut. Letters of Credit. a? well Iraasart a general commission business, mod refer by parmlxeion to the lullowlng gontlemcu; ? KKFEKKNUKB: Wm. T. Andrew* President Nitllonal City Bank Boston.

Jamee H. Reel, Ere.ldent Henotkd JfrUonel Rank, Ronton. Ati>oa A. LaWreihc Boston, C. P. Ilorejr A Co., Boston, .taiarii M. Beelw. A i ?., Boston, Wm. P.We'd At!" . Boston, (lark. Adam* A t'lurk, Hostoe, fm. ff Asplnwall, N V. Wm. T. BludgeU, New Yi> a. Deuiaa lirUwuid, M?w York. T. Hall Fail*. New York Stephen Hyatt, New York, Wm. S. Jauklna, ftibler Hank of A merle a New York W II. Matty. Presld- nt 1 -<th?e Manufacturers' Bank, N. T. Mow*Taylor PieahlentCity K.nk, New fo'k. Jonathan thorite N. V., it eauds Tucker, Now York. John E wltttama, I'raaidenl Meteeirdliaii Rank. N. Y. W. H. Webb. New York, Samuel WlltnU, Mew Y'Ok HoweeA Mac/. H.nkeie !?> Wall street, Mew York. Hoyt Brothers, New York, Kitotmrd, Ttleston A t o. N V Unsaiug, Orneker A tin , N Y W A. A A. M. IV hite, N Y. Dudley S. Oregorj, .lei ? y City, N. J. Ri prreenled by FRANK VY. a.nDREWR. l? Washington street, Boston. AFII'STNKBh LADY WANTIKO MONEY WILL OIVE got el security erjd the its* of t nluely furnished Room for two moniba. w:'h guod etteu latme, o> nu gentleman willing to lone hew some tttoney, with interest lor abort tune. Addreea Mm. H?Mt. station D. Dividend ma November,?imebkiaj. hilver Ml nine Compu.1 *1 |ter "here payihle IMti Instant. In gold tola, let- tn .X?e at tlrr Agency ol' the lisi.k of Cell. i.EEN A WALLER, No. SI Pino street. Dividends for noykmrbh?bavade Mining Cnmi ant, Bl * * per sham. nay ,tile on demaitd. Yellow Jacket R1V.r Mining Company fl'A per share, payithln l.tUt instant. Amp ?? Mill and Mining Company. g!5 per share, payahle on Ignai d,ltt gold ? -In. lets eichaiige. at the Agent t of the Kin? of California. I feFs A WA1.L.F.R, No. itt I'lae slrerc Dividends f<>r roybmbbb.-trown point Mining Cmnr.anr get per font, rateable 15th Inst Hall A Morcruss M'eir.g Comnaay BIB' per payn hie Ifith Inst. In go, 1 e>ln. leas eacuange, at the Agcnay of the Bank of C&llfo-tti* I.RES A W ILDER ifl Pine street. Money to loan?at t percent, in labor or small amounts, wihnttl tlolay, on timt class i'roiierty, iatliutclty. KINtlAfO., No. 9 West Twenty third sk, Filth Ayenae Hotel. UNITED HTATKh TREASURY, DECEMBER 3. ISSH. Rcbedulee of thirty or more wyoti and Ihree-bmlhe t1on|Kine. pay ante December 15 last . will now lie reunited for examination. I! II VAN DYCK, Assistant Treasurer. fKKMILYK A DO.. Nu M WALL STREET BANKERR AND DEALER" in tlOVEKNHBMT RTOflKH AND CIIRFUI ND INTEREST NOTEV CLOHIBO PRICKS. Nt.w ton*. Dee. 13, I Add | H tiy , Hell lug lag. ittly. T8n.... Innel I Mote Inly, do \g, do, th.t., do. . |>ec. do May, do. Aug, do Hut. hell lug. ing. lur. ?tif~i Iir I06-* '?A H' . if- -2 ?hi Il-c J llh hd lie* ll'.'b .'M 1M'* 11d's If * *?it 113'f .??ct'iiiv; in ?dr. not. 111 1 III HUM lit glittered. Ill MP* IPX's UoutsMk. IMI lis |' I ft.gdRegistered 1. RMI. I'Mly fe'jncuueou, ttt . I H> Id.'V A9U (hmtioii. 't>4 ' rd ps. ., Couistn, '65 . |H?*.'. Ilk 5-20 < ou.. Nk'i, new ;P?<, ||(ha> 1 Itt dP Registered. I ifH, 'S<V| 10-40 ?' tupoti ' !? I. ?*#>} Oold !?.-f.nvv . ? August, 7 SO .lli'.-d, liV.'.lJOcV, do v.Mps.ts, ltot4 CfX HiWI ?WANTED, Tr> HIRE THIS \MOI NT UN ?PsJ.U' M I. g> I'It worth or Arst el* .* 'toti.e old ftietd ture, et 13 per oeot. Apply tat DEO A I'LARkK, 7AI Broad. ?ey. _ (?AAA WAMTRD-JRY a WELL BRTARLIRHBD ? ),"l"'"y and we'l knewti Importing house of ih * elt?. wltk lite yteer ?t enlsrglrt* a "if pro'taMo hiidness. t#tW-d ae urtty w..t he g ? i t ' o , t, ? d allowed Kt?r further perurtilai" adtirr.s t m ,.i?, Hei al, urti^e. ageM* n- ed apply. AQFO AAA T<. l.ttAV -in HI'MB TO BOH OS ?Jls y. M y.y fl It F rlly eti esta'e. IW per ts'ot o' valusiton; prompt attontlon C K WILLIS A CO, HI Pine ?tieel, hascment. . !?. I.OXIX OKI II KM. Ar no. 9 rest i wkktv-tiiiM) mt/ikki irirrH AFeutte Hup-Ii, tl <1 h:,h-?' pi '?? p id lnr Hi. u.mda War his. Ac., or Mimh oe i.iade mt ti>? - -me At in pkoadwav -i pay mi. prior t'rrll'm >n'la We1' *MM, l-mi -J. do. or >.li in < on ilx- i a i-aap- in,uioii'i Inter. opi>o*iu- tial'?>k'? the, iir. At nwi v? . <m , miniwir. xji>rnb.r or mmi Mtf. "I, Mil he lR;d lw I. Jli' t price I?..?ri|.. i la, fda'cliae auii Sj.'11/irlri, or will ideaooa <?a lit" .1., re erli ?IdO. * nr\srr? maokon waTCIIRB, DliMOfrths. .rrw. '?1 ry, Dry no id.arid Pare *aol Ppifartv of r?r, de arrtpi!i n. .1 4. U< (Mj> III tiranal aim' Heo doors w??i of Hruadw.iy. AT 18 NASSAU BWTTT ROOM *0 J--TIIH eat ort' ? * era pIII I for looee or wl Oianwoi id. M.I. nm and Jewelry, nr adra i aa madam .?mi.tgnai' tta A. lluM'ittr. Til. .lOrni Bmkor FOR BAtiE?THii CAKaI'IHKO I.ha AR AKI? FIX tUfMd'if Fawttlrmk ng ? i.MU I'oa.r. No R v? OHtl ?tn at. For partlauiar* apf.p Hi ??r.oHi.K Hohm. II iiaok lori aireeC PimntRorRRfr tickfta ri MmwiB or iha tRoMda, Wit, .??. Irwelry Bilk. CI 'hlng Ac. A 4 raacaa nada on the a* ? or nuueht, at the eigtia-i ' .lb prion, .t:? Oi -rid a r "h near Nainarr PAWNBROk.?.ns' RirTrTA rrm'HArr.n-or ni*. Bioodi, Wjtrhei .lee airy B'lka ? ' " <ri? Ae Ad r andaa u.ade on ilia -* no. or houHt *? ih* aigtic-t caah "? (pt e, at 19 Orand atrrei. idar Ml PAWNBROKERS' Tit.'" "TM K? ?? II A KD OV Mt nioii oh-iira. lew irjr, ? U?, < I .i iib*. A' or lb# ?ime so ght for rut. n I ho otd -'????. IJU Buwery, #r?4 Boor, freu'., ip a'alra. kpi.< i xi- xirrn km. A -CARD TO TUB fFRI If . In arWarlo pro*dte (MOllr rtmdilroee fa -ho hit,'eat d'ltM. IbttSnrt tad maiaiakgl of Ihr II ar l,.,?e ? rated to ...time the ;#??? ?t .IIMr <>f the r.I.Oily of I'lO fc. id" recaleed In u? i. oi ry ?? aooo ? ie drrl. la to p. aired n Ihe F'jf,I' * -tlor.el BeeF aiel all pnTOirnie for a' I' l?a piirc,.aae.i or utter eiionae. ar? made not ef tae fur.i'. ?o lapoaiual bj t'.ek of K M. Id'la. ip. nt of Ihe In atltutkm. endoraeo by pa A mkafttoa tmt*kU.IPv of Otreo AerUomea, of tlalari.. Adcloory CouuBkleo. i .rctwae all the ?|-n to- in h h? pr?. ?enied and a mmmltdre ? otru-oed of Ma,ar Oeaoral Ve? Vtlet, 'ft.alter..laater I eierai ->f the iMfef'ttaent o' Nana V ik; Ma>or tta' eral Hi e, dretemry of itta e. Wtraer, I.en., da. ra -r; <H ? lla'ia Ian the aoriupaof Mer irhaM't BMii ttfl'no irtoi. i're.-u lent of 'ha Km, hi M?rra| a I'ainpanr. ant J .hr II Wait-, tU? r... n.anllur ?1 t.a?. Wit] hare the t recti, n of tho mei-nr r of dlMrlha. i;oo. fnOMA-t A CO, Mahapliig Ihrtat -a kid hriHelway. The foregoing eard M I a' I ihert with one aaadin < lUa. " Mr? t llyfr. r. I >A I T. Aet-ng I'l. atteol. Mra ItAVilt IioTT Nr-.r-.-j Mr J k fiKMHih*. T na?o"ee In rtew of pfwaeiti-g .o -e i na woetSy >.l " a| leader ?af odf at aoadL I#'. f 'altie p rtiatl. t'te <??, irf lieu er. ..r??r tn kla ten' for nu 'i the (lOf.n r.i p ra aallt aat. ral %l M? nil. Id a df 'ewi?e? 11 la hoar on atdtf ia II. 9re for ilia aala I il-hat". BrOalwar IoniiJ 1-oOtJE, ro. t?r. r. txn a. v -tmm. *"m oeea o< thn f^dge a-> ee.oy tamnv l t? a"' I a ra r aka. mawt no. ihia i Tn laa-areolae a'T' for (he elan tod oi oit'era Hy cruar It II I n I.h V Maat- r Vl<." 'OdRKV h Ftr> VT "IVi.l.K TMItP til tftti i|. -Tl Ml AT Til eh.M'Ni. if fNINTd e fx e, a' 'be Oil ...ana' fan Ta-a't ?"! fir?? ?' 4 Be -d?a>. M-aaae RlMNirr. a#i- agnnt foe tho Da"ad Rig ea. Ml Broadway, rumor of Ml? eker, op atalra OriiiT. or nik tri.xBnr wtii. (rrKAMtiiir i < ?. opaoy. No. k Bo* ?r <-ree , s * T ra. IV* Ay order of tho H tU4 ?'? In"" tor?. MMblieMbf kM' n that tn "?nae liteiv * of lh? ei nteo . pot?'?<! io ham feen uel I on tb- IJfh .f Wafan' to ar f I ? ? *? * a.. -- *? . . an. _a .11 AUnll -a 7 hold poreoaitl a <at ai.|e . ?>-oi ?n elnethia .r ?rt?e thireron;*'y id''ee. Uaa oaat ? - - - ydm, of -? a ce?d ngalat ,oo a If ? a kohl al I ha ? ot the - oiai -or e. Friday, ihe llth d?r ot J.ooary, InaJ. at lit << ? >..-k R. The irar ?far hook? al'he af ike fa teo' f,oai and Tri'?* t r, r nana will ! e .p ied frian the Nkh in the It h ?f 'aouary, pan l%a roAa mil ha oiinn f-ooi tlioto ?*. ' miMUift *Uht. kotMary RKAMM i ROTll K. XTTK?rO< IB < tl.l.KO TO the eytenalie aatr It A? Re. on h? lay Ikth taatanl. af Vaehuaerr 1 'da. i'lra E igt- a Mahaa.B(, t 'ty y <?..?,yer * RdXttray far *r.. e .11 , -en la "e Fife I nti-id and M.. Mt .HhopV Jf'lTjf KOO 'KRil A ?'?R. # htnfc High ilriei. Clt lsnA LOfXlR BO IM r A M.-TIIR MhMMI.ItB a* of thia laifa am Iriahy nriirinl ta aaaarn'da ak the 1- -ige roura. Bo .Til In' dr atnar. an a-.nday. Wth mat , 1' IT o'etork. for the J. I Pino*'' vf ai'ev ring tha f ivral of ???* MMM late iimi rr l?hn W e The arai?t f ?r?f l/v-jn am'rateeaoOy .erttnl le auenA W H Bull MAM. * J. faaaar fewreXsry m lift BAf-R OF rrw- IN Tllg RRT OB l lftetd'B I h'lrnh ?HI otaad ea Irtl> ? ai'a It* Id. al F. M . at tha eh?r" , af Fifth araaae aad Fatty 7V f, m . at tbaehareh, a?ee^ af ruth emrneaad Fatty Bftk atreot. Tha rh'iiah oill >Ma ?l I f * MUaaill aala MFhBT MOt.l.RN. A *"th?*at. TMR mrmrrrb Of THE FaTIIKK MaTRRW r t A A^-'aly, Na A of Ni New ?ar? ere .,ot|ied p. aaaei at U>?d? hall, -droeraf Forty e--r ih atraat aad kr arte., y?.ie? Oerwmbar Id. al i o ?T -?? la fall raaaKa 10 altar <1 tha fx r aril of am d.-.aaef tr tkr iiatn'w. tohii Kaewti By irderaf JOHN u'Rill.1.1 FtnilkM ' Tao?aa Oaaagn. Benr -di-.g ?e.raury I*AN* IBM Xl iOtHM. NODWOBTM t OANftBO lUMif, L. Ra m Ticrid imi'k ?fw run. For daya. leraaa. Aa yieaea tak far a wmalar. (til.1.1 X R IM. At *. * I AMriR kciii i >ir kk> *r? kroitii Nixp .1 Billiard Ta' loa, aar .mpynned -?ath?oaimn raak i ?e watt* haag hew , ,?ttfe ee <ao awe >?ere< t aad d-iraMe "uhi'.n are *e1e "pw ,ma- of >,?r mtM"- llmt he'? veea ia -naet.a -e tar mi. ? year# may ha ae.a " Ikr ariandpal hoaeta a.d m wwe wt Ukte ly. Pa rime tetead log *n e irrham wttl And t lereet M rail aad _ __ ? if aa MfMI tea taeat ?r the wnytd PIIFLa t ^ < OI L i hliBB ? to ? I twehy e g t DP Mm?. rn t N"F?'Tt RF.R or mrabtb a BiiAart la doe. ?? _ . Roxroa at art Fa-uoa detfr of MWIIM them ean -ef ?fr Mt' -f d'To-aa' etamathd Mat* 01 MM IMM .e TgN AJBl'RMWWTR. TTRoADWAY THRATUE. ADM I Mil).? M < ENTI. 13 FRIDAY RVRNINli, DEC. 14 BENEFIT OF B. L. DAVENPORT. HAMLET (by rwmaat). for ikla uc ??ton only. SATURDAY MATINEE?ST. MAW. Saturdar Kariilng two Blocaa, WILD OATH and MI.4CB KY to KEBAB Mr. Da''alaal iM>uru? Monday. |W. 17, JOHN R. OWKNs will com minor Ma rn?a?.[nrn' I In* tad to four ><tii HaaU may bo aocuiT.i (it daya lu adraarr /_\KRMAX THALIA THKATRK, U 6U BmhIoyt, iipiivlli M. XI<lolt< Hol'I. FRIDAY. D*'. 14. I HIM RIK 1ST WaHRSIBBIO. RIB BERNARD HARI.KHill HOOUMfL DAWWOB I'LADDEKKTCNUEN ARTHUR VON NoBDKN . ..BOOUWIL D4WIHOSL /~*ERMA!I STADT THEATRE, 4* ANI? 47 ROWEIir.? U Friday. Dor. 14. Mriirtil of Mr OTTO RF.IPFARTB, ORPIIRUH IN DRR IfBTRKWKf.T. Open: burte*in* by Omatowx. Muale by OfrnkaA 7<>n KELLY 79" ?uX/ Oraai |>i*>gi iinoi* AND IVrwruW Dark of. Ovornhrlioinx aticoaa. LI'OB'B African PollD. MINH T1TE ONT.V |,Hi id 1 THE LB VENETIAN DANCE. TUB ONLY LEON'S 730 FUNNY RURI.KSqDBR RKOAD Tha<1tTCan. WAY. Matrimony Warma. N.sughtp, Naughty Olrla. THIS The BU' a MtalUw. no. WKKK. TJU. r>NY PASTOR S OPERA I|n|THE-RH BOWERY. T1iogi?ataiirijr?t. N'H.l. TIIK NEWSBOY. Tlir fiwal ?UO0BM. T'mjr I'aiMr ?< tbr NtnMr, Rlpi u lit Hmi man, McDonald ua tho But"h?r. Mlao McDonald a* Straw horryGiiL Tb - grand "Slai It I'rool" HiOlnt, tbn Itwall'a ManlaRi'. Mr Harnrp O'Noll lu bla Irtah Oouxa Htorlra Mr Dar? I la wiry in lila daring |orl?I Fcrta. Now Kong* b? Tnnp I'nai >r anil Mian .Irante Ki-t?1. An iinm?nar ml;* jmhIHiU >if fun. bumor noil acntlmrnt. OttAND MATINEE WEDNESDAY Ami SATURDAY, at 31p o'clock. CHARLEY WHITE'S MATINEE, UAKI.EV WHITE'S MAT!MEN, ro MollRiiW aPTRKNOON, AT3U O'CLOCK. TO MORROW AFTERNOON, AT !!?, O'cLtM'K, TO MORROW APrPKNOON. AT J ? O'CLOCK, ARKANi.II> ESPECIALLY for LAJIIF.N an t CHILDREN Mrs. anna paynk, contralto. will ?iv- a OK AND CONCERT on SATURDAY KVKNlNO.Tbr 15. at Iron* Hill. Thr full .?l.ia nnlati will oaaLt Mr.. PAYNE:? Mr. WILLIAM S. LtOORT Trnor Mr. J N. PaTTISON. ihr r-lobralod Elanlat. Mr. J. M I'AsM.ANSKI. Vlollnlat. Mr. OEO. W. COLBY Ooodltctor Til RETS. ONE HOLLAR. For aalr at the Ball ami of L. M. Reed. DAI FuurtK araaaa SONOH OP SCOTLAND OKI'A T SI iTRSs OF MR. I? KENNEDY. THE EMINENT SCOTTISH VOCALIST. SECOND OKAND ENTERTAIN MI'.NT AT KTKINWAY HALL. oN FRIDAY EVEMNO. DEC EM ME It 14TH AT ? O'CLOCK. Mr. Kcaiirily'a programme for tbn arming will bo aa fol Iowa:? "A Man'a a Man for a'that." "John ilrnablA" "Mp Nannir a Awa.' "Taa four A'l'd Clonk about pr " " Tb? FlowerioT Aba For-at," 'The Mamlrrgor'a OalhrrlnjL" Tlin l.aal Roai* of Summer," " Tbr Hay of lllara), O," "John* Coca. ' 'The Land of thr l?aal " and "Aofa wba ba? wl'WalLiro Bird," MoaKrnnadp Planlat. Ti"kfi .VI cr'i'a. To '* liad at all tha moalo alorra. I ir ita .Vi criita nira. RVJMi HALL THIRD MORN!NO CONCERT OF MB IAMES N WKHLI. T>- Oiaal Plan!.', SATURDAY, DECEMBER IA P'r-I anj" ir: i.rr I. iUm> rouirrtaof Wli.s Villi.* II ENlilUl' Rs, * ,|.raim. N |: PRANK BAHTLETI Itarilono. Mr E Al YON l"anl?t. i 'J. W. CO! camino! ? . I'.T? PIETY CRN is F.r PRVP! . Afs PICTY CE.NIS KXTKA. D f?u|>r': at Ui ' ? brilln at II oirloak. OTF.INWAT I? lisrn SUNDAY CONCERT, ' Id, al * n "lark. MAlAV I1TIO JnlllVSnKS will alnr Arl.> "a nrr P'rvlachutA and laobtna, by StlacUL Mr cHaNThiN, ? " RnratO|a>ra, Htuttfarl will aing Aria am! N'.bj; i > ti Maair VluU . Mr M lb ieK ELM A >, Oio crlrliratail Ciasiat, will plar Nui'tni ?. by i hoy.'! *|-I MaWIIra, up KalY; Hcblliar. Mar-di, bp l,iari. Thr or-Sran wl;J t-rrforai atihoba arlr. Hon of HACKED cLApsrc AND POPIH.AR M. rIC. THE'* THOMAS, I >.udm wir Mr O tY. tol.MY, Au"Ui) Tlokrla Fifty oant.. Rriri roi! Si?uta P fly ira it'lr. Edward mollRmiaUER'S .ICHICAL CoNhKRy AToRT. 8IXTH I I.AS II Al. MAITNKP., AT IHYIbo HALL. SAfl BiiVT. DEC 15 To eombirura at So'rdnrk I" M. Tlopala (I |i> Im had at ! * l ubrrih >'V?*i Sfoad war and at tha door Ti< t? fur l a Diri.m-P o. Ore. A. W' lob r/aa (UlliiKWd, will admit boarrr lo Una lua. ioa. CLfWTOH HAM, A? or ala-a Rmadrra* A'AI KNllNH Vol HpKM, THE CHEAT I'OI-VVAIMVAI- MIMIC. Tba arlrinat "Uri Dm Ian," frnta lh- l.'ot'-nda, Dubl n, 1 Of/on' ?n>l oifnnl atrcot, Lnbdap. li?? lb* honor of inrlnfVia flr-t .pi* ?rm- <? >0 A Mkata M?? Kalufbrn' itri THE I'NITY OP NATroHid, Monday. Pr-v ? bar 17, I**'. and ?r-ry r?? rig. at I o'rloek. lilm.-ioi. bv K-aor/ad olr , f^np*T ma"?ovjc i Ain i* ajoop rifE ham- a*? I A-ilum - ai,A i? :an, alio* Pr-al jtarlau < bunt rornar of Oram! anil Craaby afra.'. tvrnar of Oram! anil Craabr air or'* Thatflipi.y o. a will la uuuaualljr at'.rarlfra. and I'r ?nr. t* adran l*gr> Toy Ut-aa alalnng to |w< l-.-aa Im tba ami <la*a. fha :?mmad? of ibla fair rr? to b? at prnnrtat-l in Iba ai Erin ur an aail'.aa a? a mm for maun. and or|? ana. ? agad ami Ini'lgnu and pa-alt - rungly lu tba ?yinyallil*r of ib- -baniaWr di?pr.??d, AdmUaAr.n K nonta Fraa-.n tlrkat* AM dollar Fair por ht. jopkph * o&r&A* aavum vura viii.k, A grand Ladloa' Pair for 'k? broaflt of Ihia a I mlrabl- and noaarrlag'ulloi, whl-b Bdrtna'.t and -ntireit pnrldna fo- iha bote-l-aa IHtla a. m I* tbair rbargo. rrlii ba tni. nmi.' : at lb? Irt.-rry of tr.? PC ly nlnih rrtfimoni IK Kauai airool, naar (.rami "?rr |la?.t Ma k"t. On Mm if. low IT, "intlaa'nf unlit ?rw Taapa ?Hp I bat gallant rag maul liaTlbg moat Marntllf ft an ta# uao of tarlr o - ml for lha ?v? .ton inrr" io aomatbing ?pari ally appro|" taut and "M-hlng In 'Am apf-al of tba ?Irpoant" at iba m. t I' - ' ajf b- 0 an k "i?a i alTorla 0 ant or pa-au bit !b? oM tt ? a. -H?t,l art1/l nr f I'ang* to ran tar < kriaunao glanooma and tka Maw Yaw-'a a WAleoM fbrural. and ibnoa wim -on ,/ ibotr |?la-aa a lit, a ??tclilul rara tarn! oai aw mi ganaroaa aid a-d ? f?l aaaurad it will not b- dantod Tba IHrarto'r of tba A?T .m bara b*?n .milling in tar.' ?*nrt? I- r'lMi' iba Pair truly ?ttra-fra Tba tabl-a will ho . <iwt.l?'l rrttb an aadlaaa rar.ily of artl. r. ,f ua-an ] omarnon and aa inaiH .a uI pi dir .l- CkrlalaaaO and HawYa.r*a (IfU. a a|w m' Ilrpatmont boi'if rawroaa fo- tba nrybana. ai *IM tbay will attoad Mid aoll aril Iro af taair own n.oaa /IRANI! PAIR AMD PKPTITkU WITH PRr.*P<?*f>H I* i ?inor-t. into ori-rong ?ad arory aran ufc Uil l?? awbcr IE M IM umidau- ball of kt. m-pweei ovukoe P- iranaaaou Twmir oifhtli ami Tw-ntp nlwtb iMwMa ba tw-ai, fmr .'.atou to) Inlrd n?li?. MaAr far olabm1 by tba wMwatad ?mb?-?-a af Tbaodooa Thornr. firuaalla p ?rf-.imaormt -r-ry - -nff b? aarrrol brlfltfurl arl*rl?? on- "rpoolaa. |w? t 'aalri aioMrH'r itawb. liolo up '.'rtl l.'an 'tally Aara-and ??landid Br- ty of 'lat. Jirn-taua mm' o and ariiwtmialtl. aap- iai r ? lit* ? al. l'rrn hwiwapalba fc'oira of Z aadfl P d ???"i??^m frrrnr tu'l ??!i P. M. I f''r.-n not odrr'W?1 ?f?w ? r ? Adaritrtnn fflmnaAa: knaam tkAt rfl. Prv-aoAa taaM la anplng . nr taw r.ogrly o.ap?Mod ?*?? troa. baattag by "??.-> at,,I l? or tn-i ?f ?- * -bar h f " "*??'? *u i"?y A a -aa ba.-a mnd'y bmimd or.o of tbrlf nalrbrawA a'ind ptaaao RKMI.MBP.R nil DP.dTlTI TK OEPHEEH or nwa OQCIlEETi olrTd' THK PAIR Of TIIP 11 < > M > FOR Till n !Plltb? if rtl'R i Mtbl nCI.PIKRP tjfli - |l|.-<?t*. !? VIW rtpy a tT ftlr. I ttf't* I.P -r I. a I, RKiMd fbtKAIEn mriiauwat A a It Twrar, THIRD bTKI PT. promt, traiyba?nt to Mr? CHRP P CUT Ardioa Prrr ?rot ?4 t'fioto< |o?na, or ta Mm UAVIP HcTT. bar rot-'y, 1W liar,ry au-a'. II U DAT* MATIII P. !t. ft' irdar pro I* at |?, f'lwl RbrtADWkT fllllATlkp at *?*' n?KI ? 'T OMrmT, PUP TIIP. EEMBrtT nP K TOI *'t adr lb I "iio n( ' ? oltk, at t.luloo Hat-, Prtaay a.oi. ag, ftmwmr'rr U A ,m ?otoa al<rau Tllb MR XT MIIRU OP THP. Mfo.aH- miMi ?V aAory "f M-i?ir -mil '? *f?? ? P> Wegeaedey l Jbayfla at tk- r onoorratory, ? Maditon ???a'.?, ou Pr lay. V" at a-rr It al f S P. M ST. EARi MATIMPP I.A Ai urn Rl lAI'WtT IHP4TME, aiJW- < B I. PAVRPPr.KT aa NT NAM WILL CI.'tap Ob nip TTIUAtf ttir, M. TUP. HlllblTI"b OP TIIP aUTI-T PI b|? a* IBTT, at tba aatlartM of lb* Rtfi nal *-od?ta; ?? Ibaaign ?p Ib fd -ilttt, twro-T af P'twrab traa'to ? t|?r, frwgt C?? k aa4 Ttoiar M. a a Tbo PWl rro -?f |b- r?t will bo aala at ?ba - lallwrlaa an PrA-ay,ytat, al * P M TNPaTRE TMJRirr CPPII pa. a?wia| a?... f..r ail am* . taaa TV tat at < -1 a tar la aaa aiaaya ba o'.'ator-t at lb* niPtiKt inter oppitTWi ROM. lit AVI HI RHOtCN AT. tin rd iiRoafiwtv L'ltrn H BAM RT Dad' BRA PUT' ftp. lYH/iklll F rto ilyot ii-y ?y,?.r H mtaaa -aaa. tbma r- f| Ma* by saw aa moat '"'u' WffHTlM. WlraeAwaa UKITWTETi Hoar witRMtRpri. ntafhiA p ht Twrro Pt Maraad w tbo'tt |-a a iim raaroi by wyyautaay -a fa:c ^ 'rrarviMTti1 MR Hraad atr-m a-a, Pr?aa| AT TMB AbAWTMRTIC Oil) l*?Tll. 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