Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 14, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 14, 1866 Page 3
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?3* , WITHOUT * ?BOARD OH IFTH AVENUE, MO. M; FOUR "?**-*? ** _ . ' BOOM TO LET?WITH OB WITHOUT , Beard, at It Henry (treat. .' FURNISHED FARLOR FLOOR, IN SUIT 7, ??J be bed by gentlemen, with Breakfast if ? ? Room on third floor, et M West Eleventh r Brood wey. * ? AND 30 NINTH BTREBT, BKTWKKN FIFTH , aad Mxth avenues, elegant Flours end Bne Rooms to , with llret done Hoard. In French end Otmu style*, table If desired, Mm* i IX WANTINO FIRST CLASH ROOMS. WITH OR L without Board, go to FOWLER'S Free Boerd Directory, sooty.tliIrd street, corner of. Fifth Arenue Hotel. M FINK SUIT OF TWO OB FIVE HANDSOMRLT farnlobed Rooms, rery plrutui end every weydeelr*. to let, with Board: private table if prefe'Ted. IB Four " street. bet/een union square and Fifth avenue. I T a WENT EIOHTRRNTH STREET, L near Filth avenue, elegantly furulabed Knows to let. i FBI ?r?? HMetFou frivatr family will RENT TWO comfort. furnished hr II Looms, wits Board, to two (nude deslnrg a pleasant eoolable home. Call at 154 Fourth street. A GENTLEMAN AMD WIFE AND ONE OR TWO SIN tlemrii nan obtain dlcgaal accommodations, with Kurd, at 343 We t Porty-aeooad straet, two Mock west of Suedwny. Rsfcreneas. LARtlE KOf'M TO LET, FURNISHED-ALSO SOMB small Single Booms, for gentlemen. No. 3 Depna row, " ?r (treat. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BACK PARLOR AND third door front ltoom to let, with Hoard, in a flr?t i house. with flrat due* board. Beat of referenoe re ed. 66 Bast Tweo ty-atgh I b street. A MICBLT FURNISHED SUIT, ON SECOND FLOOR, te let, with Board; Mao a largo Room on third. 87 Clin IU1T OF ROOMS ON FIRST AND Sl.OOND FLOORS to la', with ur without Hoard. Private table If de*ired. Sy at 33 West Ninth attest. PLEASANT fllTTINO ROOM AND HKDHOOM TO , let, together or separate, without hoard In a tire; alaea rale boose. Apply at 141 West Sixteenth street. AT M UNION SQUARE- EAST BIDE. SPLENDIDLY itirniah"4 Parlor Flour to let, with private table. Also CSL second ?iory Suit, with Board. Refereaaea required. PLEASANT. MODERATE 8I7.ED ROOM. 8U1TA bte for one or two aentlrmee. lu lei.-furnished, with ird tu a private family; terms reaaouablo. Apply at IM it Nineteenth street. A'. cu T 308 BAST THIRTEENTH gTKBET?HANDSOWB Farnnihcd Room., with Hoard, suitable for gentleman wife or tw.t gen-lemen: location good, convenient to 'way. Eefarejioaa given and required. k PRIVATE FAMILY. LIVING UP TOWN. NEAR Pllth avenue (note b'wrdiug bouse),would lilt** U) let. Board and all tbe comiortsof a refined home, tarn or handsomely furnished Rooms, on jeeond floor, with all ?MMMsaoa, rafereuoes exchanged. Address If. Q. P., on O. t. FLEAiANT FRONT H(K)M? WITH BEDROOM AD join hi let. with Board; also a alngle Room; hot ?old v ? T. cloeeta, Ac. H East Thirty-first street. AT." ?feu T 33 BOND STREET?A SUIT OF FRONT ROOMS, on second floor neatly furnished end flrst class Mu.j*! inUemen and Wife; also single Rooms. References ex , T THE OBAN T HOUSE. 44, til AND 48 NEW BOW L -ery. near Fhstham soiutr* Rooms from 36 cents to 60 hta per dav 31 to $3 per week. A flCIT OF ROOMS. ON THE SBCOND FLOOR, WILL A he let together or eeparately, or without Boird. Apply at 77 Fourth avenue. FRONT AND BACK PARLOR TO LET-TO A <l!?!t f only. Aito wi ienwick street. kflUlIU arid wife: hoard for the lsuy only. Aiso would S Room to two ladles. t'aU at Not 4 l.e L T 137 WEST TWELFTH STREET.?.'WO SPLENDID Parlors end Bedroom, elegantly ftirnl bed, to l?t. wttn together, to , family. orajn r' -n sevsr..l gentteiuco tall Jid-oo-nx. to single gentlemen, with Board, i spoken. PLEAbANT HOMB.-i FEW GENTLEMEN CAN I here slng!? P-cim", with Board. In a pur. to (.rally, at Wast Twanty-t ret etrert. RgtnranoM iichanjed. PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING A BARD 40X81.7 furnished Ro '-n, would rent It to a gaallrmau and Ior two Mngl- gen daman, w.ih Bo?rd. Apply at 1 J I Faurtrouth ?i LARoB THIRD FlrOOR ROOM -AI..-O HALL Room, to lot to grutlenim only, withat.t board 41 bast ?tlsu. strrrt. near Br .an * ay. TTENTION.?PARTU:* CoMIKO TO OITY I AS BK . a?*itniniKi?.t?l <ritii h?o<t?..m?,Iy f ? !?hi*l Rooms. " from $<i i . ?!J per wosk. Aptly at M bar. an street, of Hudson. R MO MOMRRR OF NICKLT FltRSHIlF.'i RfbiM 4 FOR Ottoman "Tity. wlth.nt board.' !C? Amity strati, near ay and tba Huotbaru itotoi. 4 NEATLY F!'RN1:.HKI> ROOM TO LRT T') ONE OP. two gentlemen. In tba nolgfcburbmd of tilth ?? M TAirtrwnlh no-art Inquire at W Wet Thirteenth street. ?MALL PRIVATE FAMILY ON MI'RRAT HILL flastrn to lot wall furntstrad hitting and lirdrooni*. with knout adj..mine or Bedroom al on, WKh breakfast and to a .ingle set,Home.. wiling to pny a fair OVIIgUafh L Address E IA'.( twl 8,014 Now York lo.t bifioa. 1 CP? PiPW>R *s0 BKDBOOH, Ft'RNISUEO, T'> A *4 to snr or i#6 trnUetn. .. on sarond floor. RM jjwwyl are our, corner of ftirtreatli abort LADY HAH A IIASUfloMKLY 1 I RMSHED PAR lor ami Extension to lot u> a grntl. man and wl>; rd for lady Address lor three -lays Pruev.r, Statute il. L* 107 WboT TWELFTH 1TREET ?NICY.LT Ft'Tl plsbrd Parlor and li.ioms, "em anal -attog. on tba . a I floor, also a hall Badro-.m to lot, wlu. d ..ri Frraoh PRINTED LIST OF BOABMVO PLAOKfl, WITH , A.- , ran bo Us I ?t Our rnlloa. BUY AN A <X>.. M Liberty streat mom B. & Til WAHHIN'lTON PLACE. near NSW TORE Rout, In a m airless bousa. two largo Bedroom to rent. Board. also two Hall tbiome for ? agio gau Jensen. ?r THR WHITNHT H'MJHE A FEW OKN fLKMEN >nuu "teres wlia Board Ir a $8 M to flld i*/ AT jlTsa. FRONT HALL RfHlM TO RENT-WITH FIRWT Rasa Ho-.rd to a gantUmau. HI Madtaoa STenuo, oT ty ninth atrsot. ?SIT OF ROOM* ?(? iJAT?<?s ARbOMl FMglR, front with bo| and ? nirf sralor. closets, Ac . U< families , With or Wltuuut Board. Apply at fl.l Broad ORNTLEMAN AND LADY CAN HATE oNK UK two hand* rasa, fijrr.isl.ait with Hoard sol "i? of n oouaa, at M bast Twenty aIghti. (treot Ttmta PBW NEATLY PJ7RNUME8, HKaLfHT BED >Pi lot. to single gnattoraaa. without hoard; bata gmdgha, rafarenrw required. Apply at 17 Blare As: strsrt WN of triad way. FRIYATR FAMILY. at 4* WEflT TWKLITH Streat ran arrranniodstO a gnsitlrma-. with a amau far. sd Kooio aud nr.i o?i Board, igfl?r?oeos raijulrrd. LABOR FRONT ROOM TO LNT?WITH KIAMD, tn two ganlloirvrn or (rnllataaa and w'ta. dlnaar ai fl. Apply al Itfl Want Lwanty fourth streat. RIVATK FAMILY IFFKR A SPIT OF RLROANT louass on sow..4 floor, sod I'-wrd. do rery rsasonablo to salor.t portiaa I n3>t Jt Asst Twenty rtgbib at , ?ONE OR TWO NEWLY FtJRNUHED EOOHfl TO I. lot, without vam. la a priralo faml.y gas Sad bath, salre bt M Third ?U??t I.aar Itocuod areuus. JL stsgts with or wl'h ml partial Hoard, in a gillH family. M Waal barsiitraatb slro-L bOtwaan fluth imd bossutb nronuna .tfl AMiTY NTRERT-TW-I LAROR FaRLOKH TO tot (uini.bod tsg'thar or s?p.-rai?'y sallabla for a and wifs or poty of grnllsnton, t.r with IT fl LPXINOKIN ATRNI.H. fNiRMRR TWRNrT &. flfth strwsi ? Nsw-y lar&nasd (Toot MMflRflnflflHd fM|g, tm <w4mnm A K 01 NO NAN CAN BE ACOONMODATRD WITH rd in a . -all raspn- at .a family. Torma flfl pas Appti at I to First SHSua & nice flurr or boons to let - furnished, trtta Board, on tb? am-ad Sonr in b pr.reu family; and Sold water IN. war'I moras, suitable for a faaiily or of aouOsmai., at 1*1 Kasi iforty im suoot anas asanas. Isrs.s mtaTLY pubnthhrd room and biuroon to tot t" si' gls gsrhsnpsa. sslOiO'd 6-wrd. hi M bast Tblr ?lb streat; baa ail tna u.-tprosaiaanin Bafar. A LABOR FE< 0N0 flToHT ROOM lug URN TLB A man nad w.ia. Nail ko?m. f?r sto^a gsaitoaoai. flrat mass Board; pruaos 'am .j. 'too Wlalhrop J saa. near til*, tna pie. s ami Bread war 4 ? AMTKIOAN WIDOW LAilY WILL LNT, W1TN A Board, two atonly Furwiabad Frutu itsa ma srltb large gamtrtoa and bat and <ato wuar. la n.s t'atl at (?Baser .a < piars seat Ham mo ad s treat A ?ANDC <N> BUT OF ROOMM ON BRA.OBD floor with Board, at M Waas I o.-rit ?.ros', s an l.aas regis Bouaa '.ret amaa. al A N BLBBANTLY PCKNUMEll Ho|-?R TO LET-IN A * i? be tautau aaut flay as eased sly Apply to CHArtJ HP ?. CLARA. 4 N BLI ? Broadway A LA BOB AND HANDftoMMV Ff'fcKI>-npi' FRONT A Parlor hasii floor, rea bo ba.! witn (rst .are Boned. ?lilt Fourth near Twelfth atreet. DO A HP -L . ? I) < Bsnr al tobhU/ far., ahad to 1st um* h?- at safMreloir. rrflh Board Fartiaa srtatur.a super or a-ausam>'<t.?srraa mas aafl al 1(7 Nlata sirs. t, ..ear Broadway FRONT fli'IT OF BOfiNH OR SRUORD >ABO.. VKRY DR"IBAHLR ROf H I Wss.tir ['laaas rftohi Na <re(a n? <immj ofsi ?a girou and requiis-l lOARD.-AN RLRflANTLY ypRNtnl! Kl BCU OF 9 Raorna with ftssir>?as H ard. Ir. a prisnw family M m Fif lasoth air sat, an Hin present Para DOABDATIi RANT PO0I>iRMNTH ITT MM ad flraadwsy - A H ill af Booms an yas m wire ml retrain labia ares re aBto<are? ? nTKRFT WART ?MB Bt sBtn'aflF ? AMjwtwpre mota rmJCSill55*uim4SnSSST7Smn, mST9!*2SZ 1km. E>OARD~THBBK IMM, TWO LAMB AND 0*1! g^3r^^asn?'jS2--A?v"fi "DOAND?TWO OKNTLKMSN WILLINO TO BOOM iJli|il>ir??? be ii?ftaleblyaonimiiaeilaltd u M * Hck. er a man an* wtfa at *M per week; a* other IhNih. Apply to Hayh Adair, m Weak Thirty-fourth street. DOtRD. ?H '"UNTO* PLACE, NEXT DOOR TO BRS D roort House, Fifth arenue aad Eighth atreel Pint alaaa Board and drat olaaa Apartcaaata far faaalUas er stagta gentlemen. BOAKP.-A *niT OP BOOMS, SUITABLE TOR A gentleaaaa aad wife, or single gentlemen. alao aainsla Room, to IcA with Board. Refereaoee exchanged. Apply at 118 Wwit Twenty-third atraot. BOARD-NICELY PCHNISHKD THIRD BTOET, sonar lama back Boom, with eommodlotM pantries, to lot. With Board; ublo excellent; .terms reasonable. Apply at 74 81 Mark's plana. "DROOKLYN BOARD ?WANTED, RT TWO OKNTLE I ? in en . a well furnished P.oom, near Wall etwrt ferry. Breakfast onlr preferred Address E. 0., box $8,U04 Maw York Poal offi.e. ' 1? LEO ANT FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-WTTH TOLL J or partial Board for a lady and gentleman. Including Are, gaa aad bath. Apply at 19 Waal Washington plana, near 8 ath srenue. FURNISHED PROMT ROOM?SECOND FLOOR, with Hoard, for gentleman and wlfa, or three "India Cnth-man. Inquire ?t Jl| Want Poanh atrial between ink and Weat Twelfth. TjHIRMI8HKD PARLOR AND BEDROOM AT SB WEST r Twenty-fourth "treat, near Ptfth arenas, bath, gaa, Ac , ta let to a single (enttaaaaa. FtTRMIgHBD BACK PARLOR AMD PBONT BOOM for gentlemen friend a, with or without Bmrd, or for ladiaa with Hoard. Apply at 00 Weat Forty.(1 rat atreat. FCTPVI8I1PD ROOMS TO* LET?TO FIRST CLASH OEM. tlan,?n nf maanaonlr: any gentleman wlahlug a "alert and elegant home, will plaaaa apply at nana 10 0 Stay re sent street, near Broadway and the Now York Hotel. fjlUBNlSHKlf ROOMS TO LET?AT S2# WRST FIF r tee nth "treet, at (2 IV) and |3 per weak, to genlemar. oaly. Rafarenoaa required. JTirTRMlSHRD BOOMS TO BBMT?WITH BOARD. TO I fetillarann and ndrna, or single gentleman Dinner at 8. A ennpl" of table boarderi accommodated. 7t Feat Twelfth etrael aaar Broadway. Handsomely fcrnishkd rooms, with or without board to let, ?t No lift Lexington avenue, be tween Thirty-second and Thlrty-thlrd streets. TTAMDSOMELT FPRNISHBD ROOM# TO RENT TO I 1 gantlamen onlr, with nut Board, In prlrate family. Ap ply at 0 Qreal ^onr . atreel Handsomelt furnished booms, with break. feat If required, In Forty fourth atreel between Broad war and Sixth ereaua. Addreaa W. L., box 6,877 Poet oQloe. New York. nAMDSOMELY TORNTSHBD ROOMS TO LET-AT the Liberty Houae, 40 Waal lioaaten street. |3 aad tjpwerds; to gentlemen only. Handsomely tormished farlor floor to lei to gentleman and wife or "Ingle gentlemen, at No. 3 Irrtng placet aim a alngle Room. IN THE FIFTH AVENUE, SEAR THIS HOTEL, A Third Floor and one Room on fourth door to lei TOh Hoard, with a small urlnte family The awoel.ittana era Aral daae Cards to r<>w of KINO A CO.. No. 9 Rest Twenty.third "Weal Elfth Areone Relet. Murray hill, near fifth affm'E.-hand. anuialr fornlrbad P.o?m?, en suite or singly, with Boardr at 67 Weat Thirty aeraotb atreel Prlrate labia If and doatrabl? ??.?,<, on flrjt, awwnd oad third Coor* for nfohtxl or partially ?urt>Uh*l. - , DtKA' A*T FtyBWrniOS? RO'tW WW8WP 1 Hoard. f ?r genttoman Mid tadf and hn?.?,^It af b. bad yr addmfaln* M C . Bwgd oBo*. Dtontf ?t "*?.__ t*\rtnVs FV STTTK A FIVK IKTJBRf WBLIi R ?:t of Koorr. ? to'l.L lo ? tlnr* M??nm i irrt .1 01 Maod ?i.oaI atm*f.?ll tka modoru Impronmrum, family prlv.ta: oolytwo prraona; rrf.fnw* MatoH*. rrwo ELEGANT FROST ROoNfl TO LET IS fordgimra gratarrad 4ddjr?? bo? ???* Pa<t oa?: rriwo PARLORS O* FTRFT FLOOR, F.I.KOANTT.T TV'^.1 aid "?n r-droorn on "Orond floor with r,?MLfihtS lT? W-** alraet, betwvn Fifth ??J aw? ??? _? mWO OfNTLEMF.N OR A QR V7LEM AV A?tn 'FrT''F RnfrranOM ?xchan<o?t. -?... r,'jz rr?iWr5S mo'un rwo larok FUnrtu ikd rooms ohthe I lb r1 ? ? ' ' _0 , , r ... -? TV' S- ONLT WTT t^T ROARir X wril ' inilahr.l and eommMJona Apa. tmo^ta. at So. M TanthTr, 'if- am! ?"*?" *??<*+ nan tVT-A (, tW RENTING TWO rtTRSTHHFli rir^Xtu^Xrsecr? ?.*?? 4%f. __ . rjz^izTj::r^ Tblrtralr.h atroot. . f*V) TJ!T- WITH ROIIID. TO S VTrwt J5w.? ato?LW ??*&-? uw * Nc otb.r boardara^ ___ _ - T";1 ?,' r: r v/r ;.,\'A-F7oI;^,rtHAv"i?a^5? irVw ^ famli', ? lb ?>' " . . ? W "T " orl?nnn. *"7" 7 f?,?, u.vlrr Friral' family. K.fVnA~^VX ? Wm. Twr?y-a-~a ?W~? _ -.rt VFJT Ttvt NTT ForRTH lffRK?T. Ol jglM IS fTOtlOIO'". 1V?n* ""J"*4*' ??"WMT atXTRFTT.. sTBRKf-rCBtmBEU 2 |r"^T^RrX tToo?S! -D tTlOBC 22 30 of front Room, to W r.nmd m V? Boail. j, ? o,< wmt '"OWE? JUK^USii'ftiB 21p:S,K3,^3.rSlSi: ? $0 ??'%ffS5J?S?u~"-1-"1*? 53 viy*. Rolarrr-o r?|nlr?4 "K'a'sa'r ^?v"?"S5 fist-w *"? - gr ?mF****** ie _BSH?jB=A8?|ff5 ^rv/?RIRTH RTRRF.T. RR wlf** ? I#w 117 JlL.TXC^7S.g ,,'l ard thai' ??'?? " ?*?>"?"? "?? Si) -r " ?'? 'r riq*rj..rrj^ w X 1 ?/ IJr 1 ? 1 flair * 1 will firul?w4 125 SSoSStttaSTo vlUMntl l .^rd _ .... ..*.- ? 1 THtftfT ftf*TKX KTRh^^t-HJtWHKH 157 f'^b jl ?od.'0 ?|l,"",? U '?'* Lkrw pH ^ ^ _ ......?? - ? -r.,'i. board itu iiOPunu w **T1tn;. a ytit'HO *k*^'*^*^^2ed R^r wit. MfZaO**!* i^'oCwtmi ?a'o.u.aro cm-i -^ '?t ^ m llarald offlrd- . ,. ? '1 "* .. 9a'tftt v iiM'ua a wrli. rrRRiUUUpi ^rt.alVm mnr?forT^ .tfdrmw. w*U yorUaumro, ?..*>? ciirp iufc.- - ? ..MoMaB riKM A rtRHIMlrO RtJf*. A pr ram uh.? If yroftna^. io?t?d I , * I or am . ra.u.R Art? "ri"*.!"? .-"f V"'-? T: A u-mt roila y ^ Tmdy, ho. lid wo , . ? p.. furT?<t H#'* r! W^.'* A MARRIRO mot w * -? doarTwI^p.rt AUor^?TDt''gr?. Lr&^ BO/ HO WARTR&- RT A OBRTLt X W AR _ ? /? Bjm. .... .A,W muu> AM9 yam?? on ?OOD SIZED mw ?4 an. looubad ^?*?<Kuurlh I fart oRoa. Rpeohlyo. rtatuSg TJOUU) WANTED-BY A ?BNTLNNAN, WW AND s3fewaSw5 Barena earrings and awrtMi < whlah Irt advanlaar baa) wwM ba.pranrrad. AAAraaa M. H? MR * Union Hears ISrt ortea. BHOARD WAWTKD-BT A OENTfcSMAN OF BUTE* WM habtte, a Room, with partial Board, la a prlrata fhmily, [wkMi mu?t loel.ida Or*artHikU. At Arena, with teams,Ac., boi AWi Poat offloa. TJOARB W ART KD?WITH two OB TH811 DON. I> netting Rcomt. by gentleman, wMe. three children-I, ? and 7; priea not eieeedlng (ISO par month. Addreaa ttet Inganpartteular*. Williamson, atatlom A. Woaid fumUh if ladeeseeeate ofarad. TETANTBD-A ROOM AMD BOARD. IN TMB YICIMrr " af Fifteenth atraat aad Fifth aratua Address A R . M Fifth annua Tltr anted-in Brooklyn. within nn to ten fT minutes' walk of Fulton fairy, by a gentleman a nicely fu mlabed medium eltad Room, (aa and Are. with I Breakfast anil Toe, In a prlrata family, or whnre there are few boarders. .tddron. with iwrtlrulara aad Um, which mu.l ha m derate, J. P., Herald oOaa. rOVITRT BOARD. pOrNTRT BOARD ? AWT I.ADT RRQUIRIWO ROaRD t ' and attention during eipaotad aleknesn, may .obtain tha Mine on moderate tarai In the bonna of a lady Are miles f-?? New York. A leo four unfurnished Room* to be let for eia per month Address Bra Head. Herald ofllea. HOTBLK. ATLANTIC HOTE1#?d* NEW BOWERY. CHATHAM rt ?etnare. Well furnlihed Routra at moderate prloaa, by the day, weak or month. Open at all bourn. JOHN OK BEEN. Frepnetor, AT TWF WHITNEY HOUSB, BROADWAY. CORNER of Twelfth atreet. Kooma to let. en nulla and alngly. Loilg ngi, 75 cents and (1 Benin Unorder ar by tha week. DEVI 18 HOU8R, t?8 BLRBCKKB HTREET, NEAR Broadway, bat ween Oreene nod Wooatar elreata. on tha Rtimpeao plan. Furnlabed Roorn, singly end eulta. for families and (entlemen. tranalant and permanent Hotel citbano, hayama. by mrr. barax r. BREWhR The healtbieat loeetton In the atty Not a death or case of yellow fere-in the betel for alt Team la the beet appointed houae In the Went lodla Islands, baring regular houra for men la. which era praperad by one of the beet cooke of the city, and from meeta. rtaada, be , gathered from all parte of tha wurtd Choice wlaoa. Carriage, at command, at oltr ratea. and erery attainable lugnry. Con aacted with thla e-tabllehment la a comfortable and elagent eonntry residence wtthtn three mllee of the city, and nam. ?tnnioaUoa erery half bour Oood air, pure spring water end bealth-glr*ag mineral fountalae. MILLS HO WAR. CHARLESTON. B. C.-TUR PRO. prtetor has the pleasure to Inform the traralllag pub lic that he baa completed elisor! re alterations and Imprure mante In the abore establishment. It Is now ready foi the reception of guests. Regular communication la now open With Florida aodail potnla Hattth. JQ8RPH PUBCF.lX. PIBBRRFORT HOUSE, BROOKLYN HBKIIITI. ?ulu and elagle Rooms, permanent aad traerienl. Table to salt the most fastidious; as well ea colored waiters. D P. PETERS. Proprietor. TONTINE HOTEL, AST AND <39 BROADWAY. BRANCH of the Tentlne corner ef ("ortlandt aad Weal atreeta. Roomr from 50r to par day. Ladies' aad gentlemen ? rartauranta attached. WALL HOUSE. BROOKLYN, E D.. OFFERS FY eellent winter ninaaiiiiiiililliiin to famlllea aud others at moderate rales. Tahla d'hote. Roooa ea sulfa or ?ln?le. CITY MIL KNTATH FOR RtLK. ABAORIFIOB.?a STRICTLY fTrst CLASH four story ft Oil bwrmnt high wonp brown etnne firm** on thft southard earner of Bltllyth street and Iwilngtoi. *?? nue, wnrih 848.000, will bo sold for 115,001 Thla l? on hum bus: ooll an I stamina for yoortolrer SIM of hnnao 11.A by ftbout V.I 100.A, with a oourtrard of ItalOO, ami ballt hr der work. Neighborhood so sond ?o Fifth arenas, Apply at 434 Thirl arnnun or ftt 98 East .Ultleih rtrao" AHANDBOMK lOTII 10 HOUSE AND KITE 7-OT-: OF Oronnd. tastefully laid not In garden end dwarf "not hoofft In prrfftcl uidor. Mudorn Impr-'i'mrnb. Ho' nit of Harlem. Inyo Ira of RiCIXAJi. 778 Eighth arsons Moo $17.000. A NBAT, TURK* BTORT. HIGH STOOP HOCHF, S\ twenty foot front, Flf'loth atroot, noar Bma.1w?r a' modern Hntrroremente and In perfaet order. Trloo |lt.,'o0, Iii'iuira at 778 Klghtb otrnnm ATLOT of HISB LOTS, JTldXIOB. 7T limf NTni'.ET. noar Fifth aronoo. with flora on roar to llMlh atraot, for?H$7.800. inquire of SBIXAS, 778 F.ightb avenue A FIRST CLASH BROWS HTOSR It'It'HE OS THIS ty arventh atroot, no?r Fifth arena*: roaft.1-tlSn* It. holla, pollahed blank u-alnnt doors, and ererything In perlmt or ler, wltb Furnlturo nearly n?w. For permit* apply t>> Jacob rharpr, 85 Fine street AFOCR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWS ST"*E Horse <m Forty.aoaeftlh street two doort from Fifth srenoo bnllt forownsr In the rery best maaaar, and sorer sonified: rosewood doors, bleak walnut ?ralnaeottmg end StaJreoaoa marble llUn* In hall , An. Must be ae-n To he appreeiated. For permits apply to JACOB HitAKPL, U rmo street. Arrows store front if fws two srcn*] frame so Dolanaey street for aale; lintel r,n tae 11 u I* | aon to let a *? art hrtek Uo'iae wanted below Twentieth street. Cash wTtl be paid. HILL A CO., Q Sftftftan street elf ? 8<{. AS EI.IiOANTT.T FURNISHED FOUR ST??RT BROWS Ho iae on Madlat.n er-nuo, Just completed. Price B80.U10. Immediate possession. gfrWVkRD B. VAIL, BARREN HAROFVRtR07T. W Wall fttreet A FIRST CLASS FOTTR BTORT HIGH MOO* MOWS J\. ai< ii ? Uo'iae Is Murray 11111 Park: bouao <5 fnrt; lot llg fast deep: new well hulll. Immediateif BIMOMDH A CO , Jlroadway and ThlrlleU. a'.reat. BIOF1.0W A KOOLESTOS. 14 PINK BTRKRT, B. T , offer for *ale and to rent all klsda of alt, and eriuntry Pronertt at gmat t-orxa'.ji OMI and r-rlattr free of aharge Hoi >y W !mi on bond and mortgage In auins to salt All kinds of maora; ? rfvM St the lowest fetes. BT BTAST.RT DAT, 818 FOCRTH A V K"> 1 >' I oo uinne m ourreet, pun:Ml, weakly and mail frae ta all parts of ou- IV m Itt.AL RMTATF. CTBCVI.AR RROAIIWtr. WKBT BIDE. SEAR Wit.HER ? 'reel For aa'e or lease a large due Store with rear entrao e. htao other deairahl# Property oe Mr ...deer Sod Canal Street, ae*r H F.w -ale and leaaa. W. F HRVMOI B, 171 Broadway. 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CV>R SAIJL 'lB BURR AT HILL, a FtHIB Br.lBV P bmwn ?'.on# Heti as, fu re I abed lagerenf Jtslt BTEFMKSh IIS Braadw.y reoea W. CIOR HALR -Pf/lT OF ORiif hli MB ABl> 1*1 r Kid ridge atrast, bring AFl.Ud feet Wl'h -.eery ??>. #d tf ree aterr* 111 ding -orerlsr tbe eh.,la aiRabta for oali For hai.r-a firft cLahb .httrh- awd r*i e<<?? mof Heosa. In 118th atroM, Imtwaes Thbrd and ho rta seen or-* wit! all modern tei| iMtum ta >ns?|B?te and handaomoly ?tew.rate! ihlo bouae mtrai bo sold. Tr-eo awry haftementand r,gt, .i.ef olsOWBdStIBB t Frt-egh "110 ?e ^ ^ _J,?r?l to boll 1 Th ? '? "aid t 1* . ,.?,0 la Harem t(.t!f l?B* fC f 8 F '' . I tMTVi.l, . . aatweea Tbh-ty aaeond end Thirty-third atrosta For saLR?a TAt.r ablr ptait of drohwd os Harlem ^ne and 1ISU and llfth atreeta. sotnp'Wleg sheet 80 WW. by HISBaN A ''<> it Wall straw . 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H LCltMjW Ik Ho t ft H SALE TUB MUTHRHIrT OH* OF TMK I WO 8rat . Inea ffonaae an Ptflh oaanad. luet e? I'r Cbapln * l sew , rbairrba belli la a a.ibciiay awrnri kaa all the tare'meet aad teat ImjiniaWpflh. dir.lea .. cm nt?n Wen end Ubrery. K. H. LUDLOW A C8 ,1a I P...a at l/N.H Maf.R-HASH OMR FMOl.tBW RAMI MFHT P f.n.r atery It ou e. Se. ? West fart/ Walk at rrei he laarrn 8i..edwa' and Etahtb sreeee: all made re leufnea meets: In < .midrte nrdrr p.l e f U >WI Ib'M easy tFl?MT A B*8Hf AM :S8 Haamd?.a7rn r?BPsiik'fsw h LTRANKIIN BTBP.ST y?R Htf.H. A TAIfAMR V Ir.t. 'etwrrn l'* IC| and libt.rfb ytraei. M.idtl S alt atrrrl, o > el'.el Is 1 ? rare seal of Prnc lnay I) a.Tl tret Applyle K. H. LVUtAiW A CO , ?* 8 ftodwreat OS WEST BROADWAY Ff'R PtIUi A ft TBABB* fr.ra ef let awl IVdut rireat, atari p,. ;.rt ea tlrr-ra INMSM and Walbrr airerta and im pane a... Vralert t.n third eaceea, by HlbMA 'I A ' I. U "Tall afreet TWO POUR H70BT TF?? HI tf '? 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?i ouu. Apply to K. H. LUDLOW A OO.. Wo. 3 fin* atraat _ BALB-THR HANDBOMB TWO BTOBT COTTAOll Bauaa, Iff IliUBald atraat, Brooklyn, W faat front, lot IDOB BALI VERT CHEAT-A TWO BTOBT AND r baaemant rottaaa IIoum. an Hart alnat, Brooklyn. i>alb, maw*. haatar. Ac., all la gaad ardor. Apply to D WABNER, 746 B rood way. otorb tbopkrtv oh roiTON btrtbt and" rtjit O 'OB and Myrtle aratinna. Brooklyn?Kor aala fur Inraat manl Apply to WYCEUKF A LITTLJC, Moate?aa atraat, ?naar Court. Brooklyn ry.t.TV T.OTR IN BHOOKT.TW- SEVER II. FARMS, Salt Wurfca la Michigan Vtaatrra Mi l Bouthara L?nda, iroriaaaaa and rttooka for aala or -loknaca. o. HKE1*. a Broadway, room II. (oimrv nk vi, e? rvrin bob balk. All wantino farms ?ooon boil. mild cj,t mala, M milaa aoiilli of FhlladrlpHU. Trtoaanly $46 paraora. Alan ltnt>rovr,1 land Information aant fraa A4 draaa 0 K. LANDIH, Ylnelamt, Saw Jaraoy. A FARM IN NB* JKKMRY-ON THE MORRIS ANI> F.taai road, naar Mnrrtatown, A6 a?"rw; am-Ythln( about th a plana bin (nod ordar. Tr'ea fV uOU half man Nor particular! apply to 41. W. SiMMONS, J a.. M Brand May. _ AHANDROMR DWBLLTNO, B-AHIK A THRER 0r I And, In mlnutoa' walk from drpol al Saw Unmanl k- alao Karma on lln* of Haw J*r-?r Ka'troad, HOWARD U. TAIL, WARREN UARUKNHI KOII. n Wa'.i ati aal Farms it wfmtciiintfh < ct \rv Knit -via. ?r 46 ,ndS4 ar. aa (A.UOu. ft.iaM and K..S0" A milt ratad, Imprcrad, wall watara t and fruited A. HE R< ? R A N I 11 Wall atiaat. CtOR BALR-A FARM OK K ACHI'H WITHIN HALT r a mil* of Clinton, V J. For partlaulara mqdtra al Hi Waablocton atreal N. T. Fib rair-a tkrv vai va rlk water trivi lr??. with elity feel ^anil m>4 * greet of wtlef For jmrtlrnUr? *n<1 a rtew eddr*?? or e?ti ?u R F. FKENt H, 39 Mnthu'.* street, ue*r Wont, Ifew York. FOR ttAL8?ON THK LINF. OF THE lit !>HO* Rll K R?'lrt?uf1, within ron?erilent d!"Wne? of thorlty, o t* >, the moot elegaot Resid'oeet In the H* i?- on hg'> gr. ??n?t vlewa un*rurp.iaft?d heolthCuiu*** unquestioned: oou . 'irst cImi, wt?b mfrrj convenerne; adapted for ??jruuif ?>r win. ter. the ground* arr rerr fine, ehoui, t'fty norea, with fruit* uf every deeeriptw>- . ? adr i I and grand Inge, Urge an<I Jlretd***; grape ho mes green hnu- r ? id erery anpurteiianee of a firat el%*e nmtrterf" K??r ftirther particular* app'i tr? HOMER MOlUlAN, No. J T'itie n'rvt. R RAXJI k l a BAROAIK* f* WOIF i rerv eon torrent to the railroad, a (tret '?lias thr^r ?u,r? f amo Rot:mi, w| h F:enc.h ru??ft with fuMo a fi-?t*ae# fninfi Termn ?"rv oaar. App!y to BbREi kltU a DKNIftON. No. &H Pine atre-t. F? r>R?AUR OH KXCHAMQB-A *<?8T VIK AWT Ifc r(* RrV-l*nr?? or, Mif M' f#nr hj b? t ? A two ho?iif frv.rii *?w York; oo Hi?rh pr< i ? m*ro1)r>f ?iew*' n: th? rt' ?r ?lg)?t mill* *h?m? w?v: ii!v?u minute*1 walk from on# nf tli# mo?> ftourl* Hud?ou ri" r; thfl b?4i'> *a<t tMilUSHii(A *r* x+rf**i la I j ttidr ap|?ntnfm?nU, " ad aaiinot bo ? i p.. > \ W* u . In ?h# I ooui'tnr, pHWl*? aU'aa'i ' <?r '"oinfort ?>????? ? ? ' about alabt aor^a. ItenutVfnfl* Uttf out ?n<i wt J jv ! use, oonteJalngnll km*!* of %!.*? wki ? i? ? frt . ? * ..c klmA* of gr%n*n tm! a ffcoat *h; tetf <?* *hru??? v ' uotiki? liwui/ulliltt m itu? a i< Im'i' i' ? ?*'' winter nr r*+lA<~v*+. an?t wE *9chM*<c? l>>r m ti t { < Ua? ^a?r York r9?id**?f?* or o;b?*i t*. ?p*rte MTKlfirT-AVm a ? ' . W B AO AAA WILL FTgr\ <iOfW ?JtliUvU outtmiltl n^? ft>iU.Jkt.. *?. 'J4 rull?-? from fc* MOKLA!? It A DKWHV ItCbo^ ?n ?-t IIRUt KUTATC A nr^n-TYA* WTRt f*v ?aio-?i >-?? ? f'.it* thrr* w four atody brotm aiiM* H a". yir"' ?r "?'if rtwry iwi?" " t ' * ? ? ? liath an.l Milialk ?timid. f-ailnj m ami Mat* Araa'to* Ad draia A. 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TO rit?t'IM->K_P?m ** t*11, A Mil Iln .???. oitk ? U ' -* ? of ... I In lb? ? - alii ?f N*? Tart nn priro M t? ???ond $3 M Addr?? IV L. Mi Oi an?, for k.iI work. WtMi n i'i n m siAKi: -foH i a'h a ironpwir II ?-# IBCrrl It?irf0 irtlOol. h? ??l\ lornl^ UUfd {?1/inrA'l'oft Addrr ? art.b fa. par tit..-., 1 L. I |T.;? ' i.Ti-. IC* tfanta ???odanawrr SfiO 0(1(1 T"^t:s!f ''AHU ?*< < in dHIW.UUIf ,i,|r. o il bo poid -nr ? linn o ?r?' F !#<*fuMinitA * *! i iiitMiiUi ?'.tt+tm aitiila ? w- * *?" lh r'' mil OKU. RIMI.HI, AC., TO I.K1. A TAI .'\ t*?. r tam!ai?;.p: corvph oif rimi wmvrR to C <1*1,1 'or bartao** pumo?, alas ralnabla M**rO"l l ar?!?rtr na Uat?or...r Idar? and Hlata.i nl Appir to lUIKCA IA1 IlK.MfiO.V. No St, piaa almat a ari.RXMo Not'vft. ??mrAijuvi about ?? .T Itmat: roni $t &t\ r*d lor.Uo*: a *oN i?f ottfitr. ?labad it -tt.' tail, rant |li, lu. dauad Aparfuaat* lor buno*kooj<tB||. PI.KIN*. \t?i T,?n?y MtN at a DtriuMMp wmi rrnis, mtjum'TO*. At ? to ,\ rant. 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BKiIBAAM A t o araar ana aaauaol Taaatr Of' it atraat. 1ARAL VfBPSr PRR?f?t% TO I BARS PliA A ?f irara, a tafa Ptat a lib frana aa Caaai aaA V *? __ v WaJAar iUMII n|ip.a'ta T.a-1 a Ifntal. paital y .bltlWrt . a at _ . ^ ?# baMfe*r.f< la ?uaTAirr; at u RA.VJrL^.,' iuj' - .faill.i.ini _Ti. tPt . A III,;-.., yirrpp rp nirrtl.l.|HT -TO Mil. A At IWI?rt riTTPO UP f..? a |i atotary In a good umi i| ta AiaaO I? ddmaaa H. I . ilarajn ado a fjn:RR!!*lftI> HOl'ap To IM TOPTRaI, MM aTfOO r lawiiaar aa*t atal* fo-aabaaL oaU. Jfajl. ?*r BHinU. Appiy tr w It PPPfclrl'ff A 90 I rai ,!| RNIAliM Kilt ? TO I.BT-WirittH T AMIUi. tP J rt al* fa a..' bona* ain.u '.a biWIt m, "?ra Nafaraanaa raabaaaaA. Apply a* T ftnaRiai Kir PICRROiNKII Horns IS BOirrH PR'OBLTR HON far' It to m l n atadiala p i nart a |t'A par Man IB. A H AP v n ATT. Ml Hay airaat Id OPT OS THS PI RAT PI/WIR TO 1ST OB Mtll for ia a ~ iiH|af*p al AS Bras fay aaar llna. ard at. ? dill PT'ABIBIIKn MOI'OB TO i'i. puaadsat: al?a ??tan. 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