Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 15, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 15, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,064. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1866.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICK FOUR CENTS. nUlORAt. . iWWTOH.-OO TO STATION O AND OE* A LET. Ly Ur of Importance. kroRMATio* wanted-op Mint or Mr. Edward Richard If.Eg Us latter wlfa of the enalnscr Mr. Ae.onlo buarex. i !? tod a leisor at the Bpanlah Ooaotsl'a oMoa. So MATIOjr WANTED OP THE WHEREABOUTS Ji *Wft? Ash.giSgcgitiilSS^'cg ?*?. Ohio. ?Formation wanted or fatbick shannon. who left thla city on May teal for Mahouey Oily. Sahuvklli Mr. State of Pennoytranla. Address Catharine Shannon, Walls rtraL New Tort mty. In aara of Tha. O'Dwys? frOBlfATIOR-WANTKD?OK THOMAS QUINN OE fhaally. Br hla brother. Pater Qui no, of Syracuse, Melge My. Oilo. or Daniel iroderiek, 26* arenas B, New York When last heard of was between Thlrlaenlh and streets, avanue A, New York city. OHNNY OR A NT, LATE OS NOW OK UNITED States Amy.?A eouain from Charleston, 8. C., would see you A Jokn Maekay'a. 231 Pearl street, up suits. :B or SUNDAY AFTERNOON,?YOUR LETTER Latter for you at station D. (Jot It launedl IMXB A. B.?WRITE TO STATION P. MTTEH TOE A. D Y. IMMEDIATE. M.-REOEITEO LETTER ABOUT M. W. PLEASE ? End answer at Herald allies. P. PERSON WHO LOST HER HUPP ON MONDAY ? from tha shop In Broadway, lust shore Eighteenth would ha glad If the lady who found It would return Rai t Thirty^first street. A aulUMo reward will ha TOLE'f.?AT HALK PAST T1IEEB ON SATURDAY. thalBth FRENCH. rANTKD?THE ADDRKKfl OP ISAAC NICHOLSON, oTMedlook street, Huime, Manchester. England. Aoy ?Munkatkau alaaao addresa to A, box 6.044 Post^ofllce. rOUNO I.ADT IN HKKKMAN BTREKT, NKAR . Pearl; dross plaid; rail green; at 13 noon, December 14. Idreee Evens, box 3,380 Post efilof. MATRIMONIAL. GENTLEMAN OK WEALTH DESIRES THE Ac quaintance of a young lady, object matrimony; sales preferred, must he puiity ..ud gen tool; no others apply Address, with carte do vlsita U onnyeniont, i, box 181 Herald office. LOST A\U KOUM). ?BT?#26 REWARD.?A LADY'S GOLD WATCH. ' .with a mall Chan an.l lour * harms ntti chad, repre. Kngarhalr, a l?n, a dog * head. Ac. The above '. wa d I ha Balder Messrs. Hnll, Blank A Co., to he pare m who res these objects at th.dr store. M> Broadway, and so etloae naked. OTT?ON TUB EVENING or THE ITTII I VST. ON Fourth avenue. betwreu Fourteenth and Twrrft?.first at, a blue Mi llrea:tpln. Tne tinder, on returning It My. Uhaae, No. 120 Wall street, eml be rewarded. -KHOM im< KAST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET, isll white P.odle Dog, named Pi A suitable reward will be ;dvou. OBT-DECEWBUK IS, A COMMUTATION TICKET ON I Erie 1 talUwad, dated D? ?nuihei J. for si. month*, l b' iarwUlbo rowardeil by leaving the ami s at tha of!oe of A Wilson I rid Hruadway. A. P. BfURGES. ?KI'-SOJCH TIME I. A NT WEEK, A MEMORANDUM Hook with John II. O Hhauglines jr s a. rie on the fly The Under will bo aahahi, re wit dnd )>y leafing it at East I h It toaulh streak OBT-ON THE UTH INSTANT. BY A POOH MAN, A 1 PooacUjooX o.iotnlning ibou. ESO, in or be .w< ou the Boorner rid Twunty-t .'rd streot sml ccond avenue to . Mllsnry street. The finder will bn klrnlly rmvsi Id by ring llai No. W Hoary attust I >11N RILEY. ?WAVED KHOM THE ST. NICHOLAS HOT EL. r'Rl day morning, afawn -ilered f'allan Iluiind Slut wMtn lA-uad feet; bad on plaul nia it-t. rewni d paid undc* aaturolng her to room 384 8t. titeholas Hotel. RF.WAR*)*. ? BANP"UK?. BROKERS A.ilt DEAi iilth IN OOP JDiNMBNT i.NU OTHER SI.?,? I'.ITtES. bonds sror.RN rio.oou ixkward. be Ueyal Ittaurance Company *:il pny .1 reward of JX) for tl>5 nt ?"lo? ? rime it Snc'irlttas tfntoine 1 A tin m>X bedell IrbUl their kail* the 10th .1., ffid will r la that proportion for the pewtery ?>f any portion ol the 1 aneurl'le*. The y. ? i ? ire ctuoou' . u^auia:, b-gotUtlng _J ?e- i.ri ? Pi ix ? err rorrow isti bonus. $i oon Eton. ~ ?;. 1.6B7,1 .is-.?10 Ml H,J41, 12.9.7), I, HtNC, 1T.668, I?.**. 12 MB, I'AKAi, IS Uf ISLtW), U,BW?, in,? i), lo, < si, nyif, iaiw, in rut. m .no, i' itn n <er, ?> Xnt.'WiPi litRJi ;?i le.718, Ib.TM 16,iW, 16,768. \m, iwM/MJiii, 16 wo,w,w. i*.m. ? i 1^*1 i rn tKitipoN 1*11 winds, rimo kaos, Inbrt ?> the'order ?f Adam No-tie anJ Itc.iiaroln B. Shar |w> committee. ?nd not eniiirerd' ? En. A'.wT, 67 W% 07. 60,090, ?001, MOOT IV.'Ktt, UM. 06. W6. 66 BOB ?.???, 61. <IUH, fc..i*?, 66016. m..0!l. Km. OHMS. OB 014, MOD. M."le ?,<ii7, M.0IB, O-.01B, T, ?,? I. ?,6".' 7-iM BONDS. ?l.00B CADff. i. iiom, mm. *..ow w:. ssimo 81,666 _j ui,o*. 117,107. n/.o-id, in, /i, i . <-o. u; * .i, i'*yn J19 ? A20 BONDS, $1IV*) '? ACT!, k 36.481. 3B.8.0, XhNJti. M.X?, ?e.007. 38,804. 38 808. ? IKK OR N'T 1*1 BONDS, 81. >100 17 A 4 * II. L 8,90.. KM# 8.0., S.8M. KM. .'.ill, 8.W8, H '.HI, 8PJ7, M*. \HM, JI.Wl. Alt*). ABM. 8. r? ?Ht>; h X. 1.JC. I,a*. 1.SB4. I *5.'. 16, WA 16 437 ?vAI ..ich TJTh. i'oui'on bonds, aeritcb?r.nn. A M!??. <88L1, (MH. l>" 6i0 $1 600 each. Mm. r,r,AItai* ?*8... *,*?*.8?,sfl/.avaw.3i,?. r .-a Ki;tl -'TEBKD NTOUE OF Mil, ?I0 0U> KA' H. k f 667 a.Ctf!. 'J nW H OIh/LKKD st ick OF 1881. 66. ?*> h t' fl. k IJBi4. 7,278. 7,219,7 .'81 0911 8,610 BttOISTl.Kl l> STOCK OK I8KJ S> 000 HACK . 17,814, 16,3*4. 1A.3W I8.04''. lb 341 7 SB CENT It'*!*! ? _^.J.'17M 1WS ?5.nsn .Kfc; tl j/n $1 i?kj. ? Vuk New *orK. 1?er. 11. INK. IrOTICK TO TAWNIROKEKS. TT UOLHItS BE want wllllta paid far any in'.-lliaeime or a WataB ?. aab' aud nemr'!y llnkeu. . ut on the 17m Initial, be m tli* h'?Nr? i'4 end 7 l'. * m ply at ott.ce or Hienmrt ?e. FUtb avaaua aod BlfhlK "treat. HEWAKO.- U>?T. ON TH0KSDAT ?.*I IT. 1 ? ? Iwtw'uSaiMlU n'clrok, la gtiioti Oiroiinb ChrNtophee Jt, a It i?*e I.Ui* Cdial rti 1., [ bilogin* it s?i? n 81 Obrlatopher itm i, lo ho ba?? bo KP.WAEII flhl HK Oltl-.N IO AN 4 PKMON re-tar'. one elnit'e Mile talf bolt -n r.ftltei too ; i'ur (luui'lo eole OBl6 MatOMml, WI tikl'il eml lue ; one linitaU m bitUoti Oniter wrini l< il end eapfoul, ?al< : one Imitattfl', lane Dal'cr. arrtnklea and .mpped, "ale, .uat ?ir* tan-n out o," a afeiw aata alilf Matli i. No*|ae"t'.oni aekoJ. REWARD ?LOST, IN T1IK. VICIRITT OF Twaaty "ncinid atieotaadl' aBwuy, oa "Bnmilaj la. *l>"ok 7 o olo-;k E. H.. aa< ri-' of lea Tba Bodar reoelre Iba al neo roaard aMI 4li >?? ?! l'io inwr, by |StV> ?? York. 1A AEWARD.-IaIHT, OS MONDAY LAST, A RED litl etotie Oaraai, Kin#, p'o.n MMIM Tho re ard till lot paid am tfa taunt to n.abop A (teio, Jcweuera, |lA tiacua N i.el. RKWARD.?UTOIaEN, ?>V THUN-P/.Y. A WlirTE k<ii Dog; ao*?en, to the raiua ot |"t*y "ay eoe Mia will rot-aire t e a bote iewar 1 by ,ialUu. at K IH Uae. Eorty-bDn itreet, lor: reward. .tost or nip wth innt. in l^aj t dug froot '? 'J Ad-lpkl atre*t. I rwii' *i, to tae t > Rlbk Collar and Oebl Kraaetptn rtlarhed. 71o) kail "ring of paarl" on it. fke ? mil rain ihn we rewam and lb? thank" of th" ?wuer by returning at to879 Malpkietreet, Rrouklyn RRWABD. -LOST, ON TDE KVKR1 NO or THE ITtk lite' , katween Breion Ho,"a and '74 Or ton .ahatVTOold H k CB? 0. eNmt ten lo-a?? I < g The tieeaN wiB ha i< <ld oa Ue *ary of p.* ehala at the of the Breenort H itlne. ?50 ? SEWARD WIUi BR PAID thD NoQI'KH ??)!? '.lowa naked, to any pariy ret<irnln - to Hewdle A t'n , < " reel, the two Mwwtag VI"at" a*, taaaa Tbitre. near r -, boa Ike raal I- n ? enrner wataa attd i "?i ?ln? aue? rxililyo. Alady'agnll toian ig .'an*, oinrkwl T. ? a., T?'*k, Fhiiippa III". I.eneea, No. 17014; the other |ai?wa'i ?4lf r aaleb, ofwa faaa. Kagj J, aiake. ?inn RRWAE.D. dobt. on wen ' <11146. THE ? I If"I IAh m?t.. In f Ing from Kjhon Market in lintel, oe Bom Bwr?n/'a to the 4g <? - <pol U:i llotnl. of Natb.nal Baok H'U" "mennling t* fto Tka Indnr '' tl a acore reward on ietiir<iing the uat to rat i A < 0 , 71/ Fulton M?rket m REWARD?WIT.I, BE. PAID FOR INFOKMA ttna that wtii lead to the fwemnry of Bee bale" of loot or atol a Am eakint ja<?at.<iu? will be eank A ad re. a farter Wilder A Co U' leouard Meeet, Tark. tm wicyiirm* nkamw. _.N/RTAKT IJ. f !XES DAIUT TO HEYfT.rMKN awlf, at the New fork M??e< at of Anatarny. 818 Rr >ad t Tbo<a urabin ?? ?unn<l the^ leetorna may reer .ea a I by forward lag ton e-n< Ot :ra-? -rretary of Now It Muan'im of Ana' i 6r 'i - iadnay 4RWOADW tT.-EKKK I.KOT1 RE ON FH RR. aotogy, at.d e nenteir Monday. o? 7W P. M. Circle 7 Wodnneday ol*" Keen Damnre on A?teet ry and ?taamu lent* <tf?ey ikundat end Natarday at 1% P. M BRO'Jl/llTt/R may in" da<W a? akutra. DARCINO At tVPNIEI. DOflWt/RtlER IitNCINO ACADE.MT. Be *11 PlPTR APR8I R. SP.WTOR8 r day a tome. Am. pbutaa nail ler a Mrmilae. HOIiIDAT PRM8K6T8. o*.? rfxfI;itKdArRRwo"Jruktk? noNIRI, rc.. ?~1*rtod In Pari" rr tb great ?ra. and Pfdann; many tart kaadorme prfMp Bltk kumere for gaa. All to. rATWfi^^JTANDJ.. PAPER WEIUMTt, STRfiRN PIMIrBtR. *W Rroedway IHJ-LAIf*. OROCIERT, CHINA OLA'8 . re. tea Rata, Taaaa, e.d a large aaoreli,enl ?f Fanry "TT SIkjSwSCS. Crnu. mt E^mp. WimCTIOIT. A1C8INE88 EDUCATION.-TO WWSKND'S COM marcial Aaademy.?Frtrate tuition, day ana erening. In Bookkeeping, Wriling. Arithmetic, Spelling, Grammar, 4c. Thorough Innlruciioo given. Mo ilmn Lndiaa' da pertmaut. ___ A GRADUATE or THE UNIVERSITY Of OAK bridge, England, prizeman And et-echolar of hla eoj lege, ghrea private Injunction In Olaaaloa, MathsmaUcs. Phi %5$ss$r THE UNITBRtilTIBS, Ac. H la heat referenced. Address or apply to CANTAB, Boom MoT 9, University BuOdler, Washington square, Now Turk. AT GOLDSMITH'S COMMERCIAL INSTITUTE?7M Broadway. instruction (private If daalredj la Eonman ship, Bookkeeping and Bualaoaa A If aire. MKKBBPINO. WRITING, AC., TOR BUHINR83. r. DOLBEAR, <109 Brnadway, teaches Bookkiwplng practically, aa tmad In the beat Now York banana. Ha also removes aUFne*s, cramping or trembling from the worn hand, anj mahaa elegaat hualneaa penmen. _ COUNTING BOOMS TOR PRACTICE AND INSTRUC TION IN BOOKJCEWPTNO AMD BUSINESS AFFAIRS. Betabliahed and conducted by <L O. MARSH, Author of the Popular Works oa Bo tg keeping, U6 Brotdwar. Circulars. FRBKCH TEACHER.?FRENCH LANOCAUK TAUOHT by a Parisian lady. Method rary easy. 170 East Tenth atract. LADTB8 AND OEM TU5MEN DESIROUS TO LB ARM the French or German language by competent and wall recommended teanhore, will please aadreM Erofeaaere, boa 0,94*1 Post odlcr, Naw Tcrk. PRIVATE INSTRUCTION.?A TOUNO MAN WHO ran furnish the beat of testimonials from bla collage and from teacher* in the city, wis he* *o obtain one private fupll for lnetmctlon la Classics, Mathematics or the English ruoehes. Addroas A. B., station C. QITTATION WANTED? AS GOVERNESS IN A FRI i' rate family. For particulars and relerer.ors addreag Mm* Abate B. Jennings, Oieaadekl H1U, Connecticut. TUB TURK. Tbot on the union half mile track-seven ty-secuad street and Blo -inlngbale road. Saturday, De cember IS. at 1^ o'clock, for $160 a side. bent throe In five, in Harness. Tnorna* Ogle numi a Whi'n Stockings. WlUlatn Hall name* Black Utamic.d otYnernames hay horse llarry. Those horsoe are well matched; a good trot Is anticipated. Admll'ance jOc. J. FIN LEY, Manager. MKORTIWfS. Ai.l binds of fancy doos and bieds. ac., for sale ? it B. Do VET'S, 360 Canal at-ee*. near Church. Medlclnea for all canine diseases. rrepared food for mocking blro?. A ST!"AH PROPELLER VACIIT FOR SALE?FIFTY, eight feel long, ten .eat beam; about dve mouth* old: hntlt or oak and oopper fastened; haa acco.ninn.1 .tinn i fn elglu perxins be-i-.ies Hie cre,?; la well found In etery to tpct t. Apply ou board at foot of Eaat Tenth street, RHBGH I.liADINO SPORTING GUNS?A OOOO at.ortment lor sa<e to lite >r&du. W I ft VI NO A CO.. 28 CUT street ftllANCtS BUTLER, NO. 3 PECK SLIP. HAW ALL ?HB choice breeds of Hog*. Butler's Infallible "targe Cure and EI -a KsternUn tor. 76 cents, liutier's new work on the Dog. $11. Dvgt trained, boarded. At. Madlutnea for nil dU eaaee. FANCV FOVFI.S AND PIGEONS CONSTANTLY ON hand and for sale by J. T. yUI.VBY, M Court street, Beaton Muse. YNOR v ALK ?WARRANTED, A FIRST CLASS TRAINED r hunting Dog, aetiar. lunuire at gill Fast lloust ,n street, se-oud floor, from 13 till 'J o'clock. TOI1N GRAY, 11 ROOSEVELT w PKUET, HEAR CHAT ?I linn. ka? for r.sle Newfoundland Doge Bull Tar-dam, Spits Dogs, block and Tan, hectoh and Skyn Terilera, good ratlers. B WANTED A YACHT, ABOUT M YBET TN LKNOTH, Hither "cliooner or sloop *J; ??*?% be tn good order end ?re!i foxi* i. and not over four ye&ra old. Addreee AW laoUc. Herald oflice. HOftMKH, C4RIMAOKM. diC. A L ARC P. ASSORTMENT Of NI'.W AND SECOND hand SMgbi, C'arrtiyee and Bunnell WngoAe, IbA iieaiee, bulla, A . 10 Nijvlim ktreel, Brooklyn. ANKW BnfFTINO TOP BIJOOY FOB RALE CHEAP ict DAVUIA BIOHMORIPB, 10ft bouth ilwit, between Pack tllp Dover a'.r-at. ALAKtJi; ASSORTMENT or ENULIhH KKR3KY BoMBUnkWiwI una HarudM at iiii Pearl etreet, Importer of .vddiory and kerao, s. A LAR1R LOT OK RLEIOH BILLS, E'kBKK, LAP J\ Rebee, 1'haemua.''ovihaa 100 Wa.-ura, too unit "pen; 8i Mta of Han.oil, *? Kitirev i Wrigine, I SB' KlmbeJI Sleigh. Apply at t,W Broad war, near Furty-firti a treat. AT 1U CLINTON PLACE T? THK SANDBOIIRSX clocaet malekai and boat ton n of faat Borne* for aaia In the city. I'leaee rait and aae t.,em. ABA KOAfN. -CO i' PR BOCK A Way, LI til IT oiona, good onler, $dutk Kyerton A Ineti liable, 73 Unlenrelty place. A CRAY MAKE FOR BALK.--RINK YEARS OLD: VM h im!* high; kind ari l gentle; ?old on aaoottet of death o( owner. Apply to WYNN, aaattonear. B> laetp. STARRIAQRS, PLr.IOTIH. \J CKt.AT KKDL'CTIOKB IN PRJCBH. ?! FOR ALR, l?U BLBIOHS, St"' HAItXiBSRS, I,'IUO HTKAPR KLEllOH II. LL8. r WTTYY'S, Carrli'ao B'arare-nda, (38 Broadway, m ar Bl-arker -trcet. / 1ARRIAOK AND SLEIGU ROBES TN HERAT Yd " I rlely. a' greatly reduced price-, Wolf Rubee at $X. formerly void at B<0. Call before parade" ? u. BuftKK, ?nS Broadway and >? Fu'tun etrert CtLARF.NCRS, <? jI'PRS,I.ANDAIT9 AND <>TH? R FA"'TL I tenable Vehiden of the beat r naa. and our own m ike only. HK/'YSIF.U A CO . of Broome 'trail. H"OR KALE AN ELKfSANT P ? RIK MADE LANDAU* on double aunpanaloit. ?.ghl eprtrga and 'toiler car - iiage with VarU n.e.le Ilarnran aoairlate far r pair: will he aold at a bargain; all guRe new and new In Marie. On.; be e?cn at WOOD BRoTHSJtri.Ml Broadway. Ngrn'a for the mmufaiitirere. Wood Bp. here art r -?paied to get out on order alt at j lea of Parti made < iarrtaaoa. I BOH BALK- POIM I,'.ROE NEW TWO HOK. K ? Truoka Aptly toH. W AILS tV M Kroadway. Ft OH BALR?ttrPKHB WHITE POLAR RKIN. HR ID and Haat on monnted by 4?t'r: never ueod; price $loU. Apply at No 6 West I wenty fonrt'. atreet n'OS 8AI E?MQNTt OR C. P. R ?"BALL'S PI HEAT r make f' Klelgbi. 78 and d Bank atr-ek F1TOR SALR-A PAIR OP litu M\V PKRPKUTLY ? litrtlAd ' Harm, dl yara < ,n, to hood" war. rattled wmn 1 and kind aiao Eagf' . i'o< Ltrt and danger Wagon, with poia aid a'artfj. App./ at 10 Waal Thirty ?erautk -tr??t. Fyon r IVIIFK CART H 'ItHB AND MAR 1 ne-a. ra -p, at 17ft aod 177 Plro a" Id " W. WIEK. XAOR FAJ-B-AT ?t LT7DIA>W STREET A rjJRflTNPr " Ilor-c, air years old, 17 haada, will w..rr?nl him a mod, kind and (V.f.te in all turnaae, a <oo,l ? , inc. for Imp nja men' ("all Iwfora ? V. W . or from II .? 3 ?Peli.ek P. M., until wdd. L"OK BALK -A BROWN p kHR, BIX TRAKK OLD r eerv tybah,aood toadrler. aonnd and klod; aiao'igl t abtrt'ug top rodA WAghti and '"r1* Ramaa* aold Dw waet efneaaoddt a prm feO?. Ap'lj itetweentand II ?. It Pi C. I . Ctr.k, a' Rao to' KtaUae. jordar ut Seventh aearnvt and Fori* r? wnd ? roe' LNOR BALE?A FIR.KT CLASS TXAJI OP HEAVY r ?ai . Hnraea. wa.-ranDd loqnlraalit BethUdd atreet, baforn h A M , until "dd. ||H>R B tT,R?ORR PAIR df?RKNI HOMEB; CAB HO r Id t A>; nrtoc f l.oii. "re pair ?ta'k br wu ll?.r -?, four ye it old; can ?>. In S'?. raagmheer*. aadd'.e Horae I,moire at dUelea coeaer Tnlrty-areanth etfdat and Hevaath at eaue. b"OR SALE?A OKAY BARE ABOIJY W HAND * high; p~rferi|y nouod an ,<ad, to oa wild cfeeop. fa oalre at IMA WaiMugt.iu atreet b^OR "ALE?A BAY MARE; GOOD BTTLR AJTO AC Heni aeven yearn eld; hna "?eti train'J le ?h? aeddie. languoe ? ? lage bo-ae. perfarl'v Wddd ar.o -c tie; alao Maddte, .'.mII? end Btenkete. App'y at Be. 9 Oortlaedt at ."OR SALE CHEAP?TWtP.R PIR'f C|,t?s PRIYATR 1 Meblea and Carriage Hr-ieea on Murray RIB; or will et'hnnga nr i Int'ltn Farm in W'a-traait?r or Om go domty. App v lo KILPATMD'K, Su-D" flaad Bank BdlU ?Ph fNoBPE'lMI' If MORSE BLtNKFTB-N?W, $1 10 W etch. T?dla Wmrui r'ovar-, AmlhiUbiea Wagoca, ir ilo and hreea llarnese, McC'ellan "ad-Ilea. Celt'a Ea vulvrrn Army LtatAu.* W. A. CA MI Kit, AJ Corllaudt at. HORMF. FOR (ALE.?A BTRON'I AMD MABDKOMK full blomlctl Morgan Horae, John. p-r'erUy aound aud kind, very mperior for fairtiy or en rem pnrpoaan May he aeon fore week, aetata aold,at'a alibied. ISA Pterm poet ace- Mrooklya Horses wimtkrkd ibtui coCFTRY?at orrat Meek L I. Apply lo TAMP.d IIAP.PEH, 187 ? >urt atreet, Brooklyn. HORAm A APT rHROCOH THE WISTKH-IB MRW Jeracy, 88 mllee diaurt, deer d't t, S'tt of hay and atablaa Prlea $11 Apply t* J DAVKNI'mKT. JO i.rarn F BOCEAWAT AND TOP B'KKIT and PiSF NI T or doable Haraeaa, at private atahie Iff Kaat Th'rUeth ?treet SRCOEH UABD ' AKRIaORR.?Ml sT BR BOLD. ONM Boggy Fha? ton. |YW one I'onpe f.tri one four-mr .ig Tlepvr'a I'M one ine D -to-'a Pbaetod seed three tlmea. IR Jt nenr'y r.ear. AAC Mil, JR , ft BOM, ??? Rrmtdwty. CLRIOHR. BLRtOHB, BI.HIfjtlS, ? POATLABDB. Tdrall Bodiee. Pony and Alt Beet, vary dump; alio Bella and Rohea. at 17 Wenter atraeL WILL BE BOUI THtB DAY. AT II O'cT-OC*. BY WILLIAM ABBOTT. Auctioneer, two hardaome mama or 'an ad lee rc-nlea. (ae year a old, it fee day eee. aide twe dark browe lleraaa; dU Warraeie I mil At Toner agMMa, N Maorea etret Bee nation eeAea W ARTE IE?A LABOR TRBI'E, CAPABLE OP CARRY m.jrem twa le three ton* AdiraaeJ. Beau, CU/Lm, matan Talaed. WANTRD?BTABLB BOOM, FOR ORE BOB OF. ARM wagon, In a good warm KaMa, bate nan Math .ad Itghlb n?#auee and Tenth and Thirtieth trete; mfM nrLvnie nearteen will aarwee A Ad ram P W P.. UggaM _ coPAnxraMHtw. A MIDDLE AUED UENTLEMAN WISHES TO EN TIB into business with soma responsible party; th? jewelry busluess psnfWlsd, U ha hai had thirty rear* eipcrlouce in tha business; gars up la oonaequenoo of pour baalth, but health being restored wiahaa again to rasuma hualnreai tha bait of reference* given and required. Address H. a. 8., Brooklyn Po*t udloe. A PARTNKH WAS TED?WITH gAOUO TO W.000, IN A JX atriotlyr aaah business that wlU afford a aura mud p-oAl able li poma. Addraaa, for Intarrlaw, with real name, Lu sralire, boa 174 I'er.ld ofllr-v A partner wanted?for a wholesale and Commission Market now doing a good raah buainaaa. Capital required tVi to $404. Addraaa for three days Market, box O, Herald odlce. A RESPECTABLE AND INTELLIGENT BUSINESS aaan, with several tbouaaBda ready eash. may arrange a copartnership In a highly respectable and promising bual ueaa, by calling for further particular* at Bureau of Infor* matron, lgu Fusion street, corner Broadway. November i, iwa-thl: unpkbbionkd have. formed a copartnership for the purpoae of transacting a banking, eichaoce and eon ml businus, under tha ttrm of dame* It. Tuc?er A Co., No*. 3 aud 1 Hue Scribe, Parle, Krai ce. JAR lid W. TUCKER. EDWARD R. ANDREWS. Represented by FKaNK W. ANDREWS, 34g Washington street, Boston. Eartner wantkd-in a cotton plantation of ?W acres on tho Conn re# riser, In South Carolina, r particular., apply to WILLIAMS, BLACK A CO.. lbd Peuil street. ttrANTED?A PARTNER, WITU ?.\OUO TO ?10,0HU, TO TV take a share la the menufactur ux of Ladle*' Dress Trimming* Bone hut those In earnest need apply. Address Man .lecturer, station E. d>r.<m -PARTNER WANTED. IN A ELK At AN T iJl'UM F. and proflisl'le business: fllUX>? ran be made yearly. < all on M.. -.i,r aire, 10 Union square, from 10 until d, di fuin ?Wanted, a partner wttit the ?PJ above oaoltaL In a oe it insnufartuslng bual> nesa which command* dally sa>e and produces a good profit. Address risrpont, Herald alkie. WeilA TO gsQhl IN CASH A *IKC1LK AMKRI v*r, bi vsars <dd. a lir-t rs'e salesman. wauta a elt'intlon aa clerk or yirtn?"; be must be tliorn-ighly <e cured to Ihe amount of iibtmilil; be?t of referenced Siren and rrqui ?d. Address X, hot 16b llerald oflj. e. lor ?a days R WITH ash ui in u. fact trine he-dues.; i rtr.. pal* only apply. Andre** W.. bo* t :0; P..,' oflioe. ?Q /|AA -Pa KIN KB WANTED, OvrKSSIBLK OK fOiUUWi silent, 'o eugsga in tn eld. lieat sad yery thriving buslne*#: rood ."dur ty; Ml agents. Add ess W. A., bn 121 Hemic $ff AAA ?WANTED, X PtKINB*, IN t MANU ? J.'/U". fecluriog biisii.i- . t tl.nro gh e<arm ? atom w';i show 150 per cent proiii. Aud" ? M.. *u luj Herald office g b linn A YKAH TO Hll MADE WITH a ?-ait iRl.UUU tal Of $...'**? -A in- ?.?.?? tb scpital 1* required for 'lie pen 'Inr if o i ado's to great dr m ind, not subject tn las'.lon i* .nmu"''Wtlrn*, wtlb full nume sud good reirreuoc*, to l?o own I?? 'aid odl,;.j, will be attended to. OPIHIRTI MT1KM. AVERT RARE OPPOKTl-'MTf ?Oft \ I'ARTY TO In* r kt $5,0 k) In ah An trpriaa tehi- will Incur* a verr Income. Krorr opportunity afroed-,! for ;t tLoro igl. Inn* Jy ' "ii. l-'or particular* n*!* m ? Hi H-o.1 dy, r?n U hcte nil 'he bottra of ID V M. una 6 C. H. a rinsT Rate better stash in a inwner ?'v store en Klchth arantie will ho let to a suitable party, lu'iulrr it' t!i* Aiilm;_i)n fee St ire, So. 12 Kightii ntrenue. 4 NY 1'KRHO.N f* l.INO IX ASM VTW tRDS, WISH log to start thamacltea In n aaf# paying bu.ilueea, can of ?u oppt >rtunity soldom offered by calling 112 Hutu t, room No. ?. hear street, d-iANVASRPRS WANTED-To SRM. TUB IMtMtOTKD ' J Folding Pocket lantern. Very light, Wrong and durable; ?an'bo folded ami carried In ">e |?. let ,>r traveling big with ??'ht? and eon ranlauoa, ooropylnr ilie S| ?* of o . _ar mm, and kit i ??n?il a-H r >aad a-, readf!). Tin ? contain i ehethrr opto or ciwiH maimer nod ettra " .(I'llin and, helii?elvraye reedy tot't**, ar? uioet appreciated in to ?? rrcate t r me-goo Prleea:?No I. fl each. fine! fling tn> > rendiea:) No. It. 7f>ecnl*a ah, (Including l! ree needle' . ? A't llilo i?l can u?. (pure !>?? tn,) No. 1. gl per lb ; So. 8 $1 " ,er lb. I.lbera! discount to de*iert and car ta eer '.cud for aol plan. JO 1.11 S 1VEB A CIO., ?i Muslim lauc. N. X. Uannfaftturora of I vet Patent Lam pa -nd dealers In Kara, aaue goods geaerauy. TO CAFITALIITN.- A PRAITICAO PAliTT OP TEARS of etprr. -nee '.erlre to matt with ?, pMrt* of taeaoa in pat In operation an invention by whl~U kir..1? oi oil .loth can 6c mtoln at > i Bftitoh ? "cauer th?" proton t met ua 'o defy ?ompotlUoti. Addreaa b. R., lOTcopr, He ?;,l o8..w. TJIF. ("IIASOE t-F A r.l' K TTAiK ?A SEW fVTES. lion in tha way of I am, aapertor u? $>- or gcownoa or Wo other o'l oyer before hnown or tiamt; run'iplo Ira. wlllwilt odor clean end neat, maarmr t ,,n d.yighl. Call ;?rd waenuoe for yourself, or reed ?tam|, for iiarUr ilara, ?f'rtnter ut.lce, 19J in ?rl atree*. up ataira CRHA i-i r.'h?sk tiik Riairr >>r nkw ? /voy for E?nv tan'e P,.'^ot Safely tf.irae Hitch, it la the only thing arer iiirmtej that *IU prarant a t.orre : rod aat'lnii cral In the ?w He. <'all and ree H. Acute waattd. 'JH < nambaraatreat, r<>otn So. I. ?7 ntiH ?PtJESfT' RR ASP HPPDIKrt STORK tpl .IMMf. for aala --flood lanattou. ibe*|, rent, lotig laare. Apply at tb* note, TP and 77 Hamilton aranua, Sautn Brookly n. $10 000 *""k ^ * IIA 1,1* 1ST! RK"T . raluable Jlanufeituritif Ilmltieaa al tdr la t'teeerafnl oremtton Soagea r reed eprlv. .1 II. BKABMUf I ?M Nroeiwi etreet. hpbciai. kotk y.s. A-CARU TO T7IIJ PI BU'\ . Ow HraeveB Ncawirt ? ilyr l/i?t; Heaern, s J.. Wr *, . lit ( 7* OtfMiy Uwum ? f. It""* It U e ith riearurn we a ; 1 rntr teat riony In lhat "f-ae ?any who t.'fore tare wltrtr?r,ed tn? *? ndtrl .1 ?%??'? tef of yoor >.nr v?,.?d lifrboa hior tha -e*er? tr" wi. -' U earuuntr re'1 Car. ?? Mr prea r -w, we e teem it I > l>e tba moat rr Uble and at'a tual of a I Ufa-euving ajiparatoa ritant Thr eaaa with wh.rh It w.a 'aenr+>? a d l-r fed ewiM ar.t fn" to trot* 'mr <ul:elration: a i I tie . we buoyancy audita 'edtttum of r.a'ig.t.on g'v , li a pMsawdeanaa orar all l?*anto?na ulatmicg Sfa-aariag rir i? . Illaft ibe Wor walk ' full nil. and r-aetird th" baeeh wHKvot tha ?llgt.ieei idieulty, ami after Ijrtng ici*! in art annratraMa roi'irier. lying in 'be tnj *h of t*-e eoa it ., lalde to the wt.e. It rr trt-'ltothr r??ael nr,|-.. the wo-ae fo-(t? ?>. e Ihe aor-rn ,rr of ! a raioe mur be n>e tt'onrd In a few arorde. It eaenot be awaio'^ed.. at 'i*d n ,r loaded. an<1 *ue* ii 'It aonatruttloa that It r>n ? t?- tn aoy aaa, and land tn any "4ftf It la I a, r adapt' J in all orneryer-olea that m*j he'a.l ?h.[iwr<n k*d U Iria. BO oib- hn?t pr ttd?a aaairenConUy to- huagMfte l tblrelt in t'.ort. amarj etery went, r.d i 'li; Ilea ??e-y r? .. With i lew' an h airant an oapeototra, n i ? Ur ?o ilpnadarftn aanry ?*+ -aaaery. eke ran fur to tra teyiie *h? noennt <Vl>< 'It htaaee'a la'"etloa haa depr!r? I ? ftipe.e k o' the wtMaat horror, and he?.-alter wane nnj hr-1ta e o ? ntr ark In aoy aatarl wrrylQ ; the only teUa.'.i llil 'real pitaii ?"?> sntLUr ii"r boat In 'i' ia.. o we recommend It la al: i? ,...rtng d i-able and cmpa dfe ? Hda. Oat tain J be > a inca. I'. < R. M. Jit- ea P <!?rr? S T in. oni'- '?! Imn aar Ja*nea II. unod ril Aiftia ataJ I'raat. naptali R?n SrC wink. CkirlM K. ftrmhaa, i irll heglnaer i,?' It R-iftdu t hi fine aireftt. John hwluaam' Quarai.*. ue B. f., Ilaai S Ofli e-r K 'ml K Mo ra V, T Rett,. ITm Nanaun. John Mru .Iftf,'ate V lder I' H. S-.rr Tard s T. J"hu It Hatftewa. I* A. legaal Inapnetwr of 'tea e-a Ais 'i tl *1 ?ui ? ft' Ift Wluutn ?l ft ", s V John Week a l lark Hoard lewtl In part re, John M Weeea, II S. I.ocl laapwtkit of laamarw. S. A. damnO'i". 3" Se?"?r ?tre?' S?w York. A. K letfag XerchaBta' lm> <'n . I<* R.-eadwaa Ad ilao'i Law, Aaal Upl ' . n. Ir ?l Inap--tor. ? ten t* Rliaon Mdamkoat N'mrafk Anntag Hnitth. ,'ip't M. H. State: (aland P. Ph.w Ht",,.iagb n. rhft aSorn pu t will be na exhibition far three Aaya at Bt'. I'i'.e aireftt Snw fork Notice.- thk wiluam ii sasspiri.d rattai. loo wt't ho'd a mee- ng at theer rnoaw, Vd Oeand atrftftt. nrer the haaft* Ho . .? rj Sunday alter- on fbw |g, lNSR at fix id., h. for th? p"rpoM of ei? otflnara an t It inamt'ngnihftr Important 'main-"# The Hat-allnn will proceed M Tat'. Sew Tor* nn Ch lkUr.aa day fl" target prnft. ? wlah ? tie 1" 1 *1 bj a.-it a?d ?.<ii tlx roU. WM * WtTTS, ? aptatn t'i< , am Uhg Vila w, n??, A' Adjutaat LPPIffK OP THR ATt.ASTIC MAfl. BTKAMBIlIf ' rompaay So. I BowIIad (hraan. New Tor*. No*. IA I ate Rrorlerof the l aH af Iilrartan, aotlee la hereby B'-f, tl at 1 "inae.,or tor of the Weetlow a|. treated tn haae a held nn ha Uth of Soeemher eaiaat, sat harina twan Mid pur* lent to ai?< b atn*>ln'"??r.i aa election or aiae dire*;',ia of ?hlae. -npany aad three l-,pertora af the next ettenaedtng eleetian will ha held at tba a ?ne if tha ronpan* an Prtday. tha lllh day of Jannarr, iasr at tl 0 clock If. The --uftfer loaka at Ihaoflca af tba Partnere" letan aad Tru?i? cm; ,ny WIU ha - lenaf fnwa tha Mth u> the Ifth af Japuary, WW The paiU win he open from IJ tn 1 e'eJ.ajh. ? PRAMBIftlM Al l-UN, Rae.ralary. RRAMNfl NOT7'"R.?ATTRSTIOS IB OAU.RO Tr> the ei en" .e aaieln Reulntorw Md . aa Toaadaf, Mth Inatani of Mkchlaerr. Toota. Plr* Etginea. Mah"?aar Ifity Padoeager Ri'.fway ' ar Ac . aonv, ued la Ibe P're Pngfna ? "d Maehioa shopef JOBS ROH'.RKs 4 IOI, 4* berth High Mr. ?t. Thr opptcrrh ash mkmbrrb or wot sr seboh ledge, So 26*. P and A M are for- reeled l> aUen . the fnaaeel" 1 Mm W K frank, anf# ef V S X? * P-anh, and Bb'ther of P St P and P. W Prank frawi her lam ra dtdanaa SW Weet Thirty f rat ?treat on eaeday. at ? o?wa A. M., withaut f-.nnar r.otlaa. My arder cf Ciwimh Bimxhary. P. M goi i'. ? >? W. ? fjlO THR ORAtk RP.I SIVP.NS ASH TtASarOWTPRd or thr portop sew torr. AruwTM duel t'owpaat x opptca, Haa. It, iBW Tha raah af Ml hand red eaaal koala la tha AOealte Raata for the pant W?*h tar "t ocunplet?ly * lad ip the water apace (fn-ty a?ftai ae nearlr tn anayen I hna neas at the

i and forbid the em uf noata from tka haaia (V Par a aambar of nlgbta the aatranra of the heat*- ha* bean BHad with boaU loaded with gtaia maaia M tad morn ESBbi Thta la not eal* aa oaprodtabie Mate*' tntaga to all ana earned hut there a dar iaw Is M. aawe-'ally to hnats la aad at tba antra nee af the heat", frora abrma arhteh amp ha at parked at any a?a? at at thia nana af tha year. Wa aet aaly agala gt*a ran Wta ware la#, bat a?h af tn each aid ae raw aaa aVord I# ardortag rant beam aad afW egMBtp m emtar paeam 1 It, STRASAHAS _ FI?AWIAI?_ American banking exchange and COMMI8HION IfOl'HK, XUb. 3 AND 6 RUK HCKlBR, FARM, FRANCE. J AMUR W. Tl'CKKR. EDWARD K. AMUU'WH. JkMKH W. TncRKR A CO. buy and Mil (Ttiltwl Htataa Snout Ulna and Foreign Snourltlee, iaaue sad oa?h letter* of Credit, u wall m tranaeot a general oomaaleelon bur mat*, tad refer by peiminion to the following gentlemen;? RRKBKKNOKS: Wrn. T. And-ewe, Praaideel National City Batik. Ronton, .lames U. Baal. I'--aidant Second National Ben A. Boatoa. Amos A. LawTfu ie. Ho~ton. C. E. Horry A Co., Boaton. James M. BeobejA Co., Boatoa, Win. K. Weld A Co., Ho<ion. Clark. Adama A cUrk.Bo.uin, Win. U. Arp.r.trall, N. V. Wn. T. Blodrett New York, Ooorge tlrlawoid, >*.iw York. T. Hall Falls. New York. -ttophen Hyatt. Xaw York, Win 8. Jonkltu, Caahter Bank of AaMMk. New York. W. H. Many, t'reaident Leather Manife. turera' Bank, N. T. MoaeaTaylor. Freauloat City Bank. Now Vnrk. JooKthaa Wot n?, N. Y.. It. aatuU Tucker, New Tort John K Wllllanw, lVealdant Metropolitan rUak. M. If. W. H. Weh'j. New York, Hemucl willeta New Tort Ilowea A Many, Hank-re, SO Wall atree;, New York. Hoyt H rot-era, New York, ftnnfford, 'ft'eatou A Co., ,V. T, Bnaaltig, CrOek. - A Co.. If. V W. A. A A. S. While, N. Y. Dudley P. Gregory. J am y Ally, N. Represented by FRANK W. ANDREWS, US Washington street, Boaton. A?SKCllBTAKY WANTED, FOB A CHARTERED . couipeny; WHO can c.utrol Ao UUQtn (10,ltd. Call on or adrtreaa J. T. Marshall, 1&A Broadway, loom .A 1\IVIDENl?d FOR XOVFMBER.-CROWN FOINT f Mining OoatBauy ffiu prr fo it, p-rahla IVh I net. all A Nororr is Mining t ooipaoy Rltki per loot, pays ble 16th Inst. In gold eolu. Isaa ex<-Nang?, at the Agency of tha Bauk of Ci'Joruia. DEES A W ALL I'.R 31 Pino street ,1VIDKND. ?TIIE DlBKCDHtS OF TUB Bl TIJIR Coal Contp.ny have tiita d..y da tared a 1> tlilend Low J) M the profile of th, oo-oparyof lour per eenl, eleer of taiet, payable on the 24'h tuet. to atockbol (are of that dele. Hlork Itel.'.ere rwrbiin* In New Tark will be petd ?!.? dlr.aend at theottiee of the ? ?nesra' Ixta- ?T. a Tru- ? Company, on and af'er the 34 th luat HAH I, EL BUTTON, freaaurer. Fiin.kiHU.rKo. Dee. g, ihdft. ONBY TO LOIN- IT 7 VKU CFVT. TW LARGE OR ?mullein,, rati, wl' tie,ar, oe flrrt tilaaa Property, luthtaoity. MVUA No 9 We .t Twenty-third at., fifth AceiHie llo'el Mobile and ohio railroad, ktrblino and ti.'ere*', to- |>hia and < <Ui" in, per rent Itieoaio, Mla eia .ipui Central Kmlrrail til... taorlgage North Ceitiliue ltn dor-ed, ?Dt. lrrsgiiUtr Honda e -nto?. by MANNING A UK FOLKST, Banker*, 1!? .tap a' .-el TO UON ON M 'RlGAGK DI'OX OITT FKOI'EltTY, worth do,.' ? tip wmonat of e gAioi) in .ittna of gl.Wi and upwaroa. Api ry to J A N LH PRICK, SKI Hudson ? treat. UNITED KTATKH TRRifd rv. DHCEHHKR 8, !??*. Schedules nt thirty n- .noro eeren and three -tenths < oapona, peyahle Dee.moer 15, luat, trill now b? mnued for . lam, nation. II. II. VAN DFCK, An, cant freaanrer. T/KHMJI.YK A CO., > No. ?? WALL nTR.'.i I RANkERH A(all IlKAl.l RS ntookn A.NII PcHPODND IN1PRI KT NOTE* OI.OMXO PtlJCKH. Ni.? TiiIii, U"-^. 14, 1W toe. tl&C ll*H lliv. Ills* :??s\\m Kefl"tnfWd. 41 Ill'i'V lOPd Coupon. 1U1. Iiu, lli /t "!i?i 'I,mi; '. *!0 Coupon, ??! IH. 110, W JO iJnuanit, fi4 lOH'J IllHi; .V-Jf)upon, <6 ?*>?, Iwl'j'i ft-W'oii. ' in-?( ||u"c? do. .. .nm|I|3W1IM'; KMii R.-gUii?M<i i*. m?v ,m? , ?o nn lilHiiiiy 10-4O Coupon ... *h< n;., do...., H.?| I lOtiilfllln Hold.. III.'. IAH -ept.. ill. .. Of, I in [IHIJ AMf'-t. '??*? ? ? ?!?'?? Kmy.|<) 1-, do 'iVi lim'j.lkJ Wanti n * ?*> 4M rrn->r xonTriAi.sox a noon Farm; bmi nfnroaoa Kill bo (lent. ' all ?|W , Slilfi O'l.'iwkii wmrro rv ? . rktabi.ihhko it I *fi' tnuan itlr a bo- of Ihlk ? Ity, w'th the ro w r rffnif a to pmutabi < Iii!?tn??r. U<?"1 nnr',rtie w,. bn plrnr and find. Mlawod for fuitbm part 'l.ti? a lUro. a <11; ,. initial, oSV-a. No ?*rr.ta n?rel a|,plv. |i r iiaa wivmn on mono and mortoaoi I ?!> L*r "" oti .?. . il>l?i i mpart f. w'th imprnTcrnrnU, w Tin pf> (*?' m -Miyuil 'in..', in furtVir Improti unn'n If obiaiaari innr;,a It.-eiel. *:-nt irrme "domd Cofrrjiid.lo*. ( attuned. P. P. WKI W-nid II# Hroadwaf, roam III. fUtM IO<>-IN dl'X' TO MIIJT ON d">)U?Uv'f I'' ? t ? ilain Ciporonnt of ralunl'n , prompt a'tai.tirrn. 1 . K. W I I.I Ir A ('<>., ?l Plan (Irani, , aamaan'.. ' I i.imn orviciin. AHVAN'lfx NICK ON WATcHKS. DlAtloNllrf. JKW airy, |iryr Co rl* turf I rui a J r..perly ml nrrry do kertp'.io*. J A. lii.liaOi, 111 fraud .jmi, two ooo a w?a' ?; h.-AadWny. v At tit bnoadw\v, KNfX b m-ihxo. niAX<>>in.t, WArritxa, phk< rora dr<?(w. au this oi.D rsrA*u.dii.j (inner. PAT* If K IJrNfMT VAMF. POH iJIAdONIt JF.WKLBT. WA1VHI ft JKWFI.H, PJ.ATK, PF.ARI S. AO. OPTICAL INHTRI dl . ra AO.. A-'. N H -HfAN.iTDr. ? An MP*. Ac. i OK HALF. fPPI< P. ll'MUl* PRuM Id A M. TO ? P M J. II. liARKI NORM, IIJ Hr.ia.lway, rooia '>?>. A FXfP BAT.F-THK PNKXPIRril LSAMK ANfl FIX turn* of PawriSroklaa t itaora'* No "'i *?w Oaual ?tri rt. for parui ..a-i apply totil.Otfifc r'Mtd, ]| Frant fort atrddA PAWNHkOKKUM TIOI7ITTA PIOlCilASKIi -Of DIA nmida. Walabna. Jmaa.r*. SiOa, l.'l .'.bin*. Ar. 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MINK TMi: ONLY LC-iN Tlt.l V NRrTAN DANCE, TIIK ONLY I KON'S KI'NNV BURLFMijUK* Y litis Ik TheCl'-jrCnra. WAY M D-Ha tj Mloneue. NkUfhtr, Naughty il al". iin- Hie Ml*- it Statue. 73H. WhllK. MRU, ANNA I'AVNR. OO.NrRAl.TO. Will elvc a | R?M) CONCERT on SATI RDAY BVENINO, Pen. H ut It ? .? II .,i The following crH?i w'V ... it Mm, PATXF.: ? Mr. WILLIAMS. LH? HI KT fehor. Mr. J. N. KaITIBOV, '.lie C. lehrati d Plnnlat. Mr. J H PANMANRKI. VIoMnW. Mr OHO. W. I'iJLHY . CuBduetor Tli KRTF. ONI In ILL i It For aula at the Flail ui.d n* I, M Read Al Fourth aranno. UPWARD V I.I I.NH tl I R'S Vj MUSICAL I iiVsKRVATORY. RUTH OLAMMIOAL M All.NKI^ AT IRVINO HALL, HATITltO A V, PFC. I*. To eommei. :n It S o'clucli T M. Tbaelifl, In I- hoi at I. Bch'ibnrth A On.'a, rs Rmed riv, and at tie d""r. TYctota fur thn utailnon on I inn. 4, which wai pu .lpunnd, will adult Imnr r to ibl? utatlnoa. IRVINO If.VI THIRD MORVtNO CON' 'Jli OK :jii iavi's v wain.:, Ihe Il eal P'au'.al, NATLKDAY, DRI LMBKR 14 Klrot aprieapinc-, at'huai- '' 'i' .On o' Ml J VIOLA III NIIIOI k H.i|.rano VIH. FRANK BAHTLKTT Mr. I; P,ir."N Pta i ??. Mr. H. W COf,BY Conductor. TICK K r.- Kl ,'TY CKN1B. RRSHRVI P HI ATh nrry CKNTH KXTRA. I H>ora open at 1111^. tu baptit at lib Ion*. STI'INWAY IT A T I. I'HII I! AP 'IONIC HOCIKTT OP NEW YORK. ORCHESTRA--KIOUTY rPRKORM' It CARL RLlclMANM. BBOOMl CONCEPT. SAT1RPAV KVBNINO PLC. 14 OKCHLHTRAL PIRCLH, Nfinphoi v No. t C.nMburon; ' In'rodudPm in LnhenorlB," waaner; Mill 'Iran m. 1 nnorol Rumalu,' Baraua, m.LO K! HFORMKRU. Camilla f'ren. Vlo"n, anil Mdlle Mueti* llrnahal. Piano. Kr'.r* tlol ? for ra'c oi 'On nuat ptu r*. D.eiro '<a>rO ot 7, to nnmmeui'" at 8 ? vlo ?? 1'I'll lie ,'tKDKA 1SAI. NO. P. NAT! R >AY, DECKMBUK IS, at lOe'iluok A. M. Adiu,avion AO aauta, _____ ST It WW AT I! ALL. mill f.KAND 81 M)AT CONCERT. SCNHAT. Doe. IA. at a v; , M All AMI. 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