Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 15, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 15, 1866 Page 2
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?mmoni wavtkd?wmalbi. situation wanted?by a comm-ient tocno lady, aa oaahler or bookkeeper In any klad of bualaees at way. or would aci aa aalrawomuu, reftreuc ? giveu i W. II. H., box 'ISd Hor.ild ottloe. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A MIDDLE "AGED /\ wo 111 a d, as nuraj to in inulld lady; ha* had many Jean'experience an a *ick uurs?, beet of citjr refereQOM given. Call at 16 Carmine st , agar Blrerk^r. >. A LADY WHO HAS HERN RETT EH DAYS WOULD >m. Ilk* it altuetlon a? hou?nk*H??itfr or ?>ur- r> g n ? ; no teacii Freuch correoily .mil work on proper reference* given. add<?*?.? .1. A. L., KB em ay. Anew England lady, thoroughly educated In houeelield dutiea *a wr!l an neuaic. nim}<* '***charge of a geiiiit-mart'e hotiM*. instruct and rare lor little cntMren, or accept any uonorable poaltion where the services of an Intellectual pernon are required. The a*?ocuUou? mutt be fn every war reepectablt'. Address or call for Mary Morton, Huoklaad House, Fourth arum A AOAI'AHIK AND INTELLIGENT AMERICAN woman would make hermit iifeiul In a nrat fll&M Urea* waking establishment or a nice family, lor a a,nail cou.iuer aU'.o, or would go out and aew by tha day. Addraaa 1,. 1'ow ara, station U. Atouno woman wishes a situation as aaleawoman In a fancy atoro. KIM claaa rafertyica. Addraaa IC M , nation G. & RBSPEOTARLB YOUNG OIRI. WANTS A SITL'A tion ?a eook: will asalal at washing and Ironing. Gall two ilaya at 4d Charlton at., room No. 5. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO TAKB IN A. India.' or (gentlemen's waahlug at har u*i home; baat aHy reference; terms reasonable. Call at 471 M a*., be Uraaa Mill and 17th ata. YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN A MUMHRR OP WELL RECOMMENDED OKRMAN A. respectable family an ctiam ?lain rawing, good Wty referenc a* . between 4*1 and 44th ?u., Hi raapectable family aa chambermaid or nurae or to do now. Call at or address 64S Sd Ural floor, back room. ? girla want situation-at Mr*. Lowe's German institute, Stanton at., naar Bowery. A TOUNU LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS SALES A woman In a lanoy atom on 11 road way. Addraaa Mtaa m ., atatloo D. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES WASHING; oan do line waahlng and fluting. Call at 183 7th nr. A WKT NURSE'S SITUATION WANTRD-BY A healthy young married woman with a fresh breaat of Ik; baa lull her own baby; beat city inference. Can be at 28 Amity at., for two day*. A noUSKKREPBR'S POSITION DESIRED BY A A middle iged American widow lady of reiinauient, for a widower, one or two children no ubjeoilon; la an aciire, thorough housekeeper: references unexceptionable. Apply to or addraaa Mra. M. J ? 110 bill av. a LADY OP EDUCATION AND REFINEMENT, WHO -?\ haa mot with rever-ee, would like to aa house keeper when- ploaaant coiup mi >nshi|i would lieapproolated, or would accept the poaltion of matron of a public iuailtutiou. Addraaa Mra. itorbeater, atation 1>. AKKSPKOTAHLK WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION tooook, waah and Iran; would go to tha Country: two f >ra referenoe from ber last place. Call at 71 West Juih at., betwanu diii and 7th ava. A MIDDLE VOED LADY, IN REDUCED CIKOUM aUnona desires to superintend the house of aout" par son of refinement, or us nursery govern-as; no objection to tlia country. Address Goverueiui Brooklyn l'oat ofllce. A YOU NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A PKI rata family aa aeutnatriiae by the day or week; uuder elande all kinds of family aewitig. Hua. the beat of citv ref erenee. Call at 887 3d av., between .'19th aud tilth ata., second Boor, back rootn. A RK&PKCTABLR GERMAN GIRL WISHES A 8ITUA tion hh ohambormaid and waitress. Call for one week 248 Willi 3id at., first lloor, buck room. A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN WISHER A J1 eliild to dry nurse at her own rctil'huc*. Referenoe given. Call at 288 Weat 22d at., ro<?m 14. Call for one week. An excellent laundress wishes to take In ladle*' aud gentlemen's wushing, at hr.r own home; can 1o the beat of French lluting and uoliihing, aud give the beat of oity recommendation*. 311| Lust 32d at., beiivem lit and 2rt uvh., top tloor. back room. Ahituation wanted-by a first class anamsl?an In a private family; understands dressmak Sand all k.nda of laraiiy aw.117: reference from whore t employed. Can ba aeen on Saturday and Monday at 1U wt Ilalal. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A J\ aituatlon aa wet aurae, good ralerenoe. Call at 881 Oarltou nr., Brooklyn. SOOflEKEKPRR'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A LADY of reflnoineat and education. Tlutne comforts desired. I referenon given. Address H. B. B.. ll?rald office H OURKKKKPER-AN AMERICAN LADY IS DKMBOUS of the -vbOTB position In hotel, boarding house or pri ests family, hnslnng e*|ierlonoi> mid ft rat olnse city inler Boon. Call at US West 18th at., between Ttb and 8th ava. gJITOATION wantkd as USEFUL OOMPANION.-A O lady, reoently arrived from Dimliiid. la open to alien, 1 chart'* of housekeeping a . well II ?quired; or would he ?lad to meat with a lady of family going to Europe; has late. IT travelled with an Invalid lady for five years, over England, Scotland, and part of France; la thoroughly aniualnted with the prlnolpal dllea and all the different waiering places in aaol) ooutivry; most satisfactory rclerrnoes given. Address r. H? bos 741 Post odioe. Albany, N. Y. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AB nook and to aaaiat in the waalilng ironing. Can be ?in at bar pi leant employer's, VI Madison av. UITUATIOM WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND O waitress. A family going abroad on the liMb Inst, desire a aitnatioti for a very faithful and com|>etetit servant (Canadian), bavinr lived years with her employers; wages fit to $li Add? M. H., box 4.440 New York city Po.l TWO BM ART YOUNO OIK LB, BISTERS. DESIRE HIT uatloua One as good cook and eioellent washer and Ironsr, the other as oh .mbennald and asamat?, or nurse; srorke Wheeler A Wilson's machine; or a first elan wait, ran; both have good eit> reference. Call at M7 West Sftth at, between 8th and 8th ava WANTKD?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE German young lady, as lady's rusld. child's govern ees or sesmstiaas. Call for two days at Mrs. Albreeht's, 118 WANTKD?To DO DRKSHMAKINO, BY THE DAT. by a oompeiant young lady. Applr to or address 8. C. A, 14M Laurens at. w ANTP.D.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO nurse an Infant it h. r revtdene*. Call al 18 West . South Brooklyn, first floor, bunk room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid end waitress, or to do Mala family ?wing on Wheeler A Wilson's machine, one of which she ean bring with her; te st rlty reference. Call at 178 East Wlk al, between 1st and i!d ava. w ANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO W11MAN A baby la wet nurse at her owu residence. Apply at 84 Dth at., aear 4U> ar. WA TANTED?A SITUATION AS WET Nl IHP. BT respectable young woman, wkh a freed breast of ?Ilk. Apply in the baker's store, flat al, bem-cujd and 44b ava. south Brooklyn, Uowanus. w ANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT wo man, a situation to rook, wish and Iron In a private le a good 000k. Good city reieren?. Apply at tW th eh HELP WATTED-f'KilfALKN. PA MIL irman 1 eharge until aui ALL PAMILIKB WANTING good SERVANTS, also Herman girls, apply at I oh 6th ar., above 8th at. No iTlod. WANTED?A OIRL LATELY LANDED TO DO (TEN. erel housework. one unt afr od to work. Good trf erenees required. Apply at XU East flutb at. WANTED?A UIIIL, AMOI'T 14 YEARS OLD. TO writ, wages 83 Ml.J 8 488 New Tsrk Poet office. gas 83 Ml. Address. In own handwriting, bos WANTKD?A YOUNO LADT COPYIST. To WRITE IV so office with others Addres In Handwriting 01 ap |dleant. 0. D. C , bos 140 Herald office. w antrd-a competent won an to cook, wash ami Iron. Call, with city refers?, at 1Kb West Mth WAN I ED?IN an OLD ESTABLISHED HIIIKT laundry, twenty experienced shirt Ironi-re. Ap|lvst the oflloe of J. C. Perkins A Co., IN) Br adwai , third floor, fro? 18 A. M to 1 P. M. Wanted?a competent chambermaid and wait 1 ess Apply at lit East 88th at., between 10 aud U o'aUch, good atty refrreo'-e rr.,mr? I. Wanted?a tii?t rfspi.ctahi.k OIRL, to no general housework In a s nail family, must be a Ural r Washer and Uroner. Appw between in A M. and J !'. at 810 Real 10th sU Ottf r ferrnc re.pnred Wanted?a eirst class protectant cook i one who prrleetly understand* iter bu. None W W IINV W IIIv |W||v-s 11; " - sa? ? mi' u'-se, ill"IO peed apply without good refeiencos. Cad at 18 V easy at, third four WANTED?A OOOD LAUNDRESS FOR A PRIVATE family. She must understand fluting and bru.g , ity reference. 1 rqm her last place. Apply, between oae and two ? ulook. at id West Z7lh St. WANTNIE?A OEItMAN rKHSOV. WITH OOOD HE." erwuees in lake c are of two small children and sew. log ulro at 84 West Lltk et. WANTKD?AN KXPkKlKNI ED IXH'K, WU(? WILL asaisi In waablag and .ru.lng; la well reoommenJeu Apply between 18 and II si 41 )A est pa h st. f ANTED A OOOD "ROSE C' "lb ?ONH WHO II .AS Imeniiaedti onnklng In a r - -enl, eliher colore?l K whips Apply nl 4d8 Broadway "f Biwoment. After 10 o'olost. W ANTED?TWO TIIOROCiiIII.Y 1 'OMPKTENT S AI.ER ne mhera na I eprlv KL4.Y LACIIANK A C?l? 810 Bowery ANTED-IN A PRIVATE EAMILY, A MIDDLE WANTED--IN A Plti V ATE PAMILV, A MIDDLE aswd women to dog- eral must b" a gund mot. washer an l I?u?r. h* iofelty rt ?son renuwed. e-.plv for tnree dsn ak 2R>) 11111 sou street, near Spring. w ANTED -A SEAMSTRESS, Wh SECOND AVKNL'B, near 81st ah "SITUATIONS WANTKIA?NIAlaBR. A young man wants a situation to learn linriendlng In soe>e g n I Hair >t->ie, willing to work. wares, lobleii. good erty retert ncos. Address J. F , bos IIS llerald 0811? A CHEMIST. GRADrATE OP THE TOY Af, TR'IT nology Institution of Sfnekholm. and win baa had prsou al nipwrianee In a rhwmliari fwonufartnry in Ihla coun try, wan' < a situation Add re., r HereewalL la Macdoufal ?A. New Torb. a rouNO man (Native or paeisi who npeaks J\ KngUsA, P?neh and Garman. desires a tltnatlon ? travel with n family; ?fere nces can be gives. Add?aa A 0 , Ha?14 ufllae. A YOUNO MARRIED MAN. C APABLE AND RNR*. J\ gel fc, with? tmp.ny?enl In lb* evening, from A to U 8'nloM, na nyate?nan. or In any similar napanity. Has had ynaal of eapart? and thorough An -eledge i;,? the ?atef refdree<asa Onll st ilTMnlbdiry nl.. In ike s">re WlfTATlOfW WmiP^tAMM. Pas's kxhibition. ut-to "newbfafbe fro F"h|fi and ooodaotois of Journal*.?A nnilevaan of aognowladgad latent nod Mierary cxuarlaaoa, loug resident ui firu, desires to be nominated I'sris especial correspond ???I to ? (Jolted Slates newspaper or periodical. ftnu and particulars may be lee rued oo application to F. A. Ab bot. b* (Yell street. C'TIIATION WANTED-BY A SOBER, UPRIGHT i J young Irishman, 31 veera of in, as a porter or watch man. or waiter and groom in a private family; beat city re ference t Jilic.- K. P., bux 3IU Herald ofllce. SITUATION WANTKD-BY AN AMERICAN, TWENTY, live years of age. In a sow and planing mill. Beat of altv referenda glveu. Addrcsa I. 0. S.,illerala ufflre. WANTKD-BY A YOUNG MAN THAT SPEAKS QKR. man aud Engl lab, a aituation aa waiter or barkeeper. I i"rE''n n 'rein 'eat einpioyar. Addreaa A. B., WCTS-Jt SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, HAY ?T Ing had seven years'experience In the book and sta tionery Dbalnean; could Influence acme Southern trade. Ad* dress for one week H. M. W., Herald o^e saraArrvrisayg" oigrurja WAh!Ih^r~ situation by a young man who K-I ? .te? WAnir ???!* experience in the liquor bualneiia; haa traeeUed over (he entire West aud South, and eaa lnflu trade tor any Eastern house, Addreaa U H-. bo* lflfl Herald offloe, for two daya "areas u. coachmkn amu uardkners. situation as coachman, by a re fLEttK^AllD SALBBMKJf . A COMMISSION SALESMAN WISHEs"^0~8ELL a. * m'oo'AoIorj; pay for goods C. 0. D. Name twice of samples; Inclose no stamp. Addreaa Joseph. Burnet House, Cleveland, Ohio. ???"?pa. our net A R^HP?(^BLE JOUNO "AN, OF KXPPRIBNRB iVf -i'J ft wj!? ??n *??? flood city and other refer ence*, win ben % situation aa entry clerk, aaeiatant book, keeper, or In any other clerical capacity, In a wholesale shipping or oumiulaaion house. Addreaa 4 N EXPERIENCED SALESMAN WANTED?FOR A fur, hat and oap business, at 304 Grand St., WlUlams *""*? E. KAHN. FIRST CLASS BOOK-KEEPER WILL BB OPEN for nn engagement by 1st January; refers to preseut employers; noobjection to go Norih, South, East or Wast. Address J. D. II.. box 3.W Post offloe, Naw \vork. A i 1AN DISENOAQED AFTER FIVE desires an engag-ment to bring up trades ?lli* ?r m nocouuts. Address T. N? Herald A ^H1kU..MAB.WANJs A situation IN A WHOLE. e whore he can learn the buHlneaa; he la a op lend id penmau; wages no object; can give good city re* lerence. Addr**? W. ft., hoi 218 Herald oflTce * 1 A CLERK WANTED?GOOD SALARY TO A STEADY person who ran loan SfiOU on security; only good writers need apply. Address la own writing Publisher, Herald BOOKKEEPER WANTKD-TO POST A SET OF oTeniu*,n th# week-Ad S^EtfESe*A NTE,)-BT A YOUNG MAN, AS AS3I8T b? ant bookkeeper or entry clerk; moderate salary ex Kg1m jg offl? New Address VyANTED?A SITUATION AS BOOKKEEPER BY A sKIPy. '* thoroughly converaant with the \nd language.; can furnish the best of city references. Address Geo. heMllng. 4?1 8th sr.. New York HELP WANTED-HALB8. AGENTS WANTED-IN ALL PARTS OF THBUNITBD -TV States, to cell "The Lives of the Presidents." e new work, by John S. C. Abbott, the great historian. The work lft'liaHy illustrated, complete In one volume. aud ruMr for imbeerlber*. The author, the theme, and the elegant jtyle In which it Is lanued. combine to render It one of the Jwu.t book* for AgenU ever published In this country. Exclusive territory may be secured by addressing B. B. Russell A Co., Publishers, Boston, Mass. Agents?to sell a new artole just invent. ed. needed by every family la the country. Large com ci^npu!aas?'NM<inU' Callonor Randolph A AN AOKNT WANTED FOR ADVERTISEMENTS.? Only an eipcrleuced canvasser desired. Apply at offloe of the Republic, 111 l'ulton st. W OIUO* Agents wantrd.-somkthing really new, urefuL,; profits large; sattsfaoiloe guaranteed; email oapital required. Call st or address New York Manu facturing ( ompsuv, SI Park row, room 82. ALL DESIRING SITUATIONS. CALL THIS DAY. 61 ChamIicrs at.-Bookkeepers. oopyists, railroad, gro cery, dry goods clerks, porter, watchman, bartender, con ductors, brakruten. drtyars, cooks. Boy wantrd-to put uf patent medicines. Apply st 163 Rest Houston St., np stairs. CANVASSERS WANTED?BOTH LADIES AND (1EN t.cmcn, to sell s new and ssleshlo article needed In sreiy family. Call after 10 A. M. GOODYEAR. 7.t Nassau at., room No. a. seeoud floor. LTOUR YOUNG men who write fair hands. I. outdoor work oopiost, salesmen, olerks and brakemca. 113 Nassau street, room No. It WANTED?FOB A WEEK. A MAN WITH THE BEST of testimonials as to oharaoter and capacity. Apply to Osorgn Hussc, 60 William St.. at? A. M. WANTED?AG8NTS, fllSO PER MONTH, EVERY where, male and fetusle. to sell the gruuine Common Sense Fsinlly Hewing Machine, the gresii-at invention of the age. Prwe fllA Kvsrr machine ws nan ted three yeara. Address Scoomb A Co.. Cleveland. Ohio. WANTED?A MAN WHO IS THOROUGHLY KXPK rienood In the manufacture of JaIIIm, pr?m rrf?H, nyr upi. kc;, to go to rhfUdtlphlA, where n tt^edf eUunttou le offered in an estAblUhm^m to n reliable pereou. None hut men of the beat ?*pcn?nce and ability need apply. Address A P., box 1.818 Philadelphia Post office, staling qualifica tions, references, age, and amount, of salary required. VtTANTED?A SMART, INTELLIGENT MAN OF GOOD vT address to obtain subscribers In New Yurk and elctnity for the Hlycrslda Msgsxlne for young iieople. Liberal In diK-emenis olfered. Apply IrotnJto i o'clock to Hurd A Houghton, Publishers, 4?ft BruotneuK. WANTED?AN INDI HTRIOI'S, ENERGETIC MAN, louipetent to take charge or s storage wsrnhnuae, as roreman. An American or Gerdian preferred. Address Cotton, Herald otlloe. WANT ED.?FOUR MEN AND TWO SMART STEADY boys eaa find employment at UJ4 Pine st. rnoui 11. B. F. FIBLP. WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED MAN TO TRAVEL with s liquor wagon: must have a route of customers. Aflflrfw Im)x lot. ilotmkcn Post ofllre. WANTKD-A TOUNO MAN WHO WRITES A GOOD hand and has hrilns to grow up int" busi ness. Addrdsa box .\d8S Post offloe. Wanted?boys to sell a new toy on the sireet. Apply at 131; Crosby at., brliveeu Howard and Grand sis. WANTED-TWO TOI NG MEN. lg TO 3D YEARS YT wtih a knowledge uf dry gnte's; I.ermsn or Llsh pre ferred Apply la F. J., ul Washington at.. Ho boken. THK TItADKN. AQOlin LRTTKRKB, DKHKINPK. AND GKNKRAt. drarghumatt Is open for engagement on the let Ju., with nil engineer, lithographer <ir ougmeer win ting taetefti I work. HKNRY W. TKOY, 7X1 B-uit 9th et. BUCNISMERS ?8KVERAI. oood Hollow wake bttrnlehorm wanted. Applr U> Pl.rre A. <?uy, Oold end Sllrer KUrtro Plater and Eire UIMrr, Ib.lohe ?i. CILK, A MAN TO MARK 11 anw1ng't. tiiMn. flour Ac., ami lu hare the management of a .mall notion lu Philadelphia; none but .1 prut-h-al band wanted. Addre.a. atattng eiperlmee. reference., M?1nry, Ac . box Philadelphia Poet office, until December ?i. m arr oak MAKERS wantko.-inquikr or John J. Cortnan. HIT llud on a... New York mo PRINTF.RH.-A TOONS MAN. "K RISK YTIARS 1 etprirtenoa el hook, loh and newepapar work, daalrwa a altur:lion a* woman: no objection# to going Santa or W e?t. Ad.lreaa P. L.. Ilerald nflloa. WANTED?A YOCNtl MAN, WHO 1' MliBKNTAN lift the hntnbar hualreee, alao a man to take care of l.,iraaa and drira a wagon. Apply at Ull Pnlton a*.. Hrueklra. w ANTED?BY A PIKST ''I.AM ENGINEER. A HITI'A Ilea. Call at 47 Aja il. ____ w ANTED?A DOt'BLR HAND VILE PORUKR. ply 10 Hurt le A Kuaher, Id Workman at. w ANTED?TURKS COMFORITOM. APPI.T AT 77 Reekmaa at. WANTED?AN RNOAOEMKNT IN A WRI.I. R?TAB Halted hrewery, hy a pe-aon who ha* aueeeearnllT o. eupled the po-.tlon ol brewer and manager for Ih year* la <1)1., of Hie far* -at hiewerloa la I'aaada. Apply to ? redertok Oilrer, 13 South William at. W ATCMKN. JKWKI.IlIf. *4 . CU CKOO OLDCKR, WHOLES\l E AND RETAIL. AT A. ) KM At KYI ELD A CO.'H. patantoagaad aula m ?nufar. hirer a. I.adlee W atrhee. with eecret l.e-k' t" for pleurae. be.hlea a great rarlei* of other W'airhe.. frem-h ?Torka, Jewelry ami Hilrer Ware, at A. PRANK! II I II A ? O.'H. JT art Kith aeenit*. aorner ,.f fourteenth .treat, 314 Klgbtk ara nua. oOrn-r of Twnaly altlh aireeV M tllBl.E MAYTKI.S. MAUBI.B MANTRL8. ?TIIK BRUT PLA?K IN THE elty 10 pop ha?o Marble Mantel* of tha la toot dedgna at retT low pr oea. ta at A kl..AHi;K's Marble Worka, lt? Kaat Eighteenth alreei, near Thiol a*.. N. Y. Cut Ihla out. M' ? ARBI.R1Y.KD HI. t TK MANTELH?HITEKIOR IN a 1 rear a o, mora durable, half of tntrbie. T. B. HTP.WAIIT. HI. stith areuue, betoarn Thirty Drib and Tblm-elrh street* KVKNITY UK.. hiUIRNtTURR. MATTIIBnskn, HrDIMNc), LOOKING 1 lilaaaoa. ehoapeat at<> W. BNK11KN A CAM 1'RSl.L'H, sa Bowery, holaeea Mlam in and lluiieteu atreeia (looda warranted, dalirarod frne. Patent SmtWtMf W*.lete*da. ? heap. ____________ F BCI t'RNITl'RS, OARPKTN. OILCLOTHS. RFDDINO, Parlor and Bedroom Sulla, A' at BKNDAI.I. A OITR. ffd aad III Hadaoa atraot, corner of Canal Pay. t takaa by weaklr or monthly payment. 11 preierred. rR HAI.K-fltR fl'RNITPRS OP AN P.l.EUANTI.T furniebed hot tan, pleeaanlly locmled; Immediate poa mmloa gran to a napo-I*. ^Wtrndw^. HOCaSRBSrSRB OR PBRdONB OOINQ TO IIOUSR. 1. r^t' ItV O it L^PZlkr^N doe aoMl 1*11 id ami ? rent, earuar^f Oaaal. aad pay be traaklf ar a mtbly pay Auction hottctb.?samubl wynm A M, Auc tioneer*.? WO,WO worth of MAriNIPICKNT HOU4BHOLD PURNITTTRR, AT PUBLIC AUCTION ON THIS DAT (SATURDAY}. Bole eommeaeiag ol IIK o'oleek, at the elegaat Ore atory brown et?ne m?n?>nn Wo. it West Sixteenth (treat, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. DRAWING BOOM FURNTTURB. Covered hrocatel ttnd rene, Ftaxerna, Secretary Bnokoage, Centre Table. Turklnh Reclining Chair*. Sofa*. Fncolgnanro, Cabinet*. Velm and Hruuela Carpel*. l'ler, Mantel Mlr ror?, Laae Curtain*. Oil Painting! by eminent urtlata, Aitlatle Hronze*. magnigeent Komweod Pianoforte, Koeeemod and Walnut Bureau!. Bedrteada. Wardrobe*, en autte, *tyle of Lou la XIV., Hair Spring Mattre??e?. Blanket#, Sheet#, Clock. Tnaea Chandelier*. Hat Stand*. Stair Carpet, Rxten alon Table, Buffet, elegant eeta of Huby and Crratal Ulaea ware. Silver Carter*. Spoon*. Tureen*. Salvem. Dinner and Tea Semoe, Table Cutlery, I.lnen, Bofaa, Chaln. Shadea. A -SAMUEL WTMW, AUfmONEBR-SF.LLS THIS . day at lOW o'clock, Stoek of Oaudy Store SIS Delanoey ?tract, Counter!, Sbow Caaa, Candy Jar*, Toy a Cigar*. Gen eral aiaortment, In lota ?0l?5555,S;S?'J!8nTTW""" elegant and genteel Household FuroKur* at PpM* aaetlou thl* (Saturday! morning. *t 11W o'clock, at the large real danee, lit Clinton place ffclghth etnrnt). oonatetlng of magnificent roeewood Pianoforte, Stool and Cover, all modem Improvement*, full seven and a half oo tarn, richly carved leg* end caoeMhree Hulti eoTtrtd with tht rlohid dwcrl^hw of Fronch utln hrocatel: Work* of Art, Bronrei. Oil Painting* by emlnent artlata; Velvet, Bruiaeb and Ingrain Carpet*, roeewood Ktag*re* etvlo of Loui* XIV. ; *olld black walnut Extenalon Table, Buffet and DlningChalre to match; Ovaland Ptor Mirror*, black walnut BulU, covered, with haircloth and CTMii re pa; black walnut and rosewood Bodotoadc and Bo reaua. Spring and Hair MattrHeil.Hofaaaad Rgofcwffi Vaaea, Ola##. China. Silver Ware. Outleiy. Ac, ILBy-Jfc liable men In attendanee to oart, pack and chip goods for pnrchaaer* at a roaaonable charge. ? Br HENRY H. LKP.nS A WlNRB. . At th* LB EDS ART GALLERIES, ill and tit Broad MtLOWtPTOEWT SALE OP THE HIOHBBT CLASS RUROPEA* AND AMERICAN PICTURES. HENRY H. LEEDS A MINSK will mil by auetlomon the evening* of Taeeday. 18th. and Wedne*d?y. Wh Doe., at IK o'clock, at the above galleiiea by order or M. Knoedler, E?q , (Goupll A Co.. of Parle), a large and valuable iolliSlon of OlL PA1NTINOS. moot of whlch just arrived from Europe. Among other celebrated artleU are the foUovring:? jggiggoNlER. PI* **an. Merte. Ohavet. J??'"; Castnn, Aufray, Cooman*. Kauvelet, Beranger, B*rr*in, I>e Jongb*. Dl'SNKLDORK SCHOOL. Aebanbaeh, Carl Hubner, IJtiaebauer. Schleaalnger, BueUer. Webb, Prof tludo. W. Mover, Lot, and other*. ? AMERICA^ SCHOOL., .lame* X Hart, Ciienaar. Coleman. Bellnlve*. W. 11. Beard. nih*r* W.T.Richard*. O*o. InneM. '"I 'L ???g ?; of eoual celehrllv. Ther will be on exhibition FREE aa above, on and after TOHHD AY lllh In.L^ until tha even Inga of *ale. Irom 8 A. M. to ? P. M.. end unlU 111 P. M. two evening prnvtoua to aale. BY VIRTUE OP A CHATTEL MOUTOAOE I WILL expo** foe Ml*, at public auction, on Halurday. Denem berlfi. at 10 o'clock, at U5 llenrv alroet. Household Purnd turo, Moriyi^g,^ * oo.. BY THEALL A EROS. (THIS I. "^TURDAT, CONTINUATION SALE OP KLrfTAB?T WANAVY nnonfl (H1OOK8 BUON/iR^t PAltlANS, Av. CATALOGUES NOW READY AT 83 LIBERTY STREET. ?pt BURKE. AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL THIS DAY, 1). el 1 o'clock, at 38 Carmineatreel, the Stook and Fix ture* of that Millinery: SOW worth of Winter HatffiMow-m. Feather*, Lneo* and Trimming# Of all deecriptlona. Alto Oilcloth and Furniture. INXTENRIVR SAT.R IN BALTIMORE. M D?'TUESDAY. !j December 18.1 of Machinery, Tyla Btaam Engine and Boiler, Portable and Garden Fir* Mnglnee and Feela. Lathe*. Cutting Engine*. Ac.. ? effceta contained In the extenalve Fire Rnrine.nd Machine Kutabllahment* of Meaam. John Aodsrer*J8"",No. <8 North lllghatreet Baltimore. Md. The eel* winMyhA>*iWt oT verv eupertor Mahogany. 3'< aJt, Inch thick,A a 81 inch wide and S a 1* feet In length. *el*rt*<1 wUhgoeatoeroby Me**r*. J. R. A 8.. for th*lr engine boxe*. AI?o one veir elegant and aupenor flnlahad 84 aeat OilyP*?a*nger Ra'l wnv Car. entlrelv new. Thie car wa* bnllt toordierand I* flnl?h?d In the moat expenalre manner.tbelntCTl.irbelni, of pnliahed ??h, the window frame- end wood and maple, etatned g!a?a w ndovro and npholdatered with crimson repa, altogether an elegant ptr^of-^mA" *hln. Cataloguea containing full de-crtptb.ti* ofarUcle* can he had al Meaera. Archer, I'ancoaet Al-o...No.9 Mery ageat, V#?w York Mffura. J. H. k Son will rout iholr ?n!?m bnr* Machine and Blarkamllh Shop. 48 North High alreet. Balti more Md.. to whom apply for Information, more, mo., pftAMUKL 11 ? OOYKR, Anellonet TTENRY-dTmIWER. AffCTIONERR?SALKSROOM *1 11 Keeaau itreei, oppowle the Poet office. OPENING RALE OP PINF. ORIGINAL MODERN OIL FAISTINOS, AT THE PINE ART OALLBRY, RS FIFTH AVENUE, SOUTHWEST CORNER FOURTEENTH ST. MINER A SOMERVILLF. will *ell at enotlon. *t thelrnew end .paetona Fine Art Oellem, 8! Hfih avenne on Iburwtav and Saturday evenlngi at o'clock, Dae. 8Band88.1>J*rig and fla* coUeatlon of original modero Oil PalnUngv lm|K>rt*d by A. D'lluwetler. K*q..of Autwern, and never hoforeex hlhlied In thle country, among which arwwork* of the 101 lowing eminent European nrileU, vuc? IxmL Robhe, David Col. L. Vanknyek, P.. Varhoekhoveo, 11. Scliaefela, J. StrqbeL J. Vaarhurg, M. A. Koekkoek. .J. t rahee'x, A Bremen, C. leiekert. J. J. Hpohler, T. Ruvlen, Yanden F.yeken, H. Savry, M. Ta nk ate, n. Seny. F- Kriwemen. T. Francla. .1. Marohn. _ W. Lulnlg, F, Voneeben, A. T. Yerhoven Ball.T. Devoa, and other* of eelehrlty. Alao.'from tbe haaklng houi* of Bowlea Olivet A L'a. of Pert* exempt?*^- . Trovon, E- Moallnet W ? Dt??. T Frsrs J. VfTTHMlt, JiiIm Rod, 8* Melln," P. L. Ooutarter. E. Hlehel, V Wllleme, I*nfant de Met? Ceuder, Ar? Ae.. Art Alan, from a private collection, the work* of? Thna, Cole. Thoe. Dougkty. Oeo S. Andereon, Jo?epk Yemet. J. O. Mehby, ,nd ALSO. ,b. Urn ?nd elegant be the 8nest collection offered at auction thle aeaaon. H KURT D. MINER. AUCTIONEER. 8AI.K or HORSES, CARRIAOKS, HARNESS, AO., MINER A SOMERVILLE, TUKSDAT. DEC. III. niKKn m WBP.ivt iiiiiE), lur.PiiA i , ur.v-. i??. AT 12 O'CIAJCE. AT THEIR HORSE AUCTION MART. UNION PI.ACE STABLES, ?2 BAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR FOURTH ANENUE. Rfulur aale* At oar Boras Auction Mart. Union Plana Stabler, arrrjr T. mortar throughout the roar. Meant*. MINER A SOMERVILLE offer unaufn***rd edvaniagu in locailaa, experience and buaiuea* rapacity 10 partic* retailing to buy or aertring to aril llnraaa, Uarrtagaa ur anything pertaining to the boron buaiaeao. H ENRT D. MINER. AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM 37 Naa?au street. Opposite tha Port ofllna. MINER A SOMERVILLE will aril at auottao thta-dev, SATURDAY, DEC. IA at 1IRJ o'clock, at tholr aelesroom. *7 Nassau rtraat. a yena ral aaaortment of Ifouaohold Fnrntlurr, Parlor and Mod room Sulta, Valval. Brnaaola and Ingrain Carnal*: Mat Hug, Lounges. Be,laired* Rnrrana. Chaira. Ofllna Desk*. an air. font mar wood Pianoforte, Mottreases, Oilcloth*. T Stores and Heaters. ALSO, AT 13 O'CLOCK. Two Flnr Ontd Watches, onr madr br Connor, of l<oadon. About ton actions of native nuro Isabella l,ripe tVlna, vin tage of lbiV<, In demijohns of from on.- In flrr gallon*. AND SIXTY COINS, aomr of which *ra RARE AND VALUABLE H RNRT D. MINER. AUCTIONEER -SALESROOM 37 Naaaau atrart, op|<oaHa the Port offlnr. HORSES AND CARRIAOKS AT AUCTION THIS DAT. SATURDAY, DEC. 15, AT 13 O'CLOCK, ST MINER A SOMERYILLR. AT 37 NASSAU STREET. A TURNOUT, comprising ? tine tieel ROtN STALLION, 13 Innda high. fl raara old, kind tn *11 harno** and nndrr On lillr; can trot In 3 35. T'iP Ul'OiiY, elly built, nearly new; oat single Harness, entered buckles. H AY IIOHKK, 17 handa bleb. H year* old, kind In all bar " ' ?no ocas; a flood cart or axprrta horse K.AV M ARK. 7 vs*r* old about l?H banda high, kind In all hemes'. and axortlant under raddle. PINS TURNOUT?A RAT FANCY DRIVINO MARR, about 15 handa high, Svrsmold. wairintad perlrclly sound kbid tn all karnraa. and a flnr saddle annual, very rplrt'rd and atyllali; can trot In about 3!{ mluntra; perforUv gcnilc; haa liarn drtrrn by a lady, and premise- flivat apord. A SIIKM. BOX TROTTING BUOOV, nrarly now. SET t?F SINOLR HARNESS. covered burkleo. bcio-al otbrr Horara, aovrral aola of Harness, 1 Rubra, Slankrta Ac., Ac. UKOtl.AR HORSE SALE DATS AT 37 NASSAU ST., EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Meters. MINER A SOMERVILLE offer unanriwteecd ad vsn.aaer in location, rtperlrnrr and htudneea raparttj V> partlra niab>ng to bny or tlralt .ug to aril I lottos, CaiWag** or anything pertaining to tlir bur** buainaoa AMO, TWO HOLD WATCHES?onr by Cooper, of London. J BOO ART. AUCTIONEER.-THIS DAY. DPO.Jft. AT ww . lilt, o'clock, *t tba Auclon Itootns No, I No-th W'lllatn afreet, llmaarboid Kuralttira. 7 octave roaew.e ,1 Piano, Ac. , rnnalrtlng of Parlor and Cottaws Ham*. Soto, Tahlea. CI,alt*, mab"panr Rocker* and ?aay Chaira ta rt<*a, Drcing Hureeua, Washotand*. CotiaiV and Front'h Krg. ?ir.ida hair Mattraaae', fanthar Rrds and Bedding. Lounger, laok ni tJlaaa. Brussels. three plr and Ingrain t *rflet?. me art .Inutile ailtrer plated Harnea*. new. aim on* Eh'l.ah Hr?r Pump, bO.iro Havana Clgara una tnarbla bod Milliard Table, coking and parlor blov*>. An, Aloo lot Kmiry Good a, llollow Warn. Ladies Cloaks, Sliawla. lur I ape*, Muff*, Ac., Ac M. DOIJOHTT, AUCTIONKKR? WILL BKLLO^MIT. urtUr. At k. At th* AuctlfHi Hrv?m? 7P v** mi?i by nrtti# of i ctnltfi m4rif>f*t ? lir|? ?f?ori. m*iit <if ?Hfwrtor Partor. ClUfflW, fttnlnjr Room. libiAry ami Ptmntwv* wailra^aaa. Mirror*, J?*1< an<t two Plaaofarto*. Oaa rkantlrlirra, OH P?i?i!'?fa, 4c. By onlor of U. M. Amtorann, atUirn*f far aortwiM. S? F.AMERS ARAUO AND PULTON FOR N1LK. The above itaamor* will be offerod for aal* *1 onb'lr ana lion on SATURDAY. MSnM XL 1?M at 12o'clock ? on, at the Mrrchante' Exchange, Trinity B'lUdlngA by POME It DRAPER A CO., Auction.-ra. No 7 Brimdwny, Now York. Deomnbar II !**? Sherman, auctionrf.r-wim, SELL T?m . day. Saturday. Dorr tiller 1ft, at Hl'i n'rlock, at I* l-"W eiy a grvv Trort Home, ling banda bigk, bud ll?.-n-n Af*o a large lot ol Lipoma. Ae. ______ Thomas oafpnrt. ai'cttonrkr?salesroom iig Eighth avenue?wHI nail, tbie day. at 10 o'ulgrk. lh? Leeoe, steak aid Flxluregof lb* large Liquor Store rt Tw?nty-*lxth atrnrt and Trntb avaana. bale pneitDa, in on* or mora tote WM. H. REESE, AUCTIONEER. NO. 3 PIE*STRRRT. will xrll at public auction, on Tue.dat. I lean Tibet IS, ?t 13 N., on thb pronata**. No. IT Wort atrrct, thaLca?s ti-wd IA III and Fixture* of a Dining Saloon; It baiho# of Magrr a rang**, with copper boitar, a largo cook agora, with amain labira and heater*, art lb tvwytblnfl ronaplei* for rooking: C illery, Crorkery and Utaoaware, tahlea, Chaira. Table and "tear i,in*a, Raw rnmpa, Bar and En .gfltn raatl neie, bar ing been a*ed only Iwn won tba, alginate of J? Pa^l marble hot plated (Has* or Mr, and Bod* Poatntelaa with cogpor fountain* aad ateht ? Holder*, nard aaly eg* aasaon art In perfrat owft nvnr ?** Tbn what* nUI b* obi t witting MLM AT tPCTlOW. TITfLI.IA m" ABBOTT. AUOHOirEP. *-OMTCK IW TT Chatham square?sella ou thia day. at A o'claek, Oka Htoeh and Fit I urea of the Cigar atom W5 Bleoekor street, large Mirror, Ulaaacaae. Totaeao, Cigars. Coun tors, Ac. WILLIAM AHHOTT, AUCTIONEER, OFPICh 170 " " ,, t bathtm square, belts, on this day, at II o'clock, at Toner's Hlablra, 19 Monroe street, two teams powerfal Canadian Horse*; olio team dark brown Horse... 16!* bauds high, wurranted bound and kind, good truck horse*; Har ness. Coach**'. Ao. ItRlalOIOUS NOTICES. Announcement.?be v. chaklks b. hmyth leciurea.on "Jhe Naked Truth" ag.uu, TO-MOKB<?W AKTKHNOON <SX o'clock, D. V.), in the EVERETT ROOMS, I 'J98 Broadway, oonier of Thirty-fourth street. The crowds attending Mr. Smyth's lectures, and the ex jiensc* regularly Incurred being such, Ac , Ac., it la deemed

rx|,edient to inform all persons, who. havlug been brought to light In the knowledge of the truth, appreciate his move ment, that the admibston will he by ticket. Too tickata ars now read* at the following place*;?E. II. Lawrence'* Ileal Ma * " " I'.atate Agnicv. t.SWd Broadway; MarfarUnd's Book Store, corner Broadway siui Twenty-third; Goes' Book more, 15 Third areuue, oppnaite Gooper 1 n.tilute. Mini mum price 25 rente. Ladles and children free. The poor free. Tickata at the door alao, ou entrance. Church of resurrection, tui rty-fikth street, near Sixth avenue, Kev. Edward O. Klagg. 1>. P.. rector, will preach a; lot* o'clock A. M? and nt 7X r. M. In the evening n eertnon on Prodigal don. Church of ht. John baptist (episcopal), Lexington avenue, corner Thlrtg-Ufth street. Her. Or. Duffle's, service on Mttuday afternoooa at 3)* o'clock. A. M. 10X. Strangers provided with seata. Central PRKSBTTERIAM OttCROU?HAVING RE rnornd from Broome street, will meet for worship at Lyric IlalL Forty-seventh street, junction of Broadway and Seventh aveuoe. Preaching by the Pastor, Rev. Jss. B. Dunn, at 10)* A. M. and 7J* P. M. Evening subject?" Pil Babbath School at?P. H. Pastor'a All are conlmlly Invited. BPI8COPAL FRKK CHURCH OF THE REDEMPTION, East Fourteenth street, opposite Academy of Muale. The eongregetlon arJ respectfully iuvIted to meet on Wed nesday evening. 19th tnm., at BP. M. Iter. Crla Scott la Invited to be present. ELDBR KNAPP, THE REVIVALIST, WILL PREACH in the Bloomiugdale Buptist church (Dr. Weacott's), Houth aide of Fortv-second slreei. between Seventh end Eighth avenues, at toy* o'clock A. M.. and 71* P. M. EMFTH AVENUE BAPTIST CHCRCII, CORNER OF Forty-sigth street.?Services by the Pastor, Kev. Thomas Armltsge. 1>. D? at HI)* A. M. mid 7>* P. M. Discourse fur th? ftrpnlnc. ''Molomiiii m CnivRrha." thn ipchihI In A the evening, "Solomou'a Medical Proverbs," the second In ? aeries of lectures to young turn on the Book of Proverbs. French church du st. esprit, rev. dr ver reu rector. Divine service tn French on Sunday after noon, at 8 o'clock. Sunday school at two. IjlRKK CHURCH OF THE REDEMPTION. EAST ? Fourteenth street, between 1'hlrd and Fourth aveune*. The Rev. Mr. Dennlaon will preach to-morrow; services nt 10)* A. M. and 7j* P. M. HKDDINU M. E. CHURCH. EAST SEVENTEENTH street, between First and Second avenue-. ? Preaching nt Hit* A. M. and 7 P. M., by the pastor, Uev. W. P. Corbit. Prayer meeting atS P. M. Seata Ireo. MRS. EMMA IIARD1NGE DISCOURSES BEFORE Spiritualists In l*o,lworth Hall, at 10)* end 7W. o'clock. Subject*?"Woman in the Nineteenth Century." "The Subject*? Providence* of Ood in History. N1 OKTII PRESBYTERIAN CIIUKCH.?THE THIRD _ lecture in the course to youug men will be delivered Sabbuth evening In theoburch corner of Math avenue and Thirty-Ural street, by the pastor, Kev. Tboc. street, to oom meuoc at 7)* o'clock. Subject?"Hooealy." PILGRIM BAPTIST-CHURCH.?THE TASTOR, REV. Halaev W. Knapp, wil 1 preach every Sunday, at 10)* A. M. and 7X P. M.; also every Wednesday evening. Bap tixing hundaj evening. Rev. trksiiam gregg.-to morrow, morning, afternoun anil evening, at Argus Hall, on the "Peculi arities that should now m*rk the Woiahlp and Preaching of the Christian church." Rev. dr. deems, of north Carolina, will preach In the Chapel ot the University to-morrow moaning, at 11 o'clock. Meals free. Pabllc Invited. ST. ANN'S FREE CHURCH, EIGHTEENTH STREET, near Fifth avenue.?To-mnrrow services will be hold at 7)* and 10)* A. M., 3 and 7)* P. M.. the afternoon fort deaf inules. The rector, ItevaDr. Gallaudot, will preach. g S._ SNOW, THE MESSENGER, WILL PREACH - The Seoond Coming of Christ," on Sunday, at 5 P. M., in the University, Washington square. Meat* free and Grangers welcome. C?*. BARNABAS CUAPKL?(PROTESTANT KPISOO O pal) Mulharry street, near Bleecker, two blocks aaat of Broadway; seats tree: Uev. s. H. HilUard, chaplain. Ser vices on sunday at 10)* A. M. and 7)* P. M. UT. STEPHEN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH. FORMERLY kJ worahlpping it the corner of Broome andCbryei In streets, hol t diviue service every hunday, morning anil evening. at Ibe French church on Twenty-second street, between f ifth and Mxih avenues. Tomorrow too Rev. l>r. Price, rector, will yreacM at 10), A. M. and 7)g P. M. rpBU SUNBEAM MISSION BAND WILL HOLD A 1 Katr at Thirteenth hi reel church, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Dr. Burchard'a, on Tuesday, December is, at 7>a 1'. M.. aud Wedneealay, December IV, at 2 P. M. TickeM 16 con ta. fllllK R1V. A. BLOOMER HART, RKt.TOR OP THB 1 Church of the Advent, will prcarh in All Helots' church, In Henry street, corner of Heammel. on Sunday evening, Dec. 10, aervioae to commence at 7H o'clock. The public are invited. THK UKV. FRANCIS VINTON, S. T. D., WILL REPEAT, iu Trinity chapet, on Sunday evening, December 18, the eernou preached by him at the recent centennial celebration in St. Paul's chapel. UNTIL THK COMPLETION OP THB MEMORIAL t impel of the Holy Saviour, now In process of erection in Kail Twenty-fifth street, the lets Rev. Dr. Ilawka' charge will hold eervicea at lu.'g o'clock every Sunday morning In the chapel of Ilia L'nlveraity, oo Waahlngtoaiaquare. Ser mon by ibe Rev. Frauds T. Rnaaoll. QT A BROADWAY.?SUNDAY MKKTINOS. SEATS OIt tree. At IO)i A. M.. ?Frogra.alva Conference;" dlecuatleu on "llnll lire" at3, and dlaouaaion on the "Divin ity of Christ" at 7*; f. M. DRY GOODN. LVUB8. IN SABLK, FORK, CHOICE SETS MINE, ROYAL ERMINE. SIBERIAN SQUIRREL. Ac., Ad., at greatlv redo cod drteee. BURKH, *rn Broadway and IS Fulton itreet. HO'FARRELI.. 287 Til 171 THIRTYFIFTH STREET, ? one door ea?t of Eighth avenue.?Carpets and Kuml turc. ?The largest and beat aelected a took ot the above goods at the lowest prices in the city for caah. siinet 1'owertoom Ingralna,(a. to 10a.?old prica,$l Hand $1 M OilAloiha 1 lo? yards wide. 10.COO pairs Blaukela. The shore stoat la 33 per cant leas than laat month's prlean and will be sold regard iota of ooai. All gooda warranted. Ma. douolahe . (Formerly M. A. Drlearr) HAS REMOVED FROM 4fl UNION SQUARE TO 170 FIFTH AVENUE, CORNER OF TWENTY-SECOND BTREKT, Where ah# olTcra for sal", at GREATLY REDUrED PRICKS, CLOAKS, IN VELVET, CLOTH AND SILK. ilM. OI'KRA OLOAKP. DRESS GOODS. AO., AC. >TKW CARPET STORE.?WK ARE OPPRRING I our large and entirely new stock at the following Vrisen:?Ingrain* fr>m 5" ccnta. Three Plya, from >1 SO; nneatry Brm-el", from (I <5; Body Brussels. from $187; Tap. aiiv iirua-eia, ri' iu gi .a; no ly nmeaeie, inmigzsi; Velvet, I ram 02 Mi; Olloloth, Druggce. Kuga, Mala, Mat ting, Ac. vll gooda w arranied as n-prr-enu-d 11. KELLY A CO., tl&Siilh ay., caaroer Twetity.flfth at. SMILLIE A OO HAVE OPENED TI1E MO*T ELEGANT AHHOKTMENT op CLOAKS, H AUyl'EH. BARQUES, JACKET* AND CIRCULAR* IN VELVET AND CLoTlI, which cannot Se aurosaaed in America. 703 Broad -av, (>el>.csn Eighth nnd Ninth atresia WILLIAM BUCHANAN MACKKNXIK. Sop t Fur dwelling-. O. la A A. 8 XELTY, For stnTea, 447 Em akylighta. Broadway. LACE i UHTA1NS. TR7MMINOS, Lauded at wholesale prices until Inaai shah vale price? until January I. G. L. A /. R. KKLT1, 4?7 Broadway. CURTAIN* Lace. Muslin. Brwatel, R?p?. Terrv An ? L. A J. B. KBLTY LT Broadway. TKf ATKRI'ALLH?TiiPHIKB AND ROLL*, , IV rh< at> All ciders promptly al.ended to. L. KRI SF. Id Chr> "tie street, top Boor. N. T. M1LLIAKRY. T AD1P.S WILL DO WELL TO CALL AT MDE. C. Id LACY'S. 1.141 U-endway and IJOHiith avenue, and bur h i?dson e Pretica Hoanata and Flowers at half the cost at A KMT AMD IIAVY CLAIM*. ALL bolpip.rn who want monp.t and thrir calmsmlleeted. call at SIIKLDoN's OU Army i No. i Beekmen afreet Send fur circa iar. V? ???*'** r,m * particular rrhimrnt will In he Olid uoi'i me regiment la moletn. Every valdier avould He hla olaim at on e: by so d leg he will eelat In mm pie ling his "gin ont and <it?.n? an early payee it to bi-naeir and in hla aomradra. f all early on M. J. HfdUINM, J* Merer at. net. COAL. WOOD, AC. i "iiKK.?WMOLKS ALE AND RETAIL *2 40 PRE ? J chaldron, m the r ,rd. Cr $.! &d delivered. order" received by t Ril'af li A BURNS, gw;: Weal Kinhteentn street, asd JOHN BMITII. crnerof aiewua O andKent Fifteenth street, delivered Immediately. f HIKE, f? r? A CHALERON IN TARD. M S* AT ?t V ' t"Uior>' Si.uvea, ami by the nerg.i at a red.cvl prise A p.y at T venlj-iini atriet anal avavua A. s. P. MNNtWOBD. BKMTHTRY, trailed paiu 'ten years, i.y Wimbiag eppUra nar. .n./aU?al. Ijnighutg g.ia Trash dally. Ttcutilul Teeth P. J l A V'it'ii I.I RN, ? i.-de In " IMOran.l vireet. i."W? Itmadway. HXATKD AND ? It Ida Gas, Md only way which uniformly destroys pi in. a kpeo.elty of the moil Nil . . < 'Unle .l?a. and >r b In the only way whlvh nail." uly dcalreya p. in. Wc hare given It to over IfidOO petianav Uiwae to heedqtur t-ia. i Ifllce t> Cooper InvtHdte. 11A MAKTRLL RURGKDN DBNTHT. W SIXTH AV. |I eaue three loon shave Thirty oh.ih eaiaei. -Fat of Ruh'oar Teelh. ari.h P'onaoera $7 to lid, Tnglh Krgfaaiad with Rttrnvi 'iddt Oe? mtUaut aa'y ?nioMM CITE AM to OLABQOW 4MB IJV1WPOOU IffiBKof"!& anchor LINK BAIL KVKBY SATURDAT. IOWA Mil* Saturday, December IS. CALEDONIA Wl* Saturday, December 29. COLUMBIA .* agile Saturday. December 29. BATES OF PASSAOE, PAYABLE IN (HTJtKSNffT.. To Liverpool, GDagow und Deny, Cabins, #90 and #70; SteeriKe. $.'10. Pm.vM fortifies tea from these porta to New York, #36. To Ilarra, Hamburg, Antwerp, Ac., $ MO And #37. For further Information apply nt the company'* offioee. FRANCIS MACDONALD A 00., Agents. No. 6 Bowling (Ireeti, New fort. VfATIONAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. It (Limited, i STEAMERS WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL, C4LLINO AY QUEEBSTOWN. I-navlne jvler 47 Norin river, ae folio*'?> DENMARK, Capuin Thomson, aalla Saturday, Decern bw 1ft, VIROfNIA, Captain Prowae, aall* Saturday, December 21. ^HELVETIA, Captain Thompson, sails Saturday, Decern ENGLAND, Captain Orace, aalla Saturday, January A Cabin pa stage #100; Steerage ATI. Steerage luiasage tickets, to bring part lee from Liverpool or Oueenstown, for AW In rurrencr. Through pastage to Paris, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremen, Ac., at low rale*. Draft* Issued for any amount, payable at any bonk In Great Britain or on the Continent. For freight and cabin passage apply At the office of the eomponr. 67 Broadway. And for steerage tickets at the pasaage office of the com pany, 27 Broadway and 275 Pearl street, near Fulton. *' w- J- HURST, Manager. THE HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANT'S Iron mail ateamabip BAYARIA. L Meyer, commander, carrying the ITnlud States malL will sail on Saturday, December 29, at 19 M., for HAMBURG. taking passengers for Hamburg, Havre, Southampton and London First catbln, $106; second cabin. #62 6U; steerage, #87 60, payable In goldior Its equtvalevit. The Alletnannla will follow Jennary A lflST. KUNHARDT A CO.. C. B. RICHARD k BOAR. General Agents, General Passenger Agents, 46 Exchange place, N. Y. No, C Barclay street, N. Y. The north okkman lloyd'h steamship AMERICA, J. C. Meyer, master carrying the United States mall, will tall from the Bremen pier, foot of Third street. Iloboken. on SATURDAY, DECEMBER IS, BREMEN YIa'sOITTHaMPTON, TAKING PASSENGERS TO LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the following rates, parable In gold or its equivalent In currency:? For the first cabin, #106; second cabin, #62 80; steerage, $!t7 60. To lav followed by the steamship DEUTSCIIliAND, H. Weaaela. master, on December 99. For freight or pasaage applv to OELRlCHH k CO.. 66 Broad street. TEAM TO QUhENBTOWN AND LIVKRPOOL.-THE 1 DENMARK sails Saturday, Dec. 16. Passage. #30 curren cy; prettalil tickets $35. Drafts on Fngland and Ireland at lowest rates. Applv at THOMPSON'S pa-iaage office. 97# Pearl street, near Fulton. STEAM TO QITF.ENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. From New York every Wednesday and Saturday. Steerage passage #10, currency. Passage to New York and remittances to Ireland, England Ac., at low rates. WILLIAMS A OUION, 29 Broadway and S3 South at. STEAM TO QITEEN8TOWN AND LIVERPOOL. The first class Iron steamship CHICAGO. ?alls WEDNESDAY, January 9, From Pier 37 East river. Pasaage In Cabin $100 | Steerage #90 Payable In currency. For passage apply to WILLIAMS A OUION, 99 Broadway and 83 South street. London and new york rtramship line. Passage to London. #90. $60, and #30, currency. Pnasage from London, #75. $01. and #30. gold. WILLIAM 1'KNN, Captain BUIlnge, from Now York Do oetnber 19> ATA LA NT A, Captain Plnkham, from Ntw York Jan uary 12. BKLLONA. Captain Dtion. from New York February 2. CELLA, Captain Gleadell. from New York February HI. The new and elegant British iron steamship WILLIAM PENS, 3(100 tons, will leave pier No. 3 Noith river for London direct nn Saturday, December 29. The aooommo datloiis for passengers on this ship are unsurpassed. Freight will be taken, and through bill* of lading given, tollavre, Antwerp. Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Dunkirk. For passage apply to CHAR A. WHITNEY, 9# Broadway. For freight apply st 64 Houth street. ROWLAND AJt SPIN WALL. Agent*. I' ONDON A NEW YORK STE AMHII1P LINK. J Pasaage* to London direct #90. #60 and $30, payable la United State* currency. The magnificent new Rrlttshdron steamship WILLIAM PKNN. 3.000 ton* burden. Edwin Pilllnge. commander, wfll leave pier No. 2. North river, nn Saturday. Dee. 99. for Loudon direct Freight will lie taken and threngh MID of lading given to Havre, Antwerp. Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Dun kirk. The aeeoramodatlons for passengers on this lino arc an ?rpearod. For passage apply to ' OMAR. A. WHITNBY.IB Broadway. For freight apply at M South street. HOWLAND A ABPINWALL, Agents. $ o XLY DIRECT LINE TO PRANOB. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S HAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NKW YORK AND HAVRE. CALLING AT BREST. The aplendld new rereela on thl# favorite route for the Continent will eeil from pier No. SO North river, m fol low*:? BUROPB .... Lamnrle Saturday. Dee. 15 BT. LAURENT Hocnndi Saturday, Deo. IS PKREIRB ., Ducheane Saturday, Jan. IS YILLE D? PARIS Sttrmont Saturday, Jan. S6 PRICBR OP PASSAGE IN OOLD. Flrateabin, $136; aecoud cabin, $H0. RATRB APTKR JANUARY 1, 1S67.' Plrat oabin, $110; aaoondaahln. $101, Including wine. Paaaenger* Intending to land at Breat can he furnlahad on board with railroad oonion tlcketa, and their baggage eheekad to Parle at an additional charge of $5 for Aral and $3 for aecond claaa. Theae ateatoer* do not carry ateerage paaaenger*. Medical attendance free of charge. OBO. MACKENZIE, A rent. No. OA Broad wag. J EXCHANGE AND KPROIB OFFICE.?L. POI.TAT, IN J Broome atreet. Achat. Venle, eondltlont ei.-eptlon. ellea. Or at BUlela de Banque FrmnijaJa. Bug*, aella French Oold and Bank Note*. ? CTEAM TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QDEENS C town?The Inman Line, aalllng aeml-weekly. carrying the United State* malla. CITT OP PARIS, Saturday. Deeember 18. KANGAROO. Wedneadag. December IS. CITY OP NEW YORK, Saturday, December TL CtTY OF DCBLIN, Wedneadar. Deeember*. CITY OP BOdTf IN. Saturday. December ?. And each aeeceedlna Saturday and Wedneaday, at neon, from pier 45 North rlrer. RATES OP P tSSAOK. BT THE MATT. RTRAMKR SAILING EVERTHATCRDAY. PIRNT CABIN ??CI I MTKERAin: ?:tn To I-ondou * I To leaitim 54 To Pari* 106 TO Pari* 40 PAYABLE IN OOLD. Paaaage hy th* Wedneaday Sleiiinrra, Ural cabin $M; ateerage, $80 Payable In Culled State* currency Paaaruceri alao forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Bremen dr.. at rnoderae ratea. Steerage paaaage from Liverpool or Que.-n*town. $30. mid. or the equivalent. Ticket a1 ran be bought here by perao.ia eeudlng toe thetr Mend*. For further Information, apple at the company'* 'iglnea. JOHN (1 ft A I.E. tr?nt. 15 Broil way. N. T. Tapscotts LIVERPOOL ANO OrEKNSTOVTN STEAMSHIP passage offices. * Norm STREET AND * BROADWAY, NKW YORK. Pet-Min* wlahlnr to arid fur their frlend? ran rot rob nee eertlBraie# from QCHENSTOWN LIVERPOOL (>,r $"? CURRENCY. Alao by Tapaeott'a relnl,rated l<nr of weekly packet* from LONDON AND LIVKRHOOI* AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLR RATES. ^ REMTTTtN" KM TO GREAT BRITAIN AND lltRLAND Drat N for Ll and upward*, parable on demand, laatied at loweat t.itea. For further particular* applr to TAPRCOTT, BROS. 5 CO., AT. Soutl^treet and ?1 Broadway. RKMITTANCRS TO OREATBRITAIN AND IRELAND. . Drafts far ?1 and upward*. parable on *d? O.acd. U aned at lownet tatea by TAPSI OTt. BROS.15 CO.. *6 South atreet and X Broadway. QTEAMP.R Rl'BOPB, FOR BREST AND HAVRE, WILL ii |e?ee pier V North river, fool of Morten atreet. Satur day, Decern per IN. at II o'eloeh. Paaeengeni ace rrqurated tn he tin Ixjard at 10 o'doah. AMRRIGAN EUROPEAN EXPRESS. 72 Rroadway. ArsrtN, BALDWIN A CO., Proprietor*. Rhtp Pared*. Packare*. ralnablee and rnoda l?y mall at?anier*|iwic# #?ch waek, for all part* of Kurnpe. al tew rate*. (OtATWISE WTKANINHIPW. PACIFIC HAIL STEIMSHIP COMPANY'S THROCGII LINE To OAI.IFtJRNIt, CARRYING UNITED hTAH'u MtlL. VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Steamer* teaee pier 4? North rt*er, foot of Canal atreet. al It o clock, te.on aa follow ? Dee. II -RISING STAR, t'autaln T. A. Ilarrta, eanneetlng Willi MONTANA. <'ap'?ln Hiillon. Dae. ill-iK'EAN ylKEK Captain , eoeaeetlng with OORSTITUTlftN, i ap-.ln Cararly. All denattnrea touch at V eapulro ? to <ae of let and Hat eoneeet at Panama with atennier* for S..ulh PaclSo pn ta; I at and IDJi for Central Atnericaa yorta. and il,o-? nf let Woe-it a Ma'taanill<< Iteportare of 11th each mneth unnneeta With the oew ateem line frnm Panamite tuMrella at id Now Zealand. steamer of Dee 11. IS* will tMMl with the fir*t a'camer ?f the rompaey'i China 'Ins. iaaitng San Kranrtarn Jan. 1, IttlT. fix !l"f t h >it| Ml latnnd* baggage allow ad each adu.1 Matlielnea and at tend., nee fme. For paaeaga Urketa and all Dinner Information apply at theu*r*..n th* wharC, Toot ef Canal air-et. North rtver, lr tor*. S. K hoLM.tN, Agaat. rtCll-'ottVA lit I'tND't The Pad Ho M a>t Sl**m?hlit t nmnan/tf aleamer RI HNIl STAR wlHaalloe, FRIDAY. DF.i I M ItEll 21, at II I'clwt neon. Freight received *a nanal. For rats*. 5--? inquire at freight office on company'* nter, <1 Nagth rtaer. foot of Caaal atreet. WILLS FARGO A CO., Hot* Kroltbt Ag-nU P. M. S. H. C?. OrFOSI/THlN LINE _ 'lO CALIFORNIA YT.t NICARAGUA. . EVERY TWENTY DATS THE^ORTII AMERICAN RTBAMsiiif COMPANY will deapetrh the fiat and alegnnt ateamabip RAXflAOO DE CUBA, .Teycy W. Smith. 1 niyiioander. ?a Tgnraday. Deeemher'At, at n mn, trotn pier No.0 I ? rlrer. foot , t \t rten ?tree!, AT ORRATLT re DIVED r t Ve*. For paaaaga and freight apply al ITT W.-al attest, enrner ? Aareen. To lottow January 10, alsnmer SAN PRANt I SCO, Captain C. Y. W. Behtu. U N. CATTRINGTON, Agent AFANA. SISAL AND VRRt CRUZ. POSTPORBMENr. The aid#wheal ateamabip M ANII ATrAR, R. W. Turner commander, will aall from ptej No J North mar. aa ttmra, aa Saturday. Dsrtmhsr 15 *11 P. M. NilAKLM a WUIT.NKX. Agenv M Bmtway. J ooAtrwira mtAim'n1! TTNITRD BTATKB VAIL TO HjVVaNA " LI ATLANTIC MAI I. 8TKAMOTIIP COWV A"' Every Thursday, from pter No. (, North rirorA P"n<rto?% itnl anon. ' Tbe elegant sldewheel steamship* _ EAGLE, Greene , Tbursdey, ?ml| MORRO CASTIjE, Adams Thursd*y. . J KaOLE, Greene Thursday, A ?-jl "OLUVBIA, H..rloa TLur.dey. Ja x *? Tho elegant wrfl* sieauier MKKRIMAO, Captain \ H Tlue will Hail for Havana, .Saturday, Dot). 36, at A if M., fro * plnr 48 North river For frelKht or passage apply to Harbison a allen. Agent#, No. > Bowling oreen. A TLANTIC VAIL STEAMSHIP CO Ml* A NT, J\ FOR ST THOMAS AND BRAZIL. Regular L'lilted States Ball Steamers, sailing on tkl ?? Of every month:? GUIDING STAR. Captain tieo. K Sloenm. Dee. IX NORTH AMLRICA, Captain L. P. Ttmmerniiiii, Jan. W HOl'TII AMERICA, Cs plain E. L. Tinklrpnugh. Feb. Wk These elegant siearnero sail with regularity, aud call ? % Thomas, Para, Peruambuoo. Hahia and Rio de JaoeMm going and returning. For encaantneaLa of freight or paen^v apply u? GARRISON A ALLEN. Agenw " No. 5 BowMng Oreen. Now I( For oalvebtbn, tkxas.?tub hteamer a. jl. logerioll baring been sold, the Af steamer C. WL LORD. Captain Ward, will reerlve freight at pier X Nov river, and sail on Thursday, December M. For freight or passage apply to CL U. MALLORT A OB, HSS-Maiden laoe. The C. W. Lord warranted to Inaore at to n set rates. Fob qalvkkton, texas-fo?itivelt rtsaf steamer. Rtpreeo Line. The small Al ataamefiB T1LLIK, Potter oommander, will receive I retch t at pter# Raat river until Thursday. December SO, at I EM. Inanfe anee guaranteed at laws't rates. For freight er nmN apply to TOUNO A COWAN, N Burling slip ? OTAR LINE TO NEW ORLEANS.?THE NFW TOM O Mall Steamship Company's floe mean steamers w# leave pier 46 Narth river, at 6 o'clock P. M.. aa follows. MORNING STAR On Saturday, Doe. I MONTERBT...... i On Wednesday, Dew 1 HAVANA : On Saturday. Deal MISSOURI On Wednesday. Son 1 All bills of lading signed at the oflloe upon the |Kar. PI Bowling Ovees. 3 All bills of lading signed at the ofnee upon the pier. Fw freight orpessags apply to (J. t. OARRISON, President, No. 61 FOR NEW ORLKANg DIRECT. The new and first olasx steamship OENERAL OIARI Captain B. W. Holmes, will leave pier No. V North flvtg on Saturdav, Deeemher 15, at 3 o'clock P. M. For freight or passage, having unsurpassed aooonaeaedB Hons spplv to 11. B. CROMWELL A CO., flfl We-t stroeg Tho ? ^*RAL MEADE will follow De. U. FOB NEW ORLE ANS ?BLACK BTAR LINK.?'M steamship SIGHTINGALE Captain Breaker WW leave pier 13 North river, on Saturday, Dec. 15, at IP. B For freight or |w stage having handsome arrommodtoNgMm apply to R. LOWDKN, Agent, corner of Cedar and Vol streets. DAVID McCOARI), Agent In New Orleans. New orleanw steamship line. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT EVRRT SATUBBA* First Cabin, (118; Second. 6X7. Meals and Rooms Included F.le::ant . ocommodatlona. Apply to ALLEN K. THOMAS A CO.. No. 6 Bowling < Atlantic mail stp.amhiiip co. EMPIRE LINK FOR SAVANNAH Every SATURDAY, from Pier No. 11 North rlvur. Punctually at II P. M.. The favorite aidewhnel steamships SAN JACINTO, Lovrland, Commander, sails Deeemher IB HAN SALVADOR. Atkins, Commander, sails DeeemhOP B Through tickets and bills of lading to all points. Elegant passenger scrnmmodutiGiM. GARRISON A ALLEN, No. fi BowMng Oreen. N. T. Fob savannah, oa?mcrravs line. EVERY TUESDAY. The favorite steamship VIKQO, E. M. Hulkley. onamaeBB will sail Tuesday, December IS. at It P. M. precisely, fMw pier 16 East river, foot of Wall street. Through bills of lading and passage tickets given I# t0 points In connection with Georgia Central Railroad. For freight or passage apply to MURRAY. FERRIS A CO.. 61 sod 63 South Strang For savannah, oa., every Thursday?'raft Atlantic Coast Mail Steamship Company's tlflnnhd# steamships HERMAN LIVIN08T0N, Captain Baker. aalD Thnradagh Dec-mlier 3(1. GENERAL BARNES, Captain Morton, sails Iherod^b December 37. From pier 38 North river, at 3 F. M. preet elv. Through passage tickets and bills of lading to all point* IB connection with tho Central Railroad of Georgia. For frstwm or passage apply to LIVINGHTON. FOX A CO., Agent*. 68 Liberty Strom ?LTOR CHARLESTON, 8. C.?TnE PEOPLR'S U Steamship Company. The regular and popular ? ship EMILY B. SDUDEh Captain Lcwkwno.1 will IsanM Wednesday. Dee. 19. at 8 P. M., from pier Nu. 38 North ring landing freight on Saturday morning at Charleston. Through tickets and bills of Isdlng issued to all poind* Sou ill In connection with the South Carolina KAflroad. LIVINGHTOM. POX A CO.. Agents. ?8 Liberty strl POE CHARLESTON. 8. C.?THB FLORIDA FO and tho South and Southwest. Regular United Mall Lias. The elegant and popular side whoa! at* QUAKER CITY. Wm. IT. West, commander. Is now .. Ing cargo. and will aatl tills day (Saturday), Deo It, nt M , from pter 14, Raat river, oonoeottng et Charleston the steamer DICTATOR for ths Florida porta. Fswm tickets and through bills of lading given to all points on WB South Oaniflna Railroad. BUI* of lading signed on the W sol. ARTHUR LBART, 73Wlltlam r F? R RICHMOND. NORFOLK AND OITT POINT. Tit* aide wheel steamship* HATTERAR, Captain Alexander F.rery SaMrdtoL ALBEMARLE, Captain Bourne Every Wrdneeaigk At 13 M., from pier 36 North nrrr, giving through Mil* if lading. Ac., to all point* on th* Km hoard Railroad aaiRB ?ooDMUona LIV1NC1KTON, FOX A CO., Agent*. 48 Liberty < PHOR RICHMOND, NORFOLK AND CITT POINT. Thr elegant ami |>opular aldawh**! aleamahlp ALIA MA RI.F. Captain Bourne. leave* a vary Saturday at IS I* from pier 31 North rlrer, firing through Mil* of lading, Ah* to all point* on thr Seaboard Railroad and It* wanniBita LIYINOKTON. FOX k CO.. Agnnta, M Liberty street. W^BANTBD TO CHARTER?UNTIL THR FIRST Of June, for th* Virginia trado. throe floheimf Of Sloops, with raptaln*. capable of carrying SO or 40 ton*, and not to draw orer all feet of water. Apply at 104 West Mmg for a few day*, between the hour* of 11 end 4 P. M. F?" HAIMNO VIHEIA R KANAOAWA. JAPAN. The S-8A1.1. ship MINNEHAHA. 1.700 too*. D. Burnley, Jr.. commander, will be deapetehed aa above. December 14. For peaeege only, having anperlor aooommedatloaa. to TIAMUEL ti. REED k CO . 141 Fenrt EIRBT CLASS BRIO LCDMILLA. FOR TRIB0T* having rrtgnged part cargo, will have onlok damtok r furiher par lien la ra apply to HLOOOVIOH k llfflR 131 Pearl street. TRAVKLLBRS' OUIDK. HHUDSON RIVER AND HARLKM RAILROAD*? I Train* for Alliany and Troy, eouoorttag with Northern and Wratom train*, leave Raw York, via Hudson Hirer Ut road. Thirtieth street and Tenth avenue, A sad M A. K. and >:?. 4:30 and 11 F. M.; and rla llarlem 1 ?irth atreel and Fourth arenaa. at 11 A. M. and 4:14 P. 4 JO r. M. train via lludaoaRirsr will ran on Kuadayn sleeping rem aiucbed u> C 30 ami 11 P. M. trmna. On Mi P. M. train 1* also attached a sleeping nar every day gto aeptlng Sa'urdeya which la ma through U OgdenabnrgMb H. W. and O. Railroad, without chaage. Sunder 'min on Hudson River keetHUe end return, leartoi " llorlem Hoed, Fnrty-aaoond street leering New Turk el ? A. M. i Tfrni Road. New Tork to PotHfh ig New York at 4J0A.M., aodaM id street to MlUerton and iilMR WM. H. VANDRRBtLT Vioe D R1WSPAPKRS. ICKKNK' CHRISTMAS STORY la puhllahrd In thr NEW TORE SON, PRICK TWO CKNTS. NIMELl.ANKIIIS. ^ A CHEAT REDUCTION IN I'RICRM OF ROOT* Shoe* and Trunks, at IRWIN'S cheap store. 310 Roto err. t urner Bond at reel, for thla month only. The etoto will be sold at a reduction of tt per neat. Cut thla out. tVIMPOUND CHARCOAL BISCUIT. OR ANTI-DH* J peptic Food.-1 li" rery l>?at remedy ft* Cooatlpeltato Acidity and all forma of Induration without medtatnto. taste. Prepared only hy JAMES T. SHINN, Chemist. Phto adelplili. Sold >.y *li tlgjjlsts. (I. W. WOOTTFN, Agent. 47 Warren atrret. New Tot* Dry goods, orockrirs, clothino, proviskmP Marketing. Furniture, Hardware, crockery, Fu log. Toys, Fancy Honda, Co*t, Gmarnri.t Hotidl everything, '-an lei bought, wholesale eod retail, al nrtnr*. hj getting "Aaaoetatlon'' cards, free of charge I Bureau Of Information, Ivkl Fulton street. Also railabni I tecntca and guldea for thoee requiring there services. (3 UCRLA1N, IS RUE DE LA IMIX, PARIR I A* BROS I AL CKF.AM FOR HH AVI NO. FASHION t HI.K PERFUMES for the l.aodkerohtot, KAl* UWIRAM: for the heir. RAH DRCOLOONM pt epareUaat specials. I I TORT TABLR CUTLRRT. ?A LAROE KTOCE. I good etylra I or aeie to th* trade, r W. 1RVINO ACO.toOlig LmiOORAPVr.-WANTED TO BUY SOME UfRR graphic prrraea end materials el enee. Apply to * ARMSTRONG, tU RrtarJWay. uotnet atom. ____ NO MORE TOOTI!ACI1E AFi'RR ITttNO PtETOflf groat Ihethaobe Kcrncly to rents per bottle Mi to No. 4 ITImon plane and all drug sum PAEIH-LOFKICK IXT*:KNATI<?KAU RUK HI. A'*UMJn, <A Krrrjr tofnnMtloa ?.-m? ApertniTi' > provided. Luggage warehoused. OARIS EXHIBITION. I NR.?JOHN ARTHUR k OO., x roe t'eetigtkine. Agcnw e# th* RrtUeh end A marten* Binltaaetea, eatehiiahed .38 rears it idertab* to r'pieeenl NR hlhib ra Mankand Etnbange iLmae end K Hate / i*..m il" d in. Trana'l Agent* aed Wine Membaeta Intormaime gratia RrFTTTBK?HKB*H| A.?MKW SOPPLT Or lAUfPOff Mil On* emit ciimt eld or fmn%,CMfti Mid Mii At ? Blt- ktr itrnt vm>irwm*k arm mnii mad. Yrimm ?? dnutd, n??kh( U?*? ?**iW?r* I*uly In itumdiiWr a THE "BROWS A LKVKL LIFE SAY1N? TACKi* 4.3 IMP ANT * air now ready to furnish boats at the shortest the r Host Detaching Apparatus adopted >'at? Km enee marl the Board of United l*iit* at thetr annual l? always ready, eanmrt g> the beet gun gtotol, , -nJiW wuaa... vacoiga r'Mpmi*bBMh^?*THir ^FrrAKATOKM AJJO from Tnniert, nn?inr rfgu^M'?n > TITHIMI COMPAMT, I? Utt Kmi nluiU New York. _ .. .. - W~ ANTRD-ONE "FT R'tlTTON'S C \TIIEDRAL AN* thiol tie* fog which a toir nrten wto be tfrma Addrtog J. J. ('Connor A Co., Hnbliehera. h i and It Vew vtltoi. Neto arit, N. J. - -tirANTED TO PUNCH IRR?A BRUOND BAND HOR VV Rotary Frittto Mtohlne. Add ?*a J. P., bog ato Herald M ?h ?? *?? ? a A AAA Rated anncallv nt nrs?i UH.vUU baring the aaalstaoi-e of a mrU gag treat aapertqafea le h I igmg tUair* to I P lea,ilk Drawinrv ni*?|.are.r ajge Pattern* for Oa* stem OeatuUmg