Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 15, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 15, 1866 Page 3
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It V jJi< ii ? j *he Deficiency iiA Fund in the feiiit. Ike District #f C>MUi Franchise BUI Paw?*/ Is tk Home. Ben Wale ?a the Constitutional ?A Aaeadnent. Tl? Sootl to !? Compelled te Ratify It by f PoTf ? of Irmi If Neeeiiary. WaffnrsGTos, Me. 14, 1M?. W wf thus District .rulMibl* Krtachlu BUI. "?? 7 Mwgs of- lb. Negro bu Trego Mil by the Senate, yenter/ i?yi hu caused no little satisfaction te the colored jeopj a af thla Diet riot, end wee the occuloo for fervent *ewLionel .nerrleee at some of their reilglotf* meetings hfi night The prompt actieo of the Hooaa today in V jming the bill baa given them additional delight A panmber of whites, Indignant at the proceeding, talk of caning a masa meeting to take Into consideration the condition of the District eg Columbia and the future to ho expected from tba passage of tbls bill conferring flb ttlical eqnalltv upon negroes, while othera appear to be entirely Indifferent upon lb# subject. Another portion of whites rejoice with those who are to be intrusted with the franchise. The passage of the bill In each hones by more than two-thirds malortty places It ears beyond a veto. The Conetltutlenwl Amendment In the Sooth. Senator Wade made tba important declaration to-day that the constitutional amendment would be thrust upon Urn South by force of arms, provided if, ofter welting n reasonable time, the Southern States, through their Legislatures, did not adept It for themselves. Inquiries ' or* being instituted as to whether the South would reeent ?Mb action. Kef urn Uwme of ? Committee of I.oynl North CerollulMS?The Proposed Uevernment of the Mgaikers Mtntes. Governor BoMen, John Toole, James F. Taylor and Messrs. Harris and Jenkins, of North Carolina, who have been la Washington for several days, have left the city and are now on their way home. They were ap gmiuted a committee to come hither In the Interests of the loyal people of that State, and they represent the views of about forty of the one hundred and seventy members of the legislature. Tbey say that the bill pre pared by them and Iniroducod yesterday by Representa tive Stevens, to remand Nortb Carolina to a territorial eoodlllon and to provido for a convention to form a new State government, stands a good chance ot being - passed, and that tbe leading republican mem bers have privately expressed themselves In its favor. Them delegates have distributed among Con gressmen ? circular showing that a test of loyalty In the lusurgant States is essential. Its application, tbey Bay, would effectually place tbe government ot the Nsethem States in the hands of the Union men, preclude ?very secessionist, and no other test can do so without occluding thousands who at the ilrst were misled, but who repented and afterwards perilled their lives and es tates In support qf the Union. There need be no ip preherakma that this oath would bo falsely taken. Tbe wtetus of every man at that time was distinctly known to bis aetgbbora. Tbe line woe clearly drawn upon this test, and upon It hundreds were Imprisoned, outraged nod murdered. By the same measure let tbe persecuted Unionists have their reward. Tbey are now discouraged mod paralysed, because while tbe President would boldly I deliver them over to dogradalion Incurred od account of tboir adherence to the Ibnoo In tbe dark day* of treasou and blood. The Congrws seems to make no definite dis tinction between thorn aud their late and present perse cutors and enemies; but should Congress rerogptxc nod opbold tbem by somo lust nod discriminating action, they would teko courage and boldly and succtatfully work fur tbe inlerneu <>l the Union. Thus would tbe true element of tbe 8onlb stand prominently forward, eod make secession and treason how Us head. Now (rallnrH are bold and arrogant, wbile the true loyallaia ore mortified and silent. Tbe peace of the country I* ?till disturbed, and the Union itljl unquestionably In ?lanaer. ' Keprwentatlve Julian to-day Introduced a bill provid ing civil governments for tbe districts lately 10 revolt against the United State*, and for the restoration of said districts to their forfeited rights of -Slates of the Union. North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ala bama, Miwdmtppl, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Vir gtnm, are to be created Into temporary territorial governrnema, tbo executive power to be vetted In Gov wvooru, u> hold office until their tuoeesror* shall he appointed and qualilled, unless sooner re moved by the President of the United States. Tliev are to have the veto power. All the other macbinerv of territorial governments la provided, Including a legislative assembly aud delegate to Congress The pe<\ple, under certain nil"*, are authorised to form Stale govern ments, the constitutions to be submitted for popular rati fication. The electors are confined to tbe loyal male mii7ensof the United State*, who shall take and sob ncrlbe the oath of allegiance; but no person who has held /?or eierrlaed any office, civil or military, tttele or ? on j federate, under tbe rebel nserpsllon, or who bis vol an mrity borne arms ngalnxt the United .States, "hall vote er be eligible to be elected aq delegate tetbneoaveo rhollaharger to day printed a memo rial from persons repr'-senilng themselves to be loyal citizens of tontetona and rrpiwaeltng lira sentiment or the loyal people of the blale. asking Congress to Imme dia'ely lake sock action ax will supersede tha pre?rut poll Una I urgent, at on ia loulaiana by such aa will he loyal to tha general government, and ?ecure to I ha loyal people of l.onn.ina protection in tbelr Uvea, liberty and property. They mv the present orgauizationv are not republican, because a maturity of tba citizen* ara disfranchised, and beroMe they do not give adequate and equal protect >n to all <>f tbem, and that tbay aru not loyal because tbey are con trolled by thoaa who wera engaged In Iba relialltoii M*">et me government. In tha explanation aaenra pr.nylng tho memorial it U said, und r date of Dee miter a. thai it waa Originated, written and pnhl lied by tha loyal etllednt and **? tbelr alinatt unanimous approval. About wventy oopiea, In |<ae*esalnn of an many gentle man. bane been scattered mrr the -lata for signatures, ami the nanp a thue nbtalned hare all boon allaebed to thla loonman'. It baa tteen presented In nearly all of tha more mffueatlel loyal clti/cno, and about one-third of them haw# aigned It, tha other* being deter-e 1 Iron doing ao by regard for their personal Internet or personal pafrlv The memorial baa not bean presented to the ?colored nUnrni for tbelr "Igoal ore*, m II waa tr-med heat It should be Ogaed mainly by representative man tmong the aigoMwrwa aru those of Covaraor Walla, Chief Jnet ice Hymen, tleo. W. Kendall, and many other*. Tb? paper ? ware referred to the Select Committee on the Maw <Tirana riot* The Tew TnrlW Rill. Tho Tariff bill, winch tba Secretary of tha Treasury ts?tr ic.ed Mr CuinmlnHoner Well* to pre pore, has not hewn completed, nor la Mr Well* In this city. He ,* now la New York. wLarehe bu rooms in the Custom Hou a, ?ad 11 an gaged t a prapnring hie report, but nnth ng a kc?wn of It here at proarnt We bare high official au thority t ,r thia and ail autemcnU reiatira to iba ycbtngea sad iwod'Aeattoni which bnve come from tbia city muMhe at least premature. The llaabmei Rill. Mr roltrnd, of Vermont. made aa raefTcttonl effort la Mil up for consideration ih# !?-naie to day, t'ouae bill Mo. *??, cotulad oAn ^ to p.^iph a nntform #v,tm ef bank ru ploy throng hunt tho Toitad P ate*," the motion to take np tha M-bragY* bri f"? the sdruMlcu of that .'lata ha* uff prevailed. The amendments to the Mil pr-ipcpod by lbs Judiciary Cnwiaiiltee of tho Innate *ra *? follow* ? Iflrri, H gtvm ihc appointment of tho He?later* in Rank yioihe J?1?ea of the D.ririci Courts, inttead of tbu ' in ill CoortA^and without the;ti roiaatiria and rw err- 'dalioa of tb? Chief Jostles of tue in Had Steles; iad .0 sect ,.n tvh apy ini rmWini of Hi dipmme Court" nri ynbri luted for the ffva Com mts- ? a named - :pe >. \^o am -i the 1 i,iei , ?firaff'pT'Oi# r< irt n lra.>.g g*#? . r.? lis' e?, Ac th-erf tl.s atQsndmsi'i striNa* ?? lathe thin e?p i ?*' wn. ? j . . lilMilUitwrti "no dieobarge akaU he PMKd to s debtors third time bankrupt;" fourth, prtKdee for the trial oT any question of fort present* V uf orudltor at a aU tod seeelou of Uta District Ofart, tnatood of by a lory; flflh, atrtkaaoat tho provision la eectlon thirty, throe, which prohibits the diaahargo of a debtor whoao aaoeto do not pay Uty par oaat of tho claims naluit hi* aatato without tho amoct of tho majority (la voiue) of hlo creditor*. la an ethar oaaoatlal partioolaro tho bill romalaa tho aamo aa It pamod the Boaao of Represent atires, aad la geaorally oetoomod a good bill. The Tariff Qaeottoa. Tho public will do well to receive with exceeding cau tion otatomoato telegraphed from tbla city in regard to contemplated ehangeo la the dutlee levied oa various article# of foreign importation. Nothing la at all aettied yet la regard to tboae matter*, and many of the awertlona of apeciSo facta about the proposed tariff are premature, or put forth (or purely speculative purpose*. The Weekly He!re of Cold. The bill Introduced Into the House by Mr. Boutwoll, proposing that the Secretary of the Treasury eell two millions gold weekly on certain conditions waa taken up at the meeting of the Committee of Ways and Means, to whloh it bad been ' referred, this morning, and elicited considerable discussion. No rote upon It, however, was taken. The Bounty (Juration. The House Military Committee hae under considera tion the Bounty bill, reported last session, giving $100 n year to every soldier for bis term of service, deducting local bounty. The law which was passed, it will be re membered, save $100 to soldiers who had served over two years, and $00 to those who had served under that timo. Tho Tret Oath Caere. In the <-#se or A. H. Garland, which ts made a ten ease for all of its class, tho Chiof Justice yeetorday announced that on consideration of the motion made for a reopening and renrgument of the :>ase, it was ordered that the same be overru led. The Ceuselenre Fund." Twenty-two dollars were contributed to the conscience fund of the Treasury to-day. Both doners forwarded their contributions anonymously, one disgorging on ac count of Internal Revenue us, and the other confess ing to the theft from the government at different times of articles amounting to the restitution money enclosed. The Public Lands. Returns received at the General I .and Office from the local olllee at Huinhott, Kansas, show that 10,5.11 ai res of the public domain were disposed of In November last, 14,539 acres of which were located with Agricul tural College scrip, and the remainder taken up under the Homestead law for actual settlement and cultivation. Receipt* from Custom*. The receipts from Custom* for the week ending the 8th inst. at the ports of Now York, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, were *s follow*:?New York, $1,020,857; Philadelphia, $111,487; Boston, $332,8(59; Baltimore, $127,983 At New Orleans, from the 24th to the 30th ulk, the receipts wore $75,(101. and at *an Francisco, from the 3d io the 10th nit., $98,728. Kxceutlve Henuion of the Senate. The Senate for the first time this session had an ssecn tlve session this afternoon and referred to the appropri ate committees tho vanou* military, naval and civil appointments made by the President during the recess and sent by him to that body for tbclr advice and con sent. There were no confirmations. * The Female Clerks. Remonstrance* are crowding upon the Secretary of the Treasury against Ibo proposed discharge of ths female employ.-a This, with the oontluuul crowd of appll. cents for employment nnd the calls of Congressmen and other friends In their hehalf, sad the Increased number of visitors to nrotew. against the dismissal of those now In office, occupies much of the time of the Secretary of the Treasury, his aewialsnts aid the Chief Clerk, to the neglect of the public business. The inclination of the department, however, notwithstanding all 'bin pressure. Is to adhere to tho previous conclusion and to dispense with all female omplov.S* about tho flr*t of January next. The New Orirnua Riot -Testimony el Wit ?HIM. Representative* Csmpboll and Taylor having each sue eeeslvaly declined serving on the special committee to Invevtlgato tho suhjocl of the New Orleans riots the Hpeaker baa appointed f'eprntentative McCoIlough to till lb* vacancjr. The committee will, therefore, con-,1st of Me?sr?. Rliot, of Ma**achjisett*; rihallabarger, of Ohio, and Mci'ullougb, of Maryland. Subpoenas have already bean eetit to New Orleans for witnesses, and Hevgeant-at Arms Ordway expecu to accompany the committee to New Orleana on Monday. The wltne^e* to the New Orleans note Who are now In Washington, and some of whom have already been before the Onvreaelonnl Committee, have given expres sion to the following facts, which are suhstaot'ally, It la Mid, aa thoy have testified to before the committee, i One of these witness' < Is Rufus King Cutler, formerly a member of the 1 Via and July With Convonnnn*, and United ftatee Senator elect from UoutfRana. He has left loulalaoa on account of persecution for Union eetittment, never again to return until Louisiana becomes a loyal Mate and New tlrlaens b> nomee a loyal city. Hs prnbabv knows mora than any other mini of (because* and character of the conven tion and of the riots and the present condition of l.oual I ana, which be gives up 10 lb* present limn. R earn I the members of the Convention were literally disarmed and tber suspicions allaved totally | I >ey on I the no wee of aalf defence hv tha proola ! mation of Mayor Monroe advising the cltiseus Of New Orleans to keep away from Mechanics' lost) i mte during the forthcoming sitting of th* Convention, the ? (feet- of which proclamation was the very reverse from what It was pretended to have been; that there was no ie"istanee to poorest.le arre-is made or con templated by the memoera of the Conv ntlou; 'bat not a (hot ctae fired nor a missile thrown by them;' that no atresia were attempted to lie made by the police nntll they had fired and Killed and wounded ear- ml inside Ihe hell, when they fsinl the members of I be Convention silting quietly in their seals unarmed and asking pro tection . itml the police eommonc d the onslaught la organ *ed bodies, having repaired tea tho street in front of ihe Insfitn'e lu squads at the btwtr naiqed ^ for th? assembling of tlio Convention, and that every thing appeared to ba preconcerted, and all their plana were carried out with Woody determination. Tie saye there were four or five h .mired poll c, or thoao harmz partial police insignia. There was a rer.ecs of the Con 1 vention when the firing ? etnnseeed in th? street, the Hergcant-at-Arme bring absent looking up a quorum, and that .t was the intention of the Con van I Hon to adtourn If no quorum -owid be found. 1 He says that the only cause of the Hot was the hatred towards the limed go a tea, which tool, this way to manifest. it elf, but that the i ?nv?!illon, met for the ' purpose of enfrai being aha htacka. disfranchising rebels and pawln- the constitutional amendment, pro I tided a legal quof'tn could be prrs red. Flag* of trace and the American Dig were displayed from the windows of lb# Convention, but were dkwcgafiMdl Evidence in shown leading i nn< lustre'/ te tha fa t of there being a premeditated design to break up the "onvcuilon by force, aad n tallate its peaced>|e attimg by bloodshed. 1'ersons are provsd to have been going around In tho morning wm-nng ror the btondy work and anlirHIha aid It wan the general ? opposition smoafi the membera that a q lorum could not he raised nntll af'er the eleet.ooa. The police would hare bad ho difficulty in keeping the peace or protooting the cow vent ion if they hed Horn eo disposed The meetings on the Friday night before the convention, held ae a sort of welcome to tha muvaptlon, was not participated in at all hv anv member of the ?onventtoo, aad that feat was well known. Mr. Cutler gives a very dlerouragmg vtaw of Lowiwam society. The pe< pie are mors la ter, as 1? hostile to ihe vovornment of tho Untied Plates than ever, and he concurs with all others in the hsrea. sity ef a stmag military government. Aswwlalloea am for aed among all etaaees tor the patronage ef rebel* only end the d%furagement of t'aion men. The old rebel military sefantaattoa* are kept up, aad it la hi* opinion that a targe masrity would readily embrace the Orel opportunity for independence, aad Mint the wAmea are mora vindict v# than the ate* and lend constant encouragement to their men to maltreat and drive out of the eity Union men. It waa not I be perpoae of the Convention to pot into operation the proposed oonetl tnflon withoot submitting It to the people, and that wae ererywhere understood The convention had no thought ef deecrving or receiving violence?eothlcg at most thfcn an arrest to which H was their determination to submit No step* have yet been taken by the cMI autli&fttl <* to apprehend the perpetrators of the maaearrr Petition for larrcnreg NalaHsa the memorial of all the clerk* in th* Psce'itive De pailmenie, asking for an tnoraaes of aatary, wn pre sen>-sd th th* H' an* to-day. The Neurit A ndtfpratilp. , The squabble for th* pi Ue* of fist el a editor ef the Tiea-.ry jt very inirraetir; , i>? new Prenrh, tbo pre (Ml !fi M Whk eh the m^gai atymeel <rh< b he cm control to prevent hto removal CwwliHM? who boo been heretofore nam>4 for Iho p Batting, to strongly urged by I ho eiminllTi element at MaiylMMl and Delaware. PeHMtl. Cyrta W. Field la hero arranging with the government ehoot matters oosaecteil with the Atlantic cable. WUaOto? Q. Boat and Frande Sklddy, of New Yerk, aad KMuto* Oollatt, or Londea, are alao hero I* company wtl? Mr- 1 Field. QUI WA$HIMT0IC0ME$F0N8EIICt. The Financial Nlraatlnn. Wasmiwros Crrr, Dee. is, IMS. Whoa a skilful phyaiclan la called to prescribe for a tick patient he alwaye makes a careful diagnosis of the case, and inquires into all the symptom* at dl*?aae which hare been manifested by the patient, and traces back from the effect to the canae. Now, *o It'should bo la Qnanoe. On or about the 234 and 24th or last month the money market of New York was laboring under violent apaama aad con minions so unusual of lata, that many of tbe oldest merchants and bankers were at a lose to dlrine the reuses, and panlo prevailed. Hut, now, since tbe effects have been traced back to the causes, we eaaily discover that the malady ia not with out remedy, but only the result of temporary blunder ing on the part of tbe chief nun*, tbe Secretary of the Treasury. On the 20U> of October last the interaat cesaad altogether on the "certificates of deposit," which had been in general use by the banks of New York city In making their settlement* through the Clearing Houac, and commonly known a* "Clear ing Honso certificate*," and hence they were all mibjeot to present'illon for "greenback*" at any moment. Rut tbe bank* having lilt'o or no immediate demand for the "greenbacks" and finding tbe certi ficates oonvenient, did not call on the secretary lor im mediate redemption, aud the secretary finding hi* "greenbacks" In tbe ^Sub-Treasury lily and a drug, cap oellod about $14,000,000 In about sin weeks time, which should bave been done l?y dcyreee during the previous seven months, as intondod by law to have boen done. Here we have tbe first cause of the ugly spawns in (ho money market in November. Nest came the disburse ment of about $24,000,000 In gold, a*. Interest of the first throe scries of {Jnited stales live-twenties (May and November), duo on tho let of that month, which caused nn active demand for "greenback*" to buy and tarry thin gold; which, like a two edged sword, a- ted on prices; lirat, by lir.-n Iv incr-a-iug *upply beyond de mand; and, second, In limiting tho menu* wherewith to buy. Ilcnce, the second cause of the spasm* in Novem ber. and tho linmodiate cause of I ho decline In gold and in the prin t of provisions generally. The receipts from customs wero the lightest of any month previous during the your, and the internal re venue barely aufilclent to pay the current disbursements of the government. In this Mate of thing* an active demand for money to move the crop* (both In the IVout and In the South) springs up, aud la Imperatively urgent on the basks In large amount*, and the liauks rush on the Halt-Treasury with their certificates of deposit pa t due, 4ml the Secre tary draws hastily Cor hi* balance* |u tne national hanks, who in turn call imperatively upon iMb borrowers "on call." Hence the third and greatest cause of ell which uaually follows large supplies being forced ou an nnwllllug umrlcet; and, incidentally, the sale of gold hy the government to supply ih? immediate demand lor greenbacks, beyond their other resource*, for the time being Now, a* we bate charged the Secretary with a blunder, may we not explainv A* th# law of April, 1804, allowed him to reduce the legal tender* by only $10,00(1 OOP for the first *1* months $4 000,000 p<-r mouth tbereal ter, should he nut have foreseen the damage which would arise by tbe cancelling of tbe whole amount in ant week* time* and the more espe cially when he ought certainly to have known lhata very large and active demand would arise in November both for moving tho crops aud In carrying the large amount of gold paid not for Internal? There la not an intelligent banker in New York hut knew of the-* large demaudc at that season of the year; and they bad reason to believe that the Peoratnry WO lid have provided for them In advance. His not liavlng done so in time to prevent tbe panic .* proof oi a de Ilnquenc7 somewhere. As he waa liable to he railed on at any tuna for the money due on the certificates of Octo ber 24 (some $20,004,(100 or more), that amount at least should have been on hand on that dav, in tbe sub treasury, and should bavo remained there aolil called for; and this In addition to all eehavwtae appropriated. Rut thc-e d ii irbauce*. having pat up ihersfool in terest from four to five, to seven par cenf, anil reduced current prices of gold, stocks and produce, ai ruinous raxes to holder*, am now over; If prudence shall guide the future management of the Treasury. With monev plenty and Increualur to supply?In London at four, wis at two and a half, and Kr.inkfurt st or below three?ihere I* no Inducement in carry home balance* which ant duo from us to those ek as. Thav can bo more profitably employed her-', and the return tide of currency .ilrr.idy ueitlng in strong from tho West, will be soon ? ointng from ih'- South, when an abundant and cheap money market will bo aw* to fol low. The r*ecretarv muat abet alii from selling more gold nt present, or bo mnnot make hi* conversion* Into long gold bonds, oorran he prevent tin- latter coming home for realization of the d.Herein.* of home and foreign price*. Hence wc Infer he will sell no more goM thi* month, and with about #40,090.000currency in the sub treasury, and tbe current receipts froai inlernal revenue and eue P'rfls, he will ea-ily met all demand* until tho 1Mb of January, 1867, when the New York maraet will probably bo more tbaa ahuudant THIRrY-NJIfTH CONGRESS. Mcrnntl ?rui?n. SENATE. WahhhwK'*, Dec. 14 IMP) norrn rm .11?a aktoo" bh rv? iwinMnnii. Mr. Ttmm 'inn. (mj>. i of Me , 1fronted the p< tition of tho aenirianl n. aeaMra. in South (..rolina for componm tion of iicrv.cta rttnlep'I. Ilefrrrad to Itio Finance Com WMId*. IBH Mtnn?*? T Ml. Mr. Wmnmm, from the Flr.aneo UMBWittee, repined b hi! paced by thollooae a few <??" rtn< c, mating ap pmpriatioBS to pnpply deSeirm lea n tba appropriation for gofornnten; aerv Ice for tba fl?ral ? ti4ln?' June, JWT. Head tlirr ? titn e* and pa *??*? w.ih etrta n amend meuta of theHenatr Finance Committee Among them are the rirllt ng out o' the in-m ?t f i j WO for f*ri I luting telegTmplilc roni maturation between t'.o Atlantic ami l'ai Be rtute*. The t ilt f-aa back to thr HAu??, for iIh tcncurreuce In the amendment*. " PWr;BJUtrP I AT op AfctIT OrtTM Mr. Wtuot, (rrp i of M?*?., j r> ] ? petition for liu reared |?y ?>f army < fficere Referred to the Military Committee. lawti uiannaiOB? nrroar Mr TV>?h b??t, iW I of Ranaaa, from the t'ntnmittee n? PnMle land*, reported in faror of printing 9,000 cojnoa of 'ho land f>m.m'?? ?mrr? report for lh?d, in Amuui; 1,000 in Preach and h.OOO tti ihr Swottinti iinrnagfor dlat.tbuli'in at the Porta K?hhttioa and B.OOO la Eng luti for ilia oao of ino Senate. Tbr report wan referred, on mot on, to the ''ommittee on Frtnimc. oarAo-nrmrr <%thw A-ann ma tr- bbatbp cat. Mr liaiuae. (rop.l of Iowa, pfeaent' 4 a memorial of the clt rtr in ?h? department* for |o<t" ?ed rntnponaa tloo. Referred to the Finanee ' nrnniuw fAT?r*T OP WAtlMW Ofl?A?rn AWMTfrB* Mr "ouiau. frop |of Vt , preaen'od a re~.lntlon dl ro"Haf th* flaaratarr of tic e>nair i.. pay to the w .|-w* of the idtMauiwi Fool and i oil no-r tlioainont due them 11 Mm tlm* of their death. under lb# an in wanting tha <v>trip?n?etlf>o of ftontfor* and member*. Kafarrrd to tha < ommlttae on Contingent K*f? nana, ran -tijiaim np rrmnwr a?itiai. The Chain lakt Mtfrtro tbo Sroate a remmuniratlfHt frum the Secretory of the-entio rioting thai h atten tlon had l<?an ? allal to 'ha q , -?iioa of ?h? pnymoot of the -rnatorn a twitted from tha But* of TWiun hui at the |a< t art anal of Coiiiraaa, and aa tha auaat .n protiarly t>i r'una to tha pra?ld.nir o?ror af tha Henaia ho d??:reit to b? mf< n.iMl oh' llier tha parmaat of rompanaiilon to than. I* to ha mada front tha HmMMMRal of toa Tbir tv olnlb iT-nrra"*, op rom tha data of ihair ndm -.iun aa ftrnahm Raferrad to the f'oininlttea on tha Jitdh-lary. ankKlPLimit r?<j? acan a*o ran r?t-in? an*?. Mr K<a?aT. (*?p.) of Minn . Inlr<?1iir?4 n hill pro*ld? mg that Ayrlnilt iral and Marbancal folia/a aerlpa. tr?aad arnorlinsf to la* rba'I ha rw? rahla in (mrmant of prr rmptiao ? laim?, trban duly aaatgnad to pra-amptnr* and tha rr.|?rrm'-nt? la B? h caaaa aa to tha local Ion. korardiap to tha tarhn ral qrarrr aadtaa, Ht harahy modthad, ao *a to maka It loontabla <i|>an tha pra-#mp tlon a?lllwnrni am rd up la lagalHubdivirion. Kafarrrd to the (ontminaa an diMii. lond m Maaaar i? Wiaaiaop* ma oorraaintat t an/rraa Mr Wnaoa latro-i ir- d a hill aotlton/lap tha aatal<li?b> mrnt of a lihrarr la tha < >t? of Warhinptna for tbo u*a of tha porarnmrnt waylay en aa<l ilh-r prraaaa. that tha r?-nrr of tbr lataptor ha raqtjirad to iaa?a a ?oit ahlahaltd nn far th# inrpoM iu<n?d; that <ha Oooka now la po? a" .i?n of tha ftorthii I'rpai' rnant" of tha yoraniawat, and >,aad aa lihrartaa for tho clerk and amptoyaa mall ha tari '~l oaar to tha HarraUrr of th# Iniaflor. or to aotne ??ifa'>la ?.? r?on 'ir* goo"d hy him, who ah a! I aana# tham to ha d?po*llad in tha hottdiag pro Ttdad. and properly *r,anpad and 'laaalflad; that the llhra ftaca of Iha nriatl da,<trtoiraia ahall prapar? ratalopiiaa of tba hooka undar tf.rir rharra, to ba rarlflal l.y tha paraon ?>. hy tha kanratnry of tba fatariar la reralra ihani, ?ban tba rmplaytnont of aw ti parnona aa I bmriaoa mall aaaar and lhar I* amtrnad to other doty; that the iiTiry and raa toy rim ahaii ha open to all pamona f'?r rafaranra, fraaofooat; Bad form rnant amalnyt* daatrtnc to u?a I..*.'?? at thatr hontaa may da ?o by fdiytaK an aaaaa! tat of |l. and othar clilaer* af tba dl tnct ahall l ara lb* aama prirllafa .ipon tbo pay ment of ft that tha library tba'i ba open fr-.m tan A. M to tan f". M , and ba nadar iha rbarga of tfc< Pacta tare of tba latart'ir. wba hall ai potbt ona IPrartan at aaalary of |'2.nop, on# aaaalaat at (1.MS and not row aanyar at |l Ittn tad that ||0 000 tat appropriate! io forty tha bill Into agk?t Iba bill ?aa ordarad la ba pnat'd. ma rtarvr op tm are a?rm amoan raa imin op mrrn Mr !-npi?n frhp i of K I. oflarad a faeointion la air If ttac tba Hocrat arr af tba Nary M aaitd dWarttotM to n ?*al oftrara tn oontmaod at I'aoama aad Atpinwail rnt-ler what .war,-a Ita* tn their poamr witboa" n rnrtiap ad PMWWI otptpaa w tba porammart, to ? ruin nar-ati* aeragad in tbr* a ir??T af a new raate to tba Ivtr prmlk* lath<W*a af ranan. a poo aaprtcatMia he np mane to tbam Mr. "P'Tgaa atpta aad tba PHr-ta i >n aad adraaaiad U AtM*. Mr <?**??? trap af ?fj ?eft? M MtW ?f lAp I lution, but thought sweelfie directions ongbl U bo gim Instead of ordering lioa tkt application named. Ha ?M glad lha auhjoct had ban Introduced, and hooad CbngTMu would afford all poadbla fneilltleo to such a worthy enterprise. Mr. Oanini suggested that tha raaolqttoa ba modified SO that the directions of tha Socratary of tha Nary m.'kt bo given in all officers at tba piece named. the resolution was modified so suggested. ' MS SOUnST MOMS. Paodisg Its adoption tbo Senate look up o ooooorrsat laoolutioa that both Bdasos adjenra Area Thureday nest till ThurM*sy, January X Objection being made to Ma immedhte consideration, tt wont ovsr. smwutit?th? RASkiorT an-t?rw* eimtanoa os ras a tun statcs, nee Mr. Wanr, (rep.) of Ohio, moved tbol tbo Senate take up the bin to admit Nebraska. Mr. Pouro laid that ha had riven notice of his inten tion to call up the Bankruptcy bill on Monday last. He had given wav for the Sutfraro bill. It waa now pro posed to take up a bill of later date than the Rank roptcy Nil, and proceed to Its consideration. Be hoped the Bankruptcy bill would be proceeded with. Mr. W.tnr regarded tbo Vebrnaka Mil as of more im portance than the Bankrupt bill. It Involvad the right of the people nf Nebraska to form a HUttt government and be represented on tlila floor. Mr. Hi m\*k, (rrp.l of Mass., said he waa against the Nebraska bill ami In favor of tba Bankrupt bill. The act of yesterday should not be forgnltnu. The Senate had voted itreir in favor of hnraau rights, and now a propo itioti -.ran before It to sat aside that verdict and create a white man's government, such as the Senator a on the other ride had raid themselves in fovor of. He hoped the cunato would not imitate the example of an tiquity ard unweave to-day the web wort o yesterday, Mr Wai>b said r wan not in order to discuss a bill on the question of reference; hut a*'It. Sumner had dts* cussed it and attempted to PNtldtlice the euro, he would foel compelled to say a f?w words. Mr Sumner h?d saW there waa no m the bill to admit Nebraska, ne bad undertaken to proceed anon Its que?tlon. md in advance, and to Jn Ige for tbo whole Senate. In bis (Mr. Sumiier'a) Judgment It waa a bill of n.< merit. If be (Mr. Sumner) was the solo lode* be (Mr. Wade) would havo to five it up at onco, and come -town verv quirk; but Mr. Sumner was not the Judge to decide for tine body. Mr. Sutnnur had -quoted komclb ng about the aurlcnl". There was soother ancient mge of whom ft wa< wild that he " strained at ? gnat and swallowed a eamol." Tbnt was what Mr. Hum. ner now proposed Ah t? the objection Mr. Sumner msds to the adinbiioa of Colorado, lie (Mr. IVade) could son no fore in'iu.t. Mr. Some er bad voted lor a con Stttutlnna! aup udoient upon which to admit reb I States, and tlierc w?s nothing in tbnt amendment aoout colored Htifftncc. The Senate had adwltlud the rebel state of Tonnes-en and now refused admission to a loyal territory as a State. Mr. H' vnt?Did I vo'e for it. Mr. W.'i. ?Yes, you did. Mr. Stoma?Ob, no. Mr. w.tna?But vou voted for the principle on which Tonne*was admitted. Mr. Wado continued bl- re mirks on tins pending motion, advocuting tbo admission of Nebraska. Mr PoLtsnsald hi'motion to take tip tba Bui'-.runt bill did not imply oppo-u'iou to<the other hill Huoniv thought it more im)>ortant that the Bankrupt bill should be ooosld re.I. Mr. II1 vnrirutH. idem.) of Ind.. tbeuvht the veto of tbo Colorado bill ought to be <- .neutered before anv new propositteu of that kind was introduced. It had boun

lr for" th" Sen it? a loug time, and should hnvo h'-en con sidered at the lawt tension. Mr Wad. -aid the reason why the Colorado bill wi" pot taken up last bohhIod ws? that he feared he hud not str-nglh enough on bin ?lie to get it through. He was not ready then lorouke the hittl. Mr Hor ttatxw, (d"m. tof I'a, apoko of the impropriety of daisy lug iictlon oo a veio ?<? bing. He thought It was n bnd precedent, ihe Seoab ought to take these sub* Jccta up In their order. Mr. Y err*. (rep.) of III., apotte in favor of the ?dmis ston of V-lir>t?ka. She bad adopted a State roeetltoiton and asked to beeoriia ono or the stolen of the t inott: ahu had sent two republican Senators here, an I lie did not think the oblaeMons of Mr. Sumnar wer? good. Mr. Paclshi kt. (dam.) or Del., in a few remark' aid he soptioeed if Notira*k? had sent democrat'" Nenutora hero the argument for tlieir admission would tie very wrong. Mr. SrHtra returned the floor. Alluding to hi* own v>te on the QpnaMtutmnal amendment, tin ?*W*d vir. Wild* tfh* cnrit-idered him elf furred u> admit lb" m ImI If they refuted Hi ffrage to ttio freed men. Mr WaM mud lin cnaeidorrd hlrnwtlf hound lo admit th# rebel State* If they ratified the CNMItlUoMl arnciui m< nt within * MMonabto timo. Ii?? thought that bad gut rami vrt, but when thrv wo i!d adopt ihe amend ment b? would fool bound to voto for ibolr admi- don. Mr fltoajnta?Even with the word -'white1' in their ocnutltntton' Mr. fftw?WHIlint regard to that. Mr Scuta*?WUbcul r nurd u> thn rights of tbo freed rnon J Mr. V/>ne-?1 im ?? much in faror of colored aufftag* ar anyhudy; but! will wand by ray ?<r>-em*nl. Mr Smarm raid he would "land by hi" agreement, too, hot he bad mado no "Uirh arr*em*nt. t.'er'-ilti poli tician* and OdlUr* bad un dartakon to foiat Hib an agreement upon ih* people, hut had not luicaedeJ. A pmp>ieit|i>oof that kind bad tu rn reported fr on tho Re construction Committee, but liad never boeb oon-id?re<l hy the .Senate. Mr IHb'i.irrt.v, (rep. I ef Wit, aaM a rrtmtotlon b id been renorted from the HemnHructioo Committee Pi admit the rebel Hatoa on the r adoption, separately, of the araendm -nl, and H? ratlflcaiinn by three fourth" of the Stater; but ihlr revolution hud bcnn tabled in tbe Hmi'o .ui a nail of the yone and narr Mr tfgltxaa reported iba' he would ente for the ad m'reion or uo State that recognized a dwtmotioe ef civil or polt'lral rtirhi* on nr Mint of color. ^ir uuoeliioi on takieu ?n the hi'i toadmit WehrvkTk wafflblby >y tbe Chair, who .laiioanetd the vnto?yeaa ill, aar* II. fki the Mil w?e taken up and read. It |a In the uaunl language of aoch m*a?urea, de e'ering N'vhru-ke to b ite f.omeil a State governraenl. and to bo admitted aa a State m the I nmn with equal right" Mr. Bs-ivrw, (rep)o' Mo. offered an amendment in th' ramo tonnage ai th it nti*md t>r Mr. Runner and rejected in the Senate la?t eonelua t*h*ii the bill naa up, via- a prov ao thai th' net ahnuid tak* effect onlr epi n the fundi mental roadlt om of the alioittlo:i ol all dt? Mort on la rni aed political right* oa account of color and the ratilt at on of I be rendition hv the people of Mthraaba. Mr IV ap* took the floor in adroea.-y of tbe mil. He IIHMUlll hi" <peeeb wtfh ?oni? rruMWk* upon r? in "truotion Me oon?id?red hltneelf leitnd leadeaHthe "outhern -'.Vihi -non the new) tit loo nod rntiib vlon of the aonetitiittunal amendment If. however tb*v*howl<l fall to nr< ! t tha' amendment he wee liien for epp ylng Ihe rtronr arm of the miliary pmr-r P> them, and reur rantzing ad government on H o bagi* of equal rli'hte vtr. (laawoub, ir*p. | of Iowa, inquired what Mr Wade would ? opilder a i *.i ?nnal>lr time Mr Wane reps ,t ?hat he Would coneider that r#a*m | able ftine evban?ted when the Mnuih*vn lugHttntnreu had met and either refit fed to ratify the amendment or Palled to ronaidtr ??. Mr Wade then *pok- on the ;i .pu ation and reennrce# <?; Vehraeka. The H i man of Statletl''* ?boweil tt.e p ipi'a'ion to be et-hty eight thouaand Ave hundred nnd thirty In April teat, and at the laa' election a rnte of nine tho rand on* hundred and thirty -d* war ceet. Ho r*|-eit*d thn arfumontfl a tranced hy the friend" of the btft when tort twfore the Senutw in lojy, Mr. 1 urewAv trep | of (tho. raid hn had roted for fbie Wll when laat before the Hen de He felt bound to rote for the admi'?inn of Srhrari* whenever "he iompi|e<| with the rendition* of the KnaMng act She had com 'piled with thorn tundHlong. ami the s-nele wa* bowed In honoy lo adm ' tier. The propiwlt on of Mr Hrown embraoed add ' unal eondltkin" which It ru not JtiH to impoao after hzvln,' two yean ago rrfu'ed to make thorn On the *11111001 of tee rer owe motion of the Southern S?ate* Mr 1 oerman *eld he voted for the Cunc.t'ii!orial amendincpt with th* dudtpct un der?t??ibnr that I bey were to he the term* upon which the South lo he rmlfgrd to the I'atow Vo one emild avoid the Irrc? ?i|b!e mgl iluU If lliey aroeptwt th*'* am*MIrannt* Cdnweea wa* hound to admit th* r HOMItwW and Repreeen'a'iv*. Ha (Mr Rh?mn?| voted for thn amoadru'int atlh thle nndcvetandlov. and did not dream that there w** any Ma on th* autu- t If th* Smittiern Wat** itcvtet 'ed thl* ?m*nd'nent trite winter he Wo ildfawnr tiiitir admi* on, and tha ureal ma?? ot the people woo d bell the m ill with Joy; twit if they re Je< ied tli* ? teri-it, and the teen# * ere [ir*?*ated whether lb* "otiih vhould file ov or ?* *hould r?l?< tho Soiith. he (Mr, Snermant w .uM neyer. t?f. r* rw ogmrin,; the tale g?*rrnm -nt* on Ure hr .not loyal veer* con rent In ?ee t' c th rr?c her# with let reaaod iwdit r*t power. H?- regretted that the Prretdent bud O-ed h * In ? uene* av* ? ? t' ? am*ndm"i?t la 00 data4 b- did not beilnoe Mr Johneon h?i ?bown him?' If lb* friend of the ?owth II* raw by the peperv that Artm*a? t ad reject*,! th# awondwewt, ort the rrownd, ataotiy etlMWW, (bat it W*a not , fn(<-?ed by n IQWWHWtACWal Congr*. * Th- "outh hy ?,-r ohetinw* twlyht vet l.*vo to lenni by bitter evper 'h' * whether thl* wnen'on-' lutiopal f oo-rt" -ir Ml Mr *diermaa then reewmed thn Itwrnedtap uhi-*t h-foy? thn eepate dwelt ng npow the (Aatletwe nf Net>ra<ka to ebow that >bO had popate tlon ?wffl. tent for a Slate yoternn 'nt Mr. Rattw* b?k tbe floor in ad>nraR* nf bM amend merit. If* m l that Cmigrem l td. In la* admle*ion of MteMwrt, Mart*-| aetmdltton that *b* ?bonM otpwngw from b*y nonetr.niton a 11 .vt-l .n ovriwding ftwo perw.t.* of rotor from 1 rating Into Uiat Slate All he f r.oe,.?d ltd net fbr MeT>ra*e* ??* wa* ? cmditton that *t e ?houh d*?v Hubt* of *tU?*niMlp lo b*r own ctllv a* H* did Pot belie- c tktt hie amendment, if adopted, would delay tho adiolwth'ti "f tb* State *t?ty dvr*. "So help tw? Hnd," e?id Mr Hrown. "I wilt never vote for th# r**d mlenion of a *? >.t!? rn State that denle* im rlgnt of ml rago I* their '-t* ? > Kiiwmi ' re* iwmwr* or ?inm *ravwv RMwttWf tb* . onat lora' >hi ot tot* ewbjoci. My. Sena<,?ra ettlled up the I' tit reanlu'ion "tnrefnlng the ? rey ef tbo '1b%T of "? -*n , wbtcb wae yaw I "Via*-1- * we re* ?*an*na* aru Mr. wmi a* look th* floor a <icpo*;t <m to tb* y?tft Id peadin* att-endtner . lit nf the rtwondtbat to* toap.r ty ,n fct ? <f tbo -date z>'V*ramen! el tbe electM>a tb Nebriteka wa* bra rery *m* I rate me 1 >"?!>?? ?? t? Mr. Otrrwaa moved to *u -pet d farther com* lo fatten nwd lab# up the re*atatt'i? for lb# holiday ronmwa Tbo NbOMMWn wa* taken op Mr. fwmyv:..* npt*w**d H If gentlemen tlattarwd theme#!* -a thai there wae nothing tn <P? alt an had to any wa* 1* . alt fee* attention tn the debet* ?g M< boor a i'mfltb lo- day e? Ihe mere meti <a lo take op a bit Tho haakrwpwy mil?she poadtag bit), tb# bdl 10 r p*al iwaeely t- -eer and a tuai gaaoy otber* It wa< w 1 wwro to be oot' lered, It wee m d hy roaee flmtiefawa that tha Pert oil I eyrwe* wow'd aoteto '??# 00 tbe lib of Mow h. Prottatff I would, bat only 10 orr.atte and ad Mr. Swmuia* east h1* o?portewer w*? that It wwi Mb* pcawhle ??, get ? ,?oruta durmg the be td?y? After brtiut d * .*?" u tbo yean and aura war* ?*.* taaadaf ka th* r-rdaboa to Mjo rn from 6w tuhrr Id to Aaa -iafy I Mr. Jgpaaee, fdewt I ef Ml eallod far tbo fwwttag of tw aed h wa? iiwtoTerad that kp aaa ?, a Hfgwodiflenfy IW the ad morae ?at of lb* I'wwr Oa men on of Mr i.wevwo tha avwdi "He 'tat# add 1 hafeoaF*v eat an thaa aoteaded he wdgta laawkad hoforw I'eaoa eat aa tnoa ao ttaetattag was wvptmd fans tl. nay. .? b- u? 1. r*dwi vHMirr, fetea l-w ??? *?> f eot r or ft Jabam, a rtaeod. imp* fawmtaa. CbagiNry. -?a Mr. Tntotmll, Wad*, WlUJMMMi #0M VMM l? tfco rmi HttiMi niMUt The iwotaUaa now (om to the Xotto* for caaearrrae* ta the verbal uMitomi ? Kr. Iumicii renaad lb* floor on tfca WbbTMMs kB but yielded 10 H Mr. Broth, o* whoae motion It ?m ordared mBP whan tho seaata adjourn to-day It to to MM ** Moatoy noil. _ iiaumi kmmm 0a motto* or Mr. Wium, tho M?ii? want into at scull r a ia?iiN, and won altar mutmad. >*oo?e or KBPHmtVT4Tirjm Wsmixoiux, Daa Id, I Ma uon avatawr man mwr iters. Mr. Maimis, (iop. I of Iowa, introduced a bill loaetbov Ue the [itirchaae or const roc.tioa of a military or postal line of telegraph, under the directum of lb* Ho*i onpe P*partm*<ii Kafarrad to the Post Odtoe < ommlttaa and cMwal lo ba printed. Tb* Mil authorize* ihe ciU'irncllon 0f nB? 0t ? isph fiotn Wa*hlogtoii to Moaioo, m* Baltimore, Phila delphia, Now York, New Haven aari Hpr.nyitahl, with necoeaarv Intermediate matinus. The i-rcbml section pro tldae t?.r aUvartlelu;- for proposals lor material* In construction, and pro cribos that all shall b* nfto* <ir*[ ? lass and ginlilr, hlo* to 'mi received ant op-no ^ rontnrts lor mail lolling are now at the IVmH Offloe Oo part in ? nt. The tbtrd section provide* fof receiving al?> proposal* from oslating linua for Hie Halo of tha name to tbe 1'ul'ed Mates at u reduction of nut lem 'hau ? per rent ou lb" heat prop ueale for the coaatr"Citon of a now line. Th* fnnrth auction provide* that la raaa such pro. poaal of -tale shall not ba accepted, than tbe new line shall bo put under oon'rar.t ami completed in six rwn itflor notice to contractors. Th? ufth acvttoll provide lor llio iao of tbe line by Ui? ptlbll' at rat?? to be . ro itlv reduce I on the present tariff, and muk-'t tbe *y u part of the jiuelal management Mr. Watnnuitxa, (rep!) of llltuols, Intradnned a 1MB for tho construction of u government telegraph Iron Wnettiagkm to New York city. Referred np 'ho i Uhioo I'omtnittoe, and ordered io be printed. Tioi t ill b -to follow*:? Me it eeacted, k , That tha Poelrua iter Caracal la . authorised and directed p. oomdiuct e tolotonpli J tv Um city of W:? 'hlnr'oii to tb" 'Ity of Voir V-MSt, and tin loloerapii lino la .|o. I. rw.i to i>? v rosll rarte, eHiJps lo oiiNtlng law t in relation to mail routaa um he L' titled -tali win It mar ho appllrablo to the mine, and the "Sill He msgtar ileceral *1*11 have power ainl authority Pi a ia* lh? uecoaaurv ugketfoi the me of the e id tfue, a ltd ?; bare authority and power r? procure all iioioa??ry for nill oa, anil i t procure a annkm i number of atc ut> 0|toraiora i? ope ml. aald Hoe of telegmpb. Mao ]. Tiuu no ntea? tg ? altall lie aent over the ml U utile** it -hall lie ?i tinned Wflh a I lee" will povtege n anil there ah ill he a uniform rale for lit* 'rtitta' laaia m?o;t;i "t. w'Ullout rrfurd In dManoe. ul aatvball a for eat n word, eioapt for the imM word of my message tin shall he ou oliar**; but no tttea-.aof altall bo rem for a l? ?tint than t' D eontAad Ifiere ahaU he ' hatgud t?*u lot for Ute deilre. y of each and eeorv uieeaam*. " ro-Mr.l. for ihe oallrtt.'jr of "-a -n and ererr utw?a?e; pro' njo.t, tho Kovarnment aball lie entitle,| n, -end anil iweatn all I' ntaaangt-a orei anhi lint t free oi ebargo, ana anail bet* pi orKy in eeetttaa all Mmas hat 3, Tital the <uia or |-?i,(MI|? bofeitjr ippreprlaieti. 0'i of anr innt ?v In the Troaatirjr ttol etherwlaa appiwrwl-otd, lor the ptiryatet' ol tiaZTy lrtg put the prat noons ul thU act bonsuaa. Mr. gBKi.'jiii4R'i*R, (rep ) ul' Ohio, preaonta.1 i men o rial from the leval |M>opieof I.oiihI ma, a?klng fdungrr - to clabli th ninler tho ? .re of Ibr I nucd .-'tales a got em ment lor that htn'o. Tho invmoriul la ??rbe<l Or ihe linvern'rr and saveral thousand eloclor* of letulolan^ li was refurred to tbe Hele.-t Committee on the New llrteao Rtota civil, oorrHWi sta i ,,s tiib Hrei.i.n tn STSTOS Mr. JtLm' (rep ) of lag, lulroducm! a loll prov'dln lean lalWy la forrlVil government" fer Ihe dtetrtrd* lalfy la revolt ap ilii-t the governuii'Dt of 'las I'niied Stales. Tbn'till pro 'Kit s for leiuporery terrlUirlal government' for all ilia late retiel Stales except T UAeseee, sunrago Isvlog -Ivcn t'l all Inslna wllhCiit ro-pe. t pi color; and all who have hririie m oi? ayuinit III" I nlled Slaien or luddci/il or iniluery oflico under tue t'oof d.racy to bo InaligiiiM either io bold ofhco or to vote. The liiil wa. relerr ?1 to toe I'onimiuec ou lteron?;r ictlon. nomsi rs wiaomi **? annua inn mux or sotraaiia ? AMI rAll/.alt On motion of Vr. Tuior, fdnm ) of Now York. th# CotnmlHW on Invalid P"Mlnni <ru ln??rurlad In lB*|dlf* ' iQt'i tlia aapadkeoey nf titliiK a Hma when ptwoont l? widow and orphan eb'Mfail of "vlilier' and aailor* r- | r >rted jm r.u* ok In ?< tlnn Owl nut ? l.toqiienlly tt counted for. during the lata rahelllnn, uhail begin, utoun or m '"?*t ornrx i>arARTn.<rr I'ndar the call of ilia o.i.iinitie.-R lor r*pori?. Mr flu i?n, (rap ) rf Ohio, repnriod n Joint maoli-.ti.m for the relief of A her Man ?m A Co , m#rchim?a, of Jfn? York It direct* tii* swrnury of the TmtMrjr to pay to thai i firm l?ri|\n bond red u.p<;nmu'l intercut ?o!.- ./ to. . denomination of fifty dollar* aarh, to replace (b* *?im ef ?Wty thoaaand doilar* dep .-ited iti tha port otl'-a, in ih* ' city of Naw York, October IH, ttIM, d raelnfl to Alrnr. Alaitil K Co, ol .Now Urban*, wli.rh packiui. m .* raglMrred aod a receipt rlvan by Ihe J*i I mander ?r Yrvr York, but went down in fh? weane hip Itopotll-. lo*? at ?est on ttoa 3Ath ef iHfoher, Ibdd, lb" firm Mi*?reat* a Ixind of Intomiiltr wit!i adequate irl tig*. Tie- h 11 (are i la* to ronald'r iMo .litcioolon nod *#? Bn-illf pa?a*d ? Vim* id n*?. dT nil. Mb* tawvt aiu. Tba lout firo' eiofrd iv d> p??c ol tba b ivnat oa tha "peok'f* tatil* Tna flrat ho doe * t?V"i from tba up>-aker'? tal.'" wan the- anala iimeipln.-ni* ?* ike IV* I rlenry bill. Tha a mao Amenta a?rr couawMp ?nd iBnlvtncT Um bill bow aamta 'he JlranvJ'ttU Ua a ... .. . nff -,kt .ynnaa Tli" nail ho at new- t*k??i front tho f-panbar t fn'4* **a i a Jolni rwwdulhin, IntwrtHced la*l aaaal >n by mr -iw-n . 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THf CMC OF SANFORO COMOVER. , *? *'?"irrrr. ??j |-It-P,U(((ll_ tllfulni Nl (flhr I'H.??*,'. r?1(|),| Wd*<"?'-|??. "orr U, trta. Ihn.-ntaof Kai,ror4r.,?oeo,, ci.aryad , lh p.,,,, w"" '"?"""??l Jay in the Oltu.oaJ ' mn, (^u? j.,,, JWr. TbaOMriet At) irnof, K C. rttrr,t,,t i ?A,nvi ll,. <|*i mirror ruiorod tgr U.u ?,iu,wj |lir J"tonti*r. Ho oid _ U-^-'TT 'J*****1 *m*r*.i )-. lohiLTlf"','h" Tbo imllrtni. Ill , . J JufV ^.7?*'^" * "><???? till 11 I, rV,^!"'l,f"f "" T i-hnPlf>i-n-:?>t f?, ' e"nv?* *"? f"' * t?no, v,;, r, ar-t ',"r' '<T??*?,iidi , ? ' '??"? tr-.Hli.MiMt .... it . Ill* l...?'*.IHi; .O. '-' a .nd ,i|,.. ,, ?i,finer ?* '"?"????? ???r .? ,7 .ifcr'?MhU r*" * hei-v.. thai ,h* hi jo t in*tw<*t. j?* j jiny >?'*J *1 ??f pro* uriMf Bulnad III III. i?. ,dVJ"r,"'n oi:Tr IH*** 5r I U ..TM.,u. ri?. ^ h'b*' ^ n.Ut. ill,I Iltily , r?r,. 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