Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 16, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 16, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,065. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1866. PRICE FIVE CENTS. PIKIOIUo Cmn-M UVBXA-rLllQ CALX AT NO. I COL tag* r*"t aad yoa will kMf of isoooethlng to your ad rfft greed faro _ SHOULD HBBT TUB FYS OF THOMAS 1MB or Moo roe ilmt, Mow Tkl he will cantor e gwlhrw by lotting uo know where hola or come bash TBRSON WHO TOOK AM OTBKOOAT LaurentA Rlehard, Farts, from the Msrgeotlle ' afternoon, will raturn I ho some to _ i street, or'slale by note whore It eon be feoaA, ho a >10 reword on4 wo quootlooe ookod. <ATJOM WANTBD?OF THB FLACB OF BB8L ? of Mr. Ed word Richard by hie elotora. 1 _ *--) latter wife of the engineer Mr. Aotowlo guares. 1 a letter at the Spanish Consul's ottco. INFORMATION WANTED?OF THB WHERE AlOUTS A. of Adolph B. Damns, formerly of Pro sate, lately of Tata. Address Jullua Nbubort, St. Charisa Basbangs, Cln Ohto. INFORMATION WANTED OF CHARLES FOLEY. WHO JLkflthlsdl m ? Rls wboreabon JL loft this city la IH for Michigan. An* one knowing of Rls wboroabouts will bo llhorally rewarded by giving tbe in formation to Mrs. O'Rourhe, MT Canal strobt. Michigan K. W?LETTERS AT STATION A. CRAKBN. L?CALL AT UNION SQUARE FUST OFFICE FOB . letters. EDWARDS. T UCY EDWARDS?AN OLD FRIEND FROM HAVANA Jj would Uha to hoar from you. Address Captain, station ST Bible House. w about* Thirty SSINO SARA KKWSOM LEFT HER HOMR Wednesday, Doc. 13. Any information of her where to will bo thankfully received by ber mother, et W third street. Mrs. THBACY. M1 NERVA?MONDAY EVE NINO, HALF-PART FIVE o'clock, as usual. JOSH UA. VTRA F. A. MoO?BACK FROM SOUTH. MEET MB ill ISo'o >'clock to-day, Blaaehor A Broadway. OEO. "R OSB WISHES TO BEB OBOROB PARTICULAR.' THB LADT WHO HAD HER HAIR DRESSED AT MY place on Monday, the 10th Inst, and In mistake took soother lady's Fur Capo, will oblige sod avuul much lucon soulence by returning the oame to William Dibbles, ladles' bair dresser, 864 Broadway. fPHB LADY WHO WAS ABKED, WI1BN LEA VINO A tbe Acedemy of Music. Brooklyn on Fndey evening look ot the Personals In the Herald will please send her .. , or name plaoe of meeting, to FHANC18CO, Herald HT DO YOU TREAT MB SO J I HAVE COME homo. LE PETITE PC LA. WJ. STEWART, WILL PLEASE INFORM MR THE ? whereabouts of J. S. King, and obltga ma Address la. Herald oilier. matrimonial. A BPSINEH8 man W18I1B8 A~ W'tPK. WITH MManiT A Addreaa Under Forty, box 40 Herald office. .U)?T AND FOUND. Tj0?1^1 fc ,*flRKKl! FORSYTH ORORANO 8TRBKTS K anmeaf WQn?n(fatroet.r W"' "* * ??W ?***?' *?P?n?M. Apply to O. M. Krnmt, W Wall at* T Qgr-jTBOM IPX east TWENTY KIOHTH 8TRBET. ^fttrt&wggS wif," ^^nPrlDOt; "" Tj?fJriKLRF^w*2rON TL'KM>AT, DECEMBER 11 JJJJJjTtHrtoder will ba reward*! ? tO Nlaoeker auant. RSS.2J5" M Plan rtriri^or.Nob4.P*"1 m of IhRRnmi to /I w" Wftl be paid for iU recovery. " F mm ^ - K. BlAlCCHf, KQ BroedWftf. gVBNINO or THK imFl^ST ON ALfyg.*2S?!l *"<? Tar.olyflr.l Sag'iH? Tbo flad.r. on raturaliie It 1wm. (.!??, Ho. m Wall .tree I. win to rewarded. TAgP-*.. MBf "OLD WATCH, ?s?SpwiB.'S?jrs.-s INRT., at oat on the Breed* WMcli, No. 7.74X wlife T 0W?Oil TBB NIUHT OF MTB II ? 'I man 0 Skating Pond, or pltAvd wbll. nrtiutH ?& wny^Any ono to warped again* puwhnfoj Vk. RKWARDl! T? ?v. - J*OBD8 8TOLKN?glU.'XW KKWAKD Inenrauce Company trill car ? ?? .. fj?*" rneorary of Se c?i rtLi*, c mnatrJL #?.k0,1 froin their ?*f.? on the ItKh teeL !*V. *" 'bntpropoitioii for the recovery of any nortlooof Th!. SS SSSmS; puW,e? ? FLjt ( ENT COUPON 1X74 BOND8 81 000 rim *l^lMk"&iSl5NS ?y" ,,.' ???<??? ?' A.. ?.OR ? ??*' dSnST" J?98U ?MM. ??,U01, MOM ? ?T. WtSSUP *? ss g? fe =S Woe I* ran i'L."-!? EACH. g-fci iw-iSV uta ,iS;? AAS* WfiHh ^ XMa N MM >ee A* \MKAm,7'nJn?,,D8' ?I OMO KACH "? flfaSSP?fiNSy?iai' *?"? jgias :?MiKvvis.'w ?? WO?K or l?l. SlO.dOO EACH. I7.AM, IMBA l' HO IdJMO. S?? *A? " ^ PER I KNT HONOtl ftrv^iM. fiiir rorjTH ?Ik# ?MbEikat ooHiiaAM aB^Ez^ 51?* $5 , O'-TM bHJ?. AW lasasisKJs "" ? f""? ?nor? an MMdlaiaa. Carman a Ca., to Ynllaa e/V)n ERWaBW-WILL MB PAID FOR tlrnxx. e*M?U ?o. tbat will laU lb. fliMlt laai or Malm all JL_?" _.Tf .**1** "* nnal, Umi or 'lai At " ' TorX. rx.^r?r?^ laW^TTL^I '** *rraiy aataw Onu it * *??, <??bd ? FRELDlB. ' hairman ' inmlm .<%*? *. Cnoara^w * ^ETLLirr, PraalaaaL w. ? k ?-?UT Sacrrtarr. ^rand ?tij- * ? ??? *? **i2 n '*?^!?Bow,rT' a *?. OERIIARliT loemary. atreet. Minim glrea. miTapcnwr.MMBM A PARISIAN LADY OP EDUCATION WOULD fllVlH drifts?? BUB I NBAS EDUCATION.?TO yNBBNDH COM Bs&'MPEMgM Ladiee' dtputaMi AM NORWEGIAN (CATHOLIC) QBADOATB, VERSED ? la BnfHali and aaveral other bogaaw. waau to he employed aa teachdr. Apply to Ola/ Hroeiif, Uenoa Board to( Uouaa, M Spring at. OF THE UNIVERSITY Of CAM-1 lad. p linemen and et-aeholar of hU col-l ^^^^N^^^MPlaitrnction la Claaaloa, Maiheotatloe. uht WavSmr.,'!' mx$, swa ? UNIVERSITIES, Ac lllgheet refereoree. Addreee ? apply to CANTAB, Boom Na. #. L'ui varsity BuUdlna, ?aafifngtoa aquare. New Tort BHOOKKEEPINO, WRITING. BO.. BOB BUSINESS.? Mr. DOLBEAfc, $?$ Broadway, toaohea Bookkeeping praetlcally. aa need (a the boat Mew York houaea. Ho abo ^BBB^take^bganf^iinee^anm^ removee rtlffneee^rera^o^^remblln^re^lb^aoriil TjtBENCH OONVEBSATION AMD LITERATURE, BY r Profeaeor PARRAIN. Dltdoatala of tb? Catholic Unl reran/ of Louvaln and Normal Bobool of Paria (Taaohara' aehool). Taltloa warranted la three moatha. IT Mood at. mo LADIES AND OENTLEMEN.?FBBNCH TAUGHT X practically, with or without cram mar, by a Preach lady. Add roe a 0. H. L., aUUoa O. TIP ANTED?A GOVERNESS. FULLY COMPETENT TO tt teach children muele and Kngllah, la a private family realdlne a abort dlelaaoe la the country. Addreaa boa 4,BR Poat office, Now York olty. B PORTING. All einds op fancy doob and birdh, bc.. for aalo?At B. DOVKY'S, 800 Canal atreet. near Church. Medlclnea for all canine dlaeeaea. Prepared food for mocking blrde. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR SALE? FIFTY elaht feci long, ten feet beam; about Ave mnnlha old; bnllt or oak and copper faatened; baa accommodation* for eight peraona bealcfeo the erew; la well found in every re aped. Apply on board at foot of East Tenth atreet. eight feet long, ten feet beam; about Ave month* old; of oj - - ? - " " Breech loading sporting ounb.-a good assortment for eale to the trade. W. IRVING B CO.. ? CUE atreet. FRANCIS BUTLER. NO. S PECK BLIP. HAB ALL THE choice breeds of Don. Butler'a Infallible Mange Cum and Flea Eiternilnator. 78 cents. Butler'a new work on the Dog, f Doge trained, boarded, Ac. Medlclnea for all die eaaea. Til GREAT 11 AGATELLE MATCH FOR $800 A IIOK lakes plane at Cleaver'a Half Way Hones, 320 Eighth avenue, on Tueaday, 18th Inat., at two o'clock. w ANTED-TWO MALTESE KITTENS, ABOUT THREE weeka old. Addreaa boa 8,887 New York Poet nBlce. HORN!):*, CARRIAGRM. ?('. Adams a cone, gm bboadwat, invite pur. cbwri (o inspect their extensive ssaoi Iment of Ilrst clam city built Carriages, comprising Clarences, Coupes, l.nndaus, Co.irhea, and other Ann close ami open worn, made of the best materials and by the best workmen, at tbelr own manufactory. A PULL ASSORTMENT OP PINK CLARENCES AND Coupes, at tWentr per cent less than Rroodway stores. Also three second hand Coupes and twenty second band Carriages. JOHN C. HAM, So. Ill East Fourth street, cor ner Bro.ulway. A SPLENDID LOT OP KKRHEY AND STABLE XX Horse Blankets for sals retail at wholesale prices. Call and see before purchasing elsewhere at the harness store 5UD Seventh arenue. A?HORSE BLANKETS. HOKSE BLANKK TH-CAR ? rlage and stable, square and sweat Blankets, Malacca Ips, Lap Kobea, Mats, Ac., retailing at wlmhtaaln prices. MAGNUS BROTHERS, lilt Pulton street. AT 114 CLINTON PI.ACE IS TIIE HANDSOMEST. clo?est matched and beat team of fast Horses for sale in the city. Please call and see them. AHAMBLETONIAN P1LLY, 16 HANDS, MARKED like the King of the Turf, ran be bought right At HIT West Thirty-eighth street, near Tenth avenue. Black bearskin sleigh robes por sale.-a ureal opportunity for any gentleman wanting to pur chase s handsome, good and valuable set. Address K. M., but 168 Post office /narriaok wanted -wanted to jure, por \J three months, a One Coupe, four places: clarence pre ferred; good earurlty. Address, with terms, M. Sepnoc, ata " i O, llilh avenue. CLARENCES, COUPES, LANDAUS AND OTIIKP FASH lonahle Vehicles of the best class, and oar own mske only. HKEWHTBR A CO., of Broome street. F? R BALE-AN ELEGANT PARIS MADE LANDAU, an double suspension, eight springs and under ear rtage. with Paris made Harness, ooaaplete for a pair; will be sold at s bargain: all quite new and new In style. Can he at WOOb^RdfHlWSiTBroadway. Agents for the manufacturers. Wood Brothers are preps red to get out ou order all styles of Part* made Carriages. F? R SVLB-POUR LARGE NEW TWO HORSE Trucks. Apply to 8. W. WILSON, SN Broadway. IdOR SALE-SOME OP C. P. KIMBAI r make Portland Blehrht. 78 and 8U Bsuk < CH)R ? A LB-A PAIR OP DARK P matehad ear rtage Horses, all rear Mustad sewn* aodtlnd. also Engftah I DARK BAT PKRKKCTLT ?a old. 16 hands, war Dog ('art and .larger with goto and 'hafts. Apply at 103 West Thirty. POR a T nary ? BALR?A BROWN MARE. StX YEARN OLD, shifting tor road TT agon and 'Ingle Harness, sold for want af ana and at a sacrifice; pries f60u. Apply between 8 and " ? ">n Rub" II A. M., to C. E. Cook, at Mansion duties. corner of tteveath avaaue and Korty-vecond street. F^e BALE?OJfE PAIS BOUREL nOBBES; CAN GO In | 4n. price 81,01*1. One pair dark brown Horses, Horse. Inquire at Stables corner Thirty-seventh street and Mereath avenue. FNOR BALK?A COUPE ROCKAWAY, WITH RIIIPT lug front; cllv made almost new; also single and double Harness to maim To be seen at 109 West Thirty seventh LXIR BALR?A I.ADT'S SADDLE MARK; WILL OO r In doubts or Singh . To be seen at 8# East Tenth street. rR SALE-TWO PI RUT CLASS EXPRESS WAOON8, cheap for cash Call corner of Tompkins and Myrt'e avenues. Brooklyn. in ths blacksmith shop. ?MM SALE.?A GENTLEMAN GOING TO KUKOPP. r will dispoee of a pair of llorsea, a Phaeton, a light Wagon. Heroes-. Blankets, Sleigh, Robes. Ac. The Horses aes say, long tails and stylish Inquire at MO Sixth av. r)K sale?A SUPERIOR SADDLE HORSE. WOULD su4t a cavalry ofli- er sell broken; csnnol Is* euros seed for style and actum. Can be .eon at the Cavalry Riding behoof No. I West Thirteenth street Fob nalk-a bkacttpul and well broken Saddle lloise. .ui-aMt for ? lady. Apply at private stable 117 P.ast Thirty-nftli street. tpOR RALE?HOR?F. EXPRESS WAGON ANOIIAR " nasi, wascu nearly new; will be sold cheap. Apply at MrMAIION A COLLIN S livery stables. East Btoadway. near Market street. pOR RALE?A COVERED EXPRESS WAGON. NEAR _ ly new. C?n be seen from 10 to 12 A. M , at Mloet A Homervilie a. 81 East Kourleenth street Must be sold on Monday without fall , VOR S A I.P.?A NEW TRIC K TEAM AND HARNESS; r isam tnie and kmd. ixirk large sura Call until bold at corner of Wall and From streets. Prtee S7iu. Aak lor Kerr r* 8ALP. CHP.AP-A BAT HoRRE 8 TEARS OLD sad 16 bands high. 61 for any work the owner having an furvhei use for him. Inquire at 884 East Twenty.fourth rORRR POR SALE-A FINE BLACK IIHK-B. GOOD tor sadAI* or harness Apt- < at the stables 14 Ess' IE? aft KEPT THROUGH THE WINTER?IN NIW Imih m Jersey. 8) milss distant, nasi depot beet of hay and - Apply to J DAVENPORT, 18 llrwi QLBMHS. RLPIGH.4. SLEIGHS -PORTLANDS VSR*? Pony and Sit Rent, very caesp. alaa . at 17 W neater attest 1.?AN a*SORTNRNT OP PISE CUTTER* MM very light far tvottier and seme wHh poles, of my i nmenfssSiirs. nckaewie-fgad to ha ths Sneet and hew in I lor of Pertlaad mate, and large thine seat. ?t the Albany styles R H. RTf. ?? i? ir r __nwfer?UfW. 64 te IM P.nsl Thlriv first Alan two ve-v floe ? dare ?< -s. an I a large stor k of r LET-A PRIVATE NTABLK INQI IRE AT THE < at MarV a plan* and tveaue A CI.RT?THE RTARLRg HO OR BART THIRTY slslh Street room for IS h areas, with shed for oerrlages. m story Fnglish hesenseat Ho rse to let on the aor'h elds of sirty seoond etreei. between rirat snd Reread see nuea Apply to J. R MARRKCKLLA. IMS Third svevus \ATANTED?RTA8LE ROOM. POR Tf amgtm. In e geod warm stable. Eighth avenues anrTTan'b snd Thlrile; POR GNE HORRE AND between With and private quarters will an?wer. Addrs ~ elating tenet w ANTBD-A GOOD STYLE RECORD HAND COUPE Rev ka wag, with pot sad shaft Address tTI Canal EgTANTED-A SIX REA1RD RECORD RAND ROCK A vv way; must beta good order, and aot have baea aiuth Address hoi I Ml Poet odlea ARTRD-TO RUT A RR< OND HAND < OCT*) Eg mere than |XM wilt aa pAld Add rsas Coupe, hug 4,1*1 X" umi orrioE*. A DVARCBR MADRON WaTCHM, DIAMOND*. JEW A mf, Dry Goods and Perarnael Property of every > ailiapt J. A. JA' KRUN, III (Iraed at rem. twe .toora wast of Broadway PAWNBROKERS TICKET* P0RCII A"BD?OT HI A ?scads Watehan. Jesretry huts Clothing Re. AA ranees made na the tame. ST bought at the big best cash yRHHH at >? 'lean I B?.r jg . PAWNBROKERS' TICRETN PVR'A ERR D-OP DIA mends. Watohss. fewglry, BfiadU '"In" bins are . br ths was keadN fir naet.nt the elq vrakd. IS Rewoey, twrt nMJCML. IAN KINO KZOHANO commission houi A HEKICAM BANKINO BXQHAMOB WMU? HOUSE, NOS. I AND ? BUB SCRUB. JAMBS TUOKEB, BDWABD B. ANDREWS. JAMES W. TUCKER A CO. buy and Mil United Btaleo SeourHies and Foreign Seourtlles, Issue and ouh Letters of Credit, es well M transact a general oommlaeioo builans, bbA refer by puimImI^b to^jre fojloBrli>? (Httaara;? Vb. T. Andrews, President Rational City Beak. Boston. Juua H. Boat. President Second National Bank. Boston. ^^?a. Lawrence, Boetoa. C. P. Hovey A Co., Boston. HiM BesbeA Co., Boston. Win. P.Weld A Co.. Boston. Wn.8. Jenkins, OaaMer Bank of America New York. WHS. Maoy. Prestdaat Lestker Manufacturers' Bank, N. T. IIosm Taylor President City Bank. Mew York Jonathan Thorns, N. Y.. B. Hands Tucker, New York. John B Williams, President Metropolitan Bank, N. Y. W. H. Webb. New York, Samuel WUIetn New York. Howas A Maoy, Bankers. N> Wall street, New York. Hoyt Brothers. New York, Hpeihrd. TUeston A,Co., N. T. Buselm. Crooker A Co., W TWA AT?T Whits, N. Y. Dudley B. Gregory, Jersey City, M. J. RsprsaeBlodbyPRANK W. ANDREWS, MS Washln?ton street, Boston. Bmrbeoh-loadino arms.?contracts madr fob ? Immediate cenrerslonef old style of arms Into Breeeh loaders on the Berdan plan: the barrels only required to erect oonrerslon. WARREN A BARKER"* Broadway. FHNANC1AL--DISSATISFIED HOLDERS OP MKX ? lean Bonds purehaaod aftar Dae. 1, IMS, may communi cate to their advantage with A. D. 8., box M3S Post udloe. Mew Yoik. TPOR BALE-* 8HARB8 OP THE SILYBRPEAK r Mining Company, at fWper abare. The $100 per share. Address Nerada, Herald office. ? i par raluo la r>R SALE?POBTY-8BCOND STREET AND ORAND street Perry Railroad Stock, at a (reel he reels: Mao Dry Dock end East Broadway. Apply to ?. R. JACOBS, No. 1 New street M^HORir.E AND OHIO RAILROAD, RTERLINO AND Interest, Memphis and Ohio ten per cent Income. Mls ?sUaippi Central Railrnad Aret mortgage, North Carolina Kn Idnrsed, and Irregular Honda wauled by MANNING A DE FOREST, Bankers. IS WaB street \rONKT TO LOAN-AT T PER CKWT. IN LA ROE OR 1m -nksll amouats. wltbeut delay, on first ciasx Property, in this cfty. KINO A CO., No. 9 West Twenty-third street, Fifth A run tie Hotel. CKVKN O yesrs THOUSAND DOLLARS WANTBD-FOK TWO yesrs on hotel furniture, fixtures, Ac., In this city, worth 940,1*10. for which e premium will be paid over seven per ?t /or thli cent, or an interest for this amount sold to a competent parti The property 1s Insured for 940.000 In city companies, end 0 now mortgaged for $6.$oo. flood endorsed notes for the amount, running one or two vears, will also lie given If desired: also A No. 1 references. Address W., box No. ZMlPost office. Third avenue sayinos rank, third avenue, CORNER TWENTY-SIXTH STREET Interest on sums irnm 91 to $h.000. a' the rate of six per cent, free from government tax, run mincing January L TO LOAN ON ROND AND MORTGAGE. tJiUKiO, In sums not less llisn $:i OUQl SUOO. In mims nut lees than gln.ixm. 090, in snms nut leas than f.Vl.oXJ. I.OuO, In two sums of Siuo.ooi each. T POTTER BROTHERS A BELLAMY, No. J Pine at, up stairs. TO LOAN ON MORTGAGE UPON CITY PROPERTY, worth double the amount of loan, $411 Hit In sums of 91.100 aud upwards. Apply to JAMBS l'RICE, WO Hudson street. UNION DIMKRATINGR RANK 499 Cenal street, oorner of Vsrlrk. Six per rent Interest on 99 to B6.UU0. free of tax. Money de posited now hears intereat Tram J* ? , iJanusryL Assets. I-IMH-U* 19. K. V. HAOGHWOUT, President. O. 8. Cham*. Trmsurer. T. H. Assock. Rsuretary. $8 000 WA5,TKD?FOR 90 DAYS. (IN AMPLE COL _ . later.I security. A bonus of 900) will be given aud " per cent Interest. The partv Is first clsss. Prin cipals only dr-alt wilh. Brokers not noticed. Address En terprise, box KM Herald office. $10 000 J? LOAS os BOND A!,,> mortoagb i one or two suras; city property. Address R. A Q.. box No. A station E. . I r) 000 WA*rEO~UV A WKLI' WtABLIftHBW and well known Importing house of this city, with the view of enlarging a very prod table business, (lucid security will be given end good Interest allowed. For further pailfeulsi* address Confidential, llershl office. No nseiits need apply. nrtn TO loan?IN HUM* TO Burr. ON Mut/UtU' My city real saute. M per cent of vslua'iun; prompt attention. l' E. WILLIS A CO., 11 Pine street, basement. CUPA HTN KHMIIPV A^m partner waste:). with niom (souuto (soon to join * |.irly In a manufacturing anil "ironw mat btialncaa lone aitjhliihnd. IHAAC A. A *ON. 77 Kanna.i atmai APAKTT WITH PROM $?*) TO $',(?ll CAN INVPhT It 111 ? aacum and rnlnaldo bnainaaa paring an imi dlata and larga par ranlaga. Call a! SO Hlmv-k-r alraai. Amino piivniinan wimign m associate himaolf with aann una whom [iraalira la larga anungti to make am h an arinngomanl dra rablr, and '? willing to pay a lair romoannatmn fnr any aubaianual adr.atagaa oft nrnd him. Addrnaa Pbyaielati. hot I'*) atatlun 11. B chinks*. a run jorhino House, well p* labliahad and In goml ntanding daatrint In a- land lb I Imalnaaa, ugar an opaulug <? an bonnrabla man with tIA raw or ?90.000. aa artlva or spoalal pattoar Principal" onlr will ba traaiad wllh. Addraaa, with raal nana, appointing Inler viaw. for onr amah, J. Ilarald offlrr. FU OH NALE-THE IIAliK INTP.RP.NT OP A BLANK Rook Hlndary. Addraaa Hook Binder, boi 1M Ilarald ofll na. N OVRMRP.R I. MM.-THR rXDERSIONED HAVE _ lormad a -npartnarihfp for lb- piirjifwc of trnnaa -ting a banking, at -hanga and 'ommlaalrn bnaln'aa, nndar tha linn nl Jama* W. Tnrkar k Co.. Not * and A It na Hrrlha, Pails Pramn. JAMES W. TCCKtR RIIWARO K. ANDREWS Rapr-aanlad by PRANK W. ANOKHWX, 24* Waiblnft-m atraat. Ilottnn |J.\r?.iNCC wwrKD-I* A COTTON PLANTATION X of gOO acre* on tha Curiam ? tlvrr, In Suuih Carolina. Kor p-trtirnlnra apply to wTLLIAMH. BLACK A CO., IS Paarl atraat. \v ANTED?A PARTNER. WITH PROM ?7W To ?l ra? I In a wall aaUbllahan "(Ilea doing 1 gad bttainnp I nopa but thoaa . arable and willing to work. Ad<lra?? Raal Kaiata. Imi No. I Pnat olt.-a W^HANTRD-A PARTNER. WITH ?t iffl CAHII CAPI I tal. in n light maunfn' turtng bnainaaa. gi??l |?r>ml -bipla ..itida ronatantly in gia>d demand. a atrntlr eaab bnalnea*. To tha ugh1 kind Of a man a good nppn luntif I will b? olfarad. No a grata naod reply Add re a H L. k M If., IIT ANTED IMMRDIATBLY?A PARTNER WITII f r (train <aah II, a highly ra?t>a. la b a ? - ? I ??tabllahrd paying 400 nor cant proBt Addraaa Kinanrr Haralil oftlra. ? r fWkft -PAKTNP.R WANTED WITII rHIH ?JLj.'M/tf. amount In crab. fbia 1a an opportunity that |? aaiijf.iti nffi-md to an awlarprt-'ng man. without any h?? bog 01 dam fit Ion eoiine-ted with 11 Tba ownarot ona Ung 11' . ?.!ul and piob'alna Haa'anranU .BuOIng af a Hal .on aod a alilai.dat Ba' Wllh a laaa- of aeran ra.'.at a t?rt low nat. located in tha graal-ni itmrnngn Ml on Broadway down town. Tha itlnaaaof tha owuar a brother la tba only raaaon for hla taking a partner. E*?ay Iblna ronnwtrd with tha raubticim'-al la in aui>nrb ord'f, and tba dally mealpta at tha bnaina-a, which will ba ahown, V. I 1 - annraly aatlnfa.P>ry to any ona wtalilng to inraat la Ihia huain-aa No igenta or otbara who do not maan btiai T.aa. laad a.rly. and thoaa thai do'an apply to WM. TAB W A1 < I N LN A CO 473 ?A: tt I arrnie. HI a|\KtS (IPPOHTI MTIK*. AM RfHINP.M PIRN DOim A WIIOI.RSALR AWM iwtall dry aaod* bnalaaaa in Philadelphia. on Morond atraot, naar < all. whdl. of from (AUn.ian to (*Q0b<4 par aw nnai, am about to rattra. and oflay to |? ... tha a- oa and aall tha atork. To an aattra bnainaaa man an arrangamwst may ha mala for tha una oi (J4 raw 'o (dW.Rd AppIP ?llona w ill ha trratad -oniidootlally by addraaalag RAN bwa 3.471 Phlladalpbia Boat ogfea. ATOI'RO MAN, UATINU (?.?W CAHM, WOULD Ilk- bi ftad nna ar Iwa mora yonng man. am h to kara tba a bora amount to upaa a wbolaaaia and tataU dry gaoda hnalaana. ta ona of tha baat Waatarn laarna hi tha o a at rr what a a -nab bnainaaa -aa ha dona, and good profit, tha ad. '?-"??> a- lag dona buainaaa thara prawoualr. and kuoara What lb-markar raanlraa. Only thoaa nadaraUadtag tha try , . < b .amaaa naad anawar. Rant rafaraacaa ia(iiirad and glran Addraaa Jaaoaa, Harald nSna. APAKTT WITH (Idoon OR (li.000 WAHTpD-TO -ogaga In n atannfaatory Plaaaa addraaa A. B , Naar Qaia I'oat ogtna, wtta lima la fall factory la ruaalaf ay BR. | CtOR HALE, ?THR RXRCtlTONA OP R MARCHER, r da. rAawd. oday far aata tba laraa aad aid aatahMabad Flatura Praam bnainaaa of tba lata 1 Mar-bar A Baa., haw la full aad aooaaaafal aptrail00 with tha appaaaiaa. amcblnary aad atorb aa band. Tba faatortaa wtil ha laaaad ?m fararahla tarma aad amy ba Bo r-baa-d If 4a?1rad Par par wo ara and tarma apply ta r. TAN ANTWRRpT Na. I Path plana N. f Great raroain pub merchant* -exciianoi far a aiork of amnbaadlaa. itoutaarn aad Waatarn ml aatala. aad wtU pay a part eaab Addrta* boi 44*4 Pnatodtm, N T. PARTIFf ITATINi) r t PITA I, TO 1NVKHT CAN PINO at>-liaai oppartuathra for larga aad amall amooata by aalllng upoa mil TIIMaTD k CO.. ? Cater alraai. lI'AhTED-A PBW RINCTKn TALE WITH ROBE TT baat nana man who baa (J on with wbt-b la maAa RS <?? or mom wltMn oaa yaar Tbta la aa wild apwanlaMaa, hut a fart which aan ba abawa. Addraaa *. H. A., Ilarald ?1 r.nn -capitaliiti tars notice ?the abara amount will mimhaaa an oadlrbM oa# half lataraat la oyarS raloabta Patanta A a tha la ranter la la Mraightaaad alr-ioiaunma, ba atakaa tkia bbarai othr Hoaaa iww paying Apply M RON*hi k CO , III Naaaaa ?trawl ? 7 IWtn ?PI'RNITt'EE AND BEDDINO RTORg 9 I far aala -bod loaatlmt. -haap mat, lamg laaaa. Apply at Urn atom, 74 aad 77 HaaalMan araaaa Hawtl WtU. Pt'RI.'H ABE A HA I.P INTER I S ralaabl* Manafa-tunag ? n $10,000 In a 'aJaabta Nanafa-t trag ready hi eoeraeef 'il wparettoa No awanta naad apydy J ?7 REaEDRLET II* ?a I, Itf Raaaan mm N ?W YOB* THBATR1. T mnM in 4 Viunrt, H Imt MArk Smith AudLewi* lair ^?llONDAYKYKNINdr HB'. 17. mt wfll be preeenlag (?r Um Am torn la America, the pwl Parisian pajrt spectacle, trmaleled from the wiitl, la Ira acta, by Mr. R. L. Ba MMZ, iRMil CEMDRILLON, _ tmw enjoying ad unprecedented run Al tha Tlwln Ac STaONIPJCBNT WARDROBE, wider Um Imntlili raiaiiiln of Mian BAUH A. M1NCXLBT. INTRICATE and MECHANICAL EFFECTS by Hum J. Odd baa and Oao. Houady. Row Acd appropriate by Henry Tloalngton Hmmi pruperOee by J. I.uody nod B. Yaaamoa i Complete corps dp. ballet or fifty ladikh, uudor tba direction of 8MNOR N O ROSSI, and tba followlne POWERFUL CAST Prince Charming Xiao R. Colo CoudriUoD Bra. W. OoaMroal Crania da la HouaptgneUe Mro. M. WUktoo JatoUo Mlao Bloacha Chapman Madatm Man Alicia Msndartllo Lurlola, Fairy of tha Oloworwma...Mla* (Bailie A. Hlsckloy Ooull Miao Anna Yeamaa* Prealdentof Cupld'a Court Mro II. Bland Aurora. Mlao Roaa Ht OUIr Queen of tba Hun HUa. Ada Davara Uaoon of tha Night Miaa Anna Krougar Ring Hurlyburty XIX Mr. Mark Smith Mono, da la Plnchonntera Mr. Lawla Baker JoUcnco, Prima Mlntater Mr. W. Uonaeraal KI<1<1I<1U i Mr. P. Parcy ParhuUa Nr. II. Bland Madon Mr. P. Chapman Dohar Mr. C. Now too Martaau ? Mr. P. WUllama TUK FIVE SENSES. Mlaaaa 8011/ Plnrea, Jootu Smith. Lena Franc la, Oarrla Brnwu. Janulr Coatolln. PRINCESSES OP TIIK IHLK OP FLOWERS, Mlaaaa London, Diem, Hagrlnn and Stanley. PRINCESSES OF THE BUTTERFLY ISLES. Mlaaaa MaiyStaoey, Suay Brown, Balle Bogart aad Mlaa Charlaa. PRINCESSES OP TIIK ORYETAL OROTTOKS. Ml*" .Nattla Burke, Joalo Staaln. Carrla Brown and Lena Praacia PRINCESSES OF VOLCANIC ISLES, Mlaaaa Fitch, Manning. Slimm and Wrlgbunan. Officers of the Court, lluitara. Amaiona. Dlainontlnea,

Lorda, Ladies, IVaaao'a, l ira Damona, Glowworms. tba Court of Cupid, Ac., by tha Cnrpa da Ballot and a boat of auilllartea. For aynupala of acanarr and Incident* aaa hllla of tha day. OEAND CENDBtLLON MATINEE, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 'J3. AT I O'CLOCK. BOX HOOK NOW OPEN SEATS SECURED SIX DAYS IN ADVANCE. NPECIAI. SOTICEM, CYRUS LOOOK, 70S. F. AND A M TIIK MP.MHKRH am hri-b? laamaaad to attandour regular oommunl. cation at tha lodge mom, an Monday, December M, MM, at 7Mo ? lock P. M Business?Election of officer a for ananlng year. B?order. HENRY A. RUSSEI.L, M. H*m:t S VMM, Secretary. IP NI (HITS OP ST PATRICK-A SPECIAL M BETING h of tlie Knight* of Ht Palrlok will ba held at their heari quailera. the Hal ion Ihjree. Union square on Wednesday evening, the IIHh mac, at A o'clock The members era re sportfully requested to lie punctual In attendance, e* bust neaa of ImportaO boil, to the innmbtre Individually aa well a* the society In general. will coma up fnr their dallb. arallon. 'ihrreforr It la advlaalila for all thoae gantlemen wbo think "we atlll live" to be present. By order. JOHN II IIAMETT, Prealdant. Pctir P. (jKt*ir?, Corresponding Secretary Notice.?'the william ii. manhkirld battai. Ion will hold a meeting at their room*, MM Grand aire i. over lha Raeea llouae. nn Sunday afternoon. Dee. Id, IBM, at 21, o" lianaai'tlng i proceed to Ea*t New York on I'hrtatnte* day foe target pr?o ticn. Thoae wlahlng in Irrtn will ba preaaut and sign tha roll. Broiler. WN. M WATTS, Captain CoinmAndlag. Uiias N. Warn waianr. Acting Adjutant. OPPIt'E OP TIIE ATLANTIC MAIL STKAMRHIP Company. No. 6 Bowling Green. New York, Nov. 12 IH6S ?By order of the Hoard of Director*, notice la heiamy C" -o that In eonaeqn-nca of Ihe ?l?.-t on apiolnl.-d U) hara ii held on Ihe |gth of November Inataal. not having tieen hold perauaiit to each appointment. an eleetlnn or ulne dlreeteoof thla ooioiiaiiy and three Inspector* of tba nail an< ceedhig election wilt <ie field at the nllre of the -nmpanv nn Friday, the lllh day of January, IM7, at Pi o'clock M. The tranaler lemk* al the ofllra at lha Parmera' Loan and Trust Com reny will be dosed fi<.m lha Mtb lo tbe I4ib ol Jauuaiy. ISA.. Thepolla will h# open fram I] io I e'elnak. PHA.Nkl.lN ALI.RN, Seeraiary OfLEMTA I,ODOR. NO IW. P A M.-TIIE MEMBERS C of ibla fdxlge are hereby tv titled ta assemble at the Lodge room. No no Kaat Broadway, nn Sunday, 14th Inat al IIo'clock, for the purpose of attending the funeral of Our lata brother. John Wllaoii. Tbe tnembei a of ai?l?r l.odgea are fraternally luvHed to ittand. W. H. EODMAN, M. J. Piivdht Rei ieUry. The optic um and members or mount nkbod letdye. No. P end A. M are reaoaafed to attend the funeral of Mrv. W K. Prank, wlfa of P. M. W R. Freak, and mother of P Ma I'. and IS. W. Frank, frowi bar lata re ftdaaag. JMI Waat Thlrty-Drat atraM, oa Huodaj, at * o'clock ?*. W.T%wi??wt fnnner noflaa ry ardar or H maisrs. Haeratary. V. M. KOEIILBR, W. M. A ISO. MEMBERS OF SOUR D. WILLARD LODOK NO 280. P. and A. M . am hereby *ninuionad to meet *1 tkair room*, e .rner of (Rand and l >a<re atreeta. on Tueaday avan ing, December ISth Inat.. for the purpoaa of ala<-llng ofB-era for the eii> iiug year. Bv order. Time aa J llnew, Secretary IIEVRY WILSON, M. The membrrs dp the longshoremen s union Pfoleotive Aaaoelallon No I are < ?? i .a.iad 'o meet al tlielr Ha l MR llooaavell atraat, en auadiy. In, a?h?r 11 ii enea'etock P M wlih crape on left arm. to Bile 111 ihe f narral of our tale brother member and e. off or, William lxeiney. R'nlER HOI IlkK, i're.idrnl. Mn Ngn Hair, Recording Se.ratery. WOHKINUMEN OF NEW TORE. BROOKLYN, WTL. Uainal.ufg and Jeraey city?ron are Invliad toeluind the tna** meeting at I oaper Inautoie on Moti'lay e.eumg. lie ? ceiler 17, lo be?r lha add re,. of the el'Mjiienf Orator of tha S'eal ft Tievelll 'k. on Ihe eight boor 'juration, and other latex reform* Admtaeton free U P. TAYLOR, PraaldanL W a J. Jv**rr. Sac Com of Arrangemenla PI \ NOrORTK*. At thr orkatebt rakoain pvp.r nrrrnr.n rmir mu? aup*! H 7*? Hum, made by tha moat rala braird rrtf rnekrra an<t fully warranted, in r-?atljr eoarwnod (?Ma, nin rkli IM?. kitlnf 'ha lull rirera'.iini: naea iron pUtr, fourfoun 1 oornoro, ari tie rirhaat at>le In Tugur, Bate been taken in a u..|r and will bo onld ll a rtfi. ? fur riuh ai pi ? <i lb* Iuriptnm parking eaiabllabmrnt, ?*?! rtuth tru i', nnai KotUalli atreet A L BA1TF.RHOM. a NAUMFM'RNT HFVKN OCTAVK ROPRWOOD PIA J\ n.Curia 4A.VU will be aolil lor (2*1; or o bnou'.lf.l Por bK ru?t SK. fi r I All, one d gill a 1st of Parlor. Batli'i'im arid liming Kimm Kumltura, at a aaerllre, at Ilk Weil hlrhih airre' near tilth annua. AVKRt MICK ROdkWOOD PIANO. IN OOOD OKf'KR. rata. at Ml Ka-l gift* nlnUi atraat. Prtra gl'Jft. mu *t ii* vn4 A CURAT PIAMO._?IOII PI MR TON*. IN fKMX) OR 4ei, a team oatara M*ewrjad Plana!one. arnb modern UBprorrin?nla, anry aheap. .1 IIIDDI.K, 14 tmitr atroet. wear Hroadar.y. AMAONIPK RNT BR.TRN OCTAVK Rob' WooI> Planiforle fni aale. made to order, e.tjr mrkora. lullp guars lead n*ed five rwn'ha. coat %Hui. for $*>u. inrl .dlog atool ?r.d I0*ai I'arlHulli, f. >g*i~a Hi. .keaae Pwniinga. Ironin, I'kaabor and Dim. ng Furniture China Olaaa nt.erwara ? aar-rliica. *4 Waai rtiiternth alga*1, oaar Hiain aeowaM IRMRRIMIN'4 PIANO* ?obiAT SEDUCTION IN lj p. ?. I'naurpaaaod for una rolah g.e.4 workman akin aud i iran In I Warroaled for #e? r**ra, I'lanoa u? Mttt. <? A ML'MOBII, 1 Nrondway. (TRKAT RAROAINI IN PISRT CLAM PIANOR. J Pianu* in lal LYMCil A iHlMIEN, 'M .ad Ul Nraadataf, eoraar Tsrsntj 4rat street EIAMOS RI.RftAMT Ho-KWOOD PIANO*. Al.-O I arreia, Oil. athk Pun Itura Hadding I'ortor and Irooni ? ' A- . at BKNIia I.I. A Hi'OlTK JUk aad 111 Hudaoo etraet r..rn?r of I anal Paymaal uAan la woolly or month.; payment* i' profarrod. FIANO WANTRD-AKV MNMON lUfTIS A ? OK At* oe'tra Plana, and wtoklng i? aall fur modoraka J""", gB* lad caoh eowoowr. A Id ma N Jaaaaa, bog MO Harold QRVRN IMTAP* PIANO*. WITH CASTSB I.P.OB, Q oaaratr mg booa Ala# # areond hand f-rnr round earnar* 7 oottve P ao a Wiu laraed leg* aad o'Orotruog kaaa. Par Mia at o rorr low petra No Wt Third aeaaiaa, kakwoda TWaatlek and Twanty dr*t Mraata WATRN4 ORANO Ml ARR AND I PNIUHT PIANO*. Nrtodooaa Cahlnot Orpaa*, whalmaJ* and retail, to lot aad root aowllod if pairhaaad. Mootklr aoymooto ra Sosd hauoZThood Pionao at kwmiat Prim from M? ka DM Hew ; aetata Ptaana for Ml and upward' OM ataaor tokow in earhoagw Coo* aaJd for am aad kaod pa ? 7PIANOPORTTW AMD I MKLODRON POR NAl.R OR to M rwry ' he a a I nor.gkt pwooaad 7 actort, prteo, (ML and I email gil at 14b nraod atr-.l PANCIRO At AIIK.tllb.k. T TKTNOR ? 4RW am RPLSMOTD DANOTNO A leadoauaa. Paiooo Roll. TV Mm aaoaoa. N T., ogtan Matt aoklngton Moil. Bneiklro R. f) -Raw ? Umaw aro oow forming for Ibo aaaaad y iarfr rtowd for wruulara 'a IinriWONTH * PA Rf.'INO H A. No D1 PIPTtf ATp.Nf'R NRW TORE. Pt 1ay? oral de ... ?B 'or oareolar. D~ CMAR P DANr iNfl A' ADRMT M WRRT POI NTH Otroad. for ehUdroe. ladle# and ganUamro l.ea? ?a orory day and atghl AJJ daonoo Uughii* ana goarwr. *? IRRRPRO'4 DANCINO ACAIrRNT, m. rtewoal enrnor looa'r atgh'k atroal aad IraoAwtr, oran WRDNRRDAVm AND (ATI RUAPd at I P 4 r; IILLHRM. dM . I.AHOP NI'NBRR OP MRW AND MM'OND HAND giiliif 1 TaMaa, with oarknfnmd oawktnatna "ia? __ ?#pa kara too* pre rod to bo <h? ?a? I?t?t and durate eaaRMaa o**r mod#. Ipuaui of oar akar I .at Haoo mm m oaoataai ?? for mot yaoro may ka aeon ia aoaela aad asiooea la lata etay ra.t aata.tewt lad l? P. titer late root ta nal) aad >1 wad Aaaaa la lha WarTd Ma ppeetpwl ko*ela a mg Co r.rrhaaa wtli malar '**r ret, arhi rHILAR a de bwh la MmJadRMI OLLAPOPItii A* ?!'??? UTor g r.y pi HAT ? i ia au.utair Ttbom. w. h aar ianprar*4 eaak on. a' pi ?ark. aaw raady far frl'try IMeemd ? and Taker fiag rp A fli* tNA'itf A P? ? Rb enar'm a ant 'M'taH 1) ROADWAY THEATRE D itomiiin ??*?!* Doora open at ey Commence at 1H o'olook. MONDAY ?renin J, December 17, end rrarr aeenlnglbte lAll week pad, SATURDAY MATINEE, the farm tie oomadlaa. Mr. JOHN K OWKNS ?U1 appear la two of hia nuwt papular characUra, SOLON siiinoCb ?en Mr. OILMAN. In the American oomie drama of the PEOPLE'S LAWYER. SOLON 8UINQLE Mr JoHN E. OWBNS ?nd the one net dreme of the HAPPIEST OAT ON MY MFB. Mr. OILMAM JOHN * OWENS German thai.ia theatre AM Broadway, oppaatie St. Nlcholea Hotel. MORDAf PECKMBEB Id. I MM. OIK RBAiMTSNTN TohHTKR ERMAN ITADT THEATRE, KAtl ROWERY-MON day. Dreemlior 17. Uurt appearance and beuaSl ef Mae E OKNKK In feurofber favorite ebareelera. aa TTBLLT AMD LEON'S MINSTREIJt. JV MDS1C, K Popularly known mm the MIRTH B atendard troupe ef thie AND L dtp. Their elegMt tail WIT. L I* nightly Riled with feah TUB Y loMhh nod enthanimate MOHT A ?dmlrerm. Their 1*1# ntad NOVEL L company enable* them to RILL E produo* e eueoeeMnn ef YET O novelUe* hitherto ueet OIVEN. N tempted, end which nee er fell to pleeee. CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPK. Krerr night et Bnut'i Mechanic*' Hell, ?Tf Broadway. Look what a boa or new feature# for the preeenl week. Big. SHIUtSRf, The Oreat Juggler. Stg NHIRIHEI. hiiiriseV snnuKKL BHlRlNBI. CHAR. OOLLINM, The Cure, CHAR. t'OLLINR. COLLINS. OOLLINM. COLLI NH Fira time of tba new Mualcal Mel?.Drama aallad THR WHITE ROYS OP IRELAND. THE WHITE BOYS OP IREt.AMD. Or Oalway In 17*0. Alan Charier White'* funny akelch of TIIK 1'NITKD STATES MAIL. Together with New Nagro Acta, apian did Mallcta. Comic Singing, Ac. STEINWAY HALL 1RTII ORAND BCNDAT CONOBRT. SUNDAY. Dec. 16, et Sooloek. MADAMR HRRTIIA JORANNSRN will king Arietta from Der 1'reiaohuU. end laohlna, by RllgeRI. Mr CITANPON, from the Royal Opera, RMttgart. will aleg Alia end Koog ironi the Meclc Piute. Mr. B BOEKKLMAN. the celebrated Planlat. will play Nocturne. hr Chopin; Hwlaa Melodic*, by Raff. Schiller, March, hy Lien. The Orcbeatra will perform a choice aelerUnn of RACKED CLASSIC AND POPULAR MUSIC THRO. THOMAS, Conductor. Mr. <1 W. COLBY, AecompeMtaL Ticket* riftj cent*. Rancrre I Seat* Kifty cent* artre 2EO. W MOROAR. OHOtNIBT OF ORACB CIICRCH, he* the boner to aneounoe 'tjp Annual Concert at STEINWAY HALL on Monday availing. Decemlier 17. at S o'clock, when he will he aaalated hy the following artlate. who here kindly voluo leered thelreerrlnea: ? Mr*. Mnria Ahhott. Mr 'leorge Hlmpaon, Mr J. R. Th'.maa, Mr. Prank A Chaae. Mr. J N Patllaon. Dr. Wm. Heraa, Mr. O. W Colby, Mr. John Abbott. Mlaa Kale Oomaloek Mr .lule* Lombard, Mr Jullua Klchbarg. Mr. Alfred H. Peaae. Mr. Prank Wider. Mr. Wm Drearier, Mr Waller H. .lobti ami and arvaral of the member* of the Ceelllna Choir, under lb* direction of Dr. Culler Ticket* $1. for aale at the innate and book at ore a and tlctal aaenclea. Rex-rved *e*i? Mv aura, may be eecure.i ?( Stelnway'a. where, alao. holder* of itdiulaalon card* can bare them median, ad foe coupon tlrkats aecurtng aeala G SOROS OF SCOTLAND. Continued mr--eee of the (rant KmtUab Vooallht, Mr. D KKRNKPY. who will tire one more. atid poeltleely Ibe let! <t hie rOPL'LAR I'.NTI.IITAIRMERTN, on Thuradey erenlnj^ Den. 10 el ? o'flo-h tjr *i-? nicrTcKwniDT. m u?? ?*<si"> TIOKRTR M> OBNTN. RESERVED SEATS H CUNT* EXTRA. Guard classic, bACREP aRD rorutA* CONCERT AT STKINWAY 11ALL. WEDNESDAY EVKNlRO DEC. Ml. 1*?? Combination of the CECltlANCIIonf. i|?r. If S CPTLRR, Choir Maatf I end TilBO. THOMAS' EI'LL OfcCHP.lTRA. flrat aprmeranaa alma Ma return frmnBaroiie nftoe ~~" ttoPRh !*" CELKRRATKD HhV bOPRARtl, MaaierRK HARD rnKlYR. Supported by the following brilliant array ef lelem Maeter TOKPT. Mr W. I tlll.L. Mylar MOCKNA V .net OKA SPIN, Mr le I'. TIIATHRKR. Mender HOYr.RS. Mr. A II. I'eaae. , I Mr The*. Thome', < u n ?v foJKj. ' I'linUU Mr. " ? ? ' V u??. < Mr. tbfA TImh**?*, / r 7.'m.rV'un,,u ? CHORUM OP lot MP.N *NP HOYR lr|N and EI'LL ifROII'.MTRA. wtala Eoenae f*' "" 4ill tm nARTZ' TEMPLE OE MYNTLRV pod worth Han P* [true,two. To *teorrew iMmiltrl. *1 *. and e.err reenle*, M HARTX, THE ILLTBIONtiT who will Inlrvluee, among ot.ier wondera and at rarlea, THE IIP.AU IN THE All! Mr. A Kedgwlrb will perform nn the Krigllati i nnrertlaa Ttrketa 10 oantr reeerrrd a?aU $1. Eor aale In adranre at tha Abet from in till A Doora ..pen ai fh MATINEE RATUKDAY, at S E M P , r. open at Ifc. A oiiirkrrmg Planu la ua?d at theea ne.f irmanera, MCLTI M IN PARVO VERY tOON T IIK CHRISTMAS CARD MR PR CORpOVt WILL REAP PICKENS' CHRISTMAS CARD. Al IIIK BROOKLYN AflfEt T.l M OR WEDNESDAY RYRNINO llr.t MB HAS Tteketa ran let nWetned In New York at ka t A Anthony'i It Na Mil ?Irrrt. at Manor A MerblgV Ill and 114 Broad W?r, so I al all tlio muae arid book alirealn Brooklyn C1 LI N ION IIAI.L. / A""r p'a-e, Nma?? r VAl.ENTINK Vol -PEN. THE ORE tT POLTNATION Al. MIMIC, Th? nrUtl'ial laar y Hoilan," from tl.? R"t >? da Dublin, ao'i otford atrte*i lemdnn. baa the bettor of aavratvinf hta Oral appear* una in Ante flee in hla nr^lnrl EnWll* THE. I'RITT Of Monday. Pearni!.af IT. ISO? and erery earning. at S e Monk tdmlaein I 'a* l>?ri?: Maiatr eitra F'AIK rOR ST JOSEPH a ORPHAN ASYLI'M. TO R KYI LI. E A frand f.ndtee' Pair for <aa beiirfi t,f thia ad Nilranln and deterring Inalitntloo en ii i?1t|ftii?r an ? entirety prnrtdea I or i he hoot, lata little orpha n? firm la their thar/a. wilt lie ! at tbe Al"S> My a* In a Natl ninth raalownt, >7 Kaeei atreel, near llrand. o*ar Eaaej Market. OV MORPAT DararflRa-r If CoNTINI INO I NTIL Nt.M tKAICa PtY That darlent rafimar I katraa nifat gonrarmHiy <i>an t:.a Iiao n( tlialr r<?u fur ll.a .re? There le eon?et! aaperiellp appreRaleta a**d UWi'Wiif in the 'l?f*ai uf He rirytana at iba efprenehlnA >a*a n Ttai ba?a n , hum# bill tha una pile eir. .|eni ? iari?r ? Terd> i'in ?? parent ua faoeirtna ar.'l *'.e Nae Y or frtende to render t'hrtetnaeAL a net mine foattenl. aa-i thuaa wn>> ?<! i.i> t-- ' fda ? awabtiful > are rrao.| oar Ural fi-' "it aid an I we feat naeu nd II wtll n'rt !>e denta' The flirwtora of tbe Aarlam hare baen unllrlnf In the r #Ve la to ran let the Pair wolf attraetire The InMaa will tie ? ifT'ial with aa and.aea aarietf .if artln aa .,f am m l ornenieel and an aeaJai na o' aptrup ate i hr ilmaa a 1 Saw Taar'a r"'- * will attend arid aril artir " ef |ha t in an i ' ? >ed for t%a Orpkena. at wWeh thoy GRAND PAIR AND PRSTIX ?L WITH PROMENADE < NP| . ?>ari eraiilaf Ull llewa ar Jt la the ape ritxta hall of ?T. PTRPHRN"S CHPR' R. I'etmneoe en Twantr ? ikih and Twenty alnih etreete ha iwaan lernpo'i and fnlrd a'aau>a Mualr furnlahed l>r the e'abrmtad o?. boat a a' Thaodare lit Ulila1 Thorn aa Praaaarh. parfaro.awaa i aiMir'|ai.'aa To? if ta'. a. ti>"b4l r It I auauallf larfa and apleod'4 array of artplaa prartowa fnI and urban.antal. aapa-kal y auttahla for 'ha hat.laya Variety of aatamiaau. eapenal.f far ?h : irea Iwtwrea tha honra of ? and ? P M flower -ifmu tmm I till Ms, P M Children net a lio'wee alter ? P M Adaalaeton '0. rwnle. I roneeda we aid le pa . j for ll.a r.aa Hr nampiatad anii-f r| haauna br aaaaro a M Ae-urattnf - the ahbrah Tha Maaaee Melaa - - loaned ana of th?lr aetebralad free CNRRAT MASONIC PAIR IM AID Of TUP HALL AND J *er 1'iib r red la naw men hi the Piaahytartaa ? k risk oamar of Oeand aad I roahy t raer# Thadtepiay af a-'ide will M tun t If a'tibrttra aad pre eenuadraatafaa T-w Ihrma wtehlrf ta p ichaaa 1-m 1*4 hall a roe ante af thle fair are to be awworrtalel ta t Moa af an aarlam ae n koaae for ar.4 uepb aaed and tn4%eoE and apnoaie ntre fly to tea ay rot a the eheritahlr 4t| eat Adeiieelaa ? ramie J|EHRMBP.R THP ORPptN ARRRICABS IN Tl PREY. THE OREAT At f)Jt y( fXT WI"'i'tM m drama Sowery. , TTRACTI NS ?TJU, ON THB fscpRaai l.?" I IT THE APNaT <1? Ttl.PMT MS PI OTED a i.rarw a I I nr. anna I yw rti.rrr a e r i 1>EPI NI'.fflltilARPLElS OP Efi say NPRR THE DIRE' TiOM <4 PRoEEae' N |? lUMH ftoS* METt RA HONS Bounij ?e, M'tN* AJfroRl. MORS Iilidfl.ll ?PlNol TfLAiaO SplNOJI MOPH.IA A't THILLELIJSaTEP EfcRE' EM I VRRT Nlollf, *Tm: 9 ''A IrW A Y TMR OMR AT *EtEIU> M ?!' ?,?fP?\m . _ it rroaDway AttiiinnioM rlpp me sRoapway ITTRRETT ?fMfMP. IJM RRoa rWAY.^fORMRR "P Ft Harry foor-h euMH-Na. Che# ?. ?NN* .**)!-f * hte ar .wad teoa-ife that ? thf a''ern?aa a* IM arteaeh ip* I ?>. the Nafee4 Truth tvea-a ef ptmtemil ta jiiiikaima. Meeata Imdlai aa?d aafMSa a end the pw frea Ncmt ? tO MaPAORH* -MR M reepwtf Ity wMMei. maoep"v Sws M ??*; J?f eaatwtaSTa nbe-W with Mr JT Watt*'S"?*.#e fwr the ?ewdwwaa -4 a., pAHM ?*>>"? <T !?"? ieb'tewlt P-? Ms ni a r.rvaa fit MS ' *4 Maatad l" et ay, K Urea tif rfarr L" dD A' . Aa end if SawMA ye? th.Tw . | .... *? r Id I Asrtna aail : ar? e' i ? ilNfBiwN**# d'if ?' ?*">-"? w if aS amm ? *??* ?t? ft# iiWtt m#y ^ /OH* ? ftCWfl AMMIMKim. . wvvv' riUM mum sP JftbSSi'-ESi phi*. ?tU ^ mum ob w . ? Aft w'fc lo'hTt'oNI.r rBrtCttari h. totll*. ifM. r B. OWWi?J? fill thraTRR. BROORfcVN. JJl iklB^OBIlIn^ 'IFXR. j Jtectt, I*** *?nanipaar "Bsanfess"1 I: xnamvtKLr-^ ^ RMfl ZlP4 rwttk him FAR NIB R. qOODWIN Kopraoo. omilF.HTRA. Huiincr, Th? Wirw Ccmmnnw* ttwi PftvfcMU Oiwift Conli|i? Hon K t'n*. Rackoa I'M If l.onfc. UMfeli I'Air. A*., A? ?rakd matinkr on onmiirnf aR DAT. SAN FRaNi'INOO M1NHTKKIJI. MR BROADWAY. THE At a qua/Mr U> ?Ml Tkafar (baa art, lalaluUa BU4 tmlj^Rirrb^ Wauibol.) Barnard A HtUAt1 mwAktAtnir turn In Ik# aorld Naw 1 ?in H. wriiiwiiu. imnhriw m lAtfOINtMJ NINhTKBI". - Iammi r.i UaUoa In tk? aorld Nam and okaarfui burlaoq waak c.ndrt,,u or tha four ?Waaaa, Olkailo balk llairtdaoi <'0Mpla om. Ton Mlnulaa at Urn At _ Mtiair WotiRrfuf Num-ao air tka HImI f'oni , ^ Afrloaa Hallau Troutta Mataorto Nkoaara, or faf"* rooalrad with ?Cranioof dallfbl. ______ BUllWORTU> RIMNTKRIAI. ?FIFTH AY**"* or**A lluuaa. adjwnma Klfth Ataana HoPr1 o,^?0Bfci ?a*&t r rrT op OHRIRTB AN liAY CKAVF.K N OI'tHA MOUHB TIIF. QBE AT CONRQRtl O datloa ?Kph Horn. IlkfTT Laalla Nr a..J Nr., Johna? Quran, Waak Nut00. Oaurj. II Cnaa and tba m inaiar nr ganlaatlnn In a ban ua? till, r-.oala'liig of \ i??| and la atrumaaUal lit-ma, AO la. gurlraquxa, r?i,lotnm?. t Ml Bad Jig banting. An. , Brooklyn atipnaiv (ThU k.aubllalm-i.l ? i<irtla* I* tk# N t. Ilarai'i TCF.HOAf KVRNINO. IiEi'EM KEIt 18. KE/b'INOrl ASH kKriTATIONN R? h WYI.HK 11 llllllNOK. MIMIC ?T TIIF TWENTY THIHH KKOT. N (J.. BAM", M CAI'HT. |Mr<-<n?r. On* of Few/ar'a FaUmt Agraff.- t'tanua will b# ?*??! oo lk? Hnulng Tl*k*t* to b* b*d ?t 8*iyn?'i In*.! alnrd. Ftil!/?n Mr***, ?nd *1 Nw; A llrrwlg'a. Il'i tod 118 Hr.radwa/. Naw York ________ NT TARTOH AH JEHONAIMIAT FKO'.N, a RHIHT MLICK OUTR YANKf.I IN TI'RKkT. KVKKV EVEN I NO TlllH WEEK rpo; Win. clonk on *mi n??r . at ? r *i. tii* xi kt.lilno of II.P AKTIkT rt'Nn k"< II'.TT. (I III* f)ai Inrlra f lb* National A< nf Hear* Tw?ntr Iblr.l alrrwt. turner nf Fourth aranu* On*n d*? and ?** n.aa N N ?Tn* Fainting* nontnlml*.! In iwatnlmr* nf lb* Fund will h*anld *1 aurilnn no ? llat, alt F. M. *1 lit* Oal Irrlra.b* II II L**4* A Mlrirr /'Hand > iiahitanlk kaik IJ A Nil FHENENT ATlllb I ?TI VAI., I* All' or TH* IIOMK ASH bi UlMlL Foil TIIF. MAINTENANCE. ASH KDCCATION OF TIIK IiRhTiTCTE CHILDREN OF OLR HOI.HIKE* and ?AIUiRN. Dmri No II* NaotpwgT. i Sbw Yoaa INw Li, UN I At lb* ?HMtl w licllaHon nf ma*/ r>ron<i.>*at HDm-. and l* rnaal lk? | i aning demand* Wad* ukra ?? and In afford all an'iwmonnii/ whn d-alra In a*a|*t In ftirikrilM Ik* baaaftnlnl nhjm for wblrh Oila anlarrdian |* randaHw w? hat* wtlu ill* apmoiiallnn of lb* idtkwra and ~i-irfir* nf lb* Horn* tdx-luaad I* '-mrlnn* Ua* aal* of 'lawaba b* /nwd tba k i .U?. Tba b?aab*r and tal'ta nf lb* praarbi* will ba in*T*a**d In atari pi optima p. lb* w?l< number *f tlr-hrta anl8. Hint gwarani**!** In ? rrrj Ik bal bnlddr a* a,aal rbarua. aa lb lb* arlgm.l achaduto TIIOMAk A OO Dm. IK MM In nrdar 10 |WIWW?I? pbMlt nmldaawl* lb* htgbaaf 40 gra*. lb* nffirara and Dtat.*t?r? nf lb* llima ba>* anaiitbl In aaanwi* lb* r*0|*>n?iilHtr of lb* ruatndr *f lb* Iu*4* ra rwlaad b* it All Wkiw*/. aa anaa a- raaatffad. la l?aadll I In Ib* F.fghth Satkmal Naab. and all wa/Maw far *rik-ta* nurrbaard, or atbtr raaroaan ar* wiada aui '4 Ib* fuada an AabiiMlad. H/ ikalb af N M. I?*tl*. agrnl nf lb* InaUtwdto*. *nd*r**d br ua. A Maialiiaa, rwaalaUbg af Ib'M MBit* ma* nf Ik* L?dl*?' Ad'tonry I nwHiaa toiNiii tllba artirl** In b* praaaaiad bad a nomaaaua* iid/nil af lb*tar lirnanl Van Vital. Q.ia"a -u.l?r oawarai Af lb* llawall m*at of b?w York, Ma/nr 0*a?ral Harl w ka--r?arr ?f Hlala. Abdraw Naraar t ?* n*CT?t*r/ of Ib* Naab far lb* Faring* nf Mairhaitl*' < lafba. Hill laiilttaa. PraatdMM *f Ilia Amrtkaii lal*,. apfi C?w,|>*o/ and Jaba II Will*. F.*<4 .Cninarllar at law, will ba'* lb* 4lr*?Uob of tba aa* oar of dialrilruUob TIIOMAW A i f.M814 N' -adw*/ In ?l*w of jtaamUng ann?*'bli | wnrlk/ af lb* *? rraaafal laadrr ol our aim ra. T/?oii?'? An* pnrlrwil. Ilia a aa, *f OFNFRAl. Oil *NT I* bo i*i.l fnr wltk-b Ik* 0*n?rs| p*r a -nail/ aal aaliamt at $1 M -will b* ana of lb* br'ra* ll la *I.W ua ?|?W la Ika oAlr* far lb* *al* of i/rb**a. <1* Hrnadwa/ Tba aimra *arda id won|i*b*d wnk aar aav'orai Mr* I II A II I.F.ff r I'ALV Aiding FraaWaol Mr* liAVIIi lloYT tonUn Mr* JOHN A, VOOKtlNF." Yraatow Tba Fair n|?n*d en iff I8*k ol |i*r*a*b*r. and will n*n liiwi# Iwn wraka. *1 Ib* fl tkll M A LL. ear aar nf Nrnad war a ad Twaal/ third *U*ai brw York T't Ml i oSi 1,1 IO li NT TIIN OKAND FRB??:NTaTIO? FEbflVAL, TO RF HNI.O At COOPER INPTITI TF. NKTT YORK, ?ATrmur f.trnino hf< f.mreh n, *ail*r lb* ma>i*wl dl'aaOan "I Tllfo TMOwAd. B*a at whi*li anraaiaa a'Omminaa will ba ' boa?a br lb* a ?dto*?* in ? wai I lldOWYI IN FHE?B*TR In aan-b lawful manner aa lb*i m*/ daiarmla* Far lb* Frail aal lb??? ?Nil K* ?" ml ?iow. TK bfcra at |i Ea< if anown fre?ent? run'. "NF to kacm ticket HOLXlFN LINT or rREnEkf* T<I RE AWaRHF.0 I I'naaai in I ? lal ?U'? '.'diiad* ! ? i ff|i ridll ronrirr r**ld*t.*a I* WnlrMriai a#, i* near Naw York rfiF II an | I>rn*r ma* a*d twr, iaiaaka atan**, karl N*w I .rl ? *n I ll _ . . . :??*( ato" l?'i I II -ib and l/J In Inallji, k?* Tick fnq I t *rr r?? II n*-a and liar ndka *na|i>U| lb* I Orand l'i*a? *t* ? wnt a |t? I I art* llartoan. rlit i<f N*w lark II kamrb |la> I ? li . ? ? t ? ' -?* and F** f Aba I Fad op F*l"? of l.lf* lw*dra' ? ltn I ? F ? Fataat M H .lar Aifaialna ' for k*ai!n* *? all r ga I tu I Oil Fairung of 0*n*rall ? ???>> Jbn lb <,#.,! a *n? i-id laaar w. Ab*> b WW Ib I ad ma* Itn* aaM f*r *.???., ... gito l.?/k I I lagial Oil f.ram"Ua "Kwatr* i.? Maab a lb* IWn i . ;*nr.t*4 En-i*'* ' ?*" ng Y< ?<** **w ?w ?ini.'i.--ai at Ibalr warrrunma ? A Mn*4*a| 1AM II atltrr Taa Kato ml I I I Jrti l ?ll . tola* > rata aar* b?'a ( a aaa ->| |u aaiaaiad lfl*l.f/ af Ib* Wbf. br Mr* Aa* ? b**bbI ?I fgb Ml' ir-dd r*M, . *w*fl? and *!??*? . ami* |g i AM Ml Tat to and I*a<**n ? and bap*.a Fnaga. a*t I I ATI I. Ifdl r*:. bad* and piataad Fl i I Knl'*?, *aab NA I ran Tb* be *| '* tin naiat af lb* fialtnwlng adtdaa rr N la .*. ?*??/ -n**a a pari-' "< "Are fnrwiara wai'l .g ? ?*.* .ad da * '* ? l*a naaak bnaa* Id gj'ira*. I mtnarai/k aMr.ib* ta****|ina aal fen_*r nag*, ga.ito ' di . -a.n* Udaa* *44 **fb aba .a apart gaaaal 'Aa l aitd p. ir' Iran**. |aiia ma* a faakl aW* a It bat# lad *a lata* a ti* Aaa** t.*u ?ia*-V?n ?m*4*wi -ar4*'d bb'tor aw a?* naal aagrai age aad aard ft *tgrapbi >4 dial.* *a *k*4ima*r nag** labia* *M gnat* rtdi * a M T a Tain r ??** iadat m.*k I era paw fa# awOa * and paraa A*. A*, waa. an ba NM Mablag lb lb* aggragali ? >a?*aata ?*< .ad ai b?** ?a?a TMROfH'NbTw M*b E*df Dr ^;tTto.w;or: UST2 nanuib wwb war <J? to ?* i7.. . ara *d '*4 "-?? AA will b* maltod a* "r*F *f tofaap far | rwtwrn M, mwi Alrwr. la M In 1 ?nd Iba R**a*? 'k* Wl Z ?2 to ? ?#ato^4 -totor al aw *1 ?*?? '*? ? X?r(*' aarti a ttonaig a* a*nl ?* Arafto W waaatlba f adbablag "t * 'J m - L* b RaFM ? n l <? ? I# u liH I* ?MII f; |j#%?40 "? Hi IM mim 0 *44 HI ?.?" W tfr ? ** <* <MM* Ml i|fl|a?i m ?Uf'? aiffm. a, *M*. and # H N M f?A*IN. ? FF' IA I. b.lTI' N* Igani far lb* H**p aad "wAaad. *44 Ar-andwar Raw * aba If ?f IP* aaa* bp la* Arwnd waf Ma tat* |.*b*"* lb ?rb wtodgl'g. nbka flaw* aad btbrnd IW b<m*aj Aaaaanm* nf (Ml Empar? n? M*??m# < ?*piaf 4 I* M a an I d* _ . Fl -tar* M ritod to MMwa l?l* 'bnr'toada F*i? aad Fa*, b'ai aad to Mad #*?? **4 *a <b**r mrmpatbr .bd m*M? Kill M ' TM"MAR (CO, SaMginf !??*'??* TUFATRF Tt< REt 0PP?' ?? . . | lawrud naa'd fa* all lm .tad* Tkwpii < Wwrto A- . ?'??. Ill iNOAORAf 4?0 NROAllWAT iL'Amn imi tmiett ?*< ?in iMtt If fMFjtl uM *#v?m r?r ? mv "r f#0*9 0 $ /KIMILt/* A?t? Of tR 'A' L*I I / laaaw a F -- .r*? r?A*r*4 ffbtotf/ b* ?b*f ?' ? mwjtw- ?rb. fwl.. Vyw%V.*^,T'-lr..T\^