Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 16, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 16, 1866 Page 2
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SITl'ATIOwa WASTKBwrtMA^KI. RBSPKUTsBLB WIDOW WAWTH TO TANK WA*B; tng *B'l Ironing At her mrn hottee. She ean flute and L . i __ a w? at. - A I# nnt 1st rlrrtn A MAiA k lag ana irouinf av boi www u?hw. "*?" . " eoilsh Will also to oul by Ilia day If or" In. drop a not* uudar lha door. Good city referenda. Applv to Mra . Mc I'artbT. DM Wfii 43d at, between 3d and I.esiugton ava , oua door from ad av. A SITUATION WANTKD-BT A COMPETENT YOUNG A. ladv, as cashier or bookkeeper In any Wind of hueincea 011 Hrotdvrar, or would ?<m m* *?lf?woman; reference given. Addreaa W. H. H., boi 33d Herald oMea. LA1?V WHO HAS SEEN BETTER DAYS WOULD like a situation aa housekeeper or nur?-rv governess; ,-aii teach French correctly and work OA aewla* machine; r r?rfre<icw given. Addreee ?f. A? L>? 398 Ulh av. Am new England lady, thorouqhi.y educated In houaehold duties aa well aa raualc. would taha charge or a gentlemen ? boner instruct sad oara for little children, or aerepi :iny honorable position where the eervlces of en intellectual pereon are required. The aaaoelaUona mint be ?n everv way respectable. Addreaa or coll for Mary Murtou. Rockland House, Fourth arena A A YOUNG WOMAN WISHER A SITUATION AS saleswoman I" a fancy store. First class referenoe. Addreaa R. M., station Q. AHOiJSKKKKPBR'8 POSITION DESIRED BT A middle aged American widow lair ?c refinement, for a widower: one or two children no objection: l?>un "C'lve, thorough housekeeper; referenree uneacepnouabie Apply - addreaa Mra. M. J.. 110 6th ax. _______ to or A LADY OF EDUCATION AND RBFrNFMKNT WHO A hna met with rexeraes, would like '"'"?*** keeper where pleaeent eompinlonahlp would J* "PR*? '*?? ;? ?ir would aoaopt the position of matron of a public mst!tutiou. Addreaa Mra. Rochester, elation D. ; A MIDDLR A OR D LADY. IN REDUCED i'lUOUM A stances doolroA to superintend the house of some per son or retioement, or aa nursery govetmeaa; no ob ieetlon to iht country. Addirsi (lowmom, Brooklyn Pout omce. A RESPECTABLE M*RRIKOslA^Dv '!Je \ nun wlehea to wet nurae a ohlld at her own home, lie aeeu at 202 Eaat 38th at. Beat cltT reference AYWNO LADY OF RESPECTABILITY THOROUGH ly o iocs ted. of refined manners and address, wishes a situation to .isalst It. ?????? situation to .ls? 1st in nuu'"""V "". , ,, _n atrtaedon of clilldren; could teaoh moste, Ac. would have no ahjaation to take enil^re char^^Sret olaa. reference. Ad .HSUboi 183 lleraldoBloo. ?A NUMBER OF WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN A girls want Situations st Mra. Lowe's German Inalituts, 17 Stanton?; near Bowery. REFINED AND EDUCATED YOUNC LADY DP Sires a plsce In some fnmlly where ibe otn find a home, a ii. . ? .. MA.alil taWa nu*w rtf MIS fflPtllin At Mtrc><( A pito? m KOme i ninny wnrm bub pw uuu - vil in r+turn f<* the inm?< would take car* of an tnvHild, **Sl. rlilMren <\f any! or act n* companion o the ladv. Th* reference furnished. Address M. B F., box No. 16J P'ly^T CLASS LAUNDRESS WANTS flENTLE A ?l lUAno i' iiwitnoo .. . .. i a "r 'It* wuahlng of a email family, welch willlb# |n % superior manner. Cell nnd ring the hell at hall dooF-ssgjth av., or address Lsindress. A LADY, LATELY"fronT PARIS. DESIRES EM .1 ployment by the day as .namatress; will engage to ex ecute the most partloular needlework. Aldrcaa ?(& East 13th st., room No. 15. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WhMAN WANTS A sunutlon ue good eouk nnd baker .did to assist with washing nnd Ironing: good referenoe caf be given. Call at 9# West luth st., between Bill and 7th avl A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS WISHES A FEW CEN tlemnn'e and Indies' washing: ad k tfidauf French fluting done to orjer. Call at 318 Weal 35th at.,second floor. N EXPERIENCED SF.WKK WOUII> LIKE TO TATE L w ork in her own l.onsu; or If ahe 4uld get a situation I t the month; can make \fants' and b^oi' olotbiiiK oti Wheeler A Wilson's utachtne\ Address A leanistrcis. su'ton K. Dressmaker would t ike to oA oft by the da>. week or month In fatnillas. to cut and lit ladle* dresses; or as forewoman to an establishment. Call at 1.11 F iat IWth at., between 2d and Sd nv*., first floor, lark loom ' H OUST KEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A I.ADY of reflnement and ediieation. Home contfoia* desired. Rest rei,-: enre given. Address B. B. B.. Herald otlec IVDIKS WISHING A COMPETENT HAIRDRESSER i nsn be aeconimodated by applying at 244 3d nr., corn ;r of 20th st. SITUATION WANTED?(1KNKRAL HOUSE ORCIIAM ir berwo-k, by an expnvlcuced, neat and g'rl, or as laundress; will do In-r best to please: lilRhest. refer ences. Address, tor two days, K. W., box It* Horrid ofllce. s SITUATION WANTED AS USEFUL COMPV NIAN.?A laily, reecntlv arrived from England, fa open to nn en gagement a. eomp:'lion tonn invalid or ald-rlv lady; would ..ike charge of housekeeping aa well If required; or would ho jlad to meet with a lady of family going to Europe; initiate 1/ travelled vrtth an Invalid lady for Ave yearn, over c.ruland. the principal dues and all the different waterlnj pi ice* In each ooumrv; moat satispartory references given. Address F. H.. boi 741 Fo?t ollue, Albany, N. Y. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE German young ladv, as lady's maid, child's govern ?u or aminatrcse. Call for two days at Mr*. Albrficht'a, 119 German ' sen mstri Forsyth si., hack hu'hl.lif. WANTED-BY A RhSPKCTABLB YOUNG WOMAN A TT baby to wrt nuran at har own residence. Apply at 44 P.aal 3Bth St., uear 4tb av. WANTED-A HOUSKKKKPF.R'H SITUATION, BY A lady of experience, s good pleasant home among those aecuatnmed to the amenities of life la sought rather than large remuneration. Address drawer 381 Post office, Montreal WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUA t'ou aa cook and laundress. Good oily inference. Call at BBI West 98th at., second floor. WANTED-BT A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS. A family's or ledles' and gentleman's washing: can do Frannh fluting. Charges moderate. Call at Itl weal 10th at., Aral Moor, bank room. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE. WOMAN, WASH Ing In her own hooae, or to go out to day's work: bert of referem-v can be gtren. Apply to or addreaa Mra. Golden, 340 West 17lh st. WASHING?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO get some family anil cents' washing, ; done up In ihe neatest manner. Call at lfifi Eaat 45th st., third floor. WASHING WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS COMPE tent laundress; she understands nil kinds of frailly washing d >es lacc and flnrrv: also fluting and tare curtain* in the neatest mantiar. family washing done un rcssrmahle farms. Got. 1 reference given. Call on Mrs. Cain, 239 West Jflth at. WET NURSE.?W4NTED, BT A HEALTHY WOMAN, with a trash breast of ra'lk, a child to nurse, al-bar own residence. Apply at 114 Franklin at., second floor. HKUP WAKTKIt-PKMAI.RX. ATHOROrflH ARTIST WILL TEACH YOU T(l color Phitnaraph* for |10. Alio Oil Painting* and ?vary ?l?la of water o?lur<i, ami tlntluit autumn leeina. H9f, HnmdwaT. atudto IB. DKER.-MAKKRH WASTED.?ALSO TWO API'HEK tlcea. Klr?t claa* hand* only aped apiily at IPrt Wn<t SI.I at., front A lo S o'clock. HOUSEKEEPER. - WANTED, A PRACTICAL WO man lo take chargo of Bra! claaa 'maiding hniae; our with tt? an? preferred. Alao ateametrpaa, to aaatrt in wait ng. Apylf at M Went lillt at tJAI.ER WOMAN WASTKD-POIl SMALL WARES AND O fan r go 4r; an etj.eifldneed, Jpmd aalaavoman for ttmadwat- trade. Addrraa, w.ik reference, Ac., E. .1. W., Herald o*l"e. ANTED?TWO KXPKMEHCBD HALKflWOMEV for the embroider* and la-a eonuMra, aim two fur the lad lea* die.- cap denar.iiient Stead) employment. Apple at tDrlim.nd'a. TNI Broadway. tarANTBO?IE AN OLD EST A BLINKED HIIIKT I.ACV. '? dev. AI riparlenccd ,hlrt inner*. Apoly A the oflne of J. c. Perk.n. A Oo . ltd Boa.lwar, third floor. Monduy feitm Id A M tol P M. w L1TANTKD-A RESPECTABLE OtRL. TO ATTEND A " lair h runnier. Rrferen e required. Apply ai MO Hmedway, In the alnre. liTANTI- D_4 HOrSKKRKPRR. TMORDItnULY COM " p lant to'ak> .'tCre rhaigr ona accne'Omed to liotela and tioai ding hotter*. Apply, with rrferemwn, at Dunadi Hotel Broa.Tw.ijr an I Sd at. MP ANTPD-FIRST CI.ANN DRKRNM\KK*R: ALSO A ?? food operator on Wheeler A Wllaon'a machine ap preoiloea and two pood milliner*. Apply at No A Aatnr plat*, near Clinton hall. WET NII'M- W AM r I > -i r\F. WITH A KRERH brwaa* nt milk. Real re'eraaeee required. Inquire In fhth at., ninlb honae .-.tat of I'd or, NIT!' BTIORE W AVPKIk?MAt.KM. A OE.N'TLLWAN DERM AN) TO PMPI.ilV J\ hla Saturday* In keeping a aet of t..(oka ur doing kin dred work, tddraaa ti. B Herald "file VYOCNO MAN W t NTS A SITUATION "I ? OXE eawt and a half In l?o?k and alatlonrnr htia.oMa. t'ltn furniah reieiem'e from laat employer. Addrraa A. H . 3.C South Bth at. (DACHHBN AMD 6ARUKBRRM. A TOI NH MAN WANTS A SITUATION AR COACH /I . ha* the heal oi refarenee. and pref-re to K.. In tow connti e. > all al l? 4lh a*, frr Jamea ICBrrant t I.Kit KM AMD NtLKNMM. 4 RESPECTABLE TOt'NO MA It, OP KXIPRIRMK ul and education, who ran gli- rood Hty and other refer, ao-ea. wrlahea a allnatlon a? entry elerk. aaat'Unt book, aeener or In any oilier eler'iRl oapaclty, In a whnleanle k* dware. rn era ahlpplni or n annua* ion hoore. Addra.a W O Herald ofllee. 4 IR'MMINO R4LKRMAN. Wmi CONSIDERABLE \ tr?'e la open fur in ?'ng.agemam from January I. Ad dr?aa M H but JIR llerald ofllcw I RooKKt'EPER. OP TWO YEARS' EXPERIENCE. a 'In . in ia^*-h.trye of a aet of book., where he WottM ? ? rm, ,rrd Iwo , lhr*e hour* a da? Ch gee mpdorale. nf ' rn-?a. Addreaa A. P., care of C P. t\ . No. 6P7 I) P.V >..ion(t dtl.KsWAX WANTED?ON K PIRRT ? ? nam .an; nviat. "me well rreommauded. Apply >h. irath IB- arwilae ai. K OMR AMD WHI1 RtlOODH \X> In hoiiaf*. tirurlv nrmnlTPil nil * mot hem*#, tfvrYjr 0CgmilM4 on * mmt will nut* IHteI *rr?n4<*m'>nui frith twr , M|TC |nH4 ()?ii W ,n r*fi |..?st .vt?ljr a Iwf* triwl* o' H?r* n??d inmr, Addrniu boi 4,441 t 'i?r ?fru, ntmm oth#r* I* iii mDm. tllR EBL'NIO I MM# 4i . at ?o'\ u 1 -t P?[?Ati *rd no! j ;<fin ^ *4* V SEAN Pflji ? at 10 A. ? U'AN Till-A DUBS* tiOOD-' Stl.pav I at eaton, P C. Apr r *l 110 fl'h *? Mtn.da* ttfAin I) TWO sRtltl AND lllORylijll tfo^lt ?? tr atid centa' Turn'iiitiA J.oda aj^men. Apply to C r*ri.n, 77f Br.radway. WANTED?AN orncc I Lrr.h Ml NT UK A OOWD pe .man and torreapot dent, aetlre and energatl*. <ane who ha* kad *\p?r'* In tireeraiitll* age. -ta# or ?n^urala^? a owa fwaf.rrwd e*Utrflt per weak Addr**., wllh pdr ?enita;* aa to nature piarfena empieameni .*e*ra?aRo. A he* 4 t?? Teat "???* HBLP GENTSWAMTHD-TO TKAYKI. IN AM. PAH~* OF J\ the United N?a?e% toaaU a new aril* Jit*'patented; prutltH large: only .mall capital required. Call *> <5?r?P*? Ktn?'a billiard aslaon. Ad sr.. ?IW? )MkN< Harlem, on Monday between the hOUfaof? A. M.aod I P. M. wANTBO-airpifMi as oanwammim OH wholseale dealers. Call and ?e* the Hilc|e to h<> Intro duced. and beer our terms. 118 Nasaau at. room Nn. 7^ A TMW> MAN BMRT48D?IN A RTATJONRRY A (tore, with ae?e knowledge nf Omi business. Address, with infaiannoe Wall stree'. Ham Id olBoe. . LAD WANT* f>-IN A DM NT A (, DEPOT; AN RON \ e?' and Industrial! t boy will And It * food a'i nation. (Jalary W* to (MA according to quaiIdeallonn. Addroaa 8. K. W.. Herald oMea. Boy want>'i>-bmai t,. neat boy, about m ye?ra. In take eaah end "o errnuda. Apply to W. J. Klger. HBO Broadway, near Wth at. rlANVABSERH wtSTF.D-FOR A N^W ARTTOT.BIN / the notion line. Tn gentlemen of rood address an. qua'nted with the trade anperior Inducements will be offered. Apply at 117 Front at., room 11 CI ASH BOYS WANTED?SM A FT A ND INTELLIGENT. ) A. T. STEW A FT* CO., Bioadway and Tenth street rAONETDENTIAL CLE."* WANTE1-A YOTTNO MAN, 'J with aomn means of Ma own. Address, glrtee port'ini lara aa to personal habits, former employment, Ac., K it ecu tor. bo* 1SH Tribune office CNOLORED WAITER WANTPD-IN A PRIVATB FAMI J ly. Apply at No. 8 Went Mth at. WANTED?AGENTS, Rlftd PER MONTH. BVFRY where, male and female, to sell the genuine flommon Sense Family Betrlna Machine, the greatest Inrentlon of the age. Price $18 Rverr machine warranted three yeara. Address Hooomb A Co.. riereland, Ohio. ITT ANTED?A MAN WHO IS THOROUGHLY KXPE " rlenned In the TOBnufactueeof jellies, hreaorrea, ayr tipe, Ac., In an in Philadelphia, where a ateadr alt nation Is offered In an catahllahmsni to a reliable person. None but men of the heat experience and ability n?ed apple. Address L. A P.. box 1.818 Philadelphia Post office, atalinc uualillca tlnna. lefbreneea, aga. and amount of salary required. TXT ANTED?AN INDUSTRIOUS, ENERGETIC MAN. oompelent to take ohirqe of a storage warahouan. aa foreman. An American or Gorman preferred. Addraee Cotton. Herald offre. ? 4 ? THE TRADES. A GOOD I.ETTERER, DEBT ONER. AND GENERAL draughtsman in open for engagement on the lat .inn., with an engineer, llthograoher or encrayer wanting tasteful work. HENRY W. TROY. 585 East Mb at. rILOTHINO.?WANTED, A BITTTATfON AS FOREMAN. ' in a wholesale clothing linnae. by one whose service* es p're the last (lay of December. Addreae Foreman, box 214 Williamsburg Poet otl'ce. (SITUATION W VNTKD?TT ATf'HM ANER?ANY ORE i y thai warts an experienced workman will planes leave his addynea In envelope, addressed to Capl. R. K. .(cannon, No. 3 Bowling Omen. ANTED-A DOUBLE HAN'O PILE FORGER. AP. ply to Durrle A Rusher, 18 Becktnau at. W.ANTED-AN ENGAGEMENT IN A lYBT.Is ESTAR hsherl hrewary, hy n person who has siircaasfullv on. cupled O n noaltlon of hrewer and manager for 111 j"?r? In on? of the large hrewnrtea In Canada. Apply to Frederick Oliver. 23 South Wllllnm et. WANTED?A FIRST GLAS8 OOATM A KER, TO GO A short diatanoa In the country. Apply to H. M. Nichols A Co , 78 Duane at. WANTFC-AN EYPfE.lENCpn MINER TO GO TO Virginia and t ike eha-iro of a mine. Apply between 10 and 11 A. M-. at 39 Nassau at., room No. 1. WANTED-A FIRFTCTiAB* SIGN FAINTER. TDtDFR. standing the rltv atvle of lettering: steady engagement at good wages. Address or apply, to llojer k Graham, 97 w w ANTED?TEN STEAM FITTERS. NONE (lrst das? need apply at 76 and 78 Centre at. FHEVril ADVERTfSEMWVTS. TTNE JFl'NE DAME PRANOATBE DESIRE ENTRER IJ do suite uomme triat'tntrlce pour 1? franpola et dame de eompaaiil" dans una fam'lie de premier ordre, et habitant la ylllo de New York B'adrnaaer ait 28 William St., I'lnatl tiilnco Frapcslae, au aoln de Mr. D. P. Margan. MUSICAL.. GENTLEMAN WILL GIVE IVOTRUOriON ON THE ... plann, .it pupil*' residence for SI.4 per niiarter. Heel of reference* -:lv#n. Add**.**, with residence, Toucher, bo* 120 llttald offloe. AN EXPERINVORO TKAOHP.R OR PIANO AND ainglnx glee lawn*, with dallv practice; method e*?y andlprogre*?lve: term* within the reooh of nil. 64 Thirty, thirl utreel. oomrr of It roadway. AWKW MUSICAL AO A OR MY. AT 123 WEST TWRN w.eighth atreet, wher* pnnllt o?n receive thorough In atrucilnii om the piano, from SB to $U> per quarter. Lear on a atrlcOf private. AtlUINO LADY. RESIDING IN THE NEIGHBOR httd m Waahlnqtnn ?q>i*ee will bo happy to give In atracttn.1011 the pianoforte to ohildren at their own homes tor |IU |e* quarter. Address I,. P., bo* 140 Herald office. AOKNAlKMAN WISHES TO FIND THRBP. SO. pranoAthree alto*. three tenor* and three ba**o* lo practice elatdlc.xl mnnlc; none need apply oioept amateurs who can mil and am willing to etudy music for mere aminement. Iddrraa Muatoal. atatlon D. Rlble House. CtlHTAR. vkjt.lN. PIANO. 8INOINO. HARMONY.? X Central Ndrwal tlualeal Conaerratory, 342 Weat Twenty etxtti ?lreet. betwMa Serenth and Eighth areuuea. Private leaaons. N'< clt'etet. Rend for circular. Messrs. e. a o. wiitf.r well. members of Iho tlonaervatorv of Parle, will receive a few mom punlla lor the Violin, Piano and Singing. Apply at 4C1 Sixth avenue, third door below Twenty-eighth atreet. Mrsrc furnished for parties, BALM, tKB dine*. Ac., al moderate term*. IBB Waterlcy place, near Sixth avenue The national conservatory or music (for. merle In Thirteenth atreell, SB Madlaon avenue, near Twenty ulnth etreel. Term* $10 per quarter. The Conner, vatorv Inatructlon books frae. Krahllabed IS6S. UNITED STATES ARMT?WANTKD. (lOOO MUST, elan* for a mllltarv hand, to go to New Orleans. I.a Aoplv at the Recruiting Reudervoua, oorner of White and F.lm atreeta. ? VIOLIN TAVOIIT.-TIIIS MOST BEAUTIFUL INSTKIT men' taught by new and eaaf method, cotitaea of 12 leeaona: thorough knowledge guaranteed. Apply to JAMLS GORDON, !V4 Sixth avenue. WANTED?A POSITION AS A TEACHER OF MUSIC, or aunerlnieitdanl of a first el*** household er hold, hvaladv of eduoallon and refinement: unexewpllenaWe re farenre given. Addrne* KeUiieinnnl. Herald office. arq. IIAlaL A RON. Ml IMADVBT, HAVE .11'ST VY ptildlahed tJul Tel I la and Out pert#, for aoprauo or tenor, and Tantum Ergo for four voice*. Mitalc t-ompoeed by Slgnor Bugloll. WM. L. BATTEESON. PIANIST. ATTENDS WED ding", pa run*, Ar , at 34 per evonlngi cau Turnlah vlo. lin. A'* Order* reenlred al realdenre, M> Sixth avenue, near Fortieth atreet. 1\ FEB QUARTER FOR LESSONS ON THE PIANO OlU (no class**I. Nee Vork Mualnal Institute. 1.17 Vfeat Eleventh eiref' corner of SI ?lh avenue. ONue hour* fnun V till 2. Ptanleta for partle< WINEv LHIWR*. AC. (NOOD ROURHON ?tcr.NTS PER ROTTI.E SB PKR I gallon: very fine and old $5 nor gallon, $1 per bottle good ?*bl Sherry $X |>*r gallon, Alrent" per bntu*. Pure I.lqunva hv retail, at Importer*' prce*. BORDEAUX W IN H CO., SP Fulton at reel, corner William. DENTISTRY. ARTIFICIAL TEETH, ?s TO $J6: BEAUTIFUL SETS warranted un*iirp**?*d; deerved .and eenahlve teclh filled and extracted without lea*' peln; pure plat iua and gold fllhug* $1 and upward' and warranted OK. l.U I'll ER, Dentist. IBB Sixth a??nn*. AT TIIF. ANESTHETIC AND DENTAL INSTITUTE. J\ PM Hroadway, twlwcen Tweniv eecond and Twenty third atreeta.?We extraet teelh po.mve.r without palp, wt'h pure nitron* oxide gaa (indorsed by both medical and dental profsaitOM VWARDED FIVE PREMIUMS -EXTRAORDINARY price*; l>e*utirul Oumolvpe Te-*th; Set*. $|U upward filling teeth, got I. 31 oete.iplaallc. gl. g*aeop?iolcan ' e* trariTnx." I?r M ANSON'S Dental Conservatory, 1,213 Hroadway, near Thirtieth aMtrt. _ \MOST WONDERFUL DISOOVBRV ?TEF.TII EX traded wIHkui pain iten yeaia) by heunmhinx appltr* lloa Inic .dilation >. Laughing gaa freeh dallT. Beautiful Teeth $1. -'AY FILLERS, 146 Orand e'reel. near Broadway. OLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION ORIOIN.ATKD AND make a ?,?e,<eliy of the tee ot Nitrous Oxide Oaa, and administer It in the onlv w?v whlcli uniform'? destroy* peln We have given II to over !?.'?*> patient*. Come lo headquar ter* OflM U I'wWt lullMia I Y\n. martbm, surgeon dentist, ash sixth ay I t *nna. Ihreo doo ? above Thirty *ir*-*t,_8et of Rubber Teeth, with Plumper*, $7 lo $l?. Teeth Riiraeted with Nllioua Oxide Oae without pain OSTEOPLASTIC PILL1NOS FOR RKSTORINCI TEETH Inevry etage of deeav In their original ahane, eolor and emindneae, wHhetn e..ln: 14.9" te*'.im?nul*. Pro ve,??? room* 20 haet Fourteenth etreei. Superior Gold lillnga PBMl RE NITROUS OXIDE OAS ADMINISTERED IN I f*inth*a : *T(r*r1tou ,,f taeth. Seta of T-etn 3A to g'VO. *uper"' m beau v and dumhllti?to all nthara Dr. WHITE. IS Bleeraer atreet. N. H ? Di. Fanning, M. D? In attend ance A FIIMITrRK. LI. WHO Use THEM PRONOUNCE SISOER'S Spring Bed* superior, at,one, light, durable: rannril get nut of order or renuir. Health, romfon. luxury Sold e,crywh?re. WAfOtnnm-,313Centre street ^AI'RNITUKH, DE UBAiTTtaYLOB, No*. It and O H- ? ?ri an.: 43 i hryatle aceet STILL CONTINUE TO |tt fun LaRGKSI Ft RNITI'Rh NASI rti Tl RRRs IN THK i 'TV PARLOR, DINING ROOM a*n CHAMBER 31 RNITCRF a\|? RKDDINO. CANOPY AND VICTORIA BEDBTBADv rhH THE SOUVlll'RN TRADE, at 'ifi par cent re duel Ion In price fAURNIHRf, CARPETS. BEDDING P ArtldlR AND Heuroom "HUta. Flar.ofonea, Ac at BENDaLI. * _'OTt ,??*?$ 311 Endaonetmat, ear nee of Oaaal fay mem taken In weekly ot monthly paymei it ll pteferred NtRRl.K MAlTTKf.R. ?Al 4RBI-R MANTELS TIIF. RRb'T TI.ACR IN TH* M rlty to m rphaea Marble Mantele of the lamjl de.lgna, a: rery low prime, la al .A. Rl.A BRR S Marble Work,, pj Keet Fighieepth atreet, nea' Third ar N. T. Let Ikla nut.^ VfARRLEIEND SLATR MANTEIJt?FUURRIGR IN dl aimeeraur*. moro dnrahia, half tho prBm of ?' N* T B HtVwaET. Wfi F'llh aeen> . keiween Tkirtv 3ftk an I Iklrtt-eltOi atreeta PRY BOOP*. 4 RIT? ' AT IVY*" KTO?*? 'A THE HWAVIFKT WPT-K'S SALES ON PROnnn. The Immrnae papll1'rh~ nf mtrhenoea leada other m?r. eh-nta to nopjr oar advertisement* and announce their iteaea helnne tn Iia. FIGIITH AVENUE OUSTOMURS. rut" ? VTOHT* tmnB BTr?"R TS NFAR ElfWlTPPNTH STREET. It ta ? en re ptn ? Arm aeila goodsoheap when ethers try to hltoh fast to them. OTTR FIRM BRADS ?tRrtOTRP RnnTTTERS," ant wo have Httt the two ?toee* named below. GREAT PANIC LAST WS'R. _ PAY HO VOR* HIGH PRICES. IMMENSE LOTS DRESS GOODS .Vc. 1MMKNSB LOTS S7Ko. IMMENSE TOT Me. We bought those for cheep hiSldav tireeaep. *o?t me*rhanta oil rwli cheep after holidays. We hare decided to dear out eur atnek BEFORE TTTR HOMDAVS ST'K *vy? tyrvoi, POET,'MS, ?1. Porrno- prVe, ft 7* FRENCH MEKiffrts "r"??r prioe, 91 88. R"ST WFEINOS. SI "9 end SI "A FIR* BLACK ALPACA* Wo . ?"</? end Tge. V<cae era the rhetftewl lteee*aof the veer FIRE WHITE flanneis. yv. Fo-mer prioe, ab ly itweu noons for holidays. Creel demand for Oareeta. ,F? harp a See mpelr, N. E ?Vn rvtra rharcr 'ee<It-nal? BRAI'if"**. GARNHT MURING*. to AS, rt ARRET EMEU ESS CLOTHS. REpo ENGLISH MF.PTVOS. n*UNETPOEL'MS AO. Cua'f'tera can come tpmt Hfooklvn ttrtlllat. ,Te-?ar Otlr int Ttohohen without fear of thfa .<1tarll?ieaat Mar overdrawn. Von pep surety tare nrtdr one.half from the pHnoa oSartrad in those r>i?poa. Baring two ateree we ere eble to handle higlotn ohen et eeoMen ^ WF AW CRASH IN *1"" IKS. FTME MITir.TNS USJo. ? fanner price 20c. FTN"R OOthA lto and Me. EXTRA on All'TV Me.?te. and 30r. FE?T 4-4 WAMSUTTAS 79e. The deeliue In Mual'na la Sc fc Me. e yard. 10.000 BLAN KIT at sino. former prmnmmm. AT t2?1. RO'tM"" PETPE. 41*OA. ALL WOOL. RF4YY. M. FIRMPRICE SW?. 1 EXTRA QU SLTTY $4 89 and S?. On Mttellna and Flennela von can nave frrm S". to IBo. e yard; on Alrpenn tn4 Merinos emm Nto. tnllSe. a vend. POSTER BROTHERS I?I EleSllt *?.. near IS'h St. And FOSTER BROTHERS. VTt Rleecker atreet. AT LEORAnC'S this WEEK. HOLIDAY "RESENTS. Out of e elock of the amount of SRM TV, varied from tl tc ?1 go per yard, e choice of goods has been made and redueed te CO oente and 79 onnto per yerd. Double width fanov POPLINS for present*, at OA cents, worth M 89 et 79 oente, wnrlli $1 90. PI, AIR ALL WOOL EMPRESS CLOT* and POPLINS, double width. _ et $1 nee mrd, rednced from *1 93 CLOTH FOR CLOAKING. The large assortment reduced and a now choice added fully 40 per cent under the marital value. ' ?PPCI AI.TV. FRENCH TAPE'VRV TABLE COVERS. A lot nf the (Inn G"RFI,l>fK offered In ClIRBRNOT LOWER TITAN GOLD PRICRS IN FRANCR. FTI.K Ofrnns-FVEVtsn and PLAIN SILKB, la all color*, OTtEATLV REDUCED LEA! RAIN. 7? Broadway and No. 1 Waverley plane. At kivzky's. CLOSING SALE. STORE TO LF.T. STOCK AN1) FIXTURES FOE SAL*. n.nno DOZEN II ANDKP.RGTflT'FS. MUST BE SOLDRV .IANUARY I LADIES \N|> OF NTS, MISSES AND ROYS. OF EVERT STYLE AND QUAh'TY. T.OT HFMpnTTClJF.D AND EMBROIDERED, 19o. IDT VERY FINE HEMSTITCHED, SV, LOT FIN R NF.EDT.RWORK. ?lc !5i-., 3o , Sle. I.OT WIVE LACE ItORttKRWD. 2V. LOTKX-tea NEEDLEWORK AND TIEMBTITOnKD, 60e. LOT nwMSTTTOHEI> AND TUCKED 5V. LOT PRENOE LACE H ANOKFRCHIFKS. SOe. T.OT FRENCH EMBROIDERED. ?tc . 79c. fl LOT TAPE BORDERED, ?*..Mo.. IJc , 19n.. Me. OF NTS' BANDKERORIRFS. LOT OOLORED BORDERED. ?e . Mc.. lSk'c. LOT PAST COT.ORH RFtDY HEMMED T3K<\ LOT AI,T, T.INEN BBMMED. Ele.. iV.. 91c LOT AT.T, LINES OOI.ORFD BORDERS, '44c , S7|tfa. LOT WIDR BORDERS. A'ERY FIVE, ilfic. LOT BOYS' FAST COLORED BORDERS, 4c. TO CLOSE S SIl FINE LINEN BETS, !2Wc. TO ?1 tn. WORTH JUST DOUBLE. 2.000 LADIES' FINK LINEN COLLARS 4c.. Sc. VELVETS BELOW OORT. RIBBON*BELOW COST 8.000 YARDS RICH PLAID RIBBONS. I2v;e. 8,000 YARDS MEDALLIONS, WORTH 76c.. FOR 85c. SILK SCARFS AND TIES. BROCIIB MJATtFS, HALF PRICE 12,000 YARDS BUOLE GIMPS dr. YtHD. DRESS AND CLOAK ORNAMENTS. CLOSING AT Me. ON THE DOLLAR. 00,000 DOZEN BUTTONS EVERT RTVT.N AND QUALITY, REDUCED TO LESS THAN QUARTER PRIOR. FANCY AND HOI.ID AT GOOD*. CHAINS, EARRINGS, BLKEYK BUTTONS, NECK LACES. BRACELETS. POftTF.MONNAIEN POMADES, SOAPS, PKRrUMKRY, BELT BUCKLES. BREASTPINS, AND A VARIETY GF NICK NAOKS. AT HALF FRIOE. 1.900 DOZEN GLOVES OF EVERY VARIETY AND STYLE, S TOflM OUR DOLLAR EMPRESS KIDS REDI'CKD TO Y<. 790 DOZEN HOSIERY. LOT CHILDREN'S TIOSK. CLOSING fe. UP. LOT LADIES' HOSE. CLOSING 16c. IJP LOT GENTS' HALF HOSE, CLOSING 12Ue. OP. WOOLLEN GOODS CLOSING. BREAKFAST SHAWLS, BONTAOH. NUBIAS, HOODS. LBGOINGS, SCARFS. ARMLETS. Ac.. Ac. GOODS MUST BR SOLD. PINS Se PAPRR. NEEDLES Br. AND 4c PAPER. HTAK BRAIDS Sr., MACHINE SILK Itto -tPOOl.. HOOKS AND EYES le. CARD, HAIR NETS ?&, POKTKMONNA1SS Be. AND So.. Ac. Ac. AUCTION LOT CLARK'S ?0 Y ARD COTTON. Ac MUST BE SOLD BY JANUARY I. 90 CASES OP TOYS AND FANCY OOODS REMAINING OVER FROM LAST SEASON WILL HE CLOSED OUT WAY BELOW COST. BALMORAL SKIRTS BELOW COST. A LITTI* LOT OF DRESS GOODS CLOSING OUT. ? GENTS' HEAVY WOOL SniETS AND DRAWERS, ?r LOTS OF BARGAINS TO CLOSE OUT STOCK STORE OPEN FOR THE PRESENT UNTIL ? P. M. WM KIKZEY MI AND 83 KIOHTn AVENUE. Between Tarenty-flrat and Twenly-eecoed atreeta. A' T MOORE'S, TSI BROADWAY. OORBRTS AND SKIRTS of the moat olagmit alylea and ahnpea. LadlM wlahlng to appeal to the beet advantage to the par lor or oo the etreet cl.otild not fall to UIVK tin A OALL. They will And oar oaaortmeot full, our gnode boaoUful and oar price* low. We hare alt the now atria* or BALMORAL HKIl'TS. AUo all atria* of LAOS AND FANCY GOODS for lb* holiday trade. MOORE'S. Rrrailnr, abewe rtgtilU atreel At. stkwart a ro. . ana orrrmpn REAL LACE SHAWLS, HANWCKRCHtEFS, COLLARS. KBTH AND BALL DRESSES EXTREMELY LOW PRICE* BROADWAY ANI? TRUTH BTBEKT AT. STEWART A CO. ? *a* now orrnttttrt: Pan*made VELVET, <M.oril SAt'yUK*, BASQUE* i.nd I'Al.KTriTS at till each, rarenlly cold for $11 end fYl. Alao. the at BIS each; -eoentlr relit for MA. AN LATE AOROINAHY KAOR1FIOB HltOAI'WAY AND TRUTH STARHT. AT. STEWART A OO. . WILI. OPEN MONDAT. DEO IT. an elagant e*?*<N inmnt of SI1.KS TOR RlKNIhO AND STKFFT DREAM KB, Til II LATEST I'SKIS MTTI.KB, reeelred hy loot aleaoiar; AISO. will make LABOR ADDITIONS TO THEIR POPULAR . STOCK, At It oer Taril RKOADlVAV AND TENTH STREET AOCTIofl LOTS Of DEES A HOODS, CLOAK* and Hit tWIA hough' for ahout 4# Mr on tl.r dollar. wilt he offered at a email prod! at ADOLF KIMTKK*. iJ6 K.khMi ?re?ue. BLANKETS. BLANKETS, Peroral caeca. hoagbi very cheap at the tat* auction Helen, to ha Hold at Mo. a pati profll; hare nercr been ottered eo MUSLINS MUSLINS, MUSLINS, bought with ilir 1 ,t' decline, fmm He. to 10c .beeper than they wero ton day* age. Table Llnenr Nanklno, Diaper*. Towela, Hack*. Crorhet. below fniporier'H prtree; here be?n bought la the anrtieu nil* and are (old at nearly met. Thorn looking fer CHEAP D?T GOODS will enll thl* week at A DOLE K I'XTU r.'S ft? Mghlb orwnne between Twenty Oret and Twenty ercond ?trrete. A Handsome htdson bat sable cape and Mntr fer aale rhop. Addreae #. M. C., Htatlon O IT RRDCCHD PRICES, TOYS, FANCY RASRKTIt. .'V Swt?e t'arrlnge, Speaking DoltO. end nttmerowe Norol flee, eitltnhle fer present* J. BKiKF It A CO., 1,140 Brood, way, noruer of Twenty - alrth etreei. At aimb. viooi boux's, i? focbth ayenue, batr.een Twelf'h and Thirteenth etreete.? Stamping, Embroidery, Lingerie. Flirt tiara atore. Initials, Mono grama for haurtkerrhtofa. table and bed elm haa Stamped end Ltnkralilered fot lay prenente Largo atoek Of em, broidery T tr BLBECKER STREET. DRRSSMARINH IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. Bargains in (.adits- and children's CNDM CWTHua Kmhroidernd and I*. r THmmod FRENCH PltTKTTt, l.lnen and Cotton CHKMIAF.S, NIOHT KOBE*. P.ANTFLETx Ac. ChlMron'e trimmed aae U"''t?.i ct.OAKB. lofaata' CAPS. BONNET*. A-. AT MRRATL1 FEimVkD PBICRS. A T STEWART A CO.. Broadway end Tanth alreel /NAfALOai'ftS NOW READY FOR TIIE HOLIDAY* .\T FOUNTAIN'S INIHA STORE. INDTA. CHINA .'ATA N. A M tilt! C AN. INDIAN and niher HARE ARTICLE* B'holeeala end retail. Store ..tiei. only nleaarni erentaaa. v., V* nI!< 11 I>WAT. Right it-,died and Ftftyetghl. SNUMRTNO OCT SALE OF DBF fHNID* IT A CORNYN BRQTUKRS. 4AT Llghth arantte. t tearing mil *ala of Knr'.lah e??tj'a down Blankets: MO poire bee stanketa. ?l ijhllr tolled The en'.fr atnek of flee Klankcta to tc rl?ar'd oat . heap, et CORNYN BROTHER*. OID Ktghth aronue. Clearing out of French Marines, Empreea* Clothe, plain, plaid an.l atrtped t ipllna. blarlt and rehired Alpoeae Delaines end Print*: I'rlnte Ilk. Ifrlelnea ego. yard, fine >l*.:k and nSnrart allk warp Atearee Mr worth SI. I tear ne otit ?ale ot long hrwhe. fudl* allk, p'aM WF*'and rtefc atelia Xoewl*. floe lone bract a at f-"". worth ptA Cleat lrga<it*alr of Muellna, flannel* P hlte 11 o,l? He*terr, and (iooda f ir inen'a an t bcWe weet: en* black Doeakin ^vaalmere at ft tai worth ja M; good da.met at Me . worth 10(1 ptorr* fine white Alpaca. Ane whrte Frcttrh MertnA, for evening .Iraaaei, rich cmor.dd?tc,l ltn? n cue.hrlc HaSfker. ?Mef*. for the holt lata at low, at t ORBYN BHOTll RRS, AW FighlK even.,*, COR*NTS, CtlRRETS, CORSRTN-AT tlHRATT.Y HE diced pt'nee tie here the largeat a ad cheagSat tto> k trf Farta I't.raeta, from II Ml elan Nleeaa' IT,tela, nfl t'l# new at flee i? ttklrta Sklrtr ntodr to order, at KLOhR'*. ?? tad SB Stood war. oear Nlaeteen-a otceet aaaa atde. DRY GOODS.

CTLOAKs ?T U"n?WEn ERTfTRS. / O'WUI.UVAM A ORBIO. Ma 771 BBOADVAT awn No*. 1*. 1X7 and I'M NINTH STRRRT, Offer far the remainder n' tha *?ev>n their large and ele gant *tnek of cio\ks AT VERY ' D\v PRICES, Consisting of VELVET CI'Ci' IS. (JLOTH Cr OAKS. SILK P'OAKX. OPERA CLGAKR. 0??RlaGR PLOAKR, HOUSE AND BREAKF VST JAOKBTS, AO. AL?G. Oreat Inducement* oee?ented In 'he fgid'c*' and Children'* Pucolehlny Department. anch aa LADIE"' 1M1 nim.nwva ITNDWUOT.OTHINQ, IK'MVTR. umrdrorEs roompletel. MISSES' AND BOY?' SUf"*, MISSES' CLOAKS. ROTS' OVERCOATS, BOBRRDE cn?VRRT Mi mat *1 vie*). RtF. IKF117 ROHFfl, AC.,' JUPK tMPBRATRH't' SKIRT, CARRIAGE ROBES. Elegant new etylw. R?H#Mo for nolM>r Present*. o'bollivan a r?RF,m. No. 771 Broadway, No*. 13S, IS7 end IX* Ninth street. ? ? CHRIST* IS PRESENTS. FURS FCR LAOTPS AND CHILDREN. MUFFS. OAPRB, COLLARS. IN SABLE, MINK. ERMINE. AO. ALSO FUR TRTVMED GLOVES, HOODS. AO., AT VERY POPULAR PRIORS A. T. STRWART A CO., Broadway and Tenth atreet. C10R3RT8. ) A SPEC T ALT V AT MRS. GATNORNt *?V STORE, BROADWAY. OORKKt OF TWELFTH 8TRERT. ATA. The latest French Imnnoveinenla cwntanUr race lying SKIRTS. HKIUTB. AO the moat faahlooaMe Parle Mrlea, TmM*m The late novelty spcotallv eeat to Mr*, ft >vnor. ATTACHMENT A OIJFUK. TRAIN ATTACHMENT. ADAPTED TO SKIRTS OF ALL SITES. SILK OUILTED SKIRTS, BALMORAL SKIRTS. HOOPS th RRILLIANT AND FULL DRESS SKIRTS. N. B.? Mr*. (lavnor personally attend* at tlili upper atore. where orde-* are executed with (Trent nartlnutarltv. 8M BROADWAY, eornar of Twelfth *traet. and 785 BROADWAY, between Elzhth and Ninth street*. CLOAKS. CLOAKS, CLOAKS. ORiiAT REDUCTION IN PRTOEfl THIS WEEK, AT LEO RAIN'S. Rich Lvons Velret Olrou>ara *100. former price SI74. Rich Lyons Ve'vet S oquea gl"0. former price SIR). Rich '.yon* Velvet Basque* *100. former priea *110. Eteh Lyons Velvet Printed Kacque* *70 and $80, former prion SI00. A larze aHaortmnnt of black and crar cloaks. la ell the newest style*, at pnoe* ohearer than any other bouae in the oltr. Also, Skating Jacket*, eery low prion*. B. B. LHORAIN, 7** Broadway and No. I Woyerlee place. C1ASH CUSTOMERS WI8T1TNO TO BUY ) ? CHEAP GOODS FOR THE HOLIDAYS Are referred to FOSTER BROTHERS' ADVERTISEMENT Tu Ihla paper Cut it out for a guide, and aa the old *ong zona vou'll bnv A BIO PILE OF DRY GOODS FOR A SMALL PILE OF MONEY. D EOLINE IN PRICES OF DRY GOODS. At LA MEET'S 623 ORKNEWU'H STREET. Oreat bargain* In ?nd Flannel*, Lowe BT.ANKET8 FROM AUCTION, CHEAP All Wool RlanVeta at S3 Bt. frriner prion $6. Extra heavy ?P wool do.. ?t *6. former price $7. Super extra all wool do., at 96 anil $6 40 per pair. Ron! Balmoral Hkirt* *7 CO old price ft. Foal colored Print*. ltt<o.. worth Do. Good tiiiMouohcd Mualln, l8Vo., old nr'on 20o Fin.' while Mit din*. I?h(c.. lHn. and Mo. Yard wide white, 9*0.. former nrlre Hto, Extra quality 4-1 whita, 93-.. former price tie DRESS GOODS REDUCED ron Ttir HOLIDAYS. Heat Delaine*, choice *' vie, 76c. Plaid do., 3l(i. :t'c. and 4t< . worth 87o., 44o. aod 6*0. filtht Chinnhllla Beaver*, for Ladlna' and Mlaaeaf ('.loaklnt. 99 no and 93, very de*trnble. LAMBERT'S. 623 llroeawluk alreet. Iill.EOANT FRENCH BALMORAL SKIRTS !i la order to olonc out OUR STOCK, We will, between now and the FIRST Or JANUARY, Bell them at TWENTY -FIVE PERCENT Below ooat. preparatory to ateok taking. Wo hare 'he moat magn llloei t etocV of butb BALMORAL SKIRTS AND FRENCH COTJTII.LK OOIi SETS IN AMERICA. <1AYNOK. Importer and Manufacturer. 7'T> Broadway, Between Eighth and Ninth atreeta. No connection whatever with any other atore In thl* city. The trad'* supplied on liberal term*. F. OE rEROKVAL. 7S? BROtDWAT. Opposite Aalor ulve, OFFERS FOR IIOLIDAY PRESENTS Infante' R.i'iea, Blauketa, Otoala, Oepa enl HonnfU, Hacks, Hlba, Apron*, Walate, Horn. em. rich Haekets. Also Children'* Cloth Sacks, ('"?la and Cape*. Blouses, Ac. Varieties of Handkerchief* and Hot" for Children and Maaoa. Bridal Sela. Ledlea' Drmalnf Hacks, Spencer*. Rklrta; H 'tidkerohiefs. Large atc-k ot Embroidered Yokes, Ac. I llandaoma fnlilala and Minogrema, emh-ottered to ondar. far Handkerchief*. Tabic Linen and Bedoluthe*. Mampln| ami Humped flood*. F'IKKI FIRE I KIRK I HUB LOST AT THE CANAL STREET HONPLAGR ATION. OUR BRANCH STORE IB RUINS. Uooda partly aared to a damaged aoadltlon Muatbaaold BEFORE J AN HART. Call and |M flood* ai your nwa valuation The Stock comprises MATTr.RSflF.S, PILLOWS, BEDS. COMFORTERS. BLANKETS, SHEETS AND PILLOW HUM. EMPTY TICKH TOR MHOS AND PILLOWS, for aala at our prlorlpal atore. N?. t?t lludwa street Ralireaa Hauatoo and Klna ?tr**u New Vnrk.' K. HAVMAN A CO. F" KB. PURS, CHOICE SPTB IK SABLE, MINK. ROYAL ERMINE, STRERIAN SQUIRREL, Bo.. Ac . at(reatlr reduced drtoea. Ml'KKB, MB Broadway aad 13 FuHoa atreat. IJfOUllTAIN'S INDIA STORK, r INDIA. OlIINA, JAPAN. AMERICAN INDIAN, and other HARK ARTIC1.BM. WHrtfTKHAI.K AMD RETAIL. Calalo(iine i I ee. Store open tileaaant craning* MS Broadway (eight hundred aod Sfty-elghO. IBM SALE?A CAMEL'S HAIR SIIAWL. AT A AA 1 CTitioe Apply at dS Wert Tenth atreat, batwaea Fifth and Biatb aeoauo*, from IS la I o'clock. CI BRAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OK CLOAKS T and Para. ?I am now aro)tared la offer to ladta* a mag. ntflrnnt aaaortment of Clnalta and Kura at prlrwa far be lew Miner Of an? othw bonaa in Naw York. JOHN CAMPBELL, tm Broadway, bat. IMt aad nth eta Q I/O YES, O LOVES, GLOVES.?tf KTDS REDUCED TO SI 7A black, white, light and dark colora; etceltanl (Morea at Si and $1 B: tindreeaed Rid. pt rent* and SI; red, while and Mue doth, all aire.- A large aaaorttur nt of fell and winter Glnret. Honda, Rentage, N'thlaa. Jr. at low prices. K. R.?Hoalerr and Undergarment* at coal price, at KUIER'S, MO End MS Knmdway, naar Nineteenth ?tre.-i, eve aide. (TREAT EXCITEMENT OVER OCR ('HE IP MUSLINS T GOOD MUSLINS |tt<e; former prlcw *V. VERY OOOD SHIRTING ISa^e. ? former price 3c. ? CASES TP MtMl.INH (WHlTEl, YARD WIDE. PINR AS WAMHCTTAS. JV ; worth We. THERE MUSLINS ARE PltuM AHCTION OOMR AND SEE THEM. ON MCRMSH VOL CAN BAVB PROM Sa. TO ISs. A TARD BT BUYING THEM OK UB. POST KB A WELSH, 317 Eighth arcana, near 3d *t N. B.?Remember It la user Twenty aoeoad atreet wham tbeae ch*?p (nodi are te he had. Holiday presents. EKENCH PANCT SKIRTS. We bare Juat raeelred per Sey'la another IMPORTATION of tha abnee, eoastwli.g of the ntoat elegant and roebereba aaaortmant OUT OE PARtB. A rating them are seme hea>itlfnl WHfTE OASRMLKB SKIRTS. WHITE ALPACA SKIKTM. BLACK CASnMERB AND ALPACA, bandaomely trimmed la the newest and moot Ualcful atylae. WHITE MUSLIN SKIRTS plata, lacked and embroidered. at ptirea tkat will aatoniah e?rlady customers. We eaa aell theta at laaa than tha BM terlal would coat here "TITK JEROME KIRT." tkamoelalTliahaadete^ntartleta'of thaklad la America, win ha made In colore to order. Thla aklrt. dealgned ex praaaly for ua by a lady la society. la ana of the fashion tea asthma af the aeaooa. Spaelmena rootle sally on dlaplay la oar shew wtodnwe. Wa hare also juat rocatred another Importation of ear celebrated FRENCH COHTTM.B AND KMRROfDERED CORSETS, la ladle* aad atltare all aires. STIOl LDKR BRACES. SUPPORTERS. AC. The trade anppUad oa liberal terra' GAVNoR, IMPORTER AND MANUfAtrfOBRB. , NO. 78A BROADWAY, Between Eighth and Ninth atrneta. No conaac foa winterer with any other atore la thla all r HARBSTBONO, 140 SIXTH AVKNl'R. "'"t^niVifiim'REP arts and oot.Ltn*. P. M gliOIDKKLD U AN UK BRUM 11.PK REAL LACK IMNDKKHCHIKPS AND SBTS, baBR IUUBOMK, . ___ Gf.OVEB. SCABfS. TIES, GENTS'PINE PR?OH BMBBOIDRRED SHIRTS. |JoLlDAT I'lthSKNrs. GOLDEN J cn.,11 CUJttP* PLACE. sUOt HSSORS TO A. MALLET _ ? HATE RECRlfRp PliOM PARIS AND HAt E NOW CI'KN FOR INSPECTION BEYHKAl* CARPS OF RICH PARISIAN NOVELTIES, IMroBTKO JCXI RKS.sLV For ten hoi,]oats. TO WHICH THEY IBVITB TUB ATTENTION or THE LAUlte OP SEW YORK AMD VILIhlTV. __ _ HO'PARREI.L. ?sr TO 171 THIRTY FIFTR STREET, ? nne th rr e?*t of Elghih areuue.?Carpata aad Purail. tnrg -The largeat and head aeleeted atnok at the above good* at the Inweat pr |eea la the etty fee caen H^r I'liweriouia fngialna, Pa.' ? Ida ?aid prim, $1 at and Oil. In ha I tody -da wile In IMD pair, Blanketp. * ?be abere atoel la IP par van! leaa than teat month'sprteea sat wttl ba said rarardleaa af mat gii mm warraatsd DRY GOOD*. Holiday goods holiday oofy*"* Splendid asnoHmant. from the late nun Ion ?1m. much under pr'-nr'a. Papteemarhe llt*?ks end Olova Boxes lakelands. Ac. Large lots ei'*"d w-?lnut Brackets. T'ugere*. Ac. Fa* ry Bow for fairs T-'Xc.. 16c., 18e.. Wo. and -5c.; half pri<?. Je?el Cum Card Reoelrera, Work Bore*, Cigar fa-ee. Dolls, Travelling Tronka. Morrow Bag*. Parian Figures. Vnaes. fine elU anil ohln" .!???! Oases and Card Receivers. Lava Tokened TtOsas, and 1 .Willother handsome articles for presents for ladies and gents, making the lineat nsaortmeot to In* had on town. HOSIERY GLOVES AND UNDERGARMENTS Foil line* of thnae rood" for 1-dlrs gen's and ch'Mren. Ifldrtor.. ladle"' #ne rnerlnn Vests, (auction,) #1 25 won! $2. Honda and Nubian. 2a. Sd , 8a.. U6*. 6e., large Shawl*, 91 M. Splendid assortment of our ce>hrated 81 29 Kid (lloeaa. Trimmings of er?rv kind at the Inwett nrleea. itiit'sv.kKKiMvn and uirss flonnn. Pull lines Muslin*. Khlrilug and Sheeting, Flanuels and Blanket*. Oollta, Curtains. Lares and MuSlHie, Yeattbule Luces, Ac. Nottingham (.area 4a. 8a.. 8a.. 7a . per jrnrd. flne itooda. Nottingham Vratihole I.aoea Ha. 6rt 4a and 5a . vervohecp. Chean Dress Hood", for presents, 5U" 28c. to fiOtv per rern. RONALDSOV A MEARKS cor. 1th ?r and IWlh St.. And 121 8th ar.. between 18th and 18th ata. INDIA OAMEL'R HAIR BHAWT ??FOR HOLIDAY proaonta Intending pttrehaacrt trill And It to their ad ran'ace to examine the atsorUaent of J. KU8SKLL, SIB Wooalar street, Labor reduction BEFORE THE STRUT OP JANUARY, 1867. IMPORTANT TO EVERYBODY. Paper Hangings. Window Shades, Cornices, Oltolotha. Stair Onrnettng, Drnggetta. Ao., Ac. Cold Window Shade". $8 per pair. Oilcloths, 80e., 7fto , 8ho., 80". and $1 per yard. P"at Venetian Slair Carpeting.8a. per yard. Ootid I'aper Hangings as low as la. per noil. All wool Dniggetts Its. per rard. TO MARK BOOM FOR SPRING GOODS. Patntlri", Paper flanging or Desorstlng done |n a superior manner, by HOI .MRS. Prnetloal Deoorntors and Paper Hangers HI Hudson street, S71. See Advertising Wagon. Mrs. oonnrr, 182 BOWERY. The largest H?"nrtment of _ HOOP SKIRTS AMD COB8ET8 to be found in the Hie. ALL OP OCR OWN MANUFACTURE. Wo cerrr tin no other business hut the shore, end conae* ouantly give It our whole attention, and guarantee, for qual ity "f good. 1 nnd priee, to he tinercnlled MA. DOUGLASS * (Formerly M. A. DeLency* HAS REMOVED FROM 48 UNION SQUARE TO 170 FIFTH AVENUR. CORNPR OF TWENTY-SECOND STREET, Where she offer" for sale, at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES, CLOAKS, IN VELVF.T. CLOTH AND SILK. OPF.RA CLOAKS. DRESS GOODS. AC.. AO Madame Harris is now prepared to- do Dressmnk'ng In all Its branched and In all the latest atvles. No. 7 Hi evoort plat*. Tenth street, four doors from B-oadway. T) RICES REDUCKD. C TAYLOR, Mil. 779 BROADWAY. Oelween Ninth and Tenth aireets. I.idics' and Ohlldrnn'a Unde-"lilrts and Drawers, Ladles' and Children's Hone, Kid and Wlnler Olorea, (Great Varietr ) Wool nnd Merino Undershirts and Drawer". fill* X ndcrshirts and Drawers, Sesrfs. Ties. Handkerchiefs, Suspenders, Shirts nd Collars. Kohes An Chsmhee, Carriage Ruga. As, Ac. In order to make room fnr spring ImporUl.ons. I wl'l Sell ell winter OaodS during this and next month AT COST. C. TAYLOR. SPECIAL DEDUCTION MADE IN ALL KINDS OF llltY OOClDM FOR THE HOLIDAYS. AUCTION I.OTS ALPACAS S8c : former price Wo. AUCTION T.MTfl PLAIDS 31c.: former nrlce 4-lc. 1 C VSF. YARD WIDE REPS 7.V. ? former price SI 85. 1 CANE OARNET MERINOS 7.1c. former price gl. 1 OAST'. GARNET ALPACAS flOc ; lonner price 87o. LARGE LOTS I.UPfN'S MERINOS SI. I CANE PURE MOHAIR, BLACK. 60r former nrtoe 87c. WE HAVE MARKED OUR DRESS OOODS DO"VN NEARLY ONE H ALF. FOSTER A WELSH. 817 Eighth avenue, near ttid at. SMILLIE A CO HAVE OPENED THE MOST ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF CLOAKS. SAOOItRH. BASQUES, JACKETS AND CIRCULARS TN VELVET AND CLOTH, which cannot ho survaased In Amotion. 7KI Broadway, hclivceu Eighth end Ninth street*. . WILLIAM MUCH ANAN M ACKF.XZIE, Sup't The kno of alt. things. LEASE. FIXTURES. STO-'K and family OF 1UK8 M A HER for sale. At price* which not Hdomnn. In all hta glnry, nor even Brig hum Ymuigran compete with. WAX BABIES. A YARD LONO. FOR ft. I'M lenelhs In proportion. TALKING DOLLS. CRYING DOLLS. SLEEPING DOLLS. WAX DOLLS AND BISQUE DOLLS; DOLLS wUh hair. AND BALD DOLIJt, CLOSING OUT. JAPANESE CABINETS AND CURIOSITIES I'Inning out. DOGS. BALLS, GAMES AND FARMS Cloning nut. TEA SRTH. IIORHES AND BUREAUS. Closing onL TOYS OF ALL KINDS. Cloalne not. JET AND RTKEL JRWRLRY. Cloning Ml. CHAINS, BARKINGS. PINS AND FANS. Cloalne MM. ORNTs' SHIFTS. BOSOMS AND COLLARS, Ctomaf nnt. LADIES' GENTS' and MISSF.8 UNDRRWK AR. Cloning out FINF. WORK BOXES, 00c 5V. and St oaca. TOn. RIBBONS fnr IV. a yard. FINK KVBROID'D. LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS for IV. ALL WOOL FLANNELS for 3Ne. a yard. FINK KID GLOVES for We. a pat-. BEST UNDRESSED KID GLOVES TV. a pair. WOOL SLEEVES for 11c.: HOODS for SV All our CURTAIN LACKS AND MUSLINS at balfooat. All our I.AI'IKR'TUCKKD SKIRTS AND WAISTS, do do WOOL SCARFS for IV.. BONTAGB. (Bo.J NUBIAS, Or. LARGF. FINE BREAKFAST HlfAWLS for $1 ?. SAXONY PLAIDS for IV. a yard. And IMMIHA worth of Tow-l?, Linens, Damank* Kapklni, Honlnrj. Glome, C ornell, Hoop Skirt*. Velr?U, Flowers. Lncea. Embroideries. Cloak and Ores* Button*. Branls, Pomades, Perfumery. Brushes, Comltn, PnrtemonmtMa. Ilalr Net*. Travelling Bags, Hand Mirrors. Ac. An., montof which are will clone at about half the prtrea at which they can ho bought at any other ator* In the rtt*. VALENTINE A CO.. U Fourth avenue, oppoetle Cooper Inetitute Park. WE HAVE JUST REDUCED OUR BLANKET! FROM ?I lo $3 on a pair, no an to enahla the peer aa wall aa well aa the rich lo nleep warm tbla ooid wealner. ALL WOOL (gravi 13 75 a pair: worth $* 75. I CASK BLANKETS 54 a pair; former price ?d 1 C ASK BLANKETS whitei $6 n pair, worth ?7. I CASK BLANKETS 58 a pair: former price 59 WK ADVERTISE BLANKETS BY THE PAIR. FOSTER A WELSH. ?7 Eighth avenue, pearSd a? N. B. -Itemerahe. the atore la near Twenu ae-ond ?iree'. 97 BOND STREET-HOLIDAY FRKSENTS. I Juat received, imported from Parts, CLOAKS AND BONN"TS\ Order* for Dreanea and Cloak* promptly ailr-uled lo. MMen. PARKAIN. PAUL A CO., Dress and tinker*. MILLINEKV. A AT AW BOWFBY. OH MAT BARGAINS IN MILLINERY GOODS. SELLING OUT AT COST. Bonneta. Round llnta, Ac., of the very latent styles Also Feather*. Headend Bugle Trtmmlag* French and Domeatlr TTower*. Rlbhoe*. Velvet*. Silk*. Satin*. Ac. Thl* I* a great ehnnee for the ladies T Til,MAN'S m BROADWAY.-A GREAT RFDCO Uon In price* of Keuepliou sod Gper* Rnonetn, and Round and Children'* llaln. helng marked Bfcy per cent down. rtr. *?Honnrfa uf **>, ?S<) g.10 for ?1S gfB, IN.; B und Hale, atlk velvet. Imn. $n to glo Alio. Juat received from Pari* the largest and richest annorlmeiit uf llead.lreaae* aver Oihlhited la Nen Ynrk L T1LMAN. Til Broadway. N. B.?A liberal dlanoual lo the |r*ua. AGARD-NRS c. LRYTNS. eUNIAKRSITY PLACE, eorner rieventh street, tvlah ? In Inform lb* ladla* of New York ami vlclnuy thai ah* is aail.tK nf the h?i*n> ? of he, Importation of I ranch Bonnets. Ureas I ip? and Hnad Drcaeea. al eiceedlngly low prices TADIKS WILL DO WELL T" CALL AT MDF C J LAC VS. I.Id! Broadway and ITodlith avenue, und bur handsonte Franch Bonnet* and Flower* at half the coat of Importation. RS. LAMB-AST BROADWAY, WOULD CALL TIIB atiantlon of th* ladles lo her largo and choice ananrt. ment of l.*dt?*' DroaaCapa. Head Drnaaea, Chlldrun'a 11..n nete. Ae.. all of which are offered at lowrt peaeMa r? M Mmk BAWLING*. .111 CANAL STNKRT-IIAI J I'ST rc-eteed a cane uf elegant Evening Bonnets suitable for the Holiday* Mmk. imoornr walton m broaoww. ham received an eloaani assortment of ITowets, .lowelry and Wreaths (or the coming hoiida**. HOLIDAY PBKRKNTN AT MADAME HOULUK* AUGIKR'S NO. ? af t J\. E.lorenlh street, ladle* will And a line asa-rtmani of Parisian Goods, sets Ktr.allae, Coitfure* <1* Fleors and de Ferlaa. Bonuets. Earrings; Mace and India ShawU. Brace let*. ladle*' Linen Helta. Cloak* andDpoia manleaui Trltn mlngs. Thla well known and long eatahllahed hottae cgrtiea on always the Dressmaking In th* new**! stale CS. RAIT * offers A Rplendld Aseortmenl of of __ GOLD AND SILVER WATCHE* PINE JRWF.MRT. silver ware. and FANCY GOODS. auiUhle for HOLIDAY GIFTS AT GRRATLY REDUCED rR'i f.g J6I Br-isdw* * Corner Warren'a: tael. Gifts for thk holiday*. BATCHES WATCHES The nnderslgnrd hsre hern InsirtcSed by th- tfs. turera In ??ll the balaticsi of llielr large ?|m k of Ml DIES' and GENTS' f|l iTd and SILVER WATCHES *1 WHOLESALE PRICES. DURING THE HDLIDA I S ONLY. QUINCTIR A KRUOLKB. Ag-n-a. Noa. Band It) John alreet. tip vtalra. HFMGIOH SDTII I S. SWKDtTBGRO'B THROLOGY?FOI BTH 1.RC1I JtK *f mlira* by Rev. Chauncoy Gilo*, Ihla evening, >i "1* o'rloek. in lha N*w Jeruaalem House of Worship. Thirty* flfth s. met, he twee a Fourth and Letlnghvn atooiea. Seats fro#. J1IIT THIRD LECTURE or THE COUNBR TPDN Chrtatlau Uplty will ha dtduered to ft, tana rhttr-h ghth strepf thla evening, by the Kef. Thomas S. Preston. Bnbjaei -The ? talma of rrotesiar i'sro. ' THK RET. I. T. HF.CKBR. OF the faulirv Fathers, win dallrar a la>iur* lh.? (Aouday) erenlag. at I O'alo-w, 10 Ihe Churen of tge Asa*tn>nitnc, "*|rner of Yi'fk and Jat atroai*. Brooklyn a u at art? Raiwicn ind the Re pnhtle. ' Tiek#'# of artmu?loi? T? reaig. Pmeeeda ftw the neaaftt of th* npor ?f '*<? ?'Dh roil MA MB. i bake chance kok a person with but lib. J\ tie cuptlal, to buy out it Uindery, with Mm g<>w? There box ruiim done for many ream ? ffiurlshiig business In bookbinding. albiime And stationery article.*. aL . nan 1m bought cheao, the Store and Fixtures belonging totbecoa oeru. lu'iulre of A CO., 1IM Wilhtmntrntt. A KINDLING WOOD FACTORY FOB BALK I'HKAF? W 1th Engine. Bundling uiul Splitting Machines, Hum, Truck*, and every tiling oounectud therewith; also tlie I're mute* If desired, now doing a pood business Apply to O. LOPKR, Walworth mi net, three doom southeast of Wll longhby aveuue, Brooklyn, B. D. ALAItUK SIZE nUIKO'l BAKE FOB SALR cheap; aUo one lame Little's Safe and two medium Bale* of Herring's and Wilder'* trtke. 8. O. QUIRK, 77 William street. A large ana ltlueni bankers' sake fob ?ale.-ALto three eooond hand Safe*, of Herrw%*?au4 Wilder a make, for eale cheap, at 28 Libert v street. ?. C QUIRK. A?FOR HALE. THE SOIIOOIBR HICKORY, CAN ? vying about HO u?n?, drawing fiti feet of water, lying at foot of Houston street, North river.' A WELL KNOWN IMPORTER IN BROADWAY, WIHU lng u> retire from business, want ? to sell hi. Leaae (five yearefrom May laat) and hla entire i,?w Stock of Imoorted Good*, together with very rich and Him?nboM Far nlture. Audrey* with ainoerlty, giving real name a'.d addreaa. Rodolph a., station U I'nat olAce, n. y. A HOTEL FOR RALE IMMEDTATELY_ON BROAD way, having from 41 to HI) room*, on a prominent ooe iter, newly and handsomely furnished, with Leaae, Btoc.k ami Fixture*: tn complete running order. None but e,*b customers dealt with. THOMPSON, 75U Broadway. Butter stand for balk?Tfitf cheapest flag* on Eighth avenue; mnst he aold this day: no raaann ? able offer refused. No. idl Eighth avenue. DISTILLEY FOR BALE.?CAPACITY 700 OALLONBj everything complete, with five years'lenae. inquire ai MATT COGOEY, corner Thirty.algli th street and Eleventh avenue; hours between 10 and a o'clock For bale-a good chano:-stock, kixturbb end Lave of a Jewelry store. In the I mat part of Eighth avenue. For particulars apply to ARKANDALK MOO., l?l Broad wig. _ __ FOR BALE? A SPLENDID PAYING BUSINESS, TO soma aotlve buxiirs* man, with $4,OPO or more In ready cash. Addreaa Honor. Herald ufllce. 11YOR BALK?AN OY8TKR HOUSE WITH LADIES' P Halo,>n aud Bar, doing a drat close profitable businesa; leaae. Terms easv. RUMI'F A MKTTERN, 24 Duane street, room No. L For salk-aooppek still. 4<? gallons with Douhler and Heater complete. Apply at 276 Water ?tract, n. Y. ' For sale-tiir stock, fixtures and oood will of a first olas* Millinery Store. In one of the beat locations In this clly. Apply at Npa. 1 ami 3 Merer street. FOR SALE?TWO CORNER l.IQUOR ON A pi eminent avenue; sold tin of the owner anise Into the wholesale busliyr,* Apply to WILLIAM KEN ? NELLY. 14 Pine street. For salk-on aI-count of the owner going South, the Bgf. Milliard Room end Uigur Store at Tfi Fulton street, iirtioklyu. In good order, and beat of loca tions. ' . LYOR SALE?A ooon CHANCE?A GENTLEMEN'S F and Ladles' Furnl-diltig Store In a g I business local Itv. Inquire at No. 1 West Eleventh street, one door from Broadway. FOR SALE?A FINK GROCERY AND TEA STORK, with Lease. Stock and Fixtures, situated on one of thai principal avenues, Brooklyn. Apply to O. S. AGKLKY, 1MB Broadway. Room 11, Now York. FOR SALE-TUB CHEAPEST AND BEST WHOLE, sole and retail Liquor Store In this citv; the reason for selling, the proprietor cannot attend U> It on auonunl at other hindnesa. Inquire of G P. YY F.LI.M.VM, 138 Pearl St. BIOK SALR?STOCK. FIXTURES AND GOOD WILL OF a retail Liquor Store on Wo?' street, m ar Beach. Ap ply to owner. A. HALLIDAY, Importer, 314 Franklin aired. FIORSALB.?A RARE CHANCE?ONE OK THROLD rst established wholeaaht an 1 retail Wine and Liquor Storee nu Wall atreet, now doing a splendid day bmdneesL To n party with about $9,000 cnali an opp-irtumtv how ntfarn which Is seldom tn be met with. Norm but principals lirated With, Apply to BLEKUKBK, HYDE A LOWE REE, No*. 4 and <1 Pine street. IjlOR SALE-HOTEL ON EUROPEAN PLAN. IN THE 1 lower part of this city; eighty rooms; or would leave the same furnished to responsible party. AddresaEuropean, box JWl Herald offloe. li'OR BALE AT A BACRIFIttR?THE HANDSOMKBT JF Ihtle Sample Room in thl* city, I.oaathm first claaa. hTa. BROWN A CO.. 04 and M Broadway. Hotel fob salk-har bees established m years; Is doing a Urge bar business; contains fit rooms, all of which are regularly occupied. Inquire ah SMITH'S, Rainbow Saloon, ft! Cedar street. Rectifying house and alcohol distillery i for sole.?A large astabltahmcnt, complete aud in work ing order. Apply at 136 Front atreet. N. Y. Restaurant, with bar. in one of the rent business hotels on Broadway, for sale; the businaaa ?QD.IMO par annum. Price ?10.001. Apply at 624 Broadway, room No. 7. STOCK. FIXTURES AND LEAHR OF A OARPENTRHNt Shop tor sale.?One of the best stands down towo; dona a business of $24.(100 the lost year; satisfactory reasons for relhi^^Apply to W. 11. J., 2D North Moore street, Itetweew OHOE STORK FOB SALE IN BROOKLYN?NICBLY O fitted up, foor years' lease. Rare chance for an entar pnsiug man. None but a cash ouatom rr need apply. SMITH A MAYNAKD, II Cortlandt slraeL UNITED STATES SHIP OONGRKH8,?FOIt-BALK, T9 close an estate, a beautiful Model of the Untied State* ?hip Cuugresa. Apply to JAM Krl THICK. 2W Hudson street. Affrn WILL PURCHASK THE FIXTURES AND iplliM/ five years' leave of the urst otssi Liquor Mar* northeast oorner sveone A and Twemleth street: rent $M a year. Apply, until sold to P. HOROY, oorner Third ave nue and Forty-seventh street. AAA ?AN EHTABLIHHKD UMBRELLA AND tpIM rUU. Para V.I manufactory en Broadway, doing exeinsiTely a wholesale trade, will sell out the Stock. Mscbt nerr and good will for this amount, whleh can be easily reaiucd within six months. No agents need apply. ' " Umbrella, box 177 Herald ofice. _ MACHINKRY. A" f 7? MANGXN STREET bOlLKJtg AND K.NUI.NEH FOB HALE. r. m. oont UOR HALE? I? THREB RUPKRTOR U HORnB POWER LOCOMOTIVE Roller*. To bo aeon al fiaveraayer A Elder'* augar i*la?J. \V lltlauirtmrg. F.vor kalk-at ? park WMH (PIVK i-oiktr) 1 the etcam Enema and Roller, 25 horee. |1,2B0, l?*a Una half ooal; ana 10 liOr??, with Imller. aery low. VpOR rtAI.E-AT <5 PARK STREET. (VIVE POINTS*, r two Engine. and Roilara,80 horee, two Holler*. SO bona; muai tie i Amoved, aohl at a bar (a In. b xalb-a rrTE.noiwE dprioiit rvoixbl with Bollai. in good working order Apply ai 1158 Pearl P? TJOKTABLR STEAM ENOINUH and I CIRCULAR RAW MILLS. The beat and moat complete In ua*. Clirulara aent on appllraiian. WOOD A MAMA STEAM RNQTNB COMPaNT, Ultr*, N T.. and 88 Maiden h.t,e, Sew York. PORTABLE RWOIMKti ok PIVK. TEN AND TWB1.YB horee alao SleUnaarr Rapine. and Hollera; ahanpnaanan John MoLa BBN.WMMkB*alnanL QTF.AM IROTNB KOB HALS? AT ROCHESTER. n. t. Aee-,>nd hand aieaai engine. *.?>' a? new In twrfee* tunn ng orvler. 4V5 feel almke, IT,,' turtle* Imr*. "? b'rwn 1 lower, waif hi Innr. Inc'.odlog hand fly wheel 1* fan! iamelnr: i|lxinrh?a facr; made by Thuratoii AO rdnetr. Pendent-*, Rhode laland. with Oraen'l patent telf eating cut-o<I. To b# aold feeanaao *m?.i?eded h.- water power, aai offered at ft 000 loaa ban two-tbirde It* mine. Addraaa WARD * BROTH RR. Rorhamer, N. T. STKIAM RHOINBR AND BOILERS PROM I TO Ml horee power, alao one .9111 ton Hydraulic Preaa. wltja hra*e pumrw onplere; Planer*. l.athca. reditu* M icblne*. Shafting, Poller". Vlaea, Aur'lt. I'laii'orin >e?l#? lout team Kaglieh steel, Machinery of all kmda. HOPt'MAR A FINNEY 107 Water afreet, Brooklyn. "rpHK itKP.ATEST IRVRimON OP THE AUB."? I WINTER'S Improred v .rtaxla Circular flaw MM. Alao depot of general Machinery WINTER t CO., ?t Hmndway, Aad Waahtngtoa tMaWieti, Newbur* M Y. IV 4 STRD? A STP4M BRfltNE, *8 TO 100 HO RUB it powar Addraaa with hoi I.M Paan oOli a D TRW?PtPEJW. ICKENs- CHRlflTMA* iTitflv ta auMWbed in the NEW YORK SUN. PRICK TWO CENTS COAT.. WIHID. dkC. CIOAL. 87 FLOUR. glJ -TUB PEOPLE'S MI TTTAI. I Protective Aaaoeiatto* aell Coal an,: Flaw at wbol?<alw neleee to break d'<wu monopoly Office 3W Broadway, i naaa So. f. N. B ? All city railroad Nhkeui foe eale rtORO AMI RINOLINO WOOD?PISH, OIK AND \J lllekoia, ef Ibi T*rr boat onali.y at Ike mwe-1 mark** prteea, at the Fmpirr Wood Depot, 7* Twee'jMlOW atraet near Third a< ? nne. CORP. AMD COAlr DRUVRItED 1MMEPIATRUT? Apply at mr eeul and ceae afltne. at 142'*' fbtrd a?eaw?. bOHraatt Pirtemith and rtlilevatb atreera _ 1 MARI ES H. UI'TTEN. /High -WHOLESALE ami RETAIL 0 ** . " J nbaldron. In the rerd. or Bl 80 ile'ieered . ? 'era raneiw* hy t l'.APHKP A BURNS. *IH ( K.giiie.-.ttli 'trwet. and JOHN RMtTH. corner nf amaw* C aad 1. at PIH-<mt? ?tiret dellvned laiiaedtatal). /NONE. BRA OHALbROS II* TASD. *? ?f* V.' turner*' bow***. and h* the air' ?l arolawA prion. A* ply *1 Tweoiydl at atreel and aaenu* A p pHKI'-WOOD. CUITHITA (?< kSTLKMBN-l WILL Bf .*g "T_IH ?VIIl7!l 'I aad Lrfi ON ? nthl.i* far toarkw. < Od the at. rw or wldrna* TH? 'S D. < ON RO> . Ml Teerl atrnph. hot wren t'enlie and I'ktlM* "aitbolowi. A* -MAOAMK MOfiKOW IrVrNTM AawJbSr hMtt >*? ?Mil, tl? lellio* name .ml augie ilteit. fiawW."h,,'%V7u,!l teiT* ^,i n thouthta an enierlo* bar root* 1M Lh low atraet. Ore dnora nnw ftooeton atraet. , g B, kAABAM RVRON -TIIK OHKATIST BUSINESS ASf? \| ^ediewl sjd- inaPM known, ran w appedy lasrrla^a. ?tin Pe.ii th aae??e. :-e e. ,, _ wIts. RWROflR, KNOWS K?>R TWENTY IWIh JLr |f 1 tear, fm rirmg ttnp lafirn atlnp aw all llhbk ..y, hp eoe*o|tr I *? '."A Rwwnn aae -ad Aom.