Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 16, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 16, 1866 Page 3
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?MtXfcfc Mim i 4 fimb suit or two om rim "andsomblt & imS Jnnth mm balwaaw Unten sgaare and Fifth aroouu? ^HuTblkkcker street, ~ HOOMS TO IOTJWITH BOARD. TKUU MODERATE. AT PRIVATE FAM1LT. LIVING UP TO*'' *&'.! PUth MMWIMti boardtoj ho?a].wyrtdll>? to lot. with Board and all tho comforts of a rofload $'*:aa, two or three handsomely foraiabod Rom?. oa Boor, with all ooaeeaieaoM; rtforauaoa aichauged, Aaurosa M. 0. T., atatloa Q. AHT TBB GRANT HOUSE. 44, 4d AND *8 NEW BOW ? ory, near Chatham squara. Raoma from 3} caota to SO mate per day. M to $? par waah. A^mr wi west twelfth ktrbet -nicely pur I alabad Tartar and Rooms, communicating. on Ike sre and door, alao a ball Badroom la lat, with Board. Franah YOUNG MAN CAN BB ACCOMMODATRD WITH Board la a small rospeotabln family. Terms $4 par ?Apply at IdlFtrat avenue. AS FURNISHED FRONT room, on second floor, and hall Badroom. together ar separate, at ?0 Waal A N ELEOANTUT FURNISHED PARLOR FLOOR TO JSi lat?With private table If daatrad; alao two Rooma on . jueaattt. flrat eiaaa; rafaranoaa exchanged. TO HIT OF ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN. WITHOUT Inquire at 16 Baat Baraataaath street, botar eon I and Fifth arenue. LB. St ?BOARD ON FIF'H AVENUE. NO. Mlt'FOUR splendidly farniahad Rooma, singly or oa au/^, with room, and all eonraalaooea. FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?WITH OR 'WITHOUT Board, at IV Henry street. A It is Washington place, near new yore ? Hotel, In a flrat eiaaa house, two large It* Dooms to rant, Board; alao two Hall Rooma for alnpto gentlemen. , T FRANEFORT HOUSE. ONE BLMTk BAST OF CITY L Hall, rarrter of FraafeTort and W 1111am streets, 880 isms. 18 to SO oanta par day. 81 00. $fl4nd $1 par waefc. T Hd AND 138 RLEBCKKR STREET, SIX BLOCKS ? west of Hroadwar. plaaaant Konma, with rienllent ??from f? SOU $10 par week; famlliaa accordingly A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BACK PARLOR AND third door front Room to let, with Board, la a Brat Nam house, with Brat etnas hoard Beat of rofarenca re gal rod. 88 East Twanty-eighth street. A NICELT FURNISHED SUIT, OH SECOND FLOOR, to let. with Board; also a largo Room on third. 87 Clin A FEW CHOICE ROOMS FOR SINGLE GENTLEMEN, or for a fnrallr may be had with Board, on early appll eatao at 85 Ninth street, near Fifth arenue AT 81 LEXINGTON AVENUE. CORNER TWENTY ?fth ?'raet. ? Vewlr furnished front Rooms, en suite ar aiagly, with exoellent Board. A FEW GENTLEMEN OR TWO FAMILIES CAN BE pleasantly accommodated with Oral class Board, at 33 St. Mark's pi hoc. T I* AND 18 NINTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH ' single Rooms to Garmaa styles. n. and SIxHi a ramies, elegant Fhior'a and single Rooms to H, with Oral class Board, to French and Germi Prleate table if desired. A GOOD SIZED FURNISHED ROOM. WITH FIRE pl'ice, and Board ean be bad by applying at No. 8 Da lancey Street in a snn.ll family A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LRT? In a small private family to single gentlemen, or gen tleman and wife; terms reasonable. Call at XM Waal Thirty mreath street, after 10 A. M. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET. WITH BOARD, to a single person, or gentleman and wife, a large Roewi on second floor: dinner at one. beat of reference gtren end required Price for single person $30 per week, two $10. 118 West Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth araone. A PFW OFNTLEVKN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with Roard iaa private American family, at 116 Ham ' s. -eet Term* moderate. AT 181 WEST NINETEENTH STREET.?A PRIVATE family will let Rooma an sulie or singly, to a party of gentleman or gentlemaa and wife, on second floor, with or without Hoard. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN CAM BE ACCOMMODATED with Roard Alao a young lady, at 34 Commerce street, amar Barrow. ? FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM. WITH Eo rd. In a Urate aaa house, J* West Forty-fifth street, an Fifth and Sixth avenues. F'RHT OR SRCOVD FLOOR, FURNISHED. TO LBT to gentlemen. without board, No. 7 Went Fourteenth fo'ir door* wool of Fifth iimno ABICRLY FURNISHED BACK PARLOR TO LBT? With Hoard to single gentlemen ore gentleman and wife. Including tiro and goo. Addreaa for two days box 6.M7 foot offer. A PRINTED LIST OF HOARDING PLACER, WITH prlcea, Ac., can br had at 0"r off CO. BRYAN A CO.. M Ubfrlf afreet. room B. A Torino widow laot hah two finely fur. nlohfd Room* to lot. In gonilemon who or* willing to ?pmf a fair prieo. Apply at H8 Wool Twenty ninth otroot A Rl'TT ftp ROOMS AND ONB BINOLK ROOM, -A handanmolr f irnlihod. to lot. with Board, oo reason ? lolormo: house lato'y changed baoda. Apply at M Clin ton place. A n.FA?ANT PROMT HARI.OR AND BRDROOM ."V to lot in a rowP-m ? n i nd wife or a "mall family, ref orraoea oxrh in nod SI Clinton placo, hlghth atroot . FNTV *TK FAMILY WILL I ET TWO FUR A nte ?d Rooms wl'h it without Board, e-cry oonren ??no? l?> bath. A- terms moderate; reference required Apply nt 13A F.aat Thirty tilth atroot \SV t LL ROOM fll'iraiir.K FOR A HINOLK OEM llcmin, In lei, with Hoard, at ISO Waal Elcreolb otroot, aaar >lith ?rnnno AT M WIT TWENTY-THIRo STREET-TWO OR .'l three fit'n ?had Rooms on third floor, atngly or en suite With Hoarding Weferenaes required. it 1 WENT BICHTBENTN -TREKT. RRTWRRK A *"tf?h and Nlith ar-noos a Room to lot. with flrotclaaa Board, to a'ngln grmlomon Roforoncea atfhanged A CHOTCf OF NIMOLE AND DOC RLE ROOMS TO .?A lot to irenlletnen w"hout bo.rd Apnly at 72 Tcond emetine, corner Fourth atroot Location rery doalrablo. _... - PEL rata table f'W two m nig ladies. In a prlraie fem'liC ra-T- ? - aarhaottod. Alices-, alating t>arti< ulara. t'ota for . h IB llorald nfllea. a FFW VTLEMP.N f|N BE ACCOMMODATED ,A wot. Ho ad and fn-n aba I "owns. In a pla n prirste'r h ? ptrinr at fpl 'V '-t Thlrty aeroap aireet, be taw -ornr)<'., alM| Eighth aronons. \ PRIVATE fami y will let. to SINOLK OKN tli I'd a fow handoumn fnrn.abed Roorna at III Waal F II'trailth otroot A PRIYAT. FtMff.Y N'WT.Y FURNISHING A bo'ioo 'with modern lmii-oramente> In fratng place, wnn'd Lie to >t a Soft of 11> ?-tni"" la to palir* wiahing a hem ? in a For and family For partlculara addroaa P F W m d'oodwaf. a LA" F. FRONT ROoR AND THREE AD.IOININO \ Ramus. rcond floor V> lot aa wanted Board If wtabrd. N Wi t I wenty ee. ond street. ? A L?n * CAN OBTA'N A FLKARANT and N'CVLY .A fn*at bed R?m, wltk Board, by applying at AA Wool Twenty aer' nth atroot. A N Ft F.OANTI Y FURNISHED SUIT OF ROOMS TO A root on aecmd floor; aleo Parlor, In a prtrato family, with ar without private table 7> Root Sooanlronlh atroot. A FaRTY OF NIM'II.K OF.NTLEMEN OR GENTLE \ mm ang the r wises can bo acne m modeled with flrot Olaao Roams and Hoard at moderate lanaa UN Warorloy A * a or, nrar -> gth arrnno. & Boot' WI"I BOARD. ON TflE SECOND FLOOB, ?A fro t with I'-O and goa both room hot and eold walor, A .. ot'ai t.o l Inquire at III) Pranhlla atroot A SECOND ffdlOR TO RENT?FURBISHED. WITH ur without ilnang; a'an Roorna for aiarlo ret.tlameo, ?la '.it r "??rrod. Boforoaooo oxchangad. No M Weal Fifteenth AI.A'i'IF ft RNISHED FRONT ROOM To LET? tt lib Hoard In a gontloman and wife or ttnglo gontlo. mm 3M Nineteenth etraat. tbroo dooro woat nf Eighth o-ooor BAI-K J'?KI IIR. EE TEN SI ON ANDBEDR'iOM a ? a M I.T CAN AR ACCOMMODATED WITH FIRST ,A o!a?. Po-.nwaa Ha Woat Fourtoonib otroot Alan a Room fur n single gaeslemea with roforooo*. Board if 4a a rod. ____ aT?M ' A T IIMRIMWrW STREET-H A NIHtOMB .A FsrWohod law win Soard amiable for rant lemon o? 1 Wtf ? two r" itlomon mo.ttoii raid convenient to Hrood?ay Ra.,'orme?a gtaon *ad r-qmruL a H El FOANTLY PUNISHED FUNIS TO LET? A Fnui % ,o.'Irbt room. togotAor ar aopauoto. buaoa 'ale. A loo at'ifio Sooroa M grritiO'noa and Wtfc. or alngl- gentlemen el-neeieglo an. to let with Hoord Kefareu *eo rxebangod Apply nil K i AltUlR TO LET?WITH board. IF RE T> qu r- I ui genilemaa tad wtfo or atngle gootloman. ?- ? rmoo-aio and b irwo prtnlogoo AS E,et 1 wolftb atroot, aa: BreedWef. fJOAh > t"CLINTON PLACE, NFET DnOB TO BRE ;> v."<ri H >uae. Ftflb oraano aad F.tgblh atraet Ptret 0 ... No. rd aad Itrat olaao Apartman t f ir famdieo or Magic go a#to ,on B)ARO?A St'fT OF BlNlMN SUITABLE FOR A ,bb dfltlini"twunt* ihlr 1 Mreot. UOARD -JIWF.STTHISTT F.IOHTIIdTREET. ROOMS, a N'cl Flsw. ban.iaomoly fnroiobod, aad largo froui Ream oa third laar URo< SLTN BOARD -TWO ROOMS ON If COBB floar and nno m, the third la lot In a goaAb roao on 1 h.a wMeur two or three aeg f grnUonion I* a hnuao with all ?be miprueemrmt. Ar t'1' at 177 Mrhe-merhnrn atraol IFI^F.oast: t fornisiikd roona to leT-with la Board to flrot etaao pgrtiaa. Apply at MB Fifth aroaao, ?ppm?>" M..I... n a,. _______________ >P*.^OANTLY PER nisHED ROOM4 AT NO. ? ?T. J Mfrfc i pUfR fur froU^mtn o*il?. E7LFO ARfl.Y FORttSMKO ROOMS. WITH FIRST ?J eiaaa Hoard ?aa bo bad at U Li. ngawn ploar Iwtwaea Btaiooolb and Soeaalaoath otroeta Frown atooe bnaae. PLEOANTLY PL RRIAHED ROOMS To LET-ON with Snarl, i egwn placo. N. " .. rononilKB wriliwm Til JMamwn'l Soar; rlnaeta. bothr'Min a I joining wl'h Snarl, to goal lorn-a and lady. Apply ax I* Worn Saab i rditlb aranuo prSNISHRD SOOMS WITH BIT a RD-TWO LABOR r Foraiahea Romaa to M, wtib Beard ami r?r7SA?.wrr*-?? ~4 Apply a, ?OARDIM AHD U>DOH( W? TilOUR ROOMS. KM SUITE, WITH OK. VnPHODT ?aar- " "^'Zss?s MlaelWSjh atroet, near Blghth ittaw. n7 FmmSZR?V,&XPt, * ???""? . _ 'ma door from Broadway. Furnished ?<>">?? r.o lkt-om the. firrt i MHj-ttlrd allbat. Rofr .*nori exrhangod. fjiPRMlRHKP *OOE ?. WITHOUT BOARD. FOR GEN JL.iy?;n 71 Skjt *??rtetttth atrial, eppoalva Good boaf Di with magnetic treatment.? Mra. Kit* , p WtlllMM (eleter of A J. Davtal. CUlrvoy. ant Ana Mag* ,t|0 Healing Medium. an accommodate two or Urea perioreither aa boarder* or AA patten to, at bar raal daona. naar . th? Park, la Newark, Naw Jerree Apply to or "Mr*" DORMAN A WILLIAMS. No. 8 Now atreat, Newark , N. J. Hi^L BEDROOM?NICELY FURNISHED, UP ONE flight. to lot. to gnatloraaa only. 1M1 Maadougal atreat, y aer of F.lgkth atreat. 'rjANDSOMELT FURNISHED BOOMS TO RENT, rl with Board, to a gentleman and wlfa or atngla gentla* Baa; dinner at <: a couple of table boardsra eocommedated. ? 108 Foorth ATonna. near Twolflh Atroat. HANDSOMBLT FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?AT tha Liberty Hnuao, 40 Want Houston atroat. $t and npwarda; to gentleman only. HA8MOIIELT FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET. WITH Board, at I7S Want Fonrlaaolk atroat. Rafaraaaea re quired. _____ Hotel accommodations?foe families and alagle gentleman, at 41 Clinton place, oornar Unlraral ty place. Tranalant, SI 80 to M SO per dor. CHAN LBFLEB. Proprietor. VflATLT FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?WITH IN Board, at 4J Eaat Forty.kret atroat, naar Madiaon ara nna. Terra* raodarata. VTBWLT FURNISHED ROOMS-WITH HODRRN IN IN prove wee ta, to lot. to gentlemaa and wlfa, with Board for lady only. SB Beat Blxteantk atreat, eaat at Btuyraaaat aquara. ONE LABOR FRONT ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR TO tat. With Board, elao a elngla Boom. Apply at IS Weet Forty-fourth atreat, near Sixth avenue. Refereacee ex changed. LABOR and two small furnished rooms to lot, without board. Apply at SB Veriok atreat, appo lite St Joha'e park. OOM8 TO LET-TO GENTLEMEN. WITH BOARD, at 1M Eaat Sixteenth atreel. Reference* required 0NtTt R SEVERAI. HANDSOMBLT FURNISHED ROOMS TO let. with er without Board, at 40 Weet Twelfth atreat, between Fifth and Sixth arenne*. Tama moderate. Refer anoea exchanged. CJINOLE AND DOUBLE ROOMS?WITH FIRST CLASS n Board; alao ane large front Room for a party of four or five gentlemen, at No 7 Great .lone* etreet, half block aaat of Broodway, and naar tka Southern Hotel. THOB. B. F. INGRAM. mo LET-TO SINOLB OENTLEMBN, KLROANTLT 1 furnlehad Apartment*. In thn drat elate bona* IS Waat Twtnty-eeventq atreat, naar Broadway. r LET-TO GENTLEMEN ONLY. WITHOUT HO A RD. well furnlahecl and rommodloue Apartment*, at No. 81 Tenth afreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. TO LET-IN A RESPECTABLE FRENCH FAMILV, comfortable Furnlehad Apartmantx, with Board. In quire at 44 Bond atreet. r LET-HALL BEDROOM. FOR GENTLEMEN only, without heard IS Twelfth atreat, between Unl veralty place and Fifth avenue. rLET-A FURN1RHKD ROOM. FOR A GENTLE m*n or gentleman and wife. 81 Grand airrat, near Broadway, rLET-WITH BOARD AN UNFURNISHED SECOND floor Front Room, wttb Rleore. Apply at 80 Wort Twenty-nintb atraat TO LET-WITHOUT BOARD. A COMFORTABLE BED room with lira and gas. 20i Raat Miteeuth street, naar Hluyreaant Park. TO MET?WITH BOARD. HANDHOMF.LY FURNISHED Room*, at MO Waat Twenty-aeanod atraat, Jnwlah boarding house TO LET-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT FAR lor and R ad room, with or without Hoard. In a prlrata French family: rafaraocaa exchanged. Inquire at 174 Waat Twenty-third atraat. mo LET-WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD. TO A 81NOI.E 1 fantlaman. a front Hall Bad room on aaoond floor, hath. Re. Apply atM4 Waat Twent) alilb atrart, near Eighth ar. mo LET-TWO LAROR FURNISHED ROOMS, FOR 1 lantletnen. on third floor. No. HI Union equara. mo LFT-WITH BOARD. ATHfl MArnoroAI. STREET. I aouth of Amity, a Parlar Floor, to gentleman and wlfa or a^party of single gentlemen; also othar Kooma, single or r? LET FURNISHED?WITH BOARD. THE ENTIRE Parlor Floor: alao two single Rooma in a nrtrale family, at a moderate prior Th? boom contain" all tba modern I m provemanta. Inquire at 74 Waat Thirty aoyenth otraat. mWO PARLORS ON FIRST FLOOR. BLROARTLY I fnmlrhed, and Hall Bedroom on aaoond floor, with vrlrate table If daolred. boaldaa bandaome Rooma on third floor, with IIrat elaaa Roa-d, to single gentlemen. or (antla men and their wlraa Apply at M West Thirty.aiith atraot. between Fifth and Slrth avenues riTWO CHILDREN, FROM 4 TO It TEARS fif AOK. I ran ha aarommodated with Hoard In a family where there are no children, a rrry abort dlatanre InRhe country, areaaalhle by ateam and horae cars any hour lo the day; twn aehoola within lira mlnntea'walk of the haoae; all tha romforta of a home gtisrsntaad with Instruction! on Iho p'ano. If required Apply al IS Ferry atraat, for three day a ro UNFURNISHED parlors?in thirtkrntii street, between Second and Third ataanaa. to let. with Board: one amiable for a bedroom Apply al FOWLER'S Board Directory. Fifth Arenua Hotel, corner Twenty third etreat. basement. UNION SQUARE.-A NIURI.Y FURNISHED ROOM to let, without hoard, tegnntlrmen only, ooo doer from Hmedway. Apply at No. 33 Fast Flftaeath "tract TTNION SQUARE. It EAST SFTKNTF.FNTH STREET. U two handsomely fnrnlahed Rooma to let. la a prirale famllr, with or without Board VFRT CHOICE ROOMS MA? NOW RE SPOORED ON I'herai terms hy desirable parties, without rbildren: family amel! and drat rises Board, tfl Want Thirty ninth aireet. betwoen Fifth and stub avenues. WRST TWENTY-NEUONP STREET.-TO LET. TO ONE er Iwo aenllcm?B wlthoui braird, or with Breakfast nnlr, a newly furnished front Room Prirale family. Rcferaacea required XM West Twealr second street WEST THIRTY EIGHTH STREET RETWEEN HRV enlb and Eighth arenuea.-Three large Kooma, n-w and newlv furnished. to lei. with *>?-d K .erd > married con plea preferred 'or Iwo mom" house contains all modern improvements. 117 West Thirty eighth street WIDOW LADY HAS A HANDSOME FURNISHED Knom to let lo a first rlaaa gentleman. Call at ? Weal Twenty-math street. 1 fT IRVING FLACK, corner FIFTEENTH STREET _ III A furnished fron' Room and Bedrooss, on the aensBd floor, with Hoard References ec hanged ID WEST TWF.NTT FOURTH STREET, OPFOS1TE J ?' Fifth Aranne Hotel ?Handeomely I-iri l-hed R cm. with Hoard lo a gentletnaa and wife, or twn ?? three single gentlemen. Terms moderate Ol WESTTWENTY-SKt ll.ND STRF.F.T-HANni'.MI I V tul. fnrniahed Rooma en tulte or singly, lo single gen lie mrn or rentiemen and their wtree Terms moderate Table good family small, bonne modern. Referen-wa. 9Q WEST FOURTH STREKT-NICFI.V FURftlsHMt ?,'' front Room on second floor, alee two other ' beep wnmt; every conreefeece Qfl WEST TWP.NTY-FOURTH STREET. BRTWRF.B ??? 7 Fifth sad Slith arenuea e large Borne, on sernnd floor, suitable for a gentleman sad wife ar two single get>tie men References eacbaagefl A Q EAST TWENTY FIRST STREET - FGOHS ON O'er third aad fourth floors, te let, to gentlassae. wltheat beard. ___ WEST ELEVENTH STREET-TO LET. FURNISH, afl Rooms. wHh Board _ References eicheaged EAST TWENTY SRYRNTH BTREFT, RRTWREN Fourth aad Islington arenuea To rent, with Board. several Booms singly or on auile Terms moderate 7H IRVING Fl.Af F NEAR FUillTEENTH STRRRT I U A suit r>f three Poeeia. separate or together with first rises Beard. swNahle far oae er two lsaeM"S References rrrhaaged MACTtOUGAL BTRRRT. -OFNTLRMRN OR A _ fsmtlr sea he eemmmodaled wttb e centre ?f hand ily fnrnlahed Rossis en eecoad or third fleers, with te-ms asodersta rrferanoea eiehsagad_ NINTH STRKET-A FEW DOORR FROM Rr-udwaf. flna Roema. degly or aa anile, with ar witheul Roard cw. CHRTBT1B STREET -LARGE AND SMALL , md ? r Reeani lo let, famished, also R turns for be use. heaping. .r>4 60 120 snWMly Do#fd 125 wltheut 129 lie untNnroN avencr, cornbk thirtieth l*Tvl straai?To let. tea acooed Floor handsomely far rushed, tee small family, with prtreu labia, else alRdfie Rooma References rirksapL HO A It n AND IrODOINO WANTKD. Agrntleman DKSIRRR a ROOM COMFORTABLY furnished aad Roard whepa he cee hare a fire. tha appar part of the etty preferred term, sat to eaaaad (U par weeg. Address Boarder. boiUBNlflWfi A GENTLEMAN AND WIFR WISH HANDBGNRLT furnished Room or Rooms. With modern Imp mente Board ftnr the lady oeir. to a tntsll and sutat foreign family. where tham era pa hoardera. West atde. he.ww Four levalh Mruet preferred Addraaa. with full paruaulnru and prtae J B . Herald ofltsm. AM FRENCH GENTLEMAN. WHO HAS JTST ARRIVED ? la this cR*. Wesld Kbe lo meet with e ' 'saieeteble Jew tea private fismltr. where he coetd hoard end ledge Addraaa P. hag t idk I'sea edL-e. Kstereaues si changed At A FOLLY REMUNERATIVE RUT NUT FARCY prtae - A plats, substantia family of tkrre adults end three children require permanently use large aad two email unfurnished Reams, wmeettiec with good Hoerd, la hew 7ark. Address (IrHtg fall pernrulara sad range sf pptees. A. I . hot tdg lUrraid edtea A GENTLEMAN AND WIFR WANT BOARD. WITH fare:*ed Beams aoeaerted feut above the aassuid atecy 1, fits sod me netudad. la a peeved I.tarn me; prlrate family preferred Adder aa at sum terms which meat ho moderate, with full purtlrelars M R . peg 4.714 Faat sWaa. A mm NRRchast heb/reo tw<> roomswithout hoard, la aertrate family. far himself and wife-, iota Roe must Pe goad Addraaa E B . bo* s FM Post agtse Board w?bted--in a friva.e rn: r f..r~a roueg lady ef the highest gespstmhllty. pi-e mas I he moderate aed nrea aMtdrptiWatoe. A-l? ran A. U Parry. tfl Breams street. BOAIU) ABB LODOI16 B. AHTID. Board wanted?for a touiki lady. in a tri rata family, will Ml from ?l?'io $l? for ??nod alsod room, Are and ni tuoluded. Location between Third and Fifth ftToguN, Fourth and Neraateenth straeta. Boat of re ferences Mrea Address A. F., atation D. Board wantro?from January i. by a hbn tlemun and wlfa; locution between Twenty-eighth and Fortieth streets and Fifth and Ninth an ; Room, on Brat or Meond floor, arlth hot and oold water, ana and flra, tarma moat bo made rale; bant of refsrecea. Addraaa. with tarma and all partlrulara. Brandon, station U. TI7ANTFD?HKTWKBN FOURTH AND FOURTEENTH I" at root a, by two atnfta aontlrinaa, one sitting Room aad ?mall badroom, with braakfaat, bath and gaa. Tarma not oioondlnf fit a waak. Addraaa P.. hot 1IF, Harold oflloa. WANTED?RT A TOUNO HERMAN OKNTLKMAN, A Furnished Room and Braakfaat. with an Amartean widow ladr. where ha ran tmprora in tba Fngll.h language. Raferanaea exchanged. Addraaa auilna lerma, which auit ha moderate, hoi B.1IR N. T Foal offlcc. UTANTBD-RY a sinoi.f. okntlemaw a room, Vt without hoard. In a prtrata family what# thorn arn no othar board am Addrnaa, firing fall particulars, O. N. C? atation D. UTANTRD-BT A RTNOI.B OPXTI-F-MAN, A PUR TT nlakad Room, with or without partial Board. |Afldram J. NJD.. Harold oBor. fUTANTBD? FIRST CLAM BOARD FOR A ORNTLE TT maa and wlfa, throa r hi Id ran (aaad U, ( and t yoara.) tba rooma la ho an lha ancond floor. Tarma aot to aiooad BM par waak. Addraaa ? M B.. Herald oSm. COI'tTRY BOARD. " AT YONKER8. FOUR MINUTES' wale FEOM BTA Uon?Board giren rauanaablo for winter; rafnranao gtron and raqulrad. Addraaa bot BIT. Post oglna. HOTELI. AT THE ASHLAND HOUSE. FOURTH AVENOB JA and Twenty-fourth ? treat, single irnilamnn or pnrtlen desiring Board pormaaontly can maka adrantageona arrange ?tenia Transient Board gD nor day. One rarr flna Null, with prlralo antranea on Twanty-fourth street, aniiable for n largo family. Atlantic hotel?h new bo whet. Chatham oquara. Wall fnrnlahed Rooma at moderate prices, by. the day, weak or month. Open ml nil hottm. JOHN OKRKKX. Fropnotor.^ CARD?THE REUNTOM HOTEL HAVINO BRER loosed for n term of years, will ranpon Daeamher B. IBM. The ehnae honae la located on Fourth artnuo and Purty-necond at real, has boon remodel lad, impmssd, newly and rtetily furnished. The restaurant will be under the dlreetloa of the celebrated aad well known ateward and aatarar Mr. D. Oaler. Room la anlta and single Table a la European. J. A. ROBINSON. Proprietor. DONADI HOUHE-RROADWAT AND Till RTF.Til IRD ?treat..?Two front nulla of handsomely fnrniohad Rooma, forfamilloo. also Room" for genltemao. with or without Board, at a modarata prioa. Hotkl cubano, hatana. bt mm*. parah e. BREWER.?The healthiest location In lhaeita Not a death or rase of yallow frser in the bolal for six years la the beat appointed honae In the West India Islands, having regular hours for meets, whlrh are prepared by one of the beat rooks of the ally, and from moato. elands gr , gathered from all parts of ina world Choice win.a Carriages at command at city rates and eaery attainable luxury. Con nected with this establishment la a comfortable and elegant country residence. svtthin three miles of the rtty, and com munlcstlon eaery half hour Oood air, pure spring water and boalth-gimng mineral fountains rNTINE HOTEL. 4S7 AND 4M HROADYYAT. BRANCH of the Ton line corner af Cnrtlandt and West streeie. Rooms from NV to $X per day. Ladiaa' aad geallemao'a restaurs ma attached. riTV ItKAl* EMTATE IPOK BRIaK. . ? .?(<?? i VNT HOI'HK. FIRST rl.ASS I.IVKP.Y A S?iw*. nAri? and r,rrl??o.. pr "hT'iJ ?hM hualnaaa; would aaahange {?r '"J? w gr^wnr. Bargain. ~ a SPLFNPID FOIJH STnRT BBOWK STO*K ~ido. no gwoond? Tana* ^^TrfY rRAZBK. 171 Broadway. mow Wo. ?? A *1i Third Mvrnur or at 96 Eaat Siiih-th **"'*? * VKRV llASDdoMR FOT'R uTURT RR'^* A n"?r*?t f?nr ?^ud A V?3^fT??_"? . A "'wrT^'V.h ?*?25 ** ? a FOR RAT.F-SF.VFRA!. MOW -iTnvF tM'OVT ?RKfHoLF * ?VRKII.LV._T??'"< V * . w a ??criftcr-tmuf.k Hvi.K\r>n> n<?ivrs o\ ATWHAJ5S20 WinKa t?ttgr or a^ralaly l-T" Ing II P?r oaol elaar profit 'y^elTVlLY RU Tl.lrd aaariaa. A Tt TilV THIRD ATETVF STORF FROPF.RTV AWD ??*nur - " ?? lmprovaiaaoia for ss^ac-HK A JOREH, ?? Third a?aon? a vuavK RTORT HRITK IIOKSF.. WITH TWO IAITH A rfo^-Tf"1:?ii *??*?~ "~"'4*v"",r PrV* $11,000 Tar-a-f^ A JOICRH, RJR Third atrann?. BTtMnSmSiwT?ri*" all part. of -VraT F.ITTATR ?1ROOW* iraTTRIKRS* ^*?''B?T\,^,,S.rV^.|V5-V,rr.,.:hV iaa??^2?S!f5^ra AP"" ?* K, ?E,0r CHRVAIXIER. ?I ?'adar "r**> c^omss ^^r:"?Hr^2 "r"p#rtT b" arid uaar Broadway, lor ~1'?" HKT*orB. 171 Broadway f^Fv?ii'orIiiIr|00 fori aonar. ?r Ka- Unwary. lunnU.^r^T^'Dl.Oa. on *??? "?? *KTuto.??k ?0 fao? fr-ml. oa Raw Bowary F.ww ^h"Sr ' """ ",Two7J^,^h"*'.? half .lorh ?? Chrrry a.r~?. uaar I? '- on Bf? naariannun ??1"? H'>aaa ta auaioa A thraa aK.fT aulr and **A?Tn?nl nr" *r?l naar ??*"? m r<rma4 aaar iha fcirrlSr'SJif*]^.J^TnfwS fl?aa and l-? I? y?^tr7;'.h- ht.aa ... Ur.?W. I Hnna? and four l-ot. of ?S?-a4 n?.? th. d?P?.. a? I "sr?i"**r rT?.Od'^ m ?f./Xiad -raal o-? Da ?"^OrouVdai'.'^r ^ *?- -4 gtrimti fP AO jjn.. a. .on o. ... ^V^Tu-B-. K-uuojr-^ | ihVwaSrrwaSTdow Pro party hy JOhRFM He ODIBR. IW *aaaaa alra?. Sit'*.; Ul faat aait of Third'araa'-a _ ti?T i L1M O'lTIK ARD FBRBO* ? n?h aaraw, howaaaLtBtH awdFf ftB .',,ro? ..... A. ?' h'.' >Vt T..rJ hawdaotaly d*aor??od Thh. t rn,a?a m. Old ?? W f U ?M PRTTRF.TI II ?W Third ??????, In Bart^ AFlJdr ?? WH ^'T'%lra rtr-rta Mawa Th try aaaa? ?? ?*? ??? aw r.RTATF HOraRS Aim PlVho r?T-ffl^'-^ S-d ?" ThirdA*. J, ir?*2rsT nT??T8i?*Ft '1 " . avAi-TTFI'l. BRW THBRB STtiRT ?Swwwa avona ?+ jS? ??? ?? ^ airaat ?"-^,{S?u!TABII?rROWO III ;?!r-"ss ? p ?r^i itAWt. '"221 | - 67 RaM IIKa aaawat, la 1 ?FiKf w lK? #v#? pom ? A I. B?TUB T.iSRR r il^d la with yah **?* "* ,2*^tfa 4 F H A It. HT th;,:.:?7 c: ? r CltT UAL RITATB FOR IALK. fJM* HALK?TWO LOT* ON MADIBOM AYE^CR. BR F twean Twenty eevrnlh and Twenty-elf hM atrarta. tin Nrtrirled. Apply 10 K. H. LUDLOW A CO.. No 1 rino ? U<OH HALK- rORNRR or WWW AVF.NI'K AND P Thirty nec-md alrwil. 100 by 300, anlttMa far ? lot* Apply to R H Ll'DLUW A CO., No. S PimiMI. ? OALB?YAH'ABLF PBOFFRTIKH ON NBAHI.V oil the loading ? Ireeis on wool ot to of the city. in<lnd

lap oo mo vary lorpa frnnlo and corn or* together with aerarel deeirehle entail propertlee. *11 pood Invest menu, alao a Plot of 0 lota on ? aimrr I two dwrlUnpa), a few blocks eaat of Sernnty.ninth a tract, Park entrance. at a moderate tgnra. Apply to JAMKK I'BICR, too Hudaon alraet. R HALF?BOVLKVART! LOTS. KLKVKNTU ATM uua. 1434.140th. 100th and U04 atraala. WAQPKLL A ABMRTRONO. 11 Fine at mat fORRALR? PROPERTYOR ANN. VAKIRK, LRONARD, Laurena atraala Waal Rroadway, Maiden tana Monroe. No. S Pin# at rent, up atalra. TflOR HALF CHBAF-HOUSK AND LOT, 104 jtMITT F ?'raat, near Hlith aranua. laqntra of K. HCRD, 141 Chamber* atreet WRKALE CHRAP?TWO LOTB ON roBTT-RIXTH tract, between Ninth and Tenth erenuee, by P. A. ?AN, 1,1 * F? F? rR OA LB AT A ONRAT BARGAIN-A RPLKND1D four atoay brown atone Houaa on Madison a mane, near Thlrtr eersnth alreet; flill front: In complete order: cheap aathoaaa In the otarheA. A. IRF.LAND, Ml Broadway. TJIBKDFRICK A. PKTKRHBN, ARRHITRRT, r No >M Pino atreet. Offer* for a*la on Broadway below. Wall atraat, a mlnahfa NnlMlngstfll.WnUO; onO abore CKember* atreet, $rtt,OUO: flee alerr Building 7i feat front, on Oraanwich atreet. BMOOM. a Factory. 100 feet front, I1QO.00U; a large Lot In the Fourth ward. SSA.000. GBF.PNP htrf.kt property for BALK.?A TBRRR atoi r and basement Haaaa, waD located near Prlnoa atraat-: pay* tares locooee , 8. P. IRF.LAND, 101 Broadway. TTOt'HF. M TWENTY-ABTKNTH HTRBET, RKTWKBN XJ Kltlli end Serealb arennea; la In perfact order. WIU bo told cheap. Poeeeoeion at nana. _ .TOEKPH MANOR, 10 Pino *tr?- I INI A CO., offer for aalo, aonta (rat nlaaa Houses. la Iho boat to* osUtiea In the ally. TC1NO A CO., Nn. fl ffarl Twenty, tlijrd ureal, Fifth Aranua Hotel. 10 TO POR BALK VKRT Oil RAP?AT MdRVILY'fl CP I town real aetata ofllne. MB Third aranua. nn Meenud, ltd, Fu'iitb. Lailngtou, MadUnn. Firth Klflhlh, Nlmh and Flamnth arennea. ul*o on the now Foularard. HevenlT aerorid. Hareatr-ninlh, Klghty etitb. Flrly aerenth, 110th oo<l ltt'h *i reels, from Hecoadarenita fa the Park. MFStRH OOUTHMATD A CO., m RKflAR KTKKKT. want aeraral Furnished Ilnuaaa, la pood loeailuaa. aad aertrul Houac* which can bo wild al roaaonabla price a, at K R ONF OF THoflP DRHIRARLB HOUSE* ON FIFTY third atreet, between H read war and Klphth aveaue; Just tutted for a moderate Mxed family: BIMBO. .IONRP1I MASON, 19 Pino Ureal PAL KrtTATK FOR flALE.-llOl'HRK RHNTRD AND for rent. Rrots collected JAMK8 CHAPMAN. 10 Liberty atraat QIXTII AYT.XTT* PROPRRT1' FOR HALF -TWO FflUR etorv brick Stores and Dwellings, near Forty ninth ?Ireel Aral rate Investment. "? , N. F. IRRLhXD. M Brn?dwoy, OQTH RTBRBT NFAR FIFTH IVKNPF-FIR8T ri.AHH On fnor alory blah stonn brown atoaa Houac, One or der. (S> r>0; pr?se?*lon. Others, ?10 <?*l to Bind i?*> dome with stshleo. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Brn?dw?t. I FFTH STKPF.T. NRTWRMN SIXTH INI) HEVKNTll a ( arennea-- Fin' three atorr high stoop brown atone Hones: freemed; complete order: rninUnre If deaired: paeaeuton. ch-ep. W. I| SEYKOI'K, 171 Bmadwaa. 4*7 AAA FOR A TIlltPF, BTORT HItlH STOOP ?!> I .trtrlf House, well ncated tip towu; modern itn piureinents. gnod order, (teal bargain. fl F IRFl.ANn, W! Broadway. BROOKLYN KRAt RNT.tTK KOR NALR. * fTHRKK ?TORT BR U K HOCKF. BOOTH BROOK. /\ If ii. ffl faat da?y> foiirtonn rimiat ?III'- ba?amant ml. Ur: iinpimammr . |?wi>in. ???!?' i naigbWIinod. 97 400. 0. kMOIIT, 3*1 Broadway, rootn 2H. BROOKLYN fUTOIITN.-POR ?*r.K O Ff.FflAVT brown ?ujr? llmtan moat WlgiM'. *liitai ion or, H??hn. Fnriiliiiri- tf .loalrrd: will ho ran I'd If not wild by January W laqnlro of ar adtlm.f F. F. Van Zandt. ltd Rainarn at. For balk?the firht clank titers ntoby and atti. brown atnnn Tlon?? Ko. HI Smith Ninth ?'rant. bs ?warn Hamnd ?nd Tblnl *trnnta. HraoRIrn, within ihrra inlnnir*' aaik ?f 'ha tarrla., balnir lh< raaidoaoa o! Wi'ha:o Wall. F '<i ? tha botfao* ta SJ br 70 loot, wall arranpad bnlli and dm bad in ti?? ror? bout mannar br Ilia awnai fo hi* own ??? and la In a-niiRtrla onlar 'hronglmil. lot fa I hr I (>l faal. Iinmailula iria-aaainn raa ha bad. For trk.-ta lo aaa Ilia !???!.? and furthar pa-tlmilara aoplT to H II. LIII). LOW A '"it.. No. ~ Fiun *!raat. Naw York. P?lt HALF?AT A RAKOAIN. A NBW BRICK COT. lain, tsa, watar: full lot oa LafayailA. naar Marry aianna; nrtio BII.MW balfYa'h. till IKK A III. Nr. ? Wlllnngbhy atrool Rrnaklvn LAilK HALF oiiraf-a HICK THRKK htoby BRICK r llnqaa. with watar anal r?a: oooraalant la farriaa; prtno It,ll?: (arma aaa?. J. RLI.IOTT, 79 Cadar ationt, nana l\ or St Bomh Roaratfc atraal, Brooklyn. K D. F<)? ?AI.F IH BROOKLYW-NRW TWO HTORT AND w.ainrui hriak Kama with all OAodnrn improvninanu. an AI Ian tin a?#?aa nrar f'laaaon with baaniilal anrronnd' lag* Boaa -aatm lamadlataly Inquire of F r JOHNSON, 74 Wall Croat. A COUNTRY KRAI, ESTATE rOR IALR. T OBAHUF.. MILLBI-RV. HI'MM IT. MONTI LAIR. R'nrrtnhoM Bnllarilla Fllrabath. Haw J a raw* and at Ttrrrlnwa Wintar and htiminnr llntidrn.n*, wlih o?r|y poaaaaalnn for aala by CRKD II FV.TKKSLN, Archllr.l. No 13* C'na a'raaL A FARM IN HF.W JKRHKT-ON THR MOPRIH ABD Faa?t road naar Alnrrlatowti H6 a.amhtng about tha alara ia In (nod <r dar Fri'-a By ifkl. half r-aab For yaulnilar. ai ply l? ft W H.MMoNS fa M Broad wry BKHi.KV IIF.IiillTS PRorR RTT?OF RVKRT DF. arrfptma. at j-i ala *.|o. Light .-..AnminC. na aa I lirnl* aala* JIIHM II FLaTT. onralla C(..iri ll. iw Ilii'U/.n < lly HBMRN HEIORTK CHOFRnnr-A two ktort an laitan 'Ago in ?rl'n lnl roodl ti.n Ian largo bda, aaf.aga knnpa, f . naai rar rrxila, town of H'.gon. Fa**a**lnn Imniad riaty Prtro $lt (mi porta.h JOHN II Ft. A IT, oi'poaiio Court llouaa. Ila iaoa City. CNHOtl'R rAtlMIHO LABOR IN WlrM-'iamyt. AND / arima a?*b, wll ha airharigad for marrba n-fi alBa 'i It * Ida for Iba Wa-torr, miitit Far part* ulara aadraaa bui i.AtO l'?at nfflr,. Now York F?. DF.HIRARI.F. FAKMO and CtrtJNTRT hFaTH FOR aala At Siarofor l, Naw H whalla Furdhaaa. Tarrr. i.?wn. Vonkrra. in lloalarit runntr *nd rbnnigbnui Haw ?iaraay frioa I to >? arm* Frtr-a |? r?n lo $JB Wbi A dRRORANT. SI Wall atiaat. riM HAl.t - A HlltFNCK * v I, (CRM HOI M B hrrrwa ?rona ,.<iih>it|d ng? and froit In abnolaara, XI mflaa from Naw Vark J 'r n doa-d . larrna aaay. H'tli AHII A DkT'RY. It''wra atrnat PfR HAI.K-A I ?B'IR Hor?B WITII RARNN AVD mit' iiMr ga ?r> t In arrro raid laad. two nrllaa frnai KUaatmtb. prlaa f l" ""in HI ANF. k DCDI.RT. M atrwat. FOR BlI.F. CIIF AF?BOM K (trrOD TRHF.MFNT AND I Brora Froi^nt in Kiw, *rtiror, M?a?r-w. Ilamllurn and ffaary alraar* at twn Ibraa ahwy hrtak In < antra Mark, t rtwr far 913 '1st P >r partirnlara aftply to JOMKFH McOCIKF. Il? Na. an .traat ? NAIF AT FA'"TORT\If.LF, NTATFN laf.AHD. _ aaar lha farry-A Iiratra l oriAya la r?r? aoad ntnlar an raaantirbla tarrn* farnlahod or onfan."bad Fighi rout '?liar wairr. b.tb Aa Apply lo M. HARPKN HKRO k 1/H'fB, tsa Brnadway HHOBORKN ?aVTFRAl, DC-IRAKI F. ll?CaF.N TO aali lai Apply M J. a DLKLoF, ? WaaAiagtoa atraat ilohokra. HI AI. KRTATR WA9TBO. E^KaRM WANTED inn In .<?> AOBJU WITHIN wraatr onJa# .if Kaw Tor*. Addrooa, wa* pari.- .lara, a.. Il.rkld c oa Kino a < <> B ba>a a..|rr* fr m t?rrba*ar? far aa?ar?l Naoaoa at rata* fm? 9l??"h. *i.d V?* f.r 9au.U*> la 9?.gut aa FVih srannn. amrwdlog to at ft* RINO k Ot , No ? W?l T war. t t lb FN at I at, Flflh Aranna Hatd Oa * I r Of It'll *F* l.'.ra <iR r AltNa Wtl'f WINH P to *aH ..r lot tbalr pro party will dad it la I data adraa Hga ta rrgiatar Iba r prop-'rty. fraa of all aipaaaa. at u.y aflap Baraarga inlaaa rar.iad or aald by wa R N A nil, FN Broadway. fooat Ndk 9. n'lM li t tMIil M I I* lit.r.D Nt ION Tf bar'iaa* a'?r?? fwaanlb at root, haiwaaa Tbird ar*d Ntatk arar..raa: pnaa 9l'i wa AO 94t add. Addrraa, artth par ttaa^n. *. II C. Ilarald oBaa TIT AIATFD? TO FCRI IIA NR. A O'KiD M'lDFRN ff ilni ar plaaaant'y lo atad hatwaon Tapib and Flf-awntb dtrwna, Paraod aad Faartb aroauaa Apply to ar addraaa With ptrlaulara, Louaard J. Carpaatar h Tkird araaaa Idht MaaaNt. WAKTRD-A HF.AT. tOMroRTABLff AND <<?*T ? tbrra .inry bigb tuap Mirk ar hrowa flood ILnraa ant laaa tha a w frat front aod dd ar ? faai laap. lot balf a hhwW loantrd katoran Foortaaalk *?d rottlrta atrrwta aad Tkird W?i wtoran Foortaaalk and Farllrlb atrrwta aod Tkird atk afaaoaa. aod aond Orlgabaraoad A rarty raw 97 *<D to 9lt oft laaatb u rood/aad wfl.iog aaa af aay ??* wka la wl' aa la awtl for a fa r awd l~aai r I*- ? F"'? T**1 aoi. gtra ah tkr partrnvara aod ad droaa I <? " kft If HrroU adkaa. far Ibraa day* la kla aaod .pyly W, ' I atlMU 91 ILT ?l? ?' *F TKI.B dSY aotwaarh to TwaoUatk aorta, aot fr oa Ft rat to Third i.raaaa, artaw fraai f o.ota to 9IA0W oaawaoa May I Addraaa at?t|. ( prtaa. taraMt Ar f j MaCriif. *dd fbird amo-ia WANTFD r?A F<I<<TIAHB -A HNaLL flornR. ALL apatara mprrrarwanir trbaffM n filoa nrigO kortmd r.aa Rightb to for! - t. fWari aad Klt'a aad I at tagf a traauaa. Addraaa. a tb faB partw .tar* a* a R* / nha ayaara. Wanted f? fcr? naaf?a nrat cotTa<iS ,1 .** witA tkrrr . r fror Iota af iraawad katwa,* Will ai .?' ?'? AO ? Fat Naw Turk, aaat Bmwtway Ad draaa M A .Harold odlna WgaTF.R0 LAND A<lf " I R.rr.daa Itllbao ar ' lawa laada waatad A. N LAW a OTP o. It Wail aWaat. I r, va ATt Ha ? > i tk K'.tt ?. At . nr< l'S)CI>* kB. WN'if.RdAfP aODRRTdtf. AT A v TBAB APIRl If 9 ?Ar 'B pola Iwa?t aria aaoofa*. Vwrar* Lad<aa WIkta wAth wrrtl la*k?sa for nkaaoaa, kartdn a grroi rarAaty of ,ko Watako. Prawn ( '*?* Jowr ry aad a.lrar Wara at f FBaog PIRf l> 9 < n'? >4 Bttia araen* eeawaa of pwoa"a-oth erreet, LA FtfkAk aaa aaa ar*w af Toaoty attta ri? Wata ii h 4 _a i if?pr ^ r m t'lft ct ATirt a ? n I g " woap?n f aad ?a ?daf pr-*aola <r ta aod WIror tana*''** *ak bat ttrpd phi-1 aad ' *ap lawaiay F aa gdt aad atawta bbaraa aatat M a"o r??. L ? KL IkOM ITT I a* ?>? HOtIM Room. *C.. TO LRT. ADYKHOtSB WITH TORS, BXTRAt?TOR. R0? TO Ml Apply ?U preiateae. Ml Klrat ateaue, ?r II. PITOU, Jr A LADY. IIAVINO MORE ROOM THAU RilK RR. quire* will let a Hull *f Kiauna, front. wMh |uMri?., ?u ml Mltr ow Hour. r?ul f II month. pwmkn iam diate'y. Alan vouiii Ilka a yoanfl 'ady of liwly dUpotiimi lu room wtili her; ? intlftner prefri r*d. terms eeiv low. Inquir* oflor 11 A. M fur 100 day* at MR Rlllh tmM. lup ?our. A CORY OOTTAOR IIOUHR TO LBT-WITH TWO <>lb#r unfurinabed floor*. Vlnenwnih and Tweaty Aral atraate: *lao oihrr Hmiaekarplup Apartaaente I* SOIL la qulra ot 114 Third avvuu* A PROMT ROOM WITH BEDROOM IP DEBf RED haadaamety furnlahed. furuliur* now; M ?> Brood way. cornrr of and auiranre <>a Twelfth ?1 A nicely ftrmmhrd rsoord htort to i.rt with all ronton lane* for hotiaekMnlog, changad. BM Waal Twaniy aorond alrool A SECOND PT.OOR TO I.ET AMD PITRNITCEB FOR ?ate?Oaa water aad everything eoavenkeat, la tka ft elalty of Broadway and Bleecger atraat. Addraaa Mr* Tao, Mo i Ion D. , AT H BLEECEER STREET, HEAR RROADWAT- THE lama Front aad Roar Parlor. Ural floor. tunable for aa? light huelneee. Term* toaaoaoMo. A loo foratehod or unfumlahod Roibu. aaeond floor, la aulte or elngly. LOFT ON THE FIRST FLOOR TO LIT OR LRAfll for aale.?luqulra at <M Broadway, noar Howard ah T OPT TO LRT-dM PBRT PROMT. I?S BROADWAY, Li corner f'ortlaadt atraat, oppooJto Maiden laaa. A rapt, lal chaaaa for jowolry or othor light buolar** requiring ihat nslghborhowi. Bflno. Apple at tka fancy guodo a lor* of J. A. HOFFMAN. Mo. S Cartlandt airoat. i HANDSOMBLT FURNISHED TIIRBBSTORY Hot.'SE A la Twoai) -aooond auwat; moot of mat la Board, by faaillT of owner?four adult* No ?th*r boardara allowed Roapoaolbla par ties aioao apply at MB Waal Tw?Ay aocoad atreol. AT ?0 BOND STREET?LA ROB Pl'RNIBHBD OOMMI' alcaiiiu Rooau. on aeoond aad third toon, wtlta do aote. Alao ofltoe Roots, euitod for a deatlat or pkf alrlon, with u*a of oaa Farter. A PARLOR PTiOOR. DINIMO ROOM AMD EITCHKM lo let. at rodaoad rant. Apply at IA Teatb atraat. aaar Broadway. Ankatlt furnished cottaob, no. ar? wrbt l Twenty-fourth airoat, tight room*, to lot, poo*e?lnn Immediately. Can bo aacn only from IS 10 I O*elock till rooted. A M EimRH SECOND FLOOR to lbt-nicelt furmetied, eooatatingof two terse aleeplng room* and porter; olaoahall hrdroom If required, *ep*ratelf ?r to gelher, with or without Board. Apply at Itfhfl *"|Aate| '" ?Imei, between Irving plaea and Third avaana. A PERT Fl RMIHHRD HOI'BRd TO RRMT AT RR. iv duoad raloa. Mlulh. Twenty Ural, TwflRty-aecond, Twenty-fourth. Thlrty-flflh etroete: Ml. IHA MB MM; come teryehoop. FREEMAN A CO.. US Rraad?*y. A FLOOR, rrRMIHIlFD, FOB HOlTBEREKPTMfl; water, bath gae, AM Sialb aveaaa; teawaatono froah Call immediately. Or would rent thfl whole honed (nr. siehed. A FLOOR OF SP.TEN ROOMS. OM A CORNER, TO lot. water aad gee. Alan Floor of fourroosaa. Beat moderate, Apply at BR Prnepeet attest. Jeease Ctly TCLFOANTHOURlt TO LRT-TWRNTT.THIRD STRPPT. Pi near Fifth Avenue Hotel. 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