Newspaper of The New York Herald, 17 Aralık 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 17 Aralık 1866 Page 1
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r-? .n THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,066. NEW YORK, MONDAY, DECEMBER 17. 1866. PRICE FOUR CENTS. J PKBIORAk T? MS. JAMBS PELTON OS MML RABAn 1?JiT0!?. I bis wife will aend their address oreeU, a No. llty Wee* ?Meet, It will much obllgs Uer lathw. J?op Beth. IF TUP. PERSON WUO TO?K, OYYlRCOAT J. marked I.anrent S Hlehard.rarU. from the llcrcautile Libra ty, Saturday afternoon. will return the law to ? Rant Twentieth alroet, or auto by note where It oau W. found, be will receive SM reward and no guentloaa asked. INFORMATION WANTBD?OP THE WHEREABOUTS of Adolph B. Uainua, faetnerly of Pn??da, lately of iiaa. Addreaa Jiiliiu Shubort, 8t. Ghariee Exchange, Clu elnnall, Ohio. 1N FORMATION WANTED?BUSHARD CARPENTER J died la King and Queen county. State of Virgtnla. mm year* ago. leartag a property to lib heira. Any Tn fonnatiou reaneetlow the aboee deceaaad and hla etecuutra will meet with ?Utieral reward by application to Alexander Muaklt rich, Ov.ardlan Fire Inauraeoe Company, Now York. nSykSONAli.?EMMA, MEET MB AT *70, OR BEND JT remittance ta Don C a, and all wlU be right. ! EPOAR. J?ACHKL-CALL AT .STATION D FOB LETTER. MATRIMONII A1.. ~ ATOtTNtl LADY WISHES TO FORM THKAOQUA1NT aaea of a fen tinman of wealth, with a etew to matri mony. AddreaaC. L. 8., box 1*0 llerald oOoa. ~ ~. "7 LOT AMP fSTTD. KtOCND-ON THB irrH ufsTANTT A BARREL CP r Rubber. The owner can obtain It by prorlag property Mtd paying expeaaaa. Apply to Q. M. Ercrttt. Ml Wall at. Left?on Tuesday. December u blue over i coat. The owner can call for Hat?0 Bast Fourteeatb ?treat, by paying expaneoa ?08T?FROM lttfc BAST TWKNTY-EIOHTH STREET, 1 a email white Poodle Dog, named Prince; atanda up and pi. A suitable reward will be glean. Lost?$a p.eward-on tuerdat. December u, In Forty-eighth nlreet, between Eighth and Ninth are ?uaa, a Mink Muff. Apply at *11 Wcat Forty-eighth street. LOST-AT WALLACE'S THEATRE, ON SATURDAY evening, 10th inet, a Lady's Sable Collar. The nnder WlU be suitably rewarded by leaving it at ttl Fifth avenue. LOST-A POCBRT MEMORANDUM BOOK, OREEN cover, containing a record of sale* of foreign exchange. A ant la Me reward will be paid on return of the same to No. 8* Pine street, room No. A T OBT?WHILE OOINO FROM CORNER OF BROAD Li way aad' Wast Kortv llnrt street, up Sixth avenue to Forty fourth street, a Pocknibootcontaining one $100 bill and ?bout 88 In other bills and curreney. The huder will be Hborally rewarded by returning the money to No. 37 Wast Marty-Brut street, N. T. city. KKWAJUM. vno bankers, brokers and dealers in' gov ?1 ERNMENT AND OTBKR SECURITIES BONUS STOLEN?SICMIOO REWARD. _?J> *?f*j Imurance Company will pay a reward ar ?10,000 for the recovery of (lorarnmeut Securities oontalnad la a (In box xtolan from their aafe on the 10th Irrnt., and will pay in that proportion for the recovery of any portion of tha aafd aceurllies. Tha public are cautioned agalnat negotiating aatd securities. ? PER CENT COUPON 1*74 BONDS. (1 M0 EACH. g?: g? IS&?'? W&'itS.'MS. as ?Z? \?tZ> IS,774, 10,775. 14.778, 1?777, 18,77*; payable k> the order of Adam Norrle and Benjamin B. ster nan, conlmittee, and not audorMd:* S&o fidtmVoa4, * ' *"* *** ' 748 bonds. $1,000 EACH. tigg ... 890 BONDS, $1,000 EACH. mm ?' 28,8W' a8W6, ?,H07, 38,mi 8 PER CENT 1881 BONDS, $1,000 EACH. . SS* AY2, H,5*' "?**. ??""?. 8 910, 8A?9, 8.911, 8907, ?. a st f te MtwEa. ^joeJ?.*78 96 378, SSrt. fb 978. 46,379, 36.980. 88,981. 88188 NoafoiMfoWk SmJ00* ?r ?,O0fl# ,!AC,I? W V?^55^?Jrr9,'K OK M>?iJ*.O00 EACH. aa- 7JH4, 7.778, 7A78 7,980, 7.781. 7,i83, 8911. 8818 799 PER CENT BONDS. .1.1* 1.788 86,000 aach; 11.773, $I.UU (Wall Htssst, New Yam. Dee. 11. 1888 SC REWARD?LOUT, A POCKETBOOK. CONTAIN t# Inr over $80, a hunch of key*, brae* check and paper at madi'Tne. Apply at parlor No. 43 bpiualer House. $10 Applyat parlor No. 43 bptugler llouae. REWARD-WILL RE PAID AT 188 GREEN-" wlch atfeat for (he return ef a (Hirer Watch, Cooper ulecturer, Na. 1974, with tUeneee of a child la tha uaae. fin REWARD.?TnTORMATTON WANTED OP *PJ.U Joaeph Wlely, living or dead, who came to tble emiti try about two years uft>; ?uppoxed to be South; age.i 50. height 5 feet 8 Inches, Fair oomptexloa; or of JoeepbW lely Jr , aged 18 fair rompleiton, aod earvad In the Arty 6rst ?wrpe af the federal army; or of bla etater, Tlllde Wtely, Mont made, fair complexion, a large ecar on the left wrist, eenpoerd to be In the Mouthers neighborbood, four year* in this country. All of county Kermanagh, Ireland. Addreee John ford. Broad A Hamilton Locomotive Works. PhUadel ?90 RSWARD.-LOHT, OR THE 18TII INST., BR. yw" twern Plrat place, Brooklyn, (via Hamilton avenue ferry) and Wall street, a Sum of Money, In bllla. TbegUider Will receive the ateive reward by returning tbe money la Meade A Delia. 88 Wall street, ar to No. 1 Plrsl place. JiroftJfo. ?OKA REWARD WILL BE PAID AND NO OURS TAiOy Nous asked for the return of a Diamond Pin tbe shape of a baud, as It did ret belong to tbe party that lost It. AOdreaa Robert Mi.U, bo, 3.880 New iork Poet olDoe t/Uln MKWARD-WlfJ. RR PAID POR IK FORM A don that will lead to the recovery of See bale* of flannel, last or atelaa. All communications will be noo6 fl'e liil Part,r. wilder A Co., ta Leonard street. PIANUPORTER. 4 MBWNl PICKET 8RTEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Jk Plamfona. cost $860. will be aatd for $888 Stwuiirul fi" !"s,r4 *"?, '?* i?? one $iian^toTT!?' ttmst u?w A". A?J>.1 m.r.g'rT.">-<. **?. <KH*D PINISHRD aprtght.Piano from Parte for vale, cost $1.9X1 m gold T.p^r^^rp PArennacoraare; are the"rwh'eet"stybT^ar angoa; ma been taken Is a trade aad will be sold at a aacHtTwfn; waaO Apply el tha furniture packing establishment. Mi ?talk avenue, near p.wtlath strew ^ A. L. BATTER SON. ? OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for xals-Mnda ta order, etty maker: fuBe naaealeed; used gee won tea; earn $400, for $901) loriodins leal and ''ever Partor H.ilts, Rusvraa, Booh-aae* Pa.n/f agarOronaes. (heather and Dtnlag Furnltare. China, Ula aKsr,-1 - U WBBSoN*B PIANOS-OREAT REDUCTION IN I _ Prtaaa. Uuaarpamed far tone, tol.h goad wort maa IpRand d-irabtllty Warraaded for See yearn. Plana* t mT C_A. MUNoeR. t? Bre.dw.y_ ? RALE ?A ROSEWOOD PIANO POR glflo, NUsl m -em??ed taimwl<^11 between tie he...* el aa $'f M. at 114 East Thirty-8 rat atreei. Nil * RALE-EXCELLENT PRRNOH PIANOFORTE, Vflcyd prtcw $19); ataa a patent walnut Hofa Bed w ptica $49. a d n 8ne walaut KxteasWn 49 feat Ta " be eaeu at MB Rmadway. (utha mal mora. IAN 8-- A SPLENDID ORAW4PPfANO. IN PERFECT ur hr Ska new, auitahle far any parlor or a hall, r<w a at 4 t Nroaaav atraal iIANO A -El.BO ANT ROSEWR ill PIANfM, ALSO Larj (hl-lotba, 9?ruMuer. Heddtng. Paster and ?dmom mde. Ac . nl KENDALL * STOUTS, N'< and I'll idaon at. vwt convrr af t'apal Payment tahaa la Weeklr monthly payments If prefarred IAN').-?* ?' POTIOR SEVER HHRgNR ROBRWOO^ I Ptnnu.. < 8n? tone, 'r.n frame nrrrs.runy ? a a* aad iM stern Imi r. b?" " is . rdr Uiem- montha to ua*. .1 i'ie I w lee of fNVi A an he aren At ilm kouac. Ml Warn Twartf ^fciiwi. IRM TO RENT. AMI SOLD ON IN IT 11 Wl NT*. at tha matiufer orr Idr- and la* Esat 7 we'll, ,6rat air??t ? U r. I IN MINOS SAfWlPORTR POR MALE-A BEAWTPUL PIANO fortA. Nnuna A Clark a make, af aurew Uw tana. Caa "OTABE AND 17PRIMHT PIANOS, r Nc edc* !" Cables Orgai t, whataaala and rexall. ta . and rant ANilRalJf pnrrfeaasd. Nanthly namienu rw ?I*. toe fin and upward. ?Md UMBtakan laft'hanm ? a^ paid for aerwnd head pta 8 taotnaf earn ?nra rmaa 481 lwM? a, . V Horace wapkrr NA Iarble mantels -THK NKwr ri.xrr IN JlIB .ft ? Ephteenth at real, aedt Third ar . 1. TCtrtXa^st LtSBLErZED SLATE ^ANTBIN-B,>r_,n|r~Z I Hdtninm more ,Jnur. e, I alf ibe ,, P uSHSar*"?^ MVfVhMfi I WyTRtCTIOS. All. letters Vor teachers wanted or ?ehoole prompfjy answered, by addressing the K?. lioMl Teachers' lnif.tute, 001 Broadway. Teachers wanted aad educational ooarspondcnce everywhere. RIOR A ANDREWS, Principal*. TOUNO 1ADY Or SEVERAL YEARS' EXPERI ?nea situation In a select school uraetnlnary; will lunch E uf^Wh branches, nod rudiments of Latin, French Ci reference* glv autl Drawing; reference# given. Address A. L., Brooklyn BUSINESS EDUCATION.?TOWNSEN-D'S COJf. menial Academy, 380 Bowerv?Private tuition, day ing, la Bookkeeping. Writing, Arithmetic Spelling. rTjkn. ttaerooghln L " ? ^ Grammar. Be. Thorough Instruction glvtn. Ladle* department. At goldsmiths commercial institutr-tw Broadway, instruction (.private if desired) in Poiamau ?hip. Bookkeeping and Bin>lne?? Alfsirs. AT $30,?BOOKKEEPING, PENMANSHIP, ARIT11MK tic, Algebra. Reading, Spelling, nrlvatolv taacht day and evening. PAINE'H Business Colleens, (3 Bowery; Brooklyn College removed to Mil Pultun, opposite. City Hall. BOOKKEEPING, WRITING, AC., TOR BUSINESS.? Mr. DOlaBRAR, vW Broadway, teaches Bookkeeping practically, as used in the best New York houxes. He alee remove* atlffne?>. cramping or trembling frota the wont hand aud makes elegant business penmen. X7IRENOM IN STXTY LESSONS. - 36 A MOBTH. OON r vernation. Private loueaa. Neither granamnr nor dto> tfonarr lx enquired. Proft Van I OH EPIC KIE HUE, 124 fourth avenue, near Twelfth street, WANTEJD-A GOVERNESS. FULLY COMPETENT TO teach children tuude and English, in a private family residing a abort distance In the i-ouutip. Add re a* box ABM Post office, Now York city. SPORTINE. A Ul. kinds op fancy dogs AND birds. AO., Sir ttale?At B. DOVBY'H, aw Walial street. uear Olrorrb. .Medtcinaa for all canine disease*. Prepared food for mocking bird*. Arm eight feet long, ten feet beam; aheut are month* old; bollt ofoak and copper fattened; ha* accommodations lor eight person* betides the crow; to well found In every re STEAM PROPELLER YACHT fOB BALE?FIFTY eight persona heatde* the rrew; Is well found In every re aper t. Apply on board at foot of Bast Tenth street. fBREBCH LOADING SPORTING GUMS.?A HOOD D assortment for sa'e to the trade. W. IRVING k CO.. 38 Cliff atreet. Fancy fowls and pigeons constantly on hand and for sale by J. T. QUIMBY, AS Court street. Boeton, Mass. Francis butler, no.speck slip, ham all the choice breed* of Doge. Butler's InfalHble Mange Cure and Plea Exterminator. 78 emits. Butler's new worh on the Dog, $2. Dogs trained, boarded. An. Medicines for all die JOHN GNAT. II ROOSEVELT STREET. HAS FOR MALE Newfoundland Pupe, small Poodles, spltx Dogs. smaB black and tan Pupe, a pair or handsome spit/ Pups, small black and tan Dogs, Mcotob and Skyo Terriers, good ratlera. HORBRS, CARRIAGES. At . A LARGE STOCK OP SLEIGHS, ROBES. BELLS and Blankets, new and second hand, at I.8M and LEU Broadway, near Forty.flrel street AT JOHN C. HAM'S 10 EAST FOURTH STREET. COR. ner Brosdwav.? Two light second hand Coupe Rock awsys, with shilling glass partitions In front. Also SB dif ferent styles second hand Carnages for sale low. A SPLENDID LOT OP KERSEY AXD STABLE Horse Blankets tor sale retail at wholesale prices. Call and see hetore purchasing elsewhere et the harness store btftl Seventh avenue. CARRIAGE WANTED. - WANTED TO HIKH. POR three months, a flue Coupe, four places; clarenee pre ferred; food security. Addieae, with terms, M. Bepnoc, sta tion G, Sixth avenue. (NLARENCR8, COUPR8. LANDAUS AND OTHER FASH J louable Vehlelea of (he best claaa. and our own make only. BREWSTER A CO.. of Broome street. IIOR SALB-FOUR LARGE NEW TWO HORSE 1 Trucks. Apply to S. W. WILSON, 3M Broadway. hjtOB SALS-SOME OP C. P. KIMBALL'S FINEST ' make Portland Sir Whs. 78 and MU Bank street. ^OR HALE?ONE PAIR SORREL HORSES; CAN Go iti 2.40; price $1,100. One pair dark brown Horaen, four jear- old; can go In 8W. One magnllleent eaddle .. -'able ~' ' ' * Horse Inquire at .Stable* corner Thirty-seventh street and Seventh avenue. rK SALE-A BEAUTIFUL AND WELL BROKEN Saddle Horse, xulunle for a lady. Apply at private etable 117 Bast Thirty.Illih street. FOR SALE-TEAM OP FINE BROWN MARES: CAN trot together In three minutes, faster single; 1M? hands, 5 and Stream old, sound kind and easy, tree drivers, one Is a Haablctoalan. Also a superior and v. ry stylish Mark Horse, 161s hands. 8 ?ears old. sound and kind nnrl splendid driver. These will suit nil warding good ones; will be sold low ut exchanged lor work team. At hit! Seventh avenue, near Forty-second street. DIOR BALE?HORSE, EXTRFHS WAHON AMD HAH r ne??; ouuu nearlv new; will ha aold cheap. Apply at McMAllON A COI.LIX'S lltary ateblea, Kael Broadway, near Markat atrmit. For sale-a heat make, about i? hands high; perfectly a.nd and kind; to he aold ( heap. In qeire at 3(t Wintliingtoe at rent. Bnor halb-4 vekt fine albany cittkjl pole and ahafM. one alt aeat and one tour teat SMgfc. Call at W Weat Twenty-fourth etreet. LNOt SALE-TWO SIX SEAT SLFIgTiI. r with red pJuab: prior $140 and fWJ Also ona ?maU Hlrlgb. $40: two light Wagon* and enrarel cheap Hor?e?, aa the owner haa so uee for then. Appl/ at 171 Canal atreat, near Broadway, Beery ale Me S~OYRRNMBST~HORBE " BLANKETS MEW, $2 10, Testa, Wafon cotera, Mnle and Harm Harneaa Mo llan Haddlee. Wagona. Ambnlanera, CoH'a Kerohmra, Ar"'ntv CARTER^U I'ortieodt, naar Oraeuwirh. QLEIUHf. SLLhiHS, SLEIGHS. -PORTLANDS n Swell Bodira. I'ony and Six Seat, rary cheap, alao Bella and Rabea. at tt Woaatrr atreab SlilMli ? CARRIAGES MS SLBfOHS FOR SALE. 1W0 STRATH SLEIGH BELLS . C Wirrrs Warerrvnna, MS Broadway, near Bleecker at. S"" LBIOIIS FOB BAlS^BBVEM~TKlil MRD AND UN. trimmed Portland Slatgha; beat makera, at IIS Seventh areaoe, earner Twenty eaeond atreat. SLEio"HS.-AN~A?Hf?BTNkNT OF FINK CUTTERS, aoma rary light tar trotting. and aoraa with polae. of ui awo manufacture, acknowledged to be tho finaat and beat i market; alao a lot of Portland make. and larae three teat, pony and ablftlne aeat, of the Albany -lain*. R. M. STI VE RN' CarrtagoManufacaUrer. M to 1 w Eaat Thirty-flrvt atreet. Alao i wo eery Sua Ctareocea, light and top Wagon a rrwo teams or Canadian horses-fivr tears 1 aMaJSNaada, warranted autiad ami "irony built; aaay kept and eery lively A aid Be Powy and two alatyba AD rary ckaap tBl Paaid ateaet. X17 ANTBO ?A OOOO RTTI.B~iiiDOS it' ll A NO ' OC PR I TV Roekauay nub pale aad .had Addeaaa 07 Caaal mmmmm* uorhi ob mark. >t hands ..r TV aewr. amutdaad kind, that aea abow 1 to. agear a^M not Uapnrtant. mutt bo aatd oary Jpaa for aaah. MdH Tobaeao. IS Be wary. aeaaB batwaia 1 and 5 o clock PT^H ^MKBICAS BAR KIND KXCBABGK COMMISSION HOUSE. NOS 3 AMD 1 BI'K St RISE. PARIS, FRANCE. JANES W. TUCKER, EDWARD R. ANDREWS J AMEN W. TL'CSBR A OO. buy and tell United Stataa Secui Itiea mail foreign HeauatMea. laane and eaab letter" nf CieRIt, aa well aa temaeaat a geuerai romntlaalon bualbeea and refer by penalaoIon la tbo following gentlemen;? REPERKNCRS: Wm T. And-ewa, Peeaideiit National Citr Bank. Boatoa. Jatnea H. Baal. Prealdeat Bound Rational Hank. Boatoa. Amoa A. Lawrenea. Baatna. I F. Harey A Co., Beaton. Jamea M Bathe A Co.. Baoton, h ak F. Weld A On , Button. CUrt. Adam. A CUrkJCwoo, Wat. H A-plaweU. N f. WW T. Rlndaeu New Fork, George OMaWam, New Tori, t MB EaBe New Tort Stephen II rati. New York, Wm. S Jenktaa, t'aahter Bank af Amerlan. Now Fork. W/H M*'7- Pteeident leather Menu facto rere' Bank, B. T. W nee. Taylor PiwaMest Cay Bank. New VorkL lomthft fWaa, if. b7waade Tnck.r, New York lohn E Wllllama Pre?tdient Berrn null tan Bilk. N T. W H. Wakb, New York, Ss.auel WUletn New \ nrk Moerea A MIMFt #W*ere Bl Wall etree-. Mew York. Boyt Mo.there. New Fork, spofford. Tlie.too A Co, N. T, B ealng, ffweker A Co , N T W A A A. M Wklte, M J. Dudley s. <1 r-wriry .l.r-ef City, N. L Repreaeatoday rRANa W ANDREWS, MS WaahlOftaa atreet. Bnatun L'LS SALE St SUA BBS of THE SILVER PBAE r Mining Company, at SSIper thare Tim par ralue la SKA iter there addram Bertda. Herald oA o? Mdbii.f and o?m railroad, sterlino and Intereet, Memnhle and Ob to t?n par rent Income, Mle atatopw" Central Railroad (rat mortgage. Nana Carolina Ka dar*ej. and trragslar Bowda wanted by MABNINd A DB FOKI>T. Hankara. I* Wail atreat 'EBBfLYE A CO. NO ? WALL STREET, ? RAMA ERA and DEaLBBS OoTERNMRNT STOCKS A# D CONFOUBD INTEREST NOTES. rUMDO PRICES New Toe*. Dar. U ISM. M i, V I Met 11 Ing " f Sell I ??* Rrgletered. '11 MB jlti- Tune >Jn I?T IWSi Cooptut. ??.. iii'.ill-, Jwly, -iH* iMi b ? Begleteie-i SI l'b'?|IBM, |JuneC I Ntrtaa. at list. IMhJ re' 3! t>!!Wb p?s?f. $s wMiiSC n? A* t.oafwa. M Mkl#/ Aug.. 4* '? llft??illM< J j"r*- "? " 'JJN *' gwgr* 1| ? f- Siiiifc aU-t. BP.- fe :;;:IlaW',KJ WANTED?fl.Mi AS FT EXT MORTriAOE ON A (DVtfl Perm. Meat retarssai will ba gtbaa. Cat! at Stfth ?eon up. WfllHI w a NTf. D-Ni*>$mAfllk DB AMPLE COL .IMM7 latere. aaa?niy^ A innua of f?n will be rlran and T ner cert lae?re.t The p?cT t. gret aba* Prta dpalnnalr 4?ep wtib RmhAt mm aottred. Addram IU larpriee, hex BW llarabl oSiaa. llfKI to loan ltd Cirr npgj, yaTlTr. |lOftJ.IMMI lemma la awM; ateo two a-imanf fin am ltd I i-?|M allaaliab. <u t nC*s * kII.BaN, HI Srtfdamy. roasi No. ? Aht kiviey? HB ? cLONINfe SALE. DRY (IOOM. STOCK ANDrl XTURE? FOR SALE. 9,1100 DOXEN handkerchiefs. HURT BK HOLD BY JANUARY 1. LADIES AND OK NTS, MISSES AND BOYS, OF EVERY STYI.R AND QUALITY. LOT HEMSTITCHED AND EMBROIDERED, Ma. LOT VERY KIBE HKlftTITCHRD. JOr. LOT FINE NRBDLRWORK, Bla.. Me., Ma, 31c. LOT FINK LACK BORDERED. Me. LOT F.XTRA NEEDLEWORK AND HBMRT1TCHBD, Mr LOT HEMSTITCHED AND TUCKED. Mr. LOT FRENCH LACK HANDKRRCIIIKKS, Me. LOT FRENCH EMBROIDERED, Or., 7V $1 LOT TAPE BORDERED. k-.lbo. lie., lie., Ik OENTH' HANDKERCHIEFS. LOT COLORED RORDBRKD. Ho.. I0r.. llWr. LOT FAHT COLORS. READY TIE MM ED. 11,'ie. LOT ALI. LINEN HEMMED. Me.. Me., Me. IX>T ALL-LINEN COLORED BORDERS, Me.. S7>?e. LOT WIDE BORDERS, VERY FINE. Me. LOT BOTH' FASTCOLORED BORDERS, to. TO CLOSE WOO FINE LINEN SETS. UHc. TO fl SO. WORTH JUST DOUBLE. 2,000 LADIES' FINE LINEN COLLARS. Aft. le. VKLVKTH BELOW COST. RIBBONS BELOW COST. 3.000 YARDS RTCH PLAID RIBBONS. IDift 5,000 YARDS MEDALLIONS, WORTH 7k.. POR Me. BROCIIE -WARES, HALF PRICE. It,000 YARDR BUGLE GIMPS. la. YARD. DRESS AND CLOAK ORNAMENTS. CLOSING AT Mr. ON THB DOLLAR. HMMlillDZEN 00.600 DOZEN BUTTONS EVERT STYLE ANDQUALTTY, MMMMMBMROnAimS PRTOI*. REDUCED TO LESS THAI . FANCY AND HOLIDAY GOODS, CHAINS, EARRINOS, SLEEVE BUTTONS. NECK LACKS. BRACELETS. PORTKMONNAlRS. POMADES. SOAPS, PERFUMERY, BELT BUCKLES. BBKASTPINS, AND A VARIETY OF NICK NACKB. AT HALF PRICK. 1.W0 DOZEN OIjOVKS OK KVBBY VARIETY AND NTTLR. Or TO $1 (M. OUR DOLLAR EMPRESS K1DB REDUCED TO Mr. TBI DOZEN HOSIERY. LOT CHILDREN'S HOSE. CLOSINO ?r. UP. rx?T LADIES' HOSR, CLOSING Ik. CP. LOT OBNTS' HALF HOSE, CLOSINO l!Mi. UP. WOOLLEN GOODS CLOSING. BREAKFAST SnAWLR, HONTAUS. NUBIAS, HOODS, LKOGINOS, SCARFS, ARMLETS. Ar.. |r. GOODS MUST BF. SOLD. PINS He. PAPER. NEEDLES k. AND Ac. PAPER. STAR BRAIDS V? MACHINE SILK lOn. SPOOL. HOOKS AND RYES le. CARD, HAIR NETS le., POKTEMONNAIEH k. AND le . Ac.. Ac AUCTION LOT CLARK'R 2110 YARD COTTON. So MUST BK SOLD BY JANUARY I. M CASES OF TOYS AND FANCY GOODS REMAINING OVER PROM LAST SEASON WILL BK CLONED OUT WAY BELOW COST. BALMORAL SKIRTS BELOW COST. A LITTLE LOT OF DRESS GOODS CLOSINO OUT. GENTS' HEAVY WOOL SHIRTS AND DRAWERS, 0k. LOTS OF BARGAINS TO CLOSE OUT STOCK STORE OPEN FOR THE PRESENT UNTIL 9 P. M. WM. KTNZKV, 921 AND SI3 EIGHTH AVENUE. Between Twenty-Una and Twentywron.1 rarer'* A GREAT (Hewn OF CUSTOMERS *nd tmramee Iota of ''heap Good*. TREMENDOUS KXCITr.MKNF OVER MU?' IN* Our prieea I0e. * yard l>elow any other more. E OHKA THE GREATEST CRaSII IN MUSLINS ever export*need in the dry erode trade. CUT TUIN Ol'T FOR REFERENCE, and you will hare no dlflealty I* buying Mindlne. AT IOc. A YAP.D. OLD PRICE IV. AT I2^c. A YARD. OLD PRICK pie. AT l.V A YARD. OLD PRICK 22c. AT IV. A YARD OLD PRICE 25e. AT 30c. A YARD. OLD PRICE 2V. AT 23c. A TARD. OLD PRICK Ola-. AT Mc. A YARD. OLD PRICE do YARD WII'F. WAMSUTTAS. Ik. ALL SILK AND WOVE POPLIN I'LaIDK. II. former price $1 W FINE BLACK ALPACAS. SOe.. MJje. and 7fc. Thein are ibe rheapeat Alp?r?? or the jrctr. FINE WIUTK FLANNELS, ?c. Former prhr, d0> . DRESS GOODS FOR HOLIDAYS. Great demand for Garurta. We hare a flue aupply. N. P.?No extra chary* for Oarttel*. BEAI TIFI I. GARNET MERINOS, ALPACAS, GARNET RMPP.KHS CLOTIiH, REPS, ENGLISH MERINOS, GARNET POPLINS. AC Cnatntnera ran romr from Brooklyn, Wllllamabura. leraey City ami liobokea without fear of ihl* advrrtleemeut helnc oirrdrawti. You ran anrrly aare pearly one half from the prlcr.a charged in thoae pier**. Having two atarea we are ablate handle >dg loia cheap at auction. FOSTER BROTHERS, 272 Blerekeretreet and FOSTER BROTHERS, 167 Eighth ay., near thtli at. At leobajx-s tiiih week. HOLIDAY PRESENTS, out of ? Block of Lbr amount of 9300.000 yarled from $1 lo 91 SO per yard, a choice of good* ha* hern >npdt *ad iadm-ed en rente and 71 centa per yard. Double width fancy POPLINS for pr**mt*. at Kb neat*, worth 91 29. at 7* cent*, worth $1 -TO. PLAIN ALL WOOL EMPRESS CLOTH and POPLINK, double width. FOR CLOAKING. The larga a**"rtmeni reduced and a new < holee idded fully in percent under the m.irket value. SPECIALTY. FRENCH TAPESTRY TABLE COVERS. A lot of Die ftp- OOHKLINS offered iu CURRENCY LOWER Tn.\N GOLD PRICM IN FRANCE. SILK GOODS -EVENING aM PLAIN StLRS, In all rdora, GREATLY REDUCED. LEO BAIN, f7W Broadway and No. I Warerley place. AT ORAND STREET CHEAP STORE.-WATKRED. A Bnx he and plain Rlhbona. atlll ch-apei thla wf'-k. hta> * and colored silk Bonnet Vclret*. naioually cheap. W illow, Oatnrb and other Feather* and Flower* magntb' ?nt aaao.t ?nent to-day. Hugle Trlinminga, Bugle Gimp*. Buttle Fringe*. Bugle Ornament*, rheapeat yet offered-, all the de-lraPle abade* It, Rihbon Velrvt*, tiuf'ona, In emilea* variety; Em broidered Seta Cuff* and 8l**ree, rhrap. Kid, Ca*hm*re, Cloth and lined Glnr-a. cheapest y?t offerad Bargain* In lltMiery, Yaskea NoUon*. Fell. Bearer and Straw Hata ?nd H uneia Ryerylhliig new EDWARD RIDLEY. :*W, III, Mile Grand. M, 61 and <0 Allen air eel, fifth Murk eaet from Bowery. AN KLKOAWTLY PINTHHRD f?H?? MTOKY BKOWN ?ton* llouaa on Madtaoa aeenuei prtoo BWWi, Mmo dial* t.bWAKD H. TAIL, WARRKN HABDF.NHKROH. M Wall xrMI AIIANDBOMR llUllRON BAY RARIJI i'APK and Mull for aale ' I,rap Addrnaa J. M C? "tattoo O. /^LOTHS, CABBIMRRK* \ND ?'MJAKISfflf, I; J CRT RKt KIVKO, ol M loir prteM no boforo the rebellion. Ad FOLLOWS Unary all ?<v.l Caaa!m?rt?? at $1 per yard?taid laat rear at Rt and JU H , Hear* Itouhle and Trrlat Ctaalmarrr. all wool, (1 A ftnaatCaaalmem, arlk milium, at II M. ,Caaalmem, arlk milium, at II M. llearr all wool d-4|Whlinay Roarer lleakliue uKRI Milk All wool (Tbloehllla Cloehlnga utfJH per /aid. ABO. at lean than (old neat. an ettenalro atoefc of plain btar k f aaat ru< rea, Cloth ? and Rearer*. W. R. PXTTON, 171 and t!i Bowery, ae?r Itoiixou rtreet ilORNXTB. CORBET*. CORKKTR-AT GREATLY KB / dueed prlreo. we Mare the larceat and ehaapeet a?o.,k Parle Coreeta, from CI M: aleo C leant,' Corarta, nil the new at;hue la Rhine. Shirt* aaada to order, at KLOAH'H, WW aad nil Broadway. near Nineteen la ntr-eA aaat aide. CVBV THIC WKER, AT UtflEAlN'R. WYdwtOknkr Yelret rtar/jnea I Lyon* Velret Waaqam ] l.raua Vetrel Printed P Alaryo iiaaai'T?nt of Meek rad (ray rlnakr. la all the newaat atyloa, at prtea* cheaper than any other l.oaae la the Htr. Aleo, Rkatlad laaktu, rery law prtnaa. M R LROBAfW, TJt Broadwar aad Ko. I Warnrtey pUm. I/XTRAOBDIRARV BARGAIN* III ?l All.Ah, RIIAWLS AMD DRFhP OOOIMI, jr?T MCKIVWD mow A01*1 ION. W. K PKVTo*. rn and CTa Eawaty. KXTRAORDIMART BARGAINS ? howip.ry I'kiiii ai enow, Ladtaa' Eagllah Martoo treat* aad Drawer at fir., worth $1 7A Ladtaa' aatra atom Marian Taata and Drew ere, at SI. add rery reeaallr at BE Chtldraa a Merino Tadaaad Dmwera, at Mr and ?*.. lae* thaa half paiea Genu atoul Maria# Hhirie nod llrawnrr. It Jkr . Mr ami |t. OeH led barpama. Gent*' Knellab Warlm kalf lloee, at Mr per pair, worth Me. I nlPlren ? Merino llo?e at 10. , ll'^c. lie and lie. p?r pair latin ribbed Werlir -ll<>ae, at Sh , ?? and Me.. anld for more than double Ihe.e prima lately, lap' rr wool foataat* at lev- . odd II *? purni?t at II M. lepbyr wool Kbawla at ?Jr , -Art Hi Moptrmher at CI aun From aoetlon. heary Ahaker Unreel*. on It Me per yard haua riant ruua llatiaeie. ? n.r ? ltdary rad twilled Plaaoata at Ml ? . _ .. . ?BPBMBKl?lawC>?4i*wwer C.NOR RALE-* r*WEI/R HAIR III AWL, AT A a A I* rrlllm Apply at M Waal tenth atraet, betwaaa fifth and Ruth aeeawn frain Ml la I a'ldmMu fcirRB, Yf RR ?LAl>IK". IP TOO WANT YOCR Pl.U II made, altered end repetrad ' rielolir and promptly or paeli. al furrier*, lake teem to the iaao-ife?*ur), 47 > >(bla aertnue. between twenty.tilth and Tweaty eereath atreeie irarT'ei, up atatra. Pine Mlnha fraro |*u la |0I per ML O. PINIGAN Cat line out YJT CI 7A Mam. while, ll(ht end dart colore. eirel etit oiweae at #1 end |l IS. ondti eaad Mid. p) renin atad II. red. Whip* and Mue aloth. all -tar. A la'pe eeaortamt of felt aad Winter Oloane. H<rida. waataapi, Niiiitaa A., al lew apt earn. B B ?W?let y end 1 ndawjarmeata at mat prow, at RI.ORR'R, BMaadm Rradwaj, aaar .Mlnataeath aareei. nooMf ft IKIOM fl?,MO taprih In* Praenh. uanua Bwfaa. Bahamian aad AaawlaB PA*i*t t.'HlD*. WAX DOLUA I1AII11*. AT POPIJLAB PBtCPR R. It WACY, Pa -irteenth a treat ae 1 *lrth araca*. Bo. M Weak Po-inaenth at., hetwaaa fifth aad Buta aea. Boa. Wijand IBM Rlvih aaeaae jr ii, WLOTMB, ORW IIAWPt Rir? Ot.OYPR, it a eana A popular EM t.ioeo la the my A^ rlXL AMHiNTMEMT Of COl/ORB Ml Ladipr ORMTw and CIMLDRRN. PtiM waRRtarrn ? WW ACT, foartaei th atraat art *l?h i?W. M Wat |b. .aiatath at. kiln am rifth and Met in CM aad MB Itath are*a* OKT ooom. LACKS, EMBROIDERIES. 1,000 DOZEN FRENCH NBEDLEIWORK HANDKERCHIEFS FROM AUCTION _ AT POPULAR PRICES. ^ Aleo a full aeeomneoi of Reel Leoee, Needlework Gooda, HOLIDAY PRESENTS. H. n. MACY, Fourteenth (treat and With arenue M Weal fourteenth at., between fifth end Huth are. "J04 and 100 BUth ereatie.^ CLBARINO. AT POPULAR PRICES, OUR WHOLE STOCK. WHITE HOODS, HOUSE KEEP! NO 00008. PLAIN MERINOS, BLACK SILKS. HOSIERY, ti LOVES, UNDERWEAR, Ac. R. II. MACY. fourteenth atreet end Sixth arenue. M Wen fourteenth at., between Klftb end Sixth ere *A and "JM Slith evenue. LtRLNCII PERFUMERY X POR IIOLID HOLIDAY PRESENTS. NOW OPEN I NO. IE CASES KINS FRENCH EXTRACTS, POMADES, SOAPS, Ac., AT POPULAR PRICES. R. R MAOT. fourteenth atreet and stub aiaoue. ?Sweat fourteenth ah, between fifth and elxtb era. KM and JOB stub avenue. INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR RHAWLP-UOK HOLIDAY preaenta. Intending purr ft* ear* win find It to their ad rentat'e to examine the eaaortment of J. RUHSKLL, SB Woeater alreet. RAADAMK HARRIS IS NOW PREPABKD Tn bo Jjl Drneamekinx In all Ha hraneher end tn ell the lMeat atrlea. No. 7 Brerourt piece. Tenth atreet, feurdeora fruxn Broadway 244 CANAL STREET, BLANKETS. fOR THE HOLIDAYS. BLANKETS, BLANK ETE, KINK BLANKETS, COARSE BLANKETS, NARROW HKANKETS, WIDE BLANKETS, BLANK UTS OK ALL SIZES, KINDS AND DUALITIES. BLANKETS TO SUIT EVKRYBODT. AN IMMENSE STOCK From the AUCTION ROOM end the MANUFACTURERS

WHOLESALE and RETAIL. Many el tliem innnb leae than manufacture*' prleee. sl'Kt (At. BAKOAIN8 In BLANKETS from Ihe LAKOE AUCTION aaleon THURSDAY laat. COLORED BLANKETS Inell SIZES end WEIGHTS, aultahic for either A HORSE or FAMILY USB. HORSE BLANKETS A LARGE LOT of READY MADE at fit 1ft g-IMeenh. Aieo MKDIt M end FINK QUA I.ITT COMFORTABLES. BEDDING, MATTKESSKS. ?EST I'UKK CURLED HAIR MATTRESSES AND PILLOWS, HUsk. STRAW, *KA i.RAsS aua .Muss MATTRESSES end PILLOWS. PBATHBIl BEDS, PILLOWS. BOLSTERS, Ac. QUILTS. WHITE MARSEILLES, M A NCHKMTKR and ALLENDALE SPBEADS. COLORED ALHAMBKa SPREADS lu all alaea. FANCY" GERMAN BED CtiVS KLETK TOWELS, NAPKINS. "I ABLE DAMasKS, SHEETS. SHEETING, PILLOW CASES, Ah TABLE anl PIANO OOVKKN, A fine aa>ortniantet Rrtntad. Praboaaed, Victoria and Embroulried TABLE and PIANO COVKBS lH'iN FURNITURE. IRON BEDSTEADS, CRIBS. CRADLES. II AT and UMBRELLA STANDS. PIANO end STOKI STOOLS I' In feci, ererythinr aeMeaary foe Inatltutlnn, Hotel. or lam lly like, etthm lor Bed or Talilr. All at HI MARK ABLY LOW I'UIUKS. All aeoda warian'rri aa represented. VA Si GARDNER. Mi Canal atrae". opiioatep lerlr ? Hotel. in linn pahs white and colored blav. JAJ.kit*. ? ADO Straw liattrfteaea, ft n A) Hair Met ireaaea 4.0DI Hair Pilluara, Navy l'anlx, Round, triuti, I'lan net Shlrta, Draaora dr. nhole.ale hpd leiall, Cheap lor ? aah. W II LI AH MATHEWS, M Catharine atreet. (fclAik lUlD I" FGKKIGN AMD DOMESTIC DBS ?jl LvM I I Fx FIT Good- eoiooii-lnx Dreae Good* of all kinda; Weotlawn I.lnen., Domestic*, A' .A'", p irvhaaed at renunt ait" "mn "ale., en<i aeliin.- mm h lielnw the market, wholeaale and retell hr WILLIAM Al A Till: We, M i a ma rine atreet. N B.?A ln( ?if Wot Oooda for aele. AIlMtl.NKKY. Ararh. mr* r i.kvivs ?i rsm.r.-iTY n,tt:j:. onrnrr K'nmnlk ?lrori. ? laltrt tn In' " m thn lu.Ha- "4 N*w York uivl t trinity iltai *ba i? BnlUtif ..if the of b'T lrajMirtBlloB of I*irnrh Rontr-ia. Iti'-aa i'b|h? and tlaad [>"'MBS, at tjrordingly law prloat. I A Oil- - WILL DO WELL TO CALL AT DDR. C. J I.Af'Y'S. 1.141 llmadwat BOll I'JD >1*U' IMB'H. ?n'l 0.1. hin'lMn.n kn-11. Ii Rouiiota and Plowara at kalf tba ooat oi importation. MRU LAND m nQAOWAY. woi u? RtLL Tim ?m utton of iba Ladlm to bar lurf* .nd nml* amort mniii nt Uiiln Itfflotap*, Maud Ifr^mCUUfBit'i Ron not*. An., nil or whirl. tn nd-tad ai ??il iwaafbtn pm ? Mm. LAMB AAA Kroodway. batwaaa 'fktrtBOiiih and fW innnth -troika. MMHrnDRKXHINK WALTON, aw MKOAOWAT, HAM rnratrod on ?'?g?nt unnnnil of Plowara, JukUl) ami Wmatiin far tha ?iBN| bnlulaya. TO HIIXIXI'.P. VND COfNTRY RTORKKKri'KKH At tiran.l bt.oot < noap r run wt- rin irn?> ??>?' tltllli.ory floods ohoapur t'i?n Onnrii town IBBA?H mil wh'il* pit* ot. tail KIIWARO Rflll.CV. W. SI I .0.1 IHH 'Irnud aimnt, nnilH W ? nd 70 Alton .t , hflk blook out i una Howry. ?TK4 III. MiTH KI. N'-?>TH'R. Af.l.TMl PMV*l VHOLH IN TIIRCtll RCII ?I IIto III*too TalorBUT footoar of Killh m n-if Kntiy-flflh ulr.-at i. will b# oAsmO far rtratal By aantlnn. at 7S "'olork lbn?"i ?A Tko >barrb will bo opaa from R P. W.. unlit moo of rontal. IRAK* DP TDK ATI.AXTIO MAll. HTP.AMHHfP J fompBur Xo i Howllnf l;m*n, Now Tork, No*. 13. iw.!._hi Iiroor OI th* K arn of INrw tork, m- low is hurttby 0K eld that In omiBoitu lino of til* ?lm IIBB aprmlntad to ham It bald ob I ho IHI -????- 1 "" BBI I anal in ? _ BTnof Ihiaomapany I BOO! -ding olaoUnii Will tot bald at ifco oltou of Iba -Otapan* . h?l.l on Iho I . , o ui-isnl not harm* I hum UBTBOBBt in BWdl Bppolntm?BV an o loot loo of nln* dloootsroof iBIb company und Itiroo taspooiora of lliB Bolt on Krtday. tha I It u .tar of January, MA7. at UoVlw-k N Tha trauafar hook-al tba oflb-o nt tbn Kannar- l?? and Tnjtt I'awipany will to o|.,**i| Hi* Ntk telli? Hit. uf .Iannary, lati. Tha poOa will ba .tpon from U u I ?'t'.ot PR A.N HI. IN AI.I.RN, n*. rotary RKADIMO N'iTH K.-ATTRNTKiN IN CALLSD TT? ika ritun-h a a?l? In Banltnar*. Nd , oa Tumday. Ihlli Inktaat. of paehlnort, foola. Kirn I'.nginoa. N .h hi?ay, I'tty Pa?a*B4Wr Railway <?r, A' oon'-alnod In Mm Plra Infloo ami Nacnlna hknp of J'lllX Koln.KIt t A HON, 4* porth ii.!1 aAiafC TIIP AMERH AN "TKkM bac ?H PAATUKT-KMTAA Uab*4 If* PanNtry oSloa and wmiwbonaa, 3M and IU Rlror ?'raw?. Tint N Y. I kara dlw-onilnoao my aarw h.uiaa, kaptla Paariatrast. .Now Y.irk r-ity, far f..rt* yoara to ?at* a laraa at.4 una* ?"<?rf ntpoDaa. and ahtp <flr~ t (mm tbo tactary aad w:i'Mtap !? > aaau -Taint Bru*b?a. Wail* wm'h Bnukoa. H'.r?? Hntsfc**, wood aad laatkar bark, flat* Nraaltaa. Ar.. An. A ? -?ra ..fjn ur traAa M rmpiatf atty aa MHtad. f'aak paid far ll?c* Nruilm. UAIIU McHI'RIUT. Jr. nrnwwiwriNKN or nkw yore. nro'?, wiu YY tloaaatmra aa.t far?oy I.Ttp?troa ?r* latfiad to >l'?a l lk? ataaa ataoUnc am a?por I?atltul* oa Nnndar twanlnd Da. oaatkor IT, tohliar tka addraaa af lb* atoquool Orator of thA Wan W YkaraUbA. oa tka *<(kt kaur qaaaNaa, aad atb?r laknr rafarau Admlaataa fraa ft P. TAYt.OB, PriiilRMI Wa. i. Jmmrr. Na* Com af Art m?i?aia NKW PI NUI (TIOYR. KYAN M ?YNTKKir.N Of MANNIA<#K THE MV*rr.KIR? Hp l^'YR. t'OrRTNHTP AND ,JN k It Rf A'lE Tko.r aroial Moral and Pktalal R?ia'*. tB.traaaad ta boil a?i*a. Wlik adit * and alnta la nkaoaiaa a b...ban.| or w:'*. fly Mt h??l Eyammaaikat of Iba Royal ?afa ..f I'hyao .*aa and n.irfot.n* Pbta riao lo lh? Mairm poliian Pr*a MoopilaJ lo lomaon. An. lil iatrail .aa. R*piii.t*d from III* I?al foiodo'i adltioa. PlKW Bflt oanu a oopy. or tb mo.| oa f.r oaaa do'iat and a*al fraa of poataga arorywkaaaaa aw*ip" of frmit-an.aa T R PI TKKnoN A NNflTlir RN. ana OkaatMt alro?t. I'LuadalpklA. ami unm H RTtWT EI'ND NOflRTY. ' Tka aaraatb aaataal Eihimilna nUir .ua at tka faltortaa ?f Iba National Aoad- my of llmigo, awrna* af Twaoly thlrA atraat aad Pattfh o? trtr-iiay. wrif, *r? r m. Tka raii.llaga aaairbtlloa ?J m. oraora 4 tka fund will bo fiH at aooti.m, al Hi? aall' rt*. on PiMny. Tlat loaC, at Ao olwrb bp H H I.M'lm A NtATM Tnoa* o-'g paint.nga am ib* ptwln Hon of Aataio-an atti>la Barrow. J. It II.Word. I. U Marua. II |l NaaaAKJK Ouf A i Motaaa Wat. Hoard. W n, tlioitomt Mra EtiraMnllor f NU.iall, (VP fir awmd 0 ' ftakaa. Mra. Ho ifbinN, " If Haaa M P M Da famous, t BrwWa, 4.0 Ifonnnnay. * J., A. K'i?i?d, J. U. jlktA Tkaa. Hlol.ardt 1. A I arlirt. J, Datum. Nln"brw, Rom tor T r <' ' ulna aa, II Mabbafd R W Ry4*r. P. ta-uw II B. HtaAattm II k'nlai. W L f J. W. Jwkaaaa, DarM kutjt R M. t nlyar, vkioont iaknana, Raatama Wilo.,1. M Oa k. Miaa K !?*. A. Warroa, A. W. r".t*wy|T 9 ManwN 1 P W-lr, J P. pasiafTp. 0,0. lotnf loot.a, Wku'mdB-, W. Raton. J. ?> Umt A lot Taylor. Nayatd. f?loiwt J. P. I'-. Bb. K Woltamaoo, I Pl.h U O. loo.p. II. A. Yswali. U. H. f alabunaa rna't an hud w M'iNHAY RTRNtxty. Dm 17 aad dar'nw Ika wmt THE TOLTUri L RRII.LIAAT ANIj PAot iNaTINO ?r'lRNFf.T. ar?rpR4^ oof a n Imaa ao4 faaay, wtE appaai la ama af tkair Ami atuaoUraaad fat.into ?fbCJ?, noawPM.T, TVt anl?b?at?d or.aaad an an t tu?t ,*t D? kiad o*rm t?toti of ttoorgo Wuwf Km. ?TaTUEFRAfl BOAT, lift ItAlaa B ifrWRATwVtn NRT OPTI' RN _ 1 wwaat i ad Root" for aN Arm Am IVttiw Cam *t?a An , aaa a. warn ba ootai' *d at iba THRaTRN Tit BET orrtr-M, DM. IU 1*1' IM NA" tl'WAfTAND ?ADROAOWaY TERaTU pea w A ink TO Lat-WRtR* PWE AB ir ' " Ii ' *- 'n? tkaama Mnnaar Wm-oalar. Krtaar, and mumH far npnmn. WA an ii "t ?*t A* Apply nt CWbartag a AM ALLAH'S OPRIU HOI NR yi.WaKk. N. 1. llnr 17. " CRNDkYAJomyr *A?II tiTHRR PERN' D RaLLRT UL|4| Rk nadtrad ?aa?4.y a* loop atPtar-B oaakaaaaB tw?* ''' ?' I'Y dfRamal paatttnwn bnwtby ?aJT^ ? ? llifW?lnE3R??Tv. AMVa droadway theatre. _ ? 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Oil AS I'OLLINft, TbnOnT* HI A* oKLUll Klui wool of lh? now Molt Drama '*llt4 THE WHITE II" Yh Of IHhi.AML TIIK WHITE B"YP or I UK LAV A orqalway In ITSH. AlaoOharlay Whl'a'a funny ??trh of 'ho BMnUJ STATE.* MAIL PEPWD NTAtP* MAII Togatnor with a mlandld Ballat. naw Nagro Aria, r?k ?-ilng. Aa., 1 Ringing, r?EY KAMTrm.8 orr.ita low, EE bowery an An antlraly no* drama ?f grant Intro. >1, eulltiad AMERWmNH IN TURKEY Tony Patlor ?? Jrhnaaidtat Fo?glato <.f Nwar.l?r?aalooi OonnaetlouL Tho -allio rnuiMn* in tho raot. "rand odr. ? iionnaeiKiui. rnn -buio 'o.Mranr In llio oaat. mo. i thrilling attaaMooa, larrMoiu nibatr (turning taMaaua, Ar.. Intormtngtad with run and humor. ... .... aria! (I JET* AYjmI w im 1 Vd>) Mir DAVE 1IAWI.FV tn hla dartag mrlal font*. A HloH'l: MK.LANOKby IhaHKRAl vXhII"TV TROtTI MATINHKon WEDNESDAY and SATPEPAY atS.'soVR* k Kelly amd ijk>m-n minitkkl*.rj?broad*at Ml All', K Pupularty known a? tho M OWTTOv MIRTH K atandard troop* ur tfela W AND L city. 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