Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 17, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 17, 1866 Page 3
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R R 8t. Mm, of Nwbn, ?ed m)or R AineM, V. & A., oro stopping at tha Moffmsa Mome. iWM Gaga, offJOHN; Ool?I 0. ?? WR?f 81 Lou to, Mo.TTr Walker, Off Imm, OoMni lagan, U 8. A., are stopping at the rtnk Avanae Betel. R Do 91 Ferrtoi, Secretary, and OflUoa Bamttt, of tbo French Legation, an slopping at tha Brevoort iota Henry, United States Coaaol at Quebec; Captain 8. Hugbea, of Washington: Benj. FWd, of N; Cap tain L. Hamilton, U. si i.; and Captain Bradford, of Oregon, are (topping at the Metropolitan Hotel Colonel a W. Soott, of New Orleans; John W. Harker, ! of Ban FVancisco; Dr. J. a Dickson, of Pittsburg; and General John A. Logan, of Illinois, are stopping at the 81 Nicholas Hotel. Colonel J. Alton Bladen, U. S. A., and J. 6. look, of Mexico, are stopping at tbo Astor House. Governor Sharkey, of MMtfsslppI, came near drown ing. on the night of the 28th ultimo, by stepping off a railroad bridge, near Holly Springs, which had been no damaged by high waters that passengers were obliged to cross on fool Governor Morton's health is so far restored as to enable him to ride out on horseback, He is regaining hia loet health rapidly. General Custts Lee, the son of General Robert E. Lee, boo been elected President sad professor of msthemat tea, its appliances, and military science, in the Maryland Agricultural College. The will of the late Sylvanus Packard, of Boston, be queathe considerable legacies to Tufts College at Somer ville, which, with his previous donations, will amount to ?vsr $200,000. The property will not cone tnto-f uil pot session of the college for nearly a year. Mrs. Rachel Byera, now living Is Beaver township, Iowa, was bora in 1701, on the 31st day of October, in the state of Maryland, and waa therefore one hundred auid Ave years old on the 31st day of October last. Bhe is In excellent health, frequently walks to a neighbor's, some mile distant, without perceptible fatigue, and from sU appearance bids fair to live for a number or yean yet John Gray,, one of the soldiers of the Revolution, Is living in Noble oounly, Ohio. He is one hundred and three years old; was born in Fairfax county, Va., and enlisted in the Continental army in 1781. serving for three months, taking part in one minor engagement, and being honorably discharged at the end of his term. His period of service was so short that he is not en titled to a pension under any exis ting law. Ho has lieen unable to support himself for the last seventeen years, and his neighbors now ask Congress to glvs him a special pension. John Hogan, of St Louis, has sued the Chicago Tribune for libel, claiming $60 000 damages. William B. Thompson, now of London, and formerly a dry goods merchant in Hartford, Conn., has given $90,000 to the art gallery of Yale College Hall of Arts, founded by the liberality of the late Augustus R. Street. The Washington correspondent of the Boston Journal ?ays it is rumored that Chief Justice Chaw has been of fered the Presidency of the Pact tic Railroad, vacated by the departure of General Dix for Europe. The salary is $16,000 per annum. MUSICAL. AT CHEVE'S MUSICAL INRITUTK, 1279 BROAD way. entrunce Ct> Thirty-fourth street ?Slgnor Burrs'* offer of nil fret* le-aon* in mimic will be continued ? few longer. In the hope that many more will come forward and eiibscrlhe. A GENTLEMAN WILE (IIVE INSTRUCTION ON THE piano, at pupil*' realdenee for $18 per nnartrr. B**t of reference* given. Address, with reaideuoe, Teaoher, boa 120 Herald office. LID. MOLLKNHAUER'H MUSICAL CONHERVATOKV, RJ Schubrrth'* building. 820 Broadway.?Inairuotloua in focal ami liixtriunental Mimic. $10 a term. W*. L. BATTr.RSON. PIANIST, ATT KNUR WED ding*. |? irue", Ac., at $6 per evening; chu furnish vlo U"' .*?' Order* received at leatdenoe, 800 Sixth avenue, near fortieth street. DANCING ACA1IBMIK8. A T TREMOR'S NEW AND SPLENDID DANCING il Acadeimca Palace llall. 7S7 Sixth avenue. N. V.. and WaHbliigioij llall. Brooklyn, K. I>.?New dunce* are now forming for the second quarter. Moud for circular*. BROOKES' DANCING ACADEMY, Ml BROOMS ST. A NT-.W CLASS FOR TO BSD AY. ? All 'he fashionable danooa In one oour*e ol Irnaona. 'LADIES iner< Tuesdays aud Friday* S to 53c P. M. DEN/l LKMKN.T needay* ?nd Friday*. 1% to 1U P. M. LADIES' Primary Clave lnvtruntad by Mm. Brooks. HOI I!EL EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING. DUMAli'M DANCINO ACADEMY. 34 WEST FOURTH *trc.n. fur children, ladma and gentlemen. larumi ?vary day an I night. All dancoa taught In one quarter, all dance* in *'i leneeoa. JpEBRi.Ko > dancing academy. 1 Northurarearner Twanty-clghlh atreet and Broadway ow open. WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS at 4 P M HOLIDAY PRRSENTH Gifts fob the holidays. WATCHES. WASHIRS. The understand have been lueiaictcd by the mannlac lurore to *ell tl< balance of then large *luek of LAIHRS aad GENTS' GOLD and SILVER WATCHES at WHOLESALE PRICES. PI KINO Tint HOLIDAY* ONLY. QUINCHS A KRUWI.FR. AgenU Noa Sand 111 John ?lraet, up stairs H 'OLIDAY PRESENTS CHILDREN'S PLAY NOUSES for aal? a'm Slith avenue. In basement. rpOYR AN P FANCY HOOPS I 1 FOR HOMPAY PRESENTS. FOR HOLIDAY PltRSF.NTS FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. HOVKLTTER. vmw, freak, In endlea* variety. Useful and ornament*!- at mr miu.l Low I'neea ARTICLES FOR FAIT" Its?a good manor me 75 Bowery, near Cuiml *17 Eighth avenue. New Yolk. 81 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. FINE ARTS. yLOBFFLSB. OF TOMFKI14BVILLE, STATEN ML ? and, haa jmt published. Ml Album Inrni, a series o ehotrwrapli* Of Calaklll Mi.urlaJn hennery Each set ean tain* lfb?ii view* comprising all tba renowned i>laen?' ? . beaiuil il luinmi r resort. Meeare. APPI.l-.TON, C. D ;EDKKICKS A CO. and HCIIAU8H hate undertaken thai of them. LBBDS ART GALLERY We bag leave io announce that a valuable rollae-ten ef and European Pictures, the colter lion of K ~ A*?ry, Ban . wIP be dnqmeed of bv auction ?? above* ?o " i* Jfth. aa ~J" " * Thursday* 77th aa<l Friday, 28th lust. Among oilier names are thoee of Durand. Keneett Mleratadt. Haaeltlnp. Crap ?ay, Whiitredge, Ottlord, Coleman. Hart. B. II. Halt, Mlg But. Ilaya W H Heard. Vedder. Nel.g, Lao.bden. Ac ^jan^a t*lu?hle -nlleetloa of foreign artist*, of high grade r parte uiara hareattar HkNRY H. LERDS A MINER. THE LSUTURB SBAM1Y. IRISHMEN. AROUSE.-COME AND HEAR MADAM X Annie Graltan TITta lecture on Ireland, at Washington ?all, ilarlem. Daeeuilier IP. at 8 P. M.; at Lvrlc Hail, car per Fofty aev nth vtreet aad Broadway. New York, perem ~ 18, at 8 P. M. At Coo par a Ievtltule. ..n r'brtetmiu , aiiP. N. "Ouid Ireland, or Ireland aa it Waa. Poor 1. or Ireland a* III*;' "The Hibernian Republic. m I la Future.'' with Mualr and KeclutUona President irte' ' Appeal'." Kmmett'a "Last Dying Speech.' ? nan (Tfti Inn or the Mould Bov of Oleugall Madam Wrettan Till|^a eadoreed by Freeideet It K. Roberta aad 814 BftOADWAY -FKRK LECTURE OR PURE nntogy, aad risen every Monday, at 7k P. M. Clrelaa ?vary Wedneada) night Free I met ure on Lrtrologv . Ta? nAT*! teat* eve. jr Thttradar and Saturday, at 7S P M Dr. BRoUilliToN may be rooviittod dally aa abevn. BILLIARD*. AC. LA RGB NUMBER OF KKW AND SECOND HAND Milliard Table*, wltb <>nr Improved <smMnsilnn euah J wnlr.h have been proved In lie the moat cornet mod arable cu.hlop* ever made. Specimen, of our mb'** that have been In our.iaat n*e for many year* may be ecu iu the prlr.t ipel hotel* and aalooim io this city. I'ariie* Intend htg to purr hue will and it to Lhetr Interval Io c?ll and et I Crosby ef? N. Y An AssoRrEii Krone of first t lass billiard Talue.. wnh our Improved eu.hinn, et $8*. each now reedy for deliver*. neooMl hand Table*, fiimminc* A' KAVa.NAGH A PECKER, corner! all*! *ud < wrv *te B ILLIaKI . -A FINS STOCK or NEW vXP-P.COND hand Table* for sale at reduced prlrea. order* by ma I Uy altenued io WM H. GRIFFITH. 188 Fultoe street DRMTINTRY. ft A DELIGHTFUL PRGCEW "-NINI TH IH BY traeled In one mln-.M, without the le*a( pain, tiimugb A tan Imprured metbml of In baling iiHrnoe oxide ga* ho cbaig* fareiiracung when teeth are hmerted. At VAN VI.KCK I m Sixth avenue. A": RTIFTCIAI. TF.RTH. IS TO $28 BBaUTIFIL SETS Warranted un?urnaa?d. d'< ,yed and ?<-B-lt.'? levie felled and extracted without least pats ?ore pi nine and ??)d filling* $1 and upw-ud* and warranted PR. LCTIIRR. Dantiet, Iff!Sitlh avenue. ? ?TO nrtm4*!ij9 TWtri*? 4#mh ! r ,d tv pntiUfvy wlth'Mii pwln. wtf i r*? rtiirrms oiil* ?*? Eti<mrMa by hoib m^l><9Rl *o?i 1*1 p r*f A MOST WONPEKFUL PlsCOt hHV.- TEKTll BX traced without pern 'ten yearei by 'venumbinc applha Man nat ot ration?. La giung gaa i reeh ilally Heuotl! il ' YlLLFR* feet). $1 i 'AY Vl lllfbtld street, near Broadway. ffNULT''N DENTAL ASSOCIATION ORIGINATED AND mak' a epao*alty?l th' nee ??t Numn* iHi-ie i.a*. and ?Wnlnbeer It in the aely way whb h umformiv devtvny* pain. Will "" " ir have riven it lo nver Ifi paUema Come la beadquar , ll*e IV i'i*'P*r ImMIH. iTEGFLA^TIC FILLINGS Foil RLSToM?(7 TEETH In every -tag- "f deeny lo their origioal ?b?ne. enlor ?oundnee., wlthnui pain: It,$UB teaiimeuiaja. Fre r'a rnain* t? East fourteenth vtreet. superior Geld PURE NITR'it'8 0XII?1 OAS ADMINIS1TRED IN famine*, eitraruun uf lieth Set* ef T?e<1. $8 laR. Rf?h' tn bmui-y end durutwuy to ell where fer ffMR, US Rleeckrr ?weet N B.-Dr. fanning, M. IL, la nttaml (Oil,. WIN HI. AC. (NOBR AND GOAL DELTVRRED IMMEDlATBLT J Applt .1 my . ortu* at 141 i Third avenue, ?vtweaa Fifiaenth at*] SDtaenth .veern ( HA KLRS H. Ct TTKR, CNOAK-WHOLkSALB and HP TAIL $2 1*1 PER i th*yart.or $2 |rt delivered, orderv re?*<*-4 Vf, VSAf HER A BrRNs,?P. Mm EighMrath -iraeL Ull- aiu *M'T"? ?W$er ef avdnue C ami P??i F'fiernth ?Areet, AeSveml immedlately COKF $2 m A CHALDROS IN mJd,' w-me-a honere and Ivy (he enrgu at a rad'ieed F"" pay at 1 wvvtf Toi* M>4 ?'?*? ^ j ggkfeNQVf A WW CHQICM moo MB FOB SINGLE OMMTIJUIBB. A. viar afamily. may be bed with Board,oeaarly apjll catWi et? Rtptfa stmt.uv Fifth avenue. A T 18 AMD 88 NINTH STRBBT, BETWUN FfFTH A end fUth aveouae, elegant Flour* end stngle Boom* to let, with first clem Board, ToFreneb end Oermeo styles. Private tebU if deelred. A FBIVATM FAMILY WOULD LBT, WITH BOARD, to e single person, or gentlemen eod wife, e large Room on wooad door; dinner alone; beetqfreferencegiven eod required. Price for single person $30 per week, two $30. 118 Weet Twenty-sixth aired, peer Bixth avauue. ArURNIHBBD BOOM AND BEflfcOOM. WITH Boerd, In e Arst e'ese bouae, 7$ Weet Fortytiflb street, between Fifth end Sutb avenues. Afbintkd list of BOARDINO places. with price*, Ac., can be bed at our odice. BRYAN A CO.. 08 Liberty street room 31 A SUIT OF BOOMS AND ONE SINGLE ROOM, handsomely furnished, to let, with Board, on reason able terms, bouae lately changed hands. Apply at 16 Clin i LABOR FRONT ROOM AND THREE ADJOINI.NO L Rooms, second door to let aa wanted. Boerd If wlahed. I West Twenty second street. AN BLEOANTI.Y rURN18HED SUIT of rooms to rent, on second floor; also Parlor, In a private family, with er without private table. 79 Bast Seventeenth street. AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED FLOOR TO LBT? A Four large, light rooms, together or separate; house Brat class: table de hole or private. Also single Koome. 44 W*yt Twenty.fourth street. A LARGE. WELL FURNISHED ROOM. ON THIRD floor front, to let. with Board. In a flrat class house. T7 Weet Klghltoolh street, near Fifth avenue. Reference* exchanged. AT 180 Br.KECKBR STREET, ROOMS TO LET, WITH BOARD. TERMS MODERATE. A T THE GRANT HOUSE. 44, 46 AND 48 NEW BOW j\ ery, near Chatham square Rooms from 3S cents to SO cents for dav $3 to $a per week. A YOUNG MAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH Board In a small respectable family. Terms $6 per wsek. Apply at 146 First avenue. A -BOARD ON FIFTH AVENUE. NO 3H6; FOUR . splrndtdly furnished Rooms, singly or en suite, with bath mom, and all convenience*. A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT Board, at IS Henry street. AT 18 WASHINGTON PLACE, NEAR NEW YORK Hntel, In a flrat Haas house, two '*rg? Bedroom* to rent, with Board: also two Hall Rooms for single gentlemen. A T PRAKKFORT HOUSE. ONE BLOCK EAST OK CITY J\ Hall, corner of Frankfort and William streets. 3flU Rooms. 36 to SO cents per dag; $11". 12 and 13 per week. A PLEASANT PARLOR. ON PI RUT FLOOR. HAND sohiely furnished, with Plyirpton bedstead, to let. with flrat class Board. References exchanged. 34 University plats, copper Ninth street. AT NO. 7 WERT TWENTY FIFTH STREET?ONE SUIT '?f two nr four Rooms to let. with private table. House first class a^d location unsurpassed. AT ? ST. MARK'S FLACK- A LARGE FRONT ROOM, on second story, to let, with Hoard. References ex changed A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE AND ONE OR TWO single gentlemen'-an obtain elegant arcommndaliena, with Hoard, at 34H West Forty.second street, one block west ot Broadway. A SUIT OF WELL FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH Hoard, at I'M and 191 Wast Fourteenth street. House flrat class. Dinner at 6 ? clock. Reference* exchanged. A LADY PROM PHILADELPHIA HAS SECOND AND third Floer-i, en snite or singly, with Board. 1*1 West Almh street, near Sixth avenue. AT 433 NINTH STREET, A FEW DOOBR WEST OF Kroaduay?4 genll'-msn and wife or two single gan ilcinen can otuain pleasant rooms and board.' AT FROM $6 TO 17 PER WEEK, GENTLEMEN CAN obtain Board; alto a gentleman and wife, at 1IM Charl ton *treel AT 16 BOND STREET-TO LET, WITU FIRST CLARS Board, large and small Rooms for one. iwo or three single gentlemen preferied, or married couple. House he^ed A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?WITH HOARD, ? V Terms reasonable. A little girl can lutve B >?-d and In struction in music, laieatton good. it9 Greecwl'-h avenn*. An unusually dpsirarlk simt of front Room also two fine Rooms handsomely furnished, to let. with Drat class Hoard. Private lable if preferred. Windsor Hotel, 33 Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Fifth avenue A handsomely furnished parlor and hkd ream to let, to one or two gentlefkeii. w!iiiooi_Ub. rd; also one single Room, bouse contains ail mo-let n rnpruve ments Inquire at 39 Sluyreaant stteel, ihtee blocks fnno New Tori. Hoi-I \PAKTMENTF To LF.T AT THF. IIOt'NE 117 WERT THIRTY-FIftNT STREET A PLEASANT BOMB.?A FEY.' IIHRTLPWRN CAN have single Rooms, with Hoard. iu ? private family, at 717 Went Twenty.flrst street Kaferenraa att hanged AT 11 WEST ELEVENTH STREET. A FEW STEPS from Broadway?To let, a mealy furnished Parlor sud Hedrnnm an around floor fron:, wilt pnvaia table; also t?r, single Room*, a all furnished with rscellrH French Hoard '?an accommodate a few dsr boards-? Talila d'hote at 6. ing. In let. w Ith Br?t class Hoard. Parties who wonld partially fm niali prafai red. Apply at 136 Kasi leutn alreei. one bluet from Bi nadway. Board.?an ei.k<?antt,y furnished si it or Kmnn", with Drat clans Hoard. In a private tamlly. Ml Eaat Fifteenth at' int. on StuvTeaar.i Park. OARD A'I ? F. AST WPITWW STRI.PT-A SI'IT of Booms on Parlor floor, wita or without private taMe, be obtained B Brookhoard-desirable rooms, second atorj.nwt. to let with Hoard: hoove flrvt rlaae. eon renlrn' to Wall aireet and .xoitli #-rrian. No. W State atree! Brooklyn. LRQANTLY ri RNISHED ROOMS AT NO ft ST. Mark'a plana, tor geatleir.en cole E FRENCH BOARD.?A PAItMKl AND BEDROOM. ON aerond floor, to let: elan one Rnntn fo- a single gentle Kn. Applv at No 4 Cllulou plaaa, near Broadway Span ami On man spoken FIRNIKHED ROOMS TO LET-ON THE FIRST floor: atao a viaall>loom oa the third floor, at 113 West Twenty IIInd atreet References ear hanged LM.RNISHF.D ROOM* WITHOUT HOARD, POR OE.N r tlaman at No. 73 Eaat Pv.urteenih vtraat, oppoalte Stat away llall "CHIKMSBKD ROOMS TO RENT?WITH BOARH. TO 17 gantleman ,v nd tlirir wires or single gentlemen. Din nor at 6. 7t East Twelfth afreet, rear Broadway H^Handsomely FimNisiiRD rooms to i.kt-at the Libert? llonae 10 Walt llouatoo atreet. SB sad op war da togaut'rman only. a H R OTEL ACCOM MODATTON S? FOIt FA Ml LIBS AND singlegentlemen at tfiTlntoo place roruar (Tniverat ty plaea. Transput. N? to fl V par d ?y. i HAS LF.Pf.BR. Proprlet-ir. LAROB, NFW AND HANDSOMELY PI'R.NIHKKD Itmifwa. with ample rloaeu. a. 34 Bond atreet. with prl wate labia. _ TtOOMft To LKT-TO UENTLEMRR. WITH HOARD. IV at IS Kaat flUteeiiib aireet. Me Terences required ooms?wrrii or wmtoir board, also table Boa 0 4B Am'ty atrset ?|W) LET-TO STNOI.B tiENTMUIER. ELKOANTLT 1 fat uiabed Apartmenta. In the Oval class bouse IS Wrat Tweoir-aeeenifl street, rear Hinadaray T?t LtT-WITH BOARD. AN I'MPlJKNINIIED RECORD ? floor Front Rootr with alewre. Apply st SO Wrei Twer'; olMh - " rb LET-WITH BOARD. HANDTOMELY FURNISHED Bouwtv, at Tflli Weal Twenty veooad tUeet. Jewish bearding bouse rLET?IIANDHOMRI.T FURNISHED FRONT TAR loe end Bedroom with or witb'rrt Hoard In a prtrale tamlly: refsre-tree riohangae. Is'iune at 174 Wast ty third atreet fftO LET?FI'KMSDMt A FINE PADLOR AND BED a mum. with or wttbout Board small pitrsfe faintly; We athar hoarders: teat SI* to fjfl Mn ? Hleerker atree 1 flam, between Broadway aad Marwary. TWO BLEOAN'TT.Y ri UNISIIED PARLORS ON F1BNT I floor aud luadsoa* flimma on third Item together or separately, table flrat tdare and prl- ate If deatred Applv at "A weat Tbttey aivth atreet. t-etween Ftftband S.ilharrrtoer TWO l'MPl*R NleHL D PARI.OHK-IN TtllRTKRNTH 1 street, between eenond and Third aaetiuaa. to let. wttb Board, nun suitable or a hednetm IppOa. FOWLER'S Board Dlreetury, F Uh Avenue H del .wiser Twenty ihinl flrtR flaw?hflv OB THREE ORWTI.RMI N CAW ItsTT OOOD Hna'd. with an Antrrtnao family at 1*3 Rtsechar street bp*A. waat of Hru. ;war Teens reaauaahte VERY CHOICE BOOMS MAY NOW BE SLCI ItLD ON Itbaral term a hi dee -ah'e part as. without rh'ldrew; family ? ?*n and flrat etaaa Ruard w Weal Thirty alnth ?"reel between fifti and nuth avennea V WBRT IWENTY RECORD STREET TO LET. T0ONE I or twe nautlemee wtthoui hoard. ?* with Hire*' at Ifllr. a newly fwrniabed trom R.awn. IV.ale faaJly. Refarenraa re>|aire-l ;rf4 W eat I weutr -eooad street : r,A amd rrw bi??, at m obamd m / r't/ Two or thr? vo nil ye-ii em" 1 a lahtny theeom te of a home >ab be *. mm modeled >y applying al live we address on r.NION SQIAHE-A TERV DKBfRASLK si it ry'/ ol I runt IVe-ina to to rretrd with H at UWEdT rol ATEKRTH erREBT, f IXiSK To DEI. roontro a ?A lady will let. in anP or, in a party f gonUenaen. or a gen'lenuin and wife, an eleaaritly fur uabed auH of Apartme.oi* ?? partor or aanottd floor I'BtOJf Sol ARK. EAST NIDI -RICHLY EtK nia bed Pa nor Flour P> let, wtih prtrate table. al"> arwnd story Hall, wftti Board. Nefereweea reduced t<7 WEST BLEYIXTH STRF.LT BETWEEN FIFTH Ol and fltsth aaenuee A tentleman aad htawlfaora few single gentlemen nan bo wnmoarmelaled with K at-a and Board it, a pronte family 1||t; NINTH STREET, NEAR BROaDWAY-TO LET A'"? with Board, nor Room soluble for a gentleman and wife, er twa single gentlemen. Also a few dey boarders tab en. I'M 'TEST TENTH STREET. O.MR BLOC* WEFT Of A?J*J B.itb eeenne -A few ladtee or gen'lemer >an hare pleasant VxtH with eveelleBl Board. Tertna eery stud ?eele leeatkm good TWELFTH STREET, BRAE SECOND AYR . ane Large Rnewi oa ae. ?t floor, fmat, w.lh f?M mI'iSi' miT * ^ W'"** _ MAM) AMI* UliHW W A PABLO* AND MEDBOOM^WA J\ vale labia. for two young Mdtes, in a rtftKMH ueluuand. Ad4nMi iUiio| pi fort, boi UB H?raJd o>Bi. AOKNTLEMAN DBKIBks A BOOM COMFORTABLY furnished, and Board, when ho con hare a Bra; tha uppar part or tha dtj preferred; tanas not to exceed |lt per week. Address Boarder, box LEW Post othoe. AOKNTLEMAN AND WTPB WISH HANDSOMELY furnished Boom or Rooms, with modem tmpreve menu, Hoard for the lad; only, in a small and quiet forvlgu family, where there are uo boarders; wast aide, below Four teenth si reel preferred. Address, with full particulars and price J. E., Hsraid office. _________ A gentleman and wifb want board, with furnished Booms, counseled (not above Ibo second Mory), Bra and gaa Included. Ins genteel location; private family preferred. Address, stating terms, which must be moderate, with full particulars, H7 R., box 4,714 Post office A MERCHANT DE8IRE* TWO ROOM8-WITHOUT board. In a private family, for himself and wife; Iocs Hon moat be good. Addreas K. B , boi 1MB Foal office. Board wanted?on the ist orjaxdary bt a gentleman and wife, between Fourth and Thirtieth streets; west aide preferred- terms not Ui esoeed gHO per month, lucludiug Are and gas. Address C. C. H., box ft Park Hotel. Board wanted-citt and oofntry also all parties can have descriptions of desirable localtttei and accommodation*. without charge, at the Hoaid Exchange, KB Broadway. KICK A ANDBEW8. Board and boom wantri?-by two young gentlemen near Madtxou square, for (2t per w> ek, In eliding fire. Address (). 11.. Herald office. Plain, oood board wanted.-for a young man. in a German or American famiiv; down town preferred; not over $7 per week. Address It R , boi 3.0ftV New York Post office ilfANTED?BY A tUNGLS GEN IT.KM AN A BOOM. vt wuhotil board, in a private laraily win re there are no other boarders. Address, giving full particulars, <1. N. 1' station D WANTBD-BY A sINULE GENTLEMAN, A KUR nlsned Room, with or without partial Hoard. fAddresa J. K. D., Herald office. Wanted?between blrsokek and frankun streets, a Furnished Room, with Board in a private family, by a young gentlemai* nod wife. Te, ins m ist lie moderate. Address !>., box ISO Herald office HOTEL*. Atlantic lioTBL-a new bowery. Chatham square Well furnished Rooms at moderate pi laea, by tha day, week ur mouth. Open at all hours. JOHN f.KRKFN. Proprietor, (YARD.?THE REUNION HOTEL HAVINO BEEN J leased fur a term of years will reopen Decern bet JO. lfMSIt The above house la located on Fourth avenue and Forty second street, has heeo remodelled, improved, newly and richly furnished. The restaurant will lie under the direction of the celebrated and well known elrward and caterer Mr. D. Galer. Boom In aultB and single Table a la European. J. A KOBINHOV Proprietor. DONADI HOUSE?BROADWAY AND 1 HIRTY-TI11HII street?Two Irnnt suite of hand-oinelv furnished Rooms, for fsmUles: also R'sims for geatlemeo, wyh or without Board, at a moderate price. Hotel cubano. hay an a. by mhs bar ah b BRKWER.?The healthiest location In Ibe rity Note death or esse of yellow lever In the hotel for six years Is the beat appointed house In the West ludla Islands, having regular hours for meals whleh are prepared by one of the heal rooks of the cllv, and from meets, viands. Ac . gathered from all parts of the world Chotee wines Carriages el command at city rales and every attainable luxurv. Con nee ted with this establishment fa a on ai fort able arid ??legan. country resalenre. within three miles of tha city, and com munication every half hour. Good air, pure spring water and b?ritb-gtv:ng mineral fountains Mili.b hoi-he, Charleston, s. c.?tiik fro prtator has the pleasure In Inform the travelling pub llr that he has completed extensive alterations and Improve ments lu the above establishment, It is now- ready In -he reception of cue t?. Keg ilar communleatm? i? now ongn with Florida and all points South. JOkEPH PCHt'KLi.. PLANTERS' HOTBL. AFGCBTA, Ga. - EEFI'K nialied and reopened October R IW THOMAS 8 NIPKEBHfiN. propiie|or. late propi letor of Mills House, Gharlraton, 8. C.. and of NIcgarsM's Hotel. Columbia, S. O. fPONTINE HOTEL. 427 AND 4-J0 HltOADWAV BRANCH I of the Tontine i-ornsr of Corltandt sad Weal Rooms from Kir. to $4 per day. Ladies and gentlemen's restaurs ills attached. CITV RRAL EMTATR WK RAI.B. AT HO AHILL 4 OCV8 KJ Al. KSTATFI ACMARIIF 471 !l-i av<uue between Port* fifth au<l ^oriv ^ith ?a?. Dfci-lllAHLE I'tUVATE nwl I.T.IRun FO* "ALI* Klii?t.-aani atrrat, 4 .lory lilgh Mann bil k S '? K??l Wd atroat. ? ?>???? aumpbrirk .. T, We-I 4.Vli atraat. 4 -tort hmh ?4'>>'T> lirowu Hour ,. ?*', F.oat 4Ath alma*. atonr blgti atnopbrnwu atona.. '.45 Eual 4lai atia?i. :i - .017 high '<?-!*?* ' "*! RaM 7hih slfwi Satorj bfcb atonp Ywwn alanr ?"* Raat r.M trart. :i ?tor> high "loop brown alow- II," > Lnnnginn avarnin 4 nor* brown Mori. fnrniahad W4*? I.nt*..nd o-paraia or l.^otlirr. fiontlug ?? b Va.l1t.01 a lift all ilia ara> >.aa, Buulavaid ant < antral I art YminflM# and Harimi 4 KIP.NIHITRP HolTRb FOUAAlrF HI* IT % tLE m until fain.iy . Hit flrtl '!*??. Vo ' t#> No 4 tVnut !Sd 'Irani. Flflh Avri 4 N EU'ELIiKMT nor^K. HRST MM.ffV A llor-ri. nn*I ? .'rinc e?n?|?lrte. ?"? ?T '? ?? " "ru'n" ?Tqv?7? .? ' - AVKRV IIANI.40MK VOIP STOHY BROWN *TONV llouaaon Waal t orn ao. on.I alraw.(m aAla.1 >11 ?mor?*?mont?. anlandallv built; alda Wrfcla-? . I'oTThR HKO?. A BKLLARY, No. 3 1 ,.n airtai ALL. TIIP. TniHIl AVKM RTORF. MJilfKRtV and daatrabla B1.1l.bt1g Iota ihpi ?ro for ??!? rou l.a tonight >1 McGAHILL A rO.H Raal?Rntala Kichanga. CI rhlrl treiioe ~~ ?Ol-'NIVTHN PROPKKTT FOB Ijl.Lf. .it "AbltAA |> bin for har-atm-o . In R-nartwaj. > anal *' "*r '?'Jooon. Bond. Howard. Grand. H?j?r // T*. Hooalon K>~ "?ran.| F.ntHfc aliroa- aKn I r ", plana Ninth. Trnlh. rininnth. Iwalllh. Tbinna.itb nod IXth rWr?a. .f ?" b... """""J* ' unai Broadwar. I*l.>w < ?"Ai alranl ApplY ?" , CHKVAI.MPP. NfOdar? atl?M IMiU 4ATT NPW r?l??T <M A-s nu.U KTflT.I- I T '?n A 14H? mtrrrt i.?r n .r a. f.** I prion fa HY Hao aaro...d r^'" h m IU? Htrfni JMD Vr>?i?vtr?? of A 1?A> 1H *1 in r.? rI7.1Tanronih or ro-i.le-rn S. Raal fT*U a?r~ ? tha nrnniag. | v"10K RAIT. TI1F. THRKI. KTOBY FTI^AF II4?I ?? j F HV.d ir 441b 0#rk. B;? bis.!* ?-?, i. *f'" third atr^t ?*?r < ?ntrsl P?rk lo<*lw ?f P- H *fC?n | |VI Ho-wrrr. from ? lo 1^, or ?l 'JU t? 9*1, WfawHAY waliarLK ? _ F~ ORHAI.P?1-ROFPRrrON ANN VARtfK I.F?INA?rr>. I.atirwwn MrnMa, Waai Brondwag. Maidrn Jana. Noa.oa HiilbarTTwNraia, Rowanr, N.illiran and Now < aual ?rr? ?. ' ruTl hW NKI/THKKA A RM.LAATY. 1 No. 3 V^or at mat lip W'wl: ? raoiTheIaR oil thirtt ^irnTiTirrRKf r. i r F.iwlt"^ hmmmmri I1?hw, **f\ *rr*.u^ iu4 it* 1 In# order p(,**rwmn nny tlmr. fine ortier r r ^ Uj|{Mm A ? CI.. ?r. RP.ntr^Mf ITOA NAI.P-A THBPK b 14*14 III..H NTOOPJLOOA* |4 oaNNrat Twanig an. oiwl airaa' a .!???' ?""* high aWa.p on Wa.1 Twr.itj (iflb arra" |4?:? larga lour aiorf Ml op on Wa.i Tbtrtjr-fo.irlh Miral, JT IWI a four ?(.WT Rfiglwh b??. irvrnl on R aat fwaiy ?ai-y -iraaf tl4>? on. on Waal TWnj fwortb alrgai. a raa* iflraai kouaa, BofTABftft fr. Waal I ihtwt a raat. nn| BAl.P AT A f'RL AT RAIMlAlN-A Nr!.r.Nl?ll> f foar rlmj hrown Imw Ilonan .* Wadwon aif a nwi fhlrtr aarar.lfi MroM: (..II fr.m? '? etl bone** the rmtrtft ft IRnLAWs* ? RCRN F 4TNPRT FR4.PF.K IT I WRRAT.B _A TTf RKF ?lorrcod baaawi'ol Hotwa, wall loawta.1 aaar Frtwaa Mroa?;pa,. larg.ln^ f ?> roMaai. H.' UPAlTkRTATK'aNII INRI RAR4-P BA4IAKRR. J M AND * HKOAOW AY. offar far aal.' llon?aa in Nrw York. Rronk ar Wir1amebwrs ^b Ra.k'n ? ""?<. An harar^ ralaabN. Faiwi. naar Raw Y.rt _ K ' offaf for'aala, anma (Irak Haaa Havana, in 11 ' baat ? radHaataAAad-r oAro No ? WaatTwaoir ?fc?rd awn. Uf?* Araooa Raial.^ oTith avrni p rm4?rpKTT for rai t ttr<. r??? R O atarr brirk wn.raa and liwalbnga. aaar Par>g?talb ?Irani. Raal rata InraM.nan; f >7 0330 B,,V THAT Nl- R W4NW* ANn MIT R.ilanrn arraai iwAw .nn 11 nwr? aodXadlaon Mraata and >4 U? win nor l?n '?b' ^**7aTTTS Mil1, ''-olgn . atraat. fart .*ah W TAYTBN^IA IHrla.'.a at raal Tka nbaapwrt bonaaa wdl ha aoM Una fan. aa Um ..wwar wanta rnowr) a. - iian r'.R i " ? | .1II If P H.rtlna will Iwalnd op kawa m*?f on proran-nlA. ,?*)??>' jra.l ^g|f?SD M .^wa, BROOKLYN RKO.MTATB rnHRLLC. A N II.WIA3T IHHtU.IIJI. IN ? CWOl'T lAl A ta Brnwklgn. ???"* KA?tLB. bawdaiaarlp gnniihBU "KVATyfJ^ARRBI. "ODWRWH^ TJHOOK I.TN . ,s PT.POANT l5 brown an.aa llauar. iwwm 'l?W> a . fcawj >?n MrgNu Ftirnlfnrn H da?lr?d w?ll ba rai 'Ml If b"4 wdd by laa"Mf |A. Ingulra of ?. a.Mlrnan r f Yaw Aawdl. MS RaMaaW M. i 11 I NT* iN A vp.NI'F. ???K W44T FK4IN THR i.RARH ( ao^n, amooa-a fro-Ram Par* it jl^an VIlbL w Ih KgWnaWM <PIaa.w Rl Idika a aknoA, lad TliM fnnl llo.I an r o.lM... 1* r -aa?. ga> Art ^4 '?*! "aaar inr-waionl Parlor Hlrroro, wnb iwa Ma alaba wilt <wf. nt^ Hr otand < b.ndwnaro and g!l?"* nna-iaa cubta rlreet -"'.oijitiilKf CM. wtier im ? ?gun rhe 0roQ?4i art Imu'C ?h?^e kM fr?H Inaaa abnibbnrr, Iknarraand artawaga of jrapa and'rawp log rilinr r.n:r aibtiuooal l.aa ad, ? oiny Bar ba bad at ? ow gnaa Fraanaalof, rfraa toiaia-bam'T AwMt to ? lloRhuiw. Knt Kaiala Agawt. M.m tgon, r.awr Coarl at C4MNTHV RK Air ICiTATB ROR ?%I.R. A ?'?liBL FARM. #4 A4 RRS. FOR RAlTl ? H*AF A an IM Nortoarn Railr'Wd. a aa.laa tr*m lAa Mto. IM fr^Wt ??m Ana balldlwg. .Ad fmlt. Appfg to g. * MANOR. ?n ?TfT"R ro?. . RCK'yisr,r-ort^2i?&3VT

cililR* 73 l'<ifllM4l rlrnal M. T. ______________ Aix wartiiki parrs O4IO0 sosL- wnx oy. ?lata 14 tailaa af FSItodalpbto. rrtto Mklf SSI par am Alan ,??ro?ad toad ^ Idwaaint ?? fro. IZ drato C S LARDIR. Viankaad. Raw Jaraay. LVi? RAI*-A SAW MIU...A TIRST 1 XAaa RAW F Mill dtnalad al Raranaab 'I* Rr parttootora apyty aiRirnad alfaal. aMwaat. toaad IS A1M. LVtg AaIJA- A FUST J LAAR SAW MILL. jlTOAgB r al liraaaab, Oa WAagagaad ^V^TL ZZ T?L ^kkMaa CpWHT M*t ? Ve>K*Ra.~4fiuBa AND LOT ro| MUi OOQD J. locattoa, Dm river tM*. tan minutes Iron depot. Par Mm*** with #!?. PS RET, WHM<SmmmM?Mat 9 f*nn acres op land por hale in wehtbr* 40.OUU North Carolina ?I (ball offer at public sale on the premises, uu Tuesday. tba Oh of January, IMP, about 1,800 acrr> uf excellent Farming and Orailng Land, lying on tba Tad hint rlrar, in I ha oounttaa of Wilkes and Caldwell, la North Carolina. The premise* ambraea at leant 300 acme of Dna river bottom, all under cultivation, with a largo portion of well t ha he red upland, and uneurpaooed watar power for drivius machinery. Tblo land belong* to the estate or the late John Wttberopooo, and la situated an the mala road leading iroio I.eui>ir, N. C., to Wllhaaberg. la a pleasant, healthy country, end will be aold for cash or on a credit ?f su or twelve inualba, as may suit Ui* purchaser C W. CLARE. Administrator of Jaba Wltbornpooa. deceased, Lenoir. N. C. REAL BttTATB WAITED. A HOUSE WANiKD-ON FIFTH AVENUE; A FAIR cash price will lis iisld fur a house on the Fifth avenue, between Fourteenth nod Thirty- tilth streets. Apply to KIROACO, No * West 2Sd street. Fifth Arenue Hotel, Kino a no hare nrdera frnm purchasers for several Houses, it rates from $10IXIU to $*MK10, and onn for *HO,0OU to R8UUU0 on Filth aveuue, ai-curding tu style. KINO A CO.. No. 9 West Twenty-third street, Ftrth Avenue Hotel. WANTED?FOR A f'AMH CUHTOMER, THKEK STOKV House, In any good location above Twenty eighth stm-i wiih possesion by February 1. CHAR. B. HILLS, Reel Estate Agent. IP West Thirtieth street. WANTED?TWO PARTIES, WITH HU.0U0 CAPITAL each, wish lo purchase each n three or four story high stoop, in hall Lng.lsli basement, brick er bruwn shine House, inn leas than lHitl). lot half block. I'rice from RIO.IHH) to*IdIklu. .Must have mndeiu improvements. in good onlgli ??nrhnud below l-'ort v-flff h street. Whoever lias two such hon-i s lor sale eheap will hod buyers by addressing V. AS., hoi 127 lleruld office, fur three Puis Owners and agents phrase s uswer. WANTED TO PURCHASE * SHALL HOUSE, ALL vv modern Impmvements. priee R7,0U0 to IIAOOO; neigh borhood Ironr Eighth In Fniueib street, and Sixth aud Let ingtnii avenuea. sddir-s. wnh f ill jieim nlsde. olllce No. 2 Union sqtiaie. WANTED TO PtJRUHAHK FOR CASH, A MODERN llniise, in gorel neighborhood, lietwteii Twenty third and Fortieth sttcris Address, with full parlh nlars, I L. S., Hriatt! uiMre No agents used answer. w 7h-lKkN I.ANIr AOKNI'T. Mlrtpgun, I 111 r us and laws lands Wsn'eil. A. K. LANCASTER, Id Wall street, N. V. IfUCNKN, KOOfff R. At'., TAT LET. At an bond street?la roe fdrnirhed com nit t-' h'suns. ou sei-sirid aud third ll'wire, with clo sets Also Office R Sim, so led for a droilst or physician, wllh use of one FnrUu. A ItBLOB FLOOR, DINING Hunk AND KIT! HEN A to let, at rednoed rent. Apply at 15 Tnnlh street, near Broadway ANKATLT FURNISHED OOfTAUK. NO. 27B WERT Twenty-fcuirth street, elghl reo ns. to let posse sinn Immediately. < no he ?< en only iroin 12 to 1 o'clock nil rented. AN ENTIRE RKCONO VIGOR To LET?NICEI Y J\ funtiabed. runaiatifrg nf two Urfi sleeping rooms and p.irl<?r, also a hall bedroom f required, p'^nrpteh ?r to gelher with ??i wttn t h'?n '1. Apple at 14f- East Hiiteanth utro aver .#?. Street, between Tivlng pUrr d n Akir^t <l**s hrov\ n sionk furnished house, on i:? f tihueih * met, to rent for Ihf winter or lr?uf?r, with pi iviiege ol purt-haetPK il Nrlgliwirhti?iJ ?iiH lent, aud rfiit on I* fjno per month. h INi. A 1<?., No pWnit Twenty third *?trw t. Fifth A'enue llo'el A SRI KNOW nV:l< F ITS BROAD WO', CORN! It < ot tlandt stio-t, four windows; rent fctH''!. Apply at th?* lai' good* atorr ??f F A l'? f??? .on, No 'i 1'ortlaini1 ? t. A .S|i K FUKSIMIEH FIRM FLOOR i<> M T- ' J\ inn r.i lni with wo small Room*. 17< N't h i: ??at, imar the t'ooprsr iiMtitot?. . . AHYRfiOrSL. WITH TUBS, V.XIRAi TOR AC., TO rent. Apply on promise*, 3W Firm aven .e, of S PITol ir. Ah \ v dsom r lv fi i ? m sitkp t n re e whyihh - f. In i n entjMteetmd il wl; mctl of rent in I ant by tmniir of owner ? l'??r adnH* \*?> other h#?iir'ler*< a Hewed Re*pon-ibio part.* * alone apply at 1U3 Went iwnii> <-?? on-. Itred. A COSY f iM idK nol si; to I I T Willi TWO oibet unfut 'i ahi*d licmra, \ine ?ertb hii#I ; wertly-fl* At *', *i". ? i.t; ll?r.*?k < Apartment* t ?* UiL in qllreat 114 Th.rd aryn". s i:mt'Hsisimn ijouvr to revt~and fi rni ratde A No r?trnF**r fif fc*un?:* ?d lltnio <? f mm ?a- pi A or v.,.4 m< t* well lor*, ml and 1 inot th Mpw&ida. < 1! MIL IS h. Mi U.S. Keal Estate AgcM, 4?l W#*t Thirtieth street \HfLENPU> SUIT ft I FURNISHED I DONS FOR r.ou-^ke* i .nt IHimmii s'rnet Rent miw Ho tin n I?m.fcK <r v* .dp?, tl ?* atcheap renta I'rrwud wantltlfc arithrfn <a > at &V4 W??i fwoidptftli street. \<?KjrriTMAV HA 1 NO ?TKC?IA*Rn \ I A ROE and taaaWUfdllf fi?n?iahe?i llama with all modern tin prom iwnt*' rsive ai d ? urn*' e ? ??a' laid 1n for the winter, ?v<*iMl let til# Mttii ?? a?M|OIMlMA and lespcntable Mfly Ob i*a??Mtfth|? term*. tnqaireat IT We*t Twenty.fO'irtb *ti? et tro? tl to 4 r. M. A tiORNKR* HTOII9C TO LF.T- StTITAHl.E n ?K ANY nowiiteMi m?t.t **?lr of l.igtith avnpi?r, pear t aut al k. $'Ji? per tiKtrivIr lm?*e*!tato noa*< ?-??on ?yiOe m;AMiA>. .44 H gblti trenije A rtKNIM?M? ROARIiINO llol sE To LET ? Twent* uwrw * fi?H *ii b4mr<Ur* tr. t4w virihtty the N?w IR'ei and llartem h. aMii dejmA. Twenu *rtmi? " * thfrY ?tre?it. ? ra*e?bniw?- \ if TtrtVLEH Twwntj thirds wet ? ??M*eroi Fit Hi Avafuie He?e|. IIOLsF TO LEI \ *4I> H'HMTIRE FOR HALF with dnr, wall"it hir? itern ?*??! mm) ? ? otnpiete for flf'Hen ro?itt* >p(U u? ? t'AONKV, hAA Waah'rmPm Mrntl, fbiiA 1 M2 Ntxl !? In #? I* M . TTflOALUAT I Ktrt*! KTV TO 1>T OK LRASF A D vflwitdld p.'ora ???? lite odl of hroaifw a>, U?ta? Twelfth '!/ Jer| front Htifl rear by 4A feed ?.eep, wtfh IF fen< Ml i | *eltaMe l?? the heoatnr hmiiifm The ai.<t l?* wtmi m..*e Uifb one of tl^'wnoet ?leehaOfe ?loir? on fel'WMfb Apply to OOEFR ROTI AN No 1 T r.e etreet |.nWN|^llU? IfOi epw TO I FT A Nil T A HI F OF P tlo?j???, n? ??nil). fhiitNOU Nod Ttrefip alBtb ateoet*. and alifpa .<? nr the r?t? VOI. NO A <NI? C? t:hO? fl.tfi. at met. rratwi J*. 1 ? T* MIKO IfplNh TO "WENT (Fl.l FllfNfiV FIVE n.ndht, ele ei? ri/iirn Itm'i and tu?h.*war. Fifty t*i entyd"ilkf |ier m?> th ImVa 17 Wrfl Mnet, HhlMtKl MhlNK TO F.Rt in TIIIRTT HiTH ?tree i It# a lifts a #?,,*!* at $.n& M roofith Aild'O ? et. ill Hn?(.*em frmtty h .?d ?g. WI'B'M*nKI? IfOI KR TO RENT-OR WFHTSWRN rV r I l ?'??? . #e ??.? r ft. Mt#a,p . for ? e ler $'JM.I ^p#r?ni' i M)" I l liWAim ') hoiTN'Mpihlui *tr?r? 01)1-^^1.1 I'lJN f|K TLHFO** tiOlMlRl HOI K aee| 0 'M l??t ?Arprp 'MkIw.i FnmRore P?.i rtHii P*riot o. ReMfonai Muitn. al RKNI?ALL A ' tW'rTrf ISA ?r.<l HI ti ??*?*??? <Kreei, oimn df Carat, and <l>at y w?e?K in oh int ?%fvnnrite ?f 'prefe.rwd Orrirn ro?.m to hvt turn ? varrmrrt ? r<R|T ?? A r. ? ujyv AA Hinm ?-?? F?ART ?>r A V\ I NO IIKO I K1**TK HOUR* To I ?T (r> a*'# t?ma ??nwi ii? mot. 11**mi.j JflMJlU ?*'? ?- IT ??>?, ?..?> ?rlfMnm ? " i ' Milk.!.,, orr . m r< v? i it to i.rr ?i 'tmmnvmrn *ad?ij i, , 7s llliK'l imli.? In ??. ?lUi RAW**! f""W? Aliulf l?. iHRTi) MR VKK i? WW Twrnty a. II .m? cr?* rovkR-uMi *?r> mix wtu |1 IIrMM bwi, Wt-fc wO-mn pnwo u. !?i 1im|ii1 im a* Wi-^..-?- TW Tirw Uteew, Itt " ffT0l 'r ?T P*v I'dWH - To tKT HIT, rr IN Hi; Iff) ?e n( IW ?!??' ml *?.i?l?i. villi liiam r lfOl?R ( H V. ISHTIM. U Rpr Riia/a- ? ,.* ?""< "RRfc APtw nil ptvu am ?? l? iiw ? rAWl. \ T otniac :<? mi aiik *T?rtT. i>n mi rch to i.ft I ihiihhi .n -rj I Willi ?? *0 ? ? i ll lull!, ?ninuxii: A|i)iif t?a.? HIMIIOrc utwwv ?7?*? r? notfti. -to ir4*r row a trim or aaa.n ihfW! llno.?r ad/atmo* an* ?*li<-r. n ?.? airfoil? of tfrr l|t|>la>.?l Kirrf Ifopo', an rirrl.ail ?< <ulx* rlana 1 UHM ?lt><? foPKAVftR A mil JDU Minll. m?H?. 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A HOTEL FOR SALE IMMEDIATELY -ON BROAD w?y, having from 4A to .Mr rooma. on a nroaxmeai >nr. liar, uewlr and handsomely furtilaharl. with Lease. Hiu.k w W' rnadwei ? nd Fitturaa. in copiplete (tinning ordar. Nona cOaUimara daalt with. IHOMPSON, 7A*1 Br A SACRIFICE.-MM) WILL BUT STOCK. FIKT1. IIF.M, ?nd luur and a half years' Lease of Honor alurr and dualling 18b Wooator atiaai. Inqulra on I ha ptan ?e? A SUPERIOR IUAVCK FOR A FIRST CLASH PARTY to keep all A No t Hoarrllng llnuaa, W roouia. now full of hu.iilara only one hlnrk trnin Una hoial kino A co. No V Waal Twenty third atrael FlfUt At anna lloti A -FOR SALE TUB Sl'IIOONKR HtflKOKY <aR. ? i ylng about gu ion a, dmwlog 5>g fact of water, ting at foot of Houston rlraat, Nui itl UTtr t AtmI ela?% Of?!er irmiM, dnitif t Orat ratn bindm-m Ohm tod tn flici Fourth ward, %' No I .Iftrntm altp, oornor of t'lmrry *irr?tt. T|m rr*?K?r? lor filing, tin* ?n|pt mt"i not brinr nblo tonttf-ti'I to It. 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