Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1866 Page 3
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WASHINGTON. Mates la the Mate the Repeal ef the iaaetty fewer ate the 4teistiea ef Rehraika. Ill Prnidcal U te Sappftad In the Eifore* ant ?f the leirte Doetriie. WiUHBonjn, Dm, it, hm, iMMfkncal ?( the PniMtil. the mentation for the ralalng of * committee to in> gnwolato the propriety of proceeding with the I mpeach - ?Ml <C the President, It ia thought, will pea prior to ton adtoornmant for ? recess. imnwg the petitions presented to the Boom to-day wee ewe from Athens county, Alabama, signed by six pmaona only, making the Impeachment of Prealdent IsiaaoB- The petition la printed, mad la similar to Sahara circulating in rarlona parts of the country for afcaalom. The Tariff. The Finance Committee of the Senate will remain here daring the adjournment ef Cong sam, for the purpose metnty of considering the tariff. Already there Is n con atderable delegation hero representing the woollen In terent, which, It appears, demands n protection of twaatydlvo per cent, dear of thotre par cent tax and duty en the raw material. Cabinet Discussion On the Nsgre Ssdrags ?III. The Negro Suffrage Mil for the Dtetrict of Columbia was dlaeusaed in Cabinet council on Friday last, all the wsmtaw being preaont except Secretary Stanton. It man annalmonsly advised that the Mil be vetoed en ac oenat ef Its diirfrsaehtslng features. A bill merely giv ing suffrage to the negroes would bo approved Better Feellnar. Stent sis and Representatives of radical stamp bow visit the departments and urge appointments with as much frssdem an If all hostility had merely been of a Pickwick inn nature. Tboy are atoo received with ail deference, i la mere eommnnleation In this way between the stive and Congress than there was at the last neasion. Kxrcntive Power. IV general impreasioa now la that the Senate will eewdrm tsuch of the nominationa aent in ae are not glnrtngiy partisan in their nature, trusting to the passage of aome meaapre at this seaeion to curtail the Prseldeat'H Onr Naval Farces Near Heilee. A report hae been in circulation, apparently not with not aomn foundation, that aome additions to the Oulf egtmdron are noon to be made. Thin may be a valuable Indication to those Moil an politicians who advise Max twdllan that the United states will not interfere actively to the aflhirs of Mexico. CmhimiIcb i* Uy*l Owim of Eillntnl A commuutDition wait laid before the Senate la reply I* a resolution calling for Information ia regard to the oammimlonere appointed to award compensation to Uie owner* of alaven planed la the Union army, from it appear* that the War Department appointed for iri Janice K. Mill*, Jolia L. RUllngx and Rnewell ; for Kentucky, A. C. Moore, George W. Blakely nod Aich'hald McAllister; for Teuneneee, O. R. Itovle, Henry Thompson and Ruttell Hon. ton; for Maryland, Wna Fllett, Wm. H. Stewart and J. M. Miller; for Weet Virginia, Wileon P. Ames, John Sehlea and Robert H. Mnaaa. A commission waa oonreaed at Baltimore !u ?her, 1MB, and oonltnued In aeeatoa until Oelobrr, I. at which date If waa dissolved. Ona waa al e con I at Georgetown, Delaware, shunt August, ISM. and i dissolved in March, IMS. It waa composed ae fol M. Guan, Albert Curry and Theodore Ame* i eommMonerw inveetigated and reported upon four thouaand claim*. The conm>mloneri for Missouri, October 10, aay the negroes enllated in that Stale were collated aa general recruit*. When cent by foe various dlatrlct proruet marebale or the authorized meruit log officer* to tha gaueral reodeavoue at Benton fonfo they wen* en bier.ted to a amend artMU an amination. No notice waa glren to the aeetgnaacnt. Hat only In lb la, bat in acme caeea at leaat which had earn* to their knowledge, the recruit# were eeni out of Mb State before amlgaod to any regiment. Many caeca have been brought to their notice In which loyal own CM livtag en the wnatern border* of Mtaeouri litem WBl m took their alaree Into K ansae and an Meted them fo foe United States eerrlce. Tble often oocurmd before lay authority to receive colored reeralt* In Mtoeionri mm glren A large number of alaree were also enrolled under tha aaaae clrru instance*. The following abstract ahowa the labor performed and foe namber of clatma acted upon by the rommiwoon formerly In aeaetoo for the Btotoa of Marc land and Del* Member of claim* filed in the Maryland Com mission 1,M7 Do upon which awards were made TM De. retarned to claimant* unacted upou, by reason of d.aaolutiou of '.ommleeloB..., 2.*011 I .3,?B7 r frlai me Hind m the Delaware Commmeloa 114 upon >tneb awards were mad* 43 retort en v retarned rlaimaot* br reaaen of diaauie Ilea of eonrt<ll0. K Aggregate number of clidnm 'wifo Mmriaad and "4 Delaware Ooramimiea* TT1 ' T Reimbursement of the Loyal tmr Wh( R K Immediately after the holidaye the bill to m. ,,urjK| foe loyal State# for war expenses win be reported ? nation by Representative Rlalno, ef Maine. The propo i Is to give a certain amount of Br# per cent United i bond* to each State, equal in emoont to |M for onfo volunteer furnished by mid Slate. The Income To*. The preposition of ' empttuller Hillboa o, of New Tork, to giro the income tax to each State does not meet wtth favor, be< iu*r uf the uread inadequacy of the i collected under that band In the menial Mute*, i objectiou apf'toa, thongh In a lays degree, to the Imnk tax to the several State*. Some i would In thw way reel'.** e larga amoaat. while athxre would rorelve very Mtlle No Mnlnry foe Allototor Harvey. The Civil and IMptomatle App'upna'loo Mil omil* an appropriation for the salary of the tin .tod Plates Mia et?r at Portugal. The bill at the last eanuon did the acme Narrative Nurd owe. She Attorney General to oreporlng a report to be tub mNted by tbo President to Congress. In wbtrh ho demm fomfim tfee impme'Wilty ef coin aletiag the report railed for hp Ihe Hoc** in refereoce to the number of political perdu m grant*4 by the proudest, together with tbo nomee of the person* roeoux needing them nefore the Mann af tbo prnoant aoxaxM ef Congram, n ra the gtartanl foroe of the Atturaoy ttoaerei ? oHro be tom Tbe Peon* rive ale Mvnelerablp. fofoon Cameron, at renaiy'vanis, ia bore tookiag ofoar bte cbaacee for the Itonatomhlp. A aenther of Mr. Gnmeroa'e frtotido hare arrived m the city with,a the pant fow day*, moat of wbem are confident Hint bo wM eocooed Mr Cowan la the -eaato fho Maw Orlenoo Riot laveet laallaa few mit tr?. The Ho,!** eemm tie* '# in?e?tttni* tbo New Orison* VMM. ef Whlcb Mr tlioi, of Marmrtnientto, m < ba rm##, Ml tare tbm morning by the itoiMntor* end Ohio Kaih toad for New Orteon* Tbo committee waa errompoaied by Deputy ftorgenat-at ArmeT F Cberry end a pbnae graphic Herb, #nd expect to be eheenl between two end three The report put'lehc l in some New Tart paper* that ?atoaei Paulding, hoe Chief Paymaaier in Ihe amy, bad fibre# I en i I to mate mm dteolenorm concerning eertoin ?miunal bank depente I* antra*. Colonel Paulding bm made no tbrnii but la do* Uin* will make *u< h stole mere* to the pu hllc a* will vin>' icn'e hi* uiarmcter He make* *? Master about whtl he lalende to do, and new r ?tow* to the oouirary ere ?imply fai.r.r .t cne It I* ?ery however, Ihet he will net allow bimeoif to ' ender uajoet impdioton* of the "I'aloa Coogrooeloaal Com. mfitfire.*' f'bien Congress* ne*l CemmlU?e, earapomd tut* baring a ?ach bourn ef Con MM a meeting at the Sepitol toa'vbt r tat it* Bebeaok. ehatrmea, until th# rwMk Omgim, the *?bM or which wiu The WammmM Sal* ?( o*M. Tho Ways Md Mew Commtwae of the Houae mat lb la moraine and resumed the ooaatderatlon of tha bill forth# aala of $2,000,00* (bid par week. Conaldarmblo dabata waa had pro and ocn, upon tha maaanra, but without rsenlt, though H waa ascertained that a majority of the ooaamtttee wore favorable to oompnlaory eale* of cold batag made. It ta doubtful bow whether any defin ite action will ba taken upon tha bill until tha reaaoem bllng of Oongreaa In January. Indeed tha preaent proa pact la that the maturing of all Snanelal projecta will bo poaiponod until aftar tha holiday* Ealanalaawat af Captain Richard S. Meade. Tha unexecuted portion of tha sentence of tha ooort martial In tha caae of Chptain Richard 8. Moade, Dnltad Stataa Nary, which aupondad him from rank and pay for three yeara, haa bean remitted by tha free Ideat, and Captain Monde la now reported aa watting orders Ha will reauma hla dot lea aa aoon aa ha haa auOHoienlly re eovarad from hla preaant Ulneaa. ?(altera te the While Hem. A largo aammblago of riaitora ware at tha Whtta Hooao to-day, a good proportion of wham ware Seantora^aad Rapreeentativoa. Tha ladles ware preHeut in copal dor able force, and moat of thorn recalled the dortred audleaea. Tha Praaidant alio granted In tan law a to aD tha members of Congreaa who called for that purpoee TJnBTT-IUTH COHOB.BSS. Hceewd Maculae. ?SKATS. Wtanworox, Deo. IT, lMdt anancajnaano* or ran vinoo* sraia norunintarr. Mr. Bmatun, (rep.) of Haas., rot en ted the proceeding* of a public meeting of loyal etti/ens, without reopect to color, recently hold in the cHy of Serf oik, asking that Congteaa reorganise the Mate government of Virginia on a baala of equal rights, ho., and asked that It be referred to the Committee on Reconstruction. Mr. 8an samrr, (dent. | of Dal., objected that It was not In order to receive tha proceed! ng* of a pnbltc meet ing nutem they came In the form of a petition or me morial. Mr. Htnorsa mid the proceedings were ia that form. Hy a rote of tho "euate the document wea received and referred. thk KKAVwavsrio.v or araxt*oai* to an uurraicr Mr. Wadb, (rap. I of Ohio, presented a petition for tha rag. rv awn, :ie|?. ; ??? vuw. pri cd- hwtj ? pvtmuu tin tdis repeal of the art retrooading the city and coonty of Alexandria to the State of Virginia, that they might be come a part ot the District of Columbia Ordered to lie on the utile. ?UfKNDWrrri to mr. unarm tkw. Mr. W*nr prow-mud a petition for certain amend ments lo the constitution, inohidtng equality of otvil and political rights, he. Ordered to be printed. (KCKUTKD TSRirr O* Nll-K ??lllUO< Mr. Cowan, irep.i of Pa, presented a petition Tor an Increasou term for th? protection of manufacturer* of Htlk fabric* Referred to the Finance Committee. ?EwonasoiuumT or kji:*io* uuiaatTios. Mr. Powkbot, (rep.) of tisnsu.-.-, pre-"oted a petition for eooouragement to foreign emigration. Referred to the Committee on Agriculture. ruv Mil.irart umsirm. Mr Wrioov, (rep.) of Ma?s , asked that the Committee on MtliUrv Aflair* be discharged from further considers tion of a hill to Increase tho military peace eatablixbmrnt of the Unitod States, tba subject havng beon dlvpoeed of at the last .tesslou. It was so ordered. BXCCPKtt rsou coMurrTBs fanner. , Mr. Rnawaa, (rep. > of Ohio, n-ked to b? ><reused from further service on the Committee on (1stma It was so ordered. 1KNIIVCTT OF TH* W **BMOTO> QTT '"tlx KTTK. Mr. Mohkiil, (rep ) of Ma., Introduced a bill piovlrflog thalllt" fxioou'l section of (lie act u> Continue. Altar and Aninod the Charier of the City of Waahtngtou ah all ba ho araonded a* to mud:?"To llitaoM, tax and regulate aganoiee of all land 1 nan ranee cotnpanlea." provided that the tax shall not exceed three-fourth* or one par rent upon the tann pram uma rerrivad. Referred to tbo Comntiitee on tbe OiKtrlct of Columbia. ptrrrin nrarm <x?rum Mr. TNryarxL, (rep.) of III., Introduced a bill to author Ize and re<mlre umuidmenut and to core dafeeta in the proawdlng* in tbe court* of the United State*, which provide* that whenever any partv aball have tiled hi* petition and bond (or a wrtt or error or appeal, and tbo aame small have been allowed, the party io entitled to tuoh wrtt of error and appeal thill not be prejudiced or ba liable to have hi* caste dtati.iaaed for or (n ooiuNHptonca of any error, neglect or omitloa on tbo part of ant rlen. of oai.i court, hot that H aball bo tbe doty of all court* of die United State* to take turlrdlction of ruob ca*#H nod to caiiae xuch clerical defecta to tie amended or mipplied. au'l|wlmn the name are apparent from the record they sti.tll be mipplied tn*taot?r. nu motion, with out sending back tbe c.imo to tbe court from whore da ciaiou tba appeal or writ of error waa taken: and tbe provialona of th * aectlou Khali appiy to all casee now penduiar, ae well'a* in naaes to triae licraaftor. pendinr, ae well an lo cat-** to criee licraaftor. Kef rred to tlie Comyilltee on Judiciary. *T*rrt! n< 'untax t anurr. Mr. WiLio*, fnun the lllbiary Committee reported tbe Bouse bill sutbonaiag tbe Hecreiary of War to eoMirnct with Henry H. Brown, at a price not exceeding geO.OOC, for an equestrian statue of Ueotooenl'lneral tab, from tbe gntta captured In Mexloo, and to lie placed upion bta (tbe General t<i grave at Wast Point, wttti aa ameadment striking eat the anma of Mr Hre'm. rri en>*uvii'a ncaryr. Mr. Wono* offered the lotlowiag rw:o nttoa. wbtob waeagreed to:? Retolred, Tin; tbe S?rret?.y if War If <llrrete ! to furnlih far she informatics 0' tho neuaic nmtM "f the report ni fbd tae uiant tkmim!wit<".ir? ?>! tbe VrOedmotPa I: rrmt fogniher wlta a Rvnop* * of the local l?w. ;? opening t rrion* of oiler aa itu now ax ial le ilia lata il>?t Hhtw. a*?i?i. -;oe or naww, aw. Mr. Hrmvea introdnced "a Mil to icerent and ptic ?h falae and traudalent reprcartiatlctna tobiduoaemigration to a foreign country." WhtcW profttM thai if mf par tin am.M mr.ka Mm wpNMNMMMi to aar negro, mu latto, or other pornoo, lor the parpone uf Inducing aaeli aagro or other uortoa to emu-rate to a fore'aa coantry, who to aucb p?r*on world ba liable to bo aold ea a peon, ao Called, Or othr iis red" *d to vl'tua! aenntnsl" the lemon ?o utteod a* diall no punched, on one vtdlton tMMof, bv a floe not l?~* than avw hundred d"llar< ot.r mnro than Ave tbo 1 auu dollars, 01 hr Impriaoumcot n-1 etcoading five yaara, or bv both. And that If tbe tnasd. i, Or awnar, or pommi ha-leg charge of anv vessel ahill. wttbtp the Itmlta and JortBitcttoa of tbe foiled SUioe raoalva, or allow *o tie t- eel ml, on board anv nerro or nta-t forma, adtn a knowledge ? rut aucb pemm uae beet m-biced by fnutdolent i"presentation* to em tie rk a uhail ha punished bv a flno not exceeding flva IhoiiKin.l doilara nor loan 'bar tive btu ? drvd dullvi", or by Impriiumrndut not excnJIog II'.. y-Atn, or both, and the vow-a bo forfeit*! to tbd Ua to! ^kir Pcwim aaid >bat be bad paper* la hi* ) r.-?e??ion a to ebon thit penoa* earn* to lb' ootintt y o'd ool indo' tu"ola |o (Two c.lored porauue t vary much cmdie*. tek'ntj i *13 2? *'* 1 hn ?< and entering into *w contra:' with " reality redooiwg the-. 10 a new form of ?nonage. Mr. Nm-,,r w.uld v ,m no 'red pe*.pie to be tch premtaee Ii..l',r ** ffltdWa* ,,, the rtiiuti Rbtgkine tafen.* u, ti.a rruatntUoe an Poreiyu iiT'l? ' tJna or m? cnirmetTtm arr. J . .L'i'.kVZmfi'""* lh* "*? "*???? take up 'be Mil M r w*cT? ^ -'it'" ot tbaikmlfratioa bill W,r Id ^fSTtalea on 1li* ? h^'ut thM ,h# M'1 "Dililed u. the flour inon it. and ?waka aowta remark* upnn It. A rote ?? taken. ?nd toe Senate took up Ik. indirai*d by Mr TrsaibeU. I Mr Cr<??*y*r#4 fir the rPadtiip of lb* ?* t*.e pro poaad ?<> b* r*i>*il*d, and it wa* r>-*4 Mr T>~w*?m. and ioat lb* on'y aPto-i of fba of tbi* mu wtr ho to npMl tb* 01 ih? Oorflooallor tct. Wbtet, ? M MM<:~ Thal U* ' .tab l ?* hartby ?nlh/?-r?4, at *ar lima k'<a aftor. by pr Ml-wa'da*. Ui a > land t? p?.-**a* woo ma* ta?? p*rt>tB>> ?** i* lb* attoirr roaotlh'ii. hi a** h? ^ or pa.t 1 Ui?rp.r panto* at4 *' ir?tr wtib b ? ? ?uch '!to*. *a<4 Oh ??vb ?toMlUaaa aa be ra; ao*a. 'I| lor to* piiula welfaf* ' fram Ik* ba-t* wtto which lbla to'i pMhii tbrinyb ih* Mon o, ae? lk? m*n'r?*i*d h, ?->u a lb kbt* body to |m?? li at ?*.<?, U>? iiu. taiar nr? to a i.oramtl'**, ab Din ii..i ? ha* M?' out u. tr.a oonutr* thai bp th* repaai of b* thirtaaulti *><n>ati if Um (tolMLmi a l tM mr a if tk* rn*'<l"iu to traol pantoryand raator* *o rah"la hair prop*"* bmlil lia tokaa away. Hurb. how#*, r. win Ml ba lla *f^?l Tii* l>*to*A'? pwtr n fiat pirkiaiMt raawt ,ir"(aflf will ba Juki a* coniplM# afiot IB* pawi-pa of Iblb Mil -?p*a lap lb* Uirlaafitb *#?"tt on ?a before Tha oooatitutloa roaiar* u|?a lit* I'ra* 4a*' tb* 'powac to ; ra*t r#| r?v*a ami patdoa* for uffarrwa aptinal tha I n to I Rial**. *Tt*tit i* < -i*e? of impaarhmant;" a*d II la mm la th* p.iwr. at Ciiiir*** IC 'ieprtrablm ufUl.a pmrnfabra A parti* It 11>* ra in toi'JO af th* i Ttm* Of oftonna. aa I Ml of to* 'oa ic tiaa. a*4 may h* grantod aitbar Uxor* or afta* < oo*ia Uoa tad utoT ba a'wato'.* ar eon mi- nal. All th-*? imaWooa warn ?*ttl*d by tb* npir oaaof too Altorn?y itoaaraia and iba <l? laton* of to* -tipran.a ? win y#? apo Mr. Wtrt. Atuwaay i>b*ral oadrr I rati l-rn Mr TO?, pay* an op bioi la lb?i, tbat tb* Pro-Id" 1.1, #a?r iba -nasihutMis bad aal>ii"ly to pa ton, *a aril > < ** at tor aaay ttibo. and toa Vipcair.a ihoi of lb* Uo tad Ntota* a'b* *a*r U -a pun- M ill'arn Wi.l# > H award, lid . 111. a with rppr .oat.m tl.a I inlaw a* ' k pardon I* win hp Ixw* Oily* to b? a word af ip?rrf wb*r?bytb* King t.ibar tofvi* aitalnd<r, taaiaa. a tr naa?irtiofi *i?rr farglv *to ?ay onaia, ?*?*? *," Ac |! J not /.it) Tha tana mart, la tb* ',a?* af I ho IJaitad Mat** /?. WUroo <1 ?"?'ore licit. 4*r:<l"4 that a pardon H a d#??l to tb* capwity af wblefi <1* cry tau aamptoarw by too individml lor when, il w ? at' ad*>i ar* mraraarf, and that lb* >*r*M4*al may p?*at a pardo* ua condition* Iba kraa latil a p*w*r to raatoiw prey rty taiiad oadrr tba Conil? all- a act to it* inrtoor tour, otmam will aot br ?V<b*d by tb* r*p**J *1 tbM MMiiaarib tantio*. Tb* ?aatiaa * Mtoa* ua toat iablaa*, aad bta power tm that raaiaat I* ,wbt what lb* rasatttottoa pi*a# bim. and no mort It M iwna.aiy wuhla bia pawar to mtaui th* pruparty w.tad by i? patoaa a* a eaaditlaa to iba pardaa thai aa pruparty -ball n* r*?tor*d andar It, ?r4 wbar* bo ba< aut due* a* It M maa.faal I bat b* did not Itoaad to fatoin UM prop *Hy Tb * ?, mutpaitr, apparnal from lb* aSmat<y* ariiaa af tb* Kraaidaal ?* aammandlbp ftaaamt Bowprd, Cttiacbttw af ton kraadwa a Baraaa to rnpiar* to MrdtMd rrbata lb air fanaar praparty If to* ft** to-at baa tbaa* p*wam oadar tb* aaactitotiao, It amy ba aabad, Why tmial Una tbirttaatb aactipbt *hat pnaal b?# barm m d 4* la tot it atopd' 1 aao*??r, It w? totaa a p*wa* u praat a p?*?**] amaadty by pfoaiama Una, vhtob to* taaatltonaa daaa tel pira Tb* a aaa a*w bo MP IIM4W to trnpo ? anami af f?l that Hp pto?Ur kppa 4at* porapt t? to tar spectfled linn, and b? repealing this Sn Comw Utai froaa Un iW<w> uy mora |<Mtil proclamations f ibktum giwunc of py**"* 2j2 restoration of rebel property shall no looser bo MM under lu eonotloB. . . _ Mr. Junmeix, (dam.) of MA, took the door *? ?'"J* that the J-maldent bee full power to pardon under the constitution. He cited tho authority ofthe frdtraU* and the proclamation of General Washlugtoa durlag the whiskey iQMarrectioa, to show that tho rteaident bsa, by the ceaetitulton, the power U eeuetbe proclamation of general amnesty. gawu"ka. Pending the remarks of Mr. John^ou the morning hour aspired, and the Uhair decided the bill to admit Nebraska to be In order. ^ .. . Mr Tanwoeu. (rep ) of IIL, hoped that the Nehnakn bill would be Informally laid aside for the present until the hill called up by him was disposed of The Chaib decided that Mr. Haadrick- was entitled to the floor en the bill to admit Nebraska, and 11 oould only be laid aalde with his eonaaot. Mr. Hrmaiona daellned to yield Urn goor, so the btti to admit Nabraaka wna taken up. Mr. Hendrkgl ad dressed the Senate agalMt the bill, lahlaf^e grouad thai the popalaiiou of Nebruki too i * State government, that the majority In few of elMM# coTCCBucnt wai tery Mill. kc. IB cqiibimmi^ no referred to a speeeh of Mr. Sherman of Frldny laat, and said that ha (Mr. Sherman) expressed the opinion that the coaaUtetional atncndmcat which passed IhUW; at the last samloa was a mild proposition, and wb? jn* and fair toward the Southern Stales. I think that I reeollect to bare aak?d tba Senator at the tam ones lion which he did not theu answer. I will . the question to htm new, and let htm then, as ? itf?' tentative of ona of the states of this Union, any whether one of the constitutional amendmuota was fair, net amendment wis as carefully and wilfUllyfraroed ai to lseve the Northern State# a reprise let Ion ef from *f are denied the right of voting. Full "P"?"*'JJ allowed to four !*t*!?e, notwithstanding one-half of their KSum mSmSK -d full representation. In eluding a lergn nan-voting population, eecytng twenty representatives of the House, Is St to the h?tlh?en State* Now, la It right In a coneliiullonal amendment to else to one Stote a representation based upon a non voting population and deny U te another State because# particular population le net allowtd to vol t I? It irt0|l toglve M te New Yerk ? It la just i mild and Mr te propose that New York may have four or flue representatives based upon a non -voting WJZ Hon, and deny to Georgia a repre-teatshon uuoD her loft* voting voyuTAtion. i? it and jo?t that one State ahonld be ?vr*~ut*i for her non-rotlng popnlation, and **** not be represented for her non roUng population f Ttrnt la the question. The Senator Mr. Sherman) at the last sestlon did not auswer It, and! Ihiak It esnaot be answered. I know It can he said these people * South have been in a state of rebellion, and the i ness and folly of the Southern States in going Into that rebel sin cannot be too strongly Cipro seed by ih'Sena tor from Ohio. But, sir, wheu they come back by their representatives in this body and into ibis House, do they ooiue as States r Mr. Wads?Pose the Senator contend thai the eoa etttntloual amendment provided that they might exclude pert of the population of Ohio from voting and have mpretviilatlvcs for them V Mr. Hsvrnurga.-f'ertalnly. Mr Wapn? I do not umdendaud it, but 1 tnake a die tmotion between the power of this government ever the states that have thu- forfeited their r gbu by relislljoii, and lie ^ivir over that liave not thus forfeited '^Mr.'Hu.vniutxa? 1 aiu not dleousalmr the views of the the Senator, but of hi" colleague, Mr. Sherman. Hie col league has stated that the amnadmenl was fair, mild end Just, and that l?ecau?e o( Its character In tbi* r"*V*a* ? great advantage was mured to the party with which he *CMr.' Swum* t* ached Mr Hendricks If he dured him to auswer the question now ? Mr. Hasonicss said he did not want an immediate an swer: .my other time would do. ,k_ Mr Cntms, irep. i of V. H-, asked Mr. Hendricks " 'he constitutional amendment did not include Hie non-voting foreigners of the South as well ee of the North T Mr Hx.neirxs said the cam were not aoalogou* No Southern Htate would. according to the last census, be long to a representative on the foreign population. Wheu Mr. Hendricks concluded hie remarks, Mr. Tacanci I moved that the Senate postpone tho further consideration ol the Nebraska bill and lake up the hill le repeal the third section of ths OonDsentlon act. Mr. Bsows. (rep.) of Mo., gave notion of a P<<W?" amendment to the bill for tho adutisrtoa of Nebmeka into tho Union, ae foliowe:? Provided that this set sSail not iske ??t~t eacey'opun tSe fundamental condition lhat wldiin tlir .'Gate ?" Nebeasts there shall be no denial ef the frao?-'?lae or of any other risuts to any r?-riM.o by rc.?eti of rat* or ' olvr . anC uputi the further eondl'lob that thja a^ali he. mbmi.ted is ihe voiors at tt.? Terr 'art oi hebrseaa at an eleotloii le be h-ld on the ?ret Tyeday of ? a?; and at -o-th r.^-tlon ?..oh votete .bail deelere thelr asee^t lo or Jlsaeot from thr ./mdltlnn afoimeid. >e ?'.rh form as shall be prer- r.brtl by >he Ooretawir of sold Ti.irUcry. sod ?!. vlvert at said flreitou rliwll e reiorocU lo aurh "over P within ? d..y? from Urn Jarg ''J* forthwith '???.?? the e*art" and If . "Oejorl.y Of .h.ll be h.ribla ooii-HUoo 'hettovernurjbal mrtW the fact to the President of the Pulled stslee. WM seen. Ballon, announce i?.r f. ?.t; weereupot., wUhed se.dl tg on lbs pe. i of t-ongrree. tow so? a.ell tsar effert. Vita noLinaV Vir. w.oa tave noi ce lhat Pvmorrow be would move no r<w .iul the rrwttlu'ion providing for ibe holiday weak. It *u found that unie.. this were done the s.uflmge MH e?uld be lost, ae the ten daya guen to the iT<J*i?ient would expire duriiig the rtx*-e?. ate the bil. wouidfaU. Vr. Hue skit raid ibet Uiw case rclm red lo by Mr. Wade could he provided against by the hocreury wit! hildiag the bill until after ihe nolldsye. or until .orb Mn?. ee eouid sornre the expiranoe ef the tea days after toe re eanemblimt of Ooogrora. ^ nut* asp aaiviwiv arr ? ,n.s disc. ' ,ion loo* p'ace en toe motion to take ap tliv bill to rvpi' the amacslv power of the I r*s>deet. fh. denai# v>jt?d to take it up. . ., Mr darr.i.' ?v odered an amebduieut toetrik' out ail nfler the ena<'lug ' lat-ee of the bill, end itiaert in Ilea careers rov-:". ?l.?t 'h. act enUUci "An mil PMWP prees ln-"irre.:tion and ? eneeale Ibe ptopartr of ivbeje, Is hereby repealed. ?ClAMiee r?v twr halt s.."-.*!!!! wklt.i r. \tr. -It itsyos -nofc the Moor on this bill, bat ye'dud It to Mr fat OW1V-I A. irep) of N. J-, wh<' rose lo er uuun o its death the late denaior Wnglit, end paid, a irlb'le to his nientorr a. e man of induetry in beet i.e .t, of holt.sly 'it p<ibh ?od "f I'nfei'aa ? floe# la private I if". , At the ron. It Ion d h ? epeec. Mr f net .ohi Van* ofTerud tbo u- at wnolu on* of mdohic at"i rr K Mr CifreiX, (rwp.) of N. J , d# if the 1 te an# ? baru ter ?f th- dc -a d, ae'l wasi foitowed ny Mr. JuMMei* and Mv l?*?i" in ainstlar remark*. anv"i ahusst. At tM oonclu* '!? '< ti * ' uf'n/V 1" # 'I. I,*, tl?r-? o'ekr * F M., ?i1k> * ,,r*rfi thr u.vmoi- of Hie deceaeed. HOUSE Cf RTP KSETTRTTTiih W JO*."".1' to, f>"0 !J, I * nmaiiiu i<>? ??? *rx rr. o?? < t ? 10 a tun '? i t'lrr tbo tall of Statno for wed. . fc* Mr Wj?? ?tram, (tap.) nf hi . nf'tod a f?*i!uUna dtr">dtng tbo anloct ornrniua uu II? iifoo otlrxn-i rtot to 'nvottgaia nil anaii l r? 11 !? the N* "iwm limn, aad tlx ippiliww i>i roVia th?r*Si> to lh? imIWn it I.DliM IB it, aud l%H. all (bo trnU'r* conuorttMl Wllb fto wtmmixtra' uoi alTWra ia ibat'uotom Hmn;alwl waa nrtc-i'tod i- <>*- amrxr <.p mo wnm mmjmmi Mr. Habiw" , (i?p.) of III., oth rti >h filluwuit, which n\a vtopu >?: ? That iba Hanoi of fop' onWhnif tbo Oor armw of i'>o t'nlioa 4'*<m uofoi mr* B.ipport to Ho K?omlio t tnHnnlM ">? ??'?*?- an.i to ?'oOloaba t..o pol.</ 'f this r i .Oil' opalaat f ? Dfii i -i >?n- i?. , w. t h to tn<- Joaini't.oo of coo lb# v '?.?' ? boot* ?>?. I1.'"' i n'Bt. on.l Mpb'ioJIf*t? Mo,too ' tbo n.ifc.riol ?w>0 in r*f?r'n<o ti. bo '?poMI? o' Mr '? lonooi li'I rrwaarr i J? L ,uoS,,"> 'h* ? uom^i???2Lr?mTe!<*eeon Hank ie ?a4 Camnrr iko>!Nink'"onV i<* ,*T' ** fr* dooo WftSojpLjOO !?J|L . J?.li 1 "I OPOt f">? u.?ii ut*i-o ?Hh lorn ??r h>mo aoa*a j? wo faaaaaai< oi ?r u,# Cai'-cd aiov . l ino/ """ ?""*d Ul* W* foma a *nk? upoa tbia rm* Tb. ,r*?-? * ' cr" ? '""?????<? ?*'??. ? ti? ? of bc to :ja4t# ?**" k>ai1 araa o.?m by Mi Hf nr-a-ir* eatta ? ? . waaiod a. aoo nbo *&' " " rm* *** ?*?? rnlNioal tnt.aa U m ?f ??'MroylHf lb* rtso jroaa and a??? ooro lakti, 16 u*T* * bo tb? niiotot #? t??a f/M"'1**- ?? **ao ?**itl'? ?i 'f.l i-ajrooot o-ioa* M*. Hon, ti?m.. of 111., o(lor?l tho foli roiaf ?? Ho??'!T?LT',il I! la tko nin'a f ongroia tkat no ?o>o rotamm-ol Hon'* akoif W? ta....' tlai oro ail oob^oot to ! -bo i n. laiaa of u?\"on oa ntbor 0->o4o Mi-. Ifnit, frn I of Ha., moTid t ? lao <bo moalailoa oa Mio taMo It- H >o co led for tfi? fc t and a?r* ?? ? a' mo?iaa bit lh' ffooao rof . Od to ordor ho tooo aad to fa, and tko roaalo'.oa nao laid oa ilio in bio Mr Hm**, Irop | of III.. aCotai tha fo.iowiao ? toaohoa. T'wt tbo ('? naattlco oa Baakiaa aad i*or-o??r b* acir I'd IO ropirtl a i.tH proroblmf fo? ??iao loaapordry lo" i.-o I Oft or W ladronal of W??l loodor ronoaop. Mr, w<> ai. hob. of ft, ?o. i-roiod Uai tho mot. kriba otion 1 ho ii'idi' ?d ?o m w dlrac* lit* '?wnanboo o-rn l? to 'm? ???" ?b? otpod ?app <4 rop. rita? a?w, a bill" . i Mooanpo (rap i f Tl, Moved to lap tbo rmalalpa | ?a tb' it't.a. Til' a wat tolroa bp poaa aad Itcya, aad rooa^d I r -? M, p .?? >* Ho tba no'.lai.oc nao Laid an to MilO. niman tod f nunini <?? ?"? *a?a.j o.r? op*' Mr ?? i tTi*. if; it IR od?rod a fMoimioa * to Iba ? on?? it*o uo Torf|i?mao to wpalro laW> p?a*?.f ?f looll'tp ?nJ oa?Vtr1?ir>i lofU 1* ltioLoita'1 rtataa rooid at la tho dwriewi ot rooatij a rabafliua, ?| opi>ai Toai of If ??| a t*to totaraotoaU, and lo prootda toouniiiir rit aocb rtuuoa to alt tbo r!|htoand dlfU Suu Id tko anofiraa lat's tbo potBt of adrr MM Ida ? oa ocoeodlnp! Iwanniiia On att'on ad Mr Wi imp of tbo t.a, ir? aa ?wernodo Mh^o ofeotiwe n# to report what diepoertion tad taw mad* of tta money appropriated for tha improvement of Cfctewo harbor at tfia |y( MKtftioo. imtkMAtrt winumii wiw-4im?unw ur ornom or UTBVtT* OtnmHI UMV1C& Mr. Vuwn, (rep) of III. introduced a joint roao lotion Mfltoririog tbo Praeideat to nominate. and, with the advice and ronaent of the Senate, to appoint Ueu tanaat Commander & L. Braaae to Iha active llat of the navy with the rank to which ha may ha antltiad. Re farrod io th? rommlttae on Naval Attain. AUo a hill to Or the oonipeaaaikm of the officer* of the ravauaa cotter aarrica. Referred to the Com mittee on Commerce. skm ial aucrut ia WAsaiaoTov. On midionof Mr. Imukmoll, (rep.) of IIL, the Dtatrlct of Columbia Committee, wna laetru.ted to inquire into Iha expediency of providing hy lap for a apeclal election of the City Treaaorer and A editor. rwm.tnu* or ran nocoe. Mr. Bennwrnx, (rep.I of III, udared a reeolntloa look tag to the better ventilation of tta Hooae of Repreeeou Uvee, which, at tha uuggeetion of Mr. Wuwamore, of III., be amended ao aa to dlraet tha Committee oa Public Building* and Orounda to Inquire late the expediency of renimiug the r.stauraat from the haeeaient of the Capitol. Adopted. 00*01 savi.ui or rartcn- t* ma roar urrtrr oar iktmwvt. Mr. raaaawonm, (rate) of III., ial rod need a joint reeu lu'.loii tusking It the duly of the Poatmaater lleneral te allow Hone tare and Rapreeenutlve* to examine nil paprra and racoon meodatiooa for oglce appertaining to poatmaa tera, poat oillccaand other poetal matter* la the never*! State* and (ongraaeioaal dietricta Ma moved the pre vloua queetlea. Mr Asaiav, (rep.) efOhie, auggeeted na nmepdmant. to make It apply alao te tha Treaaury Department. Mr. Fakpail, Idem) ofj'e , auggeeled that it shonld to all Deper

be maee to apply to ail Departmental Mr. PAusawnnrn declined to withdraw tha prevlana qneetion for auch a parpoM. uwwvivai iui auvu m |n|| M"?*' .' ? ? Mr. LxHooau, jdem.) of Ohio,-moved to lay tha joint ' >n vn tha million va the table. Nugattved, X) aye* to IIS a morning boar exp-rad and the jo'nt revolution webt over.' ran awumoT nu. A nmaajua from the Senate wax reed raqueatln? ?h<- re. torn to that body of lh? DeBetency bill fbr the correction af an error in eugroodag Requeet ooeapllad with. tha uduoar nctiato. ? The resale am*udmem to tta ??nocurwnt raeolntiou for aa adjnurnmnut ever the holloa ye, eo ae to make It apply aleo to the Senate, wee takao up. Mr. dTPTKra, (rep) of Pa., moved to lay the amend men' mi the table. The etated that the el fact of that would be to carry the original rwrlalioo with it. Mr SiKVkie said ha waa aware of that and that waa what he wnnteJ. Mr. A-HLKt, of Ohio, eelled for the veaa end My* oa the motion. The ye** ittid ear# were nol ordered The motion wax teat and the amendment wax concur red in . , 1A.T1 a num die mnmon o* toMU The Secaxen prevented n rasrawgo from I he Prealdeat mtutniuing a tranalniion of the letter fmm Uia ror of Kn-sia, in reply to the joint, reentntlon of Conge-ntof the IGliiof May. 1006. conrvatu latin r tha Kmpwroron hia ?>r*pe from aamexinatton. The itinru^e *u>l 'be V oomi-anylog l>tur wera rend. The lotion !ng la ? tr am lotion of the tiuperor'a let tm Cxraanorr Aigo-l 17, IMd HI* V Ka v-"t ef Kiuv-.i* to the PmeMvot o f the 1'nlu.o - o>ter of A malice ? 1 ha.* rrv-eived fr..n? the hands of Mr. fox the resolution of the 1.00*1?? of the United State*i r Americana the orea aton of .he Prcrtdyntlid grvie of nhi> L I have l? en the ob ject Tliet mark of ayiapa'hy hi.?, I n>? .en ,Uil* H la not tdune iMiraoaal. It attest* once mo * .he acnt'.mente that bind tl.a Arm r <-*a notion te thai uf Kneel*. The ton people h* c no Injnrlae to ramouther, but ontr geod ral.v (iocs Under all ftirrunwUor. *. Proof, of mutual brneso ten.*. sr* ad.tsd These twrduj rabtilo >? are ae conducive to ?bell- iniarew- ** te the good of civilisation and bnmanl'v. .sof I end er*?r#r th i deeigi. v of f'lvine I'rov'.eenc*. whuaa will U peaae ui I roaoifj ?rnnu* all notions. It gt*** me a lively pice* i . to see t!i(*e tie* onn'.iantiy slmistleo. .1 trior* **1 mere. 1 have imparted ray ventlmmU u> Mr Pax. T prey you be mf InUrpreur to Cou*reee and Ibe Amerb-en people wlioin it rent. a*nl?. Toll n em bow niuch I eppr*. late, and With tnu the whi le of Hvuxia, the '.aetipioniee of fnend nip they have glvre ate, and hew happy I Will he to see the American nalkii, grow ia efrengtb and rrrxpertty by the union and roavteut pr*ei)oe ?f ibe dvU vlrtoes Kmt distin guish d. ircept at the aamu Mm* the a?-nraure of tha high eenaidoratlen Willi sshtri. I era vour liteud Al.KXAMDP.R The Kuiperor'e letter waa epc'auUed. lucuiber all over the H mae ,'Inpp.BK tneir liand* approvingly. ivnmxo* .an nrr'i rtkt e.ii.*? ii. rrc The 3r?.,*?* a so r"wonted Mia raport of ih* Secretary of the Ir.tertor ia anewer to a ilnuaa rwulntloo of the 10th Ihif. ia relation to the Alc'ileon end Pike's i'eok Railroad Company Ralerrao to the Pacific Retimed ooroiiillte>. Ah > il.e Journal of the Maw Mem an l^gls latur* for 'h*. seanion of IMA. Referred te the i'oinralt tee on letrfon?e aanuTtn.v i> eosie A**auu. a-vmab. , Mr. liomttA* offered a raaol'ifton dtfecilo* the Con mltte* id f.irelcn Affair* ni inquire ami i^nrt whether the nQcee of the f: lifted 'talc* alma Id rot be otaploveg If practicable. In nwioring t?ca. ? te the Xtate? of South AwteiicA. Adtipu-1 *.,i o? Tea * sen so. Mr Wttio. (rep ) of N T., called'tun te the fa t that hi.- r.xioa did not *f|Nar <o the Myw York paper* aa vo- ag for ifie pas age of the Idetrirt Huffngo hill oi, Kr'aav nad aleoihal in tie Apiwnd ( to '"une'tmumal (7). it for ie*t *n*Tun all hi* sevln** and di'np* w?r? credited |c nitjnl. Ibard, a did ngal-hed member of latt Coogrea* from New York, hit- ant a ir.etnbu of in* t re- at Concrete. H? (I'd not know tiiat ttal rent's meti would llko te he chiirgcl with el' l>te (Mr. Wwl't) puhllc arte atdl votw. Uogl.ier ) coe-mjB.n"* m cintn^rse On metloo of Mr UarVAd, irer of W. Y, the Cora lalttee on Rolea was .1 rcri??1 U> 'oq.'ler !he fn r of con MX Ida'in# the two Comtnttie-* oe P.i'i!' leg* ?ed t.rmimh. lato a Joint CrnnmifjO. CX tu* *i?b?a of tciov wen-.-M m dru-rn *MVMU, nwtaiitoi t mediiiiAon.' Mr. OAWWsaflhreda;(W'>'uU.>ndiramn(t tnltttaoatba Mliffd Cult*:-taimar.ldhrt-n t< nut> Corollbo to ,nva?ii'/*la alto th? fiMM Mlitiid with lb? conf. miti'bl It ;ait m th? Mt.,a *uu> ?f Hi'brv Viflrr, iindir ih? of d-nth lor tha r.itvgKt rrlma if do- ? rti n fn>u the r?tiel imtv wt * t nj *v a ?p/ r.ati-ral -n. imt'i tLr 'at# ??r H* -?l?l ho fo#d dlMitpn h# Hrrnd-at in raf#r#B< >? la tha miiu r, and h# fa ?' hn v?n I'd tab irrapb ?! ftr-n^ral Si.kln. H< had tila rrict at roc-rlved a ta>#?ratn fr n <i#n?ral flldtif * ktaUlia thai Millar war lad c!#<t and#r ? cbirgr of li.gbaay rotoberf. Mi iff,' ) ?f lat.E . da-'fid th?' rferranm m ?!*?? ihottld at i "i" laxtfuiJad u- inqi<r? Into rmii.a. t'iDf'.?'??f ? "i."' \ aot, of a Kdlaaata# af b> ,lfr. V ?'*!.- '?? ! gatio Into South t nrolina with lactril * ton. oari '"'i' tb ? flora <>f h.j" 'ill ? and l?a<l tinea Min ?! d ' i - . rUrlbfi for kilt.n< ? Biao la tha prrfoi >a # #f I It ml . arr .i.itt , and htr parvm h .d born <toia?rn!vd of tb# Coram or of Tanorae?y aut gaat#d t??' hi it a# ahoald n# Mthartiod to report d* ?' Utloa. V. 1) a,? arid (hat tbit our lover## by iu original ant! If Tik r .1100 Akaadoi 'ad. ji ? Mnvft ? vr :ir 'jrarorn *?**. Mf li'i ? i lutrodiaad a bill ta doctor 'ha jaa?i of ?ha i of foil I, i add. tanri-1 nk iba jnrUdl 'at ar tha Court ? f i m an . prtrvldir ? tor lt?> ,w>i??ut of car la II liar In for , i'tarn.,uil' ?'* r*?r#a. Ar. Tba bill ffo' ""d' it'll aria ?hall not ta eea??"iad to autb." tf'? aHUaai-ftt of aa? claim* for ruppllaa and Mtoi ? . I -1 an Xuru.aiiad fur (La aao of tha uimr. or for tlit ffWpallaa of ?r Injury to eatata, nr mf dawn to aataooai yi;\mr\y ly tba military bblbaftttoa or trooa" of tba i intcl fttalaa* ? nab ? laiio #*ig1. m'xl ti' i| 'la ?ir ta ?u i;.. rra riooary ("lata, pro. viii? l thr.i 'J.ia a'tall not inpa.l or M?4!f> iha Jotai rrwil'itkiU ?>? aotv 1&, l"d. attandiur tb< protlalo'ia af ?oc li a I in tb# M>fal ft' >? n of moiiaaaaa Tfea btl) >*aa rrail thra# :.u?a' '?d l* -'J. inaniuliin aula. Mr "tr????, i' in it ? ' nam ita* ? n *bfr?>bf'ali' >, trjancf iilti* n>akla( a;vrof-riatMbafor laral,4 atid Ul. r proaiona. i f for P. a r <aanlar and diplomatic ai|ianaaa of ih a?.?uno-r.i foi 11.a y~?r aadiaf Jau- ad lado. Bafirvad to tan (bflWlM of tba Wbolo aa tb" atata of il,i Ct> on, acd nada tba apai ial o'dar fbr tba 4tb of Jab 4>r aabaam oi ao'iananrr II nM Ob ni','.an of Mr. &n '?a. ha imtHioa of tba aiarka and rid rn[i!<iv4a of tbo (u arbuMMt for an ibc'i-am af rnmi^omtioii aaa rafrrr-id to tba Camaiii'aa I>r i?yt add >?? ua aoai'virr aat roxiii at ir Mr Ji uan. |OV ) of lod . Intr-rfucad a Mot r?a>.latiob pruh t iag ;La furtbar M a aa a jfi- .tbu'al c-r.oaa acr p to ft. tat lataij tb raball'va Ti ad tbraa t maa and Jja#*' ill ItUM# T A AT HfU'lliB 141 I Of A ftaiO m idiTu it, Mr flewwem. irar , af Ob.a, oiTarad a raaalnt aa r?ai t ar tba p-ttla' d adrariaammt far tb# aata of a ro. >rad man ar Abcatiolia. Man load, oa iba *th of Dao*mbor, trd b, tbaflrrult Court af dam Arnadrt county ? nil .. itaocoi tab# <? i ar a iWbbMifiadHlM J 4> i-"' < atac, ittra lalmirt tab' u a aaro- aod ra pof ?i ?.rr mar, pmcaodti t oaa aat la dtwl roontrt aitb t -c aallt 11lorn id tha t'aiiod mataa an>i otth iaa am la atewet Bl! peivin* IB '.ii* l a.V t Otai- ? i? ib-'r civil r (lit# and faraiab tb* maobaaf thatr aiadaaiiob t lav to laan ra abatbar nar ?"??? oava ba?a lab-a ? La fiaMdaol ta aitforca that law atat-pravaoi aacb o?t nam, tb? commtMaa ta bbva paaar to mad for par?.- ? ort aa - "? and to rafwrt aid ami'- * uaca?arr aad i,? i .boram to taba oa tba aabiar-t Mr ?r?Mt ?'? aat atiaa a ?i ?ca-vi ta tail wnatbar Hi *? ^ **i ???aid Ua r?*"lla. to-) aolaraad. M >aaa. ?holtai.iag alav^m * ahoui-1 a?? 'i ?t ai ajVaJ ?? <""ftSi M abouif ba aa?i tad Martial'!"*' lb tba atiUi ? tiara "a aataa af tllf !' ? _. ** > "jf ttan am taaaa la aali co'omd (wmla TIT"*', ' * '"y -raka rpiartarr faa?.rmbl#V" '*' man ?< Lia ?ifa bad rallad upon b >Tl[j . iba* tbay bad ; im>?m from Marvia. adt4*.. ^ * too ? arm fbr .baiti. Ural tba dap baf-aa tbe> L""**** aaw mn aasroaa aold i u atoaarp ar pao: J\.?' ?am' * 'bam far aaaaa taam, m* tba- ibap ao^q. *' *' otl-rv abiipad mttl. atrii-a aa tb. aaaaa baeb !,??! VklfpMf I?t and.' tba dtaertmtftacaf la*a ,?f f >L Ha to-mill 'bo ibaa.rp -Wold bo oblarpad oad aitabdak u. aa tea ????? mala* Mnrpload, aatd ba, oMboori claaa la tba fr?a Statm. la mora ?t|b tba old air I. or . ????; iboo air af Urn tb-tbara luuo ibal bava bam "ra<|oarad at mm. parbap^ *aa"Kk?~ th at I iraa baam i-atmfa. Tba at*.a p.rb.M af Mar/Wad. Wltb .maalftb 4 bar atfta Iiptawn-. Via. an# .adrod tbo aaawl ??ila aaapia bava u apuai paa^fbMb tba fr-a partraM tbaa ^ava a ?btta put ,.).aa Of aaa oao ami *a la -anrma m bar ?aa ?*amaai lb tba* ?ap Mr )ad(maat la MM tbara la oa *' wpbMt^f gm af igmi.a. mar. *ra?bm aM aHa p.*Uamaa bar) >a*4 I Mr friMf* Tbamaa. ?IU, >M?ara u>* Caapraar ad>m.ra. awva urn* Cuaavma abaN maa ta lUrfiat* a rapabrama farm af rnatom, attA a*all Mactiao brn rapraaaaimmt acaardio. to. ami aa tba bama of rapolai4a. u4 Mi ma*f> bat ?at m mat 5TL.XS ^ Mr M aaaaa amd ba bad la tba Arm para Ami tba r"Mi"'w ' ***** ??apa and dtrmuap J mpaby ?a Aim <Ht lit Jaa atarn^am ? Stm mmt* vaap am von molly guU hi ifftisUgBllMi of this s-rsrrs ?pe< IU1H mm, without lotorrevtog with ll>? performance of mi oOmt dmiM. ir My mmm ?? u* u ?u<] lit* Judiciary ComalHM or ? osfset ootnumwe W|lt, power to oiaialBo wltuimM to oil ports of the . ountrr It mixta (vault M iholr Dot hoWsg ? roport for a io?g Itime to oomr. Ho ni, however, by ? mooaa u0 ? othvr dot?, u My mmm *? n?o u, *ua the Judiciary Committee or o a?ct commute,, ?,,i, "mo w wnr. nv ??p, uuhhih* wj ? friendly to Mch a goooral loveetigaildrt Mvmrr here concloded that to toe pr?t torn oar of OOO must I Chief Executive of the Tolled .Hatee they hod BO right to ex poet that ho woold lend My aid of (he bo?r real id in him to . any out the lows of the Tailed mote* Id preveat uaequallly and opprMndoa. He prooeoded lo oarrete an Inataaee of opiireeeion to Oeorgie, whore the eolorod agent of a Philadelphia booeeoleot society woe art?id va the charge of ragrascy and uoodemaed lo the chain fang for the term of twelve months Mr. I.Awarjire, (rep.) of Ohio, moved to .... ? reeolution eo ae to dtrea the Jndtciary Committee to re ri what leglMlattoa la necoauary to protaot leyal liliaeas llie enjoyment of lift, liberty ead property in the lately rehellioua Htateo, excepting taoaeeeeo.* He eent up mod had reed by Hie dark m et?ct fruia a leyal (IcergiM newspaper of the stii of Oenwebcr, ehowtog that at the late Kqual Kighu ''oeveotlon held la Maooo the delt repr?BUng hfly eoohtiaa reported uue hundred ami tifty murder* within the laat ten months, Md In no Inetaocu did the nleil authority attempt to tinuk the murderer* to 'Justice. The ameadmeat wee agreed to and the resolution ee amended waa adopted. > rwjoiMT iavo me coaenrir 0? OBrrta rrevae oerremc. Mr. Aron-T, of OMo, moved to euepeod the ruiee I enablo h|M lo offer o resolution for (he appointment of 0 eoleot cmimuiee of eeven lo inquire whether any acta had boon done by any HI me of the govern*,cm of the I'ulted Maim which la the eogdempiaiwxi of the cooetltutlnn are huge crimes ead ?da?re, ead whether ?u< n act* wen dean?a or oatautnted to over throw, Sffbvcrl or corrupt the gn en?Ml of the Co'ted Biotas, or My department thereof Mr. Frew (u-ol) of uhie, called for the yoaa Md aayt M euepeudiM the roles. Mr. Brffunaw euegeeted the neodUloetloa of (he rwmhi iion eo at lo specify the particular oHoere referred (o l>y H. As the reeolution etood II would ho BoMfymg the world that (here wee a grand lixfusaa betag held no all officers of the t'a.ied molts who werojlswte lo impeach meat. Tba meolotlon waa out modified. and Uto Hour* re fused to eurpand tho ruleo?)>a* HO; awe th^uot ln? Ihlrde; eo the n?luUoa wua not received. asovnsR ? iduomte or ifmrunv isxaKBU. Mr. PaiMC moved loMepeod llie ruiM to etuab'e him to olf. r a revolution for appointing a eelnet noinuitiee of Bve 10 Inquire Whether too la? of Oougnaw provide* fur lhe a??owt Md ooHocUm of direct taxer In the lately rabellloue Slate*. Md for Ihe te.ror* and aaie of forfeited mid abandoned lands ead other .property there.a, have been faithfully meontod, Md 10 ropori the result* of tie lnveat gqt.oas, with tha evtden.u tat' n, With power to land for poreuua and yofara. 0? t? hold 1 heir ?eealooa wherever It may he ? eoote?hi far them. The roleo were . uvpen.'a.l by a Vote <>f 104 lo "Jt, and the reeelnUoe war adopted. * sorie avar oa Mr. Bast*. (rep.I of Mat, from the Cnmaiittoe on Foreign Affair*. repined tha following in reply to Mr. Blngbam'a rw >iuilon referred lo that committee today whi'-b waa agreed to:? WSereaa irars ile?tmetlve of nOavi m an I Injuring* and nrejudl'Uil U> renunll *.1 Inntuutlon* bare for *<wn? tini* been .s riled on !?'*? bnai'i and |ev*r*J Ameru: io OtAlr? on the Pad? eeeal, ard *'no mn wue> Pararuay null P aril and L' ruguuy and the Argentine Uripubitr oo lb? Aderi.r sport. Seaolrad. Thet 11 la lertoniueeUwU to Ihe Bveewttvw ll"T?ar( mai l ? f Ike pirernuient that tl " frisedlyodtcera sf 'h u e. If practicable, be oft -? d the pr?ri" Inn of |mi aad haruinoy >u South A rarer tea. roe aev. i f-Tvi* m navpia. On Uie nintiou of Mr. Hasme. toe President waa re queated to < ornovio calf aev nglnlal I'orreNpoodeoce Lliai may have ttaon place relative to the revolution e"w ia progteaa In the Ieiaad of Caodta ? anMoniais or a iiaoroia mi isnaravrvs. Mr Rotdrss, (iteni | of N. J., present? t?urednnliala of Mr. K. (>. f'al*. .-a. a rei r.<eetil?tlve from the Fount. Consreaaemal dletnct of fluorglo. Ttsqr were refaned to tha Joint Com rant tee oo Heceuatrjcllun. -e.rsi-i-o* or uirii. rmnumo in am eotrro. Mr. M' lar. (n i l of My. intnetueed s irII to nr. te 1 loyo) person* In the >taU- la>sly In rehollloo It *i. relurred to the Judiciary Committee is.tine or ivotiSt. On uedloc of Mr Uii|tep ) it |nd., the .eecretury of Wur wua iwqueeted to mfurm the Hoi? whether any <'111 late htul born prveentcd to thO Uoort"ru?i. tlenaral of tho Tnlted Mates hv ? itir?wa sf ladiaoa r . horatw and other property vi -erl or reoolvod 0y the yet - em? ul'f the t uitr t Matee dunng the raid sf Joliu Morgan through Mid -lair- is July, 1MB. MM*, let n serriN.i m . msma Hr. MCCri uiinis diclinod uevrins 10 t?Mlei*t rwsi mlUee on <ho Mew Orleaas riots, uad Hr. Doolson oar oppotBlod In his a'ewd. * Tit* atMMCMN or VST WAS OV ISIS. Mr. Htev. 'rep) of M. V , presented ?? pottiioo of U R Barton and one hundred and twevrty-OM Others, on* reoa Of !to<-'i?al?r N T . praying thai panHsoo be paid to the Surviving joldlere ef Die wnr of ISIS mrrv off laiirrrn tnos. Mr. Cowutinu, (rep.l of N T , r.rneo?sd a pautlim of the 1ro? and ftoaion l'.,|lrt?-.1 fomputf, Btklffe a rede* Una of duty on Imparled ml bred m Tffff VH'titrxn ffteTrn Tb< went into tViminlltewof t? Who to or thr eiaui <>r Jhe Trim., Mr. Walker tn tgsff?tr, and waa addi ?eod by Mr Rill In a cwnatltidlMSl arg'.meet av?iri*r the p rwer if Tcngsm to trrvtinftalt? the Hooth em Ulaf A Alter ipsskior *a boor ? ?noe waa eg ? ended; Iwi t a? he pi efhrved to flee thai Ml? when the il.ii *? would not he In commit? u( the whole, the .immlite* orom. and the Mouse ai.fsnv P. M ad ptir?tl. ' i THE VATIOJIAL ?r lleptv ml thr vrraten si iBoJW?wry tw ihe Saaalv Banlatlae Mo?Mow tho (asm wl Ihr Hanking Aeeorlatlwee (Vhleh Kara Not Complied with lew Mw?Irlog n llrevrve ml IHobvv oa llnod. The following rommanlcatiM from the flv. reiary of ihr Treaenry was laid bofnre the Menete ? Tun euro? I)?r?rnf?vr, I lw?e> m nre T is rvwju s? ?<? '' ?< v, 1 VimiU/ffn, fir 14, IM4 V Ifet I b??0 tt?? biMi'ir t? k Moowlodjja tho r*f:aIpl of tk* I lln rloy Honolo rraolutloo ? I' ltf?4 Tnat tho so -tury of th? Tr-*?arr i? "1 mh4 to r?t* rt w (If -ouato (ho ium of tb? ?????? Mi.ttui owtirkotioai a ulch h?> i f?,l'?d it> ootnply wllfc tha prijVitxNM ?d lha low rotuiritiy a r??rr? of muoo? I'd Lam., oal Ikal ili'jr fftort what |og,?loti >n la oo<?P ?airy f oof. Ui *n/of o ap* uatou b u ??* t?.o?c lit# pn ?,i?H of il<o loo To ft lO't'ilrv runtatood to Una raon'i.uor I r-j.iy It ; bi th? |?r t a oba of P !t'>a th tljr-foor of U?o ''or ropy pit oil eotiooo> bonk no ao*--i.i*?. .&? or* rotjairod Ui n ot o tmf ?' OlhibMIM 10 do* ill, ur.dof Oppf 'Idiot* 000dp, tb? ratatfitt and llobililloa m t'to o?-'- ?" ' n oo if< Gaot Mot lor of January, April, July oo4 Ckt?bar of aocb vta*. lo ad'liltop U> a i. b |uart?il* r?i?in* *orl, MM ro?t tr 4 to utoOn . tn"tilltl)r ?'al?m*ol nMM.i of lb* fallow .tip t ap**, to ? ? ttm" amouM of Istau? 000 dp ? ula. lyarlo 0?4 oilirr lawful ft, ,nrf. dapptlla a oil ctrcuiaiiop. Aod oop* ioli?Ol> in otfcor plot oo ton Ik-no ct'loa guat omi Ml th iklrfy Of.. lino kf UN act oholt oka raw to in- ato-> 101 0 to ik-rr. o??lloW? lot ltor-<>oip| vo of ibt .t oirr ,ioa u. T!?a o r aMtoMi au thto r-tj lr*d or* of oo practical ootuo 'a dM*rmiriof okoik?rn>* tmoba l oo# at (npn~! a ilk tbo '#? ra'alioo lo au>' nu'tito# Uti rae?r?" of loo fill tooory. itoflOua* Ifcay otl.ib l -romp** aed Pa 0t<< ?ma lilt, actual aioM of lht|*o at ap? Moon do'# Th* luoftorly oUt'Oiaot* ajooo oot I "it lb"* fa--a fuihr -pop U*M pool, 00 oo In at" a lb t otop'fti.lT o> ilot i4o wt,Hiker tho faoaha k*.? t-oiar>ha4 olio tko mo towi" at* a pooaoaop f ?-< will ntoona. ib-woforo. tnot ?!>? ootowary *? lotia or* fur Oioti* l k>it toot tltoo* liny Mto yoor Tko loioot of ?oral informall-a uow at Itnd it irnit,*r-4 liwo Ik* axor^trty roporto ronaHoM <nnu l?f I At 1loot i i?* *???? Cfiy-Moo kobka o?r*aaiaay >*no o*4raat lo Ihotr ro surra nf .oof it ntoiMn- (Ii??y wor# aa?o!<oioly p-tn 1 that la MT'iidano* I'* opood cloao of *o*in<o thirty or? Of't bo lr*ro* ? th-If nol- it-m by aaot'oc any M* lOOIta oot t w <Fial? ntliOOW Ikoo Oy IxrnW' ib( ur pur bootitp ktilp of ?icluatr poyobt* at * (St, aor out any 4i?t4or?4 <4 Unr a?"ftu uoHi Ub* ro>?Mir*4 pmpfflbio tjoowroo that# t.fni'Uioo tad dayuoito oa4 thaw I'oorr* of loofal o*f?*ay th* >14 bo roasatod fy* nal luuwtf wot* aotiod fnr, U la iwo4> oo tar otf owro oocb oarfe, fat f->or ruoaaooliro oaafco. for tM pfif[KjOO of dooio'aiyoi'M lko:r r#.?ai'.?o?# Otth 'b* law Tbo rowrot * otary oat oara pro I apt ooO aot * I oot nf optoiuti oowoi or. "?*> Ika datutad . tlotoir. 't aaw o?4i iMMIf *l|ti to b* <oUr naft 'at 'tplf . aot I kata racano tirolrd '.a 01? ropart that Ika o? ?Vr U kaMOObatiOrO oo It r?|vr> 0> ?<'> I ruCaraO, ? ibiputr Ik* aolitln ?f ||< b?tbal? Utol Mr tow ulta tko - nOII do of aaok uaot wooM ba bcoafl t to tka kuowia4oa of iba CacppMwItar ???? arary ataolk, at 4 ho o?c '1 MP anoi ??! to ?a or* too a ir>b*0 oaoro ibMiiotb OOP 1*400' kptfttrn* tkaf M to pwaUkta 'g? Mm to 4a ? atar uao low oa 4 aow .1 o<t? Tho rot* if r opart ad tad aprlaa to tka lawful ft or? rooarraof taoNawVark lyf.oaa baa woo to a) MptwaPpo ra y tkra.yii ika prrcta ?oaaral of tka kaoko aa rat-otod for* roloplPWly Noda Koionoota okawiap tk4> fa I Ufa to 'owipty wilb Ika oo poaboo.|>o ry, aod baa aio kaao lotko dip* a It to paapbta aa rtwor ap '.awnaa ?r? r?? ogaiaod lo 00 Poo tfctrty apa. iku tk* aioii'it at fan <ow-t-,wtoa IP Mptao. Maw far* apt I n ? la hio Wykt ka fa ft rod ta rrpof w*p?ly M Iko I owttrrwltao af tk* t ,r. roafjy Pit hooka Ikot orhlMlorl a l-'nvy t larrr 1 aorta or uwfal Ot?a?y aa-i 'hot iko atari of a i fWfatrroutii woo d Mo (OllMt'y f Mora only tr. aa* >0 , aoof Natap, tool bo dad* of or offWMottao* '? I Iko aukto-'t a?a?or of Ika tapalauiat to ap l-o* j ?o Ikot a i top of tiM r-oppa tkap Pad' ooi >a tlott aot' a* " ar | Ilia prt apt a.apr4aroa. pan Pal a/ i a* tka ?*'??? a ?baa OOT* ad abort darobPo aod woro yr-ra * > roruh* ' If M tka*l ka paatN'd. I, ?wo?*r, lM**'Ot > ' bar *? otP bw r. HI HI M Nik Mr?/fw? ?d ? '? ??!( P'?tt i-ao, dp rr ary ?# /raaraty TBI miUJIA COMSPIK ACT CASS Ik mJ ak4 Ardtoi tteoeydrafter ad tk*? arropop ?oloiaa of t|| i tkf Jardr* sad 4oooHplo Jpofbroa. W?o? aa*>o (Mr It 10P( ? *111 Mo rpnol^iad tkal IMP Ityioi OooM ad iko ' Ortod Rtotoa ?1 ?tc^i piM i?tt ooo i iQoM Ma dor atop to ikpypaa ovpwP '.H-Dirto f Md. yaa, doriortp^ iko MppdMp of k? Wta/ k* oUapa* lapaytra "f kadkro a np ot idlM ap* M odkab, arptraa ww mede to toe in|orUiic? of oboertog A* MMUKv Uooal (UVULM br tin protection ?' tbn clllnta la h* P*rno* art property. The eipenauoof our part hi. lory ?bowed Uta wielotr, at Uia frame* of tba eonatlta Hon la ooortrueUng it to bn altka lout la ??r aa la poena, * wan epwu la lb# civil cootaat through whkh wa bev* juat paev.1. Tha povara of tha couelituUeu ibauld irt ba (trained to nut ?Borgruriaa, for on ita mgnuinaiw la all Ita Integrity dapae l?l nor lllmrtlaa and fro# go urn me at uot only la tbo |T>^nut but for all U ue to coin*. Tha raaa being befoi. tha Celled Htrtue tuyremi Court on oerUOceto at ?f opinion of th* two Judge* of tha (Jetted ?MaaUiraanroort for laAWna, tha former meinlalan that Uia mail r wea properly l^fora it. Tha fact thai w,r* <ti*Mad oeuld nM opaaau to tha prqju Alee of tha c*??pUillWlt n?r Oaylva hint of hla right of W1 ?'?? trii.uaaU, uotar tha not of March, IMS. Although u?, privilege ,,f tba writ of habaaa oorpoa bod been su-peuded ha right uoder tba eon dilution and la? Mill reie-l.wd Ha waa a n?u ten AC ladiana, and art never baaa to tba load or aevei **'*w a la At a lira militia. It ir?. a .wweplraey aa tacod m Indiana whan tha .?f. ndaat we* wwoaad of partlcipalln# la It; but a-a-odii.* to tba art of March, IMS, pruvtaioo waa claarlr nule for tba trial of nth b elaama of ofltmoaa baforw a ml' mart. Tha Circuit Court of ludtaaa wa* opoa and ewfbmmete#, and buatoam tbaraio i'?utinuad to ba Iraaaa ted The <ourt undar tba low i i.uld barn puulabod awrtt cr wo*. and thara waa no fear of any Inter rut) tun af pro- a?> Thara warn Iruopa in Indiana, bol tba Mate m* art tba aoran or war. Tba troop* ware to bo amployrd lb tba event nf lavaaiaa, at anat to operate whom military aaoaaalty tu ght require No matter how gillty Mtfltrt* *hure *ueied aa aa tborlty to toy biu before ? military oomaitwiun, ha net being ia tha military? noval ?erv*y ? nor du i iura? attempt by 1M lagrOWloo to confer ad?b power. Tbar ftaa the Court ennuld' order bio ralaaao fn-ia mill tary cuatody. and renaaud him to tha otrti trihuaai To thia all ma uw utter* of tbo court giro an afltoa.ative an war, and alo. to tbo meand quart ion pa uamuly iiafbt tba court to laada a wiMaCanbaBa oorpua ?nd i rtar bia ralaaea r And they My ao to tba Wlru Vtaeiioa?Mad Uia military oimminM tba legal r%tH 'ttry hiiu* Tba opinion review* iba au eject AT marital 'at, and rondetuua Ita atmutoa la naaaa wbar* Iba atvii coiV* are op?a ami prone* ? la n not xl root ad. CW luvdoe ciiaoa. fur hmaelf and aanatalai baaynn and Millar, read a dlaaeuUng optaloa tela-lib to tha third point, nam- !y, mditary tribuaaJo teitmg ipe pound that tnev may ba ordered by Oaagttn rional Minority in ca*ae wbara tba ctvtl court* am oo?!riu m in di t>let? wOrrr military operation* ara la pogrom. Portuuelely la Indiana the Judge* warn loyal, (?gainer urqi, the grao' iaa*? of (he people, but ?t eight nappes that a dlirioyni Judiciary might Impede the rminr of ju.tlo* Manna thorn ahould ba tba manna of aOoi latg protection by tba military pawar The guilt af the fefrolatil bed nothing to do with tba po-aaul daolalon. ?hl<b ba* reference to tba legality ol tba anbury coimmmou whkh triad U.eoea.Mif Mtllv**. IbOdiaaenilan Jul* unagreed with tba majiyity of tor tdWrt thai Oongraaa dw not onafar la IM* caaa Uia pi war to try lb* ? ? Mad by m,-h a rommlaaiaa. hill hail ma<lr prin Ulon for lh >ieir iininalion of din qn** lion brfora tha rli ,1 court*. It will be rerollecled (hat iba aagM oi Batoim ami Bmij w. 'a aanianrtM to thaiar Mllnrna, and uiut the (mriii-e w<t? ral' ??ad froin pr>n. atmnqiiant uiwm tba lecl'ion of the du pro uta Coort. ih# .ojnsal is ih ndiriwm for ih" p tiilonara, J ?dt" Mullounld. Ceurrel (larDrld en l> Uudlay Klald, and fm tbo other ?Me, tliorn y thoaral Hp ad, Mr. r:art*drj and Uanara' Hut'ar ? Mo noire erere parmKIa 1 to be tajtan l>y ropwtere m cunrt, but Ilia slsiva. It ia halia ad, rtrea tlx gdaarai p.tola of Ibr dr'We h Tfia e??;rt r am war orowdad Mith aiaiuoara of Ctt-bar In< Imtlne t number front an rlou* "taiea sa<l h.-mtiara of Itfdli II i .??? of Congiaa* It ia undr ratoad 1'ial file op oloai <1?" v#r?d to duy art la ha pxntrd in pamphlet form far pui It* in'or an ??. MEXICO. Sf? TtltCliM TO Tin MCRALO tfanoeecd Kerrgj tmaag .tleulmlllirn'a AiIIm rrnia An AgntaAmarlr'nn .Maalle* In tert I'rae .Agaalo I 'Iroalnilna Meparts Aaeltia* Amrrl.'Hn latrrreallan Aaaana Ibr People . The yflaelnn of Hheveirn aeggeeed tee be far Ibr I'eMglrftaa af n Tranafer af Mantra ?? Iba t *lled Ml nice. A is (l?"VV*.n, liar II, )sfl* Vara In a oory mn, <1?t?d HaenWl, Mfl t> Mati'ii ban ? rua.lra to ramnia ta Mnetca ban brigW eatl thing* up wuadarfnlly Mar* now rallrtnle art taisad of and an army la to bo ineianlly ra i.J eud -an to Taiui't 'o * A rfwn> ?nv AauwMeo t-nnon'treuan bad mm tn*na ple a at Tare Crtx." Kingtng of bdNf. bnnBrae, brae, hand, end Sramrbe ten tba nidf of tba atarritaa Iba popolaca ware given to undoraUod that tba arrlvrt of Iba rt taqdbbonnn With Mbarinan and Cn< ipnrtl a* board tu to cvwaplal* the trauefar to the I'nitod euut Agaula circiUaVtd sbnong Ma propla aayiag, ' Wbe oab ono (bird of yaw territory in IMIt Who cbaned yaa from T*tea, calling yon graeaar*t Who nailed yee a nation af wxttouaand tbtavaat Who (mi rt yaa Mb* ?Invaa and pmbe<1 yoa from tha ?;1*??(*a af r?pt Amir can*." 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