Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1866, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1866 Page 5
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OFFICIAL EIT11UGAICE. HOW THE PEOPLE ABB BOBBED. What It Coats the City Prtat Ibk, Stationery and Coaches. Ac. he. ? he. Tbe OtlMDi' Aieooiallon hM rwdmd large service to the public is ventilating ?may of tha jobs by which thy people of thw city are swindled and by which their taxes tavo tncrieo?d to an almost fabuloui extent. Al legUlatlve interference ha* boon strongly oon , it la geaemlly conceded that It baa been tha of saving Taat amount* of money from being adored or stolsn. There are many evil* mill erim ing which the Oltlaens' Association and the Legislature here not yet touched upon. If the next Investigating eemmittee appointed by the Governor or Legislature will attend five or mix meetlnga of eur legialatire boards tosfigw(fi) they will learn more In e tew dara than tha naaat patient and aearrhlng examination of witnesses I afford In a monih'a Inquiry. The Court Bouae I gee eon tract jobe of the Common Council and Snper nre pretty well underetood by the public lbe n, which ie siwaya awake to the city's interest, aaa show other outlets as oomipt and barefaced aa either of the above where from the people's money?their bard earned taxes?flow as Ilka a river, never endteg. and with freshet* which threaten to Involve the public in Saanctal ruin. Figure* are potent and true and it la to bo hoped that thoso which are given below will be powerful enough to May tbe fearful tide of corruption which flows wHl( Mrtl dlrefffl effect* to our treasury, m entnKT ooMfiemoMtR*' onNrrsoim srrrww **n coach mar. Bp to the time that Br. Cbarlee G.( Cornell resigned his position aa the head of the Street Department he receded Ihwsnug little salary of 17,500 per annum. HI* carriage hire for one year amounted to |326, and hi* contingent expense* $2,TOO. Hi* deputy, "Rill" Tweed, who a!*o hold* the fat offloe of Supervisor, with a larce salary at. teebed. recclvoaas euoli deputy $7,500 tier year. He is n heavier matpghan Mr. Cornell, and hi* locomotion con ecquently more dlfllcult. His coach hire, therefore. cost the city more in one year (according to tbe comptroller'* quarterly report*), 7?8S. A great deal of dlrtv work most be dene In the Street Departmeut, a* $72 25 were ?eeently paid for towel* and ?oop. nimim. aid stationvsv por thk citv avd mrrcry. The large amount actually paid within a year for print. Ing and *wtionory can hardly be ren'izod. Tho#xp?n?es tneorred under these head* are ncuttetvd liere and there through tbe official report*. Momctitnec under Common Council, Moinenme* department*, eometlmee election ex penuee, street openings, Ac. Wlo-n they are cole-ted together, It will he found that E. Jones A Co. were paid during on" year 7281.700; the County Frlnttog ?'om pniy $IU,335. and distributed among a dozen o' firm* $63,773. The aggregate shown l -ro m f.157,813. hot it does not by any moans Include the whole a* the la-t quarter'* report, for the county I* not iu"luded. It not being printed yet. Beside* there I-: a great deal covered up In "contingent expense*," Ac. Furthermore the printing and Matlorery of the Board* of Police. Health, Excise, Commissioners of Chanty, Sc., are net included. It I* perfectly *al'e to expert thai the printing and ata tioncry f'>r all the city office* sal need half a mil lien dollar*. The word Ntailonery ha* liiruillcanco In the City Hell % ocabulary not dr**ni*d of by Welwtier, Worcester oa Walker. It there mean* a fishing pole, n box of elgars. a clock, a meer* haum pipe, or auv other articie that the pre*ent f*ncy. may seize upon ifor a manning, end wonder!ul to behove, the Maiionon, *imr of them at leext, agre? that the detmiilon I* correct, and fumieh the stationery m whatever shape, quality or form It may be desired. srtl m*f? Cji*Tr tw IS TRR >IR. Peoplo who often have occasion to cross Broadway In ??e busy istrt of the dav, know, a* none other* do, the trying dancers of the parage. Piey h*ve heard of the Ceaaoton Council Committee receiving plans fur en do weled bridge over the street, but wait and live en hope Bed tbe protection of Providence till the good time may eaaee when tbey may walk safely over the threat ening dangers of the hurrying and uncertain tide below. Tbey do not know that there la an officer employed under the 'city government known a* "Inspector of Aerial Bridge." and that lit* name ie on a pay roll for tbe month* of July and August, 1*84. for She sum of $87 ?0. If we are nut mistaken we have beard before now of people "building came* tn lite ?ir," bet we always eupponed that their muipriMttion toy tn viewing the beauty of the imaginary structure created by them. But this officer (whone name is not given In the Comptroller's report) receive* bard cart, ev green hack* (which ere now pretlv nearly a* welcome Ie aaoet tioor folk*) for the ia*i**'tlon of whatf An aortal bridge, existing only In hi* Imagination How many persons make the transit In a d >y, according to bis imaginary eiowf IWs h* wltne.-s any collision between those ghostlv pa??er* who go hefors his "mind's ewe" In the hroad glare of daylight f Do many pause on tne way to look into the depth* below, where the ffvatlpx of tbe omnibus wheel- is a* music compared with ihe roMing of the drivers* What Is the height, brsadth and maierlel of thi* bridge? I* It sufficiently strong to besr the tremiidou* crowds ihst bs ices on it? Doe* the fierce pelting of the storm on hi* upturned face obscure hi* view of tht* aerial wonder, or does ho hide bis heed for protection while the shadowy daughter of flashlon run* the gauntlet?pursued by the relentle** storm without his care?hit, the ln*pnctor'a, who has the sole charge and control of the structure, and the ?afsty of those who go over Jt? r arely such ardunu* duty fur two tnomhs in tbe service of such a mlghtv metropolis a* this 1* worth more than the contemptible member or stamp* Included In 787 Sot The next hatch Of salaries to bo ranted "bonld Include that of tbo "Aerial Bridge Inspector"' Coach Hiua asd noR'na asd Wamss roe crrv ovricrs*. Several years ago a determined effort we* muds to atop the riding of city officers end their friend* in coaches furnished at the citv'-. expense, and public opinion wa* SO strong that It wa* left out of the regular approprln tlona to carry on the machinery of government But the Ingenuity of Common Conn .-Union I* seldom baffled. Tbey hire tbe roechc* end make the appropriation* or pay the hills sfierwiuji*. Itow ni ;ch did It cost l*-t Krf Let u* see H?re are tic figures:?Don* W t $8,140: E. Van itan*l, 72 *58 hair a dozen other llverv men and Cornell and Twceda', $.1,500. Total, ?11 .405. Thu cost of hiring hnr?e* and tragona for de partment*.'keeping and shoeing home*. Ac , was 70,811*. Of course the Fire Dcpartmcut, lot Ice, Ac , are not in etadrd In these Item*. C!JH * or omtmut W"*IY gkTtTNU). Among ilio curious things fonrd in the Comptroller's report tli* folio* in* >? worth copying ?? The inclosed taifi should have baas paid Ia*l y< ar but wore wron:fullv kept back. "Igtied X Ilfl From a pemm who dorw no' tliink hp won Id ho a good cniaon If be did out return it...! 40 Total }M What a Pleasing It would bo If (hit claw of good citizens" wero more aamormm m ma w?? oral?Bine earn or tii* <.r>n fountma t*l! IMWiaitTltK. Seine people believe iho War ended a year am! a half ago, and they aopporc thai the eiprndlture attntidaotnn procuring volunteers ended at the mmetime or hort'y after, "ucb it not the rare. The County VolnSirerlne C muiiUoo waa a " larger thing " titan the Court Hoiim. S^aeial million dollars were apent by them in a few m albs; coa ly present' of (Vl.000 and Oliver plate were nil*' to the wire puller.'; an advnrlisie: job, amounting to tl'.'-VOuO wae given to an obe-nre paper, and clerk* and manager* were aa thick aa IItee atound a moia?m barrel. It la a principle around the City Hall that when you have got a good thing you muet get aa much out of It aad make it la t ar long aa you cnn. It >a, therefore, nothing to wonder at when wo reed that the pay-roll of wlwrkanf County Volunteering Committee, for June last, (anted un $1,1100, and the aalanee of clcrkg on " bounty matters" -tat onerv, Lr during the urns month, amounted to $1,.110 St. The n-it report of the Comp troller, now iu the printer'* hands, will prdtehrr nh?w that the volunteering and bounty humneet i? atlll going na. Doee not "ft Bloat." in wbS"t tame tbeee war mala are diawn, know that the war has < eaeed and that the volnnteerlaK and bounty business ought to be ek-red ap ae soon an poennlo I rptasv urtM*???wear ierv cngr. Vat Ing the pant year n largw number of etreete were Tag to lav fd according to law?that I*, on pspor. The proeeee lath or;?A raaolutiea It pa>?d by 'he t .rnmon toun. I dtreittlng the Counaal to the Corporation to take the ?eceemry legal proceedings to op-n ? street, from ?, avenon to ? avenue. according to law. He begins by advertMng that application wtu be made to the Mupreme Court on a certain day for the appointment ni coiomia. etnnere of eet'.mcte end a?ee ?meut (a the tueiier The Curt appoint* two comm atoae-v, who ?nralgb'way Wimuion the property owoer> Inlernrt d end hear their ?few*. After ? while Ibey aa>? e report wh eh la cow Armed, aad their dol.ea >um. The ?tr?*t U ae m;i<h ekwed ar et er, hut it la ordered to be opened, and the liate ire made up of aeaommeAt' upon aad awards to ihe property owner*. Here le what It net for opening Ilii'-h aireet from Tenth at 'o n to Hu-laow rtrer, e dt tanee of two blocks and a half ? ? iiniel J nea, eomn?l??iot)er t*40 K A Woodwar I. comniiaetmier MO Tneo Tlmpeon, commissioner. M(l Blwanl Bovle. surveyor i.fWI B. Jones h Oat, printing and waitonery ..*/! Owe. ||. pureer, clerk T.trO 4?e.i. K. Purser. drafting air I <opyiMg report .... I,"l A Purser, room tent, fnel. arc , ?hj n-M, || |>tir?er, di-bnrremente r? et-unpa. Sr., Pit Wm. binelatr. fleyxal 4.'dt U I, I'urdy, apprataer ??' J"hn Mcwti. appn'ser. *0 Wm Auaim, appr* ear bo J. fl. HlneJair. podiee nmi"" 0 A. II. run-lair, eiamuong title* 100 2*"- *? Bolt, hire 1">0 Randmph R.n< ?, janitor SO Advert lalng , 4 Ml Total ...... Ill' 17* The eipen.ea of ?UHin'itg lh? follow ng named atmou did not vary essentially Irnm tha abo- e. per Ocorge IL Purser acting ae Mark, .tracing and copying the reports. ?barging room rent, fur, dieburaomei '-, Ac, In all or ?early allot them ? Bitty third street, fVowi rtfth serene to Two river. ?i?ir weonth shoot, from Tmrd *ven is to fast river and F gliHt avenue ttf Hudson river b xty ninth street from Fii ih avenue to K. ti river seventy first street. fr>.m Fourth atecue 10 U l river ^jaev-ntj-seventh street rmwi eighth evaue to Hudine Fleet lath etraat. from Third aveaM u. Bar em ever T n? raitf-Mt Wrest, fWis fifth ?r?h ta Harlem river. Hlaety-ntnth street, horn Fifth avendc to Harlem rtrir to Harlem river. I<i8d ? trout, (rooo Eighth avenue to Harlem river. 13Tth street, front Tooth avenue to Hudeoa nvor. Hint street, from Bloomlngdsle road to Hudson rivor. onuanRM or in Ootaraouon'o ivam Ihh vorlout moon* and device* employed to got money out of the oMy Troaaary are as numerous as Ingealooa, and that la saying a grant deal for their Ingenuity. The tag lory, supposed to he a stringent law on the dtabnrao tnent of money, la of no avail against the trieka of the smart fellows. If the appropriation la not sufficient to oarer thshr desires the work or "sor vicea" are performed, and suit broaggt Judgmsnt Is eonfssaed or allowed to go hy dbfhult, and the warrant Is paid over. The aaMmnt of Judgments last year was l?-12,Ua 78. It is wonderful to read over the list of'" Inspectors of Incumbrances," ate., embracing numerous ilnecurssfor political friends. Ia the metier of street openings there are three per sons who hare not appeared to claim what haa been awarded them. The amooala are three of 93 each; oas of ft, and one of ftft; total $79, C. Bauloh waa paid for removing books to the third story of the City Hall the mm of $188. It Is a pltv that these books bare boon stolon since, aa It spoils a Job for somebody to remove them down again. Goo. w. Rooms, received for refreshments furnished tbs Common Council on March IT and April 98, MAC, I860. In addition to this, the Aldermen, sitting as can vassers, set no less than $9,460 worth during a ton day's canvass, and thny are tended to ant their break thai add supper at horn a. Ia not this city clues to financial ruin, with sech appetites as these to aattsfv ? Here we c'oee tor the present. Let the publte study and "digest" thee# facta. REVENUE FRAUDS. mf the Cn|TFMl?itI ?lww?? Mint#. The Coemeekwel Committee, of which Mr. Darling It chairmen, now m aaaalon at the AMor Hneae, for the purpeee of Inveallfratlnc fraud# on the revenue, y eater day examined tereral wttuesaea, end will resume their labor# tht# momlnc. If their dutiee extend to revenue fraud# In general, It I# believed by tome of the member* that eeveral weeks may ela|>#e before the Investigation will be concluded, though It l# probable the recent wh'?ke.v dlttlllery fraud# will be the ni#ln feature of J their examination#. In which caat their labor* may not extend bevond the onrrent waek. Tbalr sessions are secret, and no facta whatever are allowed to be made public in connection with their investigatlene. Before Commissioner Osb?ro. rrmsr or n.Lirtr nisniJ.'Vio*. The further bearing of the charge against Messr*. Welch Jt Mil' hell, ol having illegally carried on the dlatiUniion of rum at 101 Weat Twenty seventh atreet, was resumed yesterday. Mr. Charles Donatio# appeared a# counsel for the de fendant#. Mr. ' rawford. the owner of the premise# above men tioned, was examined. Be said he knffw the defendants Ho kpew J. Frank Stewart, otherwise inodwtn; Mr. Mitchell lived In Yorkville; the ?ther defendant lived In Thirtieth utreei; Mr. Mitchell, carries on>hi; ?uh and blind business, and Mr. Walsh has a turning rbop; lfll West Twenty-ravsnlb street be* longs to witness; the place was used ae shops and fac tories. he had some eight or ten tenant# there: 101 Went Twentv ?#' enth street rune right through to Twentv-elghth stroet; there had been a distillery lh#re in the mon'h of tletober and No- emhsr: it was owned by * man who represented his name as John Williams; he hired the premises from See by the month; saw men named Fdgar and Stewart. go In there to work: tluv #aid tliov wre distilling rum: wltnewi was to he paid ill advance, but he never got his'' rent; the arr-emeni we# verb#]; Williams next he wns from New Jersey, but he ywltneesi did not know where he was now; If he couM hunt him up he would look for his rent; wltn"?s tad never #een Mr. Walsh or Mr Mitehell around the ?liatTll?rv: he had never seen them giving any directions shout the distillation: he did not know that they had cany interest In the busi ness. nor had he iwttnwas) nnv Interest in I' whatever; witness keeps a stable there: had seen barrel* rolled out there in the day tima. bat none In the evening. This wsmtlie case for the prosecution. The Collector of Itftrrnal ltovcnue said there was an other witness, one tavcher, but he was not Id attend ance, Mr. Dorohoe observed that Laacher had informed him that he knew nothing against the defendant#, hot he bed refused to answer certain Qunettcns, which led btm to suppose that he bad something to do with the matter himself. The Commissioner said tha oaae rested wholly upon the evidence of Htcwart, whom evidence would not be believed by any iury. Be therefore ordered the de fendant# to bo discharged nut xinrrimvi or snunw; ri no. The further bearing of the eharga avainst Marx H. Beringer of having carried on the dMIllutlon of spirit# at the corner of Tenth avenue and Thirty-ninth atreet. without having paid tha special tax required by law. was resumed. The defence was that the defendant wiv not a diallllcr of aplrtta, but a manufacturer of burning fluid. Mr. Jheeph Bell appeared for the government, and Mr. A. J. Dittenhoefler for lite defendant. John Biebert sworn?I am nn inspector of dlstlllerlas. and have la-en so since the loth of October, 1MB. I know defendant for or six months; he wss superin tendent of a distillery from Ihe 2*lh of October until the 1'ith or 10th ol November; II wee at the corner of Thirty ninth xtreet and Tenth avenue; he had no license: Mr. F. vder had a licen?e as a distiller of burning fluid, the still there was o| the capacity of twelve or fourteen hundred gallons e dav; tha still ran, with the exception of Sundays, durin- the period In question. The defendant admitted that the liquid dietilled at that place had been >el/rd bv the Collector, and that no part has heen diapoaed of. and im pert converted by the de fendaul Into nnv ether art ale: that the seizure I" on Ibe alleged ground that th? material Is distilled spirits under the law. Tho witness *?? rrr#> -examined?I have seen (he sold) lb# stuff manufactured there; It taste* like terpen tine, and cannot be drank; It ratric out of the worm In that wav; turpentine was put In the mash; 1 sow it put In; deteudmota called It burning fluid: Ker nger was superintendent; he vas there am! paid the w rWmrn; they did not recognise ins ae an Inspector, and did not comply with the lew *? distiller* of ohl-key; 1 wss placed there bv the Collector and ordered to remain there; I ?#??? grain and luris-atine brought there; I saw tunsmtinc p t m'o Ihe tuba wUli the mash. Some of the fluid was here produced. The v? tneea sad It was lbs name as that manure- lured hv thade lendanta. A portion of Ih fluid, for Ihe sake of ai|>?r> nieni, was burned at the ?tnve of the court room The erne--rvamlnat on of the wltu"n? wss continued He said the method of making thl* Is the <ain> exactly as ? hat of making whiskey, except ibat they put turpentine i two the m*sh The further hearing war at this -lags adjourned The H'hlskst Krnuil* In Itreelthn'-Nasirs nf HI wwnfnrt nrerv ef Itllclr It klalirv. The subjoined list r nmprisee the name# of tho masn faci*r*r# who, It is alleged, sold wblekev to I'evlin and l-evan, together with-the nuail-er of berrele that, w re set red hv. Deputy Collector Dell# op the 4lh and -tth of December The Hat w II prove of value to such ae are In teres'eU n the e'smisatlnn# which bare recently taken place Isrfore the I'mtcd Stales Comtnlseioner m Br oki?n? I Spirits manufactured hv Michael Baxter and Janes Mct-auglM n, at 202 Hold street, S.T barrels At John H. ) artel's, < art: street, near THlary, 12 barrels. i Hplrlie manufactured by ? harle# H. Myers 131 York street, 106 barrels. Bptrtts maauta-'tursd hv William Murray, J rank He avenue, near Flosbltu 11 harre's. Hpirlts made by John Madden, aa Navy street, 113 barrel*. . Bptnte dietilled hv John M. Hmith. cnmberland street, near Bark avanue. 41 harrala. Bpirlta made by Jamaa I.yncb, corner of Bridge and Front at reeio, 04 I errata Hplrtte made by John Finley in snme of Charbe Phil llpe, Hudson avenue near Concord street. l#l I-arrets. Hptrita made by bed l?. igh?rt<, corner of Water end Hudson annua, inspected by lilton for l-evaa, 116 harreln. vpirlu made by Michael ' lea-y. Bridge near Water atrawt, I Departed by Tftto* for levan, is? herrela Hpirtta made by turf eriv. inspected by Tills* for 1 0V an, 12 Iwrrels 'pints made by Jar Farrefl. Oreen'antf street, Vnrk, laspn ted to Tfltsiti for reran. 10T barrel# spirits made hv PsirW-k Ke||?, |?p Hudson avenue, laatieete ! by Tlltoe f?r levae lit barrel# spirits made Ik M-li sm Mebb. Ttilery street, near Hudson avenue. ln*|e ted by Ttl'rSI for let en. *2 barrel* Hpints made bv *Bi. Itootey < bsrtes street, m? Pf't?p?ct, In- pe led i v TUn n far lei at. 4 barrels. Hp rite medc bv Michael Kennedy. Ie>petted by Til IN (or levao !|i u "1 ? 'pirlte made hv Patrick Rtmnas, ? ?rri?r Vary and \aasan Streets, Insisted v TUtnn fbr Te-ar ??'ela SptMe made bv Joga tloj <e. a orner Job tern aad Navy ? treets, inspect si i v ? I on lor '<-%an 10 I aire j Hpirita madr by Hell Into#* B sc a wood m-pe ted I I. for Imtsd, 3a .? r ?'? , Hplrile made hy I'atrteti Begem, la' parted by Tlltoo hit levari, ? burr-la "pirlfs made by John Det er No. 1* I.Htl# street, la in-. led by Tlltoo for tyeso .* Iwreets -hint* made by f'airsk w <|i, canter T.llary aid Rvdson avwiiue, m*p>-< <ed by Tilted of levan, 16 tar I ra.e flpirtts n ad? bv M? I. irl D t'v ?,-|ies'ed hy Tlltot for l>evaa, a barrets Ml"Dte tnasie t.y fl,. ? - 1 -r N"o I *4 Coaeord stgaet, near Hudson avence. (r p* ie.| t-y T'lon far lexis, 41 barrvia. "p m:.dr be fasi-r ? Ma-welt No l?" f' y m> Ult. slrvet, loeperMst by Ttlbm for I eesa, ItT bersete _ eptr.u made by Adrac t ?rII idaon avenue, near t'otoord itrret, iBrpr-tedbyT mc for Levari. 113 bar ret# r is made bv J a Braasngaa A t t lary r-ree-. larpes-'est bv Tilton <>it Iwxlln. 34 fsriwla. kp:rtte made hv Jaa ee Hratrtoseb, rear ef No ttt B | ? se.1 ? v - ? .1 _g ? srfela HpiDIa buedd by 1 homes Kerr g .n Ne 1*4 ? oneatd stiset, r-ar. lie pealed by fo'on fog I srap, 6 ' srreia. spirits made by Thoniae f>ummlni'. No. IM Con-ord street srtedal by Zlltoa far leu lot) fsvrp'ba plf i hi fb t n - Needhatn Mi ? <?*grl**e stres t, insje. ted by T ,tas f*r iwvao 31 barret# bpime made by IMna^ r maaetj He ?# Moabtag Mwmli MMfe ? THE LITE ELECTION FOR COVFTtOLLEI. *o nu iditob or THI hxbald. It la One to that portion qf tho elector* of thto elty who desired the election of Judge Michael Connolly aa Comptroller, that a atatement should be made ef the facta relative to the refusal by the inspectors of the late e(action, In about half the election districts, to receive his tick eta (torn voters tendering them at the ballot box. At least ten days berote the election Judge Connolly showed me a written form ef a ballot for Comptroller, which had bean furnished to him by Richard O'Qormaa, the Corporation Couaeol, as the proper one to be uaed at the racent election. I examined the statutee bearing upon the point, found that the proposed ballot wae la the form prescribed by law, and returned It to Judge Connolly, expressing to him my oplaioa to that ?Beet. This was all I had to do with the tickets. Ha had them printed and seat them to the headquarters of the Executive Commit tee. The tickets were printed In every respect, inside and out, In exact accordance with the form prescribed by Mr. O'Oorman. and were the earns tickets rejectsd by the Inspectors of election f i.noAi vokw or thr ballot. Jndvo Connolly could have takpn no course mora m tlbie than to procure tho form of the ballot from the legal counsel of the city. Hat ins "uoh advice to guldo him, no blame cunld have attached to Judge Connolly, even If the law had required that the ballot should beve a different endorsement. Rut the endorsement upon the tickets printed and distributed by him was right, and no respectable lawyer van be found who will give an opinion that It was wrong. The statute of IMA ichap. 613), which waa, by Its title. "An act to regulate the number of ballots and ballot boxes to be used in the city and county of New Yoric," provides that "the names of all perrons which all the voters of raid city aro or may be authorised by law to vote for at aay election, except State and judicial, nnd those herein designated to be voted for on separate ballots, shall be upon one lmllol, whieh. upon the face thereof, shall contain a desig nation ef the office end the name or name- of the persons to be voted for, or sueh of them aa any voter may desire lo vote tor. and which, when folded, shall be endorsed or show npon the outside thereof, the words stty and Oeunty, number sis,' aud he deposited In box number ?l? " The names of persons to be voled for as Comp troller were not included among tho excepted esses of that statute. The only other provision of law affteting the matter is a clause in the amende! charter of 1X67, that 'uh<> C omptroller shall be voted for upon a separate ballot." It I* clear, therefore, that wnen the Comptroller Is the only city or conntv officer togfie voted for at the election, the ballot upon which be Is voted for?which would necessarily tie a separate ballot should he en ?Joised "t'ltv and Cowntv number sis " When there are opm or more other officer* to be voled for ut>on the ballot endorsed '"City and tWunty, numlier six," the Comp troller should "he voted for upon a separate ballot" from llinro; but the law makes no provision in r??|iac' to the endorsement of that "separate ballot. " leaving to everv voter the right lo tnako his own rndnr-eia?nt. It fol lows that, at ib? Inte election, ns theComptroller was the only city or county officer to he voted for, whether the statute of 1X66, u' the ch arter of IRfiT. or both. In har mony, were to I'ovem tba inspectors should have re reived Judge Connolly's tickets nd put them In any liov they had for a city or county officer, however It might have been labelled. A ovsrv KALI.'* on*us This l? not all Itefore Judge Connolly print'd his tickets he went to the Hureao of Elections, in tba Police Pepartmen' and was there shown an opinion bv Messrs. Rrown, Hall and Vanderooel, counsel to the I'oih-a Roard furnished to that body twelve davs before the election. The following Is an e?tru ? from, that opinion, and It should he borne in iinti-l that A. tt. Hall, Keq . by whom the opiuiun is understood to hare irf-en written, was a lending supporter ot Richard R Connolly for Comptroller:? To ma Mo i mi or Porter. Ac.:? Ouror t ton l reunenied.whether five or ?n . ouro'drneti are to !<? Toted for In eech Senntorlel district In 'h-"Its of New Vorb. end whet nnvhl to be (lie tegsl etslurveincn' o' the ballot for Comptroller et the sp|.roa"hlc,: 11,1101. If*! * taction. We bt# a'so of opinion. iir.ilar aeefb-n twenty-two of the charter'law* of 1BA7. chapter 44IS ntur-- *71. v >1 I . tKj-? th* Inside tltl* should be " Kor I'ntnptrull*'-if th*<lvo: Now T.i'l,' >nd 'hat Ih* oinlnraowiont should to "? it- and ? 'entity, i.-niiis-' al?." fiilor pro--t?f*-ia of o*nvaa* statute of IHli. <eo l><t*ha' l.kH'M \mirr l.Pff. i >!??*???? S RP"WM. HAM, A V ANDKRPOT.I,. V iw Y- >na, for. ft, iwm Not nnl?* w?? ttmt op-n'ou shown to Judr* I'- nnollv for hi* guidance, but h? was assured bv tb? Ti*ud of <hs Bureau <>f Election* that th# tlokat* aud-ire-M aa rtated tn that opliilou wore 'he one* that would b# received, afpt that the Inspector# of Election would he so In structed. a. a. fmnm o* tb? wativi. It was well known, for s?v#ral days prior to the elevs tlnn, that Judge Conoollr'a ticket* were printed with the wi-loreem-nii ?-'Ity and t'ounty, number at*," for bo bad distributed tbem freely. tin the Friday eronln* nert pre rioua to the election I mot the gentleman who printed Richard H. Connelly'* ticket*. Haipoke of th* differ ence In the endorsement. and asked tut not to make a difficulty about the matter, ash* would not print their ticket* over again. I told him that wa did not seek to hare any pervon'e rote excluded becauae tile ballot war not enionte.i in a particular way, but that the proper course wo-ihi he for the Inapectora to rec-lv* all the hal low, however endorsed. He assented to that, and. I be. Here, suggested Hint the Police Commissioner* should be aeen and instruction* given to thai effort AMKaKWB to tn* tniev He apoke to nte on the aahlert. aw I auppoaed, beeau?e at the November election, al??, tb* "City and County" tlcketa printed and dialrlhuted by tha democratic I'nion organisation were different from both the Tammany and the republican tlcketa On our ticket* the candidate lor Coroner waa voted for for a full term, and on the other ti. kete for a racanoy. I refused to have our tlckala printed otbmwloe, and the result waa the election of l>r. Schirtner upon our tickets for a full term, aa th" eon-tltu tlon provides The tlcketa printed for a vacancy were only blank votea for Coroner, t>eeauae the legal election wan for a full term, and not,for a raeau y. . H J hud had char, e of the printing of .tudge Connolly'* tlcketa I would have refused to print them o?h#rwlse than with tha endorsement they did haye. Wo have tro thle now about the matter , but we hare the law on our ride. If our t'eket-, had been e.hnnged and moor recti* endoreed and the tlcketa for Richard B Connolly snd Richard KM1* had lieen changed to the right en. doreiuent, and In cooseqncnc* our tk*.t? bad been re|crted, we wuuld not have the strong "aae that we now hare. jrtw a avr.ty wttora Tli* repel-'-can* beuune aaatoa*. the day N-fore the elnctloo. about th- endorsement of Ju-lge Kelly'e th kele and I ana inf -rmed that the Chairman of their Eve utive < ommiitee, after eramining the law upon the rublact, w eal on Monday atieru,-on to the polio* headquarters and reque- *d the President of th* I'olice Board to lake such preeunt one a> would prevent the rejection of thoir tlcketa by the Inspector* becaoao they wore < udoraed "Cumptrnlb r ' and not *eltr and county, number an areiKAv> w< it mm a nkiPvp aart so. Aa the oppoeitig ticket- were endorsed imptn 'ler of tlio car of New York." I went, a* a precaution, to th# police lo adipmriera, the evening net l,et<ire the ele ? tioo?the earliest opportunity I had?for (he per fos# of laq-uriru' what inatrerr. >na, If any. I.a-I been given in man to the en Increment of ik-bol fuperiotendent Kennedy war not th-re. and I mad* toy la<iu r--# of Mr Itdka, th# Inspector In thargc I told b in that Jud>* CoBn-ilTy'n ticlet* wefe en doraed 'trlly and to'inty. nutnher an," and that I wanted to lie certain of their r- .epui-o by the |n atiectora. adding thai I b?<t a-, for tho typellN of any nrketw otherwise endor-ed. He Inhumed me that Mr Oakrv Hall, the co-ipwcl of the Ito-rd, had given an oplni-in that "CHr and County, number ? it." wm Hi# correct -n-lor* mant lor ibe hnllot*. that m tructiooa bad already been given forth* reception of 'u-h ballot* l.y the inspccor-, and that I need hare no apprehension upon that point. HI* assiirsncss were so complete that not a do-it.t was left upon my mind I have rlnco b#--n lnf<>rroed by Hnpo(MU*wd*iit Kennedy that no instrvu - t nn? were given uj-on the ruhiect until the morning of the sbction. snd not until inquiries wore made in rnn ssquenes of tb* reje- tum of tbe ticket* by Ibe aepoctora. aa xiT*aoinu***y arwn.r. Fr-,m Una atatement It will he a-en that Jo-lf* Con nolly'* ti- keta?th* only one* presenled st the polls prm'sd in tbe manner prortdr-l by law?were refused at hall of lb* polling pure* in tbe city, notwithstanding the fact that leading supporters of the rival U"ket* knew that these were right and their own wrong notwith standing th* fact that the t**rd vested by isar with tb* management of election* I tad been advised by their - ovinasi to th* snwie effect end notwithstanding tbe fa-1 that tb* representative* of that bo-, id ha-1 given positive ??-oraoe?* that tbe ticket* *o r*fn?#d would he re f OtTOd A erinosssr ry.raa troa nr. Tbi* gr**t wreng to Judgo ? 'ottnoRy, in tna friend* and to ih* el*, t.vs system, was accompliabe-1 by a combina tion of etc-uo sinnree Th# patnt hfci of inetn< lion* fur to patiti-wl printer* ai.d to in*p*otore and cMSaaa. era'wao pretwred by a?lerk In th* ?tore of the station*! hv whom the pamphlet are* pnntasl However pr-dW lent tbe *t*rk may Is m b? proper bviwenie, tb* fact that bw forme for the - ty and - inty ti- a*t? were wroag|*t both ib* Norewii-er ami tb* D*#*toh#r *l*ctton*, aboaw tbnt b* I* i.otcoiiipetent tr pes* upon Ih* iegvl tc..oia nrewteer-ly involved Ir the preparetlori of ?UC1 ? P*I pfctet H* gay* in tluvt pacq-'ilet tb* I ?m of tb* ballot a* print*] by th* friwn Is of Richard B Cngnollg and Rlcb-.t-I Kelly, and tf.erwby furn-*h*d to tore a pretegt ftr refusn g to re- dtrt ballot* in tb* legal form. rwntst.* tmuna n? rm> nrntalt o? n r -nut* Although Hi* HM fl* CtiuMHMtonard bad h**n advmsvi hy their eoin**l that "Ob *ud ? ? -nt>? auuifaor sig Wa* tb* '?g*' endoc-wm-nt for tho t omptr-itlar's fwtloi vet tb" h-ir"st*f Kl*. tion* <ii*t*ad of t*n-i og out l*o?|* ?for the l".ve? m that form, ?'-nt out i?b#i? wbleh read, "flninpttuRlt of tho ? Ity of Ness Terft." I do not know U:nt either of _ tba Cowi nil*- <>n*r* had any direct participator, In thie error, but th* hand of ibai t igeati, ?B" fiarl Mr. Bill* *| -i on in i.>e?wi; i????r, anil who I,ad t-,14 Judge (odnol'y that tbe ticket# war* to be end-reed a* stetod in ibat opto on, by tb# wring Innwt* wsre sent ?b( ppntepfy a t?.| fr m a- re* *tn ?t*r motlye. f a*y tbl* ha- mow th* Or?t telagram awn) to tb* potMW haad qi*?-te-< -III th* m-irtui.g of -be e.ect.on. mv| ring wb*. H-of twiiota *nder?*d -fify and CWuntr, namber ?l?," ? hot/id tie received, wn* sent Mi the hew-f *f that bureau. It."t**il of fcocwtrng "Yes,' be a*nl back to in-pi re ? boat tb* inside of th* hai'et*. He knew very well that Hi* counsel of tbo boasd bad glree an epta-a ttmt the #ti-lor-e|iieet 10 , .rs.| abo?t W#? tbe lagal - i-d< r*?in**i of ? ballot at that et#c- <10 II* alao knew that ineper. M-rs of ?le< iiori had nwtb pg to-to with tbe maid* of a hnllot. and be *!?o know that delay waa faial when hue. dr-l* of vote* W*re bring pollod *ycry Mi* anawer, iberyfure, cnold 'mv* bad n?, ol'ter ?i ,e.,t than to pr ewg tb* per -d during which Jodew < ?nneity'* t.raal ali-.ud tw rej?vie<l. and te tbo air repeat pro-r It,are -.onId be of tb* < o!p*hillljr of hi* prln* a- l"-n MMMWM iseyg-Tsi*" N*tlti*r tb*erfor In th* pnrabtai *f .MtrwrWaw*. Boy ?a th* latwl* ef tl.* b*t?*. wo-i'-l bar* ??*? harm, I tb* ia?po< lore wb* rejected th* ttckmn bad sought *w>y tw dc right n ** dmoaldre i*i?*? laaereatM ? Mgryg pasting WW, hn that lb* Comptroller ?u the ml? attp or county officer to be oboeen at the election. If, therefore, they had endeavored, SB the law required, to aid the voter, tbey would have received the ballot* eh doned "City and County," and pot tbetn la tb# boxes roller." Moot of thoee inspectors are aombly men who are honest la mailers of prtrate basinet*; yet, in proportion as the right to vote Is higher In value than mere property, la the wrong that defrauds a man of his vote greater than that which robe him of dollars. The fact that in one-half of the dlstricu of the city n majority of the Inspectors would participate in each a wrong la a melancholy instance of the extent to whieh partisanship so runtimes subverts the action or

man who may he otherwise ^oneet It will be the duty of the mends of reform to procure the nsmee of the guilty Inspectors. In order that future electiona may not be subjected to their Injurious control. CO.WHUCV ST IKS "MISS " It la not probable that the inspector! would voluntarily have done this wrong. Left to their own Impulses, they would naturally have elded voters to exerelsd their j lights, Instead of seeking pretexts to prevent their I voting. It le manifest that tne rejection of the ballots waa aacnred by a thoroughly organised conspiracy on the past of the supporters et Richard B. Connolly. In nearly every district the insp ctore appointed In tne Interest of the 'ring" were posted to object to the reception of Judge Connolly's tickets. When the tickets wars re jected s concerted cry was started everywhere that Jadge Connolly had sold out to Rlnhard B. Connolly, and bad priulod his tickets wrongly to prevent the votes of bis friends In his favor. Meewmger* were aisoin waiting, who proceeded Innnodlat jy from poll to poll to spread the news of tha rejection of the tickets, so that Its injurious effect might be felt in every district The present Comptroller sought to glnt his revenge against tha candidate whose nomination had forced him frt?S> 1 he ileld. by going from district to district In tha Sixth werd, and assuring voters that Jndge Con nolly's tickets would not lie counted, even if they ware received; aud one of Rlohard B. Connolly's Intimate irirnda has boasted that he took a carriage and rode around for n Ilk" purpose. The false and aUnder 014s Story that J'ldgo Connolly had sold out to Richard II. Connolly, evidently started by prior arrangement, was the more m-lust, because It Is well known that he might have received a large sum of monev If ha would bove retired from the can rate, and bin friends know that hS never fur a moment tolerated any proposal that ha should surrender the position he bad accepted as the democratic Union candidate. fatai srre, ts or tks rtucn. It is Impoeslbiq to convey to persona not acquainted with t e practical wor .lng of the ele- tion machinery a full idea of the fetal Influence upon the suocees of a can didate produced bv the rejection of his tickets at half of tha polling places in the ri?v. It Is much the same as though half of an army should And, on faring the enemy that their ammunition waa useless. The result In this case was s universal linpreealon that Judge Connolly bad no chance.-an Impree Ion not even confined to the dis tricts In which the tickets were refused. In conse quence. thousands who went to the polls to vole for Judge ionnollv voted for Richard B. Connolly; thou sands of others went away without voting for Comp troller, aud some, who were determined to do all that they could to defeat the special "ring" candi date, voted lor Richard Kellv. I will cite the vote in two wards to give, by contrasting them, aome Idea of the Injurious effect of the rejection of the tickets;?In the ward In whlt-h I reside, the Twentieth, the tickets were refused in only two dlstncie of the twenty-two, and Jndge t onnollv receded 7.507 voles, Richard B. Connol ly 1,1*73. iml Richard Kellv l,*Ptt. In the Thirteenth word (which in N'ovemher gave e majority ror the demo cratic l nmn ilckrt over the Tammanv end also over the republican} the tickets were et flr?t refused in all the dis tricts. and in all but two they were refu-*ed all day. Jndge Connolly carried lho<e two districts, but in the whole ward he >nlv received 400 vote., while Richard H. Con nolly ro eived *73 and Richard Kelly ?*? It cannot he donlil d thot if Judge Connolly's tickets bad been re ceived from the ?Urt in every district he wo < Id have been elected, sod Richard IJ. Connolly would have l?e?n the lowest oi the three candidates, 1 hat Judge Conuol Iv, untb r such adverse circumstances, received nearly JO eon ? npn to some 77,00# lor R'chard H. Connolly and 75.000 'or llchard Kelly. Is a grallfving evidence of the great strength of tha independent democracy. ji una onnnu-i wiu. The great l raud perpetrated upon Judge Connolly aud his anpportere compels him to cont-st the election. HI* own honor, the Internals of his friends, thn purity of the elective franchise?every consideration, public, political and private that may properly influence him? demand that lie shall take sn>'h action. He has admired his friends that b<- will take It. "SISO" oajnTiovs to ? oiwrxar A writer In tha organ of the "ring," said to be Mr V ?hikey Hall, takes two obje- tl iat to a contest In Judge t'onnolly. Fins, be *avs, that the provisions of lew In respect to the endorsement of ballots ere directory nod not mandstory, sud, Ihero ore, that th- ballots for Richard B. Connolly, even If wronply endorsed, cannot be thrown out. Kxactlyeo j and for theanmerae on the hnliots for Judg" Connolly, even If their sadofSMMnt fiad not la-en legally 0"avert, should not have heeo re jected. The protest of Judge (Jonmll; to the Board of i anva eers was bescd upon It* only point they could consider, and was not Intcodsd as s statement or tho grounds upon which a oouleet would be made In tbe courts. Mr. Hall's other point it to the effect that the law will ooly set upon votes polled, and not upon those crclnd-d troin the baliochox. It Is sufficient to say, without de puting bis position, that it does not affect the contest Judge Connolly will make In certain e led inn districts Jndge Connolly has, in the aggravate, s majority over Richard B. t onnollv. In certain other districts the elec tion was Invalidated by the greet fraud that was perpe. tramd m refusing to a-?eiva Judge Connolly's ticket*. Throw out tbeia d'striots, end Judge Connolly Is ahead. To exclude them would lie a proper punishment to Rich ard U. tobnolly, whoee frlunds are guilty of this great wrong?a wrong by which only ho pro urea a certificate of election. flam rrot a mat-nowise. I perceive I list I hers le s danger attending tbe pro posed contest, which I will ttat". bocauso I always de-ire to look s danger apisrely in Ifci fane. Although ws throw out enough districts to place Judge Connolly ehaad of Richard B. Cootwdly, we may not lie aide to place bun ahead of Judge Kelly The fraud of which we complain waa ehp-fly accomplished in strum democratic dlstret*. In many of which tbe ma chine vol# of the "ring ' lias lieen groat. In snch d -,trlcta that notor mis * shsl made ?pe lal efforts to prevent votes for Judge f 'nnno ly because they wished to conceal, a? long as possible, flic fact of th*lr loss of power r'u h 'Iistrict* -Irould of course r*i thrown nut: bat thsir ? "elusion would sol m en affect Judge Kelly's vote and we are not yst ad.lned to what oxteut the fraud wee perpetrated In tbe district* which gave him a maturity. If the contest should eventuate to tbe ?ucc-w of Judge K-lly, the friend-01 Richard H. Con O'ttyy, wbo planned aud socompllshed the fraud at tbe election, would be responsible for the result, nod not Judge Conn lly, who was tha victim of tne fraud Richard II. Connolly, howeeer, can nvod ihl" dau. 'r hv resigning tl>s Office <<n the first of January. There would tired lie e new el ?.lion for Comptroller next lieeemhef; end, pro* ably, the Mayor and Aldermen would appoint him to tha office until the v* am y was Idled by tsipnlsr election. If lie p r-i-u in retaining the office, which he ?score- only by a gigantic fraud, Judga Connolly will lie compe ls*! io sliow the fiilslly of the -'anderou* report tirraintod a einst him by UP-hard H fNavHy*! frtemje, by making the .outer , whatever may Is- the re dt. ski win J. WITCRHOItY. Cb-tir-uan democratic I mou Kxeculfve < omiulttee. Km V ns, Dec 13, ISM THE JKW lEIOCMCY. Yuiiiiti Tkuwt OmkMr4~Tlir (?R?fllla? Rkd Krinlirt. [from tba CWliI, flae. IA J ?>r?? o lr?d?r* ol lb* Tammany parly pr- fuaa a pro found ANN U> haal ma wound* of th ? d -tra-tad daaaoc rafjr by "tn-iatorlnd all gurrlllaa la'o tba ragular annv iiki firing 'hair oflt'-arw awna rank aa ilwy may daaira " ludrr-I. tbia :a aatrrmrly kn>4, Ut4 illu-trawa that thla iraan fool ha11 iloaa yat r?rluhly mora Kit wnat la tba "rank tbat onr guarlllaolltcrr* "may da-arta I" Tbraa tnontbr ay- It wa-t loutying on tba flrtrt political Iran, Whlla tlm rar I, and flla a Ui hn tn?wrd I warn M MM by Taruitiany irapa and caol?tar, prauy much aa our piotta an<' philanthropic fngtiabfrlndawrrrd tba Mopoy mbata ob" auhnuttad In tba lain India war. "Will ymi walk mtu my parlor, aald Uia rp dar to tba at thn aama limn miring I ha lattar Inanrt that it waa ib- pmltlnat litua parlor tbat m-ar ba did apy." Wall, lha Ay w?nl la, bat didn't And tlm parlor ao pln?aant Tba fly bad aorar haaa id thara batorn, bat In tba I am many apldar parlor aa aow dom.natad, wa hare bad aoiaa airttlog ?? portotma. tin tbat tmcaalaa aa a?rapart oat of it wnu our llto*. though Imarllr tdoodnd and taitb wlngr thickly ? laggod from ita ?n*laviug m?-haa B rora that apvw parlor can hara iba pi?at ra of raeotvtaa ua if guartllaa Main, ?? muit obtain marital aaeanty (aa aaitaaa mot ham my almn prontlacuoo* wooom mma to court tbair d?ughtara| tbat tba Wigwam'a 'lalnauona ar* bonor?bi? ' fraakly, ob dp dar frmada of W Tammany! Wa faar Uia iwaaimrata ot your boapllailty might not ha whota noma Ami baa da. - n what raopaat da tra of Iba ao callad guerilla party aund la aaad of 'roorfaaitnlioa ? ' Wo am doing tip-top at It m?am t wa. bn\at Wa trarol round in "tir own pactum Ilka bob tall bulla, J iat at praa <?t, ami ilmra la an odor <d ilia ?laugbtar bourn about Iho ar'bmt wiywam which makan ua not rrapwtonr to a- -apt aay ia*>iation to aatar. Par I-attar, wa optnn, u> ba unptala af a goartila party?aya. or a farina por*y of yarillaa. for that aaaitaf?than to aat slavw a hmod and drink ?mia a wino la *'iub a labnrnm ia of cirrvpilem aa thn | ?mot managar* of fanimany Hall bar# nmdr af that damo- rano tampia W? ham hn .-d tba Tooimaay f?1, Wa ??- , -rfl tor n?t-"l >1 it W# lir?a w-ig' rd thlr outlar i?i| wall, And m-ao to kgbt M o-it Ik ti ton ? ? apry g - ? fa tba (I wta of altar ro it. Wr kara nw.ra on It'll- ,Uy tab a bat Ta tr'it thi* -|t>arr#l not "hi it My rpaaklag, gautlaman of Tammany Ha ', ao tar<a ii w t'.'u roor |mwar ta oflar -an ba am-opriut r.n th ? #w? of ib* boom. I aat fail tba -data < -wt'iiwon of our parti -la- dad that Utera r-aily am "atloda f*a aorO' r In lh? Otty of taw York tbrra ato-b* prmaf biy t- a f?w au>?raii'a ?roba-adr, bat Ibaf awwwatod m nothing *>ll, and?r thi? faitb, tba fltata t'oarawMon btc.fcnd -w oat of door* aa though wa had boon iggan abuaiag ? aratad lag* for aloia, but wbather lb- y wtil try tbat f*ma again or not tba fntum m ?t d? !? TTna, Iwiwatar. mcum-n too Htato muhoritlaa Laol Mo. tau.'ar ant t-iftod .rartily aa>! wttb ap aadi l raal Hka ttabN obidb ib?y ptaaad in *ba flaM aitM mm ?aibag our ?iabaa -partly tmaaaa tbara aaa tba aaraaa for 'bin 'bat wa bad hot ib*t abowa oar Hmnrth and par<;y oara iaa wa ha<i or finally nt?l taa a-mtaathk af Jaba T. Hoffman far <>o?ar?or Bat, goo'.rman Iba Mat* wb la a llo d# mar b? aa agmaab a tb-ag. !?"* otara a a wbi t, KM not I aattby far a parn.aaool am op* l, or. and. ao I,up f llmrat tba Ktata I t?l af I ml kulalit wb-rb waa mado rywajiar'ita .f o.,r ?o -a w Urn aat Biota twfcat. from aow aald trntii al Mowa bla barn that aaaballartr rapport oadar almllar 'ma alamrw and if raw dna t banana aa, jaN try. Oar uxotvat, In a word, m-i?t ba ? ar- a-l op to tba -rata a- and moat <? br U-ara 4* 1*4 N?arraa?? ?mat ndiarad b?ra by ta* Tamauay I -adrri mm, ba ra aatrad aa aa arraafaamat la paad rank 1b*y am aot kA< r la tort tamwdtibd pobMal bar-Aari and ao matter how epectoee their adbra I* mm we guerilla chape artfl ooir lay down am and eater the.i canape- there ?eel be aotue UUIe mwro In the woodpile, and until be a ball bare been polled eat,-end planed on exhibition, our Uvea would not be mf? to accept the too penuxatve amneety. Beetdee, what the deuoe amnwir do we want* len t the fuerille bualaene Ibr plaaaaater than any regnlar aoldlenng * We believe Mayor HoStnaa do eeea In bia wlah te bans en lie the party en a Joel been, but have only too recent proof that be cannot control ble men. w? ere confident tbal Comptroller R & t'on eolljr? blmnelf e guerilla (until raaenUy) ef aggrareted character? would do bla rary utmoat te nature fair play for bla fcllow.alaricm of the democratic t'ntoa. Bat what, alter ell, would lhaec two gentlemen emeant to, when the Implacable hatred ef the Tammany rank and II# (bund ua guarllla fallowa dearned and in their power* Finally, ohHpldere of the Wigwam! we thank you for your polite Invitation, but ww (Ilea moat, moat reaped fully, decline. THE FREEOMIRTS BUREAU. Onanrwl II.wbH'. NlUMm la RdIriIm ta lk* <*"*? *f ?*?mh Cullman wad Tw. White, ta Oar Mfi.r Dr. pendant mm Ihr Barm, la Alahaata. *r. _ . ? . , ?>.*. n*c. i?, inbb. Th# following i. Mi. reply of f;?n*r*t rt. n. Howard to lionnrat. Kulierton and steel,nan. who made a tour of the Smith recently, and reported atalta th# cootiou nor* of the Freed men a Rureaii: ? Lrrran *Kri*aan n? ar mttHmuimm iv 'Oiarm*. nr KiB*. or BBPOBT. Wan IikPAHrars, Hi-map Bert-car.* ) F*KWn*M amp ABAMDOXBO I,AMUR. J WABniroTi.*, It. 0.. Aug l\ 1MB. I [ Sin?Th# follow! nr Matementa are raapeetiully euh biltled for your nnn*i<l*mtion The laat report of tJeoerau Staadraac and Fnllarton ef an laaiactlon of th* bureau under my charre contain* ... mane a a tame tile d I Marl a ( from thorn f hare raceI \ ad , from other I importing* and aaaiataot commie atonere, and furulah#* deductions an widely i arylutr from thoe* I bar* fanned and nffirrnd. that I Beam It my duty to review the main point, of tbla report; nud naorv oapr elally iiitMo oonrae oeooaaary for mo that I (invade-en analfnad ta doty by yooreolf, and have adinlnlatered lha bureao In accordance with your Inatru.-tioua, varhal and written. keeping coneuntly in Tlew a th trough ami prty 'ioal *?#c.'iUon of lha law by which tut officer# aud myaalf have Iteon Itouud. ?????*?? I now lAtnia to by fhr the moet important part of what tha Inapoetora bara to aay?the an rummy up of their coprlualcna after four monthe' Inapwctlon of the bureau In Which they aeaert that "there i? an entire elrnaoe of ?yetemor uniformity In Ite ronatitutlon." They bate never aalced me for a word of Information with reference to record", report* and order*. They have made no ei am I net too of my office, and naked no renanu for any action Tha record* or Inforuiatiou tber d.wlnal that could not lie found 'n th< office, of the Kniith may be here What would be lb* reeult If they ihould make a genera) ln*|iectloa of the <riart*rmn>i*r, oornmlerjtry or other iteimrtmenie In th* wine way* Tho*,. olllceru who had t<**n relieved, or were beyond their reach, are aopnoeed to have made im proper dUpoeltlona of all record* or patient connected with tb* r office*. There I* not a bureau In Weablngton with a more com plate <?l of report*. book* and record", Ac , than can l>? produced at thi* office for Impaction at anv time. Thoy attempt 10 prove tlielr aanrtliiu by the atattunenl that ui nn* If1"'" ,w offioer* *\erc:-od judicial power*; In on* adjonptnr all caee* are rrferred to ctrll authon'l#*, while In a third "tale bureau officer, collect the came and turn them over to military cour'*. Tlielr own inapecllon re. port* will refute Una in the tJtat.-* of Kentucky, Ten n#"*#e. Ml*. Iwlnpi. bntlalen*, Alabama Virginia, Flor Mn *n<l North f'arniina, hnrtau atfeut* do nut niRpriwo Jndlolal per err of any kind, and In lha otb*r Slate- llm power* *x#rct*#d by th* officer* of the bureau are nnnl lied by the reeling* and conduct of the people toward* tb* freedmen. They admit there la great difference in Ihl* fooling of white* toward* th* hUmka. Whin principle more uniform I* It po*">h'n to adopt ihan to rr-iiat* th* power of agent* of th# hurmat i>>- St. d P"*'tlon and conduct of the [H-ople, favoring thein i they appr-nliuute equal Ju?ticcf It will l?- -cen bv referring to the regulation* from "it* bureau. Circular T Aerie* aa apnrovad by your?eli, that a gradual Iranif.-r of Juriwllotion wae Implied and JuH ac *oon a* practicable wo have made trial of the ? n il court* In every .'tale. I have weight th* proven court* a* well a- the civil, to relieve me of the e-erci * of Judicial power*. bureau officer* have never attempted to regulate wage*, rod no order -ver ?xi*io4 making anv regulation* on the *uhp*-'. Hwiuand and *upply controlled tlit* mniter Or roorae wage*, manner ..f payment, and all the qneotieiH coloring into ibe labor outyact differ*.! widely throughout Hi* south, and. irom ill* nature of thing', oould e-it he unlforrn. Al'hoogh Importuned from nil parte of Ik* Sooth to take Mi ne action about *mb?. I *um.1IIv refuted. Th* following ha* b en the etatidlng order f>ir ill ihe state*. ? " No Band rate* of war** will l?e urevrrtbed for a dt tnct; bnt, lu ordor to rcgqlata fair wage* io Mutlvttltel ageut* aho ild have In mind minimum ram* lor tbelr own guidance." A'.-detunl con mi I "doner* ar* required to furai-h me with cop.** of all order* and circular* t**ued by tlietn, and a clove evamlu cn of all tli-y ba.e written on tic *uh)oct foil* to pro.luce auy attempt, upon their |?rt to rogulete wage* or contract*. The Mw-lm i. and em plover have been l?rt to manage the iiiMP-r for Ihtuu eelven. Thev ray that whool* In !*wtUlana have bwui ?up ported by the government. Their rep in ?hou* how. ever, thai the* were auppnrfed by ? mllltarv Ivy, and, perhapM, to >?un<i eit-ni, from the lu /iat< from abnn -loned property They *?v agent* Interfere in m trtillrarv manner In fayor or freedmen ?>ni*trinc*, and iu other- lu faror of the planter* Thi* l? clmplv a ritin- arc .r.linr to bo. read regulatiaoa. and the in?|>?rtora rhould li^e pre ferred nbargee ?v?in?t th**e oflPera, that th.-v might might have lieeti tried and punl*h<*l. I' I* lr-io tlial the nvjienae* of the bureau err- not the ranwmall 'be Htateg a* It. hi .1 plain propo*lt|oo that tb# eypeo*e* mnat tie rivuletcd by ibe w .r; to I* 'lone A* the neecrity for bureau agencie* differ, n ?? -.rditi* lo the temper of the people, it lw n-x lingular the- r<pea*ea ehevild le apportlouci! *c-i.ritln -lv 1 a n not aware that the bureau In anv (Put* wa* -ip|M>ried I t lui d* from tb# I nlled Stale*Tret ury till alter 'I l?i? appro pi la: Ion In leci no lurid* bad -ver been drawn d r*< ily fur ll?e imrtrc. n' upportlng the hcmvi - rgai* lantlon lltl that appropriation waa ma-lo by f'-mgr- ?*. Tliey env lha- It w-a lmtio**ihla 10 ei imme ihc *c count# of loir--an que Her ?neater*, ne they wen- .ooi iu-lla.1 Ui take iwr'oiiai ?l*teiiiant?, gc re- nd-utl tbai vhey aramln-at the account* n| rinocr.. It ?l Wb iil. cr. of >t|-.iwippl, and found tlcm all r wr t a-ol . .11 blet* 'tf i ior-e hi* pre.tec, ...r *-,? entitled lob* rem tied p*|A-ri. ami on# eo-npWu *#t P? on ui* In lli. offi. a Thay ah find out how n.-c ti mouev wa* col lected from eve/y Irgltiniatc and ,-i .;-er-o iwe to M, rierijipl by ratling rui me and a-dtln/ for ? o ft in'oem* thin. Ibey aar lhl? ey t# n of re? *u,l dl*bunmi. rn-oiev ft," vine bl. i, f ,rf . g. ? r H,, 1 rrguUllrti* a* o*e.| n tlie QnnrternMMer'e l'.-i .rim?ai have I.?#n adopt* 1 hytbi- Mtir.-a-i a* tar a. |-o -il.i.. *Md nro a* couiplel* a check Upoo hue,, flnil ?ttwhar-e of Uielrdollea *? |* uot- ? I ip ?r .f -r- of the Qnavreruuwter'* Ib-partincnf who ??n o il# and Bt? linrae 1 una They nevt refer to the r. i?e of I oioicd pen , , r..,, ,rt of th left. ,t ,.f IT,out) in lei 01s. M.| | nt >. *ler. who I* eaol to be a .lefae.uo |i .anno' l*> pr?* *lbt* that t-enc.-al I'uUert m. wl.o, a* one..- the onrrau .gTH-erv, ?*et?ted tn inngiuv thi* n.a"er ia pgh< *0 >a 1 to rememlwr tliat thia ?t|hjecl l,n. tne.i und'r, dog ab ir.veviigatimi for the laet all muiilft* Th-. wfte'e mot ter origlnatml tietore ibe bureau m to eil*' ../e, and hav leten brought 1.1 I| /t,i and | ?.. e <#.) , IVimtnl* loner in order to fit the g ittt np 01 tb* proper p. raw* and ?? or* their poblvbhr-iii ft I* not lu.'ioa In Ui# odo-ar* of lie leireao to charge the 111 with .rime# thai were mwiiui'led a/an at U>. free.' men in time prior to lie orran /at .*., and t/> dale* and tha local wn nt grave rharg** #0 a* Pi loft lha I re?|?<naibllily ukm) Uiuee nor ly. Th* in-pe* tor* neat admit the ?e ypy ,,f tha laal yaar *od a- knowledge that it did mu U g?id f-'r all el taan 1. If Uil* be true It I* bad log . to c. i.4. 0.11 the work I ova of the Hup-ati for rtuatekna aed cfr...* that ware >ounn tied test vear, and moi# pan -Parly for tba year before tt? orgnnination Veartv ever? r-.arge .,lfc p. agstnffi offir* ra in ihnt laal ref?r? ?? for w ta of tarn rear, and upon wlinih Ho -# offi, ra tiara already 0.1, .aj. 4 lo acrrrini by tl.e liuranu or loa War l.. j aiiiic ol I cann. t agree w th the Inapecrura at-oyer W a* to a cunpteta rav otuinm In lb* eatiweat -g ibe MoeHown 1 P**pfa. whwb iu? ir>a protariien * ,ff,. Arm f?d tlw 'rate men when I nlted Sal** officori and fro* linen are mor Berte and the freedmen abu*te and mutilated, ae i* re P"Wte by Ui* loeywtora ibetuaelvea Thay aay the good leeUnga of lha whita* toward* th# bla> ka ar* owing m their louww*! in aw .ring Ibeir taj.u Th 1 r I regar-l ae in*.-ffw-|ef) 1 ?re-irllT wt en tg-ierwd t. *aw lately wl hoot aacne other p. aripto?e g. the g *?>*"? of equal law* for year* aia*abwtderw have deemed aotnp uaorr mraaurv* the traat *e. mly of l.,.e The MMpsffinra d~ a*rv ihat "the bar a* hat Not in lb# agrragate iwodwU. * of awo harm Wran g ?* and gtv# aa Ibeir reeeub*. wibalaaiiaily. ibe rv ?? * .put it af the negrow* and ih'tr aon*w>| i#nt dwlnei at Ibe properly ho'dera, and the rw r wv n o' e*. ?ranting mniual .rpwlmi and htiP- aeaa 1 dmy th* wboi# atataaaawk, It 1# nwt finnlil una* fa.1, but ipon tbenflea ??m*Untly | it f.wth py tli? enemira of pond order A few bad agear* have been I arm. ate have doeMtem 4wue patwh 1.1m te ibia b"-?au ar**' > be* lw?n mteta-'oriai ard bar ,ft. aa a 1 whoi# It ba* "vol li. a very .., and t. .??? n?~* that e*i#?ed when It w*> Bret organ Ate Pi ae I tonrtfaveand wvckte deed, hata r- eBt v apr ing up bei IftBW ar* -B no way .* tend or re. agr ^ u, Ibe oSrcey. *l! !?,# g> ?f! ?,l The |.,>pw eve ehary* the b. rtrau e ,ih twuv, re. bta fcg tb* ?w wage, pard freteaaen nmler ' ? rnru oa p'naiaiiea*. I ?ha.l r*te? to uditract* h,t b#t w II take up wig** Brat Tlrla bur*ai nmar .era wag#*, bet Old erg. alt fWdin*. lo Mnw ah ??'*# tallow* and ?>?*where ta ordbr In rafter# Ik* govern meat ?<f tberr e*p|" ft. and ladnarantvi* to the owe try that they woe ret to beewme * al.fft-ra* Bevwy'-*? raee The people, Kovth and Steth, ae adlnu e.i I dtet a* nan (ty, deuondte tha* um I rate ae ffiwe.M I ? , to wovk ct the beg,ftb *g M IS* yenr Mr '? Ur*d >h" fetd and aff-d th# fywodaae- ?? tare U ? -pwivdtng far th' va-e'rw* Pa ar* tally aw*.* -f'TT I 1 Bi? nt | II11 ? ' 1 PI i forrwte *#t, natwrn* agnti.4 high tuei '?#? '*-ini.? B'lor m low * rata n* id par mateh far aft'vh?1lte ftm I beroae ffi. ? r V urged Iftal the dmfael be 1 tared a* b ah ae p? at Mo. yet they ?we--l not .waapat a fcufhat r?'? -d | --aapMab.# ktuit wo* "c frateftPS to 4e f If they . tailed to rwnirocy tb- y a ,rr*d tha te ta of be g a may die and Wunblea* ra. a > btfo rwaning th* fak #f atarvtng Thev went te w?w* * pt*nt* *e at lb# b -ghaut ware. It ey raid gat A* rod a. planter* BBBBn w Snd that t*t?r nwt.4 ha war?e, that t- a frate I Man wwre gnthg to w??. I My aaw lhaa that* tnteravt j ? aa to aw era lahorerw (or tftatr ? it ton f*4e tot-m a : ?on lad take, and ?C"*d b'glw* fate* hw-.h-ag 'We'd be Mdfw aafarnl T* N * not Biffi* alt w *wa Iher tha ptamev/wr in* hwin Wbw ret** anted tba .apiaf, nana I nuaaratte aava-t ah w, mat eewwpadfte twwr wag-* ] B "?# f ? ? ? ???., ?*? ... -. _? .., j **#?# {'?? ?"?# : r ?# -? *nA h*. m "m -?? ryra | m?i4m ass could not slv* $1 M par -ay for all Ilia plaa'allon laborer* las* January au4 February, whan I hey warn compelled to aaak esagloymanl, the freedmra wara forced In 10 It work at tba planters ralaa. Tat wa Oti'l ibaa* leap* Pes complaining aboot tha praaaat wages, and adriang a transfer of lbs ititer**la af laborers in tba men who, by (Irmly reeiatiat aa advuii a, kept wigr* wham tbay now are. They H.1V "111 all the Igflp (MM of UxoMlpH planters war* offering $1 par dip in May and Jnne, wlula, under lb* isre.iioo uf lb* giseromani. tb< uaand# of fm-dmi-u war* working for fit par month I do not Uunlit tbla Yot tba plantar* and U?* olhor 'ropier ?rs, not ibs o?r?r* of iba Hnreao, ar* renponaihie fnr compelling t tin latioren to accept (la f 10 larrne laet .if "*T "r Now ">?? "?? phnters' crep to w? * fntt'?rt"g. and the r ituiu 0s Id* seed aevare and 'in remitting labor, no douM lhajr ar* willing to glra f 1 per dlotn for * f.w Ubon ra ui BnUb u> lb# work Tboy soy Uioir oomraru aar* . suctioned b' bureau ofll are This ?"T " Bureau officers rouli not baro dono other wise. ir tbay bag, they wotilil tar* bean accused af do feotlng th* ob)*.-ta of if,,, ||?r(HMl law. and would bar* Introduced a principle wbn h iui|ia?r" the eery nature of a contrast. a All tbo *rgumi-uu of ih* inspector* fall l? tba ground uuloas thry pre** that the freodmen could bar* obtain* I from |Yop*rtv holdera, without compute ion. $1 60 per day 'Ml January, when com palled tbem to go to *ork. Tha principle* thai apply to wago* Induced tba present contract aystow. I Would hat* Iie?n glad to hero adapted preclaaly tho gam* method* of ragulning labor s< DtiUload In tbs Northern -lau, , but neither the plant srs nor th* freadmaa were yst prepared for ibit llenl-re oomplaincd that fro?.lm?u, uuder o free ay a tain of labor, wottlH not work till tba crop eras ai>ved, but would remala only till Uioy obtained uion*v to kaap thatn fot a short lima, and than d< **rt ibe ? ropa at a most rrlfe-al |.*riod. Nearly arory rouihero Hat# baa provided taws by which the freed m*n tra to be tew trartod wilt for one year Planter* retimed to employ rraadman at all nnloas tboy would agree to remain on* year Of roibiw freedmen wars drteen Into th.*# cm. by the -atii'* fbrre that corn pa Med tbant t- work low wagm. Any one who will remember tba terras I news of the tin. aa reported during th# month* uf hot Juntnuy and VelWoary, will remambrr that all Ui? power thai captla! can eryi iw wa# brought to boar up .ml.a laborer* of the HoutW to niak* tham contract I claim, and the ran* will prny* it, that the In r.*? barUbored *oe*>#iuiiy to elavara wagse, and dofsn1'4 th* lutorsnts of tba freedta#n In thuir oootrnctn, being coniunty te .-tad by ilia in-niaof the paonllar opinions of Houthuni properly holder*, the aril* In tb? con tra. i* will mmmmr (list a? man ae free labor shall hav* a pcrrnanrnt footLold under its naoeoaary protection af e.jnsl law* properly eiai'uted. from the roars* pursued by th* Inspector*. 1 inspect lb# object of tha In spa. iron, as tbay understood it, wa* to bring tb* Froadman's Itureau Into contempt lieforo th* country, and lo do tble thsy bare andruvored IP prove mat administration. On the contrary, I am prep irrd lo prove lo yo realf or any other candid mind that I bav* foinilad tha met ynn roniiiiiiled to me Willi csra, . 'inaci?utlou*bi hm and faithfulness; I have obeyed your oniere ami metro lion*, msklug no olhcr object I one than thoec I liavn iu?d* to yoursalf and ilia Hocytary of War; tbat uiy ii'i"n ban b *n a thorotlkb one and a* complete and irilform as was pondilo m *ji Iti-iii't'lon .utended to be icou o rnry and to meal a trin4eot nacaeeiiv ' mild tli" Freadiaon's Bureau iw now administered with your full and hearty nun 1km, and with th* ? o op..rail n of the other hrenoiics of lha government, It would f llfl the idijoci* of iu ereutiou In a abort time, and.lx. mad . while ittnaWd, to oondara to industry, sullghteniomt end luailoe for all rhuuw. of the people. Th# wore .-em milled to It may doahthva* tic done by th* arm" * 'bout a bureau. 1ml not wlta much lea* aspens* Y-1 if lha government would keep p..-si faith with P* n w nusl* cltlj. ne, mm* sort of a I'nPad Htaie* *g#n. v in i?l '>* maintained In th* Mouther* Htsiee, until society thai I hive bcc.iine more *nttl*d than It now Is. Very reepacl fully, four obedient *onr?ni (i rt HOwARIl, Major OsBOral, Commtsi ocay His I't illaasj Andrew Johnson, Prmtdool of the I mlcl Htatea. W?u lu rtHTwsvr, llrnsar or Rinuo l Fai aowi' '.in Inasoostii I.kic J Wiaiii*<.ros, riept 2* 1 r*i i MM~-Hac1nC rwelred a copy of's hirer lo ih ? I'ti sldaui, dated Captemher 13, 1 sK) to* liming a mi jieii ioti of circular No 10 fr.on ll"? b treat', and rep roe* til lug that lb* actual eulterera In Alabama, from tho want of food, ar* from 1 -ev?nly to eighty thousand, Ibo larger |uutloo of whom *r* 'ridows and orphan", ' *o<! that ' three f. irtli" of tbl" numlior ure slMtilutely dipet Irr.l n|HHi got ernment or charitshle r.intributlrm* fr.roub .Maine," sod r-pre-entlng, furthor. a depletes! Rials treasury and an ?tub.irrn-o-d rredtt, and Imvlu.- iu addt Uoii lo ibaaa represent dl"ii< r#C"trrd sat eral reraast recommandatlmis from Major C-ooml dwayna, Awuaiaoi ('oUitnk"ionar to the same eff-cl, I car I'umaad thai ?pgc.lal riHef lie f.-ral-lu-d lb* appropriation for I .at pi.rp." , uot to sired 140,000 par moutb, for tba period of throe month* It le pr -per to nolle# tnal In Alabenua according t>. II # 11J report, there war* mora than two whites aided w;tJi rations io one colored pareon. Vary raaporlfnfly, 0 <? HOW A nil Major (leoaral, I'omml ssioner. Hon. R. H. HTASfo*. waraUwy of War Wsa !>K"A*rwtsr, BapC 21, Iron In Viaw of lb# fbreglV'n. etaleinael# tb# ordc- sf JM A'lyusl, atoppliig tha wue rg nipplla*, is modHlod s* aa lo allow lb# l-eo# of ? orn and liaron, as rsqwdal by ihwr 1 r-rUOf Patton, ft#- Ilia period an I quantities ahrna men lloaal, Iu lb" Htala hf A'alwi.t KDWIN M. Mf A VI'(N, Mcrr ury of War NLW JERSEY INTELLIGENCE. Jrrw* I'llr. Ti ? Naw It' a **n tub Monti* C***t. r<i?nM rfw r.,1. Irm llni of tlto a?w fdar In f"'tnmuii paw ' ??*, whirl. ?? rrodltad la lb* Morrla t'anal Company, W in rrtlllf th* w.>rk of tho Cantrnl Hailmn4 <v>n.| ar.y, nh'.? < v*lr n w'ltlty III lit* IMtMNelMI at pl**?. ? bt'bT In tbo (until or on lb* Wwlli, thrown into tlm h*4* th* aorixmal aparwHooa ?f th* Haltrrr m.4 liyp lh> t Hallway Oompaur birr ? frw nrmiln lb* <? lr*l Koilrrxwl "tapot will It rannreiril wilb t. omnium paw by w.rtil mn ' * of |?irr?. Cum* wiK l:<.i>nu mn K?n/Tikfor nwnnrnl ward* j kM M .'h??l t;nr4ti*r ?? of aiwtrarunf mawf la wo* 11 ?um* from lb* J?wk at bin rmflfw, flnnMI no?1 lb* msilnr liana. l"**n Inl lo ofllr rf ?|. Ih.B'rfuI. o oalrh aaa n a ntalnad ?v?r Hani nai't |CI>. I 111 ri4nr b' wa* rvrhl la IHn art *n<l wa* pruaplly lakap labs ruatn4y. Tb? |i(iicn>h of It ? out .:iuuu pill mi. Hn lion about |."/?i Nrwnrb. A prut r?i * Rtrt **?? ?? tarn.?On ?..i .Hay nu'bt a r?tun>*4 aotdtaf 11*01, i John f"*Ur. formally s in mb-r of ll* 'Ift n ntti hvlti'ni of frn fftnn * Vnl .ni** ?, * .'t w|,n U-* a I' '? Ik* atrrina, w?a ma iwirbf ?ii*oh>r'l *?n ?i lb* rnrnmt of Him* nod Howl Miwti. abt bu rollor i?i ? ton liaw, liowt' i rw <? i.w i*h. r "vi in ?, ,r.** II* on* 'ak*n w> im uwlira rlallm a'.if* h* r<n ir*t pr "par mr<l?a' *nr? kailM Min-th H<i**? KMT ? l>"t*Wtt** lUfha* )? t*f.l*r i* i. I Km ?rr 1 of a Jam nn id f, ?|tf *ar nah, 11 1 itrrk" r at *?'" 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