Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1866, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1866 Page 7
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who bare all in turn been rejected by the Board of Aldermen. Ho baa set up pin ?ftef pin in tbp Street Commissioner alley, and they hare been bowled down one after another by the aldermanic ball. There are those who believe that the setter up and the bowlers are equally well satisfied with the game, aiul that there is a thorough understanding between them. However this may be, the Aldermen are evidently very hard to please. They have had some seven or more candidates before them, representing a variety of occupations, and havo not found one to suit their views. Among the nominees have hem a Commis sioner of Charities and Corrections ; an eutcr prising and successful merchant; a distin guished philosopher, statesman and ox-PoIk-e Commissioner; a respectable lawyer and -ex-Judge; a colonel and prominent Tam many politician; a stock broker and rectifier. There may be something shout a Police Commissioner or a Commissioner of Charities and Corrections naturally repugnant to the Board of Aldermen, while a rectifier mlgbt fairly be considered entitled to their sup port But sinoe these dignitaries have been shown up, even in a heavy, sobersided review, tor their independence of the rules of grammar as well as of the rales of honesty, they seem to have grown more than usually fastidious. The Mayor has now sent in the uame ol (Ion. Cvorge W. McT.san for the Street Commission er's office. Having tried , a tiumlier of Tain many men, he steps outside into the new democratic organization and nominates a reform democrat tor the position. Mr. McLean is one of the best and most competent men yet nominated. He is popular in his district, where he made a good ran for the State Senate, is in the prime -of lite, full of vigor and energy, and more over, right In his politics. But we suppose he Will share the fate oi all who have gone before liiio. indeed, we are inclined to believe If Mayor Hodman should call an angel down from heaven and nominate him for the office of Street Commissioner, he would be rejected by the Board of Aldermen, wings and all. THw Unman Question?Victor Kmnnnel'" Hpoeeh. The speech of (he King of Italy on the open ing of the Italian Chambers has been looked forward to with a good deal of snxieiv, in view ot the altered position which h<> now occupies in regard to the Pope. It w.ih ex pected that it would throw more light on the arrangements entered into with France than we previously possessed and trfat it would prove the Italian government to be more ham pered iu Its action than the reported ternu ?of the Convention showed, it is grnliiy iug to find that such is not U>e fact. The King merely declares that he will respect the terri tory ot the Papal States, and hopes that the moderation of the Italian people and the wis dom ot the Pope will remove all causes of dif ference. la other words, be simply expresses Ma lateaHim to take no hostile steps against die independence of bis Holiness; Hut he makes so pledges as to what ho may do in the event of the Roman people expelling him by their unaided efforts and declaring themselves part and parcel of die great Italian family, ll is satisfactory to find that ^e baa not bound him self to marob an anny into the Roman States to Interfere with the free expression of the popa far will whenever that may seek an opportu nity of declaring itsoU. Such a pledge would neither be consistent with his own freshly won position, nor would it be tolerated by the Ital ian nation. Napoleon himself dare not again resort to such a step after the concession that he ka just been compelled to make to public opin ion. Ills Holiness therefore stands In regard to bis people in the position of n ruler on his j good behavior, and it is on his wise or impru dent conduct under these circumstances that depend the chances of bis being able to remain in Rome. If Plus had coosulted the promptings of his own front there is no donbt that he would here fed bin capital on the day that the last detaohment of French troops quitted it. He has last nil font frith la the generosity of the popular heart which he once expressed ; and the more Is the pity. That belief would pro veok bim better than the foreign mercenaries by whom he in surrounded. He has been forced to remain in Rome solely by the ultimatum sent bim by Napoleon?that if be fled he would lose the benefit of the influence of France, which might still, without the employment of force, do much towards the preservation of his ?fste* for him. That this la the fact we know trots the jpsn ner in wliich be baa been casting about tor a place of refuge. The British government waa applied to lb state if it had any objection to his taking up his residence in Malta; the Spanish government was similarly approaohed, and front a despatch received yesterday by the cable it would seen aa if President Johnson had been also aonnded on the feasibility of his establish tag himself here. At least so we interpret the tithaiwlae singular statement that he had been officially invited to thia country. We have repdatedly expressed oar convic tion that the present condition of things in Rome would speedily corns to an end as soon as the French troops were withdrawn. Their presence constituted the only barrier to revo lution. ff the Pope and his advisers conld be nought to eae things through s common sense m*dluu< the changes tint mutt ensn* could be mitde as compatible with their inercsts as i with 'hose of Ibe people. No one, we believe, sot even the most ardent of tbe Italian iwvo Ju'ionfsts, desires to sec Bonis made tbe capital of Italy. To introduce there tbe frivolity and and ever-changing habile ef a metropolis would be to destroy all tbe historic and reli gious Interest with which it Is invested. A monument alike of the republican, Impe rial, feudal and aarty artistic periods, It must be preserved from the invasion of fhehiou and commerce, as wall xs from the Irreverence which chamsterisea what is called modern pro gram. Florence is the fittest capital for Italy. There tbe beauty and convenience of the situa tion. the dellgbtfulnese of tba atmosphere and the gay aspect of the palaces and public build ing* combine all tba conditions required lor the seat of govern ra ni. Ths political obsta cles removed, as tbey might be, ws sea no reeeoa why PIm should quit Rome. He might be permanently installed there under ooudl ? Rons that would be InoompatibU neither with the security of the people nor that of the Churek. If be most still combine a share of secular with spiritual duties, wa can see no ehjeollaa to hie so ting (ha part of a Papal ??Mm la this grand fid mm?i of ouHealtiea. The Omutckb Cum^ku ok the King.?An interesting account is given elsewhere in to-day's Qtuij) of ft lbw of the expenditure* that go to swell the taxt-s of the city under the benign rale of the "ring." Seine of these ileitis arc of a very peculiar description, and would imply that our city authorities, if gene rally in favor of taking care oi themselves, are recklessly heedless of the evils of dyspepsia. For instance, we find that the Aldermen who sit as canvassers, demolished in ten days two thousand five hundred dollars' worth of food at the city's expense! We learn that a com mittee of the Common Conncii, at oue sitting, devoured four hundred and fifty dollars in eatables! And all this time these imprudent gourmands were riding in car nages, also at the city's expense, to the tune of eleven thousand dollars in twelve months. Street Commissioner Cornell, who is generally supposed to have run away from an investigation into his official acts, very probably drove away Instead, since his bill for carriage hire for the year amounts to the snog sum of three hundred and twenty-five dollars, while Deputy Tweed, who has more flash to carry about, puts In bis earrings bill st nine hand red and thirty-eight dollars. It would seem from this that the livery man who an Ibr innate enough to do die city business, charge for their loads by weight. These "incidentals," together with a few little Items suoh as 9270,000 paid to Fid. Jones k Co. for printing, 9100,000 to other printers, 9000,000 in judgments against tue city, and such like, serve to show the tax payers in what a pleasant and jovial and profitable manner their money is spent ? BROOKLYN IHTJ5LLIGKNCE. tltinxu .?? TBS Board of Auwbm*?moromrtoo to Bbt*w.wb a MrMtSfAt Bengali to Raocimra Tin. Psics ok Oar, An.?The Common Council met yententsy ofter noon Ald-rman BUM In the ehslr A commnnimUon way received Baking for an uxtenrton of time for tlie completion of the city railroad line which hi in course of construction, extendlat from the Pock Slip ferry through south Vniirth street to Myrtle avenue. An extension of time for one "year woe granted by the hoard. Several resolution"! were passed providing 'or repair* nereseary ti certain en.lne houses to the western dtatrlet; abto for 'r|rr Department. Th'^lanenof the Commissioners of the Sinking *nnd wereju cr.uued lo *2 000 per annum. This commimlon ^ TTmp.eied Jr theJayor. Comptroller and Treasurer. A resoluilou, which accompanied a -?'ora,?u?'r"t'?"''?5? the street t oministuoner. recommending an approprta uon tor reptiriog, ???? ^lEP TrilH? ivliicb wor* uanMKl, van adopted. Th? following prr* ambk ami rMolatlons, providing for the^abltslimeslof ? iniinicipAl bureau to regulate tlie pn<w of gas, iand pro U.-I the r.inzen* trom the exturtion.vo inoiiopoljee^no* in vogue, were submitted by Aldor.nan O Koofe and udopted by the Board:? W lie ret. ili< re 1a no ieaaon why ?n ?K?t:iry ofllletoour Utiieua. should be >wod ?"e i'iean U ??? Merge private four nr. at the "L"2J?0,# community any more than tbe-upply "?f wste'? therefore ta Keto.ved. That it be referredto toe. l.*wI ommlttte. in connect ">n with tlie counsel ol the Peani. M frame a tow w he suhoiiUed to the Legislature tor .it sanction. which will eiivbln 'h? latter to late charge Of ijfi ?U<1 rrov?l? lor the ortatioo of a Moi^pel Bureau, o^a ebaricter .Imiltr to the IVster and Hewrrege Board, wnwn .tall he In retted with the power of ... .,t (lie ooat of produetion, and relieving Jfnem from tae S??vli? menipoliea from which they now .offer. Hw*tiu?fi Thai la ttio in?ntitn^ hoiiwh^w* or dt? nwii^nicil 10 ihcir **55522? to .v.. ruHn&tkrm br &MtlUoa? wr wwtQQ&nM* . thin Uemin?Ti Oonncll or by ?uch othiT ?* 'bey may 4MOI pplplf. Tt* Board ?dj^umtd U> ??? o'clock on Monday Mil. l amas Pair-The ladlee heleoging tw the reerth VgivanmlM Horiety (Choroh of the Redeemer) '? Droene avenue will bold a fair In the church on Utto nnd to m^TOW evening*. The pwpamOon that has been made for tLo evMU nnd the laborthat bM boeti beotowod upon It warrant tho belief, that It will more than meet tho general expooultoue of slattern. Bam of inn lun of ra* Jaum Btbsft Hahsst.? At noon yeatetday auctioneer T. Murphy ?old, by direc tion of the Comptroller, at the Cny Hall, n live year* lea-a of the southern portion ot the old James street mar ket The sum realised was $100 a year and the auction eer'a fee, which was *?. The James Creel market la looked upon ?. one ot the rel leu of the peat by the dtl seus who are anxious for an early eradication of thin ?ini'Tnis and lit* eruetion of * new market huun# Ineome mere avnlral local* jc The latter -ant hs* been feM and freely exprerted for many years paef: n?4 H aide that a cltr which ixcois in msaty of Its Institutions should suffer In reputation front such a duBclcy^ The James struet ma. let, whteb rtsmlvnrebto <Meh< bounded by Met vein. Osrrtuon .Dd VorW .treeu- Mr George W. Mowby was the purchaser. The portion eold iu twenty-utgb i. by forty-four feet biHiMt oi a Gbain tLiTAToa ?During the prevalence of IM gale which was blowing about three o'clock yet tefdsy morning, a floating elevator, called the Beoo valer. whleh wae lying at tillnlou wharf, Atlantic Duck, began to roll heavily, owing to her heavy lop weight, when suddenly she "lurched'' toward the dock with ?rest force, the drying house remaining on the whaff Mid the halani' going to the bottom. The elevatorte ".slued at $180,000, and was owoad by the Xew Terk Dram Drying and Transferring t ompany. The damage d". bythesluking of trie RVnovater Involven ?loa. of *13.000. Steps wlu lw taken Immediately biward. saw ing tho vet sol. Faw> OoroLeaa is BnooacTs.? Iwat even ug rre<i Dnngtam duttvered bit Ivcture on "The dourcea of twsgwr in the KetriMlc." at Ptyroodih church, Broek tyn. The audience was not wrge, hu' eomewtwi churk erwd with a sltght sprinkling of colored fscee. the tec surer never falling to wci'.e special Interest among -hone nt hie own race. Tlie mammoth organ wan played tor . .k.u regaling the eodtence with some ? hole# musical l^Lm-7.Sv^u,\o the atr-earanoe of Mr. Duttglam. w htch was rather lardy inside raWy-I^relghlo .Pea. ? MtT^^^?td^,urse which waa uufwhenslyety ^marircdmthe'iwAiJ of laut Sandag. It was Uateo^ u? wiUt cloee attenttun, an.l aa the dtwky orarnr eaaliy ^"TT^^'SSTttniTiS occasional pasaugea of fervid .teneewn-. ha with dacided plaudits of appreciation Mid endorsement. Ausnnw Tmrn or GssmraAoaa.?A man naModJooeoh Keeley waa arrested yesterday morning, on a warrant liwaed by Juatloe torn well, en the complaint ot <ady K Howe, the propnetm ot . .W-n ,lUtit a kai j^mh whll^ ? bto ?mplo/ m BiWiyii, mnotb of ioo? t'oeh from bime quantity ?? Cnlied etates Treeiury n itce, to tho valcoof *14* in an. Tho prteoner waa teat tojatl on "??'UD*DS * will bo examtood oo the above charge to-day. A Cnt Cab Connect'* .* Dirri. oi.rr.-A conductor on tho Court street end Greenwood line, named Peter A. Noma, w?g arremed oa Sunday laai and to hold on o charge of grend larceny Tho oo?plainnw agnio* Nor rto la a tody, oamed Mia BerUeil, wtio loat a gold watch ?rSSSr" S^toSl-^^W ho hMd it la hopes of rece vtaf o Hbornl reward. A OsAsa CiaMTT Co*' an?. -A grand concert in old of the building fond M the WiUiomMierg Industrial Mchooi wlU be given it the tee Avenue Moptwt ohoreh en Thursday ovonlng. Amoo* the -num. encaffOd far the on.*aatoi aiw Mra M'unrt, ^^LTl prane, Mrs 1Tbs.let, ?mtrailo tenor: Chnrleo Mails, iwntoea, a?4 Klaentoffer a snarboro hand will also be preseat A Horvrwetea I'rvswutan nv Bpaei-tea ?Mr WII Ham ?- t'-onover, reatdlag al Mw ?S Oraad atrwet k D.. reporta to tba poltoa of the Porty-alath pree.a 't that hia hneeo waa broken tot# by burglars en Hatordey night last, whe earned sway two of bis noeta end wstcb Mot sail?fl?d With thin, ?h? raarat. reternwd again on *.ndey ol*bt for mere plunder Not W W ifcey were flruatrated by the wntoMfntonee <A Mr Oef ver. who scared them ewer '-aptaio Mullen emu red itlm that a watch should be kept on hto beoee m future Tao Rafb Attn PtuAea Ca? to roa townee Dreras-r Tne prisoner. Monehao. Mulen, Hmawm and Mctiermeek, Who .land charged with rar'shlBf and ptllag ag Mm K'len Walker, Margaret Lacwy and Anna CaMpboll, three ow n womeo MMdtng ol Mo. W? Morth Pwventh street, no tho moraine of the 3d itet, had omdhor heer. ing before Jostles Datley yaotarday afterwoea Mrs. Walker* as egala called to the atand' Uoaed by oae of tba counar! for prison era, hat be faltod to abake lbs testimony previooaly ^ examination waa then ndjeurawd to Men day next. Beeoaa Dears m an Aw *"?* ??* down ntnilm mot)a, n geatievan ahoot *fty ysnia ef age, white taking a dinner with soaee frteoda m en Ingiiah ale heme in Wlltoogbby street, near Weah'ngton. at half past fear e ' lock yesterday aftsraoaa, fall dead ta hia < baW. Tha cause ef deaUi waa belie)ad ta ua epotdeiy. tmraoar I.ynrh was sot I leg Ineoar A?rr PmrrrCAi. Woven err . The prowtlnool pcfl tinene ef Breohlyn are about inaugurating s movement whleh N to said wiM epUvwty ihsnge tho sysMra whmh in sow fallowed m ptaMog eengidetes befere toe ^e^te It to believed s isfcm ran bo msofd epd tbe Into etorttoo. fTOM Wk* ON ho toarwd. graved 1*0 too* tiers is s wtdorweae for Mdmfmom. EUROPE. Special Telegrams to the Herald. Melancholy Scene* aid Hundred! ?f film aid Orphan at the Eigliih Mliea. Jehu H. Surratt About to ?m tark lor Trial. JAMES STEPHENS NOT ABBE8TED. MAXIMILIAN TO FIGHT FOR HIS CROWS. THI COLLIERY IXPLOHOMI. SPECIAL TEliOUi TO THE NEPALI The Yarkahlr* Pit will Vtr* ul New Kx |InUm-Funeral ef the Vlctl? Over Three Hundred Orphan* and One Hundred and Milr Widew>. Butiitt, Yorkshire, Der. 16, 1806. Sevenl new explosion* have I taken plane la the Oaka colliery pit. They occarred daring yeaierday and to day, and the fact goas to show that the Ore la mil raftaf In the pit. No farther ioes of life baa taken place. The most melancholy and touching scenes of despair and grief were witnessed here to day during the pro gress of the cereuouial which took place at the inter ment of the bodies of a number of the victims. There were eighty funerals st once, or one huge burial. The procession was very large, persons belonging to almost all classes of society having turned out on. the occasion. One hundred and sixty women have been made widows by the first day's catastrophe, and there have been three hundred and thirty orphans already enume rated. Many of these persons are moorntng In the streets, without means and not knowing what to tern to for the (atari*. THE STAFFORD CALAMITY. SKCIAL TELEGRAM TO THE HERaLO. Elahi>?fl?e Jlrad Bodies Taken I'p and Others lit the Pit. HawL*r, Stafford, Dec. 16. 1866. Ku'Uty-five dead bo-liea of the miners killed by the late exploelon at Talk o' the Hill have been recovered. It is known that more are buried m the pit, and all hopes of thotr recovery have been abandoned. The dead brought to the surface were buried at Talk 1 o' the Hill to-da.v, snd the scene was sxceed'sfl* 'mper aive and one of extreme melsnchulj. JOHN H. SURRATT. SKOAL TELEGRAM JO THE htRALO. His Fleallag Hriawa Kn Rents. Vaiwrra, Malta, Dec. 16, 1666. A flatted Itates stoop ot-wsr has jwt arrived bore en her voyife to Alexandria, Kgypi She woimsnHaetnned to receive en heard the body ef John H. SamM, the TJneoln assassin conspirator sad -envoy hiss te the United states, THE MEXICAN fNESflON. Iitssersl Cssielnons'o Mloalwsi ta Mamlnrtllan. hVDos, Dec. IT, 1666 The Perls correspondence of the Timtt say* It la now gensrally admitted that the object of General 'hotel ueou's mhkion was to get Mexlmihsn to abdicate Maximilian's Krsolve. Penis, Dec. IT, 1<M6. It is stated serin-officially that General Almonte baa rocelved assurances by telegraph that Mulmillan boa abandoned hM Intention of leaving Met leu, snd of na avowed determination to pat himself st tb* head of the loyal Mexicans and fight for his crown. ' Mexican News In Aerllu. Lush's, Dec. 17?Naou A Unfitly telegram from Berlin in ths 7ts>?. devoted aJuiost exclusively tu Americas affair, soys'hat Maximl Han Is actually a prtaoner. THE FENIAN MOVEMENT. Jastss Mtsphsas Nat Arrested. Losnos. Dec. IT, 1M6 There Has trnth in lbs reported arrest of Hand 'Antra tHepboas. Na Mews fToas the Meal af War. Lommv Dec IT, 1166 All motionee gu i?t la Ireland THE ROMAN QNESTION. Pissalaa News af a Pspal Visit la America. Lounoa, Doc. IT?Noon. The Hums of this morning contains s Megrim from Bert in, la which the writer stye that the Pops ef Homo hoe boon officially lavttea to rtsit the United Mat so _ Movements of the Antrleaa War Tsosels Rohs, Da IT, 1H66 Tho United HtM Heebier ^waters has lift Civile Verchls for Malta Mlltti The Kls( afSuasv at Casn. Benin, Don IT, 1166 King J oho. of Hoxoop, has aftivod la this orty. snd is tb* gtiosl of bis Majesty King NUtmm Austria Nat I .their ta Medraoo the Natlaaai ??tr Para, Doe IT, 1M6 | It ? rumored, aad apporestly oo goad aathwtty, that tho rovsramont of Austria door not pmpiss I* yield I* in* demands made in the rddrsm of tbo Hungarian m*t He fas* I of Right. Pans. Doc. IT. 1M6 The mpi1 st of tbo Psath Diet, updo to 'bo Austria* government, baa boon refused aosoptaerw FINANCIAL ANO COMMERCIAL. Tho London Moaev .Mnrhet. Losooa, Dw. 11?11 A. M. Cattod (Mot** Irs twoauos sf 1663 are quoted at this hour at T1 offe.'s American railways n* offered at lainrdsy's sloslsg rates. Uwsot, Dec. IT?Nooff, Consols hove advanced w for money. ansiran m umn foiled molOS 8r* twenties of lt6S Erie ahorse Illinois Control Laoooo, Doe |Tw| P. ? ronools are bighsv. and tooted a 66. > Amoricsa bonds at tho oScial openlag war* don* at T1H a Tl?< fee tb# Wt Tbo issue sf 1666 is aommaltp 66% ? TO I-Mrsos, Deo. tT-KronisE Consols closed at 66 for money a? mucus snctisinss. Tho following sr* tbo ctodino price* ef Amontnn soon IMIS6.I failed male* dvntsssUss Tltg IllinoisCostani shores TTJg Erie Moil way shores 4Tjg | Ths Praahfort Batrss. para o? tsmus worm. l/ismt, Dsn IT, 1*66 The despatch** from Frankfort to day report Amort ran funds steady snd Without rSlssgs m prices Tb* Uvtrpttl t'otloa Mwkat. Is tan root, Dae. IT?II A. M. Tb* sarins marker owe** Arm u, <Uy, aiih otiss prom. Mag ta rraos U M* k*i*?. st Idfed * Idtgd few saM eitng. s tunen, Bsc IT-Noon. The nor>o? mortal w ? Urs, with s pi asp nut vo Say's of 61,616 kotos UlOdSsw .erects hove advmsasd Hi l.imwor, Don it -IP E Vbs sssteo smrti*. Is oowrwt and ?hs tales are tees a. M mi* si sMt They -ill proKibiy reaott for th# day IB 000 to 10,000 nolo*, ai. quotation* given ib th* Una <1?patch. Th* relnlM* Mvrkci. Antwsht, Hot. if, 1MO Petroleum W quoted at MT for PenuHylvaui* r*Uu?d. MARINE INTELLIGENCE. LmittrooL, Dee. IT?Noon. The Puuard .teamshlp Aleppo, which Bailed from Mew York Wednesday, December I, arrived at this poyt tlila ?train TMC LiMB QVEftTIOII. Rloae IMeetlni ?f the Wwrklwamen. Laat sight about seven o'rioek quite a large number of me* bad l ougregated about the several entrances to lb* large ball of the Cooper Institute. The Wight was tatter cold, and complaints went freely round for being kept standing out in the chill air. Many grew tired of watt ing and went away. It was fully half-part seven before the doom were opened, and to this circumstance partly may bo attributed the slim attendance. Th* lecture room of tbo Institute wee about half lull at elgbt o'clock, when the meeting waa called to order by Mr. John Bold, who nominated Mr. Q. P. Taylor as chairman Mr. Tenon, on coming forward, thanked the meeting for the honor conferred on htm He thanked tboae pre seat for this signal mark of tholr klndaosa, the more so when be Considered that tbose before him repreaentad inly the reel aristocracy of country, they oom poned part *f that great body by whose production tbo nation's nests can was attained. The speaker took occa sion to say that be was opposed to a prevailing Idea among worklagmen that capital was lbs opponent uf labor. Ha was glad to announos tbat of late ha never beard say of tbe true advocotes of labor inataln such views. The interests of both capital un<1 labor were one and Insepa rable. labor of the mind and labor of th# arm, with the as.damans of capital, want band In hand In all tbo grant achievement* or commerce, Industry, the arts and eclenoM. He Inaunced the great acblovsmant of mod ern days (tbs Atlsntlo cablet as the joint production of both capital and labor, by tbe moans of which we are enabled here, In the uew world, to communicate with the old in a apace of time almost Incredible. The sueak er paid a high compliment to the greet hngli.h cbsm plon of reform. Jonti Bright, which was received with loud ohears On th* queetion of the evening, eight hours as a fair day* work, he ahatained front speak ing, leaving, ua he tald, that part ol (he programme to the orator of the West, Mr. Richard Trevelllck. Mr. William tfbaw then reed a list of the Pre Ideate of tbe various trade* societies of the city, who were ap pointed Vice Presidents, and ? number of gentlemen well known In the labor ??u*e who were nominated a* secretaries. Mr. John Raid r>*ad tbe resolution*, which in anhstanee were ? That the labor question la the suut of all other questions, and Is conr**??dly an t pre-eminently tbe great question ?n<! problem ol the nineteenth century A Just and equitable dlvision of the savings and pmilte, then, and not till then, emu we acknowledge truly 'thai the Intermit* of labor and capital are indentioal." The aocumillation of wealth unless under proper condition, woe disastrous to tlio progress of the nation foe atmui alllou ot knowledge OS a sure in.aus of rectify Ing miny ot the wrongs undei which lb* working id the country suffered, skilled labor at K men led. and physical eriorge, cou trved sad husbanded The necessity of demand tug of Congress, the Htate l.egtai? ture and the Cotnrion ( ouc II, toa psaeageol such laws aa would made eight Itoura a legal day's work in all de partment. under their control, thanks to Andrew John son for his iDlere.l In the caum of labor. The endow ment of the resolution* of the neti lual t.abor Kongr-sr. Thanks to the Kight Hour Imagoes of th* city in their efforts during the let* elections lor tbegeumem and dnfeut of caudldaU* in favot and opposed to the .alioi qu-xt on. end lbs wannest thank* to the newspaper proax ot tl>" city. Alter the resolution* were read the cho-rmso tetro

duced the speaker of the evening, Mr. Richard Tiwrel lick. or Detroit. Mr. TaavaLLicK commenced by challenging then ted there to open dlacn.wton any one who was opposed to Ui-i lale,r reform of tbe day. In relation to hiuoe.i be said be hoped there were nop.e praaent who came there with the expectation of listening to e grand and moquaot oration , If any there wave, toey would meet wtlhaad disappointment, as from bla ninth year to Uiu prerocI time, he bad been a child si toil He therefore knew whet it was; be know It under Various conditions, under the heat or a torrid eon, and eseM the ooid of the (rigid zone ; lis had labored leaf and steady What he spuke upon, therefore, was gleaned from p rant tool experience, not thsorotiosl study. He was one of the eittqea men sri.e, la tbe far off Island of New Zealand, mfcrd alofi the banner en WTncb wee inscribed. "Eight Hoars as a fair Key's Work," and from that little talced bad gnu* forth that mighty principle, to be talma np In th* young land of Australia, and titer* adopted. Tbe dhrWon of Ui* day Inui three equal porta, was a fair one it wooui meet all the emergenc e* and requirement* of th* age. It was tbo voice of labor demanding ita right*. And Whet bed labor eeeemplished f Beek It on th* ocean, on the prairie, In our crowded thoroughfares, on our rivers, along our vol lays, un our lake*?everywhere ?v be f mar befoued lb* achievement* of labor. J a our law rtvil war labor sprung w.Ui alacrity to tbe rescee and eared tbe Union. Toe workshops, tb' Or Ms. the desk* gave fUrtb the r qnotas when celled oe?eye, b*for* Uie coll. Tb* gr-ot differ-nc between labor sad capital wee tbet labor craslra?capKal never caa. As a nl*a id fbv?. of e reduction >f ib* noura of labor, ha < oiled attention to the progr??A of ship buUdlog wnuia lb* laat thirty yearn. Thlrtv y*ar- ago th* sh'us which were omit took lie gl> be. Tlx 'wo yoers to travel round tl>? gl> oe. Tliee* v ?*??!? war* built by m?o who worked thirteen hours s day. Hits oonttaued unit' men. wearied and fatigued, decided I poo a reduction of their work'ng time, and ten bourn Ixr-ame . Wg. met* day * ?ork (Mean It* ahglbs, ruark tba uu; rnvemaati Mun ehsntaed *om# Mttln t.m* to flunk and n. educate lh*tu**lvoa, and now tb* twouly three imtbe vovai.e ?* reduced to thr*-, thfwegb tb* ornievstn "ale of .mpi .vrd labor It wsa n*ce*?ery in order to Improve label to have tlm* for imprnv*asaut: tb* namtwr of beerv. would have to no reduced iu order that seen would educate tcmaelvw and Utatr children. education crime would !j* reduced. It waa I lie* a fore e prime necessity of tb* um* that tb* wm king cle**rs anonld have tiei* fur lmpr(iT*m?ni, .ad until Us Mgbt boar -yutMn was an .ocorapilalied foot Um worklas men throughout it* whole ceuntry should never cues* th* egtUi.oo of tbiv on#of the greatest reform *oe*: -.ids of tbs age. ?*?;< Bi.VfltA' unciiso >t urwtl'*? *1. On last trite) evening tbe bricklayer* of Morrioenm held e meeting al He|>a*r*' Hall, oe fourth straff, near Konlhem ereo'.e. Th* PresMsi.t Mr t olfbi. pre(?wed to appoint a r -presentstiv* to attend Die Bricklayer* National t orn em.oo at Cincinnati, f)blo. which will be held on tbe I4tb day of Jaauory east. A vie>s l'M w?e also appelated to droll e set uf by-laws. , ihm oases* > oavsoa oaspleyed la hotels end rorteurame recent Iv uer* i'ofm?d a soci-.y i r k*n pmtasMea. Th*y *?m (ram ?? fe BJO per wre. Alt ho mooting lest night, step* were tah<-n toward perfecting th* r<*j ixotioo The nam uer of (Jerman cat vara employed in tbi* city amounts I* sruxjl throe hundred, b"t tbe memoers uf in* new astvera society, aa yet, i* rather I mltc-i. IFFICUl DCFkLMTIIM AT MCfcfTti-fTUHK KTFl MtttS. Ipv ni th* ftooliaai ar Piunl Ore. U.) ID III* H>?rd of .? uporv tail* III .r fari-fMiOO dip kwiirM warn tmuli wiiieh win awouad oar i lt wn UJ mm * a*m*ii ti tu irw ooawty, wMila. Id iki MM* od ib* ar.atnhita* of tti*- Uuard Suprt inor KadftaM, ofutr m*o of lb* ' OBMilt** ou lb* I'nlUtd IHata* lta*. ?it wmt MM M i'?tti* CMb 'U? r*|*<rt of iii? aaaMBMM Id b* rnol They my ibat tho *?l?ty of !h? fit ad in lb* hand* >l KM Loan f'?oiBd*atda*di Wrl'lam II Mod** anil Lew* Allya, t> la *r ?t jwrl Tb* ? omm ??l..*or? hara not ejoif'llad with >bt law racular oj Ut*<r arik.n f*ay h*r? t*t'? no m iiit" of il?*.' prodMdinf* l" raarb<r?. Tlmr k*** n>*dr iodm "a property .?com han-l with prior ?or?ja?*? Proywrly on #bt*b iwoaay ha* bora l"tn*4 froai in* fnnd ha* b**e ?m oodar prior 1 ? , l**rto< not mi or oaarly do. to tptbfy I ho malm of lb* ' <>inmta*i(>o#i . Par a atriall poman of Hi* nma* ? 'oaaad tb*r* la fair mi arlty, bai .Da ?*Ar bo* for tbir rr*a(?r pari ar* daatu* 1 wortblww. f*a *ao> raiUa* |i^o**rwD thai add mmHHI for tl.DDD a*a on* a booa :i<l* ???*. aad ?b*y bara no doubt thai othat. taa la Ibr ?am* 'oudltio* Tb* maalua rtpan tbat itay aav* I?m;i4 a dMlctaary mi far ta lha aarurtua* ?f Il*,d4n. *n<l tbat hat* <>aly atamiaad a. .a tnortaar** Pay nr;*i i* mad* had not ho*n *i,4oo*d on lb* bark* *f BantoM. n alaay laauaeaa, aa ratural by law, m4 ili#** r*f? ?* otbar jr'*a ?lor Ifttna* of 4aty tb* o-mmittM tbiak tb*' tb# ?*> *nita* lakaa ?? far u 1*47 *r* mod. and WI of I I alao ?o? i Tb* coibm tat* afat nay that th*y do uot Had Mr. Allan ?Witty 4 w if *1 ?alfbaaaixw, hat ibal aa m aaaaurabla TRi* report (oaeiada* *llb a raantouna laq iwuar tba G?v*ri>or '<? *i wwa r*o?.?* lha t*>?.ili:#| MaOaa ?aiiMrn aad appamt nampataat paraaaa 'a tab*abaft# of tba food! Mr. iv?*?# tbangbt that waithar at tba V>iwamwlM w i Mould ba abi?idad Mb far aa rwgarda Mr. tifya ba Dad daw* Boititn* but la draw b ? pay Mr M Wauaraa Uradbi lb* raaalatnat a a* armi Mr I * r. mi.i iraajbl thai lha Hoard af hop** ? i w f? bad traao d*raiwt la tia dau** haratofara, ta anaptia* tba ftpor'a af tba Laaa ' oamowtan aad <?Mifyiag thaw < orrartaaaa to tba OonptruMar Ha Mid tbat tba tbarf < urtartaMB to tba OoraptruM*r mmm tta* bad foaad tbat tba wourtuaa (Mi abort of tba food 111 MM Mlaa MMIHti ta**a try Ui* Co** ? linn? bad pc*ttana Uaaa la tb?t*bi tbat Mr. AJiya *1' >n?d b* raoiorad aa w?JI aa Mr Modaa Mr Radtatd Maiad tbat tba oaarual af fund* m rbara* ar tba i.'oanaiaatoa*ra waa aaarty WW, aad a mora tboraaffi iar*at|aaioa. b* waa ?aald*ai. tt.d it * lb* **Ja of tba aararitiaa far It would **t raabaa ?fly a*r *ai?tb'ii matin* a urn af atar |M,Mt H? bad or oltad Attarnay Uaa*r?l Mart!???!? la r aal ta la Mm wmm ha aboa'd Dab tba IdgtahMara at* wtaiar la paa* a Mr d? inigbui tba r ?nm ib* Laaa CmbiMiih thm*gb?*i tba fltata. ?ata tp lb* morldagaa tad '??*at lb* faada ta Rut* Maaka, w?>eb ara aaw drnwlag ?? par *?at laiaraat Mr H*4 Said wa* Maa ar ad it Ml Ibat f fMUgalna would tbow that tb# f ? laddtala* f>apa* t faad tbruucb arad tba* out tba idata waa .a a rottaa ?aatntaa It appaarad i lb* baataawt wa* tra***m*d >a taw oauaty try Mr. Mudpo Sim ?" ' M ' ' "* ' '**"? ** ? M* part la Mtla( laaa* or la baapta* aar af tba pro *odlaa> of lb# Coram anoarra T".? ropoft af waa *dojdad. MSTN. aMTffM AM lit ?4llW?T Iia* 11. 1Mb Wiiiwm H Parkor, af OtwaaH. *up??iat*ad?at af M* Mortbara (M. H | ratiruwd*. baa ? r#pi?d tba poMMaa af tlMwai daparbMtwdMi ?f tba batw. Mania* adtib Rati rw4 AMUSEMENTS. Broadway TkaMN. Mr. Jake K Owens op seed hut M eagagematit m ihi* bouse last evening in the durs Ur of Jnlta Ullmnn, i0 the Uappueu Day of My Life, and concluded his eater Ulntaoot with ike ever |>ofiutar Holoe Bblogte. In the Ural charm-tar Mr Owens' abllliles as an seoeairtn comedian were allowed full scope, and he was b) no means loth to take so van tare of all the opposteeMtee off-red. His estmvagaaoee of manaar. speech end faeial coninalltMw kept the boose convulsed with leafhler throughout the perfnrmaaon of the fa roe. In Hoioa Hbinglu bu gave lite saute iniuiitable representation of the garni tour tueddhintne ulU farmer that llntl made Ills repntation in New York as a great character actor. 1 li'Mi te wax well Oiled, aed the actor reorived a warm welcome at Um hands of lite audlr.uc*. rite ami bill will be repeated this evening Thalia Theatre. The performance at tblt place of amoseaetil laet night was the well known operetta of tbe Child of the Ke*i uieut, given, of eourae, In tbe ilertnau Inegnnge. Ce judge from tbe attendeeon, If It be n felr criterion, we would any sllber that the little opera In qumUoa had coated to attract, or I bat the Carman population had lost their taste for music-neither of which suppositions a to Ihi lolernted lor a moment Tbe performance' was good euough to attract a much larger audience, and tbe music of tha Child of the K >aun?nl ban certainly loel roue of thisM attractions which bava at all Urn? and must forever continue to inaka It arte of the mom uhatrn log and popular of operetta* wtadt Theatre. AU thuee who might have gone elsewhere wne e aewblad In tbla peptflar Herman theatre to Wilms* Uie two pieces announced for last eight. Row shell we translate Utem ? The Stilt for a Kiss and a Theatre I low They must have been o( a kind to attli the genius of (jorman humor, since the theatre was crowded irom lloor to roof, as wo He v n hew .paper patlancs. ih'-c was scare-ly stand int. room for the many acorns of persons who conld not rind seats. And than I be applause ami ruars of laughter which greeted almnei every neutence tliat fell from the lipe of these on the stage, tartia-0 iq the moot uumlalakaMc uiaiiuer the gratiAcallno lati t>y the Imineuae and imaenealy delighted audience New Yerk Theatre f'endrlllww. Messrs Mrnth % Baker's little I heat re wne rrtre d e?l ui Ite fullest. 9a parity last night. The attraction wee the atart of another re ntl pedal drama, which will prove a dangerous rival to Its predecessor fart tier dowu town Although the latter has the odds of a few weeks or even months ahead, still beta ware freely offered by uaav of the sporting fraternity last evening ihet tbe Olesa Hltpper would distance lie competitor in the penult of the Naked Trvtb before the see now le urn Every ena has cried over Uie torrent of Ctndarelle le his or her pinalor* days, ami rejoiced when the fairy gial mother came to bet aeaiaianoo; therefore w? need a01 trouble ourtrlrcs about ihe plot. Tlte cruel lap. p other whon^tbe Parisian dmniattwa hare buvhu ?d with a long, up pronounceable name, bar two nrtsPi"r.rifc daughU 's i 'uaurella'e hanpeekeg lather. King Hc.1y bwly and hlH court wera alt hi f ill diva and undress, unit fairies, demons and other nmaiior beings denied, posed and ;illtter?d In gold and Unset. The first tableau wa? a court audi as our leglglaorra or police Justinr peter dreamed of In their philosophy ? aaiaely, tb? Cocrt of Captd. Prison Charming (Mtea Sal dee Cola) heroically undorwanl the supervision of a bevy of an crtrioln-l ladies, among whom ware lh> Iflva Harases? pal|tal>le enough If wa lake acaultiy 01 costume mlo Wb-n the U.tiee of the ballet mad- their appear ance In the glare of the calcium lights which tl//ad In in a very pari of tba stage, Ihe most nvoly UlacaiMiore I'HiU pl?"' aiuotig the audience an to whether tie u dresses wera up or down to the Morula n at the etval SHtabllshtitact lo sptia of King Hortybur'y s auuiraeee 'that ne Iremmalltiea would ba pethuM'it a' his cauit," lit- beta wars almost rven aa te ?huh o.' Lfe" dramaa was the muat faithful etpiwni ?l the ua??d trnlh. Tha illvInitier who, under the tulee of human, amaaons and diamoorit'neu grecad Iks court bail u rendruhu had i.ot perhaps e-ioh an ot euaiva u-id m Uvuilay 'hair al>hr?vlni#d dresses aa their rival stale's dews town; mi! they rvriatuiv made tne best itaa of Ibair portion. The want of raised pedc-tslt to piro telle upob was ontupenseted top b? tee addl'Mmel b-evllf of their draws an ann 'ha lavish dhplei 01 fbelr oentli- rdal qoaiiUceCni ' Tbe nuiahiuery la the tehtmuc did not work very %el!: cel. however, U gave aeme hr'UUni j icturca of grouped faJi*', met'orle show era and otk>r oerspertir* vteae of Ketry land Mm Honiara! made CVmtervlla a eery la'ereettug youug lady, as?l would her* excited etucn aympaihy lor her m.vfortueee had ah* apsdree te pla'n Angio^aioti. instead cf siortng bur wee* le very poor music. Mr. I.ewta Haltar, the netipw-ked hwahoed and M< Mart' hielth. tbe royal aoperiatandeet et ail tbe < shove meu<n>u*l, lacladina hie charming ?oa acted admtrtoly, and aang in e stria that might have satl*d the pr*urva-ar if 'lie inittnr be*. crystal graitoos voieaooaa, kr, bet wh'cb would hardly be raeeir-d *? music iu the nineteenth eatery Regard tag the music of t>nurtiloa ss piavwd le*? 'tight, we run ealy any thai wc aiacerely pitied the ?Inmieer aeo <he Uomhooe plarer They bet! no sine oar* part*, and their arms and cl.eefc ? luoa*. s< tie oenaM srahlv af'-r sorb an uproar of avonde Viae Mains ?iiickiay was notaxaotly 'oe fairy godmothis with the red clout, ftiooy leoklag bet aed veearal-le aei seaiimt we used to rami ?n<ai le our schoolboy days It would be a seises in roneull f?s fbli*' for her werdrohe, ss it wt- got up independent of daplei elliptic^, go iw> es or goiee Th< Mplrmr pitnasses?. wbe ware ut ouph'ati tal-rt aeoegh m Imsgla* thai ilta ansgb- atlppat aould rtt their feet, were auBnenily rhernilag for tea Pvttira. oniy be ww uugrwteftii aed ei?-ii eighted ae?esb not tn -e- P and. la pine efi?r the eeuer of lb* flan* siippe- W ? would suggest to the rtep itaugliters of i muereila a faiiier that mere i.g wiapp- rs ire aid halloena or i?ga aed to K ealgu., ilia c.'owr of the drama, to guard aganwt rai.ia In htsclolhee -imhn d lite tuaia sentiment of the play enuateta of tha simple eypreeatou " rthe t? geaa " It did not m< >? any'ran in i ear- bal It is pr*f? r ah le Ui the eethetie m.nla of tVatl No I, "I * eat to go home Attogetuer i>adnlloe will ran the ?inpetit-w pce?t> glaee, aAkstM Ike tost he. more lags end ion pow creaturea wbn . Hag te tee matewchuly I'ewe. the Bride of Lemjnerti.por ead o'krr eolamu plays, ?ti! find tbeetaairea a. Uced by U> a a mule i .hWskI w ion of Terpee Oors Whatever eiay be toe fa lit* ef til* naked frame there is one Hung tar'a .a, that the eel' ? ompel tors Iu iLel Hoe wlfl bare lo idot* the retail rraluuie (a hal ted a pair 'if spiral. If ibev Wish Pi hael thoaat praaaet n the Ktid. we oenrla fbigot pi rateUoa that there wrre l.'ti le> e 'he 'wf !et aid a half dozen a tba audisuoe rftilf. "a ? v stsga si laaat the |S?-ads mile tnillenlum te fast app m.'. ?g. V use rs i tea r*rk Tkn(r?< RrMkWk. Ill# tttltaw Gaps* mm prudarag Hat ??**>ug at lb* Parle (haaV*. H '?>, ?ti, Vi a (oo4 kc.M, ant altagaUvx it? waitlist **?' patbatln mi'KaSia vara f*W>rsMy pra ?Wad 'ha r.fcarur'ara ?<f 1.3 ka t aiding u>-1 Raa* Mtaplflb SMI Hr? i mrtjr MM Mm LSI If hoaavar, loa <rfl#a gj*tgg tb* wara vrtarar* ?ain hlanrw ut patkm ta 't??a n **##>?? anwa aaatil la UarUI 'ilanra ml patkoa la 't??a naawr'i anirJl aaa(<l la thrill witl, g'nuiar aruaUoa. Mr. I. lamb aaaariagty rayra aaaiwl Ui>- ???arli r lipaw. ial Mra 1 U?ar., ?tih a Saf inil uta. tba mMk ktag Mag. <>l?a#l Vtngaanl aaa anrapUbl* art v?aa by UblMMtadaJ* tUa nauir* !??,. ut tba arli* <oalonaiag *"h il?a tharwut ?>? bar part* ??t* rna4ar*4 aat i*fart<rf'. >? barrfal ttrantar ara la praparattoa at Mil* ibaaira *wl ?tH ba ?paMtia praaaaiat* liartc, Ik* lllaalaalM., Haiti, rf IM lit avifttf*' rw.tnwl Its aailna* l*?A ?vaa eg, at Do4?irth Rail 41tb?igb hi* I* i*i .|?i ra<> ,**' ig(? aaa aw gaaarally baa** a larg* aadlaora a?* '??I htm, ta whom ha ???? a ?ate Uwa of Im limit ?<in 1an>tl |*?rf rtaae ?a T a WSRHMMM -m hniwl h.a rimrnrt it tt'rdaaiaw, grer-littag wits tti* SaaiiK l>*aii, ah.<-b apnfca, Ma*ar*4 ytaanoat *?d dl'lntl iBpita* W"h ctatrruyanl **>?** Tha fwlia it hi tak*h fx^wartb Hal' for hi* ***?#-. ha I H la In 'a ragranwt that tu ataga la S'>t aiRbarWly Urga la fif- kiat f ut tx i.ta tar tha athlhH'an Y b'i *? ttaa Mlakatra * Hall- (i. W. Marraa'a 4 a aaa I Caarrrl. tl. W Margaa'f aaaaal <tbrart laal ??ar ag *?? at laaat aa ? ruat.< aurraw P a pragrsiaaM, a ?a?y lsaphfna? eea iw~?Wa* to a awehar a g? .lewweka WVi had rWaataarad u> Mgtl iba hAiMV^avr, tad f?>? aocb tartdwi a?t u aa> that naar'j a?*t *"?? ?< aawti Mi Ta ut K Maaa pla/*a aa argau <?'- a ?arp l rowI atyU Mr. 4 A I ajaha/d aaa* a raaaliaa frua Fmaai. sal rirv*t~~t kixat t la " R-^tag la tba ' raOla at tba i>#*p. tag ta a rathat MtU aaa aaag. I*ia4 M<rpa, ' wr.fiwa for Vat by ft M^-paa ?> T I TUni- Mat ta raaaar aaa at Haas at a aaSk aaaga w lb tba kaaaaf tba '? ?it*ll? *i?a-.r l*rr*at|, .,?? iu nMtnwf MpMlM fw in Ka*a ha 'Viva bmh ba aaag * tb araat hraa?b at *>rrM?<ai wtaar Mr tmumo* p?ar*4 ? Man-ha ?* taaa> anb ba aaal art" aarf 'Ahar ai i taaa aa ta* Hit ??*? raatirt hf Ma-aa Maw# Abbati a*? Rpa '.oaa ainna Mat, ? aealtw* Haarr, | raag On ta* aa t 4. H P?aaa ptaaat^ aat Mr MM R***barg, MaatalK aat Mr /miaa Ibabbarg, ataMfea imIi. Mataaaa aa4 Maaraa, at taa OaaMu ?t w *?># tba aa|M in. (rata El' ab a*4 aa-a-i. w at tba MB* aargs aaag Maaal a Madrigal Vara alt a a*a4ia , ' taair graS*t*a*y -aSaat-'rM twHti >y a It i ?iilar, tba a?'i*>ral kntltii Mr MMa V Margi* *l>|war>4 *a4 fapwaal tb* ?a?Mt?ta W MraAalaaiba a ' W* Mar?b." hf M*a*r* ' ???. - - ~ Via r fuaaatar <Mkt*r Berg* e*4 Maraa* hraagbt ta***aa<*( la * Ma* f at*alia* laaaA** Mr Tatamtaa f?a*4*a a g4*4Hna* aba Mr**** ? b ; boa aa taglMM r*s*iartua 4 a? *??** "*? aadabia 4*hat to*tata aa bataw *a w*4 ?? ? mm araatag w 0 a taa la'I. Jba aatartai *?*??* abtaa ta 4aMgaa?al ?*'%*, Mils aa artflsal. Mtnitti t*r ?#?*. Marafadgi f irsMru*!. aaaaiaai, urgMa* isaa ?ra?*. gMfu* ttaaal aat Mtai-al * aa* at thai Ma-a ahnb taaa f<aM 'irsaRM ?4 My tba a?4*r <barua MaMRaaa M-t"#* kM www bb Mm* baaaM* *? rv *' aa 'ha bba* ??. taa AUaatat n* Ibat thai Mr iraaiag ta has* t ??*"* far < ? a.nal ya*fw ??*?# rt a-?M taaa ***** I *4 1 lagaraaaat ?* it a a* waaa ihJag *?? ta bt? yaarara at n*gitsaaa? ?a 1? tea* waaa i blag **? S aaailawaa ?* 4au*a4 a?M*ty aa Ik* *Wa MMba labarr i aa aa*w.wa, sat ?#^T <M b asMMaa a raa*4 w-aaa at aaag *a4 Mass #ba bMa *r tba aaunaaaataat * "Ts? ???* at Mwv.1 a*4 la a aawaa at MlMWa4<*M at tba aat a. Ml *?#??# at ' .araaaa > body In. th? oonifi, ?*y,np?, ?n1 1<dn* < ow-dlia* la ?*rta Mr. Vuuadoa'a ti /;U? Ui Wiuklaawa. lAa Oar iaim tiruoia vaadar, Mom. A.pbuu.* .is U ' T] a li r. lb* Yfwnrh dani-tag auuinr, and I' Hr*nuli(*ii M Iriab ponwuii, aru vrrjr idcvar lut^raocaiimu, *nd lull? Uis rnrtiojnantle applaun* th?y laal ev*i?A all. .lud. rlaoi Mick, a Vonuonl Am?rl<?u, la tot, lu>* ay?r, aqual U> tin* jen tinman'. otb.r cbarariira. It ?how* cou.idi>ratjl* nour?*n id Mr V.Htadan l? atUinol to plan (wfora a Now Yurfc audlauen a lairi??|un AuuMt 'ao. There imii Im> txi doubt (hat. a* III* kaww.*d?? ad til* paupla autnuK whom li* la now wjuarulag nv rranaa, "?? laitxirfM-tiuOi wblrl. apoll It la aUi-tuplad rrurajnuta. tiuu of a Yank** will bn as ap par rut la bimanlf * ckV ratal b* to bia autiieno. STATE* lSLAkO_l?TELUGf*CC l*U' ? 'ft ?I'nriiOM Could, of < liflun, ti?4<l an ii^uMl on lira 1**1? or on oif.j lady, n*iii? i Krfkat UwatiWM bam. who ?*a roDDd <t**i| m bar U*d at bar r*..d?noa, If Way attowt, on Saturday riia jury r*arWr?*J a vardpA or uaalh ffi m ip tiend iiiooMiny brought on by od? ' >'.)?*? Dmowmto -Tti* i?*r 0f g, jtl?el*?T, of Nov York, who fail ararbo*i.t wi drnHIMM| m tkiMf a raw daja a*o, waa roao.1 yaat rrta. n.-aUa* la If* wat-r. 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