Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 19, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 19, 1866 Page 1
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-,7V* "* W WHOLE NO. 11,068. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 19, 1866. PRICE FOUR CENTS. A. A. AKlf A. O.?*? ?? - T** ? ???? v -"""'"??"?* "-co-^D Mim. U.?,?. SNOWDROP. CWSfftfSJPfiKMSq llflain; loot his right arm. V Uvtng. hlol ErasiSMS&i now wanted or wt. l. m. ?MMI?P<Kr< Yoluntssr ^^^^^^hPnstoffloc address ?of the lima sad I ????????????Morit Adams, Mass: left arm paralysed. LoWgds tor ttm at the ofllce of the Koldlers' I Friaad. J^ddress WKUam Wand Bourse, editor, 13 Centre 1*0*1. N. Y. I TF THE LADT7 WHO REOEITBR A NOTE FROM A As Mil !>*??? la, a Twenty-third street stage mriMial I?X' whoaet out at Eighth avenue. wlll^^^^^^H Areeelo AC A, statlae Q, Sixth area as, lam Monday, at I seed her ad sh* will oblige ION WANTED?Or THE HBISS ON JOHN and O. WtniMM, formerly of Taxis. Address Herald oRe*. NATION WANTED Of JAMES MpLEAB.?WHEN ^HtMud frost eras at Hart's Island In Catted States ^Mlaformatlea wlU b* thankfully r*o*li*d by hi* M nfissr.r It tl till. Mas*. J mm a wants to ni unit, white a line t^ Ms box 307 Herald eSe*. stating where a not* wilt reaeh. ? B. M.?FIFTEEN EATS AND MIGHTS HAVE] ?. vainly sought a glimpse. The suspenee la unbsar B -UNIVERSITY PLACE. THIN DAT, AT 18 O'CLOCK, or on Friday, at %% o'elooh. ACHEL?CALL At STATION D FOR LETTER. UNCLE TOM IS TENT ANXIOUS TO SEE BTTHA. Will-be on th* oorner-ef Broadway and Eighth street, from 11 to 13, on W*dn?eday. 1Mb. Drab and Beariat Look l? Poet ogee for a letter. WANTED?THE TOCNO MAN THAT TENDED BAR for Abb's Lake House, Saratoga, to oall at the Plerre E*at House, Brooklyn. "TTTILL JOB R. GRANT 8. M. O. ANOTHER INTER vv vM wees. In , _? Da I pray yea, answer this, or my letters, if received. rtsw f Hh* never ean forget htm or his neat kind Implores forgiveness, ana ask* but bis friendship. u DOST AW D POUND. OST-AT WALLACE*8 THEATRE, ON SATURDAY evening, 14th Inst., a Lady's Sable Collar. Th* Under be suitably rewarded by leaving It at 331 Fifth avenue. T OST-OM SATURDAY, IN OR NEAR OIMBREDE'S. XJ corner of Eighteenth street end Broadway, s long blank Lane Vail. The finder will be eultably rewarded by leaving tt at 40 East Tweaty-Srst street LOST-BETWEEN HUDSON RIVEB RAILROAD DE pot and East Thirty-sixth street, a small Leather Bag (maroon color). The Under will be welt rewarded by leaving It at IB East Thirty-sixth street. LOST?AN INSURANCE BOOK OF THE WASHING' ton Insurance Company. The Under win be suitably rewarded by leaving It with Fenton, Fitzgerald A Tracy, ft Whitehall street. New York. LOST-ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON. BETWEEN Sehaus' picture gallery and Waverley place, oa Broad way, a Black Lace veil. The Under will be suitably re warded by leaving the same at 4S West Niuth street. LOST-ON THE 17TH INST., THE RIM OF AN OPEN faced Oold Watch, between Spring and Twenty-sixth atresia. The finder will receive double Its full value at Tiffany A Co. 'a, >00 Broadway, N. Y., and th* thunks of the LOST-DECEMBER 17. BETWEEN HUNTER'S POINT and East Thirtieth street, by ferryboat, apockethook containing about S8B. the entire means of a sick woman. ? Under will ha suitably rewarded by learlng It with E. 1 Thirtieth s' " Gleacon, 341 East Thirtieth street. OST?TUESDAY MORNING, AN OLD FASHIONED I dark mink Vlctorlne, with black lip*, in going from ^Hriy-fourth street through Broadway to Thirtieth-street to ^Emaof the Friendless. The fludor will be eultably reW by leaving It at 4B Weet Thirty-fourth street. It Is I as s family relic, F^HIOKETBOOK LOST-SUPPOSED TO BS AT THE ^|ln of the New Bowery theatre, yesterday afternoon, enntalnlog a $00 greenback; a State certificate. No. A*46, dated August 1, 1836, sod other pipers. A liberal reward and so questions on return to W. T. L.. box 2*) Herald olBoe. I RlWARDjl.^^^^H BANKERS. brokers and DEALERS IN GOV KRNMENT AND OTHER SECURITIES. BONDS STOLEN?$1(890 REWARD. TBS Royal luoruM Company will pay t reward of mtjm for tha rooo very of Uorerameat Seeurltie* contained Skin box (Mao froox tbalr aafa an tha MUt lort.. and will that proportion for the recovery of any portion of the ^?1 aecurltfee. Tha public arc cautloued negotiating ?aid aeeuiillea. _ 6 FEB CENT COUPON 1S7? BONDS. $1 (100 EACH. ? Noa. l.SM. 1 087. I.SHI 1,(00. AMI. 10,000. 10,086, 11,041. 11.900. mmm lim, lxsss. 12.944. lira, v:,k?. 12W. iamb, kum. T? |9#a ipa 7(1, 1(763, K490, 14 4(14,14 496. 14.943, 15,IBS. 14 1(0. 14.1(1. ^?VE, 16.709. 14,7(4, IM 16,780 18 767. 16.7(8 16.769. I (.770, *771. 1(771, 1(T7?, 16.774, 16,776, 16 776. 1(777, 1(776. (,7Tf 1(780, 1(781. 1(7? 1(763, 1(704. 16,786, 1(78( 1(787, ?. !t? S3 Sffi Sff^aiiSaiioi ( PER OEnV CtiUpOh leil IK BONDS. $1 000 EACH, payable to the order of Adam Norria and Bcnjamlo B. sher Uan. committer, and ooteoduraed ? Noa (6.997, 65 99( (4.996. W.000, M.6H1. 64,004. ((<*?, p,OH (6.U06. 6b?0( 6(067. 06.OS, 66.009. 66 910. (6.011, fiOU, 66.013, m;.01( 66,014 46.U1I. 4(017, *018. 66,018. m.m, 4(021, 6 ? 0.2. . 80 BONDS. $1,000 EACH. Noa 13.(49. .-,909 34 014. 45,044. 34.047, 25 940, 3(546 fT?9 11(634, 117,(37, 117,888, 117,638. 117,Ml, 117.531, 118.903 (30 BONDS. $1,000 EACH. Noa KS41, 38.870, 2(306, 86.806, 16.807, 3(604. 5(806. ' 6 PER CENT 1891 BONDS. $1,000 EACH. Noa 8.902. 8.906. 8.908 8,604 (903. 8 910, 8^09, 8 911, (007, (>04. (is. 8,906, 8,90.. 8,898. 8.606, (897. (801 L3S7, 1,36( 1.864, 1 365. 15.488, 16 487 $600 T). 8. COUPON BONDS. 6 PER CENT Ut-ttk Noa 3(389 96 813, 9(811, lffi,642 $1,000 recb. Noa 16375. ?.m, 3(377. 36.374. 35.27V, 36.380. 3(381, 33,J6( #300 each. REGISTERED STOCK OF 1881, $10,000 EACH. Naa (663, 9,663^9,664. _ BACH , till, (61* 1 J0O each 7 3$ PEE CENT BONDS. It Wau. Sreiurr, 1 768, 1.7m. $(000 each; IL37S $1,<?U. '.Mew Yoilr. Ore. II. 1668 REWARD.?IF THE PBRSON WHO POUND A Parcel, eeatnlnlng eomr white mualln aad larc, m a avenue xtage et the Fulton ferry, on Monday evenlitjjj VtS return the aama In Mr* Rtlla, ?8o Hroadwav. he aire the above reward and the thaakoof the owner. . RBWARD.-LOST.OPP A COACH ON MONDAY ' evening, December 17. goleg from Camden and r boat, pier No. 1. In New York and New Raven depot, y-aeventh atreet and Fourth areata*, a medium (fre<t , with bedding laalied on IE Tne above reward will he en delivery or trunk and content a teO. O. HooSetd, it Btudley'e Expraaa, Ponrth avenue end Twenty nth atreet. REWARD.?LOST, EARLY SUNDAY MORNING, near Broome atreet, a Gold Watch. The above re I wHHm paid aad no quraUoea naked. Addraaa W. P., REWARD AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED?POR ^ the rrlura of the Wa"h. No 117 kl8 iaketi from ?he Hotel on Pndav, December 14. 1366. Return to the Iff tbssBsasbsl* JiWARD.?LOST, ON THE ltril INST. IN aidrn lane, a large blank Poekelhook. containing k The antler wlllrenelre the abode reward on ap ?a ('roae A Begnnlln. 31 Baitlen laae. 150/a D1AA nnn REWARD WILL BE PAID BY THE ?lUU.UtfU ''Bureau of Infer mat luu." Mo MU Fnlton Street. In mvr. hanta aad fetaillee. In dleeon tie allowed them Pram the owaat city prteea of ell merchandise, aecurltle-, pvefeaalonal mrvtaa, Re, regnlred. A3 fWTod. .1DAY PRESENT ?POLLAK A BON. 6PB BROAD t. near Fourth (treat. PI pee eel to order, boiled and 0 R RAIT, 3d BRyADWAj^ CORNER OP WAR ?Ware A Splendid Aeeortawat of ML? W.'iKffi/,"?"' SILVER WARE, FANCY GOODS, ?aitabda far holiday gifts, AT ORRATLY REbUCRDPRICES. .STNAS AND NBW YEAR PRESENTS MHNDRS, the eelehruled <'hanolete manufacturer. M'1 way. will expose fur aalo. to Saturday 32d leet., ?titid itook of French Kenny Bexee selected by him la free, the drat honeee; alao the taevt ami largest ?? at tn New Turk of flna Che rotate aad Preach feary a aad Marroae UlarVe. AS A HOLIDAY G1PT. the above ceaoot be aurpeeeed. /-vIFTS POR THE HOLIDAYS. \T WaD HBS. WaTCIIKS. the undersigned have haen inetiuctad by the mean fa* ' enrare le eall the balance then large etork of LaDIRS' nudUEhrc gold end SILVER WITCHES a* WHOLESALE PS1CKH. DURING THE HOLIDAYS ONLY. QU1NCHR A KHCGLER. Agenta, Noa. lead 10 John aLeat, up MAlrg. *1EN'S FURNISHING GOODS RETAILED At WHOLE ATA jpvteea far Su 4eya eely phirte,'< ouera Drawera, (oderefctrle, *uvr?n4eTe aad Re emry. Glove* and Packet nendk.-rchl?fa A rave ckanee. (All at Ml? h itch euaet. np autre. T? fO FANCY OOOOsT PGR HOLIDAY PRESENTS 'T'WAV'ir/fSkwm ART1? Ldtx 'S* ?e'M-t ???( eeeuvmaal. ?A HURL D WItDON. J jo JRlgh^'avao uSTn'v'w T^. f SI Myrtle aveaee, RreoklyA HE3T41 RANTN. tAElv,,Rr?R'??:RV ~ /-iAS!- ** HALE S PRBn , pw?w. A german lady, thoroughly oomphthnt and of many yean experience in leeching Instrumental ornate and the German l>uui|t, would lite to make an ee~ gegemeet with MM famihec or aakoola lb Now York or rlctaMo, where oho could teach tho above brunohM; the pSi sTr* 41,4 ,*,uir*d' i?i <,? A LADY WHO HAN HAD TWBLTB YBABB "UC eOMful oxMrioaoo u prteelpal end governess, and who teaches all tho branches taught In our female colleges, da ?troo to engage to a reflned fai ~ " aot charaotor. Add ma. wtth too, Henderson, jegi lane At to our fornate colleges, do* I family. Roforoooeo of ihahlgh rtth full part leu Laro, Mloo 0. Boa. county, Now York. A YOUNG FRENCH LADY, BORN IN PARIS, WIRHBS w^S?.a" t?rowMoo;_aho speaks beautifully French MmuiadM'"'M* P. A. tti Ration D, for ono week. ,T GOLDSMITH'S COMMERCIAL IN8T1TVTB?7M t *r"*" B,gggg."a.'!ggajg.aL,ai!g2= L. ai.U**<1 ,n lk* A*1 *?? Fork bouooo. Ho aloo ,*t)<r?oo*- .craaptQd f trembling from tho wont hood, and makoo elegant buelaoaa ponmoo. ....... ' BFOKT1BIO. AFINB LOT OF SJNOINO CANARIBS AND FANCY Bird Cageo for holiday presents. otoro 480 Broad war. DAVID TKNTBBT All kinds of fancy doos and birds, sc.. for Kale-At B. DOVKrs, 3U Canal street, near cnuroh. Modielnao for all eaoloo dloeaoeo. Prepared food it nocilng birds. A82AlL5^OPBJJ'Il* J?mT fOR "ALB-FIFTY etaht feet long, ten foot boom; about flro montha old; ?"'t*?f??k ood yppor faMcaed; baa accommodation* for right persona bealdoa U?o crow; io wall found In evegy ro opect. Apply on board at foot of Boot Tenth otrcot E HOLISM QAMB FOWLS, BRAMAHS. DOMINIQUB8, ^ ?*?Ito5\Ka??y !MZ>aM *ort ?o? Setter Dog for onto, aadreoa J. N. L? boa k,a? Foot ogre, New Tort Fancy fowls and pigeons constantly on hand and for onto by J. T. QUIMBT, #3 Court otroot, Boston, Maao. ?* Francis butler, no. s peck slip, has all the choice breedo of Dogs. Bullet a Infallible Manga Cure ?nd Fl** Eitormlufttor. 7ooenia. Builtr'* oew work on the eases * tn>nwl> bo*nM. *c- Medicines for aU dlo JOHN GRAY 11 ROOSKVRLT STREET. HAS FOR SALE Jf Newfoundland Pupa, amall Poodlea. apltx Dogs, email black aud tan Pupa, a pair of handsome spitz Pupa, email black and tan Dogs, Scotch and Hkye Terriers, good rattera. HOnsRS, CARRiAtiUM, AC. A SPLENDID NEW CLOSB PANEL COACH; ALSO, ?..*7? h?n<?v?ewty new; Phaetons, Rockawaya, on kinds of Wagons, Sleigh#. Robes, Bella. Harness and Blankets, cheep. Wll. H. QRaV. 2MVooater street A BAY HORSE, M HANDS HIOH, ALL SOU) ani.k*Ed*SPa * mlnntee sum; Duwmbury Ro ' "aXe&B ter\?R^T' 46 APP" 10 WILl/aU A SPLENDID DURHAM PRESH MILCII COW FOR I"?1? p*r ? .A,,? ?n Alderner fresh ?f7h street! * PPT at Emi A SPLENDID LOT OK KERSEY AND STABLE llorae Blankets for asls retail at wholesale prices. Call and see before purchasing elnwhere at the harness atom MO Seventh avenue. A handsome new rockaway. a top ruooy, also a set of double Harness, win be sold at a bargain, arsa'i'e*1* ?'?hie 1117 Kaat ITilrty-fourth street, near Third BV?"rJr(iR SALE-HHIPTINO TOP, nirSBNRPRV^k tan Duler; noarlr new; coat fdOO; price 0300. Also ?toad WhBon. built b>^fersw.ter tb order; prior glST KEN it A LL t Bh.LLlNOER, corner Tbinr.eighth atrsnt end ?#venth aventje. -IT- HREW^Efe A CO . of Brgom?Ttr^L nVl" GOOD ORDER. AND RUNS \J lifbt. and will be ff>14 very rhean aa the owner hae no I?0.?1 U Appl^ to <K)hihOL D, Undertaker, 67^ V'sightb avenue. ' PAIR OP Bit CARRIAOB HORSKB. J 1A8, 7 end ? year a old. sound and kind, will be sxebaoged ipon equitable terms for a bey horse, sound and kind. 1A1L "I.JJ*?'.!! ,Tn |,M,? I"1'*- poonpt dnrer, end Horse, boi MA^iwt o'lbre 'n "*bla. Address F|?R^ALJ!-A ORAT MARE. ? TEARS OLD. SOUND and klaad In single or double harness. Can be seen at 441 Tenth ureal. Apply fee three days. Price $1B6 HALE-THR BEAUTIFUL THOROUGHBRED black stallion Black Albton, well broken to tbo etallton, perfectty gents and doetlo; Mare, Id kendo high, 8 years old; one bay Mam, gentle and Ana action; Vara 18 bands highI and broken to the saddle. To be ansa da fir. between the hours of 11 aod 3 P. M , at No. 8 Warn Tklitneoib street, formerly Dlckle'a Itidlne "cbool These boraoe bare just bfwu rvcw>iw?d from Jf>nth tad p?4lfr*M iui hk fiv?n. For hale-pour large new two horse 1 rucks. Apply to 8. W. WILSON, SB Broadway. PMOR NALB-A HORSE. M HANDS HIGH, BIGHT years old. color bright boy, with long n no sod tall a rery stylish and superior animal, warrants 1 10 ererr re 'pert. Apply at ?7k flowery. ' h10R ?AIiE-?OME OF C P. KIMBALL'* FINE m Portland iTeleha 74 and 8U Bank atreel. | FOB SALE?8 PAIR OF LARGE B4T HORNER. HUItI able for a troak also two slagle Horses, and one see ond band Coach. 4^alii WaaiTourlh street FMoRNkl.E-TIIREE SECOND HAND 0OUPR4 Oil P.A P ? w?aat of-rnomo. Apple at 110 and 113 East Twanlr mi d street, near Third avenue. r^BR.?A,LR-TW0 XEW WAOOKH. ~APPLT at 1>3 Ui ihium street. For bale?a coupb, horse and. harness in I food running order, flail for two days at 384 East Maa uMMith iitreei, from 9 to ISu oiock. lyor salr?a oood horhr. citt made top bug l gy. and Dunaoomb Hameaa all In fool rend tlon Held Biree?'"**' Prl?# I4* AfP'y *11*4 Weal Forty eighth POUB TEAMS OP CANADIAN HORSES?THE RENT and cbrape'i in Ibeelty: must he seen 10 he .ppreci. air- anr gen denian ean bare any of tne week en trial. 44" "?or! itrFft, Harness ?a pink bet of double habnkbs. aild at a Iwrgam. at private stable 1*7 Kaat Tkirty icurth street, near Third seonne. Horses fob hale -a tair of bat caBriaok ^?r*Vw"1 "w ??)l1 *1 ? aaertaon, the owner being about to asII for Europe. Apply at lbs stable 833 Weet Thirty. Fftif'tlfl ItPffll. Sleighs -an ahsobtmi vr of fine cuttrrh noma v ery light lor tretUa J and some with poles, of my own manufacture, acknowledged to be the finest and beet In mareet; also a lot of Portland make, and large three neat. VtlSTf of the t Ibaey Mr tea. R. M. STL \Kfts Carriage Manafeetnrer. 3t to itgr Kaat Thirty Bret Also two very Bits Clereue,., end a Urge alack of light nod fop Wairona. ypHR MOST STYLISH DOG CtRT IN TUB CITT FOR MM*l'lf'eT2!&*r%' UW" "V"1' ,t>rt POt* a bb J' A OT., cornkr r?tnt/ ?ovf?U> atrvot ?ui Broodwiiv. r WAJI5lirA W^L UATTHF.D PAIR OP BATOR V black Horse* of good style ?nd entee for family use .ee"**' f**? ?ld. fair wbleb a (air price efll be paid. I J W , Ijax AJM New York Poet uflee TWO HOR8B Wanted-a GOOD SECOND HAND " Sleigh Addreeabm 151 Herald ufflmuH W^ANTBD to Htw FOR NBW TEAB-a DAT-A Boe Coepe Turnout one or two bores or Coupe alone, Add: see, with terms, C f. boi IKS New f'ork Peelei!^ IPECUL KOTICK*. gRII K LA TRIM' CKIOil JfO. I. WILL IIOUMIVJM KtL_ ? jifcyw. i% huwi 1J ttlor wrakly MMMll MMloua'a H?U, n tynitb nrwot >id MiMI araona. tbla iW? lag, >? Puootuol at tan iia> U ban miM. _ JOIkPH y IM0 ?By ordar adtbo Board of Oiraotora, ootiro la horaby Bthot la (aMMMMi of I bo iiofia ayiaMad la boo# bald aa tbo nth of Rorambar Inataat, not barton booh bo'd p .raunot 10 aooh ?oy>oiatm?rii an alartlio at oloa dtrarturanf 'f i rnoipoor part t r? Inapooiora of tbo ooM Una a loot loo will bo hall at tha am. a of tbo nam pony lay, Iba I lib day of January, HOT, ol 11 a'ntoah ML I,..f?r booba at tbo off).a of lb* Parnaara Loan and rvv r or TUB atlartic mail kti ammhip Wo/I how Mop ^ilraan, Raw York, Rot. U. Eatrai.afar boobaat IbaoAL* af iba Parmara Laan and u.t I oikioot wtU bo atoaoA from tbo MhtO tbo l*h of .u.r,.,k TboA.mb.iTNnAfr^?|W Trb la it wxkk. ntcoaa toi*r ttf*et> IK Till! ftftAWD prrobytatior POMTIYBLT ruTlKR Pf.ACB AT orjorp.n l?-irill'TR NEXT hATLKUAT BVBK1X0. Tit bat off ' a AM Broadway, K. T. ?aa ad raid woinat in aaethor ojlomo, , rAT.L WHOM If MAT rORf**K??KOTICB '? barahy glrao ibat tha nwo?r <r owoara af tb? Iroo plpa londad on Ihr puw lout of ilttb atraat f. it , moat raraoo no?l Cy iba rii'iw on i'torn and Uk. ibom away or tbay *fll aaid t. pay ibaaaanh I) f. WAllflU.. LoaaN. Tub roi (.ownra omenta or okitud atatm Veluniaarn, formally of tha Ptftb CthfUtf tarootb roftoiaot R, Q, R ,0 r, ara ywiwaeioA l?? orna' tbolr ad ? ' * "'" yaraM, boi 4,f? Pi.' oh.-- T T t>aar. f," Captain K D Raoadlot. Llaatanaot J. U Krrpoar r:a,<at? tf H Rooaotna, Liontooaat B. K L Mil , AdfC'oot Obarlaa J Protbjnfhafh, lAantanant W A I'rontiaa, UBB tawaat B* B IMAar. L L Vno't TWr. Kr.KBBKtorcOBIRTHUR 1HAPTBB. SO IW B. A. or* barohy ootMiaA to otiaod 0B?f> '?aaph A. roo?m,a from bia lota raa.dan-. .1 Ha oar ?lra?, aa, tbo Ittb. at II a'adooh A R Br ordar of /. B. uABObE H, >. f. R M at roan Ja. Barrotory rtTARB wonct-rwo OB TllRP.I riRWT Cl *"? x w. r*i..?n wut yair.i !? t ft rar day. fro... ialn.1 dad <?? ?4o|raid AO- ... Baao Pall toi atrooi.luot pro I CUPARTHHRNH l?.^ A n'aCTIYI ma* WANTED, WITH >2.000, TO TAKE A an interest litmll established Jabbing Liquor and Commission business. Location good, down town. O. A. ROBINSON, IB Raaanu street. A EARS CHANOB.-AN ACTITB BUSINESS MAN A with tl.OOO ana eeeure a partnership interest la an aid and wall aatabUahed newspaper and printing aaUbJlabanant, with a gaod eatery and a ahara ia the profits. Apply from 10 te U, at Ne. 7S Nassau street, room me. A a smart man, with $toa, as partner in a A tirat class entertainment, la which double tha aaaooat oaa ba made in a month. Addraaa H. O. Aldta, Harald ofitos. TjV)R SALE?A ONE-HALF OR WHOLE INTEREST IN r tha Cliaion Oil Worha: II baa twa larga tubular boilers, thirty-haraa nngiat twa hydrauMa praaan with foal capacity for BS.0M flah a day; alaa two fishlsg sloops. four lighters, acta, Ac- Addraaa P. E. Oalhora, OBatoa, Conn. QFEOIAL PARTNER WANTED?WITH STRMO TO cf SSO.OOO capital, la aa aatablUhad payiag business, well laaalad an Broadway) with additlaaal capital tha bnaineao oaa hplaeraaaad la any aslant. Addraaa Nana, baa ASM Now Tart Peat aEaa. Thhe half interest of a EBTIRINO partner In aa established newspaper, now payiag a band come pre lit, oan be pttrehaaed on adraatageoua terms. Apply at 111 Naaaau ttiaei. third loor TXTANTRD?A PARTNER. WITH m?0 TO SfiR?0 W capital, ta take the plane of one of the members of a Jabbing bouae la this cltv, who wlahea to retire. Addraaa Charles, Harald edtae. TAT ANTED,?A RESPECTABLE TOUNO MAN, WITH VT canltal, will tar ta devote hit attention ta bndntaa, aaa hear of a goad chance. Apply to CHA8. F. CLARKE, M Broadway. T|rANTED?A PARTY. WITH CAPITAL. TO YV invert la an old aatabUahed business, profile of which for tha last year have been vary large. This is an uncom mon chance for eapttalista. aa the business will bear tha closest inspection. Farther information may be obtained at our ofitoe. MITCHELL A SWAIN, W Cedar si. room IK AO WILL BUT A ONB-QUARTEB INTEREST In a cash business lately established: from present sales It will soon pay a good interest on ?MM.OOO; no agents nsed apply. II CarroU place, Bleacher street, N. T., first Boor, front room. ? A nnn ?PARTNER WANTBD, WITH THIS iPU.UUu. amount In cash, to take one-third Interest In a first slaas business now In full paying operation. No XMts or brokers nsed answer. Address H. K. &, Herald Ha. fcl ft ftftft WILL PURCIIASB A HALF INTEREST l-riVJ.'*''vf in a valuable Manufacturing street ? ready In sueceasful operation. No agents nred apply. J. II. beardslEy, UP ~ ?1A AAA TO wo.oos.-i desire to invest the ?ll/.vwU above for an active Interest In an established business. Communications confidential. Address Robert R. Meson, station D. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. ^ ?OIL, SILVER OR OOLD STOCKS Wanted. In eicbnngn for a clean stock of Cloth. Terms half cash sad the balance In any of tbo above slocks. Apply at M WALKER STREET, UF 8TAIR3. An experienced life insurance agent will be offered unusual Inducements by e first clam company, tress, immediately, Life Company, box 4,717, Post office, New York. A YOUNG MAN. HAVING fIS.000 CASK 'AN ISRAEL llo), would like to associate himself with an established jobbing bouse is this city. Bast reference given and re quired. Addrjss D. R. p., Harald office. Canvassers wanted?to hell the improved Folding Pocket Lantern. Very light, rtmngand durshte; oan bo folded and carried In lb* pocket or traveling bag with safety and convenience, occupying the space of a cigar case, and are opened end nosed aa readily. Tbev contain (whether opau or closed I matches and si li s csadles. and, being always rasdy for use. are most appreciated In the greatest emergen sles. Prices ?No. 1. fl each. (Including two candles.) No. 1 7fi rents each, (Including three candles.) Additional candle*, (pure sperm.) No. 1, gl per lb.; No. I. SI W ner lb. Liberal discount to dealers and aanvasaers. Send for samples. JULIUS IVES A CO., W Maiden laaa/N. T. Manufacturers of I res' Patent Lataee and dealers ia Kero sene goods gensraUy. VfETALLIC ROOFING.-MOTOR.-TO BUSINESS MEN IXi end capitalists generally, the advertiser offers a tare opportunity To I a veet money end capacity la the best things ever patented. One le e uew metallic roofing. The other e new motor lor water, steam or any other power. Investiga tion free. No humbug. Far particulars address Bngii>ear, Herald offioe. _ SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS WANTED-FOR TWO yearn en hotel furniture, fiitures, Ac.. In this city, worth ?40,000. tor which n premium will be paid ovei seven per cent, or an Internet for this amount sold to a competent party. Tha property Is tasnrad for S40.0M In city companies, aad is now mortgaged for $4,000. (good endorse I notes fsr the amount, running one or two voars, will also bo gtvon if desired; also A No. 1 inference* Address W., bos No. *-*i The best chance ever offered in way or business may be feu-id at tbs Printer office, MO Pearl street Small capital required. Exclusive rights guarantee I. Call and aismlnn lor yeareelf. r PATENT RIOHT DEALERS .-.NEW PATENTED wood hutah. State and County Rights for sate. BR1CKERA IBVINE. room No. 7 MorehsnW Hotel. r WHOLESALERS AND JOBBERS OP DRY floods.?A gentleman front Lafayette, lad., offers In etch sage four thousand two hundred ?'*res of the boot ssri < rulluraT and gracing lands In Jasper oounty, tad., for a gen era! assortment of dry goods. Any person wishing to eg ? change any spplv In person or by tetter le room S7 sweeay'? Hotel from 10 till II. for two days. No agenIs wanted. T> IRONMRN AND CIAFTTALIHTS.?THE PROPRIE tor cf the most valuable sad best located Furnsoe troa pproparty la Virginia, would Ilka te engage a practical man ager ?r ireo works, who would bo willing to la vast soma money la an anterpriaa of demonstrable merit. Ha may be seau for a few days at the ofiles of Hardy A Outhrey, B Wall straat. T> BOARDING HOtTRB KERPCRB.-ANT PARTY <)r. rnprlnga flrat claaa localltr anld-alroua nf Irantfarring lb# full tnlaraat, Including furniture, may addrnaa. wild par llculara, lira. Italia, a la lion Q TT7 AXTED?A TO I'BO MAN IIAVIBO A 1'APITAI. OP TT gguo or gl.OUO, to uka an nlaratl lu a ad a<-t a? traaau rar for a Aral - 'aaa mmairal iroupn, now luoautd lu an adja <ani city. Only Hioaa baring thn rntjulnlla capital and can bring unaicapuouable rafaranca nnnd apply Addreaa Im iwr.llatcly Bualnaaa Ma oafer, boi IW Uarald 0B00 ton WILL RTIRT AXT PRRHON IB A M I VI K A <' ? ?Pw" luring bualaaaa paying 100 par cat good a aUp> at wheat no rapltal rcjnliad. Call and iavaa'.Igalc, at 14 Bo aarf, mum Bo. S. Af>f? WTLL HTART ABT PEUOOM IB THK BRBT paying manufaitnnng bualnaaa known to mankind Oo"da atapla ?? flour. I'all and inmatig-t# al ?* Pla? alraal. room tl. gawara of countarfalta and anprinelplad Imttalore in Paarl WnMt and eltawbnre. 4-An -IWABTAB ACTIVE BCMIXEiR MAN. AH ?p? )UU, I'artaar In an aaubllahod Inaurancw and Rnal Ratala baalaeaa dawn town; nana but bnoinaaa Mat sat* ad. Addrrea Bualnaaa, boa I A) Uarald ?Ann ?** Airrivg, STIRRING PARTT CAB MP ?pOU'/. aura n profltabla boainaaa apanlng. Aral rlaaa. by applying In I,. JoBfcH al Iba atom <>r Itahnrt I'ant, Jgg ( kamlxtra timet, from II lo A B? egenta nead apply. $1 Knn w"'b Pl-RCIIAMK a i.ioiit mabi ? J.tjiiu luring bu-meaa. t'aab aala far gooda fartumd. Apply el 1M Kigbtb amine, between Iba MABIPAO menu boora Sar. Ann wabtiid?to ib<rka?r A MANI'PAO ? J.UUIr luting hualnoaa wbieh la already aauhllabadj with Ihla amount aa working rapltal ran uiak? |IPl,<U0 in twelre montha. Ilia n monopoly and or abow Iba faria; bar a now loiareeted In mill, aaaablaary. Ac.. glt.wa Ad draaa boi 107 llai aid ofbaa. LOAM OFPIIII. ft AO. jkwklry, ? A. A?:. Broadway, room Ba. A A T HTMAB'A. m BROAOWAT, rOBMBi OP BOMI) 9i Wrenl, will ba paid lb# bigbaol prion for Diamond*, rate baa and Bflrarwara ar will adraaca on Iba abara arU T BO. ? WRBT TWBNTT TBTRD BT* Ateaue Motel), iba bigbaai prloa paid for ?baa, Ac.. ar ndrnaaaa mada on Iba nil T Ml BROADWAY -I PAT Till BTOHBOT PRICBR L far Dlamoada, Walcban. Ji , Jetralry, Aa.. ar ndraaan aa IBAA'lC Diamond Bfofear, Oppodltd Wallaek.'a theatre PAWBBROBRRM' TICiBTi BOfGHT FOR DIAMOND*. WATCBEA. fgWILAT. Ab, at TT Blea War etreel. apatalra MOBBT TO I.BBD OB DtAMOBDB, WATCH RA, JBW. Wry and Paraooal proprrty nf all Inwtptle?. AMI rlri may na redeemed at aay Him wtibia aaa year Prime odlaa aatranra ball law H BARMABD. 11 Tblrd nr. T>AWBBROKBBB' Ttf'RBTM PORCHARRD-A LABOR J Maf (rat ri.aa ? loiMng. at balf Iba original aaat; Oratiwala from $1# la Mo Bualnaaa f aala from A* to gig. PAW BBRfIk RRM' Tff KRTB PT7BCHAMRD OP DIA mnnda, WaMbaa. Jewelry, tube. i bribing. Aa . ar iba aama bong b I for raab, at Iba old ataad. 11* Bo wary, (rat ?rwr front, ap "laIra Sm ILKR, DIABOBDd MB" I BITIRB. YALUARLRB OP any bind ar PawabiaAti'P TWbata f >r iba mm*, par. rbaaod or adaat. wd an al librral rataa Par lalarr law ad dr>m I'oDltdwu' al HrraId oB ?. hi i.i i t n I'**, dbt . a larwr ntmbrr or irw two ar< obo iiand A Billiard Tai la- wHk oar ln?proa?d oamMimfoa - tab tma. wairb bara oaao pmaad ft iba atom rwrmri and dwiaMb cnabmtia aaar mad*. Mpa lamnr of o?r laMaa Ibal bnt* t-am In mmaiant uaa far many y-a-a may ba ar, la Iba nrniarpal nmala and aalooaa la tab ? try. Pnritaa latrpd lag (O pumbaaa will dad M lo tnatr Inlaraal to call and aa. apt In* ?ar alpck, wblab la Iba Inrgaal and tnwat la tba world. I'.'IRLaB a COLLABDCN. Al to 41? radby B T \B tWIRTtn prr?r g or riBOI ' L?r Taaw-. WHk aar improaad raabtatt, aa gam -a- ? -aw Iktdf dallrpry P~ r.d naad fatdaa. Tr aami ga A* t*i a M All ft A DBA HI M "mar Daial aad faa-.r- a a WW H Oily PITH tig PVLTOB MTiiRT OPPtBtl ? fa- ml* a aptau I'd -t -% ?? wna bla aaw in. prpanmJPPtainatbrb -a* ?? a Ca" awd iwa-ar ar aanw ?rv aaAara by am n>ARCUL.J ?g?TED STATES TRMASUBT. D n w u BUMP Treaaury. H. H. TAW DTCK, AwWat Tmiar?r. A -rOIL, SILVER OB GOLD 8TOCKB WHMd. Id eacbange for a clean alack of Clothe. tMw V-V*A"W ?- --?-? *?r ?"*" A M$tRl< AN BANKING HI HiNOl OOPM NOB. 3 AND! PARIS, WRl ??11 Hi JAMBS W, TUCKER A CO Buy eod Mil United Bated BeooidUea and Foreign Hoeiirtllaa, MM* ud oeab Ulhw of CradtL u well aa UUMctt|iuril mbbImIot hiliw, and Iff or By peraleet^l^t^fgaowlag fBatleanea;? T. Andrcwa, Preaideal National City Bask. Beaton. ? |H. Baal. Preaideul Soooad National Bank. Boa to*. ?B7A. S? wroWHl Jonathan T borne, N. E R naadi Tucker. New fflwi HowMA Maoy, Banker* SO Wall etrrat, Haw York. SaSfeiJ^.vt7R-ir k&.5,i

I'TSSS.ailSViSH K'int MO Waeblngtoa atra at. Boatoo. F?*ln ?100 par. SALE?It SHARES OF TBB SILVER FEAR ling Company, at (SO par there Tha par ralua la |?bare. Addraaa Nevada, Harald oOee. VfOBII E AND OHIO RAILROAD, BTERUBO AND ill. la tar'at, Memuhla aad Ohio too par east faeoaee, Mia i2erw"5ivwi Si dor aad, and Irregular Bon da wad FOREST, Banker*. IB Wall atraot TTNION DINK HAVINGS BANK. U 4HB Canal atroat, eoraer of Varlek. 81s aar nant laloraat on g* la SAUUO, frea of las. Manay da poaltad now l?ara tntarast from January 1. Aaaata, $2S6RI&8 IB. B. V. IlAUOflWOUT. PraaldanL O. A Caarta. Traaaurar. T. S. Aaaooa, Baoratary. "ITEBMILYE A CO., V NO. M WALL BTRKKT, BANKERS AND DEALERS GOVERNMENT BTOCKB AND COMPOUND INTEREST NOTRE ALL CLASSES OP GOVERNMENT FUNDS CREDITED, OR REMITTED FOR. ON RECEIPT. AT MARKET BATHS. FREE OF ALL COMMISSION CHARGES. CLOBINO PRICES. New Tola, Dae. IB, IBM. tag las. Raglatarad. '81. Coupon, '81 ABO Registered 82 Ft) Coupon, 82., .VJII Coupon, '84 . 6-80 Coupon, 'it . 6 20 Coup. '86. new 10-40 Kepi ?tared.. 11M0 Coupon .... Oold August, 7 3d Buy- Nell leg IB iisii 11314 m ItMtJ f lUOll 1871 H?1 June, 7-8U..... July, 7-80 JtinaC I Notee.'Sd July, do '44 A ug., do '84 Oct, do '84 Dep., da 44 May, da '86 Aug., da *88 fir WANTED?$1,000. AS FIRST MORTGAGE ON A GOOD Para. b-?t releroaoa will ha glean. Call at 48V, sink avenue. WANTED TO BORROW-TWO HUMS Of $8,000 EACH oa two three atory. niodare Inlll. 'wiek dwelling houaaa In Brooklyn, worth anre Hun double the amount. Addraaa for three d?>a T . boi J4J8 Herald offlre. .-WANTED IMMEDIATELY, $800 ON THE . 'beat of ?ecurlty. WUI gtra a bonus. Addraaa , T., bai 181 Meral.l oSoa. $600. II. T., bai AQ AAA TO LOAN ON ROND AND MORTGAOB OO.yllU on city property. Apply la CMARLBfl CHENBV. 188 Broadway, New fork. St?KO AAA TO LOAN-ON BOND AND MOST ?p^ilu.t/WU gage, ta one or more aunt*, on real ae tata is Ihle city or Brooklyn. JOHN P CONRBV. Bl Watt auwet, room 11 ?<?1A AAA loan-in bvms to-suit. on ?P?XMI,U' IU tdly real a*let*. 8t per eeat of valuation-, prompt aiteotl >n. Cf It. WILLIS A 00 , 81 Floe aUaot. b*.-aee $37&ooo as cR*?Lkn r oruf TO LOAN ON am REAL Nstate to evaae ta euMi alee two aumk of gM.OBB AN, 1181 mvoroiiTEi. a i.iob tea bradburt rosewood pi an oportn, /V f 1(0. magnlSraat HTip irun rnaewaod sirred ><>f> Pianoforte, oreretrnnf bete. Uuwi Impruramenti (ortftael price $4?), for teea iban MM: headiome Ptenu.'orte. Il 10 AeanrtMeaiof ?f? Plan ,f >rtea ?l manufacturers' pncee P) Fourth dreaua. opposite Cooper Institute. A EAROAIN ?Bt'PBftB CARTED *o?WOOI) 7 Of A tare Piano rot 947* If a? I road war. apposite AX it place tare Plana, rod $474 If wild lb la week, prim $171 "43 >Uea N. iT i\ CRKTISN A mm pine second hand <t> Act ate rose. weed Pianoforte la he aoM eery -Seep ihta week Ap ply u> JAMES HOl'OM. I'laaufnrta Tuner and Repairer. 10 Kidndga atreet, aear Dlt labia. N Y. 4MHRIOB piano. PAT'NIT.D.-PRB RMINKNTLT TEE uaat Piano arar -oa?tnirtad. rlah la loae, durai-le aad elegant. Thn w Plaaaa to let. aad lb- raat allowed if pur tbaaed. MANNER A HO , Ma a 11 fa dory m ' Warerooma 1*7 and IW Eowary. A BROO.ND HAND ROSEWOOD NIX OrTATE PIANO. ?A In perfect order will he sold far |I4B Alan a Hofa Bedalead. alaaual new. 1M Wareriey place, near math a*. ABT MASLKA' TCRHW PRICE*?THIR MONTE. H aleadd aaaortm-ni Planoa. it. A H. BARMORR. Rararnama MS Nlre-t?r etresi. warranted lira reara. 17 pn re medals tad.iaonlala from at oat distinguished arUda. paal tMfdaa. rink assortment or nbw and second Pianos for aala and t? ran si aalnrnte prices at WM. CANDlDL'd wamrooaM. ad B!*-e*ar street. A RARP CHANCE.?TIIREE SPLENDID ROBEWOOIt A Ptaao- end >.n* II ?n or tare Melede-in for anl? r err ? heap, an amount of nwuertl-arlni J. RAl'MR A CO ?* Mil Broadway B-^- .l.ofn- .-dl-.r1", Ih. dly. To be ae*n at A CHEAT ri?N'i~9IM| TIME TONE. IN OOOD OR der. A aerrn vl? Pianoforte, w ih mod-rn Improreaenia: rery cheap. J. RIDDLE, 13 Aailiy aireai, aaar ErwaAway. AFAMTI.T WILL NELL THEIR MAONIPICENT . earred rearwo- d Pianoforte, woitli ftdft. for Irm than half; aaraa ?u ai mar. run*, Iron f.ame aearly usw. Apply at W> Best T-nth drawl AMAOMPK ENT SEVEN OCTATB R'tNBWOOD Plaaof "ie for tele- made ta arder. ritr maker: felly inarwNaed. na-d (re moths mat HPI, for ltd laetodlag Stool aad Coroi Parlor aalta, Kug-rea., Taint laps. Brian- I Chamber and Illume Furniture, China. (itees aad Sllrer War*. A aacrldre M West Stfieeath etreel, near Mlaah ereutaa. CMK33H.VB PIANOS -ORRAT RKDI'irTION IN Pi pliant ruaarpaaaa-l for lana. flatah food workman aptp aaddoiaO' tt'arT*al*-l for Nre yearr. Planar U> rent. C. A M U.N.IE*. d? Broadway PIANO?A SPLENDID ORAND PIANO. IN PERFECT order, like new, Suitable far any penor or a hell, for eala ai EM Br -oai- street. DIANQB t NT ROSEWOOD PIANOE. ALSO A CMMaia, isicoibr, Furniture. Bedding. Pertsr end Bilruafiel . Ac., at RKNDALL A scorf B. M and 111 11 ad sea atrwri aorner af Caaai Psyaeat uhao la weakly nr monthly peymanu if preferred. D LAN Of TO BENT. AND HOLD ON INBTALMBNTB, JT |(H> meaufaalery, lis and ltd Eaet Tweairbrd Street __ L P. CI'mMINOB. T>UNOP"RTH POR BALR-AN EXCELLENT ROSE I Wand Planeforie. ?lehmted Bret ntane make, of ? upe rlnr iMMtaood Stool aad Corer. will ha ItHIIlt far II* Appty Mlii, Beet Twentieth evened. POSMMOQII PIANO. ROUND CORNERS, IRON 1> BMP*, oraretrona baaa. and ma weed ptaao--seed ate. MM, Btar stops with furnished er anfarauhad rn ia? for dtapa?d. tr Amtty street, aear Broadway. ^114^0 HAND PIANOFORTES. IN OOOD OE ? tSraalehy f C. COOPER. I*? Eaet Twelfth eleeot. (OAA .A SPLENDID NEW ROSEWOOD PIANO. COW/, eitra rt-k toaa warranted fra yaara. for oafa. aweddMSB aer'a" 1 K ?tare Piano for flBI. a new declare Mtdnliia Idr IN Apply at ?1 Rltingtna etraet, aaar the Mawdp|. MtEldAL. n NAN. t:OMPNTBNTilTEVERY RESPECT, ??II aa lee tana la a drat eUee pleas leal Herald edm. ATOVNO nan cob wteEhe a t'Siuoa aa watdraWh Atdraaa Maa A LADY WILL OITR INBTBCf riON ON THE PIANO A awd atacind. at pupa e rweldanoe, for BIO per yuartor, Meat af eefrreiw ft***- Ad 1 rare, with reatdeaaa. Taashar, hwa I IB Mara Id adfca. _ _ _ At cmprr* mimical insitcte, iit* broad Way, eai ?n-a *t rirtf f-.rth atraat ?a.faer M r-a a oBer af Ml free eear.aa la will he isa'nwd a few ?ra lawpt ta ihe a?pe mat many more wiM eaaaa forward aad aohaariU. EM. MOLLENHAI'RR'S MCflH dL ( ORBERTaTORY. BehaherVk'. b?i dlod. *?l B- .ado.y ? ?eiaad Jua i .e>?n',d. <u?r Si I a If -a T MMOM* IN *rNfifNi|-l id maa*Ihow.dfh.y neau Mm YatwiMoa r and the Plea* KTMMlMIMHMtdM. Mf'BtC PER MONTH POR INdtRCCTIOM ON tea M.t. by aa aipar .^ '*?- ? ?r tin at Md Waft Total r Arte atraat, aaar K-fith arano* CtTPIdf IADIPJI AND OPNT1PNN* NaTIIMd A O fcaewlwtf* f ?< -m- -aa j*tn a a*m-i atu.trai witti alan S-? at aad ? athoile'kerdh-A-r Par part** t/a appf y ? -*t near Third arewaa WdNTBf- f MMRDI1TE LY?A *1**1 CLdB* U at eatr? 'ad a. m-at-am* wo rewmw-tadr-t tpaly 1 /aa?'a <. a ? A ? DmwAM* A?*wrt BM Pr*adwar RY AN ITALIAN OP-NTI.E t and it aipo' cow In idadW ltd a- a ? aaa I .aa Address ANUIBUMTf. Admission Wets. Open a hslf-pnslt; b?gbgul hnlf TjuUt BOCCBdR OP THE OWENS hTBUlALTT Of SOLUM HHINilLR, IM TIIB PBOPLK'S LAWYER, end MR. OILMAN, IN TUB HAPPIEST DAT OP MT LIPB. BOMB SimiLK MATIN KB, Saturday. ?d December. CNBBMAN THALIA THBATES. T M4 Broedwer,opposite St. Nicholas Hoist ?? SO,NW;{??g^D-^r>-RSCHEB PBUIAN STADT THBATRB. U AND 47 BOWBRT.t u^G^4^Vtear.'ffiKBir na'.KTiiJi.u. Hr A LBOM'S MINSTRELS. T? BROADWAY. HHLmTell, K Tbs Mlj l?n A Jaelsns Husband. EH"Im'Kj? L The only 1<e<>n'? B D^AlFlqas. ^^ ^?v? o a boat of sew feati^^^^^^H cofcfctN* W^m ileal l^^UM Wi'Ii'tK BOVR ?iattsfc H or Gel way IB 1710. A No Charley Whits-a funny akaWh oi the n^asT with a splendid Mallet, H* Naff* AsU, Comic mONT PASTOR'S OPBRA HOU8R. SOI BOM 1 AMERICANS IN TURKEY. A CHEAT I TONY PASTOR "ImmoQM" aa Jubosaehal HALO u tba American Captlye; RICOH aa L mim p. Mcdonald u zeidse; mii?. bI Llfhl of tb? llarom. Combats, Teblaaui. Ur THE YOI'NO AMBRICAN OYlfN, DATE HAWLEY. Is hla daring sod 0 lbs entire company la s glorlooi bill of < ORAND MATfNBB TO DAY AT GRAND MATINEE TODAY AT ?? O'l A cbolss programme for Isdla*, children sod f Grand classic, sacred, and popular CONCERT AT BTEINWAY HALL THIS (WEDNESDAY) EVENINO, DBC. IB. VN. Combination of lbs CECIL1AN CHOIR. (Dr. H. B. CUTLER, ChoMlfcsMrt. snd THEO. THOMAS' FUf.L ORCIRsTRA. Pint appearance since hla return from Europe sf IBS CELEBRATED BOT SOPH I NO, Master RICHARD COKBR. Rnpparted by tba following br illiant array of talent; _ Master TOEDT, Mr PRANK H A KTLRTL Maatsr BO UN NR. Maatar ORANDIN, Mr L. P. THATCHER, MaMar BOHKRS. Mr. A. H Psaas, I | Mr. Tbeo. Tbomaa, 1^. M. O. W. Colby, Ptaatata. Mr. O. W. Morsan, 1 g?, Mr. W. A. M. fttner, S I Mr. H. B. CulEr. I**010? CUOHl'S OP U? MEN AND BOYS ? and Pl'LL ORCIIRBTRA. The programme far the craning will aoMtnlM Nceues and Choruses from Hamaon and Elijah, Enallah lilaea and Nadngals, Tba Soldiers' Chorus trom Faust, The Flag of Our Union, by Wallace, and a number af choice selections Per PIANO, ORGAN AND OROHKMTRA. Tba pnees of admission will remain as usual TICKETS FIPTY CENTS, Reaerrrd seat* M nests eitrs. for sals at RatlmgJl'a Tlsket OBloe. 112 Broadway, Beer A Schirmer'i. 701 Broadway; Pond's music store, 147 Broadway, and at Stelaway HalL SKYERINI AND PEASE'S THIRD MOBBING CONCERT, M BTKINWAY'B ROOMS, TO-DAY. At B O'OtOOK. TICKETS, ONE DOLLAR, Far sals at Bear A Hrhirmsr'a, 781 Broadway; Bwtsway'i, and at tba agenry, M Broadway. SOMOB OF BOOTLAND. Continued aurcea# of lbs great Scottish Mr. D KENNEDY, wh# will give ono mors, and poslUrely POPULAR RR^OtTATRMENTB, en Thursday erasing, Dec IB, at S n aamaird by Mtae KENNEDY, at tbe Plaas. TICKET* M CRNTB. ? RESERVED SKATSW CKNTB EXTRA. Tb* programs* fur Thursday Wilt be at fsBiJSSW Bsf ? of Burns?"Ve Rank* and Brass o' Bonnie Doom" "Of a1 the Anus the Winds ean Blaw." "Duncan Gray," "Highland Mnry," "Last May a Braw Wsesr," "Soot" wna Mm," "Tarn -banter?" "AUld Hobia'lrar, Comel'ndsrMM Plaldte." "Anato'a Yr/eta." "Tslloehgorum " the bast Wards of Mariatoo," TAR CELEBRATED BOY I THE CELEBRATED BOY SOPRANO WILL BtNG THIS EVENING. Af STEINWAY BALL WILL RING Til IB EYEKINO. AT STEINWAT HaLL, for the Oral lime s'n.e hla saceeaaful esresr throughout Bes tead. lralasd aad Scotland. TIOItBTS M CENTS Ryaai rad seals H cola sitrs. Hartz' temple or mystery DODWOKTH HALL, Bug BROADWAY this and a very Evening at a M HARTS. THR ILLUSIONIST, who will Introduce, among other wnngf'S and mlraelse, THE HEAD IN THE AIR. MR. A REDGWIClf will perform on the Bpgtlah Cnnssrtlam Tickets Mr ; ream cad seals |l. For SAM In adrsaes at tba hall from 10 t II 4 Doers open at f w. MATIN EE HATURDAT at 1 P. M. Doers open at IH. TboCbiekerlng Piano Is used at these performsn s? MUCTCM IN PABVO VERT ROoN yi RAND cHORt'* OP l?> ROTB AND MEN. IT THIS KVKNIMO, at NTBINWAY HaLL will dni tbe KOLDIKRu' OMORI'b Panel , TIIE Fl.iG ?>F OUR I'M.I* Wallace, end THEN AROUND THE sTlKKf THRONE 'jTHB ONLY IIK ATI NO IN NPW TOR* T'l DAT AND 'O NIOHT. m ?i nrrn atbncr rbatino park UPTT P.HIIITII TO PITTY NINTH HTHKBT. nri.r.niiD mir.HT or if * IN TUB HN.M CONDI HO*. A. MACMILLAN. Maaagar Dodwnrth'a ( MUM Bab-I arnry ilVVMOil Ainmrri. pla< k, RXCI.aImh one. KICKUIUR. RXi Kl.-IOR OKWAKD OCIt MOTTO ON WAS D. aithautiomr attka< rioN? WITHOUT NCMgfR without NUMBER novri.tim rros novkltirr Aim tha Anna! RAVO OF M' IC to thn 'II? iBdar tha LKAOKHHIIir of InaUPl.KNRATKD l*?af. tNGLKMAN. pnrf.ii ma tfi? nljbl ?t taa RKThlLI.K HI RIO OARDP*. <m BROADWAT, hp * f Al Kn an rroadwat. no cii ARor row ADMIBdToB. RMRRRPK TUB oNPHaNR ? OP OUR COUNTRY R RRIVE I'fPKWflWNR .jR F?lr of Ihn ff'.mn (Wilt ?MI4mo of n-.r oliNfi and ?all-no l? MOW otmn at 'Nn i"aim (Irn-raJ K..t>r. ownar Mrndwap and TwaatplMfd alran lha aNlldfon of tha In aUtatloa will No pr-nnnl r??rp ?ooa!n? daring tha wnak ill ? boon CMMnuwi whoa ? flhfli ma* no will ha rhianM far thatr WirM Ml l?r*? br -nm portratu of Uomli and Uraat "X ail, '.ttl n and for ?*!? llmmkin M -raf GRAND PAIR AMP PBRTITAL. Willi PROMENADE I ? nonrv aaaip OTtaioRtfU Oooaothor M, la I No apa ? lihu hall of _ RT. HTKPIIKN'R OIII'R' N, RMrannaaOn Twnntr ??ifhlk and fwoolp ri-ath afroaU. ha wn?n iwiiaainn and Thi-d ? 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Doon rrniiooLDPN fcau.p.R'if aundat ?<timh no 1 Oil ipa T.nn.m puma! aaw ?? ?---?mi >irmt rNaroB. win ha robbr.ud ?a aoadap Dwon -of ?. al I0 ? A- M.TaP M and It* P M T?a? ara and arbntara al J gata altar a* I in IN* a> Nndl aaa inr tod in uk? part u I' ? pawn Ion bkall Na gto-t to Naar l ie i Naaa who ar? Inn dw laal u alini.d fka Raw Drt Andarma and Aim '.-?(? o -il nddrom ifcn aaN-?d N W. aRT'iR. f "*n Thp ladipr* pain in aio or mr r?r*' n CNarrt, da HI Papnl roAntJp hatd al M?"tk M till ?IB aa flpnpanad la iba tor-oro ro>na af INa rhNM oMi-? Two-ip aooe-d ridwoc >oMw*aa r<flN and nittN ?????* ?* M mday ?ro.iu liar It at 7 a r'.?ai. and ao> uaaa ft* ooa W>?t Alr< nn IA nOam TtlRATNa Tlt'RBT OPPICKg. Row. tad bra a fog all Aral iam TNaal ta Coa<nrk*,Bg. ma alwapa NaoNAalnod al Ou TIIPkTRt Tt< *PT "WPU P? MfRfc in AND III RN IIONAT A?? tU RRMAItWAV TRKATNP PRANCAIRB T'l I-PT NWNO TTIP ?" aaaaa Madam* KimoO Inn *?w T?l, I * 'UVtaa lag* Mmdap WadnanAap P bi, 1 ?WMH '? **'??? nn rm. IaMarm A Apr"? a?' aroaorr^k, AM (rr.dway amarnmmamm?mmm? / tpiDRIM Of A?R OThRB rt'? II R*I LPT VfNMBf*R nmoioa. nt??l MMtf aa Uof Ml II M -* - a Ukroo rg t f I l? *1 fcr-. ? ?*! r ? v ^ t/lTll IT If r and May. N l .Ml |? r*' UTIOM AT THP P PI' a _ a am T-'? " *??? ' a 'to kr fa< ana pop . *?' aad??a?a ??,?' n .tal In ft-. Rna a?a2p -aion-'r- ta . mpna taAnoa panm. . ng BA?? AM CHIC MR NTH. RMfpM-rmtcH tukatkk Ulterior j (J RAO ? w . ADELAIDE HISTOIli, W??blB?l<?u, Baltluwre u4 Phllbddl >1*1 WW ??" bar raitiraa ou ?ftWATi Da rata bar M, ?!isr bvterr,/'r:'?cmmm % I-oui. aad New Ctrlenn.. bur... option for all alfbia will 5i!2*2?lJlLl?.ur*,U,a n?*?befld. at tbe Riaiort ticket "?f*- f?,jHSfiC.' i?**r "*? ?oaarlblaodaaaa ol tba Rla Ml arlalaialiaNM Mnu no . ..unertloo tltk uf alhar Uabat Offlca m tkal eeUbli.T.,,,,,,, Panlcutare la futare adrec .v-meate, l'auokx&i: sxSxw-r* N*' fiaaile W YORK THBATRR. Leaeaea and Manager*, Mark RmKh and Law.. Rabat. Arual ..Qrtaib Morgan great Hucoias PARIRIAN fllR?"RPECTACLE CBNDMLLOM. now be lag produced with ENTIRELY NEW BCENVKY HaONIFICKNT WABDROBR. uatlar tba immediate ewpei alalaa of MUM BALLIK A HIROELBY. I NT Ml QATS MECHANICAL RPPEOTB _ bp Maaara J. Denbam and fiao. Itllff Waw and appropriate Muair. oamoaasd aad anaaRad bp Uaarp Tte.tagtow. Elegant PrnMrttea he J. Lundp aad B. VdbMtbBd, A COMPLETE Jottr* l?k uaLI.Kt OP FIPTYLADIBB. uadar tba tllreribm af BIOROR A. UR<>bbf. thb nt. tiie march or cupid TUB OKOTTO or GLOW WORMS. Pair* For apaopaia of eiane rp and Incident# aar MIL of tba dap (ULAND CKNDItlLLON MATIKEK. Halurdar. Ztd, at I o'rloeb. HEATH RECL'KKD III DATH IN ADVANCE RR r. B. COMWAT'R PARR TIIEaPEB, BBOOBLYN. WKDNKjDAY. HPEEO THE PLOtioa, AND 1KKI.AND AND AMRRICA. M SAN PRANCfHOO MINHTRELH, M BROADWAY TOE trouble iMWiMMa *t a aaaftai to etebl The fa. famed. Inimitable and onlp Hlnh, WamUiM. Barnard b Beck hue' MAN FRANCISCO WINRTRBI.N, wbnaa aueraaa ha. urrer baau equalled br anp almllar organ tvatton In Ihr world Now and thaarful bnrtaaqnaa ?aarp week. CendrlUun. or tba Pour team., Otballn and Man bath, Happleet Couple Out. Tan Mlnutae at tba Aaedemr of ruaie. Wonderful Rurcraa af tba Black Codk aad Iba frlraa Rallat Troupe Meteoric Hbowaca, ar Felling (Hart, race!rati with arreamaof delight BL'DWOBTH R MINHTRRI.ll -rlPTIl AVKNCR OPEBA llouae. adjoining Plftb Araaua lloUl THE MAN IN BLACK TWO POMPPJfB. MAMLY ART NSW TAif.PA' B, BACON AND llkKKNR, IMITATloN* OP ACTgRI OBEAT PXPKCTaTIONH. THE ORKAT QiaKTIT. MATINKK RVKHT HATt'ltDAY AT IX P M . ALRO ON CHRIRTNAl DAY bnoaaa at Dalbjo" cnuHraaa, Tba ^'Jife'da I' Air ^^aW*SS|2? ?dm SP.AVKR'H OPERA BOOBB. -T1IR GREAT CONHOLI (Ulion ? Kph Horn. Ilarrjr Laalla. Mr. and Mra Johnnp Quran, Waab Norton, Ueorge II. Coer ebd tba wtunor at genliallon la a bran new bill, ooaalellng <>t Vocal and la atriiniantal Uama, AaU, Burleaquaa, Panlonlaaaa. Clog aad Jig Dancing. Ac Thk cecilian choir will ring. Til RIGHT. AT HTEINWAV HAM KNGLlHIl noNuH. KMGL1BII QLEBR aad KNUUHU MADRIDAI.R. M IHR LACORTE'B RECITAL OP MBDEA. AC Tin. Paahlonabia l Ta-Nlgbl. Ta kata at III, VO, ltd aad Mb trwadwap. CI LINTON HALL. ) ANTON PI.AtJL RROkDWAY. VALENTIN* VOObDB.V, THB GHKAT POLYNATlGNAl. MIMIC. The original "Larrr Daoten." from Ikr ReAuuda, D ihUa. ha. tba booar ofaunotiartng hia 11 rat appeal earn m A marl* a In bte original EntorUtarwant. THE L'BfTY <?P NATIONR TMa Raaalng and aearp er?aing_al I A da Man Broalag and aearp arawiagat a a'elae hat?? kra?"r i) a r!^!f A** RICAX LIFE LBCTi'RB BAYARO /aVLOR, EBQ BVBNIN " WBDNEBDAY E1RRINO. Dec,a,oar lb, M I o'clart NUBiB?"T. "AMERICAN LIFE." In tba Reformed Duieb cburtb la Waat Twentp-Brat atreat, ea.t of Mrib aaanu*. Bee Or Aloi R Ts-mpaaa'a Adrntealon Id oanla. Tkrkaia?na ba had at tba door LMKINWAY HALL. Til IN , WEDNENhAY) ryeninq. ij TIIDMAK' DHCIIRHTKA Will perform. THE. CBCILIAN CMuIR will Mag. Mr PR ARE, lb# PtenlaL wtirptop wMb Mr COLBY, tie now arrangement af Iba tiread H elta TMK CIIRIbTMAN CAROL MR pf.QORDOYA WILL READ Dl< KRNH' <11 NIRTWAR CAROL AT thk BROORI.VN ATiI#.N*C* ON WKHNEdDAY P.vRNINO, DR' KMBfcR M Ticket, ran be oidainal la Haw Verb at Nnot A Aatboap'a, II Naaaaa .Uoet at War.rf A 11 or wig a. Ill and IM Rroad wap. aad ol all tba auOt and banb at?raa In Bnmklpa /ttRL WOLPBOBN N *7 MCBTM brbthotbn matinrb. At NTPIWwkV N RliOW-t. I KIFiAY Iter. Jl at I ? __ andblPACRRK INnTITI TR Rrooklpa KAtl'kluP Par ? at ) u t iocr . -ingta Ti'kete, Bl. Por tba >o-waiata| M.liaaae aaewai. KraSalWtMad Baatwa aad .t Niotnwafa. Fine artu-nriovd annual bxiiibition of ike trerp .<p.'it? e<.||oet|t?? of FBI.bCH PaINTIWGN. ewnirthakad bp pr n.merit .rieu of '?a modora PaaaaB oebteil. In tioliog i lent week, bp flo.teeo, fnae Atom. Hanoi, Kacoo'irw, Paukalci Tbe.i rrera, Plebel, Cart <l|aat dot lanfani do km, )m? Meceu. I-toe re LaaMaad. Martlnua. Jul*, (lad, P.eral, Pteomau. Palate l.lM, Tr.ieim TImoi Yarwa Voiloo. aad aaeoral otbareaf dgaal a*nl open da lip'roan b A M 14 1? P * Altba PI BE aKTN I1AI.IK.KY, ?? Rraadwap A c?OANT, PmaMdnl af tba Piwesb It dag t lab ABTlnTW bt'ND BWIPTT Thk oEPKnTH AN analMloal Palatlnaa will ta?a placaon Pudap. flat i at BP M . at |be oallarte. af Iba batme.l A eA??ap Da-.JO. IweMf II rd otioat. i?nei lientk araoae. n'hei? lb" eurti era rwe .a e ow Tbee? e'pn.l wieba %j Unii/in a,, ate alt! So entd ellkkal laortt, bp H M IHH B BlRBB, BwbMBBWWB rtiMRrirrn piHiimminrrk**rn andplrbibm I EVrnrrn i# aaw naaa otibo alt'DIO BCILDINk Toatb ?treat ADMtoatOfr DDI! (.six ?tiK A Pilk up Magic lantbrno with r Nreoen Plrt.irea aed L?-l lei - ? I .eaeUle. raadfla eiee deal 'tea* .tkiWU.HU epk la 'b* oeooiag at MB >?rtb I'll . roel ateiau I i- u end Ptflb akroala. WlL |lam?b-nA L I. i 'H . ? BASAAB rot Till nrmbfit op tbr 1. o en Indietetel Neb a. la d l,i ?.,?? far Iba Prlaad loae a' ibe -...i-ei id ibo ll.tme tbBaei I -aaip nlatb M'OeC, Thoradep aad Podar Bl .ad it dap aad a.aalbg y ll/OKPIBPtJ. PR K t R OP MAfrB* - TBI WARH It | si.Ti iS TWI b * lean aim lui aa lae keada 'oat anna and Sal aoo hmip aad pair teaR, alas ma bead .?! mat ami af P Wet, ao mar Lear afIbo Daaelmg la a up. ingKber wllb Ibe magelbeoat oiil. nlai of ?b)eom la l*i a An. r I'a'bA ar ant MotabWI Hiai e. ailed etc aias da r ? bleb are lev.iad I. r bp Lartwrw. aad M Ilea, at ibe New Y k Mwae na af AM'awip alb bra. I wap Ilpek Irnwi * A M, t" L P M A IHNill MAM MAY FIND A DBRIMARLB ROOM-? far a Poeorua am i aameai bp bddraa.ieg Tab a. Ma^d nBwrrt oat. ?*Ut mo Limit rtr? ma????a * an ir?? jr m i^wm <<f r- ?? c? m i ??* i"? ?i a?. i Knftlinr* AMlr*** fc-.i H? 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