Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 21, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 21, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,070. NEW YORK, FRIDAY. DECEMBER 21. I860. PRICE FOUlf VENTS. naaosu. lit OTHER nUkKK-TIS WEDNESDAY AGAIN; N Fwordfrom you I await Impatiently. ELL*N. fi JR ADOPTION?A BEAUTIFUL NBW BORN FE male Infant, of respectable parents. Address J. P., boi ?km T. RUtfSELL, OF LONDON. ENGLAND, ?who nam ta Now Fork la 1M7. or hie We will boar aaasayiSsixr^'ss.." Fottoe Headquarter*. Pm JAMBS J. LYNCH, WHO RECENTLY WROTE A ?oartoin louer. ?U1 h?bu!?k wit* P W^M^M afcm. No win hoar of something to Ala apo? My. r. A. Y.,atNo. SB TO THE NOTTCB OF MR. JEROME wmptaaoooaj oowajfctlaUy ?a All friend. r JOHN COSOROFK, AMM JORDAN,*OR ANY RBLA Mroa of BUen Bmtmuuil, winaddroao Mortimer A Daly, 78 aaaa atraot, they win hoar of ooaMthtac to thotr ad fV SARAH. OB SARAH B. FITTS. OP MBW YORK. IF M lltlBf will give tho Christian bum of her father, aad the mt? ofhlo mairlage and death, addreoood to Ideality, box m Herald odloo, wiu> bar own addroao, oho may hear eoaa ShlaB >o her advantage. VHFORMATION WANTED?OF THE WHEREABOUTS J. of Polar Qutnu and Daniel Carroll. Whan laat hoard ffnaa tbay were at Bauoortte*. Ulatar county, N. Y. Any In SUnosllia will bo thankfully recoleod by Catherine Qulnn, ??499 Woat Twenty-Brat at,, between Ninth and Tenth an V*YSEL?MEET MB AT SAME PLACE AT ELEVEN JL to-day. Did yen get your lelMr. H. WHO CALLBD ON HIS SISTER ON TUESDAY evening. will pteaae call again, aa ahe haa aomathing - do toll Lim. mjiNBi 3L& BVA MATILDA?AM TRTINO TO FIND YOU; hove you oeen Elite. Send your addreaa to Pope, Her 1P . FRANK FASTOR.?TOMMY IS HOME FROM Maryland. Call down. WOUN JP Th? LOST AMD FOI VD. UND?RECENTLY, AN OPEN FACED WATCH. Tho owner can bare It by proving property and paying tea Inquire of Storekeeper, bonded warehouse, loot m Third atreet, Hoboken, N. J. CUND-ON TUESDAY EVENING, THE 1STII IN8T., n Puree, containing a sum nf money. The ownrr <-au eame by provlngprooerty and paying expenses. Apply At MS LIvlDgaton at., Brooklyn. TOUR COLLAR LOST?GETTING INTO A THIRD AVE X nne car corner of Twenty.fifth atreet yesterday. Fiudor will pleaee leave It at 131 East Twenty-fifth (treat and be Bborally rewarded. W OST-ON WEDNESDAY, DEC. 19, THE RUM OF $S0, JLi the hard earnings of a poor woman. Whoever re Vorna the eame to Mr. James Ennie. Herald office, or to '334 Monroe street, will be suitably rewarded and receive the ?banks of the owner LOST-DECEMBER 19, A DIAMOND STt'D. ?? WILL be paid by returning it to 109 West Twelfth street. LOST-ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, \ GARNET Breastpin. The finder will receive h Miitable reward Ml tearing the same with T II. Byrnes, 74 Leonard sliest. f OST-ON THE MORNING OF THE 20TH INST., BE JA tweeu the Brevoort Houae and 74 Clinton place, a lady's .Sable Fur Collar. The finder returning It to 74 Clinton place mill be sultaidy rewarded. T OST.-A I,AH?;E YAWL BOAT OOT ADRIFT FROM JLj Pavouie ferry. lying Dork, Jersey City Kinder will be Morally rewarded by returning same. CHAS. McINTOSH. Siip't Perry. T ORT?BETWEEN CHARLES AND DOMINICK JLi etreela, a Parcel containing three parasol covers, some Made and * blank nook. Tbe finder will be llbeielly re orardad by leaving it ai No. fi West Korly-tlr .1 street. T OST?BETWEEN TOMPKINS MARKET AND TENTH JLi atreet, along, epearpattern, gold Rardrop, wttb EtrUS Can leaves at tbe top The finder will receive a re ward on leaving Uat J. Rogers' jewelry store, No. 8 John ?treet LOST?A MEMORANDUM BOOK. CONTAINING A Promissory Note, dated August 37, ledd, payable four Mentha after dale, for amount ol' JAM The hnneat finder Will be liberally rewarded by leaving It with F. Harris, 70 Hurray street ' OUT ?ON TUESDAY, BETWEEN TWELFTH AND Fifteenth ?fr?el?. on Ktith avenue, one l.nckct, with "lboe of rubles on back, eontein'ng p'cture of gentle. Tbe fli'der will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at I West Twelfth street ?0*T?ON THE 20TII INST.. A POCKETBOOK CON talnlng about S70. in going through Broadway, Klevrntli lot and Rlitli avtnue. lno fin ler will tie suit ibly p OSOlded by leaving the same with J a a. B. Hciisel, District Attorney ? office. City Hall. Y ORT?FROM THE SCHOONER EMILY. A YAWL Mj Boat, On Thursday. the IgHu instant, between 'larry bws and Rockland Lake, with a uew oar in her; bum in HalUmoie Whoever gives Infmratiou to M PIrani, 136 Emoad street, will be rewarded. ?10 Weeetei m REWARDS. REWARD-LOST, ON SUNDAY, A BLACK AND Ian Slut. Tlie flutter will leave It at "table In ir street, three door* shore Fourth In the iser. REWARD WILL BE TAID FOR THE RETURN til No. II Weet Thirteenth street of a Bla< k and Tan r nameu Jack. Strayed from tbe premusa Decern 6? n REWARD -LOST, IN GOING FROM RAMSEY'S, " New Jersev, to New York, a Cameo Rrsasfplu, the Me* of a brother, set In black enamel The ffndei will lira the above reward by leaving It at 389 Washington at., ? Terk elty. RKWAHD?LOST. ON WEDNESDAY EVEN lag. uetween Thirty.trsl end Thlr'v ;lnh street*, hth avenue. .? S ible Collar. Tbe finder will te ,<:ve ?ve reward by leering the same al 168 Church street ?r SM West Thirty-iirst at'< ak ft REWARD -LOUT, AT 7 f. M . DECEMBER 19. U la Fulton el-eet, e yellow leather Trunk The inward wBl be uaid Address bov SiH Herald ulTIr*. lOft REWARD will he paid by the under KUv signed for infornutUoo of tho whereabouts of Chan. Hawaii, aged 17 years, light cnmpleilon. I'ght u?ir, blue yea, full fane, has and hie aoeo broken and is itbool t leet McAaa in height. CHAS. LINi'SF K. Franklin, Basel iour 'y, N J. ITfl RKWARP. AND NO QUESTIONH A8K.D-I OR Levi toe return <rf the Gobi tVateh Walthsui manniae ?- lost on Saturday De tuber 8, about mldnlgbi, or, mdway. In the vicinity of Twculy-iret elreei Adore . f.. Herald ofllce. CUPARTWKUHIIII'k. _ PARTNER W ANTBD-WITH |Wi TllMixrnr A tore a tuple arilrle of . eat Uemau.l and inad , el. for ronA. AUdreaa r. ilarrta, 001 I AC liar * rARlNRR RANTKD-IR TUP R>Hl FACTORS or A iHiuorn and a u?? oil 'n and ? iiolare i.ari?, not food* fitetreu aiiou; a tore ineo-.latent. Call . nd aw bamoU |l Maaaan atrttt, room No. 4. roar building. I run to A. ? to I rn Kf?l?ia' PHVRICIAR or TWELVE TRARS ?XPiiRir.NCR ' a Northern eltpwiabei u> aaaortat* Mawll wlih >yah tan tu taia r|ty Kafereooe giveu. .\,drr?? n loo I NTH Pot o? ? A RTgL r , A. fH" In ae aalablUberi bonne*' trill bo gnaiairaeil at jlwiliMf onl pratlt lofaUn monthly Andrei# CIAL PARTRER WI'O VAN INVERT ?*jll OR ? unujur' RKHPKCTAM.R AND IN I KLLIOENT BI'HINR ? i roan, with leverai Uinuvaadi > iah, mae irrarge ? <? Berth p proiuialDjE >'?l,WO por year at ia< Bo. I of Infm >? al on ICO Pupon itreel. ~rki.riZv. >van rBD-v? ifii \m>ur $iou hSIdt ? all. r, the !>???' old rib.hfiibr.1 nanuiarturtB? lm?l New Tori reaaoa. Iota of light Room No. 1 ltd I ton -it >ARTNM< WaNTItn-lR A BCPR AND VKRV PRO ?labia naah haaanf.u luring hue urea aliae-ly nc.h Aoply at .41 R ail IIreal, In ii on ? ... *0 2. Oi la HALK, at thr waiornvut A* Pultua Mrr-i SARrNl.R WAJTtKD-IR AN RAf ABLIAHBl) trK _br*werv, a ahait dlilanre frutn New V-.ih, an ... bunt Oaa with i knowledge ,,f i.a bi.utile. pi*ir #,| - Hrawer, llaralo oflira ?P.H WARTKD-IH A PI RUT I'l.tH IIOTTI with bar and Millard ronm alta< bed Apple ai Mtlaii eeeond Baa- up irnall Bl?M n II- raar, ruora Na 1 JIM. Partskn wintrd wirn iaio-j to T.OOii rapiutl. in an eetabli'hed paying bualnroa, well ~ Rrnaoway, w.lli additional rapuel lb - ?.u?loe?a reaaad la tay oneui Addieaa .Nemo, b--i c.jgf i fork Paat nfcee. Il/AM SL". ^rthe' I W"u ANTRI)?A PARTNER, WITH A "1AU.' API! AI. la a loud poyli-g d?d well a?tabli?l-.l 'mneu I or par Jen la ra ad-treat but Ida llarald aflbe ARTPD-dPRfUL capital T?? KXTP.XD ah KB- I tab) thud luarallte buelneaa Rill ir.ell/r i.irty per | I ? nd -? ^jwofertJy eafe. Pnaripali aalf fdreaa II. t R . bol It He aid oILee. $600 -A RAN WITII Tit IH AMoTRT ? A\ RUT \N Intareat in a good otlbaiari'ial money mil g . etery aatlafartloo pi*en. call al 111 Writ .i. eeC ?t'ARTNKR WANTED IN THE Is Kb f _ ? aurnmer boarding bouae m Eaetem I'eim. Mteanla. will a mm firm, will give tba whnte ebaap i all MSI Wall meet ihla day J I. M Alt ITN .000. in iUU\ -rAKTRER WANTED - AMI llilNORA ol.'IWw, Hie bnaCnrm iuii. wilb Uu amo -ii ean aeo one ha'r Inlereai in a Srot r'a.a itefnfclng and din1 ng l.naled in Ike boat th ir agtifaro on " d for dway lAuroughlf beta i.lud fur Ion ? [far nee raara at a very h?w renc an-l .'or! m (**>. Ta Ibe fluurr. I revenue eel. in ifl bohinging to a bar and dlnlt ? Ba o.n dvilv -lu.-ipia la fmto f.j, I I pel To ll.e rigbi mart. 'hi. .? an Inuv aehlum ..ffr e.1 aorl WIlh'Mll any h " Of , , 1 ?* a hrntber la tbe "lily reaaog i... tabinga Oxidaei niabea la engare hi lib bjori'ae, end an flea Mdrefereaoo, amy ?w!t to W1A VCR WAIlPNP.N I'll, ?N Rlltb aveaue. where er. .v > n| ?i -r i, , .., an-: awo in the entire eaUafaounn of aay o- ? ? , ? ? ?l tin ruin wrt^ Fdrcharr a palp WXV.VUV m avaiaable Manttfe'iunng Rnalneaa al MMr In taeoaaarul aporaHoa. R" agee'v nead applt J. If. raARDbl^V. lib Rvaaaa atreoC 0 000 pwu to invrit rak " . VII ." , *" Mmlatareei in aa aWabUabad '? eaagdaallbl Adnrpaa RuUri R PASCB? A' ADKHIKv _ *rsim. jwyCnfflr" ???. (f?l, At t ?a?t t?9 ;ne e ^mi$r IIITRVCTIOS. A GERM AM I.AJDY, THOROUGHLY COMPETENT AND of many years ekpericnre in learning Instrumental music and the German language, would Ilk* to make on en gagement with toma futniUna or aehoela in New York or vtdnlty, where .he could teach the above broaches.; the highest references given and required. Addrees boa t.KM Poet office. N. Y. At aso-bcmhcrkepino, pbnmansuip. aritume tic, Algebra, Reading. Spelling, privet. ]y taught day and evening. PAINE*8 Bueineea Colleges. OS Bowery; Breeklyo College icaeoved to 3tk Fulton, opposite City Hell. A GERMAN gentleman. highly bbucatep, A. Mfet a situation as tutor for boys In a private family. Bo objection to leaving New York for the South or West Reference* exchanged. Apply for or address Teacher, No. 77 Rest loth at. HOOKKKEPING, WRITING. AC., FOR BUSINESS.? D Mr. DOLBKAR, BOB Broadway, teaches Bookkeeping practically, aa used in the best New Ynrlohouoee. lie also removes stlffues*. cramping or trembling from the worst hand, nnd maker elegant business penmen. _ French conversation, au.taught rt a well educated end competent lady lrom Perls, at her rooms and at the residence of pupils. Lessons private and In clusae*. Highest references given. For particular* address or cell on Mile. G., 1,127 Broadway. Home after 6 P. M. and before? A. M. Resident governebs.-a graduate, frencii lady, wishes a re-engagement with a family or school; besides French she teaches drawing, crayon and English If required; best of rrfrrea es. Addreea K. R. P., 113 Prank lis street, Reading. Pa. TIEACHKRH WANTED ? PRINCIPALS. ASIISTANTB ? and correspondents everywhere; $300 to gZ.USI, all mu tually Interested: $15 for transfers; membership $6. Na tional Teachers' Institute, 5M Broadway RICE A ANDKEWN, Prlneipeie. WANTED-BY A YOUNO GENTLEMAN, JUST FROM England, a position In a gentleman's family el tutor; flrst claw, city amPother references, Addresa Mr. L. G. E-, Herald office. SPORTING. All kinds of* fancy door and birds, AC.. for sale?At B. DOVKY'R, 1150 Canal street, near Church. Medicines for all canine diseases. Prepared food for moulting birds. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR RALE? FIFTY eigh'test long, ten feet heairt; about tire montba old; built of <*ak and copper fattened; him ur omniodatlon. for eight persons beside1 the crew, t* well found In every re spect. Apply on board at foot o; Kaat T-nth atrcel. FINE LOT OF SINOINO CANARIES AND FANCY atnre 4?0 Bmadw DAVID VENT15S BIRDS.-JIST ARRIVED FROM BELQ1CM, TIIE tiuesLrclleetinn of long breed and half breed Canaries ever imbnrtod. N;?htlrigaies, Skylarks, Linnets,* and all kind- of Singing Bird . Kanota. la; -Ian a large col lection of Mocking Birds tor -tie Food. Bird Seed and Cagea for aale at ROLDLlt'S, lk? Wert Broadtr.iy. FOR RALE-THREE TOUNQ MALE LIONS; ALSO one pair of Hooky .Mountain 81k1, at CHAN I1E1CI1K A BROTHERS Bird Store. 55 Chatham street. Francis butler. no.speck slip, has all the choice brooda 01 Dogs. Bnller'a Infallible Mange Euro and Flea Exterminator. ,5een!a. Duller'a now work on thn Do_, t- Dog-i trained. boarded, Ac. Medicine tor all dil ea vn. JUST ItKCElVKD, A FINE LOT OKQKRMAN CANAKYS and other Europesu S.nginx lluda. CHAS. KEIC1IE A BROTIIEIt. 55 Chatham street JOHN CRAY. 11 ROOSEVELT STREET. HAS FOB SALE Newfoundland Pupa, small Poodles, rpitz Dog", small black and ton I ttpe, a pair of handsome .,j>ic Put small black and tail Dogs, scutch anil Skye Terrier-', good i-?, HORSES, CARRIAGES. .VC. A8PLKNDID LOT OF KERREY AND STABLE llor.e Blankets for 'ale retail ut ? httb pri. ??. i ull and sec m-lore pinch using elsewhere at the harm ?? store 5U1 Seventh avenue. A l DAVIS A Bit JIMoXD. 155 Suutldstreci, a lew doors above Peck slip. SECOND HAND COUPE. IB oood CONDITION; Wood Brother's m.ik- JT.'sl llltF. IT .aTEK A CO.. of Broome at reel. A Ankw tor Biruav. also a tvuk orrcit Wucoii. no top. Sold At ml! jtr??*r. at Or- afiboii * ?tuble. Thirty mcoad h wi, b?tWfa L?Aia(ion and Third \N ELROANT '?;? tfPfUNO ( LA ftKN'-K?MADE HV Wood Brother*, a p*M foci g"in rorjr , coat $U.WA il?*d but tw<> or On*-" limcfl Will bo *oid ?i a t>Hrg?aii, if applied lor ui one; * their warerooini, iiHb Rro?id*ay. i itSx: COUPE AMD TOF BVGUY-MAOK BY saV Wood Bi-oiuarn, th?twooo*t $3.0110: only u?*?d a f**w time*. will br obi lour, ('ita be sp<>n it JOHN (J. IfAM'tf. No. 10 Ka >t atrent. corner Broadway. BUmiO RoBEB-BY VIIK BALE <?K E ONE. litted and i.nltnrd; Carrac* arid Sle)g>> Robe* In grr.*t vartoty, at ind- edntk-ea itall before rmrekasioff. li' UKh, 44* Broadway and 1.^ I'uiurn stieet. VM>Al k AND OTfTKB I A8W ? b??t i-Um, and our own r.,al only. RKKW ^TKR A CO.. of Broome *tre*t. I^XCIIAMttK.-A PATH OF BAT CARRIAOK HOftfRH. j hi, 7 and d oil, Round and kind, velll m rirhang.d tif>un equitable toroia fot ?? bay hor*o. wound ?nd kind. 15.1, not oeer 7 y?*r? "id long rati, quirk prompt drirrr. and uliMh will mat* a in the a*ivrrt?aei ? atable Addreft* Ham, i*?\ tflf Put T.VYPUF.NS WAUOXS FOE nXlA-TFO NEW CON Vj mrd ing's \V .gone, with lop*. Apply to R IT. WIL SON. :?? Ht.iadu ->y. F F H.OR 8.VLE-A I'aIR OF LONu TAILED BAY C \ R rle?c II >r ?? lit hands high. ?eceu and eight Tears < Id, kind and sound. li e tvop wiyot a gentleman voti.g Rou.h, p.iuegfbi tpi lyul the a'able. Thlrtecuib street and t ni Terall' RVKHSON A BROWN. b*OR SAIL?A HAY IIOHSE, lt\ HANDS UK. If. ? vea^e uld, It { te l. sound .mo kind. Apply at KM Broadway. Lttyr. ,-alf?a pair of bav mare-'. i?h hands r lug ? cuituj 4nd kind, or dotibie haineaa. In quire at H' i,?ni ;.;7 Wc?t "I . eni\.i.i??th Fin BsiieE-A 3L<-O.TD HAND rTRri'l.AR FBmNT i'Ure tir*f aiacndar. UI!?Ve bTJUl A i>ALL? W!:,*, oorner?'f liroadwav ,od lantb dirr?i Ij^OR MM.F A B/rjF. ? YFAflB, S0fT \D 1 and kuid ?ii wlngienr di*uhle. liarnrva 4 .in be arei, r t 441 Katl icntii Mtmoi. ?wp.y lor tineo ?lara Prmrn Ai'i . i^O H SaIaK--KO::r HARtiK nkw TWO HOr.-K Trtadm. Ap;?Jy -ok W WILSON, -W4 Rniadwav. bloR saOF.-A rHAEPOB W 40ON 8Uf TABI.K roi! A * f>bv?K*ief> #tr * ? . ifalkl; nearly oaw Inquire at a .l ie, Bo. 14 ??arm'.. . .pr li'OB H4f i l'W" >'AT IIKlKhK? FBOM MAkBAt'HC. X -mi are g: ig ilu^ fbef are <hree re^ra old. and *r* f*?i? .. i*. < ?r ?w aeen unt.i aul?i at bn.i ,? H**i4, J hiid KffnuM^I tUU* ct# OINMaK 4 kKCOMD IfAXD ?4TO ffOIME .Af.f lOfl. ?n'* ?? lob" en fl torn '?ya, b f -io 1 ek^a, at f ?*t iwewfieih ?? tm*. LV?R R41J4-V HKf HOilRP. KlOllf Tf.ARR !? a tjuadNi lifli at, uut in 2 44 u 4?4er the vrat-, pr: o fnt* Mm TT if?m bA'I llarne?4, f3Ru. ;n"? ;e of Mr. ?TRBT, owrky o* Korty ?e ?.d straet and Third avenue, in the Uniuor ai?>re. ? For *\i,f bay ftor.^R, fmmhv rnt tram, ?'Oili?d , iid j* ?, ,, v ,rr?i .n*4. to be wold ? > *p, alR'? ni^e Rxpreaa Wagon .-.A flaragaa Tfi'tuife ,.t vu \Vor.a * r sinw'. Fmir 4Lj -vf '' ii wiru nrM,? %:;d hobkb. at Moarua * / ? ? . nn mow alb 41 vX Vanotfralar'* aox 'itiu, IWG L< arty Mree*. i, fn-r 'ilat. at if M., lixlrt ay Htot*% 7 ye,ir? old, !?? . !uRnd? ;< :f.' . ?ottnd and kino ? >*edi?v f #tfn* h, fine ai tV?r, # Ithnn iaul , airrd In Om>v* uutiiity by ? %$, and trotted at Fair. ;t bea#a in J 51, X TV'' ?' 5o. tiiif '?i* bay ki mrn ** Ah fUb t'ol* H ye*r? <M mmuH and klaJ, wUbcg ia .It, a?yi.*U, . t# ? ?i :? MT fk abf.-.n hot ?u utU %er* ffti* Hug 'he .\i?entu#? m y*t<tl*?n*?, and vyiil we a*?lq Without reaer t ??r g the rema ning two of art aerate, warranted ?#e i pi. v. tiled- By older of epa. r*l Cm la. n?r. /lOUl Bf.i |f SO "I WfcjM * ?aa Wafoti i- r?. i, t. y V M M Da . ' s. . , . - a in v CloikllMI. W. A. f 4KTRH 12 ? .?rilandt, near <?teai.?n.|| HOP!Bf:B WANiJ-'D iO I1H KLTT *'t|R lf|R WlBTLR, If mile* from'm foq- e Of riBBlN A T! Aflr. H ?ad 4A Ka?? Flfl"nth ?4re*i. f \NR I'A I ft BOllRKf. IIORhV^-TROl IN J B? rftKt fl.fllh; dfiR pa>*~ datk brown ket? tii'iy llaraea, 4 ret fa fdd. aouaid tad kind in ail Hameea and under aaddle t,o4 in .'135. ??p* UiAgu c Saddle Ho.. ee- Ytner A Kvnar Bttrheo mnn*. fnq?ur? wt .Ronb. at ?i?b *a ..oraar Tairty-aae^n b e^t and Aeeetuk eremta CAWAt ABD BtJ?.aY A BI.W BCN RAW AY A 1 d' B * f ut ?et . fb Jile llamr#i KeM at ? tfci'Ljgin .t pr. ?l' ?'*"*:? , l-b" K -?-?' l> u iy Irwir?h atrert near Tiiird M' liif ^ADOM MORef FOR AAf.K? Id HAM** Htull A ?.. ?k. i .. t * w. ? ?ka rnv? p. a'ehi* No ?? K.t?t Tort? OKCONO If A"VD I5f|t*rf> AND AM ALI. ?*t#A RKNMiH kT for one or tan hor*** Th# great iaquiry for o^rriaf ?# nf thu de-etipt, ut Ijh ? induced T*. ?d Br.41.err to ? ftf a BkliM number of their ? ('ir i?oe?, per' ?iy nr>f at "Wt Thar Wtl. OR* on VMfW dui mg fwrar?,hRif .,olr, at tfcetr I ?jrr - ' - ? . ? ... 4 ? |,g ... CI.T.hiMf - AN ABMiHltthMT Of FINE rjDfftt kj aoUNi very Ikfbt, ? m tr " at; i wn* w.u RiN, '*f n*f WW'S IO-. Ittijk "ore kr?r?w|edaed to twO Bohat and beat m marke'. sl'oiim < f I'o' *i/| mV*, fad 'arifo three *4a?, Mti/OOdahll ng p-at, of tint Af?af ? flO. R. M. VPiy ferriage Maonfaeturar, M to Ih; K??t Tlj.rtr lift Mrrwt Aiao two rary Arte t'larrreea, and ? lergo MRf-h ol ll-tnt afld IHp W afriQi SpRKD roR s\r.E g Ti rN'.i i T-.(,i;riii. a-fwfmtr Th? gray S'Vw B'.'ien. H i eera n(H last sf ting, abcu. IS hand, high pur y Willi', vet* s1f.-?g u-aHc, attire and ,<ytlal>. souikI snS kind aU4I warranted to trot in a r .a 1 wagon in t lala'its, and 45 all to ba a,M al a crest bemealn borne. $4S>. Wagon and liar -a.. ? it, made, feel as r-w aril ?ery pr-e $>d> Inrpi re for ?ew week at 'ha Warerley C'in,mlca.o>i Sinelrt, rornnr of Thirty-ninth street en-; Brondwey Two flose matched team*, or nir. bp.iu and 'kegperl ( agadlati Horses |u >Se . 'If, W*!l te glrsr one we-knn ?at i yenrt old. U hand* Ola la a arga.n CW Pearl arrest* \LT*BTKI? - 4 FklR OF BOUND FTTI !?;! HOBNF?, T? 4- ? ?? <l" .end ?ft# ? ':?# i"*Wa a 4 *tft f C . ?? I t "*> Pf?l oW-B. ROCKi 4 <J| ? w HORSKft, CARRIAGES, AC. ..... ANTED?A WEl.L MATCHED PAIR OV BAY OR black Hon**, of good afyl* nnd action, for family viae, ia, i - mot ever,??vcn run old, for which a fair uriee will be A|Wreu J. W., box 3.8W New York Post office. t*)OA -A SPLENDID CARRIAGE HORSE, BAY. 1# ??)UU. heada, young, k lad, free a ad perl< < ilvanuad; alyliah; endurtng gned apeed Call la ioieami at SB Wort i Twenty nrat street. _ PIN Ail lAIi. UNITED STATES TREASURY, Dnmarn, IS. ISM. Sohednlea of <30) thirty or more Coupon* due January lat, 1M7, wlU he now received lor exaioluatioii at the United State! Traaaury. H. H. VAN DTCK, A-llstant Trraaurer. ?OIL, 6ILYER OR UOLD STOCKS Wanted. In earhaoge for a clean atock of Clotha. Tens* half caah and the balance In any of the above ?locks. Apply at 3? WALKER STREET, ? UP STAIRS. Albert b. nicolay, STOCK BROKER AND AUCTIONEER, NO. ? PINE STREET. NEW YORK. ESTABLISHED PIPTEEN YEARS. InvuryWpv, City Railroad, Oaallgbt. Hank. Telegraph, Ex pieav a nam I 111 ng Stock* receive * perlal attention, and on nand for aale, tome of them paying from 10 to <0 per cent dividend#. A PARTY DESIRES THE LOAN OF $3U). FOR WHICH good aeeurlty wlU be given. Addreaa, for three dajo, Era. M. Mo ore, atatlon F. A LOAN OP $6,000 TO $10 000 WANTED?RY A CHAR tared company, for wlilrh a liberal < ommia-lon will be given. Call on or addrraa J. I*. M VK.S1IALL, 166Broadway, room 2L CITIZENS' SAVINGS BANK. ? BOWF.RV, CORNER ?lF CANAL STREET. SIX PER CENT. FREE FROM OOVEKNMENT TAX. Iiitereat allowed on all atnonnta from Ova lo live thoueand dollara. 0|ieti e.rry day from 10 to 3. and on Monday, Wed nesday and Friday evening" from S to 7. Money depo ned now will draw tntere.t from January 1. (CONTINENTAL NATIONAL BANK, NEW YORK, DEC. J 1$, VMS. On mi an.?The Dircetore of the Continental National Bank hate thi-day declared a aeml-anuual dividend of five percent, I re" of government ux, payable on and after the 2d day of Jauuary next. The transfer booke will cloae on the -Jd la?t,, el 3 P. M., and open on tUa 3d day of Jauuary. 1W17 C. F. TlMl'BON. Caabler. INDI A TF.LEORAPH COM PANT ' ' 'bartered tinder a special Charter. capitat $ueo.m .1 OHV P. YRLVKKTON, Pre. Idem. N. MICKI.IC*. Vice Preoidenl. P I,. Johnson, Secretary GEO ROE KLEIN, Tiea. urer AI'UL'RTIXK HEARD, JR., Pi-ralding Director ean Ki ?cutlve Ollluer, lion* Kong China. DIRECTORS. J. II. WADE, President of the Weatern Fnloo Telegraph Company. ISAAC EIVERMOKE, Trmaurcr Michigan Central Rati ro.,d, Bo, on. I'LKTCHKB WF.nTRAV, or Wealrav, (Jlbba A Hai dceatle, No. 1 WlllUiti elrne.t, N y. O. II. PALMER. Treasurer Weatern Cnlou Telegraph Company. Ill HAM SIBLEY, Vice rresident Weatern Cnlon Tele graph Conn ??nr. JOIIN' I*. YEI-VERTON, President National Bank of North America. I'. Mull. COLLINS, Kua.,tan Amertran Overland Tele graph. NICHOLAS MICKLES, Vire Preaident Eaat India Tete grepb Company. C. S iVE-TCOTT, of C. S. Weaieot; A Co Connecting ill the pruirjpal aeannrt* of the Chlnea* em pire with the I'ollllia' Line arrnaa Reining Fitralta, with nan Francisco and New York, mid the Knaaian g'-reri mem line to St Petersburg, and with Lindon. Pans and all Ihe piln eipal eitiea hi Europe. (YJO.DM of ihe Monk only will be atld in the Unl'ed Mates at n fly |>er nent. Snl.-eripllor 1 will he received at THE NATIONAL BANK OP THE COMMONWEALTH, No. Ift Xa'sau etrnei. THE NATIONAL BANK OF "tOKUI AMERICA, No At Wall mi-eel. And at tue oflne ol the Company. No SS Liberty atreei. JjlOR SALE?FORTY SECOND STREET AND OP.AND Slreel Terry Railroad Slock at a bargain; alaoCentral Park, North and Eaat River iBelt) KuiUoad, Thud Arcane Rail road and olhei rlty rallnaid atw-k': luauraure Hank Blocks Ac., Ac., at low ratea, tor Investment. ALBERTU NICOLAY 13 I'ltte atj?et New York. Mobile and oiiio railroad, sterling and tn ie- Memphis and Ohio ten per cent luronte, M.s ?.-?U iilN'eninai Rallies I brat mortgage. North Carolina En .ho / o't. ? oil irregular Honda wanted by MANNING A DL FOREST, iiankera. IP droll street W YOPK AND IIABI.KM RAILROAD COMP \ . I rrrinii a "(ii e NearYork. Dee is.jatwN Toe New York and llarlem Railroad ? otnpanr have de. cored a dividend ol foul per rent on ihe preferred and n.mmon stock. end 'he same lore ihe gove. uniont lav, will be pi id to the ? hat'hoi'era on the lid day o' January. 1IW7, at the olUrr of the company, corner of Fourth avenue and Twenty-aiaib aireot. The irsuafer leioka will oecloaedal 5 P M . DecymMr *. IgSA, and opened at 10 A M. on ihe 'Id of January, 1SBT W <? EMERSON freaau.'.w OFFICE At ?RII TTA AND CINi INN A TI~M Al LROAD Company, as irnrgai./.d.?Olilllootbe O.. De. I.Y Idoft The transfer nook, of th it company at ihe ?genuv In New York rtty an l at thle oflice wtl. he Mused front ihe l?i to the IV, hi January proximo. Inclusive. WM. L WATSON. Secretary Parties i.old-rur cerlltleatea of alor k. dlaehnrgrd Iron, th' CMHeotM h >oka. are rcpir-ied t" ?urrender ihem at llie New Vairk ageury foi leglsliy heloie *?e etna ag of the transfer l ooks. VERMILVE A COT A SO. ? WALL STREET. BANKERS AND DEALERS GOVERNMENT STOCKS AND COMPOUND INTKKKS1 NOTES . ALL CLASSES OP GOVERNMENT Fl N DS CR| tit TED. OH REMITTED FOR ON RECEIPT AT MARKET KATES, FitEE OP ALL CoMM IS.-loN CHARGES. CLOSING PRD ES Nrw Yoea. Dec. Jp, lAi|g liny 'Sell I |Ruy Ml ing | Ifl'*. I I Pig log Registered. ??.. lui , MM | June. 7 Nc IMS IU6'? ?Rl... Ill', Il-p July, 7 Hi .... <??? IdSt. MP Heal.-r<1 |CI |i? nap : l.inall I Noie. oa-llft'. IIAtJ 6 ltd Coup-iO. 'U iH?'', lifft, lulv. do hdillV. 116 g'Jh Coupee, M III-.* I M \ "g do of ItAb IIAU gaucour ,ii. tia lit.', in*', itet! do -M Il?i2 lld'i 5 30Coup-|>A. new|pan lA"';; Dec., de et'I IF.'I DC 7 Ift-dO Hey va'J V. May. d" CGI', IH6 III ? > Coupon 1 f""i|Aug., do AAlllOia1 UOhj Gold ilV . I d-.ilrept . do.. hAlp) lllfl', Augual, . 30 .'hift lldDjllOfd, do dAjli?X|IIO lit) I|l III W'A AiTKD a PART) flAVINO SOME Vwvt'v 7,7-"' ? iutry poparts end a pfofHJ" i.g liitat'eae In this rtlf. ' -old give a nPe IvoiM lor eo-r" teady money Jii'iuire al Hie Hareau ol luform.tiou. Hk) ? u|. iV $??} D/Wt WANTED?ON CftATTEL MORTGAGE, F'i seen - d hy Inn.itui e e-h Is worth Rl OOP, ge' l. in IJrerp-.'P L?n>i n Are men .nee, 13 pe< feat inter e.i Addr?--a M A,, Herald otTee CJ n/kit TO LOAN ON ROAD and MQUTGAi.E cn.liun ?n rlty .rot,eriv Api'ly to I'llAI:..ES i HENKY, ISA i.roaoway. New Vo k $80,000 r' xjh?" w J. BOLLS UTKRA-tAll 3d Wall i iJauaeey ceirt ?. 4; > (ill i hi kg l to loan on bond and mowt "I"?'/Y/t *g .?? a I " pei i eot, in aumaol aheot I :u ft), on a sal ' ? r.'.'1 I ..y pnwi'i \p-!y. wlto ft I u . in i. lara, to JONAS R kiSHAM, lilt il-oad-aay, aeeond a orv room -No S O'JT- AAA r" U>u OB ? IV Oil) Fstatu ? 11 ? O.' M "/ ,n ? ma to anil, all, two eiuu of tXn.ihai eacii. Prnnpi attrot on. CJI AKLavM F Glt.MAN. 113 Br ndway. reem No. ? in sn r-.s iippghti . i i if. II IMPROVED FARM TO exchange for any . v hind ol irvr'hao flai. ip Weat tupoa oa ta< railrml, .rtfb ateaut tower, at a great ' argue BI DOS, tf atreei, moot 10. F"Vti ?-?i a good and i.auhTy i.hAr.xku casm pay im adverp.'ng t uaineaa, e'eartog Id" per "Ant, trial allowed. Andreas O P. R.. Herald olBce BOD WIIJ MTABT ANY PERSON IV v Ma - I .. ?Paair luiiuf huetnva* p.nag nnt hundred par cent Oomta a'a no- w wheal. No - apitai re-piired tall aad .n?e?' gala ai *" B->wery, mem No X Bll- WILL START ANT PF.RSON IN THE HKRT ?hiJ partoc mannfacinrlng hu- -eaa haown to mankind. (Toede sbple ae Aoui I alia id 1-. temigate at ?? Pllp igru, ruem 31 Hentare of uienurfeita and unptlac.pikj Iml tatora la Peart etraet and etaewbere (Ilia TIE'- BET ONB QI'ARTKB 1ST) Rl.iiT IN via'/'""' Ecrrpe, la a raluailn iiiyenliaa wtth goatd lln'<hi maybe reall/d in a frw monlla Ad dieaal anh fl?* vld'> lice LIMA OKFII KB. 4 i " 1 'N R ? ?;. y ? V I ? I'tNEB OF BOND j\ -tree Will he pa, I iha htg1 r.t for Idamoiidg W .lr t?a ami Kllyerga-e, or will ad'.at e tiu the ahort aitl etea A" TM) FT tH-Vtv r AT i?. IIIGURRTPRK ER f, |iia.(i-inda, Wat-bea Jewlry. Ar or adr? ore ea .he as of Ih'ti ?. Ihsiiwad (iMar, opi-uetie haiVI'r theatre, At --NoNrr Liitki:Ai-'.'i a -? v a v':,;d us Hu VoND- WATI lips 'EWE'.IT. A- , OK TTIF.

SaMI. ??l itrr AT IIIB llli.IO T ItATK" ALSO PAWNBJtoKFK fh'iill? M')l ,, II ffflt Dl VMoMfd Win His. JEW -LET, d< . at Ji Hie -i* re. A r 'A HA SAL JI aai ert-a ? irr and Jew ear), or advene. A. IIOMtfj f~?1?~AND "II RFi'ADWaT RitON NO ? OVER Leeea Art G . bey. the h g... at 'aah tniee- ,eld ,-a aide. b?-ct ea. Jcwelrv, HtKey Ware, old ftetd aad Mil. AliPPIHiqH Dam e,dl Wa ahea. fewelrv. Stiver Ware, old llaM aad Mil. rer Fura, Sllha Be Aht bo t wiun twenty third -1krf.r .fifth ? goalie TI Se! ha Htghiaf pr>? paid fo* ?ta. Ratcbe* Ar., or advaocaa uaada on iha law PMaWNRMORKRS' TICR- TB PVR! IIASRD OP Dl A otondfk MatOii. eilaa Jawalry. i. iva ag h or .ha aaia. h?. ight for ?h. gt tha old atoad. Be Beoory, Brat Boer front, up ataira. PMawnrborrrm n< krtn fcb< habpo -a largr ? lotef Brat t<n*orMhlag al aolf th? orWaat ear' .lr m Rio m |F- Dwoe i -e'. (At,, (? - aaadwyaoo Pad'* AJ o (II, ??e-a. II f |M ?D yr-eoati-e -, i ?? e?Cr?d%, tftlT TTlffllt IPErUL IOTICI1. ^NNOUNCBMENT Tu TUB PI BL1C. PARIS EXHIBITION Of le?7 NOTICE TO tUHJNfTOKN AND ADVERTISERS, omen or TBI r OFFICIAL CATALOGUE OF THE PARIS &&? BIHITION or D?7, AT MESHES. CHIOKhRLNO A HONS' PIANOFORTE WARKROOM8, No. tiU BROADWAY. Tha underalgaed, belag Informed that aareral parllea are aolldling advertiaemeata for apurlons ? atalogura, hand blUa. reaianraat bill* of far*, Ac., for elrculetloa In the Kthlblllon building, takaa (hi* opportunity of calling TUB ATTENTION iOP A lit KKTJHKICS AND EXHIBIT ORS TO HIE FACT THAT NO OTHER MEDIUM OF ADVERTISING OR PUBLICITY WILL BB ALLOWED IN THE EXHIBITION, AND NO OTHER CATALOGUE OR GUIDE WILL BE ALLOWED TO BF. PRINTED OR CIRCULATED IN THE FRENCH EMPIRE. FOR THE AUTHENTIC ITT~OF M. DEBIT'S PUBLI CATION INQUIRIES CAN BE MADE OF TnR CONSUL GENERAL OF FRANCE. AND OF MR J C. DERBY, THE UNITED STATES COMMISSIONER. The following eilrar-t la translated Iroui tha Vuoitenr, official newapapar of Ihu French empire, dated ParU, Octo ber 5. IWd - OFFICIAL CATALOGUP UNIVERSAL EXUIBIWON OF 1N87, PARIS. Several paraona arc lilacorrrrd aolldUnr ellbar ?ubacrip tlona lo certain apeclal nhwepeoera or for adverliaemenla for publicatlona rotative to the Exhibition, alleging lb it they era doing ihla by authorization of the Imperial Commie-lou. The Impei ill <'<unmii"lou have already put exhibitor* on their guard againat three allegation*, which they have nai autbortred. They now repeat, they have no other nffl iil organ than the Mouiteur I inveraal, and that they mil not recoguiie auy other publ cation than the OFFICIAL CATA LOGUE. The Imperial Cnmnuaeioit ha1 a adiudgcd to M. Dentu tha Official Catalogue and Guide to the Universal EihiblUon. The Imperial Commiaaton daeinng to arquieica Willi the w.nhra eipreued by many manufacturera ami manhunt*, audio conformity with prrcedenta e,Ubll*h#d intheeiht biUona of DAS and IMEJ have decldeil that a limited number of adrcrtiaeraenla may be added lo the catalogue The Con cexatenn.vre rceutractori erlll thua place thia moat uaeful and aiicnahre medium at the dlapoaltlon of the exhibitor*. On the 23d Norembei laal M. Leblgre Duqueane waa ar raigned befare the Correctional Path e of the Selna and i on ifeinned in dairigea foi aollcltlng advertisement* for an nn catalogue, which waa judged to tie an infringe ment of M Dentu'a right*. He# Monlteur Halve ml, I'arla. 2< No ., led* ) THE EXHIBITION WILL POSITIVELY OPEN ON THE 1ST OF APP.1L, AND'AH THE OFFICIAL i ATA LOGI'E MUST HE FVBLIBIIED ONE MONTH PRE vrOt'F TO THAT DATE, THE STH Ot JANUAKY WILL BE < IN ACCORDANCE WITH M DENTU S INSTRUC TIONS) TT1F. LATEST PERIOD EOR RECEIVING AO VERTISRMENTK IN NEW TORK. ONE HUNDRED T1I0I S \ ND COPIES Of THE t'ATA LOOUK HAVE BEEN ORDERED FOR CIRCULATION IN THE UNITED STATES. la order to facilitate laqulriea, tha following teal* of prteaa have been ador'ed, from wuich, OWING TO TIIE LIM ITED SPACE ALLOTTED-TO THE UNITED STATR". NO DEVIATION CAN BP MADE. On# am ?a pAga A' '?*> On# wlf ii'f .. HO On* liinl ;>?.:* tfiS On* <|u?rtr: imy" 10U ii'i*,na*. "ar.l -if Dam*, trad* and, <?. ,-iipytng 'in* twalllb pig* 101) AdTtrliaar* au n*r? th* urirllago of inAaitlag thru urn llwrnenU in the Fronch, Qntman and P.ngliali langi.gtgaA. | TfcoCatftlAf a will ba . ,??);<???>?,1 of Iwelro (12) olumoA. Tho llrat "r>n: .ining tha plane. .ndaiae ?n>l thaganarel do u ibi'ula, wdl form tlia ln!rodu"i.?n. That, mil wt:| treat in roon** enn with lh? aihlbi'i >0. ol tbagauare >b)?elirharao let Iting ha gia.t ?p'> !ia la lb* hi.pv a of imaufa, lor* Tb* laft taa rotunaa will eorraepnnd with th* tan dapartmanu ?f tha gana-al alaa?ifti-??, m Thar* ar111 ?># aunaial to ha d.ff" ent valuta** of (ha Catalog)*. adrartf>?ni"tiu and 01' pUnatny Inf onei '?B ,# a .ihit .rjl Ibu- harlnjf ha fad 11 ly to pi ,111 by tho aitran"!.'.?,? pn>i!.> " r wLn k will raaull frum !)?* Itnnanaa utun far of ,o| .*? will ?>* laauad il ia pran.m* I thai at lr.? ion wiilnu c,.p,,? of Ibi. work wi l ba la*"I an 1 that it will n lata in aaary rornai of En. <p% Aadlng II way baicaftar Into tha aUi.dar I tbrartdd aa a l*> . ol ra'aronn# Tha full >wtng ajlrant fro m lha Coda "f Vluwai ?' aliou aad Pi iu* of lha Ibi, rla i inm n la of f ? ral lobar-.' 10 aahlbitora.? Am o) K.thih i . ? Ai d (ba r agaota aha" refrain from in img Tlaiiora to II lha I irrh .?a., (hay abell o .ly an ? war Aua?Un'-i addiaar l in t.ian . and ban 1 ?r! hanlbill or pi .?* la' whan a.kol For tami'la pag# of a ?l and all ik'bOr |b na i ni m madl'ia apr-.taai >n ?! ? ild ba mil* Ui tha nnda .good* I. i.AWBSRCB rM# Af* ,> At faa ia ? hV ?a <ig | ?n-. A VI Brnwlway haw \ ik a TLASTIC HtAM H i?rriCfc I.AJil? COMFAN V C1TT of N*wpwr1?larmln, ? Fail#' Railroad n*?r Rao Irani two. giro building iota iraaia a.I Farto. dff Broadway, room l? OKFC h; OF Til K Art. ANTIC Wtfl. *T1 A Villi* t'ornpanr ho 5 IbiWllny .i?ao '.aw )>fk. nor la, lwpi -Ha ordar of Iba Hrnrg o' Iftra-torv Boflra M Har "by gl?*B dial In rooaaonaorw ol lha *1 uon appoint* 4 to ,. .to Wn hald an iba l?n of Rooaw 'wr lo laa' oa? horo | n*#n ba I pursuant 10 auch ap|"i< imanl aa a. i..,, "1 a iji(*.aor? of Ibia loixpaay and <> raw i.i.paefiw of ('.o nail ?iiaawdind alaaiinu WkT ..old *1 lb' on ol llaO a, i.i-.j 011 rin'aj, lha 1 Ifh 4sr of Jainif o, 1*7. a! II o a w Tha iranafdr bona a* lb< iff. ? ai 'ha i "par. i/u -i t fr i-i I'otnpair will bo a|,,.ad fr m f?" 10" -o ir * li . I JaouBiy ifcr Tba pwlla will ' a oiwo from II to I a. . FRAMtl la Af.I.f * ? a<..r T Ilii Lt-T WR1 K MCOBB rorn n? Rrr* is fur. ? IRANI) FKI TNTATIO* rirriTAi. Pri-!71Vn.l T'lTthf! I'M? * AT t <xil l.ll IN II 11 Tfc KKir * A TI NIi A i BTBNIRO Tiagal ??>* 'IA Broala Kaa adaarflaam-ol lo aoo bar aniwma IV) At i, whom ir Mat 'oni i no votk r * hn-y. -? i.'Mi* ??wt?d?r m <?n mi Ihf ?r#?? f?fvr U mm |2?* pmr ??i II*m H M M<*?t r*tu* m**<\ ? -0 *m !??*?? mm J t?t? ?*?t mr j "s*l lioaaid IO ,?r lha aama || f IT A N U K l.t. la ' rpifK rcLMMriBO ornr? Rn or ijniti.o iati ? | V -ra " rfcaa') Of l?" ' 'h aaaipah ra, m*B' NO* N f ara , oaarad o> ?? wl i?Mr a, ?pal li'i law ? I lug a J 4)4. ?l .'Ah' .*??! lA), N ? I a plain E f> "Boradjaf. Id**-mo o' ) Nay j.?-r ''hf^a'w H It fi'.m*ina I a.?an.*> I 1 * ? . ? i arV- ? r roth .ogham. 1. " u. .ad w A fiai'iaa, I, ?i liaawl R R Rv?la? I. I. ? <ng BlUilAHDk. hi . a LAMIB *1 JbU Uf ?(? I'll P'OBOIIAHO J\ I..**! fa (aa w?h ou/ m. "???d nqgal laali . *?#h |na< wawh '. to wawfl I T*1 I . n* lha mow 'wrraat a ra! d .i?' 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Solon Shingle HitliM CNtKMAV BT AlIT THE ATBE, 4S AND 47 B' IWKRY. t r FRIDAY. DE< M. BkMEHT OF THE HERMAN hORPITAl.. for whlth rhanuble tmrpoea MM K nrril.lK HKNEK AND MKN .1. POLLACK bare klndlr rot anteered, tkelr eeluabia aid. KIKI H1HSI II iTbe llirarh Family), comedy. I.N THKaTEMHI'a.NDaL. (A Theatre Row.. barlMaa*. Sc.wartt tba la o plaoaa eoag by Mrs. J. Futtark (TERMAN THALIA TBEATRB. T M4 Broadway, oppaatbrBt. Nlehnlaa llolal. FRIDAY, ORC. 71, 1Mb. DDR GKBANDTHCUAFTM ATTACHEK Tony pastor-* opera house, ?n bowery. hoi. fhl? laroritn rhode of tlia Conic Mn?< ? ? rnwrtn alghlly AMKKICANH IN Tl ItKKY Tba gratt ama Ucttlai' drama, lulled wllb enlhuglgatie oat burata uf apilauen TONY I'AK'fOR ag Jahnaanbat Pagga. Peal apos peal of approbation grrt-u the daring and gtaaa fill fratn of T1IK YOUNQ AMERICAN HYMNAET. RAVE nAWLET ilia aurtllog performance pro eota need ike acuta of akin and frarlaaaurai THK OR AND BALLET OORF8. TIIE GREAT COMIC TROl'PK. 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