Newspaper of The New York Herald, 21 Aralık 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 21 Aralık 1866 Page 2
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trriTiu<*9 waktkd?kemalbi? _ Kl?8R Op WBVU BKi'OMMKBDED OKRMAN _ girUan 'uatiouaAt Mr*. Lowe's Oeruuin Institute, Stan'.on . n? Bowvy ____________ A TOUT AMERir?N GIRL, WHO IS AN ORPHAN, won like to be iA?" iikM i"um family of wealth, or she would ke a p.wlt'fti ?" ouree and eeumstress; leanalu ble and tuttlvent; wofld have noobjeetlou to go a? ootn A panion. 'Alias:. Loree, station C ASITUilON W/NTBD?HT A COMPETENT YOUNG lady . ca?hte/or bookkeeper in any kind of buslneae on Brooder or wipld aei ?? imlcxworaau; reiareace given. Address \r.i. IL./OX -30 Harold offloe. AHOWSinM POSITION WANTED?JY A wlilotUily (T iiperteuoe,and capability; do object'ona to leavtug to city Ktpectatlona moderate if tba coMforta of a home a rrjlied. Address A. k... station Q. ACnMUSTSNT HAIRDKKShKR WANTS A FEW mora adlp' baada to Ureaa br the dav or work. Ad dress A. v., ?p '-Veal *4ih at., between 1Kb and ISlb a*a. _ A A RRSTEt/TABLK COLORED WOMAN WISHES A A ?Ituo.l.'! as lirat olose cook: city raforonor. fall for two days? 7 jb Greonwleh at., Wlween Bask asd Weat RBSPICTABLE TODNO WOMAN WISHES A aitiiMUn aa , uambarrnaQ; baa go-id dly reference. I far laydays ?t 30 Wlllott at.. New York. A LAD4 n.AVINO MOBB HELP THAN SHE W**?. -A woulJiko to get a piaca for o?w oi Mr girl*, to oook, wmah wid 3m, 1o?a ituuul 183 Id AHRNtl'TABUI TODNO OIKL WANT8 A 8ITCA Hon a* waitress asd chambermaid, or would doobam borwork ,u washing. or plain cooking and aaeiet with washing: uidrraUndi alhkt?d? of work. tha bcal of jjferenoa. Jan be aaen for two daya at 8W 7th av., Rr.8i-Kc\, Bt K SCOTCH PROTESTANT GIRL wishes % Xu,tton aa oook, waaber ai.d Irooor or to do geweral hoitaawoUL 'n a aiuall prlvato lamlly. The bee* ra rprawoau can baVly.n, Can be aeea for one day M-OKlst lStb at., batweeif,, a and Ut ar. None but a Christian faaally neeil apply! A RESPECTABLE jROfF'STANT OIKL WISHES A alii.atioti as rbsmmmnald or waitress or to do general houaewo. ?> In ? private fbudy, beal city reference given. Apply at 91 Wont A protectant oirl wi^es a bitdation as good cook waaber and trwrc-; enu make good bread, Macau and'ry; no objection to the country; good city reference from laat place. Call at 860 Weat 8#tli at. for two du/a. ARKeiPKCTABI.E TODNO WOMAN WISHES A 8IT uati' ii an chambermaid and naltreaa. or w, utl assist wtth the washing; baa rood reference*. Call at US I-"*4 Mth at., between M and lid an. A ALL WHO WANT GOOD 8ERYANTS CAN"" VTJ .1> promptly at the Large Female Instituti ' >' h be li*9tb at. SITUATION w\NTKD?BY * 1: ' ? ' LASS COOK. __ who can oam? well reec-.m* ? ?? !. .apply at pre eat employer'i, 39 Weat fdth at., no.. .V nr. ______ ARBSi'F.CTAlt" : ' iH.VN WBO IIA-t T,OST*HRR own bnb ? -? baby to vr? f m-.rae at her ewn houae. U iinoobifcti, tgooot. Hoaafull breaatof.mllk. Calf for three day . r ill Mott at., flmt iloor, rear. Mr?. BRINEN. 4 V SPKCTAMUS OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS J\ ounmberinald and waltrean or to do Uouaewnrk In a i iall (amily. Call at 6S Lalght at., near Greenwich, top ft or. _____ HOIJPKK i'IEFER*8 POSITION IS SOLICITED BT AN ediioaieil American la<lv, for a wldoweraor party of gautlomcn. Addreaa Mary More, 82S Broadway, Union square Poat oHIca Houseicf.epbr'8 situation want:-d-by a lady or reftm ;uent and oduoalion. Home oomforta dealred. Boat referonoe glren. Aditreaa B. 9. B., Herald oflloe. CITDATIOSP WANTRD?BY TWO TOUNO WOMEN; O one sr, cook, woaher and Ironer; no objentlou to go a ahart di'tcuoo In the country; tbe other a3 chanibermald undxraiir or would do general houHework (or a small prlrau family; r>ood reference. Call at 119}; East 3tRb at., near 31 */. QlTDATIOu wantkd-by a rkspf.ctaple oirl O aa coot-, ?r.i?her and ironar: good city reference. Call at llO Weat lTl.i aL Situation wantro-by a respectable pro tenant woman, aa cook, washer and Irimor In n private fami'.y; unrtnmtcnda her buda.-aa tbnroindily. Can be eoen for two uayit at tfl 17th at. Good city rr rorence. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RK9PKCTABLE WO. man, to do houaework In a small family; will "be found hot ca1and 'allhfuL Call for two daya at 09 MontrOre ar., Williamxbiirg. ? SITUATION WANTED-BY A RF.SI'KCTABLK WID OW woman, to ro Nliit by tbe day to wnah. Apply for two daya nt ID I Waal 27th at., top Ujor. rear building. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN GIRL, AS waah'-. and Ironer, andAo do -?n<'r al houaotvurk. Ap ply at SIT Weal 4ld .,1., neiir l(H!i av. irruifrioNs wanted - by a bhspkctapi e ~ ' married woman, ax wot ntirae. Call at 126 Weat 28th St., between 7tli and 8th av#. S1 SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO man. uajook. waahor nud Ironer, in a small private family; willtngvto roa ahort dlxtauee in the conatrv; beat of oltv refei 'noe glrati. Call at 81 Sd av., ne tr 12th st. QrrUATMN WANTKD-BY A GERMAN OIRL. IN AN O American family, a# rook; c.-,n furnish (lr? rlaaa rocom aneudul m-i. Call at ItSChryaita at., second ti'i ir. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN F.XPRRIBNCF D liao !, on Wbr<-:or A W Iwtn's tuarhlua. Address for three days II. Ik, bin IM Hen: id ultlre. . SITUATION WANTRD?IN A UMALL FAMILY, OR tor single gentle.nan, as housekeeper. In city or coun try. Ad lrnaa'L. ?., Uersld ofloe. TtTANTKD?A HCIIHEKREFER S SITUATION, BT A vf lady of expertr-ico; a good pln-tsant homo among those accuatnmed to tha cmeniUaa of life ta sought rather tban^.tr^e remuneration. Address drawer 381 Post office, WANTKP?BIT A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION AS naletwomrin In e fanov store; first class reference. Address A. Id., station E. w WANTED?Jk SITUATION. BT A RESPECT A Bt.K mirriodSroraaa, at *1 nu'Vi. with a frcah braaat of Bilk. Apply at 3d Wythe ar? Wi lirmi.bnrg. WAVfED-HY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A 8ITUA tlon to dr. (Moral hnuaemork. Apply at 46 Groat Joqm atraot WANTED -A RWl'ATIONoBY A COMPETENT CHAM brrmali!, who-undrratnnd* hor work thoroughly. Cua ho uteu at h.-r laH employar'a, 73 Kaat Slit at. WANTPD?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WO-r man. a baby to wot nurao. with a frrnh brnnat of milk pod ha* in*t lor hor own baby bat a few daja. Apply at til Gold at.. Brooklyn. ANTEO-HT A RERdtpCTABl.E YOUNG |MARRIP.D worn no who loat hor own baby two rvnaat-old. a altna. tton to etj nut ai wot nurr.n. Cali for oil day* at 7P North 7th *1, Wll lamahurg. Wanted a situation as waitress. or cuam bi-roanid and waltrnaa; good city ?frrruc# from bar la 'I plaint. Apply at 473 "th or., un?r do h at. Wanted-bt a respectable woman, who h?? ".yd four vaari In hor rttat olann, a alturll in a* rhimbrroa.J ?nd w iltraaa In a nmnll family. Call all the waak at .IW'tliltau at. WANTPD-RT A RESPECTABLE OIRL. A RfTCA llon aa rhiuabai uia'd and '(> aaaUt In waahing and Ironing, m to t..k? rirMif ohlldreu. Dial city reference. Call at OT Went '.gill at, ANTED?AN INFANT TO WFT NTT-RRR BT A RE ihl ? young and haali'i? woman, who baadoat hnr Apply at 314 Moat 34th at., katwaon lit ard w WA rANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT YrtlfNO woman, aa tank andaaal t with ha waahing and iron irvR and takr-allie entire i h*rg* of tba kltrlien;'indeitlinda auklnda uf baking noXibine'inn lo thn country. R*?ir'ty ra'aronoaa Call at 103 Wnat llth St., bottraen 7lb aud ?th or* ?* TXTANTED-A SITUATION, RT A RESPECT \ HI.K YY young woman, a*rook; would b? willing loaaatal wt h tha ooarar waabhig Brat nlty reference. Can bo anon at 4U Wnat 13t'u at, i>err lb# stnar, WANTED?A SITUATION. BY AN AMERICAN GIBE 14 T'ara of ?(*. tb tako raro of rhtldrnn and do light work In n prirata family. Good rnloronc. Call at 133 Waal Bit at. WAN f.D ? BY A RM.'PKt'T I BLE WOMAN, A HI TOA tmn i* rh.mNnmald and waitrraa. Apply at kar pro-aoi cnpioyrr'a, SU3 at. WANIED-RY A RESPECTABLE TOUNG WOMAN, a altiiatton to <lo gr.'.arnl hnu.rwor* In a amall privet* family: hnat of irfrri or? from linr laat llaon Call at 1W Waal 17 b at , bolwneu ah i An, >r. , in -he r"*r. TIT ANTRP--B V A RSMPCCTARI.E WOMAN, TIIE TT waahing far a faw ladlni or gentlemen. Inquire at Ilia atom 316 7th or. WARTKP-RT a oompeybnt PERRON. TO OO OCT t>y IV da* or wm'k, nn ? eaiim-aaa, undent* ud? all klnda of fam!l> aawlnf aid can nprra n on Grpver A Bak afe mauiine g.iad elty raloreooe. Call at 116 watt 37th at. Ml'ASUING WANTtlK-RY A RESPECTABLE WO Yf una; mardlng dona frna cf eharg. ; good raferej-a (Iran c*U on Mm-Njuib. 'S3 Moll *1. HPI.P TV_YITB6D? PEWAI,V,n. A OHM. WANTED-TO COOB, WARN AND iron, A. and io d i ih* dowr. aulrn work: on* who undo-a ?-i<y ner hnalnaaa am' nan h-iur * rot city rofnranca. o# ,thtra oaad apply. Call *11VA WraM7th at TI'ANTKD-A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRON Elk YY for a fain ty ol three*] -raona, lo go to Rt a; a plaaaant hue# and good wag. a ta ouo who ran mm# wall raonmmand ?1 Apply at 77 South at. to.cntt*. Slight B Co w WANTED?A NEAT INDCRTRIOCR AND TKl'STT girl lo rook, and iron for a amall family, ah* B'iM t' utidnratar. 4 hrr dni.-a and n-rntr wall ro oomtnrndnd Apply to day i Friday) batwn-o V and Ito'rlorh, at f Raat th at. WARTED-a FIRST CI.ANN CtJOK* WITH (MOD Mit rafnrnnroa Apply at 31 Kaat 3M at , hatwaan 3 ?ad Uta'ouiA \(TANTED?TWO PRRrouRESNIVQ YQI'Ntl I.ADIES TY of good addmaa >nd raaprmaMllty, to art *? ANI RD-4 UIRCTO ASSIST WITH WASHING AND Imnl.ig and gnnarai hm.aawork at 33 Raat 37th at. raman ll, a? ha-tng aapa-rnrn prnfrnad Appl anl? ?nat b* aood ionhl--g Adurax. alrlny rnlomn, fa pa: ? mal Baaaftpiioi,. napabiiitiaa. An., ton J )j? oanrral Poit dhon TITA.NTBD-IN a private eamii.y. a biddi.k YY agwd lady a ma'd nrafnrird* mn?t harn iha boat of rwnonnnondaiion*. add-aa A U? bat 164 Harold off**, far two day*. WHHANTED-A OIRI- TOR OINREaL IIOl'gKRORE by a am ail fonilf: Pmi*a-?oi imfrrr. d. Call *1 13 lobn at.. ffbB 10 at 3 o ol-o k. oa vtm U Van Dorian. Want; i>?a and ra.tbctani.e mm. as ohn nharBWkt Naltraaa Apply ai 133 Waal Ud at ?LP WANTED?A WRT NORSK, Willi ftCMiD RKFKB ?lire. Apply at No 4 Keinseu *L. Hi a..klyn Hwgil'. "\I7"ANTED?A YOUNG GIRL. 14 OR 16 YH \RB OLD. M who can s!?op with b?r uui rntx, to aaulst about tut houaa. Apply 10 Mra. Oltva, 61 ?v. FED?A BTRADY WOMAN, TO DO TI1R OKNR .-I hutieowork of a email family. noae need applv unless they cau pr doca'ceod city ralerome*. Call ai *->) East UUth at, from 10 A. II. to 1 f. for two day*. SITUATIONS WAfTBO?MAlaKS. A GENTLEMAN RECENTLY HAVING LOST 111R fortune by tlio failure ot a a lock (luiausny on'l on ac oount thoraof resigned hi* or up'lipn wishes a situation In a banking, shipping or commission house; speaks an<r*ure responds four to live languages, liaa a thorough btisluawt ex. p*ru>n< ? ond valuable c >unectioni> In Europe, whero ho has traveled the greater pari of tou yearn; refereucea unea- 'i) ilonable; or waut* to join a part nor of aoaao means. Ad dress Hualneaa, box \(t Herald office. A YOUNG HAN, MARRIED. JUST ARRIVED FROM Kngtnad. wanU a altuailon in a wholesale drug flora; speaks Freuoh fluently. Addreaa William S. Hora, box 1/1 lit)raid office. A YOUNG MAH WIBHKS A B1TIUTION-FROM THE lat of January, la a wboleaale boot and shoe houae as stock clerk and make himself generally uueful. Can apeak English and German. Oaa give the beet of city reference. Address P.. box 190 Herald oflfloe. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNU MAN, AS porter; writes s feir band and oan keep accounts. Addreaa A. M., box 108 Herald?offioe. A SITUATION WANTED-BYAN INDUSTRIOUS MAN. J\ as light porter, or In any other similar capacity, flood reference. Address B? oars of WU V. Jones, 40 Broad at. FARIS.?AN ACTIVE BUSINESS M*N, ABOUT LEAV. ?in* for Parts to remain during the Exposition of IW. would nisketarrangamonts to taka charge of art ielos on exhl. hition or for the trsniertion of an* business. Address Paris, HerslToffice. WJHfKD?EMPLOYMENT IN IIOTEI.JOR RESTAU raut; uudaratv ads unking earring and cutting moats; ha." been nl?ht wvlman and steward in largs evlabllsh me?t": guoti ???' < j ire; moderate salary. Address Employ, went. Iter ill! m ice. CLEHKS AND SALWS.MKY. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MAN, GF EXFPRIENOK and ednnntlon. who can give good city and other refer ences. wishes a situation as entry clerk, assistant hook keeper, or In any other clerical capaotty, In a wholesale lufrdwsre, grnaere. stepping or commission houss. Address W. O., Herald office. A YOUNU MAN MARRIED, JUST ARRIVED FROM Europe, wants a situation as salesman lu any fancy store: ran speak Krenchnnd English fluently. Address Wm. Tracers, box 171 HeraliHbffioe. AWODT.LEN SALESMAN, WITH AN EXTENSIVE Weoi rn acquaintance. Is open for an angmgemont. Ad dress A. B., box 178 Herald office. A MIDDLE AGED GENTLEMAN WISHES A SITUA to tskechsr.-eof n watch window anil ne salesman; is well qualified fo- theiposltlon having hud-thirty years' es Eerteuce; gem It up In eonaoqueiiee of poor health, but eelth being restored wishes to resume business again. The best of referenee glrun. Address Watchmaker, Brooklyn Post offlcs. DRUO CLERK?SNE SPEAKTNO GERMAN AND Englisboind well qualified and recommended preferred. Apply at 43 Greenwich St., corner of Morris, after 10 A. M. Hosiery, Yankee notions and white ooods. An old established house, newly organized on a more exten?ire scale, will make liberal arrangements with two active salesmen who can positively control a lanre trade of their own; none others need answer. Addreaa box 4.411 Poo office. T? ViVKRv NOTJON?t ANH HOSIERY 8 ALKSMEN. rrnu I TRRRAL INDUCEMENTS OFFERED BY FIH*T rtkl?HOCSE WELT. AND favorably VMOWN TO MEN COSTROLLINO LAUOE EANTRRN <* WESTERNTRADES. ADDRESS BOX 5.HW POST omoF. n. t. _ ___ mQrA vnfT*cn WHO WKTTE A FAIR HAND, AS T bookkeeper foY * commission house end clerk lu aa office. US Nassau street, room No. 9. - TE7 ANTED?YfO OR THREE TIBET CLASS SAI'J'-S VV men bavins h lirge cash und'ehort timo l?H- '? baoi* aim ?W?. Apply to lledgea. Power* A Co., 37 M ir. ray. sudSl Warren'lis. . .. ANTED?IN A WHOLESALE CLOTniNO UOOBE ? 'enman who enn control ? Urn* Northern and Weatern trade. Addrota box HI Now York Toat ollloe. ANTF.D-A CLERK FOP. A BROKERS ";urr no object If reference aatlafactory. Addrea. K. YT.^IIelwld oBlce. HELP W ATTKa-NALES. "ia"r^. nwslRINt^BITUATION8 CALL *1118 DAY. ATS1 I A Chimbsr* timet?assistant bookkeeper, copy'si. aro^J" 1 olerka. potter*, watchmen, conductor*. htRVamnn. bartendnra. TotNTS WANTBD-MAI S AND FEMALE. TNEYTBY A enne'v and State to .all article* uaed In ereryifnmtly. C.U et M Church-treel. be tween 9 and 11 A. M. ANNTH VANTRD-TN ALL PARTS OF THE TTN1TED KlJc, te rJoU^he LIri* of the Pretldenl*'? a new il't.T.11 r AhboU. the great hlitnrUn. The work S??SnVlv illustmtod. commote In ?>ne volume, and rendy for ^hW^Tb* anther, the theme, and the elegant ?Kutn^Jurhtt U bunted, combine to render It on* of Mte w ^ fw A?wU ev?r publlahed In tbU rountiw. B Htl?tH A Uo., ruhisnTS* Boston, mass. ^klV.n^ K) Call et 11? Neeeau et, room Wo. 9. A MIST ANT IWlOKKEBrBR. BALBSMBN Cl^JR. A porter*, wetchmew. coacbmen aid farm haeaa wan en this day at 81 Naa?an at.. otflo* N? * _____ A N ASSISTANT FLOOR MANAGER WANT'"??HE A. mini b* pe'iut and i*nttemanly In hla ""iLnn'irti.'c rai rough judr '* b'tman nature. <?NrtM^^bllgta*^et ?a?c-nt Unui.u and dertaton of oharacUc to Harden Ne. 637 Broadway, up etatr*. from 1 to ? r. ?.. tor tw* daya. AAPVTS ATTENTION.?OKNERAL AOKNTS AND mnvaiwonl Varied, lo aril an article needed In ***ry bouse, store, shop or office. ProHts UrfC. No humbug. Naiumu St.. room No_7. Avr\ir*ra MAN WAMfEIKa*A8 WAITKR IN A RR3 >nuet thoroughly undtrttaad hla bu.iueaa. Call from 8 to 10 o'oloet at If Part row. Ym/iv w iVTPD?BT A. RF.Ali RHfUB BROKfiB# AddAi. hotlS) Herald oflee. ; wawri (1VMWV-. J\ COMPETENT MAN CAN HAVE A MTuSff""or oounirjyuent^ Apply a >*7 Beokmaa et.. third Boor. TMPROVKD. IMPROVED. 'NTROYEn-^M. J?**!" 1 Sewing M.'Chine un.urpe.aed for ramll* eewi J. I vary e'niple Agent, wanted. Lareer nemml^oe.PjM than on an, other niaehlP*. Call andextmlne. A. HAt HNS, whole**." r'yent. JM Broadway, room No. ?. WANTTP?FOR n. H. STEAMER IROQUOIS, WART) room ateward and rink, yeoman and maaterat-armn. Apply t* Coinruaudant'a Clerk. Brm'klyn Na\y TanL m anTPD MRN TO SRLL NATIONAL AND REM W inou* nlcturr.; good wrgea and aloady employment to man w lee hi ad referenee. Apply ?l *7 Hudeon at. YintHTRD?IN AN INSURANCE OFFICE, A YOUNG \Vmitn .fed about 80; nuS write * good hand and be cor rert at fla-nea one kartn* eepcrtenee in 'be huHneaa pre f*2A. Addrwa tn'han .wnllny with re>r* and .alary *e^>act*d>Inaiiracoe Clerk. b?'t IW Harald olBce . W~ VNITRD- AN T fPKRTPNCED CORBPSRONDENT loan Importing wine bou^who write, a ymd hand, with referenoe and aaUry required. Addreee M. i. L., uer aid i.Wee. wrANTED-A ROY ABORT 1# TEARS OF AOR. WHO D rcHdea with ht* parent*, turun nfwrrande. Ac. Sal eery $UO i yeai. Addree* h^i A 01 Poet ol'la*. T?r AHTED-ATTrST CLASS MAN COOK (COLORRD). W c"?eoVw!utr*w.. Arply, with refetence. between 10 and 11 o'eloek. at No. 1* Eaat 3*th at tlfiVTKD A BINOLR TOUNO WHITE MAN CAPA* W bin nt taking oka rye of a ctuh room. Addieaa olnh Boom, .tattoo B, TV. ANTED?A STorr. ACTITW EOT IN A DRl'tl lV ?tore. One wh. hi* had wwe* knowledge of th# bual aeaa pre I nrr.d. Apply at AfT Greenwich ?l. rif'ANTRD? t MAN .AND Ills WIFE. TO M A It hhort di.tahce lu the country; the man mn.t be a cmnmhi* mrtri willing wsitt*r, the slfi s (inl cl.iss oook; ?mtt. oept'en.bie nefere'i^TtTuulrid a. to ability aud toUfrlt,. Addreaa hot ?PI Po.t oloe. llf ANTED?A STRONO BOY OR TO IT NO LAnTO^S V\ mimi \n the kttehent Riud h?ve a knoivlsigs of his hu.'nen* .oo?l recommendation!. Call at the nar aid olboe on Saturday morning, at 9 o'clock. iiyVitTRD?A MaN l)f A*fI'ilT AND EXPERIENCE^ \\ to nudertak" the mamgemeutof a factory for ladlea .dJr,.n".. El.K AN^I HERtOO, W ?roeme .t. WANTI'D? I ILlilHT PORTER IN A WHIlLRdALB boetery houee. Addre.. bo? 8.W7 Poet oMoe. eUtmg ego, r?n"w* aad aelary required. V|TaNT2D?AN KNEROE1IC CATHOIJC TOUNO iinfmm w.ed la the elty. App.y to FramiW W lramh it J O IAik'i. IK Nawau et. at lu A. U. to-day. T1TANTEP_A FEW SMART. INTKEIOENT CASH I W boy. Apply ton D, < ooperluatltet*. VI ANTED? I NOT TO ASSIST IN THE ?"yoT;'V*R*T? \l hu n?i; on* whekr.owe eumeihlng gl uut the bual tie?? nrsft rrvr! fft ?*? _ WANTED?A MAN TO_OirN ?tsl ERR: MOST * Ibcfoufblv an^driUfil tbc buslucs*. A sltua | |hi for lbs tlnur ve sns Who suits, rail al 134 Piincs *t, IA/in AWE NTS* WtNT'.D?BOTH MALE AND ,UU" femal"; a new art'fle. In demand ererrwhor*; I P?y? 4 good pr. ?i. with ready ??l?. Call after W o rtoch at 7Sna*oau at., r>?m NayR i"?it Boor. OOODTRAR. fill TRADER A*~~MLgCticAlj Cl ITER WISHES A SITE ATION AS ru-tom or altop cutMr. WIU HW if deceaaary. Addreaa boa WO. lter?ld?o.Joe. _________ A FEW MRN WILL BP TAITOHT OIOAR MtKINO NT a on.ring at 1? "'?* ?w*?t, enlraoaa nm CUrye tla, r'"in.#IJ. Taught .n a fe ? i MILLWEIOBf WANTED-A FlP.dr tM.ASS MAN. , ho I ml) and*retand* *ot*ing both word ?*d atnee Apply *i la* F ont at.. Hro 'klyn. | Tn naftDLKRS AND HAENKPd MAKKItS.-A MAN tn.V.rrl.ed front Farfa, of go?d enwrfne* In the i sSTrajv Oraen* at. _ . *|V1 EN ilNEKRS. EO.-A /oyNO MAN^ 1? OEI N T<> TTIW TEA r>ns. 110 LEATHKt DB ESSE KB.?4 PltAOYJf'AL *1AW, wim undaratauds ibe dri'-'slug 01 iia)f k.d, 14 ???era, r.i.uiv goats, A '., requires a attention II mm ><;i or ? ir< in?u; dm had experience in tiubwl and t'raiun. Aiiiroe* P. W. L. SB Kroirf ?>., Hro igiyu, M. V. TP BOOliniNDK':WAN : .:? A KAN SoROuS ly aequUntcd with end Beiuatotned tome a "Rumple cutter," for miluu, uenviraudUiit* x id p nx.l'Ogk-. ,-n ulnnk bo 'H foi warder preferred. Addce-i tixmpia. bos I m Herald o flier. \1'ANTKD-AN KNUAG'eMKNT IN A Wt'M, BvTAR iv Uehed brev.-ary, by a perm who has sumeaefully oe cunird ibe pom'mi ol brewer and inauegm' for i4 y. ure-ln one of the larfeei lirowerlca in OousdA Apply to Frederick O.iyer, Xi South Willien. et. WAN fc.i?? A BBAlltiOAli EMY.:i>OI"B M lKilRiJiKtf tViriiuglily acquainted with nil branches of |he 1 list neaa, in not ?? foreman in a large manufactory. Add.DM Envelope, liox 1.17 Horrid offloe. WANTED?BY A MANUFACTURING CONCERN, kenpingcight or ten horvee. a Brat ci**n lione shaer. flail at 153 Maluan lna-.-belx'teu the liourn of 3 and S o'clock. AVTBD?A FIRST OIiASS-PiiUIIRKR. NONE OTH er nana apply-to T. Buchanan, 104 Orange ok, Brook lyn WANTED?A GOOD GLASS KNOKAVKB INQUIRE at Ovingtou Brothers, 'AI\Ku!ton at., Brooklyn. FKKWCH AnVKUTISKMBSTS. ON 1) K M AN OE?11<*MAih! INS! ITOTaiOB A DRMHtTRB, uuo dame Parl-teunx. ax-bant eu-eignor aalangueh fond, at parUnt un roil l'aflgUls. S'adretaer h Mme. I).,U East 28tb *t., anrfs 6 hearea du ?o!r ON DR>iANDK-UNB PKU-ONNE CAPABLE DB prendre soln dun enfant de trola ana; 11 feu; aroirlea mo lleiu .-n reoomuiaadatiotia. S'adreaoer au 4i Waat 86th at., entra ill heureaat midl. EUROPEAN BTBAMBHIPS, IONDON AND NEW YORK STKAMSHIP LINE., i Passage to bondon.JOT, $6B. and BSD, currency. Presage from London, >71. $8n. and $30, gild. tjrriildAM PENH, Captain BUIlnge, from New York Do "aTALANTA, Captain Flnkhara, from Near York Jan U'-rr 12. BP LLON A. Captain Diren. from Heir York February I OPTibA. Capliin (ilendeU. from Now York Pehrne.rr id. The new and elegant P. Iilah Iron steamship WILLIAM PRiCN, SPOT ton?, will leave pier No. S North river for I .or.Ion direct on Saturday December 28. lite aeoommo datlune for pnsaengera on this ship nre uneureasxid. K-elght will be taken, and through IdMt of lading given, to Havre, Antwerp. Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Dunkirk. For poesage apply to OHA8. A.WHITNBr.JB Broadway. For freight .applyect 64 fouth street. ' HOViXAM) * AaPINWAbb. Agents. I OS DON * NRW YORK STEAMSHIP LINE. J Passages to London direct >80. tfiO end $30, payable In United Mates currency. The magniflrentmew British Iron steamship Wll/blAH PBNN. 8.000 tons hnrdnn, Edwin BtlUnge commander, will leave pier No. 5, North river, - on .-)?turday. Dec. 28 for London direct FrelghtJvlll betaken nnd through Mils of lsdlng .given to Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Dun kirk. The accommodations for passengers on this Una are un eumss- ed. For passage apply te OlfAB. A. WlIfTKBTw* Broadway. For freight apply at MPtoulh street. nOWLAND A ArtPIN,W$T,L, Agente. The nortit oekkan LLOYD'a btramshif DKl'TSCHI.AND, H. V.Va-oU. mas tor carrying the United dpitos moll, will sail 'mm the Bremen pier, foot of Third Ktronf, Hoboken. on 8ATUIU)AY, DBOEMBEB ?, ron BREMEN VIA FitUTHAMPTON, TAKING PASSI'NtlPRS TO LOWDON, HAVRE. SOUTH A MP ION AND BREMEN, at the following rates, payable in gold or IU npiWolent In currency r? For the first cabin, $106; second csbln, $62 GO;ksteera$e. $87 5a To be followed by the steamship H ANSA, K. ron Oteren dorp, mauler, on Janu irr 12. IfW. l'or freight or pussacc apjiiv to PEL -IUJ1S A CO.. C? Brosd street. For liveppool, callinu at qukknstown. OgnnrFKlefim-.hln ASIA, from Uosfon. via Halifax,.,.. December 19 CUBA, from New York Dheomber 20 ras-AOs tumsv mow skit tokk. Cabin . v .$132 W I Second Cabin $8(1 PAMAni: uowtrr reoy imsTOW. Cabin 5b I Second Cabin. $85 raraole In ge'd or its equivalent. For freight or poasage apply to R. CIINaRD. No. 4 Rowling Green. For LIVERPOOL?CALLING AT QOSKNSTOV/N. Cunsrd steamship JAVA, from Boiton via Halifax: January 1 AUATilALASIAN, from Mow York Janu ary 9 rAglAQI! MOXltT KROM 1?*W YORK. Cabin S1WI UOI hcoond Cabin $190 rasaaux HONYY YHOM BO.ITOI?. Cabin filtt Mf Second Cabin $89 Payable in Gold or its Equivalent. For freight or paoaago epplv la E. CL'MABD. No. 4 Bowling Oroon. o NLY DIRECT LINK TO FRANCS, THE OKNRRAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND Havre, calling at brkmt. Th? splendid n?w v?esala on tbla favorite route for Iho Continent will aall from ifler No. 00 North nrer, as fol lows:? EUROPE Lamarlo Saturday, Dm 15 ST. LAURENT Hocaudl Saturday, Dot,. 29 PRREIRE Ducbeine Saturday, Jan. II VILLE DK PARKt Surmont Saturday, Jan. 90 PRICES OF PAS8AOB IN OOLD. Flrot cabin, $135; eeoond oabln, $90. 'RATES AFTER JANUARY I, 189Y. Flrat cabin, $100; oooondoabln, $100, Including wing. Paaseagera intending to land at Brnat ran he furn'sbed on board with rallnad oonpnn lloteta, and their barman* eherknd to Parla al an additional charge of $5 for Brat and $? for aaconil class. Tbei<- ateawors do not oarry iter rage passengers. Medical attendance free of charge. GEO. MACKENZIE, Arent. STRAM TO LIVERPOOL AND QUBBNSTOWM tfWTOB A WEEK. PASSAGE WrtlCRRRNOV PREPAID TICKETS FROM LIVERPOOL OR QOBRNS TOWNM35 CURRENCY. Apply to TAPSCOTT BROS. A CO., 95 South It reel and 71 Broadway. STRAM TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QUERNS town.?The Inmin Line, aalUng aemi-wrrkly, oarrylng the United Ktrtai malls. < CITY OF CORK, Saturday, PeeemlmrB. CITY OFIDUBI.TN. Wednesday. Dooem'-erW. CITY OF NEW YOKKjbaturday, Demmtwr*. OtTT OF UMERUK^Wodnraday, January I. CITY OF BOSTON,,Saturday. January!. And each auoroedlnj-Saturday and Wednesday, at noon, fronnpter 40 North rtrrr. RATES OF PA8SAOR. BYTHB MAIL STEAMER sailing BVERT.SATURDAT. FIB.JT CABIN S<W I STEERAOE...V. $09 To London.... All Tiwldwidon M To raru 100 T<?Perla. 4 ?4<l PAY ABLE 4N OOLD. Passage by the Wedneodar Steamers, flrel oahtn, $90; ?to-rage, $30. Parable in United State* rnrreney. Passengers aim 'orwanted to Havre, Hamburg, -Bremen Ac., at moderate ratra. Rteerage passage from Liverpool or Quoenatowa. $90 /Aid, or the equivalent, Ttrke'.a can be bought here by perron* ?ending for their fi lenSa, For further Information,apply at the company's oIScm. JOHN O. lt'.I.R, Agent, IS Broadway. N. Y. National steam navigation company. (Llmt'edA STEAMERS WEEKLY TO MYlEPOOL, CALLING AT QUEKNSTOWN. Leaving pier 47 North rtror a< follows VIRGINIA, Captain Prowae.ialln Saturday, Decern bar 21 HELVETIA. Captain Thompson, aalla Saturday, Cecetn ENGLAND, Captain lira or, ?*):* Saturday, Jannry 5 PENNSYLVANIA, Captain Lewis, aalla Saturday, January Ke passage. $100; Steerage. $M. -age prioape tickets, te bring partis* from Liverpool or Queenatown, for $30 In miryancy. Through peaaage to Pat I*. Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremer, Ac., a' low rates Draft* laaued for any amount. payable at any bank la Great Britain or on the ennitnrnt. Fur fi elaht-anil oabln passage apply at the ofllce ef lbs company. 0.' Broadway And for steerage tick ' ticket* at lha pa wags odea of the earn pany. IT Broadway and >70 Pearl atrneh near Fulton. ' P. W J. HURST. Manager THE HAMBURG AMRRICAX PACKET COMPANY'S Iron mall eteamabln BAVARIA. J, Mayor, commander, carrying ike United Stataa mall, will aall on Saturday, December n, at II M., for HAMBURG taking passengers for Hamburg, Havre, Southampton and London. Kirnt cabin, $i1V aeonnd cabin. $19 60; steerage, $97 99. parable In gold or Its equivalent. The Alleu.annli. will follow Januirv 6, ISBT. KUNI1ARDT A CO., C. B. RICHARD k BOAR. General AgaaU, Gcrmri' Paaaeager Ageda, 45 Exchange plane, N. Y. No. 9 Barclay street. N Y. CTRAM TO QrKKNSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL k) From New York erary it edneaday and Saturday. S'-erage paaiege $!*?, eurreecy. Pa* ice to New York an<l ruinhtan-aa to Iretand, England As, at low ratra. WILLIAMS A OPION, 29 Broadway and 98 South at STRAM TO qUEENETOWN AND LIVERPOOL. The drat elans Iron at earn ship OfUQAOO, aall* WRDNKRDAY. tannery 9, From Plrr IT East Etrar. Cabin $sn gold i Rteerage $99 aurraacy. Parable !u ourrano*. For paaaags apply to WILLIAMS A OITTON. 19 Broadway sad 89 loath atmai OTRAM TO QUF-RN8TOWN AN DELIVER POOI. -THE t^ VIROINIA sails Saturday, December 29. Pa*-a"e$j currnney. prepaid ticketa,SH Drafts on Bnaladd and Ire land at lowest rates Apply at THOMPSON'S Faaaaga olUoe, F75 Pearl Moral. near Fulton. Remittances to orbat Britain and Ireland, Drafts for ?1 and upwards payable on demand, far aala by 1APRCOTT BROS. A CO . M South atrcet. TNKCIIANOR AND SPECIE OFFICB ?L FOLTAT, 411 r* Broome street. Achat. Tenia, cow4llloas excepting, rile* Or rt Billets de Hanqua Fringel* Maya, aalla Freaeh Gold sad Bank Notes. C04ITWI4K STRIMSHIPI. PACIFIC MAIL STKAMSIIIE COMTANrA THROUGH LINE Ti) CALIFORNIA, _ CARRYING UNITED STATES MAIte VI A PANAMA RAILROAD. Steamers ire re pier 41 North Hear, foot of Canal ateeat, at It o'clock, nnor aa f,dices ? l>w -I - RI SING STAR. Centals T. A. Ilarrta, sonnaetlag with Montana Captain Sntton. Pec. SI--OCF.AN 01'KEN ,Captain , connnnt ng with CDNHTITU. ION. Capt .In Crrarlr All departurae WdMh at Acet-ule-i; th?a aflat and flat potmrcl at I'aram* with ataemer* for So th PaolBe p rla; la' ind liu> ' ir ?>nir*r,t>nirieae pnr't, and tbc?- of 1st , tonrh a Matuinillo j Departure of litis rerh month connects wl'h the new steam Ime frv n Panau ? io An-teil a and New Re*' nil. I Sti-amrr of Dee. 11 l?99 will oerncet with the drat .learner i ?f 'he rnmr-ny'a f'hlue llaa leering Ain I'ranotaoe Jan I, MKT, fo- Hong Vim g altendinca free I Forpoa age tl , j Die oMce on the wkerf, lent of Ceaal rtreel. Nor ' Raw fork. A R. HOUUN, Fo.j?a a?r_ttckeli and all further J-f "m?'loo ^i>plr a* coASTM'tsa HTB&vsam. J * >R CALIFORNIA VtJLfAN ama. r The Pnolflc Ma U Bt< an'.'y'al,) i'oiuimuy'a ste.mer R1STN1 ITAN tvnl s?.| on FRIDAY, DhClvHJiilK *1, at 13 ?*c!o* Freight raoeked ea u-Hial F?r rate*. Ao., ingotr- at troteht nflloe on eOMpany't pier, S North rtvr., root of Cuual mr- -t. WFLbf. FAB'iO A CO., hole Frelrht Agent* I". Mi d. e Co. E'AYANA. SI3AL AM) VERA CRUIS. T'.o fiuswheal BloniniJnp MASHA ITAW will antl front plor Ha. 4 North river >. . bore, on the. l.nheir each mouth. Oil .RLLrt A. WHITNEY, A'.'ent. Ho. M POR II IVAN A, VIA N Arid A I'. N. P. The Bnti Hand North Amerlosr Royal Mall Sin ant I'acVot Com nanv'a new steamer CORSICA, Captain La Merui itu-, will I'ur the above purti, Irvna 'he Company's wharf, at Jr res/ City, on Monday, Doc >1. and Alood.iy, Jan. 2S. at uo.m. 1'h tug" money to Nfim |ti 1*0*3.4;. money to Havana hi) I'e>able In gold nr IU equivalent.

For frelgliPor passage apniy to K OUNALD, No. 4 Bowling Green. THE BLHflAN'f 80KPW*RT!1XMKR MF.HDItl AO, Oapu?ln Van Rico, will a ill for Havana, Saturday, Dec. V,at ? P. M_ from pler*No 48 North river. For freight or passage aim-It ti ' RfllfiOW-A ? hoffe Bowling Green. N. T. OARHISOM-A AI.I.RN, Agents, TTNITRD STATB8 MAIL LINK TO HAVANA. U ATLANITC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM"ANY. EVERY THURSDAY. Tom Pior No. 4, North Itlrer. i'UNCTlfALtiY AT U. M. Tlie elorant side wheel'aveam Hi Ips MWHKO CASTL3 Adam* Thursday, Jan. S SAOI.R Greene Thursday, Pan. 10 COLUMBIA 1 Burton, Thursday. Jan. IT HAULS Greene Thursday, Jan. M GAK?ISON A AI.LENt. Agents No. 6 Bowling Green, New York, e - MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANT. - IT. THOMAS AND HKAMIL. it&tea Mall Steamers, aaillng oa tho f!d A TLANTIC MAII J\ FOR ST Regular UnltodEi or every month GUldlNU STAR, Captain Oro. B NOltTH.XMKRtCA, Captain L. F. Bloeiim. Dec. JS. _ Tim merman, Jan. B. SOUTH 'AMERICA,* Captain E. U. Tlnklepangh, Fob. XL Thene elegant ateamernhiall with regulars?, and tall at St. Thomaa, /are, Peroambuoo. Bahla aud Bio da .Janeiro, going and returning For cnvegements of freig* t or passage apply to OARRlr.ON Ac ALLEN, Agent*. No. h Ponding Green. New York. TJIOR GALTESTON, TEXAS?SAILING WEEKLY.? T TOxA3 line. ?The A 1 8tr inter VIRGINIA, Cept. W11U, will reoelve freight HI pier 39 Kaat River end ?a11 on Tbitm d*T, D? 'Uiib'.r ft. For freight or pavaugo, in'in* eupe-lor ncrommod ttiona. Appty to TJ. H. MALLOittf A CO , 153 Maiden lane. POU OALVE8TON. TEX A3?FT RST \8TE A M 8 R, EX. press line s'oomahlp*?the email A1 ateamshlr TILLIK, Potior, rommauder, will rncelro freight at pier 13 Fast rirrr, . until S P. M., Thursday, Dec. 87. Insurance guarantied at lowest rato*.' For freight orpaHwvie apply lo VOI'NO A X ??! I.r LIE la of COWAN, 38 BuAing slip. Notu n-Steamer TILL! lghl drau ,h t, and will cross Galv jstun bar without detention. POR NFW ORLEAN8.-BLACIC STAR LINE.?THE steamship MONTGOMERY. O-ptain Felrrlolh, will sleeve p'er 13 North river, on Saturday. Decemb-r D8. at 8 P. M. For freight or pai'uge, hsvtn-; handsome accommoda tiona. apply'to R. L'OWDTN, Agent, corner of ''od.ur and '.West si recta. DAVID MoOOARI), " Agent In New Orleans. NEW ORLEANS STEAMSHIP LINK. For NEW ORLEANS direct ercry Saturday. First cabin..., 3C-J| Seconu clusa... .. vn Meals sod rooms Included. Elegnnt accon.modatlons. Apply to ALLEN E THOMAS A to.. No. 6 Uo.vllug Gr-ion. I NOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. ' The new and OVst olusa ateamihlp GENER AI. MEADE. Captain A. W. Sampson, will leave pier No. 9 North river on Saturday, Dec. 12. at 3 o'clock p. At. For freight or pas-juge, baring unsurpassed accommoda tions, aprly to n. B. CROMWELL A CO., 88 West utreet. The OSOROE WASHINGTON will follow Dec. W. LINE'G'O NEW ORLEANS.-'THE NEW YOEX Mell stoamablo Comrvvny's fine ocr-an steamers will leaye pler 48 .North river. .4 8o'clock P. X.. at follou v.? HAVANA On Sstuiday Deo. 22 MISSOURI On Wednesday. Doc. 21 MERRTMttC ? 'On Ss lords v. Doc. Id MARIPOSA.. .* On Woiliiueilav Jan. d All s'.lla of hiding eigne-' St toe ohlce upon.tiie pier. For freight or passage to C. K. OAP.R1SON. PrwidenL No. 8 Bowling 1 ! Green. TjlOR MOBILE. *L,\.?FIK4T BTEAMKR, EXPRESS U line stoiiiaahlus.?The Pne ti steamship OKNEHAL SHP.RM AV, Pendleton, coaim inder will receive freight st pier IS East river, for a few dayauoply, and sell, fnaurama guaranteed ?t lowest rides. For freight or passage upjflv to YOPNO A COWAN, 38 Burling wlp. Atlantic vatl steamship company. EMPIRE LINE, F' R RAVANNAIT. BVF.RY BATOItDAY. FROM PTKU IS N. R , PUNCTt'ALLT AT 3 P. M. The favorite eldewheel Hte irneliip* PAN SALVADOR. Alklra. eotrpder, ?a;K Saturday, Dec. ?J. SAN JACINTO. Ixiveland, coto'der, sell* Haturday, IHC. 33. Through tickets and bill* of lading to all points. Elegant passenger aewnnmodatlona. GARRISON A ALLEN, y.geute. No. t Bowling Oreen EOB SAVANNAH, OA-MIDI RAY'S LINE. EVT.P.Y TUESDAY. ? ftTorlt* ateamahlp LEO. TI. f!. Dearborn. commander, will anil Tuesday. Ueeemhc- 88, at X P. M. precisely. from pier UHUot nrer. foot of Wall "root. f '.i rough bills of lading,and peaatge ticket* glreu to all connection witVOwrcl*Centra! I'-tilroad. FOB SAFAMNArtf. OA , F.T"RT TIHTRSDAV .-THE Allnuttc Coaai Mall Steamship Company'! a'dewbeel atesmahtps " GENERAL BARNES, O.vptoln Morton, anile Thursday, December If. HKRMAN LIYINOSTON, Captain Maker, aalla Thursday, January 8. Prom pier 80 North fleer, at 8 P. M.. prerlae'v. Through paaangs lleknta and bill* ol' lading to all point* In onuneeiloa with the Central Railroad o: Qeorgi*. For freight or (manage apple ta LIVINGSTON, FOX a CO., Agents, * Liberty atreel. F OR OHABLKSToN, 8. C.?THE TROPLR'S M A11. Stcivn?hlp Company. Tha regular anil popular *toaia abtp VOMF.RA, Captain Lehby, will learn on Wrdn-sdur. Dee 80. .at 8 P. M., from pier No. 80 North Hear, landing freight on Satnrday morning at Charleston. Through ttckata and bills of lading usual to nil point* South In connection wRh the Routh Carolina Ratlro id. LIVINGSTON, FOX A 00 . Agents. W LI hart* atreM. FOR CHARLT^8T0N..fl. 0? *THF. Ft.ORID V PORTS and tha Konth and Soiilhw >t?Rrgul ir Uet'ed Stale* nmllt'oe. The Aidelegant steamship iiARAOOSSA. 10. K. Cm wall .commander I* now reoolrfng cargo and nrlH a* I on SiRurdar, Decombe.' J*,.ait 8 P. M . from pier It Ea?t rlear, oo.ui.'otln,: *' Charleston with tha ste .mrr DICTA TOR, for tbe Florida port*. Passage liokot* and thrmrk bill* of tailing Rlreu to all point* In connection with ihe South Carolina Railroad Bill* of lading slgne l on the arte aal. AitrnPR LI* A BY. 78WJIIam ?lreet. R NOTICED HATES. NEW MORK. N'bRKOT.K AND RICHMOND STEAMSHIP LINK. Celling at ,i:TTY PnlNT both waya. The fine at-amer* WASHINGTON. O. Chiehsater, Commander, *aB ?alley cfrT, W. H. Snyder. Commander Tha.ahnr* sle im*ra reeelen freiplit dally at Pier It Past Rlenr, and will (all riyjfi'.itrly every Maturity at 18 N., or aoener If loaded. Thl* line I* prepared to recalra and foe-ward good*, with dnapatoh, by all the Southern railroad i?"lea. Par freight or p* apple to JAMKS HAND, 1(M Walletreel. FOR RICHMOND, MO ft POLK AND CITY POINT. The aide wheel *'enri?h'p* HATTERAft, Captain Alexander Rgery Wedn.wday, ALBEMARLE, Captain Bonnie Frery Sat iratiy. At 12 M., pier 30 North rlrer, glrtng through billa of lading. Ac., to all point* on ttM Seaboard Railroad a id It* aennentlonn. LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO.. Agent*. 88 Liberty street. ^ lUMOTl ?__ For ltvf.p.pool-tapscott's LiME.-Ttig payor Ite packet ship OYVlMCRR *?l|> 1M Deoemher. Per freight or | isadh* ap-dy tp TAPBCOTT BROS. A CO., Mi South a tree'., and 211 Broadway. ' Fob kanaoawa. japan. The 3 IA1. 1. ahlp VIYNKJTAHA, 1.200 lotto, D. Burs let. dr.. eomirarder, win he deapatobed na abor... De-nutber 'J0. Far paaaage oahr, harlng auperlor aornmrnoUtlnna, apply to SAME EL 0. RE ED A CO., 181 Peart street ' tRAVKUKB!!' GUIDE. TTrpaON RITBR AND MARLKM RAILROADS. XJL Trains for Albany anj Trey. counseling with Northern and Western trains, leare New I oik. rla Hudson Rlrer Rail, road. Thirtieth atreet and Taatli aranun. 8 and 10 A.M.. anuft 46,0 Wend 11 P. M.; ead rla Harlem Railroad. Tw-e ty-*uih afreet and Pounh avenue. at 11 A. M .and 4:15 P. M. The 0 30 r. M. train rla Hudson Rlrer will run on Handera Bleeping caraattached t>8 80 and II F. M. trdlna. on"hW F. M. train ta alao attsahed ? sleeping oar every dar eg. canting 8a'uidart, wbteh is run through to Ogdanaburg rta R. W. and O. Railroad withoutehanre. Sunday train en If ndaon R rnr Rnnd. New York to Pnugh keepele and return. moving New York et * * A. M . anion Uartem Rood, Forty-'eciod attest to MiUerton and ratur.t, leering New York ?t 8 A. M. WU. H. FANDIRNTLT Flea President. P. FURWITURF. BSE WANTKih?FRENCH BABHRL PB ft OR (tiding desk; aecoad hand. Addrero Mr. whitehead. Wall atreet k CARPETS, DRDDIKfl. PARLOR AND _ ___ _ lulls. Pianoforte*, Ac, at NKNDaLL A ICOTT'8, M and 7U Hudson sttret, (arm of Canal. Pay ?tost takgn to weakly or monthly paymenu If praferrad. C8DRN1TURB. nr. OR AI F A TATT.OR, Nee. 17 ?cd*Si Boweir and 00 chrretle atreet, BTTLL OOMTINI'C TO RE TltR LA Nil EST FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS iff thr oirr. PARLOR, DININO ROOM cnamber furnttcbe and BBni>iN(X CANOPT AND WjtO^^.BD^ADS^^ aldl per neat redaetioa In prion. J ROB tfATBTANDS. IRON HATSTANDB. the nee teat and than [Wat for the atldayai a eplendld aaaorpnent si low price*, also piano an6 btork srouLd wV OARDNBR, M Canal atreet, New folk. DBIMTINTIIY. _ A MOST "wonderful DISOOTMlT. ?TEETH EX Iraeted without pa n (ten yearel by benumhina appbu lien narcotliatluti), Laughisg g?? fresh daily, liiteutifnl laelh $1. J. JAY TTJ LttU, IU Grand atreet, near i" -ad ray. /"toLTON DFNTAfi Aftf'OOlATION QRTOINATRD AND A :u*te * *,.',:,elly of the ut i of Nitriui tlgide Gra and e li .. >wi- tt I the only way which unlfot./ dc.,rer*pi'.a. f ? t a.a gleen it 'o or?n,|0,'rai patient*. Come to headduap. tere "f -e It < .?.per liistitaia. FlhR ARTS. inn photouhaphk <?r rsMAi k Br.AUTrKS. fo I vy fe -eai> Alau lOO PF ' 'grepja of enlehraiad a*, IdO ; I at,.? GenernU " I 07 0. ?o .VI. ? e ti-nira1 arr'ii' ml*a i M Ihe wh da 30. f..r H eeat*. Saul 41 aalfljean' adara** >a r~eibt of trlft .dfcaeA. -i frerJai Kaai I wen ^-eighth atreet, Ml tern ?tr. CAI^S VT AUCTIO*. * ootiov lonrR?n. r. intzFM aihtionbs*. /? THfB 1?AY 'FRIDAY). I' ."HMBHK 31. at 'cv 'olo hi O'lr ? ? ,ny>tu. 82 Cortland l street, FUBIlOH if SO ORB'l AN FANCY 0001)8 AND TOYS, CUINA AN1) BISQUE WAR';, H WORtfBOJp* DFFKS. GAMER, muter plated wake, ao. ?miprte!nf a tarn ouil desiruto asaurunsnt, la lot* to auU ko/m, , ALF.O. ?K ATEB-V1 pair India*' and fiW SkateC OvTli!.KY-lN duaen pocket Oitlerr. Fl'BB'iR <K*ODS?10 e isor Rubber Hall* and Toy*. Catalogues ou morning of isle. F. T. HAZELL A 00.. Auctioneers, ?S3 Cortlaodt etreet ?SAMUEL WVSN ABO.. AU0TT0*?BB?-418,080 ? worth of first class It nil i ahnld Km \ltura. at public auc? tlon, this day (Prldavl, ail'o'clok. at the ftve etorr brown atone house Nu. U West Six'eeath elr-et, between Fifth and With .scannor rancnlfloent itananed Pianoforte, r tool. Cove", UutieJUand euro?ood Rlagerea. superb Dlnln.nRooiu Suits, covered in hrnontel tape; Secretory. Bookcase, Centre Tables. Oil .Painting*. artistic Tlronae Statuary. Minora, Velvet Car H.? Curtains. Ooandeliew, Clock, Tares, Orna Mien s. rose ?oo' a d wobiut Dressing Bureaus, Ped'teada, Ward vol**, JTil', Spring ,Mattrra**s. 81i>hoard, Extension Table, t/h'tm, <l!*an.,R ;?*r Wore, Ta'larfhitlary, Linen. A J. BLFEOKKR. AUCTIONEER. HOUSE-) AND LOW FOE SALE. A. J. BLKE.'KER. SON A OO. wiH sell at 11 o'clock to-day, at T''tnluneo Sale. mm. Ilouae* IBS WeaOThlrtennth street: 749 and 751 Wnrttlnrton street; Lota on Fourth are. due. Hlfty-iwuiond. Nlne'y.iilnth, lUOth, 117th oad 138th ?treels, VapMit 77 Cedar sired. Aurrlok 8/CLE OF'OYFR SIO.JM WORTH OF M AO mfieent tfnu ebold Farnltt't K. TtOTTT, Auctioneer, wilt ?fU..lhJa d;-w TFridaT afternoon), D >oemt>rr II. atljrf o'clock. air HRtr elegant Ifouseholil Furniture at the four storehouse 118 OUaton pU'e. Eighth ?t. between Fifth and Birth a?nnne?. a magnificent rosewood Pianoforte, IS One <?11 Pointings, works of Art, Bronaes.lS P.ruosela and ta grstn OarnSU, a lot Af rich Perlnr. Bedroom and Dining rtonn FutnlUlDl. Biwn^and If air Mattress*;. Class, Chlun 'and Sllrer Were. Table uutlsrr. Ac. Salo positive. Aim AT FUND 800TKTV.?ArVNU AL 8ALE Of Pulnttmr* contributed by Heather* of the Fund, wtl! be ?oM at ouot'.on thle evening. :.WPo'clock, at the Natlonat Academy of .Design. Twcutv-thlrd street, comer of Fourth avenue, witbeat rueerrr. The Picture* are now on view at the gatl*riot. II. H. LEEDS ,fc MINER. Auctioneer*. Br HFNBY H. LEEDS A MTNKR Tli'.NItV 7f. I TIE OS, AUCTION* RB. On Thuradar ererilny, Dsn IT, sttftf o'clock/At the LRr.fiR' A RT GALLERIES, 617 and.ilIt Broadway, southwest ooraer of Tw- iflh ntreet, A voir fin- r'nrVATF COLLECTION OF AVRMCAN AND EUROPEAN PIOTT"FR FT EMINENT ANO Fa 'VOKITK AR TIRTS. beint the entire collection of two wall known oonnotsaeurs eotnnrising pictures*)/ fir:? BP RDPRAN AFT/aTH. Artthenbach, Wontc-a, Tcuusalut, Dttvciger, H. de IScnSl, David, fleaaelaehsp, I,. W<t|ems, Behermera. 40. Fa'tnuia, I sycttnrt, Flnsemrn, 0. Hnbneri Hoguat. Nnterinvu, A. Slegert, Verbecckhoren, Ortce. luuilaager, , Bremen. Beyrassat Ultra, Van f'lyeu, Uude. AM BUIC AN ARTISTS. Ollbett Stuart, Culrerbouae, 0.17. Deughtoa, Cole, O. Jl. Hart, J.'*0. Browa, r.>lmsn, Wm Hart, Kendal, V. NVhltg, W. II. Beard, Moran, K. White, D. Johtiion, Van Beeat, T. L. Smith, A W. Wsrrae. J. li. Brevoort, , andhvhera eon celehr .'cd. They srlll be nn cxh'bltion on-and after Saturday. Dee. 21, from A A. M to 84*. >1.. and until 19 P. M. two evening* pro tIouhAo sale. RV IIEKRT H. HEEDS A MiNKR. :iF.Jtr.Y' It. LFEDR. Auctioneer. On Friday. Dee.TS. at II o'clock, at our sslceroom No. 93 Telbwrtv ?irrftl, & inruft ru<1 solect stock of first oLasif Wines, RimndUn. rjgsr*. 4c. Full psHlculsrs hereafter. DT HENRY H. LKEO-l ft Yflrk.ll. IX HF.NRV H. LKBD8 IHnniftVErR, Attn? Lett* Art Gailnrles. 8'7 &n<l 819 llroadwty, a? th? sr?nj?>3k>f VP: DAY, ItK<- fit at IK o-c!.?V. A rrtmarknblj fK?.cr.d v.?ion of Puiotlng? bv th?4ywt Am? rif n artl*t* Also * io*r c'.#?c? fonvjen v hrka romriir th? property o.' a vro'Wtnnwn eoH^or nf TNltJnjor?, ?on-tgned ;irrtrr* 4 ArJ'Jfi* "-'l found three oft h? largest ana Uncut subjects ?ve? rTivsutia by And rcpre-irnl.UIre specimens nf thf fotlorinff American Artists:? ? Ki" ?ott. Crop in*. O.lford. I asllecr. W H. Heard. Sur.tim. Sir..'J?'1 n/hh,H. Wbittrldgo. Lnmhdlu. If ,-not. TV. T |{?ya Tail. Edmonds. ?. COTman. W. T. Flcntirtlj ripna.n. I-. Wi'mr. V"U r. Plonrrft. Vehl'tc. Vrs.Fb'nrnr. Mo-a!t?r. Toe r'Ic'nrer(hT Furei'm artist. r* by r*,!T'lV J.llct .? uer An!i"n. I.n alio. ? iltntte. Lar.fnnl d? VatK.'L*mI>ert. I>.v!d. Hurler. Jic-'im Vcyln. ('rniammn. Ooutr <ruItl'Jioo. I)i! err-v. J nmlr. fienru'rd / *? ?', ?*.Ro/ I"r. Pharow.'at D'Oreohlviller. ii* H? nrleh. Or.ii,a. Ruebttrd. Th.-c Wlll he .? etMJttolai wtlfa.c?ln.lopi"WF'.RE> .<aj|?id after Sstfrdajr, Dcoetnuer' , from *8 d. V towh P j| nll,i tbrec arming* serotinus lo thiAiale untl' 10 P. N. By '"ijfRV ti. rr:Er.a a mtxf.p. aucTioneer" RrrE'v ijia sxr.T or h.-'owt diamonds AND f-THVR.i *|>0'ri:0 fit ST CLASS .t RATE OPT On **tnrdey.,D#c. ?!. at li oVIoak, t, our, 9E l^ir erty t:frr.*V H*NRT H. I.HI- 1 A MTNRR WP1 soil by motion a E2? 5V *r , ;?4 7' fM ??. nreroaw. r meiuof I) ,xm ,nd* ZTTf. Vv.'-T4 ? 1 !%r.'- and Una Emerald, retelling elald w rat v with One hrllltant*. and Esrlitg* t? match. app"!i??d ai $* vn one sJnr'oestoiie Tin, Are carats on? .In., t.ntr uncut.; *. gant If is mood Seta. JlrO'- h and super. Cliistei Dtesi' nd Rings. ptn? ?nd Ear tlnce; D iroetidr ait IVrhe4. Pee ParTa movements; -l". main and wlit, Pe.,:|a ? ? Hnam-tled, Coral Knu. imbr, i\j ? r IT'. .?r. ,OTrhT. ?o?itl for the noli day. AM nf whioli wit'. b? ?i.!d wlthont roM i-m. 1JT HBWKV H. LEEDS * JflNIJR. KPBCIAT. f \1jV. OP PfttJIT CLASS COP'KS Of THE OLD MA-TPS, IV RICO CARVED . PLoni.sTrif. frames. ? . LEMo- A VINUR will wll by auction, on Prt r e ' ? V . tn il,oea"nrT ever our elnre, TI' ? * r."*'^n' llma.lway. an Inv.Mee of ?"rv Sne CnrlA f f h? Old Va?lnr? to rlcli earved l'lnr. o?ln? tl1*' ' '*d dlrret from Eurono; aloe an Invoice or original Enror, ? , an I Atr.ert-in IMHorra be rrti,' 1 of me lt TWwIt! he on "Thlhlt on, as above, oa Tuesday meinlof, free, nnUI the .a'e. nr henry n ur.?s * mink*, ? . ? RBNSr?. I EROS. Auotloueor ?:a.1h^H**Mr"r *' 11 111 ,h-,r ??'-"?vm M.a SD1TRB "Mt!?!AV IHPD'irED TEW ELET. "p T?i. ifAT, stt'.i -. ?:.-(> \ tip wrr.n is Oarats tiik IIAT.ANCB.i? A Vf. K.VOVN i,r?Jj,iVAT H(HT"? HO. D T?? CLOSE A LATE CUPAitTtiRfUIUIP. tul1 particulars heronftc. BT HRNKT IL LEF.'tv \ 'tv , lit VRV n. LFBDS Au.tfnnar ON SATTRDAV DEI tt AT 1 OC1 DC* E Jf Skwjt^Rv'sAi'* 91 Uu'rtykl'**t ""KOoteiyafWtbo tRH -'?t'NK AND OT'IKH COSTLY "t'RS t."pS .n?VL\W''.,; D, ALS* FIRST CLANS runs, to ti?*.' th* I mi? ?*?. AJi""! Ml lots constat!nr "f TF \L M'NR 'UJPFS. CAPFS COXi.AtIF, COLLARETS ivn 'TFF-%11 flr.i riiv,' mar.ufaetnred for M.e BRO tl)WAY CirsTOM TF.ADE aud wirrmud. AUo ? fin? l?? of rnn^WW'd FUM, to rinetr of n?. tfiinl ncd etT.f*?. All ?oli without reeerrt. ., Can be teec 00 ino?,tln4 of mla. BT SI IN Hit A SONKTtYfT.'.E. * IMPORT V>T .IAS F. OF VALUABLE . ?BLOODED HORSRS. IN FRONT OF'f. U.fciiROO*. *} NASoAP 8TRRKT _ _ _ BATtntliAV. Dm tt nt II 1'ntoob, OETFRSATKD 8TALLI<?N St ACT ALBION. B rears -f '?"'JT; *,r'" br OI*h Cheatham the dlatlna tlehed ^'.'itlTcr.oVna ? Qf K*C"A?ld. THOroennnRED MARE SILVER HFELB, 4 years 0 i' P Chcituam, cut nf Morgan Trotur Peth horses srcpsrfeetl* soon! and raont va! .able cock. I'lB psdljrrcc and p?.dtcite.ri In to-mcrrnw'i ITersld. Mesnrs. wTNI.R A dOMvtRViLT.K offgr iin!uianwd ad vantages In locst'oo. enparieoce aud h lolness ospaaUr to pa:tlc? wishing to buy or tecrlas to a-i! ilornoo. '??TrVti ?or cnyialng psrUinlsgto the horse bnMnass. Br MtNEB A SOVrnvILLR. ArcriON' BsZ sale orriotjHriioLD tutuoeficr vitssinrRi aI*ALEc?OOV J7 NASStr strrpt, 8ATCRDAV, 3, AT 1W</DClAcE. BT THRALL A RBOS. A_ TH.9 DAT, FRIDAY. AT tl fDCLOCR. AT THEIR SALESROOM. 42 I.IBKRIJT ?rRn.TT. Arrtrats Stacker T,l,i?en. As.. e?msl?'tngof vary Boor ^ ? ^7* **??*???Tstndntsr, MeOlBben SsA Mot,no. kr Ac *** Madeira N.oca, Apple srd Irish Wbls. Al?> 49nse*t nnsrkllng Moselle ChampsgoA Ostslog'tes sad simples BOW randy. B E*J. F. THRALL. ACOTIONKF.K. Lit? S*)??m?n K H. Ludlow JJL?0>*r rjjtcv ooonii. CLOCU, I'^mAND^KUN WARE floods on ethlhltioa at No. ? I thortr ?ftDNO, ACCTIOVIER, WILL SELL AT \J 417 Ninth avaaao, ssarThlrf^ Bfih rtrvoc. UUs?,, ,Al. 1! 'W "Woe*, a splsndld aesonmsni of new and n<> Hani e'egai-t Pa'ts of Farn'ioia. Carpst* Mirrors AV'oh Tablet,* Bedstoad' fcds BifilS ? *e A raro hanw Chairs. Bklcn Bnreaas. W ??__ >0 procara usef-.! boll lav pmsents. T3IFCUT01VS HALF..?WILLIAM RRNNRLI.T. ACC ITJ I'onear. will ,ell at auction en Trldar. Dec Tl at xi lt" *"*a?fa tale.r^aa. Ill Rr idway U# vain qbla fjB Lot, with fo# story frame 11m.. on r-ar. No. 104 Rati Tweoty-ecTsnlh atreot. between Ttrst ai d sacoad are ntioe Maps at soetloaeerNofllee, 14 Plae .tract " J1SJ HbUTA xnu *011'lldlR P.( nbcJmiAIRES, UIOAR holders AND OAS! Tmwhleh special attend, a Is otllef. *"u Also, no elegant rcsewood mund cornered Pianoforte. TT ?J*KUN(L ADCTIi'NBN* SNELLINfl A lis ADA MB. Ati.Urrn and C<mrr|..lao Men.! ants 914 Bmedwar, New York, odor thalr services to their friends sad the pnhlk g"nereHy in the sbnve line of trade jhe lo! ss'htn sad moms ee'cried era nasi,-passed for sales at aactlon of orery kind of goods especially foe aMa. Va trsvlngs, Fsnev articles. Dry Oco le, Vork. "f Ari Ar ord *rs and cons gnmcnlo In srerv department of the i?u?l! " H* H"Syrma *"hLL1NU A ADAMS. I P ut ,i:t H Ans?a REIERRNCBS- tsaoo T. Smith, Eao President y.'M PllUn Having. Rank. Me I Third iosw: oTo P Potn'^ ? Hon. rnbHsherk sill l> road war, Henry IL Clark, la? ijaiA, West A Co. tmportor* 460 Broome itrsat? Hon Jsidm Wsdswnrth. msrel.anl, 41 Cedar sired; p q "p!,? SfJ" A C? President L'fe Insnrance Carnpaoy. enrasr Ttrosdwar end ra!*oa .ireet- s a. Stowe.l, k?) ASmw$ Hw.|? end shoos 47 TV a mm itrtst. John Todd Km dlt goods n Hude .n alreet. ***?? ?T HBNRT N, AL'CflONFIl'lC CLOSIf/fl HALE OF KLEflAMT FKiTNCH AM. QEHMAN TOTB fiom fancy owms, sc ",T"' FRIDAY DRO. tl, AT II OT^ Wt* AT THK BAl BATlbJlWo 1? HR aDWaT PoS TlTK1 V WITHOUT RMmhYk * AI-^ Of BATl'RiiAf AT 11 M'dl Of? Wf.ol hi-r, 'to klarkew lisarer ? loths htsry ^s'lcets. , BALMS ATJICOTIOS. He^ry-n. A UfiTION BKR-?A^iooicS Maaeau atreet, opposite the Poet o&on. OPENINO 8ALB OP KINK ORIGINAL MODERN OIL PAINTINOt8* AT THE WNKAKT GALLERY 01 PI FYS AVENUE, Sh BTHWE3T CORNER FOURTERNTU St. 'miner a wl" "ft 'S ?? lh(Mr? ul KDl(riotix Floe V rl Gsllerr, HZ Fifth keener, on 1 hill !?d ? ?t 7 Vf OV ock Dec. ?end ?. . | ?nil HiiRonllrct'nn ofik '?ioal modern OB Painting*??m?t-? be A. D'HuTTetirr K'\ ?of Antwerp,-and nevar before e*. hlbliedln thli country, "blek are work* of the ML lowlnyrmlneat Europe iiy*"?!.'. ??:? . LonL. itobho. BevtSV1?'. It TsnhtieJi, P.. t'erhookboveo. H.'BebVf?'"> ' J- NtrobeC J. V.^ "' M. V (Lwhkook. JAffhtaSh, A. Er-nek, fl, I cIckrA J. J.'Spohler, T. R art en, Van len Eyd'ten. X .?"**' W. Tenkate, li. SavrT, ?, Kruaami*, T. Kranote, J, Mavoha, ? ? 3f,i2!a* F. Vooaebha, A T. Vrrlmrev Ball,* W??b Car/Hu*, . . end other* of celebrity. A'ko, front tb? buUi| Meet m Rowlca. Gr eet A Ca, Of Perls. ?*amjBee of? Trueon, A. Moulin* W. the*. T. Pre re, j. v??r. *t, Julaa Nod. 2r P L Couturier. B. Hlobal, P. WUIeina, . L' Tifir t d* Mrtx Condor, **.. da, A* Aleo, from a pnratf collection. the work* of? Thoi. Colo, Tho*. Doughty, Geo. Na eteod. B. Anderson, Joeeph Yorne( J. ?? MoMtp, ?ad other*. , ' ? AL.NO, the Urge ond elegant Paint in* entttted OABT ASHORE, The a bore wlH he opeu fur exhibition oa-and after Mem der. dor nod oreolng, and trill be found on eiamlithllee W, be die flneet oolleotlon dfferad at adctlnnehle aoaton. t HBNRT D. MINER, AUCTION I KB. SALESROOM * Naeeau timet, oppoelto the Poet ofltoa. MINER r'romkP.YII t u wUl eellat amnion, on Prtdae. Dee. *1. at 11 o'clock, at their ealcaruoui, ST Kiutn utrort. a prlrato eoUeetlon of Oil 1'uinffnae, Water Colore and Pen* Drawing*, hp the following artists:? P. Villain 11, RenoCitrnord, LoupontaBo Mote, MMfWHK LeSooe, T. Marrbn, 8. Nolle man, Ocnta. C.P.Retm. W. Hart T. A. Wobarda. F. O. C. Dai?ey. Wm. Crate, J. 0. Thorn. O. Coleman. Leiubdln, Senltag, w. T. Richard* Stone, Vf. Ranner and other*. Tor are ntnr en eabtbiUon, and wUl bo told without im oerra. ______________________ TTESTP.V FRLTMAN. AUCTIONEER.?tlHARLEM LI N1KNRATH nulla Oil* day, al 12o'clock, at U*. i gate a'.reet. near Broadway. the entire Horee* and Wagon a# Thoma* MrWhlnnle'adSxpmao. Bala noMttee. ttenry peltman, auctioneer, will sell this n day. at 10X o'cloek,-ac78 Broome etreet, the Biook and Fixtures of a Lager Brrr Saloon. Bale In lot*. TTENRY4PELTMAN, AUCTIONEER, WILL BELL THli 11 day, at li o'clock, at 206 Weal Thirty-aerrntb otreet, tbe entiro Stock and-Furnltura of a Saloon, wllh the Luaan of boueo. T BOO ART. AUrrnONEKiL-NATURDAY, OrtOB*. . bor *3, at loy o'clock, at ibo auction room* No ' North Wllllnui etrrnt. Xortgaxe *alo. Large aseortroerl ol " >t hold rmnitttio. coarletl.iB of Parlor Suit*. Mahoi.' inT lunmec*, Coti ><a rnmitare. Bora*or, Waahalanqe, llatr MaUreaae*. l'ouircr Bed* and Beddine. Xltche i Foro'taret O) Velvet. P.rin-ieU *nd Tt'eo-plr OarpoU; LV) Ollt F.tmea and Malioyauy Prarne LooklUf Glaaaox, the stock of a look* in,; flniui manufacturer. _ _ _N U VANDEWATER. AT.0TI0NE3R, 1PP LIE ertr atroet?Tbl* dar, at li hi.. 11,-niee, Wagni.a, Her neaa and Bobee. Llcbt bay Hone. lr,U haoda, 7 year*, kind an I eound, without fault; a'rrd by Clay In Orange eountm and trotted at fatr, three liaa'*,. in 5 Si, 3:V9' '? and Vfli J??r Blood bar Horse, known at I lib At/ Iillali Colt 1CX buidr, f {rare, kliel and eound. without fault or triok, nod trote 6U. Shifting top Wacom Hroy, maker. Bay Mare hand". 7 ye"r*. kind In all horn",*: free and alylleh. A ftoties. BlaokeU.Ac. Aleo tav.iral other Horace of M OOUGHTY,' AUCTIONEER, . will aell ttile (lav. V'r day.-.and to-morrow. Saturday, rit il o'cl./ok ? ? en day, tl " ciiU/e "took of a furniture dotuor and mauufecturar?vlx, "ar'or Chamber, Library und iMa* tee Room Suit*, to walnut, rnnnvnoU, oak and rnhhafUM two I'I* n of or I c, nriteiale, Veleet und Ingrain Carpet*; *4*. eral Fi.'ncli Plata \|!rror*. Half Mnttreaiea, Be-idlng. m. The wliolo for'abaolifte ealo. ?htTARSHAL'S SALE ? RIOITAHI) WALTER'S, ADO iv i tlon"er. will aell thta fPridoyt, al 11 o'rloek, at Na. 36.'! TiiirJ atreot, one Ktrc Engine uallod Live Oa':. JOHN T. STEWART, MarxhO. T>AWNBROEBR'9 SALE.-THTS DAY. AT BELL A IN I GRAHAM .1, H :.*w Bo.varr. 10/ lot* of men'r and worn. iii< Clothlnx.iloata, Panta.Vr.xta, Silk and otl.rr Dreeeait Boou, Bhoea. By older of S. D Moaa <U Cjlh .rlxia at'act P WNIIROKBR'S SALE JOHN MOPI1MER, IS EAST Briadwny, will aell, thl^doy, a larya lol of Men'* CVotlr lug. Heaver and Ctotii (iiereoai*, Ruelne* < and frock IteiL Taate V-ela, 3.1 . wel'. wo- ihy the aLentlou of danism aal o'.h t By urder.-U. MeAleouan.dU Eighth avenue PAWNBROKER'S R?LE.-7HIS DAT JAMRE AGAJE will #*11 at H New Howry, at II o'clock, 400 let* m W./meu'* l:li/lhlng.*. 0'-|U!1, Bed*. Skate* and Car per. P. Oauti.7. 67IW-laioii ?t -eat. r> FIELD, AKCTK>..E>i:-'UL!>BOOSI <N PKlU. It. arnttET. A-UCTION BALK OF CLOAKS. o*i tLS dn . (FrM?yi tie- II, *t ft ?$4 kiiJ JJ> lliinal (Street. t mur of Rrotdtrey. The linnet *tr?-': . ?? abort, n!T-r*'l at i. no'-ion thlft NMBt to wh sh tUft attention of buyers I* tnritad, ?? tbft wit! l.o ?ol4 pernmptartly. DICHARD WALTBRS, ATCTIONEBK, WILL "El* IV At * o'clock I'. M. ton 8*"<r!?y, lite "took of M III nerf OoMl, Hate, Jockey*. Ac., At No. I DlrW'nn r.troel, noraeP Of Cftthlr'.UO. Kftl" pOftttlre ft04 without ICftOFTB. CHERIFrS HALE -RICIARD WALTERS, -j Conner, forftnoounlof wli?rn tt dm; concern, ... ?u Bft'.nrdfty. ?t II o'clock, wt one Inn ?tor#, 17 ant! til I Rrondwar, a 1 ,rqc quantity or Mtwlery, Wtifi'loa OoodA IKuxJft, i , pet. r-onieg*. Hftla, Cn|?t, llftlir.oral Hkirtft, HeftR Cutlery, and t ?ale. a Eat) 1m4A .mSm err, (ir; .!, Shawl*. Kltbotl". Fringes, CoreeU. UlwM other, good* put up lu trade lota. Goods mo red da f m s? IT.ItH W><>KS AT AUCTION.-THURSDAY. PRIORI and Saturday, at 4 o'H vk p. m eaoh day. Rteipuw 0!irt?;n,** Rook* belni a oholoo nclertloov.f elegantly bo>?4 ^noh* from the h-st ?loe? of.n App.nton A Co. CatalefiMB riuulr ?od .books tia sfthlbiUon. LL A V1T1, UTKEBBIGH A CO.. 4M Brow!way. WM. (^TEAMKRH AfUOO AND FIJLTON FOR BALE. The ?bore .'earneri will be offered for aula ftt eaMIe awn* tloo on SATlt KDa Y. Druomoor 1?. 18S6. at !1 o'clock no ?% at thr Mftrrhaoia' Kcehanjn, Trinity Buildings, by JOHN ? L"Al'KR & AO.. Auctlor,"*ri. Ho. 7 Pro..'lway, New York, P'ootnbne 19. UN. THt DM All UAFrNEY. ALT HONKER -SAI l8i"K>MRI Kir! lb arenue, trill call thle day. Friday, December SL | ,JH88,*n' II o'clock, A. M , the r. Iienaar Victory. Anchor, and I t'uaina, and everything at>acu?d, at tbe foot of IT ousts* ?'r ?t, North rtrer, terina eaah. Sale peaUift rata ee i fthlue. . WITTCRA, AUCTIONHBR, 8FLL8 THIB DA* at 3 o'rl *>k. at 4.44 (laatl fttreet. I'arler Bulla FN# C .uaae. < >11 l.'I'ttha. ii second baud Carpets, Centre, DbM end Tee Tablet; Hefa Rada Rokini nod other Obaim, hie J walnut, mahogany and enamelled Bulla: Heir and othdR MittruMea. Failher Made. Blanket*. Spread*. Linau '?hieta China Olaift. jllrer Ware. Store*, and ererytklnr Uftrfui aai naeoftairy fnrScnftakaeulBfi. Atao mi browa Ileree, elgBf ream old: Duffy. Wagon, Harness, Ac. Coed* period aM snipped. WILLI A If AE.tOTT, AUCTIONEER-OPTICS . IIS .Chatham square aalt* on Helurttay, at I o'eVi k the Siock>-->nd Pliture* of the KeeUurnnt and Drtekteg Baled* ?>J 1.1,>edway, corner of Twentieth street; urf* Fraonh i rran, oak arm Chilr*. aaar ile lop end walnut TaMed. BU*ie?porean Painting* bold In lot* to rloee a panoerehhy. WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTION BRR-OFPICII M Chatham aqaitro, ft*II* 'a tbla day, at IUW a'olnok the Slock and Fir.u.r* of toe whulcaale and retail Liquor BMM at IAS vr oo*'?r atreet, barrola ol Bo urban. Brandy, Om, Wtnea. Clfara. Ac. A LADY WUtNTS A SECOND BAND B0BBW?0$ Plana for her little flri: 'Till pay a hoot AiSO for a ?e>ka bin Inetincnnut. JJrc *'J<. iim.ia, .betdOB HenddnRtom ARION PIANOFORTE.?OCR STOCK OP PUNO* fur tne'holM <y s?le* la now very aoatplett, aad ran be d'llrered er aoun as onlrred. We alee hme m i,umbor toilet Meoufaotory aad warereosi* 1*7 aad 1MD Bewery. MAXNEB ACQ. AORSAT OilANOF.,-SPLENDID PIANO, RLKOANT* 1/ not up. by bn*t m?kena: all laper,Temet.U; war* raa'aa: u?ed a ahart lines; must be'as Id, owner Daartag. Mi Htceoker atreet A LABOR LOT OF NEW AND HBSOND WAND PtA. aoe ftt retail for wholesale prior* lir'or. the boUdayC Plane* to rent or sold en uastnlmonU, e* 14S KuM Twenty third etrent. ne?r Third arcane. A FAMILY WILL SKLL THEIR MAORIriOMWf rarred rotnwood Pianoforte, worth $660. for le** ma* half: ?*?cn nrlare. .warctr tn( Iron frame, nearly new. Ar ply aI m; Last Tenth atrset. A PIANOFORTE FOP.|HALK-8KVP.N OCTAVE. ROM* wood, nmrelmn( bane round ooracre. carred ley. fa A rich yet. A bargain If aold thi* week, tSSu At ieAJBlkf atreet, near Broadway. Amaoniucent brtrn ootavr ROB7WO<? Pianoforte for enlc, midn t? nrdcy by d'r awt<*r fulw fiiaeneteed. lifted lira month*, ooat Adoq fo: I no incleAa$ lonl ndoertr I'lrler Suit*. Elnqr.cft Book fton. Palntinfto Bru> res, Cbsmbe r and inu'.r.g Furniture, China, (lite ar* ?Hirer Ware; a eaertSoe 44 VVe<t HUtncnth atrem, eM0 Bliti arenue. BAROAIN,?S180?MAONIPICKNT EO HE WOOD PiARfe, forte, Ltghte A Bradbury m?V?r?, al*e ecraral pew end second bend PUneforta*, rerr low. ooe nmft.Ocettl P eetare fnnbalf prion, nearly new. ?> - ntharaaae Cenpnr fnalltnte TJtMERSONH PIANOS - GREAT REDUCTION W Fj twice* Cn*tirpa?aed fer ton*, flalab good r r>W> ehtp and durability. Warmated fer Are yearn. Fumae M rest. CA. MU N u P.lC Q4 Pr e?lwfty._ For bale?a pkepklTlt new uprkiwt nvar** Ing Ptenn fboeed). Caa be seen at 81 Wect ?tr?*t. J J Km SEVEN OCTAYE PT |NDB, WITH ? l?j?. ore-it une lw*e*ftB(Pv"werful tone: w ?7",'* P3 I yftftre, at S.*?. Jl-o a .?*??! b.nd meewead Hjpu KJ |l M; an uprlah' far *7S No ii? fhlrd ereeu* oetwe* Twentmlh end Twantrdtret ctrrwa _ PIANO?A B PI UNDID "***1 PIANO, '*f?P7S? order JHke new, *n.table fer any pnner m a ?*? iw sale at 483 Broome etr, el. ? EIANOB-RLEOANT i erjeta. OBelt Iroum nnll*, Ac., HoUftce *treet. corner n( Canal r nr month y |.?ymei.t? 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