Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 24, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 24, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,073. NEW YORK, MONDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1860. ? PRICE FOUR CENTS. PBMIOIU. B u -rsmu A MOI. ADDRBM MKKCHANTB' Hotel. ?" AT.?CRNDRt LLION. WRITINO ON TMO gramme. IfipNOHwINU address ta C. D. 8. Mm A. ..?LOOK fOI A LETTER FROM 0. RAND STREET OA* 1ATURDAY. ? 1*. M.-TWO Mailt Nek* Personals Monday. Please and iddrm >. ud W., Herald aM* RMATION WANTED?OF PATRICK HIOGINS. OF tir^^^a^'sss^S'usfw. FORMATION WANTED.?MRS MART EMILT PAOB. daughter of Ikt iMv of aeinelhlnJM Id to Hennhh Carpenter, WAItTKD.?MHH MART KMILiT rAUK, he late Wlllett Carpenter, of Newcastle, blng to bar advantage by (coding hor ad arpealer, widow of Oilbort Carpenter, ?. ll.?8OFFERING CANNOT IMPAIR LOVE. Toura gavo ooarage, hope, aadaraaoa Bat coma, IB TOCNG OBRMAN LADT WHO WAS ON TBOB8 day, about two o'rlook, oa a Boeond avenue oar, aad lead a gontleman who got oat at Forty-seventh street, flaaaa addraaa F. J. B.. Herald oftoe. riLL THE GENTLEMAN WHO WAR by a lady at Parfcloaoa-o on Saturday RECOGNIZED aftoroooB eon a favor by ooadlag hla addraaa to B. L., (tattoo O. LOIT AND POUND. FORMATION WANTSD OF A TRUNK WHICH WA8 1 depot on_ which hii Itty llall place. to aa express Bwa to laaveat the Hudson Bail* December 5, directed to Mr. Nelson, Blag Slag, a not eiaaa been beard of- Addreea B. Began, -WO REWABQr-A ROLL OF MONBT. CONTAIN, tag about WOO to IJ70, wae loot leal evening between iblngton place and Broadway to tha French theatre, tak the Broadway oara at WasBlnrtou place to Fourteenth ___ __ .. piaoa ?I There were Ave too notes of the Notional Fork Bank, dader will reoeirn tha above reward and tha lhaaki of a clerk on leaving It at 718 Broadway. WT-A BILK UMBRELLA AT BAN FRANCISCO Minstrels, Saturday even In*; Initialled. Finder please na Wm. J. Fryer, Jr., Iron works, 117 East Tweaty ttr?ON SATURDAT, DEC. W, A BAY HOB8B; has a nngbooe oa one hind lag, and blind In on# eye. ay one returning htm to Owen Baglejr. 3tf avenue B, reeo Fourteenth sad Fifteenth afreets, a suitable reward he given. K-SATURDAT a -? ROLLS PAPER HANGING Border., merited "J. A 8." >10 will be pulJ for re ef same to 7R Third aveaat. ?'.-ONE FUR OLOVK. ON SATURDAY EVENING, in Chatham street to East Broadway. The Under will id return it to 4) East Broadway, UP one pair of Hairs, rd will be given. r-SATURDAY AFTERNOON. IN GOING FROM Houston to Fifth street, In First avenue, e small Pock "L eaaulningtwo >40 7. SO Treasure notes aad about >8 ency: also a few receipts. Tha finder shall be llbe rewarded bv returning the sema to Thomas E. Trlpler, r yard. 307 East Fourteenth street. LBN-PROM AN EXPRESS WAGON, CORNER Fulton and Orange streets. Brooklyn, Saturday lag. December IX, about en o'clock, a medium sized ; Trunk, with card on top. marked J. W. Knappen r, IddWeal Twenty-third street; else express tab en marked M Baloben PI. A liberal reward win be for aay Information that will lead to its reeovery by M. Frsssr. Ml Waalilngtun stieet, Brooklyn. RKUAHOI J**??POKTMANTRAU^LOST FROM *Vr^ -P*r Q1 Snturday night about twrtw o'clock, be 1 j**.80**? ?*cdl "Up; U contained drawing gown. book. muole and a few Itema of ralun only to tbo ria?V r?"?rn">?J' to Howard Paul, ot Flrth'a m? Mil Broadway, tbo dndnr will bo IHwrally rewarded. "WARDWILL BE FAJD FOE THE RETURN 10 ?p Wnt iINm of a Mack and tto J. Mil* MarrtA Strayed fmai tbo premise *? 'Mil aoun. Had on a red and white oollar. C REWARD -LOST. OH SATURDAY DEt KM J**? I" f-taf from Twrnly-flrat (Arret to Tblrtiolh k la a Twaoty ttur l street atagc. or In a Tbtrtyfourth ?nr going down a Ud?a gold hunting note Watck. Ho. lA. Arnold, maker. WWrer will rat urn It to Mo U Twenty drat (tract will reueiro tbo abora reward and a of owner. ____ ) H'SlilRiSffi IK T"E WASHROOM. AT /tbo Fifth Aran no Hotel. a SoMtalrr Diamond Ring ' y *""?) Rtiig. The abora onward will bo y leaving tbo proportywitrOban H Naylor, at Aaooa ^ornor of nprlag and Crosby streets. 0 RRWARD.-LOBT, oh OB ABOUT WEDMES. .* Cl0,t<r Diamond Ring of toow Tbo Sudor Wtu please return It to M Bt Mark's New York?and ncelr? the ibort reward, or as nucb io thoy tklnk lo right, and no qnesdWaeiw. ;A REWARD WILL BE PAID IN ADDITION TO .jL "fi Mkan, upon tbo rntnrn of tbo nrtlolw &asS ss? ar ^ "? P holidaypek?e*t* ?DEBT PLACE IN BROOKLYN TOR OTBTKRg, P10KLBD or In any STYLE, ^.*^iSHSteLAiA'lP NKW tsar. AT DOXIHICK COLOAN'B SALOON. ? t'bntan atroot. nwr Fulton, Bcioklyn. IBEFI'L AMD APPltOPRI ATE GIFT / FOR CHRISTMAS t?R NEW TEA Ed. ta^couM be more uaofnl or approprlAto for A holiday SCHOLARSHIP Broadway*" P*ck*rd'? B iatneao Onllrgo. located to meet thorough Institution for tostrucUeo In tba no of a bnalnma sUoeailou In tbl* country acbotarobl^ good In forty aii , ol leges. sold at ron open dartog boDday weak. Can and gat circular. R. B. PAURaRD, Principal. DTITJJL A*D SUBSTANTIAL HOI.IDAV prkb aln-Oold. allrer and Irort mounted Walking C 7 deaciipt Ion. The largo.I. chanDest and boat aai a tba city, ran bo found at A. COX'S BOMB. BMa TINlfcD?SLAUGIITHE Of BABIES. IDAT GOODS, TOyFaND PRESENTS OFtALb DEB, EMEEOIPERIEB: lUBBOyg. YELYEPt, I0SIBBY, CMDERWP.AR. SCAUPS, MDEPBL >U GIMPS, EUTTONN. DRESH TRIM Ml NOB /ima TABLE DA EASES, QUILTS. PLANME LB, TOWELS. CURTAINS. OORMETB AMD Hoot SKIRTS, AT ?aLEMTTNE A ffll.T, II Fonrlb aneag Opposite C-etpai iMlbiio Pnrb. L RAIT, Ml CORNER OF WAB. ?Horn A Splendid Assortment of ?M PAMCT OtjODo. BT ORSATLY REDUCED Po./ oB WTMAB AMD MMW TEAR PRRaRRTS. REDE*. tbo celebrated CboanUte maoafhrtorv. SD lay. wM oanoso for ml*, on Saturday. Bd Inst. bit d deck of French r?nry Boi??, Mm M t: rj?j?^u?z?zr.s"rtjr;.z a and Karroos Utncee, AB A HOLIDAT OTPT BANT IS iron. lertdMdMmRI ebony, nop!rr marble. piacziaBI ywrSsa. No beouttfalty Illustrated sod print. ' and .la*, r ? UNOARD'B Hi/toRT OF ENGLAND s<sa-? arRii As^b^r^^R^.EiB'Skn ieibr ?rattan. Curran. PluukMA O'Connoll and NAM ? HBMBT CIST'S COMPLETE WORMS, by Calrln Cotton. < rola. too. PMn'od on ttntad LA? ffluiffj OF''JuVEnIlE BOORS. I' O'SHEA, PnbiMbwond Inrmar, tl MarrJoy atroot. Now York. ? FOR THR IIOI.IDATB. WATCHES. WATCHES. ' mderidgned her. born laatrwn^ by tbo monufao in Mil tba balana. af 'bstr largo UorA nf LADIES' ASH ?;F.>tn OOLD AMD SILVER WtTi IIE? AT ERALE PltORs, DURINO THE HOLIUATS CELT QUIMCHE A KEUGLRR. AgrntA | Mno. S aad M Jukn Mrort. np stairs IDAY JRWRI.RY ?AT E T II tT WARD'S, ?? roodway. mm Mo. I. op tialra, i an bo foaad tbo I T?rl?tr if Aowalry," . ' Star and all tr Bmbtaaa, Pin. n?d Cb.rm? of any plww hi tbo *^A.m!nMr5tr' ,r"^U ****?"* ioat c'lODO-dunr rrcrivrii a trry ttnk laortmont of Jmdmp Eonaota, In tbr > ?trie, at T, * Bamng., Brww|.?, iTit ?r>'1 Il?ir Pino, Fada, ?. f orl'? and d. SVura. 1^,41..', aa4 mMM tptici^ioi fMmoB, MiNn Mivtrt.i.iuit it fiti Mt Ktorawb mrwA "So moot wwM^nrmmalCng! olasswabe, tea " 2-*g! ^. .2??. "?????. Ar A tree' "1 Tawr Quod* 'rrynnaap, at C a. BALDS N'?. j^Olt HOL?^aY^EBE NT* FOR HOLIDAY CEREENTE SH5w. sJSbS^lP^ -"'-rEnrLC";^ w.?5tEas "lp ,UI,'HE5E^ ^^^I^^Hducation.-thoro^^^^^^H JX. tloel infraction In nil Commercial aad Bngltah ffissss^ff^^RRH^rRss^sKaiaM'flr Sowarj. Private tuition day and evening. Apartments for Am TO U Mi; LADY. OP 8BYERAL YEARS' BXI'KRI ? onoa, desires n poaltlon la n seminary to taaob roonl mule and piano, or aa (oreraeaa ta a private family. Baal reference. Address Miss X. P., station D., Past oflee. A LAD1 WHO HASAN MM THOROUGH KNOWL A edge of Spanish and English desires to giro laasona In I tkaabaaa IWBBMilkMrilBMlMlMHMM moderate. C plana, Blaaek language* at the rasldanee of panlla or at bar Id aura teach In a school; high est reference; terms Osll or address C. E. Martins* Mo. J CarroU A T PAJNES, <1 BOWERY, AND M PULTON 6TNMP A. Brooklm.?Bookkeeping, Penraanship, Arithmetic, Heading, Spelling, Ac., taughtb strictly prlrala rooms, fora algnars taught the English langaatfs by American las "her* J A WIDOW, WITHOUT ANY INCUMBRANCE, DB A sires a situation as nursery governess or as supeiinten-1 aires a situation aa nursery goremess or aa supeiinten _ t of a widower's family. Address Governs#*, oars J. C. Thompson, 778 8th ar. A|T HAI.V PRICES FOR ONB WEEK ?GOLDSMITH'S Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Ac., 768 Broadway. Spe cial Notice?All who snter their names during the holidays will he received at juet one-half the usual prices far the _j ,fy_ term beginning January E A great opportunlt^^^^^^J teaches bonfchasplag TbOOKKKEPINO, WKITING. AC.. FOR BV8INB88.? X> Mr DOLBKAR. ?0? Kroadwav, leec A? sr. DOLBKAK. nop Kroadway, leeches bookkeeping praetloaily, as tried in the beat Naw York houses. Ha also Irsaaovea stiffness, cramping or trembling, and maken ele gant business penman, denuemen can secure prlrala rooms. fJVRBNCH IB 8IXTT LESSONS.?$6 A MONTH. CON r raraatlen Neither grammar nor dictionary le required. Professor JOSEPH J. GRIERRE, 184 Fourth avenue, near Twelfth street. tIN DEN HILL SEMINARY, AT NORTH ORANGE. N. J., one Mock southeast from 8C Mark's Church.? i grounds are spacious and high, overtook ing the entire country. In fhls new and beautiful seminary boys are thoroughly prepared for business or oollege aud have the true comforts of a homa. Twelve boys Is the limited uumber. No day scholars. One recency It open. Address Principal, or come nan see. TBEACHERS WANTED-PRINCIPALS,assistants and ? correspondents everywhere. $800 to $2,600. All mutually A correspondents everywhere; fnx) to 82,600. All mutually Interested; $IS for transfers; membership $&. National Tenchera' Institute, 682 Broadway. RICE A ANDREWS, Principal* SPORTING. FINE LOT OF SINGING CANARIES AND FANCY storo 488 Bit DAVID VE? Bird Cages for holiday presents, ?tore tSO ^roadway. ALL EIND8 OF FANCY DOGS AND BIRDS, AO., for sale?At R. DOVBY'S, 398 Canal street, near Church. Medicines for all aanlne diseases Prepared food for mocking birds. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR SALE-FIFTY built ofoek and -opper fastened; has accommodation* for eight persons besides the crew; Is well found in every re spect. Apply en board at foot of East Tenth street. SPLENDID LOT OF CANARIES AND OTHRR singing Birds, just received from EurepePslso a varie ty of fancy Cafes, suitable lor presents, J. H. COLLIER, 78' Fulton street. N. Y. A PAIR OF FINK BLACK AND TANS NOR SALE? male and female: also a splendid tnonss rolorad Italian Grvyhuund^femala; very finely bred: will be sojd toreiher or * "77 Bo separate. Can be seen at877 Bowery, neat to Fifth street. CONSTANCE KRESS IHIRANC18 BUTLER, NO. 3 PECK SLIP. HAS ALL THE ? ch<>lre breeds of Dog*. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Elteruiinalor. 79 ceuta. Butler's atw work on the Dog, $2. Dogs trained, boarded. Ac. Medicines for all die F?c BRO R SALE?THREE YOUNG MALE LIONS. ATSQ ^?MHtohia Kike, at street. ? one pair of Rocky Mountain Elks, at CHAN. HKICliE A ROTIIERS Bird Store. rR SALE-FOUR KINO CHARLES PUPS; YKRT Ana email bread, at 46 Crosby street, rear house, room No. 8. TUBT RECEIVED, A PINE LOT OPOBRMAN CANARTB ~ "ird* KB. 96 Chatham street (I and other European HluglngBirns. CH AS. R EI CHE A BROTH KM JOHN ORaT, 11 KOOSKVELT STREET, HAS POR sale Newfoundland Dogs. Bull Tertian. Spitz Dogs, Black and Tan. Scotch sad Skye Terriers, handsome Puppies of different breeds. MR. PAUL MRAD, NO. t WtLLOUGRBY STREET. Brooklyn, will ezhiblt to-night three Sinks county Turkeys weighing respectively 42, 44 and U% pound* A HOltNRN, CAKRIAOK*. MC. AN ELEGANT "C spring clarence?made rt Wood Brother*, a perfect arm, eery Ughl; co?t t- "1*); ward bat two or three tlrae*. Will be. *?ld at * h..rg?ln, If applied for At onae At their eereruowie IM Broadway. A . COnPK FOR SALE?MADE BT 1RKWHTKR A TO., I Id aplendld order, h*rin( been run rorr little. Price .100. Apply At private eiable No. M Weet Twenty-eighth t LAROR STOCK OP SLEIGHS, ROBES BELLS A end BIaaAoU, aIao three < 'OArhee. one l'haeton. tan W*foa*. fifty aeta -Ingle end double llarneae, *U to be Men ?tL3M and 1,401 Broadway, near Porty-flm etreel. A PINE COUPE AND TOP 1COOT MADE BT Wood Brother*: the two ooat BSD*, "tily "??'I a few timet; will be oold low. Can be wen At JOHN 5 HAM'S. No. 10 E**t Fourth street corner Broad war. A FINE SIX TEARS OLD GRAT MARE FOR SALE At a ?*' rtlW, Cpr want of urn; A* fine A (addle berse At there la In the city: na* been ridden by a* good in hareeee; nod anywhere. C her A Morgan'* aleble. Bo*rnm etreet _ quire of me, *t 14 ? ortlendt etrett. N. T. T. S. HOBINSON. : hue been rtddrn by e lady this fall, juat ( , good anywhere. Cam be eeen at Hnedl iieole. Boarom dreet Brooklyn, or can iu ? ortlendt atrett. N. T. T. S. HOBINSON. ,1SH BTTRTNRSS GTO, WITH SWIFTING . made to order, and nerer u*ed . h?.,p. AIao * prompt driving, etylleb. flag-'rilgrir Hone, at A greet bargain. A> the owner ha* no u*e for br>n. To be *eea el 2U Weaflwtnty I-Ighih etreet. Brewster a Baldwin, cornkr broadwat end Tenth *tr? t, oi'er a >hop worn t lerenor, at a rare low lig ire. Aleo elMtbtCoupe and Chariot At very much below M arket rate*. gAT KXPRBSS OR GROCRRT MAttE, Id HANDS. S yeaia old, two recoo.1 h?ud Bnteber <"*rt?, one Bua: or Ripreea - eueet, joroer af ne*s or F.ipree* Pleirh All At a torrid- A At M < harta* Fourth. pxfRPHS WAGONS FOR SALE. - TWO NEW OON ? nrd single Walton*, with tap*. Apply to H W. Wtl. SON, DO Broadw.y. TDOR S \LK?FOUR LARGE NEW TWO ifoRfcS J Troeka Apply toB. W. WILSON, Wl Broadway. rR BALE-A TIARDAOME I ?nee; bath or Lawrcore ue*rl etehl* N>i. < Rett Th'riy On* .treat. ? ALP-4 HANDSOME POnRSFtTRD CUR. Lawrcore nearly new. Ilea be earn at VNOR SALE-A HP.COND HAND CIHl ''LAB PBOBT P ? lerence. In Ann rate ordei. BRKWoTKB A BALD WIN. comer at Broadway and Tenth street. RSm bale?a horsr. halt erRivo cart and * Ma ' " Meeaeae; prtea$IM- Inquire at No. 4 Broadway. For a a lt-a sm* riprbbb wagon, korsr. Warworn. Haute, A* Inquire a' 494 teooad avenue. RR BaLE~?KYKN HORNNS AMONG THEM IB Wt powerful teem; alee oae large draugb Mere. 1,400. and fee' walker; aleo a beeunfnlthra* year old bleOloa. lea t for ml#. SB New CRemhai etreet F40R BALK?ObR NEW BO0BLK TRUCK, BUILT IN IF (Kimod mini??!**! maniff t an m >11410 Ot 'Id PdioI ?hop r+H* tilth Niror. M??m Iflatk t?ik tvrotii. QNB. PAIR WIIBi IIMW I?0T IN.BMB PRH'B Sl.BDU, one pair dark ).owe Kantuetv llorae*. 4 year* ?Id. eeued am kied In oil harweaa and under aaddle. trot In I JO On# magnldcent Baddfe Harm. See Mltaoe A Samer elite'a eertloa not lee. Inquire of lace*, at voile* earner Thirty we eth gtreet aa^erwath eeeaue. ? PRBD.-RPKRD.-Ar GBRAT BARGAINS. BIX TROT ? time Hoeeea. tetmd ar.d kind fwe r<? vr >t In 1:3(1, feni . on Itot Inalde-nf 1 Sft, aure Aloe Mi Up Kuetl Wignae. lam Tap Wqgnna, any aooda: throe PavlUad ?l?igha Inquire a* 'he Warrriey I unmtm'oe Stable#, r .mar ef Thirty-ninth SECOND HAND CGCPRB AND SMALL CLARENCES for ananr two haraea.?The area' Inquiry far rarrtegm ef thl* deee-iptloti he* mMnaad Weau Broker* to eftre a bar of their heat Carney**. perfectly new, *t wth be en view during Oenrn. nor only, at that' M? Broadway, and aold at great bargain* Thee OLPIGNE. Ct BRUGES a MB Hl.fclOWB Ertl *AUI. I.dtt STRAP" SLAIUM BELL* cTWITrV'S Cantaae WoreTooaaa. Aw Beadaray, a. BllmmnWmw atrahl SLBfOHt.?AN ASAORTMRNT Of PINE CtTCTERB. ?eaee eery light 'er trotllag. and oem* wMb pelea, ef nay ?era wear*Aura, i On i elaCwad la he the (neat tad heel In market. alaa a le> >f Purtlaadamha. a ad lard three eaeR peaty and ai.ifuag ami mwi Mbaay *tyla? R. * SIT ?KM" Carnage Manufacturer. M te 10* Boat Thirty Am ?trmt Aim twe eery ftae CWnaah and a targe Mock af Bgkt and 'op ftgaea L-LR1MIIS * LEIGH*?NRW AND SECOND HAND; p P tM ' ittan. Peaie* aad an aoat Hlelgha Bette, Ae, eeR SfS4IWWWeewane, Uf-.aiin SBf'OND HAND t'ObPB BOCK A WAS, GOOD AS n#w. ef our own make eeened hoed all aoat ReHtaway, mraod baad Coarh. aft rery cheap Call immedlataty ,* ADAMS A t.'ONE, m B.eadwtr SWO 'TAtBR MATCHED TRAMd OP CANADIAN Peniea, IA hand*. Bee year* add One wwtk ? trial will hp Wren afqhem aim a aaddle Poof AB eery > heap. MS ANTED-a GOOD -V.COND hand blri?m pgr fear pitmen. Apply aid* CbamAamMreti. Inquire A1AT1 two bat uuRsna. iin bands, bound f 1"". and kind; mff femlly er beaineaa HnradS. alma Bay. UM hood*, nee trot It ? If. ?!?. warranted, ao* l?ht Woman oad Ma ranee M MAKT1N, 11* Ram Taranty mteu'h I DANcIrB AC ADBSflKB. a. Per day*, term A*-. Steam aatl far fW,lar IpynatH'' * DAkCIJIO ac adrmT. * BDBINBBB FIRM. DOING A WHOLESALE AND A raull dry good* boslnoaa la Philadelphia, on Second HMMIlai11!' of froatlfiOO.QfiO to SWO.OOO per an and offer to loaao the atom and sail business nan an arrangement mar gtt.OOU 10 $(0,000. Applications will by addressing B. A B.. boa 3,(71 ?treat, near CslJowhlU. of froaa^l^^H nam, am about to retire, aad offer to tear the stock. To an active buaineao man an bo made for the use of MMMMMB bo treated confidentially Philadelphia Poet offloe.i BHARTNEK WANTED?in a light, genteel, es-I tabllshad manufacturing buataeaa, with email capital. to take the place of one retiring. Pays large profits. Tbo bnaloeee will be uogbt Doe or ripenae. Apply at U John rtreet. room IT. "PARTNER WANTED?IN A PIRBT CLARE HOTEL. X rrttt Bar and Milliard Room attached. Apply at W Wall rtreet. eeoond Boor, up rmall Bight in the rear, room No. 1 Smpecial partner wanted?with to $00,000 capital, in an eatablt-hed paying bnainera. wall located on Broadway; with additional capital the bnaineaa oan be Incrrared to any extent. Addreao Nemo, box 4 )91 How Turk Poet ofllce. r CAPITALISTS WANTED, A COPARTNER IN riea planting?The aiibaorinera having under their oon trol a large quantity of the prlmeal rice Land on the beat t Ode. i pitch of Ode. dcaire to obtain the requisite capital to eultl rate the am, aay $10,000 to gJO.OOO The enterprise pro Kiaea a largo return on the InreolmoaL P. W. JOHNSTONB. VI. C. JOHNSTOSB. For character and ability ao planter'- ttey refer to Menem. Win. C. Beo A Co., Praoer A Dill. Cohen, Hanekel A Co., Jas. H. Pringle, and Chaa. T. Lowndes. Charleston, R. C. Addroaa either of tbo ouboerlbon, care of lot C. Roe A Co., Charleston. R. C. ttOC AAA TO $B0,DOB,?SPECIAL PARTNER ipitJ.UUV wanted, with twenty Bvo to fifty thousand dollar-. In a well eatabllabed jobbing hoot and anno honae. An investigation of paat and preaont business will be per fectly satisfactory. Addroaa C. J. Wllbor, Herald office, for two dnya. BUHINKItH OPPORTUNITIES, AN OPPORTUNITY FOB A RESPQMBIBLE MAN TO Inveat a small capital. Call st 2UH Broadway, room No. A from 10 A. M. to < P. N. to-day and Investigate matter. A VALUABLE REAL ESTATE OFFICE (AND OTH era may be ronnected with It) for sale. Office esuh. llahe.l and fiimlobed with ovory requisite. Partleo meaning business and huolnom only may addraao Real Estate, box 13h Herald office. Any indubtrious man haying fiao to $?? cash to inreat, with his aerricao, nan secure half Interest In an ofilce business paying fSo.tlUO annually. Iramedlau re turnaand $1,300 salary allowed; part rash down, balance la notes, 10 come oot of tbe busionaa. E. C. PARKINSON A CO., lid Third aventte, room No. 1. d>OA WII.L START ANT PERSON IN A MANUKAC ?PLU tunng business, paying IUU per cent. No capital required. Call and Investigate pt BR Bowery, mom Mo. g. $400 ~A^-*C1?TK A*B- RQNlt"T YOUNG MAN will bo given one.fourth or half Intareat In n p lessenI and prolltnhie bualneaa; ona from the -wintry pre ferred. Call nn or addreao for throe days Dr. NEWTON, No. 3 Greene street. WILL BUT THE RIGHT OP THE WHOLE Tailed States of an Adjustable Hat and Clothes Hook. It needs no screws or tneehaniesl genles to adjust; ttla la tbe only thing taal can be made a monopoly. BONNER A CO., ll7 Nassau street. $~fl AAA A TEAK PROSIT-TUB I.EANB, vFvJv.Vrlrl/ Furniture and Flxmree of ^popular, drat etaae. medium sLad. up town Hold for sale, a- a fair price. Location unsurpassed; house beautifully furnished end In fine order: rooms all Ufiht. desirable aad ruled with i.rvt class, profitable guests. Principals who ran command gSS.OflO to $311,000 cash may apply la ,1. .1. GKRENOUUH, Wall at ?PRC IAI, MOTICRB. CVARD -AN ASSOCIATION HAS BEEN FORMED FOR J railing funds lor erecting a Home for Disabled Soldiers and Sailora. Full particulars will be given Wednesday. PORTLY A CO. Manhattan ravinos institution, m broad way, corner of Rleecher street. December 30, IMA Tbe trustees of Ibis ti,stllii(l-in hsve de-lsred the twenty second seml-annnal dividend on all deposits in tbs rebut en seal per a titled theiete, at the rate of 6 per saai per auonm oa sums of $1, and nut erceadlng $(00. and i per cent ye, annum -in amounts oyer $(00, payable on and alter Monday, dan. -1, tbe Institution paving tbs rovrrnmeat tax. The tlly xlsnd will ba t > cradiiad uuder date of Jan. 1. and if not withdrawn will receive interest the same as s deposit sf Hisi Isle. E.J. BllOKN, Fistudent. Knwaan Scm u Treaenrsr. C. P. At.vown, Re' -etary. N OTIOE.-THE ANNUAL ELECTION Or TWBXTT (JOi Manager* of tha Raw Turk Inaututlon forth* Blind will be brill at ike InntiliiUon, corner of Nlulb atcnur and Thirty fourth etrect. on MootUy. Slot loot., at 3H o'clock P. M., palle to rctoolu i>in-n out lio'ir. T BAILEY NVtRO. SeoreUry. Naw Took, Doc. IS, HM. OFFICR Of KIR ATLANTIC MAIL RTKAMrtHIP Con.,, any No. t Rowling Oman, Vow York. Nor. 14, 1Mb. By order of tha Board of lllioetor*, nntl.e le hat-chy Croc that la ' oiiftrouocirc of tho rl < uon app* oie.t ta bar# ?u )i?M on 'tir mtli of Voeetnbnr lnataat. not haring nrco aid pnrauant 'o auoh appointment. ?n etriilon or nine dim lom of thlbrompaay oad tbroc intpaciora of ib* neit kuereriitng election will be hold oi tha emce of tl>a company on Friday, lb* 11th day of January, 1W7. ot 12 o'clock If. Tb* iraaafar hooka ot tba oklca af Ilia Fat mart' I.own and Truel CoBi|'Huy will br olurrd from tb* ltlb to the 14th of January, Ibd,'. Tba pollr will I* oron. fnnu II to 1 o'ninak. FltAVKLIN ALLKN. decretory. UK JAI1NAT CHAMPAGNE. _ Thia wlac la dry, deltoata, ant fu# of rlnowa body? not awraiorra?of a pela, natural color, and altugeibar * aapti rating win* of ilia fir-' growth*. Fm aal* by H. M. KINK. Ml Fulton etrret. TUKOWKLL A MeARTII Y, No. t Plna at . cor Rreadway. PARSONS k NIXON, (0 Cedar etre.'t, earner Broadway FOR RILR. ABNALI. PRC IT STORK FOR SALB-FOR ?*, IV oa* af tb* beat kwaitaa* dawn tow a. rent Sat par ?oath. Apply *1 N*. tTi ?oa Row. E. M. MA AO IT A HARK OHASfflt.-rOR it ALE, TDK I.RAH*, FIX turaa and O-.od W01 of tba RKTKILLT1 MUSIC OAR. N, lleetauraat and la* Cream Aelnoo, 191 Broadway. Tha huatnrae ha* barn e.uMiebad for tlie peat Korea reere. aad la aow la eu atmfr.l operation and la rrary reepeat worthy the allentloatrf ear on* dealrlaf to tncaye in tha hnalnasa Ft' full part.r>tiara aa to term*. Rr Sr., laqulra Of 11 FORI IK CffYRR, bee reheat. 1F1 Weat ltr**t. 4 BUTCHER'S RIIOT AND FIXTURES FOR NALR aheap. Apply at 111 Fifth atieet, batwaaa flrat aal daroad eraaura Bakery and lurch room near post orriCE Foraalen* l-*ae doing .our.ana* Kualnr.a. Will b* aold rary cheap. IUA Apply ta II. C. DEXTER R*. ? Hi nad atrial 1NOR RALE?IN TTIF RENT PART OP EfflRTn ATE X nu-, .die It. FlxlufBa aad Leaaeef a lawalry Btara, the R?r mint retiring frnwi btta.oaaa. Addreaa A., hot l,2K tudte*. r>R SALB?TEE ROUTE. OOOU WILL ARE AlX latplatoanlaa| a Pop Cora < aady Vraafrutorr, Imslud lug horae. ivwihmi A? pat log to pre cptit pruM. Taoalrr o* premlaae until aold. .EE Faarth aeei.ii*, rort.ei T wenty-C elr??t, ta the ba? FH'ok balk -the noon will, stock and fit I lure* af a NM Llauar *lare with ttr*e and a half rjeark^Leea*. Apply at MB Waaklngtoa atr?e\ aarnar af FMOR BALK?THE f'BLKRR*TED MEADE PHOTO ? graph liailerr NR Broedway with ar without Inatr . ?lt> three and a half yeerV laaor aad low raai. A prea ^Bl man eaa ?aba maaey. Apply a* abate. ITton balk?larur i-o* or rrxK walnut drdo X Drawer*, Counter*, Dnaka, Show t'aaaa Ora'er, utattoo ed ;f ?b!^r Tii'rwS I Applyfto J AS. MOTOR, E Jwae at rent. rMl balb-tek leabr or HOCBF. AND STORK ? ^?dlrth aeanua, with liataedlate poaaeaaloa; kaa all mad Si imatai *?**?; fourteen rootaa a bora tha Mara. At a Ba real. B>OB lAf B-AN OLD F.BTADI.1SMRD BAKERY ARD V Ladle* Raatoaraat. ha* baew hapt by the praaawtpra artatnr far lb* mat eighteen yarn*. Apply *u lb* prwahm*. 5tt Canal atrial, after II R ______ XfloR SALR-AR OLD RRTARLIhHRD OTHER r neuae aad Bar. Apply at SO WaM I Saar, ap aaawll Sight, la raar; r?*?^loX lv>h salr-a OIOAR STOR*. with OOOD fix r tor** aad wtt| llathlt. ??? fhe aetM? aatBg M> ottaw baata? iW Orwad Mraat. aaar Caatc*Hartal. BHFASE hTORREOUNR RASBMEHT Off klirH ? aernua. b*?l kKattaa, f? wbwUlat. mpwead Ptaaa ? SO*, sraat bargain Kri JAMRB. SI Sltth acta ta. ap atatrr pVFFK-K ytrrrRBH for SALE?AtfTTASUI FOR A U brobar*a or banker'! atSee. 1 niaira at is ffaaaan atraat RmS* nrviND ffouaff and alcohol DtsraxBET | foe Mia.-A hug* aetabUahtaaal tiapltl, and la work lag order Apple at IM Front at. a*t. New Tart. |*f'T\n -TOR SALR-A LIQUOR STORE IN A OOOO ipol/U. IseWtaa, with Baalded berrato for laewtaa, with Iteanaa. dmag a paad ? r.gbt area. Dr NEWTON, N*. SOraawaaleaat. ?1 ?W1 -EO* SALE. TEE BTOCE AMD FIXTURES I .tflcI. *f a feat and Nboa Mara on SroadwB*. Itaa B paad mMiiB trad* AAll lll ''barlaa, baa MR Her>14 ?din*. SI At Hltr.RY. ANBCoffD HABD OOfPBE NTILL AND WORN. M MM * a lion*, oae Worfead by mmm pr*f*rr*d. Aadr*a*. with parth -liar* W. aara af S. Loahwosd, t halt ?? aqware Srpraaa ika AT IT lAROIff BTRERT? BOILERS AND KROIREB FOB SALE * r ?. oote. TPfftllffES AND SOI LBN *? FBOff J TO l?S BoESR TV powar. lAtbaa, DrffBag ffarbbwa. Planer* Hydra ihn fr?aaei and Llfffag Jaeka <0>*fttng. P , .eye F .aapa ad Uad* of Nacti aery at !?7 Water atraat EROOKLTN, HOfPEAN A BIURET PE SALB TERSE SrTEfHOR M ?''WiTaWt LtNtlSoTTTE ' Bailer* Ta ba ataa at Eaeaaaayer S Klaar a eapar rataary, WtbJaaebarg. CVOt SALE-ORB *f?SA"'f. CPTTlNa EACRfRBi MACHMBRT. POR 8 A LB CHEAP-A TWO HORSE POWER ROPER Caloric Engine. baas constantly uaed at Mo. M Marlon ?uroot for nearly ooo year. K^i'Nw,'L(lT0|l5 H,AL* c?KAP_0(?k iMhes; one do. watehrm '? toaa, gauge 4 fnrt *1" ic Md Machinery l* Dealer la Locomotives -PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES AND i CIRCULAR RAW BILLS. The beet and 1 at complete la nee. Clrer"

uiare eent en application. FOOD A MAN* STEAM ENGINE COMPANY, Dtlea, NT, end-Si Maiden lanaTxew York. "rpuB .uheatest invention or the age.." NTER'K I hi 1 WINTER'S Im>reiH PorubU Circular Saw MUL Aloo depot ot general Machinery. WINTER A CO.. 40 Broadway. Aad Waablagton Iron Wurke, Newburg. FT T rro BRBWBRS?FOR SALE, THE ENTIRE FIXTURES A of a Brewery, eonelatlug of Engine. Boiler, copper Boil er, Boohing Mkihtnn, Pnmpe, Mill Kleeator, Hogsheads. Barrel., Ac.; alio 10 baloa of Hope, growth of HIM. Inquire on the premleee. tHOM as BLACK. II and 88 I-eonard ? treat. If not eold before, they wtQ be aold pt public auction, on Friday, Doeenfter * TITANTED?TWO I EON TANKS, EITHER SQUARE OH ^VY nblong^i^b|?^^*^li^ap^it^Addi^i|jj^i*lng , bur 38, Poat oAre. TIT ANTED TO PURCHASE?A SECOND HAND HOB Rotary Printing Machine. Addreaa J. P., box >03 Herald oBce. aiming terms, Ac. u KIN AN CIA L. M1TED STATES TREASURY, _ Ducbumb. IS. ISM. Schedulea of ISO) thirty or atoro Couoono due Jaauery lat. 1881, win bo Bow received for examination at the United States Treasury. R. n. Tab DTCK, As.latant Treasurer. Albert h. nicolay, STOCK BROKER and AUCTIONEER, NO. 43 PINK STREET. NEW YORK. ESTABLISHED FIFTEEN TEARS. Insurance. Oily Railroad, Gaslight. Rank. Telegraph. Kx prea* and Mining Stocks roeelao special attention, <>od on hand for eale. aoiao of then paying from M to M per < ent dividends. ATLANTIC SAVINGS SANK. < natlwa> square, New York. SIX PER CENT, PUKE FROM GOVERNMENT TAX. Diem*an.?A aemLaanual tUrldeud el the rate of SIX PER CENT per annum, free from government tax, 00 all turn, from 86 to X ?W, will be paid on and after the third MONDAY la January. DepoeMe made on or before Jaaunry I will draw Internet from the let. Bank opea dally. W. D. VAN PELT, President. J. P. Cooren, Secretary. An excellent small investment gxo in choice aeaortaMiite. of Hecnilty Inanranue Company scrip, for rale cheap. Address S. J., Herald cfBee. Banking house op pisk a hatch, no. i Nassau ?trace New York, D seam bar *1, IMS.?The coupons duo January I, 1M7. on I ha FIRST MOKMiAOF. BONDS of the t'EYTRAL PACIFIC RAILROAD COM PANY OP CALIFORNIA will be paid at ?nr nSlre, free of government lax. F18K A HATCH, Hankers, No. g Noaoan SI reel. BULL'S HRAD RANK, NEW TORK. DF.CKMRER >1, ISM.?Thte bank has declared Its u-ual quarterly dtvl desd of four id) per rent and an sure dirldenil of two and one-half (>?;) peg nam. all free of government 101. payable on end after the 3d day of January novt. f?. W WILF.ETT. Cashier CITIXKNS' SAVINGS SANK. M HOWPPY.-coilNFK OP CANAL STREET. SIX PER Oh.NT, UthE FROM oOYLRNMF.NT TAX. Interest allowe I on >11 amount* from five to lira thousand dollars. Open every J?r from 10 to >. and on Monday, Wed need?y and Friday eeentmn frees I to 7 Money deposited nor. will draw Interest from January 1. 0QUPONS.-THE SEVEN PER CENT INTEREST coupon, of 1 he Feelbc Ralliuad bonds of Call fo. nta, of IShj, will be ,>atd ot our dhceoo and alter January 1, UB7, toot gore-n ment Put, ECGKNR KELT T A CO.. 81 NssoMn nrreat. j?A*T INDIA TEI.UORAPI1 COMPANY. Chartrad under a fmHal (barter. capital.... njwjm JOHN I". YKl.VkHTOX, President. N NICKLKH. Vice P- aidant. P L. JOHNPON HdReUry GEORGK IXI.It. Traaaurer Ado' ? "RE -IhAWV JR . Praaidtag Director tud Sa ?cull"* Uictr, IIMA ICoag, Clilaa IMKKOtoH*. J. H. WADE. P'Mldanl of Iba WM'irn felon Telegraph Coiwniuy. IRA At. MVPn*OI?B. Tni.w* Mlebigaa Central Rail ^LKTVHK'r WKXTRAY, of Weatrey, till,ha A Hardr?.Ue. No. I William a'ree . X. Y. u. H. PALMER, Tnaiurar Wrmrrn foioo Telegraph Cmfaat. Hi R All SI* LET. Ylee Prea'deet Weatarn Colon Trie graph Company JOHN I' YKLVHRTQN. Proatdeil Na'loaaJ lank of North Awrl a. P Mcb. COLLIN*, Ruaalaa American Orei-land Trla ? V,| ' HOI.Ak MICK LEX. TM P'ruUlent f.Aat India Trie graph Compear <57 *. WEhTCoTT, mtC $. Waetontt A OA. Conriea, lug All the priB'Ifel eeahorta of the I'blnuM em pirn wllh ma Collin. Una atom bob ring Htralla. wilt, Naa Vruo'-Itoo aod Now York, aod Ike Ruaeimn gwrei?IMHI Ii?a lo lb. Petrrab'irf. ami WHO L udoa Perl. and >11 lha prla ?tool ctUea of Kniopa. RtUO.WB or iba atw k anlr will be autd la to* railed Ktatea at Bit* par real nubaortottooa will b* rweteed at THE NATIONAL bank or TUP. COMMONWEALTH. No. If Xaaaati atreel THE NATIONAL tUNK^OK NOKIH AMERICA. And At I Ha aMaa of toe Company. No. f? Liberty atraal Monet to loan on ootkrnmknt ?rccritip.m, without dale/, at 7p- -rut In large or anteII amount*, an long 'rna Addr.-ee OtpttoUM. Herald "too# VfONET TO I,''AN?AT I PRE CUNT. IN LAROE OR ill amall atoownta, wttbaut datoy, on Aral data l',opei 'j. In ihiaetty. KINO A CO. No ? We 1 Tweaiy third at., PltUi Areuue licet. 1 VTMW TORN .M. HARLEM RAILROAD coMPABI >1 frwiaurea'a ogtoe Naw fork. Dae. M lagf. Tba Naw Tort and liar,em Rail rued ' atapaar haea de etaiwu a UeMand of font par cam oo lb* preferred and i?in man atoek. aod >b* aama torn iba goeei lineal lai, <*R| be Lwid to toe tkare bolder. on to* Id day of January. InSJ at the adk' af tba rwmpaay, ..CAM af fourth eoanua and TwaMy-alito atraat. rtainnf" hooka wl3 be clagad ait P. M . Recant bar M, VTHW TORN. DECEMBER 17. INN HAMILTON PIRt It tnenraaaa' atop nt. No. II WaU atreat. ?tba Itrartoea haea tbla day 4catered a tami-anaoal dietdend raP* AffKI MARIETTA AND CINCINNATI RAILROAD ' I Compear. ad raorganltad. ? OHtolha. p?. IB. UN. Tba inaafer honk. of tola compear at tba agabae la Nagr Tort. Hy and at tote aOma will to etoaad frawt Ihitlai to tba IStb of Jeo'tary pro.lmn. lorluetee. WM R WATIMiN, HMwr. Paruaa boldrngeoriltoatto *7 atoek. di? Hard*d fe .ia iba ChUPxMba book*. >n raqaettod to aairandae (baa at tha Naw TarR ign j la 'agiatry before iba Hoatng ?f tba traaafrr booba. SIX PRR CHNT.-PKP.B PNOM OOTKRN* ?NT TAX. 1 aioa ifun Btetaua Naur. ) Oocnaa Taiaa Atociaup tewrt tiara fiun > Dintpm-t wal taaaal df deod, at tba rata af BfX PER CENT mt aariuat (Ma hat a manual tot) oa all ?-l" ^ ^,??i Dagt H? aaade on or Wb? farmery If wRI draw taUreit ^""oa'Vo'wDAT'wP^ifr;"DA^ IaT? AI^rIa't*tVA' n(M.fMilbfPdwk. _ QIX PRR cm IHTRRBBT? PRBE OP 'i OTHER MEJTT 0 . ....., JVKTU'STlL-k- I later eel a a aw towaaMa ??uniw* taatnadtatatr to tba EE INTHRRHT ROT,pon* or m BACRAMRVTU Valley Nilb-todtoatt af f^lifnada wTI to paid at eei - ^j5aT?VT,tarsiBSi" T""*'*.Ai?ia? BARBKM AND DEALBBB LHRKM1 ?pka. CLOBIM PRICK* * aw Tote. Dm ? MM. I nIjgjjiimi ABcSp..,. M*. i| ? NtCmtb. to ae? I'I to Ragtai read I log.-MM* | Aagito. I'M,'. '. (or. AAfl TO totN-fi* - ITT OTAL INTaTR. fO<).U'WI gret toeftoMa-alTpe* ewnC ? l.M RfTfNRNtnD ? w* at, AawMag ttok $:n.r).ooo t "^RUnrifllTX ll Rpaadway. fwea No ( "f OU. WIMtD. AN . rOIR and coal oPUfERRf* I * * EM tTELY ? tptof at ?p anal >ad *? tBtee at IMH Tlwad a ma a*. bntwaaa Ptftoaatb cat M??a*att nrwe < HaRLR* H. Ct'TTP.R, fW?fR * ? PHH CHALDRON DELITEBPD IWWR V/ dtatelp, Ortova raaa tad at IM Waal NWeaaiV atetot, aa*' Naeatta aeeaeA, AMUIMBRTC. BROADWAT TIIBATRR. < ipana At 'J to 7; begins at A? to M. ? Monday, Dec 24, and orery evening. MM Christmas nod ?etuntay matinee Tbo eminent ('median, Mr. JOHN K. OWKMB. BOW la the Bound week And tut but two of bir^OAJAJAj wool, will unite In ono ontortAlnmnut hlo origin Atauolog pereuaatloua of tbo LTVE INDIAN AND SOLON SHI SOLE Tbo performance will commence with tho PEOPLE'S LAWVRH SOLON SHINOI.E JOHN K. OW1NS To conclude with the LIVE INDIAN. Torn Brown, omen About town...., ) Mine. Krlnnllna. a faahlunnble milliner.. > Mr. Of Blu-ne-no-nrao. on original aboriginal ? Oil HI HTM AS. UK AND MATINKH. Mrs. p. b. conwav's park theatre, Brooklyn. The ^qr^eo'in flpreiarle, mm TiiiKVEs. EVERY BTENINO. Academy or MUSIC. BROOKLYN FOURTH MONDAY POPULAR CONCERT. CHItlSTM AH EVE. December* At? o'clock. IMMENSE ATTRACTION. Ftrnt appaorAooe of Mr. D. KENNEDY. The celebrated Srotilnb voeallaA. Third APPAATAUCA of the mat Plan lot. Mr JAMES M. WEHT.l. r. THKO. Mr. THKO. THOMAS. Conductor, and hla CELEBRATED ORCHESTRA. TICKETS, Ml nante. RESERVED BEATS 60 cant* Ultra. "JJART^^I^^l^^TKHr Dodworth Hall, HUB Broadway. CHRISTMAS DAT. AT'J P M. EXTRA PERFORMANCE. tSSION FIFTY CENTS. Chll Door. open at 1)^. ADMII dran halt price THIS EVKN1NO, at 8, ONE HUNDRKDTM PHI FORMANOE, when will be Inliudueed fur the fret Onto M. IURTZ' NEW PRAT. MULTI'M IN PAKVO. with other miracles. Inelu'tlag hie great ? TH~ ? THE HEAD IN TUT. A IK. and tho grooteat programmo of Ulualou ever offered to Mt audience. Mr. A. Sodgwlok will perform on the T'.ngluh concertina. Ticket. 60 cento; reaorred aeau SI. For cola In adrnnoe at the hall from 10 till 4 Door, ouen nl 7K. MATINEE HATCH DAT. at S P M. DOORS OPEN at 1J? The ChleAerlng I'tano la uaed at Itieae performances. rNT PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. M ROWKRT.-1 Oraad Chrietautfl Pantomime for the holidays, LITTLH TOM TUCKER, the Onad Little Hoy Who for Hie S?ff> per; or, Littla Mettle Had o lieu and It Laid Logo far (led Unman. CLOWN. PANTALOON, IfARLKyUINTOOLUM LINK. Or.nil Effect., CombiTileia,TmnaformaUon*. Map* Changoa, dr. TONY PASTOR and hu grant troupe la ? ehot.o r.rlotr prtwreinme. Throe MlUaaeo I hla weah Tueadar ' Xtuaai. Wednesday and Saturday. j^ELLT A LEON'S MINSrBKIJt, 7W BROADWAY, ORAND HOLIDAY PROGRAMME. Now Chorua. Tha Brat appearance .aurohC wag" New Balled*. of LITTLE MAC. ..dallaB waJT* New Comedy. Id bou parte Iraneal.. .ydemnt) waH" rfREi "New Dance. THE ORE A 7 LEON. .aecnaD wej '?New QotntaA, Sebmblt with a Y. .teii.lut) "'?NOW Mallet. THE OKI-AT I.EON. WILB "New RoMa. Snn|a, Prrepawa'.'n .agiioR wal "Naw John*. L'EaXAJI, L'ESTAMI. ..eknj wall /VIIARI.rr WHITE'S TROUPR. V./ Open orery night at Bryan's Mochanlea' Hall. 471 BronS way. Thla great loutpla of en nymnnt, aigUt'y blind *?a a brilliant array of beauty and fashion, (be host eatortnha m.ut of hind In a COLDER ax. PANTOMIME, POLDER a*. 910. CHR1SKI. O* THE FLTINO WIRF, SIO CtfRISKI. BLOCK ADK JICNNKK. SKETCH. RLCM'ff ADR RUNNER, SIAMESE TWINS BT WHITE, SIAMESE TWINS, LKS NAPOI.ITA1NE, RALI.ET IKK NAPOLITAIMB. MATIN KM RVKRT SATUKDAT, AT 21? O'CLtNIK. THE FIPTEBRTfl ANNUAL CONCERT OF HANDEL* OBAND ORATORIO OF THE MESSIAH, nr me NEW YOEK HAKMU.MC SOCIETY, Will be given "it CUK1-.TMAM SVENINO, DEC. ?, Ihrtg, HrrtWWAT MALI.. FOCRTBKNTH IT RETT. The Hermenlo Sgrhttjjr w II bo ncd.'ed on thle '* wton by THOMAS' ORANtl OrtcilKHTkA. STKINWAY'n OMUAB and the following nrtielo ? Soprano. Mtaa Mfle B'air.eri Alio .1 ,.... MtanO. V. MotoAdnp Ton or ,*. Mr. O to, mpaOB Bono ,. 1 ,.. Mr I R ThoNtes ORGANIST, MR. S. F. WABHEN. usdor tho dlrectlcm or MR. F. L. BITTER TtajhOte M. For OoM at /he prtaohwt mii?V doraa 'Wi bedola; a* theplvtvt war?i<dV>n* m SwrnT a Hour S?'.t, KS Broadway. D. .at A Co.. 410 Nr mho* atrwM and at th etatemory e"?re of Mr. J. Leach nd Mowou *<r**t. Door, open at 7 o'clock. tloMBadde at n?',l ? ? CTEINWAY hall. l5 SEVENTH WED! i'EDSrSDAY FOPULAR < ONt EFT. WKDN USDAT DEC 4, ,ia.. Oreat tu mwa of the grand >"*itldn..'w.a of t . CKCILfAN CHOIR Dr. H. S Cutler Choir Mctei, r(1 myni' l of ltd roeo ami hut a, itnd Theo. Thufua.' Oirlie.tni. Saeon.l appaar. >?? ? ?' tlia wo, l*rful hoy .oprai i. Mr.tor Btcbarwl nkei, a tin trill nog' Kruani Inridamf" "The Ixirer and lie Rlrdt and "l.-l lite Mrtgbt Setaphittt," by llaitdol. Ma.tor Tnedt will ring 'He.r ye Dr.<ny Meh.|e|.. .hn. MaaternCoker Tnedt and Httutne will .Dig "The Angel* Trio." from Klljah. Mr L. P Thai, her Will alng 'ifWitb all Your Hcorte." from Bii^eh The Coriieii Choir will perform the grand neend I rum ElAj.b KM lab. If M. W C t'ampieli Tbo Youth, by Mooter ToedL Flag at Our Union, uy V. ailaoo. Bole by Mr. Dor boo. Holdlera chome front PauM, with Piano, Orpan and Oreheetra ar- om i at, aen* ll.adel groat e|.o?o? "Then R' ind About tbo Starry krone " aa auttg by tboCmallor.a w,t immaaaa effort. ~ "lee* ana Madilgai. br the inflowing iiiaatlnn of ?d bv Maeter Toad' ? Maatera. wtolib. Bourne, ler. Moot end Vinwn Mdaart. Pynat. Then -r, I lodge Sr.. So. Thr flr.T,e.trr w<11 twrform "to nominee LP.'le're, with Mora end V ite Tfersffo.' .... Eugllah Dloea an! Madrlm>i. by the I.Slowing mmkm of tbo i holr, led bv Maeter Toodl ?Moatera. ainitb. Bourne, Niton, palmer. Hoot and Wo" Powere and ( overture to SeOtpe. _ ObllgeUa, by Meaeihehinltv and Pbeo. Tbe Vaffu. 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