Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 25, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 25, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HEAAED. WHOLE NO. 11,074. NEW YORK, TUESDAY. DECEMBER 25. 1866.. PRICE FOUR CENTS. Atoms wants d-for as is fast two years liberal compensation will b? giat References requires. mi '? n LI. STATION D.?WHAT NUMBER OF TWEN 1/. ty-fifto sliestT P". ? A. MALM INFANT. AGED rhare an Interview can AWa. ?ananwtsk etrsm. NMW BORN M re years aid, ALB IN PANTS, ALSO to bn adopted ont 741 WVBAR JAMB?I KNOW YOU MJ don't hear from yon. I has .?aBJi&ri ^.RMTBUDB O -LOOK FOB A LETTER PBOM 0. TED OP EDWARD McAULIFPE. ? to Lavoola, Mnbw county, of kla vill be thankfully re Sear York. "lay lnformati ~ O'Connell. i street, Jersey CUy, Mew Jeraey. a'^^sssaruisw:- Addreaa Ttasbiky Steubaa atreet, Jera ? rT. WILL CALL AT 7IV WBST TWENTY-FOURTH all aat be will bear of something to hia advantage. SB MI88INO SINCE 8AT0 EDAY, DEC. U-WAB ssatwf s f&sjasii V Fletcher K. Armstrong, of OMlMiwtka, ptoo; on a E. J.; la Jfiyeara old. ? feet ft toekaa high. ? Qreeantta, N. J.; ta It yearn old, ? toot 8 toekea high. KfTSt-l-uSWi^'a ? SriE Hack enamel ltoa or vtne running aroundi?; had open aaaae color; liXSa marked with laai name, to standi; ware Bark brown aoft felt haA Information addressed to'Inspec tor Dtlka, MO Mulberrr atreet, or Ooo.AEmailU A Co fifi Maore atreet. Mew York, or Ono. L. Armstrong, ChUliaoUe, WfTHMB E. R?NO WORD PBOM YOU. I REPLIED JXi to yenr leal Hare you losgouon aw so soon, or ta yonr aEaaee oar boat artadom f FRED. __ PRANK H. BLADON, WHO ARRIVED IN SEW . York by the a tea mar Queen, December 7. from England. ' tease call at the office of the nnderalanad; he artlT And I of importance awaiting him. Any Information ra wlll bo suitably aekfiowledged, OhOBUE P. BULLEY, 1 US Wall atreet. MATRIMONIAL. GENTLEMAN OP MIDDLS AGE, A STRANGER IN the city, wishes to form the acquaintance of a lady of ? SD to 80 year* of agt, with a Wow to matrimony. Any discreet lady may address, ta full confidence, L., station P. LOST AND FOUND. 8LACK AND TAN TERRIEE LOST?BARS UN ?d: bed on n red eollar. Liberal reward. IS r place. JjtOUND?ON DECEMBER 18, .A SMALL BRMINE Bee, to Twentieth street. Apply at S7 Gold atreet, rear T OST?IN JERSEY CITY OE FERRY BOAT, A WAL XJ let containing a small sum of Money, n Locket end Hair Stan of deceased friends, n Welch Key and pair of Bar Rings. A suitable reward will be paid by tearing U with F. a. Ms a at; in ? ------- _ IN Waal street. Mew York. T OST?ON OB MBAB BROADWAY. ABO JLi Mtb, part of n Watch Chain, with Loeket i bwe letters, seal, key and hook attached. Finder will be re eded. Address 4 r UT ? A. M., marked wttb I West Elerentb street T OMT?BANK BOOK MO. H4.SR ON THE 1SYH OF Mj December, aeer the beuk. The finder will leere It at the Bowery barings Rank, 188 Bowery. T OCT?GOING PROM A FOURTH AVENUE CAR TO JLi St Paul'* church, n stoat cameo Breastpin. The finder wW be suitably rewarded by leering It at IB Pearl street, op Y OST?i A SIN OLE STONE DIAMOND BINO; SETTING ptsto, with the Inscription, P. O., J una ?, 17?8. wilt bs rewarded by leering It to the atom of U W OST-ON THE CARS OF THE HUDSON RIVER JLi Ballreed, on Taosday eveolnm December 4, Certificate Me. SR 260 shares of Twin Eirer bllcer Mining Company, of Mernds In my name. Any person finding the name will be _ , In my name. Any person finding the name i snttabiy rewarded en returning It to the office of the romps ?y, JOnaassu street Net tee is also glrea that unless found, nggmcaiioo will be seeds for a new certificate. ~ ALF1 BED WILD. T OST-ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 14, BETWEEN Ji Twenty-fifth end Tweqty-aUth sireots, Fourth ereaue. ?r ton Fourth nroaue Stags, a sapphire Blag, met la dla ?aMt The finder will tie aultoiny rewarded by leaving the ?ansa at 4f Best Twenty-at it n atreet W OGY?ON EVENING OF HTR, SMALL PARCEL. MS vShth * wttb three geld chains. Finder will be haadsotnalr re ? hy^lestung them at J. M. Coughlla'a. HO Broad OST LAST BYENINO?A SMALL WHITE DOG. LEFT J car brown, and brown spots on loft side and toll. Any returning hlut to tfif Woosier atroot will rscalre a dibs ? reward then ay sailing him. I OST?AT OB NKAM WALL STREET FERRY. NEW Li York or Brooklyn, or on the ferryboat crossing, between Band*o'clock, on tot evening of Monday, Daosmber fit. en ~i faaad Gold Watrh. Tablet make, with engrsrlas of I of the Declaration of Independence en feas A b reward will he paid, far return sf seme to H Wll . HO. 1 Hoyt street, Brooklyn. REWARDS. TRRTSBDAT. ABOUT U. BE A* ? REWARD. Hv Lo?<. 00 Mooter oftoraooo, to gatng froaa Mold's Hto WtEumeburg, t Poekaihook, eoatatelng about BUM ItanitIM teck for $8,000, on tho Farmar-' and ClU HMMottoool Book, tea wo by ingeraoil A Docberly. aecepUaee. drawn by K. M7 Roorr* J Co.. for *1,900 dan MR drawm by A. *. Britten, for BMW: oad other wbMoaroof moraine oaeapt to the ewaer, aa pay ^?l boo bran .topped. Amy HBO* roiurotnotho aomo to R. H Roorra A Co.. 107 Volar atrnet. or to H. F. Doeharty, Uroampotot, will roooira teo oboro reward. MEA REWARD.?I.08T. IK TEE WAS If BOOM, AT ?OU tbo Fifth Ar'nii' Hotel, a HoliU'r# Diamond Itlag wade Claatar (aana avonri Ring. Tbe abororeward will bo ?M by (oaring tbe property with Chaa. H Neytor, at Aoaoo | lfooao. uoraar of Bprifcg aod Oronby aueota. ?LOOT?II' THE MAN WHO WAR HIRED BT A J ?an to Fultati .treat to take a Bundle to| but who loot htm la tbe crowd on I ?^?^^^^?ratarn the earn* to the (.'antral Kallroad del warn um nay iroram art aataoa, note aamwaaaowMMt ?warn am boa fere lam. foot email, natorai ton mad toietap. alt MWdM; Waaao. equate boo obtfMag lap, anuria mean, ama ?aft aialil: watariaaa'a OMb*. _ HOI. IDA b pIcBRbTB A.-&Mffi?5P?gSR w -ri FOR OHRTBTIteS AND NEW TEvR AT DOMIHlfiltlOLOAK ? BALOOM. BI Tiotoa at net, near Fullaa, Brooklyn. ?RBBAUTfrUL AMD flUBBTAMTlAl. HOLIDAY FREA JD aota-Uold. aflraraa* Irory mounted Walking Genoa maad'iaIkaTTty!qpn bofmiS^.^^B ??SSm ^ a. RAIT, ai OOBMEB ofr WAR. offers A Splendid teaartaant of "?W" rAMCTjOOOP*. AT QREA^^SSbUC^^iMCda. Tbo aatettenod bora boon inetruoted by the amawfao Baaara to a*ll faa boioiww of their large atoeh af LADIES' AMD ORRTr HOLD AND BIL1MCR WATt'HRB AT BFMOLBS A LEPBI HER, DL'RIKO THR HOLIDAYS ? ONLT QUIKCHE A KRLHLRR. AffOOta. a no. R aod 10 Job* atMot, ap atatr. r~ EOT NTS.?LAM PR, CtflMA. Ot.ARRWARR. TEA Rata. Vaaoa. Morn ( a pa and Saucer*, Ac A greet aartaky of I aaey Oooda rary aheap, at I A IALDW1 SFS, ? Bowary rnrwor Oonal atratl. I El.AT HOLIDAY PRBRBRT.-THB BERT CHHJ.ST Boa gill end tha boot Boor Teoi'? /ree'leg tn your wtf?, (Or baa a bail! ?ai orrar ofa'afoL ardxk out br-u tul Ilea oad en'ortaMi ng literature Y-nrly, ??. with o nfni pmatinm; a. glo rapt- Mr. matleo trao. Tub 104 BotTS Braodoay, BowTorb. __ _ TTBRFfL BOLIDAY PRBbRKTR -MME. ?EMOBBRT>R V aoefnl and boon til ul MOttoo Diroa Lonpora $1 per fl.Swo "amoml'i Ladtea' and (.hlldcVa ?'?Irtng Bo. ?madoaa. Meeata and OO.ebta, Man* Daaanraofa Oombtso gpRwopandani ang Bhoulder Ettaon. ft Roeamte ood LHy ?aewrne the tlompfeaim, M ania; E'tkaoOmg Farfuma IKber erf the abate eeei poot lW Ear*, iatt A Daawnroat Bowtag Mr hlae. ??, o tarfol Watat Fat. larm. rat to Manure, ? -rata Fattorao of now ood alogoot ?"?RRRTw ?ro? artlWoof ladMo' and ohttdren ? dram . EMPORIUM t>F FAR Ml OB ?TI Rmadway, It T, _ WATC?Mia. jdwIbuet. jpp. i "oraorof rwgoW alatb eirett. ** B,<" IN8TRVCTIOI. A graduate or thb university or oak. bridge, England, prlinman and cs-achoUr of hi* col lage, give* private Instruction In Classics. Mathematics, Philoso phy, English language and literature. Gentlemen prepared For theTUVALABD MILITARY ACADEMIES, THB UNIVERSITIES, Aa. Highest references. Addreaa srap ay la CANTAB, room Not ? University Building, Waahing n Square. Wow Tort. ? A LADY WHO HAS 1IAO A HAPPV HOMB. TBACH JV lag the English braaebas and music, and taking entire charga ad boaaabold matters, daatrea aa engagement with parUM at blab moral worth; would giro faithful, indulgent care la children; bead af rafaraaoa given and required. Addreaa Paa bonne flUa. boi Ml Herald ofllye. A BUSINESS EDUCATION.?THOROUGH AND PRAC A Real Instruction la all Commercial and BagUah Branches, at TOWMSBND'S Commercial Aoademy. MS Bewocy. Private tuition day and evening. Apartinanta dor Am LADY WHO BAB AN EQUAL THOROUOH KNOWL edge of Spanish and Eagftah deal re ? to give laaaoaa In tha above laaaaagea. at tha .maidaaen of pnplle or at bar own; would aim teach In a school; highest reference; terms moderate. Cell or addreaa C. K. Martinet, No. 3 Carroll jpisc?, BlMokn* street. At half prices por one week. GOLDSMITH'S BOOKKEEPING, PENMANSHIP. AC., 7M Broadway. SPECIAL NOTICE. All who eater their namee during the holidays will be ro cetvedat ONE-IIALP THB USUAL PRICKS for tha term beginning January 3. A rare opportunity. "DOOKKRBPIN?, WRTT11MJ. AO.. POR BUSINESS. D Mr. DOLBBAR. MS Broadway, teaches bookkeeping prsetieaHy, m Mad lu the boat New York bousoa. its also removes stiffness, cramping or trembling, nnd makee da mping or tr Gentlemen gant business penmen. Gentleman can secure private room A _ T HH TURP. Trot on thb union halfmilk track, heventt aecoud street and Bloomingdale Road, on Tnesday, December 3k, at two o'clock, for SCO a aide; two mile bests, heat two In- three. Peter Meuea nu rues Jamey Lynch to wagon; Mr. Dougherty namee While Stockinge to haraoaa; If It does not rain. Admittance Mc. JANES PINLAT, Manager. SPORTING. All kinds op pancy dogs and birds. ac? for sale?At B. DOYKT'S, 390 Canal street, near Church. Medicines lor all canine diseases. Prepared fend for mocking birds. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT POR KALE-FIFTY eight feet long, ten feet beam; shont live months eld: built of oak and copper rastened: baa accummodatlone for elghi persons besides the erow; Is wall found la every re spect. Apply aa board at foot of East Tenth street. Foe sale-a young dog hound, five months old, at 385 Bast Houston street, fourth floor. Francis no. s peck slip, has all thb choice breads of Doge. Butler's Infallible Manga Cure and Plea Exterminator. 7fl cante. Bullae's new work on the Dog, $S. Dogs trained, boarded, Ae. Medicines for all dis eases. OLD TIKES REVIVED.?VISIT THE BREWERY Shades this glorlons Christmas, skittle Ground, Eng lish BagateUe, Long Pipes, Old Cheaas. stunning Old Ale. TOM KINO, u; West Forty-first street. HORMES. CARRIAGES. ?T. N ELEGANT C HP RING CLARKNCE? An ELEGANT "0" SPRING n,A?KSCB->MUh?I Wood Brother*. a perfect no. veryllght; com Ri.0U0: lined but two or three llmea. Will bo wild "1 a bargain, If applied for at oooe at their wererooma. WB Broadway. A COUPE FOR HALE?MADE BT BREWSTER A CO. In aptoodld order, baring been run rrry little, Prior $1,100. Apply at piirete amble No. M Weal Twenty-eighth A f NO. 10 EAST FOURTH STREET. CORNER OP A I ? Broadway-?.T0HN O. HAM -Olaionre* and Cotipag of hia own etty mat*, will aell a" pere-nl than Broad way at urea, and will gurrantoe them aitparlov in moanfao lure and atyle to any In the ell*. DAMN A COWE. ?4 BROADWAY, INVITE PUR. L chaarre to Inapei ttbelr eiteuair* aaaotlment of drat clan* city built Carriage*, oompn toe I Ha innert, I'ldtpoa, Landau", gCoacliee, and oibw ti?? ?.T<.ae and open wort, mad* of tbe heal materinlannd by the beat workmen, si their own manufactory. Buggies.--one ddhknbcrv hali'-spring no lop Buggy, in line order. TILTOX'S Carnage Were rooma. 47 Broad atroel. Brown horse, calbum* top wagon, mar nraa, *i, aame laid the puaaaaaton of John B. Pal tit, n-mpateed. L.T.. eo the 18th Inc. Tho property ta ?un poaod to belong In n ?'abie In New York or Brooklyn. The owner con here them by proving property end paying chargee. Clarence for hale.?an elegant purer. quarter Clarence; full gla>a front; uaed an mom be; per feot repair: city made; $1. t? loweai. .t. M. LANE, TT War-en etreet. JilXPREHs WAGONS FOR l^jg -TWO NEW CON j roid ? ngle w?uona, with' Tf^RdtppIr to S. W. WIL BOH. *? Br-ji-lway. w , lOlt SALE?POT It LARGE SEW TWO HORSE 1 Troeka. Apply to S. W. WILSON, WR Broadway. For sale?a pine pair of black horses. eery abnwr and pleaeant drlenia. ani'aMe for a coupe. Apply n't Mar key-a Heavy etoble*. IIP Maat iwentr-tbird "treat, batweon Filth and Beiantk arenu*". from ? A. M. For dale?a very handsome saddle won.e?. bright bay. eboui Id band* high, at pnvate atabU. Ra. ? Weal Por-v-Aial "treat. Inquire far Pel. For eale tyi iJaa. ?. FOR 8AT.B CHEAF-A BAY HORSE ? YEARS OLD Id head* high: fit far any u?e. Te be teen el Ml Eaat Twenty-fourth atroel Tbe owner bda an age far him. S^no'sLKIGHF FOR lALR ldXW STOATS SLEt<?H BELLS. C. WITl'Y'S Carrlef* Wareieoet". MS treed way. ?r Bleei-ker elroet. SLEIGHS.?AN ASSORTMENT OF FINE OC1TF.R* ?onto rery light, ler trntrtaft an I aetae wttb petee.'*J'H own manufacture, aukaowiedged to be tbe Sheet end beet B tie n iunil'"m.t U"H| WMB/wRTia^ww "?? ww ww-w ? ? ?"T^ market; al*o a lot of Poi'lend make, aad Urt? three teal, pony and "hlfliig SBnt. of tbe Albany etyMe. R- *. *T'" VERS C.n rlaga Manufacturer, P4 to l?f Rem Thtrty-flm Alan ? wo rote Una Olnreaoe". end e large atuek el Ughtand rop Wagona rHi LET-A FRIVATE BTABLE. CENTRALLY Lo cated ronlataltiafooi alalia and eerrmfe rOeaa; oi will boerd throe hnraee lei gentlemen. Beat groom In IMe coy, Addreea Inn d^MP Foat oHce. Ylr ANTED?A SECOND HAND. LIGHT BUILT. STRONG lf> "II aeat Ronkawey goo-tea new; ot a lew price Ad dreea U. Wight, boa "-.Ma roat eBre. in HORSES FOB NALE. ?IN<|UIRE IB THA ICE OF I Zi Are of A. ntxm. ? Tenth eee.iue, near Fourteenth ?iroet DR1 GOODS. A mm raw frt or e.imi*h pubb. MAPR. by a. Gem her A Sane, wtil be eetd ?er eytttwl Mao thee onea. Cell a* or eddil a B. t. Jomba IH Boat FWMetb *A H. tEKSXS oorreo-laaicd bet galna ii? Caruete and BngJMII if Wg auper Ingraina tram $1 to #?., Bruoaele |l B Tbe eli pricee beard on gold at par Tbe taiemt end beet aelectod atoch of Fur alien- la the rtty. end eetoe meaofeeteeed ea the premirea are all erarraoted. Good* AaBeered free. JUST RECEIVED?ALL THE LATB PARISIAN ?or a it te" In Drew Tr.mmlnga *nd 1 a ne/G node far the ho.Miaya H PINCHOB. m Meacka. atroet. Mmt DRHOBSHTs pnioto "*P?*,NO_*VS: ? peeder*-Tbey era roaron-ae' aed du.ehie, inWao.te adi'iat?.i aad roqnhe no h-cton* or aewNig^nolrerrolly ep proved ililldreo'a I0e . mailed (roe. No. 471 Rnrodoey 0 ysu i.i.i yah r GMPrtfl .It ,a kinrR btrbbt. CLOAKS TOiircr.D PRins. I.ADIF.B' AND < MM%Y^>TKJOOArCHH and BOTB- Bt'ITR, _ TP- (ITEBGOATS. INrANTB* CLOAKS. CAFF AND BASKKTa. ? AT LOW PRfCEB. REAL ABTRACHAJf CLOAKS. Hl'fPB ABD CAPS. We bare luai reeelved AROTHRR CABB THhSB BEAUTIPtL AND USEFUL Old) ABB. LOW FRtCHB. NOVRI.T1KB-1N CASBIAGLAP ROBBB. We rail particular anemia NBW AbTl TMrmOTBD Huor "A hit OWBLUTABA -^..OADWAT. Corner of Bleth Mree". fl THE LA III LB ?THE NBWEBT STYLE FOR RALL ty Aroeeee, n?d party jw mi. Op-ra, Canmee and irafallloe aha KaperJcl attaBWon pa1''w''hlldren'* Itroeeta. gjl orgera pTne^ily altaniad w at Mm*. YaB YLLC* B. Bn. 5tl rWii me imogbne Walton *np broadwat. will libit, lb* . not tig wee* aa elogaet aaaortaeent of 47 Bund ?tra#t WILLI N Kill. I WALT'>1 kit, the . -antng w. -i ewelry. Wreadla, An Mmr. vioouaouz, ub rot bth atk.nur btamf. mg. MBbroldeey end l agerL. tpectoHy fer laitiela, m -cofT.nn for handhenkiefa. table and bed elxthen em hrobMred fer ho'idny prmmxn i ?i?nrr~w 1 s curniiNa. A GREAT DRMAJfD FOE LADIES ?ND UKNTI.R m?a * coat <sr ? en i HWt worth or cab* or? clothino. arpaea, h, e?Med by B. STRAI.BS, MB Feren'h !>?? ?. wtwaan 'hlrty-tMed end Thirty-fenrth "terota I adG" tmtW by Bn Btrouen Tbe bwheel *y lee BP <4. COPAKTNKKNHIFK. ent, j. r. usv iuu The business wUl ba *?? > and style u heretofore m Pmi), who alone ara ?# The firm of watekhoi se, pearlrco in rem da; dissolved by mutual eon went, J. F. Humming* having wtUi drawn km satire interest. T' - *? Sound under tha aama lirm name i KueUd Waterbouaa and E. O Pearl, tboriaed to m?Ua up lb. B. Q. PEARL. jam em p. gumming b. Naw lew. Par. K lflM. . rpHE PARTNERSHIP. HERETOFORE EXISTIRO 0H X dar tin firm name of Bench k Oddy, bae been thla km dleaohred by mutual ooaaeat. Mr. Baacb wUl aim la liquid* tioa. JAC<>? RANCH. Naw Taaa. Deo. n, 1MB. JAMES OIJDT. TITANTED?A PARTNER, WITH IMS. TO EXTEMM TT a prutitibie oaab business. Address. requesting or ap> pointing laterrlew, O. K. Wight, bo* 'JlOIierald ottlce. , ?1 Ann ~A SINGLE YOUNG MAR WANTS A PAWt qll.UUU, uersbip la aome paring business, or taw accept a alt nation with an latereet; the beat of refervneajfe regard* character. AcUlreea far three daya II. M., baa Mi llerald oOlce No ugenta ueed apply $2,500." ? PARTNER WANTED, FOR PHILADB|w phis. f be business coaltta In inaiiaraaiurlSE I I a wall Introduced blttara, for which ever MO coettuaem a/a m thla city; atao certain wiueralwater, la great demand, audi coetumrr* on hand, togatbar with a raw other article*, pay- I lac welt. The bittera pay < now over (6.UIJ0 probL per yaagb Address hot DO Poet offloe. Philadelphia, Pa. I cm nnn *? ??ooo.-part^ke wanted in a IflU.UUU very profltabie oaah ? take tha place of a retiring partner. References niche aged. Ad dress J. H. M., Herald offlae. BVIMBM OPTOIW'UhTmI AHMNY INDUSTRIOUS MAN llAttRO ?U0 TO MOO CAM | t o liiTQil, with his sendees, cap i.ecure half Interest flk an ofllec buatnaaa paying (MAM annually. Immediate I# turps and fl.Mli salary allowed; part cash down, balanceM uolea, to ootne out of tha bualness. am K. C. PARKINSON A CO.. 1U Third avenue, rao* N? bB $50,000 Pumrture*and class, me-linm si/.ed, up tuwn Ifolal for sale, at a fair prlnO, le? ation unsurpassed; house Mautlfully furnished sad kt fine order; rooms nil light, desirable and filled with first class, profltabie gueeta. Prlualpals who caa command tnooo to S9U.UC0 cash amy apply to J. J. GBBKNOUOH, No. li Wail at. ? OPBCIAL ROTICEN.^^^H A mm mass meeting of tiik carpenters op this ? 35 will be held at Masonic Hall, 1U Eaat Thirteenth street, on Friday evening, the Mth tnat.. atlo'ctocb. Tha meeting will be sddresaedby the renowned Western orator. K. Trevallto. Workingmeu of all trades are Invited to Brooklyn, dec. m, tMfl._NoncB.-oN and after this date I will pay ao Mile unless contracted bp myself. MURRAY W. SMITH. LAWRENCE k COHEN, 1U WILLIAM STREET have now on hand a splendid assortment of "TIIB CRYSTAI.IZKD PF vRI, VISITING CARDS," Inimitably beautiful, and resembling the real paarl aimnat to nature Itself, it Is a wonderful discovery, and these gems caa be printed at readily aa on ordiaary cards. Manhattan savings institution, tu broad way, corner of Bleecker street, December AO. INK The trustees of this tnstttnttoa have declared tha twenty second semi-annual dtvidaad on all dapoalu by tha rales as tilled thereto. at the rate of d per cent per annum on sums of U, and not eireedtng Rim, aad ft aer east par spBBm oa amounts over (100. parable oa aad after Monday. Jan. ft, tha Institution paving the goveraaoat tax. The dividend wtl! be credited under data of Jan. I. and If not withdrawn will receive Internet the same as a deposit of that data. B.J. BKOWK. President. Kdwasb Hcnbli.. Treasurer. ?Avoaa. Bocreiary Notice.-thb annual rlbctiok OP TWENTT rati Managers ot tha New York Institution forth# Blind ?gl he held et the inatHulloa, corner of Ninth avenue and Thinv.fourth street, on Monday. Mat Inst., at o'clock P. M.. polls to remain opea ooe hour. T. RAILKY MYERS, decretory. New Yoax. Dec. ?. IMA OFFICE OP THB ATLANTIC MAIL 8TKAMRBIP Compear. No. t Rowling Green. Naw York, kovlfl. IMA?By order ot tha Hoard of Directors, notice Is hereby ecu tits' in consequence of the election appointed to have ?n held oa the 1Mb of November Instant, not having beea bold pursuant to soeh appointment, au election of aloe directors ot thta company aad three inspectors of the next sure red tag election will be hold at the offloa of tha company on Pride). the 11th day of January, lljl. at 12 a'clocx M. The transfer hook* at tha oflk * af the Parawwa' Loao and ' fram the Mth to the let hot Trust OMipMtr trtU bo _ . January, tar. Tha polls win ha hub tram U to i eMuek. FBANKUK ALLEN, Secretory The jai'kay chamfaonb. This wiaa la dry. daBoats, but fall af vinous body-wot sweetneas -of a pale, natural color, aad altogether a oaptl vatlnx wtnc of the tlrat growths. For eats by H. B KIRK .V rupon street. TRI:DWELL k McAKTU V. No. I Ptae St.. eor Broad --sy PAR.-ONs k NIXON. M Cedar street, corner Broadway. ron jl\LK. * KINDLING WOOD ESTABLISH MHKT FOR Ull /V Rngine, !l..ree? Trucke and Machinery. it., complete, rue property will be aold or 1mu4 ?u remoaaDia l??i Till" l? on ??etllenl oMortunity. kp;>lr at the factory, Clae eon avenue, nrer Wyrfle, Brooklyn. ALiR'.E 91KB LtLLIB* Ff?B AND BURGLAR Safe foi tale ">Jtap Aleo eae large Herring's J"ate oud two medium aiae hafee. _ S. G. QUIRK. It Wltttam etreet. BrsiNBS* CHANCE -A CIGAR STOKE, WITH OOOD tiitnfta end well "larked. for eala cheep. Xtaeen Air est ling. going Into ether ouwaeae. in Grand street, Oder Ceatre merk?t. ^ ___ rvIMNG SALOON TOR R4I.R.-A LAROK. FlRiT 1J Mi Dining Sal eon an Broadway. Set ween lie- ker aad Camel at rem a. dataj a good tmaineaa. Apply te or ad drtae HARRT PFARRBR, Cfi a ad IW Arnadwa r. eeeaod TVIVS STORK TOR SALE, IN JRR9EY OITT. OX AC U rs'iat or fit health af the awwar: Ma| a eery need boat aeee, la a drat rate evIWtberheod dSSraaa K. CfTTbaa did Peat alee, .tarty City TOOK SaLK?HOTEL OX EUROPEAN PLAN. I* THE r lower pert oflhla ? ty; eighty rooma; ar waadd Irene the aeai' furalehaS to reepuuaMa parly. Iddraaa Rnropaaa, bar SBU Herald oBaa. rOlt tAl.I-I.AROR LOT OF FINK WALNUT DRUG Drawers, Conotera. Drake, Shaw Caeas. Oyater. SUUne ere. Dry Geoda Fixtures; OHee Ralltaga, Partition". Dovra, ?m1<- Re Mpei be wld to Rake room, wni he ehlpped. Rvlyttr JAR. HODOB. ? Jaae eceet For sale-the lease. fixture* and good WD' el the Reveille Mtiele Garden. Re Win ran I aad lea Cream ^aiaaa. R1 Breed way The baelaeaa baa beea e?ub Heaed fer Ibe feat erven yearn, aod I* new la eaoneearul ?pr alien, and in ev> rv respect worthy the etteaUon af nay eae deelne* to eogaaa In I ha hneoieev Toi fall nartien. late, at to P.m As.. Inquire at QEUBOR UWTKR merchant Id Went street. rR BALK-THE STOCK AND FIXTURE* Of A ?oo'aad Shoe ''tore, oa Broadway, desirable loeetaea and a good r,ia of eastern trade. Apply far ana week at l.TM Rrrwtway. betweea Thirty nasal aad Thirty-third P^mn * ALB?TUM LfcA-th FIXTURES AMR STOCK OF ^?ihe O.d eetaUMhed pu. ?ar boner Hi bnelbjtreef. arUI be anid ' >r ouly. Apply la LETT < VOX WRY. an the CHaJTCB-A M4HT. OBKTRBL i id nana. Addreei WHBama. He, eld LRAfK IX WILUAJd^^^H uSl corner o< far iprlar P. urea, aad (oxt will af bte^^^^H arm at .chad ?? Urn bitterd room, bar ead PdPtaniae , pnMle hall. As.; tn the right pettier treoe if the billdlng will be ftvra Inqntre ea ibe^^^H TOOf baLF. AND TO LRASR I* WXLUAJMRCRO. I tbe preprtetor of I'aiea Halt 'ornerel OlvMM are mm ?nd i Tatar etreet. ogam for eala iprtar t" ratltiaa from H. I be - t Pli uree, end go d Wfll af .lie eetat l<"l. -?.din room. I ana vain t Me

FHtRCT DOODi -?OR SALRTUB STUCK AMD FIX lavan of e Faaev sieve, detag e geed >idnan Alao Ltav af e Hot ead Dwelt lid llonea. Apply i? J D. GOPLD te It Fonvlh "'rem Winiemthtirg TJHOTOCKATRT.?4 WICK FHoTOGKAFH OA I. St ReSmy" m *bt"F v?" ?- WaKBI.T, i ORCTIFT1XS norgt AXP ALCOROt, DIRPILLBRT A far eele ?A Impe amaWimaeent cotnptcle. ami la Snrtrtag evdw \gpfTat iSTrom etraat. Xaw Txik. *1 RAA -TO printers?y'ir palr. a wrll re Jl.iA/U. lactad Seeband JabtNbn; aeadartal ell new. OiiwnewaSgr" J en ?ROW RALR, CASK MANCFACTCRIXO H. I QU, ami awnaWDa boitaaat, w*u aeiebUahed Row wo'tlag. e good npnevfiaity fer e rm? .. I.,, -,J|, ||arau n<|tni |Ow IR^RR ??ww BUpfT.W^RRwft riFTw^l s NACKIXRRT. AT 7? WANOJN WTRBRT BOILS RR AND BNOIKRS FOR SAI.R TONUSES AND ROILRRB?FROM 2 TO 1(0 llORSR fl power; Lelhea. lMlliag Waahlaee, Plena *. Bylmulie Prev?ee and IdfUng Jaeke dbefttng. PatteTe. Torap. >B kiada af Marhiaerr et 1C Weiar Mreai RRfdlXLYX. llOPPMAN A FINNr.T. ( TOOR HALF.? r THRBR STPERIOR m HOReR TOWKR Ctn'oSryTITK Retlera Tn be aaan at Havamaper A Rider ? anger ralaary, WlUlaaiebnrg. T OCOMflTIVE BNGINRH FUR SALK CHKdP-ONR Li eawvad hand F.agtne weight IS tan", gauge 4 fart iafh't; eea do., weight ? MM. gang* 4 feet Id tnrkaa; aua mew d> . weight Rl t-PA ?"'!?' A fem. JOHN ST'. ART, lib fvaadwny. Healer In Laaamttliaa and Neehinere. ClRTARLK STRAW BNGINFd AND CffeCCrLAR SAW WILLS, beet end awt .reapMe tn una. i tmalera aetit en ?cptteaUdA. WOOD A N ANN STRAW RNOIVR ' OWFAWT, lUee N r. and bl Wntden Un- lew Yark * ANTED TO Pt'Ri'HASE?A SRcosii IIASD HOR Rotary I'rtntlng Wnaainn Addrree I. ?.; bwt MM Herald aRUe atanag terme. Ar e- J .'J, . -ee?? -w ?-- ?- ? ?- -fo R?IAIbRD>, dhC. Ai.eSi.l. a sm a OF RRK ASf H|COND Ptv. , jwr TeMea tnta eur liawnr _ cnaMona. wbleb beta been peeved le W ibe a'X una and durable rnabloee ever made apaoan >>? ef mir tat tee that have been la reaetant eea for main year* may be men In tbe prvnetpe- '.wele end aahiene m MM eny Paritm hp. tending te pnrrhaaa will lad tt to ibelr Inietnal to rati end eaamdna enr fbmb. wbwb ie ibe Unreel end deem .n tbe w-itlt hey a' TaMep fer k'i'-enp pvvmete PHRAAW A COU.aNDka # wdp I'meby Mreet N f, rmARciiL. U*ltkl) irtl? TKMAHURY, Schadula* of iSOj thirty or mora Coupon* <lo* Juu*ry lad. mi. <*? ho now raaawad for aiamlnaUoa of U>* tfuUM Main* Tr?ourr H. I TAX DYOB, A 11*1 Mi I Tnasnior. LUST S. m amp APgnowj, I?mm QV Eotiross,wS gigSHHBrMSimrvrUi AThAMTlC riAVIMUH BA.Nk.^^^H [?IX PER ra*T.Siixl?aS>MM^^M MiUuMl flrHwl at Um nth* of I PER CKBT par ?*???. fpaa bw t*? aawwaat tad an all BU from ?lTw M.MS, will bo paid an awd attaribttM Monday in J unary i Deport* wad* dp or boforo 100*17 > Will diww lnlopaat Pom th* UL Bank apoo Bally. m d. tax putt, muni J. P. Coopkp, Boaratary BHa.NKINO HOUXB OP PIBK ? <m-?m #trja^Kc^Y?k^J* STftS? pant op caljbokkia^^^B ^^^?CAIffOBMiA will lu| BPr?")ia*DI tniMp K1SK QovriMTpPAL XATIOXAL BABE. XXW TOBE. OK. ^TSTijEtSSKJ ?JSi.?2Sa&?S# TfcTVj^irr.r"1 "?"""?" "*TT. Tbo trnnafor boofai will flam on tha _?ld ttat.. *t S f ? X.. Caahlor. Internal allowed OB allamonnu fro? ??* to dv* thcmaud Mm Mh ww B?r from IS to S. >n<l mlllMT, wit Maday and Friday Umnw ? I? 7 Mouey drpoallod now will draw lalarml from Jan wry I. flOCPOKS.-THE 8BVBB PBX OXMT ISTEBEST \J naapaaaaf tha Coalral PaoMe Batlroad band* of Cali fornia, or MM, will hr paid at awr oOaaaa aod after Jaoaary A CO., IS Xaaaaw (kraal. If ONBY TO to AM?AT 7 PBX OXMT, IK LAJUJB OB ?U^maLl aaaouute, wllhoot dalay, an Snk olaa* Property, Bo. t Woat Tvoaky third at, *?S&2fekt ^^I^HIHudiir four mt cobumo itook* Mi Um oum, Wo Um |orirnini>t tos, will yfea paid to Ike ahoMbotdor* ou lb* Sd day ai January. 1M7, at the offlt* af Um coaayany, corner of Poorlh arena a aid OHi kk e op the bio smoky silvbb mikisq col ? frksAdnwAf. N.W Tana. 1 yvcvwti 3i, IMP. ? The undaraknad. iiaMaltns af th* Praaldaat and a ma undoroknad. iiaMaltns af tha Praaldaat aud a aaa af thaTruataaa of tha bib Smoky Hirer Mining Coaa aertlfy and (Mount thereof haa hacn paid fn. and Uut Kl Po3otomx. mM aod Ooooty of XoW York, aa ? Maooa Chamharlalu, ? oaot waouoa) of aald rlty, being duly aworn, on | aunt ! that ho la tha Pianldaat. af the Big ( aawwBad. > Baaaky Uwr Xtalag (Joaapanp, aai that tba abora ropor , algnad by him, U indl rimiil n lr>w. Swora to batWo aaa, thla sSS f\rriCE KAXIETTA AXX cjmcimkam y Compass. aa raoqamipad. CbBvwtha. O.. Doe. I ft# iran.fpr nook* of IMS IWOH1 11 "" kgoocr I j??aaa^^w3Sr ^rTw BUBm UoitaTa*Q rwiuaatodm A al tho N.w Torlt agency t.rr ragiet-y hefor* tba traoafer bonk* sur"^ flNmfiM Mniui AiS nra^nm. *"! Saw Tims. Iter. 51. MM.' Brnwa -t artMI-aaartal dlr-Mend, at tba rata *r MIX PTE ( ENT par aaaaaa Ifrar from (orrmiaaat tail, oa all ?lima frtm |l t* ES.flM, will Oa paiil hi ml after lt?r third MORIPAV te Jaattarr Drfoattr aatl aa or Mara January III will >traw laltml fraai IUa 1st. look atw" <UM? frmn 1? - - - tad na MONDAY. N K < D AT .M.SA1 (fa<. Praia ? to ? n qlock A. M to I P M itATt'KDAY EVEN mPKSCP.K E. OKEKK, Pr*?.J?oL Bh?b4Bd l?u.r. Mocrwary qu pre cart rRTRREMT-i Rrn or uoTEriiMRirr O TAX. Maaaar Mariana Bona. I ? Maaaar. < rraa Fbi ">a at j Mir Vnaa. I Inicaat aa aair daaaatta roramaaraa ifamaliaUly i tatter of tea MKiuih following ih? data nr tha daaowt. MM. TAX It AMR, Pra.1* Raasr K. Caasua, fcratatj. n OQUPONH OP THE RAOBAMEXTO Iwnda of i aHfarala wHI ha paid at our ' INT. laaa (oramoaaat tea LY A CO., M Kaaaaa atraak aa aad aft*r January t l?. laaa gararnaaat taa ^hIOUKKK iKI.IMMkRM^H . INI MOITfQOMKKY AMD WHAT POIMT RAJLKOAD X Coaipaap. iM Atehaaw. trill |>ay Uta aanpoaa aa tholr Mate Etta ia Saw VorV at Mcaara. Matt, Malaga A Cafe SBTa WlMbua atraai aa aud after M of S?a>?rr. ItR. ST" CHARLKM T. POLLAKD. Praatteai ? ytRM ILTtACg;. SO. M WALL MTRKBT. itmn and dealer* RA1T.M. t'UEB OR ELL fOMMIMMIOM CIURORN. ?s* Mb. RaU iac. ataral WL... y. Ml ...^ Jtg 107 ?1 IK IWfe 104 ti ? Cat]poo. MS . feSvS" km.a too Wi% & Kx 13 CLOP I NO rHU'RR. Maw Vims. Iter, at, i SteR I '??? oil Ann -twin amount to loam or rrn-r E^UR^tffiaT/yfeiEHni LOAM-OS OTT REAL MltTR 7XF viarjrt, C AAA TO LOAM OM cm RF Al> EAT A TIL WiVVV In anaia ta anil. Alaa two ma* at "* rifAPtr?t'T>'?ii ma> 11' ImlMay. up Ra.ft MLIOIuira troTH EE. A ERoL'NOftMEWT ?KKV. CMAKLRm R. EHTTH'E A Mti >'iu lap a.taraooa lactura. I aiaiaa far ?b- niaygp aa tea Nataaaaw. af Maw Ver*. party la Op Hypaanrr la flRRMhaa aaM InAdabtp In tba teeood Dagraa. _____ A LL MATRTM EPISCOPAL OflCRCR. CORSES Of A Starr tad Bapa'in' rtmOtr -Obrtataat Dap aa>r"aa at Kf-paat t*a A N. Pbara will baa Am aatartMrn at Mtwla pCTata>a<l t?P taa abate . RMBD DTTCH CRUSOE. TWRBTT PI?*T ?tattb araaa* Pteaaa <te4 tbara via ba rajwwsr Binp&Su 1 NATIONAL CORgRIfTAToRV Of MONK*. ? i araaua Ptaao. Tlatin, Tkanrp and Y#rat I fib par tat Oaiarratarp laatimtma ?Hg ?"*- ^ nt ROLLFEMaCRB*" Ml XJfAj, flOXPRKYATOBr, ttt |?b'. artb'r 'm .Hiua, WB Sioeaway ?laeiraatieee ta toJaea lealnwaetelFt.*- ?'arm isiTRIC ri'lRIMHED POR PARTI EM WRWRfbOfl. 1*1 Oa -U? Waaarkp ptea# ?r ati a VnOLOSORLLO ?INdTBI'CTION IIITRR AT PL"Pit ? V aa> *'i ' ? ? ?? ? . . ? _____ w%t OATTRMOR. PIAMIMT ATtRMDM TO PAR T* ||a?. ??,?. A. ? EA ar.aMg '?? M '? ?? rtatte, te 'trdara raeaira-i at ri liian, gM gtstb aaaaaa, aaar Pa fartwth atraai MIR' a i.i ttf"i a. __ At aiMtRRMrfL-POR MEW TRAR'E DAT?TWR t>?. -a?-4 PiaNtat 1 ard gaatfanwa ? WEE RE W par h'iater-1 iHMin g4 m* aad btl tima4wap A PAIT?1" HEMRi r? LAOIRP WAI.RMI) AMD gbaoaf Eatttia baanttf m am Oat, amok ?- ?.i ?* a (Ma arai WaaarpuH boaka. ?*tt EM far gS Oat ?.fir to $1 Rate alaa* Tr >.*? and laia? raArballa ? f atari 4aa ? l < ' tl at ? ..rttal L, Vaaaa. N< tMHMt IRW I n Ml R .??-?-aruar IV-md ?< | ROE NATmTAXBO. X Tka a- a.aat a ad dial I. Far lla llalitepa, a amrtaaaat at mm prteaa atea PUMO ARB BTOBR ?T' Ol.a WM OA EOERE. EM Altai wraai. Raw Ta OPERA CLAMR* -El ic* Olaaaaa. ' w llaaAM I'fpiat T X SrAl.UVTRfc IJ| IRA CLAMRM PRARI. OPERA ?ta at rad'.r?d pitaaa optaaaa Maaaaa aaraat PRJfF. 'If MEAT-BEAT MOCP SEAT ** A !>..? Emm Haaf IV. Roaad l" . I'baab. Ida a IAa ???. lata aad Pnrtaroavaa. BP Ewarduar boaaaa will aa a aaa fa-t. rtlr U'atad wt'b aa fl ITA ?TOE a TENET batwaaa PHI and MfBat it>*?ta. iAi ON ?El.l'. T)t< II Mi iT-TP ba TOE TNE ROl tllAt ? - PA? J Maa wtt* "M wmm af at p.. r*' t ?tw r ? .art 6-ra tb' < ? rtetr 1Mb A M bal?'lir? a- tea r./E-hR (trraar P aaa IN Prteaa awaau aaar Waaaaar AJHVI rwo rMKru?EA? hH. MATIN KK. KVENllMk OpaMallS* begin*>llk; Op??at?%: kfatm 12Mi ?tar At Ik </<??.?/: tfclia J' nw a> MM otiaak, wfc?B fardlog aatpta uma for mart- <-*rrta?aa mmf H k? AtlPP ma alfaahartoaa train*. a**n* E. OWKNM. .. ?. r ?aw ia Q>* aa?pM amalaaJ mml paauMaiy iaat hut In af fclaaofar-a-M. 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Ihoroai' Oiubaitra Ho..Old Ipmruif of tit* wnndarfU hoy aopratf Naatot Slahard Cohor, wba will "Inj "Eroani Lit .final " "Tb* Lortr tori thr Bird,'' sad "bal lb* Aright t-ainpl.lar." bf n?od?' _Ma?t?r To. ill will ?In* "H_?' yo lanMfi'MW M*udri?a?bti BaMara Oabar Ml aad So'trao will aloft "Tb* Aonl a Trio," from Elijah Mr LTTkaubtrvlll *laf "If With all Yaor Maaria." from Elijah The Co 11a* Choir will parfmjo KB Jab ? - - Maalat 1. _ Mr. Doabaz u>,aa Colla* Choir will htrforai 'ha mad arm* no** . Elijah, by Mr. W. C. < ?mp?A. Thr Tooth. h* r IWmT ri*? of Our l ata* hp Wallow Solo by do.uiara t'horu* from ram: with Ptaoa. Org** aod Orrhaatr* kcompani aaat Mandat'. fr?al abort). "Tbaa Riwoft Aha Iha * tarry ?hiiai." a* a an* l>? lb* Coctiaaa with ? MaaUah <il*r?anil Jt?di.*at. by tha Inflowi^l lb* ihab M W Maaiar Tn-W:?Meaior*. haaltb Satiroa. Ml***. Palmar. Boor and W alarm; Maaan Pmat. Tbalabar. Pooaroaod D*4aa Ar.. h<-. Tb* O) haall i will aarfaroi iho ?oartnra loXaa*** t, KrWilO, ot'b " ?i .ad Plula OMWato, by M ?**.-?. PabaMr a ad Khaa. Tb. Tthaa PalWa, by Nutr. Ohil Via ma ia a lliaim, bp I.iim't*, wHh Sltbar Mo, by Mr. HaladJ ^Tb^rww^^duitajmo wiB ranaaha a< awajl TlrtaJ* M rn* 4*T Ca\ M Braakw'af ?a, W Broadway; _ _ _ b Hi Broad war. aad Woinoay QUID COVCSBT DODWorrn JVci.i. band. (Waal bar imroaUtmai, at lb* riinm ATKbwTEATrwo pabb, PB'tflk A M MR-raatTiSi 1. A iota wall March .A Bodwartb f IWIillirt, MPaa: and Pa*?aai.". ..... . Bojtpa I. "Dla Rratrn C'orao" Wall/ ..... airaaaa 4 Marrb o' tha " Aawao?%" Iroai "BbPft Oraab"... Coma 4 ilakaii " iraor Btwka and hlonoa''. ... . C faoal A Q'tadrlU# "Oniliraai Siraaaa way N\Tbr I ho OiphMB Praa rW'Bw MM3 Mtaa VwU HomHwi aapaoo*. Mr Mufaoo had aula Mr Artbor Marfhaaao. 'aoor. Mr. Cha-.aa I HaUaOlal, Hanry M'-Uaohaoar rtntaoraWa. WW aaWM darlor. Mr. W Btoplar. 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