Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK. HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,075. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 26, 1866. PRICE FOUR CENTS. ^ nOMM A3U.? jIBLL OVERBOARD PROM 80BOONEft, R08C0B, ON ' Friday, Deoembar 21, Francis Lorker, a nativ* ol Oer t?l 90 rttrl cFlit asd unmai i led. R? fell through the B fn the Rarltaa r?tr, end has not einoe been heard uf. unly, Ohio. An* _ ^ I by his brother, GeoFry t.'oetello, In car* V, blacksmith, Bedford avenue, neer Oreeue 1 ktya. ' MB& N. WOOD. FROM SCOTLAND, WHO ARRIVED hem en llet September laat by steamer Jata, from ot, will send her eddreee to me, ebe will beer eome nt news from home direct Address Jinn, box reld uflloe (errtred by eteemer Ails from Liverpool) EFORMATION WANTED?OF JEREMIAH RIORDAN. who wee. In Februery. 188*, en lnmete of Herewood ipllal Washington, D 0. Any Information concerning will be thankfully rvcelved by hie brother, fell et or addreee 122 East Twenty eighth etreet, N. Y. Wethlngton Reptra pleeee copy. TT BYREL.-WOULD BE OLAD TO RBE TOO A MO n"Bt u ?* pl~' ,l on? """Sen MORTON. ?lt FRANK H. BLADON, WHO ARRIVED TN NEW York M the eteemer Queen, Decern bar 7. from England, pleeee eall et the oflloe of the underslgued; he will And letters of Importance eweittng him. Any informetlon re. ??*" W,U R^ttTlB) WgU etreet, w ILL BR ON HAND THURSDAY EVENING. KATE. fILL THE LADY IN RED DRESS AND GRAY jacket, who rode up Broedwny In e Medlaon avenue stage with e friend on Mouday efternoon, please addrer genMeinen who eat next to her. or answer in personal" W' with a friend un Mouday eftern'ion, please eddreee Ibe to ber. or enewer in personal" ASTEROID, station D. PoaUiaice, ILL THK TWO LADIES IN THE COACH WIIO bowed to two gentlemen ou Cortlandt street ferry "* ' reousla w dkrUtmas afternoon please communicate through uersoua or box I OA elation M, for Interview. NEMEO. ~W?ST Also FOUND, X OUT-DECEMBER 2ft, A OOLD LINK BRACELET, Aj In going from Chrlalopber street to Rends street, Brook lyn, by the Bleacher etreet rare. The finder will be liberally Mwaiuled by lravlng It at 102 Christopher street, N Y. REWARDS. ?1 A BBWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY AFTERNOON, vio Dec. 24, at tlie confectioners, Mlfti, Itrnadway. a smell white Bos, containing two caiueDa earrings and one of coral. The value being In aseoelatlon. the finder will eneolve $10 upon bringing tbeee articles to 140 Filth atenue, and no questions will be asked. fin REWARD?LOST ON DECEMBER 17, ON THE ?J.U premise" of Patrick Murray, a Poeketbook, contain tag about gOO. Above reward paid by leaving It with Rev. Father Woods, Morrlsauta. REWARD. gRJv Lost, on Monday afternoon, in going from Maiden Ism to Williamsburg, a Poeketbook, containing about $100 One certified check for SRUOO, on the Fanners' end Clll. ?ens' National Bank, drawn by ingersoll A Docherty. One aeceptaeoe. drawn by E. H7 Reeves A Co., for 21,0(10 One due bill, drawn by A. B Britton, for $2 000. and other papers, which are of no value except to the owner, as pay ?Mni hit bun stopped. .Any person returning the same to K. H Reeves A Co., 1H7 Water atreat. or to H. F. Docherty. Ureenpolot, will receive the above reward. $100 Cine "ton tzm REWARD.-LOST, ON OR ABOUT WEDNER u v day, December 12, o Cluster Diamond Ring ol stones. The finder will plraae return It to M fit Mark's i. New York, and receive the above reward, or at much as they thtnk Is right, and no questions asked. OUPAKTNRRkHIPk. RUSINEHfl FIRM. DOING A WHOLESALE AND retail dry gauds businean Ip Philadelphia, on Second M, new Callowhlll, of from $300,000 to $800,000 pei an MM, are about to retire, and ofler to lease the store and sell the stuck. To an active businaas man an arrangement may Bo made for tho use of $26,000 to $'10,000. Applications w 111 Be tree FBI lad treetrd confidentially by addressing B. A B.. box 2.B72 elnbla Post office. d"TOI*ARTNBRBIIIP.?AN BNTERPRIMINO MAN. WITH v; $200 to Pftfifi, wanted, to take half iotereet In a pleasant ? business (BERLIN A CO., 200 Broadway, room No. N. PARTNER WANTRD-IN A FIRST CLASS HOTEL with Bar and Billiard Room attached. Apply at ft") Wall neat, second floor, tip smsll flight la the rear, room No. 2. 1?! srs . UNDERSIGNED HAVE FORMED A COPAKT nership for tho transaction of a general Stock t'lan on Ru?lee??. nnder the name of Hick" Henderson A , at 21 New street. S.VML'KL lilt Kr. W. T. HENDERSON, Member of the N. Y. Stuck Ktrhange. JOHN H. HICKS. P*" PRINTERS -A PARTNER WANTED, WITH MOO In a well established printing business, which can telv upon a continual run of custom work; a job compns'tor preferred. Address lot a week T. W . box 11V Herald nfli a $9 IWWi -PARTNER WANTED. WITH THIN ey.lMFU. smouni In rash. Any honorable, sober and ?tad business man exn have one half interest la a flrtt ctavj ?preheats' uptown Stable; the stable Is lu perfect order, with stalls for fifty boysef and room for forty eamagK with ahwut thirty horiea now: arery convenience fur watering andcleaningosrrlages, $2,000 will oar one-half Interest and BLOOD to be used In the business Any one who wishes to ??gage in this business, and meaning bueluoae, oau address ?, box 1W Herald ofiler for three days. Tfo agents need answer. A lease of lea years. Kent li 000. -A PRRTNKR WANTED. WITH TIIIB _ _ amount In rash. Any good butlness man, the above ?mount, van h.ive <>ne-balr Interest In an ale gnat Bar and Dlaing fisloon. Iocs 1 ed un Broadway, the great awl thoroughfare down town, the stork snd fixtures are ??I'lh this day git,"?: has bee a established four years; s lease for fire years at a very low rent; alt e taut oat-on of the Stock snd fislure,, together with the datlr receipt will satisfy any une; only meson lor taking s partner Is sickness ?f the owner's brother. For full pertamlare apply to WM. TAN W Ati EN P.N A CO., 471 filxtb avenue. None but prim etpals need cel. ?1A AitA -RILF.NT PARTNER WANTED IN A JIU.IHM/. manufacturing bu?li>r,-. a monopoly, well awtaMlshi-d, and not suhiect to fluctuating mersets, paving MB per < ent pinflt. Prluetpala onlv will please eJdres , wMn real name, L. Palmer, 16 Lalght street. - BIIINKB S OPFCHtS I-riK?. ^ ?r>nn WILT. PUBOHARE THF. WHOLE UNITED 1'IUU gtsteS of a valuable Invention. This la a tare ?Banc*. Apply to BON1W1R A CU , 117 Nxssa' street. ~ SFBCUL NOTIC K4. CIT1SKN6' RAVINGS RANK. NO. M BOWERY, DON ner of Canal s'.ieot Now York, January, lit*;.? fits per rat, fie.- from government tax ?BIT?JANUARY IN1PRFRT ?The reenter semi annual at the rata ol *IX PEIt CENT per annum free ?mm. at the rate ol nix CENT ner annum (free from so- rrwmont tax), will be paid oo snd alter Monday Jan nary fl. |fi#J, on all siunt of lie dollars ami upward which Bant wean on deposit for three ur oft moatheprevious to (La Bret of January Interest nut withdrawn will be added to the original d< MSlt, end bear Interest from Ibe let ul January. Hester dt pestled now. or on or before Jantsary 10, will be*r tetervst from the III of January Bank "pen era) ilay for lbs reception snd payment of ?oaoy f> om ID tu R. sun also on MONDAY, WBDNB8HAY AND FRIDAY EVENING*, from ft H , Bank hook" In Oerman. Freneh and English GEORGE FOtJOM Preatitenl. ??on A Bones, Reerttary. -rw,? CM. gfWTgKTP, . AtTOHMRV AND OOCKAELLOR AT LAW. Itfl B jodvay. N?w York (TORN RXCHANOE IXHCRARCR OOMPANT, RKW / T"fk ? Tha annual aloriioii (or dtrRrtnrR of Una 'on |MI Will ho bald at thmr Ollira. 1ST Br .adwai b aw N rirk mm Pond**, th? nh do? of .loon try, l**i I'olla opon irotn a BOOH to 1 P. M. ORO. A. DKMRKIt, Bo.r-l.ry MWKRNCB * COHRR. I"d Wll LfAM BTllRPF. Htra row on hood > ?ir|??.ji<i -....? n.oni of I If I ITAMFFD PF.ARI, VllUTTXr, rtPDB," Inlmliohlr bRBRtlfut. and roaambllng Ik' ra-l paarl moat In Halo ? Mortf It la * wnndorful dlarorarr. an 1 Iboaa garni ran bar " 1m roadilr aa on ordinary card. rAMII ATTAN BAVJNfid INBTm TI'tN. Aid BROAD ? ay. MMf of Btoarkar ItrMI, Darrn bo. JM. IMA llrniiMif tht* Inattli.imn h.rr d- unl (Mtmnlj id atrot-annoo! dmdatrl na all ?>? fba rnlraar "tkoraro, at Ik* rata of ? |.ar >aai par annnrn ou anma Rl, and not atr-ndag Mull out S oar rout par annum on awnnta o*or BRA. parahU on and artrr Mnndar Un II. Iba l.ntl'iition patina Ilia a r?arnm? t l?? THo dltrtdand wRI bo -rrgHad indat data of Jan I. and If aMIt ?> Ithdraarn olll raatalra tarnaal thr anna aa a d. p.,ait of Ihat data K J BKflWN, I'tanrdaat Faatart Brnttt. Troiauror ft F Alooro fattarair *TOTf< K.-THR ANNfAl. RLRl'TDtN or TWFNTY PI t.di tt.'iaga a of ttia Naar York |n>'lttr.on forthr Mind trtr| m hald at Ik* InatttnU'tn. .a-m?i oi Stalk avam.a Md Ihlny-fotirlh alraat. on Monday Mat ni< . at ?VI ? k T M . pot la to rani tin upon ona hour T BAII.Ft mutt, Baototaty Mao V raa, Da> O. IBM lOTIi I * MI'K IAI t'ottm An' \TI' N (IF a lit 1 *- s r? r B a v o i a' i aa* ? ? I ' a *n'ia thta . Wa ; aa1 ry r .flan In .-,o.r Iha | p ... ! , I.. , g , , kMrd lira *r tt >Nrr Of llir Nl.aV I * JAMK- HtBTOJf. da- otary. Pit R OP (MR ATLANTIC M All. <*T|t A MHM f I' Com pa ut* Nik B-oltna t.taon Na* York. *->*. 1:1 ? My ordn ?' Ik" H-ta'd o' MtPCtm. RotloO la ha- -by i that in "onar {U'ricr of tna ?ta*Rio a mil-' . If Id on tka l.ttr. of Noontn - r lnataa> nut hiring t-aon paranatal to auoh ?ppoliitnk'at an tkrlkit) ul ntna "P? Of tkta mrnpanT ail') tnro* topar-nra of tM nail ad.BR alaotioo w li *; I a' it - t?ia uinpan* Frr 'ay tba 11tt. n.i ( Ja t.ry, Iktl" at It y rlo-a SI 'ftar.alar look a at ' - ?' ba I a'-nar* Irtao at.d ha lit'h lit tba Idtb III from 11 In I o'r'nok Sin! "? F (Ml TFtaat t oatt] anr trdTkR'oloaad fr xn tba Iti'h t? tka Idtb January. I ART Tba i-,||a will j* opao 11 ka I o'r'nt PR AN K I.IR ALLKR. Mrratnry "hibitior, i?r -iohv artiiur a < o ? . W.r.f ' aaMa'ona. AflnHa tf tha Btr'lab and dniortrai, aa'al.Bakad thirty Rtgl.t yoara. -tjartRko to ro P""*1 djatblrora Bank and Rirbanfr I)maa an 1 I at.i# Ajmtta Ooanmiaalna, Tranati Agnatk at.d tdloa Rarvbanta ?aary information gratia FTHtR JAI'NAT tlNAMPdONR ATble wtno ta dry. ftoMaln, fc-rt fraR Bf .IRO.a k -dy-tKd nnt'iral rodw. tM a It agar bat a a pat "?JPB Of tba Aran (rptrtka For a.'a hd n 1 MlttK M Voftorp atrfat ^ lAl'/Akhi} D"drl..1 PARRORf f RfXV/t MCrdtr atroot, tor??' hr-rRdwkf IWHTHl'CTIinr. A BUSINESS EDUCATION.?THOBOUOH Al?> PRAC U<*1 Instruction In all Commercial and English Branches, at TOAVNRKND'8 Commercial Academy, MM Bowery. Private tuition day and dvenlog. Apartmenta for lad lea. a lady who hah an equal thorough enowl A edga of Rpautah and Bnailab dealrea to (Ira laaaoua in the above laoauegas. at the residence of pupils or at her awn; would also (each In a arhool; highest reference: terms tnoderal.l Call or tuldraaa C. K. Martinet, No. I Carroll ptaee. Bleacher street. A T PAINK'H, M BOWERY. AND MB PULTON STREET. A Brooklyn?Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Ailtlimetlr, Reading. Spelling, Ac., taught In atnclly private rootne. Por elgnera taught the Kngllah language by Amartcan teachers BOOKKBKPI.NO, WRITING, AC.. FOR BUSINESS. Mr. DOLBKAR. <09 Kroedway. teaches boahhaeplng practically, aa used In the heat New York houaea. He al-o removes slilTness, cramping or trembling, end inakea ele gant business penmen Gentlemen can secure private looms. WANTBD-A MALE TEACHER IN SCHOOL D1S triet No 5. town of Oeainlngi Westchester county. Address Wm II. Rose, Sing Slug Post ottme. H PORTING. All kinds op fanct dogs and birds, *c? for sale?At B. DuVEY'B, 390 Canal street, near Chinch. Medicines for nil canine d lean Hie Prepared food for mocking birds. A STEAM PROPELLER TACHT FOB SALE-FIFTY elebt fed long, ten fret beam; about Ave months olJ; built ol oak aud topper fastened; lies accommodations for eight pei none besides the crew; la well found in every re spect. Apply on board at foot of Eaet Tenth street. For sale-pour fink, well bred black and Ten Pups, live weeks old. Address I Henry, station O. Francis butler, no. s peck slip, has all the chutre breeds of Dogs. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure and lire Exterminator. 73cents. Butler's new work on the Dug, S3. Dugs trained, boarded. Ac. Medicines for all dla eaaaa. J NO. CRAY. II ROOSEVELT STREET, HAS FOR sale Newfoundland Doga, Bull Terriers. Italian Grey hounds, Split Dogs, small Black and Ten, Scutch end Hkye farriers. IIORSE*, CARRIAGE!. AC. An elegant -c" spring clarence?made by W ood Brothers, a perfect gem, very light, cost (1 000; used but two or Ibree timet. Will be told at a bargain, If applied lor at once at their warernome (00 Broadway. A COUPE POR ONE HORSE ONLY-VERY LIGHT and exquisitely Qulahed. We offer It for tele aa the most perfect vehicle of its data in New York. BREWSTER A CO., or Broome street Express wagons for sale.-two new con. I cord single Wagons, with tops. Apply to H W. WlL N, 110* Broadway. POR SALE-FOUR LARGE NEW TWO HORSE Trucks. Apply to 8. W. WILSON, 'AM Broadway. F'Oll SALE?A VERY HANDSOME SADDLE HORSE. bright bay, abuni 13 hands high, at private aial,|e No. 60 West Forty.dial street. Inuuira for ret. For sale till Jan. 3, For sale-a team of young mares; can trot together III three miuulea; I.'.', bands, sound, kind, aud easy, free drivers. Also a handsome, verv stylish young black llor-e lfi\ hands, sound and kind; trots in three minutes. Hold low, or eirhenged for term team, at 337 Seventh evenur. near Forty second atreel. For hale-a fink pahtof very dark brown llorses, very showy end pleasant drivers, suitable tor any kind of driving; also a finePatk Phaeton, alee a fine turnout Beat ]mg Cart end set of double Harness, covered mountings, luuulre for Charley, between the hours of II A. M. and BP M., at atablea lu twentieth street, west of Sixth avenue For bale cheap-a bay horse 6 years oj.d, It) hands high: fit fo. any use lo be seen al 334 East Twenty foui :h street The owner bee no nee for hint INE CARRIAGE HOKSKH. AT GREATLY REDUCED _ pitra*?Pairs for B36lt,BUil and Ol.Ofitl- such a- sold last earing lor uu to tl.fiuu. lust in irom Western New Yoik. TAYLOR A WAI.TKRMIKF, lis Bait Twenty-fanrth sireet, near Lexington avenue. Jusi prom Canada?a team or black marks, six yaji-s old, fit for etty use; low priced: eXtjr kept; a week s trial given. Also a low priced saddle Pony. 4*1 I'esrl street. CTAI.L10N FOR KALE.?THRBE YEARS OLD .V ARCH it nest; A b tails I, strain, rich brown, will grow to 16 hands full, k'ud .Slid gentle In harness and will tint fast: l< n dsairabln voting si ml to bread from; hla aire, 7 years old, ran I em In 4*1; his dam is also >peedv: pt'reil.SUO. Ad dress F II. Buidsall, rorner Congress and Columbia streets, Brooklyn. F SECOND HAND col .'PER AND I4MALL t LAKKM Ke for one or two horses - The great Inquiry for carriages of this dea-option baa tedured Wood Brothers to otfer s I'niued uumber of their besi Csrriages, perfectly lew. at cost Ti.ear snll be on < >ew gurtng Decani her unit, a ware roams. Jia> Hroa tway. and i-vd at graat barg--:ns. CLEIiiHiL CARRIAGE*. tat ii.kigUK roil balk. low rtraps hi.Iioh HI LLP- C. WITTY'K Caiitage WareioAtus, CM Broadway neei Blet.vke,- street. yy AN TED-A KF.CoM> HAND. LIGHT BUILT. STRONG six aest Rorka w <jr, good as u I G AA Igkl, bos a,443 l ost ofilre uew; at a low price A ,, rsSS ' -BF.KT PLACE IN BROOKLYN . rOR OYBTF.B* PfCELBb or In aov STYLE, FOR I HKISfMA" AND NEW TEAR AT DOMINI" tt COLu.A.VB KALoON. 16 Clinton street, near FttUeo. Brooklyn At cimbredk:H-roe nrw years day-the CryaitlUed V,slung Card; geutlstn-ns alas. B1 W per hundrt I. lades s ae 64 hWaiidd?* Broadway. a ?? ACT-NO HUMBUG.-I. ADIEU WALKING AND A. abating Boots a beautiful ai lisle >. worth 6*. selling at 64 Ilenilemeii s Wsierprool Boots worth BIO tor 66;l >?er shoes .9. In 61. Bora nboee. Trunks Slid Ladles nnW-iella of e trv deeertutuMi' at st-out half the usual pries'.. New Years. kgHF.RT 1KB 14, no Bowery comer Bond at. FOUNTAIN'S INDIA STORE. INDIA, C.I IN A. t A PA N AMERICAN INDIAN, andotHei itAUfc ARUCLlkK, WHOLENALL AND RETAIL Catalogues free. Bt*>ra o|wn pleasant evening* AVI Bros iway eigu" hundred and iitv-eight". (ROM IIATKTANDH I Ihu i,ea'-at an I -heape't fw the Holidaya: n ?|deridid assortment at lew :irlces also PIANO AND BTORB i*TOQL*. AA St. GARDNER 344 Canal a'reet. New Tork PRICE OF MEAT -BERT ROUP MR AT, I6C A INC.; lloaat Reef lie.: Round. Ida , Chink I4e. a lie rtir. loin ,ud Posteruetiaa to- Hoarding bouses wl'l he sane .*e| . |? t eate | ?|lh ,1 mil v f ANTON nfRF.KT, between Pitt and Millei atresia JACOB MLIG 1CKI.BD OTRTENH POB THB NOLfPATB.?PAB I ties w taking the as me of a attpertot quality will please leave their er iers wl h A N R lDct.lFF. ai the P?J Ro k Oystei House, |g| PGnre ws*, aear Woosier II-JNTKD Tikti SPRING Bs'.AN'EB BUILT. At) vv drees J k Orr M trhanls' llo"a' Ccirtlandt aliaei ri RSITIBE. A. of Ho.iu- I iirottwfw ?One la'g* alae Pltwptus Be-t ?lead, i wily eat ,ed, uearlv uew. twe asiasi H?>k ese, one very leipe one ? . all. ?ne waiaut Ward: .the. one wnlna< rep I'etloi Ru't, e walnut oib-e TaWe a supev.or antique i?ae woo l dee-elary, one So i 6t"wart'a Cas i onaumer sad Pet wood 4ee?elsry, I jr Cook dtnvs. s Hearth Kng. Applv el 31 Bond si . between I lor Coos ?levs. alivn' (u vs- la nf nee' Brussels Csrpe" so I " It M xnd?P. _ ALL Wllo I HE THEM PRONGUNCK 41 NO4.H B BpHng Bel .or. si,nag iifht, e?rsb:e nee not get out of oi-lei ?? r-yalt. Ilsslij. enninti, l iuir -I'dd ?ve ytkere Wsisro"i.s 113 c?g' e at:#*' JjMRNITCRR pr URAt P * TAVLoR Rn. ?7 ft<ill >f K an rp ai?d ?* 'Ur'?tl? ttr?f ?Til.I. ruNTINI V TO IIP Till' l.4Ki.P.<f rrRMiTt'iiK *A>FfArri ?m* IN 1 HP. I I TV PAHLOP. lil.NlMi ROOM < IUMHRR ri RRITURr. AND HP.DDINO. OANOPT AND VII'loKlA PKD-TP.aI'-, row flip ftOI'TH KR.V TRADE, ?IN por ftftiil nNtneiinn In nrtnn F'l'IIM ri'RK I 4RrKTft, OILCLOTH*. RPDI'IRO Pftiim fti'l H-' """ ?? on? Ar , *1 HP, N lift I.I. A ftOo'lT- AJftan-ldll H lift ?'iwi, no:Bftr of it'al fi? ?Mm rftaftlrii >t ftaa?lp ir o-i>iOi? i-ivpiaul* If IHllMlM' PIPNITIRP M?TTRP|-R?. RPUDIRO I-<.*?? I NO QftHM, rliipN' *i <1. W ?RPI?KN A I'AMI'MPI I. ft, MA Nannp Lftuwn *'an hi ftftV Mufti? tfrMta flood* wairan'.ftd Ifall- i'#t fr?a I'ftlafti aw-aurp R'dnlri ll. rbftap V. A II II 1 ? JtitiiR*. AM . /NfrKooCLOTKH WHol KAALR AND RKTAIL AT ? V/ I IIANK KIP t.D A ????? ??????A ftoia mi '? liiim I.H'a. W.t hi irl* ?arr*i IntkaU fur llftanrM. ifti'ln a ?r?al virfait u( ?ll?l * mh??, Pfarwh rliwla Im. iiT .ft.I ?!,'?' W ir- ai 4 I HA.NKI IKI.D A < O R *<* ?llt.i ar?., ?, ....rrini ?f ponrfaamft I'l-ftt. VIA p. fthtli arft nua ? irnar of Twraijr allfll atraat Hll.l.l V I* M. |V? . \l 4?'.K M VRRK or M W AKI> AM ORD HARD I! Hilar.I T.NIm wnh our liiip-nral e-nibfoatt-.n ftlinhi.arr h. ? n toha Iftr m-af mf? and dur Ida-"tiftinm n>*r i ind* tpwai ?( Ml lahiaa I ha? knnn in omialft-H aw lor luanr iftori map ? arnu in tlui Iff'tiri? 1 h'liali ja l ialo nlft itiift iltf I'arlftM lao-ttlif In |iti" li?.? will Bud II til 'h?lr In a in (II a I ataunaia Mr , ?blah la th* larpnri and ?n?af In f a wurl'l H?it?' T fur hoi -l?r prraenla riiAI. 4M A COLLAR DPR * "> ft* < r??nhp airant R. V IMP AM UP'PK KM. ADVANCE* M4DK ON MUTCH P. A, DUWORD*. JpW ntrp lira I mm aja and Pftraonal Truf?if of n.atp da. ?' jrfli -i J A JAI KRON II1 llr. ,4 ?! aal !?>. d-rawaal nf Mrnadwap AT *?l NMOaDWAT-I PAV TDK IIlollIINT PRO Ri f..r Dtftw ida Wan-baft. Jawal r?. ft oi a Armaa ?? ibft an ma IdAA'P. Diamond R'ohap "iri Wailai-b'a I ???>? ft f MV4I ?4 ?,m RROADWtY. Crip R K R OP M'?RD A atra-i ?J|, Ha |.M I ft a MVra for Dtatnonda Waw aaaaa l ftfltarwa'ft ftr will as tfta ah -a *,tl rtaa PAWMtmik' pa rKRPTa PI Ri flftAPD OP DIft. Mftoda W.i.naa, ifftpm. fttOft. ? loin: ( ftr ftr ibft aaioa PnMkl fo? -aah al D? aid aland IN Nftwarp ftra? brw <"mI. -i? aia-rft CITY REAL. ESTATE FOR ?AUt. ^ A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIOH 8TOOP BROWN ?tons House on Thlriy-cighth atreet, between Fifth and Sixth avenuea. for sale: Sandaauiely frescoed and In perfect order: can ha bought reasonably. POTTER BROTHERS A BELLAMY, No. 3 Pine eL FINE FOUR STORY BROWN 8TONK HOUSE. ON . Weal Forty-second atreel. SBiftSxIOO, containing all nn provemenls; rerv auhaiautlally built: SJAlMO. POTTKH BROS. A BELLAMY, No 1 Pine atreeL Business prophrtt-vrrt desirable for in. realmen', In Broadway, Canal, Mercer, t'rnaby, ' I real Jonea. Bond. Howard. Oraud, Broome, Spring, Prlnoe, Hou-ton, Bleecker and Fourth alreota: alao In Washington place, Ninth. Tenth, Llevrnth, Twelfth, Tliliteenlh and Fonrteenth bireeta; alao in the beat streets tranaaeraal to and near Broadway below Canal atreet. Apply to KUGKMK CHKVALLIKR 81 Cedar aireet. For sale ciikaf, and on reasonable tf.rmb, numerous llmiaca and laita, of different al/ea and In different locations In the city, alao a large amount of country properly of different kinda, at pr.oea to mil puvlianera. For particular* and clrculara call mi WM VAN WAGKNENA CO., til Klutb avenue. Ogice houra from 8 A. M. Pi ? P. M. rR SAI.K?SKVRRAL PIECES OF PROPERTY, above Canal street and In tbo vicinity uf Bru.ulway. For panicuhira apply to JOHN McCLA VB, 41 Pine atreel. "TVOR SALE.?A VERY DESIRABLE TIIRKE STORY r high stoopbrlek Hotiae, In a a excellent neighborhood, 22*MilU0; nuly flu.Otk); all iniprovemcnla and lu perfect Older. POTTER, HltOH. A HKLLAMY. Mo. 8 Pine efreeL_ FOR SALE?llol'SE AND LOT 38 WASHINOTOM square, for fdT.OOd, wttk furniture, fWuUI may remain on mortgage: kouie brown atone, high etoop. four etnrtae, high baaemant and cellar; SiM; range turnaue, hatha, Ae., all in order. L. BELL. Real Estate Agent. SB New atreet.^ For sale-the plot or ground. w feet by IU). situated on the .outburst corner ol Sar mid avenue and Twenly-aevenlh atree*. together with three brick Dwell nga there in Apply to J II IIEKItICK, 10 s.inih aireet House and stable on fouktebnth sthert for aale?(No. MB) betw eeti Sixth and Seventh aveuuee. 27' ?12.1 lent. Prf c $Af>,0UU Apply le HOMER MOHOAN, Mo. 9 Pino atreel. OUSRS FOR SALE?IN THE BEST LOCALITIES IN the city, by KINO A CO., No. ? Weat Twenty-third aireet. Fifth Avenue Hotel. PEREMPTORY SALE OF VALUABLE DWELLING Houaaa at auction?Dec. 87. at wleeioom 111 Broad war, at 11 M . by MI LLER A WILKINK.-Finely located Brat olaa* three story high atoop brown alone, 333 Fifty-aeo nnd atreet. Broadway and Eighth avenue: Bl.l.lM) can re main. Do brick, 121 Forty-elilh atreet. do . Ill Forty-fifth atreeL Sixth and Seventh even una, flu.UOO on each can re main; well rented till May. Foi ty-fifth atreel: poaaeaaion. All one half block front Broadway oara Map* at auc tioneers'. H BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR MALE. CLINTON AVENUE, ONE BLOCK FROM THE GRAND entering atoniie lo Pto'pecl Park?The lullsii Villa, with Rrttneton, appeal le st. Luke'a church. Lot lixm leet. llouvo contaiua is rooms, gat, hot and cold water throughout. Pailur Minora, with marble alaba; gilt Cur meet, Bronxeg Chandeliera and gilt Window Shades. Stabla on llsmillou atreet. containing gaa, water and cuacbmm'l room. The ground* are beaulflad with ahade and fruit trees, shrubbery, ffovrere and arborage of grape and creep lug viii** Four additional Lota adjoining mar be bad at ? low price: Ponaeaaion given Immediately. Apply to P. HoNDLOW, Ilea! Estate Agent. Momague, near Court at For MLB?IN sciibkmerhorn street, brook lyn. a new brown alone House, 93x10 feet (lot 98x96 fret), with ill modern Improvements; iren: and veallbule doors and alalra all of blank walnut; Immedlals poaaeaaion given. Apply to J. D WILLIS, corner of Court end richer merhorn atreeti I III NiKY RK1L EITATB FOR BALK. All wanting farms.-hood soil, mild cli male. 84 mile* south of Philadelphia. Price only 823 per acre. Alao Improved Farms. Hundreds are aetlllog. inlormallon sent fiee Addreee V. K. l.aNDlS, VlneUod, New .leraey. i tOTTON PLANTATION FOR SALE OR LEASE?SITU " J ated In Franklin county. North Alabama, known as the Trnae are Valley, on the Memphis and Charleston Raurued aud Tennessee river, centeinlng I.*10 acre of good cotton iaii.l, dwelling, cabins, gin bouse, granary and alablea < ?m plela. There la a laige spring "f water on the place, with power to ? un any machinery; within IV, day*' 'ravel h? rail road irotu New York. Fur panletUars inuuire of G B SMITH. 49 Pine atreel. New York FOR HALE. A GREAT BARGAIN.-TWO OLD ESTANLHIIEU .y Drr tiu-Hla Riores, with oluek I.c?*e and Fitlurea. for ?at* on K.gnllt jvenue. Alao Him Orrxeii? I* SBTO. Zlgt Ninth avenue. ABBSTAURAKT, NEAR THE STDOa KX( IIAM.E, on drat lluui fot aale inw. wl'h lung leaae doing an lm menae butdnen; a fleet bargain. Apply lo M. C. DLXTLK. N ? 1 B ool ?"e-!. A -For 8AilS?CORKER LIQUOR ITOBK RES. . laiiranta. l.'q itr and Luecb Itooaxa. Baieri-i. Gro rerlea. Meat Uarke ?. Poultr;" and Fruit dteoda. Bookstores. FnicyilaodaHi..i*, down town linen, apt. ndid Billaiid talootla. MITCHELL ** 'ilorr Ag* iu/ ?? I'ed.i at-a* I \ KINDLING WOOD ESTABLHIIMKM FOB K ALK? I-.ngtaa, II it tea. trucksaed Mi h.ueiy, Ac., onmpiela. The p. iperty will be aol 1 or leas* ' >a re?tonable irraaa. Tbta !? an exoelleul oppurruultr. Apply at the .actory, t'laa son avenue, near M*ttle. Brooklyn. A FIRST KATE Uf TOWN OpBBSB LIQUOR ?|..Rfc tUzsfazrirmsiM#?,<wi ,ju* Ai- * VtlfiLIAM aBhiviy. Attctinneer, I7uChatham square. Drug store fob sale, in jersey city, on Ac count of ' I health of the owner, doing a *ery good >>ua? seen. la a *ra' rate aalghhorheod. Addrdaa K. L\, bei tlu Post eBoe. Jersey City IMNO SALOON FOR SALF -A LARGE. FIK8T aaa Dlnleg oalo<>a on Hroadwar. be.wean BleeehAr D |_F class Olnlng Oaloon on Hroa I war. be.wetn ?leernr anl t'aiml atresia, doltig n go?*1 buameaa Apply lo or nA ]re?a HARRY PFAKICKR. ?7 and IS Brondwey, secoad IAOR SALE?HOTRI. ON El'ROPBAN PLAN. IH r lower |Wil of Ihla city, eiehiy Kruno, or woul .be aaoie forniahe.!'o leapouelbleparty. AddreaaBui line. din". Fixtures end l.eaae of aJeweiiy Stor*. the retiring from bmlneaa Adnata A., bet l.Bl i lleiell nih-e Ling |a?j rur good WILL or three whole r aale Gn?oerv Storea. down town, with e gi*id team of ll'.raea and Tiuok Apply to TITUn, FRA/eV. A TlTl'A. No 7 Jatnea allp. JjtOR t It.E ?f* rur BRtT PtRTOF FIJJIITIt AVI tiropneiur ro.l FOR 4AI.E-I UK LEASE FlkTURKM AND ST'M'R Of the old eetabli-bod p-irtei bun .a 12 South ad cat aril I be ?Old for r?b oily. Apply to LEVI oofcWKT. oe the piemlaee. For sale-a splendid boarding house up town superbly lurnlalied thnuighnu' and uiad wMh iiglh claaae . onar ierg nea. Thirty ae. ,>nd atreel An open, ?eg this. Price 8* Apply a* Aw llreeiway. ineni Is. for three 4eya. FtOK S t f A FIRST CLASS LIQUOR STORE ON 1 Waal Street. Leenaepaid Inquire at I* Weet street. OR StLF-TTIF. GOOD WILL. STtH E AND Ff?. ileeai c.aertng 8*' a areet Pi It StLF-TTIF. 0<d)D WIL litres of a ra'nll jeavslry bnaln Beet lew. Addiea* box ijl llcraid For hale-thr good will and pieturrs or a not no' Liquor store tr" k a long Lee ae Apply at *S* Washington atreet rorner ef llerati.i PjK SALE-A DKI Q groRF IN BP(M>ELTN. DOING a g-iod bualeeaa For peit vnUia Inquire e' M n.intern A Ben Tai B'oedwny FNON SALE?SL>?op MART E IFIIvCOS DStWs I light drett ef water laquire on beer l betwena plera 44 end 43 North r1?er L' R J t LP - IN OLD KSTABLISHKD OTRTBB r House and Her Apply at hu Wall strvet, aaooo4 loer, np tmall fltgut. In rear, roo tt No. 1. RnCTtPTINB HOUSE AND Al.' OhOL DISTILLRRT for aale?A la g* *elabl,.shaaerit yipl-te and Ih w.irking order tpply at Ike Frwui aireet. New Tark 'po BE DISPOSED or CHEAT FOE CAFH-A HOTEL. 1 No II HerriAnn atrrel. r outer islng ih* Lease, gtock end Flttn.ea Ilka* ise ? apl*rdld Blllltrd Table an I all neeeaaa riea for esrrylng oil the but'oem Apply lo the proprietor at the Shore direction , ?~ - ? aa ? MCttlMT. AT ^ MAN GIN ffTREEJ Boii.kRS and Engines for sai.R F b. GQVf JfOR AALfc? rim*K ivrpmon * HuNoK PoWKH LOOOMOTtTB R.wlan To ?? ***n ai Ha'amapar A Kit*' ? *'>far nkaa<|. VilM)Nr|i KORI AMLP HTkAR RROIKR# ARC after!.** ?AW |!UA > >-a?, ???) m?<! ? In in Clmkri aaot on uaHnkM *<*?tl A MAN.% "TRAM P.RQIRF I'OMPART, ? WW, R T, tod H KlIAni kM R*? Tark "T nr. IHEATKkT IRVHRTIO* Of TIIK AO* - | win r?R ? fmproaM t'rr'ahla CHiahl Raw MIA. Aian .f aaoaral M?> Liaan WIRTF. R A I'O KRroaAaay And Wash,nflou IronWork, klVkuk R T Uri' THi T" I" H' III II A -I ' -"D IIARB IIOE Kola r r>ia<*K Ma,Kir * A'lliaa, J. P., ko* Ik B?raW kUung tarmi. A? rnr. \ tiT*. 'pinm?' Kir i.v PI RMkllKR ARtl PRIET Pit (.LB* 1 ?n.| I ? ? in Rational aod tuiiawma I* -t *? . row o. ?i o 1.1, i w ? thjr i?, with '???f artr "tAarc B I. ? nUart t 'ii |or rant 'U. ,;>?r ih? tijr f ??ui,?>,?? 4 1,'nUak am aw la?4 f?w a nrvnlar la TICiil ?" K KI.I.T ? Oil,, VA (RID. AC. ( "IKK ARB I Ml, Vri |V| ? Uf? IMMP.IH VTKI T - V A pall a* m| anal ?B , NtaaAN. at tA<| till! aiaaoa fcatwaaa PlItaantA and ? li .a*a>)> wwu ? IIARI.RR m cittkr /'OKI M ? rriAUHIOR KKB1 y , . ITT. III. A J II 'B,o wiobi aiala o I III a BR A Ki R*? W w Waal KigataaalK air?ai AWMY AMD WAVY M.IIMA. A MllTIORAL BoURTT MOW RPaPT FOR PlTHPRT t\ H'lmi ta faaa ila?*?f?aa i k, ?? 0m- la'ma '?*" ? MKl'lR a-a,f?BA iinl ,a pi tapl o?'r rl A |tA >UMI W*f |n|l?t?ll liM* MP'S *1 kawary aar?a? rptl u mil A NCI A1*. N1TKD BTATRB TREASURY, lliuam, IS. IM. Scheduled of 130! thirty or more ttoqpeua due Jaman lot. 1M7. Mill t>o nu?r received lor eiaiiiluatlou X .lie United Stales Treasury. H. H. VAN OVt'K, AsoMatil Treasurer. A TLAN TIC SAVINUS BANK. Cb.tbnm square, Now York. /I t batbam equare, 81* I'EIt t'BST, FREE FROM fJOVBRRMENT TAX eeml-aaniMl dividend X the rote of SIX I*BU CK3T per annum, Ireo from government lax. on ull RJNDAY In January, llnpoalta made on or before January I will draw Intereat from tha I?t. Hank open dally. M D. VAN PELT, President.

J. P. Cooes a, Secretary Ba.nkinu iiol'sr ok kikk a hatch, no. d Naaaau straot. New York. December B>, IHRR.?The coupon. line Jaiiii.iry I, 11*17 on the FIRST MoltKMUK HiI V lis of the CENTRAL PACIFIC KtlLROAD COM - PANT OK CALIFORNIA will be paid at our nltkw. froo of government lax. FISH A HATCH, Rankers, No. 5 Naaaau street. BULL'S IIKAD BANK, NRW VOltK. DKCF.MBKR SI, HeM.?This bank has ileclared It. usual qnnrterly dlvl dciid ol four Id) per cent and ail oxlra dividend of two and una half (S)j) per eent, all tree of government lax. payable on and after toe Sd day of Januaiy naxt U. W. WILLETT, Cashier \|ONKY TO LOAN-AT 7 PKB CENT, IN LAROB OR ill m?m!I amounta, without delay, on drat i taii Property. tu this city. KINO A OO, No. I West Twenty third at, Filth Aeaiiua Hotel. NK W YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. Treasurer's ofllee. New York, Dec lb. Id The New York and Mariana Railroad Conapaar bare dr ills prrfr;red and ,-Urad n dtrldend of tmu pet /??*h',,,Ljrh,*l?iint lei. ?JI? and ihe same lea" ?" F f j.nuary 1*7. arrnua and outre of the conapeny, emu Twenty ?i*tb -ill he Clnaed at J P N . Deeewher *, The tran?fer hooka wid he January, I*' IS*, and opened et U) A N. ?*? ??mkrhoN. freaaorer tfK.W YORK. nWCENBKH tt, I WW. H4MIITON FIRE Insurance Company. No. II Wall street ?The directors bare this day deelared a semi-annual divid-nd of Cre |n r ' " ofgt " ? ? ent tree of government 1st. payable on and afier January I, 1*0 .1AMRB OH.MDICK, fd-creUrv. SIX PER CENT INTEREST?PREK. OF OOVRRMMENr TAX. Manstr Rambus Him 1 82 Ntaaati. (nbab Knito* ar ) New Vote t Interest on new deposits rommencea Immediately on the 1st day of the month following 'he dale of the deposit. WM. VAN NAMR, Pre?ldenL Hater R. Cotei m, Secretary. ITNION DIME RAVINUS BANK J till Canal at met. comer of Varick. Six per cent lntnre?! on $S to $AUUt. iree of tax.'lfoney de posited now beers Internet from January I. Asset a. (2. MS. 158 1?. K. V. HAl'U llWOPT. President. O. H. Cmria, Tree rarer. T. S. Aeeoon. Secretary 000 VAXn0~I" AN "IWaMHED AND paying manufacturing hueineaa, for which a trainable peri-OO'age will t-s giiee. Address Manulaa turcs, Tnnkera. New York. ? rjQ 000 TO LOAN ON RBAI' MT4TR ?* Ar proved aerurltn a. In sums to suit (ntOROR PLATT, <2 Broadway, room M. eo - nnn T(l I-OAK-OK CITY P.RAL ESTATE, tTOtJ.t/UW brat uortgage. at 7 per rent, J. SO Lis BITTERN AND. 28 Well at , Jauncey oeurt. nnn TO UlAK n*AL ESTATE, ffO I tl.vuv la sums to suit. Also two sums or #10,000 each. Prompt attention CHAR. P. OILMAN. 118 Broadway, room No I HOLIDAY PKBSKHTI. IT ORAND 8TRRET CHEAP 8TOIUC-HOLIDAY .. V. Present*.?We x Dolls, Wax Dotla. Wax Do: I a. Work Boras, Writing Deaka. our Yaakee Notion department contains thousand" of elegant fauoy ptodiieiloat, all ' ?sled to make boili ynnng and aged happy, cn*dp EDW ARD RI1ILET A*. Til. 5111, lltatid end 85. 88 and TU Allen at recta, fifth hlouk east from Bowery ACSBFL'L PRESENT -HOLD PE*". HOLD cARRd, rt X HOLDER* AND ttlHBKR CAIEA fhel.ree"' and l-cal as?ortmerv in the d'r. R. 8 JOHNSON A CO., Maniifaeiurera, 45 Naaaau street, naar Lbenv. B RAI TIKUL AND HI BNTANTUL holiday prks elite ?Cold silver and Itorr monntad Walking Danes ol eveiy ueacirptieu. The largest cprepeal and beet as. nth .... * ifal A. " " " tnenl lirthe city, can be roundel A COX H SONS. iiMaul.a Inns. / 1 UTS FOR rRF. HOLIDAYS. \ r watonbs. watchrr The undetatraed ha a hern Itiatrnc'.'d by the mantifae turera to eell the balanoe of tlietr large ei.e-k of LADIES' AND tlP.NTe OOLD AND SILVER WATCHES AT W HOI.E8ALR PRD'ES DI'KINO I UK HOLIDAYS ONLY QI7INI HE a KRCO'.Efc AAKU'? Nee 5 .an teewn aIflwr, tp ?'ftve DRY GOODS. t OBKAT PANIC SALE. A Wholesale Hade eery dull and manufacturers falling RETAII.LRS FI LL <'F DEAR U<)<JDS tnd no ruatome s to buy them The leeoon la. OLD STOCKS tRF. NOW WORTH HI T fate TO TUB DOLLAR. Aed "lost mer. haute are eot willing Ui Dies t a loee by clear lug Out I heir goods et bait pt1<a FINER OtttiDa It. ami IV EXTRA Qt'tMl Y kd. and TV RA QftLITY Td. eud TV. ?F.i'r 5 5 WAMRCITAH Me. ha dsebae In Mtia'lna ielrom5c toll* ? toil. iupsi Blankets at 81 81. FiiltNKU I'ltIC A T g: ail, Ue WOOL, HEATr At '?"Iff. IIS 4I- ?'0 tf"*lc* *u' ?BM *kOT"'"S. A kleeVk.;'^' 'Wk, At gband HTBRET CHEAP RTOBF-HdLIDaY Kre?etila ?Cheer liaudk?rtU.efa. leilh plain end hem Ml 'b, real I.*'* llanlkeitihOia linen end hem sH'rh, taal l.e-e Hat. Ikeinhlaia linen centres, Mr 75". 81 A) 85. and $1 8 ??baigalna hun irnda of steles la rlalo and EabrMdared OoQera Cnffa gu t saia Latilea' Milk an 1 I a.'.mere Kiarfa in endless w eir oa* atria- 10 Cloth iLorer, eh-ap. new styles in Oeamnere l}p>ree cheep, Ladie-' met Lid Clneee, idach. whit* and jl ued. 81 per Bui 11,1 teiy eat are le er 8' 80 per |.e r. l a ...tie In o-w FDWABII RIDI.I ) ><i HI III 'e Grand sad 8* ? ati'i ro Aileo Stiaei (Uh id - a seel from Betrery. D FARKhl.L. 85. M 771 Til IRTVKII III ?TBKF.r fine duo'east at Rlgntli avenue ?During tne U .lidaya uapre ??!'? >1 baigai iain Caipei- and riir'tfiuie aii weul luoet Ingrains from 8> to I"" H'nstale 81 M The old petce. uaae | ,n gu. I at pai In- >aixe-! an' bee ??!?;?< autch Foi mture in tha < tiyr an I >e|a4 rranufa':umd ?a tl,a| ruilee# em all war lasted Huodt Tallreiad free H. one doer *?ai af Eigne, arggtie - During lea bwbdays Ml Ftirtr Jt'sr receivf?_all tiie l * tr pabhian n >re use In Dress fr iiueitiga and ram v tt?oda tor the ha-'daya H Kl>cHo." 51 Hleeeher street r ant nary tti-eae. Opera, ''amaf* an] Traretllaa Cloak ? KepHksl .Heatian paid to Chll t.ap'a frmaaaa. All teener- [rr .naptir ai aadad to at Max VAN VI.Ri'E'K. No THE LADIR8 THK NRWKdT 8TYLR KDR BALL NILMYBHt. AT lil'.AND art: 5. RT CHEAP dTOEK-HIHBON*. Rlbh wia cheap, cadap#'. cheapest new Runnel rets, nee aaa lea to day- nearest 1<lar| h .ntiet releela ,a this ? i I a ?? OuUtn-e Va'-n e.,na 8 mil" pr.'e yea-hero and How era today imr Hreva Trl riming depacmeui la 4Lat nliit norait ea an well wenbr le.i Imt, e eek af Reerai l'e|t, Velvat end Straw Its'- reeling eg X I alf pr 'a RtfW kl'.D ItU/l FY ?? III. Hi1. 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Dcceinbci Si will h? peeeetitM a local hurlolle ee'liU-d CIILdiliilKoKM. 01 NKw YORR IB I '17 luwb^h Mi lollN K. UWI1NH >clU appear; eiau la liae WCTIMB. .Si .iamay be aecuiedeu doj? m adianon^ ClKHMAN THALIA TUEaTRK. r 1U Broadway opptallc SI Nicl.ulna Hoiai WEDNESDAY, DEC. ?. , ? DAS FPB8TUU IM Kits TEN HTOt k. llraf Alfred ...?... ? ,vj-J*pU"1" Dll, I Nlll,l'i:i M.ICIIK.N, l Falk. Hi pulii Polk, Choo Keucon. H?g?'i?' "?? M. r. B. CONWAY'S PARK 11(1 it KL BRookLiN M The f< goona Sp-nnlo, for n* thieves. EVERY EVEN I NO. /MIARLBY WHITE'S TBOl PK. , \ ! Oponeyery ingbt at Hryout'e .MeetieiiWo Hnll.dTX llr*ad war Thle great trtnpleof enjoyment, nightly tilled with g brilliant array of beauty and foehion, Iha bo? antertdtu muni ol the kind In America. GOLDEN AX. PANTOMIME BIO. CHKIHKI. ON TlIK FI.Yl.NO WIBE, BKI. RIBM. BLOCKADE BDNNEU, HKETCIL HD<^MJHI 1 Vuo v?' HIAMKBR TWINS. BY WIIITB. BfAWBBh TWJBn LKS BAPOMTAJBB, HAI.T.KT IV" MATINEE ETKKY HATI'UDAY. ATItgO' L'N K. ST B KVE NT 11' W k'd S KB DAY Pdl't'f.AB CON'KIIT, WEDNESDAY DEC id. at II o'oloofc Oicat auccaao of Ihe grand mjmhlnanen of Iha l.KCILI AN I'HutR Dr. II 8. Cutler Choir Maatcr. i uiupuo-d of IB) man and bora, and Tliao. Thomaa' Onlioalr*. Smond appeared ? ul the wonderful boy eopeen". M a .lei Rlcliardt'oker, who will ataf ?'Krnenl ItmiUml "The Icrcr and the Bird." and 'Let the Hugh! Seraphim, ky llande' Maater Toedt will alng 'llaar ye Ureal, by Me'ote.awakn Vealer. tinker Toedt end Bouine will king "Tlie Angela Trip." fromJClijob. , ? __ ? , ,, Mr L. P Thalchei will ring "If WKb nil Tdtii llcaita, from Kltjali. The l ret la Ti Choir will perform the P*"SL ?'T"* Elijah. Elijah, by Br. W C ( amplwdl. fBe lamb by Beater Toedt. PD( of OW Oohio. by Wallnea Halo by "So'ltem^llborne. from Pauat. with Piano, Organ and Irtliaalrn ni*?o?panlinant. llandepa great rhr.rua. "Ihen Boned Abwnl the Surry Tbitme." ea <ung lr* lb'- tleolllene with immewee ??cb Knitleh OUe. end M.drikala by Uie followtu mctnbera of lha choir, led br Maater ^oedl -BeeUrn. Bw? 'h M., urea. Nlion. Palmer, mioi and Walaon, Meaere. Etna' rhatcher, Powere end Dodge. A... Ao. TbeOjlblM ,.ygl l-r:rnw the overturn to fcarnpn. Romtim *. 1/EfUlrf, Dbllgato, by Meaera H. bnilig end Kben. The Tan in Petba. by Hlaany. and Ylaiona in a Dream, by l.ninbyd, wiu Anker Solo, by Mr. lleiodl. . The prlceeif admlaaion will romaln aa uannl ceoU. Beaeroi d aeau Ml' anta aura For aelr Bcblmar'a, TBI Bymdway, Pood k Op.'gy f. Bnadwwy. P.ullmen'a tlsxot oBlo. 112 Broodwny. aad srainwoy Hall AKTE'B TEMPI'S OP MTBTKItT X'l TEMPER OP MTBTKBT. _ DODWoBTlf lIAI.f. MM BKOADWAY TI'BDAT. dec JB. at II A. M MdTINFK 1IH IK CAKIoN ONET IKMlBjj Or?" *? THIS AND KVKHY BV P.N I BO AT ? I.At OIIINV OAS, TIIP. COOPKB INBTITI'TB. IT KVBBIBO. DM EMBEKI H K" 2tt"" B IIABTIB MKW KB AT. Ml T.ri M IN PAKVO. With other VMiTVlT?' And the areateat timfemrna arer ojerad l??i a rlienra. Br A. BadfWbk will parfonn on tha flrketa kOrenU Beaarrad SoaU |l. t.kBdran half ikP* Tlrkau foi aala at Iba Hall fiOin 10 till ?. Dunre open at The Cblckermg plauo le need at tkeee perlaeennm- __ /nabd ?m lunTr. ib now pbkpabbd to c ppi.y Magical Eeterialnmenii forjmratd pertloo duiing ihe holiday a. performing htrnaolf <u Bnding aaglMeaee inallBail tor to doing. Aliply al tho llall , __ A IIAPrY NEW YEAR ]. A DB COI'TON will hare ike plaaauro to gird A HI AM' EXHIBITION of Ibe Ni rRpCs OXIDE, e. AT PRIDAT on "b"Ji.T^ENTLt.MBB AND BIX LADI).s WHI Inhale the aa Tl.n-e who woiild eeioy erien. downright HBABTY I.Al iiHTEK will hi ?ra'i".d, inwaia of the gea will be 'tiueWeMd e? iwct Inge few lealh al tha rlote of tha eg!,limine fM eay who ?gay roluninerfrom the endience Tli'EKTB Ml CENTS Poreooa who Iterk hil le'U al trwcied ny Ihe Celton llenlel A't.ieUiloii, II I nppor liiarl. lute. , en obtain ttckeu free of Cherge ny relltag a( <he .?)ee IfCtoie Ihe eyenlpg of rghiblihin Pir re upon el Aa I ? ci.inmence al Tig ? WB T LOAD ABU BIDAHX'H MINnTBKLI rboroanhatiob COMMKBOIXU JABPABT. MMT THE POI.LOWINU EMINENT ABTISTKB ('"ssri TCTC A PDBTION Or THIS BXCEEBIOB MINSIRM nun IE - CIIABI.EY BEYSULDS ? Al.. WAIINP.B J B MI'KPIlY M AlBHlaBY nCOTT lAMKH BOBIIE liROHtlP. sl ANI EY BILLY PBP.BTO* JACOB KoPIII. PKMNANIMI BIKINI R M MIAN. CIIAI.ES hoEHI. IOIIN BLi KLP.V. Jt'HTIN IIA It BIB marry bbown ei?iN"R OI'RTAVn HII'A' \ WASTED?An alio omgot. for A So I arp.1 ll'^ral aalory. AppU to nigooi BlDAI' Y ?l CharWa Hotel \"'l|.IN71SE VOI'BDI.N. I IIP. lillt AT r'll.lfN ATl'iS'AL MIMIi . Til IP EVKNIBO. JS niB I'NITY or N ATloNP al niiup Mall. Aator fli'. Br'iedwa. Opggygop at 1 rfdwl ? Xf IL JP.BiiMI MOPKIHB H I ? HIB TIIIHH OB AND Jll Xoti'*!l on 'i*e evening ,1 Th.i.d?y lb' f. ?' ?" Way Hal' for Ihe Orbheen I rf ? ???'-? ""7 * * r,iu Mli" Viol Her.r.nnea. eoprane. Mr P.?rii? ? aelat. Mr Arthur yfa'ihe..,0 et, .r. Nr t Uariea Bad.yee irallad'at llanrr Mollenheue vlo onrrlh. will aaalai dur'or air. W Dre.alr Tn'k". ei i-wd t. ihepoj is? BgureidtOoenU for .ale only at Jrowwey " N Now a#""^ \ HBAM'"H"!.li'AY ' s^, Hr?INM>BT \ All 'he jwopU J"'va m < ? 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B/STOKf ONLY Nl'iilT TlttM hF4M'V Of UllABIITll, gttKRN or K?kU.aNI> r>?U?. for lh? a rot tlnr iu Nr* \ AI'KLaIOK BlMI'iiti u, M'.wbth*' ? Or*no"K*ii. i?t? l.??h it" K?>ra*kan a ?*??kk .* fir0to r??r Ufa Kioion Manure . ?? he r< In Mioohlvri MM It. ItHftlH' "J? ?w- UM ??M ON Tin IlKIiAV, Jar *? ?* **?" H ANI IN ACTIVK MHffAftATHlH i OMi rpWK ONI.T IUKT'"" MATiNEB^-MP.IiiCA. I rmsNt'ii tiiwatrk Tlit upon which Mr. A ,? Mtii Mnndad hto r?r? ? uccaeaful adaptation ( lr,h l?' K..ra?kan SATI IlhArrBliiTOMi M?t1*PK MKIiKA w __ ati<1 IMir to. j uraa. H to tori Tlrk?> ???"* a? .Ul Kroadaray, h" a <rl,u mar-., and ilrautii Ofl.-o at IU and 111 Nraotlaray Haturd.r .rftaruuuii. Ihwcrubar M. al li 4aar> .pan ?t KV Histoid AOM.V MArlNK* Till* ftltAlioN von THf ?I KM r riMK at a M a n > r?. UillAlI'l. RIRTOKI ... . aa . ... MRMU I ha'? aolecleJ for ??' materia aaoMfui 4afcut lu Amtrift a?!i??u?|. ? to lh? Matin*# t ? ?|i parti of Ito Im> ?*#, %* k<**|HU>tiu( l't 11atr Ifto& i. >>hU.h o*o few at ? Un| t?rii ?? NEW VIIRK TiytATKR Uuwi and limiaii *?Mn M? k Umlit U4 LmM IM?' (?IlkAT KM ? Br.* o? lite r iriaiam kaibv *rrcr*cuc or I KMiMlU.ilS. ?"? baiua Mndtwl will. KMT I REV.* kk* hOBMBUT ? ltd M (HMrii lAT wardrobe. under tha Immediate ???Iran mi 11 ot WIKK Mtl'felK A a complete cobiti ni. RAiirr m cii rr i abib*. tllilrr llie dirertlui, ..f MlUNl.ll A UKOKKI. nod ? rowkitn i. cart THE riVK PRN?BP, l llk Ml It" 11 Of I'll PHI. 1MB MKurru OK UUIWWIIHUI. TUB KAIN or rikk. Mil' III AMONIfl IOC*. TBI. Hftowrn UK OOIJI rur rtinv k ifciiiou Kur f/n..|>e.a '.I arener? end Iwdrau ana utile ot Ika dae. UIIA.Mi CJtMliNll.l.ON (fAIIKkK RATI KIiaT. DK< KMilkH tt AT t o i lAK'K. MiATh hkci. Khl. Hk PAVM IN ADTARCR ' A lepi-aei.talioti whl h w ul<l a* In??( ? Mtiab u? Ike ?Ml W.?M>1 . h"l ?N T hon.l.y l?la,?lcl. lire B " Manny ae. ?> II a #)*. la-le i r hefu ny I rani wear* a bin lu eay inare .a nni a eneae in li whiaK mold n.?A Ma an* ueeaed by the niuel ? aoefittl.le mind On |.AM.tMfl, Hi# aja li.rl.irr.wlllwul rtrlllng painful a a. a limit. Crudr lion It 4.111T7 a teal.rt. where nn allraw la Inn had km wher.. tha juet in.* 11 i hi la niun.a t " ''A wweR nlilcb daaarraa (Ma pal mean a ot ihn pu telle "?N T Pally Tlnia. Pa. I* ' To reran *"> tha nm.n nllrertl.eune. ?< t'eedr.linn a Ml' I. la tha rleaant af i?aia|f beauty are may aa avail take a cat elan lu ran.ark Dial If. n. a .if ika ...riant talk, l?4 l? and eat*1 ike fww-a. e r .ekleh 1'araaaa whoee r.rtaa la lo I... undermined ?</ tka cot"*'aplalloa n' haavily ara lit.a* la a rary pr?riri'..n wartd and *? naty ear ihra ika Ikataa hat re ear. it a kaaa threat la a tnoai men war ?l*?li puMia altaatlun. ari l lieiaaee eUenoe lu ihle t ai'dhi ha aaMntaii iatal ?-M. ) Tribune lie 11 oka urw'may apar t#, la **f *'aadi Una. a Rrar.rh varalau of Ika nn.aary lal- af Clude'.-IU, |> ad . ad I. re an Mau4a| araiilna leal and repaa'e-t Ihr uatimil Ihr ?? a to * mwd #4 teniae# ? ? ? ? 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