Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1866 Page 2
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SITUATIONS W A^TED-PEMAl-M. \ YOUNG AMERICAN Gllll.?AN 081*11 AN. AMIA ble and lnLelligea't dealrna a situation la a ??mall fam ily; U an ea.wlleui -tnniuvtrr-tS- aud won.* lake entire charge oi one child. Good letareuce*. Aildie** MelUe, bo* IN H or ild ntlloe. 1 NUMBER OF WKLL WCOMMKNDKD GERMAN girl* want aiiualinn* at Mr* LtiWu'* German Institute, No. 17 Stanton at., near Bowery A SITU J\ man, fly. Call at rat SITUATION AVANTKD-BY A RBSPBCTABI R WO. an oook waatici . ud tinner in a small private lain fordoo day a at 'Di Wont Jtih at., in iha rear. Boat erenoe given. A MUTATION WANfED-BY A FIRST CLASS OOOK, who thoroughly underaunda her buidncaa In all ita Ruche*, alau boning and binling: no objection to a hotel or " house: beat ijfly re'eien e given. Call at IMS Clinton place, iir<1 door, fryul, for two day*. AY!>1~.<q OI?L WISHES A SITUATION AS FIRST olass wattra# or chambermaid; has the beat city refer ence. Call at ?i addrea* 7th a*., between 88th and 87th street* 1 NY HoNnlAllLE gKNTI.EMAN OR LADY WHO ?aA. mejf w?,u ids services of a young lady who la a first elaaa houeekec?er of live yeere enperienco, beat of refer ence*, i wart, in Kin snot hooeat and obliging, be eo kind aa toaddro*,xia* K. W? Herald oCUe. A B'TOATIcs WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO , tensework In a reipei table iRr.ce family, or would be willing [u eo cliamberwnrlt end iMting; beet or lily reloronoe. Can be seen for two days at 118>t Bast 80th *t., neat Jd av. " * RBbl ROTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU ... , "* *''"Rr^miald anil lo annul In washing and J. '1'1' *"'"<1 have ai, (ibjet-tlon to a private boarding \ GERMAN OIRI, IIESIKLS \ SITUATION TO DO 7th J"et,r houeework in an American family. Call at *80 All wanting hood capable servants im niedlstely: slso iicruion girl*. At large first class fe male aerrants'luaii ue. IOC other., below 9tb si. Area portable lady in attendance. ' A ra" A YOU Nil GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS NURSE ?u "i;::;r::.ritVr.:'0 ?ire,leucc iu A YOUNG fllKL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM beriuanl tnil io do p.n.n aewii.g; un.ier.tand* liair aretauig uill ..t 8. W e .t ldib at., betwoer. 8th and 7th >r* a N AMERICAN WOMAN WANTS A POSITION t~S nurse and Kcamstre**; would make herself generally tiaeful; Im.iio I h. eel on to thecomitry; ha* flr?t Heat cltv referei a. C*l( at 168 We.t ISth lit., between 7itt .ud Ntli ttvaiiuoa. N AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES A SITU A" . a.-, nnno; te Iulty competent lo bring a child . i.nid; or would ute rare of en Invalid ladv; mn t..c ne?t eity reference. Call at at. A FIRST CL18S LAl'VDT,KS, !?' -IRES a RITI'4 A Hon in a private famt'v - .i l iat u Oh uII k i.da or rreach lluilng and Ut-ra ? ? . t :td av between 5i'l and 5>h1 sin., over ' . >?? i iorc. t 111 SFEi WO',AN WOULD 7.IKK TO OO ?7 . v; i 'lo 'vaulting and Ironing, cleaning or diking, t o Ki .1,0 t.initios or gautlenicn'a wa-liing at hi'i jj* || h;; 1U ,IH>d oity Kieronoe. CaU at Oolvlth av., *eoond A SMART PLEASANT GIRL, LATELY* LANDED * ?ituutiou to do general houfiework- n<?t Apply nt Aw'w'ea"'^3d at!"'"* !"f A DRESSMAKER USED To MAKING LADIES' AND children a droaa.-a wialiea tho work ol a few ludlea, bv wt; day. Andreaa Oreaaiuakor, nation F Post ofiice, and 1 win call at once. A NEW ENGLAND GIRL, WHO IS A THOROUGH xi. waitre n ami chamltei niaiil, and capable nt any work, wants a Httnatiun: hua die bent of reference*; can bo seen for two days at luH t?t!i av., below Eth at. AKKSrp.OTAHI^K GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS ain 7th?*v WIU,U "'"I 'roiier; ha. good references. Apply at A FIRST CLASS COOK WISHES A SITUATION IN A flr.stclnm reataurunt; Is a good oyster co >k; would bo 1? *lnG'i.Cr r?,.f"?2L ,d'V n C'all at .'3 fill ?t , In the rear, biat floor, lor three day*. A ,RB?rvE?IAI? W.OMAN WISHES A SITUATION XV to oocfc wj.Hii andiron in a amali family la a cood baker; would go to the coumry; be.t city rwetwuou. Call at oi aa av., noar l.iik hi, ^ A SE,,PU'TP''? YOUNG OIRL WISHES A S1TUA dA tton in a privaio mmily; can do all kuul* of plain cook lug. uagianl waeiirr and lioner, beat city reference. Call mciit"'d?or* *" f cmp.oyev'a 118 Writ 2?th at., baac A w*.Nu U1,RV A ?ITUATlt>N ASfTlAM. c2il JuIh?m gJir'A W"Ln*' or m,ud chlMren A kWO?;AV WISHES A SITUATION TO ?%. cookRw.tah and iron, or would do general homework' Ko^oon?" "" COU'"rr- <:j" al * . ,re^,i A OOMFKIENT I.AUNDBU.8S WISHES A FEW /".'a 1 wa"m"1 l,Y lh" or month ; Cdl Soul i' -If ? J". manner, and fiutlog. * ov?r *b?re. AUKSPEI TAIIC . WOM IN WISHES TO GET A baby f.i net name, at ber own hou*n rail Ht zfa Weai ?via at., botMrec.t Hth und 10th uva., second floor, front. arts JssKsa gjjs-*- ?->? ? CITUATION WANTED?BY A COLORED GIRL, To AddnaThog 161 h"ri)i'oHb r."ber*?rO'ty relercuee WAN II.0?111 A STEtlJY KESPECl AKLK YOUNO woman iv.i i bi.3 rui _?-lillun* in lhi? cnuiitrr amtua not. a. child'- nur -??; to*/-, young .li.idre.iiVn.ldo iilad, aecom'/tl ! ?r Kr""'tUy ret,,"!n<?'?? ?- id-"v Wen Ss!l kC, nOUSEaEUi ten s SIIUATO.N WANTEO-BYA LADY of leflnTiieril and -4 cttlon. Home ? omfo-u dealred ?eet rpteieii' i- gr-en. II, Her,1.1 ofiipo. W ANTED _H Y t RESFECTaBLF. YOPXG MARRIED uoiuhii wild lo*t h? own lull, two week* old. a sum. TATAN ri-.D?BY A TIIOIt.tUULY COMPETENT SALES J' d*?n,*?Y* "II".!1' rot*r' "???"'>?.? ?ore; used to BI ?l SU c. 7 1 C* 1 al! the vcek at W Ailn(a!r"V A SUd'Kul'Ht COOK WITH KXCRL ill k I r?'""1"" l *110*11111 In lh- city lent baker, tna*, * p .,,rv; or n. regular laUnd'i .'oi-ft no liner. ?. W?v-, $,y. Knu alst.,*' P HELP vv 1 NTKIt-FEjilALHI. r'l'y f'MV e*Igilu'i,''*;.' *" "l'U,U * ?^ta"rn' V,. \VA",'i'-r'rN N PIHVATK FAMILY, A* TlHU.Tu undei tail iT'.V ^ Z," w,u - - \V ^pin:,;! WV ??MiYN .YGiuI. W Ak?mf'e W M ' '' op THE RIGHT -J..!, 7. g'-tter. I hoiiMiwo * f..r t?r. ncrront Ai.ult With Pity Tinr-rin .. at al6 l.aat 66Ui *i.. m ,v. *Y' AN "Kl? - \ WKI M'RKE: 11K AI "!JX AND W"!I ?hnn.Uiice ot i. I* r,?i ? N?. . near B,wr'ry. U7ANTRI i GOOD FLAM ( oi ,? assist in * ' ' * i s w W'f' T * s,Mf lv * UdA'L PRIVATE FAMILY, J;.,? "'or*, m J.| bij a g id Vtitk fo-r IU o'i I.-* ^'P>7 *? B K-' ' <>'" ?'? Call ftlTCAVKTVS '.V W'i zz l>? IMiiKH. A tOT'jKJ y\R!;p ri MAN. i apabf.k \\U knm: /% mute** *m?m . m? In t m ewvlng from 6 to lU ?'Mb .?? ov In ftu> wluiUsr <%ptt6?tf. AJ*a 1*4 fr-,r?nfri| 'ri?"i. ui tt?' ? . ku ? '?lUgn. Oan ^ire lit* In t of rrfnn i. CV1 tli*. 1 uIhiitj .1.. In thu ooie. (ilioTM.KvN Of F XI f HU.SCK \Kt> HI .'PON81. ? nt 1 r t:*v. f?l Uir n h ?r-! t<> ?. A Uit*?* U??* *0 ?Ui i^mimo?vv*fnt wamtkp-*!^ a x?rso Iv tuwi !ii nny r p*vity. vr..iff ' I* U* 1, ?rjr *n<i b?K bmln^M f ?o?Tg*sty, ?? ? 1 Miiol , ? n- Hit, 1 lir*f ? ? rr? > m tii . In ? n;iit>% <% - A?14i??* M., bo* au , }m t oifta<\ fro I'tw 11 KM* ?A YOr.Vfl MAN *!?<> ?t \ 1 1 ?d 11F x ?'r oi n **???# in tl #f |ii Aiimt' r?? *?*t . >n? f ;. i*ii. ! ?i?f .or? ?4 ; i?i* K?oi 1 f ?' h* .1 " ? 0' *'?<? If. ?U ti at Arthur J II. M-f. U'v r. n-i i.i jni, ?.ok kxpi rriK.nor i *1 t.^'cn for -it. <tt?4?kvfT1 it *? travr!'.(nt .gr it Ja m.rf I. >,H 1.. t.i laO-tar-* .?iriot #>1 A nri"t K. K. >1 ?ni% I luiwiat . IX AM UY AM A TSV: HI -iM? A i Ml V4? T ? a < ' ??. .ti . . i. i t ?? I ir '? .i'fr. w .. ( I. ? ?kko ' n??f iL ?.;.irw< M . N.. uilU't I'ltBtll" l;.in-r, !t nk hi. IIKU' X4 IXTKIU'I Wil.t. j^oi nt- v \xtki?-to ?' i. ri KOoiru.x rxtiKko Han y , t>n|.a a..d ?'? hlxlAH I tv.xjt. M. Ian Itna. Mr* Y r?. A LI. tH'f It IN' I . I ATM -cam. THIS OAV AT . ?l Nil*^r* at ^ lrrt. * ?w 'iiriru. . <? HAT'lTA AV> __ ? .?? ' I .f .ra mj> ui at- Ir a "Xty Ir. r irtuaity ?ri! tn . i. .? I . .i{ *?. u:i ? .? a<i a ;? rl, nmin | ^ UAH IE ? f" vi.r T, r.\ i|mv. oil'.'. f!RY. 1 y\ dry u . fhta d?r? at 81 *' ? i.X'.nn i i o. * rfh<r i:I a> . .1 '.'i ai a u.;Ht or i JY llidl Ra"n-,?"'. "" ' ' ? . . ? r , arlilrh liitna.t ? III? ?l ? i. .1 , . r 0 ? r. intf "III t?a g.raa. AJ lr* ?. M. I, . af.ju, >l I ...i p. Fu Kiiat ..flioa. TluMXRT TRAMF. MxKf ?< W.m'.ii t f .-i:\lfi. J> Bwa ?ultij *'* il te l?*a rh.i i f ! .. r: n #. a.y .|r |>ann??inl. Aditrra* bn* 5.8H', ivin'i a BABtr Nl?? B Kt)R HtOUT tt UK No f"l' N,: :t? ? rf.i? "?IHi'H'X *??.xl ra?~ irmamt.l. i. | >r . .|y Ad. draaa G. A It.. bn? li?. Ilar.'d .. oc?. f AW orri> E BOY W A NTr.!??V I'ST HTRiri. WELL I j and h>. a a mi I raaainaaaod iliuua AaJi jm hat 8M Faat iflici, haw Tot*. I HSLP W A STED?M A L.KS. Tobacco pedlar* wawtrq-lxr ubibbueu. UB liabla and responsible men. for ihe oily. Kefhreuoe *?4 secumy leqiitred. Address M . bo* H>4 H?raUt ufflea. TWO YOUNG MKN; OUT DOOB WORK; SALARY $18 per week. Young man lu an oRtoe, bookk?per and ultaineo. li) Numii lit noo M I. fJIO TANKER .KO?9l,8.4W. -889131? BALBSMBN^? _ kxYka LhBKKAL INDUCEMENT!* OFFERED BY A FIRST CLASS HOUSE. WELL AND FAVO.AHl.Y KNOWN. TO MEN CONTROLLING LAKOE EASTERN OR WESTERN TRADES. ADDRESS BOX 6 886 POST OFFICE, N. Y. ANTED?AN AGENT, NT A FIRST CLASS VAR niak limine; only those who have travelled in that Una need apply. Addreaa T. T.. Herald ofltoe. w wj ANTED-BY AN IMPORTINO UDUMR OF FLOWBR8 and feather*, a smart, active man aa uleaman. One acquainted with the buataeM may addreaa box MM Poet olllce. WANTED?AN ACTIVE. INTRLLIOBNT YOUNO MAN to drive a wagon and eell tobaoeo. Hefereacet re quired. Apply beiore 11 A. M and after S P. M. to Brum hall A Co., 87 Pearl *L w ANTRD-A SMART LAD, ABOUT 16 YEARS OF AQB. ?wlui understands opening oysters, watting on taMa anil making himself |eiiernlly_ useful In a saloon Apply on Thursday morning at 16 Chambers at.. one door from Centre, basement. WANTED?SEAMEN, ORDINARY BRAMRN. LANDS Hum, tiremen and coal passers. for the United States Navy. Apply at the Kendeivotis. SB Cherry at. ?-|/k PER DAY RUBE -AGENTS WANTED IN KVKRY <p i\' eouniy of the United state*, to Introduce our patent White Wire Clothe* Lines. Write for particulate, Ameri can Wire Company, olllce No. 8, 110 Broadway, N. Y. WILL START ANY PERSON IN A SPLRNDID UPdaU* from whiob 610. :00 can be made to six montba; good- staple as Sour. Call and Investigate at IS Pino street, room 61. CLERKS AM) gAIiESMBS. |)?OKt?4*KPEK?ONE TIIOROUOULY COMPETENT 1) to lake charge of the/Inanclsl Mp it mi nl of a tea and ~ ..... . ^ * cilTee house, superlntaud the bebYn, furnish the beat of city references from last plat.o; njur under thirty yeara.of tge need applr. Call at 2>b r'ultou street. CARRIAGE Tlil.MM' U GOODS TRADE.?COMPR tent salesmen In this line deriving sliuatlone may ad* dress, with r.- il - feature, bnx 6,160 Post ofllca D RUG CI.KRK WANTED?ONE WJIO UNDERSTANDS ?e i t/ retail and preen rlpUoa business thoroughly, . route well recommended A (hiresablating salary ercnce, Apothecary, box Kit Herald olllce. Drug c- khk ?wantkd, a good steady youno man who haa been a Tew years lu the business. Apply to Hale. 61 Ann st. VITANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A TIIORO0OHLY COM V V peteut and experienced bookkeeper and a tint class penman; udc who rau keep hooks for any ktul of buxluexa. Address 11.. box 126 Herein olllce. Til K THADF.I. td.VUE BAK i IIS.-WANTED ONE OP THE BEST J workmen on cakes and pastry In the city; steady work, good wages. Apply at Currier's, 203 Greenwich at. SI'ICATION WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED EN glncer, lo take charge of a stationary engine. Good refe rence from last employer. Address Kngiiteer, He mid olllce. T O JOB COMPOSITORS.?A GOOD CHANCE FOR somebody See under heading Copartnership. w ANTP.D-A GOOD ENGLISH PASTRY COOK AND confectioner; lo a llrsl class hand good wages and teadjr employment will bo given. Apply it^J Clinton st Brooklyn WOOD PIIOTOORAPfllNG.?A PHOTO 1RAPHRR, thoroughly posted in the above and every o her branch of photography, w she* en engagement wlili nil illuatrated paper or n an engraving establishment Unexceptionable reli-roucee. Address Geo. Andrew*, 6:<9 Broadway, room 66. POAKDKK3 AND LODUER6 WAHTBD. A YOUNG MAN CAN HE ACCOMMODATED WITH l\ Board In r, small respectable family. Terms $6 pei week. Apply at 146 Kirst avenue. AT FRANKFORT H'lU^K ONE BLOCK MAST OP CITY Mull, corner of Frankfort end William streets. 230 Knotna.dtt to W cents per day: SI SO, 52 and 01 per wei-k. T 166 AND 161 BLRKCKBR STREET-BOOMS TO L let, with Hoard; t lift moderate. T 672 BROADWAY, BOOMS TO LET, WITH OR t witnou Hoard. T 69 1IUD -ON STREET, FURNISHED WARMED 1 Boom.. J3 per wee* for one gentleman and 64 90 for A HANDSOMELY PURNISn D BACX ROOM, ON second door, with in darn improvements, to let. Ap plr at 68 Glint ,n piano, Elg>.lhsstre.u. \ family ok single gentlemen can obtain \ enp. riot accommodations, with first data table, at 2/G I .est Tenth sheet. A FAMILY. LIVING IN THEIR OWN HOUSE, WILL g\. Ictaxuuof Rooms urllu lir?t class table. Terms mol eti.le; at 236 West Twenty-fifth at oel, between Sev nth and E.ghth aver.un. a GENTLEMAN AND V?IKE AND ONE OR TWO .'\ single g--i nan obtain elegant seooinmodnilons. with Hoard, st 2;:; West Korty-seooud street, one block ws?t of Broadway, References, A El RXHIIBD PARLOR TO LET TO SINGLE .1 g niU-rt--u or gent'.emnnennd wife; Board for ladv If desired. Family private. Reference! exchanged. 136 East 1'wrmy-fifth sticet, Neer York. I PRIVATE FAMILY AT 46 WEST TWELFTH STREET 1\. inn accotniiHKhite a gentleman with a am-Gl furnished Room and rirst class AnsiJ. Kolermmos required. A NEATLY FI RNISVED ROOM TO LET?ON THIRD 1\. floor, with Board. Term* moderate. House of mod ern Impruveutsnts. Gentlemen preferred. 134 East Tnlr ly.'.ldrd ?tr ct, near Taxing.on avenue. A LARGE WELL FURNISHED ROOM, ON THIRD aV Kn ir. fron'. to let with Board. In a fir t clttaa hen*", 27 "i>e?t -h ennth street, near Flflh avenue. References exchanged. At is and ao Msrn street, between fifth and Sixth avenues, 'two elegant parlor r loom and some tine stage Rooms lo lot. with llrst rlass Hoard, in Fraui 1) and German styles. Prtvah-1 hie I' desired. * T 3.C I WENTY.THIRD STREET.?GENTLE, uten wishing good homes for t islr ismlllos. at one half the expense of housekeeping, cjo And ei'parlor Rooms. Pri vate Ub'e. ? ROOM OR TWO, ON SECOND FLOOR. WITH TV H" rd fir genii "mai and wire; alio alngle Uooma far lieirdeinci'. Ueii.enc.- cxc'.tt.ike I. Noue hul tho ?> will :.g to ay h lair prui .1 nec.l apply ot id Weat Klfteautb ?lr*?t a T SA 'YIKKdTER STREET?SEVERAL NICELY FUR ?\ n' lie 1 lluuina .o Pit, eultaMe for one or two re.ipccta blc pari! >u?. \1MVLL ROOM AND B- D TO I.T'T?ON SIXTH ?T. u'ir. uirnr Thl-ly-flral at. ret. Tho fiiriilinra will be Pui'l for ?11*1). ai ll.t r ttTAoOty txth alrnet. Board-two plnasant rooms, oommuni r air!', lol?t w 1 ttr-t clues Hoard; nleo lt.??.n Ini two I ntl. men. Apply lob Lett Te.ih atract, one btiKk Trum ?road way. Board, with weu. fiirnisiikd rooms, pop. K< .'h-Dian and \v lie, or one or two gentlemen, 11. a pr|. rate .nti'y; ft ..renon re 1 .ired. In<)'ilre at 214 Ihtat Tenth avrcet, n?u. Second arenuo. DOAKD AND RoOMS-DF FIRST CLASS CHAM VC I> >?r, Tor '.rat .liea nnsrdeia ntfly, At CM Ctl iton place, near Firth avenue, t'laas of jonng men ncc.i:nm?dated. TlOARo t'N MURR AY III I.I, ? A LARCH FRONT I 1 U "< 0:1 tl ' ? onTl 2 )1.. with one or iw , llodr.n.nt.. at M l\o t Forth a ?lr?et, lurwey.i KiT.a and Null. avenues. JJOAHD-A PBW Fl't -r i t,ASS PARTflW CAN OHTAQf ?w hand an ly oiu ohe.l lloouie Mid Board. lu a pn ate family. AP| I? it 37 Hut TLlrtyflial elree . ti<dwe?u Firth errn ie.mj Broadway. ICttr.NCII Bit Alt'* AND I'RBNC'H LliSSONS? AT 191 We t Twi ll ih ? 1 c.-t, In a T. .inch f innlj . errnrel ni.eiy fur. i.iied, .0 of. -sting. on the 'hlrd flour, in lei, wllli Rnaul. at niod '.i'.e pro ? . References eirett and ee I. |DlMNl:.|?I 'l.-TVO IIALL BEDROOMS FOR ..FN I l'?ni< n, in a pla'e h nae, wtlh or wl.boat Board. 1.2 Iliye.-Aei aired all Mod* we.tot' Br.ta.lw .y. Nrlt.l LY FURNISH! D ROOMS TO LKT-WITH li.iird, 1.1 genil-meti and -In'.T peihlemen, .t 171 |ii Refeiw ..?? ei.thanged s 117 \Y\ n;;t.MAV HOC , 4ii hmoomi: hf nra.i H jtciva? ?V .'t o : !#l, wi.hfUt Uoar*!, from $4 u? $t& p?*r w? ??*# I urnia ii* nil n?\v. i * ' . W . I IMUHID 11 ?ft >* AM) 1 Hj ? ? . ?' ill HO trl'V ml j ; \% *!<? J? oHi?, " .r >i -J-to *' if it#! nor! Hofmm If >?*? ?, toilUM# f ?i t fit* it.^m-v\ ?m1 w\(* ot* t?ro m ,! wU utf t ? p . v lop !J*m ux >;r?o . !*? >Dt. with or wHti'i r vA\*i* triol-s. Ap|?i)' to HH M L rl MoHdAM No .1 Piu# qi ? AN It llRPttO lM KINI'LY Ft H? I i ' !t-.1 tiit til/ of ri^ntlrtin'sn. Urinkf tut If den! rodt, #U1 mill inr?t? finll/i f...gitnU ##<1 osrwi-i % r?i|iort*ii*?|fj *t at) Mint. kor rUedla ( . K1 A I. \ (%* ? riiONT 'ton If AND thk:i ad I ittg I*- ?"!*, on *eooMti ?? ?r. M )inl first ? ;v*#. CaII at i .*t?t ? u ##tv wf j'.ti Rtr##l. lit .? Vj. A.tF.i w T sh.K, FlIUSIMlF.n I ? .. .. ? c or en ?. lie, W let, t> ? . ... with nt 1 a 11 .u : , i II' .1, Urwt J*? t reiereoee. i.e rju.ied t>.y v. r \ r r.\r.r srnr.'T.-HAMi .oifKLT ww tin " i .la t ilearnotia for a.ngle ueutlemeu. rw.t cl t*t Rntr i. |Q UNION . I'uf.RK OF ?gVRNrii. NTH 'I ? atrii'i. ? To If. * H r.l, R'tm : < re th? aecnn.l p niut"# for a t' .. eunit ana wue Ha.erenawa et o- aykr rt.nvi.NTH rtrbet-a i rh atb O I famllr will rem t I?w H ?. .... nui. or wiihont B wrdi I. | i> tarn, i. ear It' a arena. , i u. Pa n ? I'. ?.1. Furl at derate. wisr H'.isToM n?agr two lar-.r ha I e.nt' y fin ill- bed 11. nil. Foard, to u<- m>it and iheir wnvee or ?.u.:emen ou ee. ml fltor, e!l m.i ". a mipriiemeata (? e - it '?U.. . i' ilANDflOMiLT Fi nN.'SH'D v. r'' 1. . sua ttr gwsOeitten, RotRD AMI 1 tVASffc ). \y a lad : wn?> it.l.v wjf A la'DY(AN O eyeaB', a a'y r-.i. t1 P'tn e nr Finn. >id lied* ri n oi. i.t B 4 >' i p'lt inH i ,ed. r. ne cm M i ae* i. 0 r v tie part'-a, vlut a 1 ? Si*' 'ef * i"- P wr! 1a fe 'lil, Been anawor. will he i-rma.'nei li aulUL Ainl eaa, ava. t.a lar..ta and (nil peitL-. leri, 0. L , avtlo.i II. TV i wi; l rrsMiH .n k itt'.wirH Fwerri. for man wife ani two chU 'ree. one dra the eihrr > i a i )e>ri, ate< reoea ( traiugie genio-uen, he tw -n At r ; la a. tie- )| .n I Irnf'i. a r?e a no* velew ^e? aet* arani.o. tn crtMU i ant .ly, r har? taer.wn'ewnr B' nvaer .H*tr,,er? K tat m reiaretinat fldrea and rwat'lrad. Ad dreae N F? t>r? ?,,'Ai P?et elloa. BOARD AND IjODOfWO WASfTHD. WANTKD?A PEHA8ANI KUOM.OX TH:?;> ^<>0A. W with full Hoard, for a ge.SMTg'.l1. ".gjff f?--. yeara old. Torm? out to eicntt Moi $-W Pg ?,$?? u*mi of reiiHOM><i'M. tdilrtwJ. *i I., Heraldliiban. WAltTKD-TWO ROOMS A"ip boarl>, B* * and threa chtldroo. at $?$ weekly. ?? ?** ?? >? olttded i with a quiet family proforrod. Addreea Walter Herald oOoe. WANTKD?BOARD Ilf NEW YORK OB BROOKLTS; ^paH?iraotl bedroom. eeo.nd duor, frout, lor ? K?u^e msn apd mitt. Id a prlvsts fjoatif; Adttft* stating price, Conusctlcut. bo* lW HersHl uflh-s, for throe days. HOUSES, ROOMS, ?C?JW ASTEDw^ Part o? house wawtbd.?pivr or ?i? _ booiib. with Drtvllem of kitobsn, b'twseu B.Heoker pod Thirtieth etreeU and Fourth and birth avenues. Addraaa O. M., atallon D. _ Room wantsd?im a fritatr pastiur, bttwo ge.-tie men. Termt not to etrend $25 or $M|""'?'?t Um? with modern Improvement* weet bcilow Tenth etreet. Relerenoea glmn. Addreae R., Oimll nental Hotcl, M2 Broadway. Xtl ANTBD?BEIjOW FOURTRBNTII BTRBBT, W .m.U Bedroom* and PaA?r. TWO p'ete for a rooms siw * ?*? ?*??? *ut" " ,'aia . flre, km m l bath; not w eieeod 910 per lUraia^i.' WANTKD TO L'lASB?TWO 1.QT8. BOTWEFJ^TBNTH and Thirty drib ?treete, for a ooal yard. Add-eae t ?al. Herald odice. SAIeBS AT AUCTIOS. elegant and genteel Household VthStoAS'SS! awik rw#dnsidi\ i sflrnoon. Ailh odoot. M *ne large rc?i pW EWhuJjtrertj nmrRtoth atyty. oouftistine of magnificent rosewood Plnnoforte. Hlool and cSZZ'a^^fTmprerementaluU anda.hag no l->vra f*ii rvml IpW ROd OSM, iwlS6 HSmlliUI ? SnOT Holts, covered withHhe ijclumt P.1?". inn. fa* roiueot VS'SF ;fr^BrSTlnwl]Fc^.W^d FUosiei Mtyln of i?ou!i XIV.; ndid black weinut Kdto* alon^THbl'e, Buffet and Illume lihainitomatc:.' J**1 *n4 1'J*t M Irrora. blank walnut Suit*. ooverad wllli _ hair ?r uth and green reps; W ick walnut and ro?wwooJ lBedatead< Mid liu fe.u-s Spring and Hair Kumawa B?a *?dR<*?r?. V*n?*. G'aaa, China, Silver Ware. Cutlery, Ae. a. it. Rett ablf men In attendance to eart, pack and ahlp goods for purchaser* at a reasonable charge. AUCTION SAUK of magnifiornt hwsbiio&d A Furniture, on thla day. WuJnmdey, at II o eiook, at ibn flee story brown ntonc Imit art Wmt Slrteeuth ' *?**{, Fifth :.nd Siv 1. nvrnnev R'.evenod Booketae. ecpert! aeta. ot Furniture, oovored brocatel, Oil Br. nzca, Vaacs, Mirror*. Carpet-, Clock, rosewood Pianoforte. 290 volume* of obolce ? *r2tI?-wSi* Bx w.ilnui Cbambor Fitraitiire; Hair andHnnngMaltrj "??. ??? tens.on Table, Buff t. Cbins, Olues, btlaerwaro, Uble Cut lery. Halo perenil^'"^MUBI. WYNN A CO.. AurUoncers. A UCTtON SAliK OF CHINA TRA SRTv MOTTO COF A for" C..?-V.Ty,:rsl.le.Cl^ wLe -ftKMRY OrKTaNN. Auciumner will aell on Wed hi Uo'Vk. at 13 Barclay aliecl. in auU "be tr<adc? ''i<'#- nernl aaiottmert. Buje rcsonre to close couelgnmcnla. ilooila well paoked for shipping. ariiVRrTl WAI.OUOW AUCTIOXKRR?616 liUOAn. A ' iv nVctNin A WAHOlUtN. will .eilat auetk-r. on Tliu. -day, at 11 o'olork, awond hand Furtibure. CuipeU, Ac ioiiiovi-d for oonveu'ence of sale, and oeuaiating of the ueunl assortment; a'eo two rosewood 1 unos. , a TnsrTR WaI/TiRON, AUCTIONBBR. 6W BROAB* A wr'-SaANIIi' A '.VaLIiION will eell ...pilrite a l? a l -rgo aaaortmnnt of good 1 lor IsolUUty nroaenit, aleo Furultoie, Folding Chairs, Fancy Tablet. Ac-, Ac BY HKKRY (I. f.KKPft A MINER* UENHV II. LERHS, Al-WTTONREf, At the I.coils Art CaUeriua, R17 and Hi? Broalvear, on the evening or FtWAY, DBG 2R at TKoo'ock. A remHikAlily bneotilbielion nf Fainting, by the ?cm lists. Also a few choice foreign w-ursg. mainly the oronortl Of a we'l kicivti c I'.ootor or.llaltiiiu. e con.lgned Fi P 1' Avm-y. Among them iv'U be found three ol the lata ist and Uueet subjeeta evpr ?geeuted by DUliANi'i ( And rcprraentatlve epecitnen* of the following Amer.oan Artists:? nicratadt. Ja?. Mart. B;^;eU Cropsey. Oliford. CairtloAc.., W. l'. Wm llitrt. O II U U. TTaaei-nc. Dubhanl WbUtrhUe. J-ntbd'n K ^ Tilt Kdmon la. . ?- -? , - fjlsnotll. I* W<-b. r. Vtld.T. Bl-uvrb. Neblg. De liaai. Mre.Sponce,-. Ho alter. Tb? I'leiurM bv For?-ivn .-irtiats are by Yertot. Lltcbaeb .ii?. AnC n. l.aMalln. Jtillotto. Iianfaiit do > otr. Isam'iei t , irlinito. UBlilltiHi U" flue... a? JT Hor-r Jacquea Mgrla. tiro-sat inn. f""1' ChlMIHon. Duvargor. nri UlhirlBar Mar-c I>e Kuuder. iJtirmcrlet. D orachmunr. Mar-e. De K udder. Hti -nprteC l? ornenivn "iffiSU iSBSIliMtk. "J gkii^iag-.jiississ.g.'a? BY HKNRY H. T.RICDBA 1I1WRR. T1KNRV 11. IsFKUB. AytTlON uBR. On Thuradiy, Dree ruber S,. ?t TJk o'clock, at 'be DRRDN A BT O a U.RKIHB 817 and ll? Rn.adway. eoutbvrow eorngr jBTWKh'SStMmMI OF AMBRJCAM 4*0 EOROFRAN MCTPUKB BY K1IIFEN1 AND favorite ABTfsr.-t. beln' the enUre eoUeotlon of two well Known eonnoleeeur,. cou.prl.lng ARTifiT9, A. Aohsnbsob, Woullsri. Tou?s*tttt. nuverKW, n. do Bsal, lisvia, <.PK'ilwsbup, L. WiUiims, gcberm^rs, (#'K nlinnno, Loyckort^ F. Ktemmsu, C. H iXu*. "^VrboecWbovcn. Cortet. BouUngW, ?hn'l!Wen, ?lToren. s AMERICAN ARTIST:*. Ollbert Stuart, .DM.Uart, V"<7 Brown T Doughty. W.Hart. .1. (? Btown, H. < oloian, W. If Beard. K Nehllg. D Jphneotl. v''. ornat f I??mfth Cn"*?*. J Rfrtewrt ANf> OTIIHRR OF KQUAL CRIj1?1,5"Vj.,nH.. Tho? will M on oihtbition oh snd sfU?r tylttfW. I>eocn*b^r OT from 8 A. M lo 5 P. M., and until 10 P. M. tli two evenings previous to the nolo. Ry HKN'IIY H. I.EKD8 A MINER. i a UfiP \N|) VALUABLK INVOICE OK to lie aold on Tht:reday, Ifeccrrfb.-r $/. at II "'l-1'*'*'' atote, No. 93 Uber'y etreet. a few doora we* of Broadway, all mad - foreuetom u?e "f. . S^ ii(rFF? s collaIJb0!rth?' 7nd mrVr;. .u ntsnufnotured for the BROADWAY CUSTOM TRADB, a d *AdJ."h flnelCHII.DRENK' FIIRB. In variety of ma teri.ll .ltd atyVa, all tp be sold without loecrv#. Can beeeen on morning of - BY HUNRT " L^^A'MHVU%.n3. AUOTIONKBH on Friday, Dec. ? at 11 o'cloc*. at our ealearooai No W ' ?{?Tbe "ild'wlthool reserve n lo-te and vsluoMo "f. avleet old Wlnea., ^'Igara, Ac., .ully rta'i fn'"every ? aubibS fo?''m'rSfci or .V,a=Tvrt^ Very line PH., and Uoldcn BhtfrlM. t" 4?.?''^""'? h"" o ises; do, n d Madeira ami K.rt ^D?^Ch?MJ*gWeJ HoekR California Wines old Brandte- farorlle brsnda " el rtnt 8^ It origlnal pacbopis'* damaiea'ii'iimv,' Ac.' Al.o several ^oVg.? riie trS.dsLiln qnantttle. to au I Inrt^ng tv'l.iii'.V' ASp. t. r - lonlloii ot tboee oril'cal In tuelr taete. Fud pirtteu-ara In ' 'a'wv an Involec of finr llminit Oigara. oci.iivtlng of Ul ao) de Santiago, L'aittis Elena Concha., FlOr deMayoOpe'ae and oiu -r favorite brand*. DBI'RKH AUCnoN' BR. vntt SBDD THB BN . tire Rtoek of the Jewelry Store, 112 Bleacher ilreet, to d .y at 1 o'elo. g. HKMtY KRUTMAN. ACCTIONKKR-Orrt?5B ROOBt No I. 5 no 1 ? I'Union llsll-eell* this dr-r. at *>X st 17^ < I In ton arort, tbosnllre Furniture o*intstnsii it t"9 St union ttrtiri, Uirri...m r w~... four ft'orv liottsr, with th^ ??f ths promwos: furn*tmrt n -nsiMtiuK of gft?sr*tl honrdlog house furniture. Sale wiUaD? pOiltlVfl. HEN TNT B. HERTS, .fit , AUCTIONEER. AnsiHUtH)'* ?m1? of . iiai*. Oai*-'. ' 1 ? <?.??, oTiuvhs tmhukm.a!', AO., o.j WT'flT.STlAT, 0<-c. "TI. at 11 o'c'rlt. al ?lora cm nor PMlli ??.rtaiMiid frtlr I a?rnua. M.rlam Mfnrriarnf J...FPU AI'KN, AaaiCM*. Abo, lamdlitflH' Afi-^r ilia alio-, a, JtXE.MToiVrt HM.K OK household rrusiiuftr.. iHutsa, waoov. ao. HKSIIT B. I1KRT< T!t.AUCTIONEER. I'arrmptorr aa'c of Kt. .iicii mad ? np rCRs roues, sc., on WoJncadar. Dec "?! a' 11 oYDi a, at rtALKSItoOXS IK. H,. lADWAY, all mod" rp rt; laxly for tlfT til.\rirt CITY TrtADR. u l.NitY D. MINF.R, AUCTIONEER. SALE OK HOUSES, PAR.i IAC1EH, HARNESS, AO , MIVF.S * FOMBRVIUE. PRIDAT, DKO fl. At 13 O PI.OOK. AT TIIUiK liottsv AC CTION MART, UNION Pi. ACE ST a RI,l.|t. 11 EAST FOliRTKENTH SlKrEf. NEAR rot'KTIl AVENUE. seyj:h\l finf. TVRNoUric ki.koant tjotorta. rI 'j. RLt)Oi>M> HO'lSbs. HANDSOME PAKE I llA' T'iNii, road waoons. hold mopntpo h ark ess, P*r *. t.i iiiorro*'i Martlet BY ill. All SAL S JIT HUH HOIUfc Al OTIOM HART EVERY TUESDAY AND KPIDAY TIIHOUOUOUT TUE TEAR. "aaara. MINE': A SOMF.ItVlLLE offar itn?urpa??d a<l'jf.. In I w lion, otprilmj. ?n.l huait> ?a. auiai'if to p.rtiaa within* I ? hoy or 1 'tirln* to aril llor.aa, CarrtaRe*. o" atiythln* p* ilntn* In tbt horta loialnaaa. Ukn'rt n miner?auction P* u, HAlasrcir" IT N*a,?u atroat. ar.|> "Pa 'hr I'oat rt Al.'-' OK MODERN OH. PAlMiTNOA BY FoREIIN AND AMERICAN ARTISTS. PRIDAT, )' -C. AS, ul II 0 look. I?r MlNYK A ROMERVfl.I.R, At UALI.'RY r NAS>Atl AT It RET. no art, a; c'luxr, it ?Thursday, dkC. , at , I".||? - t t ha ? i-t an m <m. a l?r#a ai.S *ana ra! ?<anr.. -m-f ll i l?a 'id F.iriiinua, qua itlijr of I trior, Uiiiipr K oni and K,ti*liati Pi.rn'una. Mlrrara. So OHKKIKrs SALE. _ r"l i?m PtCKAOFB of WINKS, WHISKEY:!, OLAKKT, or. BRANOTBH ROURRON, IjAROF. OOANTITY EMPTY BoTtl.KN. OFFICE KTIiNlTURR, WAOON, HARNESS. AC. Rl.llfAHO W Al.TKRrt. ?' I *11 tali on W ndraa. da- at II r, ?. at I' ar I .? Ka.i llr. adway a larjr al r\

of CUrst. Port t'ol olL?rWi' "?. in -%.-?? and pip ? R?.uri^n r id o liar hl. aya, Oin ?'J llraio. aa, a 11 fa lot of auip.f b''|l"A olira ruin'i'im, WtAin at"l I'arna.. vt'n jiaptiip. JOHN KhL'.Y, Aharlff. ii. ' ii'r j i -r '/ k's ?> i:t r'r v i'-.? t si RM'iaT." w ' "? ?ii,, . i v. ? i ?: ? -it i ?? . I N . it .on it i,u" nh Him' a a' ;,;l ' ?** .lolls KBLI.Y. h..?r.F jr mi i'R'i . . ii.ein i ' TioilN KKI.I.Y, ?-?r .1, I im'tl t. DanuiT. y~*V ,\TT. i: AFr)rio '.. !n," "i.u this DAT. a i i.a? aa I ana'Aatiall nair Mturaaaa.. rri -r Pla.Ya't, rtiua ? i h na. Olata. SlhWWl ..???a W aru t.,a?t Ania oil lTark.r.1 nod rUa- ' ? r. p.?ik'???. Ma.,1.1 I ..*?? .aa... pi A raw *la'taa?a? ??' ' t?.'t ChalM. Ai 1aiu..jad Cai can, iron Safe. *!?>' RaiahaPa ?aM Fvrn tart, v'a int?r?, M. HtfVSKS, ROOMS, dtCU, TO LET. ABDIT Ol- ROOMS. WITHOUT BOARD, U BAST Seventeenth strsst, betweeu Uuloa square and Fifth avnnue A large BROWN STi>?B HOUSE. BLEUANTLY furnished aad filled with boarders; located near Fifth Avenue Hotel; a smart wacu can make money. Apply u> SIMON 1>B A 00., Broadway and Thir tieth (treat. a private family having mobb room than A 9>ey (V'alrr, will l?t a pleasant Floor, auilable for housa keeping; kitchan If daslred; furulahttd or uufurulahad. 181 Wrat Nineteenth street. A furnished house to lkt-with immbdiatb poeaeseiuu, with permission to raut a fear rooms If desired. Apply to the owaer, on the premises, 74 Wast Thirty-seventh street, uear Broadway. A SUIT OP NKATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LKT? Consisting of 8 or 6 rooms, with basement kitchen: fltted up for housekeeping; terms low. Apply at III West Thirty-ninth struct. AM UNFURNISHED HOUBK TO LBT-IN hixtikth street; also furnished Houses !u fhlr.y-tbird. Twenty first, Twenty-fourth and Tblrty-lifth stree s. Wsverley plaoe and Unpen place. SMITH A RALSTON, 82 Fifth avenue. Apart of a house to let?furnished ob unfurnished, ooaslstlng of eight rooms. Apply at IU Vt est Thirteontn street. l'art of rent taken ta Bo .rd. H OUSES TO LET?FURNISH .0. IN THE BEST LO oallties In the olty. Apply for permits to KINOAOO.. No. 9 Wee UTwenty-third atreet, Fifth Avenua HoleL Housekeepers oit person.! ooino to uouse keepiug, cau buy Carpets, Oilcloths, Furnl'ure, Bed ding. i'ailor und Iledroom Suits, Ac., St BENl>ALL A SCOTT'S, corner of Canal and Hudson streets, aad pay by weekly or monthly paymeuta if preferred. I Ok IS TO L.'.P?IN CHAMBERS STREET. FIRST, J Second. Third and Fourth Lofts, ZTixUO foal, running through to Resile street. Apply to DiXOM, 0LARKS A KAI.LKTfc If Chambers street. STHAM POWER.?TO LEf, ONE FLOOR. IN BUILD ing 191 and IU1 Water street. Brooklya. with Stasia Power; nlze IWxsn-. good light. Apply on premises sr to H. W. ORE P.N, 13 Bpruee street, M. Y\ TO Li.T?IN HARLEM, THREE OR FOUR ROOM-, to n family without oiuldren; rent low. 123d street..'* twee ii Sixth end Seventh avenuos, seooud cottage frem Sixth avenue. TO LET?SUITS OF ROOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT Board, or furnished Floors, suitable for housekeeping, st 8i liaal T.veaty-ninth street, uear Lerlugtou avenue i.unt low. References exolinnged. mo LET-FURNISHED FINE THREE STORY HIGH L sloop br ivn Mono House, Forty-seventh street, between Sixth nud Seventh avenues. Also finely lurmshed House in Brooklyn, convouleut to forrloa. W. 1?. SEYMOUR. 171 Broadway. rpo LET-IN FIFTY-NINTH STREET, FRONTINO CE.N. 1 Inn Park, between Seventh and . lghth avunitea, thiee furnished Rooms to sBeiitlemut and vril'o. at (.Opar month, wit.i every convenience for housekeeping. Apply lor three days. rpo LKT-A suit of furnished ROOM , 80ITA l hie lor[Ung. Inning Knnrn and Kitchen down ulairs. Kent 8fu per mouth. 113 Ea t t wenty-sixth street. TO LET?i'WELLING PART OK HOP K 918 BROAD way, twelve rooms, gas. bath, Ac.; urpeti, -hades or any part of tho furniture for sale Apply as above, Pos session Immediately. mo LET TILL THE 1ST OF M I V-?WO PARLORS ON A ttrst four, and Uedrwnu adjoining, u cely furnished eace.'t bedding, and hoCt Basement; hot and cold wet-r, range, g-.a, Ac.; i3,d) rent, in ailraace. Apply at 184 Waver Icy ' luce, c irner.ol West Tenth street. rno LET OK FOR SALE?A VALUABLE WATER J Power, with sever ,1 Bulldlnga end Machinery. For p.-rtienl ra Inquire of HENRY KEBLEB, South Salem, Wcsiclteeter county. N. Y. rpo LEASE?FOB TERM <>Fi!l V -ARB, WdTII RENEW i. Ms. n lurg.i number of Lots on Seventy-ninth and i-.igl. tr lb stree ?. First avenue and avenue A. 'i h" a.-mmns an grade iyend Seventy-ninth street, Is ore hundred fee. wide, is rptv-re 1 and paved >vith Belgian pavmm at. Apply to JAMES F. CHAMBERLAIN, at the. Frank hi Sa vings dank, 991 Elgiith u.anuc, corner of Forty second st. fl O LEASE-TUB PROPERTY NO. IdO PRINCE I street, one block weft of Kroidw.ty. Inquire of S. II. SgtlOMOKK, 149 Spring street. TO RENT?PART OP FURNISHED HOUSK; F.VBRY tbing eonii'let-), with piano; nelghbo. hood unexcep tionable; near ferries. Inquire *1?I78 Fulton St . n. 8.) FiFTti av; nu.".-klkoaxt rooms for oen .u liemei,; nlso Artists' Stud os; also two large Parlors for an art de-lsr Jeweller or ml .-rsmith; also sjt Rooms furnished, lor a family; rood location SMITH A RtiLSrON, ? Fifth avcirts R2)TEli?. At tub grant uoube, 44. ?? and an new Bo? -rjr. near Chatham syuere, lluomu-ieo loWc. per day $1 7ft Ut $:'? pur Ojwu ill night. DP. XtANBAV HOOSB 71 WEST FOUTIETII 8TIIKI fronting Re?ervo!r Parle.?One targe And conunodl'.u* ?ult of Komne, on nrvt floor; also one on hceend. Tunic d'hcte. MILL8 HOt'rtF, 1'HAHfjKWTQ*. S. 0.?TlfF. riO p"<"tnr hui the plea-arc to Inform the travelling i>r.l> lie thai !ie ha* completed nxtemdre alteration* mxl iinpmve menu In the above establishment. It In now nadv for fhe re 'Cptlenof guoal". Regular communlentlon )? now Oj eu wltli Florida and all polrta Bourn. JOHKl'll Pt.'KGRLL. REUNION HOTIT.?FORI Y-rt' "COND RTRRST AND Fourth amine has Imn Im proved and; Ko .ms cn suite or single for ilrat cUea f mi.ics; table a la European. J. A. ROBINSON, ,Blor. fTONTINE HOTEL, 427 AND 4'*) BROADWAY. BItANOIl I o'tim Tontius corner of fortlaudt and \Vt?t atresia. Ron.,it from f, e. in $.i por day. Lulls*' and gontlemt :i> restaiuitnta attached. ' ?BP1CAL. A-Ma!i \MT: MRINDLK, FKMALK PHYSICIAN. NO. . fl Amity place, c m be eoii.vnltetl on all female coin, fdainta. l leseunt ru i ns for ladiaa who dean-* good nuroig anj medical atiendeuaw. AIT'Ril ATOWK INT. IIVIKW. WITH OR WITBOtTT m*'llrluc, for uiari tud la Ilea, from whatever cause, by Madame llKSTKl.L. Professor of Midwifery (thirty yearr practice), frl Weal Tutrtr f,?u tu airueu near S tin avaaus. ADVICF. CO MARRIED LADIES.-.MADAME REl*. 1'ELL'S Inf .'iro.e h Fem ile Puis. No. I. (.oee II, or No 2, price |i whWi can never fall ; safs an I nc ilthy. OCle i 04 West Thirty-fourth ? reel, near Sixth ire buc. Bent by mail. Addro?a l?x tlU. ARI.KF.41NO Tu I.'.TIIKS?A LADY WlllTLS: . Portuguese to -ola 1'ortodiual Pi'J* relieved bus in one dar without Inconvenience, like piijm. Price $A l)r. A. M. .MALItli KAD. cc'_:' if iZijSL 'J Kai fc? A ?i MAUKICSA'U, M. D.. P.lOtKSrtuR OF MID 2Vi wifery, thirty ye.irt p-acHO*. at lid Liberty motet. Cruaran'ese certain mllef to married l*Uo<, lr<uu whatever cause, at one Interview. A OURS AT ONK INT5KVILW FOR MAF.RiKH L\ Jjdlea by Dr. 1 OWFRB, I'JJ JtlinatreBt Certain relief fuiiraiilifd to the n-o it a mm patent. A Uj Pji'jms, FR Id WilATKvElt OAUSR PRO l\ JtuM, r.'ie at el" on ' euoeisxfally treated by Manama IlK-iPALLt ?t one Interview. Kesldteive Jpi buwoiII >ura Dtp*. _ 1 _DR OKINDI.T-:, PllY9KHAN AND ACCOt'CHER, A ? No. fl Amltv p:?ce, batwenn lllcent. r and tic'ly Mrcrla, luakea 11 hla apeelnl practice tu treat alli .uni.e ooroplamtm fnm> wl iliinw v?i??o pridueeil. dure relief b' toe iroat at!lions patient I'M* aut .oiimafor ladies deairlua flood imrs..i* and in i oal attendsne*. ACI RK AT CJ.NR 1NTK14VFFAV rOU MARPI ?.l ImHes by Dr. POIVM ,:B offlce IWi Bins aireat. liel rf lo On' Bi'Kt analoua pollen I In twenty four hoar'. A fcvIOB T(v I.ADIKN.?TMB WOHAN'i4 TRUE FHfKND /V m naed U Dr. FOTTRRS, 1.4 Klin a reel, Hm I'rereh I'ertotiical E*lmet? unfailing. ALL UNF HIT; NATil Ott DlAAPi'DIRTP.D BLbF 1 wher?, l j Dr. Kil' Ni'.DV'd (Uarantneil P.cmeil "a ami Kennedy'e Juvlgoiaiors, where msulmo.1 Is impelled. It* Kim. (NONriDBNTTALCUNArLrATIONS.?DR. II SdRBRrf, J wornt? -.r of N. Y. U. Medical tioilfMIs an 1 IL C. Bnrrc ni London, can he conaulbtd aa uau il on ocrts u dlaetaoa of A' A Centre street, near Chambers. N. B.? No fee union cured. niiAguu itctxs, m n. m buoadway. near ? ' Twei.iy flrat SI reel, Proi aoi of Ooate rh a. having over taeuty jaars' anecaael ul pre olio* In Ibla ally, gttat a nteaa immedlale relief to every lady reijulitn; ip."ial iMdaal ? ?r sttrirloai lr*atm?-iL from rrha'evcr ranee, w ith ml pain or ai' iKtirB. N. It ? Regulating Meillcuies aent >.y niaih K.POWI RB' P.UXIR OF MFH RKMOVBM AI L drbully and preserves the freshness of youth to the t adv..n<-M age. Ofloe l#9 Elm suaet. D DK FIIWBRS' 151.1 XIt OF l.IKK UKsTORl .4 TIIR taoat a.,?iier I ?eusiitutions removes a l le'nllty and p rpetnates the .'rs . n-sa of yimth. < I tiler IPS Flni a re"' ]"SR. ni'NTilP. CAN FFRR WOltHT CANEd OF ORIL ' lain dleeases, islihont me unrr, in t|>?e ihsn . iy nthaf pbyrl Man, u.- no pay Uiheo. No. S Division strem, ?lus* IMA "I til HUNTER'S BED DROP IB THK ONLY REMEDY J ' that will root out im'Mii .us virus of a o.'rta.u d,s 'use, ail others dry it IB Km hluod. No. S Division atraet. tl 1ADIKA CAN AliWAVS RBI.Y ON DR. ROWERS' J i.n'ittl g ' reo h l^riodbtal Fltraetg a id Pills Uer Ut'sure, i m* luprvle* ii.hoiejt c fu ? I hi i.luj ? e-.t. T ADIEU, BR N''F IMPOSED UPON; RE CARKPi'L JJ io iMaln onlv Dr. M At-Kl'IRAL'H French Pertti Ileal 1 ttrurt*. so erijln In a I ? s-a fr, m whatever cause, or send for paotpblat. 19 L.oerir ttrevt. T ADIFS CAN ftRf.Y ONLY IN DR. PuWBKB' J J Fi.uic.i I'arlo lsea; Extract*. OUiee IS* l.lm alraet. Ai?o a -u' ? at ntia In'er. 'ew Nur York i.' t'K Hornta' dispsnsart, no. h I a'ghi street ?New and sticeeaaful t.-eatma.u of Gem. to Urinary Dlaea?it and their oobeauusimaa. 1 >P 'SON t NBBDtNU If: CTXL MFDi'Mt T.ifiAf. a Meat ahoulg t insnli I>r II ARiti90N, dl 4i?lh avet ue. curt* uninrdhalai)', w>,h. ut mercury; cmauuaitun at a'.l hour*. U'HKN tOirrHrnL FOLEY INnt'i'RN IMP' TFN' T, it l?T. H v.NNI.It'i'H 1 n vh* ra! org MB bt r?t c* in to pro* d r a jo rf. ei rrsb i iMun. < Mtsnl or i. 'lr"*a Dr. K r.nodf, IF1 Win alr-r L f?fh.N ARB ' YOt mrut fOt.l.V IIAt lNliCOr.D Buva'csl de'slbly, If NK.NN'I "Y'S Invaoratora a o rrllad on lo prod ." i complete r?-..crat I i Oaloe liM 1.1 n Set w ASi'llUftDUl . t Fa, ,?Miht WKl.l.lNi.llN ''?I. .I'"-- )U1 WI5<4 s'\ th ? i. go 1 .m nit rs Ml Ncwiwy, op^iuis j F tlh air.-et. Ilo .-a ? to 4 M'DAWR WALYKR8 Dl 1 'V'll'ltnR'v WbAfRVtyflt sub V'alt her |.-r rfc-th.i't -a ?"eti, hustnnet, I then, ram**. Mm i??, gmd mut o t r as) au?au ?i,*aj->iM* H'Uir.M, r.N0" N n yraifi run ? v. i aii''"a Iqg tru* iilormtuon oa all adub? Ihr <'igh ' 'a, I as* oa vousultad al Xlg luwary ?1 _ JOTBOTiW STlAJfUFIIPl, QNLY DIKLCI LINK TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S V STKAMbHIPd BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HaV^H. OA I.LINO AT BKB8T. The splendid new reseats on thle favorite route for Ik* onntlneat will (Ail from pier Mo. 80. North river, u (*L ?T; i<AlIRENT, Captain Bocande Saturday, December 19 PERT; RE, Captain Dncbeane Saturdar, January II YILLK DE PARIS. Captain Surmont..Saturday, January M EUROPE, Captain Lemurle Saturday, February 9 _ , PRICE OP PASSAGE IN GOLD. Plret oabln f 190 1 Second cabin . Ratea after let of January. Plret Cabin $1801 Second Cabin $109 _ . Including Wine. The (teamere of thl* line do not carty ateermga passenger*. . Passengers intending to land at Brret wUl be ftf-mahed "?r*. ?'(* railroad eoupon tioieta. and their baggage checked to Paris at an additional charge of $9 for 8ret, and $S for second rlaae. Medical attendance free of charge. For further information, apply to PEG. MaCKBMZIH, Agent, gg Broadway. RATIONAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. BTEAMBB8 WEEKLY ?^o'l'lVBRPOOL, CALLING AT beir ? Captain T bom peon, ealie Saturday, Deoam dc ^wrlt?,"**'0 r"11* ABtw*nS Hamburg, Bremen, ?nr"rJ*J"ued for any amount, payable at any bank In Great Britain or on the continent. For freight and suMs paaaage apply at the offlee ef the company. 87 Broadway. And tor steerage tickets at the paaaage o (!!<*> of the asm pany. 97 Broadway and 97* Pearl street near Fulton. P. W. J. HURBf. Manager. gTKAM TO LIVE^OL AND QnEENBtOWN PREPAID t:c? LTSAFRo'm0LIVESPOOL OB QUERNS . , . TOWN $99 CURRENCY. * Apply tn TAPSOOTT BROS. A CO. 98 South atrect aed 28 Broadway. OTRAM TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QUKKNS the n^5dlT&.In,Et&.L,ne' ?aUlD? ?0ml weeU'' Se'ttrday, Deoeml>er29. Jwli n P^BLIN, Wednesday. January 9. t-ITY OF CORK'. Saturday, Jahuirv 3 CITY OK WASHINGTON! Saturday, January 19. And e ich aiiereedtn* Saturday and Wednesday, at neon, from pier 45 Nortli rlrer. ^ hates or passage. 57?I5?.!'Al3,irn,AMR5 5A,yL?? ^ very Saturday. FIRST CABIN $9(1 I STEKRAGK 990 To London 95 To I.ondon ?i To PerU llK To I'uoa 40 PAYABLE IN GOLD, Paaecgei by the Wednesday Steamma. 8rat cabin, $M; atei-mpo $15. Payable in tinned States currency Pai .ct.grr? also lorwaaled to Harre, Hamburg Bremen. Ac., at moderate ratea. " 1 Stenrarre pnse-ge from Liverpool or Quecnatown. $30. gold, or the rqu'y.ilcnL T.ckele can be bought here by pnraona ?ondini Tor their friends. 'v For further information, apply at the comnanr'e nTi.-es JOHN O. DA LB, Agent, 18 Broadway. M. Y. FjlOR LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT QL'LE.VdlOWN ' Cun.ird Ktea:a?hlii CUBA, from New York December it _ . . PAMAfJF wnyrr to* jmrw rong. Cabin f 131 50! Second C bin $90 ? . PASSAiiF moskt ran* boston. Cabin *113 IUI | Second tNhln 205 ... Payable In gold or iu equivalent. For rrelfht or paaaage apply to R. CUNARD. No. 4 Howling Green. Fop i rrnrtptviL?oallinq at ql'benstgwn. ^ Ciitihrd ft'eamship JAVA, from It >?ini, via Halifax: Tanuarv 2 AUSTRALASIAN, from New York . . .. ..... :! i januUrV ? raea*5K Money viiou mw roue. Cabin $150 00 | Second Cnltln $109 _ ., pakauk vovrr rnoi ens-row. Cabin .9128 811 ?croml Cabin $H0 Payable In Go'd or Ita EdUiv.itont. ror freight or jiaaae'd anplv to CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. OTEAM TO QITEE NGTO'.V N A NO LIVERPOOL i ,m. s*w York ov-ry W.idiu<*<biv and Saturday The ?.H.C ??SO ealla from N-w York en the 9th of Jan U'tT, fri,m pier .17 E? at rlvrr. Cabin p ;?a ?yr go g,,ld. Rice'-age |JU. currency, l'aaaagc to New York .and i omit tance* to Ireland at low ratea. APP'y to WILLIAMS A GUlov 29 Broadway an." IS Hnnih elrcet OTEAM TO GLASGOW AMD LTVTIRPOO?,, "} Londonderry to land p ,?r>, gera and mall* Till FAVORITE PASSi-.NOEK STEAMERS OF THE ANCHOR LINK nn, it.idt . flA,L KYUtY SATURDAY. h b'miu. <,r''Deoember? 2. aalle Sa'nnlay. January lit, 1887 RAI-Brofr rjRSAGK. PAYABI.3J IN CUKintNOY. ?te"n geSl ' ,U<J Cltry, cabin*. $R> at1 $79; Pp-;nAj ccrtjer .lea from thoae jwrU to No ?? York, 4.15 I.? ''"Tr?- Hamburg Antwerp. Ac.. 9100 and $J7. tor further Inforinatlnn npplv at the eompany'a uToeg FKANC/S MACOj.NALD A UO.. Agen'.a. N?a I? i'owllng Green, New York. T ONOON and NEW YORK STKAMMHIP LINL ? J Paaaage to n 'l.n fAl. #fU. and 9?. -irrcnw. Paaaage from I n1.,n $75. $87. and $30, gold, oen'ber' A1* P?NN, Captain BUlinge, from -Yew York Da t,ATALA.NTA. tapir.In Plokham, from Now York Jan. C*Pt*ln Dfton. from New York February 1 LhU.A, CnpbJn Gleadell. from New York t'ebr-mn Id PP '!rl,l,h ln?u eteamahlp WILLIAM PENN, K tt) tnna. v ill leave p er No. X N0i-lh rlrer for Iatnden direct vi Sa nr lay, P,-uernbor a). The accommo. deilnna f(,r pae.ei.grra o.i tlila a?,lp am unanrpaaard Frcigh. Win be taken and throneh bills of lading given Ic Ilevro, An'iver. nottctdam, Ama'.ortA'i; and Dunk' k Tor paaaage apply (n m ? , ., CHAS. A. wktTTNRT t$ Broadway For freight apfilr it 84 South street. 7 HDWLAhD A ASPINWALL. Arm's. T ON DON A NRW TORK ST'raMRIIIP LLNP. United^Sta'teaT.mrrernye" "> The magnlticenl new Hrltteli Iron ateainahlp ^ WILLIAM PKNN. ROTP Iora burden. Edwn Btllinge commander, will lo- ye pl Frer. "n Saturdav Dee. 9J for Txind in diect. Frelrht tv li betaken end throngk Wlla of tiding gj^rnto IlaTic, Antwerp. Rotterdam, Aroat-rdem and Dun fiT^'^[,r,,m0'l?'to"a for paaaengera on tble Hue ere un For paaeage apply in F?rf-t.s. . C'TAt A. WHITNEY, * Rroadwr.y. ror ftelght apply at 5? ucith atrr?t. ' HOWLAND A ASPINVAI.L. Agent*. fltlfE NORTH GK1IMAX LLOYD'S STEA MSHIP ? DEl-Ts^HI AND, II. Wewwia. mr.rter Third ' Ireet^lfnb->gen',rnn**" Bn? SATURDAY, rECF.NlHFR *?, roH_. BRRMKN Vt.\ C ,0 I HaMPION, V** M. Jtj I HAW I-IAIN, ^aSMO PVSBKNH* RS TO -a* fJHfnnN, lie Ew, sgi t;Tampmn and br"a*"n r,'d or ttocuulfa'leatia $rlV'",r" 18" 50; To be followed by tbo eteamahlp li ANSA, K vo , Olc m. dorr, tne-tcr, on lan r ry 1?. ISty. 1 lor freighter pftdaape ?nj,|v to OH'.RIOHg A CO., 89 p.ooad elreel. Tlir HAMBURG AMERICAN PACK>iT COMPANY'S lion mill aUMurei o ATT.tH* tNNf A. N. Tiammann. eotaireadrr cnrrrlng 4he lln'tod RUUf mail, will Bail on Hatiirda*, Ilertmber 33 it 1! M., for H '.MM' RiJ, taking pasaen-jara for, Harnt, Southampton and Igftdan fleet MUd, $i?S: MMieilM, $75; ,u>eraRa, $?17 6>. In gold or ltn ??quira'etii. The H A X' ??M \ wi|" follow danu.rv 1!< K'MI AHDT A(,'0.. P It RICHARD A BOAS, Urreral Are; 4<, <ir'"r?l I'aaeeaeeT Agents, 45 place. V. V. .No. 6 Parel? ?tr' I"., N T. PA HNPNAMRS PER 8iaA'i3HIP Ct!?A ARK KK qM)N to lie q? hoard re,',tee tit'olrk no''.'edneetlujr morn nr. .?ih Inar . at the Cnn '? rd W.arf. lores* city K. CVN iXli, No 4 Itnnrling O'ean. TTixrnANop an# s^Tois orficf -i koi tat. ?w Id Brrvmte ?,r*"t A-lial Tenia, conditio "tn ellee. Oret K?H?-f a do lla.ique rnaneala. hi:y?, Bell* French ?Jald and B' ok N'tae. PACT! TO M \TT# STEA?imr COMPANY HAH Kr?ier'n M tattle Llr?>?iot. Fniri r.-s mbtaltjc liprboat r<>es not rk. noire datlut. lowering or tlnta-hing apparatue, by l'n't<?t Htetc* i' wi RTIMin A!*'"SS TO GREAT 1IHITAIN ? Nil IRi;| ?? ?> Orate frr iCl and upwar'B. parable an demand, lur ?ale I.-. TAPSOOTT !tR".->. A CO.. M StMtli atreet. COASTWISE STSAMSHIPS. ThAt'ifit: maii. triaihiIip c imtany h J. TOKOLtill LINK TO flAUfOMIA. CAT "TTNo CNlfln STATES nail, ?U t-ASAVA RAILROAD Steamer Wee , .er 41 o-tn rlre.. foot of Canal alreet. g| IS rueii ea f ollow:? Dan. i*i?Nl A YORK, Captain W, <1. fttrber. romectlrg with GONRTITITIOM, I'enlti . C*t,..'t ?lau 1?, IW. -It&XKY A'VaI N? KV. > .pt n A O Ore*. nor tie it ri; . I a tlOI.OFN AOIv t'awM'ti f<in Jan. M?RISING TiTAIL Catiialc T. \ Hon ? ??ont^ei tlea Wtth Oil' HEN t ITY f'ai tain .I T Watklne All departneea t,ei.'. at Aeapttted; II ?e of I and Slat son neat htfana ma alili autameea for Bovi't Panda porta; lit and llth f'.r ? V-wlmt Area.. tan porta, and II no of let ton."', a Mai ran 'Id. DrrtS " of 1RN ea-', m nib aonr- t? wttli ? r now ?team ! ?? front Per?m to Au-tr?1.n r i. I New /. -ii m 1. Hteainrr of V*r-N II, IMT, will r oret i Willi t..? ro-n rt ti a'"1 ier 'IAIRAW. ? ? loere in S'lanriaas for Toi.ohama and Hon* Snnj .n as-I* 1N7. IB to-iiida btgiiaga allow d eeilt alaiL Mt'e'nar and atin en-i free. Ke oa- are tMkat* and aK for'det Irfofltlllh.o apptr at the r flke r i, the wharf, fojt of afreet N rth Hrsr. N?w York. H. K. II d.i N. Ageu-. Ttnitro ma'.i. t.i n r to hav? n* ; ATI,a*Ml MAII. sriiav 'I IP <1 ? r ?? v RTERY 'ill RSPAV fntri ller No. i, v . Hirer, PlIM rUAIdeT At I J. M. The eio rant a'dea Iteel eioaiii?hlA? MORKO I'AJtlaR tdame . . Th -?d,r. J.n It PAt.Li i.rier.e 'I'm- ' r .1*; In COl/IVniA . Rartoo.,..if...Thnrada?. den. 17 I AltLR . i)[.? ie . I uratlin, dan S4 OA It It I Ml N A AI I.V Ago .No Y Howl'nf Ureen N'W fork. TT'. anrrr mah. stp.aM'<itr Smt'Tsf " 71 ft.I >| ?'!.)M '. , AN" RR ?/.<!, RKf.ri 1 R , $TAT.".N MAIL TRaMBRS, Ball In* on the did r erart niorth; ? N'tRrit AMIIRIC ..nint ?tain F.Tin ?rm?n l?nt. I tjrn ?, *? |- :? .'A f ? i ta!:. V 1,1 Vi ogh. , e!?- . I. O 'lMlR" NTAR, CSftatn Ilfo II. M- .<i Morel Ji Hie it aa.i'it Btefl ?" fall w ,.k *?e il, r. -. r ' ? ,i, at t. II i ? Prira, I' ntt'n' " r l t d and Jat.e,-o i ? and rot or i I ig I . ? . ( wme.. I f, ? w i, t or r?t"a,f\ eiptj to liARRtMlN A A' , 4, tutt, N.. A ?noting ,#re n N"t? Toit ST JOHN ?, r. R. 4T TTIOM tA. LA ti Af'IVA ANI? PORTO CARRI !, U.e fl ?t fie ateajgai in ?l tlHURINfA farrfi'.ei < t,nf".| - ttee tviR I e ge. w. 4ha . 're the fbore p rta ? tin-war, Jea 5 The tnat. of I'd, I' ? make ronnMthra .? ik ateaivara fro i s* 'Ttioo, .a far Kate. ? i. Wt4 I ard ,*V- l? A^. for frelgkt oc p??ta?a wN>'r A? ?AlltfV $ UCnKIRU. M Soath eti at. C<>A?T^rlS? ?*?AMSHIPI. 8HAL AND VKRA OR US " v - - j? pli ??*IMAN"attak win MO Morth m, ???">? laih of "."i. "irry OUARLKh A. WUITNBV. aS,,?** i '??? ? No. * Broadway, ^"^YSHKSWW ?? i. | | 153 Maiden liaa rpHX\BUOAJrT KUW STB A MSB " " ? Fn" r?A V* -^"Rh?ASa artu*. iw-^ FQ^i^nI^^7T~~ MA'S ataS^?f|Sj. ?*-**3 Wtarf.afj.ra9y CHy, on MN^^ff Paaaaga moner to Kmm l*aaaaga money to HmM...t...' ? OPifABP. No. 4 Bowling Ow. w,r52L22S^-52* Ji?w T?a sjjsagy *-? ?'R'1?ssar.a SiSSf? gasy-fiM mirsirbippi . oS ?!?l!5?r7*M- 1 O. K OAKBlloN, Praotdeni, Wo. ? Bowling Qraaw. E^S3?S?a .rKAS=VHaSS!i??fy SKfif wsaas aamrE? g-ojnm^Uo^ A** t?Q. ^MJ&LO^riStT C?OH tJALVBarOM, TKXAR?PIRST BTRAMBB. n. !* *P<I will crosi OtlftiioQ bar vtbout dileitta^t ATLANTIC OOAWWATO KTBAMRHIP LI BBS. RAppty to"> *nd N0Rr,?^K- widnaSdiy. H A1'LBX ?? TH0MA8 A CO.. No. ? Bowling Oram. f^OR NKW ORLRAN8 DtUFCT. ~~ Thj now and !)?, cia(, atoamahip r.m.ln n w OKORiiR WASHINGTON *~m tiona, apply to P***"*?. taring unaurjnuaed accotnmog* The OKQROK ?:no"nwm"w'll* fo?u>w Znu'ayr1 F'llLrn^ PrNSAg/Jc"EnYLA?.^u1IA5 ,LIN*--?? ti'viB, apply to R IaSvVnlTv V?"nt *om,, *rcn'nw>d^ ZTSSJ? lUe HUNTflA ILLK fo.lowa on .Sat it'day, January NevJ ORLEANS BTSAMRIIIP LINK. ?? rr\ .J? ? Ss:ur lay. ni-o. 19, at* P lg a ? ns. Ill and 115, aacond nlaaa $m .,nd fiV AW.RV" m"*U lncl"ded- ??*??? aocommndaitonA ALLEN B. THOMAS A CO., No. 8 BowllnaOrara Tj^OR RAVAV.V AH. OA., I.V' Rf Tllllltiniv -raw ?>,.nA"in","0 00,1,1 MaU Companya aidawbj DowutwrW nABNS8' C-plain Norton, aalla 1 huragay. Januar*** LnriNOSTOV- Captain Dakar, aalla Tkurato* Ki o , ptor M North rlrrr, at 8 P. M. proolaolr Tl< illBh pa?-ig* tick .ill aid bill* if ljidln. In all nnl.ia I. oonn-'iitlnn with th ? ( antral Railroad of Oeorrla via Irelglitornaaaa reapply to uoorgu. Wm LIVI.VORT<?N, Vat k CO., AganU. W Liberty, P? It BAVAMNAIi, OA ?MUHRAY'R LIN8. < Trin audV m ?t<MI7sh,,> VtRtT^r^Lkln" onmnanAm hrough bllN nf lndir.^ And pinnsg* tfrkota &m For frl^SJt'n?2on W,tU iitsTr***V?a\Tai l^tinSd. ror rr?*.rnt or pas^ar^ ttmly to MI RRAY PKRniS & CO., g| and Oil Booth LViR CHARLRRTOV, 8 <V?THE P'nr-r v<n u i it. ah'o NONl?ir'f V-<"n!',ny' T,le r**',,*r a0'l I'uiar ataagS !?Jf ? ^ a p'i'4PSun '"bby wll' lanra An '.V "niiSm ftwia, i Si a ?*' fro n p<er No, 36 North river IaZaZlS wxawsSsT AT'?Mi,KSVS [?ANT. 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