Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1866 Page 3
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FINANCIAL /\ND commercial. ?Me k.i? * Tung?V, Doc. 28, ](M. MMir **hu been trans ? . > dlree^ the Slock Exchange, the gold room, lU the public office*, with the exception of *?### end tho Poos Office, which wer* open mvnMort tl*>* snly, having okood their deem Tc ?'?. however. doubtiam witnam * reeamplioe ?f thot buoyant actlriiy which marked (he course of the ?Mw*y share market yesterday. It wis very evident Mew that the leading bear* wer* covering their ??aborts" ? gntatly bet aa largely an pomibie, and that prominent ?Mb were baying for a rise. At the aame time ordera wen being Slled for eutalde Inveatora who eonaMer the tending dock* cheap at the current prices. The rim i* at Mnmm. (.me fbvem by themt.rnlng^nTn till mmmj "J"*6*end owing to tho ox !!"* ^Vrtok" bbrtnln bonk officer* *llh Uwm' 111,1 tho diecredlt refected ^ ^*" T. oealod packagn of legal lender V* .r . 1<k* wAlnary collaterals are ukoly to ggvn *p their content* to publio uoeo Immediately, not oo with the connnt of tbo boor* a* at the in.ionco of wklchbovo boon placed in UU* Questionable and usurious poettion, owing t* the culpable conduei 0f mem officers who bod private ends to oerra If the d*> ??Jffittoot of tho xtock market wax the only ve reeultlng from wknt haa booh tbuo "oonfl. ?M?Hp dona than would bn lean raoaon 8s mmplug than there t* whoa w< oenetdor that the yiinlng of tho money market hereby than artiiclal ?? eibtnand pricooall over lb* Matey and prevent* the extenMen ef the ueoel St*, ???tag fbeliitie* to merchant* In Cm else*credit, go ?Nmnpnbho abneo eailafor an InveMlgntton on the part Of tho Comptroller ef the Currency; ror national banks ?- usury law* end the principle* of good ??U* honor in tble mtitr am not i or trustworthy Institutions, end no prudent' mm would desire either in deepeelt hie money in M* eustedy ef speculnuv* president* and cashiers or y k10** the eeubllsbments they meaeg* ww-i n email bank like the Third National has n credit e* el the Clearing lease of $3,800,000 on n tingle ? transections, something unusual has evidently > the onus* of it. teteek market wee steady el the close ef buelnem ?day, the demand being eepeoially active for Erie, inn Southern and Northwestern preferred, the rt' Interest in each of which Is enormous. At heir t Ave o'clock the following quotations were current ? I, M * eax ; Reading, 105.^ a *; Mioblgan Setiibern, I ? Hi Cleveland and Pltlabuig, 84){ a i7; Rook A 108M a Hi Northwestern. 44***1 do. pv*. . W* * *; tort Wayne, 105* a 10*. _ U ?*?embered that the Secretary or the ffsasiry in hie last report to Cungreae euggeeted the ?rawUott ef a foreign amok, bearing interest el the rat* _ "w* 9*f annum, the tame t* be payable in id and at sped Sad places oo tb* continent of ? la foreign cola The Secretary we* doubtless of i when he mad* this proposition that the conve orlMng {lom Ik* payment of la latest abroad be sufficient to iadac* foreign holder* ?f ivc ?wbt0,, bn*r lotereet at the rate of six per cent, ?? eaehaag* them for the Ave per cent bond* issued WhAar the conditions referred ta There ie a* doubt that 7***^" koMere ef our bonds would prefer to draw the ?Mmmtla their own oountry and tbetrewn cola end Mm have the principal payable In Ilk* manner at maturl *| Ovtbey would thereby anve the delay and swpenm m bending their coupons acroee tb* Allnniio semi. BMoallf for ooHoctioo. Bat that hoailnililm ??consider their gain In this way tnfficisnt to counter ??Mm tha lew of 1 per cent per annum in Interest la ?The means certain. Attention ie being directed i* Mm* pmjem of this kind in consequence of more than y** kundred million* ef etu national eeeurtuee bavlag hbm exported, and these are liable te be returned for ?*b at eny lime, to the aarloos demngemsM of tb* geld MMe* as wo bad en epgortunity *f etpertenclng. to n C "???', hay end Juaelaet, when, owing I* the to England, w* ahippad about tblrty-sesea mil ?* ?"** '? *1* weeks. It stand* t* reason that If fllsUe ?hmuM bocomt trvohni la war iftii, M ???* get Into political trouble of any serious kind, thai 0? eeouritloe would bs returned to us suddenly is _ ** ?"'ounte for sale, and hence wherever trouble threatens we And that tb* gold premium adrencee. So Mag, too, aa w* have such a large amount of foreign in dabtedneus In lie present form, e returnptlou of spile payments will be Impossible. The s.-gum nu for aud ugetast each n master*, aa the ons oeggestsd by tha MwWary, ars Important; but wa shall pos'pons their doe?etoo till another occasion. The following statement show* tb* coodllioe of tb* ???ndelphl* banks yeeterdev aa compered with the pre He? Monday -. . _ Dr. 17. IV. 24. StCS ?"UJ?n<Wr" 90,116,7m II Jk 741 J 40,728.903 40 411 181 UU t. 10.161*01 lO/.'lljgit fke Rblindelphianaaimg House etalemsai le m lot lews,? fiT-"' nrenag/. Rabwss. |I *:**?"" $8*% V9T y 8.60:1.075 7*5 101 ff ? '?** 605 666.4X5 Bm o.wr.toi eoxiM 424,.".11 4,87* ?84 611 232 |? *711.818 tad Is tb* Chicago Gear ng House etetem >nt for mm tmdermeatloned dates:? fr* Clainuas. H?'aru*t I! I', 771,807 $307.0111 C 1,884,381 149 210 1,383.778 16" 551 2 1,415.704 194, '(28 ? 1,628,*19 981.948 1,574,867 161,997 i? WMk ?i.'w.sw ^ ? 8,177.887 1,091,601 The total sal ie of import* at goatoa for tb* week end (ggBeeemberSl.wm $896.0*0, ^in? $644,310 dunag **?>? '? IW Total wee* Jeaunry 1, u**1 f*>? *7 ovport* from gaetea for tb# weak Mdtag December 31, Inelullng specie, was $304,674 ?gateM $941,740 for tki correapnndlng week la 1805 The aaab batenc* in tb* bauds of the Aaeleeant Treaeu. 6?m goeton at lb* close of b-iels*M. Derember 93 was ?89,993 940?of wbloa $10,700,844 wan I* eotn showing ? MM ef $110,071, as compared w th tb* else* of it.* a. -<^2+ y Ahmt 4 )Mt age * eomplay *M ergnalted far tb* OMHmeUosi of a railroad from Oswego, 9 7.1* Jersey Olr. *6hed the Mtdlaad rout* t* New Terk, rcnulng be 0? *f lyrs use through Hedisea, Cbouaage, Uieego, ?Manare and Snlllran oountiss. to Ms Naw Jareav Outa **Tbe direetore have bean acuvely sngn^ad m p ?ti teg forward tbo prafoct, end claim that tb# pr sp#< t for Me Htimau eouMruetlou of tb* road is sow inne,,,, ?he mala reliance of tb* frieeds ef the rest* te ia ring Iowa eubaoripUu? or the pielgs ,r INMKl VRJRTtl tliWCI. ''kin I.imott rnnm m Pm*?v ? A imiubu ?? T. Pot?fh?rty rapertt to tba po'. oa of Ik* i*r Oflh prar.loct Ihil h* *M r*ll*i*d of a w*'IM mo Malng rhacka aad boadt rapretaattag 81.900 M<t 1100 h Tfanry n?r< whila rldimg la ? Omaapoint ?r>1 ?jrni* n?nu? oar oa Monday ugbt Mr Dojghartr ?gataa tti*t it* astorod ika oar at tba anrnar of -?>? tb tataetb aad f ro ?tr?- u, aud did aot m'?i t>n wallM aatii ik* roadnatar eal'*d upon h.m for ktt'ar* ?* k*a eonilauad aa bla way to U>a Wr?t*ra l*Mtr ?" aad afterward* r*turr*d to tb* plane wbara ha look tb* rar, tka* b? Marcbed far bl* ml* eg wain aod foard it on turpi of tb* Faraacra* aad Cuiraa* Baak aaptiad of aaaten'a Wat At Caa Aeantert.?Aa uakaowa wamaa, wbita at Jrg to alight froa* a Fulton araona ear, whim tba ' aaa In motion, ?>? >?l n'r foot of, *nd filling ?u raa avar by anoti a. car w.urb war appr aching tram *a aayi'ta iir*<n? >r. tb* uafartWMW woaiaa waa in ?MkUf btliad Tba acrni?al a ired about **tan a'atack laat avrBing, 011 1'ullaa araaua, o?*r Donning aiMI Corona* 1 jmb Will bold an IB|ua?t on tba body. fSMMHRTfUNIML Malar J. Ht*ii.i>ar<ir, f r t . * Mi Iff at tba Mlftk Arena* H<>i*i _ fcraai Mb lay, of Ror Mater. and Hanry W Idoa. af ?1Mb Carolina, ar* atopim *t tba !ti Haata Maial. Onteoal A D Steward, V & A , C ifton W v*" ?of Cincinnati, iad Dr. M H Vtlay of N*a York ppfng at tba Hontharn Hot*; 0a?oo*l J. M. Taylor, of Kaniu kr It BUk?lr. of Mw Ortcaaa 8. & Puryaa. of Uiiaon. and < ?p ?Iu J. toisT-'fr-LL "'in atapptag at tba M*. U M Claaa, af Waabmgtoa, and r. R g, .p, ?f New ?% an atoppiag MM anor n. i Bravr ? About a i oViio-k l**a avow rg * tftt ? aa?ad Lyoaa raaiding la Janwy ibwt. ?*? badly HIM by hat ?iotb*a tabiaf ir* from a Mar* an* ?*? ?bflaa at U* tUMa oitb aararaJ ciaar ck araa ABUT BULLBTUT NmIi?||?ii far Appointment la Ike Aral* of tbe (Jailed State*? Orm else Ilea *f New Keglmowta. Ik m BniH op m Cmaa hini: I nominal* tk* paraona Mated la Ike accompanying oontmuncatlon for appatntmaai la tk* ana? of tk* United But**, aa propoaad ky tk* Secretary of War. Ik* p?noM ?? eoaleeted her# k**a *?*aiia*d a* dl reeled by tk* act *f Uacgrim, aad kav* pasted *i atlaation. ANDHIV JOHNSON. Wiatauro*, Dec. 11, IMS _ Wit Drtimn, j'? WfUMTii, Dec. U, 1MB. I km? I bar* tk* koaer U propoe* for poor apptebatlea lb* rollowlof aaa*d p*ra*M tor appointment la tk* regular army *f tk* CalUd But**, under tk* act ap pro r*d July St, ISM; all of whom bar* b**a examined, dtr*et*d by tk* act *f Coapmt, aad kin pawed aaemlnatlen: - Lieutenant CoIomI Ooarg* Stonamen, of tk* Third regiment Uultod Mala* cavalry, to bo coloaol of tbo Twenty Aret regiment Called StaUa Infantry, July M, ltdd, to fill tn original vacancy. Lieutenant Colonel Andrew J. Smith, of tbo Tilth regiment United Bute* cavalry, to bo ooloaei of tk* Seventh regiment Called But** cavalry, July SB, ltdd, to All an original vacancy. Major Jobs C. Bobinaoa, of the Second regiment United State* Ibfkntry, to bo colonel of the Forty third Sllmeat United Bute* Infantry, July at, IMS, to fill an [final vacaaoy. Major George W. Oeuy, ef tk* Fifth regiment United SUla< artillery, to b* colonel of tk* Tblaty-eereatb regl area! Ukited But** infantry, July 28, ltdd, to til an original vacancy. Major Tbofbaa G. Flicker, of tb* Slztooatk regiment United Slate* Infantry, t* b* ooloaal of the Forty-fourth regiment flatted Bute* In fantry, July 28, ISM, to til an original vacancy. Major David A Stanley, ef the Fifth regiment United State* cavalry, U be oolonel ef tk* Twenty aecdnd regi ment United sum infantry, Jaly* 3d, ltdd, to til *n original vacaaoy. captain John Gibbon, of tbo Fourth regiment United BUto* artillery, to be oolonel of tk* Thlrtyelith regi ment UalUd State* infantry, July 2 t, ltdd, to til aa e-iatnal vacancy. Captain Cbailee Griffin, ef the Fifth r*?lm*nt United State* artillery, to bo oolonel-of tbo 1'blrty-aitb regiment United Bute* Infantry, July 2S, IMS, U til an or final vacancy. Captain Gordon Granger, of th* Third regiment United Blalea cavalry, to bo colonel of tbo Twenty flfth regi ment United cute* Infantry, July M, IMS, to til aa original- vacancy. Captain JeHerton C. Davie, of tb* Firat regl man! United Mate* artillery, to ba culonal of the Twenty third regiment United Mate* infantry, July 28, ltdd, to til an original' vacancy. Captain John I. Gregg, of tbo Siztk raghneat Unl'ad Bute* cavalry, t* ba colonel of the K'gbtb regiment l aited Mate* uavalry, July 28, 18*4, to All aa original vacancy. Captain Alvan C. Glllem, AaalaUnt Quartermaster United State* Army, to be colonel of tb* Twenty-fourth regiment United Mat** infantry, July 2*, 1868. to 811 an onglnal ya ancv. Major Genera: Tbomait I. Crittenden, United State* Vu'unieare, to be eulonel of lb* TblrtyUaonnd regiioent Untied Sutaa infantry, July 28, ltdd, to til an original vacancy. Major General Daniel S. Sickle*, United Stat** Volon tecrr., to be coloael of the Forty-aecond regimaat United Stater Infantry, July 28, 1866, to Oil an original vacancy. Major General Joseph J. Keyaolda, united Hutlae Voluuieere, to b* colonel ef tue Twenty auth regi ment United 8ute<! lafkatry, July St, 1888, to til an original vacancy. Brigadier Guceral John D. Stevanaon. United State* Volunteer*, to be colonel of tb* Thirtieth regiment United State# Infantry, July 28, ltdd, ta All an or g oal vacancy. Major General Btujainiu H. Orlereon, United State* volunteer*, to bo colonel of tu* Tenth regiment United SUtaa cavalry, JcUj 2*, ltdd, to fill an original vacancy. Major (letter*! Wager Hwarne, United State* Volua taare, u. ba colon*! of the Fortr-flfth regiment United SUte* mfkntry, Joly 28, 1840, to til an original vacancy. Major General NeUoo A. tlUea, United Sun** Vidua, leant, to bs?oloael of tka Fortieth regiment United State* Infantry,-July 24.1M6, to flit an original varaney. Brtgader General < Man do B. Wilcox, United Sutaa Volunteer*. to bt> colaeal of tka Twenty-nloib regiment United Plate* Infantry, Jnly 28, 1888, to 811 an original vacaaoy. Brigadier General John T. Smith, United Prater Volun teer*, to be colon*! of the Twenty seventh regiment Uaittd hiatoe mfkatry, July 28, ltdd, to All an origan! vecnncy. - Brigadier General Thorn** H Magar, UalUd .State* ^Volunteer*, to be coloael of tk* Thirty-tblrd regimaat United Bute* Infantry, July 88, ISM, to All aa original v*' a no* Brigadier General Fdward Hatch, UalUd State* Votnnteere, to ha colonel of tka Ninth regiment United SU**t cavalry, July 28, 1*86, to Oil an original vacancy. 'kf*ae) <"hn.-i?i IT. Htnl'h, of tbo Firet Main# cavalry, l* lie colonel ot the Twrnty-oighlb regiment United 8UM* infuntry, July irii, 1*41, to lilt in oriylual vecancy. afejor .loropli D FotUr. Of the Ninecen'b regiment I u'.ted stata* Inlantry, to he lleutenaut colonel of the Thirtieth reg nant United Stat#' inlantry, July 28, 1864, to fltl an orl Gnat va? ancy. Major i.'uvlar Grove-, of tb* Third ragitn -nt Unl'-d State- Infantry, to lie lUu'-nant colonel of th# Thiriy eifhtb regiment United Male* Ittfaatry, July 28, 1MJ4, to IIIJ an original vacancy. tUior i ilink Wh-tton. of tb* Second regiment United Pi*t*e cavalry,'to he lieutenant rolooa, of lb* Thirty* mn'h regimo'ot Untied i :*ia# infsntry, July -ge, 1864, to fill au ordinal vacancy. Itajor rbarlee K. Wood*, of the F.lghl-onth regiment United States lnf*ntry, to he lioutonant colonel of the Thirty third i*#un nl United cut-* '.ntantry, July 211. llud, to BM en orig oa' vacancy. Maiur ri*org* Crook, of th* Third reviiaanl Ualted Mate, infantry, to he Hen'anant colonel of the Twenty third rayimint I nl'ed S-atea Infantry. July 28, 1849, to fltl en o'lginnl vacancy. Uap'aln Roioeyn B. Ayre# of th# fifth repi'oent United Plate# artillery, 'o he lloulenant rehwi-1 of the Twenty eglitb reg mem I' bia'.aa infantry, July 24, in i 1844. to tin an original vi< anry. Captain 4ugn?-t V. Ka t. of ihoSlith regUnent Urllod Net#-, cavalry, to he lieutenant colonel of the Th rty locilb regiment United S'Hee lufan'.y, Jaly 2". Ivdo to Oil an ? r ginal varancy. UapUid Aldiandar S W?hb, of the K ereoth regiment Unltad Mate# mfhotrv, to he ll?uenei,< ool..o#l of ihe Forty.Imirlii reg.mrut i States .nfantry, .July 22, 1844. 10 OH an onglnal *? amy. Capta u Weeley Mnrrt't, 1 f the Second reg.moot United States aruiry, to be lieuidnant colouei of ih* n>h regimeot Uailod SUtv# *va!ry, July C8, Itflfl, to flit an original va-aaey. I apta-n Loui* D Waikin", of lb* fifth regimeM Untied Biota' cnralijr tu l>a i.avouaul co!o.,*l of Om Twantletli real meal I niewt States ii.fas.iy, July 28, 1844, to till an origira! \? ancy. C?/atc .laoio* M Wi.aor, of th? Curpv of anglneor# t'nllad S-.atei Army, to t>e limtenant colonel of the Tlur ty-tlith irg uisnt I n.ted itatc# in autry, July 2*, 1U6, to flil en original 1 itcas- - Captain John B. M 1th Mi, of Ih* fifth regooanl t'mtail Ptatei cavatr;, I" be I *0tenant eoionei of lU* Fr-ty teeood ragimetH 11 ? ed 5i?t*# kfkaky, Jlf M, Ilk4 to Ml au or.glnal i*ci cy 8 X Turner of 1 Captain George ~\ Oueier of the f Uib ragiment UN ted Aiatoa cavalry, to bo U* iieuant -olotiel of lit* Mavnlh reg inent Ualted Mate* ca.alrjt, July 28, 18M, la flu aa o: gluel vacancy. Uap'aiu fjoory Ufian. of ik* Fifth regimaat . cited BWMea arilllerv, to be i < tenant coli bal of th* Twenty ?th reglmonl Unite.f State* lafkatry, July 28. 1844, to fltl aa ariginal warn > Brc-adte- Genera, F-lward W Hmk*. f'n.lal PUt*a Volun'aeri, to he lURUaaal oolonel of the rornotb regl m?Bt Unltad iju'aa u'aair/, July ?8, 1804, to Oil aa a7*&*ai*7il Tfl joad C. Dov'n, Unltad Katu *til"Toare, to h# lieu'-aani cat,,nal of <b# Elghtk regl ment I al'ed PU'oa cavalry. July M. 1864, to flll an original vacancy, rolonc) R'chard N Bcwarman. of tbo Foo-th Man land vmuDieara, to b* nauienaat coioarl of taa fhiriy P.rat refill,#ut I ntsad Naiea Infantry, July 28, 1144. to fllPao 011 gtnal vacancy Uai.mai tieerg* A wa lririt, af lb* Tweaty sat-ord reg'meat Tetaraa K***r<# C'orpa. wiha llwuteoaa- colooal of toe Foity Bill, rogim-ct Utriad Bute* infantry, July 88, liM, to flit an origt'.al ?* ?*?'7 Joseph 1 Kbldoo la'eMVmae' of Iba Twenty s? oad reg m-'il ? a.tod Si* #? colored Iroojw, ? j b- llautanani coiotal of 1 ho Forty ihir-i reg n.ont PnHed Mat## infaa try Jaly ?4. Ilea, w all *n "t'.giaal eacaacy. f.lward M< Garry, la'* "o*l of ib? -o- end California aavalry, to lio Pa .Muni lal?? at Iba Thirty aar?n4 ragi-ma' I ait?4 Wa'aa in'aatry, Jotf J1, 1 tol, to fi.i an ortolan! raranny. r?pt?.o Alf rod Olbba Bf '&? Tb'"1 r*g tn?nl t7attod ?ta'?? carairy, to b? of ?*? haraath rag n.aat Can #4 -uitM oaralry, J17 At, I4M, I?1U u original Wi ib'-y < ap'aiu J?m?? W F"fa?th, of ttt? Kighfaantb rag!, taaat I,?Pa<l viataa in ?ntrt to ha n.tjoi ?r lha l?nlh ragiiaobt Lollad Pta'aaru *>'T, Jul/ A*, Ifitt, to ill an ordinal ? ? all fup'atn Thripbtl 14 / K laohough of lha V on ) ragtaKBt l.'oiiad -u? rnra'ry. to bo ?n*)'ir of taa lor tf-w >. 4 -?|iment t n.iaj . <?:aa mfaair/, Jul/ 1*, lfi**, la ill au v igr*J ?a an1"/. Fliat l.tauiooant Manm D Harl n, of tba Thir4 rat', inaoi ''oit?l .-jiaioa autllarT. to l?a ma.or of Uia Forty in114 lafantnr, Jnly ?( into to fill an original rMN< t llrifa . -r t.rinrul tM.lm-a <.fcinhl?, Cmtod Plata# Fal '.ut-cr*, to ba mat .r of tUa Kighlh rogliuaot t'olUxt fioiM "amlry, Jot* ?, 1164, to tlMo orlgnat T?rai,ry. I.iao'aoaiit < "loorl n o t" " Btfcaialt, of lb" l*?c?o<t til onrt art Car/, to t?a ma -r of tba F >rtf brat raft mailt I nit# I Htaioa lofacVy, Jul/2*, to ill aa of I go a imnnry. t?l Utaoar! Cotooat tfanry f\ Haiftom, of lha seraott thif! rogtm?nt t nlla-t ft >'at eolor*l Itaayi. to bo major of tba thirty aigtHh ri yltnant t ultoi -lata Ibfatitr/, Jalf in. isufl, I# an au original varan. /. Uau'oaaut finlaaa'. R?u>aailb P H. ??> of 0 a Toaoty fl'at ra InriMt Vat?r*n R? nr. a mrp*, to ha taajortif th ? Forty fifth raftinaat f'bi'.at Siala* infantry, July 24. 1*00, to ill ao original ??< ?oey. Lantaaani Colaaal t:h*iia* R. Cnno'toa, of tk* F.fty ibn4 r a moot I bltaj Htaia* rolor.j n (.?, to M major of ilia riiriiatb ragtmant t aitag -taiaa .o/aniry, July 24, IMA, to til aa otlglaal r a am y Mr t ,.-nant RagaaaCartar. ef tba K gbtb ragtmant t'r.toJ Hialaa ii.lantry, to ba raputtn In tba f*ar,,r o nib rag-atanl t nit# I Stataa lafaairy, July 31, !M4, to fill aa ortaiaal ra'aocy. Virat I. rntaoaut nam'ial F. Farr1?, af tba j.lgbih ragl a.a'.t TaitoJ wlalaa lafaairy, to ha >*pta:n a tb- TbTr i aih ragltnanl t'a"a4 -taiaa lafiaairy, July ft, 1?44, 1 fill aa ortgtaaJ raraivr ~ " fi Haary F "7. forty.tbir4 raytmaat l'alta4 fliaiaa lafaatrr, July 2* Ftrat I aytaaaat Haary F FroWB^rro, of tba TVr4 ragiatoftl Cil)ta4 rlaiaa .rillarr, to tar aoptaib la tba Itfio u> fill aa ongtaal racaacv t ml I tanlaaant (harlaa (Uatonnl, of tba Rtaraalh rn u-aai Uito4 ftoMf ib/aalfr tv H toFtow la tit fertleili regiment United SWIM Infhntty, My *. to IU an original vacancy. . Flrat Llauunant Robert H. Cbapln, or tha Saoono regiment United SUIM artillery, to bo capteialnlho Eighth reglincut United Stales cavalry, July 28, 1H66, to Oil an original vacancy. _ .. . First Lieutenant Jameo Stewart, of the fourth reel sent United States artillery, to bo eaptaln in tho Eighteenth regiment Unttod Stales Infantry, July as, 1W to Oil an original vacancy. first Lieutenant Charles M. Pyno, of the Bl?h regi ment United Stales Infantry, to be captain in the forty aecond regiment United States Infantry, July 20, 1000, 1? All on oriftDfli TACiQCJ. first lieutenant Tnlly MeCren, af tha First regiment United Bratee artillery, to bocoptain in tho ?or?V ?econd regiment United Statea Infantry, July 20, 1800, la li) an iSm?Lieutenant Cbarlea H. Laaiar, of tho Beoood rew^ moot United Hateo car airy, to be captain in tb* Eighth regiment United States cavalry, July 20,1000, to Oil an sHzIiiaI vaoauct. first l ieutenant William J. Droatch, of tbo Taoth regi ment United Statea Infantry, ta bo captain in the fortieth regiment United fetaiea Infantry, July 28, 1000, to OH an ? flnt Lieutenant Jimaa IfcKia, of the blsth reglmept United 8tatee Infantry, to be captain In the Thlrty-nlotti reg ment United Stataa Infantry, July 20, 1100, to fill an original vacancy. first lieutenant Alexander S. Clarke, of the First regi ment United State* cavalry, to bo captain in lb* forty fOurtb ragtmaot United States lafsniry, July 28, 1800, to fill an original vacancy. _ first Lieutenant John Mitchell, of tho fourth regi ment United States artillery, to lie captain In the FortJ third regiment United Stele* infantry, July 20, 1080, ta Oil an or glnai vacancy. first I. eutenant John H. Oravoe, of tho fourteenth regiment United Statea infantry, to ba captain In the ntrty-fuurth regltnont United Suite Infantry, July 20, lSOd.'-te (III an original vacancy . first Lieutenant tieorge Mend*, of tbo MWh regissent ... . . ZL ha e.^i.1. I. al.n Tk ms flrtt r not I<ivutauw? ?WI|V Mts t -- ?-- ? . Uoltod Statea inlsulry, to bd Captain In ?li# Thirty,first regiment United States inlaMry. July 20, 1000, to Ml an original vtci&CY first Lieutenant John W. Freneh, of the Eighth regi ment United Statea infantry, to bo captain In the for tieth regiment United Kate* Infantry, July 20, 1800, lo 01 Fan original vmaocy. _ ... John K. Tourtelotis,Mate colonel of the Fourth Mlno# aota veteran volunteer*, to be capieln In the Twenty eighth regiment United Statea infantry, July 28, 1000, to fill an original vacancy. William P. Robeeon, lata Colonel of tho fifth New Jeieoy cavalry, to ho captain m the Seventh regiment United States cavalry, July 28, 1866, to 111 aa original vacancy. . _ first liauleuant Arthur-McArthur, Jr , in tha Sevan teenth regiment United States Infantry, fo be captain in tha Thirty aisth tagimant United Statea laianiry, July 28. 1866, to nil an original vacancy. Second lieutenant John KtlioW, In tha United Nta'a* array, to ba captain to tha forty-third ragiioanl Unitad States infantry, July 28, 1W1, to fill an original vacancy. Second IJeuienaut MIcbael V- Shatidan, In the Fifth regiment I nl'ed Slate-, cavalry, to ha .apteinta tha Hevenib reg ment Untied Staloa cavalry, July 28, 1866, to fill aa original varaooy. . Second hleuteiiant Charles C Hyatt, In the Eleventh regiment United statea infantry, to be captain in tha Twenty-fourth legluienl lulled statea infantry, July 28, 1806, to Ml an original vacancy. He-ond lieutenant Murray Uavie, In thai net regi ment United Slate* cavalry, to be captain in the Eighth regiment United'sutee cavalry, July 28, 1806, lo Oil an original vacancy. . _ Second Lieutenant Mylea W. Kaogh, In tha fourth regiment United t lalefVevalry, to be captain in Uie Sev. enih regiment United Hut** cevnlry, July 28,1800, lo Oil an original vacancy. . _ ... , Second Lieutenant 11 B M. Young, In the Twelfth regi ment United State* infantry, to be captain In tbo Kigblu regiment United Ma'.ee cavalry, July 20, 1866, lo till aa original vacancy. Edward I. Hart*, lata captain and asclalaal guerter ma.tar United 'tatee Array, to ba captain In tha Twenty aevenih regiment United Stale* Intantry, July 20, I860, to fill an original vacancy. Joeeph Conrad,'ate colonel of tha fifteenth Mimeuri Inientry. to ba capuin in tba Twenty-ninth regiment United Statea Infantry, July 28, 1866, to Allan original i "Snbmt M. Went, lata olonel ef the Fifth Pennsylvania cavalry, to "be capUln In lb# Raranth regiment United Statea cavalry, JutJ 20, 1806, lo fill an ortgiaal raeaucy. Jaraea P. Mrowalow, rata colonel of tba rIrat Tenneaaaa cavalry lo be captain In the Eighth regiment I oiled State*cavalry, July 20, 1066, lo Oil an or gitai vacaavr. Auguring C.-'laaeliL lata colenei of tba Thirty-fifth In diana voluntaere, to tie captain In tha Twelfth regiment United statea infantry, July 2fi, 1866, to fill aa oAginei fH'&fiCT. Edward Bloodgood. lata colooal of tba Twaaty-aacond Wis oaui11 volunteer*, to be captain m the llilrty-eighth regiment United Stales infantry, July 28, I860, lo fill aa o. I flu* l vicaKV. lieu tenant Uo.onel Uartlle Boyd, ef the Fourteenth Teterau Reeerv* Corp*, to be capula in the forty-fourth regiment of infantry, July 28, 1066, ta OH an original T*IiouOM>a?l Uotonel Robert E. Jehaseo, of the Ninth veteran teaerr* covpe, to heaptntn in the Forty-third regiment United Steim Infantry, July 20, 1066, lo OB n original vacancy. _, . ..... Andrew J. M Matt lata Untenant f>?lon?t ?r the f*n* Hundred sud forty first Now York volunteers, to ba captain In U.e forty-fourth regimont United ? let"* in fiutr- Julv 2*. 1868 to 811 an o riginal <m-ancyfc t'harlceO frcnitenherg, late Lieutenant C-doriel of ihe Twenty third v- terau tew rv# c irpe. to ho < aptaln In the furty-tirtb reglm:ut United Status infantry, July 28, 1166 to AH an original vacancy. Cbarlea K ? lerk. lata Lieutenant Colonel of the ?lnh Michigan volunteers, p> be cap-am In the Thirty eighth regiment Foiled Stales infantry, July 28, 1*66, lo fill an original vs- sn- v. lieutensiit Colonel <>arr cfc Mal.ory, of Ihe Tlurd vi-te ran fi-serve ooip', to be capta u in the Foriy-lhlfd regi ment United Siatoe infaniry, July 28, lvM, lo fill an ?? Jr. lata lieutenant Colonel of the One Hundred and Seventh United Statea colored troopa, to be captain IB the Forty flrat regiiurut or infantry, Julv 28, 1866, to till an original vacancy H T K rby late I. aol'iran* f o'oael of tha Twenty aeventh Mieeourt Volentcer-, t-> be ejitalo In the Th rty n.nth reglmeat l'nlt?-d ?#??# lnfaa<ry. July 28, 1(66. to fill an original vacancy. Lloyd fVUi-nion, late l.leuienant Colonel of the Eighth Illinois ibianiiy, to lie captain la the Thirty-fourth rvgi ment I rated (Mains inlantry, July ?8, 18u6. to 6il an original v*i aucy. R'-hcrt I' Hughe*, late ldectcnent < otonet of the una Hundred and N n?'T nmib ueuoaylvania Volutileerr, to ie i ipta n In the I. jLftuih regtinenl t oiled -Mat-? In :?pt-v July 2* IfiOfi, lo Ml aa original vacancy. At burl P. M rrt-vr lair I lauienant Oolonai ?f tbe l;ih Pen nsv I van la ravalrv, in he captain .u the Uwenin r?gl ine:,l I't-'iied ' laiar ca airy, July 28, 1866, lo Mian orV u*l Atr u lalA leicuUr.ant Colonel v( i!i? Fifih I uiH-J -taire \ aterao Volunteer#, to b" capiain in the Fii reoth reg'tnmi United -ute* inlantry J-ity 28, 1866, 'l? fill en orlgmiil vacancy. .... Thomas II Kcevee fat- ll#ut?uant colonel or U.e fu irth Tentu "?e it.iaouy t . b* captain luli eThrty i. uih reg'in'eot t otted Siata* inlaMry. July l", l?6d, to fi.lation,1nal acancy Cbailea J. Vun lleiieunn, la'e mai'ir and addilloral aid# de 'anip to lie captain In the Thirty third regluteal I uited -weg in'antry, J uy 2*, I*66 to fill an erig-nal Willai- 0 MlU'lietl, lata mai >r eud aide de r.,tup m be cat's* r. m th. Thlrty-eei-erub reglmaot I n.ted Ha ea lo.anti r. 28, 1?6?, t? all eu 'Xig rial vacani f. How1.11 U -"avryer, law mai r and aealntant adi ne-it ten -ral Uased Wstm veiuat* re. to M lapia a iu tbe T?i oty Cflb rn'fi ni ' f'1"1 Ota'-** Infaatry, Jul) 28, 1866. in nil to original vacancy. I' l ea, late Major or the '-.alb regiment iata Se'ourl i . ~, ? ? -? --- ran r-serve corpe, to be laplaln lo the lony bflh ragl nieM i'nliel Stalee lafati ry, July ga, 1*66 to Ail aa brig nai yeua-cy. . . . _ J..h!i li Donflvan, let# Major of tbe Nineteen^ ragt. toeat veteran reeerve corpr. lo be <ep'ain in lb* Forty fooilh legimen: United Stalee Infanuy, July 2?, 1866, to fill en oriiael Tbavl >r# A. Itodge, tie Uaj >r ef the Twenty third re, me ,l . '-ran ie?-rve . i ? h> r*P'? ? "? Forty fourth regiment UbiUd dime# IMeairy, July g?, laid, to OH an original ? a ani y. , . Joeeph 8T Ueirey, taie Mator of tbe fourth eegi-ionl Magea huaetw beevy eci.lieyy, te ??* capemr. In the t urty hflb reg u.eui Uaiied h.eie. mf^atry, Jul? 8?. l?a* '? ?UF 1?Trd1*M?*aT*hd* Major of tha fifth Un led "ta'ee yw.eran volun'eere. to be <wpla n In the Th rty flfih rw;i. ment t'L.lcd -lelee lulaolry, Jaly 28, 1866, Iv On aa ? Dg y 2 IH' W Jeorg- 1 ?"'?t, late Mr ir i?f the t i th re#, cent ? e ran r-.efve cirue. to tie apiam id lb* Tweeiy fourth 3^ men! fii'Md tfielee Infeatry, July 28. 1866, te fid en * nil ?TH'JT WwIHe I late Mater ?f the Tealh reg wer.' Var raoni Volualeer-, to tw raptaln ta the Fortieth reg,moat l u tod -to ?? lalaatry. July 28, 186d, lo fill an original < harla* A. Whltriar, laW Ma.or and Aaa.awnt Adj i'.UI <>n*ra. 1 niwl .ut*i< a VoluaWara, U ba tapuln .a tha ItfMHM'Ui Bi'iil t'r tad ,-ia'n Infantry, July #?, 1WI. I" 011 aa original Ttcaary !>arld -<rh</olaj lata Major of (ha ?#c ,ad raat?anl Pacn<>> irnn a art llary, to ha oaf tain la lb? Knr!l?? ragi m?ul I'altad Mataa latently, Jaly 18, 1884, W flli aa original Tu aai T ( l?arl?? H V hiifalaar. latr Major tad Aaa'atanl Adjn tail' Waoarai of VgiwiaMj* I* capUMl in tfcf th math i?( on>t,l I nl'ad - a'.?a lafaatry Jaly 8a. l*dd in fill an iftg nal taoaa. ?. l,n n*a Inwa n, lata M^Jor c f th* P' >rtb T?nn?*"?* 'r. raatry, to h* ia|,uia in t: a Thirty Math rayiawM l a i"J - iav?a laUniry, July 88, MW8, Mr 1,11 an or giaai rosaa jr. Jam** M. W.jllaaw, lata 'afda a <t tba P fWi hat-a* cavalry, In ? ?* cantein In Win l.gblb r?y inanl I blind Siai?t ? a ? ry, J?l> 8*. l-'4 In Oil a', nr ? aal luaMf. Mol". i ' i .roll'r, lata (Aplam ai, t Am at,! A'tulaM tjao ral 'f V ,ljnl*?r?, to ha '-nj'Ua !? tha rhf-n'h rtkttuaat I Biwd mataa infantry Jaly 18, ttfld, Mi ? i aa origin*: ?a' av y Join, M fh.U, lata r'tplala and ad i 'l mal *>?'? d? < amp in ba < apuun 1a Ik' Thirty lira* r.g.n, ?.,! ? mt 4 Ma ?? bfaa'ri, Jaly 8V l?id, In ill an "rt* ??! 'I a' y John M. Ct Jf, *ta I'apUia and miu (Wltaral oi V</l .utn, r?. Mr t- tafia n in dm Ih r y *t|Mtk r i taanl I int <4 ?iaa Infantry Jo!y 88, land, lu l.< an on. .aal aasnacf. J Im J Ifoff, lain Cai'a n aal Twain *?arr ,f f r> a'? r a mt v., o.iaa**, t<, ha 'aj.i-'n in "?* Tonal ata rafiiarnl I'aiWti Hit! a infaairy, Jaly 8*. low, la o.. aa w giaal *ncan< y, ' aWata J,a?i riT. Ha*kall, Cnmm.aaary nf fuba'Mdhr of Voluiiiaara. bt aa *apinm la la* laar.ty Ui id rag, m?ni i nit*'I Jut*a a'aairy, Jaiy Jd, ftaa, in no aa or,final ?b**b*t Jaaara hot ,aary. law I'af lata af Ida t-rty ?r?t Oh -t Toi iawara, la ba rapaaia ia tba Partytfih r*t aa*ai I ml* I Miataa infantry, Jaly la, 1188, hid W to g'aai tlfary Wil am r fluiford, lata af Ibn f>nn ITaad-M ant Billy **? and Naa lord Vnltia'aara, to ha rapda i. rt l> a Porty-aartmd r*f mat * t nt'ad itava ataauy, Jaly 8*. land la OH an ana nal rntaacy CMMaa T Oraaaa, law lapw a aad Aaatawni tdMnl 0aaara< ?f Tataawara, ia ba rtfat ? tka fan* tacaod regime el mited Mateo Infantry, July M, 1AIA, u? til an original TMiaey. _ ('*!>(? d Jani. it W. rtwtll, Jr., of the Tenth Veieraa Receive Corixi, to be captain lu lha Forty second regi ment United Mates infantry, July M, IMA, to All uu "u^rHeuli*h Gardnea, of the Third Vytaran Haaarra Com, la bo eaptaintn UreF.7? maul I. mud hUlaa infantry, July JA, 1AM, ta AW aa ^apialiT'unMfO a Ruaaall, of the Soirenth J*1** Reaerve Com, to ba captain la the moot UnitedBtataa Infantry, July'J#. 1*?*. to AU an Cant at u Robert I* Rllpotriek, of tba With Tataraa Raaarra Corpa. la ba oaptaia la tba Fortjresooad^ ragl mant VnHadntalaa tnfaolry, July 2A, 1<M, U? All aa ^OiWaeC*HZ?d, lata CopUln of ine Tblty-Arai Obte Tatuciaaia, ta bo captain la tba Forty-Ami rcg'meot United btataa Infantry, July It, 1Mb, to All ?a original Orvt'a Burba, lata fa pi alt of tba Fourteenth Foot ?ylran.a Volunteer* ta ba captain In t^Forty-Brat rag innnt Called Bute* lafbbtry, July M, 1AM, to nil au qiIeidii vifiincy. Ooorsa K Atwood, lota Captain and Asaelttanl Quar tnrwaaiaf af Voluniaara, to ba capta n In tba Tneuly

aevn'h regiment Colled Suiee Infantry, July ?, 1M?. to Hit an original racancy. Wnliaiu P. Wilaou, lata Captain and Aide do-Camp, to bo captain in tba T wenty Arat regiment stoma Infantry. July 2A, IMA, to AU an OTfiaal vacaMy. Kolof A. Ward, lata Captain of tba *flr'uh CnMod fttetes colored troopa, to ba oaptoln In the Thirty-a nut regiment I mlad .-'tat an Infantry, July JA, IMA, to AH aa original eseancy. . _ k John Hartley. lata Captain And Commreary of alaun.e of Volunteer*. to bo captain In tbo rwenij aacon.l regiment t uned Sutaa infaotry, Jnly W, IMO to Ail an original vacancy. ? _ _ _ Captain Jaiiiea A. Batea, of tba Savontb Veteran Ra aarra i orpa, to ba captain in tba Frwty-tlitrd regiment United tkatea Infantry, July 21, 1AM, lo All nu original TiCADC?. William Kallr, lata Captain of tba airy, to ba captata In (ba eighth mglmeut United Ma, en cavalry, Jnly M, 1AM, td All en'on final raeanry. Fraa* M. Coke, law Captata of lha IQfbty-yrrntb United ^tatea Colored troapi, lo ba captain in the Fgrtmm rmnatal United Males tafnatry, July JA, 1AM, to All aa original vacancy. ?.. ki. George H tlambla. late Flrot I.laotauant of tba Rightn lllinoia to ba captain in tba Niulb regtneeal United utataa oaralry, July 2i, 1IM, to All an original Heury T. Pavie, late First Ueulenant of_lhe Fiml Ma*ia< hnieits cavalry, to tie captain in ?he Tenth regl meal Unuad Mateo cavalry, July AA, 1AM, ta Oil an original vacancy. _ ? , , Henry Clarion. InU FirAt Lieutenant PurnoMlagion, to b> captain la tba Mnataanh ragimcnt Cuttad - tatea lafan'rr. July 31, 1AM. to All an original meaner He, rye U Tylar. lata Flrat l.lau'aaant af ilia Aevontb Maryland Voluntacra, la ba captain In tba Tblrty-aittn ragiioem I'nltad Slataa Infantry, Jnty 'JA, 1AM, to nil ao ? John '"Sr, lato First Lieutenant of tba Rlsty third Indiana Volcnle-ra. to ba oaDialntn thaiI ortF?t? ragiucot United Hlatea Infantry. July JA, 1AM. to All an original vacancy. ^ . , .... - ... Louie K. crona, Uta Bacaod L.autenant of tha ttaran. taantb Velaran Reserve Corpa, ta ba capUm in Uia ond regnoent United utatea Infantry, J"ly >r, llAd, to (III on ortainal vacancy. Samuel U. Rubblna, late Captain Battalion ? .ml f olo rado cavalry, to ba Arat llaalanan' la tba Bovanlb ragl maul l ulled Aiatea cavalry, Jnly AA, 1AM, to till cu orluiunl var ilM'T. . n Balll.ew Barry, lata i a|Baln of tbo Twemralb Penu aylran a cavalry, ?? ba Ami Itautenant lu ih? ^'"th regiment UnttoO States cavalry, July AA, 1AM, to All an u llaTrJaia Aral liautauant o' Ilia Fourth Na? Yor* prov jtional aavalrr, to ba drat llautaaant in tba .saventn regiment United Statee cavalry, J ny JA, IMA. ta All an original vacancy. Tuomaa \T. Fiator. lata second l.autaoant of tba Ruth Mb higan cavalry, to bo Arat nontenant in ?hs Mventh ragtman' Untied Htntaa cavalry. Jnly ?, I AM. ?o All aa original vecaaoF. . .. tleorga W. Cwaheie, lata captain of tbo First Carolina voluniaara, to baArmflllil ragimaui United Btataa cavnlry, July M. 1AM, to All an -5sirs?, w ? - - r lTmd Pcuna/lmntn arUllary. to ba Am liemtnant In the,h mgtraaot I cliai RUt-n mf.ntry, July JA. 1IM, ta All an nriglnal vnonnay. Carroll H. PoMar, lata taionol 'ivtb t nitad Btmaa Vaieren VoUateara, tn Pa Arat liaotanant m the Kigliteeotb raglntnnt United Statm in/amry, July U, , 1HAA to All an original mnney . _ _ rttiver Watm irw Jr., Inln Bayer of tbn York winery, tube Ami Haatnnant l? .tba. jtnntmntb regiment United stasaa mfonirv. July AA, Hon. ta 111 an ileal vt tlliaa T'lbtacbtor, Uce Unread I.'aataaaat FoarU. .?m.k. aa. W _ da, a t ? niari ? aa A dm 1MB sjriiasnss: "iSrCJMliSWUSWiaae.. iy aixtb Peansylvanla Voluniaara, to ba lirai l.aaisnant 'J tba "wontlsili regiment ''nRrd Hm-es .?tentry. July ?is 1AM, to All an original ra^eney i norm laa lata Major Mid Aas -iant AJJOlaul Oensial United Ptataa Voluntaera, io b. Oral lle-uonnni In lha Tacniy Arr. regiment t inled Stone lol.nlry, Jo.y JA. I AM. to All nn original '? JUCT J?h>, i. Jon oat on, lata < ap?a,n Ibird Lniiad Slatea Veteran Vol,iii<e. ra, lo be Aral ,n .he Twenty i^lmrnrt UntiM sutaa intaat.y. July X lAAn, i. Twenty sii'h n? o Votunmara, to Am llantaaant In tbo rn?niy Mrond rigiuieni Unitcdedtata# "niautry, July JA, JV?, to All an "r'/homm h"V shar. lata Kimt Uanlaaaiit In the Kiglith s>? Jaricv Volunteer*, to bo Or?t '.euiausnt In tbe Twenty aecood mglment United Suiai latan.ry, July J?, I lHtki to fill ?!! ''rtAlilfiJ lafbvetie H .ni.n.'nd lato s. .Jor of the Ancond Ohio h?vv art llerv. Ir, be Aral lieutenant IU *ba I woiity-lb rd 5?m M t acad Atateo \wt?Uy. July J*, W ?? AU ?" ?rl|?r enl* t A i<o?e.a,e. Uta ('amain Tai .1. I ored colored ? ?? v a. Hrr/, to ha Tlrat Uaulrnan lO he twenty third-eglmautCntted niatea infantry, July JA, 1AM 'o Ail en original v an y Frank W Paul, l>n Aral llautaaant In tha Ue ond Peunevli aa.a li'eif aitiib ry, to b? Ur?t hymenal,' In lha TW-SSu. Ztm n. t n'ted S's'e. Infantry, J y J1 1AM, in All an'arylnal vacancy. <.rc?ofy Hi.retL jr., lata L'enanant Coioael of be I Fonrib Maryland VotilLtaeva, t? ba Am u# .tman. ;n bo twW>-4HifU -ml ir?f?uirf, July ?' 'b* -II'T fc-;?i. lit mala \ n?c ra, t? tc n-t li.oumani >u h. I?uty alglitb reg? ?' etit el Btnte* tofen'ry, July 3A. IMA b. Oil an ?e ' ?c ur? , , . , ,K .I'ii ob Vt ag T, ,a c bejer I oityyigli'-b leunvyj,.,,. Poluntnerr nbe Am" If. ?te- an' lu the irmr t,.i b ragVo-T to ted rules Inanity, July Ja. lAthi to AU an *tea*!ee*V"sabe la'e Captain tb? Aa.- nd rsgiw.snl V>serin liaaamc < "??, "> ba ,ir.? lia-.lenaat Is iba 1we,,t, i mb rcgtni-nl',nii*d A'?t?s mfnntvy, Jn.y JA. I'M tor.1 ?n igtnal raon. T, l in M v^rr-lT, lata Mr ?? and A, ??'..< A.juynl tnniil ? nttfd -m- Tnl .at-a-s to he nr t I .tenant W. ft' VMkI* Uti ? ?;?%?!?* ????' Aljii'll* oral of V< luateort, u- be Arat Haotanaiit a tbo It, rty t.v'b ragl -it ' ^'"A lnf?",rv ^ *' 1 * " t I an en* usl araucy. u ? Wulla-n 1 rpurgio. lata 1 apuin of tU ' o? H n dred'b I t ft "leww ??olaved ir?s?|- lo no Orw Hawi-nan In Uta Tbhif agblh regiment t.r. 14*1 da as tuisn ry. Imm, m . aa'.ngmai va- nncy a utr?". - ???? ? >#?.?? ?'i?? ? ? -If ' Volaoloofi, lo ho nroi Itorrt-ata' to tho TMitr oiii w rofiioont 8lotto .ufin'../, Jul/iv 1-00 lo (I IB ?? M. 7 Wllliooi M lilroy. tola (?,*o1a of Uto ortoty a?r>t>.| I DIM F >"| lortb t/.* pt ? bo Dim l.*it<ru?ni o m? I hlflj n;n -. Of m*U> I'B'ftd Hof?i lofMOry, J-ily JO, JHOe to o ?u ?tii>t>?! ft Oi.fcf I.uko O Ittll.y, lo?o Cofbo a an<t Ai<*? Oo ' mmy, to h. 8t?* l.oo1- .aat to lit iturty oiutb ragNutat I bliof J't'T *' 1 *?*. to All til or.f utl to ?< y Tbomav M Iz-fan. tot* l-ioaf - iiooi ft"loot, of Iho T tooijr '??flilu t o too .Motto rotor?4 Ifiorfia, to to l-il latiltooii' 'i *tto Mr if r*? ...an1 It toi ?*tito a faairy, Jnl) t". IMA, 11 ?'! on ? ftotool ro *f~T H 1. M .0' io'O i ?(? o.n of ibo Totn'7-to. ?4,l'lito4 Plato* rtrlurTtl It tipo. ?-> b* flrtt liautonar.t it u,? I uriy flftl togl-H'U 1 O.Utl kUt*0 thloot! f, J HJ J tout, u? fi l on of,? oo torin'f < alito r. *m H Mo. till, at 'ha VaOtrao Rttf >' < orpa, !? bo till ' 'Hut til lUO I flf TO vtitf fOf DltOl L't ? *4 PtatOB tB'ti/r* J* 7 J1 1?04 ' I ? oo nrlflool ?0r??. 7 Ittotoi lot JtaoJ yuf U>0 t?t?n? It ooTTtt orpa, tn ho |r I lit'ltoooot tfi th" > -ft I ?* toil lOf tl.tnt lolt/xl Hoi? inlta'ry, July M I0??. lu til at or f ,aa tiuixr MirW ' M'farfjr, ??<? F rrt I it-itoti*?t of il.tito* BaatroM . *?! tort/ Am ? a* Vortt Vtiaowar*, io bo tm llO'iiootst .0 Ibo Forty to ,nl rtf n ot I ?'i?i t to Itifvotry. J ?ty t* 1Mb 10 All in - t | rftorr (opto, .ill 'J k J" ?* oftjtVttti (i i'tmri. ? lo ho (r?t *.iito?tii In it.t finj thirf rtfltronl I ?tt# 1 f lotto ru'i.. r*. J i t 01 IPM lo hll aa r.fli I TQroo y hoion; ? 'iw ? F ,'i> I ii.' I'.t tt. it BfWtro fiorpt, m bo^tr.t Ittvaaar i ,o 't.t lortf tb r? rofluitiii I tf.o4IUoi?< to oi tj, Jo.j it 1Mb. to ii, to or,. .at tr .< 0 Moftihl I Ohl ?t* H /.!t( I if p ft'.'fto Boot for t -f !?( l? to I'lUoott 10 il.t lorry ii.i'l r?< ? r. i o?wJ Ho ot toiu.u;, J ,ly Jl, Ubb to lb oo or <tno't:. ir-y < t|-to I It*? ? ' It-rot Of, of <7>t Vo'tfto lltoOfTO !>?(?, I ? tf? ?? ' Oft l? ? r* y ft ti It, m?*i f'orr l ~ tito toiouiry, Jor !*? l*bo, n, tu to '?fopool i n*"/ F -?t I ? ?ot f it P*rr*. of I t r?t#r.o tto oacTt O , <. ?? bo tf?i lit ot.i.,1 lo It* ftriy fuorlh r?gi?'r, . <-? " *ioi ...ooi'y, J . | i\ i )M t . to of JlOt ? l.ff ? l??l I ?* lor.tol J TO, b II ffltOOItT, Of l? O I tl".o B->o? rio ' i ? ut l< ?'t I ? I. .tot ,1 I ? I wtT ' r*fHi?*ot I i I Pitt*, lofto 'I, J by Jo I M?1 to* to 'fif.ooi .??'? f. It?If,-? ? H 'tf lit !ol? Itl o It' O* of Iho 1 TM Mar- tot otral y. t, ?? ttrrt 1U . ootot to loo > .rty.ft i n fif o.rot I , i*l Hoi to lO'ti-f/, Jtlf ft, 1*W lo T 10 '? <??>?, vi iiitr tit-oo. I.toi roi.i It- mr4 W Tyitf tf t ? Towr*o Plorfii . r* 11 bo Ira i ottor tat '? '.if oiy foorto ratmooi |-> i *4 tu ? wfoolty, Joiy M. IbfO, M Hot of .g not * o ocy I "Ot?r?ol 1 4oifl i At* a H Ff?4?fVl of Ibo tr?t foo Hootf>0' 010 10 hotr?t Utrfoooot 10 tl?0 I o??i bf<h f*? naoo! I ? ???0 flat** ioftotry, July M !??!. lo I I OO ort| 1.01 artw'f ? tptoo John F flofhtfa of 11,1 Vi'-m horn ctroo, h 11 irM ittitoooi a iho ? -if yi? r*? af?. 1 Bolted HWn lefhatry, Jot) fifi, MM, to *11 m original titmy. Ptret lieutenant JtmM K. Warden. of lb* Veirran ll? Mrvn Core", 'u l'? Lr-i lieuionunl In Hi" fort) 11 tii r gt a,ant UlM ftatea m (nutty, July fid, IM, to till at ,?rt giBui va ai.r y, J. It. Bell, lata captain of tha Thirteenth I'eunay lv?t.i* cavalry, lo ha noconil lieutenant in the Seventh regiment United -tales cavalry, July fifi, IMS, to fill aa original NMMfi William W. Cook, lata first lieutenant of iba Twenty fourui Now York cavalry, lo ba oaeoud iiouianant in tb* devaath regiment United Htolae cavalry, July fifi. KM, to fill an original veoaocy. llonry Jaokaoo, lata Oral Uautoaant of tba fifth United States colored cavalry, to ba aacood llautoaanl in tha Seventh regiment Ballad fitalaa cavalry, July fifi, KM, to fill aa original vacancy. Hanry J. Nowlan. lata flmt lieutenant af tba flrat Now York cavalry, tebefiwoad liautoaaat m tha Seventh regiment United Stale* cavalry, July fifi, KM) to fill aa orkioal YiciitAjr, w. B. Abell, lata flrat llautaaaat of Iba Math Oblo cavalry, to Or aacaad Itnoteaanl in tha Seventh ragimaat United Ri.treoavsiry, July fifi, KM, lo fill aa original vacancy. J. D. Stevenson, lata first liautaaant of tba Twentr firth Naw York cavalry, to ba asrond liautaaant lo tha Kighia ragimaat Polled ntataa cavalry, July fill, IMS, la Oil aa anginal vacancy. hi "aid ft. fachct, lata flrat llautaaaat of tba Tenth ttwulaan cavalry, In ba second liautanant In tba fighth ragimaat linltail Htatoa cavalry, July in, lfiflfi to fill aa ertginal vacancy francia Mooo, lata major of tha dlity-fifth United Staica colored iroopa, to ba aacoad liautaaant in 'h* N rot b ragimaat I ailed fitalaa cavalry, July fifi, KM, ta fill aa evtgiusl vacancy, J. II Wilaoo, latu raplalo of Uia flrat Wlaronain car to ba arc. ad hauraaaot In tba Ninth rag Intent taitod hums cavalry, July fifi, lfiflfi, to fill an original vacancy. first lieutenant John Y. Smllh, af tha Tata in Ki aerve Corps, to ba teroad llarranant la tba Klet*n:h regiment 1 in lad Slates inlaatry, >tly fifi, lfiflfi, to All aa oiig nal vaoancy. William W. Deaae, lata cantala and aaaiatant adjutant rnaaral of voluator*, tn da gerund lieutenant III ma Iftb roguuaut I'aitad tMaiaa Infantry, July 2*. ISOti, to flti an original vacancy Unload C. Drayfoyla, lata <epte*a of tbo Ofi# Htm lrad ami'Rlgbly aiith Ohio Toliint*.>rs, lo ba ?aconfi II-uieu ant In the Twelfth regiment t o ? ?d State* tnfaalrv Joly fifi, KM, to flit aa original vacancy John H. tluthrle, JT, lata second lieutenant of the httvt Krutnckyififautrr, to ba second lieutenant lu Ilia Thirteenth reg'inent ('nrtad Stales UrUutry, Jul) fig, I MM. to Ml an original vacancy. frank C Brum 1, late "apum of the One Huii'ir-iib Naw York Voluntas!-*,Ko ha eacond llantenant In ihe Hf. toatrtli ragimaul I mied -lalav lafau'ry, July fifi. KM '? flit aa original vacancy. Henry Norton, lata maior of Iba fiittb Baited ut?t.-? Volunteer*, lo be second llputenaol ia lbs Rev ante. t. h r?g1m*nt I nltad Bute* infantry, July 2S, KM, tu till *n orciaal vacanry. William H ranch, lata flril Itauianaai lu the rut? aovanth New York Yolunteert,|tt> bo accoad lieutenant u Ilia Nioei eotn regiment Unitad stales Inlaatry, Jul. it, lfiM, lo All an original vacancy. Joseph c. <'Mile, lata captain of iba Nineteenth t'mo. eylvania <aval> v, to be aa on J Itantanant In tba T* niy nrar raglinar.t I nltad 'uur Infantry, July fifl, lMM, to fill aa original vacancy. Hradlor.l K. Wood, Jr., lata captain of tba forty to :il i Near York Volunteer*, to Ira aai-ond lieutenant In tba Tweaiyaeuund roglmaat t'mted -let** Infantry, Julv m, Hflh io fill au original vai aucy I'radart-k M I.ynda, lata aecond lieutenant of fourth Vermont Volunteers, to be vecoud Itofitooarv, in Iba Twvnly-aacoud leguneut rolled fitalaa Infar.try, July fifi. KM, lo fill an ortginal vaiancy Tboinae Herkrr, lala capmia of the Serond C*' ' ma Yoluntaarr. to ba aacoud Itautanani In lb" fwwnt. tin 4 ragimant I nitod sute? lauuiry. July J*, KM, to n, au ar gluai ve< ancy. William f. Ki<", tale < tptein of iba Ha aa'aenMr II.. ?arbuaella Voluulaam, to lu. so ond liautaaant la 'Ha l aenty third raglrnaoi Unitad Ntataa Infantry, July Ik, KM, to fill so ongtnsl vacancy. Peter Kogele, late captain or the Tenth ragimsot T n naaaaa Volunteer*, la be second ItautaaafitlaThs Tai nt, fourth ragimant I toted biataa infantry, July fig, Hod tu fill an ortgtaat vnu y Tbomaa M. < an toe, lato capiala of tba fourth T*att i Htatav \. (aran Vnluateari, lo ba aacood liauisaant in ti? Tfianty.ilrib regimem I nltad Mtataa infantry, July K, ISM, to fill an nrlgtual ? scan- y Alpheua H Bowman, late flrtn liautaaant of tbo Tt. rd Pennsylvania heavy artillery to bo second lieutenant a tba Twenty "tenth regiment Itfi.ud Ntataa latoutrj, July 'it. KM to All an original va ancy floats* H. Radotiki. lata repta'in of tba first i-cm cavalry, tu be aw and iisnteaaot In the fwepty-aiubta ragimant rifittod Ntataa lafan'ry, July ?Jfi. KM, to nil at. ongtoal vacancy. "?aorgaN Spalding, 'ale aaoand hautanvnt Ob. . Vol uataam. 'o ba aacoad I tsunami la tba rhnty thUt rag awni l allad Sialea isfaatry, July ill, KM. to Oil an angina! vacanry. Jams* A. Hsngbay, lata captain la tha Third rag metit of IMaware Voluntas:*, to If aacoud lauiaoafit in the Th rty aiatk ragtmafii I'aliad Btaiaa infantry, July fig. lfiflfi, in fill a* unglnei vncafiry. Hani i H Uavanangh, iota .a idol a tn the first rve'? war. VeiKStaara, m ha aacood >I?imv<m tn tha Tl.irty savatitb raginieni t'uil?d eu'a? tnlan'ry, fuly it Kid, lu Hit an org nal vacancy J. Miitou Tbompcofi. istam|rtaa in the Tblrt. J.ira regln cat I'nltwl-tale? I oloffid troojei, to lie II. I <u lanat in Iba rtnrtvmigutii regime, tolled B?fii> ? In isntry, Julv ??, K 6, to All an ur,, ma', varsnry C'nari?? <1 Penney la*? tuiptfila id the liftjr :irw rag maul IMaware Vumnt era to be jecuid nau'"t,.ni lu tba Tb rty e.gnt refitment united Btfilea la.'at ? July KM. lo Ail uarg ual Va *o<y f.tiftia L~ H*iue-, lata . afHaiii lo iba 'I'* It '. Irad tad l w, i,ty.eighth ragnnrn'. I'nivd *1?t< > ?red Mo .pa, tu ha aaiond l.ajtananl in tba Thirty n oil, rag., msut I n ted Ntaiei Infaairy, July ifi, KM i <>l au oitgtoai vs.eney. Walter d l. og la's rne.'<r of Iba Niaelv > tin rag instil I'nitad Ntaaa colb.ed It . .pa, lobe .. t.i i a In tb? 1 .riaib regit.,.nt I'atted flitvtaa n'aatry July M. IHC'I to fill an OI g ,al vi ao.i lulwatd *1 ewortb, lain ragNa n of the H iat' d an l Nlaetranti. I eg. tu* u t baited mat- t t .red ir I to be ? e.Hld !*i.l In II.O 1 oftl?tb I-, ' #01 to d dlitae tnf miry. J ily i", I*ad a All un ? ,f. ??? .nr Jaia'tl'ratt Jr .ate .aptaia of lb. b.gblv 1. regiment ' nltcd Nialvt c J red truopv. . ? I i , lat.aai lo the t wr> v b'vi r*g meat I i tr<i tatoe filafitry, Jul) i* l Mil to nil an orig.n*! vscan y AI'red < M*rl ..-r, law flra" li?'lte at,'of the On* ?>?? dred ami Twenty-aavei4b regimeui i t .*d st,i?, , ,iov?d trvop. l? ??# ??c >nd It" iterant to I ? I nt first ? ?g uiaat I nil* I Hta ea lulan'ry, Ju y ifi, Hflfi, to t aa ortginal i a aacy It,tig's* tl H ?'< y, la'e esp'ain ' tha V ?'h '?/ .. Iii4a.| 'sir* . olofa.l "Dope to ba asaot, 1 I' lla'taal iS the I oft; * Dd rej ??nt ' a ted Plata* n f#' ry, J . ) .* KfiP, to fill an ort/loal tfifaii .y M ivtttov iv nt oaaw. lata ..ptatn ta in* V?tc(?a H* ?-iva "? rpa t>, lu- .vt ' lieuta sol .a tb* 1 .rty w*?1 r * fitofit t'n irtlMiaia* .ofamry. Jaiy ivfia tj :. ?n <? g t. .1 ?? *?' rtandora l I rbta, Uta aw.wtd iMUgai n tha Veteran ltaa*tva ? rt-ji* lob" as >nd i aut.t .mt ia lb* forty " ond tog vai.t I altod a tot** itfti 'ry, J > .? ttiyt t, n 1 .in on nai > ac-ucv krar.k M* len, a'a prtfa * ia tba ra"i*n ? * ?rv. ..orp*. I ? b# pebd He :'*aanl 'U lh" I art) '. n . ts*r i I ni d Niat.a utfanuv, J ily i* ltp> tn fit: *n or g u*. vw.afi i ?luorgn In", ,i'*.a- r.l I'antafififit la ?b* V*t? ? r, f #? ft?e<orp , to tsi egoad 1 ivinui ' ta the In * vh.fg legini*#' t's.tad fitot ? K'satry July > I M w. ' . a*. t,g1t,.| va-ancy e ' .*u ? id , lata tay4 . u lr '..a t**ta *a f ,.t a cor| r, to ha ec I peu'anaa' m '!?? !arty.fourth m-. l i.-ttod Ht?tea inlaatry Jt. / -.v, I-m, i , fin %a , ual .. *n?? f.apk R ft-* i*ta Aral I ?>: ena-.t ta tha t Bea*r/' Oorpa, to h? *a< otpl ? ,at.?n ta M." fa,'y. f.M.rtb rag.ios*' I ?> tat * ?taa . .faatry J< r ??. Kd*. n fl,' aa fig aal ve-?s. y Has, Ms/ ?ue, ?* * ooal ..astaafia' to tt>a V ? *r.a R.*ar?a orp?, to na *a">od H'nieaaat >tt It a If, loitrlb r,..ia*nt i s tad 'ta'.~a tn aali- J If lade I . fill aa ortg aal Rtu>n Oadtr, la't ae'^sd haatasasi la llva Tunig R'arava *?>?(? ta '>a ? y?nd itantaoae'. ia r? ?,r< fourth rvfidfiant f,fii''d ? tela* rfaa tv luiy i lo fill an original *? ae g fraM A. Pagv, ism ?.d ? " ?ui a u* t. ?% K-ecr*# n*, ??> ba *# * ud ? m .n 'u t ? ? ?) f.t.h iegit?#t'i i a>**4 mt*fi slaslty.J ,* M . ^ ta R,t an on, nal fan** ry W,n in I' It ga a let" roip. ? a m Nti .t M??* land I oi .gtawra, ta ta a ..ud Itoi'-aael n it* fi.irtb rvgitr-ent I Bit* I ctatai infer, rv, fur Tfi IN* ,:;,d"f A h ? ugylate rap*a n if "f.* v ?araa ' op# to ?>? aa o,4 Hast* mfi< i I"' meat I i. laid P'vtaa ifa. /j, J?ty .1, itfid. eilaluSl *a *r - r w utaiu V |. garty I* ? a?- o?d ?#.' ?#? ? ran K"aav>* eorya v?> a *a oaa l ?? ?*,??? n ? tin ragim-a* ? fitted >*<m tl ar ry, J- g ih as < tig n*I va, an- * I rank " fwd U'* ?r nd P? , anaat '? i Rasar- a .aipfi to '< ear -I ' , a-.tafiagl .* lb* I r*# tnent t a .?! Mataa in ? . r| J J *?, a . . r.g ?>al r* *n r I *n. * a, tn it *l r* >par' v. r " af At' Clbfit CUOIll -TKii |aT a ata* t ? ? ?r < r. . i ? ?- < I at>4 I ad/ f. - .... . t art N J TtTfi )T g, , , , V Ml, g. Jfibd .?K, MfH, 4 I I 'IT II * ./* let* tea aa A fit fig, 44 Tfi ?' t/> 1 i I'g,. ? ?. kno MAR.tlAOLS AND OL /> ? > > HartMi ft* ?? . I *.??*.. ?>? K? 1 ?? ?f, f>? ?<?!? ? m ? 11'? hf < ? .?( n p .* I ? ? '?? . /it, H A* ?? Ml i ?>!., ? )*?? ?? i' t>f > N riMx !:??. ' *'v t III ( - i% <>? !???> V ?*??.# Hi? ?' vi II, <)>? |*i Hi H . > f " u. ? ? m i I* ?* 'MUl A ftt* ? ? ? ? l? Jta*, M'M* <a 'm ? ?i?? l?-<wr M. ? iW '?? In ? fl* ll?* Iff-*? ? |wn ? */ IV K?r IK ( I / Mm iitii In M< ? I i? ??!'?* '< J I i k ?*? k. *<l ?>' ftf. i*. s T 1* Jll'X .Wnn ' f I" W V T? 4' f , ?*? u*4 i f It* <<? r* fct W* # M ??> >? W? M 14 !??? I nM'?t 'i ? ?? ? r . i f < ? r ? 4n* i?i i?finn'i ?It A i wr f v*1*y lM>44,Ml 'Jl (I Ilk* m4>m ?f ll,? IK44* I r? Ml, ll Itk* K*? >44 1*1 * ' *'? If' III* 1 J ' *41 Voik V ml J , ** I'lUM if M ?M t r* <?*** i4 I 41 ? Ifl/f- 41 I'? H'llt). "i?k*| 4?, 4 Ik* r**v>1 ??? ' f m l? A* 4 M*4* I, I; 114 IUi W t> i ?? ' 'f 6' i? ??* w ?i i i k i r*4?4 4 , ?* (..?#? ?' *?*??' *4 dri ll Kail , *f U4 4.4iifir.l?ri -4% 7 4*4*1 (" id 4i n |i M. loka'a rkurrli be the R?? Pr Tut tie Jo*? I H> mr ii-nia lu A??n I. NbenTi, l-olli i>f S w l'ork rily. T''(I'K|n? Oil Monday, P reruVr IM, A**, widow of Jen mUli "I >m|>klow. in ine OMh iinr of htr ?,;? Tin trieuu* i>l Iti* iMinuy ni? >? ?|?? tl ally uninl lo ? ' Mid tier four in!, Uim (Wodne da") afternoon, al three u<!<<k, from lir lac ridden**, 1 wtlltii *lr? I, m ar fifth avenue, Hnuth Hrnoklyn Van Vaavr*. On I letday, December 2S, lfa?T Van Valn-a aged 72 year*. Tlia frtanda aud ralailtaa of the family are fiayel. fully n,no.| m attend the fnnarnA, from Ine roeldencw of Joel II Wv No 13 Vendam attaat, Ibla (WedB.eday) a/loricmi at iiua oTI * k Van Wmr lacuna -At While Flame, ok Monday aeanlag. lie. ciulwr ;4 hy the Rev Albert H Wyatl, Mo. Uaonun W VivWatT. of New Vork. U? Mm Man* If l.aviann. of Whine Flame, Wa*4Cbeatet oo nity, N V. Vaa Vatao i ?uo?M ei e -In Hrooki>n K P. "? Tuaaday, Deveir 24. et In# re?xtctn'a uf Mae nrlda ? otbar, by the Rac j |p Nurthrup, t.uiiD Va? Vai aaaai Kon lo Citioa J M >>i' daughter of tha lata Jobs Morn*, of Mali umn No earda Pled. Akki. ?On Tuanday, lie. au.ocr i?, afur a atiurt and painful llloaaa, WitjiiM An. , it,* Unn?| ana ot John and I'harloUa A bra, aged lo year, i num.ha and ? day* Tba frlOnda of IM family aia r- iw Uull/ incited lo attend tba funeral, fruit Ibe m, ien<e of h* paranta, com r of Huuy. thud alrael ??'! K.gblb avcoee, oa Tkutaday, at twelra o'clock, 0'<uu Haoiu.HBii On Muaday. OkmiUi M. at D ran ford, eflu. Odin , I'crra Ua.,i/. "I The frlenda and relanra* of tba lam 'T, and theca of btarua-iaUw, Ihumaa Kennedy, ?>? ?"<t "a nd lo at tend lb# funeral, llila <Hoiuemi y/f aftninuon, at two a'clunk, from Uia rc.nlanca of jamidea Kennedy No Ctdl Iwiiagioa avenua, bat*.-on *'i ly-U'Ulb and hmitib etreetA Maine. -At Mar I pi w ?, faowday, Kovanaiwr It, Win una I) , .aanoml eon of Jolm lliuaa Ceg., and law uf tba lata J. B Anld, *><j Caitet ?On Von, ley Decmulrar 24, Puroiaa < eiern, em uf the .ale aptam J dm i ' alrna, Hearetary of ilia Heamcn a fund atil katrcat, aged di year*. The relative* an I fr am a uf Uia family, aad tba ofllrera And trutiena uf tna Fund, are re-iw tluily Invited I* at land the funeral, thla iWedu-adrt) m,ruing. at leu o Mock, from hit let# raaidenrve, No 47? et^aat he tiuaenaa.?At una A. M. un Monday. 74, at lilt eon t re-idcuce, in Drookl.n, J. ( Da* K nt atiaa a Moat >, Mi malar r,*nib"ientiary aad Kaewp Bl lra.rdu.ary from Portugal, ag J <tk yaar* >'uuer?! aeic . ??? will l>a liald, with aoletun rrqolara uia-a i n Vboreday muralug, at liar pad l"n o'clock, at ma i iiuri h of St Patar a?l Ml Paul, llrooklyn. Kaalern DieirK.t Ilia frlenda ?>? nit Med lo attend. Tba latar Birnl a ll ute nine# In PI.I'.delplna I'rvoa -On Monday evening, Decatnbar 34, .n tba ."VMh eaei of hut age, JoearuieK, beluvad nife-.-f Pater M De.ue > 'leude ai* informed that Uia funeral will take place u.i Hi ir?la\ ui rung at tan o . i .ek, Ireiu bar lata real daio'e. So JO* llle.?< ear an eel. I' lUm I ? ?'An Tuee'e liec lubei 26, Juasra Ulbio P IK till*, aged e > raar* Tli" r*: .uvea end iri'Ode of tba family ara reaped fill y Invll. d In e'tet d itie I meral, oa I ridey nior nlog, alien m uck, fiuta >t Vlmaat da Paul, Twenty tbird air. el ne? PL ledrlpl le pa|ieir | eaee rupy. Pnr?cv>aa on Monduy, perember 24, of rr..up. ( in e KowaaP, y# ingeet aun of A i tander H and Aona Mara Jrunwouili, agad 4 yeara, 1 uiutilb and 10 deya Tba f naipl will ukt n ?< a ihia tWr Ine*day) after Kin el ban poet tw.. u'rnwt, fiu u Ilia iw lnn. uf I naon el bell (inei two o'cfiM k, fio u tlie leaidaoie uf b<a per ul<. So II' H -. miln even .. la.T ia. im dueedey. 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