Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 28, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 28, 1866 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,077. NEW YORK, FRIDAY. DECEMBER 28. 18GG. PRICE FOUR CENTS. F'KHsom ai? . .. MALLJUUTE \ IUVK GIVEN MY WllllD. FAILED U to had A. J. If. as directed. - F D GO."?WILLING TO PAY LIBERALLY. CAN'T we hsws en Interview I OF THE GREATEST IMPORTANOB ."SJl p oV?.V. my meettug >ou. Do not bo angry. Will you toon. btiU the name. * . I it n adoption?a iiealtiiy pbmalb child. I i.^ji fdI 0ne week at 123 Korayth street, in the rear. ^ Information wantki>-of mahy kinbgan. maiden name Mary Hellly. natl*e ol county Cavuu, ? ?.;?*? Klli ahandrn. I .eft Ireland In the year 1848. wheu Cot heard "f ?>< In Philadelphia. Pa. If thl? should meet tin* ?.?? of any one who can give any Information at290 Went ?Cwejity sigh ill street. Now York, they will lio rewarded by Mar eon. 'nigh Plticgan. Phil dolphin paperapleaaeoopy-_ INFORMATION WANTF.D-OP THOMAS BI'RKK, Bridget Cowley Kuike and John I'urk*. from Tillcryan Mtrfuh. tJlaro county. Ireland; have been in AmcrtcnaDom lt-n years. Any inform ilioti n?Wir*"?iMKl to Mwgfcitt Burkn WUkc^burrr, Pa , wilt be thankfully reo#ire<L {?FORMATION WANTED?OF HAMPF.L WALCisR. late of the Eleventh Sew Jemey volunteer*: when loes nrd from w-is noting ?? judgo tiNooale's clerk In Wash lag to., J11 no, I dub. Any person knowing o f h Is w here* w' u la wtil confer a favor by addrosnlng a line to E. M., elation Nt'm Yoikeily r " ? 'aohlDiiton papere pleaae copy. CFORMATION WANTED?OF TH B WHERE ABORTS of l.lsatn Roddon. When loot beard from was at H ?I Twelfth Street, New York. Any_ tnformaUon will be thankfully roootved by ber brother, William Hodden, boi 141 Herahi o<Lce. ? FORMATION WANTED?OF JOHN CLAYTON TEM ple. IB year* of age, light bal r andblueeyes; wae leal rd freva at WIUett\ rolnt An gu.t *? im. Any Infor Wiattonof him will be thankfully rwoelved by hie mother, ?ra. Rata Temple, Philadelphia, or B. W. Lowber, New Lilian heart hab a letter in brooeltn . Feet otlme from Aathony W. _ #T iTTLK NIQOER"?COME HOME. NO REFER* 11 ggo, win bo made to the peat. Tut thoueeod per A? ere eeked. Talegrapb to your Plggta. -WIIW LJUA BURNETT WILL PLEASE RBND AD JA dreee to Mation.C. BILLY. "A1HON DOEBE?CHRJ8TMAS NIOHT.-WXLL THE lady pleoee write to Arthur 8. B., Herald oho, or ab ' through peroneals bow e latter wlU reach her M WHITE be aflor -WWTIT.I* the LADY WITH RED SHAWL AND WW W bonnet, who notleed the gentlemen on Stood way, ttrflTi ??r"- and Twelfth streets, an Wedneedey el ? lir. about 4 e'elock, please tend edtlrese to Jemae Meirrle, (lira aguaro Pool el&ue, staliag where an Interview eon ha Sit ?WILL THE TWO YOONO LADIES WHO BODB UP W town la a Fifth evenue etage on ChrtvUM nlgbtoeod khatr eddreee to the two young gvnUeeaee ?btl?l them at FOnrteealh street? AddressC. H? >o? 114 Herald olllce. MBTANTBD?A PERSON OF NKNPKlWABILITY TO ?V adopt an infant one month old (ejdrlh For particulars taaabooi Dr. E. A. Barry. 1*7 Reel thirteenth street. Call Bglwoaa the honre of I and S and 7 and S P. M., for one ?hifc Y 4 CRDAR btreet, n. y.-j. m. matorga wants 14 to aea Mr. Tsaela Beitran. native of Havana, to eom mnaleele portion lore totoroeilsg to ^m. MATRIMONIAL. . 4 41BNTLXMAN WISHES TO FOB NTH K ACQP A^J A en be of o tody pooeooolng o fow hundred doUora. tp.JOIn A YOG NO AMERICAN WIDOW DESIRES THB IC QUAiutiont of a middle aged wfclower of means, wHa * ?Afw la matrimony; ?atUfactory erldanM reaulyed m ftgwti to character and dn:um*bnc(Hi before an tatarrlew. Ad Km 0. W.J box 181 Herald oflice. T*J I in'H AOBD IS AND 18 PRETTY AKD ? Igont, solaelt the aoqualbfkneo of gentle?a : ebjooi ly. Add mas Beamy, stattau B. LOST AJNO FOI YD. NJWUND?DECEMBER SI. A SM ALL'PACE AO B. CALL JP at EluUft 1 or a ranee Company, ? Liberty street. avwnae wild twenty-third street, to Fourth avenue. The Eger wtU receive a anllable reward on returning It to M. IK ? Hroadotmet W OST?OM WEDNESDAY AFTRRIUION. DEO. *. 1KSS, '* OCT.?(IS REWARD-ON THE S#TH INBL, A LADY'S Mj email Fur Collar, la S"t?f thnrngh llutherrtird pL? a and intalivog a .m.ll ?u? ?f money ^daomewpcr. T will return It or the papera In JflO F.aot IhlrMMb torner of bccnnd ayetlua, 1 north floor, orer Uis dru? til h? Boerally rewarded. lfo~BKWA?I- THE GENTLEMAN WHO look an (Yvarroal f <>m the committee room at levli / on W dr.esd?y evnlng. will reomvn the were i.word I queetiuiis isgcd by re.wrnlng it L> Lonle kahr,, 10 n fine. _______ y?jif-V.T 'If'MtCF*HBIl"A'"SEAL, LING. P t g!0 r ward will be paid on ite being lef' at 9S Fifth m. OST-NOTE KGB 8411. DRAWN itV IIADLLM. heck. Th. tii.dvi will i l?o?' l? yu tt at Murpb, A Co. t, ?Oiner of Twenty-niiilu *rec' and Bruadwy.^^j ({ley E" sr-ON THE STTH I NTT \NT IT A WALL STRK '.T al?gc $>>' th'i fl? rr wlU he Lberally rowai led by ii?# *arn# at 44^ Braiulnrajr, wp Rtairv'^ LOtT- 4 MAL.EMB CAT. Fif'M m KST fNl'i ?irect. W ioeve' wi( te uru him will reoetve a liuoial (?Ward. M~OST? OS SATURDAY. DEC. If. Bl T VKLN BROAD MJ v?* and Kr e itauway d'pot. ? ( onre itat"" i S'T, Km Yark a '? Turner * r id* -scd lu In* ?*<*l hy O* o Bemor onl. ?? tnv r*-eon Und eg the .*rr wi 1 r* ? i >e khanka of the owner by returning to I. *' hoc ttaJw,. Oa. *., jti Brood way. T OET?NIM i EN I l1 KF.r, On OF BROAD 1 i way, *?r Iv'wivn there end Fe .i-n-ie, . n ne ?orth ? tie -f th.* elieet. alter lesv.r.< ? vt .Oi ? ge ?t that enrn* r, De. ember :d & KJ I" M . " '??>? I .1 govern! w hi rarer and ? n.nre valu ible , reel ' ' ? ' m It T'e* a*i?ertleer wilt be etwatly oh! tod ehouhl ' gad the tetter by hrtd. r. i P M at the WallI sin et Krv b dec, oral a pi.u*e deetgnated uadcr the nead or "Founu" In thl? paper. Will p. J ekpennea, and ??k no foeetbm.. _____ - ? ? ?\N WK1*M.J!,AY A T: UN,. N 1*1 < I *. A V: I* U from 'ho Ea le Club -taMec. HiAh uv, i,ue snd r r Wtth etreet. a tiwltcd ?.arrhige Hog. II . a I - ? ?'* gpot on hi. for-:wad, a: ver.Wihe r.atau o_ ' .:: M? ? Zaio collnr. with the owner's name on It. The de ?* Swim .,g I c Prink r IV ill Tin Front elroot. will ho liber mtkf ewardeil and receive nla thanks. K EW AltUK. *1 f\ TKW UU>-UIKT. DEC. V. A Vlltl AXD ?I'M iokb l'ntator Dm Atom re* ,nt ?U1 !>? pa. ; in winulnt hhi !?** \ >-t l'Vrty-nlolh atfaat. "ill U. ill '.IV. V AMI S~QV ~A X"* i <wi" inl' l l'ir return I ? C>.h lli?, , V In. 3 Ha' klrcr'.. Tho paprtaare of no tine to any ..tie I lli* own -r R--.v?nr> von ah akethvst with i*r: v. _ . H tnffrare.J; ???! ?,<h 0111 invl I .'i Urui Km k' ? :j ? ?? . T' ? : aiI.t i.'l roc? n Hon Vim r?a*i<i re'u ii ? k it ' ' r?lr?e, Koidy A ? ' *??- RPWaRII.-IF III 1 1 1 ? ''H WIJi. T'i'iK AN ip-mf''"' i.i frm i ill llol i .iuth .i.i i Cknotmi* ? "?m? * 'I r?inm II - ? ?? ? .t.n aoi mldi'aa hiakrtll get h I kii i .10 , !? ..Ii in. $10 r, i RKWa In * aH1> '? ' tk R Ula' < I I ma ' ? K J. ?l (inn1 "AU " ? A." ' ' <? - liutnat ' Mom 1.7 RTlk, ?; . . 171 ?W liner m m. at. Mtiar to ir r 111 th. .1 r ? ?? i aair [ar?, I y " it a 1..11 l*i v' E.vr I??NJ a r i o i i kp" ?r?' ? i,r vtf ' r, ! y rib. uy !?? ^. lug it ?kt -L*a lkrcxpti ?r f10tr ?l IN ' V? V ? m *:? r pilBtii i *7 117. ? ?it - r 0 f !?' < f* 1 !"2 . ,r ll m ! *$ f : ? l i> ,? >U, of iti r?;t?C?. u? . '?Va.fcmtii COlst* *rrt i \i. ? or: k l:v, mtum*. t i : Ai;i ! *.r rh ov i 'i ?i . ii.. i . I .? Mn nl .1 > o*. |o a r o ACTION. *11. rn?M AUK H'iiiri'.;i .v I ?; /pay i in or truat any ana ua .. ir a-m-int *:? .it -*? Irr '. .in .. a PI 1.1 f ? A ?. hnilt'l W1<1 P? .1 atrer'a 1*1 ..'I '( In p t: iMi .iM, s, (VIRN K < llAA.,1 I V J 1h ? ao i'iil elrrtMi f? year wm M akl al I .n mint, U. .. ???,*! A# * 1 nn, ?n Ho.nUy !' n ,1. 4./ o! ituuary, 18*7 I'm; r?i"n m . U w I A. OUO. JL Dlll.ARLlt, ??'?.,J {AWKRHOK a fOliKK. IM VM.I.fAM hTilF.i'T j b??o n.w on Man . ? |4". ! ?? ? Urn-til if ii feYhlAUJ It 1'kAiil. y itlSl i I CAim " ir.lml ? if it. a., ! r?- s I* ' M >? ?? ttorl' It l? * won mefal <t:a. ?.,d tl..**a ?? -l be yki.oi u roaifUr ?< urn ordaoaay oartU. mr<TII l;.-THB AM N f* A la ELP.r HOR Of TW> N TV pi (jn VMAf*n of the Mr* \ orlt loatitution for tun ?Daad wi.l be koiil ot the naUtotbin .n.rner of hinth e?-n . *m4 Thlr ? foarn atra^t mi fut iar U?t mat , at 1W MaM P. M . poUo i? lentaia oi*n o >? mr. T BAIUfcr M1 f RS, Reomteir. MRwr Tea a. Dee. tx. 1?>. Omc"T or rHR ATt.A.HTlO MAIL BTKAMKHIP V ? oanpanr. R? I Rnarl ni Oreen. he* Vera. Pot. |i, ?R-ky ardor of tk* If-ord of fnr~-tora, aatlca u i.*r?bf ?*a tkot io waanurir' of 'be ab rtfan ipr"'ote-f to har* taaa bold on tho u'h nf *fn?'m?er InofoaL b?i bartoo b?.? ?J" far?nent u> aarh ?rp":iiuti?Bt. elr-uon nf aloo O?taro of ih.a oanaaor otnl free In port or a of tba n?rt mm li*(*leeti*a w.ll tid hal'l at th* 'IT?* af the entnaoi.i *? Prvioy th* llth liar of Janiarf, l?*7. ad H o rl.erk *, 15? "aio'rr I noka at t|.? oAtm *f I ha farmer*' l.n*n and pmo' f-awnaoy will b? rtaaen frem th* 10t? u? th* itin of ???aary, 1M7. Tho poll* will ho it** from II wo ! o cUe-k. Pit A N > 1,1 If ALLKH, seereiorr fjftBBJACJlAT CHAMPAORR' 1 Tkta wtao I* dry. dofloat*. hot Oaf! of rfnoa# kody-r t MMteeao?of a nolo, uotural ailor, an I alunni'.ar a ai|iU '5? IT ?"???a. for aale ky ? Jt. It IM, B Pulton atr**t. I A MoAKTHT, Mop. I rtim ?? , en? R'nalway, PAMOdf A .hUyP, W< tdar auroat. avrnar Brp?d"ar ? 1WMTKUCTIOM. ABUBINBSS EDUCATION.?THOKOt'is 11 AND PRAC l.eal irutrurtiuii In all Domm^rcul ami Engii*'! Branches, at TO.VNSBND8 Commercial Academy, Ml Bowery. Private tultlun day and evening. Apartments tor AT PAINK'S.glftnWKKY. AND MB PULTON ntrf.kt, Brooklyn.- Bookkeeping. Penmanship, Aiilhmetlr, Reading. Hpelllng, Ac., taught In alrirtly private rimnu. For eigners taught the English language by Anient an teachers. AT HALF PRICES KOR ONE WEEK. GOLDSMITH'S BOOKKEEPING, PENMANSHIP, AC., 766 Broadway. I SPECIAL NOTICK. All who enter their uaraea during the holiday* will be re ceived at ONE-HALF THE IJ8UAL PRICKS fur the term beginning January 2. A rare opportunity. AORADITATK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CAM. bridge, h ngtnnd, prizeman and ei-eclinlar of hla co1 V,'tt, g'v,'?p.- rata loatruotion In Clstutlra, Mathematics, Philoso phy, r.iv >h language and literature. Oentletnrei prepared for iho NAVAL vND MILITARY ACADEMIES. THE UNIVERSITIES. Ac. Hlgheal references. Address or i?|> plv tu CANTAB, room NO. B Unlvuralty Building, Waahlng tou Square, New York. A YOUNG OENTLFMAN, RECENTLY FROM KNG land, having a llrat rl is* education, would like to giro lecsnna In Writing, Arithmetir. Linear Drawing. Ac , in a family or tohool. City refereneea. Address K. D . Herald olhoe. BOOKKEKPINO, WKrriNG. AC., for business.? Mr. DoLBKAR. f/09 Broadway, teachee bookkeeping practically, aa uaed In the beat New York houaee. Me alao remove* stiffness, cramping or trembling, and makea ele gant buatneaa penmen. Gentlemen can eecure private room*. French board and French lesbons.-at urr Wad Twelfth etreet, la a French family, eeveral nicely, furnlahed Rooms te let, with tret claee Board. Refereneea. TTNITBP STATES EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE? U A medium tnrosgh which teachers may secure remu neratlro povltlona; private femlllee. schools, academies, soi lages and all ether laaUlutloaa of laarolng be put la eorre spondene with.teachers of the highest order of talent and ei pertenne. Orders for beoka. statTonery sad school apparatus promptly A Rod at trade prices. For information respecting our tmalaesa lntagrBy, we rafer, by permission, te Ear. Nicholas Tea Rant, Nyaefc, N. T.; Bar. H. A. Bulla. Pastor of Prospect (treat i hureh, .Peterson. N. J., and to Dearborn Brothers, Ad South street. Hew York. For form of appltca tkjn and further particulars, address C. W Haass A Co.. M Oman* street. 4M(1 TO tM?TEN WEEKS' BOARD AfeD ENOL1HH VTv brnaehae: piano $10; under twelve; city reference. Address Abel Whltlnch, Danbory, Ceao. ?PORTING. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR SALE?FIPTT A feat beam; abent Ave months eld; bnlit ofonk and eopper fastened; baa aeeantmodations for eight persons beside* the crew; la wail found In every re spect. Apply on board at foot of East Tenth street. A LL KINDS OF FANOT DOGS AND BIRDS, AC.. A for oale-At B. OCTET'S, HO Canal street? Bear Chareh. Kodictnee for ell canine diseases. Prepared food tor.mocklng birds. A FINE LOT OF ALL KINDS OF SINGING BIRDS and fancy Bird Cacao, at store iflO Broadway, t . David tenter. 1JIRANC18 BUTLER. NO. 9 FECK BLIP. HAS ALL THB r choice breeds of Dews. Butler's TnfnlHblsGtanga Cure and Flea Exterminator. 76 eeota. Butler's now work aa IB# Dog, IS. Doga Ireland, boarded. As. Modietaoe for aO dlo Mfee-; ; ! Fancy fowls for sale cheap.?a pine ar sorttaant of different rarlelle?BeabrlgbU, Hajabargs. Polands. Bramaba, Bantams, fluke, Aa. M East Poorth street. In the rear. IR SALE?IMPORTED PROM ENGLAND?VERT _ Ana lleoteh Terrier, nine months old, good ratios and very watahfuL Caa be seen for two daya If not sold. Ad dress P. Parapsey, B4 First avenue. TOHM GRAY, II ROOBBTKLT HTRBET?BUkB FOR el sale Noarfoundlaad Dog* aad Bull Terriers Spits Dogs, Black and The. Scotch and Kkye Terriers, small Puppies of dHfbrant breads: pair of Black and Tana, ana Are pounds, the other el* pounds. F?! QTBAll TUG BOAT. LIGHT DRAFT. SIDEWHEBL, 0 for. sale cheap --IB) feet long, 9i Inch cvllodor beam en gine. Also 26 wood and Iron seeond hand tihtpe Boots, Ap ply where Iba tug lies, foot of 1 Uth en not and Hartam nver. at STEPHEN KOSSUTH' Beat Building Shorn Abtvlihh doo cart" or ism all phaeton With pole and abaft, ooarly new, inads by Silvers A Smith, for sale. Also thoroughbred brown Mare, very stylish. Ill* hands; IBs most desirable lady's saddle horse io tas 'By; can beat three minutes In harness- wtll eiehengo tar a lowei priced horse. Apply at 1M tailThtoy-soaond etaoot. A SHIFTING TOP BOGGY. CITT MADE, IN^KlD a SECOND HAND COUPB. HORSE ABD MANNERS A for ?K at MU Fevenlh aveatm, between Forty-ftf tb aad FortrMith streets. In the tailor store. /JARRIAOE WANTED.?A TWD-flEATED ROCK AW AT. t J must b? In good order and low priced. Address, with price, drawer B. Albany, Jf. *,. Peel ofln fiOVPB FOR OMR HORRR-VBRT LIGHT. ALSO A ' J snop worn Claremw. Al*o a sec md hind light Coupe, m.ide 01 i:<nh?. lsil I, ?t Pans, very handsome. All the altera to be <old very cheap. BUKWsrKl'. A BALDWIN, corurr ltnwlway and Tsalu -i"eet. VXPRHNS WAOONff PGR SALE.?TWO NFM" CON Ui cnnl slnols Ws.oha, wlta laps. Apply In S. W. A11,. HuN. 29S lirt . F^XI'REbfl M A .O f FOR HALH CHBAP- HlfFTING i n.p Ar.ulv at :ne paiM vbon Seventeenth sirc*t, lateen avenues A ond II Prior $l#l F ?l*il L^OR A HA? li >KaK. US HINDS IIIOU. t r yrar* f?!f| pdfir Miltl; r?rit?*<f In r\'vy r^n^c;. Pn ? 12**) In?4 .!.!??' i nl/.f 128 We^t Thirty ?#?" ?n.J i^in * a f.?' a (?nrrn noRfiBe ykk# -is!) 17 1 hull - -Ut. 41.; a Balfeti. Ap^ii/ Ui i-. !? fifth ?? t. .r .?? '?t IWfclfth itfcp*-. App.y in S. W. WILhON, 2118 Brouflwajr. t, ok hall?a good. aot'XD, ii' s ; i;oj .?*? r ww lf>naods ?iiiuUI# ful wnrk. Will .? ? ?J .0ff rh" In*?i. * ia ta# f-uuiturr flora. Ktgfetlf iv n .e, amor im. Fwonu* 4 <nu. CV>11 rfAL!:?TW'O LOW fllutt, rLO.JB PAXFLLKD I ? m s, in rtml <*uI* order. Applf \ *<? A4*ntff *irr?t. Hi ?o?i>r?. I/OK SAl.V, AS KLKOIXT IHK iir.R I' ' 4 f r f?otr mi<t* I'i P*r* (nari#f. In ?iyt? ?u4 *o4 iirtr isOf* 'H ' 1 ????? ?*'i K?r ?? 11 ? i u" in gi <mI jh*?i AW?l> w> . a /Ma - WpsI *>; rj ict lU ?? -?*t? "Laok *ai k?t? platpoh* doi u j ? mi ' r-U' t. ?!??*??* ? i u?tM' i Apply i* I * KM V.S 4 HOJi, I'li it i#W? *4r-*? iron h.u,:-m^ ;n lauds okai'liit Mm ? - II ftffto if i ? '*in ? *?.? Htivn l-am ?t?? ? b# i. lit in! * I? ?n ! . xt ? ..? fv*?, *utl .* lot f&ii/t lior??. ti 5#w Ciitfo > t, ITiOl? SALB--?SI \ 1 ^TEJfH MIIA* row A. ojfh BCLl** I vWi Hot ? ?r Hiriv* nil ]k ? n i*i ?>?? #?iW leotn < f. eU#**p for ? *?.". A; ?iy ?i i.k J r-l ito ;u *??r. I/I4P9I IMLR~OSK Ifim AKAT XLKlOil; A LAO I mi*- foir s-nt 4 'ijfh ftt/iH **4 ?t4f u.;. ',**1 *4 W vs r?t I w+niy- mi ha nAfwH, 170 R P \t.K TWO Tl'RKK PK41 KLKfCM^ *!.? > r . .1. ,< ;? , ?'|| . , ..,1 ..... J. ..., u ? " ?l *' 1 *???? H .'?U, . : WAS "* '?K I ' ? I.'IT ."IK pn.y . A Iryrt #r*. If of* . ir ? I 'P* ;n i i?U iJk"i A mI ^V. A>pWf < F|A?>K R;Li< ' I A!' A I* ^ t . i\ s AMI 1 vs ^ .' - . . ' i I b'1 > ?t. .. or ?t iut.* # -I'i ? fu.|u *t VM i 1.4- -if f if** ,:n % .sly b if AL" Ii I*. WHI ftv i %r.i. f tr J J t?r ARM VP i f'lR H A!*!?, A P!H**T Pf A or *4 'til It.CiAMVKY, Wf Rt Ti I | i..?K s|t.: I K TK'S'K * 'I* IUKM1 ? ? U K, J i hi x .1 or . V T l" .? !>.. >' tL r rj? )j| c\SADA?A Ctf*K lATt.'HID f.'.A M ?l . r . i I. * r ? ... , i.t ,r ...IT "?e. ?* ;'? M, in ?i jo ? I ?*i i t~rl limit. T ron ?t?? ?.? to ?> ? I J ?I|! I ? 1-.<?!'< ??.? ? I ? ' \l ? M 1 !.^ Ml ?... 7.lie Ui *?:<, I, br; rrri rtflb Mid .11 th V' Klt.ii 1 1 ?? i .i 1 i.m " r " ?*aT.r*. ?. 1. i);.1.1. .? ,i,. 1 v 1 1'? k<? '* u... u...?. m ?i 'i ia#./, nr . r III" 4.?r tiriot. UftF.iaHK ?A0 M 'IktlEJIf 04* KU4R HfTTTKr.M. 1' wim .fry llnht. f r tn ' nj ?r 1 ?KO? w'll. pn.r??. .f in i?n a.*i..iU. ?.ii? ? ' ..-i* i to no t!i? 8?o<l i I lJ.ll I.I ni?, Of*!; . .1 4 I ?. ?l I'l.rU u4 ? l i-r. Olid lo* 1,(1 I I O i".' tmii in.| >ii u/ -it. ..f (>i a! it ??loo K. H KtlVI; i: I .ri B1(. i . ..i(. .A ood f'?i !':**< T. H t. il ir-tt. Aliatoro ri-rf 1M .loToa o* ??.< ?!?/(? n . of ligm and %up W?|oi>i rpRlM WARTKD?Ht'ITAll/R f"R f AUK I Id, I j* i baiiiis u g . sa l ? I. Ad !i'? (iving iiorti. ubn whora to h? bo ??.n and ["' 0, boi i.ooi I'o* ?Ana, Trotti^o gpMK ron oai.k- *t *?Nf kwatkii d AuU.,O l#0 tlljft r.#F tmlH llorao, ? ( lriui it or blaai'i I 1 Aorti'ia. M i/il/rrtf a<roof, frVtaf, fih. M II ? Har p..of tnillt llorao, l( ill U*f hun 4 roar. old. aoui.d, l B ( ta I !**? hun ' ?a?r. aid, aound, ' IT. ("nll/./nlr t: llti. I. a f olthoucb I'I. nipt a id .pritrd dr'vor. award and 4/iran bp praartit vwna: for Mmjraart. and ?Miran ol>-k or la aw, ea.1 trot rtafllf In 2 U, in Daa ?iyi? aad pui? taiiad and warr.taiad aa roprooantwl In artry pameular. told m tbonl roaart? nvlf for wao'. of aaa TIIK NKW LIVKKT RTA M.R OP RTP.1MOR RROWN A D trla la now mo?pl?ui I aad op*a In tk? p .i.lir Tata aotal.l afiWrut offrra una/)iial.*d aoroirjatodatn/oa fi.r tbo kwi pli'l of li.dtwa and la annfaniant to oaf and nap* rwntoa Tl * ataanttnn of tboor kanpitis k'.r/-a ',a r?tpi ffulip "wood,>, an t klao -a aollrlt/. 1 -A tbnaa l;fiB( oat of town and aeeaotntw t w dr ?# la'o tk* rnr RTKRdiiX RP'IRTS k ImTIP. 1141? VM Waat Thirty oaooad atrori a?*r milk at-non. Til/. PA-T TROTTIRfl NORJIR -MORP.OT PRTf-R" V i apnood of or lad at Taflor". H dot. Joiwj < .If, ?a Row fart In, pooiv??if KOKNKK, CAKKIAUK*. AC. WANThD?TO PURCHASE, A I'AIK OP IMUh must lie young. ? uuml and well trained for a carriage. Apply at ' ' Kent Nlnete.-otu street. per month?por a fi:w murk horns*, at HAULE'd Hour Hug Stable, 64 East H.tlh street. $30 <fc*JAA ?HO 11 HALR, \ HOHsK \SV LIGHT ?VAOONi cost ?1* month* *go $67;?. pm?I<1 for tb?* w.tOt of line, warranted. Apply m H. II. liittllON. 446 Hr?K>iu? mi. <?> r~ n ? horse, w #ti?MJa pitying at ttn be Moid. KatLractory rea. AOOV. mkRNES8 AtfO WouK. lie rale of $t,6/U pernuuuui. Musi Lfactory reuMouM Ur *al?. Cud ai M Lupeuard fttreei, for one woek. U FIN A\v?AL.. NITEl) STATES TUAM Dxrawsm. IH 1*6. Schedules of .30) thirty or mor" "'onpoii* due .1 in i rv l"t. INK. will im now received foe eiauiluuuna at tl.e Uult.ul Htalea Treasury. IT. II. VAN RICK, Assistant Treasurer. ^TLANTIC HAVINGS HANK, CHATHAM SQUARE, NEW YORK Money deposited ou or before January 2 will draw Inter.- t from January 1. SIX PER CENT Interest allowed, free of tax. Banking house of pisk a hatch, no. ? Naaaau street. New York, December 20. IHtH.?The eoupons due .Isniiary 1, 1*67. on the UttsT MORTGAGE bonds of the central pacific railroad com pany OP CALIFORNIA will be peld et our nfllee, free of government tax. F1KK A MATCH, Bankers, No. S Xssesu streak BANK OP THB COMMONWEALTH. NEW TORK, DE osaslier 27, IMS ?A dividend of six (6) per eeat free of United tax. will be paid to the stockholder# of till# bank, ea Wednesday, Ik# M of January next. GEO ELLIS, Cashier. HULL'S HEAD BANK, NEW TORK. DECEMBER 21. D 1166.?This bank has dorlared Its usual quarterly divi dend of four (4) per cent and an extra dividend ef two sod one-half (216) per eent. all free of government tax. payable an aad a/lor tan Id day ef January next. Q. W. WII.LKTT, Caahlee. CITIZENS' SAVINGS BANK. NO. M BOWEBT, OOB ner ef Canal street. Xew Tark, January. 1827 ?Slspee seat, free from jeveraaant tat. 186"?JANUARY INTEREST,?Tke rwutor semiannual Interest, at the rale of SIX PER CENT per annum (free from govern men! taxj. will be paid oo and after Monday. Jan uary 11, 18*7, oa all sums of flea dollars and upward wkteh have been on deposit for tkree ee six moatba pravtoaa to the ?ret of January. Interest not withdraws will ha added te the original de posit, aad bear Intersil from the let of January. Manor deposited new, er on or before January W, wtll bear Interest from the let at January. Bank open every day for the recaption and payment ef money from 10 to I. and also oa MONDAY. WTDNE1DAY AMD FRIDAY EVENINGS, from t to 7. Bank books la German, Preach and English. GEORGE POLsOM, President ?mora A. Boars, Secretary. CH>B SALE?POkTY-SBCOlfD NTBKET'AND ORAND A Street Pony Railroad Stock, at o bargain, also Central Park, North and East River (Boll) Railroad. Third Avenuo Railroad and otbor ally railroad Stocks, loeuraaee, bask Stoma, Ac Ac . at low rataa fer Inraettneat ALBERT H. N ICO LAY. No. IS Ptoe street, N. T. VfOWKY TO LOAN-AT 7 PER CENT, IN LAJtOB OR Sthle^t a mens Is, without Sfeay. on drat doss Properly, RING A CO., No. ? Wast Twenty-third el. Fifth Avenue Hotel VTMW TORK AND BAJkLMM RAILROAD COMPART. AX Tressurer's nfloo. New York, Doe. IS, IMSS. The Now Terk and Harlem Railroad Company have do ctored a dividend of four par east aa the preferred and common stock, end the same, lam the government tar, wtll be peld te the eiEwholdera en me 8d day el January. 1817. at the office af Aa aompaay, earner of rearm arenas aad Twenty-sixth street Tha transfer books wtU be elaaed at ? P. M.. DeuembeTM,,anw?w. NHew tore, dkcemrbr ii. ism, Hamilton fim luauraamCompany. No. II Watt street.?'Tba dlioetom bars this day declared a semi-annual dwldaed of Are p#r nfcf**"'?" -jfflKassh'tessr SBI PER CENT INTEREST-PREE OPGOVKRRMEJfT ? TAX. Maaawt Sanaa# Bass, > a XaeiAo. (anas Psiioa sr.) Naw Tors. I Interest oa new deposits twmmsnrae immediately ea the 1*1 day of the month fallowing Ike dale ef the deposit wV tan nam* fKBml Bmn B. Coaai ta, Saoratary. HOLDERS OP M BE (CAN BONDS AND SOUTH ^?era aoeurlttea.?Yaluabto Steak ta ea Incorporated com pear, far wfcleh cash can be roallxed will be given In ex change fer the neve securities. Addme Doha Fide, bos .. ? rPMB ANNUAL MESTINO OP THE RTOCEMOLDFB* 1 ef the Bah ret bar Cornet Manufacturing Company for the ?Isettee of saw trueteae and officers for the ensuing yasr olU be held #1 the St NleWas Hotel an Wednesday Hie * h af January, W7, at 12 u'rl'cJc M. The stockholders ere re spsrtfully '.nvf'ed to at'sud A R JUICI ER IL See r capitalists -Nonet w .ntkd. to i/hn ni imprm-M farms In Steuben county, and uountlaa ad j.Hvtng, Uriu reerfra 7 per .vm te .sost "t rela given, or oond If i c.julrrd Addr-as Slenben, loom Ri.iadivuv New VortL VERM ILYAJ A GO., NO. 44 WILL WYRI'PT, B INKERS AND D1 AI.LKN is GOVF.RVMK4T ST<""Kh AND COMPOUND INI'BI RUT NOTE*. ALL QL.HHES OP GOVERNM< M M'Sl>- CtKOIl P 1 ok K'.iiirrKD for, on re< tipi <t vnhkf.i KAIEH, HIKE "II i3X COM Ml -Slot 1 II VKG En |Hujr-fs*H I in* j W... .Ilf^|lOu,4 Co .., 1 ?\ ilil . ft?2D i.? !{.?'< t?ol - *>4 1**4^ I ft ?0 i '..fipnu. ?*? ?.p,\!inr ft *0 I'mr <?n 1*4 ft JO ft 2*> I'UH K> fuaa. Her J7. 1*6S. It i| jr 1 * 11 ?7 I 70 ... . i. j.; m A* 1 No ? OA ti'v. ?. ?** A ? ., d '!??.. a!. ??? ii.. :i.i . ! -I A, 11 . If i; ii . Jt? iJ Ko? el-re i. .< '< >V ^ |y. ^ **' Ul\ IP % i ti i ,l io I '" ????.' At* ?*<? -v, lit : ?, I.. .. I*!',il!P> |lM?pi . *<? | *i ? , ? ..n??, ".:??? I 1 i<* ><>, < . 4. <i I., ?; )- I I'l-H ? ?. I I*, T r'.l KST.-WA.NI !', ? 2 fft JOll or $U.OM?, Unr wbTdft 7If **r cent u#^Th>'i*h1 iwt r?t whi .* p?ftl *u<2 IWptl rA or! ,, ? .eft. -4-1 . ??? V? ?, ?taUm E. An <r/w| wamted?n> horiujw for hjie vr \r. V ? ** " on ** ?i??J *,11:4; .*#, <TO ft fcftft'ltftu.* or , ? * to Hrr?4lfB loftl * 1 ???a. y *? H ' ' dlf foi ?3614?' ?v.

Psr*t r;,i? $?4>,ft"U. >? oi' ?*: ?. f*;t f?*#; $4UU. nod |?* J AJ4r? * He! . >?. !ler*M' &? 7~ twt.. 7 > i/?\s < . , y *' \ r. i m ' O l ?J.UlIu ... u *... -7 J. .-?? I n. r mm? n :.?*?.i ?> .?>? , MM* OKKU K*. A 7 77 V'lNl.r , ,1,1'Hi. I V ? it .7 A Mi.-.1!)-. WATCH x, ,'KWI'Ci', *?? 'III f I r\ ?'V ?? I'"."! ?1 i. Ht .liK-ir J! r? ' i !?? ?.-. ' i H- I u ... , . i.i, .i ll K,>,t Hi ?? ,i WaIi.mK.., AKM j.i.Ui . Ac., at 27 Urn act iv >kn, \DTANO 1I*',| "V ,'IH l! I r '.!?-? >17, i. j 'i ..i it ? I ,'r c ??) I' ll ' \. J \ |'K - iN 111 "-and Hit ? ;*.i?, - ?-. ??..? i.l Mr ,. i T I,". ! - \ 4 7 ? n . ,V, ,t?|t*K!l <>t II . \ I, .? in . a ? am) m|a care, 0 ?.li ah.i '1 ?n tu m '?? .i a T ill ?'!?'? A , ?'?x;-; ,\ in A w IM) - . AV A ! ? Illl- ,l 'I . . Hi - *> III I PAV." ri! Vl>- V A I . ill II \ ? VA I, . ' .1 .'I. ' v.. r A J. H. itAi B1M.I. u: Hi -I' r, ? t m:-Tnr r?oi fhictb \ l ,m I- AT ? ? -r V - i .r. 19 M - I'.A-A rlbfirfL-r* II t'll |AI of Ik* ? a; in. .?,??> " la-Mo ?. JJ.Att ? lli'ii' ? ) Ti , ) V r. I ' - at *.r ii". w - f .? uHa. at 'I** * 1 d. I#' PI I'll K ! K? II hi: iRTATT ,.R'TC*I'X TIA!!. i ? h ? > .? i ? - . A!. i -n I ? AU-r. ' U - .?? u-1 itl 1.1.1 . U .ix. .v I . t L't.* > Mne* i ?. s ? r? i, /\ I!..' . 1 'a a-?i ? - 1 e ithl- T" i*hir*, h.r. h*eo *4 In i o ., ,i . f. a . I u .. .1* .u -o ,a at \ 1/* -. ? ... r .t.ioa t! t Mac* Iaa-o I* canaki-il *?* '.c n. . ,'?)?? r ii * -i n pr i.. i, a . > * >1 ?? > ' i 'n Ai.i* i'ii-1 an ? n le 'lor In p-ll rhi. - Will #?<#ft !'? Ifcl ' ? ? I I e- . . a, % ? - Hi. , ? A ) . .a W-.r. ' H . f r .. i.t ? e~ i? I ... AC'ILUADhK a- . f V ?ii* if omrrrrH. 1V, n iT'.v arm ' r i,tv ' i If. f r aato a > I'D . ?! ?i < 1 n . I It I Tattle*. >t r*A. oa'il* pr..**. Qtil ar4 ?i. u .a, a.r ta il f. -ir all lATAHrEri to iimr-A uri T' f.>-m r h ? rnOCRT' T? Blilla, ~ *?**. WIAKA. I.IUKIK,. Alt*. WIKf ? DM III" WH UHfti i,|s? I.I -]oet,r?, i a.r? | All tor . .. 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M uti Ii.ivh gi.iMl *Xl Prliw iti-w 4 PARTNER WITH ?#*!, WITH OB WITHOUT DR. ?\ voting time, sen g<*t * BcraiMtivui tqliwt in an ?uii I '?d h'lrri-n* on g ?ot pft-mg truii. The buRin?st tn U* gtiimata ufid hut ??>n;<i nut null uvmk- muxtwia h< miikM a fui luue uukw tuoullui. AilUr?!n?? lU-glt.y. Her Jtitl l-?li r. \ PARTNER WANPKU in A COMMISSION TO j\ Untvo hou u* ilrMljr ?;*LeblU i?Hl; one-kuird girrn u? 4 r* ttpQiittlbie pai t j. A'i'i. twm, ?viUi r?*l :>?une, box 6 "2ft P<?*t iMfji ? T\!X*??Mj''ION ' P ? <>PAKT\KKHIII*.?TIIH UNO ,R I " t'giu'd h<i\o t'.idUay b? ruQlir.l onnMttil riUtnh??! the cotiirtu# r*hip ImreuiUne ??*tr 114 tumor U rutin 1 art I ?ty m et t l?. PnlKii A tio, Oil. I olbSt U *ulho'1z*<l to fo ri- fo nn.l l'qul'lai** nil oM'Htafn! ^ Iriuafidt d?i* t*? the m\\d firm j j?U h?* aIho iuwjjo-? t.? pay all UePti* th.ti inAy ?xDt ?<;?? it.?r fit in nbuif.' u. tuo-l (HI. FRliMPII JOHN If MONTAG, N? w V..mi. Dec. 27. 16 jo. Mtl. V. L. HRAtJNH I1AS TliJfl J>AY WITHDRAWN frvm the tirui of K. W. BKCk A t O. N i w V onik, Dec. lb, 1^(2. 1JARTNB* WANTED-'TO TAKE HALF INTEREST IN the mfcnufactijre *1 d ?ato of * ?tunb* at tw in Tut* tr*1 demand. Profile lUfi per oeuL Apply ei 661 Broadway, room PARTNER WANTED?Uf A RELIABLE FIRST CLASS reeh btaineaa, well e?t*bli?bnd. Apply el 60 WaB etr?et, second floor, op a 1 eel J flight, in the rear, room No. A PARTNER WANTED IN THE BOOKSTORE NO U Bible Houae. Beer Vert. WANTED TWIMtDlATKLY -A GOOD, ACTIVE MAN. with eeeeb refltel ef B100U. to Ukt oue half Interest In a good paying eMy taste#** of toe yeere' ?tending. Ad dmia for three deya B. FUagareU, eere ef Jemrt Connor, IW Broadway. $."An -PAETirtR WANTED?IN A MEAT, HONOR. 'A'". abla Mm profitable mannfaciurlrw bsalsoaa, ?onnaetnd ?1A lalte ul orders; nIMmm aaehangod. Im **tr.of CMAMEeIlIM, m IrnlMky, nw Mo T. tin (inn Wamted.-i want a THOEOoan VlU.UuU fO,u( bualn.M oua. with IhU umlI I* t?k. ? ou*-bklf lalfTMt la as aaUbKahsd bs.lnsM A Ilka ?mount la slraskr Mi-?iad bjr aaraaV. MO.uOO aso M maAa the oomtoa ;mr alaar, and aa aauual tonraaaa luinaeatlona Ibla. Thu la itnAsnaladl. ths boat ohsooa for an IneaaUoen t ?nd b'ltHsaaa Is tha mart.'. Prlaat^la aoly asad aktiaaa C*pllsl Wasted, Bsra.4 aCUs AOKNTLMMAII WfBWES TO OONNKCT RIMMLP (la tha mid San saanafateisl) with a a?'A wanfclr UMMtr Est Mitea.tan addraaa A. B. 0., boi Ms IM Herald oStas. a rarr niim is orraaaf mTa rvsimims it man with ? Hw tbouaaad Mm. ts the nwafu ^igartas?j!T^a?r=; Atartt cam arm nou mm to $*.<?? in a esnubls IMmM which vCU Malrtrtey fajr MB par ewBt per BOSth. Call St MB BteoKararrwci. AOEMTLRMAV MT BMMMMM TACT AMD BNBIIOT wasted?Wbs would, an hi. ows reeeooetbllfcy take roolral of tbo adroiSalsS departeoet at a .nmmarelal Ripar. With ? otwttsl of a boat MOB a .at an man anuld nld up a hnateaasol sbonl SI.MB prodta s paar. Addrsaa Esatjrboa Ut Raratd 1MB00. ATTEMTiqW CATHOUCB1 TOR NAI.R?<ON AC. rosot oMSoSMHr te attasd j. tho boot oppmiualty orcr Offered la MoMTotk. lor tbo wet htod of aaaa, with about il.m a ad gMd roterenot; asyCalhoile wtebtof to MM< la tka maat hMTatt.w baatadaa arcr atartod la Utla aHf. non.ld' ortaa iba aaplial raauiiwd. may tail Bar tea days at UB Maaaln atraai. room No. ML aad la.aaMfate te hla own uUafaetkia. .ad .Mada ptwof af tba tena. Rare crarce-ant obmti.kman wibhino to maka man ay rapldlL and ba.tna |A ns eapttal enn leant o| no ?it?nof?lnai7 opportunity by la,tilrlns at SI Uudaon atroat. The uont rot-be mi enke?tor sncuhutx state or ao'ialy rllkta fo a#U tela popular karosoao bur nor, odd > as. Joawp* Ridge. Richmond, lad. rR APTRRTlltR. A rMOROC.IH CRACTICAl. RCHI. uaaa awn, dactroa w met with a (mllrua baring frmn rweatr te tfly teuuaaad dollar, aaah r.pttal to Oatab llab a buSa'oa la which tea ad..rflwr will gaoraaloo ano. oern, and to which te no, one dollar of the capital nu*<t. and no p oatbthtr of low OalyenrnoM and bora (Me pontes will bo trootod Wl'li. Addroaa A. A B.. Harold offior. ___ omr. me hmrab or the ninkthkntii 1 eeatorr -Thra. ef the groa sat iiolcate of th? a#e Tor. son. hat log f rum BRA te fo,i?K) i.pllal e.o leer . of aa en; a. orliiut.-y opiortunlty te make money by calling at Tremold lioii.e, Na. tei* Broadway. (OOBI No 1* Ho-,r. from ? to | r N . on Frtd-y, Hattirday and Header tttala, omiaty, clfv .ad town iigMa for .alo WANTED LLATTSn MTRI.V ORTAINED A EATUNT ll for a ?e, b I thick w . _..h to jola, . oi?_ ^? p.u.iMtin m? . or ?'e fwlwdw.' wuitn.. In Eurpp*. ?ad >?Jte>"le lmpru.--.HU4 In the alcaut -ugln., X Wlii g. -rally aduptod for It. f.i I n . .h to jOta . 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THlrt AND KYHHY EVP,NINO AT R M HARTl'B NEW PEAT, MI'LTIlM IN PARTO, With oUaar mlruilaa, including bla gi eat auaoaaa, TIIB II K AD IN THE AIR, And the graataat profrainm* arar offered la aa audtaarov Mr, A. badgwtck will parfunn on tha Ragllah concert,n? Tlrkata OB < nola. Raaarrad Saata Rl. Chtldran half prion, flchata for aala at tha Rail from It till A float ? at TJh Tha Obtekanug Plana la uaart at thoaa partormauoaa. CARD -M nARTZ IN NOW PRKPARXO TO BHPPLY Maglaal PalartalnmauU for nrlrala partloo during tha boUdapa, parforating hlmaoU or Ending mMBm t'laltOod for aa doing. Ai?ply at tho Hall. SAM rRAN CISCO MINETRELE. BB BBOAWAT. ThatronMa oaatmaoaad at n uaarknrta> THE CEEME DP. LA CBP.MS OPMINNTRBI.TY. BIRCH WaMROLD BERNARD ABACEIJg' RAN PRANCiEOQ MINSTRELS, whaaa anartaa Nan aror haao aquollad hp any atmilar aego atratloo In tha war Id Naw and Cbaarf *1 Hartaa^aaa aeary wa*k Oaiuhrtnua' Oaara of Lagar Haor. Pat and Oraaay Imltatlan af Artora. Black Othallo. 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