Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 28, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 28, 1866 Page 2
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SIl'ttATIOWS HH!VTB!>-FBXA)iRK. AYOUHU AMKMUAN UIBL-AN ORPHAN VMTA. Me anil luiuiligatit., <t**uvs n *!? nation in a Mimll fun Wj ; u? an excellent aftamatrej*. &u4 would ta*? euuie char UJ-, ?rt ail f*i*?ueiii ?r>o.uiNU( MS ,iua would U*? enure I liaiae of oue clnld. Good roiereuc**. AtldrtM* Nellie, bo* 150 Herald ottioe. AWHT NIKSK'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A ti*?althy young niarried woman, with a t'resli hr?a*t of milk; h-?s Inn baby. Beat mijr refer* noe. Can lie wren at IS Kivmglon *L. rear, for two ?laya. Nl MUKR OP WELL KEOOMMKNDKD ORRMAK *U?|"Ih wont aituAlimis at Mr . L >we'e Uerinuu Inaluutc, Nw 17 Slant mat, near Rowery. A A LADY WI81IK8 TO TAKE A CHILD AT HKR OWN J\ home, b.a no children of her own; will give Hamuli, er' * car*. Adjreau 181 W esl 2i?Ii at. a RESPECTABLE TOUNO QIRI. WISIIHS A RIYl'A JV lion na first claae laundress; understand* Krone). ft..i mg, bi -.lof. ity reference. Can Iw wn *1290 Rest ;3.1 < third flour, Lout room. A YOUNG OK MIDDLE AGED LADY, W110 WOULD consider a home, a snort distance from the city and perhaps .. hinaU compensation st. equivalent for her com panionship to A lady ami occasion, liv a little music on the piano, may address Wallace, Herald office, stall Ok' and wbaro to be ?een. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A EES "El'f AB1.K young woman, to do general homework rood rotoronce furnished. Apple to Mary Rtgncy. iij 1. .-1 vkii -t. 4 RBSPKCTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO i\ do housework OallatllC West If7th at., between 7th und Sib ava. Ah' I.Gl'Ei'TABUi Y'* Mi GIRL DgSl.tiiS A SITU, (tlou asclunibermala and u oitress, or to do general knuaewurk lain email family, tit 1 reference If i fWrea. Call for three days at Mr Jas. Drougaa'a, -d>- Weal iiuuau.i ai., .n the rear. AVOtTNO. HEALTHY GERMAN W td.tN, l.tTi' .Y nouunc.d, and e h cl.11,1 .a rl an. wnul 1 like t . t ,k ? .,,. hoard and wc, i.nrac o ch.'a. lr ul i.r,, Lunge Gil W esPSt-d si ' ARKSPKCTABI.fl W'm GIRL, ^ YEARS ii wane ( . > ... mi. in til a roapcotable family to Mght hou ??.. ? latter ohnlred ?r d ?'light e?: mi* wnrlt. t',.11 "t ?r .duress otoEuSt :..M at., bet weed 1st air ay*., for ta re d vs. A W/l>t?W LADY WISHES Tt> OBTAIN WAHULNsi. jlV by m doxen or to no u it by I e day. beat ut i.i.ei nice Call ut ltii' .a.t '?UX A, room IS,' bflwoen lit at. I Kd are. A RI.SUICOTAIILk PRGTSSTANT GIRL WiSIIKS A ;V MiuaUMUHchuuitn'miairi and waitrna* or to do gcii ? ral housework, m u j r.vau .air ly; boat city rt fereuce .'.p. ply at 84 \\ cat list si. 4 YttV.NO LADY DESIRES A SITUATION Am SALES J\ wo.uuii. lu uoine thlfr<ir dry gntnis store, reference glueo Address II. W., box YiH ilerald oiilc*. A situation wanted?by an experienced per on as root; undcratabda ull kinds u I bbtiaawr*. k uu to go a short distance In ilic country. Apply at If I Weal 87lli ul., between 8lb and Bill svs. A SITUATION wantkd-by a competent per eon. lady'u maid; understands Unlrdreuslpg and ?ewing. no objenttm to travel; has s'nod oity Nfurencea Gall at 1Kb West '.'7tb at., bet ween 8tii and UtU uvs.'Lctai)le woman wishes a situation to do'general tmu -nr. .rk In a small famll/; undo - ataudpUAu cooking, wuuui:i? an t ironing; good reference. Gall AtHtrner ut' Hjch el. and dd sr., east side. A SLAMS TRESS WOULD LIKE A FEW BNUAl moiAs b* lbs day or wrock; cau cut ami hi bull - aid cluidrea'a rlutl.e;,; ohd operate on Wheeler A Wllsan s a. i. eh:n^. Call at.117 IVeat 2Sth si., third floor, front room. Do not ring the bell. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A SMART YOUNG WOl mail, as housemaid and Mattress in a small privaid family. is a good cook la the English stylo; best of refer ence. Us11 lor two Unys at 7-ili loth si.. near loth av. toy SO lady or KPUi;ATIO.V, COMPUTE AT and euicrfeuucd iirhous?..?..itsplug, would like a position as conipHiiien.iind IxiuseRem) r In a'f iinilv. or would UVg entire charge nt* a wldo'wMr's lumsehnht; tiniiucatiouhuto rri lerynoes. AdtfroW ILiuar, 11.-raid office. - :A RKmPECTABLE MARRIED WOM AS WISHES TO ,J\. gel a baoy to wet nurse at K>-r own 'muse; s a trust! worthy woman. Call for two dayk at 157 West iffth ut. A GOOD DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE TO GET empl.rvtBMCby.the day; understands cutting snil f. - ting ladles'lire-.Hs. Ctill for two days at fcl West lktb ,., between 8th arid 7th uve. HOI REKBEI'RR-A, MIDDLE AGED LADY OP 7.N. tettigenc*, sud efficient In'eli matters relalln;-'" hAu*-t keeping, woiiM like to take eharae of a widower s 'uinily. i.r tlio care ol an elderly couple: nniU'-suon iblc irl ci cno-S gtveu. Addrt-iis H. O. K., bug l.SdS l'ost office. HOUSEKEEPER'S S1TUAT OY.WVNTMD- BY A lltv' of retirement and edacatldn llo.n-'. nn;i is Boat given. Address U. H. IE, Uorahl isli SITUATION WANTED? IIV A YOU SG AMI-' Kit' \N WO. man ol respeetai ditty, in m>nt- bin ail family of udsl.s| wber.-sl.e r iuld make herself generally u.ji:ol. in ; r? the pririlegenf buving hcrUtlH girl tlirce un l a half ypur? old. with lier. Apply at 107 Wavnricy place. QITVATIOK WANTED?BY A RRSPKCT t HT.ii Wo. mouths old. Call at 160 22d St., between 1st snd it a top floor. WANTED?M ItlTINO, TO BE DONE AT HOME, BY a lady; It will be promptly executed nnd ?ent daily to the offioe of employer. Address X., bos S17 ller.dd oUtum rf^TAIITED-BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A SIT! A Yv tlou pa plain oook nru! washer; has no objection to eeeili.ort distance iu the country, want, a home more than eregee.N^lall^at 11 Clark son si. WANTED -A* SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE girl, lode general houseemrk; good city rc.ereuce. Call el ? n 'hit, at., near Idth av. WANTED?A BABY TO NURSE AT HER OWN house. by ayottng womsn with a lre?b breeaiel milk, who has lost her Infant, a day old. Inquire lit the store MB - Oharkon at WANTED BY AN AMERICAN LADY, A SITUATION aa monthly purse, or to take uare of an Invalid to a re speclabtc family. Cen g'vo lbs best of city reference. Ap. ply for one week ut TW rust lCt.1 St., lop floor, front room. WANTED-A YOUNG WOMAN WITH A FRESH brt .st ol milk wishes to obtain a situation as atirsh. Inquire for three days at ^tll East lidh st., top fliMvr. WANTED?A SITUATION A SALESWOMAN IN A confectionery, millinery or fancy store, by w young, well educated lady. Apply, between k -nd 5 o'clock, at P. Lh.tlcli'u id 1st ev.. rison 16. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO. iiiuo. a suuaUon ea cook, washer and lroner. t ail at MIS Weai IPth at. Wanted-a kituation, by a kesui itabi.i: young woman, as cook' would he willing to ???tst At the ootr-e ?n>litng; has the best of city reference. Can be aeou alBfctitli av., corner ittli at . Ur?t floor. HKI.P WASTKIt-KKM M,F.S. AI.ADVS MAID WANTED. V PRIVATE FAMILY want* it UmIjt'hi maid In tPend to ? yon tig lartrtaho niuat >><? Herman or branch i competent dr.-aanuker and hair dreaaer, aud hare undnn'.trd tntlmonlnlii, tin- hfgl.oHl w?" will i? A|I|MV to <tie Cathie i of the Uriah) office for further Information. AI.AIiY WANTED?TO TAKE ENTIRE OH A ROE OK a amall Imlrl on l<roadw*e , mining about IP room a. hatidrooiel v furnlahrd. with l?riu lra?e , olio liar.nK (tool $tl.Uoj to gll.UUU piefarred. C TII'IMTSOV T!5R Broadway. A 1.1. KAM 1 I.IK8 WANTJNO ROOD CAPABLE SKI! vant tmnir llatrlyn . good Herman g.rD, at llrt rlaaa mallt'ilc. lUtithh ay., h 'low .'.u hi. A WOMAN WAMTMD-TO do otixmvoiiic. waatnn.' uod irortiuc nonr luit Otoaa having t- Hi of reference- need apply atUJ Went ::>th at. (10' 'K WANTED?A KIK r 01."'.SSC~. lOK, W A PEL ) rat.- fart ly. who ran rood wall r. tumaudrd. Ap| ly at "> o I W i tih at (inura NUMB WANTED?AN KXrXRIENCBD AND J rrllahlr wamat , t>. talc rh irge of an Inlant of atx ?nonlha Apply it ITS Wem it ill at. HKI.P WANIKD?A YPl'MI U'RI. r<? AHSS-T IN Ihr rare ,,( ???... Iran ml vho i willing *-t> m 'he hart, .f oarfiil; iiarinan and I'mu roil prr ? rat w?-ns $6; of. ?rrncea requited. Apply atv i IV .t IHtli at. Wanted a tin > r*? do ? i nekai, Hihevork in a mi.II family, n a ,, rt ,n?tat. ? ml ,a , , inir , marl be a ?ond rook, w t-b, - iraMr; laMlwall iw P ern imi rot, menta. A I'rot'-s .,?i |v. tetrad. Ailti uat, llriiilil "Oha. WAITER illlllS WANTED FOB A I aaloon Apply at II Rlvii, ?., n ?t. Wanted-an nurse and nv\m tress, a pe. anerlaMa girl; '.hhI city rrfaran. a r? , iir.l fallal ? e'elook at ltd I..tat 3.".lli at. Wanted?by a private camti.v, a ?? ilrr gill, who i? a .",,0 . wa?hcr ant , ? ? r I,,t m guod baker Apply at II V trick pla'C, nrra tile,,,..or WANTED?A TROTH -TANT Wo NAN, WITH noon reo?niio, iiil.Atioiia In cook, wa?h and Iran in .1 in, 1 family Call at Pit Mrat ktth at Wanted- a waitress and rh am hern aid, j will, good rnconnnen.UlloliH Apply at AO', 4th a> balwaan it) and II a. N WANTKD-A PRhTKNTANT W AITKKPN. city rkk era nor required Apply al No A Wr-t RM ??. Wanted?a mm. to do dkmkhal iiovseworic ; ?anal ba a good plain rook, a go -d waahrr am) Iroorr and oome Well recommended. Apply al No 1 PI Kali al , Brooklyn flrat bnuaa aooih of l.afayetie ay WANT8D-A COMPETENT AND i'ATAII! K I. AI V draaa Our who thorueghly ondrratamla har bnaln? a, ' j recommended, inay i i lr ? No 'a V ,i ??.?>,. Huin, Saturday and Monday, br >..? thr h n? of y d A Nona bul tboaa thoroughly qualified nard apply. ,'TIVE UIRI. PDR NURSE r.,me wall recommended. O'clock. rANTED-TWO WOMEN, COMPETENT TO DO THE I of n En?1 Apply, with CMP rafaranewa. al JU? wsrANTBD a NEAT, actiyi W bad light ohnmberwoeh: mint. Apply nl N Warn Mth at. bafora II K??al* TO ryind. WrUTU - BXEKRIBBCBD SlfIRTMAIEE8, TT i?lri and dnlnh flaa Dean ahirte. Call on Alan I IN M m. _ _ 1 VM ANTND?A ROOD HOUEKKREPKR. POR WHICH I am willing to pay r? par month; mu.l poaaam all jbn ^anmmingn of_n_gnodD?oh and gaaaral banrnworkar ntWCTUtoa ptara. WANTED?A HUT CLAM DRSfMMAKER. WITH antlafaetory oharactr.- and rofaranra aa lamblllly; one ?En b? haao aoaaaatad wlU aim wall known city aarab NaEmonl nad and laka nElifl af a robn maniaau dapartmant pfr?!-?f %rPmf^Ke d^nB,*nl ???>?? WANTRD-A OORPRTRNT WAITHBSa, ALSO TD Uf ANTED?(N a TEITATE f AMILT, AN EX PERT ad wadwam and ahambariwild Nona bm a ninip AaatfHnaMla?dti the boat any rafaraoroa raqolrad. Ay mmtrmJSktkML* i r.? m he ??. aP W\IVTBI)-I'1"*A1,K,?. 11'ANTED?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, ONR *1 hour's mb- rem 111' city, ID a oouutrv vdlafi'-. a first cl sea economical rook, wuahar and Irouer; iko .1 rmts-uuk woman, wlm t. a t i l >ti<l thorough ?crr ml. understanding ell the dutlea of u houscke oer If required. raiiabto or tak ing eutiro c!iori; 1 n na ni 'Qit. ft old, i-icinU-rwark aud the gen al ? 1 ' t,? house. None but honest, fstth f 'U and wf u iv. .11.M' persons need apply. The i>e.t of wage* g;vni tp > i!?< Wall at., act ilia ii -<>r, trout odicu, Friday and Saturday. la I ween 10 and 1 o'clock. firANTED -A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK \l in a small taunt}, a short distance ill the country; 11, nil lie a u'.'d cook, w i.'.iier 1U1I IrObsr: hon -o has ill uiod 11, improt meiit- . A Umicaunt preferred, Apply to A. B II b y, -HI Beaver at., between 10 and 1! o'. ??*. VI/ANTED-A Cilia,, TO CO A SH HIT DISTANCE IN ?> the country. fun ftiiitaltle p I a good home la of. tared for tliu w titer: a Harmon uiri n fervid. Apply at the grs'nalorr. No. 1 ilrooiuo at., be >' <111 2 and 6 o'clock on Friday alloi noon. J\ set o'clock. SITUATIONS H iNTED-MAliBS. A FIRST CLASS FRENCH, WITH THE best 01' city refer,mi 1 wishes lo gn aa public w.'iiter lo krivi; dluoers, soln 01 balls, i,r aiiythtfik concerning his work; speaks EngM. . tddreas II. V. lit Mallly 6d76th ar. YOUNG MARRIED MAN. CAPABLE AND ENKR. I ;> employment in the -vevins .torn 6 to 12 ei-inan, wattes, bartender, or lo any similar <1 years of experience and On,rough know ?ie beat of rrlerenue.8. Call ut 1211 Tie ad e s A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, JUST ARRIVED FROM , \ England, and who uas unfort mutely 1 >at all bis prop, er:, by it-- 'am aunt back (0 Loud in by mistake, would lie 1:. id of any dinauon, tint would enable htm to obtain a liv d'li.iod t.ll be receive r mmunicvt 11a from Ins frii nds ;if hornAddiras Tyrrel. herald ol'loe. A yotwn man wishes a situation as kitoiien r" b"\ tu a reape-taiu* kuutlly; he I. I.ilel. lauded from ? he nid country. .tduri-s \V. Red y, 01 W?t I'fMh U A MIDDLE AGED li ESTEEM AN OP VARIED BUS | ."A i"e<is 1 vper eiii e in tiiift e|p, and the Whbi dsiM-res era 1 pb'Vinanr, cither n'liee or outside work; best of relciunoes i;!ven. Add era M., l'Jl tiold sU ! ? COMPETENT MAN WILLI NO TO .ACCEPT ANY | .1 Bttuallou. 1rout oookkeeper to porter, either la a drug, ::r. eury or li'ivr house, di nars 11 perm incut place; refer ences nnoxcopt;onalilw. vddresaA. 0. Dr. Herald nlQru. \?fANTED?l.Y AN OPPIOBR OP WTO-REGULAR I ' ' ftrmy a poktttoo as suporlntendeni or manager of ! work, improvetaeuu or labor of unv kunl; rdneuted .0 oti engineer: in tint i ipucity and lliatof oontioefer lie preytotis to tin: war. su'eeSkftilly constructed aever.d iiinortiui sforSSf best of reference cab be format od; :ii pnveni tie is 111 eoininaud of ti'io -s In the SoutVtves: and nay olie wish tug lurthi-r information will address O. II. Bruin .rd, No. 74 front St.. N. V. WANTED BY A *OUN? MAN OF 11, A SITUATION 1" tn Mime wholesale uotue or oUtcn. Address W., box 20j Herald ufilce. VI7ANTED-11Y A YD UNO MAN, KM PLOY ME NT. HE ?' Ift'Wdling lo i ilui any respectable situation where ho can nuike it living;merchant's utiter prelerred. Address I)., box 217 Herald lV'ANTED?A SITUATION. BY AN ENERGETIC ?? yotiug niait, who undfr taruls the gtocuiy and luiuo triide. Ft rat class reference. Address St. M. Booney, 62 Henry su CU.Ai KHBUi ANO (iAKDKNEKS, WANTED-CARDENEH'S SITUATION, BY A^MAIt vied titan; l.ngllsu, without faintly; cult take tlia entire management of n Keotleman's pluco; first el,.as reference. Allures.-, for one vvmik J. W. M., care Of WeatUercd A ChciT voy, 117 Prince st., New York. ( LEBUA ASD MAL.K.S3IKN. A SALESMAN WANTED?IN A WHOLESALE LI^UCE house, one who 111 wet! acnualnted with the trad?, to travel In the c.iy, best rutereuco reiiuired. Address box 181 Herald outer. , A SAI.K;i2l<N WANTED?BY A CI.OTIf HOUBR, TO j\. tr-re! .ii.l'scll good; on commission in this Ntate and 1)1110; loos, have an iicquaintanee la those .States Addru?s box f 'Ji 'o-t ortiro. A VI). Nm MAN THIRTY YEARS OF AUK IS DID t\ siruut ot obi.lining a situation as clerk, or In any capadiy tvitare trust and tntegMly are requtrod; Is u rapt 'l pe :n)Auvpo.objection to go South or riaatvliera: salary m .-rerafe; giioardferrnhes. Address Box 178 Herald (Ace. ASAI.fiS.MAN WANTED?HAYI.NU ACQ.'AINTANCR Willi the grocery Lade. Apply to Jvua.btevcnA 418 A YOUNG MAN. OF MANY YEARS EXPERIENCE it In liio hard* urii bit mesa, and ivlnfwriL'S .t rood band, will lie d..,i n 13" I nn'.liat lusi,, desires a snuattnn in any bi.iueh of above buatnusa ns assistant bisikknepcr, in nnv ; !?ee where lie can make hlmAeff IwfnH drat , city rofoi.tpcea. Address R. W. 11., box 4,127 1'ostoHler. N. Y. /*1ABRIA'.1R TRIMMING HOODS TRADE.?COMPE. V.' tern tialenmeti In this line desiring situations mxy ad. dress, with leal signature, bnv b, 160 Post islice Hosikrv. yanicke notions and white goods - An old "statiiishrd house, nowtyeirg inised on a Inure evtensiri- scale, wilt uiakn libeml srrangstnents with twe a-iive kcotlcioeu who c.n po.unoly eontrol a large trade of their own; none others need answer. Address box 4.442 i'ost ofllce. * SAI ESMA.N WANTW-TN A KBTAII. MTATIONKRY house down town; one who u perfectly romp-toot to lake charge of a large bu*inna%fn all it? branches. Btate n. me. uue, icterences and salary expected. None others Deed address Ihix 2 :!28, Post ofiloe. CALE.sMAN WANTKD-ON OB ABOUT THE 1ST OF O Fein uary, bv s inauufaeturer and lnt|ior4er of watches; ouo who has to travel slid Is well acquainted with the trade. Best references required. Address U. AH. !>., 64 Naasau street, r.Kim No. fi. KA LII'.EKAh INDUCEMKNTB OFFERED BY A FIRST CLASS HOUSE. WELL AND FAIORaBLY KNOWN. TO MEN CONTKOLLINU LARGE EASTERN OK WESTERN TRAIL.S. ADDRESS BOX &6M POST OFFICE, N. Y. -yyAXTED?BY A YOU!fl? MAN WHO 18 THOROUGH ly acquainted with On* hotel buttu**m. & situation as clerk or siewurd, or wouitl attend a first claaa bar. Address A. P. 1*., Herald of In.**. ANTKD?BY A GENTLEMAN JCST ARRIVED PROM England, un eng igement lo a re*|?*ctnbie mercantile bouse a* iiocotinttiit, b MKke t?er or corresponding olerk in the English. OTman r.nd French lanffuagiv*; hat a thorough knowledge of the Kng tali mart* r? for msmifhctitred good*. Ac. AdtirtWi .1. M., Hm .l dHiuice IV ANTED?A YOUNG MAN, ABOl'T 20 YEARS OF ** age, a* clerk. in an insurance broker** office; must be correct at figures. Addrf*t?s bo* 4,757 Punt oiiioe. VyANTED-A SMART. READY SADESM VN (OKR# man i reTerred), with un established niv and near by ea*?h trade in ale and l?eer. Address O. P. Q.. Herald oflne. WANTKD-AN KXPKRT GROCERY CLERK AT W Slinp on'a, 493 Hud on at. ANTKD?A SAW MAN Of F.XFERIKNRK, IN AN* oi l cm tab Ished h ationery business. Address City, box l?>3 Herald omce. HELP WAVrKD-nVLEk. A RELIABLE MAN WANTED?WITH 91,000TO$ 1,000, Jrk .or r. htch *?? urlty wili la? given. to Mt a* agmit for a m.-tntifaei'iiitig eotnpnny iti tbi* < lty, with fair salary. Ap hich ??*? u*Py will l?*? given, to ad ;o .?g?iiit for a ring company it? tbi* t ply a! ? A BrosdtVnj, room No. 7. LL DESIRING HTi ATlON.4 CALL THIS DAY AT All desiring -htcations call this day el ? humb. r? treet, Assistant .bookkeeper*, cony i gru-ery. dry g?> ?ds, drug, entry cl-rks; porters, watr.ntnen. conductor*. bin tender*, waiter*, driven*. 4 LL PERSONS DESIRING NUTATION* APPLY AT j\ New York F.m|. eynn iit Association, Itkl Hrosdwajr. Mi' * lm'p fund he ! fr?* Of charge. A STEAMBOAT CLERK, J\ tin ekeei . can find rmr1 rmtn No. 11 ?? e wl-biin belt BOOKK KTIPRR AND tent at IIS Nassau at., p will . e '. hod gratis. Y HOOD ADVR,:'! ;n?i canva SER wanted? long e*ubln? ied c <mmerrial paper. i* l ettable iron Liken, Jiiquuc ou Oral floor of Ul I'Ui t FEW KIKsr CI \ sS ACSK.NTs WANTED 1MMP. J\ duiely, to sellvaluable Patent JtlgUl, Apply at ud c*er GF.NTS W AX FED?FOR EVERY CITY IN THE 4 GEN ^A Ct.oii. !?? sf.i ?n r. *1 *le in new. Ago 1 cha;i to mak?* a i mattcnt bu .um** with little capital. fii Liberty at., main Ooor. nil \V\NT WELL BROWN'S (if \ -1 .1 Cleaning 1*. !Lh . r window*, mirror.*, tin. Ac. L*rg< prouta to th ,4 n><wker at., \ Y |JARRM'.fV'L 'V'.iNT:,l? AN I'NMARRIKD YfG'NO li con ibis re -rcncim required. Apply botwrcu 10; * * ?t:Hu i on ret. |1\KK BAR t Its AND t'ON'Kk CTI0XBR8C VK K best WQnUnill in the city; hen ncal apt'A. 203 Greenwich *u wore; Wugea. orfhw i %m?" whitr'b wantkh (Kikst ?*i.i?m I...! A i i r-'I ? ... ?' oM g ll-ry. Htf(h* l I'H " li> . Tl! in i*-*.^)nc t1.* ,?!?' I u.f.'. A'M- 'nr wltb ri*'. r 'it' . .n4 pull'. ,' rt, r i, . [i ...?w . , w.'-k t eomnr^t1! U '.t Aruh-n. I'bil.i <1. phLi. N H.?Alt .<?iimiinkAil?r? .irh'liy rotil. in.tul. I ^TA i K AUK NTS, cot "NT KT AOKNTN AND <' A N. ? "PK W,.t I - T > M*n ? .u i eiaMtua lor II* Nn*. ,u n?>. VVASTKn- WW'S >0:.N. OF <??.<?!? ADDHrss. TO .ril i',timi?,I M?d rp'.fto.i? ptetlMM In Hrvklyn Wtl1tftia?ti<trt liunt?r'4 I'.'lm Ar>.I ?' .ni Anl Apj4f tl 211' W.anti ' , t.ilyn, or AK Hudwti^t . J? Yi.rv yy ANTKD >T KKNNT'S o\ STKII MOI'SK, IN AND l?! I.lm "t. ? ,nMrl y.iinir in>n, lo op*n ofit^T' ?nd Apply ?ft?r Hlo'tln- k. yyANTKD ?Hop WaNTNU. TO ?UN or KHHxNDH on# who l,r#? with hi# pwnnu prrfwril, mmi r'l# * ?nn.l I.#n4 #.. I mm# wrll irvOBinnadod. Apply to ??M#r C,rr A Co. 3A FmH ,tr?ot. 1*TANTRO? AN A< riTK man. am oanvammkr ro* n itPHfii " #,l#'? n? ?, who mil r#.-,i?? ? ppr.#iUN on tho boplnoM ho brln??. A 1 lr#? Biuk?r, llrr^d 'MS TJL*ANTKD?MKVF.RAI. FIRMT ("LAtm niKReTORT T f t 'Htium, lowork on ?oM*ln*#( Hu<lno#A filrrotory of Row Tori Bo#ton *nd !'?%.l?ipM? fnr I Mr. Mlra^y work and rmd poy lo good moA. Apply lo II. A. Bol ivia A Co-, W < odor ok WANTRD-AN AlTtTK KlSINK^l ?AN. AM OCR. oral wrnl In tho Unllod *tot#? for * ,Un,b?? two! ortBlto. null bo ahlo 11 mmmand A row thousand 'lolUr, rapiui. a t,rg# fori.iao con bo nodA iNotaW. Mil. boot* llorold uSIro. $10 WMlo ' FF.R DAY SCRV -AflKNTM WANrPflN RYRRT of tho I'nltoJ MUioo, to fatroduro oar pob nl 1 \J mualy ?f tho l'alt*l MUiao, to lotrndaro oar pot. httoWim Clothe* Write for (artientot*. Am. con WireComponv, ofRr# Ro. S. IffRroadvoy, N. Y. .#m_ TIIK THAUKN. A CIVIL KNaTRkfi, A(??.D *, RXPFRIRNCRD IN roll, wd ',##,gn and < noitrnollon, and o eo"d dratittht,. moo. wtliaa rmploym,at. Adlreoa Frank ho,or, Hrrold I rRACTIi Af. AND FSFIRIKNCKD DlNtli.LRR I Vontod Tti tak# ckort# of o (ralo dUllllorr tieor Nov 4 Ivrls AdOraaa hoi MB, I aot o?co. N,v York. Til K TRADER. , GUTTERS WANTlb?TWO CUSTOM CUTTERS, TO whom the very highest pr-n * win he paid. ? liltOKAW RHOtTIKltrt, #4 4tb nr., extending through to ?J2 Lafayette place, /A OLD PBNS.-WANTED, IW<? UOOD OSlNDl'-RS; tl Brat class workmen. Apply to Joint Foley, gold peii manufacturer. SITUATION WANTED? HV A TODNC. MAN, AS HA 1 > ncas mak-r or sad i .or; ts willing to make Sorti it-l r ir 1AR rne r.illjr use'ul- go 11 reference can bo given. Address Saddler, bol 141 Het alil oBlce. fllWO FIRST CLASS AltCillTECTUKAL DRAUGHTS. L men wanted Immediately. Addr-os A. Z . Architect, Herald offloe, stating where previously employed and a alary expected. tlTANTKD-A FOREMAN, OAPAHLE OP TAKINQ " charge of the composition room of a new licet olaaa dally. Address, with relerouoe-i, A. M., box2,172 New York Post ofllce. WANTED-AN ARTIST TO RETOUCH PHOTO, graphs In Ink uud water color*. Apply at M. Iter. Irons, corner of Ilrosd an J Cedar sis., Newark N. J. WANTED?A PRACTICAL HOAPMAKKK; A MAN or good lisldti. end who well understands Ills business. Apply at Eddy's factory, ooruer of Classon and Lafayette uva, Brooklyn. WANTED?TO 00 TO NOItPOLK. VA? A PASTRT conk and oroamiiiiter; one who understands stick candy. Apply to steward of steamship Alheriuiirle, pl?r ltd, Not tli river, between t A. M. and 1 J'. IU., Krlda/ and Satur <i?r RA1.ES AT AUCTION. ALBERT It. WALDftON. Al'CTMNi OR, ?? BROAD war BYLANDT A WALDUON w. sell nt nudum, this day, at 11 O'clock. ?Assignee's sale ol : aney t.oods. con si ting of Marble, tlrmulo, Uro i*e Ou ten and l'atiey Clocks, BragSt} Groups, Figure* ind Card noe-lvr*, Plirina Figutes, Bust* and Croups, Cliiua and tllun-i Vaees. Musio Ije.ea, Work Boxes, Desks, A . Also n ipiaiitlty of liohti mlati Glassware of Fancy and Stable Hoods. AT 2 '('PLUCK. A private Library of standard ant mlseellsnfon* works, some of tr.eia sre ehoicf works, ami In good'order; .dsn Muguzini s, No.els. Ac. ON SATURDAY' AT 11 O'CLOCK. Alargennd line ussorimenUof Fxintv Hoods including Frumpct, Cuckoo. Hellrlnger and Fancy flora* Also a large assortment of it. (1, Ware. ,V A ;' 1 O'CLOCK A sale of fine old Wines, Liquors, Ac . lnc'tidinc Mndrtrn, Sherry, Hrnndy, Sauteri., Ac., part or thost'-kof the late Chester lirlgg*; will he sold from cask, anil sold in small lots u? suit. AT 3 O'CLOCK. Assignee's sale of Silver Plated Wars, consisting of Tea Set and Walters, Tee and Codec Keltios, ''asters. Butter Coolers, Cups. (Johlets, Ac. Alan an Invoice ol Sp'x.ns, Forks, Ac., of Aha best quality. Auction sale of sup rk?r household for iiUure, Pianos Ac., by M DOU01I TY, Auctioneer, on Friday. December 'JS? at lot, o'clock, at ilie aaloaraom <H Nassau Btrei't. eon slating of roiowood PsOor Suits in bm catrl: walnut do. In green reps: oak and waln'H Marble Top BulloU. Extension Dining. Centre and Fancy Tables; Cham ber Furniture In suits, with marble tops; French i'ltto Ficr Mirror* Collage and Square Cain Pianofortes; Velvet and Brussels Carpets; Library an t Score,ar.v Bouku ises, with . largo ssrorcnient of medium 11 laFuniitu o. worthy the at teuiion of dealern and housekeepers, hale will be per emptory, rain or shtne. ADCTIDN SAIiK Of MAOMFiCENT HOUSEHOLD Furniture, on thlsdiy fPrtdsyi at 11 ofclock. al the five story broivn stone house 41 We t Sixteenth street, be tween Fifth mid Suili avenues, rosewood Hot.kcitHe.Eti geres. superb vote or Furniture, covced broce.tol; Oil 1'iiiut Ing*. Bi-on'?s. Vases. Mirrors. Curtains. Carpets, Oloclts, rovwood Pianoforte. 2tVJ volumes of ohoicti Hooka, rosewood and walnut Clumber Furniture, lis r and spring Mattresses. Extension Table, ttutr.-ts, China, Hints, surer Ware, Table Cutlery. Sale peremptory. SAMUEL WYNN A CO., Auctioneers. A?SAMUEL WVNN, AUCTION EUR. OFFICE 2P7 . Bowery. sells this day, at one o'clock, at .ck ofjtjrocary, bd i ho.up-tim HtrectStioaps. hugara, Candle*, Starch, Uuun tsr. Show Ciute. general assortment, lo lots. A?BAMUEL WYNN, AUCTIONEER, SELLS THIS ? day, at Otk o'doek. 8to k, Fixtures, of Liquor store 177 Baal twenty sixth aircot. Bol * Boer Pomp*. Mirror, tlal loos ,,f Whiskey, Brandy. Gin, Au.. m onu or more lot*. I'O'iuve. UOTION SALE OF OVER S10.UU0 WORTHI OF MAC nil',cent Household Furniture.?E. ROTH, Auctioneer, will sellable (Friday) afternoon, iieceuilwr 2d. at ltg o'olook. all the eiegant Household Fiimitur- ul the four stor/eltouee IIP OlinU.u p.aoo (Biglitlnatriiet), liulweou Fifth mil SLtlm avenues, a magnlftoent Rns.-ivond Plauofovie; 29 fine ml r listings; Wot** if Art uud Bronzes; 4.*> Brussels and In grain < hirneisy a lot of itch I'm .or. Bed-notti and Dining-, room Furniture: Spring and II di aMaPiesaw, Class, China. Silv r Ware, Cutlery. At. Hale pos'ufe. A BY HENRY II LEF-IX A MTNEfl. HEN 11.V H. LEEDh. All tin ON ERR. At the Leedi. Art (.sllertea, 817 aud 8;'t HrtwlwAv, on the evening of ERIDtV, DEC. itT'. ; o'clock. A rem im?collection of Puititlngx hy the best Ame rican *rt 1st*. Also a few choice foreign work*.-mainly the property of a-woll known eolleetor if Baltyrnnre, i-onslgned to H. P. Avery. Among the.n will be found thru* ol the Large*! and bnest subi.e-e. ever executed by I Hi HAND. And representative specimen* of the following American Artist*:? JMerWadt. ,1m. Hart, Krnnett, Cmp*ay. lllflford Casllear. W. U. Heard. Surdam. Wm. Hart. 11. lL.llaU. Ilaseltlue, Ilunh.ird. Whlttrtdgc. Latnlxtin. Migtiot W ?T. Ilnya. Talk Kdnnmds. H. On I man. W. K. itsiharda, lllgnoux. P. Weber. Tedder. Bleurelt, Nealig. 1J? Haas. Mra-Spenoer. Ro slier. The Pictures hv Foreign artists arc by Verlet. Lllchschauer. Anken. I.s "salle. BtTlotte. Lanfant dc Metr. Lambert Psvld. Rorler. Jacqnes Merit. Urossm iuo. Oouty. Chltlllioa. Du verger. .Tucomln Oearsrd. Marre. I)e Rudder. I'li .nierlet D'OrwhlvlUdr. 0?nett1. Helarlcli. Urund. Ren-nerd. Thw*. will he on exhibition with eat dognes (FREE, 00 and after hstnrday, D?ecml?er 22, from A A. M, lo IIP. M,, aud three creniuy*' previous to the said until 10 P. M. BY HENRY 1IV LEEDS * MINER. HENRY II. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER. GLOBING SHALE? On Friday. I>w?mnber 23, at It o*rloek, at thetr *Slesr?><>m 98 Liberty etrcet, th* entire balance re maining unsold on th* 20th will be positively noli to the * ? *. Wdd< " * * ~~ " hlibPstoMilAr. Old Loudon Duck and other Brandies, va r?eu* vintages; old Port and Madmr.i Wine*; Pale and Golden Skerries. Champagnes, Holland and KnglUh CSIns, Rt. Croix andMimyudcM Tltim*, old ttu? Apple -Hum, Scotch, Irish oud Boiirbou Whiekey*, in bottle*, ca*e? and deml Johns; a few linen of fine Wine*. Ao., imported In eases; ?l*o the balance oi the private stock, aold bv order of et senior, consisting of some very t are Sherries, Fort, Ma dairn and ffirtnctm, rrrrold, longtime in gla*-*; also noma very choice Monnngaliela and Bourbon Whiskey* of tf"*t mU* ' ~ IIP, omitted from Ia*t sale: on- jar re ry flue old Jri*h nbb ketr. Dor friend* are aaaured that this sale ooapriae* ;oods well worthy of their iUtertion. Also an Invoice of fine H .f^na Citfars. consisting of El Sol tie Santiago, Opera*, LI mi a Lima do., Flor de Mayo Opera* and other I avortto broud*. BY llP.NRY H. LEEDS A MINER. HENRY II. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER. Sale of fine Diamonds and other costly Jewelry, on Monday. Dec, 31. ?ii II o'cl K?k, *t their salesroom. No. Ift Liberty afreet. A COSTLY ASSORTMENT Of DIAMONDS, Consisting of Earrings, IHuater Ring*. Haif-hoop Rings, Slug! .) Stone Ring*. Br oorllas, *et in costly Diamonds: Rr?r*. lot full Diamond *uiU, misbh re ry tin** Diamond Watelie* an ' 1 nJie*' Gold Hamburg Lever ilhatelaine Chain, 18 carat; fine Gold Coral acta, Rluir. 1*1 u. all oi the flnaet quality, e*. pre???!y Imported for a Hroadwav firm, to be aal<l without re. nerve to the highest bidder, , *tutable for holiday presents. Immediately after the -.*ie o( jewelry will be mold *ota? ur?e Mink Ears, Muffs, Collar * and Cuff*, Ac. BY HENRY II. LRU IIS A MINER ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OK.CWOICR WINES. Ac., former!* belonging to the etm-k of Cheater Ikriggs. deceased HEN ft Y H. Lr.KDS A MINER will eel uy suction, on Saturday. Ib?*\ "J*1, at 11 o'clock, at ti.elr More. Liberty atrert. tbe following fine gr?td?* of Wtlie, by order oi th- !.* 'ecui i iv of Phcbe Dnggs. formerly part ?( the huh k of Ch<** tor Griggs. deceased, vfi;- HoMiea old Mnrtet Hrtndr old Sue iv.ditto Ver/unar Chami .tvne. o I r herrv. California ine* imp. Claret two ??.%*??* S.*.hnv'er / Ni hvler Leflttc d<?, one c-t?c hsmsetr Cro??kV? Li'.tt?, of IHld, fourteen bottle* L.A nir Blanche. ten ca? ?* * Moan Marfant and Lsutte of HraudcnUerg, K* cy Saut ue. Port, Nercial Madeira, Curacao, I ?mgworth's Wine. Bitten, kerne1, Ac., all guar anted, nod *< :<? en!v taclo** t ,??? ? tate, wlti out reserve Al*n, immediately at tee above, ten r4?ei St. Doming*) Bitter*. ten<cateaHt. Itoniingn Punch, ten do. Wine, ten do Gin Cocktail, ten Champagne, without "cscrve. ENJAM1N F. THE ALL. kUCTlON BKE, LATE SAi.l VtN WfMI * H. l.i'DLOW A d>. LADIE A ? :> i.I.NT-" K*N \ FURS, SLEIGH \Nli \V UintF-. A? it Y IF \ ok MR* I ?1. DAY, I KlM DAY ?, at 11 u'?-??.-a. At .* .?#?? uum, ?i- i *r v h } I SJ V Til' \LI . kCi'TiON I.EF # ? I..??e ?alevniitu ?* h ' . II foidlow A Co. * BLBGAN f A>MMtTYE vr *E FvNCY OOUCD9. KRd.S/!?,*, fwut'KS VASES, PaSl 'ii and Mixpl. t Flgilie* h!i4 Group*, TDK.' ' I. A Ml ,Tl I;OaY. if S!?. ? 11 0?" i. now nn Ptlilbtiio.i .t . mim lU LH>? WO* ? RI> SCUKN? K, M < 'TI'?NI i 1 f. HIM-'/.1 I'S, I'AI'.lAV . BtHQUKTH, A (Vr.ilM n . ile I u. t lh? MlMnxin OI Hl'flrty rtr-t. ?t II A. M. Sale L'DIII riKrt MICTION n.VLK. ! ? .mi r m.< A.-jtw mi roAU ON THliUfOAT, JAM I Ai'.V IM7. Mn Yo':?, ITf Th^ t' U v u... l.a.'Uiiir.'tiiiiA .ml V. ? Hi K il!r.>?<1 i .rn p.-% will ..I l.j M? r. JotiN II. DR?rr,R I i'<? ? I..."H'wi. a ; am . .* i> .i.ioai. bxpliAWW pUrf. . ? nwrof AVIMi.iun'P t, Ni>w York. OBTMURiiUAT.JANU AhV X prullu >. at li" *'o k n . u?. %:mm\ tu>^ r ritT vivrh r?\i. i ; m Tin: i.a< kawan\a KKOIONA, of tfcw i' ml ?!/??. .I 'll?wr? l ki tb?'ir .|.'p<?l, I li/.a b'l .pur' N. ?'.. dmliig II in., lib of-laiiWArj, IA$;. Tl.ltM - I' f(. ??...? p.i ion pa.'.Mo in ourroiii fnn U na lh? :.j of ??l?, olid Iho baian ? wltkla i.n iloya lhnro?fi,r at thr '>fll ? of iba oompanr. .'OIIN BIIIHB1N ITO'M nt 11 KNRT I) BIM'.R, AOf 1 IONKF.K,?SALEHROoM 37 Natf,(I alroel, ofipoatM lh" I'oki offlrr MINFR * Hltyr:nvn.l.K will I.ll at I notion, FRIOtT. DM '/%, AT 11 tl'OliOt K. at tbotr aAlonroom. *1 banw " A l.tR'll! VRIVATF Ont.UIIOTION OF AIU-IBNT and MOOKKR oil, FAINTlnO*. Tbw f opailj of a <i>noomariir of lb.a c.lj, who la gnlag abroad Al.tO AN INVolOR or FI.R* f AH A!v l> BK 1.01 AN FIOTUIUH, .faat rarair-ol from FFKOI'K. aad NBTKK BhPURB EX IIIBtTt.O lu Ihi. munlrj, iia iudiua Kiamplaa fma At A I.ANPANT OR MATT, OKVOS. VAN HRVKKUONCK. *' n ?A"fi maim nn* fil*|rt*n\>i?. T. M4BOHN. A F, VF.HHllVKN BAfs j. BOJIUAAKO, f. VolSI.KKN ON KXUIBITTON THIS MO?nTnm, WITH 0AT4 MXiUK*. II ENRY D. MtNRIt, A POTIONRER, SAI.RHROdM ?T Naaaaa atroat, opp.i..ta ilia I'oa- o?r?. HALE OF UOR 1KB ANO OAKKJAOKS IN FRONT OR ALlilK BAI FSROON it nahkau HTKRKT. RATI'RDAT, DKC. ?. At II O'OIXICK. BBOUI.AR HOHMK BAi.R DAYS AT If NaBBAU ST.. BVF.BY WRONFNOAY ABD SATURDAY. UE NRY B. IIKRT.n, JR AtftTTlONRHR. (-l.ii.niNo haUB OF Rr.KOAvr holiday prkakntr. ON_rKI0A Y. OKI- ( Ft, AT 11 O'l'MlOl^ ATTNK HALRbR'.OMn I* BROADWAY, rompnaing rwli Tarla F inrj Honda, Olnoaa. Rrwniaa. Vaaaa, oinra. l???l and Moit'boir t.adliW Itaga. Tortamoa naiaa. Nacaaaalraa. Faftan and OAMla artlaloi. rtab Oroa dan i'bin? Yaaaa, br Fnmtiaalj wMhoat aaj Paaarra. lo rtoaa coaatgamaiita ADbO, on BATtTRDAY, AT II O'OLOOB. HAOHIril BNT DIAMOND JKWKI.KV, UVlaO WAtVUM, VBRKlaJlY, 0ILA1NV, *, HAI.KS AT AUCTIOff. j JKMIY I). MINI'.K, AUCTIONEER. SALE OK UORSRP. CaKIUAUKH. HARNESS, AO. J* UY MINER It BOMKUVILLK, KKIDAT, DEO. 28. AY 12 <VOLOOK, AT THEIR HOEtHK AUCTION MABT UNION 1-LAOE HTABLKS, u3 EAST FOURTEENTH STHEET, NKAK KoUKTH AVENUE. VERT FINE BOURKL ThAM (Horn* and Mare>fl?e year* old iit-ii apring, about IS h-iid* high, klud lu All harness, Tt ny free Irlirn mid thoroughly riMinole. TOP built. In good order. 8KT DOUHl.B llAKNb.sS.

PAIR BLANK KT8, An., go. H A V HOBsK, about lb hand* high, eight year* old, WAT runted a .und, kind lu all harness and under Dsddle. VERY HANDSOME BAKE BKOWN SADDLE HOME. About laij hand* high, kind and g<-uuo: a line animal. SKVKltAL OfHLit UOKdl'Js, WAUONS. HARNESS, Ac., Ac. REOULAR SALES AT OUR HOBSK AUCTION MART EVERT TUESDAY AND FRIDAY TUROUOHOUT THE YEAR. Meaam. MINER A BOMKKV1LLB offer un*urp??nad ad rantxee* In looatlon, experieuoe and bualneas oupn. lty to parlies wishing to buy or drmriug to aeU lloraoa, Oarrtagoa, or auytblug pnitalulng to the home lm*l.ta?*. H BNUY D. MINER, AUCTIONLBB?SALESROOM Nassau street, opposite the Pont oflloe. PEKKMPTORV SALE OF WINKS, BRAND INN, KEYS, LIQUEURS, ClOAKS, Aa. For aeconut of whom It may conov.rn. BY MINER A SOMEKVILUE, SATLKDai, DEO. 29. A i' II O'CLOCK, AT SALESROOM SI NA i.SAlf SfBliET E.N It Y I). MINER. AUOWOXEKR?SALE tROOM 3T Nai-SAI' -i ItKK r OPI'O.SI I K THE POST OFFICE. NEB A .soMKilVil.l.i. ra?necU?Uy announo ]! Messrs M.NKU k .*??/M Kfiv: L *. rt) meclfally announce to the art public that tin y will sell, at aufllf 11. itX their N LXV ami tl'A( lvlt S 1'INJ. Aitr GALLM^fTf! FIFTH AVK MiH, southwest oroer of Pourioentbitireot,'ou or about the 12.ii ol Janurv. the entire COLL .CT ? n <*F PAINTINGS, BY A W'rtT. w'mhas recently returned from uropo after an absence of four year*. I he *.i!q will include the two LAitOK P A I NT 1M; i lor which Mi. VVuct rccoivod the OOhD MEiiALd at t;e ItoHl tvXUl Hj'l'lON*.-* OK llKPHH: IgS AND IT I IS H AG0M. jhct. will be on exhibition on and after Monday,21st mat., from i; M till 5 1\ M. H H. SN ELL J NO, A LOTION LKB. 0Ai.K.MlOOMK Did HUUAOWAT AUCTION SAliK OF ELEGANT AND FASHIONABLE LADIES' A.\l> MISSKS* HATS. SNBLLING A ADAMS will Mil it their R&lesroom, at 11 o'clock A. M., Saturday, Dec. 22. ltf&i an invoice of Ladles' . n.i Misses' Uat;. confuting of Angola Turban, Gladiator, liih|on aod other style*. TTKMHAT 0. WANS. AUCTION 12KB.?THE BADE OF XT I he Hetart Dr? Goods Stock, at 512 Grand atreet, near Ea4t Broadway, will be coulkiuod tula morning, rata or anion, at 14 o'clock. Henry peltman, auotionekk, sellh, this i ay, at one o'clock, at*&t$ East Eighth street, the en Ure large Stock and iitie Fixture* of a well fitted up Lager Beer Saloon, with a long and valuable loaoe, iu a tow rent. A rare chance. 1 OfIN L. VANDEWATER, A.UOTIONBER.? UWyLIBKR fi ty stre.d. ThiMJlNy. at 1*2 M., llorse-.. Wagon* ami liar, tii'ss. P.av frotung iiandb high, eight years old, pound kind, \vit,hottt laultortnck; lin^ flpirited driver, and can trot in 2 41. hold for went of UbC. Sorrel M ?r?\ eight years o.d, H>.( !i.;udfi iugh; a very Iwautiful nnimal Under saddle or h/n nean; gait, trot or center ; gentle, kind, And perfectly aottitj. Alo?. Koveral other TaltMble lloraua. A 1am. liarneaa. of choice atocitN; new and second hand WogOtitt . Rohea, lUanki ld lo. JBOGAKT. A4JOTIONBER?WILL 81?LL AT PUBLIO ? auction, on Saturday, Dec. 29, IMotf, at 11 o'clock A. M., at tlx auctOA room.;, No. 1 North William at reel, by virtue # of a chattel iixortgage, ond by order of the attorney fur the mortgagee, oi.e c.tak oi .Maine *v'in<, one caak of 1'falzer \Vine, uuo oiiak of J ted Wine omcPcmsu of Oar Wine. JOHN II. iiXLiJKE, Attorney for Mortgag*?. TAMES JENKINS. AGOTlONF.FR, WILL BELL AT #1 auction, on Saturday, December 29 at 11 o'uwk ?t l,.'J29 Broad way. near Forty-Are i aireflt, Ooachex. 1 xlx Phaeton. 6 top and opvn Wagons, 3 Rack*way*. $ Kxpdm Wagonn. 1 Jogger. 3d NetH?g auiglc arid douhle Hftrnesi fltl IIin* Siciglia, uti alzoej 2U5> ftraf>H of HoHa, i lint) black horno, 1 black Marc, 1 line l>ay tnAiin; Mure; at*o a Ltrgc lot of ENuketd. ltooea, t ap Rooe<<. gc. All to be Hold wliaaut re aervc. I OBI I'M MoCtHREp ADCTIONP.ER?OFFICE 1W> MAS* ?) ?au *tr??e!?mil f*e,l on ? riday^fShit inat, at lh^.o'cloek, by order of t.X*n%r*. Joiin Kerr ,t ? o.. thn|C}ou4iuitd of the I'.rcwery f?J and fki atrect, coitkl*itliigof Boiler.*, Kn;.un*, Malt Mill, VYuaumg Macninc. I'liaipa. copner 1'i^h, WsaIi 1'ub.s ( ndarhook di?j) tiackn. Levers and 'I ubn, !4c?>r Trimgii". Ac.: one copper Holler, contain.* about iMt li:?r rela, ;.odone'lnm HoiJ<?r,c?? itaiu.'i ai?out Ht?. aixo .iooui.2 > imle* of Hops, grov/th l'dd.JfSyrap, Mo*? aud Malt, empty B?r rel/t, HogKiimd*. ki\; 'also tiocaea, f ua^i, Ac., and ol.?o the OCloo r om tuiu. EBOGART. AirCTlONEF.R.-THIR DAY, DRCEMBKR ? i!8i id 19VfeOVlock, at tntiUtmtai corner or liaKter and kter atreeta, inortgar.o ?utle, the'F.xuir*** ol a first * .a*a LiquorStore.BciOounter, BearPumim, SUnd, Uaaka, Tables, Chairs, iUr Fixtures. oO*?ktug <!!*:?* Ac. JOHRFD STOKlid, Attorney for Mortageo. JBOkiABT, AUCTIOMEKR.?SATl' RDAY, DRC. ?. AT ? 19% o'clock, st tbo auction rooms No. 1 North WtitlAru ?tree'. Marshal's Mile ftouacheld Furniture, fiofue. Tabic*. Oh sirs. CnipeU, Hed-'teasU. Beds and Bedding Kitchen Fur niture, lot Pictures, Engraving*. Looking <lln*? lot Cigars, Be. JOUNTt KAHKulGTON, MarahaL PAWNBROKRBLH BALR-TOI8 DAY JAMR8 AGAR gwlllh*eU.^t SO New Bowery, at 11 o'clock, 600 lota of Silk. Merino and other Dresses; B. *he, Paisley and Wool Shawl#; Cloaks, Underclothes. Blankets, Beds. Pillows. Carpets. Coat*. Pants, Vesta. Purs, Ac. P. KCLLAN, We-t Thmy ninth strr'i. Ru. r:?li.inb a m. auctionkhp-s-fuknl , twe Store Nal^? VV U wll, ou Halmilny, lis-eeinh.-r Ti, lit 101, A. Mat IM Tint avenue thn entire Stock nml Fit* lore, of thsyabovn aim. ontiaUslug of Bureau*. Bedetead-, Tables, Chain ; oi'aa ( one Sac 1 Feather llela, H'lUusrm, I'll. Iowa. and all other roods C'-wemtir to bs? fouud l? ? atoie of Una kind. Dealrra. be on Tmiil SHERIFF'S SALK-?RIO DA Kit WALTKRB, AUCTION wf, wUleell thla day (Fiidsy), at II o'elostk at 27 Haat Broadway, a quantity at Leather, Morocco Skim, Hunts. Shoes, A,-. JOHN KKi.LY, Sheriir. rnoataa Wiai.u, Deputy Sheriff. WILLIAM ABBOTT AUofioNEBR?OKFIOR 170 Chatham square?Icrgr Aisle of Brtis.eia, liiRTt.n and Thre p-ply Carpets. Lemuels, Bugs. Mais. Window Sh -sies, ? mrloths Ac., na Friday, at 2 o'clock, at 147 Bowery, near Broome aireet. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTTONRRR, OPFfCR |7I? Chatham square. salt- on Saturday, at 100'cluafc. lha Block and Flxlurea of Kuro fan lloiol. No. # Harrison street, ae ,r Hudson atrei i?splendid Hilllird table and Bar Flilnrea with all ksids of Liquor'? and Cigars: also Feather Beds. Maitrassea, Quill-. Slieete, l'lllowa, mahogany Solan, Cane Arne haira. Oilcloth, Chamlellera, Uiuiog Ilo-ou Furni ture, Crta'kery, Ac. WM.1,1AM ABBOTT. AUCTION KER, OKFIOK 17b Chatham aquare, sell* on this day ai iBn'rlos'k. the Stork a id Fittuiea of the Liquor Store .17 Mulherry atreel ? splendid Counters, Hccr I'nwiK, Cigars, ilaa Fiiturea, Lege. Ciaska, Bottles. Ac. VV'M WJTTBRS, AlimnifKhlt, SELLS TIHS DAY. vf a', two o'clock, at 4#4 Canal ctreel. Parlor Salt* I'ler Olaaa. Curtains, Centre, Dining soil Te.i Ta'd-s, I'nloa Dm tier and Tea >'ni?. tine V Iret. lepewrv, Three ply and other Carpet*. oilcloths. i tamler Bulla, III hlatk was lilt out ma hogany. Hair MaltlCvaea, Feather Hede, Blanket-, tsbeeu, si -v-a, Sola Bests, Ktcking an 1 other I h.iu a 40 leronil hnud ? 'arreis, with eieryilniia uoetitl an.l necs asary for butlae keeping Also EM Boys'Sleds, mie Iron safe Aiso, by or rier of the Marshal. o.Uhb pounda Copper and hraas; elao 3,t??ieaos of Freeenrrj Peaehe?. Kl.lJt.lOl IS MtTit'EA. pKrW'H OF THR RKSI RltUCTDiV THIRTY-FIFTH V/ Wroet, u-ar BiTth ayenlte.?Christina* Irsse aietaMM thia aftpfttomt. At 4ty o'clock. Tlmre will be addiesaea aud -nglng. I HYING 1IALL.-I.RCtTRR BY TMR IlKY L T. 1 He ki r. Hiiml'T I)""fn'"- .TP .subjr-cl ? ' Lmher as 1 th - ..e:oriuattuu " ltcketa Ml strut*. "I I i HE K AND THR REFORMATION."?A LR? IJ Dire on tins enhjec, lit Hut Hev I, r It.- ker wil '-a Rise on Sunday CVeaing, Doe. , *), at Iralng ilal 1 Ks H' lie I'. Till' KKV. FATtlKR ?IKChr.B~ AT 1, Irving Hall. Sunday, ,'es -m kj. Subject?'"Lu .? r ind lb KafsartnatHin.' Tisd.nieSPcnta. , IIOMUAY HIkMHE.\TSp * ?BKST FI.ACI'. IN HHOOKLVN ,\s FOll OYNTELB PIOKLKD or In any HTYLS, IPKHi: Isl \l\s AMI NEB V,' lit kl DOMINH'K CaL -As d SALOON, XI CI ntsin street. near Futlsin, Brooklyn * USEFUL PRRSRNT.-O'H.n PR',4, GOLD OASES. A PEN il'sLlH I. - AN l> RUBBER ''ASK 4 r:,<l,-esi rid b I irtment In ibe city. E S JOIIXHON A Co., Menu! n liiTcm, 44 N i ?ou ntroet, near Liher'.y, IJRAi TIFIIL AND SUBSTANTIAL HOLIDAY PUF-rt I I "nts 1,1 Id ..Ire, and uiKt tn unlet t alking Cause Of orery des. rlpte i. Th? largest cue iir?<l *iut be i sas-oi ment In the ,ty, i >n N louii-s at A. COX'S SONS. *3 Maiden t! h RAIT, .HI BROADR'aY, CORN, 111 OF WAR /. l.KS KI'KKKT, offers A Bpleudld Aeaortment of of GOLD AND BlLVKIt WATC8R* FINK JFWf-I.RT, r-ILVKK WAltK, end FANCY flOOD .. auiteMe for HOI.IDAr t.lFT AT OBRATI.Y HKDI'l'hD Pi*.LF.R * ffYMKAF WATOHRS Foil HOLIDAY PKKSKNTII?AT V ?.i. >7. |I0 013, *M and 073 OA I KLY BitOTIIBRB. 10) Nasaau aceeC Cvifts for THR holidays, i watciiks, watchrs The undersigned here been inalrtieird by tbo ?ao'ifae turera to aril tie balance of their large stock of LADIKS' AND ORNT0' 0 f?f>LD ANII SILVER WATCH P. 4 AT TniOLKSALR FRICRe. DURING Till HOLIDAY* ONLY, QOINUMR A KRUOLRR, Agema. Nna A mad 10 John atmec ?? Main. 1AMPB, CROCKRRT, HI.AS# WARR. CHINA. TRA J N.'tA Vaaea, Toilet Artlctea, Fancy Hood a, Cupe and Naucern, for preaente, at very law prawn. 0. A. BALDWIN. Hg Bowery, corner On net afreet. PICKLKD OTNTRRA FOR THR HOLIDAY# -TAR Ilea arlabing the anew af a aupertor qualliy wlU pie sac leave lhair order* with A. N. RADCUFP, at the Red Rock Oyster Boaae, 111 Prince street, near Woeeler. PARLOR nRRWORRN -BRAimniU AHURINO AND bamleea?Baaw Cryeula in (Ire, M can la par stolen, Hand Grenades H rente per doiee; Tahleau Mghta, red, white, Msic and green. In eenm each, Magtr Waler Myata r Ira. M cents per package. Magic Cigar Lighter*. 10 <enla per detee. tke Klectric Parlor Ceanoua, ft each; Kipledtag Cottage, f I N W. C. WRMYBB, #15 Rroadway. New York, room Ha, I. riNK ARTS. Thomas kklly, phbushf-r and print bri.lrr aad whelcale dealer la Natwaal and Rdigts-os Pieteraw, has now an hand lea new aubierU, srtth over Bftr others whtrh he effera flflv per eent cheaper than net publisher in the Up tied nutaa. Bead fer a tWMlar M TUOHAd ASisLY. B04 Third aseaus. N. T. EIIROram RTEAKSRin. XTATIONAL STEAM hAVIOATION OOMPANT. I\ (Limbed. > STEAMERS WEEK TV TO LIVERPOOL, OALLINQ AT QUKEMSTOWN. Leaving pier 47 North river a* follow*-? II KLVETl A. Captain TUompaoo, Kill Saturday, Decem ber S9. LOUISIAN A, Captain Thom?nn. aaila Saturday. January A PENNSYLVANIA, Captain Lewu, nails Sainrd .y, January 11 Kit IN, Oaptuln Cutting, Mile Saturday, January 19. Cabin pnaangn, $100; Steerage. $30. b toe ruffe p?**nge Ucke.e, In bring partlea from Liverpool or Qneenatown, for $35 In rurrency. Through pannage to Pari A Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremen, 4a. at low rate*. lirufta issued for any amount, payable at any bank la Great Britain or on the continent. Fur freight and oabln paaange apply at the offloe of the eoinpnny. 57 Broadway. And l?f Kteerage tieketa at the paesage offloe of the com pany, 37 Broadway and 373 Pearl atrect n -ar Pulton. F. W. J HURST, Manager. OTBAM TO LIVERPOOL AND QUKENNTOWN ,tJ TWIOK A WKRK. PASSAOK $30 CURRENCY. PREPAID TICKETS FROM LIVERPOOL OR QUEENS TOWN S3* OURHENOV. Apply le TAPSCOTT BROS. A 0O? 84 South etreet and 311 Broadway. QTRAM TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QUBKNS n town?The Inman Line, tailing aeinl-wnekly, oarrylng the 'Timed State* nutlla, CITY OP BOSTON, Saturday, December 2*. OITV OP CORK. Saturday, January .I CITY OP WASHINGTON Hatdrday, January IS. OITV OP DUBLIN Wedneaday. January 1?. A'id each Huoci'i'ding Saiurilay and Wednoaday, at noon, from pier 16 North rivrr. RATES OK PASSAOK BY THE MAIL STEAMER SAILING KVERV S ATDRDAY. PlTABLk IK OOLO. I rAVAALB IK Ci.tlkKVi'T. FIRST CABIN $"*1 I STEER AO E $:? To London 9.1 I To lauulon 34 To Pari* m To Pari* 40 Pannage by the Wedneaduy Ste.imr a, lirat rabin, 890; atrrragr. $30 Payable In United -tunes curronojr. Pa"*eiigw? also forwardeil to Havre, Ilatnbuig, Bremen, dr., at moderate rate*. Hteoragfl rmaaago from Liverpool or Qnecnatown. $V7. otir ron -v. Tickets can be bought heru by p nnua sending for tbelr friend*. . For further information, apply at the companv'a offlce*. JOHN O. DALE, Agent, 15 Bro id Way, N. Y. TNOR DIVE RPOO L?0 ALLI NO AT QUfeKNSTOWX.' r Canard ?tram*Ul|> .TAVA, from liostoii vu Halifax- January 3 AUSTRALASIAN, from Nnw York January 9 CHINA* from Boston via Halifax January 18 vIssaqk Morrxr rwow whw t?uk. Cabin $1M?00| Sroond Cm bin.... $IW raaaai.K mo.nvt r.iou boston. Oabln $125 0U| Second Onhln $89 Payable in (Fold or it* Equivalent. For freight or pottage npphMo ARIJ. No. 4 Bowling Oreen. STEAM TO QUKKNSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL Prom New York every Wedneaduy and SPturday. The CHIOAUO sail* from New York on the 9lh .of Jen* niiry, from pier 37 K.iet river. Cabin p i**ngo $S0 gold. siee-age ?I3), nurrt ney. I'naaage loNcw York and remlt tauoea ti> Trulaud at low ralca. Apply to WILLIAMS A GUtON. 39 Broadway and tC'. South atroet STEAM TO Q0EEN8TOWN AND LIVERPOOL.?THE HELVETIA Hull* Saturday, Deeemlier 29. l*aernge$30 currency; prepaid tickets $35. Drafts on Kii"!and rent I re. land at loweet rates. Apply at THOMPSON'S Paaaage offloe, 273 Petri street, nenr P QTEAMTO OLASOOW and LrVBRPOmZ i~ Oalllng t Londonderry to bind p..-ensore and mafl* THE FAVORITE PASMiNO: H STEAMERS OK TUB ANCHOR LINK SAIL EVERY SATURDAY, COLUMBIA aaHe Saturday December 79 HI BERN IA ; sella ; iturdny January 13, 1ST RATES OP PAR SACK. PA YAP,I.E IN OUitl'BNCY. .To Llreriaiol, OhtHgow and Dewy cabins, 89l> and $JW; eterraga. $39 Pro'wiil lertihcatea from thf.e port* to New York, $TV TiiTI ittc. Dumliurff. Ahgwiip. Ac. ShXiand 8.77. For furthi ?Infnr,nation apply at tb e.nnp iny' i nfflreai FRANCIS MACDON \LI) A CO.. Agent*. No. C ihiv,line Oreen, New Y'nrfc. f rtOR LTYEltPOOI CALLING AT QUEENS TOWN.? I' Canard Sicaiuthln CUBA, from New flferk . December 7# rA.aaaut' aevre ritn-i m* CORK. Cnbtn $133 Ml Second C hin $8* imssaor MOKKT run* norro*. Cabin ,117 50 ! Si-oond ? .bin $85 Payable ;n n firtwit* equlralent. For freight or pa*?age apply to R. CUNAKD. Nis 4 Howling Oreen. IONDON AN'n NEW YORK STEAMSHIP LINE. J Paasace to Lwtdeo 890. JOT. and gltu, rurreooy. P aaaae from London $TJ. $t\ and $:tt, :."iH. WILLIAM PKNB, Captain Bill;'r"in New York De "i A I A LA NT A, Captain Plnkham. ftom New York Jan nun I;'. BKLl.ON*. Captain Dtinn. from New York Pebruary 2. CKLi.A, Captain Glemlell f'nm New York Pebntary IS. Th?' sew and elegant Bftttnh iron atenmnhln wtliUAV PKNN, J l?? lona. will li-nve pter No, 3 North river fur laondnn du?et on Someday. Deeember 2T The neoomsniv dailnm fur pn**?iigar* on lb'* ?lup are t!Ttuitrpa*e*d. Freight will b" taken and through btlYeof ladlni glvea, to Havre. An'wern Rotturdam. Ameierdam and Dunkirk. ForpaJmage apply ?? r OH AS. A- WHITNEY. 38 Broadway. IKagfreight apply it M South atrenh HOWLARO A ASPIMWALL. Agenta. "^WDfMf A NRW YORK STEAM SHIP LINE. J PaaeagM to London dtreet $90. $191 and $30. payable ta United State* currency. The magtrMoenOnew Rrltl?h Iron etnatnablp VVLLIAM PENN 5,Or*l lent burden. Edwin Rilllnge oommander wttl leave pier No. A North river, on Saturday Der. '? for Txindon dlreet. Krrtght will he taken and throurh bllla of I'dlng given te Harm, Antwerp. Retterdam, Amsterdam and Dun kirk The aoromiBodatlnne for paeneuger* ew thtsHne are un a* reamed. For paaaage apply to en AS A. WIHTNRT. 38 Broadway. For freight aptly el 51 'teeth atreet. IIOWI.AND A ASEt.NWALL. AgnuU., M. \Vr..rlt nuatnr mrrrlnp tbr Unpad Htitaa mail, will mil from Um Brsmon pinr, foot of Third -tram, ITnn-.lran. on HATTfRDAY. HRr-KMRFK ?, won MtF.MHN VIA S(??THAMTTOM, WtaKTNO PARSKNCRS TO LONDON. HAVRP. rWWTIIAMPTON A NO BRIIVRN. at tli" fallowing rata*, pat ?Wr In gold or tl? rontrnlriit la OltrmnrT; ? For th? tirat cahha, fltO-. mound robin. SB' M; atrrragn. SS7 am To li* foHowart hy Iho rtaamablp HAN'SA, K oon Oterea doro. KM4i*r, on January 12. Id*7 For fraigM or mhwut npnl* to OKLKlCltii A CO., CSttmad atraat. mm HAMHtTDO amkrican PACKKT OMTAirt i iron mall atmiinihin Al.LKMANNIt. N Trantmann rnimmaniry aa raying th? Unpad- StaUa malt, will aail on Saturday, llrrambar *2. at IJ M., for HAMRl'ttfs taking | uo'iim for llamhurf. Harrr. Southampton and I-aqdan Klrd rabln, |!2!. wound raom. S7S; atnrragn, S*" 5?) |wv*l?|p la *e it* 1t?c 8A*mN1 V wilt follow 19 KtJMIAKD? k CO., i' It. RJ'M1AnT? ft BOA8, Air?*Mt?iv G#i e**l !' "?'nri'r At**n4?, lf? Flirlmn^n pt??^ ?f, V N?i. # 7l*rr|n<r 'tfcr^i N. T. OTEAMRR ST. IaW'RENT. K?R BRKMT AMD ^ fluvrr or**** I'w No. (H? North rtv*r foot of Mor ion rtrt*" Satin da jr. THw>ri?l*^r 2?. at 1J ?'r!o<H. t*n*?q*?rrH to h* on MiH ?! II y 9'elftfl. ^ GEO. MAOKKMIH, A?et*. 0 NLY DIRECT LINK TO P RAMOS. Till? OPNFRA1. TRANS ATI. ANTIC COM FA NT'S MAII. MTKAMhHIFS RKTWHKM NEW TORE ANil ItAVRR, OALLINO AT PRPHT . Tim iplrndid n-w rranria an Ihia fnSRT'a routr foe Iba rout urn' will will from |d?r M<>. 80, MortA rirrr, aaf H IpW S1. f.AI'RKNT, Captain Boannda. . ..K.tlnrdatt, Uwrmbar ?> I'KRIh PF. OnjiU n Dtirt-mnr Saturday. Jatin iry lil VII l.T PF PARIS Cn >i. !. HormonC. -alnfdar, .u.nnaiy Mi EtllOI'K I' >ln '-m 'f .Antnnlaf, I'obnirrjr# TRICK OF FAHsaOF IN C.oU?, Flrrtnnlttn. Y'V. I Bmmd r?Mr. $A0 l;a ?l r in o J rv. Flr-t Cabin *i?l| >- .odOnbln $IH It rlt'il If 8 or TV dM'ttwa if t' i ? 'Inn do not f?r T iWnit? parnrmfra. intrndlB ; to land ?t Nraal ' ' Vfn ni.brd ho - trl'N r.t ntail obi" n iw t? ""1 II ? ' ui?t" rhc ' -d to Par at an adtlltl mil rtiaige 'if S" tar Urn. nod M for ? Hiil r! i a. Mr t r il atlrn t.o-r (-? ,.r rharfr. Fur furthrr In' mr'ton aptilrlo CI o. VAI KKN/IK. A<rm?. MRrondwaT. TJAKCriANOK AND ? "I CM-; fiPFH ' -I. FiMiTaT ?2i fpiMimr rtr-rt A*u.t trot . . adil'tiw -1"rnpoi allra, Or -?'"'a dr ;'ani|or FraD.alA Hojrr. mll? FrMrh Col I and Bank OKMITTARcH TO Hit At BRITAIN AND IIII I.Ajip. i l Drafla i's?! ltd ir m ir I- pn dr on drmand, for -air by lAPStNITI HC'is ,V t'<> J* tmnih almrt. I IIASTWIAR NTKAMH .alPs. T)AC!F10 KA1I. til AViOHF COMPART'S I If I.IM. r.i I AI4FORMA CAKI'.TINO IIN1TKD hTATKR MAIIb VIA 1 A NAM t RAII'KflAD. oiramrra |r 1V? pirr 41 No th rl?i?r, fiml of Canal alraal, at IS n'oh? k. noon aa f'dlow. Ii?h' .di IfKIl V"ltK i .ipii.i W O. Furbrr. ronnrrtlnc with ininsTITCTIOn, i ap On Cararty. Jan It. 1H.V HFNI'V I 11AI Nt'FY 1'inla n A O. Gray, ?anna- t tif WIIA UOI.riKN acK. Ca-ilaln captdfr .Ian. SI?111r-lN11 HI AR. I .plain T. A. Ilartia, itnnnartiaa With inc.I?CN CITY. Captain.I. T Walklna. All'irparitirra l< ii i at Ai oulco: Iho.r of l?t and Sl?t rnnnrot al I'anam w ih I'nm-ri for South Pirlfin pirt-. lat and IIUi lor Cr-ittal Aiu-.ic\a porta, and thou* of lit Inorh a Ma-ifanlllo lb.|*rtor.- of lllh aarl. month romi?la with iba now atr ni linn from Panam . is Auatralta and Now iliird Nlramr- nf Maf'i II W will r on. t wilk ilir rorn pauy a alaamrr flp'/lilllil to trayr Han ftarmrioo for Yokohama ?nd Hon* Kong, on April 3 IAW lid lai-inda haggitgr allowrd rarh adn.t. Mrdndnea and atlrndarrr frrr For in a aagr in k rta and all fnriVr information applr at tha ofltrw on tbo wharf, faan oi ? anal atrrrt. .Nortli riyrr, Nrw York. R. K HOI.MaN, Agrnl. F DOR CAI.IFORNIA, VIA PANAMA Thr Pa.-lflr Mail Hmamrhlp Company'a Htoanarr WW YORK will nMI on MONDAY. DK.t ( SI, at U a'otnrh. noon. Frnghi rrralrad aa nawal Por pa?ra. Ir Inqul a at Frotfh' OWnCmuFi Pier, II North rirar. foal of Canal firaat. WKU.A, FARUO A CO., Data Frrlgkt Agpnu P.M. A A Oo. 4TIaARTIC MAIL RTF A1IHHIF COMPART. FOR NT, THOMAS AND A It ASH. FOPCAK I'NITRD HTaTI'.H M Alb AYRAMPRK. oath 'fauna Iho IM of rrarr month NORTH AMKRK1A, la r Trnmrman, .laroarr ft NoUTII AMRRIOA Captain R. I.. Tlnhlapaluh. Fabnmrr S3 (IIItDINC ?TA It. Captain dm H ?l<. naa, kirrlf!. Thaiw rlagant atraniara aail with ragolarHr. and rai at At Thomaa I'arm. frrtiaailm.o Itahta and Rio .lanrha-gotng and rotnrainf For raaaartnont af fraigbt or paaaaga, apply la QARKiNON A AI I.FN, Afrnti. Mm A loarltag Oraan, N?w>Tork. United statrr mah, unb to Havana ATiAMTto mail rtka mniiip con pant. RVRRY THWRHOAY, inan Pwr Mo. ?. North R tar IM NCTtlALfaT AT II R. Tha afauanl aidawhrri ataamahlpa MORR0 tlABTLB A dam* Thnradtf, Jan. 3 ?tOLR ...a (Irranr Thnrad.j. Jnn 10 COLUMBIA RarU* Thnraday. Jan. IT I MollRt> CAMTLF. Adaaaa. Th'irad.y. Jaa I RAOLP Airrana Thnralay. Jan, ' HARRUiOR A AiaMR. AMU, ft. ? BowtUf Mraon. R 1 COAST W?K HTRANIHIPI. S"t john'b, p. sr. quayra u3 PORTO OABKLLO. The Brut rl?b? steamship MSRCKD1TA Oairylugtbe United States Mafia, Will be despatched for the a bore porta Saturday, Jan. A The boats of this line make connection with steamers from 8L Thomia for Jamaioa, Windward Ishmds, Me. for freight or paauea apply to SMITH k PUNXIKG. 86 South aireet F?JLH?V*NA. VIA NASSAU. N. P. The Bntlah and North American Royal Melt StamB Packet Cnmnany'a new steamer CORSICA, Captain ma Meaurter, will a JI for the ahoy porta, from the Oompnog'a wharf, at Jersey City, on Monday, Dec. 31, und-Moud&y, Jan. 28, at noon. Passage moony la Nnaaau M Passage money to Harana m _ , Payable In g?l.| or Its equivalent. For freight or paaaage apply to K. OIINA UP, No. 4 Bowling Omen. Havana, sibal and vera cruz. The aidewheel aleamahlp MANHATTAN will ?afl km pier No. 3 North rlrer aa above, on the 19th of each month. CliAKf.ES A. WHITNEY. Agent. No. M IlroinUvtvy. The elegant screw steamer M KPHIM AC. Captain Van Sice, will Hail for Havana, Saturday Pec. M. m IIP. M , from piar No to North river, Kor Height or paaeago applv to GARRISON A ALLEN. A rente. _ No. 5 Groan. N. T. lit OH GALVESTON, TEXAS?RAILING WEEKLY.? r "Teaa? line.?The A 1 afeurorr VIRGINIA. Copt. W?kC will receive freight at pier "M Ku.i river, and sail on Satur day, December JP. Kor freight or passage, having minerlne sec- anmnl iliuiis, apply to f *. II. MA1.DOK k A CO., lav Maiden lane Postponed im account of lh? (tonny weather. ETOR OILTMOI. Tl'XAS.?KIKST STBA "KIt. -BX. 1 press j lue steam hipe. -The A 1 light draught steunw alilp ill.1.1 K, Potter, OOiniaaii l?r W<r 13 i iv. r. b ung dev.inert hy tlic storm, will re rive 1'nurht .> few days I kmma For freight or passage apply to YOUNG A COWAN, ail Una liag alq>. jXOK NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The new and In : oh-ns steamship GEORGE WASHINGTON, i Captain E V. O.iger, wdi lea.y? 1'ler No. R North Elver t HATDRDAV. DKC.'MBKR U?, at X o'slo-.kV M Foe freight or passage, having unsuipassed iter umnodB tlcnH, apply to H. B. CROMWELL A CO. Hfi Went, rtrnei. The GEORGE ORO.HWKDL will fellow Jjgpnary &. FO" new ORLEANS.?BLACK STAR LINK?THHT steam-hip FUNG 8!Il,'EY, CspUtiu Wartsttnrth, wflt le we pier 13 North rivpr. on Saturday, December 'JR. at SM'. M Kor freight or paaaage, having liaiidsjrac awiiiinuaa. lions, at ply to R. I-GtVDKN, Agent, corner of Collar and West iitreets. DAVID MoCGARD, Agent m New Orlaaaa. The I1UNT8VILLE follows on Sato:day, .kanuery A NEW ORLEANS STEA-MSG IP LINK. For NEW ORfRl.xNS, Saturday. Doe.? at8 P. K. hirsr cabin. 8'tf; second, J'.'ti and ?3t>. Romne nod meala Included. Elegant eceoiamodsUOM Applv to ALLEN E. THOMAS A CO.. No. 0 Bowling Green. FOR MOBILE ALA -FIRST STEAMER, EXPRESS line HteeiiishlpH.?The fine A1 sleamehlp OENKRML SHE P. A'AN, Pendleton, commander, will receive freightW pier 13 Kast river, for a fnw.d.ivr only, and sail liroirnnea guaranteed ni lowest rates. For freight or passage applrto YOUNG A COWAN; ss Hurling slip. OTAR LINK TO NKW ORLEANS.?THE NEW ii Mall SleiimsMp Company's One ocean steamers ?M pier Hi North rlrer. at 3 o'clock P. M.. as follows-? ME Kill MAO (calling at ILivan-G... .On Saturday, Dee. ? MAKlPO~A On Wedneaday, Jan. I Mis tSSIl'PI :. On Saturday, Jan. ? /.II lulls of lad ng signed ul the ollice upon the pier. Mr freight or passage ..only to 0. K. GARRISON. Pr'criiient, No. 5 11.iwlnig Green. FIR KAVANNAFl, OA.?MURRAY** LINE. EVU.KY TUESDAY. Tit" faro-lie steamshiiA'I.tGo, it. v. Uulkley' commander will sail Toes lay. Jaiituiry 1. 1867. at 10 A. X. precisely. Worn pu r ltl East river, loot of Wall s re?u Throngh?hlUe of lading and pa-,age tickets given to BE polios In vein action with Georgia Central Railroad, l or I n il-el or puaaega > PIvlY I ? ^KEltlS 2 t MURRAY. PEP.ltIS 2 GO.. 61 and 88 South KOU SAVANNAH. OA. IV1"RY THURSDAY.?TW Atlantic Const Mail hovimHliip Company's side wheel steamships HE KM VN LIVINGSTON. Captain Bakei, sails Thumda* .Tannar 3. U ..NllKA I. BARNES, Captain Morton, sails II Jsrurarv 10. Kr:>in pior 3H North ilver, at 3 1*. M . preelselv. 1 pas .ift- llckf Is an-1 bills of lading in all | OoniucAion with Ih '" Italfrnud of Georgia. Irtuytit or passage apply to LIVINGSTON, FOX t CO.. Ami*. 88 Lii crty atrwaA ATLaNTH; ?AI? g vr?* Ml.-t'llP OMPANV. KflMR". DIN'. FOR HAVAVNAtf. Ever? SalunD). from tuer No. IS North elver. Punct ually at A ..'c' vk P. M., The favorite aldetvlteul steamships KAV JACfNTG, Doveland. enminandnr aalla ;>e<eaiher 3B. HaN k ALVA IB IK Atkins, cominatider. sails Jannaqf Ik Tliroegli tk-keu anil bill of- l?/llri* to all points. Bleva- ( pi > ieniyr aecoMmodaUous. GARKISUN A ALLEN. No. 6 RowllBg Green, 8.F. FNOK CIlA RLERTgN, :. C.. TIIR FLORIDA POBV and the 'onth and HmithwesA. -Regular United KtadgB Mart Line ?The AI very last and elegant steamship AWL IJ'SIA. Wm. II. West, commander,ta now receiving eaewfc and will sail on tiattuday. Itoecinlier 23. at 3 P. M.. from pw M lis at river, connecting at Cbarleaton with the steamer DICTATOR for the Florida porta Paaaage tickets oaf thre?et> I at la of biding given to all pirteta on the S<aMh BeMb litis Batiaoad. Bills of lading signed on the eeaael. ABTHUtt LF.ARY. 73 Williametroot CHARLESTON. B. C.-TIfE PEOPLE'S WAXb Steamship Company. The regular and popular steam ship EMILY b. hot', Captain Locbwhod. wW IBM on Wedneaday. Jna S. at 3 P M ? from pter No 30 Hmmr river, handing freight on Saturday morning at Oharlraton. Through Resets and hflla of falling issued to all MtW Month hi c-mneetlon with the Sen Hi (larollna Railroad. LIVINGSTON, POX k CO., Agania, 88 Liberty atruat. >R RICHMOND, NORFOLK AND CITY POINT. _ The aidewheel slcumshipe IIATTKRaB. Captain Alexander Every Wednesday ALBEMARLE. Captain Honrae EveryW.lnrdnn At l?M.. from pter 94 North river, giving through hillaat lwling. Ire., to all points on the Seaboard Railroad and Bb V?l p> TRAVKLLmr OPIOEh Hrm>ON KIVF.H AKD IIATILKM RAf l<KOA?U Tmiiw tor AlhixriT TrOjr. nitui^Uni; with NortMn Mti<l Wwt'TTi iraltsN. ieurr N?w ^oik. via Rlrwr iftaR* rnad. Thirtieth ?<reet and Tenth Hvponf, R ?nd 10 A. af?ti ;t 4.; ?i-.tftuttd 11 P. M.; nn?l vln Ilarl^m Hailroad, T im iv-PixUt ilrftmid Fourth ?vour. at 11 A. M ami 4 !5 P. M. The *? W P. V. tram via Hudson Rlrer will nto on HundafR Sl4 -j>irtp ear mturhed to f* 30 and 11 P. M. triune. ()? till P. M train t? also attr.f' -d a eleeplnf r?r ev.*ry lev oi ceiit n.r aHe utdere. which le run ihrouttk to Ogdeasburgnte K. W. nnd O. IUJirond. withouUchArijro. Rtinday train fin IhidsoivH v?t Rond. New York to Poq^. keefim^und return, teavins New York at ? ? A. M,, iu4? lleriom Hood. Korly-aocond atfOft to MlllliHl and raMn^ lea vine Now York at * A. *. WM H YANPKRBIRT Vlon PmeldooL AHTliOMMlY. A PACT.?MI >S WRLLIKHTON TttbL* O* MUSI N RSfl theft, ?.????! lurk Hud numb-r*. 322 Moerory, oppamm Nisth utr+ei. tfottra 0 to 4. MADAM!. ROSA. ORKAT NATURAL CL\TRU>V A*T? iIs four whole life. Oflico No. 2 tireeue n(raM, corner of Canal. CormultMion $1. MADAMK WALTKHS, DINT! NOUIbHKD OLAIKTOT hUL Vlrll brr for everything?aickne**, WM*ft. name* number*, &*od luck. JWl Canal turret. Madam mora mi dicau claiktotamt, ha* r?*m<*r?4 ?.?lis Wmi Kjft.-onth ?U "*A near Hiith ?ra uut' Hhe .ii 'm you the itkrncaaof year luturg hu/itmad and telia Hit' name MIDU'Aii* t *U>-!NH TO L *DIKH?A LADf WRIT**:? i\ f Pew He Periodical PrtD relieved m# n oat t? iv * u"?it .n.vtnvetiM like ma#?o Price $\ Dr. A. M. NAl lnrJ.ATI, o.jr* 12V Liberty atrect, or ?eni by mn*. A\i M.'.l HICK U. M. D., PHOt'E^OR Of MtO? ,? ?'f?ry, thirty ycara (tfnulc*, at U9 Lfl* Hum ? ;*#?-? it tin r^'.cf to intrried hullra, ffon caw* , at on* interview. 4 -M ADA Ml OKIN DLL, fSXll PflY *l? 'I AN, Nfi Ji . OAr^ (lUr.tii b <tin4ttlH on ?I1 ffnw < i t?t ?. fl-* ?;?? r fa? e? who d M'if 4j?^k1 n and ?dic<4. . i ? i. r.urts, a < t'RK 4 1 i Nr; INT .VIKtV. WTtTII Oft WITHOUT i c ? ii. ?i ail* v frr.-n whatever ?%u?e.jy ADVP'I. TO V'lil'.l- > LADI/> ~ * ADAM* Ti.LL'h Jr frti ? Kr-*v*h i entile 1'ilU, No I pn?t yi. or No J, t * "*v ifh ran never fall; %f* ao? l.r.Jthf. hr rbir.y fourth'tra** no*r HiiUi aea nur. sent by mad. Addre^i box 2,.'W. 4 DH. outv DLL. r U4IC1A1V AND ACCOCJOH MM, i\. n . fl Amttv j i ? . *" Mvrrti Itiearkcr .ml Aruhy ?(rtMk iiif?ketivhi hj? '' ?1 |>r;? : <** t ur**t all f'.nale <<mi]?U<*?4 from ' ? v i < *o pr tdiiwd sure relief to the naj hi. hi |? ?*t- fit I i - ? nit rnoma for lad.** deairtruf gooi tiiirmni: ?n1 roed.ed ,m? n Uore a TRUTH -MADAMR IMStPARD** PKUALS ilil I t\ ore ?r.t?<i to g<vr r*d*'t U? Ia Um all r ?e? . t one iatr "vlen rrtce $?'? No. .#! Rnmrery, of^tootta Rlttli arret. lluuraHA. M. to 4 P. M. .XtHilu?oea oout Of mall. 4 !?s U f iM AN'fl IMI ? /\ frieoR Dr POAKft-i, |o.? Kim a*ran. tl ? 1 roucii !*? riobiral httfii.tA iinfalliMg in all ea**ft. A-TDUTI1KUL VIOOK AND MANHOOD RED 41* :D. ? I'et l)r. I'nWI'Ki Kit r. oaiieoiaUy ?li amnion,.. a?nf in irrtag ? Ofllm 1!>3 lilm atreet. A i \ ONK IN i K' t V1K tV FiR MMtRfKR Itd.ra. i.j Dr. I'tlWRHH Kim atre-t. Per lain i rfM* In larentjr iour hourt guaranteed. /lO*m>KXmi.<ON>?l l.rATIC?I?ll._l>R.B COKBKT^ U T.r .1 ?r>4 R. (' l/?.rdon, .?n l>? i-nlt?d ? cnu .1 vru1 r? JO < enird .... liuaMa K. B.?M* tat nmi. _ I |!t I) \ U A N D. FFIKNCH rUV-l<IAK. rVR" 1/ KN-umaM.m, l?on.iw>r,,"a< "5 Willy and every deap**? %te Ohruo.r IfML Ftneen yeamr eapeitence. Ho t?? a f ant*ln of Itfa, ol 4i Rleeaaer mwj D? I.ARMONT. NO. 173 BHOA l)W? V.-TRKATM M(?* (maHlill. ? W.4F-.I A4n?t?r .?d *?Tu?? on hi. ?|m. i.l irr.liM.l of I?m1, e?.o.uMi4?on.l, nmtu r*M4, (tlicliir*. 6 A'.ta pllos kn, t> ?_ , __ r. warnIck. r.Ml.Vr. Ho I T?*fllo*_ OH HI NTF.R CAH rrRK WORST IIA' M or OUR. J > III JIwum. without mortorr, ??' ?WW U?* th?. Mf otWr pl?|?irUm ?* P*r "??? ? W?t?.0W MfMt. IIM MM. I AH KKNNROT'a ?RHRDIOT 01; KB. DUKA-tM. II l'ri.rtun.t~. ttw tl^m ?nfl K?nn?1f'? Innturtim* wheer manhood It '* * m street f~vR ritWRW KUXIR-THR INTIOORATINfl *KDf. LI flno. Th? ooly r.mid? foe gwvomuM. phr.le.llR>r, to* at WWf. Iw I* MWA Lhaihfj*. rr rot lurosKD crow, RR rARRMft n ,.tii.l. onif l)r N AI'Kll'KAl". Pr.neh PerioitwM F itr.M. ma mt.i. lit .11 wm tram .hMfW CM, mr ..n,l lor p.mphl.1 19 l.ih*n* MIWM. _____ Tpr.RRORS RKRIMRQ PPRCIAI. MROIOAi. TRRAT | m-itthboiil.t oo...|t f?r IURRINON 01 . |lh >..nw.l ram ian?di.t?lr, WtiR.iti mtjitt mimiMm ah M nae