Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 28, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 28, 1866 Page 3
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BOARDBM AND MIDflRRH WANTKI). A T FRA N K POF.T n URK, ONii BLOCK MAST OF HI l"V j\. lull. coriMT ni Kruuort un.l William 2ju Roome. b to BO conI* par day. $1 40, i a ? ' f P** week. A T IM AND 1.<S BI.KNCra STKEMB?BOOMB TO A let Willi Uuaid, UnwN"4M|A AT 97 AMITY HTKIIUT. NKAIl BROADWAY ilDTHI Southern Hotel. Turni lhed BlNNi for gbatlaman only, altlaou'. board. AT Al LKXINGTi.N AVENUE-PLAIN HOOKING AND abundant bible, with or without limply hnjlN Betwn, en nulla or slmpy. T Id AMNIO NINTH STREET. BETWEEN P1KTHAND Hum avenue*. two elegant parlor Floor* and aoma fine Kooma to lab with Onu ciaaa Hoard, ui French and ji my Ira. Private table if desired. ?BMALL FAMILY HAVE A HANDSOME SUIT OP front Room*, on the first anft aeoond door*, to let, wltb an Without Board, private Uble, at lljjWjmerley place. A HANDSOMELY PURNI8UH%_ back boom. eeooud floor, hrslrjas* Board. lUtyfeef Twunly-aeeoud atoeab near Sixth avenue. 4 gentleman and wife and one or two single gen lamau ran obtain elegant noromrandattoua. Board, at Bib Went Korty seooud alroet. one blook west a* Brood way. Rerereaeoa. A TORT NICK ROOM, JUST VACATED, SUITABLE A for a single leullrman. alao a eery handsomely fur. ahhed Room. suitable tor a gentleman ami wile, with tlrmt Btoiraf Kamuy small <4 Weal Thirty-ninth street, an Flitb and Sixth avenue*. A PRIVATE FAMILY AT WWKsT TW.l.FTH STREET JY aan aocoininodme a giuitlemiui with a small furnished Room and first chute Hoard. Reference* required. A LARGE SECOND STuRY ROOM FOR OENTLK awn and wife; Hall Kuvn tor.euigle gentlemen ; mat dbwa Board, private family. M Wlulhrop plots, near CUn tm place and Hruadway. 11 II CLINTON PLACE. A Handsomely Kurnlehed Rooms to let, with ar without Rawed. Kalareuoaa resulted. ^ It SCUYVESANT BTRKKT. NEAR THE BIBLE Bonna, to lot, with Beard, a Room to a single feutle A1 ITU WEST BIOHTEENTH STREET, A _ NEAR PIPTH AVENirt, iBaganUy Furnished Rooms to let, with Beard. i ItkATLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET-TO A aweaunaaa and bla wife, will yaa and Bra with Board ?prjha tady^only. Terms $10 per week. Addrcea A., station 4 BACK PARLOR AND EXTENSION, HANDSOMELY A furnished, an the Brat floor, alao a large Room oo tba Snrd floor, may bWbad with Board, at 1(1 Waat. Fourteenth if Li & 4 CfENTLBMAN AND WIPE OR Tlfo SINGLE GEN A. Oamen oaa be accommodated wltb large, pleasant Fur nished Rooms, wltb or without Hoard* In spnvatallamlly; taaallon central. Apply to Mrs. DAVIS. 167 Waat Fifteenth street, between Sixth and Bavealb avanuea. ?T 4 PRIVATE FAMILY OCCUPYINQ A HANDSOME JY house IB aa unexceptionable lueatioo. wlU aorommo flato a family disposed ta pay liberally for a firm class home. Address E. R. C., Herald office. AN ENTIRE FLOOR, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, to lot, together or eeperately, wltb first class Board, Ale foe gaatfcman aud wife (3 Waat Twenty-second between Fifth and Htxtb avenues. 4 ROOM OB TWO, ON BBCOND FLOOR. WITH A Board, for gentleman and wife; alao single Kooma for ?meu. Reference* exchanged. None but Ihoeo willing a lair price need apply at 62 Weal Fifteenth street 4 T 110 MACDOIKiIl STREET.?BLKOANTLY FUR. A. nlebed Roams, wlitneverylhlug aeoeeeary for house Reaping, in urtler that a family may have a complete homo. NUMBER OP SINGLE ROOMS TO LET; ALSO A Suit: bouse and neighborhood first class; one btuek 'lb Aveuue Hotel; Uble d'hole. Apply al 64 Wad ntv-fourtb street. T M WEST ELEVENTH STREET, FEW ROOKS from Broadway and Ht. Denis Restaurant Hotel, communicating, on sunny side,wltb or without BoirtL ( A LARGE FRONT ROOM (IN MOOED FLOOR TO let, wltb Hoard, to three gentlemen or gentleman and Wife. terms moderate. Apply al 66 Wo*I Washington place, hear With aveuue. LADY WILL LET TO A GENTLEMAN OR GENTLE. _ man ami lady, a large furnished Room with moderu provement*. Address Mrs W. Marie, station D. 4 llALI. BOOM OK LARGE ROOM To LET?PUR. A. msbed. without beard, In a handsome loiauty. IX) Mast Porty.eigbth street. Terms moderate. Board.?gramkrcy park, a parlor and Bedroom* can he obtained ;u a private house, with or Without private table. Oniv parlies of the highest reapee . ability need addieas MynUiurn, cam P. C. Godlrey, sia Bmadway. Board.?a few pibst class parties can or. tuln handsomely furnished Rooms end Hoard In a pri vate family. Apple at S? West Ttiirty-firsl street, hetwera Fifth avenue and Broadway, BOARD.-A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING a new hou*e on Carlton avenue, Hiooklyn. v. li let, With Board, two 'infiimi.hed Rooms In (he second ?toi v. The house hue all the modern improvements, is nnwlv fu rnished and varv convenient to nap*. Address F. A. W., box l.RO Nrw York I'osi ofE-e. ?OAKD,?AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED SLIT OF Rooms, with fir?t clsss Hoard, in a private family. 161 it Fifteenth meet, on Stuyvesuut Perk. ? BLKOANTLY FURNISHED BOOM* TO LET-ON Mmnil floor; closet*, ba'.h gaaandruel, and part Is or full Board to agentleuianaad lady. Apply at 99 Weal Wash ington place. FURNIHHED ROOMS TO LET?WITH OR WITEOIT Board, at No. H Rivingto n street ;tbbd door east of A Ben street I. OIINHED ROOM, SUITABLE KOR ONE (Ml TWO iUoRicii. 27 Downing slreal. near sixth avenue and HjM ; IpULL BOARD?AT $13, fill, 614. 616 TO V> PEIl I week; hands inely F'frntsbeJ Apsrtmente, P:,rlors mid Bedrooms, sod single ttotwn; every comfort of a home with first -1 IS* French cuisine, table d hot*, breakfast a la ee rta; aleu private dining eahion . splendid aervma; with gaa. Call at 21 and 23 Great Jonas street. Handsome rooms to lf.t-on second saoRY. U-o back Perhrr, elegsntlv ft.nlebed si mode rata t. Hrcakfuat or full B-.*rd If de-dr ui. 1 i Nkntii m e,-t Nicely furnihiied rooms to let Board, to gentleman and wife or single y-'iti-ii IJfi West louiseenth asrect. Itafen uea -ich. nged Vfo. ?' SEVENTH AVKM'K CORNER OF FOUR j[\ tornlh street?Elegsatly fdrnlsbed i'.o-- as. inenluat aingly T, ?r ? T *lnjrlr* $P jwr mr family a?r* riInk y; oi*o *. .,<?? K >*,- M ?'?? tjr flfth ?ti?;?i i ? w r<*.?si. r. rrwo PLKASAKT R ovfs To LIS? WTTfl I! v i' I? I T?' in* v ry r * < ? . v?,#? Dinner *U ? ?04 h totboMi AiT'.y ot?!? W-!?i Tli?ny u?cou4 ?t ' iw * . tr> J Ntnth KTi-n'i -a, TWO f: OA . I . FTP.MKHhlt HI riik A ai'iffln anilriTian r*^ Ti'-tn. .1 -.n I ? ? , ? h'? j Vain dwnlli:.? hoom IJ Urnaourt , ia. ?, ion!!. r .: -jr Broad ?ay. Apply - Arty Two vr.r.v rj.sK floor*?n. wi.v rt km ubi> in ? private fani'y. tl-a nl id ? ??. I C ? ;? ??,.? lab In Appl* all Jilt *1 I?< H n*t T? lit* tbti ' .traa! ) IB''-WITH ROaNO. A I.AKO? FRONT ROOM ?fid B*drtm-n ad lnink', n '?* .?i> -id * rv tnrnahnd uiifuriuahr 1, in aul < ir a.i ?> (A Motion a. ran J LRT-FTRMIMIII I> ROOMS WITH K aKI). To a canto-nun And wit* or %lu*!? (?ntlMBSB. Aj.| ly it l Ida M rour.<? nih atrraot r> UT-WITH BOAR#, 4 UKM WELL n:i. nlalmil Htwln. luimbk for Awn canon: an, I'i a prttan fnml f, tirin < in> I'ldina ?aa ..J r r" $i' par ? ?<-4 ??. 1 IB*?MU row/nrutbl* Room with H ior (am auiara, tartna modai ate; hou ?<! haa mod^r.i l?^rma>D.i ra> ?ana" (Iran and roipilrrd Aipla at In. haat Elg'ita. .i-h ?nnit bolwnon Fir?t and i>?om a>*a'i??. ? 1 rLKT-A I.AROE SECOND HTtiKV FRONT R'wiy, with Board, bo'iar flrat rlasa ant ?'?nrtmeat to nan. Iwqmr r at 7t Hmund aianuc for Ihroa daja rLHT-A Ft RNIBHKn BEOR'o.w AT JiJ iHVT'l aoanua, i-omar of Twnnty third a-rant. r| I IT, WITH BOARI*?TWn NICELY rtRNIAHM) ?fiu?. oa lit* '.ra- 11 ?if, with haih .?>. t gar.l^. ?u awd wtfa, at *71 Kaal Thirty.thirl atmat rtaRT?THREK LABOR RoOM-<, WITH OR WITH, ?at Board, Aofanllanian or (?nllr" ?n and thotr wiaaa, B W ill Mai a a piaav K-f?roaic?~ rwel CT1I ATFNtJE, ?o P - IK tyjSREVCKKCF OF A > AM. da * it.f 'n ith two handano.n r-|r,, n.d a Al t -^ ?Mb" or amcl), to fantlmoao oaly, wita or without Boar I. mbrrn* b"? *M Fo,t < ? TH RTHEET. RKAR FTFTII AVESt'K I < A FRI rata ( Firat Fh?>r oanlan't tbnr roorra, B 48 WFMT BIITTAJNTH RTR'ir.T HARtbMOMRI.r fomtahod Hall ttadroma to* a.njtr aainttaiaan anth Maa Boar A Ft ITItltm At NNiM MOT-A Tl ??t ?in UflON BV'ARt lF/ A arry Wwlrahi* antt of Wool Raoma to bo ran tod with Board. ' MOPRTFUNTH RTREFT, BOOMS fti RKNT, WITH ORWITHOt r BOARtl. CO FTREKT F.44T OF BROAIJWaT HJ Bawty furnlahod Roorna In *aita Or atnclr. s? B4 WE*T THIRTY THIRT> RTFEET -EINR HVf * OF front Ro .ma, Ind aad %! atonaa, labia 4'ko'a. pro or tba F.arnpaaa plan, with ar wttbant Board, ran iwa larma MAfnoCOAK RTREET.-A FI.RARtRT FRONT R wB W> tot with Boa'd. tftnimr attta ?''iork, trinr. rwqutrnt ? Etrr TWKNTT FtRKT BTI'.RKf. ORAMF.B' T " part R'.jt L'r fn-. ahad Apartin?oi? w aoiod . four larwa asnnw. a I l.flit, tad nononattaa with Moardi "Th.Vmaa trtt'i*"? Alaoiat turn, ? m Sttir- ? W5 wrjrr tweifri ?r*F.rr-makorombi.y yalahad Roan to root an bnda or aayaratalf. ?rata family t? a fantloataa and Bofaronoaa nrtai.**d. App y ???*f*4r--|lAWDB<.Mr.LT PUBNtRRF.D Wy for a BPABP AMP hODuuii W4TTRO. '^?.!Tk,"!L4.', For NIMNRLF A Nil wtJaBuard la a Brat rlaaa uwathui. Faitor ?ad Rot oayirM iaou m.,.i >- *o AA ttdma ata in* ? *tft?0 < '' l? ???',' BOARD AND LOOUINU WANTKH. k VOPhi* LADY DKI1RE* HOARD AND BKU.tU04 J\ In ii i.'h. u?t>ls ii'il to exceed *1 j per week; reftrvuicei rOrUirrd. Arid rasa Jf. J.. UcnlJ ulUoe. AO.'NTI.RMAN AMI) WIFE DESIRE BOARD IN A rca|?-cUljtii locally, where liters tiro t"W boarders, at moderate Wfmi. Address for one wwi, slating particulars, room No. 4. Ml Hrcodway. AYOUNU OKNTLEMAN ANI> WIFE. OK QUIET habits deal re Hoard In a strictly private fatullv, w.thin 10 minutes' walk oI Unwary theatre. Address W. S. 1)., Herald office. B OARD WANTED-vC'lR A YoUNO URKNUH OKN I tinman. Would Ilka to teaob during the evening* a few boys, In French nud Spanish, a.i part par incut fur bia board. Address French, eara of French Institute, box 6,001 Post poa".D WANTED?BY A (1KNTI.KM AN AND HIS A> wife. Tenon not to exceed $? per W'-ek; locauoo above Tw> uty-tbird streak. A private family ptelarred. Addreaa A. B. P.. Illation (1. BOAIID WANTED.-A 8INOLK OKNTLEMAN WOULD like a good t he tuber with Hoard (baeakfast and dinner). In a private family or small select boarding house, location near Madison ootiare; price nut tot to exuecd $30 per week. Address boi 6,7/9 Post oflloe. Board wantp.d-hy a frenuii okntlkman, in a private family preferred. Address, staling terras, J. 11., box 4,136 Putt office. quiet family. with gat, flra and'ise of balh. Addreaa Board wanted?by two youno mkn. in >(uiel family, with gi Hyatt, box 1 bUSfPurt oillse B OARD wanted?KOK THREE PERSONS; OPtK ' large and one small Itooin requisite. Parties of re * pectnhl HI y having the'rls.ired acrororaodHtion* at reason utile pries, will plasee ildilress, wild full jairtli olat s none others noticed), <1.. Dos l.btil I'...: 1JOARIUNU -A aRNTLKMA* AND WIFE NflU IJ one Room, with Board In a highly rospeeuble privste family. In Jersey Oily or Slaten Island, ferine must be moderate. References exchanged. Addreaa, giving full par ticular*, Florence, Herald oflice. WANTED?PARLOR AND TWO BEDROOMR. WITH Board. for gentleman, wife, child and nurae; with a private lemlly preferred. Addreaa U. B. H., Herald oflloe. ANTRD?BY A TOUHO OENTLRMAN. BOARD IN private family, where plans lee sens would be taken ea a remuneration; also s sltusilon as organist and a few pri vate piano pupils. Addhaaa K M. B., Herald ofllse, for ten Aye. w TV nlahed eommunleatlng Roams, geuUsmea and niece, will be permansai; loqeUOB good and terms moderate. Ad dreaa II. Y. L, Herald ottos, giving full particulars. WANTED?BY A B1NOLB GENTLEMAN (OKRNANk a fUrnlsbad Room and Board. Is a private family, la this eBy: location central. Address, with particulars, S. T. b.. Herald ofllcc. . XSTANTED?BOARD AND LODUINO. BY TWO OEN TT Ue me a, terms moderate. French family preferred. Address, with full particulars. J. 8., box 8,(70 Post oflloe. WANTED?FOR A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, A PAR lor end Bedroom, or bedroom wits alcove, with Board, In a gentrel family where there are few or no other boarders; location must be good; terms not to exceed 130 a week; re fereooes exchanged Address rillas Wllmot, Herald oflkra (ITANTED?BY A 8INOLB ORNTLEMAN, A PLEA v? east Room, with Board and Arc. on first or eenoud story; private fealty preferred. Address B. C. A.. Herald otOea. ANTED?TWO DOUBLE ROOMS. WITH LAROB closets, for four adults; Board, Are and gas not to Cl osed $12U per month. Between Bond and Fifteenth streets. Second and Sixth aveneea. Address Mortimer, box 176 Herald office. w ^ _ HOTELS. ? AT TUB ORANT HOUSE, 44. 4H AND 48 NEW Bowery, near Cha'ham square, Kooins36c to 60c per day, $1 76 to #3 per week. Open ell night. Atlantic hotel. Chatham square -well furnished Booms at moderate prices by the dev. weex or month. Open ak atl hours. JOHN fkEREBN. Psoprietor. DE LANEAI7 noi'SB. 73 WERT FORTIETH RTRRKT. (Touting Reservoir Park.?One large end oonimodlous suit of Itooms, en diet floor; also oue oa ee end 'fable d'nete. .j Mills house. charlkhton, s. c.-the pro. prietor has the pleasure to Inform the tiavetltng pub lic that he has completed extensive alterations *nd Improve ments In the above establishment. It Is now ready for the reerption of guests Regular uommnnlsaiion Is uow oueu with Florida end all pom'r (sooth. JOSEPH PI'Rt.'EI.L. PI P.RKEP'lNTdkI H HP, BKOOELYN HEIGHTS. -SWI TS and Slacle lV>rus. peunsnent or trouslmt; table an surpassed, at retos to siiU the puolie wants. P. P PETERS, Proprietor. Reunion uotel?forty-rkcond btreft and Fourth svao-ie has been improved and remodelled. Rooms *h suite sr single fur first clash families; table a la European J.? A. ROHINSON, Propricbn QT CLOUD aom, w rniNfE htp.ket, ten 0 donrn w<*il of RriM'iwmy, has a taw Room* to Id, atther p^rnihiiMtt ur transient, on roaaooabte ?* SHI '.VIA-V HOOME, 413 HRHUMF ITKIIT, VKAK Bro*dnay.~Ri*wi* to lai, wiuiout beard, liomM>" 9I& p?r wuek. KumU'tra all new. f|M?NTIME HOTEL, 437 \NI> 431 BKOATJWAY. BPANTII 1 of ttffe Tontin* cornwr of t'ortlandt and Writ *4rpn* Room* from fiOr to ptr day. lead;**' and gcutbmrn * reiiiaurantt attaohaiL CITY KKA1. ESTATE FOR SILK. A FIRST CLASS FROWN 8T0XK 11 loll BTOOF Hoim for aala or to Int Inqulr* on orrutlana, 91 Mi Led! atrenl ooar Laittftm ambus, of JOHN OLArid. BUlMNKHtt FRUPRKTT -VKRT DF.MIKA BI.K FOR IN rratisant, In fl roadway. i'iuI klarotr c'rnaby. (imi Jonra, Bond. Howard. (Land, Brow f?r?rl?yt. Prloer Hmi-lon. Rlanfkar and Ko>u-ih Xrnatc ai?o In Waahingian tdi/.r Ninth. Trnlb, hlrvaoi!,, Twain h, lhi't<?nih m l Ft"., lernlh alrml*. *'?n In ih? brat ilrwli Irana**-*! and nar Broadway N?.? Cin.Uliwt. Apjilj t il.I Mh.Nl. < IIKVALI.IFR ol I >dar alrmt. INKNTRAl. PARK -FOR BALK. A JH'MBFR OF WKU I In . t?d Lota oo Fitlh and t.lftub arauu' a. f ?< ti? th* Park, at I**a tn..n ...kina j,ri(*a. Ap;.ly t. r. II 1,1 l>T.o<V A i " ? . Bo. 3 I*ln* ?trr*t. h'(.K KAUl-J'i Uflfe MfcHl ? IH m STORY brown " ?n* fJottw, nfcMljr fnrmnh* I tb'mighout. *it i ?r^rytblftf nollnhl^ t??* % rarnitjr to i%<i* laMMd p ?*??? ,. -;un n mi in<u|' "'1 hf Uttowawr, %tu1 in m go -1 li*u?tion Addrffr* O., bo* .4 114 Voit <?U(w li^Ht K4LK* !?<?' ?F OS *WCOSD AVK.Nlf. 4f>0 F VV *?#'*"r< ??.??! * "Uth* rt? L*adj, an* I Mining Yraperiir - in ?\>y.ra<io ? .Jtfwn ? d V 1 \ 4fc."4 CUAPXAN, fit laliwriy otrfWt l^OR <\LK-ON WF.iT TWKSTY SfVCOSD STREET, 4 L four mory lar* ? Endliili b*Mn??]H Hrtti ?? 12 i w*. n?o f r.? 4*fiivF'iii?* . ?n, hi man#, An. If^uw '? wll plant ?*?t h. tog* e of - iiS ra?-n, iii4 It In f 1P??? f n .uM?vn??*. I'r * $18 ?J00 To h ?.y f>* -mi! oulv 1, Ii !1 a.! i >m2uti4 lA.i, K ??VA U 277 TwntjMbtrU ?Irwtt WRST THftTT fOi STII PTEKF.T 4 ? ry h.*b *iooi> blown ?tofif. M ?a** <i *"?' t. Mfn ?!liSg? 1 .n . I aiKm. i"r on S JAS KJV I**, .y tV'rd .. re#'. OK *.VJJS-TWo VrLL f.OYs f? .( t. ????* ? a?' inuu t ? 1 ? It lain ??* ?< rpf ?% n Ii in ;tp! )ii ' M'i1 ? itrr' t, hAforr 4 V M -r I ;:?! m ; *.f.. . i"* vv*? t Twmttv r, -ti. ert, t-. t-.*? A\.Y I . ? V K"r ' a A $!' THOMA^ J TKVIAKT. IT O. ? AMI ?t N? W -T m i T ulll; t*> i *t frotii l*i .*'* I:', ,i I. IIKI.I H* IK*t*'* Ig'nt. It V -ir?tr?*l F?f. r m>r al? :n oRDKR to si'TTToX rp as rs i r f t<? ntiA b? ftuti one i.jin.j An* o ? and on ?-**v ?ffn? ? *n buy ?r% pI'* t . i it* fUAjp l'i " I lloU ?' ' .? l .I la in jlrfwl -\*t * I tho ?* ?* 9> o'W nil i ill inHial Y< riy-i. 'iff. -lr ? K'ftb ?n I s ? Iti a* *? ,u? rL'< prov?nj i.t ??t s. Will tm ? ?l I lor a > ft* ? ?n {*? r< > r b*t?. en *r and p' -mll-* a; piy t? >4 f VAN WA'tK* %? ' bl Milk ivtsn* HOi "K* FOB saUC-I* TIIK HK<r i/Aalitil* in lha *41 v, by KIXO A 4V>? No. t W#ai Tw* Ity-itlr>l Klfih Arn, m II nl C"T"S?F KOR FAIR.?NEW MaRHLK I O n??- Br adwaf an I < ana! ??*??? F, .*??? >? i. Fii*a**?R Fotir rf 4 D D olHKU., 7* i 'Unlr** TWO Fl.NI. LOIN FoH RALF? ON *?>r TWI>T|. tblM atroat Jah R E!>V. a v l?* 177 W?at Tw**7 thi'il rttoat. QO AVFNCI I >B F * LK, A < ORWK* FK<PFHTY ? I on r rl a?*? ?*. Flu* I Met *tA atcai lor kart ,*rt I AFVty to JOHN N l.*Tf. M Fl#0 (R a?l RIMUKI.I 1 KKIii RNTATB KOH It A IF.. RtlLOl*.. U<( -HF \i TIFN Ll.T aiTI IN TIT77 ' ' ? 'i( I' - ? t a i ?( tka *?m ft ? ?7 ?; ??. ? I ,r ? t?io hy L BFI.l- ? ' ow atfRBA K. ONF. IUH< FK >W Till Ml ? n'*r>l?d*a? I*' ?!*?? Carl fl** I.. \:.ia ?'?' L?i.i,.i, ? ?? t ? ?il?'a '? ? r<w ,'Ar. ?l fa*t II',,?* <? . *. bli' (?*?*. gaa hrH a-4 ?l l ?at*r 1 l Fat r Fi-wira, with ma Ma ala'>a r> > Lnt Birna, Brvat*d ? ka' aoii*r* aa 1 ?ut Window a ut a. HiaN ? llam 1 i anM?th<lt| faA. wai*r aad na t, ? roots. Tiio (rouada aro hwanin*! win a I, at* a tr?w> aFrtitlwri f *?** aad arb**afwtf (ra;m am -? p. tu( rmoa. Four add tinool laota adj< nina may bad rt a h>w onaa f. a?-?a?in rtra* hnmadiaifly Apt I* 1 ? n. HoNliidiW, kai Ram (a Aj*at. Moutac M, rioar Coon *t U'l ITRT MKAIa KNTATK FOR II4MR. \FAR? FT,I! a41 F.-l', HI.KB FK*?W, N J. w-?, wtt.i Bowk, i rnpa at d B? i *>| Ft* Ml. III tia aniT? h*an 17 a|>|,' ad for )rnina'l'*"ty lor p i ? Ur raj -a or aidtaaa V." RmHRKTB, 21. A ?trrwt, Fnwtklyn \lat- w/lTIN'l rAFNI. -O'ltyft mill. Ml tall 01.1 oiat* 14 ir.tTaa via?h of PLiiad?lnhia Frm* aal) I ur' atf" A'ao Imp'^r-d Fatma H indrrda awn a*<"lud, Tfiforrnailffn aoa' Ijwa ? A idiom IT. h l.aNl>l a. I. Raw lara*t * RV Of ir R RRd, < a R A KI TW V RIVRIT. raa niVa ft n N'w ? dapna BLa'raa-?B? a baa cat, ltd aotra w ..1 Ki>W ARO A TaII., WaBRL N HARORBItrRuH ir Wi'l afwil A I'MIU' R FARM ??1 A' RFH ON T 'B Bl aoTF l\ haaaa*! rtrar, r.aor Binfiaorvao*. Ik o. ? Oaan^R.aa Cfo. land flrh bnuFlna. r-od F.riWAIlUB Tlfl. A WAPRKN H ARIlB.NRI.Ria A Wall llraoi. C1 X'*W 1 NOR FOB IHFROVKII Rial. I ' . ? I OR Pa fowl it rtfafaa aa aaw.nn.aot of Mar'Uaad.aa. la 4 In laruaar* aoosTy, I vita la H t ka'TIIr, Nrar f a-t. aa*a I Lola la CadarrLk. Fai'taOti aad F.TiiahotA, Rao Jtraoy. Ad BUR r . bni u Uorald oflww CiIOROIA TF.I.LflW FINK TIMHKR ABI? WOBICUI.. r la .1 La ta MM/ arrra rn la* -in. a .*-( Ttmsr aad I'wtan Un4a far trada ar aalo low hy 'I t< RoOBRB. 1*1 Frarl at root. * BB^'t?fN<K Wiril i.t- Fl ?rai K. A tVr ana a-r- writ .wiff-wt w tk frjiia aad ?,or I'r'tw fl*. at -?', ? T, ff-u. i'r'tw fll.TWt a la^k FOrCak Add * .a COrMTKY IUAL. KMT ATI ! Will ?tUB. TIOTI L ?Ull IAIMTUMWD t fttVUHK HPS! K, I I . ? .. Uu. t.. hi he, "? - ?.! ?.? la 111 good Willi Hull Mil doing > *'? ? ' ? lbei.1 ?l'l ton. ?< 1'tsa of lall't lllth p.i>i- , u l ? r* "l't bnlhhng.-: also ? a*o emnll dwellr-i hon im; ? 1 Id ftirt.b lu >1 ? Oiit a?l?arti?a drs.e; puaa-aatuu given .. -i. , > ' Itmia easy. K*ir pnrttcu -?i a 1 <1dn' *M .1 H.oLIVlin, t I'M 1MI1KB Third avenue. Hard-nt, New iu, t, VALUABLE HOT'. I, PROPERTY KOE HALE?AT IM Ka ?> county, N. J . with uulbu au li able for imtei b'i?)fti'-ii, will be aold at publ ? ilr go liaa day. na~-.nh.5r31, l*kl. 1IKNKY IHIBL AND KKAL. kstatk wanted.^ AWKNTOHK8TKK KAKM WANTED FOE CASH; ?rod de? rf| lion. aits of huUdiuga, 1 rrUarO, location, Ac. Addreae Cash. Iterant oAloe. BIOBLOW A BOBLENTOM. 14 PINK STREET, WANT to rentaevenil util uroDliml llouaaa l'< ?a. a.lon Ki-b. i. Will purelutae if prices are rcaaot. ,l>le. Apply to-day. N. B.?Money to loau n bond and mortgage. Harlem Lots wanted?well located; three or lour lota; price about $1,1310. Addrcaa liarlrm, Harald office. FOR SAl.K. Ahariiain ?run stock and fixtmbiw ok tiir KruK, Wins and 1 Igar hloia, <X> Weal KuurUiemb atmot, for aals t-heaii. AVKRY KINK FURN'NIfFD FIRST CLAM DlNtNO Room, a.mate 1 iu a rery good liu-.iiraa 1 .ration on Hrondwuy, >a offered to aoaie enterprlatag 111*0 for tale, or to for r.ttr or otbsr Improved pioperty. Addreea B. H.. box 17b Tlerald oftire. A GOOD CHANCE.-FOR HAyi ("TIRAP. A SILVER I'latlng T.ata' ltabmeiil, all IrSA^tm-leu- Ordtr. lu'ptlre at No. A3 Eighth avenue, aonter Went Thirteenth street, tap ataira. A RAKE CHANCE.?FOR BALK, AN OLD EHTAH liahed I-adles' and tleotljunen'* Kurniablug Oooda Store; ipleadid locailon and elegant atore. doing a very good business, cheap rent and long bo te, re*,,in fur ?riling, the Ksent proprietors going into the wnnleoale buolneW. Ad ?? (>., box $.784 Poet olDee, Now York. % A FINK CORNRR LIQUOR BTt.RL' FOR HALE?ALSO RootanraaU. down tows Hotels, Moat Markets, Poultry and Produce stands, Butler Stands, < cruiitrr Hotrlk. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, it tl-vtar street. A LIQUOR STORE FOR RALE WKLI. LOCATED IN Foartaaatb ward, doing good bu-ineea; cheap rani; good raaaoua fur soiling. Apply to S.iMrGL WYNN, Ana tlonacr, W7 Bowery. A RESTAURANT, NEAR HTOOE KXt'HANOE. ON A ret Boor, for aalo low, with fcng lease, doing an la taansa business, a great bargain. H. C. DEXTER, No J Broad street. ALONO LKABE OF A SMALL HOTEL ON BROAD way for aalo, with Stock and Fixtures, or would bo lot, with Block. Flituroa and Furniture. C. TBOMPSON. TU Broadway. Business chance.?ciuak STORE, with OOOD Bxtnrea and well a locked, fur aale chrap.B*-. the owner la going into anotbar business No. ITVGiaud street, naar Contra Market. Distillery for sale?oood location and cheap. Inquire for partlrnlara at 116 Chambers at DIHTILLKRT FOR SALE-IN COMPLETE BKRklXO ordar, favarably loraiad to Brooklyn. Sold to clnae a concern. Rom paid to May 1. Addraaa J B . boa 116 llorald oMae DRUO STORKS FOR BALK IN PHILADELPHIA. S3.(HI: New Orleans. ?li.hju. St Leu,a. 66.(00; New Haven. tNOOtt. Ha- ketutowu, N J . Broadway, N. Y . and Brooklyn Htnoas. STRICKLAND'S !?rtiggl?ta' Aganev, MS Broadway. FORBALK-THK LEASE FIXTURES AND STOCK OF (be old eatahllehtd porter bouse I'd Nrr.ilh street; will 'a ?old for rsoab only. Apply to LEVI OOKWl.t, oa tha premise*. POR SALK-A OENTLBMEN'S AND LA DIBS' FUR. nlahing Store In a good bualneaa Ineaiuy. Applp at No. 1 West Eleventh street, one door from Broei I way. IjAOR SALE?SIX SCSBW PRESSES .VVI M PLATES. U la complete order; three Kettles. Boiler Iron ?tapaelly 7.10gaUone each; Cvohoon Pnntps. Platform Scale, A , Ac 7nUgallona es- h, 1 v.Cions inn Anply al'Al Mai srtjeld ?iaeei. N Y. ?OR SALK-WHOLS or HALF IV TP REST IN Lease, Elxtiirae snd Oood Will of ? proiitaale and osta>> ted Tea, fofss and Midcr- Mannfar-iurtrif llnslbw we'l located, down town; preujleea ?tiBtalnlaoeiU". r .aatri 1 and mills and are auliahV for aaff Inielncs m'tnlring steam Ktwer aod wall lighted rooms. Aditresa Y. .1 A , boi IU era Id oflU-e FAOR NALP.-THK LP.AeK FIXTUREH AND <1OO0 Will of the Reveille Music Cujft-n, Keataurant and fdd Ctejm Ssloon 637 HroadWWy The )>o,in- es Cji tw>ni llabed for the past seven yea-g, and Is now In snarcas: til ope-?iion, aod in every raspc-i worthy the altent' in of any one des v? engagt* In the t^sille-,*. Km 'n?i isartlru lars. aa to terms A' Ae.. Inqniio ot lil'.ORUB tiWYRB, tner. bant, Ibl West ,1. <ol For SALE-IN THE BEST PART MK KtflBTH aVE nue,eio. li Kliturri. and Lrnum of adee-eiry Ptare, the proprie-or rstirtoi; ironi bus nsas Ad lraas A . box 3.396 Pual nineo. . . , . . , Fur ?alk-imne.hia<e possi ^sion. a watch and .D-welrv Advertising bo-t-.eas, rlesrt: g HIP "oreent, gnsel w.U, Itxtuies, Ac , $N"> Addi. ?? b"? IW' H' api uScr. fAOR SALE ONK OF THE BEST LKANKP.?LEASE 1 of House and Stoja no Statb avsnua. 7H y?ai ?'o ren. at low rent an mode- n tuiproveinaou; 14 rp ,uis alwva ha ?tore, with immediate poaa?aa'.oB. sale-an and laour bekr sa 1 lawn up town, with a nice j'e'J'ir i*in?#nl?m foi nr?t I Ufa. Apply l*i Kl'NPF A MEMTP.K.N, *4 LTuaii* strerl FOB AJTLPa-A Bt ITKK. CMKK K AND rmTRV Mti'l 'n FiilPin Will ha am,) eh"np. term a eaab Apply ta M HiH'k. IIS TWamart urnt poiutl-i COAT FACTORT. TRADE Al.HPAttV F aatabUabad and m "umplrta working ordvr; fullerl em parity S*<l boxen a wear S'nap i in*. >|rui .>t???i ^<><1 *+>??.11'faia. *itu i I roil. rarSa. fr.i/i-a. e ildr >i*a; How Wagon, Cert 'tarn*!-*. Kiw, Dlna, PumtMA A<- A lapuw.frlea ' tha u*i ?. I1*1 *. nut n- n* try. aa a nre--ia">! m-ii rinn art I to ?? 'nratr.eti nan ba augagad Add; aw toap. l?ui 6,401 N. X Poatoflira Fur halk-a copper hi-ill. in complete workingoiAr. Apply bwtirat o 10 and II o'olork a. W at 93 Craaby a'rnet, baeamant FNOR RAI.E-A I, A OK it ItFER <MM)0!F TVITfl KFH tauraiii and R? >u ? f 'r I > 1^'*?? n a f> >1 be gNb-rlmjii,. aery i heap Apply u? Rl At Pi A Mr. *TtK.A. .14 l/vianr l/OK >AI.f. A VP. It V MNK KKKTAI'RANT, DOWN r tnwi. - a ut' In a tnpwrb atirlr. Pvc *?aia Iraea Ap plv to III NPt A itr r. A>. a4 llraon ? .n-t. lmtr c'ai.i i:n rookino and -"ovi; .-ro; k r llorea- Wagon "'r.i?? doing a g-* 'J 'AM tiiietiina., Appiy to I'filLi P nTAKk. tultr ail" .Tr*' LNor. - Al.K?TlIK TOOK OP MiLUNFRV OO IN F aiur? ' f ? .i? 1 a.rt- t, l -t' or wit' flti .i~a ur nto** *<? a d 3* ?ara' l?? of alurw. will iM at u,.'. * ci|. n, oa rt'iiidar, lr*w*i"nla r 111, .? II n i InaA >o',?ea .) ?? 'do'c'i r |n ira'n . .fa- T par.a m.-e Mpi ? a* II W .; 1'. LAOR -ALP V i .IP1.KTK .1 'I (i t'PTi an|? AO' APIA If -?$' Inn . rn at I. .a ?' ads*ay Faoi:-*i.r cr'i . a ipki i. a-a i.ii.i.oit -*r . I?iu i d aw ram. lainM ?(? IW fdWl a f'lit 1 f.1. nil AP A P .: T t'L ABA ( A -O A : I-: I aid fll.'-r* 'I. ? ?. ? i' ira .1. . - i. i ? *la .: | . ? . .a , In i .* atrw*.'.. awar A>nai Appl . in ?a? . ra a L'lUIIPBOOP AATE-I I . I i-.'n > "d lia ui?f tl Ti.KiVILLIOI K 1 < - i.AIMad i law* HOTEL, -FOR ?AI,K "K ? tCMAN'lR PaiK' ? *l? and u.| i * I ? *al a4tata, Ui* laaa* .4l*wik. Fit irwa and FaraittiTa *tf a llotal an i'la Km* ipa?*i r i * . apuul *rl ranm Addrea hm pr*a, b-o F** II- aid ?,! a ? ?<? FACTiiRV AMD OOAl. VAKIi FUlt ? fwratn nt toWriWl, I * r?ut Ini|" raTrtBlir Wainmg on atiaal (*4 V - I OU AI F i Ml. 41* A 1.4 It 4* I.I I.I.I t - U ail i I |" . el? ii la ga llrroid *' ? and taro nrdium *irod H_f' ?*. Il t^l IRK. <1 Will'* i et-e"!. CT '.FITII AI'AP.Td. NT* T'Tl.'VFIN ANKUX i* . raa f a aula Ap, ly ei 74 ? a'p* a ? rr'i, it, tba ? ?/ t?r aior-. rO FRIRTKRP.?W* Ukt, ONF OF TlIK FT , ;ariad P -a .fid l?N Pr.oUf.di' aaiittiartti n*i. rial all a#* tod !'? a ""d ar*l*r. Apply lull A BAi,./Al.<4 A ' ' > . * 1 *'.ar ?tr?al C-riil I ?fOB -AI.F TIIF. 1.1 A Willi, a a ta JIRMl. Flttnr.a ?f an Oyaarr Ifauwi a-id Bar K n, d i ft a faal b*i< AM Bellaaa (lrrn lu i . >? at Uia pL.ia. 1 > i roaVy ataaat T. I UiW| - FOR AAl.r HA niPAtllA AV a wf.i.i. ?Jta.'^' "? kaaaa .I?.1 .id aw?i.u?>?d i Mr tita-.d. coaa' r?ntan! t*?? I at tti in tba atrwai An ly at 4 Rtaalway r -im Fa I. Otfi iwwt ?RAMI I'F AJDT ?NOT*TK't lltil*>-t. ?TTw. m* ?*r. Wl'l plwndld ladiaa ? ? *?I to? nir llnwyMT* taaaa and oarip raat, will i.. t .!? Alu 'I' ?. !'? - at Ml N f A AlKnfr t.N .4 Duat* ?t*wa4, trtw'wt Chat Nam aa<l Oantiw M 44 If I.NKfl I . 4 F'NI. Ntl I RV N y I.ATIIT VtfJI IF-.' ;\ aad gwar tualtf attwABwii. ?Wgaa4ly lalah 4. aa 4, il.I or an amataur or litta meet. ai J <> WMIffOMH, ?a I.?i4 TAtp.arntN rtrwat two 4oor? waataf Rpaadwar. VT It 44ANIIN ? If'ILi <14 ANU I N'tlNEH FOR T 4T F F n r;ovr. pOll.F.HN FOR *41.t -TWO Fill K AND T' I' IK 1> II a a for *air twurp V M P M nrkryi, 4 I 1> fa* I rti'il ? ill ' **4 fa a a-ndtlain utrf :al la i>? .Wu y-ara. . ppiy ut 11A AT AN. IIULLlFa '.uPTit A OlA. K d?i Tigu.'. !?? SNNirlNF.FRA AND OTMERN INPM l?i I* I IIU I j ii of w* - i.p ?? a ? 4 ? ?' . . ,* r In ra ?a. 1 o?r*.'r liaat'*d al'.k by a Idrrwai* ( pi.? ' h ?, U bur |"H ID-aid offtrr. L'OJl SAI^. r FTIRKF, ?VPFR|oR Ml HORnh Pi WFB 1/ ? 'itiofirp, Mnit#?a Tn a raa- al liatrw.ayar A ",M?r ? ana.. rw*aaa> W 111 la a* u'g. IN K atLR'AT 44 PAT.k Ml I ?I . ? r 1 - f l? i fwlr f? fafin ICiaTt) I. tm ?*..?? ? aa T i gio? and BoiMr Mai aia ruaaii.a At .at a r. ? * wR RcE FAKIR. FV?r. NaLF-A 1 iVACOO MAI IIIRE IT T FT ill .D ?r aiaaai I 0*1 Tba v 4af |. /. A|<p y at "J "A'afri btrawt. aaaa. Main'liau laua Brmk.ya IOUOMiiriVk KN.IINKN FuM -Al l 4 'IP AI !? n i and a lot. 4 r. -a' 4 'aat |4, ? na* 4 '??( W la. aad 6 feet. JOlt' TD'Hf 1ft Hriwlaa* daaat a I ' -a m> .aa# aad N ?* ? ?*,*.r bay* a - .art la *w.. .? N'KW TI FT* FNiRNI; yi.Wt'.R nil I ta Br*'ITR lain* a ia lf>. ? *n 6 at *?* hlaeu a. ?, tai a Apply tl M(ll? I ' ? Ai Hi ?.? ? I?a la a- I al a I I I

nil , t.-V. t N Vt I1IMBRV. >OI I4ai.iv ti'i r.A . i.Nu. AM> ?LAU PAW KIM." I < . . lid U'o i. '** unlet - Itl tlat . W JOU A AiANi M'&AM COHPAN^f ^ v .tnd Urt Pablan bun Ma* \ orb "?pur ?iki.atf:ht Ifcvi mtion of tiik auk 1 WINTi li* In?1" mi 1 of . .bio C.r. tUt AUu deput of iti'iiiTiil Mi VV1 >'t R A CO.. Hruadway, And W uhlnctmi It .ntk. rke Neavhurg N Y 'PO MACHINISTS WAJfTFO. A SECOND HAND 1 U lh.- two foot owing. aarew cutting, uvea lout long; nl?o a Drill, Mncklue Addieae llultje A Moore, W Wm? Ur atrecl. \ITAN I'Kll TO PURCHASE?BOILER AND BTKAM > ? lvniiii.s of 13 to 16 hnrui power. ei?o?a Lathe and I'lpe I'uU'r. Addreae Machinery, Herald oitln*. \|f ANTED TO Pt'KCH tSK?4 SECOND HAND HOB ?? ItotAI / I'rltill.i, Machine. Addreae J. P., boa JUS Ikr.-ld utllee, ?u. mg tcrma, Ac. llOI'SKS, l?l().np. drt'i, TO LKT. I HACK I'ARI.OU ami FRONT BA8BMKNT TO I.KT? IV neatly furntahad, with all the WllttiillD>? for hoaMV keeping; water and gaa; at 210 Emit Tlilrtyaereulk aire el. a PLEASANT ROOM TO LET-IN A FK1VATE ;\ hod en. without h-taid- Iho nnw srnall Hull Room for $10 per mouth. Apply At lto )Vf>l SlaUM-nth atreel. I J.tnv IIAVINO MORE ROOM THAN KHR RK .'\ <|ulrea. will lot a eult of llooma, front, with pantrlea, lu ami wtltr SI' par month. Inquire for two dnya at 1)63 titstb ere on a, top do r. I T 47 A VI TV BTKKET?TO I.KT, A SMALL ROOM J\ and Mma ulUhle fcir h'.ueekeeping, turnlabed, topi Out with other Room-, w faiutliee of adult". \ LAUttK, FURNISHED ROOM TO I.KT TO . I a gl ut'-man, la a pr.rato lantlly. Apply at 68 Kaat Twelfth "treat A PRIVATE KAMI I, T WILI. I.KT A HANDSOME FFR .1 malted l'erloi and Hedromn to ooa or two aiBgta gan lletnen at 310 Weal I eurteenlb i THREE STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT UOt'RK TO let; Id food repair, aituatad In the Nioib ward, rent moderate: hmt.n haa all mndern Improveinanta. fural for aalr. $lJiM Addieae, with rani DAme, Alpha, baa 141 *err turo Herald oftW. BURNISHED HOUSE TO LEASE. WEST OF FIFTH aranuaandabora forty eernnd atmet. A. J BUtKOKKR, RON * CO., 77 Ondar I FURBISHED HOUSE TO LET?AT NBRMONT. ON _ the Uudaon. until tha tat of May; the owaar la obURed to leara m buaiaaaa. and wtU maka n moat liberal arrange A merit with a proper party; everything randy for ImuwidteSh or.-uianrr tell nit BELL. <4 Broad way, room M, on Frt day aud Saturday momtnge only. A STORK TO LET?NO. V CHBRRT STREET, WITH A the Fluurea fornale. It la aultabla lor any kind of buamoea. and In a good loentluo. At reduced RENTB?rooms in suits om sin ?ly, fnrnlabad or unfurntahed. alao one or twu Houooe ' lo ?! eodld location" Call nnrly at aftta Wnnl Tweotyflfih ' atrnot. A N EXCELLENT TMRKK BTOBT BRICK HOUSE, .A fun,.?hed $I7S per month; el-n ncond Floor, iinfur ni-uel, SI on aire". near S round aranua $SU. and ether a, - heap rent*. Inquire at 1M Third nrouuo. Floors to lbt-wtth eiVe rooms, with oas and water; renta frutn $33 to $40 per month. Apply to ROE A WILSON, iU) YAiicaoireot. IIURNISHED HOUSE ON THIRTY FIETII STREET hatweou Fifth and Slith arenuea to rent, from about the ttlh of danuajr, 1*41. until let of May, 1HS, at the month WW "" i of $AW Will onlr bo rented to a private fnmUr. Ad. drete It., boa 2,33*ITuat ugbe Ft KNISHEI) FLOOR TO LET-TO OBNTLKMAN and hla wlfa, every eonronlancai for houaohoqptag. SIS Blee. ker afreet HANUSoMKLT Ft RNISHED HOOMH TO LET?MJIT able fur bouaakoeptng.?Hio Third story. e..naTatiug nf tl.rre romba, tngatbar or aoftarwie. with all the modain IcpiweinrnU. alao a Fartui on aecnnd atnry, with Baao nrent. with or without Board In a private family. IM Eaat Tun >r eighth atmet, near Saannd avenue H ot'BF.a TO LET?FUKNIS4IhD. IN T1IE BEST LO ulltlra lu the city. Apuly tor permit" to KINO A CO., No. D Woof Twenty-third atroot. Fifth Avenue Hotel. Iorrs Td LET -m BROADWAY. TWO FLIOHTS OF 4 atalre Apply tn the fancy good# oterw Mo > Corilandt ?t.eet RO iMN TO LET-A wflOLF. SECOND FLOOR. IN I to Walte etraoi near Vartrk . baa iwii largo rouma and Cretan water tn rouma. Will ho let '-heit tea an tat e truaat, from the lal of January at SUmmonta. R F.FKKMfMRNT SAU)?N *T BYI.YAN LACK TO let. I ?H of Seventh etreot, Hubok' n. CTEtM FOWKR -TO LET. COMMODIOUS AMD WF.I.L t ; ghtotl Kuuma, with stnaoi Pnwer. Apply to JNO. M. M F VI.;;, We.l Ter-nty a.ith atrret S' ' AV FOWKR -TO LET, ONE FI^X?R. IN BCII.D tng lite and ull Water "trevt. Brnuhlya. with St-am I'ower. "lie. I.Vutn guud ItrhC Apply un premiaea or to _ -ut? - - ( M. Y. ORKKM, lit Spruce ati-et, ' QTORK TO LKT-AT * FOURTH AVENUE. OOODLO . ? cetlon for any tna buatneea. Apply at gtei Rruadwny, in the hoop akirt a tore ^JTORR AND HAffKMKMT AM ft Y MTV*H AWRllt'R, u ttr??rikijrn, bo U" Utfattar or ?*-tk*rmto, 10 f#-tV.a-p, IIoui*i *r> 1 Fluvri t* r-nL Apply V> ?tfcat promt ?e? from 12 Ui 5 OTORK TO LKT-AOft THIRD AVRNUK A FIRST r?> v.j?:.4 f.* any k'ud of bunlsite**. In juirn i! M2 iir.n I ?'! ? T> UCT ITKNIPtffiD OR UN FUR Ml NIIKD. A BACK J *rl?r, wR& turn ki?,ir.n if roq urted, wilh um* of k!lcs?i?, gnn mi! w*t*r II fDibrrt ?r??b, n#*r Hi Jahj.'a Port F? r?<wi*?. TO I I ft Y RJI: HBO '?!. 1 Nl 1/ftKUNJ D I Roawt on for* floor of 14 Wo"'J rtroof. anlUbU for te tea tlat, puft. iten. or teiij'cHitoi ll?ht bwain??* mo three iito?t BRlct honlift. m ka*t 1 I or it lv a?vru!h ? r*ot Wo i p*rU?ui*-i *r;>lf ?* ?*> ft*** Twtenly tlfkU rpo MVf>A THRKR rfToRT HOURS IN HoHOKEN. I Rlfte f? u;? ?*te*|*. A<i4n *? K II .bat *14 UB|I| offi" rro f.KT r.vnn hat i. a i.aror loft,_jiuitafuj rpo i. ;t a must ui.ahh koci.tkt and vi;okta I u4. IiKfiilrt?( 3ft dtiU aornvr of fwv?* iv * '* f? i rn.| ; ' f KftU ff V D THft HHOWN HTONK FRONT I I'M .r 34' w??' Flf" .fo tKh ft?Oi ir%/ A>| | i.?<IU?i oVtlllM, ro?V r.?#*Ut to U?n hi ?? |* y ?? *s ? i\ r b# *<*n mm lb A M to $ I* ft.; r*nt iff*) i-or mm.. - mtiw4AUi pomvown, rito I. t f ItftrXfVKD, A L.AROK ROOM AND TWO I a. lAf'tar .^l- RoOfti* No 2 DrjiO row im ' ?-r 'trrrf, 'I t fllO IP T All If TIIRK? H> 0*114, J ? ? ? ; t * v o<?* Ai j *t *Ht l o fa M * > H?'R ?! ?r I J.Aiitt UJftttW.ft K I'D ft F. ?? ? ? o*? . ?-* *- 1. 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A FIRST CLASS T? d.-ntlot wlai.ra to prooitra la > fnrn'-bad K.n.ttia una a pMilor, In ag<>ud nri,,ntturh aid. b? tw?-.-n IwnXk and Furttath ? ircala. Fmitlh and Sovnalb avarma ttr-fr.r*i A |arrmn uanl ar rbny-nxni dralrnaM*. Atl-linoa, 1UU11; full partlou lata, lanma, ac , 11, u.? 7,710 fwl Lilian I1HY OOIIDA. AHHAVV CKAKII IN Mt'HI IS'S. FINK If I'M,INS I'JL r , mrr prtro 'Jda. FINER OtMJtkd He an l.X I KA Ol At.IT". 'JO* AH ?<? Bh?T 4 4 W ANSI Tna UllUn- OOOii.i lot HOLIDAYS. Orcut ilaruaiiA Tor (larnata. Wa libra a tlao aupply. H. B ?No aitr.i aha ran fur Oarnria lii.Ai iir t'i. garnet, mi.iinorh, ai.papas, GARNET i MI'RKBH CLOTHS RET*. ENGLISH Ml-. ION I '!?>, GARNET FOI'UNH, in' IMMENSE LOTH DICLj. UOOOb 111. 1MMKNHK LOTH 17*4 IMMHNRK l.i ITS ,0a. Wa Soiitbt tbaaa for rhaaai holiday diroaaa. ? II- mil BKuTIIKkA, I?7 KkMIi n? , aaar LVh at. And I <l.i Hill HKU1 HI' KS -i7\ Mlaa.lrr atrnrl AT UKANO hTKKBT I'HI'.AI' STi IKE. IIOL'lMV Praaanla W. i Dolla, Wal XH.Ua, W.i I'olla, Work Butaa. Wruuif tiaaka Our Yalikar Notion Ilaparth.oni Writing an-.laina Ibaaaan-'a of claip.i.i lain * production#. all oalau lalnd n? u.ukc b*.th young and nkoddiappt l ' h. a l* I.I WARD " ' ' 111 la l? tank and dd, SI and ill Allan KIIH.KT. MP. All and Si IH oitaat, link block raal Iroat kaptary.V AT IIHAND KTKKKT CHEAP IT'lM RHI.IUFI' JX. Praaanla fbaas llaaa Haoilkarcklalb, bath plain and br-matl'ch. raal l.a-a Bandkar-hla/a, ltnan antr?? Mr, 1U ll.llll and SI 40. batfaiua, btindrada of atylaa la Plain and Knbroidarad i *4laia. ralta an I .-aU, Ladiaa' AUk and < aah aara MarTa la tadlaaa fartdj nam aiylra la OMb Olavaa. rbrap. uaw atflaa In Oaabaiara likxtaa, cbaap. Mdtaa' raal KidOlnaaa, l lark vblla and <ol?m4,%l par |Mlr,anr ?arr ^|?l ? OI' IT'I, f I 1*1 |*A?r , U'M ??(/ Im?i a?^n..? |1 ? _ (iraad, OA, M aad 70 Allan Mraat, Of Ik blaci aaat fraialairary. T OHAND OTRKET CIIKAT KTORM. Hi HBO NO, _i ILbl Talyata, ao? abadaa la day; RiUbona Cbaap. claapir, rbrapeak; Ban B ni.rl ata, at* abadaa la day; akaai?al Ma- k BoaaaA Volrau la Ihla ally. Lknaa-Aluluara, Valrnalaaoaa. Ac an dar prion; aaar Fualiirn and Vloarara to- Our Oraaa Tritnaluf PaparUnanl la AI lad mlh nan alilra. atid atoll worthy of I u?paction, ktnek of Haarar, TMA Valval and lliraw llala claarinf out at half prion. KnWAMtl hi 111 JIT. 8W. Ill, dllla Uruud. U. m and .0 ABan auaat tfih black anal fauna Hawory A T MILK. II ATROK'H MR4T kTORK, Bid Broadway, aoraar Twalttk at rant ? (ILL 6hKM HKIkTS LOHO riXU NCEO (.'KINOI.I s K FOK BECEFTIUMH AMI FAHTIKk Small Walklnk KKfRTH. la koopa and ntbar mat.--ula. Alad tka lata k ranak nuaaltyfaaaMtlally anal to Man. t?ayi. a. ATTA' llkfBUT a qi-kub. Train AUnrhmant). K Mri-Maa flayaor ; - raaoaUy ailanda nl tka ujr ?r ?Lira. KK Broadway, oornar Twalftli atraat and 7VA Broadway, baiwaon lU|ktk aad NlnUi atwota. AT KM. OAY.MIk H NKW BTOHK. KM Broadway, crnar of TwrlfUl aOwat AT A SAXMl KICK BALMORAL SKIItTB? Klagaai Pronck atytr? liparW grxMla, tnadr apjiipraaaly for the koUdn^a.^ rtlRHKTB A NO ALL OTHER SKIRTS, af li.a Utral ? I4H. * N B.?tin. Oaynnr pprriianlly at land ? at tka ui par >taaw ^ LUNO CAMEL'S HAJIt sUAWL FOB HALE-A BAR fain. Appfy at dkriTftal Tonlk alraot. ? AKAM1LT tiSI.MJ SOUTH Wltlli TO DIN tbhir Furatmlaki aad Furnltuaa at Apply al 127 Cbatuu plana. BARGAINS XN FBH 1. . Obuuta aria fur Xm<U*< aad Mlaaajr In RUSSIAN SABX.R, ROT AL EUMIME, KINK, AKULAKHAN. Ac.. An. CAR It I AUK aad Sl.CIOIf ROBES In lartriy. On aablMLun, a aplaitdld t'ular Raar Kobe, taker, by lit. ... . jr . Raua -u bin Arn.a Kipndiilon. SI REE, rn Hraadwsy and 12H Fuhun tuwi. -|)CFPALO AND FANt'T ROBKH-IN TARIKTT. AT J) fraatly rrdurnd prirta spur union, laka n-.i; a. f itbrrTur tab- a t'ular aaar R .twi, lakau by Ikf. Kae In b.a A rait aipodiuou BURKE, 46B lit eta 1 way aad I2B Fklton n-wrl UOLIDAT FIUiSENTS OOLOKN A CO.. U I LINTON FlaACR, annwar tr? to A Mallat, hare Imported. KAI'REBnLT FOR THE HOLIDATR, W''rirr.Vus -SI.VPS.TIKS IN PA NOT Ooons Li whir!> Ibev mvlla inn aUautlan uf Ike l? Una ? < Nna Vorfe aiid vtrtiuiy. TI OMDAY ?4??l>H, IIOI,I OA T < MOM. la ar-trrUi prn|i?ro for at. I fil'.g wo will MU tho Iraloia * uf wui ?UKk ul fit. 7 AT H ? H AT a IIRKaT KEDCCTIOl*. Mrvoblnf t'ooot, ui"tv llrbta N| i'r Mocha Writ]** Ilttkb C?r?aJ wi?m1 Hr>r?au, Ink tloiula. InHia JAwol totoo. *a H'lXil ?kowl? HnnloHa. Hrsnla. u ran low |>iiaw H alrrj >a< I'n lw aarmauia all arrlaa rang. Ail rol>.ra la our 'WlrtifOiail |1 li Awl uiaraiv Mluaa' anrl I'hild'bKtk U'.otna n^bt a?.| <Urk, Tk.hi, ?*. DrroO Trunmiufo, it?|ra?i>?rl 1/ at law ^i. n RiiNaI.'IHON A MKARHH aor ktb ar ai?l 1Mb at btbl 111 Mia, M. 1Mb aol l?lh ra NEW C'AKfET HToRE M.W OOOH4. NEW CH1CAA I b iillBiiMHiHHtaHHM K/.LLT A CO ara . Yorlo* tkatr k.rfa an I oititro a r.nw otoek 'if < arpau. 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