Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 31, 1866, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 31, 1866 Page 1
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Jb**\ .115 HMJUrJK<l .TV.flfcOM .niAHSl XtfOTf W;44 E NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,080. NEW YORK, MONDAY. DECEMBER 31, 1866. PRICE FOUR CENTS. mmsbt? . i BR It J AMI* McCjJK WILL HEAR OK SOMETHING to fclo advantage by caBIm m "? *38?f."?};.?? JOSHUA McCAJI?.. ftRERjnroon car?retwee n i axd ? p. il, aus \ r om; W??o court mreoA Addreea Edgar Lg'Tla, New Vorhl'ggt oftloe TP tUE LAD* IN PURPLE MERINO DRBSH AND 1 grey jacket, who waited lor ?ud met 'u elderly lady Hi WhTte6alfstreet, about eleven o chick 9*,tuiday inowiiug. thou oro-iead tho Soulk forrr, would ur,t think tt Imperti nent, would tho grout tho loll geullemr n .be not twice, on Interview. Addneaa XXX., box 1IM V orold otltue. "I K JAMES i vANCLBBP WILL CALL AT THR JL "Bureau ol Information," Pulton otroot, be will hoor abraetbtaf ?o hu advantage Thooe knowing hl? where w bo oil will pleeor I nform. VI R. ( SHALL RNt>RAVOK TO KMUI.ATK YOUR hikiu??l*rt lodllTere'jce, which put to .bume my over NOttCli TO HAOK DRIVERS.?A LIBERAL REWARD wld ho given w toy driver HU drove one young men v>r wore to Jeter* City on Friday night, tho 29th In.laid, be ^Bmore to Jetaey City on Kridnii night, tho 29th ^?een S and 8 oWlock. Intnrmatlon thankfully received at .trout few York. WILLIAM MoOOLDRICC. PACLINE?MANY THAKtB POR THE PKHSBNT received. Shall nee It to-dag. Hope It wiS 1U. flV) CUAJiLBS PHILIP THEODORE ?AN INTERVIEW I roqdeMed at 89. bhaUgaewer no eeere through l'er aonAlx. t. A. WILL Mil8. WARRRH. LATK OP WR8T TWKNTT VT Werlh .Iron, pleaa* wend her eddreve to ?oi. Joke. eon, bet U? Herald ?9k*t ' "BR HATRIMONIA1.. A gentleman of manna, with a Aealre to matrimony. Will hweotirianitnd true, and wiehoa .imertty in return. Ad Mm Meow, Brooklyn Poet oBlce. LADY flTtSIKHS THB AOQOAINTANCE OP SOME " h a dee! LOST AMD POUND. Rjtorwn?a wtTCH and chain, which the T owitei i.ier cab have by prorlng propertr and paving S'-*V eaM4 WeataireeU 1'ORT-AT TIIR JER8KY CITY PER It Y. SUNDAY J numning. a Itaverwck and Travelling Blanket. 920 re ward and no queatlona aaked If delivered at Br.udrelb Hotter, corner or Cenel etreet end Rroedway. LORT-ON SUNDAY. DEC. 30. IN OOINO FROM Twenty.ninth atreet and Tenth avenue to Thirty fourth turret and Ninth avenue a Pocketbook. noiilelnlug 890. A null able reward will be given by calling at 2% Tenth avenue. LOHT-fli) REWARD-ON SATURDAY, DKCKMRKR 29, I>etween DivtOou anil Hou.ton atrnrla. a phy.lrian'a red Morocco Memorandum Book, with oania and number on the outaide. The a lure teward wlU he paid to any Que who e*Ul return It to SO Eaet Twenty-Orel atreet. OST OR MTOLKN?CERTIPKATB OK 110 8HAKEB Of .lock of Hu?arU Kile Company. In uaute of Dr. O: N. ?J of .lock of|l Kile Company, In uaute o M.e'y, No 6Jil Addieaa C. M. M., Herald office. Lost or stolen?on Saturday morning, dk cember *>, a email hluo black skye l'enToi; anewere in the heme of Pinch. The Auder will be .ulubly lewarded by leaving him at the Everett Heuae. OST OR 8TOLKN-A HORSE. CART AND IIAR ?eve, on Tburadey, Dee. 27, 1Mb. hone waa blind in both e.iea, pony built, light hay color; cart, ordihrry eprlng, "nled t awly painted red. Nu. 9,344. When leat m:D waa at the ?*? Bar of (Ioncord and lludaoo avenue. Hrooklyn. I hereby mil fy the public that I aui ibe legitimate Qatar ol aald Mnrae and carl, au i do torbld till peraon. fr in buying earn - wilfi' Tn-m any Iierann who may nlTer them for eale. I ?ill chit r fully reward any aeraoa who will give any ni*orinatloii re. sanding above. TWOS. f'ARTY, 42 WaUa auwwt. HK WARDS. $- REWARD WILL BP. PAID K<1 It A BLACK ? I aetter Doe lout mi Sunday; ban a potted lega aod long ? aiL I hill at UIKoey alreei. In grocery alone. U* - KKWARD?OIVRN POR A COAT LOST ItV A yi'J po< r man, on Saturlay uleht. Deoembet 39, between MA Dent. Hotel and Seventeenth .treel. Byvadwav. Call at 39b Broadway. Ml the aiare. d?m RB WARD.-MIST. ON SATURD t Y. DI'.C. ?, A S*1U whMe mwuiid lltag. with black ear., black .put mi tua back, bhaHt riim around hi. (all; aniwen to the name of Billy. M Wmt Twriiiy.thlrd atri-et. (pon REWARD WILI. BE PAID FOR THE TRI TK WwU and ?u?b takeu Irom CO Varlek .trauloo balur d.y ulgbi. and sa yaegaiu aaaud. flkabft REWARD.?I.OSf ON SATI' KD t V I.VKNINO, WMO anupoaed In a Mearkrr atreet car. e IN.-artbuok .tiinteleieg $MM tu tw dallar mm. aud pup--r. at r.iim Pi Ibe owner-only. 3. Pr.RHIN. 4<M Chrlatupbei atren. SOTM.'K*. a r?Mi. A To ihr Kdri.'i of Oi* N?* Yo< k Hind:? A* MOM IWiaiWIlO b:i> itn fl"" to ?.??* Of feily 1.1 ??eny merely l?.?ti*? I won the < ?m|<l*in;>ui. In-Hi* .wpnrtk. In which MM Ihiuga wcr* entirely nupp-erscl. uic ell.?? t .1 ?A., uwt ?*y ibe .ihjM-i) el which I* i? pr< jinfl.* nn.i injure w, I 4*-nwl? >1*1* In your . nl.iQin. tl.r i*. I* aa 'I.e. ar.. Vl.eik irroimplv k* r.?U<rt?*:? Klia* Kuiiry I.act in in J fatuilr ?* ' *>k, m..l I.e. hnahanh, iffrhard Klnlkk, ?a C..a. hinaa. auinc seven III vigfi. unlinks, and I extxude.l carry kindnraa and mxialdrraflon in throi. aa wall aa Ikrlr ehibf. who Was firriulUnd Ui ho with ihrm to ?are thaw expense. Whr? KHz*. from indHpoM'ton wm Incapable of perform 1n? hot w irk for aav^rai we#W<s I pavinc her i?#r msflm aaid paid ?no?h#*i p r on to do hor work and iwmlwrh ?I ttoo family procured liar drluao.#* during b#r mdtapoat tioau Owiiug all thin rart<vu? win Im wera noaainv t?a?d fterefctola ul*i** end bed Hi?p? and ?PBtTnilrtT'?!' bouae h?n|dng artnl?.1 liar liMMnp?Mi|iion ?a*nuatiiiig a<i? finally toft; and. after <n >h-?y?a ot about two u<<|atWa. pl?-?*d#d to retwrn, to I reluctantly a Merited, |ba pllnc put conoid# re linn t?#ing to ifr and hat Uu-sbaiui ik iMt.litMMl #i|M?tt*# k?#p lug Mini*. On Ui? last <v <>uiion *Sa renu'tued only a tnooU*. nod the ?tt**fva*r*n<* of artklee wn eo <*vn*ae nt and tkal 1 bronue mtihlkil u? lo ?rhu purloined h# i. onr^tMMl CMti'ituitHl IaA??|| her U*? 1 <ng* r. and he? lioabetft m*n informed that H w** neoaaiutrj for In-r to l# a*#. I w*? rlmdrotm. If portvhla, to avoid tak *iik ?*">' *i#pA* ?gain at her. Rut thi* deaiie w?te fru tunc I up |?#r ?mu rag#'Mi<t oonduei. and I are* . on)|.#U?*.J to uuika lliw rl?u*f? of ffteft upon vfbich ?di? ??<i . onvk,t"d. The i<mhiI ??o clear. ?djnt>to *nd cotc'?dv.*. >o manifest Wan hnlnr'i ?? ili|uH> that rhe tieori, in paMUtf * 'B'tinw. acverefv i?U*r !uoti?d**d h?'4. and lokl Mr ?ml hrr fuuttlH that Mr allegation tnit u poor plan, that atw* Iliad fruity niotiMm iti lit# family, ?.?* treated ft iodly and | aid regularly. h#r ?a t her Itunoaind, Ui?r thn too toll arflto* fotittd in hrr fa>itor%^l<a) a#ro introl-d to hrr, Mil w kicii *M pitritoocd ? I ??ibinlt win ibrr llirre ought not to i#r WHto l.uiit" lo ih?* mhone of vfinwtutoa In r??Mrt ???<( how f?t ?? ..?!? ? > u?>?> *?? tl??* iDjwy Of ? wit no** ftbnlt Ito tranal rrrrd to tM ridumnn o? ? widely rlr nlaird new-p j^r M tliAMK Kfc.*TKM ClItmOK il l. i'KHM)\s UK SoTiriRO .NUI ??? J pay money or tro?u any one on nor -- 'Mint w ithmit * WiliiMuidtt nttiu u* \ |*l K\ K* > sov. Koutlt and I'enn l*l*i!<tdnl|?hiN. (^OIN EXC1UNU* IXftVRAXrr roMPAMV, JfhW J York.?'The ifitoiil rpftmn to. d*.? . .m* of iht? ?tn fMiiv will he i??ld at iMir olti *, I.'m Rr<Hutw??y. \\t?n ?>?? Rondwy th<* 7th day of Jno'iaiy. I'u.In nr u irotfi it noon to I I*. M, bKO. A Ilwi^KR, Mi .vioy. Ky. Ttrituiuiiriiuu umnv m. a. hv ai tii?? ? rltv ?d tltr |i? |turratlvr VwvniiitUew tee r**4?thu mc#-t logot h? li'Mm ih p<? apt.ti"d till Titowlay, j vM..*,y m *M mr^itif ttfflfie hnW Iti VtMftjifWWiJan I M* and MlW lit aietitrrrf. betwrr-u KliMMib and Jd<?tt ft. NcfcfcCHNiat. rrwtodeet. T. M. I'pwaiUto, Swlpy. N0Tl4>:.*TUi: ANN! VI. KlaM liMN in IHIMV Man**'*!? of lha N'ra \ ot k IiimIitntnui f.?r tha Mi nd wlH fa htod at ihr m?*ltutlnti. o ?r*r of MfftUt a<? wo# ?nd Thirty fourth on \(oa?iMf llo in?k, at 2^ .t riml P. M p*?ll? to remain mwti ??*?* hour. I HAii.KV XVKHS ftorreta.y. Smw Voif, lf? < N'olh . Wi fill, i \*IIK! in ' I l ivh of <M pr -iti e*>- N(t,h) do return out ?i?. ?rr?- *9iMiik" t?. the "fllwr* nd iiirmMit Of Meuntt Sort ne (h*mi?atiy So d, for ib? prompm*"- rntil . dtri-oet In M-*p ?nd'.. a lo altd <iiu .mi* it log tk? !*?? in .ui< u??<td>H2 An m f, on Hjt ird t nl^hi. Ih ty IS'Ai. .Inhw Ytttl *1., .'.d n -t n(?rnt. ?; T. IfUiieke IT. ???m ?M-ra W M.f-k" ViwYonr TVr V l-ns Of ril R or fill 4TJ.AKTS*? Mtll. ATKASASfr < oiopaity. Mo ? How I. ?ag <?reen. Mew York, M?tv. 14 |AnnHy ompi of the Hna.d of IMfwtri ?. i?i(to it MMqf i u thai In ?'On*r*{iH*?*?'?+ ol h- oti ?|u??-i<(e*t u. have hnM en th < HRh ??f Xcieenifter n*lau', not haeiua i?een ?I pwewtiani f'? **?*h apfrdrttin#til an elwtloti of nine hwwrf of ?Wr twuppeuf and ibrn# in?pe? t<ir? of the neit en ?aedlltg ji??o will nel-1 ai U?e odtre of li?- otapanv or. Krhlajr. ihe Itlh ?i ?y of JiMiaty, (M.iil liortoiipN. fit# Ira oaf yt h.K>k? -it the of the fftiftm' 14MR and ?t?i i iwiiwH* till ? ? eh??. .1 ?rum the NHH to the 14th of January. IThe poll* will h? npett ti<<:o If to I o'ekwfc FRAMKI.IY thl.l v Hwrrttory. IftASiH KXMIHI t ItIM Of I?d7 l.thlVlari and <nher? ?re *#o|riaaied in ?end In thetr ?t |-iioaiton? f<?r l? th# < ?gh?v pegn* of In# Ot?u ?? thin. >0 U# dr?-ni#d to adv#rt a#u? n'a fr no th# I n t#d Htai#a to the nudeiaigiied, froui whom all t?we*aary InformatMrn egw ft# obtained Tltr. ItlfH f>4Y fir J YSI'ANY mil M th# lateet dale litat ?pa<*e ran he ?#rnr#d fHlftLMU l.tWHiM dole Agent for Sr. ft. Ihauir, nt Fart*. HY4 |n?dw?r , rrvK 4ai;xiv t umrukf ^ 1 1Ht? wit# M ?fty, d#ln*aie, hoi foil of ? unooa h dv ?n>' ?w-olneaa??< a pale, natural eoloe. and altng* her a'? aft* ? wa? or wto# of the gr?? ifowth* For aale hy H H RINIf. m FoImwi Hr < Kl.l, A St IKTIIY, Mo. I fiM ?? . ??r Rrnadway ftANHtts ft M *uM, W ? >dar atreef, roroe H road way 4 HTNOMMl! ? ArACT?Vt*N miMMRiX TKJ-IJt or SCYI*ft<M th#fi, gtpp* It?eK and oirnharc 1*4 ||f?iJ, n^Hpoalte With an . 4 ?Till (WKATIWt 4*THOMHi?*T Ufc h|e. K## valy to rente. 17 Faaei r. r <??? IMIIW. J ?*?!? fn.ii * ??????. Nrrt Dm lltilkHI Wki.Tkkn. iHsllMirisllKii I'LtlkViir. Mm aiiL Vwi iw i it n*? ii?... kit***, b'www, ?Wi. MM*, bain.*. ri.?i i<|. i .WOiM crw*. [?D*M? P.brt* HKOI. .1 ? I >fl i.'i i*T H*? I .n 11* Wm fill* *h* ?'"'?? >n<i Ub* iit?*?>.inn f '"li* k i.lwn'l ?' aiitbww rm. <i!? ait. Aii air" 0' iifk IW. Hill. 1^,1... II Gen ti f A?A A, 'IKK b T M fl K A ) <r.Al?'\?iV A*T .? ? Rwtkkik b.1*1' "ibulc life initr* fin ] ' ... . ..fed *Wfi..iitc'.o<i in Q<1C "PtyATlf >? , M A > I A IP ?E*yVf Aftd *' I"'!* o ?*?.#'% ^ee^t a ."h|w Iwr ?#? ,*;?% |A#??teto^ iwnimwOT?.!1!!!* 1 T $30.-PKNM ABHHjV, ARITHMETIC AND ROOE A b<u>li|, latuona uullmltod. 920; Indlae' Writing lea J\ banning, laaeone unlimited, $20; lnd?e'Writing lee eon*, It Si: cay ami at ruing ilurlnf the holideje, M How cry; Brtxhliu College removed loStf Fulton atreei. From erj ; BroiAliu College rnmovnil lo AM ruuon eiruet. rroin Coventor K lug?Colonel PAINE'8 pi en of toeirucllon in ayeleiabtia nna eipedllloua. AT HAl l PKli'ES FOR ORE WEEK. GOLDSMITH'S ROOERFKPINO, PENMANSHIP. AC , 7M Broadway. special notice. All whw enter their name* daring the hoUdaye will be re ? Oioednt OJ|K_HAl#r THB VWkh pkicru for the torm beginning January X A rnm opportunity. A PARISIAN LADY, JDII* ARRIVED PROM PARIS. A deeirea to give leeeou* la Kinnch nod nonverentKiu. prl. vete. to gentlemen, nt Imp reaideere.KI Thompson ntroot, Bret floor, between the koare .if 10 A. a end * r M TBACilKB. BUSINESS EDUCATION. -THOROUGH AND PKAO. i\ ileal inktritetloa in Boekheeptan. Writing. Arithmetic, Rendlnc. Spelling, tltamm-r. Ar.. at Tnwneend'e _ _ Academy, Jflu Bowery,' day ettd evening." It noma for bwlire end private loalruetloa. A GRADUATE OP THE UNITERhlTT OF CAM. -V bridge, 1 ngluul, prueronn and eg-r-Unler of hie aaimge. d**" Br.vitie fa-emotion in Claaaka Mittheuiatire, Philiwo pill, Ragtiah leagued* nod literature, ileni'-ni-n pr-imrcd for the NAVAf. AND MILITARY ACADEMIES, TUP SMNlYERiimtH. Ac Higheet reference-. Addree* ?? *l> lo CANTAJbTroout No. 9 I oifr. ?Uy, Wanking-1 > on Square, New York. BOOKJLEhPINti, WHITING. ETC.. FOR BCSlNKeS - Mr. DoLllKAR, au$ Broadway. tear hen Ho-hkeepln^ pranUnnlly, ne itnd lu the bnei .New 1 ark houeea. He nlen rnmutne etifTneee, cramping or tientbllng. and lunltea elegant imaloean pnnmeu. Gentlemen cna aeuum private ranuu. T hOIJIEAR'S COMMERCIAL ACADEMY *0 BROAD 1 " way.?Owing to meant ifoprovom-nu en aha Ir _ way.?Owing to meant irapruvrm-ata made In ihin inatitntloa tbr lerma will be miaait after January I. Pupile who enter thin .lay wcure -eat- nt preacnl low re lee. I a- PAYS FOR A BUSINESS COI'KSK. writing, M>0 BongKeeping. Arithmetic. Forma, Ac, nt ItiWNE'S, vs., Fulton ?ire?i..Biuoi.lvu, between Job nam, RoWNE'S, VS. Fulton etreeu.HiooklvD, between Jnhnam. ami TlUarv. ITe equalled lor t 'oMughueta ?Od ebeaporai. La-teooa uollmiteil, day and et cuing. TUB Tl'RK. Hobokkn roimsR.?mixb R let KG ox new Year, 1997. rain or ablne. At I I*. Mttmt ru. e, m le Heat* beat three In tire, catoh welghta, for premium of $50. Seooad raoe, daeit at eo? mite for pmntain of %ix The alow, eat mule l? vein The owner* i?$Hde one of Ma atlreraarj'e mttlee. Sntriea to be nude be to re II o'clock N., lit* Jay of the raoe. SPORTING. FINK I.OT OF HERMAN BIRDS. 137 Liberty afreet, I mi ner \VaahiD*ion M KINK I.OT or ALL KINO* OK S1.NOINO BIRD* and fancy Bird t'afe*. Hi afore BM Broadway. DAVID CENTEX. A LI. HINDI* OK TANHV DOOS AM> BIRD)*. AO., for rate??t B. DoTST'". ad tUnal atreet, near t'hnmh Medic nea fbr all canine dlacaaca. Prepared f(M>d foi mocking bird*. For sale-two ok tiik. roiR nnunrt Blank and Tan 1>or? In tha city; alau ainall Hen ten Terrie e, Black aod Tana, and But! terrier", medium elxe. I'ANII.I FOSTER. 13 liooacreli at.eet. IXRAXCIS (DUEL nii . .1 I'KCK BLIP. II a- ALL UIK ' choice breed* of Doga. Huilor'a Infallible M.. nge Cure and Flea F.ib rmioaior. 75 cent*. Batler'a new work on the D.v $2. Doge trained boarded. Ac. Medtdnea for all die OUR GRAY. 11 ROOAEVi.LT XTKKKT, IIAH I >>K HaI.K Newfoundland Dug*. ButfTerrtera ?->in'/ lloga. "na King J OlmrlPK hog ? u<ii ?*l -hi?" Kt ??*k *?ict T*n r*tr.< i ?, ncoi^b, tfkye Ttrrl^ri. PvppkH *>f tit b >pa1? fp\vo hi:pkkiok MocKiM?* Kinrm for bai.k i cltHp; ?r?i Riit^iJ IimI Bird. ?kj* 'J5W llnr. ?M (mrttam wfek. t %RUI %UKft, AC*. \court for hau-judf. ttr miirwrtkr a co., in tin* order. luring run but * <<boi > Mm#-. Applr Ml nr. rata ?Uhfa Wa*r Terantr eighth #lrr*-i. k Ronin front t spring cLAtUiXi'K. or 01 n J% ?>w?t ??/'k# b??f UtiiA u?aa, ?:*d in flnr fni a*l* low. RRFU'SlFft A CO.. of Kiuouuktlicl. AMXK rt7LL"*SttSD t: SPRIM1 CI.OHU C()A4.fl. irrtMt, In ap.andhJ i milliutu, t?wr aala, at ? trrrai Alan a Ku ka?raj, ?lMft<ag n-H.lf ri#w n*ed bult abart ntnr, *<i,l m fhr l>a?t poaatble .widftam Win*a law WOOD HKOTIJKR* m Broad**?. 4 KARUK I.UT OA SUUUM3. Aid. 1UK*. \KW AND J\ m-t-una baad: IM?<K (.up Ifub--. Blanket*. I*?f> Mini no <#??? mm I < ami I Phaeton. ait ?6at. at and l.fdt Hi<?iuiw*>, naai Forijr-nr-1 a<.r*# ? 4 IIORftK W Mi(?V AND M 4RNF.HR for kaix VKRV af ;Si7*v F?4i l r eat. ? ?n%? -n^r*. i'an ?>* aft' Ml A. *?. y ITU OF IOKK It APF?.M> OHaV VFKMO> T .1 Utftra**, la Fmiia 6 ? a leant of nia< k t aiu'lUu ti jfr* ? i?l*4: *11 warmrbati M?m?d and m#iii|#; rtn m m itafcad. ?tro:uf and !t**D . It: tvr ,u;> me t'rim tei f m?k I IV*f] #? ra I ( 'AKkJAOttN mm; MI K i.HKAP ONH VKKV HARD. V, run < ?ru m1<mi I9|i and ii ? iny Huffft Wi^n,; mnh<- *rrond b * -d ? m . ?****, one Hmphk Ii# ????? Fiti?i*(on. on#, t.r ? *>*?at?ti "H- and no top H>int/ Waffnti all ? M* b>u|t uud ' ?*-d by |? Mala faApplr to vTi;< I It OKV.2J VUtt Tnoirih M *rt. 1.' X PKKHrt RAOONM FOR MAl.k ?Ho SRU CON Jri ?or*l ?iiijel* VVncoi' with top* Apply bi a W Wll* SOX. iMH Hi?Midw?f. L*IJ'OANT CtMi'PL* ?|.ARi'.ACi> U M)AM AMD Hi o'!>#?< r?hi? .a* NttiWbU; t??> Ida H?*aao> lilU U STKK A I'tl,, ?! Hr?#n?iii sifWH MAI R?A AIM PI- ItOKfK. 4 YK%RMO|.D 17 I liadiia Klgh. wmiimI emi mIim*. Af?|t'jr to f.. HftANDl, l lnh a? *-iH?a c.Hr?ar 4?i I ?tr't#ilfc ?'rn*t. L^OR S 4 l.f' Mil R I, %R??K Ni.tA TWO IIORAF r Truck*. Apply O * tA Wll IN Mr L^ilH HACK?A FPI I >t?ID ri R.NOt r roNafsrfKO r ?#f a i 'i? i *? m ??.. an*?t< Uj t.*?i?-?nr#. Il:irii#m, Af Trmtior, t. ttd a pairwi e'rpii; M- i ll?#r. . nri f' ^ei. ATill h? wiamie, ii F*ial 4 ttply u? oil AM AM 1237 Mrna*! w? v tfO*4A!.P A\ KOI ?. 4 ? I OOtHl.l II ARhKvo * "Oil I pV??% utada t? P;r !#? ?#rU',?\ mi lb? la tad ? Ola and aim| tmaii '.and. a lao w lur ??n-??l ll^rnaaa, m pax| ii. <lir 4pplf foTMOd An M."II?SO\. 95 Wp,i -M'-Ji ? ???1Mb auaat. PHiB R4I.F 4 FAIR o| If A \ DMoMK DARK HO Ib'tfc al?a# laro 4H?'K* lit ?* * . at?l>pan<**A 'I Air t?eu fo b * #? ii f ?r i.a f?a? k a* t.ia ??( . <?rii*r of Ih '?J MOtautti t if#' and Vf -nib Arattur. ba.wa#ii II ?im1 3 * IMMM.S M.KIOII BPl.f.H ? . la .*>? 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OVER gI8.WM WTiRTH OP ileganl and genteel flouaakn'-j ParmlugraM public auction Ala (M on'lay morniug, at illt a clock, al the Urge mel Ini'-K 119 (Tflntou place, Eighth afreet n*.r SlilA avena*, *>n?.auua ot uiaguRleeut roaewood Stool aud I'.ivar. all modern Improvement*, full seven and a half at kv?, lichly Hi red Age .ad e*Mi three tveeuiiltil Parlor SulU, cut and with the riuheet drucriplliia of French aallu hrnc.tal: Worki of Art. Bronae.. till Paintlnrv by eintneal ariiata: Velvet. Bru??el> .ad Ingrain CerpeUl roaewood Ktlderet, ?ty.e of Lorn. XIV.. aulnl black waiuut Krlena'.en 'ruble. Bullet aud Dining Oiaua to match; Oval and Pier Minora; black Waluill dnitk, covricd alto haliUotk aud green raps; Mack wain aland m?a? uod B-dattadv aa<l Bu reaua; burin* and Hair Mattruaaeai Sefaa anil Rockera. Vaaaa; Olaaa, China, Silverware; Cullery. Ac. N. B. Reli abla men In atiehdaui* to cart, pack and >hip goads tor pur ohatora at a i raaen?la charge. A-samcei. wyxn a co? auctioneers. ?*,'?? . worth of Brat rigaa llouael old Pnrultnre at public anetlou, an tbla dav (Monday I at the brown atone manatou, 44 Wen siitrentk atraat. between fifth ami Mtith avanoea, aale aeiumeni lag at 11 o <-u>rk Mnparb Drawing Baaaj Pur. aitnre. roverv-.i brooatel; Ki*g?-re? Bookraae, niagaiflnerit "i?awood Pianoforte, stooL Mown Stead, < handellera. Laee Curtalna. Tatatah Kelining L'halrs. Lounger. Ornament*, fetei- '.DO vo!mn?? rholw Hooka, Oil Painting* Bmnia ftutuary Gamete, Clack roeewood walnut t'hunber Purtil tura; Maltreaeea, Kztun.inii TaMe. Huffet. China. Olaae. Silver Ware; Tabic Cutlet,. I.uieu. Rale pare.ui.lory. N. ?Competent pftweue iu eiteudenoa to cock <n rcmu>r the go-vd*. t LBKRT B R ALOKON. tCjJTiUNKPR 446 HKOA0 A way.-BVI.ANOT a WALnRONwilt ??'.) It auction "It Monday, el U u slock, aaaignee'a aula of Silver I'lated Waie, -ona.tiug in pail ?f Cedars. Tea Jei?. Walter*, Bnller ?'??blara. OaMrta, Cope, Rail*. Pirkle elan-It. Heltv Alan and Pork*. Ac, tV ONE O'CLOCK, Pau'-y Hood a. ronatvllog of Oruutlu, Marble and Kionre CluaMi Plantr- and Groups; Parian*. - unit and Gleea Va*? Work B 'lrv Out Ib-sk", Card )t?.elva,?, Ac. Aim Rob- m an tilaas Toilet Beta, ainl Wine Seta, B-illlet, An. By VIN'KP. A fiOMKRVILLE. ilbNRY D. MINER. tuc'loneer. W Na???n ?treet, optioalte the Pu.t "floe. MOSDtT. DF.f. si. AT II O'CLOCK, AT ST NASSAU ST., AN INVOKE OP FLEMISH AN'Ji BELGIAN PICTURES. I ii it i-relved from EUROPE and NEVER HE I ORE. PI HIBITI.LI In tbo country. including Kismplna from M A KOEK KOLK. LANPANT UK MET/.. DF.VOS, VAN HKVKRDONCK. r. MAROHN. ? F, VPKHOM.N HAl? J. BOGGAARD. F VOI SEHKN UN EXHIBITION THIS MORNING. WITH CATA LOGUES. DHLRKK. AlTITORKKK. WII.I. MKbL THIS ? dar. at II o'uUmiA, >1 Mill Third imiur. Ill it ilia* Km ntt'ire S>>Ud blii' k walnut Unity; do. rapa; bnut Hi n'-ela tlaiueta; due Faultier I'lllowe ltd I Btd'tara; aui Ida tout'eii ireTahlea; O'k Smb.: ana. Hade ni.l Heddmg; lum C'ttli tain*, t'hiua t rie kery and k'ltclino War-. KDWAKD 0CMF.KCK, ATt:T|uXt.F.U. HRnN/.Krt. OltUll'Ks. Bl.-yl fc'IS. i'AKlA.NK. VAsKH. Ail t'onlliiilaiiuu ??lethl?d?y at Ilia kulailiMim No ?Uaet at II A, M. Bale poaitira t'OBTV KIKTH AUCTION S AI.K I 30.1100 TOSS SCRAMON i 'IAI.. ON TIHliflllA V. J.NUAHV ?, l??7. Saw Voaa, Hen, *4. IAN Tha Drlunura, l.a< kewutuia ?iut *>10111 Kallraad ! ??? puny will aaii hy Meueru JOHN II I'R.PKK A > 0 Ana. ilniieere, at the rompanr'u eeieeiureni. 'Jit K.xehaagi i>la> . noroarot William airaet. Saw Vor?. on I HI USD tl. JAM' A It V 3, Iirotlmn. at I'Jo .l.rk noma. gO.O 0 fOSH ot HthSlI MIXKD OoAlu FK'iM THE I.At'KaWANNA Kl.tiluNS. of the iitiaal ataaa, daUvaradal taalr .iepoi. I ll/e nethjiort. > J., during tha mi -.'b ?l January, lojj. TKKMSt?Ktftjr ranl? pel Km parable In tnrreul loud' on 1 lie day or eela. and the linlanna n Ithiu tan ilaya thereafter at Ihe oUea or tha cumpauy JOHN MltlSKIN Pre idem ir KW D. MINT:R ALVTlOHEKR-M.YLIiHaoOM 3* n\#hal ?T&fcgr. orrorfirtiTiiK i*04i okki?;l Mwmi*. MIMKK A >MMI??.Vll*?.K rtwpawufulif *r??ouiTom ?o U?* uri pnblki tli*t ih?jr wilt ?ell, *i *tic4ioo. *4 SFeW And MKACIOI H KI>I?. ART UtU.KKY. HS riKTII AVE NI'K ao?ithwe?l eomei of Koiir.Muib <*'reuM ou ?#i about ih? u h 01 f?rurv, IU? nii'irr M>f*L*??Tl?jR OK FAIjrri.MOR. RV A. Wl .<4T, K*Q., *Iic?h?? mUniir*! from "tiftafwi aflor ?n ?n?.'iirf ??l loin Thir ftate ft ill iu lud* thr l?Vn LAHliE PU\T IMtH lor irjikih Mr. Wu*i ywlfftl iM tioi.i) MtiHAl R at til* tout hXfllHilloN'dnK HHrn*KMA*fi I'ffR M M10K I'lify will h* on rihlbtUoii ?n * ml altor ;l|?| m?f. i .?iin 9 a. if mi & r. x. HRNfl* R MEET*. j?.. AWTfOXKKK l'.l. Eta IN f 1>I *XO?D IKYYM.KY. HI liAHfrK KOR IIOI.l f> % V I'll K ftKM IA. ??* BOH OAT. IfW. II. AT II O'CLOCK. 4TTIIK BALRRMOO Yit Mb* BROADWAY. <'O i.|iiihiH( rlfj^ui - 'Id'fi df I f'niir 4t tw Otwutnn I Ring* Kiil*. Kwrnng*. At , <ni|>?*rb I*) car^il Co u Jtnmi J. na?- ?.?K?? 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BEX-J*W?TaRY INTKRf NT - The n.nUr ?eml (nnuet hn.feot, ot the rate of pl\ NEK t'KhT t<*r annum .free frojhjoveruaarwl i?|, will he i??W ..n an Jo tier loi.taf, Tan o?ir 21. lit?, on ail aumaot Ave doilai* an 1 u|.a>iU elinU have heeu no d?potit tor ttnoe >r ala month* pieetoua to the Hi 4 of J* unary Iiltefeat nut withdrawn will tie added to the nrlglaal de posit, and hear IhtereM from the i?t of January. Mot.ey tie p.i ten now, .iron or before Jamiai. JO, will hear tniered feoia the lat ol ..atiiary. Hank open *.?rtf day f"t the re. eptlno and payment of money frittn m ;u X and al -< jo noway, WRuvrttiiAv anti ritiDAV i.vr vinos, trunt A in 7. Hat.h hunk* li. fleriwae Npeiuh and Kaell*h ?IKIIfttlh rOUdlN. f.e.i.tein flTWtl'l A Rrw r, he. twtary (tOUPONR OK IHiyiN U TIIK Cm OK SAN KUAN J elttoij. dne in New Vm* |?i nf January nelt, will he paid in . oln at the a?*n ? of the Bank of t allrorma. No. XI Nine tlieid. I.KI.S A WAI I.KK. nllAWAtt. I. At'K AW AMD A WESTERN ftft. Company?tieneral i Pfl M Uichangr plae- New Y uh. l?e.-etnoer l*W N.dlee The naii'ter book* nT thla i onipaiit aeenloaed oaih Ute rum mo* ef Wedtir.dvy. Jaiiuarv '1 lw?< My order *1 >h* Rnard rtf M .nay* a A. j, Treaapret FtOB Hff.K -VAM ABI.K tiOf.n, SH.VKR ?NH I'fJP pet MUie. A *'tiU. man -iffei. an inleraal in two a<> <j and .livei m|iiW and oaa . nppei mlDe tor a wnrkltiit oapTial, nr wilt ami the ?n ire inui.n* propcil.. Narll*# will lie fullv -.?Utmrt in lepard lo the iwTuiert anil rulne of the in u i br applying (> Arlrona I'luneer. hyit l.<S Harald 1.91' v MARKKI RAPINOS HANK. NO. At NAwHAU NTKMKT. N 1 .? -Dl VIDr.MI ? A a' ai.-ani.Mal ill. utnod. at 'he rale "f ?li per i en pet aunuta (free e( a ire, ntiien' lai) will he |H'd ii*po?ltor?. on all ?clta- eiunled ih*iei?, on and afiei M'inday. Jaauai? 31, IM7 Imrreal ant withdrawn w.ll lieai 10 eiwat a* prmeltial 'mm January I WW Van HAWK, PrealdenC III wee ft. 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Vmtuaa '" AM 'Wbon r*a Wur ii Tbiak of Ma '? ? oJ fin 'bo 1,?i liu ba AVINIIIAR HMVTW. ao inbaiiltaut of Naw York, wha awak-aln W. alter bar. lag alout on* huii-trc I irara, iu tba local burtatta of CilliORoroRV, ok ni:W YORK IX tt?: ni 'finally urn I too ooit porforwiod hi tha wall knawa >oa?a dlau, U A. Lugua aad aila|oa<l 10 lb# praaral tlaaa IOi lb# 1>U. |~>aa Of proornting MR. OWK.x' IN A NEW Ml All Ai-flCR. 'THANH OWK.NS MATINKK ON NKW YF.AR'S DAT. Ao.ta map ba lonirad ?l> do r# In adrani o. / 'IRMAN THAI.I A TIII'.ATKK IJ AMBioadwar npprul'a Mi Mebolaa Motfl. MoRltAI hegrmnai III, IlF* TFI VRIAI EOPK Art 1/ A IKVII'LL. <11 MYSTKKY. nODWOKTIt IMTX, ** BROAIlWAT If Alt r*. TIIK il.I,OHlO.V|AT H M II Ah IX C-ullutifnl su?vA?! of IHa Mu?l Mam limit Paul of Hod Tlmo. -THF HP.An IN TIIK AIR Multiim la Paria and uUwr wundo. ? avtrr aiaaiaa a' A Nr. A Ni-diarbA *111 pi iforiu ?n 'Ii* I.nullah c<nuo.,loi. I'm ko'a Rk Rai?rrad uulitl. 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