Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 3, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 3, 1867 Page 2
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WTPATlOirg WAVTKP?J?RMAI,g9 A PROTESTANT QIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS J\ chambermaid and to do pUio sewing, be*i >f city refrreuoee Can b? aeen In her present place. Dekalb it., three houses Iron Trooper., cast aide Brooklyn. t ail lor two day*. A LADY OF REFINEMENT ASD EDUCATION J\ wtahra a home, with fair remuneration, in some family; wc uUI be an edlo.cnt housekeeper, oomneulon, ur engage In any capaolty except a menial one. Will call upon parlies addressing Miss M. Mitchell. station D. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOCNO AMERICAN girl, aa nurse or chamla rmnld, eau tika charge of a bsh? fnim its hlrth; heal recommi udatlona Apply at or ad dress No. ISO West Itflh at. A SITUATION WANTED?R\ A TOO NO WOMAN, AH co-.fc o; chainlHTinal.l, iiu the best of rcierences. Can i\ CO'a or chambermaid; u>u I tie net nl be seou for itvo Jays at 37 West lStb at. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOUXO WOMAN, TO cook, waab and iron In a reepectabe prfrate family, good refer -nee. Call at llhv, Eaat 20lh St., near 3d sr. A^m HITI ATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT PER son. a? good plain cook; would assist with the washing and ironing; good city reference. Apply fur two days at 410 West Sftth St., aei-ond Uoor, frout room. A SITUATION WANTED-HY A HKl.TfTABr.E . vr!\cook *n,l laundregg; baa good el.y reftiance. * all M I.18 Ka?t W,t at., flrai floor* 4 SITUATION WANTKD-HV A STEADY PKOTES im. tant w-ou,.in, to takerai* of tu IntaUd or ? ekdd and do lowing, or to do any kind of huuaotturk; it eijierirneed aud bti no enounibninco; be;t Of aiu reft-rence; If col par ticular about hUh wage.-. Calf at 133 thh a*. AltKSPCi; 1 ABLE YOUMti GlitL WISH .S A SITUA llou a* Lrty'a maid, or to dr. cbamberwork and aewlng; ' ? willing and obliging. Inquire nt IV! Ea.i 2Utii ?t., over the boot r'-uro A situation wanted-by a respectable girl. aacbaiDlftruaJd and to aar'et with the waab log. or na h aitrcsa: tbp iwn of olte retentive. Vail at M Wset 34th at. A SUU 41 ION WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE "V young ??? uBita, aa chaa-bariraid nr waifr aa: boat of oilj refe'-oncf. tun ba ?aan tor two data at 4T3did nr., ba lk eeo 35lli "?nd *Xh ita.,ian< r af-ma. A Bill ATION WANTED - BY A COMPBTRXT. r\ hutlllng wntuau. at (ilia uU ? r;.uud and ae:i mat rce- or to 4.. Anr weaning aud ironing: 1. n neat sowar aud a yerfoct Uuudroaa or ilutmberooiJ; ?ood reference t all at 1M W-.-1 i9;h at., be: \ m 4th and .ib ?ra , third door. % FBRNCH WOMAN WOULD LIKE A SITUATION ."A to do chamberarork and aeaiug. Call at lit Wen 37'h at. V SITUATION WANTED? RY A COMPETENT PER. ton, it-rook: ban of city relarauca. Oilbtb av., be w-eu 2S'h nod 39ih at*. King thr a time*. ^ UK*ri;tTAHLE YOUMO WOMAN WISHES A SITU -1 atlon .vj 1 hainherui-aid or to do kuueewurk lit a auiall 'ami!/, no objection lo nolo Ike eo'tnirr. t'.iil ai Ins West .?Jd at., in ttia rear. Am door. A respectable womav wishes to no some families' or gentlfinen'a washing at her mu hou-r; inn tollable :rrms. Call al 'JW WmjI 31a- *t., near 9tli ov. \LADY, H'ST DISKNOAOFD WTTIl an invalid. wo"kt i'lte to hud a rluuiar situation to i.ttand a 1 .dy 01 ar'i.h-m u; the vory brat of references given. Address )A .' , .IS Kaat i!7th ?t. a LAD1 tJOlSO TO EUROPE WISHES TO PROCURE .A situs': he f n i<eo girl*, ar lanndr. u and wallimta. They can be teeti ii their nresent employer's, 13 We.t JO'h at. A PPCTESTANT tilKI. WISHES A SITUATION AS r\ eor-k, and wii! luul-tt In the washing and boning; !*??' ?>t v re rut. e, ?nd ?n r:a? her last enr.i'lo.ver. Cell ai 37 h : i-.e-h .' . t: 111 3 -.11 4 ri . : , m.k lr.i.-oi woman. scion-; and I h. ii" , having Diet lnet her belie, daelres a situation tve' n Addra-s Kay. Herald ok!re,for two'ls)?. I it! t'I'ilTA.SIl.l-; WDMA . W VNI'd TO UOOITT0 ,*\ : r-.v uy ti.o "i ?*. ('an be aeeu for ttvu day a at 1*1 Ea?t l7:h it.. Bra: ft < bai.k. .1 PUOEl '.-SED COOK WISHES A SITUATION? A Tli- ??? :M? ' n-leiiilj idt i. i. .??..! I'. v.viC. r.iokmg: e. el p'*?? telerence. at o. oldreae.tblftdtti ..t., brtwera I an ! 2 A , ., 0 _>? rc^r. A NEW r.Ntil.ANO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION teuti.til. uro-.ui; u.ty rBfcrenc. Inqiitre for thr?e J?y? for 'ear'ier. 1'4 East ittn ?i.. to-tn.-'n 1'J and A SITU A "N W A N T t D?H \ A KIRSf RATE COOK; onn.vr.i- iirt* her Imalnea* C :ljf; teuuM aaa: : in Dm n:rc. He* gnoe iStyieei no. A)i^ly a*. 149 Weat ?J. !b it ASITUAT.ON WANTED BY a COMPETENT YOU Mi . vroami., a m' n meld or iii'ree; U * ic>ud plain tewet >ul -1 rllrn S110 wa?bev en.i ironer. (j-oi city i*feum* g ren. Colt t.. . baat C.'d at , near 3d av. Aupsr- t tHLE PRTTSON W ISHES A SITUATION IN a ?a?j.' it> I ?? at jit ? hi a good -ok, v. i-abcv and Ir.vnrr. tbtn g v.' *hc i. t ciy r* e-_u"-. Cell at woruer E*a-, 4f-'i at. J ltd <?; . a . * WOM \s \V|*.;BB To TAKE IN WASillNH AT t\ her or n u a: eBTigtiolk b-yt4 of rrt'rmm-e*. Can ?dt eta a' 4? c-k ar., kaovr. 1, v>?rb and 3ittB room 17, a--It. Y GIRL WAMS A SITUATION AS NL'HSE AND ?rametrraa; can be highly i-e-nnuieTi'lel fpltu ker lnet iila." ('an lo> ?e?i> f?n trio -liy I at l'u Eait SHiii ?(.. be. i iToen let r ? ; 3d et a. \SITI .'.'ITOK WAN'rp 11?itv A KHsPECtaBLB Piot-e .rl woman. n? oo>v?, le e g. ..d n ?.ier and lrtm?r. Ii. intir atl'M Wee* 1UO. ji., front baaen-uui. Agrit ADA WOMAN WISHES A bllUVllON AS good mnk; ia ar. urolletit hake*; would ab'iat with the wraoiug end In. -. ng if te,i a i 1 ?>.'. be-; ?? tafrrrucae give a. i;?o lot v 11 to. two iliye al it-4 Wee', i.-ttk gi , two pair at italienp. t LADY In DESIHOUS o? l*RO( UKTKO A TIRST .iV ???"("?. hereon*, whetn Tea. .1 re i-niui-ud UtghlT, .-II' I n'-ltgCi :n p.,n with on -ccnynt ..f hr. tk'.ie ... ...Meek?..MV. AI-I-;V at herprewnt al;uaUOB,34 W c? In* ?'. VtM'bPEOTAIII.K YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU atlci. a ,-hlldran tinel.1. or .an tail on yung ladlre; indet- ande g.i k'nd* nf plain needtc w>r? -im rotting ovt IN Atlfi't'la e?., . on-vi ot, ilrn?.v, Brookl/u. :ojoi ? N AIHM.'ICAN WOMAN WISHES A ( TO .?\ (I*. lie: m?n hontr. ( '? 1 at No III Wtrsir at. tli 1 jet Quvr. .V ?f to ?. ??e| v 1 T ug the entire rkArgn of b.ny live ='-e beet of ollr rofn nee. it. a lived a ytar m I) o pDc. Cell f 'I l? I d .Ti at !> S7?h it. LAD! WI'TIKS ill (J. I \ s| TU ATlON KOK A HE I k-e- ' tltl a.e n.ll-e'l and .. or to do - 1 t-ike .r.. . ? 1. ?,J- I. eionj .?(??.? "vIl.Tne and rbl gloj I' .?t ??? r f.? e-T' ru?|i!a#vl a, 4. W e-4 46*h at,, tear, ran Tall d SIT at. \hk-- ( tacli: w"Man. having a 1 ii-'.a. v I -l'u ? * haby u ii- rae. Call tor two .lay.? *' "? -at loth at., lopfloaje, rrar. \\fH WOMAN. HONEST AND HUH,, IS A goo.1 n .er atnl I"-:ier, nan d > n1|(|i <*?', Ingo, fan-, gee. 11 a, 1. ?.. a ? itn .it 01 in a 'ne i??;e a i t ini ij. i.ood ?.,? 4...: . ?. 11.. . wag. ' .,J |-|" al.. ?out .N, A K" fECTAWfE WuM AN A S|TC ATKfN tvlllTlgt a?al. e? c-i . in. t.-r-un 1- uga 1* _ n':.k - I ? .IU 14 Ot re a o r.. Call At IT I'nil 11 a J; , ,, ,?. || ? N EXIT*.ItlilS* .D oPKIt.AIOR ON W1IEKI.I R t i\ ll .i oli> . : irk4or, ta.iuta to g" ' "t by the dav lu Ten*.. I.e.; Cao ? o Dig in i.a, tlilrta and okl'druA'a clotbea, ? rg l;t'.i 11 ?" rer pan noun:, ('ad all tko w.-uk it Idt W ret -if b .? 1 . rno 11 K* oirtAi'toa wanted?bv v kbbekcr?Bf k tvo. in.,a. t li ? I ?c. 0'" .-??>! Ii l?- PUT pua e ilrat uUm e ok. fp.* i\t p iia ? ?\ 1.13 Smith at . ourii'r oi Pa. dr. e KKsBHATABUi YoCNU : I at I. WANIS A SITU A ,X 1 ten |p i'1 gcnecnl upp ar rork ill a ennal. family. It: HUl c.-it Dpi 1 nt 14th at . Iwiw'. n arj A au.l B. mer tli. \M11 I'Ap H IN U\ VJ. IIXPP HIFNC Et? w-p-p p-o-A In r Im. .n.p ho't-e ,1 h.. I: un4e ? ? teiaafa al" kl.n ? 01 <0 ?*!"* aa-i ? , i:e?t 01 .'lit r^Te. 'tice. Call a' 3-a,-,t ev.. cp.ruero fi-tiai. \ HESI'L''T.A'(I GIRL V. ISHEs A SITUATION AN rh-.Wbeiniaid ji>d ?eam?ir * or 11 -e arid ?eenwt,>--e. |e'i?. 4* 39 h **., (let* aaii gtl. p ION* WANTEIt-M A YOU No vMEltll'AN . v.-' tt'iree a,. 1 ire-tjhi tal tif milk <w,\ , t! o- .Mi-. I,r I ('77 Hr adr ey, beieiag ta ate a. court '.air. M KsK SI f fat HON WA' iKD-HV A Rr. pi uy r>. 44-1 te.l OHLIU 1* .a ? *f p-ali hra.t ?, t ot .p r -p.-ioyTta a' ctta lelerrop.m. ( an bt *eei, at ? lip ?t.. ateiou i 'I.Ktr, 1 r-ini r >o.a? \Kt -I'J'i I bl>. WOMAN WANIS A Si i'UAT , aa cm-It 1* a t--|.- t*bA y rivale f .??!!/: ha - un olijev ug ,pcat c.ty re.eieupe. < all a' 4 i:k-Pp( |.ahi r. pf.usos wtshes a situation ? V t.p t;p.-J'-. ?,4*li auil iron r pfobo'iacwnrlt; preier* e rajy rt.rt-t, tp. "IP- b'gl.e Wegea. <?;! ,14a Jay** In t lie rear, flirt flinr. Itrferenee. A AKSri.p'f iH'.h rn.Oll.AT AN I WOAf AN W ANTS 4 j 1 ell ? iti ? in a prtwg fa,ml* ae U' -idreaa; 'h"inti?hly itfid*'. *(,p .d- .iti bidlipp-at; a* ? .1,1 .. 1* a t| the 1 aaii: ,er 11 p.p? . '' .3 1 1 bi-.aiii.-e-., c ,i,f , ,, . i|, ,>,r , ban: ,er ?r.p'- p'p- ? I -1 rr/err ..v .; Yt.. a gn 'a* 4MD at *S? Tib av.. l?r t- ecu .Met and JCd tta. rear a Slri CIII>N WANTCD-BY 4 If HPECT.ABI.K * a girt, to C" -k, W eb ai>d Irou. lie. of dtt i-gfcrcoie. 'rli W- niH .i.toar- ?u 2Tt'.i a- ! i-"b at?. a str;'4TTO.V W.kNTKD?SV A OEPM.A* OIRL as rkamhr4 hiftd an1 *p.!trea?, or* till d'p III,. Kr'u?n# brtttge vork IB a einil' family. Call a' 57 fI. ,ter ?!..,? ?nd 1t?(pr. 4 KUrJ*K( TABLE TO UNO AMI fltl'AN WOMAN ? V weitfg eif. (Hon a* tliamb- rmeitl r ?! m do bur >v,i>b. gatullro -u . g a?d refer, pe,, front hn laat i l?cr ? 11 at tip Meat JTtb *t., b"t?een 7th an i eah a.e A HP 'U'"l ABLI TO. Nf) DTRC W'ISftKe g 41TT7A Ooii ia pgln .-ere n'cbltdiea or redo ch.indMavovk and waiting O" d cl'y ret.-t?u<e trnui la*( rtr.a. Ca 1 at 2(8 W'-at 1 St .: at 4 NUMBER Of wfl.L BUC wMEAD'.d t.KfTM IN ? \ (Silev tut a" >Uo ., t t|r* Li* V( Utrait inelltiiK IT Stanton 'L. near Uowerj. rnoo .roje \erl el np **?" "?'>'< 'tut I *T rt, k Nad A ItP .UBClV.HLE fOUt'l OlKI WlnlHis A MTl-A tlcr A .,,,nd Ctli'n 1. and h<, '* .- to pjo I gilt e '? c 4*all I 1 two-ley *?" Mt u fu ? c. netna u s gnu l'o 4 roi/N . woman wrT.if a "mm? ntf ation /* ?? (St inberwiNl and w*"f e. ( In .ibcrm-ild and ?? otlv, ?e: -itidenueitSitting V .i -' re'r i inr ('all for two d 11 ? i' !"0 Perl If? I at., e.-c-md f v, front roi'in. a lew doore ri-oi A *" ?'<? B-nKAN AA.aNTP a PITUATION a5 -J noti?-karii?i fi g good rook a-id mtnaget, or nuuli " *r.'i rr'*; h*" "?'?*' ff?" ?aw. Addrfaa M. * ?. ?f*i r?M uA SITUATIONS WARTHD-KEMAi.RS. ABITlUTIf>* WANTED?BY A KB iVBOT ABLE UlRL. as rliarabarm iid aud wnire-s or to assist at wasklng and iroulng, wagon $$. Apply at A* ""?A ARPHPF.CTABLR YOU SO WOMAN WISHRS A BITII atioa lu do son ral hjusew >rfc; no objevliou to m.y or oounly. Call for tarn Jay at iW 7tb av. \ RESPECTABLE PBOTBBTANT UIKL WISHES A situation | , lake car? oi' cbddren and do sewing. Call Ior two days a: 87 dth av , fourth Moor. Ironi room. A RESPECTABLE UHltMAN UIHL WANTS A SITU I tion as oook and t? asstal at washing and ironing; go?d city reference. Call al W t rout aL. Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A K REFECT ABLE WO ?nun, a good cook; would assist at washing aud Iron In,;. good city rrfr cuca. Apply at 1 IS .Wast IMtn at., In the AYOVSO AMERICAN QIRL WISHES A SITUATION Hon lo taka care of children aud make herself gene ral:., uaelul. Call lor ??o days st438?th sr. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIBI. WISHES A SITU atiuu as nurse and to do plain sewing. Can he seen for too days at 87 .13d ?t-. between Madison sad 4tli ava. A YOUNG 01KL WIRUKH A SITUATION A8 CRAM - l bermald and waitress or to assist mi tba laundry; ash girs good c ty retcreuces. Apply at her present employer's, 37 wast 4ih at., between Wo?. IDtli and Charles sta. A LADY BKKAkINU CP HOUSEKEEPING DR slras sltualioua lor two good girta?oaaaa cook, the other as chambermaid and waitress. Apply Immediately at 1M Weat SMh at.. between bth and Sth are. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A VERY NB8PECTA A Me glil. ay flr.i class eook, who understands all ktnda of inesto, gsme end all ktnde ot baking: la wilting to do tha nasi so washing. Apply al 48 Parry at., lu the rear, front room. LL FAMILIES DEB IS! NO CAPABLE SENT ANTS l immediately, and g->od Herman girU. At the Employ ml luaiUuts. IW 4th a?.? below blh >L Am RBsPKCTAltl.K WuMAN DRSIBR8 A SITUATION a?ddjhg| and Is a good washer and Irooer; willing to make herself generally aseTul. CaH at aauthwaal aoraar ofdkd at. and tat a?., top Ho-t. AYOUNU GIRL WIHHRA A SITUATION AS CHAM hern.Hid and waitress; boat ctty refeiunce Apply at At Wast iBd at., for two days. A respectable oihl wants a situation to do chamberwork and waiting or to do plain washing and Ironing In a iimalt private family; boat ally reference. Cow bo noon ut UN Woe* 17th at. AHBHPECTARLB AMERICAN OIRIi W18IIR8 A Kltuaiioo u cook or aa laundress. la a good baker. Haa pood rcfrinpcr. Tall at 144 Weal Twenty-eighth atreel, to the liaaesuHut, botwoaa 7th aod'Mh are., for two days. A WIDOW LADY, AORD THIRTY'. DR.trRES A SITU a t on to go to California or NewOrloana; rha would give two days from hrr Berrien for hrr board and washing fn ? . respv.-whle family or a boarding; aho ta a good drof-aniakor; oan speak l.ngllek and PrencM Who can giro goi.<l r tr reformer. Adoreaa for three days Dressmaker, elation O. Actuation wawtkd?by a protectant girl. aa uurso or cltHtuborinald, and sewing or waiting. Call fur two dura at S?t Weal lttth al. A YOUNO GIRL?LATELY LANDED, WISHES A 8ITO J\ alien as cbddrmt'S nurse or av ch?mb?rmatd; la willing to learn. Call for two daya at 3U4 West nil at., second Boor, froul room. A SITUATION WANTKD?RY an bxmrirnckd - V woman, as bend meat and psslry rook; ia ocuuuutical and truatwonhy; city nlereuce. Cull at 411 id ar., near 24th st. ?y.rid door :rout. A YOUNG GIRL WISIIBS A SITUATION TO DO J\ rhamberwork and waiting. or to uko care of children and roak- I.., useful; Oily releronoe. 0*11 oi 411 Id sr., nearlHili at., second Boor, front. A HKST CLASS OI-KKATOE AND- SPMMBTRKRH? J\ Can cut and flt ladies' and oaildren'o drosses and do all r.lttda of family sewing?deal'as to go out by the dar or ive-'k. (tar a sewing inecblne of her own; otty reference Call el I/a East 8Mb at., top floor, front room. SITUATION WANTSD-BT A RKSPBCTABLK young woman; la a good eouk and bsker; Is wtlllug to ash and iron iu uamall pr.ratr family; good oil; lefereuce. Call lor two days at lb Bhat Ullt at., attar the 3dav. A N AMERICAS WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A J\ private faintly to do plain oonirlng. washing aod Iron lug. i *11 tur throa days al tfl asm at, N. Y., second floor, front AKP.X.PKCTABLK UAttltlhD WOAtAN DKBIRH8 A el-.-iattonar wet nurse at Wnr ??a hon e. Call at MO 2d uv.. between Alii and SM eta., tup floor, (aunt. A HERMAN OUU. DESIRES A SITUATION IN AN .Y American fauiily aa oook or to do up stake work; good city refeieoc--. Call at l'4 Healer eh, second-Annr. AYUllEG WOMAN DELI RES TO TANK A CHILD? hue lo,t her own baby?to wot nurse gt her own house. t too a c.iy referuace. Apply at 431 Nasi Ulh at. SITUATION WANTED?ETA RBSPECTABi.E GIRL, to do general houarwork In a small family. I* w tiling to rmike herself useful aiannhlng; good rsfereiico. Apply at .114 Wert With at. A YOUNG WDM AN WANTS A Saaw VTft'N AS LADY'S A maid; l*> a go-4 hairdresser and dnaaaantker. Call for thine daya ta hatrdceaelng room, No. '.'g.* Grand at. SITUATION WANTED-B* A RESPECTABLE married woman, with one child, two years old, to do married woman, wuu one cman, two years mu, m uo plain rowing and housework; wagna not so mush an object ia a g xid hem*. Inquire fnr t nn day* al 21 lie Broome at , -ear house room No. 2. A SITUATION WASTED?'TD Do CHAMPTRWORK and take rare of cutiitrru, or general housework for a small family, by a re?j>ectsble girl with good reference. Call hi h?i present employer's. 111 we.t til at. /hiioK.?a k its pec table colored womax V/ w.intaa alliutinu ..a tratcbist rook; r.lty reference. C,n h? ae. n for three days at T?fl ureenwtch ah, between Han , suit Went 11th sir. (TOOK. -SITUATION WANTKD. BY A GERMAN WO nun, as Ural nle-i French ro-ylt lu a private family she tn -l-i Unds English and American coasl-ig nil kl-id-' of breed, cike, I'tddlng, paatry and rtno dr ?sorta and creams; i>ee' city reference. Address M. M., bo* MS Herald ? flic -. UOtdESKKPKK'S POSITION DESIRED IS A Will, owsi'a lauiilr or ? t*-r'y of gsutie.uea. '>y i lady ol I'O flr.emont au-i koud uddreas; ag , ?}; -> iul-l n--oepl any lion flr.emont and good address: ag . mft wowtd .-???jepl any lion ?owe no ition. Nnne but tnoir. who are liherniL dtiyjael need address A. Sullivan, idation D. l A CUM UK. V0f * P'We'o Ires Ir BnddOmV"'"1'1'1 rtA-Wrat.otliet., fortwu.t.v': 7 l fsr*"tt Call SITU AT IDS W ANTED?BY AN KNuU"U PROTECT ant woman ettU-r ta goml eook or liostteknopcr; i*. aide tiflUr.r.i oroiih ol both positions: ban tho beet of refer en-e from last ]! toe. where?ha ha.? lived two years, tcquiro a: 1.14b llrtadw y. from 10 HI I. aAlTl A niiff V. A.VIT.Il- BY A RF.APK' TABLr: GIRL, an i n-'k. tiiom-igblv uodorsuinds he: 'juatn-as. Good .-tiy rctirer.o) Iroiu Inn nleoe. Call at /i? t-i av., corner ui th at. oITl ATIo:- WAN' UD- HY V KHilsT CLASS DOOR. IN t> aprt i prt' ate fa-nily; ,v'l as? ? at wsat-loq and ii d? al! kinds of'huktng. ttn-t c.iy reiuit-ouo fmm 1-st p!aej. C. Rati nil l.-ei 'AUi at. hjrn ation wanted?bt a rebpbcta blb col oi-ed v imgn. to> -<>k in a saiuiq oi boindtng hno -; e?a furnish :? iM-nn|i..-j It roquNWl. Wt Ltnreus st,. th'rd fl?or, ii-oai 11am. k-in \ie x wanted?by a nuar clais c '?k, |> who ha ' boat 44 otiy fOferawhm Call at Ihr-gil eoTio-r i bt ", ML {JITUAtK'N MAMKD-8V A COM UP. IKNT WIN AN, alA'-nd, ST^f.L'dbdoeatw,. k-.rra ^ ! ,H? ? '."-.u- r-'v, Ol'fVATfoNB WAVT8D-BY TWO CAUAST* YO0.NO it ? .-Won: ?:.??> i?r "iaaa rook: unlttjtunda bo-.luif <iud w rdtnm .iw .i I dn?aei u>t thootntrasfliAelaacwaiarega; ? v lie .ie n? 'owatllng and ? nrn-l rwork; 1. >ve tl,e st of iof rem-.-s from their laei ; )-' ei. Can be soeu for o .|*y? r ? 4ti- li h av., (.nriter of St. !lITATI' X '.VANTED?BY A YOUNu ciRL, 4S <r etir.uibermold and to it > plain aewmg. t.ooj u? nn >-e given. a' 171 :v; ,v . fmu-h jlonr. rlty refei ttoa SITUATION WANTKD-BY A Cl'MPETrNT Wi?M4V. JN |o .m rhainhenvoek ami wa"i?'ug and Iror'u-r: o.?" do 0 li II .'in.; ii "T et'y i-eftren?e. Call atflt *r-l ixth at. ?irt'AriDN wa.sieu-by a ccmuetcni WdMaN. n*. uo.j.1 rvier 'n* of l>st place. Call a' ill Wit at, tbitd floor, LSI?V triox WAN iKD?BY A RESPECTABLE Y >1 NO O wontaa, a? .--mL ?nd to -!o lung *tni tru. O woman, i. .-ook and to -In Walking auu iru.'.og a a ? ?n.i plivat" temlly . u a food bnkrr hud uudi'rstauda her p. ,i,,e-. iu ...i referonoo. Call fyr two days at #1-2 fl-' xv. i - rr.e. <?' 2M ?L tjitl AtlON WANTED?BY A HE.- i'KCTABLl Wtl ii man. ks lirst vlnea coot; nnuif stands ?ho hualneas In alt I tbtwnobe ?breadand pi?'ry. Bast oit* mfornnwa Can tni aa< u at 11.1 Worn ?iL at., tnitweon SnM.twayakd ..b ar. V * rwwuutM ^ VA.H tBlTCATION WANTRn-01 A P.KSPECTABLK YOUNO i) girl, to lake el.argv of rU.blien; would a?ai?? ei plain sewing or tin' hamh-rworlt. Haa the he?l of city referen e. I .'all at 1.6 Krst 1/Ui at. OITVATIDK WASTED-ST A FIRST ?'LAi?d OOOKt |N understand* her hnslu-'ta in all lie bionnhcs, eipiri s? ..-oilier or head O'-uk, Call at 24" We.1 Dttii si the est rltj reftrenoe. sii'SasisarLsau. , inuw ?' P'-'?Mi MY., -econj floor, Dom CITUlTI'iN WANTM'-BV t El RUT CLASH TJBBSS maker, who wiU go o.jt ny the day or work at hor own h me- good rnlerenta g'rau. Address lijgfltk au ClTVATtON WAvTK'?_py' A COMPEtENT WOM as ountk waaber and tronfr, hr t ? d* genaral honsee ?n .1 - itJ* Iefertile*. Oermtn ftmlly pre.errfj. C?il Wbii et? isirncr 4th sr WANTED -BY A Hh.spCC I'APLK W<0'\R, TO TAKE T> 'ii ?- blng. A 1 liet* 37< V, a*t 2Pth at khlng. ,?*' Ai.41 I W'tNl LD-A blf I'ATtON BY A RESPECT t JLE ( ?? yn'ina.lil a rlisrubor?aid, and ?* f.ssial wb 'ie 'e?h ? u atsrrori'.e or in do geueml houa??ork in ? afban p. !vsteT*t, ,- has toe >*? of citr raferciKea Call foi two daya at 4l? past Stik at. PIED?A SITU ATIDR. HV A RKSri'ttBf.E WvUWIO, ft* S i-1ii !r#*r41 lit. I*f?iiii?f'i h#?f hu nAU' hr ? W ? .ndrea*-, nn brmttgd. .... .... |""d"!yiu Wtine; naobiMtb I MIUo '?umMT .r to .. >arg< Timily. Cal' .lorn ??" till 1st :,V K..?4 l.'Vi -I. VyA.tffeP a Nitt* VIION HY AN t XriRIBNC'ED " nf raw I'irgee' ri iifsnt frcm lis 1 .i th or brord' chiViisU| a'. it. r for-nca e..'i be g.v#n Call a' I'll Ke of-t st , nrerpr vste e ahle , 'attseen 4iIf stud I **? IngU " a-a , for m t* os t a Vlf AV'RD- PY A Y(>l NO liADY, VVIIO WEIIEiA rl p! ? in, raj-:d f _ . d Uan , a boeuma ?s<*?ai?i.:ln m . . or wnttid Si ie ; ^ tig at hrg,'; ? ifertiic* tiren. A-t.'res. Mai?it"-r.p', i.atr?n if IITVATIONM WA'VfKD?WK WALKS,? UmII (or tur# >U)< al ^ " ?1TANTRdI-JyT*0 ITCH PRRSBYTKKlAN J?"*** W Ai .ai^I ? C ?k. uudrriuruda cm,*n? to ?U U. braaohe*: Rnud ^Tr^rt^ee. J^gm^ ** . ?W i dia pincc, tu tko rrar rooio llfc ?*? ""J*""" * Uace in Ibti cjtialrj. - ?. ? vTItn?RY A RKSP' ;OT AB1.B PRO'BSTANT Mila at. n??r7lh ?r. ? li'AKnTo?a situation, my a yowko oibl a* W nu?iw w*itre?a, or woul.l do lb. bouorwork of o ??ull Until?. be?l of oil? raferaaaea. Coll oi?JQ 3d ?"? ASTKD-BY A OOMPBTKST PU?!*P^. A fltJOA. UoolTiood puin took. U on rxc^ol Wu.hrr and lron?r; rno-1 referow* 0?en. Oon bo own it !? Weat *'<" at. tx.two?ii 7Mi and ttth oro. MTU A* do the df ANTED?RY A MI DDI.R AOBD WOMAN. A HI W lion aa cook I" ? unvaia family; mo obioi-Uou mrso w.ahiiia; wagea moi oo much an object m o guou heme: good city roforonoo from her laatplaoo. Call al IK Rim j&b at., bolwoom Broadway mod Rtb or. bed Jciijr veftnmoe. Call al IIT W?I Pth at. family or to loboomro of o child; roforomoo (loom. W "b al.. moor 17to ol _____ Wantb?-a SITUATION. BY a YOUMO ohaoabarmold and U> oaalat am ?amwml Nanaework la o aaaU family, boat of otty rmor pair Call n*SU> Weat 17th at WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO OIKD- At chambermaid oadto omelet In woabln# ami _ ?^Sirsass?ws5i! s? wsrKtT r, Ir * SSUJk'?JSd to would da houeeworb for a email family. OnltnllSweM DMA, totrddoor.baebroean. oKlirtag; mo objectionto toe oomauy. Call atSM Wat* Hd at, far two day. __ WASTED?A SITUATION B YA toataml woman tooook. weeU and loamahur'dlatance hathacountry. Call ml IwBaat Hona toaat. naai Rdar., for throe daya. tap door, front. Wanted?by a yopbo pitt. a bituatiom to fttfe*n<l6t!t an. lit iwTPn a HlTUATIOM. BY A BK8PB0YABIA W Aoung mim>Sv>*ow-k!w^er and Irooer; mo oblmdton to toko a utundreae' place; good oily reference, till at a Atlantic al. Brcoktya. Wanted?a hituationl by a yocnii olm., to etccnnarul bouaaworlRbeat cityreferenem. Omit '* two daya at?? WmtWNheL. to the bocemcnt Wantkd-by a rkscbctabl.k youno ?'-iitc.A aWuatlom to do thw general h?u*wi'A0^V7UKMtB?h aato family: beet of ohy reference glren. Call at 317 LaelVtb at for two day* nriKTKtl A SITUATION. BY A RhBPBCTABLB W ?lrl, to do ?Qtieral bouitftwork in a amall |vr no objccttom to do uynitmha work. Coll for two ?uyo ot llSl Brooiiio at. T*r AKTBP?BY A WTDOW. A BITUATION AR VV kMBor- hnaooobiecttomtothopountrj-: tbo iw.1 of eg aSSSSm.. eUUom P>W o^___ WANTED?BY A "bERFEOTABLE KKOUSHPF'C Offi toftorrc doTO ot Mb Weat dtb at. moor dUiav its vjrASJ.rtss7?rs? ofjttbal ^ 1? at. near Atlantic, ItrwUpa - . Ttr ANTED?EY A KB8PKCTABCB MTDDI.E W bTtiia anmiii aaltuatlon aa nmrae; if JQimtrot to ,V. TTufMt from U* bt rt b. or attend SaoUdy l2^S<Anr?; wotild notobioot to attondon onlntoUdladyar rt la rn wn^i aantodt V*MM- no OhlPOflOU IQ.thO WWW*. %*????& br NyV-erio* tt . ? ?eh av., o-Hraorof wk-aA ? tirANTED?A BITgAl-IClN.. ?Y A_RF^P?eTABTj; wwa- tT^Si bLkwot' hLaoinkJr*h<Iian **TANTED-BY a RUPERIOR COOK, WITM KXCBC "... rRD-BY A THOROUGH CnAMBKRMAlD AND W f^l-.r^A with twdlmi \n WAB ? W? mmUMAvk* T uTmVk WtSTED.?A PRIVATK FAMILY WANTS A A i,?L rco<i;naimt be Preurb oc tE-rman. ?ho toy the 1.nt i.I MllbronelKW; tfco hlabwai wad"* dtro'i ^yplyto ibTKahtrr of tbo Herald A?ca i!Kru-.ther .mor. "T^HBI. WAKTBD-TO CtlOK. WASH AND IKON; A rofarpncb* rcjuirrd. Apply at ME . nWal-I PRtVATK FAMILY WAST A YOUSO WO \ tu n ?? cu?t and to <W the eoarae wa*h;.^. App.y at So. S?l We.t D2d ?!. .... . w WaNTrJ)?TO DO HOUSI.tSOitK IN A A ^* to fam ly;onr *'?>? nbda-ianda r.U.., cootxje aod ^ JmI and trooweU. AprK.- id.Llnoolm P-c>. on Yd an ?t, near W> the uintoio. WlUianMla'trK. _ T tuton t HAN I1RRN AID AND WAITRJUH WA STF-D. &&? a "i-titsT rr.ASS PLAIN COOK. W.VolINU AND A *iSaw?54SSIi'S! ilR W'-ai ol'li at. Bead work.?ion experienced hand* wanted immMbttnlf. to '-sad h i Din. Apr'* P'P t >e w -ek Iron W A. M to 2 P. M. t? Mrs. lonoaitii. ** Varit-k ah /nook A*n lav ndr'Sh-w anted- one who its. \y drrrCiirts her :>?ainot*. w uls ? :mriv..iuam bums .rnd wi.ouo inr: re. u!B'u?n<l. tnrafi ?" herlast empto;. A!>??:,.. uftut II) In llio Karniuif, At oil WmI Mtt l( pool, WAN'TRD ?OALC AT US 15 AST 37TH 8T. not 1 A lUK.-WAftlED. A TTDV. REM. VI tbi- g il. Appljt l>?t ' i-s.l P sui il oVWok tL'? iuoiu illg a' )!?! W?i#t K t ?t. Wjl^c (Ml VV ANTED?A. 0!R'. 'O 1H> OBNKBAL Hul'HirWOItK W in a .mail UrnBy In Jerrcy 0U|\ Apply ut 112 i'cari ?I , file' floor. WaNTED-A El*s?T CI.AS* REP.VANT OIKE ;K?0 Vt HI nt U lio the iinilatwnrk of small family of r p?' on-; atii-i nnderataul wash'uc snU iron. Inn ? ml '.u. a ?.w\ l aiiL I ontv flfltki .? i4 i.ifor n ?? >1 ,'U !??? nU in- h gno i "iik.' Apply, with city .Li V est ?.1 <t.. rrwin to to 3 o'cwch. AY ANTRD-A .VCRSE TO OO SKVRS HtMM KROM Kwluri tonka ? "tru' *?( *'? tufoh! mil t.?? older children. Api>ir m So b Rt. Mark's ihw, on Kr.jay. iw ' f o'r*~ "" tweau it and I (i'clook. WANTED?A VHOTl.STANT SERVANT. IMMCAT ?r Co.-Man. ?o ilo c?n r?' boil'oaoi .. Ur.-t uf ri iai eurorequire 1. Apply '?! Nw. I) M ?r. w ANTKO-A Nl'it <B AND SKAM.THL.isj C Tft refitianuc PilML UaQ M 31.1 Writ MCi ,.t. 117 KT MtfRMt WANTED.-A EtSTBCT A DEB WO BAN VI pjh h*i i of a ir.'i.rl )?' iC" ss *'? ntiraa b* s'.p'.i it.; be. twaeit the boms of ID anil S at H Nsrioo at <> out leternm-e rn.pi'red. w TANTRD-IN A MAI Ii PKIVa IK KAMll.Y, A ? HAM bi>riad4 ami wattrcre and t<i ax?t*t lu waainna and 1ST' ' Mil IriMiln: nuns bill ihnat ?ho *re inorougfal) coinf-ier! .iA baaa ttti-'l ibe alitiaDonr need a|, It. Call al IBS Wea St'th al , ?K ! wee n Oth slid ki.i its. \tranted a 1.a61D1?M. kob a private pa mi. V V It In tee loimtrr. Appl* al ?M Weal tCti> al., ihlsiuorn. MM neiwaon 10 am) U. iX7ant:d-a cofcoRKD woman to cook and Vf a??lei with tl i waaMinf and Ironing; aiT'ft lir'ng iaf. s "anca sa to cu|nibUii)r. Waf<'? C |>?r?r?k. Apply at ;4 t'ii??e a?. Ml ANTr.D?TWO KTIWNO OinLP. 10 00 fO PI P m ist be aonJ onoka, watheraaoU irouara Apph' at U'l Baal IMh at iv/antbd-a ooon cod*; onr who t'su*?. ?? tt.inlB bar li.isltisss ari'1 *1 hake In sail to ? abort d lata tire in ths oonbtrrl ntual hare city Ti-rei-cn u. Apply at i:w WMl 2nh at, ? w ANTED?A OIBI. To ACTA- CHAM H! f.M HD AST* ssamslresa; bno fully r.>m|ietsnt to fill ihs situation; none nas<t applr nnlaaa \r!lUn( toantoihi. oaantry. Call bstwaen IQ nflTliPi day iThiiisjn.ri at 141 Iso natoii a*. I\7 ANTBD-A KIRS I' III. ISA COOK. ONR WHO Tito, ft lougbly undsrslanda Kn irh coukma Anplv at 4tt Eaat fhl st.. fr.nn 11 to 13. TVTANTF.U?* (IIRI. AH NITH.sK AND NSAIMTIUIM; Vf on.* who is ? i Una i i <t?llftit ciisni'iti. f-ork. and oan coma wallMcomfarnMau fnani ii?r Dai put,a. a anh Al West Sfttk at., Iwlw aon Hli and II: li av a. \V* AN1KD-* OIRl. AH CII AMRKHMAITl AND Wilt ft raa-, oi a wb ' ha*. ltw?4 la u larar an >y arsrenaa. A |?ly at Hh ar. VTAVrF.n-AT TT1K CI AHENDON HOTTf,, CORNK1 M of . ;tU at. and It., ay., two t.rai "laa. i* ? . #r n.trd apply; *?ck1 Wsjtea ami aiaoly ar.irV. t:aIl for tw (1 lya. VV'ANTKD A TAtl.OHI.sis, COMPRrf Nl To CliT AND ? '"4?Lr ' VT'i ?' UHiorfa, wkhat.. OTatlrtt ?a hm J 1M I r>|| ,.n, s, atat na Wltttoatl by a#0a. VVANICD-A fljlaii caCaRIiK Ol fAKINO CAHRt P TT '.a 11 .ji.dr#',, * n.11? i a.iali ,u.| Iron ? K an I !o plain ?awing; an ?( ot?a well reeoinmri tlsit; a. '<2T Kaat I.Vh ?t i alH i t? ii W.sya. W I?- \ KF.SPKt TAH1.E ill II., AS WAil'RRs: ' jK.d e'lamheMnrtil. UmI at Ro. 7W#at f!?l *(., batwaa ??rti> .it,'clock \v ANTKr?AT I TP llMftiV 8T., HHckiKM N, rpsawa 'A da iha u# t'.sira w-arf rod *e in* ??***? WA?TIU)b.iPBj,AIlBg. VVA,?T,P.!.>-* '1.R^r OtA?'* oioiB OOOK AND ONX J J lllu t tUo uil;t.Jjr undenmtiiU itaMtry Apply at Kieg t llohH and itamUura it M Dey street. w 1/AbiTRD-A T.DT orRu.about i* ykars old, !. m?l? herself K.-ter?lly useful ta a smalt tmm iy. I .ill au*r to.i &c\(*sk At (Ml 34 ar., aaccond floor Y*'A*TE i>-V MM A AT roll.NU OIRL. TO COOC, WAMfl H Aod Iron IB'1 bik? f'>r*pm*i6 ramlly. A;?i?ly *t II Vnr ok pi ,oe. n?.r Hkoc^r ?(. FF 7 W ANTRD?WET NURAK. KOK CHILD ON* MONTH Q'?. Uall fur two (tuft at All Kul 13th A Wa i 'A.VTR&-AN AMERICAI* OIRL TO ATTEND A I.A. diesf akM ??ore; aunt tho-Hiughly andcralnud the busi ness; must also be u good writtf ami <|Oi-;k with the ueartle: jood city rofraenoe required. Apply in lb* ahue slots t? \VASTKO_A GERMAN OIRL TO COOK. WASH AND V iron; rood re'erenoea required. Apply at IK Bast 1Mb Mi, corner of LuHMh ar. WANTED?AT W W AV.. A THOROUGHLY OOMPE tent child'* nurse; none other ooed apply. Inquire bo fere tl o'clock. WANTED?A WET N0R8B IMMEDIATELY. AI'PLY Tf it L It. Hansen'a Wo. AAtfa at. neaeUo Bowery. TXT ANTED?A COMPETENT WOMAN, TO DO THB ?F roohlag. washing and* Ironing, and to ac*st In general house Wurh of a small family Those desiring arouforiebla bouse and*baaing good reference, can aitolyTkla dar al IU " ? wtfUtf plied, bouse aod>bsaing good reference, can apply bh day al ICS ?.between Wee* Nth and Charter ate. 1ITANTED?IN A PRIYAT9 PAMILT. A OCOD LAI'N Tf dress, who is willing to Mala* In housekeeping; none hut those with geed oily rofereiseo need apply at If "West CM

street. WANTKD-A RKSPKOTABt-E WOMAN. TO* OOOK, J* wsshnnd lron. Apply for two days at Mf Wast CM el. Wage* $Ui n mentis. WANTED-A WOMAN, WHO* IB A OOOD COOC wRh-~*ing sad ironta.. TIT ANTED?IN- A MM ALL PANNLT A OIBL WELL TE recommended,** chambermaid, Waitress and One washer and irooer. Inquire at No. SWeat 43d au WANTBD-THTTRR CAPABLB OIBL A IN A PBIYATB ** onok, ebau her maid, welter and laundress; rnna*hare good rnferenoes. Apply hatwuen U and 1 o'atocB atdl West Itl.h at. """" WAWTKD-IMMBOfATKLY A EJECT CLASS RBR TT isurant cook, quick, a-tlra I J and temperate. Call afar 10 A. M.. at 1.SD0 Bruadway. w ANTED?A EKMAI.K PASTRY OOOK FOR A small hotel la the country. Addreae Hole], Herald WANTBD-TWO OIBLR. ONE TO COOK, WARM AND-' li on and take tho entiie charge of thebaeement door; tne otherto do up stairs woik and"o aUer.d to children and ? Both must know how to work and brine refeiea from tbess last plaoe. CAU at U Ureal Jones at. WANTBD-TWO YOHWO LADIES TO AKTBND IN FF an!sen. Apply at '01 Grand at. WANTUt-A GOOD GIRL TO COOK. WASH AND FF Iro-. in a small prtrate family; none u soil apply but those who understand their hnahsasa. Apply.iat lis Weal tVSUi al. WANTED?A SMART. ACTIVE OIRL TO DO THK TF general housework of a small fatuity: must wane wall recommends*. Apply immediately at $73 Broonle st. WANTE1>-A FEMALE (COLORED) MEAT COOK: ?*?* wfelabteooo?< >auct be rtrst class cooks. Ac ply it 1(0 W At 30th it.? beJiftoo MistU avenue nit Brouti vrajr. wantrd-a uiul r<* do washing, ironino If and l- assist In li;v ktehen. m a priratn buarding house. A poly for ?w? ds7?st Id Laljhl at. WANTED- A OOOD OIBL (ROMAN CATHOLIC), TO do Che -.*?<rk c-f a sa.alLranitly; musi undnsisml pDla cooklug and be a good washer and ironer. call at No. < Rutgers si., cener of Kasi Hroadway. Wages gin sr $13. WANTED?A WOMAN BO DO THB COOKtmi AND washing of a sun H laiuily: must bring good oily re feieoce. sp; .y at 70 West tUk at. WANTKD-ACOMPRTRN.Y(!OOK. TO ASSIWF IN THK washing and Ironing, and willing to an a abort dlsnuice In the counlry. App'v with redumnicndatiiins thiadar, after kd'oiook, al 1!$-Wuluw steeal, itro-.clTn. WAN'-ED- -A WOMAN WHO CAN RRTOffCU AND color oa r?e? da viatic, apply a- tha gailcrv , 39$ Q< ueu wli b sr., corner of Barclay. WANT'BD?IN A BOANJtINC HolWfc, f?U UIMLm; W? one as cnok. washer sad Irone.*; and ooe aa arariiesa and Ci.amhertoalA at 'JM Sdiay. WAJlTBD-A.NUBoK,. TOR A CHILD thMK VEAR f? old. with c.ty rttui-it-oea. Only those romnotcnl used llSr *' Montague at.. Brooklyn. b?twren j# A. M. and . tl FKREUNa WaNTLD?ONE TO OGOK. WAHU AND *r> Don and the other twdogeneial bout*work. Call el 1H. at., aaar Wr'^_ Front ah, naar Wail. BITfl ATIOT ?W AITBD-MAUn. TOUNG .MAN WANTS a kitijation, IN a STORE or Ofhee; le a and willing to make ktmaair keueralty aaerut: beatc&y retereaecs it dnaiaed. AddraaCT Burnay. eta! Km A. A N INTBLLIORNT. USEFUL AND HE Li A ELK ToUMU Chaa. Taylor, lb! %rRS;.r? YOUNG MAN. OF LIBERAI. FDCCATIO* AND ?ood ntorai habits dswrt,. a ?llusiloetnsome luuui.nce oanrng oc convulsion honnei, vrithit t1?\v of txh^mie Ihni.lGgfliltf aails a 7... k.... i . ? . A 1 hoi.-uglily aequaluie.'l with tnr hu'slnuaa, uriur to ooau ua ' i"*1 V7 *rtBd f'sno-wgUan. Ad v, W. II., titiiM ofllcc. ATKMPRBATB YoITNO man WrSHES A Sirti.VHON In a piDDe family up town, In .?< ^pa ;"? r. or id llebi ??itar In a rtriig aw^a; miiarsiends dru?>. Raieiwiuea ii cbs igs.'. Address L. E. L.. Post odLn. AMS STEWARD OR TOTAKP. CHARGE OP' A *:ES tauran!--A working man. with.ilie i-?<! i( i.iu rtl. r eiCA Aiaties* P. V. C , cigar aland; da Libariy sh. MA4p.yy:..-WAXTKD, A RmJAttOM, AA HTM WARD (n inub. ketIorp>[va(? ?r hv *n MPJWjenurd man an-i brother: speaks r?s?:sl "uagmigs*. Vfldrena F. M? fur line we' k. 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Call on or ittiw II. \|?, A3/) Wert JA'U ?i. i'lTtATIOW WANT*r>,lH I'UAOIIMAN IN A PRC I ' vain fnm'l/; Irorojfnir imdarntatid* liln fit I,.on; m< for* to l*ot omj lo;er, Gill at liu We?t jmIi ?t. omfATtON WANTKD-BY A YOUKO MAN. TO TAUR O ramnf ho/ano; em <trire if rM',lr*d; no objeoUTuto Ibn country. Cill foi inj, itoyn at IBtTlaa* ITiii WANTI^D-a F1TUATION Alt COACHMAN, BY A fwpmwiw -slngl* nun; thnmngMy <i"4tma?<ts tbf b'ulnn**, hi* had inn joarn'eipeiienfle in ihu ell). Cnll ??? *ddre>* m SI* <"? >v. 1T1>TH^A nlTCATtOJ? Ad OBOoB COAC* f f mm, lir i roMMVUMo jowng miu. WTflf nuirm' from Jrrlnno irndor?Un<f<i kl? bn?i?*n?. h?? foisl ? ofo,nnor. <ntli iiv, vo himnnlf wnmrnlh', tio obWd'ion to vko isjonirj. Addmnr B. J ,T0 Shnrft ?l? for Au? Wenlr ' urxSTT.V-.K BITCATlSS Ag GROOM \NI? (<TT^H f T mna, h?? Iho Unit oltr rnfrrnn n for Cobrlolr a,,rt lion, natjr. Iniiuire for R. at 1,144 Urotilwar, t??an * harunna ?turn. WANTEO?A BITI'ATION AH I'OACBMA.N IN A PHI. mtn fnmllf: ran flm tlin .lintti of fit/ leOmnoo r->r rt,,?h?tlt?. honii"tr and tohrinay. Onll on J. B,, in the fond aUm a? MM HHhVt. ? i.f4hkm ANp SA^AMElT YOL'(??? MAN, f'toROl'ftltLY A' Ql'AfN fliO WWII bnolkni plnn In All lu hriuKho# dd-lm-a n:iitni,>n In itilHtn-Tocars"!'/; U a tplnndid iwnmaij no oiijncitun !? USrlng the rllf. Addii^n LaC .tm, ?Uii,,n B. A ARKSPKCTABIRYOUNiI MAJl WIAHKR A SllTTA. ti n aienWrmnr. njlnping rtrrh n,- li/ut i?iier:m,?i Ha*>mforoneea. vddin winutn. Id Ring it, \IIKNTI PMAN OF so WANT! A jlTll^v iVm cnpa< lit; I- A Lmpntira bnekME'r, L ,^i,n ?ti4 rmeeh well ned ela* he*t ?ty W^SlVn! Addintx 0 >i ?rd, ? lafloB P J^BI A YOCN.I M AN, AN CXf^RtBNCFI. BOOK IfljRBRP JA m*iin? <n engafMn?ati an ihor.oigh!/ p .,i?d in i|.,']l)lo or s,n*l'. r; 'rjr. fplrrfuot IrA fait efplo/v^ oUWtn. Addram B- k. t|., B' -inCi i'faat olDna> Ju I S rfAT ?-T) fvfi A\ ** r* wfl o:iHy nnd Onfroighl' orSTn, ,'i w\\ fl.6 tn^t '&i V, ohnracWr good Ad.lm- ?f ^ ,*J ' trRo-ir non m, N. iV W ,M ,r VV" f f r a tn?tn ataterten.n pm Aenl? at *'* A < ar. ^?CLBRVS X|Q HHH8MW, AH YOPHO- *) AN WITH A TIIOwWoH KNOWLBDGB ? of tM h-.rdwaie baalnsss dselrta A ?llui.Cui (a the abevr Una, etlherapeoial or Jobbing or w^oid take a siltia tioa u antra alerk ar In nay capacity whet* good bua.aena ? " ? laUen' - - capacity not oiete attention am requisite. Flrat elsaa city reference*. Addruaa I'arlieti, llaraid Office. J AN1KD?AH INVoICR OLSRK, IN THIS OrKIOR of A wholcanM dry goads house. Add rets bo* 3.UP3 Poet ojloe. Wi WANTKD?A SITUATION. liY A BUdtNBBg MAN. who has served N the capacwy of bookkeeper, euoer . V . wrifvw f?? ItlO WI WWI?rl'l?f r, HUflVr ? Mandant. aerrelary nndtrraaurer of rarions a tabjauineota; wtltoka an in tercet tn Mm iitteloea* If naesmary. bat! of ra fei an? cj given. Addreee Vat a nor James, Providence, B. I. fBTAHTRD-A TOUNO HAH AS 8AL1MHAN IN A " wnnttfaednrlng and An porting drase trimming bouae; one thoroughly aaqu-Intel with the pity jobbing trade re quited. Adilrcoa. with reference. Trimming. Ha rail office. TXTANTKH-A SITUATION AN PRNHAN BT A Toll NO man ufeo ' eqoarc* hi* tot lone hy the aqurra of rlr . .. m*ZwmQ w???ree nt* tetione ly the aenrrs of rlr tuerAddreao for ana week H. W. A., bot 106 Urieid office. aiating nin ^^^HiployeWt Eo? 6.18* WANTKD?A- OONPBTENY BOOKKEEPER AD draaa, anting *e ara a* reeled and inference* to ANTED-BY A WHOLES ADS BHIBT HO0SB, AH ?? outdoor aetetmaa, to roll from eaaeple. thoao TPm^ghiy ^ualiflcdj^nd with good I-tie ac (Catalan**, tn*y | MAN W*> HAS HAD NfTH _0 jewelry fdaine**, a sRoMloa ^twib-days h7m! H~ Her* id* office.' ttf '"rpr"~ A<dM TXPHNTBD-BT A TOP WO " yeara' ontortaneolh M ul tinea a. dan furofch for Roreld WA!2??"si.00!ir?PB!*T 8orr tntr hai.khman, TI amfamiliar with the oaao trade. Address, atatfag xn? araoooa aadaalnrv, hoi W Hevaldoffice. AHLLDRSnOBO KZCELLBNT 8ITUATT9HB IN AU. ? deui. 'meats of bualaaaa <?U at M Tl rmrt tafim ? Deelrabk vaoeadee Utto day. SMafioa til to RE* per week. I ALL DEHtBRIW SITUATIONWAPPL Y at NSW TOM Emplcvmnet Aatoctalioa. MS Broadway, clerk, par. ton, driven and ail other*. A HSIHTANT BOOKKKKI'KB ' AND STOCK OLBBK A and a young man who writePW fair hand; necrohanta wishing help lUttdehed gratia OaB at 11J Hawaii at., m No. 8. ATOUNO bfXff WANTED-OP GOOD HABITS AND addrae" with a fow hunnred doMhra'e apiWl, aa pa. taor; ateady waekly iieome $40 per week; referanoea a(changed; ae untjr given for Investment. Oflt at 113 tfatara at., room No. 8. A GRADUATE OT THE PRilB ACADEMY HAT A And ptoaeaafnmployrurnt by crlliug, belneeo-i- and 3 P. H., at No. 8 Spmce at,, room No. d.-' AOENTH WANTBDt-TO SELL iWO 8TAPIK AHTI olee used In every fniuli*. can ri eke from $& ? $14 a day. Call at 313 Pottowat., room No, 3; Agents wantbd-to sell an article i;w<hkp. ly new and w-toteffi orary where; a rare chance- for in. auranoe and other ugan'a to rae np?r* a?nc ndventagroualy j $P? per day easily made; 38 LihOVtv x' .-auln Moor. Boy wanted.-xn a lawveh's wppiue; wages $3 per week; tauil wrtio well a .-at give goods def ence*. Ad drer*. It> -hamtwriupg, l'raf tea. boa 118 Herald BOV WANTED?lffi OR 17 TEAKS ?p AGE. .8 AN office; one whoreahlev with hU parent* prefercedt Ad dravt in hanSwiUNtg ef apptteaat H. 8., llaruld otilor /TAHVASSKKA POIt ft'tUTHEKN AND WESTERN V aewvpaper adrn', wanted by Eh h. TUOAPHO.S * IXi.. 8UU Broadway. S. V. EMPLOVHBNT.-A COMPETENT HAN CtN HATE A iwitna ont stteaMao- and good wag-n, cm deliverer or couc ry ageut. Apply at 37 Bookman at. 'pHRUK CANTASS8RH WANTED?1YV MtLIClT AD. I vertiatanng live wholesale irade for a oretcla.-.a neper. Kxper<?nord mev-oa.y need apply from 13 to 4 at 40 Njaeaii et . route No. 3. Ilf ANTED?SEAMBN, ORDINARY SEAMEN, FIRE TV men nnd coal heatai? for tin.-aaval aetwloe. Apfdy nl ?tie Untied rtatn Naval Sr.o esrcu*. 33 M* hot ?t., covnrrof .Hoary, New York. \\T AN1KD-A IN A.N OKPtCK; (d?K WHO. I N ?f derelande (Hidwiv iloxae beeinefs p eferrtd. Ail M own baudnudrtngv bat 3,781 Poet o:lae. TIT ANTE I??A ROY, 16. TEARS OLD. TDHOI.D HOKHR n and do errands fo?-heuee. Apply, w>tE tefere me, u-. unpanhand 11 A. Ma .at ?orhwe*t enrne-ot" 80th at and 4th ar. TmrANTBD?4 ttffiT WHO I'NDF.RSTAAUN. I'fTftNU IT up karaeeaa.laoaaav UKNkT KUMMU. A CO.dW Yreey at. IirANTKU-A PHA?3!? ACtTVK VOI1NO -MAN. WHO *T will depodvStJU uiv good aernrl'r. *a as,A am eon a getd eitti*v;o>? Villi oa glean by apptyiag to A. 'Vhl'.m la the geod < r?? grecery ceraerei.Ahtn at. and oil nr.. In fh i ?i nlag he t ween 7 and V. TfTAKTKO-A (KH?1> CAPABLE LAD i?* J.MrTBK'K H oOk*. '^Ir-! alalina tanaa aadntaleriMwc*, h?t t.?K P?xt ???*. \xr*NT*n-A.i KW tori no men ot REgPEerYBtL. 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Wjunw Sway wcafc. A<t(U*f?. In ..?-n umtivi!Mng tor two I yt, mis 2S7H Po?t vSk. THK THADK9. 4 ?,W TCK Wtl.l. Rfc rAUMIT CI0AI\ HAKISwS .T at 119 r*t, Houston atrial. catratioa on (Ih.r.'Ur, ro*in IB. tnogli* iu ? (nn day*. 'mikxl wane* when coiiipt * r.liR\"TUU tYl'KH VVISHK.3 A SlTt'ATt <T>i. ttiU L t.u or audi*- <. W tn. It. 1X4*01. I'M vfooatm at. A Pit*Kit MASKS w .NTs a BITU Y'fI.ON,-TJ\IH5R .'X tb* tag ami .it**- bu?in**a. Adtlrpft .A. P., box tbi >1 n-lit ?>;) <??? HCm>T? lOB OOStPOSIToR IV\K rin?nxs; IVho ' * ami .O h*nb**n ?*?d to nothing n|> 'mall o*w?t!u.?( eia.ttj,- ? oth*. lob work. Apply*' i'i* nlacfTWtyp* .nd -ior?o' ; fOi'.niiry 91 Bc*kOi u? lop floor MOBEi f.KiV?AH KXPBKtKXOFli HASH WaKTKH; o i* amu*W?aMt (<? nv.?n>; ptv >>4 oW?*t. A p.vri X. UMtl ?(., ?p .it*. { a AXtK?-? -lltfT ClJktm WA (l?ri *a<cf.u; MI BT ba'O iiiHto:4,'to'i I'JOIinor.ikK of ."V I' ftlcl iionr-li Apity it \V?n*B A fpnilonc ?. Y(. 4 l*n? Vi j ami r> Aw *it.? (..n olo pho owrxplis <n. bfnvHt u. 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Th* a'toniion of ho*d?. boavMi.g |niii*4|<ri.?d II' fnatttntloiia and {'AMI I j t'.N la tallnd 10 r-yr 1**1^,4 jjcnp'f ?? aawi I Tirol tf flo d*. BullaMa for *l!'??i Wr . ni T?nr* at ?? ? |*^?r?! pi -n ?? ,o br foiln jhi H M, tlARftXEfi M '-A9*H4i a4rr** j AMMj, A? APOTiwr. 1?AMCKL JTYNM * OO.. AUCTIONHRRS.-E1.M. . rul UmiMMU fbnaUure. Pianoforte, Palntlngo, Ad? at public auotlon, am thie day (Thureday), at Ike brawn aioae houae Mo 44 If eat Mxloentk atreet. between Fifth aad Skth avenue. sale aommeneiag at U o'clock. Buga^ aoU Parlor Furniture. cureted to bracalel and repa; roao waud RUgeraa. BacrotiTjr Mookcaaa. Pncoixneura, O i>doot% Ttuxiah raoilalof cualra. Couche*. Mirror*. Lace t'ortunm fth <dea, Carpel*. bronaa Cluak. Oil Paiatlaga. by tabaM; eutaary. Broaara tree China Vaaaa. r -- Chaadetieva. rosewood and wilnut Bureaux. BcdMvid*. Kxteoalon Table. Ilifc^ Wardrebee; MatUeaeea, BetUUnA elag*at_aace China, Glassware, BUrerwarr Table N. B.?Competent persona ta alt?dance to pack aad ? thegeoda. Br HBMBT a. LEBD9 * MIKKB, AUOTIOW HKMBY B. LBBDS, At'OTIONKKR. TUB GAMBtKT SALE OP PIOTURIA i ?patting a largo aad hUbljr veliuWn oolleotioa moot rtorireble Plotm-e. ia tbl" country, recently Ma and now on exhibition at tho Studio Building, H INl etreeh aear Sixth arraur. .. . HBMBT *. LRBDS B M1MKB wtll eatt by auction, ou the even ug of THURSDAY. JANUARY Ml' at 7)i e*slock precisely. at lha STUIMO BUILDING M*b#*VhL0AJ?LR COIXRCTTOM OF PICTORBB 4 tap need c4 by auotlou tbla xenaoo. Among other celebrated arUata *W ha fonad'IlM lag. vie;? Herein#, Meiaeonier, Du Kd. Frere. Baugntel, Oooi Plesaan, Ko'lar, C. ?^rlagir. Buiperea,' He Anugna, Li rolt'-dn; Li La hallo, Verbockb/von. "ulaa^Sol Alma Tadoma, A. Arheubneh, aad ; ticVr. The above oaffbABod will renunoon exhibition at alalia uatll thn ante, reoe, aad albothree evemnga MKMBY Mi LBEMB I MtWIMt, UHKT H. I. EROS, AUCTIOVBMML LBKDN AH* ?lALLKKIBS ?7 and ?# Biialnag. Ob MOMObt STONING,- JANUARY 7. S-peel Seven o'clock, pClm ? " AB'Ibintai at BUBUPEAN OBIBIMAlr Oi TmAtar eel?rate* mad favertto Art .ate, 1 ami?ear before exh'Mted. eemprietag aevamd BbO Wj ()9l<*Jt DRAWINGS ia all, about Mb HRMf If KMT, eonJeuog of tbo worfca at Woyom Oivtc Poor Otar. Kroitn, Pon^ Ntevvenhnye, Carol, Ones, ' MatMon, v. On l)m?, Panndet. C. JaniH Otaepbu. BiiaaOt, - Uou' itnev. Mulaboadng. Roeier, Klbot, Lacobiaet. Mot-1, . lata feat Do Motak Guatava Dorr, Cortcb Dupre. 1 bey will be open tor er btWIlon on itti Vtrnm Friday, ary A,day aad evening till hit P. M. to lima of aale. By hsnhy h. ucbds * miner. HEMRY H. LEMOH. AUCTIONEER, will Mltby a action, on Saturday, January brat IBM o*< at our aolbaioom. 9J Liberty ntroet, HOUSBHOLO Plift J NITURB eoualatlagor gMoral aaauruaaut, roiAoTed for ofaale. Pull yarMcalera haraaf'er. DKURKK. AlJCTIONKi rt, WILLHBLLOM FBUMT. ? Jctttiaxy 4, inai., at 1 o olock. the Furniture and Fix ture* of the offer atora and heerdlag bouae XM ctanh atreet. EZKCUTOR'S 8ALR-BKSTA.WI.V p. P.VIRCBILBh auct'imeei'.?Ou ThUradayj.liaa<ukry g 18C7, at M k g." at Cjg 't' *wil avenue. llou*el aid tor'nlture, randiilng if ~ ' ' - leddteMMB Hoi A*. Cliaira, Rockcre. 'fable*, MedMaed* anil Bedding, and htrav Mattiea'' I " Bad " tieasoa, Buretu.i* WaahataudH, itarpeta, OR, ciutha. Cruekerjr, Kitchen lUe'.vUa, <be. Bv .?rd? ro* HAM iLL, executor of'the eatalo ot MaraareO URL CARXiWKLla executor of the eatalo ot Marm?rob Weber, drcvaaoih b'OltTV-tfVPTH ARCTION HA LR. .40Hk? TONS SCRA VI'ON COAT*. OM TilURHOAY, JA9WARY ?. MOT. Nnw York, Oeo. M, 1 The O. Awoue Laekawanna od Wenieru ltaiinad pauy will S.u. by Menwa. JOHN Ifc DRAPER A OO.. t oueera.^iO' the conipanrh tujc.arMOi.. J*5 KxebaJiy |4my, cotiicr of W tiliHUiatreet. New Ycab, uo THURSDAY ARY 8, ?? rtltiiia at 12o'clock nun. .?.(k4? TOMS of PBEHU MINED COAL. 1'iiOM TUB LACKAWANNA KEOIOM.'irof the tiMul alxee, de!*rered at Ibetr dep lieiUpoi'- M. Jt, during the month af.Annuary, 1947. TERMS ?Ftft> cent* j>or ton pcyebte In curreut I be clay of rale, and the balance wtiklu teu days at i he oti Via of Ute company. JOIEKRRISBIN, 1 H KNRYtrD- MINER, AUrTIOMP.ER. fiALH OR HORSES, CARRIAGES. HARNESS, I MIPRU A SOMKRYIl.LE. PRJOAT, JAN-.L " M" OIJBI4MI JBMHL AT 13 U'tlLOi.'K. AT THKlM USRSE AtlT I'NtOK ifXACK STABLES. Ml LAST POCRTEBRT# STKEITI', NEAR 1'OCttrll AVLNUB. ttlli YLRT i-tNK SI.KtUHd. PBVKRAL. TURN OI'TH. ROIhKS. BKLliS, An, Ad Pat t ic?*4n;a la l?-morrow'* Herald. Re^edar SalMt at our H rae .Vielibn Mart aad Friday, throughout the year.,. 7*. I Mem.?. MINER A ROMRRVILLK oTer uaeerpaebbd A vmntngea In lemlion. exf^-rieuce and bualneaa oapeciiiea ?m jwrile..yei*l.o.g to boy or de*lrin^to *ell llorae#, GgpdagM; or mff Lkiag. p*rl*lub<g t? tho Iwvsao buaiaaaa J a MITOk AUtTtOKEKR --am aus#t, oiM-oilut lh*-foM < .SAUK UK IkKjKIT-.UUIL. rAIMTINGS, kkf.noh KA.-ma, *tr. mi., UV MINKR .% SOMKRYILLR. SAtlHitlAY, .U.NUA&Kft. ATilOSlUMk. AT SaI.KWKOOM, ".I NASSAU BTRKHT. iKV O. MINP.'i, A PfmokEKR.?8AI.1 _ Nh <f-aii atrool, oprK.-vlo tho t'w: odleo. ALU (>1 HOKSSx > NU.CARRJ AUkH ATB ADCTIOdk J HY MlNKlt A SUMKRVII.IJt. 1 SATVBOAY. DBCBAeB IAT IS Ull if FRONT OK BaUKSROOM. 87 NASSAU ?<*tC*)*r h.irw ?a!es aC 5J Niumau ilrMl MUt.-iau.oay, hi 18 o'clock. a u. SNHIXINV., APUTIOMKKR. LjL,? 8alc?:.wutok, WO Hi tn.duraju. At one'l'... rill* 'lay?UN I i r.U STATUS IN IT. OK SAUK?Ay (?d*r ui M. I.. Harris. hsq., ihu lnjsVh f?Uli let, w n ill oxiaiaa for nxle thle dap \ at 10'; o > l-nk ?. 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