Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 3, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 3, 1867 Page 3
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19i*BRM AWP iftlMBU ViWTKD. ?.M^?.M?iywrtAj^AAAAAAm^. ?? ? - ? - r^M-||-l- [V||. mrrnr bsome suit or ROOMS on first floor t Megam brewn mod* house Mar Delmmtleo's, on b street, to ? am iU ram If of adults, with prlvala ?Muh sumi, to ? B* togeatktoaa, wtth or without Boar*. Addreee box / A TOl'JJO MAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH JL Boa'd tn a small respectable family. Terms $8 par *ML Apply at I* First aveifttg. ? m HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BACK ROOM-ON A eeeead aiid third floors, with drsl ulaaa Board, at 103 Wast Twenty-eeooud street. AM KLBOAMTLT FURNISHED SUIT OF FRONT A Bmi.iv In aU respects desirable, telet, with Board (prt. toii*to?.tw?,u?rU,r^Uolher ?ne Rooms, wtth drat eard (taUe d'hote). Windsor Ho*l, B Fourteenth bet we ii 11 road way aad Fifth arena?. IIWEPT BLEVJNTH BT^tET, A FEW STEPS bens Broadway.?Te let, twe, -well furnished Ruosus, gentlemen only, with first class Krnoeh Boa*l'' antodate a few day boerdera Table d'hote at six. BJ.TT OF ROOMS FOB MKNTLBMKM, WITHOUT Beard, si U East Seventeenth street, between Uulon to aad Fifth arenas. LADY HAH A NICRLJF FURNISHED FRONT ROOM to lot to a single geutW man at US West Tenth street. AFRIVA-rc FAM1LT HAS A FEW NICELY FUR. wished Room* to let, wnU Board. Diane, st A Terras 3. Bank etrofh. near Fourth. 4 LARGE PCRN1 SITED ROOM TO LET?WITHOCT A Beard; gas, water, Ac. Also a Room, with store, $8 gxrwssh. Apply a^MflWaveriey plaea HANDSOME BACK PARLOR TO LET?SECOND d^wuth^y Itilout Board, In ajpriTatefamJly.a required. Terras, with board for two sea, BJO per mask Fire and CSS extra. Apply at 13M I Thirty -fifth street, between Broadway and Seventh GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN FIND A NICELY famished Room,.in a very desirablelecation. with full rdSet the lady, tab private family, by address!ag M. B., BURNISHED BOOM TO LBT?$4 PER WEEK. , wtth are and gas; location central; ear* to all parts el wtty; at HA third street, two bloats from Biwedwey. ?THREE S1NOLE GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN ? pleasant Rooms, with tint class table, et 316 Best Ten lb . T BR WfcST TWELFTH STREET?IN A FRENCH L family, two large nto-ly furnished Rooms, on the third er, to tot, with ttm etsss Board. Reference a. i T YME GRANT H0CSE, 44. 46 AND <8 NEW BOWERY, L mm Chatham square, Rooms. 3i cents to Absents per Fa HE to $3 per week. Open all night. MINGLE GENTLEMAN WANTS A SMALL FUB wished Roma, with or without breakfast; location * ? Irtietn i to Thirtieth streets, Lexington to Sixth exenuss. , stating terms, <1. W. B., Herald office. L TBI BOND STREET?ONE LARGE BOOH, NEATLY . famished and first class Board, for a gentleman and 'lev a party of gentlemen. AH single room. FLEASANT ROOM TO LET-WITHOUT BOARD, fas n private house, with bath, ga\ Ae.; also one amsli Bedroom, for $10 pur mouth. Apply at 140 tVest Slx "~i street. LARGE, WELL FURN2RHED BOOM, THIRD L Boor, front; also a Hall Bedroom Uriel, wtth Board, in ? Bret class house V West Eighteenth street, near Fifth WMM. References exebangd. SMALL FAMILY HAS A HANDSOME SUIT OF Rooms on second floor to-bit, with Board; private tab!* Apply at 119 Waveiloy place. Uefeienoea ei AT SW EAST THIRTBENTH STREET-HANDSOME famished Rooms, with Board, suit .bie for two gcntle toxxra, er gentleman una with; location rjood; convenient to ?Wait n ay. Reference excuanged. 4 COUPLE OF NEATLT FURNISHED ROOMS TO Jk. lot, ut $J 6u and $8 each per week; family private. Ap Rtyat m Prince street. _ ii ELEGANT RACK PARLOR TO LET?WITH L Irani, t> a gen teman and wife, or two single gentle at Mi West Forty.second street, one block weet of * References. I TN MACDOUUAL STRRET?a pleasant pbont L Room to let, with Board. Dinner at 6% o'clock. Refe eoo required. ATTENTION-PARTIES WISHING GOOD B?AR1 J\ aad a pleasant home can apply st M Harrow etreel aeiaeref Hudson. Board from $0 to $13 per week. 4 NEATLY Fl RNIS1IED BACK BOOM AND LA RGB ?A. closet room, oo-second floor, with Board, lire Ma gentleman and wife. Ipquire at 1X1 Wr.t HUteenth f FRIYATE FAMILY, AT Nt>. 46 WEST TWELFTH t, can.accommodate a gentleman wlui a small ' Boom and first class Board. Bai'arenee required. I WELL FURNISHED EXTENSION PARLOR TO pant, with hoard, for two persona, at $30 per week, In Qg fuel and gas. Cull at l?33 Wert Twentieth street. ? FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM CONNECTING. ON H aeeoad floor, wvdl furutebed with every ronvenleoee; la Mail Bedroom on third floor, to let. with Board, at 18i Faot Twenty.fourth street. Reference required. l T 100 BLEBCKElt STREET? L romms to let. with board. TERMS MODERATE. WHOLE OENTLr.MAN CAN OBTATN AN RLE family furnished Parlor Floor, with private bath and reonis.b/ applying at 06 Bast Twelfth Ureal, near war" terms, Including breakfast, Are and gas, $180 a VANDNOMELY FURNISHED FRONT BOOM. ON A the second Uoer (aoutnern exposure), to lot with or wtakoot Board. Term* moderate. 106 Hammond, or Went Btaraaih street. |TB EAST FOURTH STREET-BOOMS TO LET, EN A. anile or alngty, to families or gentlemen, with Aral ajaaa Rated; private tub e if deal red. AT II AND SO NINTH STREET-BETWEEN FIFTH A. and Sixth avenuea. two elegant Farlor Floor* and aoota Baa Single Roomt, to let, trith lint elaaa Board la Fronch and Herman atylea. Private table if desired. A LABOR FRONT ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR TO A. tel. Purniabed, with Board; alao a King la Room, at 80 Wast Twelfth eteeet, between Fifth and nixth avenue.. Vnrereacea. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAY1NO A HANDSOMELY f " Fourteenth UreM. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE A PLEASANT SLIT OP .A. Rooms to lot, to gi utlemen. Location ilcs.ral'..t, within at few donra or the beat restaurant* .md clubs. 13 Thirteenth M, lint bouee east of Filth avenue. ?PARTIES DBHIR1NO PLEASANT, WELL FUR ? aisbed Rooms on second Uoor, rood home, excellent first rl isa house and ueigiiborliood. apply at No. 6 Lost " ..treeI, between Filth and Madison avenues furn tailed Room, would rent It. with Board, to two l gentlemen, or a gentleman and bis wife. Apply at SQUARE ROOM, WIT1I TWO LARilK CLOSETS, TO let, to two gentlemen or gentleman and wlie. Also " hall Hedroom; excellent Board. 188 West Thirty-nxib sr ilruau.vay. Lr 10 BOND STREET-TO LET, WITH BOARD, A . Urge elegantly furnished ftoul Parlor, on third Boor, ?a a aaat Redruum on fourth floor. House heated. T 131 MACDOU'JAL STREET-A FRONT ROOM, ON . senoud V nor. to let, with Board, to a family or alogle tinmen Alao single Room fur gentleman, linns rca A FCBN18HBD ROOM, WITHOUT BOARD, IN A A. elrtetiy private tainily, to n gentleman only. \pp'y at lifiMluth street, corner oi Tlurd avenue, apposite Cooper laaliinte, before 8 o'clock. P. M. A YBRY DESIRABLE SECOND FLOOR ROOM, WITH nthem front, tn let, with first chute Board to parlie* ? 1 respectability only, al 30 W-st Rcveiil-elh strait. A FURSIKHICIl PARLOR TO LET?WITH HOARD; also one Room on third floor; house contain* all mod urn laeprovem-uts Call for throe days at 1M Eaat Ti'rty third at rev. L near Leunxt'ia avenue. ^ BANDSOMR PARLOR ANO BEDROOM. ON FIRST ; Single Rooms for gentlemen i'a.-Uc* can be *c " I wl h day Board. App'y at 17 East Teelllh at BOARD.-A OKNTLF.MAN AND W IPE. OR TWO fJEN ? leuen can have a large front Roma, on neomd floor. skH furnished; hoi and co <1 water l ath attached. Those in lit of a home ca.Lat lul Wot 1 wen.y.fourth atreaC IOABD.-TWD PLEASANT RO"Md (COMWUNICAT lag) on sveond fieor to let. with ftrat olaar Board. Also n tor oua or two semi- urea. Apply at 100 East Tenth , oua block from Broadway. BBOAKD.-A GENTLEMAN MAY HAVE A PLEASANT J> Boom, with Board, at fl> Clinton plaoe, naar Kir h av*. MBOARD -BROOKLYN HEIGIITS.-A SPLENDID SLIT O of Ronma, with closets water, bathroom, Ac., will be fet, tepetlier or separately, to unexceptionable pa ilea deal fifing auperler accommodation*. In the pitrate iealden?? 80 AMumbia street, overlooking the bay, and naar Wall Street mad FuRon tarries. DOABD.-A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SUIT OF MM Beams, with spat toe* closets, water, balliroom, Ac. MilII be let together or sep.rub ly to nnexoepttenable part's* Rater,ug eiipci tor occominodaUon*. w tb ttrat class Board. Bmauaa very d- alrshla. Call at 70 West rorty-tlf ih street. JhOABDA FEW MUST CLASS PARTIES CAN OBTAIN MM handsomely furnished Htvims and Board, la a private VwiRy. Apply al 07 Waat Thin? first etieat, between Filth |W?ufi aad Broadway. Board -A party of uentlembn and a mar ried rouple may secure a p!? snnl homo, liberal table Ated eho< rful Room a, at ICS weal Twenty-first street, near 1>OAK1>.-MECOND STORY ROOM TO RENT, WITH MM Board, to it genileman and wife or two single gentlemen. Beuac with all III* Improvements. References cirbauged. at; Weal Thirty, third streeet. (HARD -HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS CAN had for families or 'Ingle pers ids at 300 West T I atrvet. between Seventh and Eighth avenues. B I he bed for faniill** or single pers ids at 980 West Twenty. . ? ? 1 Seventh r OABD-A FURNISHED HALL BEDROOM TO LET wlth Board, to a single gentleautn. Apply al tU0 Fourth f0OAHl).-A X'RNISHRD ROOM TO LRT?WITH J J Hoard, to two frntleman. Call on or addreaa Mr*, ytemtlion. No. 11 Ablngd-m place, ooruer of Twelfth and Man son street*. BOARD I NO -A LAROB AND HANDSOMELY FUR atshed front Room, second lloer, with fire, p hot and water and Board tor two. $88 n weak; on* i. $30. and emn for glfl. In the first class modern bouse 81)8 Last Tbir* etreet, two doors below Second avenue. JBOARIUNO-ONB OR TWO HANDSOMELY FUR MM nlahed Parlors; aleo nice single Kooma, to let, with er artlh-nt Board, for single gentlemen or families, wlthmtl steUdnin. UiiBieeptlouable raferaooos required. Apple teM Bond terete. B^HOARDING -TWO OR THBEB OBNTLRMRN CAN BR scow modeled with Hoard and pleasant Rooms, whepg |b*y will find the oomforte of a homo/ Al?e, Day BeaNeru NWma eioderUt*. Apply at 113 Foieyth street. BOARDING.-. TO LET, WITH GOOD BOARD. tWO Room*, lergs. op first fioor, hack, tub able for young r??ileui?D or faml|tfi*| location pleasant and coey/eMlf ? Nhteeu svrhfii Ikies vgutea (yam Full** gum BOARDERS AID LODOBIll WA1TKD| ?M.Ac? Apply at I"QROOKLYN BOARD.-PLK^ANT R<H i) Bo-.rd.for gomiemsn or gentleman and IUm* atlb Hiiiu or Fulum ROOKS, * wifl, caa be ob ____ ? u. 17LBOANTLY rOWMM ROOMS TO LET 0* ft Jcood and third stonea, Kiel, go* and bath, m>\ full or partial Board for ladies and geuUeusoii. Apply M 30 West WaahlagtonpUee. TNLEQANTLY FURNI8HED_ BOOM* AND FIRST Pi class Board at M Wait Thlrij aU'.a street, between Fifth aud Sixth avenues. Front add back room, second storv. hand acutely furnished, to let to a gentleman and wife. Fri. aula labia if desired. ' amlly prirate. Baiareaeea exchanged. 181 Weat Fourteenth atreet. FURNISHED PARLORS AMD SINGLE ROOM8. WITH oat Board, with unexceptionable refersnooa. Apply at M Bond atreet liTHNISUED ROOMS-WITHOUT BOARD, FOR GEN r t lemon, at 78 Bant Feurtaeath atreet. opposite Stein way HaO. CTURNIS1I8D ROOMS.?TWO OR THRF.E GENTI.K JP men ran And pleasant Rooms, With breakfast and tea if deal red. Restaurant! In the Immediate neighborhood. 88 Baat Twenty-seventh atreet, near Fourth avenue. FURNISHED ROOMS TO REMT?WITH BOARD, TO gentlemen and their wires or single gentlemen. Terms reaaonable. Dinner at an. At 71 Baat Twelfth atreet, near Bread way. YjWTRNIBIIBD ROOMS TO LBT?WITH BO AMD, TO f respectable parties of three or four pertont; location very desirable. Be. t Went Forty.llrst street, near Bit ' annua. liU'RHISHBD BOOMS TO LET. V wRh Board for ladlea. 137 Mecdougal street, near Amity Handsomely furnished rooms to let?to . gentlemen or gentlemen and wires, with Beard; house new, with every oouveaience. Apply at No. 1 Van Nest place, Charles street. TTANDSOMK FURNISHED ROOMR-WITH FIRE AND a. gas, to lei to gentlemen and their wires; Board for the MM*, at 330 EastSh tcanth ladies, at 330 EaafBittcanth street, rirsl house eavt of Wtuy rsaaat square. Handsomely fornishbd rooms?nkwi.y fit. ted up, en suite or singly, for fsmlliea and single ger.. tlemen, with or without Board, or with private table. No. 7W Broadway. IF GENTLEMEN OR LADIES WHO ARE CONSTANT ly regretting discomforts would take the trouble to see aocomtnudaUoaa at 31 West Tweuty-tbUd street. one door from Fifth svetiue, the elegance, cleanliness and occupants would make a most favorable Impression. JERSEY CITY.?GENTLEMEN AND TUKIK WIVES and amide gentlemen can tind comfortable Rooms and ?toellont Beard at 83 Suerox streak, 'srsey City. IADIES AND GENTLE WEN CAN HAVE OOOR J Board, with the comfort of home at No. 2 Fifth street, earner or Bowery. Knglirx and French spoken. Terms moderate. NO. 7 OREAT JONES STREET?BLROANTLY FOR nshed Rooms, en suit* or singly, to let, with first disss Board. Private table if desired. VTO. N BATTERY PLACE, OPPOSITE CASTLE OAR AN den. two front furnished Bedroom* for single gentle men to let; private. TO STRANGERS AND OTHERS.?A HIGHLY RE spec table German lady, will let, a choice of rcatly fumt.dheU Rooms, with Board or private table. Apply al 118 Eighth street, Clintonplace. TWO GENTLEMEN DOING BUSINESS UP TOWN, desire Room ard Board In vicinity of East Thirty ? ntuth at Dinner at 12 preferred. Addreaa bos 3d station V. TWO VERY DESIRABLE SUITS OF FURNISHED Apartments to lei, with private table, in a first class house. I root the 2d uf Jannary. 1467. Apply at No. M East Twentieth street. L. A. UEYEF, Proprietor. f|WO NEATLY FURNISHED BOOMS TO LET, IN A J small family. Rooms communicate. Every con venience 134 Sullivan street, one doo r from Priuoe. riTWO GENTEEL LADY BOARDERS ACCOMMODATED X at 82 Weal Tweuty-eevertth street TWO GENTLEMEN OR TWO LADIES CAN OBTAIN A nlcelv Furnished Room, with Board, gaa and fire. Apply at 99 Grove street. S. Y f IIREE BEDROOMS AND l'ARLoK. SEPARATELY or iog*tb*r. with or without first class table, at 3H Wc*t Twenty-fifth street, uuw number. . References ei ehanged. HimiMi first class. rJ.FT?FURNISHED. TO & MNOI.E GENTLEMAN, a front Koera, aerond storv, with tire, gas and good attend anno, f8 per week. MM west Twenty-sixth street rno LET-TWO FURNISHED P.OOM3, WITH BOARD, X iu.UM? for throe gentlemen. Api IT at 18B Rut Four teenth ifeet. ? > TO LET-TWO SUITS OF ROOMS. SUITABLE FOB gcn'lemcn and wives or single (tulMmcn, at M East Fourth street. rLKT?A NICELY FURNlriHKD PARLOR, WITH or without biftKkfait, In a ftrat "'lass house. with alt the modern improvement*; term* mud ??rate. Apply at US Fast Thlrty-flr*t street. TO LET?WITH BOARD, A BACK ROOM OR THE second floor, also a Hall Room, at SB S rventh street. rLKT?A VICE LT FURNISHED PROMT ROOM, with or without board. Apply at 81 Downing street. " Term* moderate. ?7 FOR SINGLE ROOMS. WITH BOARD, $9 FOR tj> I Room* without, at tha Dupout Bouse, norner of Lalghlsnd Hudaoii atresia. ]K IRVINO PLACE. CORNER FIFTFENTH STREET? ,tl A furnished front Parlor and Bedroom, on the aecond nor, with Board. References exchanged. ST. MARK'S PLACE EIGtlTH STREET?FUR _ nlahed Room* to lot. singly or in s ilts, on second or third floor, to gentlemen and their wires or single gentlemen, with Board. References ex-lisng.<d. Oft WEST POURTn STREKT-A HANDSOME SUIT u') of Rooms on second floor, with Board; also Rooms for single gentlemen. House ttret class. Dinner .it A. Qi WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEkTt DELMON Ot leu's, a autt of elegantly furnished Apartment* oa parlor and second floor. Also Rooms on tha third floor. A 4 UNION SQUARE.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED 'i T aecond story Bulk to let, with Board. References i c qi'red. A 7 WEST TWELErH STREET, RKTWEKN FIFfH *t I and Sixth a-.eoues, a haadanuw Fit at Floor :o let, sep arately or in suit, with * flrat class French Uble. Refer ences. Q7 WEST ELEVENTH STREET.?A PRIVATE 0 a family wlM teat a few R-oms, with or without Board; location pleasant, rear Fifth avenue; references re quired; term* moderate. lflH BAST TWEMTY-FIRST STREET, D HA MERCY J till park.?Elegantly furnished Apartments, on second floor; four large room*, all light, and connecting, with Board; private bath;nou*? fiistehia*. Also two single Ro-msfor g-nth man. 1 11 MULBERRY, near GRAND.-A few fllMU. ITT men ran hare Board, With single Room-, at $15 76 per week; double bed* $8 per weak; also a Hall Hed:oom, tor two, at $11 per week. BOARD AMD LODGING WANTUD. A GENTLEMAN, A REGULAR PHYSICIAN, DE elrcs a Room an'aable for an oflh-e, on r>-a*onab1e terms, with Board and lodging (* private fatuity preferred', between West Twentieth and V, eat Fortieth at recta. Ad ?ires M.B., station K. A SUIT OF WELL FURNISHED APARTMENTS mauled, with modern convenience* and Arst clasa Hoird, for a ladr, Infant and iiii-?e: wld<w ladr ? where there are no other hoerCera and In the vicinity of Madiaon aq tere preferred. Address Boarder, stall n O. A binder gentleman desires a well fub nlshed Ito u with or with at Hrvakfaat, In a pleaaant faintly. Address A. Z , box !?>'. Herald ofllee. A YOUNG MAN DESIRES PERMANENTLY A SIN gle Room, with Boat I; location central. Uneiceptlon eblc references. Adpresa with .Aims, which moat be mode rate, Howard, box 111 Post office. A YOrNO LADY DESIRES BOARD IN A PRIVATE A family; raiercoces given. Addre-a A. R. C.. station G. OARD AND ROUM WANTED FOR A OEMTLR man. References. Address, with terms. D., box 3,-i.TB B Board wanted?two rooms, fire and gas, for lad) and gentleman; $88 per week. Addreaa S. T., Herald office. ______ IYOABD WANTED?IN SOUTH BROOKLTN, RT A IJ gentleman and wife. Addreaa, atallng term*, box 3,18b nTT. J|oat office Board wantrd-by a gentlem an, wife, tiisf.b chi.drca and nnrse. In agoc l location. Address, stit Ing sccotnoiodstlons and terms, which must be reasonable, J. T..1M Front a reet. jp stair*. ootRD Wanted?my a young man. no commu D nidation noticed unless p tee iwbteh m.iet be low) le state 1. References ex '.hanged. Addreaa A. W? boa 138 Herald office. B OARD WANTED-FOR A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. Addraaa, with terms, A. C. 0., box l.Mfl I'oat office. WANTBD-BY a young orntlrman, a clean Bedroom In a private family, at 88 per week; situation between Third and Rlxtb nvennee and Fourth and Twenty. ?Iith atiaeis preferred. Address O. V.. box 107 Herald office. WANTED?BY A SINOLB ORNTLRMAN DOING business down town, n smsll furuHh. d ItiKim, with Are; with a widow lady preferred; atita number In family, with particular*. Addre-a H. J? atntlon 8. WANTRD-BY A LADY, A SMALL ROOM, WITH OR without Board, in a good locality, between Seventh and Fifth avenues; a pi-Date family, or where there are but few boarders preferred. Hefvrencea exchanged. Addreaa llorner. Herald office. WANTBD-A PARLOR AMD TWO BEDROOMS AD Joining, between Eighth and Twenty-third streets and Fourth and Seventh avenue*, with Board. Addraaa box |.8W Foal office. WANTED?BOARD, BY A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, IN a respectable private American family, above Tenth freet. Addreaa, with particular* nnd terms, B. L. Y., boa AUdl Pont office. Reference* exchanged. tlTANTBp?THR MOST COMFORTABLE BOOM POB vv alble for the least monay possible by a single gentle man of retired habits. Full particular* la Lodger, Baa MB Herald ofllee. WANTED?IN A TIRVaTE FAMILY, BY A SINGLE Tv gentleman a steely fnrntabed Room, with or without Board; blthlo 16 minutes' walk of Sixth avenue audpb?ren. teeotb street. Keferenaes exekanged. Address, atallng term*, location, Ac.. Flour, Uarald office. Wr amT^d-by A SINGLE ORNTLRMAN, comfort able kipoma, without Hoard: locaMou between Third ?nd tilithg?*ouea and twenty.alsih and Thfrtv xljlh llryeta Address A., b?x 888 Peel office, (Or fed weeE ?CAHp awp topanc WAimcp. ^ ^NTBD-B* A YOUN (f~MAN? A^FURNISHED Roan, with Board, t dUIi private funUj pretend. Address J B. M.. Herald office. -? ? ?' =I=^ni ^rrm HOTBM. A MERICAN "Ho9?Tl5oAbwAY AMD EMHTH A street, New York.?Ob the kwopMD plan. Boou?? to enlu or etngly el moderate rates. DKVOe ROUSE, 10s bleecker strebt. near Broadway, between Greene end Wooeter streets, on lb* European plan. KurnUked Koouis, aingle and in tuna, for families and gentlemen, transient and permanent. VfETROPOLtTAN HOTEL, WASHINGTON, D C.-ON iU nsstniil of the reduction In prion of provisions, the rale at this hotel will be $4 per day from dale. Jaw. 1. 1H87. POTTS A SHELLEY. piERKEPONT HOUSE. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.? A Suite and single Rooms at prices to suit those desiring food room and labia unsurpassed. DP. PETERS, Proprietor. Reunion hotbl?fortv-second street and Fourth avenue, has been Improved and remodelled; Rooms en salt* or single for tint clan families; table a la European. J. A. ROBINSON, Proprietor. ST. JOHN HOTEL-ON THE EUROPEAN PLAN, Broadway near Eighth street, newly and handsomely itted up. Kootua en aaTla and single for families and single rroNTINB HOTEL, at AND ?0 BROADWAY. BRANCH 1 of the Tontine corner of Cortlandt and West streets. Rooms from fiOc. to $1 per day. Ladies' and gentlemen's restaurants attached. WALL HOUSE. BROOKLYN, E. D.-CHOICE SUITS and single Bourne may be secured by immediate ap plication at moderate rates; only Su auautaa from Now York city theatres and hotels. CITJ MfcAl* tSTATBJWH roCBTH AVBNCE-HOD8B8 *OR 8ALB, '87; mB or Mod tor my real mum ctewnlar, wklah Is oorractej, published weekly sod meUod f^f-AHLlT gAT ALilOK 8TORB ON WASHINGTON RTRKdT. CRN* trni bullae** location, for ule. ApP1/**57. N? SJ*44 iwest. cflk e Wo, 3S, at Ho'clock. 8. K. EdNT. A FOUR STORY TENEMENT HOUSE FOR RALE > skvj? j'rr rVR-,^y A MADISON AVKSUB BROWN STONE MANSION, A *?W0, lot m for safe; flhturea, oarpste, Ac. Only $*,000. 1'eriulU of RING A CO.. No. ? West Twenty-third itreet (Fifth Avenue Hotel). Business fropbrtt-very desirable for, in-, vestment, In Bnoedway, Cunal, Mercer. Crosby. Great Jones. Bond. Howard, Grand, Broouie, Spring Prince, Houston, Bleeeker and Feuiih etraets: also to wmMu/ton place. Ninth, Tenth, Eluventh, Twellth, Thirteenth and Fourteenth street*; also tn the best a'r^'Hanawsal to and near Broadway below Canal?treat. Apply to EUGENE CHETALL1ER. SlOcdar street. Broadway, we^tcidb. above canal street A very tine property, ibi'JOO. fer sale; poseMstee May? 1W. Apply to W. P. S.YMOl'K, 171 Broadway. F~OR SALE?THE VERY DE31F.ARLE THREE STORY brown stone Houses 1M and IMS Ka*t Thirty-/earth at rest. Appty to M. C. GASPER, S4 Smith street. I .TOR SALE?FOUR 8TORY HOUSE IN TWRNTY-8'C I ond street, between Fifth and Hljth ^'^SVuTuii^if fnrulabed; $17.M9. Apply to WADDELL A ARMSTRONG, 11 Fine street. For sale?three ftll lots. 7ixieo with the kmlhUugn on the eftftt flda of Greene etreet, m* feet from Grand street, the centre of the trastaese imrroremenU now bclof madfi. Apply to H. J. HOWARD, at M Greeue Street, Wore 4 P. iTorat W WwtTw*ntj? from t to8 P. X., to the owner'e agent. 1I1QMAS J. 8TKWART. IAOHTY-SIXTH STREET, NBAR FIFTH AVENUE, J; drat til*** four etory htyh etoop brown done Houje; superior order; cheap. Others $2 O-OtMlO g!W;OJO; very de sirable. W. 1?. SEYMOUR. 171 Broadway. TTOUBES FOB SALE?BY A. JOURNKAT. NO. 6 FINE West 9Sth"?treet?4 etory high etoop brown stone $30 000 Weet 48th street?4 story bt(h stoop brown stone lAMO Hast 12th street?4 story high stoop brick L.IWO Wsst AM street?Sstory high stoop brown stone...... ??? lil avenue?I story Euglleh Dateiucn' brick a,MW QQ WASHINGTON SQUARE.?A BROWN STONE Ov7 Usum, high Stoop, four stories. high basement end stellar. ITJd feet front. 141 Macdougal etreot, corner Fourth street, four etory high stoop houau, 84 feet front. 48 bud 44 | Stone street a rsrt snbatanilally built waiebouse. For sale by L. BELL, RenlEmete Agent. **?? street. (HIVNTRY H.BAL ESTATE FOR SALE. A FIRST CLAW COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR HAI.E? At Tarrytown, on the Hudeun; mansion large; aR modern tanrovcroenU lu perfect order and suitable for summer or winter, snd well ostautated f or a family of mesas and radneussnt; srecahonaoa and grapeytes; the outbuild ings are numerous ami axtensire; About 45 seres of ao-jd I-Za handsoiaalr laid out, with all kind, ol fruit, shrub bery, shade and ornametAal trees, gravelled roads and walks: the view of Use Hudson, surrounding country and neighborhood is unsurpassed: one oi the few places or its class for sals In this choh e locality; with all the Furniture, Horses. Carriages. Garden and Farming Utensil*. Imme diate mwisrssi-n will bo given and terms ma le to suit. Fur* thsr particulars with HOMER MDRGAN, No. 2 Tins stress erR BMBERSON.JMJSigblh arenas. A FINE LARUE HOUSE AND LOT, BFAifriWlW located at Bc;geu, New Jerser. for sal# very cheap; tewnaeasy. 'FREEMAN ACQ.. ?2 Broadway^ All wanting farmb.-good soil, mild cii ratw. 84 miles south of Philadelphia. Pncu only $24 Hper ai-re. Alio Improved Frrius. Hundreds are settling. In formation sent free. Address C. K. LANDIS, Vtnslaad, New Jersey. American emigrant aid and ?wmkstbju> Company. M Broadwsy.-For sate, splendid Planta tlons. Water ?owme. Iron, A NICE COUNTKT BEAT AND FARM IN NEW JER asy, worth A-IXUIO, would bo eohl Immediately for three quarter* Its ralue. Apply al Bureau of luformaiiou. IdO Fulton street. /SO UN TRY Bt'lLDINO SITUS FOR BALE-IN NORTH II Rniflewond, Northern Ratlroad of Near Jersey; 1 to ? acres; more If required; well watered; ten mlnnte- from ate yen. iLA.TsMaLLl. For rale or f.xchanub-a country resi* ? denee, wilh frcrn ?to 1U acres, near Quoens L. I.; house. 10 rooms; farmer's bouse, 4 rooms- barns, icehouse, crsnary A" flne shad'- trees on lawn and plenty of fruit. Address Owner, tyro of J. W. UoWtog, Broome street. /MtAlN DIHTILLEBY. -PURCHASER WILL BE It taught the 1ianin. es. A efeirt dLunce In the country Price flu..'*). Running every day. Inquire eorurr of Reads and Hudson s:i-e?'.s le dr ig sUrre. HUMPK a MF.STFRN. 24 Dt'ANK BTREET.?FARMS, Houses, Lota Leases, Stores. Bar*. Goods. Liquors f sold. Cash put out or adrsncud. House, giAOJ. B'.bOO cub. House. 8 Imis $d.0"'i. Oyster llnnse gJ !?? Ros su-ailU, tl 200 and 82,'Ml. Grocery, $875. Bcrr Soljons, fuOO to $1 J?. toy Htorc, $SW). Fur snd Ust Manufactory, good 10ration. _______________ TO.PYROTF.CHNIBTS.?THE PapER^jGNUU, AD uilnlstrs'or of th< esmtn of the late Elbrldee L. PsuSer. son. otf-rn for sale the Fyiotcchnio Work* ot ti e decesaed. s'tuate-l tn Hast Csmbrtdge one m!!e from Boston, and known sa the Etna Lsbor.nory. Tlroee werka. bring the consolidation of threr tllFerent e.sta'dlaument* are the most esteuarve ol any In New linglnnd, nnd comas'of ten build lnffr Xfl'lflf MM* ixl clmrglag nknpty M well *4Apted to the msnnfertnre of Droworks. There are frames -udietert for the largest evhlbltlon. all tools rind SSachlrlee necessary for carrying on the business, an l si* > a U;ge euaetUy of cttock partially mrnisfictQrftl. bfliMw ioiri* irncm up *nn ready far sale, ike buaintsr baa been carried on 10 tide plsra fer nesriy 17 years, and K.L. Nandsnioo and Sas.'er .on A ?>o. beve been pyrotsi hn'su to tho city of Boston for Id o- ISdlffeiv.nt years. As lha ivopeny must he sold to settle the eetate. a great opiMirtunlty la ofared to ntty one demrlag to engage In the u-.anufa-iure of ftraworks bor turibsr particulars apply U> the undarslgeed, at No. Ill Court street, COLBCRN. Admtolrtra'or. HKAL KBTATK WAHTEt). IMFKOVEd" OR UNIMFRGVED REAL KaTATE wanted In eieh .nge for army goods, oooslstlog of wool sock* coat., 8M^ ^uwelu m chambers Wreet. HtliiiEN. niHJ.nw, AC.. TO hET. AT 1A HI BKRT STREET. NEAR ST JOHN'S i'ARK? A Furnished frunl Fsrtor and Bedroom, with every convenience for housekeeping; gas and bath; $? per weak. Keferenoe. A FARTHER f? TO LET?AT RBDVOBD KB NTH, IN 10 A Doyer. W Ridge. 'JT8 We-t Thlrty-ulnth, 10 Jersev. 1W East Seventeenth, and 6M Water nlreeU; al o a Nloro fo let, in IW East Seveateenih *lr>-ei. Apply on tha premlaet, or to R. H. GIBBONS A uo.. 44d Broome street. AImm FKW^fOUkEH TO RENT?FURNI8I1 ED, AT RE duced ratea: some to rent and furniture for?*lS at a low r ft to. FREEMAN A GO., 21J Broadway. ^ N UNFrRNIRHED FLOOR TO LET-WITII TSE OF kitchen, suitable for bonarkeeptug; modern Improve* menta: tenns reasonable. 298 Wan "Nineteenth at real, nsar Ninth avenus. ____________________ Apart of tbb premises no. im broomb street to let, for a light manufacturing business. Con venient to Broadway. FART OR WHOLE OF FIRST CLASH ""OWN a. stone House, 111 East Forty-eighth street, W 1st, till 1st May. Rent tlfldpsr month. Call at house. A A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET, WITHOUT BOARD, TO ? Shout OENT ONLY. APPLY AT 177 BLKEOKBR STREET. A T 110 MACDOUOAL STRKBt.?ELEGANTLY FUR. A. atabed Rooms, with avsrythlng neooseary for house keeping. in order that a family may have a oomplsts boms. A FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM?WITH BTQYE, to 1st to two gentlemen or gentleman and wife, without children. Apply at 8/ Huth avonus. AVBRY CLEAN, COSY AND CGMFORTABLR HOME, ready for immedlale occupinc y on West Twenty-slob ?trast en be rented for out/ $1W per month, and rami* tura bought at ito value. EI NO A CO.. No. I West Twenty-third street. Fifth'Avenue Hotel. A NUMBER OF FUHNHIIKD HOUSES TO >'1T-AT A rants from SIN ?o ?00 per month. Also a splendid Rouse to rant el ll.'A*) if the turnlture is purehated; ? bar. gain. CIIAS. E. MtLi.S. 4i> Wsst IVrUfih street. T>ROADWAY STORB TO LET-BROADWAY NEAR J> ORAND STREET; WILL HB LET LOW TO A RE* SPUNslHLB TENANT. ADDRESS A. 0. A UO., HERALD OFFtCB. EO YOU WANT TO BUY A lIOUSEf-RBNT A HOUSE or Roomer sr procure Board, rend tho Bulletin: to bo M the newe steads to- dav or al tee olhoa, 4SI Broadway.

DESK ROOM TO LRT-IN A NICELY FURNISHED and very pleasant frent oBce, only one flight up; low rent Apply at <41'lumbers street, room No. I. LU'RNI'HRD HOUSE ON FIFTY-PIPfH STEERr, r few dunra from Fifth avenue, two etory and bs*einen', water. gs?, Re I ??>? huuwv la In gooJ ^r Md well fu^ alsbed, rout $'25 pur w?eh. Inquire of UIMPHHVH A MATUjEWi*, 721 Broadway ^ uocwa. BooMi. y.. tojlict. FUKN18HK1) APARTMENTS TO~LBT?A SMALL PHI. vate family wiU tot three lu Rooms, complete for housekeeping, to a family of adults; reference required: rent moderate. Appljmt tihi Tweulieth street, near Third MMH. HOI'SB TO LET AND FURNITURE FOR HALE-ON Wee! Twenty.eixih etreet: all improremeau. and la food order. Ueut #1,*W; furniture |> MIL J0HEP1I MAHoN, ? Pine etreet. Handsomely furnished iooms?newly fitted up. en eulte or singly, for families and single II nttMl ud, en suite or iloftT. ,w. gentlemen, with or without Board, or with Private Table. No. 7Sf Broadway. T OPTS TO laBT?IN CHAMBERS KTREBT. FIRST, il Second, Third aud Fourth Lofts, TSxliiO feet, running through to Krade streat. Apply to DIXON, CLARKE I HaLLE Tl, ID Chambers street. VTBATLT FCRNI8HED COiTAOB TO LET-TILL J.V May; rent only $S) per month, which must be paid In ad ranee. Apply in Ninety-second street, fifth house woet of Third avenue, north side. T>ROPOSALfl WILL BE RECEIVED TILL FEBRUARY i I, US, for renting Stores and Offices In the Mow Herald Building, on Broadway, Park row and Ann street. Plana of the premises can bo examined at lbs office of the Superin tendent, comer of Fulton and Nassau streets, to whom the proposals may be directed. PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED TILL FEBRUARY JT 1. 1N7, for renting Stores and Offices In the Herald Building, corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. Plana of the premises can be examined at tbs nffioe of the Ruperluteud oat, to whom the proposal* may be directed. Farts of houhrn to and un. furnished; fino looatlou; $3fito 97* a month. Also fur nished Houses, 9ISO, flit and $?10. ADAMS A CO:, ?>S Broadway. CTKAM power?WITH TWO WELL LIGHTED O Floor*. Mak 28x10, to let. togelhnr or acpnrauljf. Apply to the saglnear, Noa. 8 and II Baxter street. gTOBK AND BACK ROOM* TO LMYUWITM OA* and water; good Show Window 98 Wwl Houston, noar nrena rtnO; not |U par month. Inquire of B. 7. Kile LKB, a Bleecker street. QTOHB TO LET.-A LABOR DOUBLE STORE TO O lot. suitable for any eiteusire retail bualneea; nplendid location; possesion I at ot Myoh. App ly at 810 Bowery. QTEAN POWBB TO LRT OMR FLOOR, IB BUILD O tD| )W and Ml Water street, Brooklyn, fclxe 100x80; mod light Apply on the promisee orte H. W. GREENE. 13 Hpruaa street, M. Y. r LET?TO A SMALL FAMILY, THREE OR FOUR Ronina on the second floor, wlthga* and water.* moderate. Reference* required. IKS Feet Twenty-hratat. r? LET?FURNISHED. A BK'BLY FURNISHED IJenie, tn Eaet Terenty-nlnth street, a ear Leiing'on aTemia, from now until Ue let of May. Keel SKA par month. Addrees box 3,63.' Poet office. TO LET-ROOMS ON THIRD FLOOR, FURNISHED or tie furnished, at M Bond etreet. near Broadway, suit able fur a demist or doctor, or housekeeping. r LET?THE HOUSE IS BAST EIGHTEENTH street, between Broadway and Fifth avenue. Furni ture far aula. Apply on the premier*. rLET? LOPT* m AND MO BROADWAY. POS8BR sion May 1. 1857. Apply to W. B. LAWRENCE, Jr.. No. ? Waverley pla-a. r? LET-TILL MAY OR LONGER, A FURNISHED House, lirst claas tneatlnn and rant moderate, possesion Ira mediately. Brokers need not answer. Addraa* for three days B. ?? V. box 1,071 Post office. ? ItO LET?IN FIFTY-NINTH STRBRT. FACING REN tral Park, the Second Floor of cotters (four rooms), furnished or unfurnished; $80 per luontb, to gentlemen and wife. Apply on the premises, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. rM LET-A FLOOR IN THE NEW THREE STORY brick house on Elghty-recoiid etreet. next to the soulh wext corner Third * venue, i nqnlre on promisee. TO LET?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. A HOUSE, I beautifully situated in Eighty-eighth street, on tha Hudson Hirer, until Mav 1. To a desirable party the i-ent wouid be vary low. Address A. E.. bux 1.887 Peal office. 10 LET?STORE 178 BROADWAY. WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. INQUIRE ON THE PREMISE8. r I.ET-TO A FRIVATB PAMILT ONLY, A FOUR story fa%h stoop brown stone House up town; surround tags Aral eloaa lUul $3,600. THOS. B. FISH, 36 Pin# at. rj LET-HOUSE 94 EAST FORTT-FIR8T STREET. BE twees Madison and Fourth avenue*. Apply to W. 0. VianAgan. 107 Chi? atlsstreat. ______ TO LET?FOUR ttsKoin Lorva. ae*ieo n\cn, IN Church street, on a corner; povawstoa 1st February, A; plyto A JOUENEAY, No. 6 Pine alreet. Tolet-sei;ond FLOOR IN HOUSE NO. 38 cn VR.LES street, onuelbtlng of froni sud hack parlors, hsdrooms and wardrobes; gne and wntsr. Also two Rooms So. 28 Msodongal streak' Apply on I be promisee. rLKT-A TI1IRD STORY BACK ROOM. WITH GOOD closet, gas xmd bath, and dinner at References exchnngnd. Apply st 21 We t Baltic street TO LET-AND FUTURES, AO., FOR KALE. TUB Basement V17 Washington street, corner of Yeaey; a first rate stand for the buuer. cheese and egg busiuece. Apply Immediately ou the promises. rro let-part of itouse to a small family 1 without se'vant. Kent $3d per month. Oas and ervtou. Call at or address Kl Cedar street, room No.g. rRKNT AT FORT HAMILTON?PART OF A HOUSE on Stewart avenue, wed ads-ted for a small family of adul's; oarj rat within a block. Apply to JAMES DIXON, 88 Walker wrest. New York. rpn RENT, FURNISHED?A POUR gTORY, BROWN A stune, high etoup House on Leaiogton arenue, till 1st of Mav or longer. Apply to CI1A8. F. CLARKE A CO., $8 Broadway. rrilRBE NICELY FURNISHED ROOM8. SUITABLE I lor housekeeping, to rent. <>:i second 0* or: also K-runa for single uentlsinen; terms moderate. Apply fur three day* st l'.'l Wt'l Twentieth street. There are gentlemen who have great dif. Acuity In flndlt.q apartments combining the cur fort, stylo and desirability that can be bed st 31 W'sst Twenty third street Brosklsst with private table; Parlors sod Bed () | (j WEST THIRTEENTH BTBEET, NEAR NINTH Z'A-Z avenue.?Tn let the whole ..r pert of a House, fur nlshed or unfurnished; oetwsalenl to In our three of cars. HO I'M KM, ROOMS, AC., WAITED. Annul CI. ASS KM ALL PRIVATE FAMILY WANT a medium > tod, unfurnished Iliuse. well located, itn miiaiHte pnsseswon. Addises Adams A Co , Real Estate Hi ke: i, 1*58 Kroadway. A MM FURBISHED HOUSE WANTED- FOR A SMALL, highly reap ctable family; must bo In s central lo cality. A fair rent and srery ttallaf action al/cn. KINO A CO., No. 8 VTrst Twenty-thud street Fifth Arouue Hotel. ALh YOUNG MAN AND WIFE (ONE INFANT) WANT two or three unfurnl*! e*t Room* Address (with price) D. L W., 53 John stieat. room 17. ATAKTMF.NTS WANTED?AT ONCE, BT A FAMILY of three udtitti. three or four rooms on ? floor, fur nHhed or unfurm-hed; private table or none; might take foeyest If salted; helow T'Tcnty-tlilrd slree' preferred. Ad dress. staling siaet location and tsrus, B*imoral, Round T.ible i Tee, ITJ Nassau street. FURNishi:,') house wanted.?a neatly fib ii Is bed Ili.use, In a first '!*?* neighborhood, for a fam ily of three pr son*; possoasloti immediately an J r*nl not to ?? -cj $1CJ a month up to first of <f:.y. Answers to to tbl* advcrtissroent must . ale full particulars of locution and number of boos-, riherwUe th*> will u >t receive at tention. Addicts F J. P., llculd office. 1IOOMS WASTED?WiTII WATER AND GAN. SLIT i I ah1* for hou?ke. i in ?, by a genllemsu and wifg. Ad dross W. 11. H , hoi S flUt I est office TWO FURNIAHl'D ROOMS WANTED ? (IN THE second Hum, for houseaosplng. In some piivate family on lbs Wnst side, between Franklin an lft' streets. Address E. P., Herald ofli-e. IK*ANTED?BY A YOUNG MARRIED COUPLE, ONE FT or two fnrnf-be l or parii_, fn i,uh~l Rooms, suitable for housekeeping. Itn tr-no * exchanged. Address, stating terms, Ac., G. t ., box 3,831 Post olQee. WANTED?BY A FAMILY OF THREE, TI1E LOWER paitof a (urnlabel House, for bouseaeep.nx. tks l? eailon m ist be uneva 'pUouthlc and rent not to exceed $100 a niostr Address A. B. O., Herald office TWO OR THREE ROOMR WAKTRD?UNFURNI3HRD, In genteel b*>u.e; only twu In family; locat.on oelweeu 7'irst ami Fourth avenue* and iuarl#en*b and Thirty.fourth s reels. Rent tmm $14 to $18 per month. Would sot object to buy furniture if nearly new. Address J. Henry, ste tlou D. IXrANTHD-IMMEDIATELY. A HUIT OF THREE OR TY four lasr .iBIees; location near City Hall preferred. Address Cspron A Lake. U>' Nsssau slrust. WANTED?HOI78E8 AND PARTH OP 1IOU8R8, FUR nlahed and unfurnished; alao Rooms with and with out Board. CUAH. R. M1LI-B, 4V West Thirtieth street. TIT"ANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN, WIPE AND BON, TT Ave unfurnished Rooms, suitable for hoitsakeeplng, with unerreptlonahls par ies. In a good loraltoo and at a n>.id*i ate rent. Address J., box 985 Post office. WANTBD-BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, FUR tii<bed Rooms for house keeping Address, staling terms and tooation. K. A. it., Herald oulee. WANTBD-BY AN AMERICAN FAMILY OF THREE. about four unfurnished Rooms, In a house with a re spectable family, west of Third arenas, between Tenth and Firueth streets; will pay a liberal rent. Address (?., box 1$7 llcrald oflloe. TIT"ANTED TO RENT OB PCRCRARB?A FURNfRNED TY or ?ti unfurnished House In New fork or Brook'ya. Liberal price by a Bret etas* tenant. Address Merchant, Herald office. WANTED TO RENT?FOB THE 1ST OP MAY. ON the west std* of Union square, for a dressmaking establishment, n First Rtory and Haas meat. Address M. I. B , Fiji* Hotel 10 Wsverley plsee. VV ATCIIJCM. JKWBhRY, EC. nUCKOO CLOCKS. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, AT A. O FRANKFIBLD A CO.patenteessnd sole msnnfao* Hirers. Ladles' Watches, with secret lockets for liksness, KtmbuIur a irftl variety of oih?r Witehw, Kr^oob Mocko* w2re,s? A FRANKk/fetD jW*. ? ?nth avenue, corner of Po'irteenth street, 318 Eighth ave nue, corner of Tweaty-aixth street. iTEWB' BT AND FANCY GOODS WANTED-ON COM. I missien. Addrees Wstchiuaker. 83li(| Fultou stieeL reoklya. MARBLE MANTEIil. if a'rBI.EIZED $TTtB M AN I rI.V?RUPRRIOR IN M, spresrancs. more durable, kslf Uie price of marnla f. V WtWART. 04 Rlxih avenue, between fhirty-lirtb and Tklril-tlaih -Irrets. MARRLR MANTRLR.?THE RUST PLACE IN THE city tn ptirehssc Marble Mantels of the l*'e?l drslgna. at very few prlees. is st A. RLAB .it'H Murb'e Works, 1<S B#8t BightHBil) tirert, scar 1 bird sr., N, Y. Cut UMs out. IWmil VTEAMHIIIPH. TUB hOKTH UBKMAN LLOYD'S RTKAMhUIP IIANHA, K run Oterendnrp. irnint r rarrytnc tbe Called HUtee mail, will nU from tbe Bremen v*r, foot of Third MM. Hob-hen on SATURDAY. J ANI'AKY U, ron BREMEN VIA SOUTH AM (TDK, TAKING rASSKNORRS TO tp*nOM, UAVKK. SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the following rale*, payable in gold or ita eqult alent In currency? ?S"L lt" ,flm cabin. $136; seoond aabia, ITS; ateerage. #37 flu, To bo follow#.! by the eteameblp BREMEN, H. A. P. Not uabor. matter. on January 1W. 1067. For freight or paaan^e ?[^U ty a A CO., M Broad ctreot. The iiamruro American packet company's Iron mall steamship Af.I.RMANNIA. ? N. Trantmann. commander onrrrtn* the Culled Btatee MU, will tail on Saturday, J uuar. S. at IS M., for II A.MBCBO, _ .. taking pnaoengoiw far Hamburg. Hanw. Roothampton and London Virat cabin, $125. wound cabin, 178; ateerage, $87 SO. payable In gold or tta equivalent. The BAX'iNI A will follow January It. El! Nil A RUT A CO.. C. B. RICHARD A B0A8. General Agent', General Puaeeneer A genu, 46 Kmcbange place, N. V. No. t Barclay aireet, N. Y. ONLY DIRECT LINK TO PR A NOB. TIm QuaiiI Transatlantic Company's Mail Steamships between New Tork and Htm calling at Brett. The splendid new veaseta on thla favorite route for Um oontlu. ut win aail from plar #0. North rirer. PRi!KIRK. Duchesne, Saturdav, Jan. 11. DB PARIS. Burmnnt, Saturday, Jan. ML EUROPE. Lamar! c, Saturday, Rob. 1. ST. LjLFglNT. Boca ode. "aturdav, Feb. A P Kit IK OK PASSAGE IN GOLD. Ptrateabtn. $160; ?eeond cabin, $100; Including wine. Tbet. * team era do not carry steerage paaaeagera. Mi-dieal attendance free of charge. Passenger* Intending to land at Breat ran be furnished on beard with railroad coupon tickets aad their bag/age chocknd ? to Perl* at an additional charge of $5 for Oral and (i for MKODd pllM. , OBOBOB MACKENZIE, Agent, gs Broadway. RATIONAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. STEAMERS frEKKLT POOL, CALMNO AT Leaving Mar 47 Norti river aa follows:? |,orT?TANA. Captain Harrington,Saturday, Januarys. PENNSYLVANIA. CaptainLewis, Saturday. January 11 ERIN. Captain Cutting, Saturday. January 19. TUB QUEEN, Captain tlrogan, Saturday, January M. Cabin pnaange. $IW; Steerage. $80. Steerage peeaape tickets, to bring parties from Liverpool or Queenstown, for $3f> In currency. Through paasaga to Parts. Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremen, Br., at low rates. Drafts leaned for any amount, payable at any beak la Greet Britain or on the oontlnenL Por freight end cabin passage apply at the office of the OompADj, A7 Rroadway. And for steerage tickets at the pannage ftffloa of the com pany, 37 Broadway and 17k Pearl street, near Kalton. K. W. J. UC EST, Manager. STBAM TO LIVERPOOL AND OVEBN8TOWM TWICE A WEEK. PASSAGE 130 CURRENCY. PREPAID TICKETS PROM LIVERPOOL OR QUEENS' TOWN $35 CURRENCY. Apply I# TAPSCOTT BROS. A CO., W South street aod 33 Broadway. STEAM TO LIVERPOOL, CaLIJNO AT (jUBENR. town. The toman Llue, railing semi-weekly, earrylug the United Steles Mails. CITY OF WASHINGTON Saturday. January S. crrr OK CORK Wednesday January 1. CITY OP BALTIMORE Saturday, January II ETNA Wednesday. January IS. CITY OP PARIS Saturday January 11. ana each r.uccei-rllng Saturday and Wednesday, at noon, from pier 45 North river. RATER OF PASSAGE. Br the mall steamer sailing every Saturday Parable In gold. Payable in currents. FIRST CABIN. $90 | STEERAGE. $30 to Loudon, 96 | to 1-ondon, T? to Paris. IU6 I to Pans 46 Passage br the Wednesday steamers--First Cabin. $90; Ste.-r.ige, fSrl. Payable In United States currency. Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg. Bremen, Ac. at moderate rates. Steerage passage from Liverpool or Qneoostowu, $87 cur rency Tickets can be bought here by persona sending for their friends. Por further Information, apply at the Company's offices, JOHN G. DALE! Agent, It Broadway New York. QTEA.M TO Ql'EF.NSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL ? O Prom New York every Wednesday and Saturday. The CHICAGO nails from New York on the 9th of Jan nary, from pier 117 Beat river. Cabin passage $83. gold. Steerage $30. currently. Passage lo New York and remit tances to Inland at low rates. Apply to WILLI A MR A Of ION, 4^ M Broadway and Bt South atrect lo-rast'ralea. Apply at THOU PRO JCs'pas 173 Pearl street, gear Pulton. CJTRAM WEEKLY TO AND FJWIM LIVERPOOL AND O Mttoouatowa, by CCNAKD LINE. PALMTTCA sails Thur?dar .January X Cabin Manage, $80, gold; Steerage, $50 currency. Steerage '"VhT^abln pasKngrsT^v at No. d Bowling Green. Steerage office, 69 Broadway. E. CUNARD. T ONDON AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP LINE, b l'aatagr to London, 190 1(0 and ASV, currency. Passage from Lord.m. $75. (6* and $90. gold. ATALANTA. Captain Plokham, from New York, Jonuary BELLONA. Captain Dixon, from Now Tork. Pobruary 1 Ci.LI.A, C.,nialn Glenilell. from New York, February 16 WILLIAM PENN, Captain Billing*, from New York, Feb ruarv 17. The elegant British Iron steamship ATALANTA, 8,000 tens, will leave pier No. 8, North river, for London direct, on Bsturday, Jan jary 13. The aocommudalioas tor passengers ou this ship era unsurpassed. Freight will be taken and through bine of lading given to Havre. Antwerp. Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Dunkirk. For passage apply to CHA8. A. WHITNEY, V Broadway. For freight apply at 34 South street. HOW LAND A ASPINWALL, Agents. THE STEAMSHIP GREAT KABTERN. HAYING FIRST cleea aecoram datlou for 9 300 passengers, will sail from New York df'ect to Brest on the Mb of April. Further Information. n? regards prices of passage, will be advertised In a short time. CONSIONEKS PER PALMYRA AND AU?TRaLA?TAN are requested to remove thrlr goods, now lying at their risk of are or other injure on the r.-mosnv's wharf at Jer sey City. E. <TNARD. No. 4 Bowling Green. P COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS. ACIF1C MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY* THROUGH LINE TO CALIFORNIA CARRYING UNITED STATUS MAIL, VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Steamers leave pier tl North river, foot of Canal street, at 11 o'clock, neon, as follows-? Dee. 81?NEW YnRK, Captain W. O. Furher. connecting with CONSTITUTION, Captain Cararly. Jan. II. 1867?HBNKY CHAL'NCEY. Captain A. G. Gray, ocnnectlug with GOLDEN AGE. Captain Lapldge. Jan. 91?RISING STAR. Captain f. A. Mania, connecting with GOLDEN CITY, Captain J. T. Watkine. Ali deperturee touch el A capo lent thoao of 1st and list connect at Panama with steamer* for South PgeWe ports; Island 11th f-irCentral American porta, aad those of 1st totx-ii s Mannanttlo. Departure of 11th each month connects with tha new ?team line from Panama to Australia aud New Zealand. Steamer of March II, 1887, will connect with the com pany's steamer COLORADO, in leave San PraaelsQO for Yokohama and Hung Kong, on April 1 1>*<7. 1U0 Lounds baggage allowed each aduit. Medicl.iea and attends, ire free. Fnri*s>age tickets and all further Information apply at the office on the wharf, foot of Canal street. North river, New York. F. R BABY, Agent. NOllill AMERICAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY. OPPOSITION LINK TO CALIFORNIA, VIA rilCAk-tOCA. EVERY TWENTY DAYS, will despatch in Jinasry the first claes steam*!.ip* SAN FHANaMSO". Captain Hellin January lit. SANTIAGO 118 OrilA, Captstn Smith. Jnnuarr 30. from uler 39 North river, font of Walton street, at nuoe, paencngera and freight i.l very low rales, connecting ou the Peciftc iH-ene srtt'i the Ine steamships MOSES TAYLOR. C.vptn'n Bint hen. and AMERICA, 1'iplsln Wakcman for further information apply to the Nnrth Ameilcvn Sieanulup Company. WM. H. WEBB. Pre-idenL 64 Par hinge pLicc. N. Y. D. N. CA BRING! ON, Agent. 177 We-t street, turner Warren street. N. Y. CT. JOHNS, P. R.. ST THOMAS. LAGUAYRA AND cN FOR ro CABKLLO. The first ch. as steamship MKRCltDITA. Carrying the United Males Mat's, 13. _..j receiving freight at pier 78 East river and will sail TUESDAY, JANUARY 8. at 1 P. M. The hurts nf thU line make dnnertlon with ? 'earners from si. Thomas for Jamaica. WlnJwsrd Islands. A-'. Por freight or pass ,ge apply to SNTtII A DUNNINO, 88 South street. I NOR ST. THOMASAND BRAZIL. V UNITED BAATKS AND brazil MAIL STEAMSHIP CIMPtNV. REGULAR MAIL HTSAMLRS, telling on the Sd nf every m->n;h - NORTH AMERICA, Caet'ln fa F. Tlmmenoan. January 71. SOUTH AMERICA UapUin B. L. Tinklepaugh, Fabruarjr tl. OlTIDINO STAR, Captain Geo. B. Slo--um, ... March SO. Thaao elegant steamers aail with regularity, aud rail at St. Thomas Para, Pernamhoce, Bahla and Ttlo Janeiro, going and returning. For engagement of freight or passage, apply to OARklRON i ALLEN. ApentsT" No. 6 Bowling Green, Mew Yorh. pOR SANTIAGO DE CUBA, VIA NUKVITAS. The first class fast ?sllln/^esnv ^ JOHN STIRLING, Cumraandff, carrying tha United States mall, will leave Pier V. East river, Saturday, January 1.1167, at I o'clock P. M. precisely, for I he above port All letters must paaa through the Poet office. Par freight or passage, having superior state room accom modations, apply to _ la now ions7 *ppiy to r0(m WAxiPbLL $ CO., Hit South Street. corner Dover. ft E?rh ^SSssrr^i^ ^ ^EYB^T TH^k^DW'Vm"'%***' EVERT THI No.Uo,,! Rbsr. MStesSKiffr** MAOLI^ A dome Tbnreday. Jan. $ Col.ITMIftf A* '**?'???*????? ,,,, Ttiiir^R^, J|f|t |0 MOKRii rA*TI ? Wtrlon TlHirmJity. Ji.n. 17 EAGLE 4 T1'K J,'U,n Jar, S4 .Ta? ri?T ^ " V*?' 13 East river, until 4 P. N. BattiK ply to TOUNO A COWAN. J8 Burling .hp' ' F??..f!^VrKRT2.''' TEXAS-SAILING WEEKLY if ?i.i yfu. Th# A1 *tcamer GENERAL sFDGWICR Stt Z'K.'Si "I1U357 """" ?'"" ? v-' ti^vrotimTRTiinBSPCs 0OB NEW ORLEANS DIRkot! ~ ((MNTWISK HlKtMNIUPI. FpOtt NSW OKlXANii BLACK STAR LINK TBS 1 i.airaiun M.wtMloS. Captain I,. I.. Ilaznr.1 will leave pier IS North river on Saturday, Janutry 6, 116i, at | I*. M. >'?'i froigiUur paMege. Laving baudaoine aaaommada. tloiia, apply to H. I.OWDEN, Awit, corner of I'aiiar and We?' (IrtMi DAVIU Mr< OARD, A^eut lu New Orieaua. The iluntaviiie will follow <>u Katn.ilay, Jan IS. VTEW ORLEANS STIIAMSIUE LINE. JX For NEW OKI.EAN8 direct every SATURDAY. Cabin, $60, S.ouud, fc{7. Meala and rootna Included. I.legaut ?<vimmod?ttoni. Aoply to ALLKNK TlluMAH A (XL. No. ? Bowling Great) STAR LINK TO NEW ORLEANS ?THE NKW YORK Mail sintiniulp Company a flue oo*n ateumara will leave pier M No. Ui river, at 3 o'clock E. N., na fc"owe:? MISSISSIPPI . . On Saturday, Jan. t B A r A N 7. AS On Wednevd ly. Jan. ? MODNINO STAR Ou Haturd .y. Jan. 11 MONTEREY On Wednesday. Jan. U All bill* of lading etgned at the office upon the pier. Fat freight or parage anfitv to C. K. OARHlsoN. Erceideot. No. 8 Bowling Green. EMEIKF. LINE FOR SAVANNAH. Ev'.iy Satard .j". tnui pier No. 18 North rlvar, l'unciaeli) at a o'clock E. M . T1 a favorite aluewbaei ite..u>*Uipg BAN SALVADOR. Atklnn, commander, aalla .feuutry A RAN JACINTO, Vreland, coin mender a.iiU January UL Through ti-het* and bill* of lading to all point*. Elegant piaaongar aooininodatlooa. UARHIaON A ALLEN. No. 8 Bowling Oraau, N. Y. mAh cavaKK ill OA. fcVKRY TH URPnAT;?Th^ W Company '. HtwheS *"ilKRsi?!i LIVINGSTON. C?pt*ln Bakar, awUaThuraday, J\YeKEBAL BABMEB, Captain Morton, ??"? Thoradey. :HfSS?a^SSS9Sarw gg Liberty street Mul Liae-.Oue of Uo farorita and elegant ? QUAKKH CITY, 8ABAQOSSA, ^mktv?k AIWAfc ORAMADA. ?i" i?-'pi"" 54^ffi(B%ocb^L'^wura lading given to oil voln'a in ?22SE^iMd loaUof the B-tfhffd gUTC.lh.pMr, | 1JIOB CHARLESTON. i- 0 -Y?g -m"' fjnp,,?r? ?t*> r frou Pier No. M North mar. land SlEW Miro^Ud^STu^to ellpolnU u*. NOR RICHMOND, NORFOLK AND CITY POINT. _ , poinu """^YINOSTON. FOX A CO.. AgenU.B8Uh.rtjr atreet. 3"/3S Sj'crass-'.f: -"affa? - ??<> '?%ZZbyZ*7&V? lenaTour alareiw thank. to th3 "u^v^Th.t the thank, of thla inking ho fntiUr tendered to aU the otherojlcora&^Yll*?wJ*alo?a variable n..|lte?iiwa at all time, and on all necnaloBB. 4. Keaolred T hat wo ha u Iouud tha.tahK eioclleut. tho aatietT endleaa. and tho aarvlca adatraMo. . irsisstir?J!saffi!?ts^is??1j*a were by Dr.-J. Marlon Slrna. Honoral Myrrt, Mr. .Feb lo^ Mr. (irtat and etaare. when they were nnantmau.lT adopted. i {uvtuWeiTThat the.o reeoluttona be entered on the mia utea hare, and that a ?opt of the uma bo fnrnlahed roi pub hoelioa Inltae Near York paper". The mealing then adjonrned. .. In tcetiuieny to the ahore wo hereby anhacrlbo oer "?n"*- OFOROE CHRIST, Chairman. F. W. F?iu?w?. N- Y.. Secretary. J. M.tlUON MMi, M.D.. How York.) A. r. MYRRH. iComm.ttee. DANIEL b. hCHANK, J_ THAYEUBR?;onP'< H~ L'DSON BIVKR AND HARLEM BA!,W^8SS Trntna fot Albany and Troy, corneri ng with^a rvnd Western train* le**? **w yoi fc. rla RWer IUU Thirtieth ?lreK ?u?l ISsjH, and 8:46,1:80 and 11 P. M.; and J^Vr^^SSTCdie p2l tv.fltiiii ilml mil Fourth ATenw, At 11 A. M. ana 4.13 r,, Mm /h* 0% r. M. train rim Hudson VUrar will nin<ra Saratoga Kietcmr cam attaebed M 6:9(1 and II )r. M. traini. if* n.w F. M. train u alao attached o .leaping ear every day ei tenting Na'urdaya, which la rua through to Ogdenabuig eta B. W and O. Railroad, without ehango. Sunday train on Hudfon R ver Road.Maw York A" * J" n kaopaie and return. learlnfNaw York at 8.W A. M and <m Ilarloin Road. Korty-aecond atroot to MlUorlon andioturu, leaning New York^U 0 A. >JAXDKEBir/T rlct P?,!dnt. _ DKYTWTHY^ , .. A5">I08t"WONDKRFTL DltMJtlVKRT-TKCTH EX traded wUkont pain (ten yeira) by the i*h nutublna application inarjotuaiurij. La''*h'nf U?a tiaab da,ly. Beau til ul TeaA, IJL^ ^Jnei Bojw.l'TtVpf. FtTLL SETS OF CORTINDOOB OHM Rubber Troth, with rlumpera. to raalore yo<Rhful ap pe.tranre. $0 to $16: palnlesa ertradlng wllh lau hloggaa. operaUcn warraule<l. IWUrand alrcei. ~ iaUARDH.AC. t,? in nvTfoM OK KANCY AND M tBHE SlIOT.t^BY E "ottVcARMR. at fro.dwoy. on Thur-dn, ?mii!nr Janimry A nt 8 o r^oe*? IAOR SALE?TWO BILLIARD TABLK4; ONE A Ni W 1^ fmir iiin'kBi KftvnimtfU A lif^kM A, tho oilmr * Ail P?c*? el, fun audible. ffil IW Kaat Mrn-dwar. will b. W)M .it a aaerSlea. RKSTACB ARTS. IW. ,H" _ EXpKEH||Egi a ?HVRNHAM'i FORNITCRE EXPRESS, llh WBST A. Eie.enth -.tieei, near Math aeeune. rur'"tJ^* uio' fd cl*y o. country. furnlturo itored; furnlturo pu. ked nnd aiiippeil; money adraaeod on furniture. MEDICAL. . LL r,NK'iRTrNAiP.s-co.;si i,r DR kennrtit. A 19(1 l.lm atreot. Cae hie only guaranteed reoiedlo? DebiliUteil pet .one try Kennedy'. Tne Igon'or CTR ; AT ONE INT '.RVIKW FOR MARRIED LA die., by Or PaWKR-S 1* El? "Meet- Poriodlcal Kiirac.. aneilalo euro. a _DR. ORINDLK, PHYSICIAN AN PA^OCCHBR A. No 6 Amity pUor, h?tw#rn hMUr and Amity make. It hi. .po.1.1 |.rad e tnlraat all I from wliitwr ???!?# prodlM. Hurt mlitf to thr m?Hi Dutiout pAtlcnl. PlMttl] r?om?for Udiea Mrlig nttr?i"K ind medical altenilancc. i a R! TO I.tDIEH? A LADY WRITES:-* A Portngueaa Fe-nnla Fertodleal fill, rel'er' | M \? nr)? day, w'thout lncnn?enleuce. like muge I rmm jw. a, M. MACBICKAl', oilice 1? Liberty ?if*', or aont hy moll. A M. MAURICE VO, M. D.. rK?'^y.',",?/diiit! I A - (wi'Mr* ih'rtT ??ArM practice, at l-jl l.tbefty ?trec?o UttftranM** eirtiiln refi?f to married ladlee, fr<?m whateetr eauoe, at one Interview. a CURE AT ONE INrERYIKW. WITH OR WITHOUT A tneuU Ine for married IadlcA fmm whatarar eaiue, b? ModamoRElS^'ELU Prefer of Midwifery (thirty year# prae I tea). <4 We.t Tkottfurth atreot. poor state arowww. DYll R TO MARRIED LADIKS -MADAME RR* TFLt H fofelhb> I'reoeb Female rilU. Mo I. prtee ? or No J 7r.ei. $A which con ne?er fail, .eie ael tmlthV OMea M We.t Tblrty-fourth .traot peer Hlnhere. nue Set t by maiL Addreaa boa 2.JW. iMAnAMEHKlMDLE, FRMAI.R PHYMCIAW, M'h . 6 Amity rl. e. can ha oonauUed on all lam.' t enne pt.inu. ri.-a.ant ronme for lediea who de.Ka good nuMeg and inrd'eal .'tendance. i T ONF. INTERVIEW. WITn OR WITIIOrT MEDI. iV elne. No de.-aptlon. Melleloeafl lo M- BMclrleHk ai'P'.led. Cure or no charge. Hoard prodded. Dr. and Madame DUBOIS. W Third aeeena. | AHi -YOUTHFUL VIOOR AMD MANn ion RFOAtMEU I . U.e Dr. POWKKB' Elialr, oepeetaMy all <-.inj?ui|Rat. tug marriage. Succeu earUtn; failure Impoaatbte. I9? R>m atreet. /NONnnKNTtALCONSUT.rATtiiNU.-im. R. CO it be n; I ) member of N. Y.I'. i'ulleae and R. O. S.irgeona Lot .ten. can br con.'tiled aa nan 'I oe acrw'n dtaeraea. ?f ?ee ;0 l enire alrwel, near Chatnoere. N. B.?No tea unina eared. /tharlf.s lutxb, m. d.. m broadway. ?? avywo V/ twenty ycare' .uc? e?.ful ptactlce lu lhl? city. gu?rti leea a'e and Immediate relief to Wra-y lady repuirljg .pedal me.t ral or Ir.aiment fr-un wlwterer c.n.e. During Ihle lima thmt.^ud* of la llea have JRJ?reIiWd or tbeli diflnulliea wlihont ona ""Wncecif f.llute. II . . re and aefe mode of treatment la endorned bytho whole jnedi cat pr.deaal m. N B.-lhe beat nccommodatloua for ladiee who urleh lo retaalu dnHag Ireaimoot. DR. POWERS' BL1X1R ?THR INVDIORATINO MF^PL olne. ao l"ng Bought for. nerer betih unly remedy for debility, nerrouanr.. 1TO Rim .treei. Y ADIK8' BRNFFACTfJR.-INFALLIBLE REUCLATOR 14 Dr F'iWF,ltd'only Fmn i Fer.odietl Batraeu. Be thing known. Relief in twenty-four boura. , _ T ADIF.R. BE MOT JMPOABD UPOM. SK CAREFUlf L ioobtoln only Dr. MAI'RDIK AU S ^reueh r.H^, w> certain la ell cueee from whelerer oeaae, e* ?end for pamphlet. IB Libertr atraet. MADAMR PARSA1LLBS, ,*f:"ffr?.-.Ellf!'-!.*"fi ? Oomfor table room, for ladiee litre ugh trtekue a Urgenwleh .treat. PLh KRSONR NREDINO Sp) Ji'?flMuICmIia|31hI AI: incut .hould con.ult Or HARRISON, ? Hlithere nuc. Cure* Immediately without intryury. couaultetion e| ell hour*