Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 4, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 4, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ,\ i WHOLE NO. 11,084. NEW YORK, FBI DAY, JANUARY 4, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. JPK1CE FOUR CENTS FBBIOSiL. AM REQUEST TO HCMANB brartb.?oonrad bopp. IIII.OH of KMliiB ? *??, healthy complexion, light hair and i.owUakara, dressed u> black, wttb etlk hat, baa Wau oiia-nig since January I, et II T. M? at whljAllma ha was last aaiS ta the saloon M Eaat Eleventh street ilia wt/e, luroihne Bopp. requests all humane hearts who may ha al ia to gtre any Information to call on her at 118 East Eleventh suae*. fourth floor, CORMAtlON WASTED Of CJ|RIBr6PLIEB taonen, who landed here from Newrj, eoodly Down, nd. sUiat the middle of December Aaj person know bouts will confer a fsvoa by sddreestng hia Patrick or Mary Mseoea, a WeatTlil*. isroRMAlfifow wasted bdward oonnob, or the perish of Bkcrrteo. Dublin county, Ireland, by Ma other Johm nod information of hia whereabouts (whrtcb was In Chicago When last heard from) will be think fully re, aw red hj silfi earing John Connor, cere Jehu Smith, Peeks ? FORMATION WANBTD?OF ASS O'lIARA, or THE parish of Jobelown, KUaardtne county of Dublin. Ire i who caane ha iMa anmtry la October, 18M. Any tafor "? ikfullyi renelved bp bar sister. Addrana ?safioD will yBUura. WiMBjBaaald ofloe INFORMATION WANTBD-OF MTLB8 ELLISON. OV X Halifax, Yorkshire, England; left there far America Anrll or May, 1**, If nrinn&ie will bear of something to Me advantage by addraaslnf B. P., box 13B Herald offlce. rfORMAVlOS WAKTKD-OF TOMMY, TUB. STEAM ?tier, who wwrkMwtth Geo. W. HU1 at IngcraoU, Wat ton A Oa 'a. 71 Bowery. In the winter of lSM-ft. Any one Bovhieaf btesrhereeb-nits la requested to call on Geo. W. >111, HChryatlc street, or ft D uano street. Jr THE tOCNO LADY DRESSED IS BLACK, WITH iockey hut and Mao relL would ilka to make the ac quaintance of the gentleman who mat bar In Wall atreet, adag toward* Brooklyn ferry, aba will please address Harry Iteme. station t). ru THE YQQSO LADY WHO BODE IS A SIXTH avenue cip yesterday, about 6 P. M., wishes in beenmn mono intimate wTtb the nary oUlcer who got out at Siiteanth K&i* WlU plan I a addraaa U. A Thompson, U. 8. stasmar ELLY * LBOVS.-OUSSIE WAS IN FOURTH . raw last night; bousa crowded; did not see you. Wbyl there this evening. Spoon. WHITE EIBBOM. Ul WKSTWOBTH EICEEBT. FORMERLY AMBRI JSL can Conanlat Frankforton-ibe-Malne. Germany, wUl tocetve dun Informations by applying at the undersigned, Whe bns bean entrusted by htm wRta some private Business ?Haifa. AUGUST BETTE, Bau Antonio, Texas. -^HkRY?TOB OOD'S SAKE -COME HOME TO YOUR aflUotad riatar. . A^_ 1CB.-IF STB PITER Ah DREWS OB DAMUEL Andrews, btuitih restdenu of Chambly, near Mon ?the former now supposed to be Hring In Troy, M. Y? J the teller la New York eltv?will forward their add re an i bou No. I Montreal Paste flea, thay will teara of some dag materially adhering tbelr interests f ?at r B^OBNTLEMAN THAT LEFT HI8 WAiTOH AT iwa* trill please addrsraiO W. 8?-?latton A Post fflHS LADY THAT OOT OCT FBOM THE THIRD AYB A one eere wttb e gentleman to eat oyster,, about four or ?re weeks awe, win eon far an everiaatlnm favor by stating Where and when an interview oan be nod. Address A., LOST AND FOVKD. tvOO LfOST?F1U>M ? B AST TWHNTY-THIRD STREET; I I K young. foil alsed. dark brown, ?urly hatred Spaniel; ?mm Utt, thinly eorered with hair; a *trjp of while on throat SSrhrwut. Anyone returning him to the a bore addrea* Xhiittae dip typrovlng property end paying egpenaao ? Phaiiraneet, and paying eapentaa. 1 l? WHO OK WW.TKAH'f eaaaaaatjWug * jMi' ?WM Ihyrwf TWKH1T-BIQHTH AND TWTHfTT -iT^JSfSSS?. Bonmin?B? ^nonty^odl^^ r^SSwi^9'^ " OATFO FAK. * DRAHN "by 0~J.~T]i?a*?inn lie eriler af ?k, for IWH III Samoa* are caettooed *galn? ???* . _j ume, M paymael haa besn itoppad. V frO<IT-ONMONDAY HJOHT HffaSL^CrlRSSS I M J itmiM oar, a Udlti Hfitodt. Th? finder will bo ?o? ' | rowardod by leaving it at 101 Wet Thirtieth tlreot. T c L ? x OUT?A gURYBTOB'* MAF OF BENNEHOFF BUN I i aad Oil Crr^-^Yha Under will please return It to II. K. PIXABBK OK MONDAY NIOHT, FROM ALONOSIDB Tefateaaal at nler No t Kast rirer.a rough Hpar. ? fct tone. A liberal reward and no qaeattona naked will be j&yte^on A Spearing. 114 Wall meet. moc ?LOST, OOlltO FROM THB OOBNBR OF SoO gnrlnc aad Waat atreata to the earner of Hprtng Zftndaw^tbe ?m of m. The Andw win bo liberally mwardnd by returning the aama to aTh. Kaceh. U Abo at. UWARM. FO HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD WILL BE ?aid far the return or the Jewelry atoleo from the Mim Weal Tweairthlrd atraet, on Monday evening, ay bey K between au aad eeven a'aloch. Apply at ? I.?LOST, A DARE BKR8F.Y BLANKET, m# aw liter night, aa the road, with the letter* K. If natha ooraer. Th? reward wtil be peld on the return rueaame to ?* Broadway * OR THB RBTORK OF SBYKN HBYB LOW weambarW erM; were la a amaD buekakln bag, aad bam MtaShed together by n ateal chain Return to ? ante artabUehweat, eorner of Broadway end Mur REWARD?LOST, A BUNCH OF KEYS, A MONO them a hewn Bnfe Key. ** U7R Apply at 31 Bar atreeti I r\ DRW ABB WILL BB FAID FOB THB RETURN LU of a aa?n blaek aad taa Stat, Iwt oa New Year n I at oaraor of Thirty-Or*t atreet and Third avenue; an '? in of Mean, aad haa oa a red oleth collar. 1? BIO "5Z&'ZSSi SS^S-KfttiniSSf. J rtreeu a white Iand yellow Home Blanket, trim s $20 iA".?%aoKi MrtSs^siwa.TBasSTt'o'ya I ItWt. | Mrn TO WHOEVER WILL RETURB TO OWURR A SOU whlta aad taa Bagllah Setter Dog. loot ea New I Tear'* Day, with collar angraved Wat Hapbaro, 177 9*arm ?rheea atreet. Brooklyn. ft ft RE W ABD.?LOST. A StNOf.B STONK t?fA-l UU mood Stud, on Broadway, between tighth ltt'et ? t. Jamea'Hotel The above reward will he J*" ^ lar aa returning the earn* to M ha*t rtlteentb *H eet_ BILLI ARDR, AC, LAlOB NUMBER OF NEW AND SECOND IIAKIM UUard Tnhlae, with our Improved aomWn?tlon , which have been proved to be the moet eirrreoi ble cmahlon* ever made. Spechnea* of onr table* I been In eon?tent nae for tneny year* may be *een > prtaelpal hotel* *od aalonna In thl* city. Fartle* in re to purchase will and It to their Interest to call and -fa our atoek, which la tha Urgent and dnaal in the ,.t.| afr.t.if ant -a pFLBNDID STOCK OF NEW AND p aaaeddhnad Tabia* for aale at reaaeaabla prima; ordara tj^j| "aglrrTTH 1W rulton atreet. UMID TARLBS TO JB|ofOLD aetptiy tyapde^to ;?iacv%v Harrleoe itreat. Now Tor*. DUTKPCnoy. A BL'S|Nb55'eDI'OAT|OnI -THOROUGH ANlTpRAC. A deal taatruatma In Bookkeeping, Writing. Arithmetic, Reading; Spelling, Grinm.r, Ac., at Tuwusend's Academy, MO Botfery, day and evening. Boom* for UdiM eud private lutrwH?. A TOUNG LADY WOULD UKB AN ENGAGEMENT aag,TaaaFfeaag'"E-""b~"~ 1 GRADUATE or TUB UNI VER8TTT OP CaM. J\ bridge,anffcg-eehftar of Msjoollegu, | pees jpnrtue Instruction In Classics, MstbemaUca, Phlluao. f&p JK$saftur*& UM1VBKSITIKH. Ae. Highest references. Addr? crap | ply ta CANTAB, room Ho. 8 University Building, Waahlug toa Bquale, New York, A LOEBRA, BOOKKEEPING WRITING, AKITUMR. duringtbe holidays ihou& attend wmgBB i leg',.? lowery or 919 Pultou atreet, Brooklyn, day and evealng A LADY DESIRES PUPILS IN OIL PAINTING, water eolofs. and was flftwera; terms low. Address Artist. Ha Ninth avenue, near Twenty third street A FEW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN MAY JOIN A small class of ladies which has Just opened for the instruction in the Trench language and oouvnrsatlou, at $10 per quarter. 13B Wartrtey place, near Sixth avenue. ANNOUNCEMENT. ~ SEDUCTION IN TERMS. GOLD SMITH'S BOOKKEEPING. PENMANSHIP, AO. WS BROADWAY. HALT PRICES Will be charged for a abort time only. THE ATTENTION OF YOUNG MEN par,?nA,!n^T"^tfc##ppor<bn,ty; ^BUSINESS.? ?DOOKKEKPINO, WRITING. ETC.. POR JJ Mr. DOLBKAR, 008 Broadway, teacbv practically, as used hi the best New York V Km teaches Boekkeeplng ae need hi the best New York houses. He also removes stiffness, cramping or trembling, add makes elegant | business peamen. Gentlemen oan secure private rooms. H IKtMBNCH AND GERMAN LANGUAQB9, LATIN, AND ?* other branches of a grnUeinan'a education. 807 Broad way. All lessens private. Established 1861. Terms 890 per quarter Prof. F~ TELLE RING. r barn thenoh language pqrthe univerbal JJ Exposition.?Hy a new method and In lam than three months, a frenchman, bachelor of the University of Parle, and just arrived In New York, offer* to teaeh everybody to all that la necessary to know of the oca for travelling In France. Address L. 0., Herald C 1>KIVATB LEBBONB IN THB BNOLIHH BRANCHES, X by an-experienoed tnacbar, at her own or pupU'e resi dence; beet city reference. Apply at (new number) 918 West Twealy-firat atreet. OPANISH LANGUAGE-.?A NATtTS SPANIARD |3 I O prepared to giro lessons either in classes or privately; ?d reference given ? ? ~ "? ?. . ?.. Address V.- R? box 1,314 Post oflloe. $25 BROW1 ^?pAY? POR A BU8INK8B COURSE, WRITING, Bookkeeping, Arithmetic, Forma Ac., ?i and TUlary. Unequalled for thoroughness and cheapness. ' unlimited, day and evening. SPORTING. j^XL KINDS OP DOGS AND BIRDS FOR SALE AT ?M B. DOVEY 8. 910 Canal street, near Church street. Medicines for all diseases. Prepared Pood for mocking PINE LOT OP OKRMAN SINGING BIRDS. 187 Liberty street. Cnrner Washington. M lAIM or BBOIt, | A ? JZZ*?? Am hxn lot or o. p. kimball* portlanb gtagbat also one Stiver's, pais ao4 shafts. u(a two MM BttvwPe, and a number of eeooad tend Stetgte. A. HTNARD, Tfl and 86 Bow street. U A COGFK FOR BALE MADE BY BREWSTER A CO., ATM fBABL 8TRKRT, WRIT Y< YORK? HLEIQH HHlBptllM A QERTLRMAK'B COMPLETE TURNOUT POX HALE? A. Consisting of ooa pair of hey Henna, a perfeet match; can teat tnalda of thrae minutes; also a sty llah black Mara, a Hte stepper; Carriages, Stack, Harness, Ac., all In first rata ^Hr. Par paidleuLws apply to WM. BTOXEB. Jr., N A HORSE ARD TRUCK FOB SALE CHK4F-A8 THE A owner tea no further uae for them. Call at aland cor. I ear Pearl street and Burling slip or at residence, At Yande watar street. * h f^ourn FOR SALE?A FIRST RATE ORE. IN PER V feet order, with shafts and pole complete Prioe $400. Map be seen at any hour at Ledbetter's Stable, Broadway, 10UPK.-WARTBR. TO HIRE FOR FOUR NORTHS. / Address bat AM Raw York foot offlre. Express waoons ror palr.-two rew cor oerd single Wagons, with tops. Apply to 8. W. WIL BuR, DBS Broadway. XPOR 8ALH?POOR LARUE NEW TWO 1IOKSE J Trucks. Apply to g. W W1L.SQR, m Broadway. rR HALE?A VARIETY OF DOUBLE ARD 81 ROLE Bailees* Sleighs, at A. T. BRItJUri'. ?M Rutgers slip. rlR SALR-A PPAR OF BLACK MARB8; CAR TROT ten miles an hour: Phaeton, tup Buggy, with pole; flan. neee. Bbmkets, Ae. Apply to <J. ROBLe; 13 Barclay street, or earner of Broadway aud Oatea avenue, Brooklyn. R SALE?A RET OF LICIT! DOUBLE HARNESS. nvr?r?4 mounUnui; caly inquire of ANABL"RY " I liUrtMft F? ? p A CABREY, U Wast Thirteenth street. rR SALE?A BAY HORSE, 161a 1IARDS RICH, t years old, poor bnlll: warranted In every respect. In> qntpe at stables IX) West Thiriy.second street. JjtOB HALE?A FINK 811 TEAR OLD RA.RK. lfl iters street bands, and sound and kind; fllfls. Alto one beautiful int It nng Stallion, and aartral Draught Horses. 8B Rew Ctem JjttlR HALE.-APPLICATION WILL BE RECEIVED r by the uadersig iad. at AS Broad (treat, N. Y., ua'll Tues day, Januarys, at It o'clock, M., far the purchase of pair Horses, one Wagon (dog cart), one set double Hern terne, xfiiw ni|uu iuv*| driil uur put uonutw iihi nraa, one act single Harness, one Blelgh, one Saddle and Btldle, Htanksu and Halters, belonging to the estate of one pair Blankets and Richard Van Wyck, deceased. The horses are bay, loag tails, ?antle, well broken, and hara troited to the pole 1 nsldo of three minutes Permits to sea above *111 b? granted by celL WYCE, Executrix. lug el SI Brosd street. C. B. VAN T.J E. A. 7 J ^BRllK^EAnOFF. j EMC?t<,r* UHHt BALE?A COVERED WAOOR, HORBX ARD r Harness, suitable for express or grocery. Apply at M Hudson street. CI IB RALE?A PAOIRO HORSE, I6W HARDS HIOH, warranted to pace la I SO; sound. AIM a young gray Mars, 4 year* old, very fast, It bands high; aad a nay Horse, 7 year* old, 16% hands high. Also a black Horse, ? years old. All to bo sold cheap. Inquire In J. Carry's liquor ilOR SALE CHEAP-ORB RECORD HARD CUT CR 1 der Rock away; baa pole and shafts., CRD, MB Broadway, HL Charles Hotel. Horses wabted to keep for tiih wirtf,r?a short distance In the country. Price moderate. In quire of C. A H. IIAYMAR, 813 East Twatny-fonrth street.? M ILK RLETOH8.?564I.K SLEIllHS FOR HALE. IN qnlre at 244 East Forty-ninth street, near First avenue. pIIABTOR FOR BALK?IK OOOD CORDITIOR; CITY A make. Will be sold at a great bargain. Apply at Stables of L. Devon, 276 Hprlug street. hJINOLR SLEIOH WANTED?ORE BEAT OR SIIIFTIRO 11 dmib.e seat Mast be In prime condition. Price Pot over AI HO Address Cutter, Herald ufllce. CLKII1HS.-A FEW MORB LEFT OF MY REW YOKK V "J1? "'"t trolling Portland style, my own make; a v?. piety nit light low priced Portland and Albady make: one tdfg" three seat aud shifting two seat Albany style; also a 1?K t Ursnoc, St R. M. HTIVKRB', M to 102 East Thirty .first atnvt. TWO CLONE MATCIIRD TRAMS OF TO UNO OARA dlau Horses, warranted sound aad gentle, very hand some, m ''river,, am )kspt aad vary ateap) also a fast pacing PAT 4flS I'eaH street. WAOORB.-A NUMBER OF RBW HEAVY WAOORg tor safc% suitable fop stone and sand trucks, op fqf ? M RVfc"11*** MMfls V*M| Pftncsss metal Hanvte, taraout la the elty. 44$%* COPARTNERSHIPS. THOROPOHOOIXG^NRRUETIO^BUT&/SK8S MaN, would like to take an active interest In In established business; bu had 11 1 care' experieuoa b biuiuasaln a neighboring city, would luveat from 110,000 to $30,<Mi iu a good Vualueaa Addreaa for three daye W. White, Herald office. riRH EST A BUSH E D IN MAHCnREp'EU, WITH A good eonnert low among conauineni of oottoha, ia deal Wfk er aNew (>r roue of forming a conaaetloa with a New leant expo t house, for the aale of eoUqgt. Highest refW* encea. Address H. V. A Co., box 0, U* Manchester, Kug land. ' ? ? ' ^ A ?ppARTNKR WANTEO?WTTII TO MANl KAC A luxe a staple article finding ready bale for eaah; nrohta 130 per cent; no risk. Addreae M. J ona, hex MR Herald A fiPECtALPAJCTNBR WANTI*t-nt A VERY PRO. htable cash business, no risk. *300 to |M in lintel aentrotted and disbursed My himself. Address Ad vertlser, 1 "DTITBK WITHDRAWAL qP MA A. RLAMROTM, JD the Arm-ef G, Tal terms n A On. ta dissolved fiom this day. Mr. <i. Ta Herman will continue the buainass m bit tnador I own account and under his own name. Q. TAUJUUf Alt, Nxw Ydnr, Dee. St, 1881 { a EXAM Roth. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE.?HA VINO 1HI8 DAY AD muted m.v brother Heij'ry as partner. the boalnaaa will WBT" -TbaUSnHWE'' Nxw Your, Jan. 1, 1807. /COPARTNERSHIP lOTfCE.-TfrE CNDERHIONEn have tills day for end atyla of Kidman, ^^^^?^^Hpform ad a ooparlnarshlp, under the JMHH ^?atybt of Erdman, Itoa A Co., for the manufacture and ?? of Men J and Boys/ Clothing, and will ocoupy on or bo fore Febr 1 The lofta SO franklin street, between Broadway and Chuith street. , JOHN ERDMAN. Nrw Tour, Jhn, 1,1 fm. HETtMAN MENDEL. U of August J sent. Mr. Joseph by aald arm, and t ,JE, ? m* wi ThlBBOElTTION m COPARTNERSHIP.?THE FIRM A Pex la this day dissolved by mutual oou will settle claims due to and owing oc Nrw Yonr, Jan. J, Mdf. JOSEPH rOX. TYISSOLUTION. XJ Nrw Your, Jan. 1, 1807. The e?partnership heretofore existing under the firm of Fink A Joseph has this day been dissolved by mutual con sent. Mr. A. Fink will settle the affairs of the Isto Arm, and la only authorised to aigu the Am nan In liquidation. A. FINE;. m. r . JOSEPH. VfR. CLARENCE STEWART BROWN IS THIS DAY iu. admitted eo a partner In our aeveral Arm*. ? New You*, Jan. UW. BROWN BROTHERS ICO. w J^fcoTICE OF DISSOLUTION ? Omci or Brum** A Bnoonoootx, 31 William street. ? The copartnership heretofore existing between the sub scribers, under the Arm name of StebbTna A Bloodtood, la thla day dfcselved by mutual ooneent, James H. Stebbtns re tiring from bustoese. Klthor party may sign In liquidation. JAMK8 H. UTEBBIN8, Nrw four, Jan. 1,188T. JOHN BLOODOOOD. Na2S?t OF COPARTNERSHIP.-THE UNDERSIGNED ?HMBK this day formed a copartnership under the firm noma of John Bloodgeod A Co., and will ooutlnne the busi ness of the late Arm of Htebblns A Bloodgood at 3 William street. JOHN BLOODGOOD. ? Nrw Your, Jan. 1,1887. JOHN D. SLAYBACK. Vj-OTICB IB HEREBY OIYEN THAT THE PARTNEB i.N ship heretofore existing unper tbe name, style and firm of Washington I. Smith A Co., at 381 West Righteenth street, is this day dissolved by mutual consent, Washington J. Smith aigntng tbe Arm's name In liquidation. WASHINGTON L SMITH, Nnr Ton. Jan. 1. 1887. WILLIAM D. STEWART. The undersigned will still eoullnue to carry on the busi ness of the late firm of Washington I. Smith A Co.. at the some place, 361 West Eighteenth street. Nrw You*. Jen. 1, 1887. WASHINGTON I. SMITH. COPARTNERSHIP BETWEEN THE X70TICHL?THE COPARTNBRSmHHHHHMMB AN under*Igued, under the firm of Moeee 8. Mermen A Co., Is this day dleaatved by mutual i day dlimKed by mutual ooneent MOSES 8. HERMAN, JAmtAKV, 1.1887. SOL H. BUTZEL. The undersigned will continue the aame business ee boom tofora. MORES 8. HEKk ABTMEB WANTED?WITH 89,888 OAPITAL. IN AN ^mTabished and pmfftaMe importing bouse. Offers to ^Bwtth full name to M. M., box W*? Post offtee. "OABTI PHaKTXHR WANTKIX?A GOOD MAN, WILLING TO invest 8W0 In steady, clean, fair profitable business, may ?xamine snob at It Meeoher street, corasr of Broadway, , JUBBMJ t, IPto extend appointing Inter $300^2?r?r^te^i8."jSE2S street. Breakhm. ?AAA -'aitrii wanted iir a bplendid max fOUw. nfeeturlog business, miking euh profit* ofg&oo |waoiik required. 0*11 nri investigateat 48 $C AAA -PAXTKKR WANTED. TO INVRMT THIS iJ.liUV, amount in a first ela?s manufacturing busl imm, with ready ealea am) A1 customers. References m changed. Address 8. K., Herald office. ? ? r AAA TO (14,000. ?S PRC(AL OR ACTIVE PART gwJ.V/UU ner wanted In aruhmanufacturing business; work to order on cask deposit only. The above wanted to take the plaoa of a retiring partner. Principals only treated with. Address boa ? Herald office. j (OH AAA W* ANNUM.-A PARTNER WANTED, ?PaU.UUU wit seme bona fide capital, tn a business that may nay $*>,uoo per annum. It requires a smart. Intel ligent and eurrgetlc man. Rnsineis pleasant and highly ro spactabU. Address Franklin, Herald office. BI'IINBSS OPPORTVVITIBM. ANY GENTLEMAN WISHING TO MAKE MONEY rapidly, sud listing 13.0110 capital, can learn of an ei. inordinary opportunity by inquiring at J37 Hudson street. A sure thing and no humbug. A T B60U.-THIS AMOTNT WILL BUY THE EX15LU. A slvc and uudlTlded right of the Called States to a vain, ahla invcntioa. Ready sales. Apply at U7 Nassau street, room 17. XTOTEL.-mE YEARS* LEASE OF AN EXCELLENT XX Hotel In New York for asle. Tho houve Is veil Incited, handsomely furnished, and everything in good running order; acwiy fitted up a short time ago; nootalos shoot fifty, five ro'tns. en suite and singly, aomo of them very hand, some, and all coiupl 'taly furnished with linen, bedding and a<1 requirements, the use of which goes v. 1th the Tease. Rent oneatt. it ts now filled with permanent first class paying guests. Tfi# proprietor has other business requiring his per sonal attention, and will tell on reasonable term* or take a partner. Address A. I., boi 4 7*? New Yotk Cost office. PARTIES WISHING TO DISPOSE OK THEIR Busi ness. or hating capital to Invest, or wishing to procure partners, should call at the Basinet* Agency. 48, Broad war. THE LIGHT HOUSE BURNER?FOR EXCLUSIVE State or county rights to sell this popular kerosene burner, address Joseph Ridge, Richmond, lad. r CAPITALISTS.?A VKRY RARE AND DFHTR.A* hie opportunity la now ottered esplt alleta to Invest from (AOW to Ufeno lu an important staple article of -unincroe, of universal naeand demand, and which will yield at least infi per cent profit. Fa'l part oculars of which will be f urnlshud by addressing, for ton day*, Knterpelao, Herald ofiiee. rPLUHRER8.-AN OPPORTUNITY IS OFFERED TO a first olass (inn, or In a plumber of mean* aud respect, ability, to establish a house In a Western city; a heavy con tract guaranteed. Address Pipe, hot HB Pott office, N. f. ? OH "hi "TART ANY PEItbON IN A MANUPAC. TlU tnriag bualnasa, paying 100 i-r cent. No oajpttil required Goods as staple aa wheat. Call and Investigate at M Bowery, room No. 8. AQCTG -PARTNER WANTRD, IN A LIOHT RSTAR. "POtJU. liahed manufaoterlng business, at 24 Dnana street, top floor. ____ ?1 nnn -WANTED. PARTY WITH THIS AHOI'NT, V'?"""* Hi engage In a first class, well rilablGhol, strictly cash paying business. Apply to CliARLKS U. WILSON A CO, ail Vail street. room No. A, fWlH ~AH active man, wrrn this amount, ?u.ul;lL can form a favorable aonnootlon In a kind Kng wood factory In tin* elty. A certain opportunity to make money. Apply to SHERMAN A CO., 148 Chamber* street. ft ftftft WANTKO-IN A SAFE MANUFACTUR. ?TXl's'/VlVI log business, ?ecored by patent for the United State#. Apply to PCRCKLL A CO., IM0 Broadway, from 10 A. M., to 4 r, M. SPECIAL NOTICKS. HKAIMjUARTERS OF TUB AMERICAN JOCKEY Club, 44 Exchange plai-e. New Yogg, Jan. A, 1887. Memboreof the American Jockey Club and their femt llas are Invltarl to ssalsl at the opening of their Skating Pond at Jerome Park, on Tuesday, January S. A special free train will leave the llsrlem Depot, corner of ?wenty-s!ith street at U o clock A.M. and return atto'iloek A^bagn ge ear, for picnic purposes, will be attached to the train. ACQ POT BELMONT, President. rvrncB or the Atlantic mail steamship y Company. No. I Bowling Oreen. Nasr York, Nov. lit, IMA?By order of the Board of Directors, notloe la hereby glvsn that In eofisaeneiwa of tho olectlon appointed to have been held en tho nth of November instant, not having been held pursuant to net appointment, an election or nine * thle wanna i ly sad three I aspect ova of the neit tecUeu wTfl be MM at the o'flce of the company the 1U& 4a* of Isentry, 1887, at II raSoekM. r books at the office ft the Farmers- Lean ami 9?? be dosed from the Mh to die 14th of "*?5UBL!3S,f itfiniWM I Ml oVloMfc. FINANCIAL. A liRN'l LEMAX WITH |IO,UOQ W7LL JOrN ANT A other bosuwsa genii, man lu mat ri-*peoUbi>- business that will par- Address N. 0. <?., box 3B2 Herald etflco. [10K 8AT.B? BI.EKOKBR RTREST AND FULTON FER 1 rf Railrcatl Company tltock. I ALBERT II. NICOLAY. 43 Ftps street F OR 8AA.E?HROADWAY AMD REV :MTU AVENCK Railroad a took, Paying ten peroent dividends. ALBERT H. NIC OLA Y, 43 line street. IJIOR RAL*-T1IIRD ATMWUB RAILROAD COMPANY r BUkA, paying larite dividends. ALBERT M. NICOLAY. 4S Pine -troet TjlO^ SALR-rOKTY-SKfOHD STREET AMD GRAND X ?leot Parry Ballro id Companv Stock, psylng ten- tier oent ALBERT 8. MOOLaY, ? Pint street. F OB RALE?CENTRAL PARK, NORTH AND EAST Klvor (Bolt) Railroad Gampanv Stock. ALBERT H. NICOLAY, 48 Pine it reel. fpOR BALE?BEggETTT. INSUR^CK^ COMPANY

r Block By ALBERT a. N1 COLBY, 48 Pine street. IJIOR BALI?SECOND ATENPE RAILROAD COMPANY f RttxA by ALBERT H NICOLAY, 43 Plua street. For am Ptook I B?OOMMOMWEATH INSURANCE COMPANY ALBERT H. NICOLAY, 43 Pine street. r'R RALE?A StATE BANK CHABTRRi PRIVIL. eaea granted unaAially liberal; everything ready for transacting business, Address, for one week, W., box 3,284 VTATIONAL BAN* OP TTIR COMMONWEALTH, NEW AN York, Deeember 27, 1813.?A dividend of tlx (8) per eent, free of I'alted Stales tax, will bo paid to tne stock boUara of thla bank en Wednesday, the id of January next. QEOROE ELLIS. Cashier. /\mcB op the new tork city mutual coal \J Company.?Tba annual westing of tha stockholders af thlsownspany for the election of live trustees for the ensu ing year will be held at the company's office, 4V6 Sixth are nne, corner ef Thirtieth street, on Monday. January 14, """ - B.>. EVKRBON. Secretary. from 1 to 8 o'clock P. M. ? TOCK BROKERS.?WANTED, BT A OEMLEMAN OP long experlenae already In business, a partner unit from OOu to KM 000 to r f ? - " * __ _ . i eng.1KB In a general St vk Com mission and Banking business; offiue In tba best central location, and beet of refereaeea can be given. None but principals need oommutilaale; good bnttoeas guaranteed. Any person with tba rauuired eapttal will And It for his own benefit to ad dress the advertiser. Address far one week 11, U., Herald oilaa. ITIRUSTHRS or CREDITORS AND STOCKHOLDERS X of tha Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Compauj (R. D.)? Offioa M Wall street, New York. Dec. 38 18C& At a meeting of the trustee* of creditor* and etockhnldere the Information of parilea Interested In the trout Whereat, the trustees are ? peeltlrally directed by the tnut agreement to pay, on the let of January, "to the owner* of preferred oertWciitr*," interest at the rate of aeren per eent In money In earn auch payment can be made "without *er! oua damage or prejudice to the requirement* of the Iruat," otherwise "In further preferred certificate*:" and whereas, the read and property of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Company tEeatern Division) are advertised to be aold ou the flth or January, WW, ender the decree of the United States Court la the foreclosure suit, In conaumnutlon of which sale there wlU become due and payable to sundry ptrliea named In saM decree, en amount or money eeUmated at $300 (Wk And whereas, the rebuilding of the (Ileal Miami Bridge, and the repairing of the other damage to the road caused toy the flood In September last, cannnot be delaved without perma nent Injury to the hnslnaas and Interests of the rood; and whereas, toe trusters hare hitherto co'looted from the re ceiver In payment for ttrat mortgage coupons belonging to the tract the mean* whereby thay nave baa > enabled here tofore to pay the interact ea the preferred certlflcatea In money, but ere now a noble an to pmeurwthe mean* for the Cvment of the Interest due on the lit of Janunnr no it, ow I to the Imperative demand* upon the receiver by the road as aforesaid " Therefor*, resolved That the Interest due an preferred eartlhcate* oa the let of January inst. be paid in further pre ferred certiiiqaios to the peraems er their legal repteaenta tiveo on that day owning the name, and ou their request, aa provided la the arust agreement! such further preferred cer tificate* lo>be ready for deli vary aa and after the 3Sth day of January, 180; and Ins?ash a* the Ira safer beoks have bean intend far aa unusual lima that per aeni *o owning pre ferred oarttdnates net already etsndfhg la (hair noma* on ths hooka af ma troateea he rogue*tod to preeenl the *ama ta evidrate of Jha nwnarahte mad fw rami 4 without demy. AXJLaB CAMPBELL, Chairman. BQK AAA W> LOAN-ON NEW YORK CITT llili 5AN IV StM8 TO BUT ON CITT a liberal terras. Prompt at 118 Broadway, rooms**, fl. ?,-AA AAA *<> I-OAN-I* SUMS TO SUIT, ON $*.)"U*UU'U city re*l estate, flt per cent of valuation; " attention. Scond mortgages bought. C. K. WILLIS * CO.. U Pino frtreet, basement. LOAN OFPICBI. AT Tl-MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA. A. MONDcL WATCHES, JEWELRY. Art. OB THE pIme bought at the highest rates also PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOt'OHT FOR DIAMONDS. WATCHES. JEWELRY, Ac., at H Bleeckar etreet. up atalra. A T HTMAN'H, 6M BROADWAY, CORNER OF BOND A. (treat, sdll ba peld the highest prion for Diamonds, Watches and Silverware, er will advance on the above arti cles. Advances made on watches, diamonds, jew elrv. Dry Good* and Personal Property of every de script I on. J. A. JACKSON, 111 Graud (treet, two doorawest of Br. ?ad way T IB NASSAU STREET, ROOM NO. 8.-THE HIGH, est price* are peld for loov or act Diamonds, Watches A1. J. w prior* am jiaoi wr w-' "i wi innin.m.. lewelif. or advances made If left mi consignment. A. HONIOM AN, Diamond Broker. AT NO. ? WKKT TWKNTY-THIRD STREET {FIFTH Aveuuo Iloiel) the highest price paid for Dlamondl, Waiches and articles of ralua, or advances made on same. P'3g? JK. JSSgtXS?*, MERCHANT.?ad. &***?. a, WUbuth.* ew^ 2 i) bilks.lwTrch.ttl^EgrEr'SLV, ?,lvKRWaRE. or money advance,! on "J 'oU v"lue. near Oraud atreel, up stair, ri'*w 1* Bowery) OF. MARKS. MH7 BROADWAY. ROOM NO. 8. PAYS ? the highest prices for Diamonds, Welches. Jswelry, old Gold aixT Silver; elso money advanced on the (sine. Near Twentieth atreet. PAWNBROKERS* tickets BOUGHT.?PKIVATH ROOMS NOit. 1 AND 3 1*1 BOWKHY\ NEAR GRAND STREET. UP STAIRS. PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS PI'RCRAHKD FOR DIA mends. Watches, Jewelry, Clothing. Ac. Advances made on the same. ?r bought at the highest cash pn -ea at KB Grand alreet. near Mulberry. DRY GOODS. Aorkat kcrii at both stores. Auction room* our headquarter*. IMMENSE LOTS DRESS GOODS 81c. IMMBNBK LOTH S71(?. IMMENSE LOT8 80c. Wa bonuht (bear for cheap lioildty drea**(. A 1IEATY CRASH IN MUSLINS. HNE MUSLINS 12,'(C. ? former prion 30*. FINER GOODS 14c aud tee. EXTRA QUALITY I0e. and " BEST 4-4 W AMSUTTAM NOc The For EXTRA QUALITY Re. and 3Bo. Bf 4-4 W AM . The deettne In Muallna I* from Sr. lo lite a yard. | sale, 111.010 AUCTION BLANKETS And 1A.IU0 yards ALPACAS and MERINOS. At retail, at nearly half rrtew. FOSTER BROTHERS. 1S7 Eighth av. near Eighteenth at.. And FOSTER BROTHERS.373 lllaecker street. FURS. SETS IN MINK, ROYAL ERMINE, SABLE, SIBERIAN HQUIRRKL, ASTRAKHAN, *0., BO., Selling at fireatly reduced price*. A* POLAR BEAR and FANCY ROBES In variety. Bt KKK, 4flV Broadway, near Grand street, branch 12H Fulton street NIB4 KLIiANKOUA. At m oortlandt street?platform scales from 340 to A0? pound* capacity, counter, spring wale*. An., warranted. Constantly reviving second nana Hostel for mis eheep. Scales repaired. A CHARM FOR THE LADIES.?A RECEIPT FOR beautifying the complexion, removing tan, frock'#*, pimple*. mn|S or mark* Sent to any addrr?* by remit"- g ho rents, with return postage stamp. Address hot All llaraid office. (NUKED WITHOUT FAIL. J Dyipepela. Cat irrh, Aaihma, Bronchitis. Goitre. Heart, Liver and Bloed Disease*, by Dr. MARSHALL, at hi* mile*, 673 Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Office hour*, 10 Win be I be l*u? ViTus^^c iemnJ?Ma*umd. Me Agent for Mr. S. De*** of to?Z, Broadway. AMMBMMT8. Broadway theater. admission so cent*. Doors open at o\; Begins at . ^o'clock. I HI week but oue, most positively. of Kit. JOHN K <iwX.VS. Friday ami batuids v^nitigs last nights of Also the Inoal burletta of CHLOROFORM OR SEW YORK IN 1M7, . in both of which Mr. John K. Owens will appear in ehanvc* ter* a* wide apart as It is possible to conceive, thereby show ing the remarkable vers illty of this artist. In active pre paration, another new piece, "THE Viol.BT." Due notion will be given o( Mr. tiwens' re-appearance in "Solon Sbln fie." which can onlv be for two nights. Saturday, January Oweua'l laat matinee of "Victims." beats may be sc oured six days in advauoe. Theatre franc air.?arsociated frkncb com edians. SATURDAY next January ?. 18S7. _ JLES FILLER DK MAKBKE. (The Marble Heart) Drama in four acts. On tble occasion Mr. ANTHBLMR. the favorite Tenor, wlU sins A OAVATINA AND A ROMANCE. Prices? I'nvste Boxes. $8; Parquet (reacrvodseatsV SI 29; Parquet (admission), 91; Bale uiv, 76cents: gullery, A) oeuts. For sale al If. DardouvUls'e store, 676 Broadway, opposite the bouihern Hotel. Thalia theatre, bit Broadwav, between Broome and Spring street*. OR AND GERMAN OPERA. FRIDAY. JANUARY 4, 1867, d6n OIOYANNI. Box offleo open at the theatre dally from 10 till 4 o'clock. HAltTZ'S TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, _ _ DODWORfH HALL, t?6 BROADWAY. M. HARTZ. THE ILLUSIONIST. Continued Ruoreaa of the Most Marvellous Feat of Modern Tlmea-THB HEAD IN THE A lit Multum In liarvo and other wonders every evening at 8. Mr. A. Sedgwick will perform on the English oonoertlna. Tickets SOc Reserved seals $1. For sale at the ball from 10 Hilt Doors open at 7?g. Matinee Saturday at 1 Tbn Chlckerlng piano la used al these performances. CARD. ?M. HARTZ IB NOW PREPARED TO SUPPLY Magical Entertainments for private parlies during the holidays, performing himself or finding sselstenoe qualitlsd for so doing. Apply at the llall. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. 685 BROADWAY. The trouble commences at a quarter to A THE CRBME DE LA CRRMK OF MINSTRELSY. BIKOH, WAMBOLU, BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN PRANCIsCO MINSTRELS, whose success baa never been equalled bv any similar organ ization in the world. New and cheerful Burlesques every week. Mump Speech, I Am Here. Black Othello. Gam brlnns Opera of Lager Beer, Imitation of Actors. Love's Kimble* or Cupid's Fall. Ceadrlllen. The Screaming Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. CHARLEY WHITE'S TO-MORROW. One CHARLEY WHITE'S TO-MORROW. Of GREAT MATINEE TO-MORROW, The OREAT MATINEE TO MORROW. Beak GREAT MATIN EE TO-MORROW AT 2& Great succksb.?ronoa of Scotland. BTKINWAY HALL. MR. KENNEDY, THE CELEBRATED SCOTTISH VOCALIST, will give one more, end the laat entertainment, on FRIDAY EVENING. Jauuary A et ? o'clock. Tickets JOe.; reserved seats inc. extra. Mr. KENNEDY will sing the following piece*:? O, Why Left I My Hame t My Boy Tammy. There'* Nae fuck About the House. My Nennle'* Awe. Tbe Flowers of the Forest. The Lest Words of Mansion. Green Grow the Rushes, O. Auld Lang Syne, Ac., go. Ac. Mias KENNEDY wiil preside at tbe piano. TO-NIGH T, Mr. Kennedy will sing (by request) "John Anderson, my Jo." wm STONWAY'g ROOMS. CARL WOLFSOIIN'S 6TH BEETHOVEN MATINEB, TO-DAY, JAN. 4, AT 3 O'CLOCK. ADMISSION ONE DOLLAR. Season tickets 96. STBINWAY HALL. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. PUBLIC REHEARSAL No. 7 on HATURDAY, Jan. i, 1867, at S o'clock P. M. Admission 60 cetrts. Ttcketa for sale end subscriptions reosirod nt the usual place*. L. SPIER. Secretary. STKINWAT HALL. NINETEENTH GRAND BOND AT CONCERT. BUN DAT. Jim. #, ?t 8 o'clock. Miu katb Mcdonald. Bm favonto Koprano. Mr. A. IBMlWlOK. The caiebrated English Concertina Soloist. Mr. F. LKTBCH, Trombone Soloist. Mr. W. COLBY. PlanliL m ATM TDD I ^ I SROADWAT. HToRAIID HOLIDAY All <b? people gelagjla M to spend Ibolr HOLIDAY EVENINGS. f A^r^^COMBINAlS ON*On'ta USN T J2S2|15?$?i ^^^iJlhONiricSSiT and' extkacSSin^ie?''''*''^ ELEOANT MUSIC?CHOICE REFRESHMENTS. Now and smiling faces, kind word* and pleeaaaVgreeUngS, ? won for all who owm to eaand thatr HOLIDAY EVEMINGSatthegreat REVEILLE MT'SIC GARDENS. ?7 BROADWAY, up stall*. <Ut. No CHARGE tar ADMISSION except goad behavior. T AST MATINEE OF THE VICTIMS. Ju Saturday, J an liary A, 18#;, Mr. A E. Owans a* JOSHUA BITTEREY1. BROADWAY THEATRE. /TREAT MASONIC FAIR IN AID OF THE HALL AND IT Asylum Fund, la now open at the l'r?*byt?rlau ohorofa. corner of Grand and Crosby rtreota The display of food* win bo unusually attractive. and pre oanto advantages for tboae wishing to purcbaoo for tbo hob dgjl. The proceed.* of thia fair aro to be appropriated In the erection of an asylum aa a lioroe for widows and orpbana, the aged and indigent, and appeala strongly to the sympa thies of the charitably disposed. The committee call atten tion to the Wheeler A Wllnon Bowing Machine aold by J. T. Elba A Co., eornav Broadway and Twenty-second street, which contribute liberally to tbo proceed# of the fair and offer peculiar adrantagea to buy era. Admission 85 "cats. Beaton tickets $1. WONDERFUL FREAK OF NATURB-?"THK WASH INGTON TWINS.'' born alive, having two hoada, four arm*, and but one body and one pnlr legs; aim the head and right arm of Pro bet, the murderer of the Deertng fam ily; together with the msgnlAeem eolleotl?n of ohjecta In Physiology, Anatomy. Pathology and Natural Hlatory?all of which are iRuitraled dolly by Lectures and Microscopic View*, al the New Yorh Maoeunt of Anatomy, #18 Broad way. Open from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. SIONOR R. STRINI, WHO MET WITH SUCH MARKED auei-ev* last Wednesday evening at Stelnway'a Hall, la open for engagement*: he has also noubjprtlon to a llratelaa* church engagement, ha*to. Address IlaflA Sous, Publishers, Broadway, New York. SEVENTH REGIMENT N. G. BAND.?FIFTH CON cert on Saturday evening, January A at seventh Regi ment Armory. Tickets to be had from members of the regi me a I, or front C. B. OHAFULLA. No. 1 Stanton at. TTNION POND, BROOKLYN, JAN. I, 1W7.-THE U undersigned, desirous of teating the capabilities of Seat rla?? skaters, and In order to put n atop to the bragga docio of many, hereby challenges any man In America, or that nan be prvdU'Ad. ton trial or skill In Fancy Skating, te lake place on the Union Pond, for from 8100 to $808, for n splendid Gold Medal or for "fun." Thia challenge to re main open until Feoruary 1. Should nay gentleman feci de sirous of accepting the above, arrangement* can be made with roe on the above Pond, where I am at present en gaged In giving lessons in tha art. JOHN ENOLER, JR. AD T1NI Ml" Hit'Ale. DEI.IN A PATTI AND TI1E WORRELL SISTERS were taught In Singing and Piano by ELIZA VALEN. FARAt A I.? I, prima donna soprano, who raoetrea pupils at tS Wast Eighteenth ferry. ATM PER MONTH-LESSONS ON TBE PIANO; ALSO J\ privilege of daily practice, at ATP Eighth avenue, earner of Forty-Brat street. Pupils taught at their residences; gll per quarter. A I.ADT WILL GIVE INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO J\. and Singing at pupil's MRRM 810 per misrter, brat of refers noes given. Address, with reaidenos, Teacher, boa 118 Herald offlw. At the national conservatory or music, si Madison evenu*. terms 810. Ry arrangement with George F. Brlstow. Professor of Mualc In pubbo schools, pa pita attending schools #8 par quarter. Tba Conservatory In struction books free. IT HAS APPEARED IN THESR COLUMNS THAT MY eon, Master Rlcbaitl Uoker, hail hut one vocal Instructor S Herts hie going to Europe. I with to state be la also In ebted for hi* musical knowledge, particularly la oratorios, to Dr. II. S. Cutter, the leader and trainer of tbaCecllUn Choir of New York. w. t okbr. 878 PocMo street, Brooklyn. MUSIC AND FRKNCH.-AN KNOLIsft LADY, WTTH long eiperlenre. wishes one more pupIL Terms mod Eighth "DUNG AND SINGING LKSSONS, AT $IB PNR QUAR. JL ter. by a young lady professor. Apply at tM8(new num ber) West Twenty-Brat street. GAMING ACADK.My;*. ADQDWORTH'S DANCING ACADEMY, . No Ul FIFTH AVKMJB, NEW YORK. For days, terms Ac., please call for a elroular. T\B GARMO'S DANCING ACADEMY, NO. 81 FIFTH 1J avenue, aonthwast corner of Fourtaentb a treat; open TUESDAYS nod FRIDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and SATUR DAYS. Laities. I to # F. M., mlssea and masters, 4 to 8 F. M. m Oe. ileaaen, Tuesday and Friday evenings, at 8 o'clock. NRW 01 ASSES ARE NOW FORMING. VjtKRRERO'S DANCING ACADNNV, ? Northwest corner rwentyelghth etreet and Broadway. Classos Wadoosdaya sad &t?rdaye at 4 P. M. AMrHEMGNTI. TJINTORI.-CAM MA.?TO-NIGHT. IV FRENCH THEATRE. Dlreouirand Lease* J.< 1.M.I but of tbe KIBTOBI NIGHTS before partnrt ^ Mine. K stori sud baroomp.inv for the W F11UT .SIGHT IX AMERICA an<l only uighl of CAMMA. * CARD?Mr. ORAC respectfully announce* the. necessary arrangi-mcuta for the prod notion of Moftb celebrated Tragedy of CAMMA Are completed, ituj and only produrtlon will take plane ?v THIS FRIDAY LVltNlNO. JANUARY 4 In announcing tlin Trggo lv of CAM Ma the Director attention to the laot 1h.1t this dramutlo work waa ator _ written lor MADAME KI8TOKI, and as prodaced In ALT THE KtROrftAk OArnal Ita wmmi marked with the nlghest distinction by the critics, the eharaoter of CAMMA belug pronounced one of her grandest l>? red na tion*. * tan WSTORI^TCi'MTo?{^!lTo?I?Jainwr4t ? Fourthstreet; branch Klatort fichet Offloe, lljauu 1 i ? ,?^??2 RISTORI MATIRBB.?MARY STUART.?SATURDAY ja FRENCH THEATRE Director and Lessee J. GHAUT Braid way. Ueoeral adm aaion, $1 W; Ktmlly Circle, 7So?ni Orchestra, $3: Private lloios, At aad $J. Dreta Cbrde, SATURDAY, lUSTORl MATINEE, To-morrow (Saturday) afternoon. January 6. at I o'olook, POItl MATINEE, fgrihoLABT TIME. RISTOItl MAslNBR, for the DaBT TIME. ADELAIDE RISTORI aa MARY STUAtfT. _ I Ad'uts ion to all parts of the h-iuae. %i. Private Boift wilt lie sneured at their uaiial prtoo. . VEff Y' RK THtATKB. ?' It Leasees and Managers, _ *" Messrs. Mark Smith A Lewta Btkkw GREAT SUCCKod or Tn* PARISIAN FAIRY SPECTACLE cendk'llon. Now being produced with ENTIRELY NEW SCENERY MAGNIFICENT WARPROBBJ ueder the Immrdute ?u(>ervUloii of ?? \ MISS 8ALLU5 A. IlINOELBY. _ ? .fr.'i A COMPLETE CORPS DP. BALLET ON FIFTY LAWM AND A ' POWERFUL CA8T. . ?'! \ For ayuopsts of ?oonenr and Incidents eee bMU of U>e MR ORAM) OKNDRTLLOB MATINBM, ) SATURD AY, Jan 5 at 3 o'clock. Reata ereured all day* tn advance. j^JRH. P. B. CONWAY'S PARK THEATRE, BI The gorgeous SnecunidL pourY thieves, EVERY KYENlNOs Madame ribtori at steinway hall. FIRST GRAND RECITATION OF MADAME RIBTOKI, TUESDAY. JANUARY & 1*7. Mr. L. F. Harrison baa the honor to announce log effected an engagement with M. J. Gran apd MADAME ADELAIDE RIBTORI, be will hare the pleasuremf presenting her at hgf FIRST GRAND RECITATION, on TUESDAY EVENING. January R when sbd Y*? 1 fnmt the PoeU In ITALIAN AND FRENCH, mu Mr. Theodore Thoinaa' full Oreheatnt baa also* cured, aad will perform a (ejection of Claaalgal HI propriate to the oocaaioa. 4 Trie prices of admit-Ion Will be . ? ONE DOLLAR TO ALL FARTS OF TB* HO' Reeerred seats BO oenta extra J A glorious festival programme this evening. llaat Side of the Town. A Night la New York. One h dreith night of Hamlet. Lee BaboUerea Little Tor* Ti Tony Pastor's New Songs. A grand amy of Nevetti by the great Variety troupe. ? ? Matinee every Wednesday and Saturday att)fF. R C10B THE LITTLE FOUR LAST CHaNQBJ P FOR TIIE LirTLE FOLKS, y J n, Zl A GRAND MATINEE. A GRANb NAT1NBB.' Last performance of the great eontio pu to mime, ? g TOM Ti:. a-P?i^? .? iSa^ Hi The good little boy that gang for hie enppeK >J Tu-inorrow (Saturday} at 2k o'clock P. V., at' PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. Nil J " . ! Bowery, the last ntty to wltueea the greatest oomlc trtok pantomime 1 sealed la New York. ~ , , MR "17"ELLY * LEON'S MINSTRELS. 7*f BROADWAY. TUF O&ff M"? MO H MIT MIT A Y and entn THE GREAT LEON - to be lha ?&NOS t'KBTABI. M A T?<$&Sffi* ?;W?r? AS LUCINDA DAY. ?. Mae. John EDWIN KKLLt AM UJURFUYKR. Sey __ mmravria, MAGNIFICENT FIRST CLAM ROSRWOOD forte tor >ale; made order, round cornars: ol ased ? Month!i cmI MOO. for 13U0. Parlor, Chs Dining FuraKure; ft MerHoa. faquirs ftt NTM street. boiwbsn Fifth ?nd Math wwtm. AfPLRNDID SKYKN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD fori*, ftl e greet secnfloe; by best makers; nil. aeente; beautiful tone end flnfsh; uaei only three ooet ptj ftt half price. II Washington place. near U AMI CHANCE?ROSEWOOD PI AN OR modern Improvements. beat oily makers, nhm need. $180. Severe! first class new and second htn.l fortes very low. SO Nourth avenue, opposite Cooper Ma PIANO FOR SALE?A SPLENDID WEBER . In perfect order, havlug been In uen but a tew moo (bit will be sold at a bargain. Apply ftt If Lafayette place. ? ??,4H THE TRADES. ? A PAPKR~MAKER WANTS ASITUATION^OIWeK, ii at mde the rag and straw buslaeee. Address A. Bho* MO Herald oBlce. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A HITCA1IOH AS WATCH. A maker; 1? wall edtanccd In repairing, go. Inquire at 401 Sth ar. -*? SITUATION WANTED?AS DRAUGHTSMAN IN AM architect's oil ice. Addreks J. I'I udder, 10 Perry et. SAWYER WANTED?A GOOD MAN TO RUN A BUT. ting saw. Apply at Moulding Mill, Thirtieth street, oor. nar of First avenue. TO PAPER 8TAINEB8.?WANTED, A MAli WHO thoroughly uudnritends hta buslaeee, $ net stamped gold^maehiu*. Apply to Robert UraveeTOo,M Peart ok, Wanted- ' An aruet to celor pheiographa^m^pemM^^ddrwe ANTED?A FOREMAN POR A PILE SHOJ^ A NAN of aipenenoe. who thoroughly nneeretnoda all branehee and is eompelent to taka charge of forty Men. Ad dress hoi AS88 N ew York Post eMoe. ' WANTED?THREE GOOD HANDS, AOCCSTOIfBD TO make stove patterns, also a good Pattern enrvgr. AA drees Bmltfc A Drawn. Sit North Met, PhiledHpMg. . WANTED?IN A BEWINO MACHINE ) lory, e thoroughly competent man, te ad thread machines. None bulllriit class meohaaidl I Cately Brothers. 109 Nassau street WATCH MAKER WANTED-AN AME ferred; one who la a Bret class wort: refersncss, may apply to Geo. 0. Allen, tig WANTED 1MMKDIATRI.Y?A OOOD JOBBER ARM 44.h .rk rep*ir,r'Avr>r nt m *?**????*vA tl/ANTRD-AN ORNAMENTAL BILTRR mtnn^UWIt VY Apply to Wat. Uftle, Jr.. t7lendtM tn^ZjfT WANTED-A MAN CAPABLE OF TARfltrt QltABOR of a paper bug factory Seek a men. wMk $400 to loan his employer (for wbleh security will be glred), eaa Eaa# of^ perm-neat situation by applying at 80 Fl$| gt, rMM, ' " ?? "? ? " -4dikwn mm mm WANTED?A OOOD TANNER AND A OOOD ROOT and shoe maker, to go South; must eenUMt for aM less than one year. Wages $90 per mouth eecST apply immediately to K. A. Matthews A Co., M New it,. 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