Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 4, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 4, 1867 Page 2
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ImrAimid wAithd-Vkmalki. ? * - ?i? i?iff.ry.w^ .-I-M-.I 1 11-i<-iiir?<-w-?r>n<->< h. w ? ? ??? IOKK8SP.D COOK WISHES A 8r?lfATION? . jmorouAly undehilanAotFren'h ?nd Eiigtwh oookingi t eUaa tergrtao*. IAUiT* addroa* 300 14th ?!., between m Id sva, ta the rear. I ftlTUATION WANTBM?BY A COMPETENT TODMrt Woman, m eharabermaSl or nurw; >a a good plain sewer excellent duo w asher And troiier. Good city reference van. Call gt S07 Ksat Xlil M., near 2.1 a>, A SITUATION WANTK0>?liy A RESPECTABLE Wo. A. Baa a, who can give good refnrence aa a Ural class cook. ?fO^Ll lor vara day* at 102 smith at, comer oi Paciflo, A WK1 4i WKT NUR&H SITUATION VTANTED?BT A WE ?peotible young married mo man with a fresh breast of i ha* lost bar babv , In-ai cltv reference. Cau he aceu at BTih at., aacond hour, front roam. A NUMBER OP WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN A. gtrl* want fdtuatlons. at Mr*. Lowo'e German ln*tttutc, If SUnWu ak.. near Rowery. B,n( ??'? A 8ITCA ?*" and he useful, or to do light Gall for two day* for Mary, 232 Weal Houston laiAo rear, between 8 and tX. eft": A BITOATTON WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL. TO A. do light housework or to mind ohtldren in a private ram- " 'SB*. 1 ddrear J. A. D., station D. SITUATION WANTND?m A RESPECTABLE J\ young Wufflto, aa oook and laundress or to do house Work In a gentleman'* fumfly. in oity or country; I* a good baker; good refaranse; wage* moderate. Gall at 1 to bast ?that. A YOUNG SCOTOtl PROTESTANT GIRL WISHER A a altuatlon to take earn of children and do plain eew fog or to dn cham network; good refereuoe* can bo given. Apply at 81 We?t 21*t *t i YOUNG PERSON WISHES TO ENGAGE WITH A A. lady aa lady's maid and seamstre**: can o)ierate on Wheeler A Wllsou'* machine: or a* nursery gorortteair; city reference*. Call at or address oramercy Park Hoiol, corner Of 21*1 at. and 8d sr., room 2S.V ARESPECTAItU.YOUNG WOMANWISHES A SITUA tlon a| chambermaid or waitress. Can be seen at her employer's for two day* at 10 East 'Aid *L, between Madlaon and 6th as*. Ares pect a blr young woman wantj a situ atlon a* children'* rnsld, or -tut wait on young ladles; underat inds all kinds u! p'ali, needle work and cutting out. CslI at ltd Atlantic el., corner of Henry, Brooklyn, roam No. d. A RKSPKCTABl.K YOUNG woman LATELY LAND ed from tie old country wlibe* a situation to do ubnm barwoik In a imall tainily. Can be nocn at 408 Cth a*., near ktiaL, top floor. * REBPECTABLK WOMAN DESIRES A SITUATION A as g >od laundress; an<ler*t*nda Iter buslntt** In all lu branches; good city reference. Coll for two day* at 112 West 10th sl, between 6th aud 7th ava. A RESPECT ABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS cook, waaber andlroner, In a private family; good city reference. tOgll at 03 West 37lh at., from 10 till 3. A FIRST GLASS COOK WANTS A SITUATION?UN derstaad* boning and larding; baa the beat of city leferea -e; no ohiectlou to the country. Can bo (Sen at 223 East 23d at., top floor, front room. A PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS tlL chambermaid and waitress. Call for two daya at 116 feat T7th *L, between 7th aud 8ih ava. RESPECTABLE, HEALTHY WOMAN, WHO HAS loat her baby, deaires to go aa wet nurse. In some re (portable family, or would take a baby at her realdenoe. Call at "No. 0 Rector it., Mr*. Cullen. A WIDOW LADY OF REFINEMENT, AGED 21 wlshe* a situation a* housekeeper In the family of a widower, where there are children. Addrcaa Mrs. Julia Franklin, Utlca Poat office, N. Y. A LADY WISHES TO TAKE A CHILD TO HER OWN XL home; haa no children: It will receive a mother'* oare; blat reference a. Call at 191 Wo*t 09th *t. COLORED WOMAN. FROM WASHINGTON WANTS a place aa cook, nurae or laundress; she has an oxcel nt recommendation from her last place, where (he lived eeve^teen pear?; *|jo * youug colored girl wants a place. AppIT at 641 West 1 A LL FAMILIES DESIRISO CAPABLE SERVANTS ' I gWta. At the Employ. ^.ttetV^ jtt'af^btfc'wtSr(It?* A OOOD STEADY GIRL WANTED?IN A SMALL A fai jum taiolly; (suit bo a good cook, washer and Doner; reforeneee required. Apply al 177 We*t 10th St., three doora from 4th A A YOUNG OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO THE I A genera* houecwork of a private faintly; haa good city WftWMt. Caa be Men for two doge at ?7 Id av.^^^^H A YOUNG UbT or BDDOATION DESIRES A STTOA J\ tloo aa pompaoton or houaekeeper; a comfortable hueoo ig principal object. Addreaa Mloe J. MorrU. afrtlon a. AM BISPKOT.tB LE ENGLISH WOMAN WISHES A ? tltuaUo* aa eook; is aa excellent baker; fully under GOOD WANTS A SITUATION odlce mark; aa! a a permanent atluaOon. where lit gteea piamaUia: pond penman; IS MM| and ailing In rlntti. c?n?h. MHAdM a X. W L., Ms AM RKHPHCTASfcfc 'If'MAM WANTS A SITUATION ? te oookaadan?t wtU tae waahiagnad Ironing; would ga^a abort ^ .uii^i^tae iieoMp. Good city reference. AM RBSPBCTABLK WOStS WANTS A SITUATION | to enok wan aad Iron, or would do general booae 000,1 4^HRS*rRCTABLB GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitr***, not lung In tbla oountry. ^JatWSt. MmCeplaeo. What. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS a pvlvatal^^^ ?; the beat of city reference. Can be aeeo for two da/sat bar laet plane, IN Weat SU at., between Sth aed ?th art A SITUATION WANTKP-BT A RESPECTABLE y^agwoma.^ for two daya at 97 Baat Utb ak, between A RBSPBCTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU A alton aa oeok; willing to aaatat In wnahing end Irnoiag. Cap be aeen el bar pre?eM empioyei 'a, S31 7th nr., corner of Sra ok, antra nee ou fSth at. A^m SITUATION WANTED?BY A TOUNO OIRL. TO de Ughl houaework In a prlrata family; good olty refar Oneee. Oaa be eeeu for two daya at 144 Baal Slat at. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A. TOUNO OIRL, AS JL Aral olaaa wiltreae; umleratmnda her butlneta tho roughly; will do Ana w,ulilng end Ironlne; no objecUona tol a private boarding houae, good city reierenrea. Can be ?MlWOdaye at 541 Faat Mlh at, flrat floor, back room. -"HIATION WANTKD-BT A TOUNO OIRL. AS A *'? ?abor and ironer; la e good baker of blend and pSunlTiniCf VrstMh fliallns KaaI pII* rafaMnaai Can bo'aeoa "swr uq inmrr; tm m guoa uan'r OI DroM %ptl ,iT^r'yl;rt. da Frenoh fluting; beat city rcfereneaa. ffgwSil -? ?? Kn* ?Mh ek, Sget floor, back ^ rOUNO WOMAN WMFIi.4 AN.. -fiftitJ wo^M A fiti. er Brooklyn, na c. ?k in a pfW*W, MnJr' aaatat with toe ^aching end t.o'iinfl; ?? a%U" vtlft bo%rdin* hfus*; good rercirncr. Oj?D ^ a! *" * . *Tew atfcp* from Siiiito furry, tot > aiXt &J, UflPEOTAELE PROi KATaNT OIRL W**?* * gttuatlon aa eMmatrcaa cnl drr-Hmaker, Id v 5. ti* y. Can be ae.-u for three do?. OaH at or ad n "7 No. W Korarlh at., room Nth A Mr*. Brwwn'a. A BBS Aett (Ifather at OIRI. WANK RKSPROTABL.E TOUNO HERMAN altuaUan io do chamber work and oewlag, In a gt a family. Gail Tor urn daya at 8S kortjlh atnre;, from I to 4 P M. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do genaral houaeno k; wliiiugand obliging. Call at rear. A SITUA1 gwliBS A NUMBER OP WSLL RECOMMENDED WET nnrae* want sKuatlnnk, at Mra. Hau en's Nur*ea' In etltulc. No. 5 61U at. uwtr Buweqr. LADT, HATING FROM fS.OUO TO f-f.ltti IN READY ih, can have the ?u r? .-eerge of a amall lintel on A5 ? Bmadwny, With about Otty" 1 of g"o?". or an inte rnal flree. > . TIloMl'riON. 7(0 Broadway. A SITUATIONJTANTED^-ilT A TOUNO CIRL, AS SWw".; ATION WANTED-RY A TOUNO GIRL, AS t; la willing and -.billing: would du oharaberwork ilo a small fum' y, baa good olty roference. Call i 14th ak 4 COOK'd MTV! ATlON \t *NTKI>?BY A RESPECT able woman; tinder?tnnd? r'reneh and Kngli'li cook would ataltt ttfth wnahing and ironing: good reference, for two daye at 43)4 Vt est Waaiitnaton place. rn SITHATION WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE JfV young g.rt, to take caia of growing children; would aeatal in plain aowlng or light chamberwurk; baa the boat of oily A Terence. Call at 17# Eaat I'ith ak yuc SITUATION WANTPD-BT A KESPECTABLI Sootrb wniitao. t? mind a baby; wonld tnke charge of rom Rebirth or would land on an inralid; lean eatnurea, good reference* gtrce. Call all thla week t Oliver ek BBSPKt'TARl.E IrriMAN WANTS A SITUATION ee flood cook; gon-l city rrfer?noe gireu; woul-t aaetat washing and Ironing If required. Call at 113 Weal 15th A RESPECTABLE PRfiTPSTANT OtRI. WIHRBS A ottnaUon aa ohamhermald and waltr"?? or to o?.>k. A altuaUoi fraeh and fro oooo. Cell a jn In a amall prlra'e family. Bent of city refar at g|T Weat BMh at , from ?till 4 o'clock. a ISsPEOf tBLB WnNtN W a NTs TO DO SOME A familtoo' or guujeinall'a Wtahlng at hor om home. IguanoiU" terme. Cell at 13# Wnat Wlb at. t-oom 13. a RBSPBCTaB M WeSr^kT'et*" BLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS ndmaa Boat of olty roforoi.oe. Coll at ,K OIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN fabilly to do general honaework ?r tip atalra 1 waaher amT Ironer; will be found willing "SMART TOCNO WOMAN, NOT LONG FROM BNO wlabefl a altuel'on a* chambermaid ami wattreee A SMART 1 A. land, wla??_ . - or flood plain oook to the ? nglitN atylo; worm not ao much oil v#j" I aa a cooifort-ibla bom-, baa the beat rrfbrencea. OafTror two daya at HSS We-.t l?h at, near 10th nr. A #I*;TfLAiJrnooK WISHES ACTUATION; UN A doratanda all kmda of private family eo.<kln( In the Iftyfo. ran take MM chcrgc of thekttcBmlf iw-pilrcd; I olir roforanco. Can l>0 aeon at 13* Weat 33.1 at. aooond IltflrBOTAli.ll OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO oook, waab aiiTIron or to do general houacwerk; oo *eThe eouolry; beat ottv reference fall at It# 'ecu Mi * I"L?**,weee Bifi *T"' "flfi^AWlirifANTED- BT A BRPP^Cr\8LS womas. ?? Ret nuraet hoa a hohy Mt week* . Id. Is .0 or<uf)< 7th ar. G*n be teen till anlle-1 "SfuOTo* Wi NTPD-ST a mhidle aged , Kngtleb women. Where flr?t "laea conking H reunlro.1 I bttfp glVOS IS the kltohon; boning, lording, haklna, po? . ortmna; flra* olaaa rlty refernnre; will engage by the f, week Jk sorsioseaily. Call gin 4th ak, between lot I flflsfe., flfet flsor. " ?h wmm liTtATtoirt WAmn-rRHAiiia. AYo unlf r iorofo NT~wn>ow wishes a sitpT. lion Minfanl*' nurse; cam tska "h*'** "I'iH :? iron their birth; beet oily reference. Ceil el ic r.a-l i/te ?t , off tin er. A GERMAN YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION for general housework; '?? *<">d eook, euur ant Ironer, forulty or country. i en be eeee el 1U84th nr., ebore 8ih ?l. A respectable woman wishes to enhaoh the washing of e few families; tee eletbee will be done up in the ueaiest maimer; also fluting. Ceo gtre the buet of city reference. Address Ilk Tib er. ARESPKiyABLE MARRIED LAD*. WITH A MUM* bit**! o? milk, desires te take ore of a child, who would recelee e mother's cere. Oail at 3uS East lflihsLfof two dai?. A . WOMAN WHO OAS LOST HER HUSBAND, AMD jtx ? bee e baby four month* old. would Ilka to gat a home JCX * bee e baby four Bombs old. wen _ ?? 1" LMVUld V? work ehe eaa" no required. Inquire at 181 Ngdtson at. ft required. Inquire at lfl M%oteon at. front beeeeaent. Ol'8E KEEPER'S POSITION DBS I BSD IN A WID ower'e family or a party of gentleman. by e Udy at ro flnemeat end good eddreee:' ago, 80; would eocept any bou. oreble poeltlon. None but lb see wne ere llbofaUy disposed need address A. Euliiyan, atetioa D. rroUREKBBPBB'S SITUATION #ANTEb-Bt A JTl young American widow, with one child; la a widower's JemllTpreferred. No objection to child;en. Address Mrs. erald ofOoo. SB KEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?BT A laiy of education; no objection to the country; can giro boot of reference. Address ?. O. p?. Herald pBji, SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIBL, to do gsnerel buuaework; no objection to so In tbo eountiy: good washer end Ironer; reference furnished. Ap ply at IW8 Wcit 36tu el., between 8th and 9th art. SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO worn in, as chambermaid end waitress, or would ilo housework In a am >11 faintly; would Ilka toco In the o 'uutry. Call at 81 West 49th St., between 6lh and 7fh are. CITUATION WANTED-BT A VERT RESPECTABLE O young girl, as chambermaid and waitress In a small prl rate'fimtlj. Apply al 946 West 38th at., between 9th aud 10th ays. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN as brat class cook; thoroughly understands all kinds of American cookery; best uty rofereuce. Call at libit 3d ay., betweeu 18th and 19th ate. SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTECTANT GIRL. AS cook; thoroughly understands her business; can do a little coarse washing; best city reference. Call at AO Eait Si'tii at., off 4th ay. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, as cook, washer and Ironer; no objection to go a short distance in the country; best elty reference. Call at 167 West S3d at., rear building, second lloor, front room. CITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN PROTESTANT 0 woman, as rook or to wash and Don and do general housework. Call at 319 4th ay. glTUATION WANTED-BY_ A WELL EDUCATED German girl, to take oare of children or to take charge of a house, can do sewing. Ap|fly at 68 Norfolk at., Drat floor. ITUATION WANTED-YO DO GENERAL HOUSE work for a small family of respectability, by au lumen, neat and hirdwoi klnggirl; highest references. Call ou ot addrea- Wall, ZiO blast 16th St., top floor. S! SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS nurse; can take charge of a baby from Its birth; cau do plain sewing ir required; exoellent elty reference. Call at Baa East ldth et. OITCATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO 0 man. as dressmaker; willing to go out by the week or diur; "r.?t class city referenoe. Call at 619 lid ar., between 36th and 37lh sts. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL. A3 COOK, waaher and Ironer; best city reference. Call at 163 West g hi at., betweeu 7th aud 8th ays., front house. TWO WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN GIRLS wish situations, one aa cook, the other as up stairs ma d, no objection to go In the country. Call for tali week OEMS U. IIV Ut'JVVIII'U IW f al 114 East Houston at TWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRLS WISH situation* to do general housework or aa chambermaids and laundress**. Beat olty referenoe. Call at 120 East 80th Vf lirm-n'a and famlUaa' Wjahtng. tSfV ?IL2!0W4 J? ou.110 work b7 ?k* 4*7 or weak. cau A < ^ ^?^'LikrUly. ^ ft. .?, xtrxsftb-i\ A RESPECTABLE TOUHO WOMAN, A TT altuallon ?? ohftjub.-riuaid and waitraaa or u chamber 25?? " ?***?* ^"k tko waablng and Ironing. Can I It* ker ^ ^?oa. Can bo teem at 138 Wat arih at., room 10. ? TOUHO WOMAH. TO rafarenea. Call at AM >M, BT A C Unod ^.-?^Trrf**- "? ""A *Pd "dJ:'? kar habit*: the U c* ! prtrata hoaaa or would do chambarwork and a win*, float of city raforanoa. Can ba F2lZ.lW? *' 81 Wmi *Wk at., between 8th and 7th SUSfS?*'*I> BESf lyABtB WO. ai?M,K:ii?,tTne,*n,OU-WOrt- 0o<>4 ryerM,?'- ??n WAHTBfr-A SITUATION. BT A BBSPKCTABLB J" Antertoan woman, aa nurse: la fully oompetent tojake oharge of an infant or oldor children, and can do olaiiKaw WANTED?BY A RB8PECTABLR TOUNO QRRMan f? woman a alttiatlon aa aaamttraaa or chambermaid. Inquire in th* atora 33 Court at H7AKTJD-BT A RR8PKCTABLE WOMAN. A BABT tllmJZ ?!Ln.u? *l k?r own roaldanco. Call at WO 3d ar., iop noor, rroot room. WA1*TA^ SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE Tf widow lady, aa housekeeper; b willing to make liar, aelf ganarajy ua^rul; no objection lo the country. Gallon or addraaa Mr a. Tan. 116 Church at. ' WANTED-A WOMAN. TO COOK. WASH AND IKON in a amaU family; muat bars olty reference*. Gail oatwaan 11 and 1 o clock at *t Kaat Idih at. WA**5D-A, SITUATION. BY A TOUNO WOMAN, AS VV ANTBD?a SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE WO W 7tfr y.. orar tjie bakary *t"-e. ^ WA?T2f.f>T.Br .A "*ART OIRL. AQFD U TEARS, li>ht?# jStiSSSfct lake etiaaf children and aubt with 11'ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A NICE OIKI., TO Jl '*k* ?}r*?f ohlidren and do oh imbrruork; elte la ?6od and klud; wagaa reasonable. Can b* aeen tlU engaged at her pTeacnl atnpT.yer a. 198 Kaat Uat at. tVrAKT^b?A MTU A jo*. BY A RKSPEOT A BLR Tf girt, aa chambermaid and aa-iaunt Uundreaa; beat of city reiai enoea. Apply at No. ft Stanton place (,No. a sun ut'ANTK BSriiiPik xTP^ynrfHi t >t; TTitur TT ? situation III a alore; la iuduatriou* au<t obll*lna.or would da c"pyin?. Good city rcfareuo*. Gall on or addraaa N., *>1 W ar , near flat tk ?? ANTED-BY AN AMKRICAN WOMAN, THE Tf w wutMiif of a few ladlaa and gentlemen. G til at Mr?. llare ^X" >1 aat tlat at., la ilia roar, aorvud lloor, for two daya ouff. U7ANTEl)-l>T A RESPECTABLE TOUHO WOMAN, A attutllon aa i-uainitrrmald and to do lino wnaklng. Ilea l ho brat of nty t-afaroace. Can be acea for two uaraat IM 13th at. - WANTKD?BY A SCOTCH rRKSBYTERIAH WOMAN, a a.tiintiou ta 0'iok; midrr.taud. coo.iiig In all ita br?uohra: go'd city rel?rrni ?. ('all at 1S? oth at., Gltnton Glare, in th" rear, rv oi 111. Ho objactlou to go a .hoi t dla inca (it Hum-nullify. WANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A TOl'NO OUtr,, AS chainbrrm >ld aii>t to aa?l?t In washing and Ironing; would make horwlf generally nawftil; good reference fnmi bur laat plaoe. Inqmra for two day* at !W Weal 19Ui at., drat floor, trout room. "OUNO WOM AN WANTS A SITUATION AS 8KAM Gall at 108 Weat 13th at., baaeinenl door. IlEltP WAMTH-rKMALE*. AN hgnebt, industbious giiamhkr oirl want"d?Oue who nuderauad aawlng, raferanaea ra t|ulred. Call at 63 Amity at. A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND 1RONRR WANTBD for a entail private family. Ap;fy at tl? Weat 3Uh at. OIRL WAHTKD-POR PLAIN SKWINO AND chamberwork; muat bara good refaranoe. Gall at M eat Pith at. VDRKSSVAKKR WAHTKD-TO WORK BY TIIE week; muat ba a (rood Utter and trimmer of ladlea' draaaea; one who u rule nit and* Ororer A Baker'* machine p.efarrrd. Apply at 166 Keat Mtk at. SMART, CLEAN (URL WANTKDWTO DO ORNR ral homework; muat ba a goad plain oook. Apply at Baat SOth at. A A f2J'lL WANTED?MUST BR A GOOD WASHER AND \JT ironer Ind pi dn aook; th* baat at citr refaiauca ra quired Apply at Itf Weat tad at., bar>m-n t d.xtr, TIT ANTED?IN A PRIVATE PAMILT, A GOOD LAI N ff drraa, whn la willing to a<?tat In hou<ek*en|ng; none but ihowt with good city reference need apply at l< Weat ?id ?Ireei r. t ? ' ' * j WANTED-TWO TOUHO LADIES TO ATTEND IN A aaipon. Apply at lay Qrand at. WA?rT?P~i "It'.V1* jeADT'S MAID AND SEAM Aff 7 *'?' rafoiMneaa at M Kaat flat it. WkBTRP?A OIRL TO DO ORNBRAL HOUSEWORK; TY muat be a good weaker and Ironar, and bring city ra lergnoe. Apply at 117 >tb at. WANTKD-A OIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IRON, In aprlrate family; on# willing apd not afratd ta work. apply at Ho. P Kaat H.b at., Iietweeu Broadway and 4th ar. IVANTED-A RBSPKCTABLR. INDUgTBIOUS TOUHO TY roman ta attend a bakfry; one aeeuatomad to the liualneaa. wlih good oily rararance, may apply at aes flu ar., fnrow K'th at. XL? ANTED?A MIDDLE AORD PROTESTANT WOMAN TT ro do general homework far one lady aeran mlla* In the ewlft AW'lf at No. g Ht. Mark a plica from U ?> I o elnek thb day ( rrtday^ TITAHTRP-A COMPETENT WOMAN TO OOOK. WASH ^,aiR.VtWr Hit? WABTBO-FBHALU. W^ ktrk ^-J^fioTjurrAwr oirl to do genreal kuA. ?work in ? amatl i s rally. rauat be ? good ooiik, VMtttflnt 1P0!}?^' rwfagsue* lrom laatemployer. Ap fir at su Ja, v>a*t a4UDii!*hTueoi /*? ? ? ????*??* ? wotniMiwii u? pari men i aud pea fui-?l?WM department in n large house Zt& " *.MH Poet ogee. WANTED?A Jti \OTKSTAllT. GIBL TO DO GBN YY eral houaowor. I f'^BJ iW wMhlcg and ironing) for j email family. Calt, "Hi WmttSthst. WANTED?A mi T CUM COOK, WASHER AND Iroaer, aMonoom Potent chambermaid; family email: Beranc# frOm last phut1 ??<tUvg|y daman dad, Apply at 17 piaoo, Brooklyn. v TV ANTED_A GIBS* _ COMrHn*T A? COOK, YY waahor and irouee, Aid aeeiat In general hooeework; ?eod re tare nee. Apply of**MAT*. at WWMWA, fvw mi door. WANTED?A NURSE, AlfccURTOMRD TO THB CASE of young children, In day abort diataaoa la Ike omtn try. Cell. with referenoe*, aTH Waat IBthaA tVANTED?TWO GIRLS; ONE TO DO OBBBRAL TV bouaework, and ona about fourtnaa ream af ago,to attend children in a amali family. Apply at 181 Want Mm ?> WAITRESS WANTED.?WANTED. A COMPETENT, rained waitress, who haa uqdoubted rafaiauaa aa ta character and exuertenee. Apply to Mr*. Poraando Wood, Broadway and 77th at WANTED?GIRLS TO OUT CARD BOARD; ONLY thoae who understand the buslnea*. Apply at No. M Chamber* at, room No. J, up atolra. WANTED?A SOUTHERN COLORED GIRL AS FIRST claaa ch.iiubermald and waltiwas, and ta aaaiat in washing and ironing. Apply at 491 Weat 884 at., between S ...1 II A 11 claaa chambermaid and wni'raaa, _and to aaaiat in log and ironing " and Il o ciooit A. M. WANTED-80ME TOUNO WAITER OIRL8, FOR A concert a&loon. Apply at Urania Hall, 187 Riving ton. alreet. . WANTED?TWO GIRLS; ONE TO COOK, WASH AND iron, the other to do up stair* wort Call at 11 Weat Baltic ft.. Brooklyn. WANTED-A YOUNG OIRL. TO 'ASSIST IN WASH ing and general housework. None need apply but a thoroughly good girh Call between 10 and 18 A. M., at S3 'ANTED?A YOUNG OIRL, TO.'ASSIST IN .WASH log and ?ougtily gc Irving place. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL AS CHAMBER maid and waitress, with good city reference. Call at 8 8 Weat 83d ?t. WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL UNDER FOURTEEN, IN au oflice. Address, in own baud writing, elating age, boy 8,489 Post oflice. TV ANTED?A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT WAITRESS Yl and a sals'nut chambermaid; refsrouoe from last plaee positively required. Apply at 88 Weat Slat at from 10 until TV^TCb-A PROTE8TANT WOMAN AS NURSE AND fV seamstress; good city referenoe required. Apply from 10 to 18 at 40 East 86th sf WANTED?AT 1SS WEST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, A thoroughly oompeient nurse, with city reference. WANTED?A COOK; ALSO TO ASSIST IN WASHING and ironing. Apply at 80 West 82d at. ?yyANTED?A OOOD COOK. WASHER AND IBONER; and Btli St,,ne?i9tU av. WANTED?A PROTESTANT TOUNO WOMAN TO take care of children. Beat of referenoe required. Apply at No. 7 Eaat 3d at., near the Bowery. WET NUK8K WANTED.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN con hoar of a good place as wet nurse by applying be tween the hours of 10 aud 8 at 86 Marion si Uood reference required. alio a acame'ress and chambermaid; must bo willing and obliging, and have good reference. Apply at 847 Weat ?ITUATipjfS WANTHD?MAliRR. r YOUNG MAN OF LIBERAL EDUCATION AND good moral habits desires a situation lo aomo Insurance office,banking or commission houM. wlUi aylowof brooming thoroughly acquainted wjtlj the bualneee. prior to opening for himself; salary not an object; food referenoe glveu. A?F ares* 0. \V. H., HerahLefflce. r* P t K f , mm * a I . I t iT^ . ?wwassaaewwe^mygffiljmmyffimwffipaffi^waMfcmJbBsiwwqBpJwffijfrifap I A fHORuy'OHLV COMPETENT DBUOOIST OK tB4 A years' experience la both the manufacturing and pre ^ M AflffiICA.EfB^^^iffUAWOy AS gooe given. lW MiKit<r American boy, or ia dehiISA ai waiter In a Small private family. C laackar at., uoar Wooaler. A THOROUGH APOTHECARY WAlftS A MTCATIOn! A.Reference Oral oUaa. Addrese Apeibeoary, Herald flil; boat f raftrbqeae glraff. idB?jTft, IfnraM office. (HON WANTED?BY A RBBPKOTABMf MAN, florin a hotel or stern; wrritea agnM plain hand; t of hard work; hoi food eKy mfaiawBoa. CaU an r. 8., rm Kaat Ifth aT7 room U. YXT ANTED? BY A WELL EDUCATED MIDDLE AO ED TV bualnaaa mas. employment In a position of truat whara energy, exactness and lotarrtlr are requlredt the care of an oatala preferred. Addraaa H. E. C., Herald office. ?WTANTED-A SITUATION, EITHER AS BARKEEPER TT or porter In a "'ore. by a young man who la capable of filling either aititallnn, and who haa the boat of referenoe. Addreaa Jam** Oooney, 71 Suffolk aL COAC HMEN A N O O A HDEICKKS. PROTESTANT MAR WISHES A sTtUATION AS ooaohman and arooin; can ba well recommended by last employer, lnquir* at 1M Ureenwloh ar., UU an A (aged. zzjr : ! CLERKS AND IALK<*ME!(. GENTLEMAN Of SO WANTS A SITUATION IN ANT capacity; I" a competent bookkeeper. speaks English I French well and has teat city reference. Addreee J. Gerard, station D. A TOUNO MAN, AN EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER, A desires sn engagement; Is thoroughly poated In either double or single entry. Ueferenee Ir.mi (sal employer end others. Addre .j R. K. II., Broukly n Poll office. A YOUNG?MAN WITH A THOROUGH KNOWI.EDC.K ix of the hsrtlwsre business deelres s sliusttnn In the above line, cither special or jobbing, or would teke a situa tion as entry clerk or In any rapacity where good business capacity ana elose attention are requisite. First class elty reference,. Address Carlton, Herald office. I rifl/TcW A S^Tt 'A'1-ION-AS H'S iV present engagement haa about terminated. 1 he lies I or rjrereme furnlthed. Address for one week H. O. Root, 7i west Broadway, New York. AN 1JNOU.HHMAN, AGED 31. DK?IRB9 A NITUA iff tiou as clerk; writes a good business band, and is quirk and correct st aeeounts; would not object to go In the roou try. Address T. J. H., Herald office. AGKNTI.KHAN NOW HOLDING A CONFIDENTIAL position, w Ishes to mid with a situation ?< receiving or forwarding rlerk, or other ontdoorcmnloymenl. Highest (pfercace given. Address W. 8..'JWitb ar. CLERK9HIP WANTED?IN A BUIPPINO OR IM porting house, by a yonug man 18 years of age. who speaks and writes French, Herman and English; salary no object. Address L. ,f.. Herald ofllce. CLERK WANTKD?IN AN ATTORNEY'S OFFICE, who writes a good baud. Address Clencus, b?z 11! Ilcrabl oflioe. LOUR SALESMEN WANTKD?To TRAVEL IN THB Eastern S.ates and New .Icrscy; liberal arrangement wiH a'so be made with a sulesnu.o hsvlog good city end nrar by trsds. Address J. IV. A P., Herald oiboo. F SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT AND thoroughlr eiperlenced person, as bookkeeper or nashier and bo"kkepei; lis- a thorough knowledge ol tlie produce oommisslon and I he shipping and commission hutmess. and ean uralsh the best testimonials as to charaeter and ability. Address W B , leu i.ltii Post office. O IT CATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG AMERICAN O n,a, as stock elerk In a lobbing house; reTer-ncr from present employer. Address Hosiery, Herald office. TO COTTON BROKERS.?THF. ADVERTISER WISHES a clerical position In the office of a cotton broker; beta thoroughly rorisrraant with tha ionline of office duties est. Li'se.ory refereuees sa to business capacity; no romnnera tlon icniilred uutll services are rendorcd available and ap preciated. Addrera A. F., Herald oUloa> WANTED-AN INVOICE CLERK, IN THE OFFICE of a wholesale dry goods house Address box 2,OH# Poet ofllee. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A BUSINESS MAN, If who haa served la the capacity ot bookkeeper, super* lutendcut, secretary ami treasurer of various e tanUebtMOIa; will take an Interest in the hustness If necessary; best of re ferences given. Address Gardner dames, Uruv idenco, R. I. ANTED?A YOUNG MAN AS SALESMAN IN A aianufdcLirlng and Importing dress trimming house one thoroughly acquainted wlih the rlty Jobbing trade re quired. Aadieaa, with reference, Trimmings, Herald officer w TIT ANTED?IMMEDIATELY, IN A JOBBING HOUSE, VV for* few weeks (with a probability of permanence;,

a young man who n riles a good hand Address in own handwriting for two days, R, hoi ft Mat) I'ogt office. W^HANTED-A COMPETENT SALESMAN, IN A wholesale o'oak house, who has a large trade of hia own A A W. E. COKWIN, & Walker aL \\TANTED?AN ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER; SMALL* V? aalniy giveB; not over $7. Address for three days box I,WW Post office. Y\fAVfBlb-A f&UNO MAN OK ENERGY, AS OUT IT door clerk. Address, with references, H. P. Clarke, 18 Broadway. WM ANTED?A RELIABLE BOOKKEEPER. ADDRESS box J,it!" Post oflioe, giving refeinncos, amount of ?alary required, Ac. JOr. WILL BR GIVEN FOR A SITUATION AS ?Pays) bookkeeper, eaahler or rterk In a hotel, by on? who Is thoroughly rested la the business; best references. Ad dress Edgar, Station G. HELP WWTRD-qiLNA ^ A LI' DESIRING SITUATIONS APPLT AT NEW YORK iff. Employment Association. I'M Broadway; olerh, por. lera, nrlrefs and sail others. VseitTANT AND STOCK CLERK agd s yoang man who writes s fair hand; merchants wishing help iurnlshad grstla. Call at 111 Nassau ?L, agd a yonng man who writes a fait hand; merchants WWi NffiffiBMBMBlMMMBffillffiMBR^ room No. 9. Ah young man wanted-of good hartts and address, srlth a few hunnrnd dollays'o sptlal, as pa.tneri Steady Weekly InriWs* $Mpgr ??eh; referenose ntcbvogrj; uy ^ven ft. tav^ptgHffL Call aV IU Nagnatg aL, MtP WAITTHIO?MAXJ49. AW- DEtTRlN^EXObLLfeNTarrUATIONS, llTflpL nepertrqenta of bualu***, call 61 Chamber# street; <te linble y-ioanoTes thU d*y. 8?i?ries $10 to $&) par week A RENTS WANTED?AjCQCAINTKD WITH TUB TEA, ooffee Mlfftce trade. Apply at Union Ton Store, MO Hew Bo aery. ATOUNO HAH, WITH 900I. OAK OBTAIN A 81TUA ttoo worth $8,006 a year flood refereuoe gfren and required. ifiLb A CO.. 1 Maseau street, oHee ?DOT WANTED J* AW O^FICE-ABOUT 10; MUST 20T WANTBD-A LAD flt OR 16 YKAK8 OLD, TO DO feneral work about ofw and stare. A 60ms. in own tdirtllbs J. A. R.SeefcdHerald ~ ?DOT WaNTER-IK A BROKER'S OFFICE. APPLY ?D ftonat to 10. at It flee at., twek eWee. ?eood leor. ROL'Jgf 5^* SAHKBIO MOUBB. ADDREM TNMPLOYMBNT.-A OOMFBTBNY MAN CAN HATS J2l permanent eHoetien and nod wane a* dell rarer wnuy agegH. Apply nt W Itsskwae'M.Tuird Poor. SHTBBT FAMILY WILL BUY ONR OF THE BARTLT ? Improved Sewing Maehlnea; only |B Agente <? ? Larger cdumieaioos or selarlea pal. I than on an? ( machine. A. HAVENS, Wh. \eeaie Agent, KM BroadrTajr, room No. I. PIDLER* AND AORNTS WANTED.?CALL AT Orand ei., Mow Tork. or 71 Main at.. Brooklyn. TWO ENEROETIC TOUNO MEN w/nt.VD-TO MELT. olU on oommlaaton. Addreaa O. W. A Co., Herald WANTKD-AN A< TV the city real en quire or l. soil, at a XT1VB, INTELLIOBNT MAN. FDR aetata bail note, outdoor department. In "" New ?t? rooms IS end OA WAITER; NONE NEED AT perfectly understand their business, tier U A. M-, for two daya. , TUANTED?A MAN A* 1 TT ply enlese they perfee App'jat HflBlhnv.. after U TirANTED-BT A CITT LIF1 INSCBANCB^OOMFA ?V ny, aereral J rat claw canraaaera. Literal terms are offered to capable men. Addreaa, with references, Life In ?ttrauoe, Br raid ofllee. WATTHR -WANTED, A FIRST CLASS MAN WAITER; brat city references required. Apply at 33 Eaht 10th St., before 9 o'clock, or later at M Maiden laue. WANTED-A TRAVELLER WHO CAN BBINO GOOD cash paying orders to an ala brewery, (Brat claw;) only those who have established city and oountry custom. Ad dress Varltaa. Herald oflloe. WANTED?A ROT ABOUT 1* TEARS OLD. TO DRIVE coupe and d > errands for house. Apply, with refer ence. nt northwest ooraer of 90th si. end 4th ay. WAMTED-AN ACTIVB MAN, FOR THB OUTDOOR deportment of n real estate and lnsuranoe ofllee. Liberal terms given. Apply at Si Chamber* at., room No. A TIT ANTED?A RESPECTABLE BOT, II TEARS OT il age, as cash boy, salary $100 per annum, at dames A. Hoarn A Son's, 77$ Broadway. WANTED?IN OFFICE, A BOY ABOUT IB YEARS of nge. who write* a good band, of good address, and who llrea with his parent*. 8*1* nr Brat year $900. Apply to James R. Edward*, real estate broker, 277 West 88d at. ?fXTANTED?AN EFFICIENT AND RELIABLE MAN. V V to ranyuae for a Brat class weekly financial paper, well established and farorably known; the position will prore very desirable for a good man. Address hex 8,878 Poet oflloe. YJkJANTED?SEAMEN, ORDINARY SEAMEN. LANDS Vf men, Bremen and oosl passers, fbr the United State* Nary. Apply at the reudexron*. 89 Cherry street. N. B? Those having trades preferred, aa eoalpeseers. ~1bVROPKAW 8TBAHHHIPS. The Hamburg American packet company's * """"SLaWjaU. N. Treutmann, commander. oa trying the United StatCi mil, will mil oa Saturday, Jmulrr 1 at IS M? for HAMBURG. _ . Hamburg. Han*. Southampton and , $126: aeoond cabin, $75; a tec rage, taking Fin* cabin, . a bit in gold or Its equivalent. m M II ? . IIIH rr m m ? I ? my I mm ? ? b^fo?/owYortanjHarr$.??mMat8rw|. . . .. $Wor?>uU for the 4**m. **"?* ? '-1 lEOBOK MACKENZIE. Agenl, $? Broadway. , h^ATHJNAL STEAM NAVIGATION SAMPANS; mun? ?UM ? Leaving pier <7 North river aa followa:?. LOUISIANA, Cantata Harrtugten. Saturday. January! PRNSSrt.VANIl, Captain Lawla, Saturday. Jaaaery 11 ERIN, f inula Cutuag, Saturday, January t$. THE QUBKN, CaptaliTUrogaa' Cabin paaaage, $1W: Staer^fn. $*). Cabin paaaage. $105; fltaenge, $00. Steerage paaaage tlckeii. to bring parties from Lbrerpoel or Qneenatown, for $35 in currency. Through paaaage to Parte, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremen, da. at lew rate*. ^? m Draita laaued for any amount, payable at any bank la Great Britain or oa the continent. For freight and eabtn paauge apply at the eMee of the iy. 67 H company, 67 Broad war. And i or a tea rage tlche-U at the paaaage office of Hie cose, pany, $7 Broadway and $7$ Pearl street near Fulton. P. W. J. HCBST. Ma STBAM TO LITERPOOI, AND QUKEN8TOWM TWICE A WEEK. PASoAUli SmcCKRKNOT. PREPAID TICKETS FROM LIVERPOOL OR QUERNS TOWN $35 CURRENCY. Apply to TAWCOTT BROS. A CO., $5 Routh street aed 3$ Broadway. STEAM TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QUEENS Iowa. The In man Idas, sailing semi-weekly, aarrylug the United Stale* Malls. CITY OF WASHINGTON Saturday, Jan nary A CITY OP CORK Wednoaday, January ft CITY OF BALTIMORE, January 11 ETNA Wednesday, January 1A CITT OF PARIS , Saturday, January 1$. and aaeh an< :??dlng Saturday and Wednesday, al noon, trom pier 15 N5rtl? rtyer. RATES OF PASSAGE. By the mall Msamer sailing erery Saturday. Parable In gold. Payable la currency. FIRST CABIN, $90 | STEERAGE. to 1.,'M loa. ^96 I to London, to I'aila, 10$ I In Pans. 4$ ateamcra Finn Cabin. $90; PaaiaJe by the Wednc.dav ati btoerage, $?*. Payable In United Rtalea currency, raeaengara also forwarded to I" ? aaaengarn aim forwarded to Ifayra, Hamburg. Bremen, Ae.. al noidarau rale* Steerage ivta-ege from Liverpool or Qneenalowa. $57 cur. cVeta ean ' ' ?' " ? reuey. TicVeta oan be bought hereby peraona eendlng for Utelr friend* 1 or further In forma fen, apply at the Company's offices, JOHN O. r DALE, Agent. IS Broadway, New York. CJTFAM TO Qt'KKNBTOWM AND LIVERPOOL kd front New York every Wedoeaday and Saturday. The CHICAGO aall* from Saw York on the fKh,of Jan uary, from pier 87 Kaat river, Cablu pnaaage $80 (old. Steerage PH. currency. Pa?e?ge to New York And remit tance* to Ireland at low rate*. Applr to WILLIAM? * OFIOK, 90 Broadway aud W South alreet CJTKAV TO (JCKKNSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL.?TITE l~ liOl Id I ANA tall* Saturday. January 5. P?o?|f $30 rur eu<-y: prepaid li k-ta $.13. Drafia on England and Ire land at Ion rat ratea. tpply at THOMPSON'S paaaagr offloe. 97ft Pearl atreet, near Ful'on. IOXTtOX AND NKtY YORK HTKAMxfTIF I.TNK. J Pat. age to Loudon, ill) WO and %y>. currency. Peaaage from Lmdon. $7ft. SOU and $3<t, cold. ATALANTA, Captain Plnkluun. from Now York, January HBLLOXA, Captain D'jon, from New York. February X CLLLA, C..pi*fn (?leadell. front Nrw York. Feliruarv 1(1 WILLI AM VENN, Captain Billlnge, from Now York, Fab roarv 31. . . The elegant Brltlah Iron atramalilp ATALANTA. 8,000 ton*, will leave plrr No. 3. North river, for London direct, on Saturday, January If. The aooommodiitloni for paaaengere on ttit* hIiIo am Hnaurpa*.*ed. Krelglit will be taken nnd through bltlr of ladlntr Riven to llavrr. Antwerp. Kofrdam, AuaUrdam and Dunkirk. For paatage apply In C1IA8. A. WHfTNKT, 36 Broadway. For freight apply at M South atreet. IIOWLAND A A8PINWALL. Agenta. FjTOR LIVERPOOL?CALLING AT QUBEN8TOWN ' Ounard aievmahlp AUSTRALASIAN, from New York January ? CHINA, from Boaton via Hallfai fanuavy It THRSIA. from New York January kt raaaaon wom-t mon npw roaa. Cabin $130 0? | Seoond Oa'dn fino raaairm mowft mo* noaro*. Cabin $128 0U| Second Cabin $10 Parable In Oold or Its Kipilvalent. For freight or peeeaee applr to 17 CUNARD, No. ? Bowling Green. THE STEAMSHIP ORPAT BASTBRN. IIAVIN<? FIRST elaa? accommodation for 2 fi(J0 naaaengera, will aall from New York direct to Hreal on the Ktb of April. Ktirther Information. a? regard* prieea of paaiage, will be advnrtlaed In n abort time. till NORTH ORRMAN LLOYD'S RTRAMSIHP II ANSA, K von Oterendnrp. maater. carry log the I'nlted Stalae malt, will aail from the Bremen pier, foot of Third atreet. Hoboken, on BATt'RDAY, JANUARY IS, BREMEN ?IAr?OUTnAMPTON, TAKtXO rASSKXflKRS TO LONDON, HAYBR, SOUTHAMPTON AND BRRMP.N, at the following ratee, payable In gold or IU equivalent In currency:? For the ft rat cebfn. $1*. eeaond oabln, $7Sj tlaeragp. ?87 fill. gold. To be followed by the eteamabln BREMEN. H. A. F. Ner naber. maater. on January St. 18(17. S? flght or ? qftt 61 Breed etreM. /XON8IONEES rBB PALMYRA AND AUSTRALASIAN V ero reoueeteg t" remove their good*, now lying ad their '"rrijiasCTCTVTis? . coaWwraa'aTKawamea. ' wlU deemleb in JAnnarp the Apt flUai etMnuMMSn - BAN FRANC'.SCO. Captain Bellm, Jannarj W. RANTIAOO I>K CUBA, Captain Smith. Jaonarv 10. from nlee 18 North rtver, font of Worren Mreet, et noon, with pa?*en>re and freight a* wry low rgtea. eoiwiwSn# ?toa^ehtp Oompenfc ?? I> 1 ITT Weak etreot. WM. n. W8??. PrealdenL X. Agent, oi. mow Mmroa etreot, H, rOAJVTWUm ITKAMMHIPI. PACIFIC MAIL STHAMflNIP OOW PANT'S A THROUGH LINK TO OATJPOHWTA, OA RUT mo U N IT ED KfATlig MAIL, VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Simmers leave piar At North rivar, foot of Canal signet, ?t M o'clock, oooo. u follow* ? I>?o. 31-NEW YORK, Captain W. O. Furber. eonneetlng I with CONHTITtTftON. CudT.Ii. Cavarly. , Jon. II, W49?1IKNRV GHAUNCEY. Captain A O. Grey, oocnsotlog with OOLDBN AUK. Captain UpUp.HH Ju. 31-GUBINQ STAR. Captain T. A. Harris; with GOLDEN CITY, Captain J. T. Watktna. Huili,.?nMlhf All departure* touoh ot Ampuls*; those of tot and Slut oounect at Panaota with steamor* for South PanMe porta; 1st snd Uth for Central America* porta, and thoao of lot Departure of 11th aaeh month eoanocte with Jko wow Steam lino from Panama to Aoatrmlla and Now Zealand. Steamer of Marsh iL nr. wtU eoonoct with the com. ponjr'a steamer COLORADO, to leave Yhkohama and Mom *<">?. ?o April 1 I (Cr'imV attandanoo free. for in mm tiekota and all further Information apply at thooflEwTStho^Crf. fob tri Canal street. NorJhrlver, Mow Tort. P. R. BABY, Ageal. JDOR CALIFORNIA. YIA PANAMA. O'eloek. m Knlpil Freight rooelrod M nanat mZXS?iSHUS/Maf"* WELLS. PARCO A 00., m~m Sola Freight Agents, P. M. 8. 8. Co. IT. JOHNS, P. R.. ST. THOMAS, LAGUAYBA AND ) PORTO CABELLO. The Brat class ataamahlp MERCKlilTA, Carrying the United States Malta la now roselring freight at pier a East river and will sail TDR8DAT, JAN CARTA at S P. M. The boats of this Una make connection with *teamera from St. Thomas for Jamaica. Windward Islands. Ac. For freight or passage apply to HSflTU A DUNNING, 88 South etreet. POR ST. THOMAS AND BRAZIL. UNITED MATES AND HKA7.1L HAIL 8TBAM8HIP COMPANY. REGULAR MAIL 8TKAMBRH, salting on the 33d of erenr mouth:? NoBTlI AMERICA, Captain L. P. Timmerman. January 32. BOOTH AMERICA Captain E. L. Tlnklepangh, February 21. GUIDING STAB. Captain Geo. R. Slocurn..... March 33. These elegant steamer* sail with regularity, and call at St. Thomas. Para, Pernambueo. Bah Is and Rio Janeiro, going and returning. ' FUr engagement 0f freight or passage, apply " * "RlSON A ALLEN, Agents, GAKr . __ No. 8 Bowling Green, Now York. poR SANTIAGO DB CUBA, VIA NUBVIXAS. The Bret class fast sailing ?, earner, rAll KBB, JOHN STIRLING, Commander, carrying the United States mail, will leu re Pier 38, East river. Saturday, January A 1867, at 8 o'clock P. M. precisely, for the above port. All letter* must pass through the Post offloe. For freight or paaaago. having superior state room aoootn WAYDELL A CO., MB South street. corner Dover. 1710R HAVANA, VIA NASSAU, N. P. r The Bntleh and North American Royal Mall Steam Packet Company** new steamer CORSICA. Captain La Meeurier, Win sail for the above ports, from the Company's wharf, at Jersey City, on Monday, Doc. 81, and Monday, Jan. 38, at noon. Pasaage money to Nassau ||i Psssage money to Havsns SO Payable In gold or its equivalent. For freight or passage apply to E. CUNARD, Ne. 4 Bowling Green. OR HAVANA, VIA NASSAU. N. P. The British and North American Royal Mall Steam North American Royal Mai Packet Company's now Steamer CORSICA, Captain La IIei tho above porta, from the oo surler, will sail for the above porta, from the oompauy's wharf, at Jersey City, bn MONDAY. JANUARY S8, and MONDAT, FEBRUARY SB Passage money to Nassau $48 Passage money to Havana W Payable lu Gold or Its Equivalent. No freight reoelved on day before sailing. ~ Tfreqflitf For fre%ht or passage apply to E. CDNABP. ? No. 4 Bowling Orlea. TTATANA, 8T8AZ1 AND VERA CRUZ TO HATAXA ttwrtngant atdawhaal eaol nui'. ??.w VF ORLRAN8 STEAMSHIP UNI Srras% s. Intra Urenn. Inta la For MISSOURI n^wUf'""!?*? ?{??? ? C. K. OARRfttoN, Prmtdgnt, go. g Bowllna Cram. FUAiuMtoAML?"w2i^J!I^T?TnuMnAT.-Tira *eam?*lpn Company1. aidawhaaf I iuw* BARWRS> 0,Pui? Morton, aaUa Thurnday, I Juuiuy ft!* lATInoaroS' C.pum Dakar, aaU., Ftom p(er MNorth rlrar, at t V. *.. pr-/-l?alr sp^^taWUe | . . MTMroi^W. yo? * CO.. AganK, Sg Llbertr .tmat Empire ukk Ton SAVANNAH. Brery Saturday, from pier No, U North rlrar. i PjwmHj at * o'clock P. M., SAN ?ilvii?oi^?!!I?Bdnwheel ateam.hlM SAN JacintoV"a 0<>ni,l,mu'1"r- January ft, Ttlmnri. ^mmandar, ailla January 12 Through tirkrta and tvtlln of lading to al) point. ! ?. T. F?* "T?5tV&fJKra?1T _/]?" new endelag.nt Steamship ZODIAC A. F Rodaara ssnsaiffj;".fiftV"' *? dg* s^S^'S S5? ?sswraaa1 i ?"?"&?& Kg; F?V.??SSra b&^SJSS3U& QUAKRR?cIrr" the f!1T'ir,t? .?<> elegant atoamahlpa ' SARAQ08SA, ANDALUSIA, ^ JT.V* JTa" ?'? ?*'*? ro<>* Of WM1 a?rwAlK^rAy 5SST~ywf'. * ?*? M ronnectlng at Chnrloat m with th? UdnSI L . 1 ?or ,h* Florida porta. Through Mil. of Camlfnf ?PIii 1 5?"U* ,n '?oonactlnu with the South F?5. CHARLESTON. S. C.-THB PEOPLE'S MAIL ahln unaSg1? <^"npony- Th* regular and popular .team ahlp MONhk A, Captain Lahhy, win laara on Wrdnraday. January #, at 3 P. Q? from pi if No. M North r.rer. Uu? 4u *i' on 8a'?rl,aj morning at Gharloainn rhrough tmkau and bllla or lading leaned to all polnta i rwrffiMSS.1!?".Eftfr ?!?? South Caroline Rallrood ?J'l IROSTON, FoX A OO., Agenu, Ml Liberty atrart. pOERICMMOND, NORFOLK AND CITtItoINT. The aldewheel ataamahipa conn** km a. L1TINOSTON, POX A OO., AgooU. M Liberty atraat TRATELLER.V Ul lUE. 3 Hudson river and harlkm railroapslI Traina for Albany and Troy, aonnertlnc with Northern ?""an 'r*ln*. >???* Nfw Yoi k, Tla Ttudaon River Rail, road. Thirtieth atrart and Tenth arm,,a. a end 13 A M f- j,-iy- ?:a?*Bd.lLP' *?' ariHrla Ilarlom Railroad. T*raa "''Fourth arrnna at II A. M. and 4:1# P. M. Tha ? 30 P. M. train cm Hndann Rlrar will ran on Snndaya, rjTRfrs z,% ? ?r?taT. Sunday train on Hudaoa Rlaar Road, Naw Tork to Pouch kaapata and rrlnrn, loarlnf Now Tork at 3:30 A. M., and on 10 Mlu'rton "dr*ior WM. H. TAWDP.RBILT Vloo Fraaldaah SALES AT AUCTION, A -SAMUEL jrrNN A CO., AFOTIONERRS.-BLK ? g?"t ILaaaahoM Pnrnttnro. Pianoforte, Patntlncr. k>> >t aucUoa on thhlday (PrMsyo, at Iho brown .Uci Mmiae 44 Waat Sliternlh atraet. batwraii Fifth and Hlath aranuaa, rnla camniarwtng at II o'alock?Snprrb Parlor Pur nitura. oorarad hrucatal and i -- eaaa, I ?? Cooaha Sal ?PTT'I Bliqm by amtnant artlata, ISUtuary, Rronaaa. walnut Uuraau^n^^^in^i^S ding f?t?"Hir, "?"j levU| OtttMTV. Ka A.^OTnixiAiii miv* ?>n* la *tl?nd??.a |o pa^aad ri&o** \hm eoada/^ A. ?fotl manl, JDmriBIBMi uartlculgra an 6. W8KVLR r. TTIRALL, AUHTIONBKR, LA PALES ^^KiuaAv Atimoir. " vnvv ^^vWNrii/tfwww.'vy/vvvvvvvVW^to A WmOM NOTKlB-M. ROTH, AUCTIONS BR, A HKRHQflHP* .,*.*... -asarri ,.U.J MfggBgBgqBg jsjHN consisting of magnlilcesl rosewood Pianoforte, Stool P*""Viy. Ktofiern improvements, full miu sad a kalf^H ??fc |2oww?mS8 brooatel; Works kCtv:;^,si5!^E*SW Tabb^Buffet and Dining Chain to match: Oval aat^^H Mirrors; bisek walnut SuRs cowered with haircloth gross rspa; Mastwslnut and rosewood Hedeteada and^H raaus; ifrtrng and Hair Mattreaaaot Sofaa and Rock^H ahaaan at a rsasenabls charge! V ?gs ast^ | BMi umih ii 111 mii i > ? LRKDjBM comprising a large and highly valuable collect ten ad Vlt most deslrabie Pictures la this oountry, raaaaaty ltapor(0 and uow on exhibition at the Studio Building, at Waat TaSB ?treat, near Stalk avenue. UBNRY H. LEEDS A MAKER will eeB by anotion. on the even ng of Thursday, jab cart mi at IK a'olook pnwiMlv. at the STUDIO BUILDING MAb?T^ju!uAM.BOOLLBCTI0H Of PICTURES disposed of by auction thia season. Among other oelabratedaritata will ha fouad the lng, vti;? Meisaoolsr, Krera, Scblesslngar, Bulperez, Antigna, Le Potter In, Ln Salle, Verbockh Alms Tndeaaa, A. Arhenbach.^^^^^^^^^^^^H others. The above collection will remain on exhibition at the a'.udio until the sale, free, and alae three evcn.ugsH g8rt*a J^Y HBBBT H. _ LEEDS * MINER. 5NRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONHlR GALLERIES, 817 and 819 BroadwQF r EVENING, J ANUARY T, _ _ HENRY At the "LEEDS ART 1 OB MONO AY _ At haif-paat Seven o'clock, An Invoice of EUROPEAN ORIGINAL CABINET TURKS, by oelobrated and favorite Artists, just recelvjm and never before exhibited, oornprlning several 9ne WATn COLOR DRAWINGS, in all, about 1(10 PIOTUBBB W VUUVU A/JVA vT A an vro, IU ah, awu? ?w * GREAT MERIT, consisting of the worts or Troyon, David, Pecrus, Diaz, Esoosura, Pons, Decamps, Niewenhuya. Oarot, Ones. Malhleu, C. Hna. De Dreux, Pauvelet, C. Jaoqust Chaplin, Brissoi, Couturier. Meisaonlrr, Rosier, Kibot, Lambluet. Noel, Lanfant Da 1 Gustave Core, Cortes. Dm pre. They will be open for exhibition on and from Friday, JaaBt ary S, day and evening till 10 P. M. to time of sale. ^ * BY HENRY H. LEEDS A MINER. HENBY H. LEEDS, Auotloneer. On Raturday. January 0.1BU7, at lOjf o'clock, ah aw aalW room No. 9S Liberty street, HOU8EBOLD FURNITURE, consisting of a _ sortmcnt, removed for oonrenlaoce of sale, Including lor. Dining Room, Library and Chamber FuraMdra; Brt Ingrain and Velvet Carpets: gilt frame, French plate, and Mantel Mirrors; rosewood and black walnut Bad! and Parlor Furniture; black walnut Library Sulking reps; blsck walnut Offlce Desks and Chairs, Dec* Varna, Mattresses, Pillows, Bolsters, Ac.; China, Ocw Glassware, Ae. Also an assortment at Kitchen Kurult Also, at 13 o'clook, a few cases of first class Obampaga Btoek of atoy nil fancy atora. Bale poaltlvo. lq lgty BbVrkr, AUCTIONEER, WlLLaKLLtfft ? "!???*7. <. ln?t.. ?t 1 o'clock, the furiiture lui w of tho cigar atore and bo?rdia| hoaw ? street. **** ?; aucFiokbbe. 6F HORSES, OAEBIAQJtS, HaInKSSI, SLBtOfl* ? c CROB8 arts Am whim I I IUtiljr M ?ur RiniAmHm Ibtft oomprMing about thu tcaa Sum? rocfu<l public to an examination of fheae Ana representative Work* of Ameilcan talent, ? the en oom turns of foreign oiuusiliseilia. i ?SSL ^jUi!l."t vth#r n**d onlf ?? bg ? ??g3& WtS"Sp5S Sf5ar^ o. W, &JS2"y ?*??"*?? *? S3 Ink uiEVkE*! ,.vaTOrtete? Regular bora* aalae at *7 M ?A Saturday, at U o'clock. H*S^^^XK?K?W;z=sat ITTBNRT FB'ltmaN. AIJOTlONgBR-MKCLT IH '},Sf ? olock. all the elegant Furniture conn In houee III Broadway. Furniture conalata Dart of C'?.^ rirTZr*' S?"?'? aB* Cnrpete, tt with all the Kltoben f urniture. Halo will be nndX lota. Dealer. Invited. Also Isttgr ^r? QaMIJgSff .T??JLi" ^AWDHJFATBR. ADCTIONERB. NO. 5 Sfe,f?H:rrreL?-ThU ** * U ?" ^ Bay Hambletonian Bare. 15t< bands, T mare, kind el h"s?? iffl kjj A. ua5h^Sx?6febsr3d Iyoare o& kind In all barn... or undw tl3 StddlaHS and eaay traveller, perfectly gentle; will trot la 2 Mi warranted aa represented. Cortiaud A rat olaae riMt Roboa, Haraeea. new and second band. Regular antes, Tuesday and Friday. T BOOART, AUCTIONEER, SATURDAY TaJTOJ *1 ? ft at 10)<-o'clock, at the aactlon room. No I ?, William alrrn, comer Frankfurt, large aale of HonS* Furultnio, coa.iating of a general aesortment of Pari 12m, ro<'m? 'Jl"*rya?.d Kitchen PornltuiW 1 Billiard Table (Tea chandelier, Ac . Ac. Alao a lotefM net call 1 for from former aale. Alao one Bu alneaa ene Home. Cart and Haraeea. I" BOOART. AHpTlONlBR. WILL HELL, ON 8 I. \ '' ?'"??"'It'' '"I. 'T virtue <?f a chattel mo w-11 f .a,}ctl?J* room N(K 1 Worth William e?roet Mill. I Splor Mill, I Code* MH1, shading. Halting, ' Hangars, PI air banks' Pisiform Scale, Ac., gj. P. GALYIN, Attorney for Mo -pAWNRRORKR'A HALB. ?THIS PAY, AT BRLfc A J IN GRAHAM'S. M Nrw Bowery, MO L ?t? uf Men s aJ Women ? ' 'ethlng. silk arid other Dresses, Bedding, BooC Shoes. Ac., large hoi of Carpenter's Tools: also a fine lot 9 Watrhea ar.AJewalry. By order of L. Goldsmith, No, ? A bony alroev 1? R ROLLINS A CO . AITTIONERR8, WILL I JV. tbla ihy, at two o'clock, at AM Canal atreot. Feather lleda. llatr and other Mattresses, Bolsters am lows. Shoots, Comforters. Blankets, Spreads, Pillow C Blores, I shies. Chairs, Parlor Suite, In iepa: anaaai Chamber Suits, walnut and mahogany Hat Stands, grre.. Wardrobes. Bureaus, Wash-lands, Damask and 1 CurtalnA Maoial, Bar and l'ler Mlrrora, Chswdellera, and con -h Beds.'s, three ply and IngrmnCarpa cloth. Malting, gllver l'Uted Wus, Cutlery, Wlaae, Cr and Chios Omamentev Kitchen Cteaalla and ell other I keeplugtlooda. Rich \rd~ wa i.tkrb, bhkriff'b adcTionki Sale lor account of wlxun It may rwncara?will thl? day (1'riday) rj l| o'clack, at auciwn store W I rrcviiiwar, a g 'ncrci asaortmont of Clothing, Coats, Pa esu, II we. Hosiery, ralinae. Shawls, Opera Cloaks, sno'alBkrrta, Shoes Bo ils, t5<>rseiA Hsnrrs, llals, Outl Flora, Ribbon* A?.. wlrti a rarlcly of aibar goodn. HhengN .nle fcr account if fovnear purchaser? AIMi WR ae'l 10 |4ec,.s of hoe white FUnuela, quanlily of HdlUR Katrta, Drawers, Ao. WO~FINK^HqKbR8 FOR BAI.^-AT YAJtDBWAn aucttnn, lrrt Liberty atreet. r> Uay, Jan. 4 at i> ?. bur llamtilntoalbn Mare. ISM, 7 vaars old,.eound and k nin-e gaited; wkrraiiied to trot In 117 or S One asp* iilsok llorse, Tyeara old; styiub and spirited driver; M b; sUmVwlfhoui 'ylng; soyind and kind; ran heal t, m Inutes, or double. The above horses are verv I and warm nted as rapreeealoj In every particular, and I atily for vruit of uoa and wllhuut reaerve. ?'nRpYttTIavi OK RtfiCK ov FANCT OOODB, ok rSfitaJSlF, at W?4 o'rlook, by COM A MUKPUt, at* yrVA avenue, Brooklyn U-dtivrfi BALK OF CLOTHING?OB FRIDaJI ^ ttk lupt, at 10 o'clock, st ? Fulton "mot. BrooUFfc ? ay COLB A JiuflJ'HY, Overcoats, Dreea and Hack OoaNJ, fLaWAe^biae. .j IV a general assort men l of Kara Is king mik Woollana, Hoalaty, Ao. fogN KBLLT, RberW. WH M WrfTfcR", At CtrONRBR, BELLS THIB OAf. at t o'clock, at tM ('anal street, 3 ParlXr Bulla, 3 n%# and J Maplel Mirrors, Iaa# and Damask Curtain#. C?nM/ Eitenslon and Athar Tablet; China, Glass. Bllverwar A Htores, Rocking and Othtt Chairs; Stagers. Bookcase, W'jJZ robe#, rosewood, mahogaur dud enamelled RulH: OdrUI tlalr MatLweeeajarge nailer Beds, Blankets, Sheets |K ESS?fe!raf,^Tirw3