Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 5, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 5, 1867 Page 2
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smrvnoivi -tv vTraiv-r*MAtit?. net nurse atioh wantkd-bt a nr speetabla young marrivj woman with a froah bra*-t or ?kDfc: n*? lost her U?b?. bee', city leferruoe. Cau hg?*e?,t?' m Waal 37lh at. second Door. Aannt ream A A NVMBKK OK WELL jXBCOMMKNOK.D CKKAN j\ girl* want situations at JCra 1. >we'? German linlUui", Yl ntaiuon ?t.. ncui Dowerr/; fTi t. || A SITUATION W $TEl)-BT A YOUNw"fclirf. TO J\ do light houaew ork o. to rated childraa la a private family. AdJre.-aJ. V D attlion P. A WIDOW LADY OF REFTNFWUNT. AriED 7* JV wi*be* a (ItuniiotM Aonaakoeporlii the Gacuty or a wvencr; where them are chllUen. Adder *s Bra Juiia Eraaklla, I'lira I'oat nflloe. N. Y. A COLOftM) WOMAN. FKOM WASHINGTON WANTS , a pUre as nur?> or MunArftu; ?he *ti *xcel I rec<?cnoaeud*u??u from her law plut?, wl^rc ?he liwa ?eventsn roars; a1?" a you #4 co lured girl aranU a piaee. * Ml r ? Apply at Ml WeatMttiat. A LADY, HAVING FROM $3,900 TO S4,<K> tg HEADY A. cash, can have tea entire charge of a uruall hrtei ?u SS'w,tti >bout ATOUNO LADY OF EDUCATION DESIBBS A SITIA. Horn as companion or boasoksoMr; ? oamfomNs hoaM the principal Object. AiMiw Mite J. Morrl^ afcdh'B ?? A RBSPRCTABLB PROTESTANT OIBL WISHES A A situation aa aeamatreaa and diaaamaker. Ina prtehto family. Can be aaen far three da/a. Call __al o. ah dram ay letter No. Wronyth at., teem No. A Nra Brown a A respectable tounO germ an girl Wants A ? aituatloa 10 do chamberwork an J American family. Call for two daya at 85 Forsyte K. {leather storeV, irom 1 to4 r. M, A ftOBMKD CQOC W1SHR8 A_jtt^AftOM? lat aiwll'd am., In lb? A^mii AMERICAN lady with a fresh breast or ? mliherlnc leather babe, would Hlte to take one to TSmat hV lealdonce, OlSouth lat at. Brooklya. X. D.; refaraooMMohansed a r.han family. 'c&ll at 447 Weatrth at A dfRL LATBLY LANDED WAXT8 A SIXtfATION A aachambermaid and waiter, act* aaatat la Ute wasbinAJ 2d iromug or to do general hattoewartt la a am all prtvatM A HI0I1LY RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A A attuation a* aurse; la fdlty uation aa aurae; la YBBy competent to lake entire ^Hef a baby or to tepdrteMVn children; can cut and hi children'* clothes and do phrii sewing. Olty reference. Apply at the U ar., betwaaa jfrth and Skh ate., drat Ibor, front, A SITUATION AB SEAMSTRESS WANTED?BY A J\. young :;iri who la a ft rat olaas operator on Wheeler A WUaon'a sewing machine. Call at Ud Woat 37th at., near 7th ar. A RESPECTABLE OBRMAN WOMAN WtSHKR A altuatlan aa oook la an Atuerioan family. Call nt 170 Oaaali A RE&PEOTABLB YOUNQ WIDOW. WITH A BOY or three veara, wiabee a situation aa bnoeekccper: has no objection to the country; can take care of a dairt. Call nil the weak at IMS West :sth at. In tkeaboe store. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECYaBIJ! PRO .? teatant woman, as cook, who undcratunna her biialne** ^aH^dabranohea. The beet of etty reference. Apply at bO A WELL EDUCATED LADY WISHRS A SITUATION A aa travelling companion toaome dlatant oountry. Ad dreaa A. Y., Herald odioa. A ^?RESPECTABLE PER80N WISHES A SITUATION A te oook, waah and iron, or to do houaowork, la n good family ; prafera a good place to the hlgheat wagea. . Call all ithe week at 88 West Washington place, rear house. ! . .-.m A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOIT.NO WOMAN. TO J\. do general housework. In a private family; la an excel lent washer and ironer end good plain cook; won't an in the oountry; no letters answered. Apply at the" bakery, U Bleeoker at. ALL FAMILIES WANTINU CAPABLE SERVANTS A Immedbttely and good Gorman girl., at the Employ ment Inatllute, 108 6th ar. MIDDLE AGED WIDOW L ADY WIH"^ A UITUA ? Hon aa housekoeper In a widower'* ratnilr; no objee tioa to chlidreo. Address for three <*??" ?n Francos, sta tion r. A BBSPE0T4BLR MARRIED LADY, WITH A 1 A breast of miU, dn.lre. to take c?re of a ehl would roceivo a mruoer'a; rood City reference, seen for two d.j . at 3BS Bast 1'illt at. ruEfm IM who Can be A TOUlfD AXEBIOAN GIRL DESIRES A. SI A ae anise, or would drf llglil chamberwor* . cau take charge ol a baby from lu birth; beat re tloua. Apply nt IBB Weat 89th at. , I tOIX lATION r.'tln.y imendu | - A HOUSFICBRrEU'8 SITUATION PK?1UED A lady of good address anif reBnomrnt; ooly whoarchoaorable and In sarnaetnead add rasa W otaWonC. -HT a p-r ;ona R. P., /BOOK'S BITUATION WANTED?BY A RliFPEUrABLE woman; would *=*l*l with waahlug and ironing: hna good olty reference. Ceil at 848 Weat 16th at. pfWfiV" nRBR*KA4ttfB ?TRIIUB TO GO OUT ?ndtitma. rWee *4 31 " 7?"w woman, la a good oook and manager; or would * C?BrttuUoaiir00m: ' C'1' fo'crenon Addrea* SOBSEKEEPER'S POSITION DESIRED IN A Win *? m"? p*rty of ceuUeintiii. U/% |4dr of r? ?AMI and ?ood ndlrwi; ?o? would u< c*p- inr l011 ?rable posiiioo. None but Itioaw wlio ar# libera lis ai*tvy?? fed tddress A. StilliirnD, hiition D. ?OUSK KEEPER'S POSITION DESIRED?IN A WID ower's family or with a party of gentlrmen. by a lady ?f reinement and good mldr-ea. . gid 80. would accept am hmiorahle position; uo objection lo the care of an itiralid, salary net an much a? a good home: the best of reference ?-'"'reaa A. B.. station C. HOUSEKEEPER'S BITIXATION WANTBD?BY A lady of education; no olijectloa to the country; can giro beat of reference. Addrea* I-. G. 8.. Herald old e. NDBBB?A RBhPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN would take a bahy te wet nurse at her onru home; can jjraOte bast of referlhcc. Call at Sid Ririogton at, room U'TOATION WANTED?BY A WELL KDUCATBD J-maan girl, to take care of children or lo take charge ofa hounr, ~aa do sowing. Apply at 6$ Norfolk at., drat ?^f7g*-BT THE MONTH. BY A RE steady perc'., w,th a Wheeler i Wilson wv. ^d.ffNindJoVfamUr^wTn,:^^^ help with the care of an Infant. Adai.^ p ^ station 0. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO SISThwn jitbt aE O rtred from France, aa nuraea in aa Ameff.^ f. jTi.. good reference given. Address at E. KnobeL HMwaat I3th at.. N. T. SITUATION WANTED?BT A TOUNO OINL. TO Dr. ?1 A4*1!*'cl*a?berwork or take care of children. OnU at 179 *W A, between >vt B and 0. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. WASH, tag at her own booae, or going out by Ihe day washing ?r oldening. CaU el 306 W?-.t 25th at WA*TSl)-BY A PROTESTANT TOUNO WOMAN, A V? ?dilation to oook, waah and Iron. Can be Men at S13 Wcat lft h at. TRTAhTaD-BT THE DAT OB WEEK, WORK, BT A T? neat family aeanntren; can rut and fit BtdMa' and ohlldrea'i drrmee. Addtea* M. B., nation D., Bible Hnuer. I1KL.P W*. OOOD STEADY QIRI, WANTED?IN A SMALL family; nut be a (food cook, waahcr and Ir-ncr, reference* required. Apply at 177 A eat 1Mb at, three doera from 4th at SOOK AND LAUNDRESS WANTED?ONE WHO UN deretanda hrr bualneaa. want a a immanent hone and a oaa twtijt rood rNomragnitaUoim from her laat employ ?. Apply, alter 10 In tee morning, at ft Woat Xtta at. WANTED?A GOOD COOK. APPLT AT K/7 w?8T 14th at WANTED?A NICR RFc TalR OT1L, WITH good city reference, t.. do general houaework. Apply a a good City reference. ... ? - ? ? - -- ?t.Ahe Cigar atnre. * Batarl* "" ;?f *<Ckamhcr*. V.HTwta-A COMPETENT CHAMBERMAID AND ,-lu.caa. Apply one day, with ctly re.erencee, at the ,, ,aeaat oorner ?l 4Mb at. and 0h ar WANTED-A (URL TO DO HOUSEWORK FOR A f? email family; a Oermsn preferred; ton at be a Pro .astant CaU at 911 Kaat old at ANTED?1? A PRIVATE PAMILV. A FIRST CLASS w e'etook. at IS H art JOtti at Mir. between the hotire of 111 anil 11 yy ANTED-A GOOD. WILLING. AND COMPETENT . . nitrae girl; mint he neat and well recommended. Call at No. ? Van Noaa pUce, In Chart? at, between Bleecker and 4th ate. yy-ANTKD-A WET NURSE POR A .CHILD TWO month* old. Good reference required. Apply at IB Went 17th at , oetween ? A. M. and 1 P. M. WANTKD-A GIRL, WITH BKEKRBNOBS, FOR houaeworktn a small family. Wage* SO. Oalknt Dr. C Mulioi a 63 Waal Mouetan at., corner of Weoeter. UTANTRD-A OOOD SEAMSTRESS, to DO PINK M work on a Wheeier A Wllann maobiMt A competeot 1 apply at No. 4 Fait 40th at WANTKD-A OOOD OIRt, TO DO THE UPSTAIRS work and maka hetaelf generally u?efnl; mtit S tidy and well reoommandad. No othere need apply a> Waal 10th at ANTED?A FIRST CLASS DRF.seMAK* R. IP aatltfaclorr charaoter and r.-f?renc?. . to ability; on* who ha* been connected with tome <"H known rity ealabllibmeiit and oao take rherg* of a t .br man lean de. partn?otand general ladte* fiirnlahM depaiti..*nl In large ho * hone#. Addreae box 5.381 Poet rSo* UTANTRD-A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS NUR-F. *ND TT aeamatrex*. good o?ty reference required. Atfir fro? U) to M at 40 K?*t S6t h *t SITUATION* WANTwiv.1IAl.R9. ^ CAPABLE TOUNO SEAMAN, WITH BRs r KFK. emtio-* dcali-ee a clerk-hln on ?ome ocean ataanier. A. J. O. 0OI K.8III P'.t* often, M Y. A THOROUGHLY Otl.MPKTb.Nf DRUGGIST or TKN ream' experience In both the manufacturing and pre Cerlptien department*. ren be had by applying to 8. X. Ball, 2l TCZttaTln whom alee the edrertlacr reler*. AM TOUNO SCOTCHMAN WANT8 A SITUATION AS ? a* d atari t bookkeeper, aaleaman or oKtco cler* .al.ry. A man aoquaintbd wits thb business wtahan to open eonneetlona with a wholeael# hmi*e to HeelfuTon etEmlaeion or otUarwMe. Addreae Collector, Herald offlee. N ENGLISHMAN M) EEOUIRRS A SITUATION IN ; ^r2wK?5*s?Br w ?rrtJATioim Wairriiuw>1.11# A YOI.NO IIAN OP L1W5RAI. EDUCATION AMD goo-1 moral habits dssires * situation Hr wff nil. H ?OT, AOhD HKVKNTBKN, ?" -nsEaas* A ?OT. AOED SKYKNTen) 1 fe.ohpos, .icSjWss lUMMltf muse Amr; i Kerr'1'*, Herat M A cm YE. MIOM-K AGED MAN SKEKS EMPLOY A iwent .>?n W in?n [)?#?>. oollee-tor or nflice aast?'tn'; would take eVirg-or & atorin warehn tse ir accept any position where business qualities and lot'lligrnoe are re centred: willing w wurk early and lata; ealery nut eo much an nliiect a? "inployroa .1; satisfactory cuv reference. Ad dre e 'pi.n Williams, eara Edward Sobwaoofer, Ksq.. ti? Br sdwsy glTTATlON WANTED?BY A. YO' VO MAN WHO writes oad spaa We English, French and Oamian; hae *tiu rie-iee la tba fancy ynods city and Western Plaice trate; bast refsceeus given. Address A. F.B., Herald odlca. WANmO-A 8ITUATI0N, RITHKK AS BARKKKPRR I or porter In a el ore. by a voung man who la capable of ing either attention, and who haa tha baat of referenoe. Addraea James Oaaoay, 71 Suffolk st. TETANTED?AO ENUT OP A PIB8T GLASS IM8UR-I YY anaa aompany, etthar Ufa or Ore, by a bu Jnaee wan af large acquaintance, who can (ire any daeirad refere Address r V Hudson bo. Ml. Cincinnati. Oh io.^_ ^?COACHMRll AMP CARPEWIEa. ? Ah srrGATtoVIpantbd-by a t'ouno mam. as ooachman; also andersUnde gardening; la fully com CLERKS AND lALAHHBY. A TOPNO?MAM WITH A THOROUGH KNOWLEDGE A of the hardware business. desires a sit nation la tha above Una, either special or JobbhtiLor wontd tile a situa tion as entry clerk or In any capacity where good business capacity and close attention are requisite. Hrst alas* city referenda#. Addrsas Carlton, Herald office. A I ?>? ENGLISHMAN, AGED t). DESIRES A 8ITPA IA Hon as clerk; writes a good business band nod Is d?lck and correct at accounts; would not object to ge In tha coun try. Address T. 3 M.. Herald office A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN WISHES A BITUA A tton as ooHrctor. shipping elertt ar light portsr; first class referenoes, Address William, H Kln/st. Herald oftloe. TYOOKKEEPER WANTF.D?A NEAT. INTELLIGENT JO young man, from 18 to 26, as bookkeeper, hi a large club fa thfi city; must be quick at Ogpircs and of steady habits, end live at the club. Address, with references, Club, Herald office. OMLBBKSHir WANTED?IN A SHIPPING OB IX porting house, by a young men IS years of age. who V porting house, by a young man IS roam or age. w! speaks anu writes rrencli, German and English; salary I object. Address L. J., Herald office. IjlLOUR SALESMEN WANTED?TO TRAVEL IN THE Eastern Slates and New Jer??y: liberal arrangement ? will also bs made with a salesman having good city and near by trade. Address J. W. A I\, Heral.l otllrr. Hc JOTEL CLERK.?ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS WlLI. be paid for a good podtlon In a Hrst class house d>r an experienced aud reliable man; salary no object; good refer ences. Address Hotel Clerk, Herald office. Hotel clerk wanted?onb who thoroughly understands his business and can taf charge of the ofllce In a Brst olsax hotol; gnnd sf" IT- Address, with fuR name and reference. Office Clerk flersld ofiice. Situations wante d?by two young mbn. who C:W give the beat references as clerks, salesmen Or time keepers ; both have had cwtsfllerabla business experience. Address Clerks, Herein on mo pro?LKBKPFRA-AN BNRRORTIO YOUNG 1 Englishman, age 84 with first class city references, wishes an Immediate engagement as clerk or otherwise. W. GOPB, IIS Cedar st. TO COTTON BROKERS.?THE ADVERTISER WISHES a olorioal position In the n/liee of s cotton broker: he Is thoroughly conversant With the routine of ofllce duties; sat Isfaetory rcfrrnucea as to business capacity; uo rcuiiiners tion required until services are rendered available and ap preciated. Address A. P., Herald office. YTTANTP,D?A RELIABLE BOOKKEEPER. ADDRESS ?v box 31.389 Post ofiioe, giving rsferencss, amount of salary required, Ac. YWAW1KD-A FIRST 0LA?8 HOSIERY AND GLOVE " also a smart lad 14 to 16 years old that Writes a good hadfi. ' Ad'lros* R. C B.. Herald mil at. "^ANTED-RY ED?BY A DRY GOODS JOBBING' HOUSE, oxpe-.tcneed entry clerk: none others need apply, ftAW 1 .wlK Prtal nMisa If V ?v an cxpeticnee-i entry clerk; Address box 1,808 Post offioe, N. Y. YTTANTffiD-A TOUNO MAN WflO HAS KltPERL ?? ArJ ffiBtda salesman. Apply u E. MelCenna, $25 WILL EE OnrttN FOB A SITVxTION AS bookkeeper, cashier or cleric In a hotel, lrr one who H thoroughly nn'ted In the business; beat references. Ad dress Edgar, Station O. HELP WAMBU-nAliEI. Alt. desiring situations apply at new york Employment Association. KB Broadway; clerk, por ten, driven and all utlien. AOKNT8 WANTED?TO SELL AN ARTICLE. EN tirely new nnd w.nled everywhere A rood opportunity for Insursnce and other HMll to spend leUttrr time adr in . Ij . IMUioill' r...M i. ?, ?i.I. ?? A smill capital will insure a permanent nnd nraCUNo bnxl. nt'sa. On rooeiptol 50 cent* Remote and full direct loin for use will be sent. II. 8. COONS. St Liberty street. A BOY WANTKD-NBAT AND TIDY, IN A DRUG ?lore. Apply st Thee. Bailey's, 9 Bible House, corner of Astor place and 4th ay. Alt desiring (excellent situations in all ?.? artmeute of buaiueu est) at 81 Chsmhen at. De ?trnble vacancies this day. Salaries $10 to $10 per week. A traveller wanted-fob a wholesale to. beeoo house. Address, with references, box s.otlft Post office. A YOUNG MAN WANTED?(GERMAN PREFERRED) who understands bookkeeping and the druggist busi ness; clerk for an office. and timekeeper, at III Nai room No. 1. AOOOD BOY, AGED 11 WANTED?IN THE COUN. try; an orphan may hare arhnollnf. clothing sad good horns. Address to-day. giving name and reference, Mr. Wood, box Iff Herald office. Boy wantkd-a stout, actiye boy. to bun of errands; must come well recommended; wages $1 60 per week. Apply ie the booketore 51 East 15th st. Bor wanted-to learn the knorating busi. ngye; one about Id years old. having some knowledec of drawing, and living la this oily. Addre-s Graver, He rald efllce. YhOY WANTED?tN A LAW OFFICE. MU8T BE " !^L wH*e Apply to ?~eommended for honesty, and able to < IS. D. Upbtason. IIS Broadway. B 0Y WANTED.?ADDRESS. STATING 'REFERENCES and lowest salary stpecled, box 193 Herald office. B OY WANTED?MUST WRITE A GOOD HAND; SAb ary $t> p< r week. Address Ai ti/sn. Herald office. CYOYERNMENT BMPLOYMKNT.-A NEW DEPART. T moot; salaries large; duties light snd pleasnitl. Ap plications for city or town utiles by males er females re rei ved until January SI. and registered In order as received vs. ??? u uuhi t iiij Hitu i"ni? ?rtwt in ui?t i i%? rrtYiiru. Soldier* or w idons preferred. Forms of application sent on receiptjd $1 S) for printing, postage, Ac. Address, by letter onlr, 4iTEa.,t24lhsT, New Vork. M BARON M LIVINGSTON. CommissionerQe> ubaOlfTNG AN Yl NTED?TO BUILD FIHES ton Hotel. 3HB 4th sv. T" ' BXfRRTr.NVKD CANVAH8EF8 WO TTHiRtilTQ', j^arilsrinents among the wholesale wanted medium. Call from II to 1 at ? trade, for a $? No $, Nager ' ???? w Jrvan rHfb?A BHSPUCTABLR PERSON OF GOOD address, to vloit the I'nblio Sohools and collect sub* abrtntlons for the Riverside Mr qaxtne. Salary and commit, alon paid. Ill'RD A HOUGH ION, Publishers, 45# Broome street. WANTED?A BOY BKTWKBN U AND U TEARS of sge. quick at figure* and a good penmen; eleo a' good ho .tlrr. Apply *t 81 to 92 Hast llth st WJ ANTED?A YOUNO MAN (ONE WHO 18 WILLING to devote t;ms snd attention to business) as partner. g,'.tX) required to purchase equal Interest References re quired. Security given for Investment. Cell el ltg Na? street, i oom No. 9. * WANTRD?IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE. A T^]n? to 18 veers of age; s good writer preferred . ,7 ,1 In own hsiiilwriUng, staling salary required, K.*% ?'?reia uiDce. ? vv TANTI.D?IN A LAWYER S OFFTGf' * BOT WELL ? recommended Address box l,MvI. O. WANTED?A COUNTRY N?Y, WHO IB USED TO b?? a^d c;;, the couatry. Apply to B. D. Chamberlain, 7V Ns-*" ? >"? ?? rOOK AND STEWARD FOR THR UNI Steamer Penol.scut Apply to Captain wIffrtV^WT?rd gab j.y.wfED-A GOOD COO* TO SHIP ON BOARD THE W United States siestnor Iroquois, for a cruise to the ?lndi-s. Also a r>od steward Apply st the ship, Navy , Brooklyn, ostwaen IIM. and 1 t . a., on the 5th and 7 th. _ . . WANTBD-A GOOD LIKE INSURANCE MAN To take the geneisl agency for the State of Michigan; a too una for Western New York. Address for three days General, bet 1? Herald office. XTANTKD?AORNTB TO SO LICIT FOR A FIRST FY rlsss Life Intuienee Company. Gentlemen of IntelM vv rlsss Life insuisnee Company - ? ........ Cnee In good standing Will receive e liberal compensation tdreaa b it 871 I'ost i.fliee. l/Aim-D-A BOV ABOUT 18 YEARS OF AQlLIN AN 11 office, to run si ran da, Ac. Address box LOW Tost Eoe N. Y. VANTBD-ONE good oyster man, who under FY stands his business. V > .tiicr need aprty, after ten i look to-day. at Bloecker st. ?rtlH TRADR9. kOOK BINDERS WANTED-A FEW GOOD FOR > wsislera snd flntshara t" go to llartfbrd. To satirise. ry workmen a JwmffM JTuKiJaS ven Applv between the hours of It and TP. M. Saturday id Monday, at the JBtua Lite Insurance oMoe, ? Liberty rest. First class htbam fitters wanteik?only such may apply to Me. Tkeeaee, at the new Herald wilding. Mill work - a millwright, who thoroughly undents mis the erection of mtU machinery. end te capable #f uttiig cberge ef mill Jobs, wtsbss employment lu New York ehy or vMnlty; good refereueee given. Ad dress Millwright, drawer 18 BsUvta N. T. r PAPER STAINKRg?WANTED, A MAM WHO thoroughly understands hie business, to rue ? stamped jjold^msohlee. Apply to Robert Graves A Oe, Ml Peart at, WHaMTKD-A FIRST GLASS PRAOTlOAt^BtNTEHl a* jmrlnrr aad foreman; Oapital u4 reference re quired. C?mpo*itor? wvitod on hook work with erigravlng*.| Applv unm?'\.*i<:ijri?yk**.tk).,i I'njh*ihl*| House, Uar-I W^HANTED-A KM up* A* F'Ut A rTLB SHi'K. A MAN I | of eipertenoffi VM thorough* undereUnds all Iwan-hr * and i? compuUiHtO tub* ciyeiy of forty men. Ad- | Ma bo* 3.288 a J ANTRD-A FIRST CLASS OENRRA-L MACHINIST, on Iamhtw AM East !0th *L . work. Ainu A braa* model maker. Apply At TiyjurrEiirA *0 cot and work on buv 1? liard tablc.r; constant work and good wage*. None but a good workman need apply, at Byrne* 8. Stone'* *hop, 10* Centre *C, corner of Canal. llf ANJRT>?A 0ONF(,TTONES TO GOAT PILLS; TO A TV man that underetanda the business oonatant employ ment^and?uod wage* will be givea. Addrea* I>r. Herrtok A WATCH MAKER WANTED?AN AMERICAN PRE Vt ferred; one who M a Bret claa* workman, with good ro/erouoa*. may apply to Oeo. 0. Allan, 416 Broadway. SOODM Ah qbkat rush at both stokes. ? A notion room* our beadouar IMMENSE LOTS DHESM HOODSBB IMMENSE LOTS S7%e. IMMBMBB LOTS 00b. We bought them ter ebeap holiday di emea. A HEAVY CRASH IN MUSLIMS. FINE MUSLIMS 12%c.: former prtoi Wo. FINER WOODS Me. and We. EXTRA OUALITY We. and Wo. BF.8TW-4 W AHSUTTAS SO*. VbS deeMaa in Mualina la from Sc. to Id. a yard. mtmrngmmLem auction blankbVs ^ For ult. 10 000 dad M.WW yard* ALPAOA&4md MERINOS. At rataA M aearlz lair priea. TggyaMff susfiSktiiaess'. 17IURS. ? B0?AL EBMIME, SABLE. SIBHKtAN SQUIRREL, - ASTRAKHAN, SC., *0-, POLAR BEAR and FANCY ROBES In variety. BURKE. eW Broadway, near Oraod etreet, brand lis Pulton atraot. rK SALE?A LADY'S FINE MINK CAPE, ABOUT Mreoty Inobes wld*. nearly new, for one-third It* value. Addreaa 8. H., box 101 Herald office. OVKRCOAT8. OVERCOATS. OVEBCOAT8.?A LARGE '1*1 of Unrorteemod Pledge* Ju*l renctred. Overcoats ~ go to IN casslmere Pent* Street, corner Croa from $10 to $40. Hustne** Coats $0 to $tt. casalmere I'anls $3 tofUL Teeti $1 to $8, at4*7 Broome by. GEO. LBVIE. w B WILIdSELL SILKS, DRESS GOODS. CLOAKS. OLOAKI-NOS. BLANKETS, FLANNELS, and all other winter goods ' an Immense roduotion the month, to make room for our i wllfbe spring Importntina*. which opened 1st February. LAKE A MoORBBRY, 471 lire" dway. Window shades. por STORES. FOR SKYLIGHTS. FOR DWELLINGS. SHELF CURTAINS. O. L If. B. KELTT, 447 Hrondway. RBUGIOUS NOTICES*. ANNOUNCKMENT.?THE OR FAT OCEAN YACIIT RACE. Lecture?lesson* for the olarjy. merchants and all mankind, by RKY C1IAS. B. SLTTIi, at Everett Room*. 1.2941 Bros (I nay, near Thtrtar-foiinli ?'re*t, to-mor row afternoon, !>,' o'clook. Admission by voluntary itekcL BLEECKRM STREET UNITERSALIST CHURCH. COR per of Downing street, Rsv. Day K. I<m. p*l or Ser vices to-morrow, at 10% A. M. and T* P. 1L i*?ibjeot for the morning -Now Yoar'* sermon to h'? On?;ie ration. Por the evening?New Year's Sermon 10 Young People. CYHURCH OF THE PURITANS.-.'?EBAOfTI.'-O SAB J hath morning and evening, in '.he Church of the Pur1 tans, Union eouare, by Rev. Dr. Cheaver. DUov.n* of the evening?Shall a State be ndm-tel te '.he Union wheh sd miuietera justice on the bail* of the eoior of the ekinl /NHUEOH OF RESURRECTION.. THIRTY.FIFTJI etreet, near Sixth avenue.?d*r. Edward 0.__ Pf? (g, D. D., rector, will preach. S nr v ?ju*! 8 SI A. M. and T>{ '*.^B OhniUtflTTAN OHURCIl. TWENTT-RKHITH STREET, ? near it roadway. Service* Lord's day, January 0, at 10>4 A. M. and 7* P. M. CHURCH OF ST. JOHN BAPTIST (EPISCOPAL) Lexington avenue. comer Thlrly-Cfth street, Rev. Or. Duffle's. Sunday services? A. M , IC'i o'cb.ok, P. M.,3lf. Annirersiry or the Sunday School. Strangers supplied with Dr. holme will preach in the fifty, second ? street FlnptUI chapel, corner or Third avenue, Sunday na ming. January A?"A Mmm? for tun New Year " Even ing? "The Ventures of Pait1i.M There wH be services every evemagnext week. TTHFrH AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH, CORNER J1 Forty-stxth street.?On Sunday, at I0V{ A. M., Rer. Thorns* Arm lags. b.n . will preach his annnil sermon to the aged. and nf TVf P. * hi* annual serin.>n to young men. Subject at each aervioe, "Solaeuiu'a Prorsrba on the Right Use of the Heart." s HKCDINO METHODIHT EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Seventeenth street, between Flret and Second avionics. Praarhiug Sunday A. M. at lUVf and 7 P. M. by Uer. W. P. Cor bit, pastor. Prayer m-rtlug 3 P. M. ?WR SNOW, "THE PROPHET." WILL PREACH IN 1T1 the Ualrerally, Washington oa square, on Snn&ay, at f. lVt: SubJBct. ?' the Ttama?lathis tba Day of Godf" ST. ANN'S TORE CHURCH, EIGHTEENTH STREET, near Fifth avenue.?1Tomorrow, Bpiphenv. Rev. Dr. Oatlaudet will preach et 7t< and 10* A. and i P. M.. the latter aervioe for deaf mu'ea; a ad the Rev. Dr. Neely, Biabop elect of Maine, at 71. P. H. CT. STEPHEN'S EPISCOPALCHURCH RET. JOSEPH O H. Prk-e. D. D? Hector, will hold Divine aervioe at I he Preneh chnreh, aa Twnmv-aneoad etreet, hatween Fbth and Slath arenuea lo-morrrw (jgaday). at 14* A3 M. and r* P. M. The Rector will preach at each earrtee. ST. BARNABAS' CHAPRL (PROTMTANT BPISCO pal). Rev. 8. H. Illlllard. Nulwry etreet, n?er Bleecker. two blocks rant of Broedwey. ?*-r>t?, Sundays! 1?K A. M. and TH P. M. AH ??? free. Cows* aha n?tpua. ffHR RBT. D* DBEHS WILL PRRACH IN TH la J Chanel ?f.,h* University. Washington squire, to-morrow mornlnfc** ? ''*h*. Seat* free. U rftHE STONE PORTER OP DANIEL A CIVIL GOT. X erntnsnl, or e Republic the Divine Model."?The Rev. Wm. Putton. D. P.. will preach a a. nnon oa this sub ject, In the Weal Presbyterian church (Dr. H?<tinge'). Forty, second etreet. between Fifth and blxth avenue*, on Huoday evening, January ?. Srrvtrrs commence at 7* o'clock. TUP. REV. ORO. MINQINS. RRV. W. C. VAN METER, ot the Howard Ml lelon, Rev. Alfred Roe and others, will address the Sabbath School of tha Lexington avenue Presbytertaa Church, corner of Porty-alxiit street, at Its Anulveraary, next Sabbath oven Inn. at 7 o'clook. YOUNO HEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OP city of New York.?The Rev. E. P. Ro -ere.iJvJ: hy reouea' of the association, preach Vj gficJ fo morrow enurrli, Flflh avenno. corner TjK/trire cordis ly invited. erenlug at 7>tf o'clock. Y#u-s ? . ON THE ? DIVIN ftl d A^wV^Vst.' ??"'M A.M., and " Moral Influence ftSsHEwSi. - jniarr.i.'-A^?"???' AFAOT-NO DUMBOa.-LADIES' WALK!NO AND Skating Hoots (a beautful article), worth $8 selling at ?4; gey'Ieuien's Waterproo Boo la, wort'-. StO for $8; Orer ahoor to Bl. Hoota, Sleea and Trnt.kaof every descrip tion. t about naif the netinlprlee (for tht., month only). 7 ROBI' IKWM, MO Bowery. corner Bond at, /iCRBD WITHOUT FAta A J DyspepMa, OMnrrfc, Aithrnn, Bronchitis, Oollra. Heart, Liver ami Blood D! <? vaet, by Ilr. MARSHALL, at bis offioe, 573 Broadway, opposite Meropolttan Ho.jL Office hear*. 10 o .1 IBOR DESIRABLE MEICTIANDISE CA?n AND CHIN. V cumbered real ettala will be given on a oath baala. eeatern and Southern tarda for aate. O HEED, ? Broadway, room 11. G UERLAIN. IS RUE IB LA PAlX, PARIS. AMBROSIAL CRVAM FOR SHAVINO. FASHIONABLE I'KRFCMKS for the haodkerchlaf. K All LUSTRALR for the hair. KAP DE.COLOtiXK (prbp* raUen special*.) TMPOhWANT TO PilTSIOiANS.-A QKNTLRMAN JITST 1 "IVm.'/ro"1 Kuropawlahaa Io meet with a doctor of re Rtweablllty slsidlng, In thle elty, for the purpose ?1 onnferrtnj , tli him In reference to a new methodfor earing certain a ' ?.|?piew? and nractleed with unnval. tehsr^-VrX-. aumptlon. Blindness, Vomb Dlaeaaea, Kfi BoBrnMAOnts. thTteV Loaa of Haf (w ill aire n new aoallf . ?*???"* ?\ halrL rtrSat and clat PK&uHlea with R^head of (lean la heir to. t ot imptlon cured. Preparing lo'i!"**"' btiainaaa, expecting ? dW. Morrlaanlo. ft. Y7, Detf UP ?{!i !!l vilr mine Si ague, of Second street, Morriaania, do iw-i-ti'fl that I hare h n eery 111 alnee laal spring, with con. aumptlon: tried ran la rrmedlea. change of air, Ac., but in ?p ? a?Inking, and prepared to glre up my the year, eipectlng to din. On tho light Mr*. I.'O. Brown'i Metaphynl ^.iWSp# ?ongeatlou Tain: wna gradually business at the end t mUBaourery. and% musing It freely lor two wonkn. mr dl-eiae broken ? and I feel almost *? well aa arer I Wat In my life. We ?*? perfect faith lu the Discovery, and light Mr*, if. f*. Brown's Mstaph eel ir ua'ng it freely lor two woofca. I And ?r f .. and recommeiid'tt twrtanL My-place of bnainrt* la 11* Kirincton street N 1. Remember. Mr*. M. Q. an Brown, at Kirincton lie**4 J her office, SI Bond ttMSUrn'oTII WwRSarTTErewAen|1; .mill ST. ,euU Bold by i agists generally. A b?x or the Mela td,?a!e*i Discover! 'ould have saved \bj life of Brevel reel, every Tuesday, where bar medl nad.. MeUphyaloai BiarpTenMNIi Brevel wilt Instantly f eak up the worat "OARIS RXnIB#ON, Wf.-oIOHF ARTHUR A OO., I lb rue Castle*)*, Agents of the British and American Kmboa?ias eaUlild thirty eight Than, undnrttko to re nraaeut exh'Mtorailank and fcxrlUbgn, Houaa and Katala Trausu Age?? atnl \\ Ids Merchants. present einaniurij Afienta, Couttai.-ail Every Inlermanuni livery InlormanuismW. ^ PARIi-LNIFlft TTTB*NAfl)frAL. ROB NRHFE St Anruol ,t* Kvary '"'""patlou gratttitausly. Apartment. ftrov _l nmUHMDaf b. obtained. . iyTTI DAt Of SNUARY ???? w3<- a.S ?a, a?4 ? * J iver?y IALM A* AVOTRW. jkU(mow 8ALB or OTBB WORTH OPMAO HP nlfioent HauMbold Furniture. B. ROTH, iudlomw, I will Mil, thla (Saturday! morning. January 6. at 1 Hi o'clock. Avenues -A rosewood Pianoforte, ? Una Otl Pil-luiM, Works of Ari and BroMML 11 Brussels and In I grain Carpeta, a lot of rich Parlor. Bedroom and Dining Bom Kurn.lure, Spring and Hair Matire***% Olase, China, Silver War*. Collar/. Ao. rial* positive. A J. BLBKOKEK. HON A CO. WILL 8KLL AT AUC /V. Hon, at tbe Merchant*' Exchange Salesrooms, Ill Broadway, on Monday. January 7. at 11 o'clock, noon, the

Iron aide wheel a learner New England, 44U ton* measure In good order, together with aOQ ton* of Coal, now on Tee vessul It lying in the Kris Basin. For further a.1 particular* and permit* lo see the atdamer apply to J AMKH 67WHr.Kl.KK, 111 Broadway. A -SAMUEL WYNN k CO., AUCTIONEERS?ELK A. gant Household rurnllure, Pianoforte. Painting* 4eT. at public auction, an thla day (Saturday) el the brown atone hntiee No. 44 West Sixteenth street. belt spa . at puouc swuuu, so - ? atone house No. 44 Weet Sixteenth etreet. between Fifth Superb and Sixth avenue*, eale at 11 o clock Si^^H ?eta Parlor Furniture, covered In broeatet and rope; wood RUseraa. Itaokoaae. Rnooigneurt. Laoa Curtain*, Shade*, Car nets, Bronze Clock. (Ml Painting* by eminent artists, statuary. Bronx**, Hevres, chin* Vases: Ornaments, Chandelier*, rosewood and walnut Bureau*, Bedsteads, Wardrobes, M* Urease* Bedding.* Eitenelon Tabl*. Buffet, elegant sets China, UUs* Ware. Silver War*; Table Cutlery. | N. B ?l>Uipeten'. person* la auendaaee to pack or remove thegooi* OY HBNKT H. LBBDS A MINBA AUCTIONEKBa O HEHRY H. LBBDS,.AUCTIONEER. THE OAMBAWTSALE OP PICTURE* oomprMng a large and highly Valuable collection of th* most desirable l'lclure* lu this oountry. reoenUy Iwportw^ I end now on exhibition nt the Studio Building, hi Wgs* ,inth Sj??mS?^t)fe^KYU|l LEEO.} k M1?N? ^^?on the evonUig of -"?""""TSiS.'Siria&sv ^**5BL u above, the T, ALUABLE OOLL8CTION Off PICTURES . of by auctiou (his season. mong other eelebrated wUl he feud the follow. TtXi? MoImo tiler, Dmiigee, Ed. Frere. Bangui*!. Ceoman* Alms Tndetne, A. AcbenbaohT^^^^^^^H Sohleeaiuger, Rutperex, PoUerla, J uleeTNoei The abore oslleotlon will remain on exhibition nt tbe shore wuf rem aln"oHBBBBBBBH studio until the sale, free, and also three evrnlng* previous B T HBKBT H.? LEEDS k MINER. H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER. At'the '-LEEDS ABT <1ALLKRIKS, 817 aud 8t9 Broadway. ^omp HVKNINO. JAKIMMdi^^^w On MONDAY BVKNINO, JANUARY T, At half-past Seven o'clock. An Tnvoioe of UCTRdPKAN ORIGINAL CABINET PIC TURKS, by celebrated and favorite Artiste, just received, and never before exhibited, ontnprieing sever il. floe -WAT F. it COLOR DRAWINOS, tn all, about toe PIC1URK8 OF ORE AT MERIT, eon -I sung of ??? works of Troyon, Le?*t. Peorue, Diaz, Escosura, Pons, Decamp* Nimvonhny* Carot, One#. Math Ian, 0. Hue. Dr Drenx, Fanvelet, C. Jacqu* Chaplin, Bristol, Couturier. Mrls'sonlor, Ro*'?r, Mbat, Laralwnet, Noel, Lvn'vut De Mete, Outlive Dors. Corte* fiiipre. They will be open for exhibition an and from Friday, Janu ary 6, day and erenmg till 101*. M. to lime of said. By henry n. lbedb a miner. HENRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER. On Tuesday. Jan. 8. at 10)4 o'clock, at our s.i!r?ro%m, 03 Liberty street. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, consisting of a general as sortment, removed far convenience of salo. FULL PARTICULARS HEREAFTER. BY MINER A 80MIJBVI1.LR. HO.tffiS, CARUlA.Jlii. AC., AT AUCTION, TUESDAY. J IN. 8, AT It O'()|.O04(. AT T11RIB IIORSK AUCTION MART, a EAST FOURTEENTH STREET (UNION SQUARE). Regular sales nt our Home Auction Marl every Tuesday throughout the year. Messrs. MINER k flOMEltVILjE offer unsurpassed ad ?autagrs in location, expcrleoee ?nd business capacity to partus ivlshlni; to buy or deslringto sell Horses, Carriages or anything pertaining to the horse hiisineai. BY VIRTUE OK AN EXECUTION. I WILL SELL AT public vendue, on the 9th day if January, ISC. at 1 o'clock P. U., at Mi Eighth an nuo, one Counter, Show esses, 8lo:e Fixtures, Fancy Goods, Ribbons, VelveU. Ac., A* L. RINiSKOPF, Marshal. n ENRY P. MINER. AUCTIONEER.?hALESltOOM, 87 Nassau s'jneet, opposite the Post otllrs. SALE OF IMPORiED OIL FAIN TIN 08. FKKNOH PAST it LB, AC. AO., BY M1NEU A SOMERVl'jLK. Saturday. January 6 at ti O'Ci-ook, -at SALESROOM, 87 NASSAU 8 r KKK f. w fJSNRT D. MINER, AUCTION EE R.-8ALESROOM W Nassau Stn.nt. opposite the t'ohl OlBM. Altt'WT'ii *AL,E Of OIL PAlNTlWea MINER A coMKKViTjLE will cell ut ltuethn Monday evening, .1 v.iuarv 14. nATK o'clock, ?( their new aid mi iciotis FINE ART UAuiiKRY, MJ Fifth avenue, sottthwv t corner Fourteenth eiroct, the entire collection of Oil Pels tinge by our fneorlte Anaaiicau Arti .1 ALEXANDRE WtrST, comprielng about thtrty-Avo tact ore* of BaropMM and Atmm icon L'eencry. Included lu toe ooUocUow are the two Paint* lug!a? Norwegian waterfall by Moo^oht, for which Jlr W> *"?? awarded by Royal 'k* gold medial at rear'* exhibition iu IIru?-*l*, c**,, ? A MOUNTAIN TORRKb T IN K'*^T, for which be received the gold medal r the lint exhibition. Wc earnestly call the attonUon of the ut public in an examln ition.of tbeae |3 5S55?ff2fL5SB representallrc work ; of Ameticau t?'"L which hare rooelrad Iho enoonuura* of foreljn conno(feu'*' w* f*8l eonfi dent in slating that thejr heed out '?_ ? *^T" tu likewise endorsed by our connoisseurs *t ".C?/- 'hey are now on exhibition during tuo doy from 8 V1' ?. ana on Thurjday, Friday and Saiurd .y evening*. the 10'h, 11th aad 13th in* etant, from 7 till 10 o'clock. Henry d. miner, aUOTiiJi-kr.?salesroom tt Ku-au etreot, opposite th?coet nffloe. ?ALB OK HORSB8 AMD 0^j*JACIB8 AT AUCTION, By MINER * PMERV1LIJL THIS DAY. SATURDAY. DWEMBKR 6, AT IS O'CLOCK, IN FRI11IT OP SAL-ESBtpN, da NASSAU STREET. SORREL TEAM OP MAR*. about 1SU hsnda high, ? reara old, kind in *" harness-Sd under saddle; an excellent nijtll jStOWN HORSE, bout U hands high, S jeare ni<t- ?-hl to close an estate. fttY SADDLE MARK. < pars old. 1&K hands high; kind In alt barnaas and excellent *der saddle. Warranted per ^B&RKLMARK. 14* kanR hi*, $ yearn old. kind in lit birnA3i and utidsr nam ?. l ORAY CANADIAN PON Y,nboet R hands high, 7 yearn old warranted mound, kind am gentle; hof great endurance. TEAM BROWN PONIES (Horee and Mate), about Itu hand* bUb, 5 years old. wsrnnled perfectly sound, kind In ail harnasa and under sadHa; very flee, eery feat and of second hand ffouble taruesa. TWO SETS of ntugU Harms*. . TOP ROAD WACitiN, tngoodordar. FANCY EXPRESS WAQOll city built, Owrty now. BLANKETS. WHIPS, da Regular horae ?ties a? ft N?a?*e street ersr) Wednesday and Saturday, at 12 o'clock Messrs. MINE R A ILL? Offer uosurp*?d ad vantages In !??<"?? enperlerina ant bnjlness-e*) lasltic* to partial wish ??> ""Y* ^ xeU Worses, Csrvisger, or anything peHaintngto the horsa bmlnesa. 4k RYANS, AUCTIONBBN, Will sen this day, at 1 P. A rich assortment of Bohemias Obtae. Pi^h^h^^PaSse oompic^rt^n 5?? TTEMtr O. EVANS. AUCTION EE n?OONTtNURD XI a*1e of Dry Goods thle day at auction, it 513 (fraud atreoknaar F.?sl Broadway Shawls, Dress (ooda BUn keta, Flmnel*. henry Cloths nr.d Satinets, ''nd^lrts and Drawers. HoMarr, Ac Ac. This sale la well worth the at tention of cash buyers. HM COOLKY, AUCTIONEER. HELLS thw dat, at . 10 A. M.. the entire Good WiU 1*4 FlltWos of tho grocerj ?torr No. 82 Cherry (treat. JH BOOART. AUCTItiNKER.?THIS DAT, At 1?< . o'clock. at the auouoa rooms No. 1 North William ??root. Household Fnmltuco. Uorau and CarLRi-.. ooimlatieq of manoganr Sofas, Teto t-tetea. marttle lop Bureau*. Wath stand.i mshocnay ParlT Chairs. Rockers. Wardrobes. Bookoaasa, Office Desks, two Parlor Rofaa, Looking Class, flower Vases, ten oak Rxiension. Din'ng Tables, (ias Chandeliers, mahoganv Bedsteads, Feather Beds. Comfort ers and Manketa; ilrnaael-. Tlireo-pir and Ingrain Carpets; Matting; also one Horse and Cart, one Business Wagon, one Sleigh, Hlelgh Bo'.wa, Ac. MORTGAGE BALE.-BICHARD WALTERS, AUCTION eer. will sell this dar (Saturday). at II o'clock, at onr ner of Spring and Mnlberrv streets, o lot of Groceries. tkirae. Wagon. Couuter, Store suture*, Ao. JOHN T. STEWART, Marshal. Attorney for Mortgage*. QAMITEL WTNN, AUCItONBEU, HELLS THIS DAT. O at II o'eloek, Ftslure*, Iiease and Goodwill of I.iquor Store 181 Mulberry atreet, fine Bar, 8 Beer Pump*. Copper Meaeuree, Stove and Tablet. Also n 0ns floras and Wagon. Positive sale. One or more lota. Sheriff* sale or liquor*. P.lcriAKP WALTERS, AtTCTIONRBR. will sell this day, Saturday, at II o'olook. at 81 Kaat Broad way, seven bin els or Bonrl>oa Whiskey; also an aaaortmsot of other whiskeys and linunro. - Tnottas, Deputy. JOHN KmXT, Shorter CHKRIFrS SALE OT STOCK OP FaNCT OOODB, ON Saturday, at 10'i o'clook, by COLEB MUuPHY, at 38 yrtle avenue, llrooklyn ___ WBBIU.IAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, OFWCR 170 Chatham square, sails on this day at 10H o'eloek. the Stock and Fixtures of the grocery store No. 818 Dslancey street. Boap. Rtaroh. Brass Beales, Olaaa Case. Ice Chest, ?piece, Counters, Ac. Pl'BlsICATlUITS. A TATKRc-THR NBW TORK TAB eniltlfTl "Tlie li?lJt"1 oontaln a new story by Mrs. Badller, nVr. dines "bsSinniJtf Klllomnn; or, Rvenlnga with the columns will hea nnatftlV" rd a y January 5. The editorial hmdtoStoS*nf thS'ril? list w"k articles on the AM FFYBIOLCKHCAI. V1KTV or ARRIAOB?TON talnlng nearly 800 pte - and Iftu uno plates and on gTnrlnga of the anatomy o: the mi'iimi nr^.rjs In p s'aie of health and disease, with a treatise on cartr eriqr Us deplo rable oonsequences upon the mind and body, with tie author's plan of treatment?the only rational and aneressfui mode of core, as shown by the report of cases tested A truthful adviser tn the married and those contemplating marriage, who would know their physical condition. Went, free of postage, to any sdHresa, on receipt of J8c In stamps or posts 'currency. Ad urea* Dr La Croft 81 Maidan lane, Alhanr, N. T. New novel readt January s, idol-brought To LIillIT. A tale of f.nalsnd and America. 8vo., paper, price 80 ceoto. HILTON A CO.. Publishers. For all book-Hera mKmmm*. *? TXT AIT TOR THE JIE3T. ? HON. ^ALE AV?DKR VbtrVi J* Oa,?tilled HENB, TED? Mr Rtopboa's nam# Is a snfBntent guamntoe that tht be Uia Htaadard History ol the lata war, and all who < the moot ?Mahls and enrnplei* work should await Ita It NATIONAL PUBLIIllINO CO.. ^imUM^Rnin kNLT DIRECT LINK TO FRANCR-l OHHLT DIBROT UBB TO FRANCE. ? The Oeneml Transatlantic Company's Mall Btaueahlpe between Mew Tort end Htm, oelUnf etBreet The splendid as wveeoeis on thU rteoette rente fee Ike ?entin?Dt*Sai?H from pier SO. North rlrer. PR RE IKK. Dwebeane. Saturday, Jen. 11 VII.I.K DB PARIS. Suramin, Saturday, Jen. * EUROPE. Lemarie, Saturday, Feb. 1 ST LAURENT. gaeande. Saturday, Feb. $R PRIOR OF PASS AO K W GOLD. Ftret rebta. $l?0: second eabtn, $100; tnniudiug wtne. The** steamers do not carry steerage passengers. Medical ?tlendeuse free of charge. ... Passengers intending to land at Brest can hefurnlewed on board wlTi railroad coupon tlcketa and ttart- bagg vge nhrrked to Paris at an additional charge of $5 for tlrat *1>A $3 for lecoud cIajmi. OEOROB MACKENZIE, Agent, 58 P.roadW,,. National steam navigation company. (Limited.) STEAMERS WBEKL^UTKRFOOL, C^llNO AT Leevtiurpier 87 North river ea follows FENNi/?V AN Li. O-PUt-P*.,,*.* January 11 ERIN. Csptaln Cutting, Saturday. ' ' ^ Captain Orogao Though pMMyrto Parte, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremen, M low rw^j I for MP amount, payable at any bank In Pge* ?rlFiin or on the eantinenL MHUOTMt>Ni paaaege apply at the oOee of the . Aid for steerage tlcketa at the passage office of the orn pany, IT Broad way end Mi Pearl streeC near Fnlton. W. J HURST. Manager. BTEAM TO LITKBFOOL AMD QUEBN8TOWN TWICE A WEEK. PAB8AOB BSD CUBRENOT. PEBFAID TICKETS FROM LIVERPOOL OB QCEKNS. TOWN m CURRENCY. Apply te TAPSOOTT BROS. A Oft. 88 South street and 0 Broadwav. VJTBAM TO LIVERPOOL, calling at queens. ir.fX.tti-iX."-' -?W?WW???>* ICITT OF WASWINOTOK : Saturday. January M oitt or parib .... .Saturday, January 19. SWft JSS&?*"-' - w?*?? ? ?? _ RATES OF PASSAGE. U J ? By the mail steamer sailing every Saturday. ? ? Parable Infold. Payable in currency. ? FIRST CABIN7 $90 I STEERAGE, $? to London, 95 I to London, 55 l? Parts. 106 | to Parts. Paaaage by the Wednesday steamers?First Cabin. $90; llnamme, $80. Steers go, $80. Payable In United States currency. Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg; Bremen, Ac. at moderate rates. Steerage passage from Liverpool or Qneenatosrn, $57 cur reney. Tickets cm be bought bare by perrons sending for thetr friends. For farther Information, agplj at th^Company's offices. N O. DALE, Ac enl, 15 Broadwav, New Tort. OTEAM TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL (J From New York erery Wednesday and Saturday. The CHICAGO sails from New York on the 9th of Jan B?ry, from pier 87 East rlrer. Cabin pissape $80, gold. Sfeeray *>J0, currency. Passage to Nety York and remit tanees to Ireland at low rates. Apply to WILLIAMS A OUION, 39 Broadway and 88 South street QTF.AM TO QUEEN8TOWN AND I.IV1SRPOOL.-THR t ' LOUISIANA sails Saturday. January A Passu ge $80 our ency; prepaid ti kets $36. Diafts on England and Ire land at lowest rules. Apply at THOMPSON'# passage office, Sid Peart street, near 1'ul'on. IONDON AND NEW TORE STEAM-HIP LINK. J Passage to London, $90 $no and $50, currency. Passage from Lond.<n. Sid, $80 end ML gold. ^ATALANTA, Captain Fiakhain, from New York, January BELLONA, Captain Olson, from New York. Februarys. CELLA, Csptaln Glen dell, from New York, Faomarv 18 WILLIAM FANN, Captain Billings, from New York, Feb rtury 37. The elegant British Iron steamship ATALANTA. 8,000 time, will lesve pier No. 8. North rlrer, for London direct, on Saturday, January 19. The nceommodetfoiu for passengers on this thlp nra unsurpassed. Freight will be tok-m and through bills of Lading given to Havre. Antwerp. Rot'erdam, Amsterdam end Dunkirk. For passage apply to OHA3. A. WHITNEY, $$ Broadway. For freight apply al M South street. HOWLAND Jt AHPINWALL, Agents. TflK STEAMSHIP GREAT KASTBKN. HATING FIRST class accommodation for %M0 ncc-enprra, will Mil from Row York direct to Brest oa the 9lb of ApH'. Further information, so regards prices of passage, wlU bo advcruned tn a abort ttmo. Tire NORTH GERMAN LLOTD'S STEAMSHIP HAN8A, K. too Oterendorp. master, carrying the Untied Swtoo mail, will aail from the pier, foot of Thiol "treat Hobnkeo. oa SATURDAY. JANUARY IS, BREMEN VIA SOHTnAMPTON, TAKING PASSENGER* TO LONDON, HAYUK, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREREM, at the following rates, payable in gold or its eqntralot tn eurreaee;? For the Scat eabin. |1N; second cabin, ?'B| steerage. by the steamship BREMEN, H. A. F. Nay neber, master, on January 38. 1887. For freight or passage apply to - . OKLRfcHB 4 CO.. m Broad street. TIYE HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S Iron mail steamship A CLE MAN NLA, , N. Trantmann. eommandrr carrying the United States malt, will Mil on Saturday, J nusr; 8, at 13 N., for HAMBURG. taking passengera for Hamburg, Harre. Southampton and r,ondon First caMn, $125: second cabin. $75; steerage, $*, 6D. parable in v?hl or Its equira.rnt. The SaXoKIA will follow January 19. KUNI1ARUT A CO.. C. B. BfCHARD * BOAS, General Agents, Qenenil Passenger Agents, It Exchange placet N. Y. No. ? Barclay street N.T. , CpAWWjaa gTBAWUHlM. vfoVrH AMERICAN S^Awoojw OOMPAJfT. IN OPPOSITION LINE TO ^ VIA TUOAUAflUA. KVKRV TWEim .lV^ witt despatch la January the Oreleiaa*i steamships 8AnpKANClS00.C?Ut?.B?!HniJjg^V'm INTlAilU UK vv ba, u?|iuiin omitu. #iau?iT ?v. n pier ? North river, fool of Wurron street, at neon, . passengers and frwiht at very low raloa, oonoectiac he Pacific neeaa Willi the One eteamshtp* MOSES TAYLOR, Captaia Hlotbon, and AMKRIOi. Captain Wekeman. 8ANTlA(j'o DE OPM, CapUin Smith. January ~* M >4aaa filAi ftf WaPMB ?* * wlll< . on the AKKKIUii uapwn naumo. For further tnformafion apply to tha North American Steamship Company. ^ H WE OR. Pre Idatii, MFvchangaplHce. K. T. D. N. OARRINOTOir Agent. ITT Wesiatreet, oorner Warren street. N. T. PAOIFIO MAIL 84UVEHIP CpHPAXTh THROLOH LINE fO CALIFORNIA, OARRTIIO ITNITRD HTtTBE MAIL, VIA PANAMA RAl.ROAD. Pteamm leave pfir At North river, foot of Oanat etreat, at 1* o'clock, noon. * follow*:? n?c. Si?N"W .'f?RK, Captain W. 0. Father, conaecting with CONSTITITION, CapUin Cavarly. Jan. II. lHC-IBNHfY CTJ AUNRl'T. Oeptaln A- O. Oray, oonnecttng wjllGOLOTCN AOE, Ca italn f.apldge .Tan. ?l?RISKO STAR. Captaia T. A. Harris, oonnectlng with OOI.DHT CITY. Captaia J~T. Watk'ne. All departure touch at Aeapnlno; those of lit and Hat connect et Paiari* with steamers fov South PariOc porta;. lei and 11th for j-entral American porta, and those of let llih each month nonnecte wvu. the now steam )iti*?rom Panama to Anatral'a and New Rcai^eg. Htcnmrr of Perch 11, IS6., will connect with the nn. twnr'a etctmer COLORADO, to leave Nam I'raaoteeo K? Yokohamaand Hong Kong, no April 8. IW. 1(10 pontile beggag* allowed each adu.C Medicines aag *lpor paMsrTirketa and all farther Information apply at the ofliceon tgg wharf, foot of Canal elrcok North river, New Yo?L F. E. BABY, Agent. Tj OR OAlSBltNtA. VIA PANAMA. f The faoific Mail steamshipCompany'* MataajPTIRNRT CIIA11 Nigs V will sell OB PRIDatTjaNITABY II. at U o'clock, toon. ^^^'.rrif^tolBcooa rnmpanr'e pier, ? North river, fact of Canal street^ FAR(in CQ Role Freight Agents, P. ?. s. S. Co JOHNS. P. B., ST THOMAS. LAOUAYJU ?N? PORTO CABKLLO. The tint el tee etnamahip MSB IBOKDITA. Carrying the United SUU>i Matte, M now receiving freight at pier tt Beat river ami will aail TUESDAY, JANUARY SUSP. M. Tha boat* of Ihta line make connection with r tea mere from Si. TbotnM for Jamaica. Windward leland*. An. For freight or . ? South atreet F tPOR ST. THOMAS AND BRAZIL. 1 UNITED SSATEff AND B!;A/.IL MAIL STB AM SHIP OOMPANT. RP.OUI.AR MAIL STEAMERS, aalllag on the Ud of every aoonthi? NORTH AMERICA. Oapteln L. P. Tiramerman. January U. SOUTH AMERICA. Captain R. L Ttnklcpaagh, February 22. UUIDiNit STAB. Captain <Jeo.B. Riorum,.... March S3. Theae elegant eteamera eatl with regularity, and oall at St. Thomaa. Para, Pernanhueo. nablaandRio Janeiro, going and returning, for vngngc mantel freight or pax*age, apply to * GARRISON * AI UIN, Agent*. No. ? Bowling Ureen, Mew Tort F OR SANTIAGO DB CUBA, UA NUEVITAM. The flrat elan faat eaiUaiurttne^ fOHN STIRLING, Commander, nlted 8tatea mall, will leare Pit *. Eaat rlrer, Saturday, January S. 1887, at * o'clock P. *. preclaeljr, for the above port. All lettere will paea through the Poet oOMe. For freight or pasaage. having superior a lata room aocoro mudatlona. apply ^^MMaroBi WAYDRLL A CO., 1M So'-'^'feet. corner Dover. H^Havana bisa*- and vera cruz. ? The&eteamahlp MANHATTAN will mil from v.. a worib river. ?? abnro. on the lfhli of ?nr *?. 1 worth rivet aa above, On the lath of each PW (HIARLKS A. WHITNEY. Agent No. SB Jlroada ?/. TTNITRD STATES MAIL TO HAT ANA. U tvr.Ni N ' A MAIL STEAMSHIP CQNPANT. The elegant eldewhcel *ir>siiish1p? K40I.15 Greene Tbnradey. Jan. 10 J'OLt'MBfA Barton IliliNhi, Jen if MCltKo CASTLI'. Adorn'..i... Thuraday. Jan. 24 KAOLK Green* Thu radar Jan. HI MOKRO CASTLE Adam. Thnradav. 7 UAKItl *0.1 A ALLEN, Ag-nte, No. t H >w!!ug Orren, N Y. For oai.veston, texas? first stbamfra-tiib light draft AI etaemahlp I ILLIB, Potter. Commander, will rroelve Ireight at pier 13 '.a*t rlrer, until 4 p. R. Saltir day, Jannarj try B, and poell.retf *all fill or not fuU. Inlur ante guaranteed at Inn-eat riina. K?. freight or iwaeac* an. ply to YOUNG A OoWA\ Burliig alip. '^ r IJTOR Oai.veston, TJiXAS-stiLfNo weekly. JP Teraa l.lne. The At aleamarHKNERa I, RKDOVYICK, Cabtuln \i Mitel,uret, will .er?lvelWighl at pier A) Eaat river, and aall on Satnrde#, Januavy 5. ?Ear5 rmDMBTWwssPSt J Tha B8*Pli "ret cleaa akamahlp OROB WELI* W2J2 *? 8. Valll, rill leave War *0* 25 JaooAryA A 3 o'clock P. M. I or freight or pataam havllg gnaiirpaaagd i KPOft NBW 0?r.SAN8 DTRR4T. OROBOB < No. ? North K. ammodL* TZ -W&&1QmESUF N^KFor?M^ '<a STEAMSHIP LIK1. I For ?? ^ 0BL.KAN8 direct eve-7 SATURDAY. I Meal*' Cam, $60; Second, $17. I Annie ?.nd roomi Included. Elegant aae?mtnod*Uona. I _pl lo ALLEN E. THOMAS A CO.. tip. ? Bowling UrcSte I I'cTAR LINE TO NEW ORLEANS.?THE NEW TOM I I a Mall steamship Company'* fineeceaa steamer* wdt I I leave pier 46 Norte river, at > e'ctoek P. M , aa follow*:? I I MISSISSIPPI .On Saturday, Jan. ( I I MISSOURI On Wednesday. Jam# I I MORNING STAR On Saturday. Jan. M I I MONTBREY On Wednesday, Jan I I AH blUa of lading signed at the o&oe upon the pier. Wm I | fr^C*yOAgR^N!praMdewt. Ma. ? Bowilag Green. I r^BR SAVANNAH, OA. EVERT THURSDAY.?TUB I ??aUanlle Coaat Mail ^leantahlp Company'* aide wheel I I GENERAL BARNES, Captain Morton, aalU Thunder, I I Jvnuarv Id. I I HERMAN LIVINGSTON. OapUta Baker, ?itaTharndagt, I I January 17. I | Prom pier S6 North river, at (P.M.. preeUely. I I Through paiaageUekaUantebill* of lading to all pcteSil | I connection with the Oautral Railroad oT Georgia. P*? I PP.. Agent*. 8? Liberty *tngt I EMHMPIRE LIME POM SAVANNAH. I Inty Saturday, from pier No. IS MerNi river, I Punctually at So'elook P. M., I I The favorite aldcwheel atgainejUpd I I BAM 8ALTADOR, Atkinl ttBUSfc Jaanary R I '^lasari'ari.rtST?^ p?? ?" I The new and eh?aat Steamship MODI AC. A. V. ledwa I I oomtneodcr. erUl jaltfrotn ater 16 Keel river, foot of Wil I sagsssvusSST f?.<r?.ara t&js I Mall Line?.One of the favorite and elegantlhaaMUpe I I QUAKER CUT, _ I I SAKA008SA, , I I ANDALUSIA, I I wfll leave pier 14 Bent river, foot of Wall every I I Saturday, at S P. M.. connecting at Charieaian with tka I I steamer Dictator, for the Florida porta. Through biUief I I lading given to all poinla in eonnecttoa with the Soath I I Carolina Railroad, and passage ticket* iaaued to all of the I I principal eities In the South and South weet. Billa of Indian I ia,resT^rRr7i'?!f^y ^HoR CHARLESTON, 8. C.-THK PEOPLE'S MAIM I ?B Steamelup Company. The regular and popular ato?jn. I I chip MONEKA. C u>tain Lebby, will leave on Wednesday I ? Jauu try 9. at 3 P. M., from pier No. 96 North river, Ian* I ?lug freight on Saturday morning at Charleaton. ? I ? Through tickets an ) lull* or lading u?u?d to $11 po<ute I | South lu connection with the South Carolina Railroad. I LIVINGSTON. FOX A CO., Agent*, 66 Liborty atreec I fciOR RICHMOND, NORFOLK AND ClTT POINT I I A The sldowheel steamship* I I HATTEilAS, Cantata Aleraa ler Pverr Saturday. I I ALBEMARLE, Captain Bourne Evert Wednesdays I I At ISM., front pier SB North river, giving through bills Si I | lading, Ac., to ail points on t he Seaboard UaiiroSTand I4e I I oonnectlons. I mm LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO., Agents, 88 Liberty Mreeh I ? TRAVELLERS' GLIDE. ^ | |Tl UPHON RIVER AND haRi.i.m RAILBOaM I JjL Trains for Albany and Troy, connecting with Nor^^^H F I mad. Thirtieth street and Tenth avenue. 8, and o 46, 6:90and 11 P. M.; ar.d via Harlem Knflrodd, Twem tv-suth stieet and fourth avenue, at U A. M. and I; 15 P. M, I The tfJO P. M. train via Hudson River will run on Sunday* I Sleeping errs attached to 6:80 and IIP. M. trains. Oa 6:9$ I P. M. train la also attached a sleeping car every day en. I erptlng Saturday*, which is me through to Ocdenabarg vtn I B. W, sud O. Railroad, without change. I Sunday train on Hudson R ver Road, New York to PongM I keepale and return, leaving New York at 8AU A M., and a? I MriM Road. Forty-second street to MtUertea and return, [ leaving New York at 4 A. M. | VK H. YANDRRBILT Vloe President. MAJBtBIiM MAWTELS. \fARBLKIZBD RlaTK MANTKLS-SUPBRJOB (M J.VJ. appearanoe. more durable, half the price of tnarbiai T. B. STEWART. <#5 Sixth arcane, between Thirty-fifth ul Thirty-si sih streete. ? . > MMARBLE MANTETJS.?THR BEST PLACE |M TIB city to purchase Marble Mautolsg-f the latest design* at very lownrieea is at A KLABLK'S Marble WhrtOM Rest Eighteenth street. near TRIM aw.. N. Y. Catch is ooA. CT.OTIMIfO. ? am T SO EAST TWELFTH STREET. NEAR BRIJAtlWAY? upon by Mr*. Cash berg ^^^^|BKrn$raT.jJJ|M A HOST WONDERFUL DISOOTORY^KBThH ?a tracted without pein (ten year*) by the original ss^sftsunr-n /Msgfe*1 1*6 Grand atreet, near Broadway. DBAUTITUL FULL SETS OP CONTINUOUS JVM MM Rubber Teeth, with plumpers, to reatore youthful aw pearance, $8 to $15; painless extracting with iaafhlnggMg operation warranted. 140Grand atreet. SM3RK NTTROl'S OXIDE OAS ADMINISTERED DAILY H In pain lees extraction of teeth. Seta $5. $8, glUJaad ?djftM'Ja beauty and uaofuInesa to all other*. Dr. ??iTE, IS WnM*r street. M. B ?Dr. Fanning, M D, he ?Rendanoe. ASTRO LOO T . SIHARLBS DARK. TUB ORKATBBT ASTRQLOdKSR v revests roar whole life. I'm only H wall. IT KmH ?trMt. first door. w?jsm?n?v?K3!B2Si? thaft. mm, numbers. Bood Rml MOHMWI* klRTOT. atrial TLTADAMB JM. remon nue. Ska ibawi and tatlathe ' RS^r > laiVvlNl BIVBBiv ara yen the llfcisns at year Tnture kuabaaC owsyen AffADAME RAMOND CAW BB COWACLTRD QW THS ill past, praaant and future at bar rooaaa; giatlHaea |l[ ladles AO oeals. W Caaal street, -a stairs. 9 "\fi -*?* BOEDER OITK8 BBTBLAXIQWB am ?0\J, haslness, lore affairs, marriage, i>ml friend* law sulfa, tiekneaa, do. M Bo wary. MROICAL. A -MADAME QRIWDI.E, PKMALK niTAIClAW N?L A. ? Amity place. can be dMraRed on aU female ona plaints. Pleaaant roama for ladiaa whodaslra goodanmod A CURE AT ORB INTBRTTBW. WITH OB WITHOUT A nsedlclpe, for married ladtaA from whatever aausa bff Madame RKRTELL rrofaaaor of Mldwlfrry^thlrty finr practical. ft West Thtrtr-fourth street. A DTIOB TO MARRIED I.ADIE8.?MADAMR TELE'S Infallible Kreuoh I era Je PHla, Sa l. arte - ? - ? M whioh i-aa narer fail; safe and ilrty-fourlh straat, near Swtb Ote Address bos 2.M0. SI, or Ma. 2, once $5, w healthy. Office M West Thli Msa. Bent by mall. Addrei \T "J* JlfTBRVIBW. WITH OR WTBHOUT MBDS Hied tju^iVr^r*^<>n: ateotrter a# t ""eh^rae. Bosrd provided. Pr. nSa^sja^e 1*1 fBOIB, 18 Third A Lit UKPORTUNATE8 Elm street. **Z*391 A^l hooJa"'1*1*11 BBNWEOm larlffi. AH CURB AT O.NE IWTERVIRW ron MauRTRS ? ladies by Dr. POWKK.\ ISA Elm strata inTflKL'E!? eitr.cls; s ocrisin ere ,t one u'al raarsntced Ah ?fovrnFi r. viuon and manhood finum . V-e Dr. I'OWBRS' Kllilr, especially all conn mpimu In* marriage. Maccess certain, failure impossible. HiSe Inj ?MM. VuT THOS3 wThT HATE BERN UNSKILPITbL* <1 tn-Mod, neglected or pronounced lncur*t>le, should at ?Joe nonsuit Br. LIsWIS, No. 7 Beeeh street, near Wert Bin idway. New York. Established ISte. A-DR. (.HINDI,K. physician and ACOOOOfTBiL ? No (I Amity place, between Bieeoker and Amity aires*, males it hto special practice to treat all female complataM frnn whulater cense produw-d Mure relief to tee meal aniline patient Pleasant rtvinee for Udiea deelrtaj deed nuratig ami medical attendance. ABLK88ING TO LADIR8?A LADY WRTTBBvl Pottuenese Female Perlndlnal 1'IUt rclierM m. ,n one ????tha.,a inconvenience, like mama. i'rtee (A b?. a M. MAI .TiCBAP, oOMe 189 1.1 berty street, or eent by nurt A K MAURTCEAP, M. D? FHOrBSBO* or MIDs A. vffery, thirty rear* practice, at I* Liberty eCsea. Oiinramees certain relief te married ladles, from whatever oa nee. ft one Interview. pONPIDKNTIAL CONSULTATIONS.?DR. R. OORBB1X V nam Iter of N. T. U. Medical Collea# and R. O. Sniyand Lontpn, can be oonaallM as ueual oa oertala rtlei eeae Ot Boa ? Centre street, near Chambers. N. B-?No fee aaleae etireL , ' ? . . C11ARLK9 LPTZR, M. D.. 9* BROADWAT. HAjrm? J iweaty years'ancceaafnl practice In this elty, gbaraw fee a pes I lire and Immediate relief to erery led/ reqelrtng Kcl.J mcNl cal or snnrt-al treatmeni from whatever nana*, ring this lime thousands of ladles hare -een relieved sf their ellBcnlilee without one instance of failure. Itte aura and safe mode or tre-jlment Is etidnrsed by the whole raedt cal profession. N. B.?The beet accommodation a rev ladtee vfce wish to remain during treatment. DR. D. AMINO, FRENCH PHYSIOIAN-CfTRBB paraiv'sl*, rh'-umattrm. consumption. general debility and eieri liseparaie cbrouic dlaeaee; IS Year*' eiperteace. Col iuttellot. SO cents to ft ?t ? lUaecker street DR. POWT.R* BT.ITTR. ? TfTB IN VlUOBATTlt? medicine Una eo-ight for; never before ft-tad. The only teinedr ft* dctillllfi tnrwieneee. premature oeaay. ?j doe, '95 Kim street. Call there or write. DR. HUNTER CAN DURE WORST PARK* Q? CKR lain 'llsoaaoa, a 'tboul tnerctirr, In shorter lime than any other phy ilclaii, or uo pay taken. No. ? Dlrtaton Street, eiaae IK'4. ___ S.K IlUNTRRfl RED DROP IB THB ONt.T RMRDf 1 that will ixiotoul oleonoua rlrae of a certain dtanaaaf ethers dry It In the hlood. No. 3 Dlrlirton street. BR T~kl>OTOR HUNTER'S BOTANIO CORDIAL RMSTURRS leth . elnoe IS T ADIFS, BB WOT IMPOSED UPON: BB CAREFUL JLd toobUIn only Dr. MAURICKAITB French Pariedwrt L<tracts, so certain In all oaaeairem whalere* cease, eg send for pamphlet. Irt Ubertr street. 1 MB* Relief teliet H'l v? l? il I' an 1 is A 9 Irvf I it 9 I v v" I Iv le I All R o9 I if R IMP vigor of youth In one week; gives health aad strength e most debilitated. $3 per rial No. 8 Dlrwion street. > ISM. T ADIB8' BBNBFACTOR. ?INPALLtRI<R REO0I.A Li tor. Df. POWBRS' only French Periodical BsHaetm Baal thing known Relief In IwnatrcTour hours (earaeteed the moat eniioua patloat. ___ PBRRONI NBBDINO HPBtTAI. MEDICAL TfBAt. meat shpnid eenerti, t>r. Harrison, ga mtth art JMJA Cnree hntertlaidtf wHhnui mercury OfMrttrthm W