Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 5, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 5, 1867 Page 3
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ESSB^rb&YhJT Hwi iwriwr ?* Fifth wwmi * SUIT OF BOOMS FOB QEWTLBMBB, WlfHOCT A Board, at 19 Kut ftevjutsaiHh atrset, botv^^M^^m nNra and HAk , T THB QRANT HOTTER, H ?8 AMD ? NEW BOWERY, L Mtr Chatham square. Boom*. 36 ernla to Woautsper pi $1 78 to $3 per week. Open oil night. B 8MB AssESS" SMALL FAMILY HAS A BAMO80MM SUIT OF ^?t? emend toor to let. wish Bonrd; privets table ^?AtflittlK Waverley pfeoe. Reference* ex , T MB BLEKOKEK STREET? L BOOMS TO LET. WITH BOARD. TBRM8 MODERATE. 4 8INOLB GENTLEMAN OAR OBTAIN AN KLE A gently furnished Perlor Floor, with private both and MM room*, by applying at IB Eaat Twelfth atreet, near fcoadwafr Terms. Including breakfast, Ore and gas, f ISO per atontn. 4 T 18 AND 10 NINTH STREET?BETWEEN FIFTII A end Sixth avenues, two elegant Parlor Floor* and some be Single Booma, to let, with first elaaa Board, in French an* German *t;le*. l'rlvate table if desired. _____ 4 * 17 BREVOORT PLACE (TENTH BTBBBT). NEAR 4r ? __ Broadway?Dealrable aaaoed floor front Booma to real, wttb flrat elaaa Board. 4 BUTT OF PARLOR8 AND 8TNOLB ROOMS TO 1 T FRANRFORT HOUSJB.ONB^BLOCN KAST OF CITT Hall, corner of Fradtfort and WlHIam streets, ISO ?38 to Meanu per day; fll SO. S3 and $3 per week. AJ SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A FEW hendaooM farnlahad Booma, with Board, If required. Wast Poerteenth street. LAROB FBONT ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR TO ? let, furnished, with Beard; alao a Single Boom, at 68 I Twelfth atreet, between Flflh andSlxth avenues. 4- LAROl A let. Pa mat Twell Mftraoeca. & PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET AN ENTIRE FLOOR, together or separate, handaomely furnished, with flrat a Beard: also a small Boom. References exchanged. est fourteen lb atreet. A YOUNG MAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH Bear* ie a email respectable family. Terms 98 pet ?seek. Apply at Idl Flrat arenue. 4 FRITaTB FAMILY, AT NO. tfl WEST TWELFTH An street, een aecommodete a gentlemen with a small Fwmlahed Room and first elaaa Bond. Reference required. I I PUR bouse 4* IS STUYYBBANT STREET, NBAS THB BIBLE Mouse ?To let, wttb Board, n pleasant Boom to e single B ?WOH? STORY SOUTH ROOM?WITH BOARD, m leoeotMgmmapaHMgBammMmamm^H^^MMhM TMolj W^-tUssL** Wl*"or ***** ??""?men. West ALARCBTBIED STORY BOOM TO LET, WITH Beard, at 17 Clinton piece, near Fifth avenue. Refer inae required. BOOILSUITAB^S^^TW^OEN^MEN^O A MAwttbBeer*. at US Beat Sixteenth street. Refereaeee Am large front room AND dressing boom, second story of n oorner bouse in Nineteenth street, (nr avemerey park, suitable for n middle aged or old mn peesan,JMay be hed with Board, by addressing B. B/R., Bee tut Post oBce. Reference* given and required, 4 PAMTMENT8.?PARLORS AND BEDROOMS OB JX Single Room, ef every slxe and price. Table d'hote, Got deeeeuiebtc. at 6 o'clock; breakfast 8 to 11 at 75 cents; firmer nt-fl o'clock at $1. C*U at Baroelona Hotel, U end 83 Steal ken si atreet , 4 T W AMITY STREET, FURNISHED BOOMS. FOR Uem^only, without board, near Broadway sad 4 HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR. TWO A large Roosts en fleor a bore, te.let, with Hoard If re ^wo*. rarasa moderate. 131)< West Twonty-aovonth at. 4 SQUABB BOOM. WITH TWO LAROB 0L08B1B. TO A&8^?p8'.adBrsV?jSR.M5 4 N ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR, WELL FURNISHED, A with axoallaat. table; flrat elaaa house and neighbor, lee*. Na ? East Thirtieth street, between Fifth MdMadl mm nnneiie Children eed'terraats not taken. ' 4 KANDSOMRLT FURNISHED SHIT OF PROMT A Room*, In all respects deetaraMe: with or without first ?tea B??rd; eeglraUy Wuted. Ga?tletnee wishing* plee mjRTOln a private family will eddraet fur on* weekST AHT mJbOND STREET?A LARGE, FINE ROOM. ? aadRp famtoW, wtth flrat otaos Board, for a gentle man and wife, or a party of sing)* gentleman; nlee nR^m L LARGE FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, ON WTE fourth floor, to.let to gentlemen only, without board, Rest Fifteenth street. ROOM TO LET-IN A PRIVATE I French family, 88 West Twenty-first street, between isst sixth HANDSOME FRONT PARLOR AND BEDROOM en first floor, and small Room on third floor, may be rwlth Board, at 88 Ninth street, near Fifth avenue. All XLKOANT BACK PARLOR TO WT, WITH A Board, at M3 Went Forty-second street, one block wiM ft Broadway. Terms very re-sonable to permanent parties, ??ear first class. Reference*. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BOOM flbt ROOM8 an snlte. on Second Boor with first ' lass Board, to a pnUemnn and wife, at 10$ West Iwenty-aaooud street, near ArRi VaTK pa milt will let one or two pleasant Rooms, with Board, at a tuojemleprie*. far fantleinem Booses base water, gas and fire. ?0 Arrow at. AT mow, comrgmEMT, well furnished boom, en sensed steer. Ss let, without board. to a single ryn at; hoitsa and family smell. H61 West Twenty-first St. ?$fi TO $T MSB WKBK.?A FEW GENTLEMEN ?aii ot lain Board; also a few ladles, at 118 Charlton St. A ? n UMBER 00 SINGLE ROOMS TO LET. ?ALSO A I Bell; hours and neighborhood first class: table d'hote. West Twenty fourth street, on block Tilth Avenue Hots!. MICE FRONT BOOM, WITS BOARD, FOR ORB orlso gentlemen; bouse heated; also a ainsie front m. UK Thompson street, second borne from Bleaefier. V n CLINTON PLACE?HANDSOMELY FUR nisbed Reassa to let, with (Lwt class Board. References CHOTC^O^EWL^URNISHRI^itm^^m gestleinaa only, at $t nO and ffi per week, near Bmad Hdum Improvements; family private; loradon ren to all paru at I Board*.a fbw single gb.ntlkmkb can bb aeeombtodated with good Hoard and plea-ant Koorna gw reasonable terms. Day boarders Apply at I3S Oresn w-eh sfraat (Wyamlng Hotel). 1ARO?ONE OR TWO BEAUTIFUL ROOMS, EN suite or singly, to let with or without private table. tf at 11T Ninth street, between Broadway and University A RD.-FIRST CLASS BOARD IN A PRIVATE oifiy can be had nt 110 East Thirty-faurth street, ?ear vacant on Wth; Fourth asonuoears pom the VhOARD.?A PLRASANF ROOM, WITH GOOD BOARD. to let. keaantlsmsn and wire or two gentlemen; firs, pa, bathroom, Ac. Terms moderate, lit Wat erley place. El ARD.-TO LET, WITH BO ARD, AT CURET>S Ho tel. "fid and 7M Broadway. Parlors and Bedroom*, d'hote *t I o'clock. E ARD-A HANDBOMRLT FCRNTSHED SUIT OF Raorns, to let. with first elate Board Apply at 1*9 asi Twenty-althth street. EARD-AFF.W FIRST CLASB PARTIES CAN OBTAIN bundaomelv furnished Rooms and Bon id. In a prtvata ly. A o-ilv at tf West Thirty -first street, between Flitb sweats a- j ijrp-Klwty HOARD IN BROOBI VN.-A FRONT PARLOft A?fD Jj Bedroom aa second Boor, ta let, tea geo'lenian and Srlfa, with Board. Hon" sn-t Board first cLaa. iM location nnsn passed No. ? t arroil plass, west of Court. HOARDING-A labor and handsomely fur. Jj ntahed Room, with fire, sac, hot and cold water; Board fir two. t* a week; One for {fin, lit the first claga bouse BM ?set Thirteenth street, two doors below Second avenue. Boarding-one or two fur. ntalisd Phfhsrv; a'ae nlee single Rooms, to let, with or without Board, for single gentlemen or lamtltrs. without dalidren. rheseeptionable refer*ncea re>iu,red. Apply at fil Rood street. TJROOKLTN BOARD.?A PLEASANT SECOND D alary Front Room to let, with Board, at 14# Clinton giant between Harrison and Dagmw streets. P ROOELYN BOARD.-TO LET, A LABOR BOOM IN a private fsmtly. wh-re there are tew boardersu Dinner ? M. References etshanged. Apply at n Wsat Hal I!tf. * B BOOtLTN BOARD FOR GENTLEMAN ANDWIFB. Scnond slnry front Room, with modern .iu| > oveweatai *t nslghborhoo-1, ferrv oonrsolent; terms modi rat a. lehcv tockars not wanted. Apply at KM Broadway, kBSTIL'BLE BOOMS, WITH BOARD. IN A SMALL f rr.tate family, may be bad by ap.ilytng at 110 Weal rsn'.y fifth ? treat. BIOANTLY FURNISHED LOOMS TO LET ON econd flaor, to btdy and grntlesnio, with full or partial . gas, fuel and bath. Apply at JV IVeat Washington ?tace, near Slithavenua. JjURST CLASH BOARD.?A CHEERFUL AND llANO. J.' snsaely f'.rntsbad rear Room, on th.rd lt?n, lo two singl*, sag per week; reiereuce iciuired Apply lo H Want 1 wenty.eeennd street BRUKNISIIED?TWO HALL BHD ROOMS, FOR OWL or willful Beard, In a private house, ITI j els Mseks west sf M roadway. YIURNIFIIKD AND UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LKT Ji *"h and wiUinot Hoard; f.ce list; also Rooms wanted. ?at| for three days on how KM A CO., flfi Naaasa strast, isssi Ne, 7, near Post ofllcs. JjM'RH/RHBf ROOM TO LET-IN A FRIVATB FAMt* Apy/y'lfrfi ?"lyi h*" of I Klghtb svenue, near Fonrtaentb at. |jVUBNI8IIED ROOMS TO RENT?WITH BOARD, TO -T; -?*??tJ??,Mrt* and ibstr wives, or single jeuUcinen. doner a<? Terms re xmahla. At 7? Kali Twelfth street aeer Broadway. ' fFuRNlfiSe"*OR L^fiRNTdBKD ROOM. WI rH J? Board, fhr gentleman i\|t wife wsnl. d, a/ler January ?, JL' Boars, ftr gentleman aVI wife Wftnt-'d, after Jan M e moderate pn> *, beteaeif PlMM end Tw.ifth ?wet of Konrtk atunifl pi.fenV- would itjo I'ie tailJfoiafOk i ke a small W? b ? \m rtSrsSd eCoa. mfl Broadway. T AROB, AIRY BOOMS. COMFORTABLY FURNISHED Li on aesond and third (lata, anttubU far ? party of gen fie man or family. with or without Board. US Ninth street. VI ?Muaa lua sau? ?wwm i?r m pwiy us gcu* i or family, with or without Board. US Ninth street. ?jyjOBT DESIRABLE BOARD, AT S3 ST. MASK'S Rooms containtno water, closets. gas, ao. with food Soord, to gentlemen and wires or slnfle geu ifo. 78 Sorenth street. CJECOND 8TORT FRONT BOOM-TO A O gentleman, with or wHhont Board. 014 Sixth pleasant location. LADY OR nrenue, A rpHjtBB ROOMS ON _FIRST FLOOR. AND TWO ON _ arth Boor, to let. wtih or without Word, to gentlemen: unexceptionable reference given and required. Apply at M Ninth street, between University place and Fifth arenue. fpO LET-A FLOOR, HAXDSOHKT.T_ FURNISHED _ with black walnnt suit, withor wtthout Board: no other boarders. Apply at 1,194 Broadway, near Thirty third at. fTK> LET-A FURNISHED BOOM. WITHOUT BOARD. 1 to one or two slnfle gentlemen; no other hoarders. 14 Isttfbt street, near Canal. r LET?WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, BLKQANTLY furnished Rooms to gentlemen and wires or single gen. Uetnnn. Terms very moderate. 1,117 Broadway. TO LET?rURMMITBD, WITH BOARD. SUITS OF Ronms. with hot and eold water; good board; la a pri vate family; suitable for a gentleman and wife or a few single persons, at 193 East Fortr-flrst street; high ground and genteel nelghborbobd. Terms moderate. TO LET?SETBRAL NBATLT FURNISHED ROOMS, with q -without Board, at the first elaae private resi dence US Second nrenue. rpo STRANGERS AND OTHERS.?A HTOHLY RE jLsffiisSsB i^s5a?mk'?sto Eighth street. OUnton place. TWO NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS. OOMMUWICAT Ing, to rent aheap for gentlemen only; gas, hot and eold water; use of betn and fire If required: the family la very small; quiet neighborhood and five mlhutea' walk to Broadway. 194 Sullivan, one door from Frinoo street. TITANTED?TWO OR THREE RESPECTABLE OIRL8 vt to Board, at No. 4 First street Inquire on the first floor. IRVING FLACE.?TWO OB THREE HANDSOME _ furnished Rooms to lot, together or separate, with or without Board. *TH AVENUE. NO. J3.-TWO GOOD ROOMS, SUIT ) able for single gentlemen, with first etaes Board, to let 2g west FOURTH RTRKBT-A HANDSOME SUIT ?... of Rooms on seoond floor, with Board; also Rooms for single gentlemen. House first elasa. Dinner at A OQ BOND STftET.-TO LET. A LARGE THIRD ju if story front Room, furnished; also a small Room on fourth floor, with Board. 0Q UNION 8QUARE?A VERT DESIRABLE SUIT OF front Booms to be ranted, with Board. A n WEST TWENTY-NINTH 8TRBBT.-A VBRY DE T f nimble largo front Room, haodsomely furnished, to let. with Board, to a gootlsman sod wife or two single fien A Q SEVENTH AVENUE. CORNER OF FOURTEENTH TU street?Handsomely famished Rooms, with Board. QO WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET.?TWO OON necting Room*, partially fumisbed, to 1st, with Board. QQ EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET. NEAR ORAMER t/O oy Purk, Rooms to let, wtih Board; also a few gentle men day boarders ean be accommodated. Table first class. WEST THIRTT-NINTHISTRBET.? HANDSOMELY Famished Rooms to 1st, with all the modom Im provements, ft vary low prices. 210 east twbntitbh STAeBT.?HANDSOMELY furnished! Parlor, on seoond floor, with breakfast and dinner at A for two, at ($14 par week. Refsrences re. without board. 645 BROADWAY.?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Parlors sad Bedrooms. Meals served. COUKTEY BO AMD. ,at' rv/vt- e^NCy ?OARH AND LOPGWQ WAKTBD. FURNISHED ROOM AMD BOARD WANTED-BT A Am FURNISHED ROOM AMD BOARD WANTED-BT A young married couple; terms must ho moderate. Ad dress, stating prise. location, Ac., F. B.. Herald nfllce. YOUNG LADY DESIRES BOARD IN A PRIVATE family. References given. Address R. A., station G. gOARD WANTBD-BT A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, in a good io-ntlon up town, with a front room on seo ond floor and bedroom eonnectlng. which, the persons deslr rill furniab nicely. Address, stating terms, location. A<r. B.. box 4.098 Post offlee. J^OARD WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMTT.T BY A man. wife and child. 0 yeer- ntd, a room and bedroom com '".rintc.i tmg. In a pleasant neighborhood, between Four teentb sad Twenty sixth n!recta, west of Broadway; terms not to oxcoed $90 per month, Inehidlng fire and gas. Ad " "* irttcular ? *" wRh full particulars, R. F., station O. Board \yantrd.?partial board by a ofm t>man and full Beerd for tit* wife and daughter, with Iwo furnished roouia, one of which mny he a mail aide room; icfrnmee a exchanged. Addreaa, stating term*, Ac., J. H. B.,e_ra of Orange, J add A Co.. 41 Park row. Board wanthd-tvyo gentlemen drsirk onr itnal! and one larger room. with Are. paa and Board, between Pi. urteen'li an 1 THirlleth streets. ami Poarth and Seventh avomie*. at 3% per weak. Addreaa K. I., Herald office. IARD WAITED.?A YOTTNO *)rtl DRSTRER ?atfl l.i a orivale fa.nt'r m Brooklyn or New York, r. I ataaR too in, with mm BNd onnvenlenoea for heating: Tide deal re a a room on floor: prtee about $7 per baah. Addreaa P. A. T.. Herald office. For a gentleman and wipe, or q*jirt habits and undoubted rcferenoee, good plain Board, and good arocmn'odMiy}? ebrut $'A5 par week. Addreaa Bourdera, WANTED?FROM MARCH 1. POR A GENTLEMAN and wlfb. two Rivima, furniahed or tinfnmlahad, with or wlthoai Roaid: permanent if anltad. Addreaa for ??.? week, atating prtee and full pnrtienlnre, ?. P., haa 198 Heruld o*ka. WANTED?BY TWO TOtTNO GENTLEMEN. PTE TT nlahed Rooms, with fall Board or dinner enly; family Bvrtto. No tnnrjlngbouae need answer. Aitdraaa. ata.i tg ma L B., station A. .Spring straat. WANTBD-A WBT.L FURNISHED ROOM AND BED room, with or Without Bc-rd. halow Twanty flftb street. Albican* L. S? box 1.095 Po?t office. WANTED?A OOOD BT7RD PT'BNISHtD ROOM, with a ma II Room connecting, with Board, far a lady itnj dangliter, ma private family; terms not te e?o*ed $30 for both. Including Ore and fit. Addreaa Q. B., Herald effie*. WANTFD-BY A WKNTLEMtN AND WIPE. A PDR nlahed Room, wttu Board, la aprlrata family: term# not to exaeed $16 per #*ek. Inalndlng Are and gaa. Addreaa Lawranee, Herald office. BT A ORMTIdtWAN AND ITIN TT wife, between Fourteenth and Fortieth streets, near Ftflh aeenue. In a highly ratpaolabl* neighborhood. at a moderate price: ttret class refereuea given and required. Addreaa Y. W. P., Herald office. WMANTRD-BY a single gentleman, in a ?trtri'y private fnmUv (no hoarding honsei, a niaety furniahed Room, with breakfast ; teealion between Thirtieth and Fiftieth atreefe West. Addreaa Comfort, Herald office. _ IIOTEM. 1\K LANRAD IIOI7RR. 71 WEST FOR flBTfl 8TRBET. I" fronting fteeervotr )>rk.?Ooe large and coiamodkiua Hnlt tif Dow on ft rat Boor: ntao ana on earned. Table TV>NAI>I house, BROADWAT and THIRTT-THIRD 1/ 'ireel.?A AneanHnf Front Rooms for n family; alao Rno na for geniicineo, with or without Board. Table French or Kuglieli. Ilote' del. MKTROPOUTAN HOTEL, WASHINGTON, D. a-ON acrount of the re.'uciton lu price* of prorlatona, the rata at thla hotel will ha $4 par day from date. Jan. I. MB. POTTS t SHELL ST. PARIS.?OKAND HOTEL NO. ? RUR DP. I.A PAIR. Thle mrgniflcent (trot e'aaa Hotel, recently embellished and elegantly inrnishet, haa been pairoulfl during the prevent aaatury ny the drat ramiltes of both hemisphere*, end iuati. Aei He renown hv Ha untune situation In the moat fa*tow. able part of Parte, Ite naqntlfuilv laid ant garden In lha tntdalef a eonrt yard. oTnamauled with a perpetually run ntog rannlaln (advanlagae na la public health which have no equal among the Parte bolelah iia excellent onlaine and the care and attention shown to Ita dlatltigulrlied gucate. There are large and entail aparinten'e. at all priraa; pri vate raeUurania. roifaa room*. ealenna. reading and smoking room?, latter baa, Interpreter*. carriage*, An, he. T>IRRRF.FONT HOPSR, BROOKLYN If EIGHTS. JT Suite and aingle K<> inw. permanent and tranelant. Table nnan paaacd, aa wall as location. D. P. PETERS. Praprletor. ST. JOHN Ht.TRL?ON THE RrnOPRAN PLAN, Broadway near Eighth eleeet, n?olr end haudanmely Atlcdap. Roumatn enlte and etngly fo. i sallies and aingla gentle man. rpONTINK HOTR'a 417 AMD 4* RROADWAY. BRANCH 1 or the Tontine career of ('orthtndl end Wert street*. Rooms from Mr. to $3 par day. Ladtea' and gentlaman'a raaia urenia nltaehed. ior?7 ?fa rib exhibition. loO 4 . HOTEL DUN DRlfX MONPES. No. 8 Rne d'Antin flrat elaea ha'.el, patronised by the American families. COAL, WOOD, dfcC. A CHALDRON FOR OOXR.-DRLITBRRD . - ? _. immediately. Apply tl my cohe office at Urn *aw York Get w nrka at Twenty-Awt street and avenue / ? > P. SHERWOOD. PROPOHAU. WILL ME RRCblVKD TILL PBBRUART randan Bteraa and oflioee In the Herald af FiilCin and Nassau street*. Pinna ef tba ba examined at lha oil n of the Bupertntend Ik* prnpaaala may be dlreetad. a*ht aiip Watt cuiwl iLttvic citt imra xm bam. B 1 room wort tenement house fob baib wKh fioorin eai? Jff'of"tK'hffiiYrrt'dw .?'?ft?' ATM* FOURTH AVENUE?HOUSES FOB H ALB, 1MS '47; call or send for ray real rsU>? circular, which is corrected, published weekly and mailed tree. STANLEY DAT. AN EXTENSIVE RECTIFYING HOUSE A ED ALCO hol Distillery for aale on sdrautageous terms. Apply to COO LI DOE A YOUNG, 164 Front atreoC A-FOR SALE, THREE 8TOBY AND BASEMENT ? brick IIoiih. oa Seeond avenue, near Twenty-first -rest. ffroUlrarawtl^^be^hicb^^ 111 Broadway, Trinity Building, basement. Am neat, two story brick house, in fifty ? first street, well l-wated, for ffi.OOb For perratta apply | to UEORQE W D1TCHETT. No. 0 New^hMMfiMlMtt I New Chambers street, upstairs. BMURINE88 FROPRBTY FOR SALE-BY K. H. LUD LOW A CO.. No. I Fine street, near Broadway:? I Broadway?Valuable Leasehold corner, above Bleecker. Broadwav?A valuable Corner, above Bleecker. Rivadway, near Broome?Five valuable Lots. Broadway?MxJOO, near Amity street. Broadway?A valuable Center near Fifth Avenue Hot i Broadway?Valuable Lot, near Leeeard. Broadway, near Wbtte street?Lame Piece. I Bleeeker street?Corner, east of Broadway. Canal street First class Improvements. Cedsr street, near William?Vahiabte Plena. Chambers street?First olase Store. neartUudson Crosby at rest, near Bleecker?MiW feet I Dey street?Fine Store, near Broadway. I Franklin street?Between Church and Broadwav. White street A valuable comer east of Broadway. Woosftr street?A larie Piece near Broome si rest Worth street?MiW feet east of Broadway. Worth street?Largs Piece, 75*80. White street, near Church?10x100 fast BMURINES! PROPERTY?VBBY DBHIBABLB FOR IN ? vestment, In Broadway, Canal, Meroer, Crosby, Great ^?ea, Boud. Howard. Grand, Binnme, Spring, Brines, Houston, Bleecker and Fourth streets; also In Washington nvtinwH, 0tcwBvr mu rvuitn iirvoiB, urv in rv uuiuhiwu place. Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth. Thirteenth and | Fourteenth streets; also In the best streets transversal to end near Broadway below Canal street. Apply to BUOBEB I CHE VALUER, ff Cedsr street. _J_ ROADWAY. WEST SIDE, ABOVE CANAL STREET.? D For isle, s fine Property, ?5i000: poessseloa May, 1867. Apply to W. P. SEYMOUR. 171 Broadway. /"VENTRAL PARK LOTS FOR BALE.?TWO ADJOIN vj mg lots, between Fifth and Madison avenues. In view of the most picturesque pert of the Perk. Address Colby, Herald office. FMOR BALE-THREE PULL LOTS. 76X100 WITH THE ^?buildingsen the east aide of Greene street. 100 feat from Grand street, the oqptre of the great bustneoa Imprev^^^H I now being made, jfbply to H. J. HOWARD, at 64 H street, before 4 P. M.. or at 168 West Twenty-first from 6 BBMUBMMHMHMWKUJ.iHllh to 8 P. M., to the owner's agent THOMAS J. STRWART. POR BALE?FIRST CLASS AND MROTWM PRICED Houses, la all parts of the city; also a variety of Tone* moot Property. Particulars end printed list at the oSee. D. IT 8EAMAN, Auctioneer sod Reel Estate Broker, 14 Pine street lltOR BALE?THE MODBKN BUILT THREE STORY r brisk House H4 Rest Thirty-second street; lot 10x09 feet: in best order; gas, water. Be. For term* apply to JOHN BEN TO B CO., 150 Front street PPOR BALB-A VERT GOOD THREE STORY BROWN Twenty-third street, 000,000. F stone blah stoop House, 11x60 and 76. on Tbirty-nleth street user Seventh avenue, $18,000; n three story high steep brawn stone, w?oo and 80. corner of Lexington eveuue, shove ^M^mnfem^troet 90ft 000. -jim EDMUND H. MARTINS, 1,070 Broadway. ? TJ10R 8AIJP-THB NEW FIVE STORY PHIL A DEL F pbla brick-Houses oa Forty-siath street, between Sec ond and Third avenues; 06 feet wide; built in the beet man ner. Rent $2,000. Apply to LOPBR B DAVIS, Thtrty siath street, eoraer First eveuue. TJIOR SALE?A POUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN I F stone House, with all Improvements and In first rate condition; situated In Forty-third street, near Broadway, i For further information inquire in ooal ofllce, 170 Wooater ft. r^M 8ALE?$6,000?A TWO STORT DOUBLE BASE- I ^|ment end attic frame Mouse and Lot, on oast aide of the eltv. In good repair, and othem Call for two days on I BOWBN B CO., 1? Nassau street, roojn No. 7. SALB-A TWO STORT HIGH STOOP FRENCH ?oof Cottage, with modern Improvements, with or with out furnilnrs; osw house. Call at MI East Fifty-third at ^KTsa^^mal^ottao^^ooth^trekl MO rn sale-small cottage in iooth street, i fast east of Fourth avenue. Immediate possession. P. N. BPOFFORD, 00 Breadway. YTtOR BALK?WITH OR WITHOUT FURNITURE. THR blown stone front House 74 West f elegant four story ???????????? Thirty-eighth Ureal; frescoed and patutnd end In perfect orderthroughout: house 03xM feet: lot 38x98.9. For per-s mlu apply to E. H. LUDLOW B CO.. No. 8 PlDe^gj^^ r^M 0ALB?THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN ?tlMMMMRMMMrt stone House on Forty-ninth street, between Second ?? Third avenues, In fOofemgdMMMmR?j?ta^Bk^k 111 Broadway. and Third avenues, In goad order: possession. WM. 8. g|M||||feii|fewdm(, Trinity Building, baaereM|^^H T^TWHTslfel. 000 feet mat of Third avenue: throe af-ry,1 basement, sub-oellsr. with gas. bath, hot and cold water, range. Be.; possession immediately; also three story brick House and two Ms east side Fourth avenue, between 100th end 107th streets. Apply on the premises, or to C. W. TAN VOORHI8, 88 Nassau street. rR SALE OB TO LET-TWO STORT AND BABE meat Ilonse 382 West Twenty-fourth etreuL Price $6.0001 require of E. ATRRS, 103 Nassau street. pjOUSES FOB BALB?BY A. JOTRNEAY. No. g PONE West 48thV.-4 story high stoop brown stone $14,900 West .13d ?t. ?? story high stoop brick 16.000 ; Aid St.?6 story high stoop [ West AM St.?6 story high stoop brown stona 16.000 West Mth ak-4 etorr high stoop brown stone. $).?? !d ?v.?4 story English basement brick 0.600 T 1ST OF IIOU&ES FOR SALE BY E. H. LUDLOW A Jj CO., No. 3 Pine street. E?Hn*??i'til()n an bo given, rurehaaera will please pitwrn this advertisement for future rnfereuee. Fifth avenue?Four rtory high stoop brown atono, 23.8x70. Fifth avenue?Four atory high atoop brown ?ton?, 28x80 Madison aveuno? An elegant corner House, 32x01. Madison avenuo?Four atory high atoop bmwn atono, SSiGO. Park avenue?Four story high atoop brown alone, 25x93. Park avenue?Four atory high atoop brown atone itxje. West 18th ok?Four story Eng. baaemetit brown sloae, 95x88. Kaat 18th ak?Four awry high atoop brown atone, sfcxm. ...... bwth r " " m Weat 17th ak?Four story btth atoop brown atone. 97x70. Waat l?'h ?t?*7 h ish atoep brown atono. ??x80. Eaai fiefat-^Tonr - tor.- High MP*, feWS} Wo:t 891 at?Four atory l-wh atoop brown MooO. ?xSA W"?l 17.1 ak?Four atory high atoop hrorra rftone, i4'7u. ?.t ?: 96: h ak?Four atory bb'h atoop brow n atono. 85x58. WeaiFKh st. ? 1'O'T atory hliU atoop brr.wa ato:i?. 25x0). Wo. 31s'. at. -Four atory h'-t: stoop tirrrx;: itiowe. 29x82 East I'M ?t. -Four story h!gV. sloop brown s'one, 88x6k We l Hth ?t. -Fnrrtory t'gh stoop brown at -na, 0t<8. Fa li ?k?P r.ratory E. brown n one, 92x89 I -ak ' I) - t cr taa-'i J u. irasociu ua i?"wn n.'iiir, au?u Kaat *jib at.?Four atory high atoo,. brown s'ono, 9Bvri0 West 38th rk?Four story high sloop brown aloue, 25x80 Lots for salh-on wtii. atrru. 8ist. nsr, 71D. 74th 'l ot's xnd Sixth aswnne. on maonnbla Urma Ap? ply to M. s. .MYKRS, 493 Broadway. SMUMFP A MRS FERN. 84 DUANE STRBRT.?FARMS, House* Late, Lo-ixoa, Stores, Ron. Oooti*, Liquor* I. flash put smt or xdraaend, House, $7.50): $2,800 eoabt ouas, fl Lots. $8,020. Oyster House $1200. Restaurants, ?! 1.208 and 98,200. Orooenr, $378. Seer Halosaa, $800 to Jsv^toro, $000. Far and lint Maauiactury, good VMALUAMLK LRA8B ON WALKER AND CHURCTT ? streets for sale; twenty years to ran. A>ae valuable Lot on ''roaby atraek near Broouxo. Apply to BLBF "~ A DEN'INON. No. 8)4 Finn atraek 39 WASHINGTON SQUARE.?A BROWN STONE House, hie!', atoep. four stories, nigh h-tsemenl and oritur. 87). foot front. 141 Maedoufal street, .artier Fourth street, fonr story high stoop ho-tse. 84 feet front. Wand44 New streaks rery substnutlnUy bnllt wnrnbnuN. For aale New streaks xwry substnutlnUy bnllt warnbeuM. by L. HRLL, Real Estate Agent. 38 New street. $13,000 _r?n S4EB-A TMRKK PTORY HIGH Stoop brink Itouan, with nil toe Modern in how as; nearly new. iiuprofwants; marble bnatoe. mantels, Ae.. throughout | m JACOB SHAHFK, to Finestreet BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR IALA FINE RKftlDKNCE FOR BALE?THB_ PROPER IT Of an estate; location one of the feet In Brcoklvn, con r an lent to ears and ferries; honor IB feet wide (double), three stories and hn-einrnt; thoroughly biull for (be lata 'M ' Oaa * owner's own nee; In perfect order. Can be s-tn at any time by applying at Bl President street. Brooklf Mi 102 feet, wlto low adjoining, if wanted. Prion terms faxorahie. For terme apply to R. t. KRLI.t Cedar straet. New York. Brook; y* proppritt pamk profbkty map.? WYCKOFFA LITTLE, Moatague nti-eei. near ?'ou'-t. bare had draxm a map, four by dre feet, show! ng the meat eligible part of property In vicinity of the new perk, wf ' Is on view at their noire, and photograph copies for sale. lit OB SALE AT A BAROAIN-A BBACT1FCL NEW r brick Cottage. gar and -valor: full Ink on Lafayotm nranue. near Mnrcy. Apply at No. AIT Utile Water afreet, Brooklyn. J. SCOTT. 180M SALE?IN A FIRST RATE NEIGHBORHOOD IN 1 Brooklyn, a wide, handsome Corner House, with brick stable on rear of lot; la three stories and baaeraeat Sd feat wide; Aral Boor handsomely frescoed; In Al order, and oao be eeeupted lwanedlut*ly; lot 34x138; <un be Men at any time. For poruculara apply W E. R. KELLOGG, 14 Cedar street. SOToA. F? attaebed. In a rery da ton or Hauth ferries. Tartar R BALM?IN BROOKLYN, A NEAT TWO STORY attic and hue men I Dwelling House, with thtee lout attaebed. In a rery desirable io--atTon. SB minutw from Ful "'tr It. <?ATKK,"li'l Broadway, rooaa No. 7. IitULTON AVENUE-IMPROVED FROPBRTT?FOi'R r brlrk Stoma, south rile, ta elove the eetate. Apply to A. KNOWLTON. comer of Portlaad avanua; or to T, M. WYorr, 81 Wllilaw streak N. Y. VALUABLE BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR SALE - The lfouse and stores HI and 32lk Fulton atceet, known aa^the Han illy property. wlll_betoid alanoMmi '.'J'AMEN HON, Ounamarcial Blehaage, at 12 kt.j lanuarv }. COUNTRY RBAla MITATE FOR SALE. AM PINY FARM OF Iff ACRES FOE SALE-82 MILES by Brie Railroad: nanaa SMR. extension 87x18; barn 40x88, and all arilnilldlagi throe oirhnrda and n'her fralt, ARLL WANTING FARMS.?OOtiD SOIL, MILD CM mete, 34 aaian south of Philadelphia. Price only $? Rr sere. Also Itnprurari Parma. Hundreds nra settHng formation neat fine. Addieoa C. K. landih. Vioetand, Raw Jatsay. Ii'OR 8AI.R?A 1IANDSOMB COUNTRY SEAT. WITH r 8). scree of ground, at Paekrkllt, on the Ru-laen; flue rlrer xiew, beahlw. and ronrcntaal to sen aad atiawhonw. Apply at 44S Waahragtoa streak IjtOR SALE?IN HARRISON, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, ?? &LA rSW?. V.7wL^,*7i!rSKvj 811 kinds; g aaad Wall of water; a large etstora ueder the He ben; toed house, conUlaiag eleren rooms, hern and ?eben ; good house, coatalaia I eieren rooms, barn and )R SAt.R OR RXf HANGE?A COUNTRY RK8I. deafk with frees m te NO aeroa, near Queen* l7l, OPCTWlt ilu ?j^ATi lOi HA Hmi/dson CITY. N. j-for salr-anew two ?I story and cellar bitch Ootto*. AM let MbMK Inde lldlwt walk, coped, and tin roof; marble mentals, Ac. Fiamailnii immediately. Mcrth site boldaa stveol, Mrno Clerk and Montgomery avenues, near two ear reutap, about flfUao mlnutaa' walk from Hoboken fori tea. Prioa low and ternaa to suit. Apply lo CHARLES CLINTON, 78 Waahlag ton street, Uobokon. N. J. rpO.PYKOTF.CHNISTS?TUB UNDRBS1 ONRD, Al>.

1 mlulatrotor of the eatato of tba lata Kibridgp la Haader ?ou, offera for aala the Pyrotechnic Works of Tba deceased, situated in Kuat Cambridge. one mile Iran Boa to*, aod known aa the Etna Laboratory. TV?e work*, being the consolidation of three different eaublirhmenta, are the moat extensive of any In New England, and ennatat or ten build ings, besides ?bede and ohargtu* shops. aa well adapted to the manufacture of draworka. There are rramar uOctant for the largeat aibtWtlon, all toola and msihlaat naeeaaary for oarrylng on the business and also a large quantity of etork partially manufactured, baaidaa aema mada up end ready for sale. The bustneea has been carried on In thia I place for nearly 17 yea re, and K. L. Sander*.,.. and Saslor aon A Co. hare been pyrotaehnlata lo the city of Roaton for 10 or 19 different year*. As the property must be aold to settle the estate, a great opportunity la offered to any one desiring to engage In the manufacture of tireworks, tor further particular! apply to the undersigned, at No. SO Court street, Boston, Mm WILLIAM 0. COLBURN, Administrator. VALUABLE PROMT, CRANBERRY PARK PGR S ALE r#ry low, or n part; or will take n partner; ereretblng In good order; near railroad. Por tonus apply at IP Broad street, room OB. REAL ESTATE WASTED. HMouses wanted -parties wishing to dis. pone of their houtee will And rash purchaser* by send ing particulars to EDMUND H. MARTI MR, 1.379 Broadway. PHARTTR8 HAVING HOUSES IN THIS CITV FOB ? agio or to rout will consult their interest by sending memorandum to A. JOURNEAY, No. 6 fine atreet. HOUSE TXTANTED?LEA8R PROPERTY.?A SMALL I VV (leased ground). 11,000 to $1,800 ftrst payment. Ad dress, with fulTpartloulara, George Hey. sere of P. Bebrln-| gerTllI Chryetlestreet. TT7ANTED?WOOSTER OB GREENE STREET PROP TT erty, from Canal to Houston street, on# or name lata. Stota Jprfce, loeatlon sad full particulars. Address M. Schwab. 964 hast Broadway, N. Y firANTED TO PURCHASE POR CASH?A THREE OR TT four a lory brown stone House, located between Twen ty-third and Fifty-fourth street a, between Lexington and Seventh arennea Price not to exoead $90,000. early Pos aeaalon desired. CHARLES B. MILLS, 49 West Thlrfleth HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., TO LET. APIRST CLASP HOUSE. W EAST SIXTIETH STREET, near Islington avenue, north aide, to let or for aala. Inquire on tba premises, af J. GLASS. A T 81$ FOURTH AVENUE.?HOUSES TO LET; 1887 J\ 1888; etty and country; furnished sad unfurnished. Durtng the season sand weekly for my Real Estate Circular. STANLEY DAyT AMT 114 THIRD AVENUE?F1YB UNFURNISHED ? suits of Rooms, to small private families. In the moat central location. Rent $19, $16, $90, $95 and $30 per month. A FURNISHED HOUSE, BLEOANT, UP TOWN, TO to lot?A splendid Store, Basement and Floors In Bleeckar atreet. A ooxy Cottage up town. ADAMS A CO.. M Broadway. A NUMBER OP FIRST CLASS STORES AND LOFTS A to lek for February. Houses to let and for aaha all over the city. E. C. BISHOP. $7 Liberty street CORY COTTAGE IN nARLRM TO RENT-TO A small, genteel family. Good neighborhood. Immediate Ltoto^H V. r. KNIGHT, JUT B>o?dw.?y, room 70 A NEAT AMD OOMPLBTELY 1'URNISHED HOUSE to let-Bendy for Immediate oeeupaucy, onTwentv-slxth street, near Sixth avenue. Rent tl.SjO. ruruiture for sale, $0,030. JOSEPH MASON 98 Pine street. AMPARTMENTS, ELEGANTLY FURNISHED-PARLOR, ? He. or.d Floor and otliai Ra< Blent to cars; Board Tblrty-sereotb sliest, 'iUDuAis Hi i r v n,innitii?rAi; ijwn, mil.other Rooms, vary desirable: eouve I If inquired; gas, balls, Ac No. 74 West M, near Broadway. FURNISHED FRONT AND TWO BACK ROOMS, with stoves, water, Ac., 88 Hudson street, to let. FIRST FLOOR. TO SMALL FAMILY. RENT $34. and two or throe Rooms, $19, with faruitnre coning for $900, suitable for oulet couple. W? West Twenty th street. A LABOR AND HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM to let, on Broedtrav. anitnbte lor one or two gentlemen. Price $10 per weak. S2H Broadway. A NEARLY FURNISHED HOUSE ON WEST FORTY, sixth xtreet to let. Men; low. Por pc-mits apply lo JOHN KAVANAG fl. northeast corner ?f Forty-second atreet and Sixth avenue. AT 47 AMITY STREET?A FURNISHED ROOM 4ND Bedroom, on third floor, suitable for housekeeping; also one large uafurnlahed Room; to families of adults. QOUNTINO ROOMS TO LET-AT 47 PEARL STREET. THIRST LOFT IN BUILDING 888 HLEBCKBR STREET, IT to let. with (turn power; well lighted. Inquire of <i. H. JACOB , 173 Pulton ?ireet. BRNISURD HOUSE TO RENT-IN THIRTY-FIFTH tract, between Filth and Sixth avenues from now until [ay, 18HS. at the monthly iant $400; u 111 only be rented tan private family. Address R., box S.S'M PoefoMee. Furnished room to let-in private family, In vicinity of Fifth avenue and Thlrty-aeveuth street. Address Aillrew, Harold oQee. VWRNISHED ATARTMHNTS TO LET?TOGETHER OR F aeparatelv, on ?eeor. J door; n suit of four Rooms, baud, aometv furnished, lem'i; private. IS Went Twenty-seventh street, near Bro*<lwav PURN1SHK'' "OUSE fo LET. IN BROOKLYN.?A vera d< Mi-.ib ? Uosue and Puro'lure lo let in Henry street, a IW m'ru'ca' walk Irom south ferry. Poeaet.uon Imm.'dir -!v r.UI on Mr. TITW. Ill Warren at.. New York. rPVT. :-.,o PARWIK- a?I> SlNfiLR BOOMS. WITH- I .'.-ud, with ancxueptMiiuWe leferenes. Apply at 51 h .ireet. F ORNISH ED ROOMS IN .IKStSET CITY TO LKT-A _ cad l'toor, four now, nub n> *nd water, nud every |M>'*- omplete for. iionaelieep'i r lleut f40 per month, la ad cam o. Apply *t SSS C i o .'e ?t: act. 11 t.6et. ALT. TO LET?FOR LECTURES OR SOCIAL {lancing. U* Br j'.lway, autism* <5 Tl.irty.fourth HANDSOMELY F( RNIUHF.D ROO*??-NBWLY fitted up. en sulto or aiaely, for f.rantlea and alrrle gentlemen, with or wtthuu* Board, or with Private Tahlo. No. 763 Broadway. Horsi: TO LT.T?TN SEVBNTY EIGHTH STRBRT, IN good order, south aldo. beiweeu Heooiii! and Third avo sue*. Rent nttbo rato of BMOpei annum. Inquire at the feuith houae eaat of Third avenue. TTOUSEKEPPBB8, OR PERSONS fiOlNO TO HOUSE ? T. bee piny ran bur Carpets, Furniture. Redding, if , at BltNnALL A SCOTT'S, corner of Canal and Hudson alieete. I Pay by waaklv or monthly payment ,1 preferred. ?bopo?alb will be rbokiyrd mi kbbkp ary X 1,1617, far mo dog Stoma and OBeea In the Mew Ilerald Building, on Broadway, Turk row end Ann at reel. Plana of the pmninen can bo examined at the ofliee of the Super in Wnifint eorner of Futton and Naaaau streets, In whom the propoaala may be directed. OIX ROOMS TO RESf?AND FURNITURE FOR SALE p very cheap for eaah, ov to real fumlahed. Ren), with furniture, $60 per month: or furniture will be void for MM; -MHB0 Reagent* nee.1 apply Inquire in the new large _ . . a, befl No * bulldiag SO Third hvenue, b-0 No. I. STEAM POWBR.?LAROK PI.OORS OR PARTS; Steam Hoiat. 435. ML ?SB, 461 Fast TFeato fourth ?treat. H MERRILL, Agent. OTRAM POWER, WITn OMR LA ROB AND THREE O email well lighted Floors, to l#? Apply te the Engineer. Roe. ? and 11 Ranter at reel. SHORE TO I.RT-WITH THR1 E TEARS' I.EASB, ? from the let of i.aat May, on Broadway, near Fourteenth at reel; baoohnaaely Stted up, for any farey bualneaa^the titsrei will be aold cbeap. Apply to JOHN LLOTO A SON, 16 N aaaan street. QTORK TO I,ET?1,131 BROADWAY; TWn Yl ARS> O l,eaae and Fliluma for sala eheap; One toaaUui. fw? hoH a ana, near (he hotels. EDMUND H. MARTI MR, lATSBeaeT. >y rpHRRE OR POOR GOOD FURNISHED H1USI IN I Br?t class local!'lea, to .art to responsible Igaanta, with .. . ? uewrf *" I Dime-Sate pans'aaleu Two or Uirse for enl.H W All KR A HR1 OH ? Chambers at rest fpO LKT?STORE 178 bHOADWAY. 1 WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, INMUIRR ON THE PREMISES. rl,RT-A THIRD STONT BACK ROOM, WITH HOOD closet, gaa an-i haih, and dtruor at Hb Reference# exchanged. Apply at 91 Want Baltk street. r LET?ROOMS ON FIRST FLOOR. FURNISHED or iinfurnlshaJ. at 14 Bond atrent, r.aar Broadway, auM abln for a dentist or deetnr. ov hoe eheeplnc. mo LET?THE MY BTORY HIOH STOOP BASEMENT J. linn as. No. It* Blee-ker street, with lmsw.IU.te poaaea stoii To be anna from |g to 11 A. M. nttd 8 to 4 P. M. or la swim of W. J. OKI! MaNN a CO, ISlfc Wam Twenty A fth street, eorner Sixth aveeua. rro LET?DESK ROOM on SECOND floor, front X aklee, roam Ne. 7. IN and IM Broadway. fTO LET? BBOADWAT LOFTA. SEVERAL SPLENDID 1 1-ofla on Rroadway, some M by Its fowl dn?>. naar St. NlehoUa Hot ah M. A MTRRft, 448 Broadway. rpO LRT?ON RfOAOWAT, SEVERAL FIRST OLASS I Sierra, I _ , near Breemo and Sle.-oher vtreeta; also one 6sa.iT" "4? r>s?sr? Broadway. ELBT-A PURNIHHKn '"OTTA":;, SEVEN RfloSs, at Mo ul Vernon, 14 mileo from New York bv ITeW en Mil read Apply to AUG. T. U1LLBNDKK, AS Lib erty so ??t fTO I KT TWO kl'LRNDID FURNISHED ROOMS. ON I Br. a?1j?ay, lor a gentleman and wife, alto a .Ingle Hoom I n.i.nwd, atmnlMV. KM Mna4wa^ ronrn No._A CHAM BERLIN A CO. > LBt-ANI iiaan cut D FIXTURES, AC . FOR H-'Lf. TIIR W Waahlngtea mreet, oerror of Vatay; a IIret rate etand far the butler, cheese aad egg bAunees. Apply laamedtatety an tin prinMiee. Tn LKT-FirRNlSllRn, THE STnNE FRONi OOTtl'( ?rOttawa. 147 Went Fifty fourth alreeh between Broadway ^BKmhtb nvaanm eowvwntewt 'elite Bmr.dway earn. The He In furnlnibed thiwunhent and In cetnplele ? hnuaeW furnthheu throuahom and in compleie urdci fnr ^^^^^ming: rand, tattuifing the uae of (be piano, 5475 iintd May Apply oe the premteea. fTK) LET-FLOORS OP su ROOMS EACH, ON 1 Eighty third at real near rmrd avenne, marble mantle., ?as. Croiea, An. Rani ISA Apwls te L'IPRH A DAVIS, gaa, Croion, An. Real |M. Apply te eorner of Thirty at oh street a*g Ftrvt avenue. ELBT-P7,41NLT PrRNISHBD 0O?Y APART, men ta. I,IIS Broadway, near Thirtieth street i M uae-no ding), raitahle fi r a emallTaailly. Alee aa oai .a to let. Apply from S to ?e'eieek only. rro LKT-LOPTS 4M AMD MS RMaDWAT. rOBSEN ifcjSBtyU* w ?? lawrrmck, Jr.. T? TJrr-RpysB m east ?ortt first atrlet, 1 . ***** wirs M*?lB nwBttSs Asyiy ts W. O. WUPVflllM HOCUM, JMMDMS. dKL, TO LM. A W1WMIP Addrroa'terAhroe T? _ LET?STORE (WITH APAiTJlMT* TO LITB IN) ?ad Fixtures for wit. Will be sold eheap If sold to-day. Apply at 71 Carmine street, In the butter store. r LET-FOUR ROOMS. COM TO RT ABIjY FURNISHED, eoonoeting; single Bedroom*, some unfurnished. to ?ether or separate. eaiwble for housekeeping; erode ru lin proTemente. t? Best Tweut*-eighth etreet, corner of fourth avenue. _______ mo LET? J A House. end the Furniture foreele Apply et W West Twenty-seventh street. mo LRT-A 8MAI.L FULLY FURNISHED HO[7SB. I centrally located et |W e mouth end Roerd for one perron, or BMO without. Addtess Homer, elation 0. mo LFT-IN A BROWN STONE HOUSE, WITn ALL 1 modern improvements, e eeeond Floor, to a email femlly; refereooes exchanged. Apply et W West Fiftieth et. rLFjtSF.?A VALUABI.K CORNRR ON THE LOWER pert of Ktfth erenue. for business purposes. or wtil roll the lease. Apply to BLEECKKR A DENISON, No. 5* ?Flee etreet. r LEASE?ON UNION SQUARE, FOURTEENTH street, en elegant Honee end Let. running through to Thirteenth street; eitre else; wall oelculeted for drat olese business. Alee one on the west side (Broidwey). Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO.. No. ? Pine etreet. r RENT?AT MO. AST. MARK'S PLACE. FURNISHED Rooms, en suite or singly, to gentlemen only Term* moderate. . C RENT?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. FOR two years, a first dees House an Fifth eneuue. Murrey SB feet wide end In complete order throughout: poeseo siou after 1st MaixhT Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., Mo. 8 Fine street. r RENT?8AMPLE BOOM IN BROADWAY; FIX lures fOreele; ea the owner la engaged ta boeinnu la another elty, the place will bo disposed of low. Apply on the premise*. rU RF.NT?A FURNISHED COTTAGE, CONTAINING ? ear?n Rooms, between Broadway and Sixth erenue; oomforteble and airy: neighborhood first class. Inquire on the premises, IM Wert Forty-sixth street. Rent $100 per month. rRBNT AT FORT HAMILTON-PART OF A HOUSE on Stewart avenue, well adapted for a small family of adults; ears run within a block. Apply to JAMB8 DIXON, W Walker street. New York. FT1WO NEATLY PUBNISHBD FRONT ROOMS, WITH X fireplace?To let, to (ingle gentlemen, without board. Good reference* required. Innne moderate. Apply at 7i Amity etreet. 3 LOFTS IN CANAL STREET-WELL ADAPTED FOR e manufacturing burins**. will bo rented very low to a responsible party. Water, see. holslway, Ac. No ogente need apply. O. SIDENBERO A CO., Btt Broadway. OA WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. NEAR DELMON Ox teo'e. a suit or elegantly furnished Apartments on parlor and second floor. Also Rooms on the third Boor. ?() FIFTH AVENUE.?ELEGANT ROOMS FOR OEN L tieoien: also Artists' Studios; also two largo Parlor* for an art dealer, jeweller or stirersmith. SMITH A R0L8T0N, 8> Fifth eveuoe. mrc--. ; : i ; ; ? ? HOVIEI, ROOMS, AC., WANTED. A GENTLEMAN DESIRES FOR HIMSELF AND FA*, 'ly fii a or six Rooms in a house located north of Thirty fourth sliest and west of Lexington avenue. Address Pro fg*sor. utro of B. D. Lawrence, 1,298 Broadway AFH Y8T0IAM. WITHOUT FAMILY, WI8HE8 TWO Ro >rns or a Floor, within a block of Broadway, in a out*', rulncl. perii'uueut family. Address, stating terms, Morton. I:orald office. APKir,,'!- FAMILY, HAVING TWO OB THREE rr!l In-n abed Ennma to let in a g.,od location, ean baa.- of a i,iii 'v of t.irne sdulte by eddre-w'nc sta tion l>. Beloe "m-. l.eenth street. Unexceptionable refer ence*. AN UN! I : ?? o HOUSE WANTED?IN A GOOD lot i o. for n renpouslble psrly; pot-?*?*lmi let of " M< ? ?'}*? Apply to CHARLES F. CLARKE, 38 Bread it a ij niitEE OR FOUR r.OOM?. FUR* j\ ?,i?hed :nc NOiselcoping wanted; beluw Sixteenth street f.,r a n'.e small I null*: at m->deivtr r?"t. ADAMS A GO., x#J Broadway. IfiFTS W AN " ?D IN PARK PLACE, HURRAY. WAR. J rco, i">auib'ts or ticadc ...reels, near H.oadno*. an entur Hu t, by m iiipovter. Addrrsi box I.M5 Post office. Lofts wanted three loftr about 25xiw/ feel, with light Steam Fbwor. n??r Broadway ?ud Mm* eu ?et. Amine* Merchant, Herald office WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, TilREE or four uul'erolshed Rooms. suitable for housekeep ing. Add wss 11. M , Hi ral<l oTi-e. YlfANTED?A SMALT, NEAT HOUSE. WALKING DT8 ? un-e froin railroader lerry. near New York. .Address, trtailnc particulars, rent. Bo , Y. 2. X.. box 31? Herald odlce. WANTED?AN OFFICE SUITAHLE FOR A PI1YSI oian: the location must be central. Address, for three day", Physician, llenlil oTce. UUANTBD-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS. WITHOtTT ee Ivmi U. by a gentleman and wife. In a good Utiuar, where a permatioui arrangement can Us effected, Ictwne# Annie an/1 I'nm'eenth Mreet* .m l Fourth and Sixth arcnue*: tcrin* n'mutftO par m .nib. Addict* Harmony i'jU Broadway. WANT. L -A SMALL STORE, OR FIRST LOFT, OH Tur. between Chamber-, and tan '1 gtreeta. Ad die** box 6,1 >8 roil o3lse. |V ANTED?BY A FAMILY OF THREB, THE LOWER ef po/tof Ji iara1*hed llnute, for houaakeapllUi the lo cation mnvt be nneieuptlonable aad rant an! to exceed JltOO atnoi.m. Adeline" A. it. <}., Herald oOlto. 11'?ANTED -A FLOOR, OF'T.lKRJl OR FOUR ,t')OMS, ee be II,r Tnt of r ? Ftrnry. la the nj"l'l1e part of the rily, for husband Mid nife. Aulrea* It. M llnrau Saving* Bank corner of Fourth ayeti'ir and Konrtoetith rtr?et. TT7 ANTED -A MICBLY FURNISHED HOoM, FOR I T two peiiLrtv.nn. r> ilhou', boird, with Bra am) Baa Ad. drvM W. ft B., b ji '.V Fott cttce. WANTED. FURNISH KD?Til REE BT-.DRO>MS ANI> Mil PudW. r. ? il'e, for a parly of O.rce gentlemen; local on between Twonly-ibtfd and FortydolUh ai.ei-tj aud Leytngln:; SeeenOi aTe.iue*. Addre?", audio? prtrtkfu lars laldor, box 2,776 real uEee. WANTED It! MEM t HOLY-THRKE GOOD HOUiibS, Kiirutqbed, for brat cia a tenants, In Drat elaaa lo ollty, moderate rent; ah;u aonr.e unfurmshad. WALLER A BRUHIT, 83 Chamber* aireet. Wanted ro niR'i-wmi the priyilf tb of porrkaatoK, ft "H". high atoop idod irn biilH Heeaa. In aroo-1 KK-atlon pi. ?? ?? lt.u to be had between w* i no 'Lt 1 I t ?l Ma* App' it O.- ar! U??? 67 f dolor. MiTM* Wr?t Ttmnty ibiid ?Lei t between Ninth-nod l>.;lh avei.i.e*. 1I7ANFEB TO RENT?U THE YiOMttTI Or' NLW TT York, for ela m-Aftha from " yy i?n , inr-air nui .i*m th* ltt Of April rcxf. a Fur nished lloiMO for a amail family of B'litUa. with ?libmronn . DIMnnor romctty not orer twenty miles. Forties oTer.n* will plrvc fain Ir-allty. distance from railroad a'ftdon style o' lurnltui* aed price. Adi'ru.t* J. Sidney, Herali office. Aif A BONUS vrmi, BF OIVEH for ibformatioh 3!i) U whrie i e*a Pud a modern llouar, rem rally local' il, at a niun-rnle reek to be occupied Imme llatriv m I*t of May. by a retpuotibM pcrwn. Addrca* Lagrange. 27 Ferry street. FOR SALE. CHANCE SELDOM OFFERBD.-FOR SALE. THE AlaHAfl* I. "riM'vM UFFfiriBll,?FUH nAI<K, inK Ijeaar, Stork and Fhlure* of the well known f.r*t clan* Fruit aad M ine Store, 086 Broadway, IS re.-r* erubliehr-t. or would aell the Taum of the bnildlnp without nock. Apply on the premises, to JOHN 8. FIERCE. A BARB CHANCE.?FOR RALE, AN Of.J KSTAB llahed Eapreee Rente, between wilHnmahorg and New York. ronaiHtitigof tbaae Horeea. three Wajjrnn, Ha: near. Blanket*. Ac,, complete. For further pr rtUmlars inquire at the etable. Mo. U Tenth aireet, WMhnnehnre. A. MARMKL A CO., I'mpiieloia. A FIRST CI.ARR UP TOWN PHt ITOtJRAVHIC C, ,1 J\ Irry for vale at tU SOOcaah; ererythlnso'i npl' ? r^d over 8,000 tiewatlrca; ' irnrr bi-lngiick. STANLKY pay. ?1? Fourth tventre. ARAKB CHANOl*-THE OOOD WILL AND STOCH of a Triiehlny hn*1ne*a .nil be aold low for evah. Ap ply at 07 Broad aireet, up Maim, la oSkv. from 17 until 2 e'eloek. A DOWN TOWN RKSTaUIIANT FOB HU! AT A vae.rliiee.?Llqaor and Ltineb Rocma. IL-tela. corner Idauer storey. Wevt atree' IJquor Storaa, Claar store a. Soda Water Faefo.r. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, T7 Cedar etreet. 4 ?FOR PALE. A FINE PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY. ^fV. ataaaertflee; StatliiBnry and Book Storry, cheap ilro eery Store*, Meat Market*, Produce Stand*, Bmtrrabt Ho tel*. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar Mieel. -BAKEBY FOR RALB-DOINO A CASH BUHINBbN * of |N a week orer the rouater; tble ta a rare ehaaea. MTTCHKLL'R Store Agency. 77 Cedar aireet. A PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY, IN COMPLETE RE li ning order, well filled with Mock; plenty of Inatru aienta; will be aold for lee* tha i He real raJue. Apply at 287 Bowery. ^ DOWM TOWN KKSTAURABT?SITUATED HEAR Broadway and Liberty rlreet with Dye year*' lea**, muet he * tld lata da* oefort three o'-loch, a* the owner haa made arrangenientv for othar buataeaa. A fortune for any an* man alQi about fty C. DKXTRR, Ho. > Brand atrreL ?)(jOD MILK ROUND FOR SALE?AIT.-V Af A the mllh depot mraer of Pearl and Hilary atre? Brooklyn. A KINDLING WOOD PACTORT FOR SALE-NOW dr.lagv rood bu?:neae. with far ill tie* for doing ?n e? tenalee trade; 13 bora* engine, 8 mlMler*. borne*, truck" ;?ad machinery complete Apple at ike Factory. Cl.-imon ave nue, aiutli of Myrtle, Brooklyn. Tern* uneioeptloaabl*. A BROADWAY OOTF4- FOR SALB OR TO LET?AT A low urine; contain* about forte ruonaa. newly and handaawieiy furdtabod, with Bar. ReWaamnt and table dhote; airr ? E LIQUOR STORE FOR BALK THIS DAT. AT A eatnlioe; mow be *o d Im .icdla'.eiy on aeeount of ak-k of proprietor. Call before IV o elock at 131 Mulberry PARK CHANCB.-TWO OLD BSTABLISHBD LI. , ? MSI! odor Store* for *al*: will *t*nd cloae iiieee'igalioa, le al VP Went Twenty Mat "tenet, or to L DBTO, 288 a -TWO OLD BSTABMSHED DRY GOODS STORES! A. al*o two eorrer (irocerlca, on Pighit) arnmie. for Mile: coruc* i.tennr SI Tea: pahrtier men ted. with a few hundred ib liar*. In an old eet^bli^bM^ifl^j, bui neqi. nut. a first class Worsted braid mill, located A at l'*?vaie, N. J.. Ik utile* fi.wrt New fork, 16 otferert Fat *aie; flee ,eaee of mill and inaohmery, eowtteBng of S frame*, I JO bra^ih re, with all n?ee***ry preparing ma ehlaery aail eentch; al>o machinery for atakhiw .torklng i earn. BUm Waa Btoeae.)}., FfSkidasA K HeAtt etroaa jgL^p. AJina Wbl Storav Jf., fmHtit M Balill Mrooa roa IALC. nirrrsk store?Brooklyn well locatrd oi D Fulton ?egg?. Will be sacrifiaad. M lb* KMr mg balkantvMk. Omtteniii. r?U to-day. MAOOM BEE. m FaBoa asaaao. i 10AL YARD FOB BALK IN BROOKLYN?TUB OWN I' ?r lately (laeWMd-with coal oa h?od; lease. Mmi, '?tw-vwftigv,?Trr^^r.v. t-. DININO BOOM OB BROADWAY, UaKDHOMKLT furnished, now doing good buslnees, U oKerod f?Jf alt, or ?in ?uuut for Improved root aetata. Adaxeao 1. B., box IB) HersMelOce. DRUO STORK FOB SALE?IN A NEIGHBORING city: wall located and bsciUomely farul thud pith Br* class liturea, and now sodu wator apparatus. Well stocked and doing a good business. Apply to CUNBAD FOX, U Barclay street _ POR SALB?THE BERT WHOLB8ALB AND RETAIL down town Liquor St.ire In New Vorfc. Th? reason lor selling the nnipnetuf cann. 4 attend to M. inquire ef HOW ARD A PuLLER, Brooklyn, brewers. POR SALE?A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT ON TUB European plan, the whole house elegant iv furnished throughout; loo* lease, rent low; wilt be sold wn reaeoa ably ts a cash ruetoiner. Apply to STERLING A WALDKN, Bo. V fine street. POR SALE?ONB MILLION WESTCHESTER COUNTY r Iicklfli in nit ^ THOfl. It ftUtpLATKBe 1# Uuift CR SALE?ON PAYONIA AVENUE. JERSEY CITT. the Slock. Plitarae and Lea*0 of a Ural ciaaa Grocery _ t. I IB Fproaia avenue, Jersey City. rOR 8 ALR-OR EXCHANGE?A BRIO SWOTON8, FAB* at Relolt. wis., email Bongs In IlBtb street, Soger Moulds, large neater, lots la Brooklyn, two story House la FOR SALE-OYSTER AND DINTBO SALOON, 76 ATLANTIC 8TREBT, nadpr Use market. rR SALE?AN OVBTBB AND LIQUOR SALOON, with Mock, flitorea end loess, at B Wait*street, aear CanaL Apply on the pre miser. lit OR BALE?A SCHUYLKILL CANAL BOAT. ROOM F 61. Ill Broadway. F? R SALE.?RARE CHANCB. First class Dining and Oyster Saloon, att Canal street. CR SALE?BILLIARD TABLE, NEW; WILL BE eo'd a Bargain. Anplv at tha offloe or the Treason! ta. oppesite Bond strBet. _____ r)R SALE?THE STOCK. FIXTURES AND GOOD Wilt of one of the boot Millinery stores in this city. Ad dress V. C. W., box 140 Herald offloe, tor three days, TTIOR RALE?THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND LBA8B ON r the Wine and Liquor Vault, 49 Walker street, rent low. Satisfactory reason* given for selling. Inquire on the pre EH>E BALE?A WEEKLY NBWRPAPER FUBLIBHEB on the east aide of Maryland, near the Delaware line) ^?oood Win ef paper, (Hock and Fixtures complete, now doing a^eod bylne?; asttsfsctorr reasons given for aaUing 1r SALE-AN OLD ESTABLISHED LIQUOR Store, with License, 88 Frankfort street, with Mock and ^^^MM^^H^MMease. Bent lew; $800 per ymun I dot year. For particulars ap Fixture*, hating five veers' lease. Bent low; ffiDO per y?NB I The upper part le lot for $300 nor year. FamnMmatonMM ply to ED. HART A CO., 1*4 Peart atroot-^^^^^^^M 1j?OB BALE?THE ELEGANT FIXTURES OP B F Mendaa' chocolate, confectionery and leaeream saloon. 6* Broadway, all in perfect condition to tt? 'tp ? 'tote at a small expense; also the wall Paintings, soluble foradrst class lager beer salooa. TTIOR BALE?A DOWN TOWN CORNER LIQUOR F Store on one of the principal streets, with Leeae. Mtook and Fixtures, as the owner Is retiring from business, none but principals apply at 164 Washington treat. _ TTIOR SALE?A SPLENDID LAGER BEER, BILLIARD . P Bar and Dining Room, on a good corner down town. Awn, well fitted up. Prioe, Including Stock, $600. Apply to P. UAFFNBY, U Buane street C40R SALE-CHEAP, THE LEASE AND STOCK OT A F Liquor Store, with four years' Lease. No. 87 Macdougsl street; Fixtures If wanted. Inquire for throe days. FOR SA r.R?SUPERIOR DININO. JDTSTBR AND Loger Hear Salooa. Walker stredMBM*?<? S^ad to ration tor business: cheap rent Pine opgHag this. Apply ifllfi Broadway, roam 16. two dsys. Hotel.?five yf. vrs' lease of an excellent llotel In New York for sale. The bonee le well located, hr.niU ntelv furnish*!. and everything In good rnaatng order; newly Sited up a abort time ago: contain* about fifty. five TO line, en onbe and singly, soma uf them very hand some, and all completely furulahod with linen, bedding and *1 requirement', the use of which goes with the lease. Rout uncap. It Is dow dUod with porxnsneutflrst elite peytnfi quests. The proprietor his other business requiring hl*?per ?oual lueut'un. and will sell un reasonable term* or lake a ynrinrr. Address A. B., box 4 7119 New Yotk Post offloe. Hotel.?for bale or exchange, for cash and Improved real estate, the I .ease, Htock, Fixtures and P'lruituro of a Hotel on European oKn; about 81 rooms. Addrsas European, bog 103 Herald offloe. ACER BEER B4LOON, WELL ADAPTER FOB J nrnier*, and now dolu; a good business, for sale cheap. In ronioquence of proprietor changing busines ?. Inquire oa tbo premises for three days, 170 Eighth avenue. SAFE FOR SALE LOW.? HOLME* A BIJTLKR'R alum. ua'.ent. four feet lilgh. throe and a half feet wide and two yietdcep. O. L. A J B. KELTV, 447 Broadway. fi'flft ?'FOR RALE. ON ACCOUNT OF 81GKNKSS, iJtlUU, a Liquor Store, wlh llo.'ose. doing a rood buwl tie**. ?t a yroat willoe. Inquire of Doctor NEWTON, No. I! Greene street. T JUACIflJVKRY. CANDLE MACHINES -f'Oft SAL* VERY CHEAP. 10 Candle Midline*, will b" eold *epr>ra**ly or D .gather, very 'o?. Adilrra* ho* No. 7, Krypurt, N. J. i,*Nl?INFKHS and OTI1KRS INKLUKSCINfl SALES j'j of rnrine*, boiler*. wo., or firing informal ou Irmiiiif fo V lire, 1 hers My treated with hy ?<lilre?ilog Engir.e H?i!!ilar. ho* 'SO 'fcirt!d o? o?. |i*OB RAI.K?MtTXINH MACHINES, TRIP AND FALL 1' I! mmer*. ooo Eds ag Mnrklnr om> Drill Preee. M Tlt.'ob' ah; In good ... l>-r, au.l Will Mil cheap. A-ddtreei Kran Tlmmeero R. Eeh'is *01^.24 Turk row. .T Y. Mill', or-l TWENTY !!?.???!?<? POWER Slr.AM ?*? r cineertiHn'.er: vl*o the in".a on a two ?tory ud4 Ws.m-iii brick building nontuHtng 'he eovliin In Sooth Hr. kljn Apply a* Na. 6 !.:mrrt" atrent, np ?la>r*, N. T. FOR NVLE UiKIB OCCASION?A TWO CYLINDER ho. 5 Hon Pre*". ueurlr ne w. Aiblre** Pi in!in* Prow, box 3,717 Tart >fflne. hvoR SALE? ONTI TOBACCO CLTTINO MACIIINB. NT hn? ill or ?'?:n> ? onu 1,C<?'!? * day. Apply to E. / BR. I IH. 170 Allan tie nlrnm. jo rnor of Clio toe. bieokiyn. FjlOll SALE?AT <6 PARK 8TKEET (PIYR POtWTR). 1 Ft Etigme aud R"ol?", forty ltorae; must be remov ed; new ruitaing. Two Portable and Stationary, '.en and tir e" Um- W*. McdiCNtIB HliXPS IIOOSlER VODDVR CtrrTE* IS. FOR ALL ? h im beit ''nltar la t'na.w irld. It he* Already It.P* ti A) prnptlT mm .ilea rainv fiira when placed m ooa* pt . i'ten w ;li the heel ut?"r* lu the country. Manufactured H.KDH'li A'Ni., :.*.t IJ .ven. Conn. Haodfni-e circular JOHN VAjiriKf IW'.T A BRO.. Agrota 8-t Fill'on etreat. No* York PORi ABLE STRAW KrUN'TS AND ? IRt'til tH SAW 8RM Tbe teal end i.e. t compile ,n nir. Circulars root n-i after*. w?*>u a Mann sikau :;n.:;*p. afany, l .ion, :i. ato "ti Va'ocn lane, New York STRAW KNHtNES AND BOILERS. ALL SITES, NEW end tewnl bawd; Pietbee, Screw and Leaer Panehaa, Blnwarv lleau-ra. V?.ea foppci Kettles, Shafting Puller*, Belling*, lilviille'r Fltlliipe. W1LI.AKD A MILLWARD, 3M Water *treet. I'rpBE C. RE A TEST INVENTION OF THE AR8." 1 Wl "TP.R'R Improved Port*hi* Circular Haw MltL Alar depot nf K"nei..l Machinery. WINTER A OO , ? Broadway. And Waahlngtoo Ireo Woiik<iNcwfe>ira, If. V. b?. ac A labor number or new and sr.pond' hand Milliard Table*. wth our Improce'l eowblnellow eu*hlon*. whirl have be'n pitiM tece the ino t enrraee end dnrable earb>oue erer inada. Specimen* of cur tablee u. t) oyn lieen In ronntant l)ee for many year* may be ???? In the pnnelpal hotrie and aalo-in* in thl* elty. Pa file* te teodiiic to ptircbaM! will ''nd It to ibelr Iniereet to cell and eiamloo ov.r aUe-k, whteh I* the I irpret and Sneet la the world. Roye' Table* for holiday tnnente _ _ PIIT.LA N k CDLLANUER. ?tod# Onelp rtrnet R T. RltMNlTfHK. PBiVuVITHKE. MA1TRKNNM, NKDDINO. IaVORTNO tilaaen*. ebeapeat at <i W. HNKDKN * UAMI'RKI.L'R. 1143 Rowcry, liettreen Humnn and l!oa*ton etrwat*. Oeoda warranted. Uebtnted free, I'ateat Heeretary Bedetead*. I be* p. ljdt RNirilNB, CARPETS, OILOLOTU8, BRDDINri, Y1 Parlor and Nedrnn.n Suite, dto , et KENDALL k h OTT H. onmerof fauat and H idnon etreeta. TaynMaW taken by weekly oraioaiat.r payrwenU ir preferred. WAfimifr. .*r. w?iVhy. 4Bc^ C| ITKttn CLOCKd, wnOLRHAI.R AND RETAIL AT A. KUANK tTt'I.D k CO.'8. petenteea end Mbmanefae lure'*. J"' I'M Welcbea. with *ecret loekete for Mkeeeee, beeldce a great variety of other Watehee, Prenoh Ctoeha Jewelry and dtKer Ware at A. ERANKFlfcLD 4 CO.*, W 91 tlh avenue, eoraer of Pmivdennth itreet, 311 Eighth are nue. corner of Tweaty-alalh abeek riTATCIIRS.?SUITARI.R FOR NPRODLATTVR AND Yf gift purpoee*. (Iold and Tlaled Jewelry, 0ol4 and Krlrer AwirDoan Waiebea, fine Plated end Rleetre Chain*. Bend for price lieu LIONEL JACOBS. 177 Broadwey. ? j! j"i n?! ii ?i ?? i ,i_iii.e *AS$ACHU5tTT!_LF?$LXT0llt. The Nriiagi ?( (itwraer Ilwllech. Bnsrtri, Jut. 4, 1M7. Oorernor Bullock delivered Ma me*M?e to tbe Wataa eliwatM L"g liatare at noon to day. Tbe total funded aad MiDindrd debt of the State amount# to neery $37.330,(KM. Of tbe aggregata expenditnina of Uaa*a ahuMHs on acconnt of tbe war, amounting to more limn fM,000,000, including Ibat of Iwr mnnlclpalltlen, lb# rim thus Tar paid ami payable "freed* from Iho Stain Treason" b not lena than gdO OOO.OOO. Of (Mn AN named amount the nam of $8*a,QM ft ban baan cb urged to the I'ntted Stale.' government, under tbe nm virion* of tbe acta of Orn.rae* authortring partial in. datwntfloaiion far aapaoeae incurred by tb# MMi Btalea Tlie mermge treat* very fully of ednsnuen, Stnib cherl'lee, "avlnga hank.*, the military and otbor Waal In', which are welfcondnctwd aad Of rraat good to the <?mmunlty. A apodal appi upiwdlnR la recommended to defmy tbe etpenoan attending the Paris Inhibition on the part of the State. In aard to national afllura lb# Oovemor euloglteu tha aon* utlonal amendment and rpcommenda Ita adaption bf tha I eg."?latum. Ha utpre.??ea an earned hope that Cong rear, having enncoded the print Ipla lb tb# oaaa of tha Dietriol of (olumbla, will oompleta tbe work an ittri ggmgg bj mmMurniaf nntfwmi anSVaman tbn