Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 7, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 7, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO.. 11,087. NEW YORK. MONDAY. JANUARY 7. 1867. PRICE FOUR CENTS. iioif ax>. LDVEBTI8EMENT.?STATION 6?MONDAY. " A 8^ wfth etreet ANISH INFANT TO BE ADOPTED OUT-ALSO ?then. Call At the Infant Numfrj, >41 Greea DOB ADOPTION?PRETTY LITTLE GIRI, ONE TEAR iufflf,*"' American parent*. Auttii Barrett, rTUB LADY TEAT BOOB DOWN TOWN ON 8ATTR dny IiIiiii fear ami i?? o'ctoek In ad Eighth ttrret Mara. and got he at the Bible Houee and epofce to the noUe MAS who helped her oat. and epoka aboet etatioa D Poet edtoa, win pleeee a newer through the Fereeoale, the gen >??? who wao eltting elooeekto would feel highly honored RfK. WENTWORTH RICKERT. FORMERLY AMBBI. JH dab Oooenl at Franlcfoi't-oD-tlio-Malne, Germany, wl.l meetre due Information* by applying at the undesigned, who baa baae entrusted he htm with mane private bualneea adfalr*. AUGUST NETTB. fan Antonio, Tehae. If 188 ANNIE-DISAPPOINTED At NOT SEEING TOP ^jjrnsrstssisss* --irfiifc" TtTOTICE.?IT STEPHEN AteDNEWS OB SAMUEL JW Androwa, fbemeriy residents of Chambly-nearMon fieel Ihi HetiAf eel supposed to be Bring In Troy, N. Y., end the latter la New York etty?will forward their add re u he box No. S Moatreat Poet omen,- they wM lgara of wow*. Wtog materially affeettng their lntoreota O ALLY?I HATE RETURNED PROM TEE PROVINCES. O Write to Sue throogh the Brooklyn Peet olDee. THOMAS. TO LADY WHO, FRIDAY NOON LAST, ENTERED a Sooth ferry omnibue, soar Ninth etreet. whom fare tone handed In through the gentleman opposite, who left be low Wan etreet, then, waiting toward* Trinity church, look Again an Eighth etreet omnlboa, will confer a faror oa the mm who accidentally touched her feet by eending her addrem ?eM. H. B- boiljdg Peet ofltao. _ LADY WHO VISITED THE STATEN ISLAND Dyeing eetabUahment, and afterward* Hegeman'a drag atore, and took a South ferry stage about half-peat ~ Thureday afternoon, win be*tow a hleeelng by send fHR tog bar add rem to "Mile* M?" Whitney Houae, corner of Bwadway and Twelfth etreet. VJIHE OBNTLRMBN WHO BY MISTAKE TOOK THE 1 bine Chinchilla Overcoat from the barber ehop In U nton naaare oa Saturday night wdl pleeeei return it end reoelro Be own and a editable reward. MATRIHORIAL. vf*- Boemeut, unexceptionable heblta and huh social poet wJ^S05?L??ffr2,?And rMWto?ln ?"? ?5: gg?g?[gTBggfr*? A yroowor thirty wishes to marry a qbn SLTlftZSSZf* *"* ,Uadtn? ta ?oclev- Ad LQ8T ASD yOUlfP. A-?k^"l ?**?* OLAS8 lost. IN the broad ? M?y theatre, Thursday evening last. IU full value he paid if returned to Hew Bugtand Hotel. SO Bowery. LOST-A small wallet, containing a small , ^?>ount..<rf ??"Mf. *?"?!??. ho-. In ?cor, between Wall f Wall street ferry, ou Cm ftth lost. Thi finder will be suitably rewarded by re turning It to 176 Sooth street, la t he BouTitonT^^ T CTOLBK-OK THE MIGHT OF DEC. 9, IMA FROM g the residence of John Martin, S3 Madison street, certain *.or WtaOe on property In the Fourth ward. They ^e nyistared and cancelled In the Beglater'a oOiee. and o? gnneeount teanybody but the owner. A suitable reward ?moeglTes for their return and no questions asked. _ brwards. fifh *^Kf5P BB 'aid to the finder or VStS?"^?* ^ ta t'ty-seventh street, be S?f&& WJwisxsSi. ?"th',tb when SUNDAY MORNING, in going from 27 Pike _ . - , irfolk street. The tnder eNBreeelre the above reward, with the thanks of the owner <W returning It to r Pike street. ww' ?in RRWARD.-L03T. A SMALL NEWFOUNDLAND ^jff.5Kws2r, sti?Ms!s.Kr-f?sea S1055fy.1B."2,2I?Bi5U5i?Z?tKf jng toeta for tuning nuuSTS^Tnii also . small so^Tm ?fik, with the ewnmaT name and sddrssn in Ik 11 lift lkteWARD"wiLL BE GITEN FOR THE ItE wlwV turn of the Meerschaum Pipe taken from the Mare corner Eighth street and Broadway, on January i LEON 8ACH6E. SPECIAL NOTICES. TTEWARE?SOME ? JO round buying good erdsr signal by us. Pl? .?SOME SWINDLING THIEF IS GOING -j- for F. Paturel A Co.. on account of we hare him arrested. F. PATUREL A CO. If EM ILK OCT. BOOKSELLER. VALPARAISO AND JM.. Santiago, Chili, respectfully begs publisher* sud bonk fcMers in the I nlted States to sand direct by post to the fol ?swing add!est:? Sr. D. RMILIO OUY. LIbrertx Unlrersal, - ... Valparaiso, Chill, 25?2r*i?5.enmplacopies of newspaper* or periodiotls pub MMnd by tbem From bis extensive business relation* on dhePeefttc ooast he Is enabled to extend the circulation of ?ewspaper* as well ae to meke them more generally known, mad this extension would be likely to increase by being eat Mad to form an opinion of tha contents sud Importance of She publication. ^Specify exactly the mode ef publication and subscription NT*? CJTT AMD COUNTY LIQUOR DEALERS' At, Protective Society.?A special meeting of the above ?ataety, wtU be bekl at their rooms, NssonteHall, East Thir teenth street, near Pourth avenua, this (Monday) evening, /eaaary 7, at eight o'clock. Member* are requested to be ?nactual m their allendance, at business of Importance will be transacted. By order of the Special Com mltlee ap. ?stated at last mealing. THOMAS CASSIN, Pieaidant. i McCoiAQCon, Recording Secretary. IFFICE OF THE ATIVAN TIC MAIL STEAMSHIF f Company. No t Rowling Green. New York, Nov. 18, "??Ry order of the Board of Directors, nonce I* hereby en that in ronerqoeuce of the election appointed to have -i bold on the 18th of November instant, not havlug been pursuant to such appointment, an election of nine "ore of this company ?nd three in-pccior- ot the next idlng election will be held at the offlci- of the coinpatir Friday, the 11th day of January, 1867. at 12 o'clock M -l tranaler books at the ofllce ef the Pinners' Loan and im Company will be cloned from the ltah to the 14th ol January, 1(67. The polls will be open from 12 to 1 o'clock. FRANKLIN aLLIIN, Sncretary. rMMANY SOCIETY, OR COLUMBIAN ORDER ? Brother*:?A regular meeting or the Institution will lie held In the Council Cbamn-r of the Great Wigwam. on Mob Em evening. January 7, 18(7, at half an hour after the set Hajg of the mo. General and punrtual atteuilunce is requested. By order of JOHN T. HOFFMAN, tiraod Saeham Wn.?mt suit!. Secretary. MAJiHirraN, 8ea?on of Shows, First Moon, Year of Dlecov JCT the S7ktb, of lodepeudance tba 90tb, and of the luslitu Mon the 77th. TAXES?KOR UNIONPORT. OLINVILLR, Wakefield, Peihain. Puibttnrllle and Prospect Hill kt nwbal at the Fourteenth Ward liotel. corner Grand AM Etlaabeih 1!-OS'S, ou Tuesday, January 8. 1867 GEO KG 11 COOPER" Collector. THOS. JAY BYRNE, 1 Phd-.R BKIGU8, 1 School JOSEPH HOKTON, for town of Pelham. trARf'ING ACADEMIES. A DOD WORTH'S DANCING ACADEMY, JL. Nq, IIS FIFTH AVKNUE. NSFTORL * For days, terms. Ae.. please call for a circular. AT TREMOR'S NEW AND SPLENDID -DANCING Academy, Palace Hell. 727 Sixth avenue.-New Claaecs ?TO formed en Wednesdays and Saturday*. Pupils' Solrea M Wadnesday evening, iilh lust. The German. Ac., danced. Brooke*' dancing academy, 301 bkoome st.~ . A NF.H I LA-S l'OR TUESDAY. Innsble dance* to one cnur-,e of lessons ifdS.1... . SSK T?e*days and Frldera 3 to Sta p. M. Sn nsrs h-1'.""4:^ end Fridays, 7 '< to 10 P. M. ItiES. 2\ ,^. y* *nd fsturdays. 3 10 5'f P. M. ?JK??JTi,m"<7Iwim* instructed by Mrs. Bru<\* SOIRfiK EVERY WEDNKSDa/ EVENING T\E OARMO'S DANCING ACADEMY, NO. M FIFTH J-f *outhTT6N' corner of Fourteenth itreet' oncn gEBDAVB and FRIDAYd, WKDNEBuTyb a?dTATi5R Ladies. 2 In 4 P * . misses and masters, 4 to 6 P. M. Gentlemen* Tu?#dif and Friday eretiinfri, at 8 o'clock MEW CLASSES ARB NOW FORMING. ' OMAR'S DANCING ACADKMX~it WEBT FOURTH street, for children, ladies and gentlemen. Lesson* ? day en-1 ni.h all dsnces tangni in oneouartei sn * In six lessons. ' FI HSITURE. ~ CRJflTURE, CARPI,TS. OILCLOrilS. BEDDINiL Psrlor anil Be iroom suits, Ac . at KENDALL A /T'S 21IP and 211 liu l-ou a'ree', of Canal I'sy awtuksn by weekly or monthly pay me rite if preferred. SPGKTl.YG. a UL KINDS OF DOGS AND BIRDS FOR SALE AT A B. IJOVRT'S. 8.V. c.nal atreei. near Chnrch stiusM. Modi Nnes lor ail diseasea. Prepared Food for moexiug IjtRAlhClS BUTLER. NO. 3 PECK SLIP. HAS ALL r the eh^ioa breed* of Dogs. Butler'* Infelllble Mange Cnre antlPfsa Etienoinaior 73 rent* Butler'* bow .work on the Dr, X- Dog* trained, bearded, Ac Medicine* lor ok dfossse V. r)R SAI. V-A HaNDSOMK PAIR OF SMALL BLACK aod Tan I'o?s. 4 lb*, each, and all other kind of Doas l D- FOSTER, lb Roosevelt vtraet r. GR SALK--A VRRY FINK lOOfOH TERRIER. NINE months oliA, will oa sold ch*ap. Apply at roam No 1, Ftrst svantie . naar Twentieth street. TOST IMPtaR'i'ED?A LARGK ASSORTMRNT or ?tf Csnsriss a\"?d ether OerrnsB Singing Birds of tha flr*t Sialtty; also two' of the largest Lions oyer brought m this letry. at C. N.ANDRs' bird and animal emporium, 193 ?""-i street. txVow Franktort. JOHN GRAY. II ROOSHVELT STREET, HAS FOR aale Newfoundland Dogs, small Black and Ten, Sroieh Mk Bkye Terriers, ana* ?pita Dog, Itallaa Grey bound Puns, eoe ?ml Terrier Dog. WANTRD-A PI.E1SITRE BOAT ADDRESS BOAT n?rnil o(J1ee, ??nitag prfe^ dnneosiuoa and where Bent oa d be at as & INSTRUCTION. A SKA DC ATS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OA*, bridle. England, priMWO and es-sohoUr of hta college, slvcs Drvals Instruction In (Tlasslci., Mathematics. Phlloeo literature. Geutlruten prepared IUTARY AC ADEN IBS, THE Highest reference* Addreee crop. No. 9 University Building, Washlng Hquaie, New York. N EXPERIENCED TEACHER OF MUSIC OK THE piano and singing. having .o?ne letaoro tuna, would Uko to obtain a few mure pupil*. Coll at Ike often of Br. Bup paaor, Flftk Avenue Hotel. ___ Announcement. REDUCTION IN TERMS. GOLDSMITH'S Bookkeeping, FimmMrijgjk, 786 Broadway. WUl bo charged for a abort time only. THE ATTENTION OB YOUNG MEN Is aepevlally directed to the opportunity. CIRCCLAKB AT THB IN8TITUTB. 1 GOVERNESS WANTED?TO TAKE T BE ENTIRB JX charge of a young tody, IS year* old; must bo German, speaking French and English, and uadarotandglring leeaoos In mueioand have the beet of tosllpsoauls Addreaa A. G., boa l.fliff New York Poet oftco. A N UNLIMITED "BUSINESS COURSE"?AT A. Browne's College, 983 Fulton street, Brooklyn, for $26, with privilege of reviewing at any time. Fof sale. Fair bank's great work, "American Business Arithmetic." Day aad evening sessions. Am BUSINESS EDUCATION.?TOWNSBND'S COMMER ? cial Academy. 200 Bowery. Private tuition, day and! evening, in Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic, Reading, Spelling, Grammar. Thorough Instruction given. No cial Academy. 200 Bowery. Private tuition, day aad in Book beeping, Wrttls " Grammar. Thorou ctasoos. Ladlea' dcportmcol A PARISIAN LADY, JUBT ARRIVED PROM PARI8. desires to glvs lessons in Ptench and conrarsatiou, pri vate, to gentlemen, at her residence, 99 Thompson etreet, first floor, between the hours of 10 ATM. and 9IVM. TEACHER. IT $99?BOOKKEEPING, WRITING, ARITHMETIC. A Young man should attend Fulton street. ion wishing to mingle pleasure with profit, PAINE'S Business College, ttt Bowery, or 349 Brooklyn. Instruction day and evening. DOLBBAR'S COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, 009 BROAD way. has been enlarged by the addition of now private rooms, end now offers unusual facilities to gentlemen who wish practical Instruction In Btmkkeeping, Business Writ b>f. or Commercial Arithmetic. TjlRBNCU LEARNED IN THREE MONTHS BT MY J attractive, easy. Infallible method. English taught to the French with equal aucoess. Address J. Gerard, station D. 81* yean' practice. EBENCH IN SIXTY LB8S0N8.-$fi A MONTH. MORN tag close. Conversation. Neither grammar nor die tary U required. Professor JOSEPH J. GRIEKRE. 194 Fourth avenue, near Twelfth street. IMPORTANT TO NATURALLY BAD WRITERS. DOLBEAR'8 system of "hand training," 909 Broadway, will positively remove stiffness, cramping, or trembling, and all othor difficulties supposed to be natural, and enable any person to write with ease, elegance and satisfaction. PRIVATE LESSONS GIVEN IN FRENCH, GERMAN, Spanish and P.nglish languages; terms $16 par quarter. Address Prof. J. Wunderman, 202 Sixth avenue; home from 1 tO 8 and evening*. PRIVATE INSTRUCTION FOR BUSINESS MEN?IN Bookkeeping, Writing. Commercial Correspondence. Arithmetic. Grammar, Ac., day and evening, at TOWNS END'S Bnsine-n Academy, 98) Bowery. Instruction la thor ough and practical. Those of poor education and those who wish to study Elocution, Composition, Ac., address Rob ert James. Herald office. Terms, ftfi; private lessons, $10. Highest reference*. TO LADIES WHOSE EDUCATION HAS BEEN NE glected.? An experienced English lady could take one more pupil. Also lessons in music and French. Terms moderate, Address Delta, station E, Eighth arenas. MORS E0, C ARRIAGE8, AcT A BEAUTIFUL STEEL GRAY MARE, 5 TEARS OLD next June, long tall, 16 bands hiffi. wall broken, double oi single, and of the beat stock of trotters In the country. Also a brown Horse. 6 years nest Msy: long tall, U hands high, pert'ectlv sound end kind sod fit for any work. Any trial given. No jockey need apply. Inquire at the corner of Forty-second street sad Third even us, m J. Carry's 1 iqtior store. A CLOSE MATCHED. SOUND TEAM OF PONY BUILT Vermont Morgan Horses, five years eld; price low. Wanted to trade a fastPony, for s Work Horse. tsM Pearl si. ATS private stable, 38 West Twenty-eighth street. ATOP BUG4FT?MADE BT WOOD BBOS.. ONE Coupe, three Cabriolets and one Phaeton, second hand; also Ion new Carriages and Harness at 90 per cent less than Broadway store*. JOHN C. HAM, 10 East Fourth street, corner Broadway. Bat horses for sale-a fine carriage team, 18 hands high. 8 years old, sound and kind. To be seen si BRIGOS', Fortieth street and Sixth avenue. A bargain. ?X?B SALE.-APPLICATION WILL BE RECEIVED r by the undersigned, at 39 Broad street, N. Y.. until Tues day. Janusrv *, at 12 o'clock. Mfor the purchase of one pair Horses, one Wagon - dogcart', one set double Harness, ont set single Harness, one Sleigh, one Saddle and Bridle, on* pair Blankets and Halters, belonging to the estate or RUhsrd V*n Wyck, deceased. The horse* are bay. long tails, gafills, wstl broken, aad hav# trotted to the pole inside of three minutes. Permits to see above will be granted bjr call tngst? Broad slrset. C. B. VAN WYCK. Executrix. K. A. Vr 1 MCKEiDOFP, I E**?ut<>r* rn HALE?A GOOD CROSS MATCHED TEAM OF Uornn. gr?r end Mick, 1 ?a(l 8 years old, l&ii hands htgi. Call it TOLLMAN'S etables. S3 Groat Jomi street Fir salf.-a span or black mare*; can trot ten mile* in hottr; Phaeton, ton Unify, with pole; liar nee. Blanket!. Ac. Apply to O- NOBLE, 13 Barelay street, or orner of Broadway and Gates arenue. Brooklyn. R SALE-TWO NRW EXPRESS WAOONR-AT IX! Broome etreet. KO|EHT SIBLING. Pi 170It SALE? V RECORD HARD? OPEK COACH; ALSO A* llrhl and heiry Kipreas Wagoni, at 84 Wwt Twenty, aiith it reel, batweon Sli th and Heveath arenuee. ?CUR 8ALE-A VALUABLE FARM HORSE, A LITTLE J? aerc foiward. $35. also one floe young mare, $133: aim on! haudiorae family Horse, and several larfe draught Hoses. half spring Cart aud Ilarnaaa. SO Neiv Chimua.i atrpt. ^ C10R SALK-TKtM OF HORSES. BLACK AND BAY; F can trot in 2:~0 together; 1ft h^nds; S yeara old; kind. ?<>?1. handsome, stylish, and tine a.,?v driver., Sold low or tichauged foi larcu team, at 527 Ac en lb arenue. near Pattee-oud street. Ctlp. SALE OR EXCHANGE -SIX TROTTING HORSE A A il tiu Waver.oy Stable". Thlrtr-nlot'j street and Broad war all warranted sound aud kind, and all goed pole flbva. I black roan, 16H hands luf It, A years old. can trot IujI.IS, Clay alack; 1 dark sorrel mate. 1 year, old, 13 bands h|li. can trot in J (6; 1 hlaet, 7 rear- old. 16 hand" high, c4 beat J 40. I h:?y. 11*1 hand* high. 0 year* old. ran beat 2 i?; 1 gray horee. 8 rears old, ahou' IS hand* high. g-86. I gtjr mare" 14"f biud? high, A year* old, ran beat 2:tU. Also 8 (hi city made Read Wagons, with and without topi. pro, w, JEvkms. IOR.St. CART aRD THE WORK OP A STORE POR ?ale Impute at IM Washington street, in tha baae ntlt. _ 3'ARSES* -A KEW SET OF DOCBLE HARNESS; . al?oa fiiinorer seat Phi-ton at ? bargain, nt stable ntr of Fifth arenue and Porty-fotirth street. lONY SLEIOH -ALBANY PORT SLEIOH. BEAT I four; Goold maker, alio Ton Buggy, at Croeamon'a sfcle, Thirty-second atreet. near Third arenue. |OOKAW*T-A HAS DROME NEW ROCKAWAT 1 Top Buygr; alio a aet of double Hainan, at stable oor I Fil th arenue oud Forty-fourth atreet. Uble with lofts TO LET-NO. 18 WASHING I ton streel. "tall" for tor aire boraea. possession giren tniary I and lease If desired. Apply at the Hope Etpreea Chpany. lft! Broadway. tJEfOHS.?A TEW MORE LEFT or MY NEW YORK U s'yle and Iroittng Portland atyle. my own make: a ra rip ft, light loiv priced Portland and Albany stake; one lie three rest and aliillias two aeat Albany "trie; alio a (If Clarence, at R. M STIVE IIS'. M to KB Beat Thirty-ttrst aijet. __________________ CJCOND HAND CLARENCE?ONLY BUN FOUR C weeks; as good aa new. One second hand Brewster Bjgy. One second hand imported French VICTORIA, with aondid fire gilt hsrnes". He-ond hand SIX SEAT ROCK aTaV, FOI'ft SEAT ROCKAWAY. Allin flrat rale oondl tll and for sale aheap. One second hand PORTLAND OTTER sieirh, oalv been rnn one hour. For sale by A'kMS a CONE. 8*4 Broadway. Jt'OND HAND VICTORIA, $240; COUPE, $178; ONB Jo tor's Phaeton, one top Bnggr. one huggr Phaeton but Ilk used. ISAAC MIX. JR.,'4 BON, MM Broadway. UtBLESTo LET.-BIGHT NEW BRICK STABLER TO t>t to one man. Inquire at JOHN A. ROLLER'S, IW Seilk street tJABLE TO LET AND T.EASP, FOR SALE -STALLS ? Jt'or Ifrolre hor?ee, and plenty of carriage room and iae yard In the renr. Inuiilr* on the premises. "0 West Ttriiy-elq'.rth atreet, near Sfiih arenue. tANTF.D-A VERY LIGHT \ OR H SEAT NO TOP y "eeiind hand Wagno. Call on or addrean Conors, Fie a Hotel, this day. OWILL BUY A HORSE <18 HANDS) FIT FOR eeit. ur truck; "onnd and kind; muit bo sold, aa the hr baa left the otty. *7 ?OTenth avenue. -A BROWN HORSE, ABOUT SIXTEEN HANDS, ?J, "af? famllr horae or hu'irteaa hnrae Also pair f hilt 1 tea, 16'i banda, aonnd kind, free from all rice, VS. M. M ARTIN, 118 East Twenty sereiith street. t DENTISTRY. DRUDMTFUL PROCBRB?N1NB TEETH EXTRACT J ej,.0 una m.nutt* without tba least pain, eitraeting giia when teeth are inserted, at VAN VLKCK'B, 178 8111I F" noe. Teeth BUtd. (BAUTIPUL PULL SBTS OF CONTINUOUS HUM J Rubber Teeth, with plumpers, to reatore ror.ihful ap drance, |S to $IS; painless eitraeting with laughing gas; liatlon warranted. 180Grand street In martell, dkntiw ?m sixth avenue, threh I doora tbure Thirty.ninth atreet-A Rubber aet of )th. Pith Plumrera. $7and $11). Eitfaciing with Nitrous 8<le uM SHBPRI Raw. jl'R* NITROUS OXIDE OAS ADMIN IRTR RED I drdr. tn patnleaa BitraeOpn of Teeth, aeis of Teeth, j gs, gin and tit: superior Iff beauty and uaefolneei to Irrei at I'D H;a*rher aireei l)r. WHITB, N. B ? I>r Inplug, M D , in aifeadaeee BALKS AT AUCTION. A *- MBRW1N. AURTfONEBR. _ -ft . IMPORTANT TO LA1MBB. BY BANGH, MKKW1N A OO., el U>?Ir end CM BriMulwuv. corner Of Fourth street, Friday mora in g. January 11, at II o'slocfc. PARIS HKt'EPTION AND OPKRA BONNETS, reeently Imported by Mr. Ttlmaa, comprising an expensive aa.l beau tlful collection, all of thorn oelna Dimmed withcaaalD# 1mm. Ac. Alio a variety uf ROUND AMP CHILDREN'S HATH, and also a larao aaMrtmoat of genuine POINT, BRUSSELS, OHANTIlLy aad CLORY LARES. Rata togues are ready and the articles will boon sihthitlon for > day* J Hod to A J. BLEEGKER. SON A CO. WILL SELL AT ADC . tlou, at the Merchants' Eichanae Salesrooms, Broadway, on Monday. January 7. at 11 o'clock, noon, Iron side wheel ?loamar Now England, ?0 tone meesi meat. In good order, together with MU tone of Coal, row on board. Tu Tea eel ie lying In tha Erto Baetn. Par ! erthsr particular* and penults to eee the steamer apply to JAMES ETWHEELER, 111 Broadway. A J. BLBBCEEB, AUCTIONEER. . THE LORILLARD OIL BE PINERY AT PERTH AM BOY. AT AUCTION. A. J. BLBBCKBR, SON A CO.. wfll soil ?t auction. on Tuoodar, January 8, at IS o'clock, at tha Exchange Sales room. New York, the feUowtngvaluable Property, oooelaelng of eubetaatialbnok BuildingTwharf and Mfracrjieat Pmth Am boy, N. J., 600 feat water front, with a grant to ex land MO feet beyond low water mark. Dock baa 11 foot or Water at low, ana 17 foot at high tide; la 40 foet long and 8 wide; built oo tha very beat piles. Building la brick. 380x48; wall lighted and dtTided into three ooapartmenta; la built an 780 piles; la S3 feet high; wane 16 mobes thtak. A Plank Road of thruedach timber*, 10 feet wide, and about 1,400 fleet long, rune from dock to the high ground. Rood supply of well wntar connected wttb building by iron ptac. Thla property ta admirably adapted for manofhetnrtag. atorage and other purposes. Title tndlspatable. Mane of grounds and building at the office of the auctioneers, 77 Cedar street. Albert b. waldron, auctioneer, m bkoad way.?BYLANDT A WALDRON will acU at auction, on Wednesday, at 11 o'elook, aaaignaa'a sale of staple and fancy imported Clocks A UCTION SALE OP OYER $10,000 WORTH OP MAGNI* Jx. ficent Household Furniture.?B. ROTH, Auction?or? win acU this (Monday) afternoon, January 7, at 1 o'clock, all the elegaat Household Furniture of tha four story homm 118 West Eighth street, a faw doors from Sixth avenue, agar Jefferson Market; a magnificent rosewood Pianoforte, $8 Una Oil Paintings. Works of Art and Broeees, 16 Brussels and lagrala Carpets, a lot of rich Parlor, Bedroom and Dining Room Furniture, Spring and Hmir Mattresses. Glass, China, Silverware. Cntlory, Ac. Bale posltlye. A -SAMUEL WYNN A CO.. AUCTIONEER8.-AUC . tlon tale of magnificent HouMhold Furniture: Piano forte, Mirrors, Paintings, and many rare and osstly Works of Art, this (1st (Monday), at the elegant mansion 44 West Six teenth street, between Fifth ana Sixth avenues, sale com mencing at 11 o'clock. Drawing Room Furnltiuwoovsred with Freaoh brocatel; Elagersa. Secretary Bookcase, Enoolgnures, 300 volumes choice Books, Carpets, Chandeliers, Bronsa Clock, Vases, Paintings by ancient and modern artists; su perb rosewood Pianoforte. rlchMt Instrument offered at auc tion this season; rosewood and walnut Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wardrobes, Mattresses. Bedding, Turkish Reclining Chair, Conch. Extension Table, Buffet, elegant sots China, Glass ware, Silverware, Table Cutlery, Linen, Basement and Kitchen Furniture. K. B .?Competent persona pack and re move the goods. B THENRY HI THB *?????????? baud vr riviunts, eonprteiog a Urge and highly valuable collection of the most desirable Pictures in thin country, recently Imported 22i2?Z.2? S,?'.b'U0B Bt tha studft *??<"??. siV^frVSu street, near Sixth arenas. w HBNRV H. LEEDS A MINER will sell by suction, on the evening of . ?, , , . THURSDAY. JANUARY 10, st 7)i o'clock precisely, st the . .u STUDIO BUILDING as shore, the most Valuable collection or pictures disposed of by suction this season. ^A^ugothercelebratedarktatswill be found the follow. Onrone; Melasoaier, Duvergar. Ed.jrrere. Bangnlel, Coomana, S- mL STSkM, I"ZSSZg; JSFfo,! . and others. *bofi collection wfli remain on exhibition at the abava studio until the sals, free, and also three area tagv preview. ?DT HENRY H. LEEDS 4 MINER. -vwfflMfflFss Ihjotee of EU RO p?an " OR I (?I NAL* CABINET FH% , OREAT MMir/^'JieuSgorthe workfof^^^ gr assu t-?. Decamps. Nlewenhnje, Ones Mathieu DeDreux. PaureR. ,PW Chaplin, Brlmmt, Coutur Mefssonier, Rosier, Klbol Lsmbinet. Noel, Laofss* De Mslt. Ouefve Pete, Cortes. Dnprs. 1 hey will be open for exhibition os and from Friday, Janu ary#, day and ereniug till 10 P. M. to tiaa of saleT^ B T HENRY H. LEEDS A MINER. R-' J HENRY H LEEDS. AUCTIONEER. Oe Tuesday, January o'clock. at our salesroom, (8 HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Consisting of s general as sortment, removed for conrenienra of sale, in ludlnf Parlor. Dining Room. Library and Chamber Furniture, Velvet ?ruteele sad Ingraini Carpets. gilt frame French fiats Plar and ManM Mlrrora. Rose woo-1 sad Black Walnut Parior and Bedroom Furniture, Black Walnut Library suit. In green reps: marble top and plain Cottage Suits, black walnut marble top Centre Tables, Mattresses. Pillows, Bolsters, Ac. ? China, crockery, Olass Ware, Ac.; also Kitchen Furniture _ Also nt 13 o'clock, rightTiaSm roMW0#d ,n<l ??*?faiy Square and Up TTfew baskets first class Chsmpugne, Also a few lets of Silver Plated Ware. By miner a somervtllb. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC., AT AUCTION TUESDAY, JAN. 8, AT U O'CLOCK. AT THEIR UUKHR AUCTION MART ? EAST FOURTEENTH STREET (UNION SQUARE). tkroutba*t?ha"yoar?ar ^ ??? .vary Tns,day Messrs. MINER A SOMBRVILLE offer unsurpassed ,* vantages in location, experience and business capacity to parties Wishing to buy or desiring to sell Horses, Carrtaxes Or anythtog pertaining to the boras business. "*?? Henry d. miner, auctioneer.-salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office lttvc?Af1???SJ&& 2r 9lh PAINTINGS. MINER A SOMERY1LLE will sell at auction Monday Januarr 14. at 7U o'clock, at their new and apa< lout PINE ART GALLERI, B Fifth avenue, aouthweal corner Fourteenth street, the enure collection of Oil Paietlngs br our favorite American Artist 1 ^ ALEXANDER WUST, comprising about tbirfy.flve pictures of European and Amer ican Scenery. Included in the collection are the two Paint ingM entitled r A NORWEGIAN WATERTALL BT MOONLIGHT, forwhlei Mr. W. was awaided by Hovel decree the gold medal at last vmr's exhibition tn Brussels, and r a, ? MOUNTAIN TORRENT IN NORWAY, for which he received the gold medal at the Hague at the lest exhibition. We earnestly call the attention of the art public to an examinntlon of these flue apecimeua of art as icpreseulative works o! American talent, which have received the encomiums of foreign connoisseurs, and wa fast eonfl 5 * ll>al they need only lo be seen to be Mkewtae endotwed by our connoisseurs at home They are now on during the day from 8 till 5. and on Thursday, Friday and Ifcturdey evening*, the lttb llth sad 12th in stant. from T till 10 o'clock. H HNHY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER. Salesroom^! Nassau street oppeeita the foot office. Jss..!!,^ f??? mi will sell at suction, Tuesday January 8. 1881. at 11 o clock, at tbtlr salesroom. SI Nassau street, a ane assortment at FANCY FOWLS, ot. white .Leghorns, NeabrtxhU. Cochin China,' Spanish Domlnicks. Brahma Pootraa, Polaoders, Hamburc art. mc. H" rBNKY a. EVANS, AUCTIONBRR, 1 will sail this ilatr si 2 o'clock. st . BROADWAY. S rich sssortmeat of French China, Bohemian Olaaiwsra Parian Marble French Clocks. Ac the completeimAru-' Hon of B. 8BHRI8CH. 138 Broadway P "mparts HE1R*r?' F.VANS. AnCTIONEER?CLONING OUT sale of Dry Oooda. this day. at 10 A, M. at 812 Grand st.. junction East Brondway,, Broths and Wool shawls. French Merino and other Dress Oooda. Blankets, Flannels, Table ?K?2n* *2doJow*1"?P Caaaimerea, heavy Satinets. Under T BOOART. AUCTIONEER.?MONDAY. JANUARY 7 Hnus^I el?Tk'"a'i0'1B aeeou'i floor', Household Furniture. Sofas, Cottage Rata, Pier Glass Car' net. n?r..?. w..a.< i. w... Bedstead., Hair and H.r i. ' voi?|b acta, rw Pets, Bureaus, Wsshstauds, Mahogany B?d ?(.?_-., ..... 2lT*1L,*!*trTM' ,D,nln? Tables, Kitchen Furniture, Ac Ae. Wednesday, January ?. at store No. 1 r ' F r oiuiKir, ?r , rr-T/U ?~7n--?"?*"/ v. ?? more en. I North William street, large lot of Household Furniture, Carpets A& aT ?8' AUCnONEKR, WILL 8F.ll IT SroTswi. 'Jl" *^Pd""*<ur. January 9, at 11 o eloek, at 1.S99 wa? ui?iil. 1 Carriages, Rocks Harness. Rabss Bel 1a Blankets. ?infc ?m ?orrel, Horace, four and live years old, 16 han<U blfb; aIro aoreral othtr road and work Ilorm. J?V" ,f- JiSMWATM, AUCTIONEER, NO. 100 ynA yoorty street?To morrow, at 12 ,M.. Hornac, Waconn and Harn^t; dealrahto atock; auparlor brown Morvi 16 StfiminS ffli ?ydln<^7i kaodtomo rtry tuprrior fll! i ar^on' ?rid ftoand In arert particular, and can 'n ihroa mtnutn. Particular a at ule. J ?"* . AUCTIONKER-IsALB8RfN.MIM .1 "C*1*- Monday, Jan. 7, at low o eloek, Fur. is* Ohftthim fcriara. Vonday, Juti. ?. at lot* o clock For Sl'.UrJ",rd<1i?? Mstlrasaes, &ankits 'UarprVAc. AlmS a serve Woollea Hoods Sontags, Ac., Aa, without re vioHtoage sale.?benj. P, FAIRCHTLD Arc ijWak>sV.7rV2? .y?"*?- January 7, l(W7, st 10 A M. at 1,.??'??'''"ML Cntitaiusof a HoukhluiicrY. aonslstina of Stand Presses. UutUcx Machines. Sh..o V.Jii jC.?* ar oi.. a 'i? a el a Hnoknindrry. of>D?latiaa nt JUndPrewes. Cutting Machines, Bha.ra, ?ooU, Vl.fu'raA E Purnj. turo flna old Il**' B#droom Fufol. SnrER8rF.uct"^E*AVi o'clock, at auciloii store No 27 Past BrwaiTw'sa ???? Thomas PmnAf. D^uty BhsrtF. ?H" IKLLT' Hhar" "'"i VWJSS 8ALE8 AT AVCTIOW. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER?HELLS THIN PAT. at i o'clock, at 454 Canal street, three Parlor Nutlm French I'late, F^ir and Mantel Mirror*; Um, Centre, Plume and Tea Tables; Rtagcre*. rich Tagentry,

Three-ply au4 other Carpets, Oilcloths, Hat, Una Fu ture*, Chamber Hurt* In black walnut, mahogany and on auiel: Hair Mattresses, Feather Bed., Blanket*, sheet*. Wardrobes, B<okcaae, Bof* Red*. 100cane seat Chain, MO mm Matt **a (raw Mattresses, 700 Pillow*. 40 *?c#nd baud Carpet*, with every thing useful end ueoeaaery for housekeeping. Goods pecked and .hipped. F1RANCUU r?TIAENS' SAVINGS BANK. \J 58 BOWERY, CORNER OF CANAL STREET. ?SIX PER CENT, FREE FROM GOVERNMENT TAX. Interest allowed on ell amounts from five to fire thousand dollar*. Open every day from 10 to 3, and on Monday, Wed needay and Friday evenings from Me 7. Money deposited now wul draw interest from January 1. Fm>R SALK?FORTY-SECOND STREET AND GRAND ? Street Ferry Rallroed Company Stock, paying 10 peri cent ALBERT H. NICOLAY, 48 Plue street. I r^HR SALE-THIRD AVENUE RAILROAD COMPANY Stock, paying larre dividends. ALBERT H. NICOLAY, 48 Fine etreeL Nc ?OTICB.-THB TRUSTEES OF THE MECHANICS' WM Mutual Building Material Association have declared a dividend of three per rent on the bnalneM of fonr months ending Novembers!. 1841 which will be paid by A. H. Ross, Treasurer, on the 10th of January, 1H87, at hie office, 52 East Twenty-ninth street. O. A. OONOVRR, President. New Yon*, Dec. ?. 1805. mHI^IGJUA^BETlN^^H^STOCKHOLMM A of the Schrelber Cornet Manufacturing Company for the election of new trustees and oBtneis for the ensuing year wtRbe held at the St NtebeUs Hotel on Wodneedsy.the 9th of January, MOT, at M O'clock X. The stockholder* are re spectfully Invited to attend. A. R. JUILLRRAL, Sec. fTIHE DIRECTORS OF THE MILWAUKEE AND ST. 1 Paul Railway Company have deelared a dividend from the net earnings of 1805 or 10 per sent, payable In common stock, or, at the option of the company, or 6 per eent cash to the preferred eaereholdera, ae shown by their hooka January 1, 1887. The transfer books will be reopened January 80,1007, and the dividend will be due to those In whose names the stock stands on that day. Dividend payable on or before Jane 1, 1867. CHAS. P. GILPIN. Transfer Agent UNION DIKE SAVINGS BANE, 490 Carnal street, corner of Varlek. SIX FEB CENT la *0 to *0,000, free of tax. Deposit, be fore January 80 will hear interest from January I. Assets *2,568,1581* E. V. HAUGHWOUT, President. G. 8. CnArm, Treasurer; T. B. Auouk, Secretary. AAA TO LOAN ON IMPROVED REAL BS> VuD.UUU tatc in thla^cttyjn anv^sum^ W. H. WOOD, 06 WaU street. TO LOAN-ON NEW YORK CITY ' re. at 7 per coot. JauDcey court. ?1AA AAA TO loan-on new i ?J>JLUU.Y/UU real estate. first mortgage. J. SOLXB RITTERBAKD, 39 Well streeLJat AQCA AAA TO LOAN-ON BOND AND MORT tpit'U.vUU gage, in one or more sums, on real estate in this city or Brooklyn. JOHN F. OONRET, 02 WaU street, room 11 $500,000 app a aaa TO I4OAH?"ON BOND tAKP MORTj $5o0.000 pM, on Now York city. Now Jtney nod BTO%\TLRa*r OaTA^'uBra^ifty, room Ho- ?? " loam o mcii?L sifvoWrSf WATCMK^" W?LBT7*g at 77 Btoecfcar am* ?P talr,. ADVANCES MADE OK WATCHBA DIAMONDS, JKW elry, Dry Goods and Personal aerlpUon. JA. JACKSON, Ill Grand atreet, doertwast of Broadway. a T 81T.?THE HIGHEST CASK FKlOKt rAlD FOR &??S^&hts$%8i SittSfKfu? A* Sa*"'5sfspSfot4??iSj?03^ ^?^KX"iwluSvaaSi on theabovearU t^o?* - |M*< , it. * ? . _ MHW. m M NO. 9 TWBNTY-THIBD ?^BT- a?C? Hotel ?Money to Into on Diamond?, Wntche?, Be., or tht hbm bought ?t the hlgheet rat?. PAWNBROKERS' tickets bought*?t bit ate rooms Noe. 1 and A UU Bowary. aaar Grand street, up staire. COPAR1A ERSHtW. A" partner WANTED?'to establish a GENERAL nrodure flour and cralo oomraiaalon bouse, with $30.00.) against Influence aodtrede of thirty yaara' standing. Address Flour. Herald oUca. ? FIRM ESTABLISHED IK MANCHESTER,.^""HA good connection among cananmersof A'1'1?C. roua of forming a contention with nEow Tor* KawOr* iMnl mrfSo t hoiisio. for the ?al* of cotton. Hiinen war SSL'^dWTT C. A Co., boi C, M. Kanchaatar, Eng. land. ? B CLARENCE STEWART BROWS IB THIS DAT PW.VS1SS32.A ^^1?' O ? ^tgiimo k WINO, M Cortland! Iff! TtiRTNRR WANTRD-1N A FIR8T CLASS CITY HO* P tSJwtth Bar, Billiard tea Craam and OyaUr aalooM attached. Apply al 60 Wall street, aacond floor, roar ofllees, room Na. t. ? fflHE UNDERSIGNED HAYBFOEMBP A TOPART; LViSS ^r^T^al Vs^u^Jn^ .ha nam. of C. C Pnfler A Co C. O. JaBCABT 1. iwr E. P. WEBTON. mHE undersigned have thI",dAIm?v\M,\v!* XbSTEr'aW^^aStrwIaartten of a general stock com mleeton -? "roadway HEDDEX LOCKE W. WINCHESTER. ISAIAH C BABCOCK. ROBERT M. HEDDEX. Saw YOU*. .Iannary 1. It MANUFACTURERS. ? A SPLENDID WATER Power, one hour from the city, near a 'J5^1 ' The owner wlshe. to engage .^'hR A %a* well ??Ubll?hedbu?toes? Addre?? bot 1?, ?uuoa a. ?fl??e _ _ - - ? anted-a partner, with sio.oao. IN A FANCY good? and Jewelry Importing house, with iCcbuatneea; refeiwnco Ad3raaa A I.. Hemfl ?00. ILLIAM P. JAPPRAJ BECOMES * ***?* 00?' our firm from thla dale B. B. JAPPRAT ? uv. New Vonn, .lanuary 1. 1SW. Wanted? a YOUNO MAX (ONE who is willing m devoia t'aal and ."nntlen to buatneM). aa partner I. . we He.Va Wished bSineaa. BM0 required to purehaM equal intereet. Call at tit Naaaan atreet, room No _ TtTANTPD?a partner in an up town in! rry W .table In a Ural elas, local"*. Addraaa. with name and place of interetew. I. T elation O. A. nnft ?WANTED A PARTY WITH ABOUT $1,000. thla amount to engage in an old established, e"h PyiinfgbqH."w"lLaOH A CO.. ? Wall atreet, room A AT C AAA WANTED?BT A WELL EiSTABIetSIfKE* SI 5 000 and wall known Importing hona* of thla flywith the view of enlarging a Qo^ Internal and lha beat ?eeurttlaawllfba alren. Addraaa Importer, Herald ofllea. So agenta need apply. BUSIREM OPPORTUNITIES. ""a nnlTIOXAL CAPITAL RP.QUIRED IN A PAXCT A hualnaia. on Broadway. par^* **'1??,1^^h'% of The fulleal tneeatlgalion affordod and aeeurlty glean. Ad draaa Br.adway. HaraM ofll'-* Ant GFXTLEMAN WISHING It) MAKE MONEY Lmai? Uifl having BlVflOO rapltal. ean learn of an ai ..^T^o^rtuVi'ly" SyTquiAn, .1 33" Hndmn atreal. A ?ur? thing ?nd no humbug. HP LEND if) OPPORTUNITY^ IS OPKF.RP.OTO partlea aaeklag a profitable Inveatment of capital, from _J? ta $26 000 may be Inee-ie 1. Pleaaa Ilea 1na a rail 9 ta mej goNXER a CO.. 117 Xaaaan atreal ~7 FIXE CHANCE TO-HAKK MONEY.-MEX IIAV*? A ing a capital of $6,000 would do well to the Xa Sss' ?2, v>5* I dreaa Frederick k Clauaer, boi Vn Poet olBce, Pottaellle, Pa. A"" SMALL CAPITAL OP AND UPWARDS WILL Uitri a half Intereal In a aura Dating ea.h hu.tnem, peldii'i flOU per month. Apply at Bfl Broadway, room 1 MAX WANTED WITH W.OUO TO 16,000.-TO ONE A "ho wlahe, to make money faat without any work or reapon-lMlltv, thla la a auperlor opporlunlly. Addraia Fraa man. Herald ofllco. A?K ACTIVE BL'BIXRSS MAN WANTED?WITH tO.W. at nartner in ibe Inearanca and real aetata bualneaa, already rd ibllahed; aafe Inveatment, pro6ta large. Addreaa Partner, bo* 120 Herald ofllea^ ijoTKL INTKBRST^WANTRD?BY A (JUNTLP.MA^ H (lately jnilw hotel bnalaeM In a Wealern cltT) who ean Inlltianae large amount of patronMe. Irom$S,.J00 to flkPltl 10 meeat Bualneaa m??t ataoda Iboraugh Inreatl gallon. Addreaa, with full parthsnlara, 0. W., boa 110 Herald oflloe. gOt WILL START ANY PERSON IK A SPLENDID ?bg^ay huolneea. from wbSh $10,000 can ba made In alg monlha- goo la alaple at floor. Call an! intaatlgala al # pine Mrwt, room 81. .. Anea -PaBTKIB waxtbd, in a lioht khtab^ Jfl.j. )IF. llahedmanufaeturlBgbaalnaee.alNa M Duana itriwt, lop floor. . CtlAVi. WOOD, AH . aj en A CHALDRON FOB OOEP.?DKI.IYBRBD [t.^,?)V mme.llatelr Ap, .y at 'Uf ??? olbrr at ihe law York Oaa Work, at TwenlJ Aral *mKRWT)V)L> f. AMUSEMRMTG. _? .rn Broadway THEATRE . AOKIWION JOCRNTS Doors opau Ht t|f begins at 7V o'clock. GREAT NOVELTY FOR THE LA*T WEKK Of Mr. JOIIN F. OWENS. ?MOTHER NEW CHARACTER. the p. r?onAlloa of which teposllively limited to TWO MOUTH ONLY. Monday nod Tuesday. Jauuary 7 anil t>. BouclcAttlt's boon ttful drama, in Ave acta. snutied GRIMALDI. OB, THE LIFE OF AN At'TRESS. GRIMALDI,nooMactor MR. JOHN E. OWBM8 Wednesday, January ?, last ulsbl but three. MAUL PRY and ITIRTY WINKS, bumday, January 10. last nig ""??ww lurjirtuawisM. Friday, January 11, last night but one, . Victims ? and SOLON SHINGLE. by request. For entire saUsfaeUoii seats should be secured in adyauce, Monday N KW TORE THEATRE. l,K*WRS??>jJKtf BckjtEBT Messrs. Mark Smith and Lewis Baker. cf.ndkillokT MAGNIFI CENT WARDROBES, under the Immediate supervision of A COMFLETB CORP^DE ?a?lKTOF FIFTY LADIE8, AND A POWERFUL ^?A?T GRAND CENDRILLON MATINEE SATURDAY. JANUARY 12. AT t O'CLOCK. Boats secured six days In advance. Thai.tatheatre. _ . . (14 Broadway, between Broome and Spring atresia. GRAND GERMAN OFBRA. MONDAY JANUARY 7, MOT First appearance in German Opera of ELYIBA wADDL ^ _ the celebrated Prima Donna of UeFrench opera, in Ibe great rale of the QUBKN OF THE NIGHT, in 'the magic fluth, BY MOZART. Seats can be secured nt the ofloe of the theatre daily from 10 to 4 o'clock, or at 112 and 114 Broadway. PRICES OF ADMISSION.?Boies. Rid. Orchestra chairs and reserved state in Drees Circle. $1 00. Parquet and Drees Circle, |1. Family Circle, 80 cents. Doors open at 7; to eomoMuce at ? o'clock. , HARTZ'S TEMPLE OF MYSTERY. Dad worth HaU, 806 Broadway. CROWDBD HOUSES EVERY MIGHT. ? Continued and triumphant success of^HHHHIHMMMp r H. HARTZ'S NRW ILLUSIONS. I FLOATING HEAD, I HARTZ'S I MULTUM IM PARYO. I This evening at 8, 118th I Wonders and Mlraclea. I Striking Watches. I SEANCE. I Spade Resumed. Mr. A. Sedgwick will perform en the English Concertina! Tickets 00 cents. Reserved tenia, ?1. Foe sals st ths hall tm saTHH from 8 uU A Doors open at 7^. SATURDAY MATINEE at 2. Children half pnoe. The Chiokering Piano la used nt these performances. ;AN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. >85 BROADWAY. The ir .uble commence* at a quarter to Ah The trouble commences at a quarter to A Tins CRBMK DE LA CREMK OF MIM8TRRLSY. ?BIRCH, WAMBOLD, BERNARD 4 BACKUS' ? SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. whose success 1ms never been equalled by say similar organ ??MMMd. New end cheerful Burlesques every I lzation In the world. New end cheerful Burlesques every week, toil toll. T Am Here. Black Othello. Oam brtnus Opera or LaAsr Beer, Imitation of Actors. Love's Rambles or Cupid's Fall, Cendrilloa. The Screaming Black Cook and Af K^HELLY * LEON'S MINSTRELS 720 BROADWAY. Every evening at a quarter to eight ANOTHER GRAND. BILL (7.000 BY THE ONLY LEON THE NEW OPERETTA 7,000 INTRODUCING THE MR. w JACK CADE. Ol^^EN THOUSAND. I MO^KAin^U^BOM THE MUSICAL TWINS, 7,000 LUCREXIA BOROIA, tas ?B V PAvAU A TV Asv Dj 4, WW asuwsafMi** I SOIREE D'ETHIOPE, 7,000 with the only LEON, SCHMR MIT A Y, 7.000 E. KBLLEY. ALLEN, OVBM44 BE A A A A | i I.WW O. BtOUUBi ? s MUMUiV| TllK CITY CARS, 7,000 NRLSB SEYMOUR, 17,000 B. PRICE, BUTLER On Monday next Fairy Spectacle -LBON. AhcaDemy of Muno. Brooklyn. . . ? ' SIXTH MONDAY POPULAR CONCERT, MONDAY, Jan. 7. at 8e'doek. ^Thako. Soloist. Tickets SO eente-^^^^^^H Heaerved sects 80 cents extra. WW?W and his -elrbraIWHWWI^^H CONDUCTOR A3). NBUBNDOBFF Ailmlaaiou (I; Rcaerved Beats TnraHr? first pernor; THUBBDAT. JANUA ) DON GIOVAMNLM f Doera open at 7 o'etook i toeoW ?sate can bo aocurad at the Aeademy of Busy and nt the Broadway, Theatre Ticket office. 119 and 114 Broadway, N. Y. FRENCH OPERA. tomrteenth street, near Slkth Avenue. WEDNESDAY JANUARY A EXTRA PERFORMANCE. LE TROUYRRR. (IL TROVATORE.) MLLE. N'ADDI AS LEONORA. Ticket oBco Beer A Schtnner's. 701 Broadway. 1HBATRB PR ANCAIS. TURBDAT NEXT, JANUARY ?. - - * YTHRI Last appearance In New York of Mr. ANTHRLMR, tke favorite tenor. Mr. HUBET LBVA880R, from Pnrte, in aome of his comic songs. LA LODE D'OpRRA, comedy la one act. UNEGTILLE TERRIBLE, vaudeville, In one net Mr. LaFLBUB, vaudeville. In one act TTALRNTCNR YOUSDEN. V THE ORE AT FOLYNATIONAL MIMIC. FOUR NIOUT8 THI8 WEEK. MONDAY, TUESDAY. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, IN HIS UNITY OF NATIONS. B Clinton Hall, Astor plane, Broadway, at S o'clock. ibrrtadr? last great FAINTING, " THE STORM IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS," la now on exhibition at the branch offlce of the CROSBY OPERA KOUHB ART ASSOCIATION, OPENED FOR A FEW DATS ONLY, No. 888 BROADWAY, opposite CHICKERINO'S. ADMISSION 25 CENTS. FREE TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATION. OTEINWAY HALL.?J. R. THOMAS. THE FAVORITE. O will si us two popular song- tonight st Miss M1NA GEARY'S CONCERT, nommeauug at 8 o'clock. MIS* MIX*. GEARY'S CONCERT TOJOOHT. 8TEINWAY HALL. TO-NIGHT. HTEINW1Y HALL. Floor of hall, $1: balrnny ae?U, 90 oont*. No resorvod ?MU. Come aiu-fy and take them Doora opun at 7h; conrert at S o clock. Mm* mina oeary's concert to-night. HTL1NWTAV IJALL. cntuitourlag atSo'clock. JOHAXNEK 8EXIA W ILL PLAT TWO PIECES on tba wood and ?tr*w piano. Doora open at 7X MISS MINA OEARY'S BILLAD CONCERT. > G. W. MORGAN, THE GREAT ORGANIST, baring anfllclentlr recnrered liom bl? late accident. will positively- play TONIOHT, TOYIfiRT, one ol ln*tla?<t pieces, ob I be Grand Organ. STEINWAY HALL. Coiirert at S o'clock; door* open at 7'<. Great masonic pair in aid or thr hall and Asylum Food, l? now open at tba Presbyterian choroh. Nine;' of Grand and Oroehy streets. Tba dlapluv of goods will be unusually attrertlva. and pre sent* advantage* for those wishing to purobaaa for tba hah day*. The proceed* of this fair are to t?e appropriated to the erection of an aarlum aa a homo for widows and orphaaa, lb? aged and indigent, and appeal* strongly to the aympe iliter of the charitably disposed. The committee call atten tion to the Whreier A Wilton Sewing Machine aold by J. T P.llia A Co., corner Broadway and f wenty-aeeond at met. which eootribnte librrallr to the proceed* of tba fair and offer peenliar ?dranuge- to burer*. Admir-lna 9K real*. Seaaou ticket* $1. Richmond new theatre, Richmond, ra.?this well appointed establishment being naw and aupphed with a epiendid wardrobe an agtaaatre stock of ecenery and every rejulsite appertaining to a Drat elaaa theatre, can bo rented by the night, week, or month, or may be leaaed for a farm of year* by responsible parties All *ppilratlona to be made to 0. S. BERN ARD, Hag Broadway. New York, agent for the owuer, Mr*. R Magul. Theatre ticket oppicrs. Rescrrcd seat* fir all first claaa Theatraa. Coaearte, Ac., ran alwaya be obtained at the THEATRE TICKET OPFrCRS NOB. 1U AND 114 BROADWAY, AND M6 BROADWAY. TTRAXIA HALIalC RiVINGTON STREET, CORNER U ol Clinton.-Concert erery night; haadaome glrla at tending, with ehoiea wlna*. beer, Ac. French theatre -the new frfnch theatre. Fourteenth ?trret. can be let to responsible parties for the erenlng of Wednesday, 14th mat. If application be made Immediately to E. VAN WINKLE, frrmg Rail. W~~ M. L. RATTERSON, PIANIST, ATTENDS TO parties, wedding*. Ac., at |1 per evening Order* re. eetred at realdenoe, (WO Sixth arenue. near Fortieth etreel. Ml'RHAL. A GENTLEMAN WILL oTvS INSTRUCTION ON the Piano at pupil's residence. $10 per quarter. Beat bf reference- given, Addreaa, with maldenoa. Teacher, box 119 Herald otOcB. At chrre'b musical UsHFOfflE i,r? broad" way (entrance ?6 Thirty-fourth street). Slgnor BUR RAH' offer ot all free lessons continues all thla year. After one elasa of 400 has finished, another Bf the aame number will commence. ____ UITAR and singing.?napoleon w. gocld, Solo llultariat and Tenoit resumes hi* instruction* from 911119, at 93 Hlxth avrnne Engagement* made foe concert*, parties, Ac. Banjo taught practically /N UITAR, PIANO, TiOUH. SINGING. HARMONY. UT "Central Normal Musical Conservators,'' 24J West Twenty-sixth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenue*. Cell or aend for circular. Leaeona private. So claaa**. IT HAVING" BEEN CLAIMED ^THAT DR. CUTLER baa bean (ha isacher of Maatar Oiker (formerly know a as Matter Wood) I beg lo refer my unptla, friend* and th* public to the doctor himself, to member* of lb* Cemllan and Trinity vholr* of th* past four rear*, and musical not tee# throughout the Bute* for th* aame period lo provo that I have Wo, a* announced. MA Q"lf of the young gentlemen. flWiOf HARRiRON, M Rend* atreei, Brooklyn. IANO AND SINOISO TAUGHT?AT IS AMITY _ street, near Broadway. W a teacher who ha* had nev er*) rears'eiperteoet. No *harg* for praettaing on* hour ear h day. SB* MISRSS SLOMANT"PROFESSORS OP Ml'SlC, from Europe, rotpeai rully eenouno* the! they will Uke united number of pupils for tho harp, piano and tinging. Address Hall A Hon, Beer A Achirmer and Broweo, mtm ?lores, Brondway. ilfi P' R Gt'ARTKR FOB PIANO LESSONS (NO Viv e!a**ea, a* In otbor meotOM academies1 No Iff) Waal Eleventh Street, of Hlxih arrnu*. Planlala for oar lea. Ofilco bo rra from nine ill) twe P AMDSEJIESTS. RIBTortl'g EAST NIOHT AND M iTINKh IN N.?Y. BKFuKK 11 Kit DEPASTURE FOR THE WEST ELIZABETH. ELIZABETH THE -COMPANY LEAVES FOR DETROIT ON WED NKSDAY EVEN ISO. >RENi H fit RATHE, Lamm and Director, J. GRAU. Kiolori tick, i otlivx 701 and 112 and 114 Broadway THIS (MONDAY! EVENING, January 7, at A o'clock, and WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. at 1 o'clock. ADELAIDE Klc-TOKI. ON BOTH OCCASIONS. AB ELIZABETH, QUEEN OP ENGLAND. THIS (MONDAY) EVENING. January 7, ELIZABETH. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, January V, Matinee. ELIZABETH. ELIZABETH NOTICE?At the Wednaeday marine* the - rice of admie ?loc to all part* of lln< Louse a ,11 Le 82. and aeata will be te nured la private boxes, orchestra aeata and drett circle with out any extra charge. CAMMA. CARD Mr. GKAU, In reply to mauy appllcaticoa for the repeti tion of CAMMA, which creat-d such a furore on Friday evening laet. regret* to state, that CAMMA baring been an Bounced for that night only, and ELIZABETH baring been previously advertlmd for tW? (MONDAY) EVENING, and for the matinee on WEDNESDAY?the laat two repre sentations of MADAME KiNTORI In New York, piler te her departure for the West?and, aleo, an Immense number of tealr and boxes biting been alreadv secured for these rep resentation of ELIZABETH, It would be departing from the mlet of the management to change the jwrformanoe; but as MADAME BISTORl'B return te New York wtl' be in April next, when the wHl give her farewell performance*, before leaving America for Part*, where she le engaged to appear during the Exposition Universelle. her re-entree will takeplace her* with the repreeentatlon of Mnataoetll'a 1 OA MM A. RISTORI MATINEE-WEDNESDAY?ELIZABETH. WBDNEhDAY MATINEE. WEDNESDAY MATINEE. MATINEE. WEDNESDAY APTRBNOON, January ?, at 1. Doors open at MM. _ FOB THE LAST TIME IN NEW YORK. ELIZABETH. QUEEN OP ENOLAND. ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON?MATINEE. Bants win he secured without extra charge. ISTORl'B RECITATION BOOKS TRANSLATED INTO English-can be obtained to-dty at the several ticket ices aad at Htetnway Hell during the evening. K M R8. P. B. MONWAY'8 PARK THEATRE, BROOKLYN . THIS EVENING. BLACK-EYED SUSAN and FORTY THIEVES. M A DAME RISTORI AT STEIN WAY HALL. FIRST OBAND RECITATION OF MADAME RISTORI. TUESDAY, JANUARY 8, 1887. Mr. L. F. Harrison has the honor to announce that, has lag effected an engagement with M. J. Orau and MADAME ADELAIDE RISTORI. he wlD bare the pleasure of presenting her at her FIRST AND ONLY GRAND RECITATION. OB TUESDAY EVENING, January 8, when alie will read from the Poets In ITALIAN AND FRENCH. Mr. Theodore Thomas' full OrohMtra has alao been se cured. and wttl perform a selection of Ola**leal Muslo ap propriate to the occasion. The prices of admlseiort will he Oil DOLLAR TO ALL PARTS OF THE HOUSE. Reserved seats 40 cent* extra. Foriale atSteiaway Hall, Beer A Sohlrmer'e. 701 Biosd way, and Rullman'a ticket oQloe. 118 Broadway. 3TEINWAY IIALL. NINTH WEDNESDAY POPULAR CONCERT. WEDNESDAY, JAN. ?. AT 8 O'CLOCK. First appearance at these ( dhcerte of Mies MVY1 r^ STERLlNO, The oe.- ' . S3 Contralto. Mr. The celebrated Tenor. Mr. O. W. QOLHY, Pianist. Mr. THEO. THOMAS, Conduotor, AND HIS CELEBRATED ORCHESTRA. TICKETS 30 CENTS. RBSERVgD SEATS 80 CENTS EXTRA. IBTORt AT 8TEINWAY HALL, JAN. 8, 1887. NOTICE TO PRIVATE COACHMEN AND HACKMF.N. Carriages attending the Ristorl Recitation on Tuesday evening will set down their company with the horses lacing Irving place, and at the conclusion of the performance form line In reversed order. By order of the Police Department. R Madame ristoRi. positively the only GRAND RECITATION NIOHT iBefore her departure for the West, as the company leave or Detroit on Wednesday night). TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY ft Wfi7. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR RESERVED BEATS 80 CENTS EXTRA. For tale n! Stetnway Halt. Bex olftce epea from 8 A. M. till 6 P. M. ?FONT PASTOR'S OPERA 110081 JM BOWERY. : A An enMrelv new local draipa. entitled THE CITY lUOTOBY GIRLS. First time, a new battel. TUB SOLDIER'S BF.TUBN. Bew Comic Songs, TONY PABTOR. Sew negro sets, "OUBS," "OEKDRILLON." "BOLON SHINGLE .? "VIC TIMS." An Immense bill of novelties. MATINEE ON WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. HOOLEVS OPERA HOURS. BROOKLTN. A HURRAH TRIP AROUND THE WORLD. The Oean Yacht Race, the Naval Combat between the Rear serge and Alabama, the Banner In the Sky, the Bam D' or Jig. Peter Pipes the Man About Towu. llunlet the Dainty, s Twin*. Beckon I'm in Lack. Jack on the Green, Ac. BUDWORTH'g MINSTRELS?NEW FIFTH AVENUE Opera 1l?u*e. adjoining Mftb Avenue Hotel CROWDS CROWDS. COME EARLY. Second week of th* successful pleee. NEW YEAR'S CALLS, with nil it* pleasingaecesaoriea, snow storm, skating pond. W. n and J. II. Budwnrth tn principal character*. MATINEES EVERY SATURDAY. AT 3y. P. M. CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. Every n.giit at Bryant's Hell, 873 Broadway, near Gread street. STILL ANOTHER GLORIOUS BILL. First appearance #f MISS EMMA FOWLEB. the rharm lng vocalist, and sister of the unfortunate Fowler Utrle who were recently lost in THE EVENING STAR First week of THE VICTIM, THE VICTIM, la whleh Josh Hart and Miss Laura Le Clair will do their TERRIFIC SWORD COMBAT. FUNNY KEOROISMS. GRAND BALLET, FULL OB CHBHTRA. SC. (NHARLEY WHITE'*. 471 Broadway. J ?72 I MIS* EMMA FOWLER. 47S I FRESUM PTITE D A R K BY. |l 471 COLORED academy. 472 I LIOII fXING ZOUAVE UKILL. 473 ( THE TRtJAMT FATHER. 472 | THE VICTIM. THE VICTIM. HHIIHHH IUIII EBEKFE 8S8KSS. Steinway hall-mrp. hophie mozart -to nlglu Mr*. MOZART, the brilliant Soprano will aing two of tier most admired Ballad* t.,nlBiit at MISS MINX GEARY'S ANNUAL BALLAD CONCERT. STEINWAY HALL?TO-NTGHT, TO NIOHT, TO-NIOIIT MISS MINA GEARY'S ANNUAL BALLAD CON CERT Prof. E. HOFFMAN, the elegant Planlat, will play two piece*. Door a open at 7)^. /NCSTAVrg GEARY AND ARTHUR MATHRSON. THE U popular Tenor*, will ?lng pleaaing Ballad* at MISS MINA GEARY'S CONCERT, hTKINWAY HALL. TO-NiUMT, TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT, at 8 o'clock. Gt'RTAVUB GEARY WILL SINO TO-NIOHT AT MINN MINA GEARY'S CONCERT, STEINWAY HALL, the lore I v new Italia 4, IlAFPY THOUGHTS. Floor of hall $1, balcony aeat- JOc. Brookltn athknascm-mondat, tth, farr well exhibition ol Ayer'a Work of art: Fiftv Pro a*M* given, including a Piano. Tfekatg, 30c,; four for $1. Oontpllmriiiartes rood for this evening. rEATRE FRANCAIS.-FRO.N i THEATRE TO LRT, lor evening* and matinee*. :o- open**, drama*, eon cerU, lecture*, Re., Be. Apply to . DKIYBT, oflke of Prench Theatre. PIAYOFOHTKt. A -STEINWAY AND OTHER NEW AND SECOND . hand Pianoa, Organ* and M*M)HM for ,,ni or aale. at low price*. S. T OOKDON, 70S Broadway. A SPLENDID SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO forte, at a great ?*onflce; hr beat maker*; all Improve Bent *: hevitltul lone andflnlih, u?ed only three month*; eo*t $6i0, at hall pilee 31 Waablngtoa place, near Greene at. A CHEAP PIANOFORTE?IN GOOD ORDER, ROUND corner*, earred leg*, dtv maker*, for $00. ? 3. RIDDLE. IS A nitty -treat, near Rroadway. A GREAT RA.RGAIN?THREE MAONIFICBNT SEVEN octave Pianoa for **le for two-third* their value for cash; beat city maker* elegant carved roaew?od easea, round aorner*. carved leg*, overatrnng bae*, rloh tone; fully warranted in every raapeot; *br>uld be eeen and examined to be appreciated. Apply at tMI Sixth avenue, near Fortieth atraetTfrom 7 A. M. till 7 !'. M A. L. BATTKRSON. A FAMILY MHL SELL TI1BIR MAOlNlFtCENT carved roaewood Punnforie, worth f.Wl), for lea* limn hall; 7 octave, ?ireratruuc. Iron name,-beat mate, nearly new. Apply *> *07 l.a?t Tenth atreet. A KINK PIANOFORTE MUST BR DISPOSED OF IM ? mediately, baa brilliant and powerful tone; grod StOO I and Core;, Ac. Price $I8!S. Apiuy at 1JV Twenty eighth atieet, near Saranth avnue. rear bouaa. a MAGNIFICENT FIRST CLASS ROSKWOi iD PIANO. J\ foGe for *#!??, made order, city maker; uaed flee month*. Co?t f4Ub; for $$$$, Including Stool, Cover Aim Parlor, chamber Furniture; a ancrlflco. Inquire tat?4 Weal Sixteenth atreet. between Fifth and Sixth aveuuea. LADY WILL SELL A HANDSOME ROSEWOOD aeven octave Pianoforte, oarred lag*, worth $S60. for nearly half; nearly new; Ur?t cla.*? maker*. Call at 28 "Irdf Third atieet. Bargains.?rosewood seven octave piano. forte, four round comer*, ea'v.-d leg*. Coat $700; for $826 Ro*e?o?d Liglile A Bradbury Piano $101. Several hew and aecotid band Plaaofoi tea, flrat class, vary low. 20 Fourth avenue, oproalt* Cooper laatituta. PIANOVORTR rOR SALE.?A BEAUTIFUL ROSE JT wood Pianoforte of nuperlor tone fnffllS; *1*0 An at Pianoforte fourroaad roroer*. iroe frame oellent mahogany L _. . Stool and Cover, for $76. Apply at i?,'i Twentlathmreai, near Third avenue. flANOS.?ELROANT ROSRWOOD PI A NO 3. ALSO Carpet*, Furniture, Bedding Ac., at BRNDALL A JCOTT'8, corner of Hudson and Caual atreet*. Payment taken by weekly or monthly Inataftnenta It prefer red. PIANOS TO LET?AND SOLD ON INSTALMBNtB AT the manufactory. 1?S and 188 Rant Twent^flm *?r?*t PIANO FOR SALR-A SPLRNDID WMRBR In perfect order, having heen In uae htit a fev for aale at a bargain. Apply at 17 Lafayatle plaee. PIANO, let, and rent applied If purehaeed. Monthly payment* to eel red. tecoad hand rlanoa at bamlaa Pnw* iwm $?? to S2M. New 1 octave Piano* for MB ?<"' vj w Uken In exchante. Ca?b paid for aeeond hand plm Factor, and war. room. 481 *"gj?fck W ATMIMk