Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 7, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 7, 1867 Page 2
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HITC \TIO-v* W AHTBD-raM\irg. A EU '.SC.II WIDOW LAI'Y OK K KlM'Mi'VT. HfKAK j/V ing Kiigliuh fluent'v, *.?lies a aim (UM as he isrkeeper, U; a uidowrr'S ho nw;* hllurua preferred; or as a com rntou lo it lady. The le-m of reference* given. Address 8. K., U) Clinton place. AUKBPITTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN W18HBSA ?i ' :itlou In s gentlemui. family to do <* ofclng. under ktum! it in ell lis bianrhe.t; con take the eutlre i-barge of the k.teueu; would do the lurkftlin: If required; can tire B" i c iv refereuce. Can be seen until auiletl ?t ?> West 11th el. MM-ond floor, front room. ALL KAMI!.IBS WANTING CAPABLE SERVANT I mm-Jietely. and good gtrls. For city or Couelry. At Large Employment institute, 1M 6th nr., be lew Vtb el. A N KXPRRILNOED YOUNG WOMAN W A NTS A BIT j\ us: inn as flrn chv<* onok: perfectly understands her bueinaeii In all it* branches, end can giro the beet elty ref erence. Call at 338 West 26th et., up stairs. A YOUNG GIRL DESIRES A SITUATION TO DO J\ geu. housework; Is n feud plum cook, washer and troner. Call for two <lsya at ill SUtfa St., lo the rear, top floor. Act* e?n 6th and 7th ave. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa wailrese, or would be wtlliug to do ohamtiarworfc snd flue wavhing. Beat city refereuoe. Cell . ? -yr at 8d? 25th at., between bth end 9th era. A RESPECTABLE YOtJNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU atiou ae; can take the entire rhefge of e child from its birth. Oen be aeen et 36 H^tat 9tb aL ARE3PHCTABLB ENGLISH GIRL WANTS to do the housework of a email family; Is s good plnln eook, excitant wmHher *nd ironer; the b*tl city rdfarouoe. Apply tiMIKliuliethii, d*at Houtum. No oppllooUooo out of town deaired. A situation wantkd-bt a respectable yennc woman, as chambermaid'or waJtrnaa; good city reference lroui last plane. Can bs Men nTM WsnBU St., for two daya. BITUATION WANTKD-BY A STEADY YOUNG woman, as first clam waitress; therooghlf tioAnedtands .her dutuu tn eawyeepaouv; can furnish the neat city reie renoea. Coll at 97 West 36th at. A SITUATION WANTED-BT ? COMPETENT nttras; abe la also capubleof taking ears of an Infant; c?u give ibe beat of refe nice. having be-n 3K years at ber last place. Can be aeen at 414 tkh n?., near Mth I at. for two daya. A BITUATION WANTED?BY A GOOD PLAIN cook; and la willing to dn washing and Ironing in n (mull private family; can give the beet refcrnnre of three years rroin her bin place. Can be aeon at Sit 6th nr., near letli at. Call for two dare. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITf t lion to do general housework in a reapecuble fe , y. Call a; 1P7 ilreonwtcb av. ^ SITUATION WANTED?pY A YOT'N - MltU. AS J\. drrs.mskcr, helner; would g*. run >- week; can operate ou Wheeler A Wilson's m*ch'. do eU kinds of family s, wing. Can be aeen atGCt v- lirat floor, front. AUOOIl OIRL Wa\T: ?. Vi'lON TO DO CllAM bcrwork. Call at J oat Houston at., in tho grocery store. Acapabi.v i <l wishes a an cation as laun drere, i I v. .mid with the cli amber work; under ?lands all a ? of fluting, baa tbe beat of city reference fn mUi - pi ice. Can be seen at No. 40 West 13th St., ov i . ,.rooery store. ,-4 SITUATION WANTED?BT AN ENGLISH PROTES ?u taut woman, as conk; understands all kinds of cocking, and hue lived in the beet or families; tbe noun'ry preferred. Call for two days et No. 9 6th at., in the ehuieand lamp store. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS cook or Ltuivdre-.S, capable of doing any kind of work; good city reference Apply at fill Rutgers at, for one day. A HEALTHY YOUNG WOMAN, WITH A FRESH i\ breast of|mllk, dor,Ires n at,nation aa wet nurae; baa lost her own baby; good city reference. Call at 411 2d av., near 24lli at., se^ud door. A SITUATION WANNED-BY A FIRST CLASH LAUN. dreaa; understands her business perfectly; has the best ol elty references. Can be seen for two daya at No. 9 6th at. rear building. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO OIRL, A8 lint data waitress; understate lusher business thor oughly; no objection to a Oral ciem private boarding house; h<a good city ref erences. Can ba seen for two days at No. 9 bl.'i sty in tho rear. FIRST CLASS COOK WANTS A SITUATION; UN (teniaadit all kinds of tamlly cooking; has the very best of city ret erenoe; no objection to n French or Spanish family. Call-at il West 10th at. for two f i days. F ROT E.T A NT OIBL W18HBB A SITUATION AS , good eook, washer and tronsr; Is n good brand, biscuit and pastry baker; good city refereuce. Cell at Ml West Sth et No ubjoetloa to the corner/. A A A RKUTKCTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITU A AUon aa cl\*i*b?rwi*Ui or to So general boaeeeroek la * ? ?mall private family; )? wA.llng and obiLnnr, h?? geoi oity reference. Call for tare da/e at M Waal 31st ?C AX BXPEHtENCKD COOK WISHES ? SITUATION IN a unvote family ar hoarding house; *lao a girl for ihamber work or waving. Call at 340 Haat 333 at., batwean lit and 3d ar*. A SITUATION WANTED?BE A GERMAN PROTEST "ant girl; will da chamborwork and pi tin an wing; can operate oti heeler A Wilson'a sowing machines. Call at lb: Wont Mat at., N.T. _____ A N EXPERIENCED WOMAN WI8HE8 A 8TTUATION J\ i* exponential conk; oau do all finds of family baking; g?.odoily retorenoe. Call at 4#1 bin ar.. corner of 38th at. A YOUNG OMtli WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bcraiaid and waitraaa and to aaaiat la waahlag and liouiug. oi to do general huusew irk. Good oil; refer once. Cull at AB West mtlnau. between 8th and 0th ara. J YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO chatuberwork or bouaework la a email family. Call al 313 Weal Ath at , In ibeweox. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION; 18 A _ ? flr.r. claaa wallreae and uhumbonnald, or to ilu general housework In a ?m?ll family Haa good eily refrreno*. Can he seen till aulled al X?f)q IN est ITU al., between Blh and 0th ara AREMf.CTABLF. TOUNO GIRL WISHES A 8ITUA Hon aa cmrabv and waitress, or as chambermaid ni.ii-to dn :cwin * Has the best of city refeiendh. Call at !?.'? 30th si., sr one loor. back room. RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN Wl 'HER A SIT nation to co-.k. wm.h and run, lu a prirat- family; la a good bake.- sud iboruuuhly understands her bmlners, and a. ? h! re.areuce. Apply for two days at 413 ad ar., eor nei JtUi sL < A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A bITU ATION TO J\ do gon'-ral houiewo-iy in a email prlrata family. Ap ply at 101 9U< ar., near l7tn st. A SITUATION WANTED- BT A UO> PE TENT, tri.:t worthy rronia, as chambermaid am. earoatrrae or to do lur waabing mi J Ironing; Is a neat ?<*wer aud a per feePUn:. .ret* or rhainberiuatti. good re'treuce. Call at 1W Wert Itlii at, between Clhai.d Tin ara., inlrd floor. A NUMBER OF WELL RECOMMENDED OERMAN g'.rla winl attuat.nns at Mrs. Lowa'a German iu?ti ts te, 17 htanlou st . arar Bowery a RESPECTABLE Yti' NU OtRL, LATELY LANDED, J\ u t?h ?* a a'luatlon tn a i null private iaailly to do gene ral houeenork. Call at 161 West 33d it., bctw-ea TtU end Silt are., in Hit A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PPuTESTIaVT WO oiitr u i trr*land< ol! aiodj of roes's, pastry, wiupeand gauie l bs be-jt oily i t from her l ist employer Call a; West tlaahi.iglo.1 pi ?*. ,n the cottiC A SITUATION AS SE.i dsraKSS WaNTED-HY A RE. fpecinhli. protreletu woni?n; laagooi <Le*j-niaker; ua deialmili nulling ami nuking lad:i'a' and c.i.ldren s uadarrioibcs, be* a good Wheeler A W,Lson ? -i - Ilea uiiek(XiPiiOii ,uie itfert noa of eeiru year*. Canoe seen at 117 r..i*^l,'hwrt.. batweea'AI and 3d ara, uell door hrit one A' the cnur-h. A KLSl'SCTAJILE WoUAN WISHES A FEW CRN? XI tlcnieu'a ?i.d ladle*' w..thll.g, is a .rk niild shirt Irnnei; i an .I* "Tench ilntiac. tin# y ?r?' ran-re See, taking ?arneiuiig I in.a one Gil., j. Ci l. ai STT 7th nr., btlweeu io.u a>. 'TTth .is. CO.Mi'ETLNf PFK-OX Wl.GIEd AN KNCAGEMI NT by th-r-r-k or ?< ? lodreaam G ay mdnllkladitX l-ruily tc?let- can ? m n for two d*ya a 1" i TtU av. a RE.,!' <'Table tRiaiiD wo*an, who has Xa. INI her baby. n*e luontba oid. wUkt t?? t?ke a baby to wrt ni:r a; her jtrn . "n; deuce. Call at 13 l..?ltgl n al , hnuaa. ARKAMPTRRNS WI81TEB A FEW ENGAGEMENTS ' y the daj r week, eau cut .tod ft Ud;e*' end chil drea't (Irene*. . nu I* agood ;r ranter. Can be seeu at 347 West "inh -L, betweea Mth an 1 .'th a.a A MARRiED WOMAN W1811K8 A 8tTUAXIOM AS tt; t ntireot baa t i'rea'i hrraat of milk. Can be aeen for two H ,. a at til Whitehall ?C A A \ S1TJATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO XV tr-'. st Welah g-.i!. a* flrat rjua* 1 ? Iiiiilrc?-, b . the heal u city teltren e. Cau be aeen 1111 aiSte.i at 317 1 tat 13th at. ASltt CPION WANTED?AS Oil i.MHKRN AI D AND wabr- >. lo do tn <tnbarerurk ar. I One wae iiog; or i?ii tem 'he ? . ir? .irnaof a b?bx; ?*"' cMJ reference Cali for l?ru days al 111 tali ??.. he ,*een 13.h nod X-th ata. Yt?l NO PRRPON, WL ' 18 RENTE VT ? BLK AND coueaied, w lake a a aituatioa ay snwmatnw : or maid and aeataitrena: erouel aaeiat w ;h or Metrwot Ci.lldrin, can do all kinda of ?n'rdiow .rk And ftetily lowing and oner >w on V beijrr A ? mwh goed lefeitm e. Call fro in 10 t b?o ri.sck al al Macduugai at. A RESTECTARLR PKRtloX WISHES A SITUATION X* ti. Oiso*. Wash and lr>n. or t" do t.nii'sW'-eork, in a gooil family; pret-re .i r?od place to lha h.ghcat wages Call all the aers at dU w>at War auitou r. e houae. A FIRST CLASS DRi.s'SV AKER WISHES TO OO X\ out by this day or Itaefe to out and ht ladlca' aud ehll 4l*n'a drcaa?a. or wdl t ae wire boiue 10 Lor house, lit Wrat 19ih at., between ti b and 7th ata. A FIRST CLVSs SEAM3TR1 SS W1NIIF.8 TO GO OUT by the da* or we a; unde'?iaiida .i? am iking i will eiop lu the bouae If !W?ulred. Call at U3 Waat lj,h at. be tween Ath and 7lh ara. ARITUATItiN WANTED?BY A*RRsPE- TV3LF. WT>. man. a* hotueiee;.?r for a widower h?a ro o|s vtk>n to young childr-n or an invalid lady: U tb'rty yeara of ate* alao a alluation for* a yotins woman a* cbauiherinatd ami aeamatreaa. can operate on Vt i.eeler A V, i mi'a aewi- e ma chine, or woaid atrial In the laundry. Adii.-aa \|n. C y N , XM Eaat 3Tlh at., Brat prltaia houaa ea tot Al ar., bate meat. _ A LADY OF REFINED TASTE AND AM IA BLR DIR. position waata a homr, with fair ream aeration .a tome family, would be to gUldenl houaeki ->*r. compan ton, oPVngaire In any cap-icily ercept a manu. ona; re'a, enceglven. Will cad upon parttea addre?.. g Mlea M. Ml li ?11, station D. a youno woman wisiik* a v s: rnFriON a V aa eliambcrmald nd e aitcwa W oh ahenna d and mamstreea, vaderatanda Betlnr; b at if; ret tenr. Sail .Moi lay sod Tn' v,lay al Hi F.a-t St.- it,, between 2d >i 3d afi ! tlnr.! Co- r. l ack r oin < young girl Wants emflotmenr t? wai i rr-. or'?> do plain rowingml mitnt children U?. ' it referenrw :rnm last place. Apj ly fot two naya at liM aat 2dih alre -t. A SITUATION WAN TED-IN A SMALL FAMILY, TO do (toeral honai ???o Inquire at No 3 Lauren* at., 4f"*s it?< tiaut, for two da/a Uovd reference gtrea SITUATION* W AWW-PE il AMCS. 4 llE tPKOT U?l,i: TOUNO OMII. WiNTm A dl:UA t\ tlon *? chambermaid aud w.n'.riuss, or a# chaui'K-riaalrt and in assist tn tun ?.mhuitf ?u 1 ironing. CM bo Men St lit) E*?t JMb ?i . b?l??on S I iiud 3.1 ?"?? 4 KSUPECTABLL WIDOW M OMAN WINE** A SIT f\ untlOu a* iil.itB cook is ?U . a good walker nod irmer Heat oil/ reference given Inquire At H ileary at. for two dor* A SITUATION WANTHO? NT A GIRL, CAM DO general bouaework Oa.l at US Hester at.. In the gro ceiy elore. A RESPECTABLE YOU NO OIRL WAMTS A SITU A f\. tlou in do general honsowsck: la a good washer and Irouer. good referenoe. Call al >44 Weal Mil at AsmUTION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* good oook and baker; la willing la do wualnng and iron lag la a email private family; good ctty reference Call at U Eael Ilth at., aaar Id av., tor twa daye. ATOUNO UIBI, WISHES TO OO OUT TO BBW?BY tha day or weak; o*n out aad St rhttdiwtfa eletkea la the nealaat maaaar and do ail kiada of family eewing; oan operate oa Wheeler A Wlleoa'e menklna Caa be aaea at TT Weet 40th at., euooad tear, front room. AN AORBEABI.E AND RRBPECTABLB TOUNO WO man. who understands housekeeping geaarally aad aaa do plala eewing. went* a attuatlaa; wage# not eo muok-aa object aa a nice home; refereaoa nae xoqpuo e >kta ? Address Mwa PaflVy. Ui West Itth at A SITUATION WAMTBD-BY A RESPECTABLB young girl, to do gensral houaewerk la a prtrala fa ly; wail legJmaaoudod. Call at STB IQtk al. A COMPETENT LAUNDRESS WISHES A TBW LA die*' aad gentlamen'e waekiag by the piece or Month; oan mage up clotnee In tea aaataak manner and Suuag. Oail at tfl Waat 18th at., orar thagrocary. EBSrBCTABLB WOMAN WILL DO WABHINO Or bast of rafdranoaa. Apply at 1M Waat Iflth at. third Soar, book room, tar twodayn. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN. RECENTLY JL arrif ad. apad ML wtakaawnttuattM aa swwse be ono or fwe'ekildrea; la a need miillshiiw, wad would infant from tka month Address B. B , Ml 'AtlanUo at., Brooklyn, young married women ea wot nuraa; good refer Call atTW Eaat 12th M. ^ SITUATION WANTED?BY A VERY BEJPEOTA euoe Ca A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A BABT TO wot nurae at h- r own reaidaaoa; baa loet bar own baby ten dare old. A;> > atb^Uldar., third floor, froat i A HtTl. i.THiN WANTED?AS FIRST CLASS LAUN .\ lift- s,: uuderstanda One waaking and French flat lag; I a wli in; and obliging; boat dty referenoe. Call at ill Sd ar., i ear Jith at., seenad floor, front. ATOUNO GIRL LATELY LANDED PROM THE OLD country wtahea a situation to do general houaework I private family. Call for two daye at I4S Weet 88th at AYOUNO PNPWSTANT WELSH OIRL WI8HE8 a situation, to oook. weak and iron, in a email private family; beat of city referanoa; no objection to the country Call for one day at ?18 Raat 18ih at., betweeu ov. A and let ay. A LADY WISHES TO PROCURE A PLACE FOB A girl, whom she can highly recommend, aa waltreea or chambermaid; good referenoe. Call at 87 Bait Hat at, be tween the hours of IS and S. COOE.?SITUATION WANTED, BT A OERMAN WO mao, aa first class Froach oook In a private family; r"~ understands English and American cooking, all kinds bread, cake, pudding, pastry aud fine desserts and creams; best c:ly reference. Address M-M., box Igfl Herald office. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A lady of education; no objeetloa to the oountry; can give beat of reference. Addreaa F. G. 8...Herald office. TTOU3E KEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED-BT A XX lady of eduoatlon; no objection to the country; eon give best of reference Addreaa F. G. 8.. Herald office. Nurse-wanted, a situation, bt a confe teul nurse, to take entire charge of an infant or In valid lady; best of city ratorenoa given. Apply at 831 Beat 16th st., between let av. and Lexington plaoe. SITUATION WANTED-BT A TOUNO WOMAN, AS infant's nurse; perfectly competent to take charge of a baby from tta birth; la also an excellent nuraa for an In valid lady; boat city referenoe. Call at BtS Eaat 18th el, be tween 1st aud Yd era. SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE, MAR Tled woman, tweuty-two years of age; bar drat baby two months aid: wishes to go to a private family aa wet nurse. Call at 477Ji 7th av. until suited. SSITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO OAF ABLE TOUNO ? women r*ona as firatelam oook; understands boning aad i larding, sou pa and deaaerta; tka other aa tat class wattrem; bare no objaations to WfUtlng aad rffiamfcarwork; hay# tha best of refereneaa from Ikotr laat places. Can be seen for two days at 188 Waat STUi at, between 8th aad 8th ava CIAMITUM.?A i O situation man making and all kind# of pinto and fancy aewiai address Seamstress. MjiOarmiaaet.. In tka I SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO, German girl u ouraa or MtrnMriu. Coo bo oooo for two day* ot U70 M or., boot SSd at. mwo SINTER*, LATELY LANDED. ONE 18 AND THE. I other 18 years, wish situations In o comfortable KoflMI Collot AM 3d or., ooroer 88th ot.. tip slolra. boob room. rnwo HIGHLY RBSPECTABLB OIBLS WANT BTTUA i Uooa; one oo profsaaed oook of ooupa, meats, poultry, ( to all rtyloo, boning, dessert* of rorlono kinds; boot of raferencu. Tbo other oo ehoaobormaidi would assist in any other work, ouch oo wooblng or waiting; hoo (bo boot of reteroneo from hlgheat families? Would go together or sep arate. Call for two dpyo ot 187 7th or., boot 37 th ot. r ANTED?BY A COMPETENT WASHES AND Irouer, genUoman'o or family wooblng; oloo fluting dune In the oootoot monoor. Apply oil thlo wwok ot Mre. Moron's, 173 Want Slot ot.. top floor, book room. r ANTED?BY A COMPETENT WASHER AND IRON . or, geutlemen'o or family waobtog; oloo fluting done In the newest manner. Inquire la tbo grooory, MS 8th or., be tween Ud and S3d oto. '? WANTED-RY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, THE weshlec of o private family or ladloo ond (entlomen; hoarding at nor own residence. Coll ot tub Sd nr., oorner iSd ?L Con produce the beat of city reference. ANTED?A SITUATION. AS WAITRESS OR AS chambermaid. Inquire for two dayo at lid Sd or. W^HANTKD-HY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. AMITDA lion a? conk; Is an excellent bokcr of bread nnd cake: must have no objection to aaaiat with tbo washing Beet of eity refereuee. Can be aeon for two day* Ot 308 Wool 38lb ot YYTANTFD?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. A T7 altuatlon as good rook or to aaoiat with tbo washing ond I ran I up in a private family. Itaa the boat of city rcfeienee. Call at *S6 7th or., near Aid at. Atop floor, front room, this ?lay ANTED?BY A WIDOW WOMAN. WASHINO AND Ironing, at her own residence; she ia an excellent laundress ana h is no objection to going to days' work. Call at 10b Wert 23d at., corner of 7th ov.. top floor, back room. WM ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCHWOMAN, o situation as cook ; no objection to waahlag sod Ironing Cull at iW4 West 3Mh at. llfANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE, PROTESTANT V T women, aituot'una. to conk, wash and Iroa. Coll at lit East Houston at, between Bowery and 2d or. Vt'ANTED?BY A STEADY. RESPECTABLE YOUNO Yv wrinon, with no rolativea In thta country. a allnation aa child's nurao; la a meat plain aeWer, or would take car* of and teach young children ; baa good clt? references. Call at IXC* West bad at., second Uoor, faint room. W^HANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE woman aa cook and to assist with the washing; the heat of nttr reiarunces o-.n he given Coo bo seeu fur two daya at No. !)6th street, roar building. WANTS It?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL A ? 'tuation aa chambermaid or waitress or to do general homework In a atuaU family; boa good city reference Call at 110 East 22d at., between tld and 3d avs., front, third floor W^HANTF.D-A SITUATION BY AN EXPERIENCED none, would take eh.vrre of on Infant front its birth or grow ;r.)? children ; good ret, n-uoe. Call at 126 l,?*t SM at . <? ? ? i- tlh s. . Lexington era., for two days. 1I7ANYED?BY A SCOTCH PRESBYTERIAN WOMAN. II a aliintiun aa conk, understand* onokmg In all its brancbei Oood city reference. Call at 130 tub sU. Clinton place, mom 18. in the rear. No objection to go o abort dis tance iu the country. YYTASHINO TV ANTE !>.?A FEW FAMILIES' OR GEN TT tiemen'a waahing. by a first class washer .aid l-otior. at her own residence S3 Weal 23ih at, flnrt floor, ui the rear. Good city reference. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA-. ? tion OS lout drnaa; la a first ol.iss cook, washer ond Goner. Ilaa go >d city reference Can be seen for two days at jf Hiuu Huualon A., In tbu dry gt-ida -tore. w* WJ w \1* ANTED?BY A YOUNG LADY, A SITUATION AH v? saleswoman; is thoroughly eaperieneed In corset, fOrry dry goods. Or confectionery. or In any po-ltlon where a Corny-tcoi and iatelllgoot person la uoedod; city rrfor eucwv 261 4d ?v. "TV"ANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNO GIRL. II I v yes .-a of itge. to aeatel In houm work or take coro of o child Call for two days at 4S0 3d av . lb rtfl .or *V ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. THE TT wadBugof a private family, or of ladles and gettlamen N>*r,!lna. atbei own re.suleneo. Rest city reference. Call ot ti6 Ativ. corner of SSd ?t., top floor, bwck mom. ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA T? ttou; la a good plain r- >k and an excellent wsab'-r end Itnner; pod reierrneea given Is v-tlllng to gj o abort dla lance It' the oo ltitry. Call at >44 B eat loth at, belwnuu 7th end e h era., trrwt basement. 11/ ANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SIT CATION AS TT full m .imatreae. nopbjocllon to dorhamt<erw>rk or to take care of children Coll ot 7H4 West 27th at., between 9>n and 10th era , f.ral floor, back rj-un, for two days. Washing and iitdnino wanted-rt a re apecl.thle woman; or wouid to nnt by the day. Ilea the beat city references. Call at 107 hid at., between7th and 8(h era., Iu lh" store \V\ANT*0-BY A MOST RESPECTABLE UIKi* A SIT TT uati m aa ae.unatre*a- can eift and fit children's and Indies'dioaaca. would i(0 out tur the day, weekwr menUi; beat ef clly refe-rncr. Apply ' itSi Tib av., top floor. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A OOMfETKNT wattroea or chambermaid and ae.-matreea, can give the heal oi city relervncn lor either. Can baseea el MM 6th sr., tn the fancy atore. W ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A FIRST CLASH '? <kV; under ?tuida her buvlnoii* i>e'f?c'ly, eve t,.v (be. h-'l ot city raterenoe. Can be aoen at NTI 8?b. ov., In the fam y more. AN .ED-BY A RUPrillOIt * iOK WITH KICKL lenl city re fer-itcc a ulluutioo as r?ok In all Ila b'xmhr meat, pn,,.t,-y, time and soups, does tbo ooarae wn uina. ('ail at lie Cast 21 ?! at. VVA' i.'ID -py \ NUI'RHIOR CHAM IllilWlll) AND vT WHi,re.<?, with syrn,lam eBv refeeenc-, a situation In a iriveie family, n- ? I ,,|y - maid and aeauislreaa, cuts and . ? at I4i East flat M. IlrANTED- BY A PnOTEflTANT TOUNO WOMAN. A T t riiuM'ou aa nurw and a >wer. Can lei seeo at 19 Uutou court (t'?|ror?lty p:a?e> 1-nweeu Utfl sod iiita au. w situations wantkd-fbmam:*. W'Altrn*??BV A FIRST CLtSS oooXa wituuhn III a pr.vaie u t.leraUn U C'">Uag in el "U branch.-? , Han mi object*'U to hou-diug k? isr #? count/* "good cK/ rafrnnw Apply at the rrivete -or rants' In* to iilto. Id) We* out', at.. baiwese Br >adwty cud Mb nr. Qf AKTBD - HY A YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL. A Mteatl >a II Srat ?Uu souk: b in no anjeetlon u> ."hint In tha ivmmIiuik and Irontac baa (he h? t of e <y reference froui her Uat |>Uce t'au he seen at 166 SI a*.. b-tweou 16 h aad 17th ata. aeeeiul Boor, hack room, for twu days. WANTED-BY a YOUNG OIRL A SITUATION -TO do ohamber w ork and w.UUng. or to aaalat lu the weak lug aad Iroatec. or to do general koaaework id a a mall fam 11/; kaa heat of ctl> reference from her laat place. Call at UMMav.. beiweea toto aad 17th da, aaeoiul door. Croat iooio, far twa day*. WAMTKD?BV AM BNOLKtn LADY, A SITUATION la a CamUr aa nursery govern eaa,?or housekeeper aad oompanioa to aa Invalid, wetud ga south. deli an or ad dreiah H.. 881 Sd e? AND _ ?d/; no objection to the country er to travel; eity reteraaoa given. Call for two daya, from Id to A at Bra. Fleet's, U1 Weak Bth at., flrsvnooc, Croat room. WANTKD?BT A BB8PB0TABLB OERMAN OIBU A attaallaa as%stuuMbermaid_and aoametroaa; beat of I am|BojarT~OaU Cor two da/a at 1M 117 ANTED?FAMILY WABHIMO TO DO AT MT OWN m residence. or will go out to weak part of the Ume. Iwfatra at TlyTorry at. WAMTBD-BT A ROOTOH LADT, A SITUaVion IN TV a fanny, dry goods ators or wtrt a dressmaker. the pay aataa laaoh too object aa a permanent place, reference given. AAdreaa J. H., atatlao O. for ooa weak. 117 ANTED?BT A BKdPBOTABLB MABBIBD WO X A OOLORBD OIBU A NITRATION AS \TANTBD-A SITUATION AS 8RAMSTBBS3 t TT aurae, oAuroo to aa teraUd lady or, middle aged lady; no objectioa to too country or to tr? TV-ehembevmaid or to do dao washing; good reference jyjpkyr Nwtpleee. Oaa ha aoaatortwa daya aft*!* Woat WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A BTBADT woman. ' to do the work of a email family, la aa evcelleot weaker aad Ironer; good plain cook. Can be aeon till en ?atJS4 East 20th at. hetweea Sd and Sd are., first Boor, room. \MT ANTBD?A SITUATION, BT A PROTESTANT TT young womu, aa ftrat olaaa laundraas: uaderataada doing up todies' fine mualina and Pre nob fluting- V*11 al 40 fitb Mr., ooruer of Mb at. WANTKD-BT A BESt'EOTAif.B MARRIED AMliRI can woman, a baby to bring up with toe bottle: will bara a good homo aad a mother's rnre Apply to or address for two daya Mrs. Tomlin, 818 West SSd at. HELP W ANTED-KEMA LK S. A COOK WANTED.?A PRIVATE FAMILY WANTS A woraai cook; muet be French or Oerman; aba must be perfectly competent In all branches. The highest wages given. Apply u too cashier of the Herald ofllc* for further Information. ? A COMPETENT HOUSEKBEPjsB WANTED?IN private family; muat be Oerman u?t.Uh: she must understood her bui utor and bare the beat of testimonial*, office of tho llorald for full Information, capable of speaking ngtlsh; aha muat understand her biutiiOde In every partlc. to^tototoMmMBBSMWli- Call at the Cashier's A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS, WHO HAS OOOD city reference, can apply at M wast 27th at. AOIRL, NOT OTEB TW1 toe work of a small Spent! Immediately at 181 Eaat lOtoat. AOIRL, NOT OTEB TWBNTT, WANTED?TO DO toe work of a small Sponlsk family; wages $11. Coll * aatlOttaf COOK WANTBD-ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS HER business thoroughly. None need apply except those who hovo good city roferauoo at 8ft 8th ot. , German institute for female servants, at Eaat Houston at, between Bowery and Sdov. (17 ANTED?A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT COLORED TT chambermaid and waitress, with toe beat city refer enoa. Apply at 87ft West S2d si TTtTANTED?LADIES TAUGHT PHOTOGRAPH PAINT TT log, Ivory type, poreetoin. historical, landscape, figures, flowers; also wax lowers, drawing. Boys taught. Also everything furnished. Paintings for solo. Apply at ICS Sixth annua. WANTED-AN BXPERtKNOED WOMAN AS NURSE for twoohildroa. Call between 1# and IS A. M. at US West <7to at TXFANTBD?BT THE DAT OR WEEK, A SEAMSTRESS TT able to do flue end plain sowing, and who can operate Wheeler a Wilson's machine. Cell, with reference, at 88 West 18th at., between loth end 11th ova. fTTANTED?IN a PRIVATE FAMILY, A MEAT, TT good lowporeit girl. aa o ham barmaid and to wait o* c? WANTBD?A COOK, WASHER AND IRONER PQE A wQMk. XtTANTED?FOR A PRITATB PNMILY, A NBXT ?IBL Jor chamberwork ud aewlng. Apply i) 10 tut TI7ANTKD-A TRUSTWORTHY NURSE; MC8T OH WANTED?A GOOD LAUNDRESS WHO 18 WILLINQ to tuut in ehamberwork an4 welting. Only e capa ble woman with good city reference* aaed apply M11 Weat 18th at. WANTED-A PROTESTANT OIBL WHO UNDER ?tanda dreaamaking. to toko tho care of two grows children. Apply at thptDo Lanoau House, 71 Watt 40th at, room ?. TXT ANTE D-A RESPECTABLE GIRL. WITH GOOD M city refereace, aa nuracsend aeamatraaa. Call aftor ? A. M. at 140 Eaat SSth at WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, AS NUItSE end aeamntress; goad city refarenoe required. Apply at MO Bleacher at. w ANTED?A OIRL TO'DOjGBKKRAL HOUSEWORK Apply tMa day at Na. 0 Cottage place, near Blaeeker at' WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID AND ASSISTANT laundress; mnat take charge of f furnace. City reference positively required. A pply at 86 Bast WANTED?A TIDY GERMAN GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework in an American family; must be a good waaher and Ironar; wages $10. Inquire at 41 Keuwlck at. WANTED-A COMPETENT CHAMBERMAID AND waiter girl; one who can bring good city reference. Apply at H4 3d nr.. between 10 and II ^ANTED-A .OIRL, TO DO. CHAMBEBWORK AND ,. eewing and attend to a ehiM S yeara of age. Amply, with elty reference, at 136 East 19th at., between 24 and Id are. WANTED-TWO RESPECTABLE TOUNO GIRLS, TO attend and clean to a bakery and lunch room, mill know how to count eb'rks. Call before U A. M.or after 1 P. M. at MS Broad street. WANTED-A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, TO take rare of children; one who la willing and oblig ing; refereuona required, good wagea paid. Apply at No. 7 w ANTIID-A PLAIN COOK AND A CHAMBERMAID; good raferenoe required. Apply at 176 Eaat 17th at. SITUATION* WAMTED-MALBS. A TOUNO OK KM AN .JUST ARRIVED PROM SCOT land with perfect exponents both aa grocer and In the grain trade, wanton situation; writer, and apoahs English and Prenrb. and would not object ta go la the Western states or the interior. Address G. K., Herald office. BARTENDER-A YOUNG MAN DESIRES A SITUATION as bartender #r assistant. Add .'ma W. J. R. Uainld offioe. SITUATION VVANTBD-BT A TOUNO MAN WHO wr.tea and apcifc* English, Frenoh and German; has experience In the lancy good a cttv and Western Htate* trade; beat reference* given. Aildress A. P. B . liarald office. Uf ANTED?BY A PIRST CLASS PRIY.ATB DBTRC tire,! bonk, hotel or merchant's business Address Deteetlee, American Market, corner 2Sd et and ffib nr. WANTRD-BY A GERMAN MAN. A SITUATION AS coachman; understands hli busincM tboiuughly; can glee good reference. Address for two days C. P., Herald office. 11T ANTKD?BY A STRONG. ACTIVE MAN, NOT ft afraid of work, a i i situation aa potior In any capacity, or to drive a horse; understand* the rare of horses pericct lyroily referenc- and security If required. Address James, i? r* box Iw Herald office. WANTED-BT A YOUNG MAN. A SITUATION AS barkeeper, or aa porter In some wholesale grocery; to willing to make himself generally useful. Call ou or ad dress James Kenney, 117 East Broadway. COACHMEN AND QARDBHERI. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS COL ored coachman, who thoroujhlr underettinde the buel naaa; will be found wlTUng and obliging, with beat of refer auces. Can he aeen far two daya al MI ffih sr. ClipKKI AND SALBHMGN. AHMIPRCThBLB TOUNO man wishes a flop a* ooflncior, shipping clerk ar light pud etoaa refereuoe*. Address William, 41 King at. A YOUNG MAN WANTED?(GERM AN PREFERRED) who understands bookkeeping and the dry jmo-U bust, naaa; clerk for anoffice, and linn haeper, at 113 Nassau at., room Na 9. BOOKKEEPER AND CORRESPONDENT WANTED ? A neat, Intelligent. Mnote young man, from 18 to 89, In a large paper collar mjinuraclorr; mint be a good eoira siiondeni. Address, with fall name and resilience, Carre -XTT-.joffi apnndnnt. Herald i WANTED-A COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER. IN AN Importing houset must understand exchanges, Oer man and French; best of reference* required. Addre-a In hartd.rrttlbg of applicant, bog 9 83H Pool offioe. WANTED-A IN A COMMISSION house In thin city; duties at prcaent light and salary In proportion Address In hand writiug, with paticuUrs, L. M . Herald oflloe WANTED?A PIRST GLASS SITUATION All BAR lender or hotel rlogk. beat at reiereuoa or security. C. it for las dxy\on ' R . 80 I .sight at Wanted?A salesman; o.vt having an ac It qualntniice wit'i the eliy elntionery and notion hourca preferre l. Addre-x N , box 6. .16 Post onioe. lIKLf* WAVrKH-tlAL?i?. 4 LL DESIRING EXCELLENT SITUATIONS IN ALL i\ ilepartial nu*of boMoeee, call ?i 41 Chuffian street. Da >i abic ? acauciee open this day. Kolai its I'M tob.iDpe. A -STATE AGENTS OOUNTT .Mil NTH AND t'AI , ve*e*r< w i..ta<! a?ee> wh. re. In m II nnjii tele of gc profit. Come ami eee. 14A Nasa>' a a'lea;, ruato No. 7. Agents and pedleki?to srlL optimi/.h pov 'lei 9M) par cnbi oroiiti no ri*;, of c?, taf Atqiiye 111 i.ran i st.. Now Vo k, o* 1" Main at. HrooMfn i'me WtuD "V LP YVA!\TKD-nAI.ES.

AOKNTS WAlK*"*"-*' ??M?. ARTICLE EN Urclv ???raW"*"^'. s.rarr rtu? for l?.lu?rc??#du<h?r\1'l? rujndsbMr time adTuatage ?u?iy ; flU priday .'*3S ^ Liberty *A. ??!? *?<*_ A 0*:MT8"wAirTKD-lVv'vK** OITY A*n Tow*. TO A -elltwo ? topic artieieew* * b? ffgrj family; o-o make $6 to $10.. day. Coll ?l or sdrf^-ee *? Fulton . room 1 AM. DhslRINfl iilTUATIOJW d^LY AT NEW YORK i:ni]> o> incut Asueot il.on, 1B2 ?v" ^oedwajr; clerk, por ters, drivers' end ?U others. A SMART, ACTIVE BOY WANTED?At M> ?TH AT. None nerd apply hot tUoop hiring (pod re/are noa Md residing mtua nei-bburhoud. ?yyANTKD?AOKBTi TO SOLICIT TOR A FIRST cU*. I,ire Insurance Oniupaay. Urntiemea of tateUt ?eiM-n in guoj -.Undia* Pill receive a liberal ourapeiualion. Address bo* 871 Pott office \\T A NTF.D?AGE AT8; $160 PER MONTH AMD ALL YT expense* paid. to sell the oelebraled Baker Family So wins Machine. Prior only $20 For particulars apply la or addrest C. CLARK A CO.. lffil Broadway. WH ANTED?A TOON! MAN WHO UNDBR8TANDB tbe uieii'a furnishing trade, with good reference#; ?one ethers need apply. PERKY. p Bleacher el. WaNTKD?DANTASSRRS TO HELI. RELIGIOUS AN? TV national pictures; good inducmentado man with first rate refrreuoe*. Apply at 310 Atlantic at., Brooklyn. Yy ANTKD-A BM ART, ApTXYR BOY. TO ANBWRft ?? ball*: must coma well recommended. Apply at Bweeny'a Hotel, between 9 and 10 A. M. WAlTBJt WANTED?A OOOD MAN. WHO UNDER etanda bin business, baring beet at referaocas. may apply at S? Ninth at WANTED?ATBAYRLLriO AGBNTTHAT HAH HBO ? ? evperleaoe in aeitleg keroeene lamp* and trimmings. AddressCi B, A., Herald olca. . ' OCA DAT.?WANTED. A FEW UTS CANT ABBS BE &D far tie Xaaonic Eclectic Kagagiae and lUuairalad Ma aanlr Miinrrlsaadj i tfik Jajhe obmpt aOtmij?t tortr^otHrw at mat. THE TKADE8. jyN.HXI'ERIKBUED ARCHITECTURAL DRACQHTS; maa desire* a situation: la thoroughly competent, and able to take charge. Addre*s B. W.. 21 Nassau street, room No. 2>. ^ FEW mem will bb taught CIO as making at 119 Bast Houston at. Entrance on Chrystla at., op atair*, room IS. Taught In a few day*. BLACKSMITTIS.?WANTED. TWO AMERICAN FIRST c eat borne ahoer*. one fitter andsjnn Boor man. Apply at Judaon 11 one Shoe Company, 28th%t., corner 1st av. JOB COMPOSITOR WANTED?IMMEDIATELY; STEA dy work if competent At Blackwell's, 171 Broadway, room it. PHOTOGRAPHERS.-WANTED, A FIRST X printer at Mr*. Moore's gallery, 421 Canal ti. gITUATION WANTED?BY A CAPABLE. STEADY man, to run a stationary angina; wages moderate. Ad draaa B. J., llerald oaioe. gHIRT CUTTER WANTED.-NONE_ BUT AN EX PERI eneed ahirt cutter need apply at SU-Warren at. rl IMPORTERS OF OUNS.-A YOUNG MAN FROM Hirmlngliam, well posted in the gun trade, and knowing moat of the makers personally. Is In wsnt of a situation; salary no object. Address J. P., Herald office. WANTED?A CONFCTIOXBR TO COAT PILLS; TO A man that understands tbe business constant employ ment and good wages will be gtren. Address Dr. II or rick A Co., Albany, N. Y ?yyATCH MAKER WANTED-AN AMERICAN PRE-. ferred; one wbo le a first class workman, with good references, may apply to ties. C. Allen, 416 Broadway. YyANTBD-A FOREMAN FOR A FILE SHOP; A MAN of experience, wbo thoroughly understands all branches and is competent Co take ofauige of forty men. Ad dress box 3,388 New York Pott office. ANTED?A MECHANIC, WHO UNDERSTAND!! fixing looks and keys aud to do general (hotel work. Call atJOirurd Uouno, at 12 M. yyANTED?A SATINET PRINTER.-APPLY. TO WTL llama A Campbell, Union Print Works, 64ih at., near M av., NawaYork. FKKM'H ADVERTISE.ME.V8, J^ECX FJLLE8FRANQAISE8DE3IRENTBE PLACER; una comma famma de ohambre, 1'autre oomma bonne d'enfanta; de bonnes reooanmandsiibos seront donnbga; la bonne d'eafanU desire sa placer pour yoyagarten Europe. H'adxeaaer cbex Mae. BAqnlUard, 180 Heme ar. FTLLB FRANCAISR DK81RB ?BE PLACER mm bona* 4bnte?U; alia pant fournir da bonnoa em. ysdraaasr an Wo. 134 Leonard at. DRY GOODS, At TOOSETP. selling off. STOKK TO LET *.000 HAKDK.EKCMIF^ tlND jJiD QtJAUTT. TBOM 4c. U)l W. iMMflufli LOT WORKED edoing. ?& tabd. loth of bands. rufflinqs, laces. LOT CRAPK8 AND TARLATAN F.>. LOTS FANCT LACES ANDPIUSUNS. ^ ^ ^ 76,000 YARDS RIBBONS, Id. to I0a 60.000 YARDS RIBBONS. IBWc. toOOe. 600 PIECES BILE VELVETS. 10c. PIECE. 10.000 YARDS TRIMMING YE0VKT8. Se.,6t REMNANT^ OF RIBBONS. REMNANTS OF TRIMMINGS. 80,000 YARDS TRIMMINGS. lo. to Oc. UN PIECES READ AND-BUOLB GIMPS, 60c. _ _ 6*6.000 WORTH SILK AND VELVET GOODS ME ST BE SOLD. DRESS AND CLOAK ORNAMBNTS. Oe. te*e 10.000 DOZEN BtTTTONg. SILK VELVET. OILT, JET, BUULE; SILVER-STEEL MEDALLION, la, 6c., U,H|C. DOZEN. PINS. Sc. PAPER. , NEEDLES. 8o. PAPEH.* JOB LOT CLARK'S COTTON, So. SPOOL. BLACK MACHINE TWIST. 10c. HPoOL. WHITE-STAR KRAI n Br PIECE LOTS OF FANCY GOODS CLOSING OCT' LOT OF DRESS OOOD8, CHEAP. BALMORALS. VERY LOW. SHIRTS AND DRAWERS. LOTS OK GLOVES. ?c. PAIR. OVER I.M0 EMPRESS KIDS. Mr. LOT CHILDREN'S WOOL UOSE. 6a LADIES' MERINO RIUBED HOSE, l?e. LOT OK SUSPENDERS, ll^c __ A000 BILK, WOOL AND BROCBE SCARPS, IVJ-r.. Ke., Sic., 60r. 0gDS yj LOTS OP SOILED GOODS CLOSING OCT. . FANCY GOODS ANI? HEAD ORNAMENTS, LOTS OF GOODS AT Wit OLE SALE, CHEAP. WM. KINEEY, WANDKl EIGHTH AVENUE, Between Twenly-firat and Twenty-aeoond rireeta. A GREAT RUSH AT BOTH STORES, room* our headauurter*. Two 'rtore* rn*bl? us to buy big low chear and to keep both i-upplied with b,rg.*in*. IMMENSE LOTS DRE.-3 OOODS Sic. IMMENSE LOTS ST'ic. IMMENSE LOTS 30c. Wo bought thoar forkdieip holiday dream*. A HEAVY CM ASH I.N MUSLINS. FINE MUSLINS li^r ; former prloe ?o. FINER GOODS ltd. and 16,. EXTRA QUALITY and 65c BEST 4-4 WAMSUTTA8 SOa. The decline in Muallna Uf mm 6c. lo llw. o yard. For aalc, 10,000 AUCTION BLANKETS And 15,00) yard* ALPACAS and MERINOS. At rotall. at nearly half prion. FOSTER BROTHERS, 107 Eight! *?.. near Eighteenth ?L. And FOSTER BROTHERS, *JB B* Siaecaer timet. DABOAINB IN DRY OOODS. ATOORNYN BROTHERS, Jo a: EIGHTH _ ... AVENUE. CLEARING OUT SALE Ot D.iKSS GOODS, SHAWLS. BALMORAL SKIRTS, MARSEILLES QI ILTS AND TOILET COVERS. CLEARING OUT SALE OF PLANNRLB, MUSLINS. HOSIERY. LINENS. TABLECLOTHS and all kind* of HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. CLEARING OUT SALE OF CLOTHS, O.ASSIMURBS, SATINETS, LADIES', GEN TS' AND BOYS' UNDERGAR MENTS. CLEARING OUT SALB OF BLANKETS-BROWN BLANKETS ONLY $7 U) A PAIR; WHITK MtRINQ, WHITE ALPACA. SWISS AND TARLaTANB FOR EVENING DRK8SK8. WHITE ALPACA at TB mill, worth ft 60 per yard. SATIN NT at 86 erota. worth $1. FKINao, 10 cents DE LA INKS, 30 com* a yard, at CORNYN BROTHERS, 667 Eighth arcane, near Thirty-fourth at reel /NOVERNMRNT GOODS.-FOR SALE CHEAP-NAVY VX Overcoat", .looketa. PanU, Shirt*, ttrawera. Cap*. Ac. ~ff lo- "" " AI#o6,Ujn patra Aim* Blanket* vary ton; 10,000 Hair and Straw Mattrraaea, Pillows, Quilts, Badaacka, Ac., whole sale and retail by WILLIAM MATHEWS, 64 Catharine atre-t. |3 H. MACY, AV. DESCHAMP'S BEST quality French Kid Glove*. EVERY PAIR WARRANTED, MAISON",^U.7-T0f^RIq ansa asar Foortconth atreat and rilxth aranua 54 CATOARINE STKKKT.-ORKAT CLEARING OUT aalr of fall and winter Dry Goo<la. comprising Drosa OoodA Clot ha, Caaalmeraa, FTinnela, Blanket*, Line a*. Do m S*Uc?, Ao., at loaa than aoctloowirtor* ? i lot of wot Ubom aud Mnaliaa vary cheap. WILLIAM MATHEWS, 64 Calharfnn-otreet. PROPOSALS. SEALED PRGPOSAIJt WTLL BE RECEIVED BF THE Truotoea of the Kl?v?nth ward, r i the offloa of the Clerk of the B,,mad of EriueaUou. eornot of G: and and Elm streets, until WodMOday, the 73d day of Jntiuury, 1667, at 13 c elock Uiiou. for tha arectloa and completion of a new primary acbool houae on tha two lota of ground on Second street, be tween aramiet C and D, In said ward. Plana and apec.fca tinna for aaid aohoolh utae tin be a?en at the offloe of tbe Superintendent of School Building*, No. #4 Croaby atreat Proposals bum aUte the ealiroate for anoh braooh of the Vnuouli bum aUte tbe eatunaia for encb braooh of tha work aaparaloly. and bo eadoraed "Propeaaia for muon work." ?*PropoK?i? for oarpontsr work.'' "1'ropooala for painting." Two reapima'blc aud _opproT?d aureiiea will be required f required from aeeh aueoooaful bidler, an I no proposal will bt considered in wbioh no luraiuw are uamed. The School Truidi e* liwil tbe right in retort any or all of the p-opoaaln offered, If doomed foe tbe pnbllc lateraat to HIRAM WIPNF.R, Chnirmen, EDWARD MICHLlNu. SooretafT, Eleventh wa lloaril of Truatcva Eleventh ward. Dated lii.imwafie 31 RiLI.IARIPi. ,u. \ LARGE NI'MBfill OK NEW ANP SECOND HAND Billiard Table*, veth oar i"ip.ovi d c uolil ? n >n aMOklnne which have been proved to lw the most cn.'COt and .luriUle enjh unt ovot made. Bp . iir-tu of our table* Unit have been lo convt.iut tue ior ni ?n> vara may be aoon 4. , - .1 I ,1 - - I... . ... .. . P. la>beprincipalhouda nai ?*inri?*in th'tc.ty. I'ariieativ triiil'ngto " - ? - - ? ? -- * - nureli* ,<? wlii to tn-'lr Into rot lo aall *nd ovaiiiiio our MooB- wkn h la ln< biegeal and flldhat In the wori I. Bc>?' PiMaB f ln-1 la? nrawwta. FHRLAE A OOLLANDElt, xl t?6i Lroohr Wtroot. M Y. IBri^rE AWJSTHIA MSMIP*. OTKAM^TO^r^trouLJ^D QI:kK!??ITOWN TWIGS A> A WSKK. fAV*?*f $S?OVKRKM'Y. Prepaid tickets freuh Liverjool or Queauatown $36, cur *eticy. \ TtPFCOTY BROS AOO. St atreei and ? K roadway. CJTBAM TO LIVERPOOL, g?ALLINO AT_ QJBWA tJ lawn. The Intuaa Line, *efK'J6 aeml-wreklj. aarrytng lb* United Maine Maile. V - . . OITY W BALf MOKE or LIMKB10K mriK^r January 16. Or OORK 8nto%Ja*. January 16. .... OR DUBLIN IVedueriM'. January ?. OITT or MBW TURK Kaltifi#, January W. and each succeeding Saturday and W?daMM^ At ?*** from pier <6 Mori* riyor. BATES Or PASSAGE. By (ho mall ateamer sailiug every Saturday. Payabto 1u gold. Fay .bin in currency. ntt/cABi*; $g , ?n*?g^ $? ?ITY ITf city 106 I to Puu. Paeeagt by Ua Wedneeday otaaaaoro First Cabin. $ Steerage, |M Parable In United Slates eurroocy. _ Passengers alaa fnryyarded to llano, Hamburg. Bremen, 4c, at mqjenta ratfi. Stneragrmaaaago from Liverpool or Qneeastown. $37 eur ih?yfriend c*n *" bo*Aht her* *>7 poraoo* aeadtog for bar further information, apply at the Company'* offices, JOHN O. DALE. Agent, U Broadway, New York. rR LIVERPOOL?CALLING AT QUBENBTOWN Cunard steamship ' AUSTRALASIAN, from New Tork January ? CHINA, from Boa Ion yfa Halifax January U FEBBiA. from Now Tork January M ?iiudi aoKxy rsou riwro.L Cabin $166 001 Second Cabin $1 ? For freight *rji**a*g*| S?l FaySefc^'o^Eq^hmt. ABP, Wo. d Bowling green. CAM TO QUBBNWruWN 4MB LIVERPOOL ?TB^trz^f^sirsvyigistr^. ianoea to Ireland at law rate*. Apply to WILLIAM8 A OCION, a Broadway and 66 South atrnet QTBAW TO GLASGOW AND LIVERPOOL, 0 CalUnr at Londonderry to land passengers and mat la. THE .-FAVORITE FaHSKNGEB STEAHKB8 OP THB ' ANOHOH LINE SAIL BYBKT 8ATI'RDAT. FIBERNIA .. sail* Saturday, Jam 16 UNITED KINGDOM aatU Saturday, Jan. 19 IOWA sails-Saturday, JauFT" From pier 44 North river. RATES OF PASSAGE PAYABLE IN CURRENCY. To Li rt-1 pool. Glasgow aod Deny, oablna, $90 and $10; steerage, $66. Frep ltd oertiflcatea from thaaa porta to New Tork, $36. To llavrn. Hamburg, Antwerp, Ac., $100 and $37. ' For further information apnly at the company'* office*. Francis mac Donald a co.. Agents. No. 6 Bowling Uroon, Now York. London and new vork steamship link. Paaaage to London, $90. $60 amMSQ, currency. Palmare from Loodna, $75. $60 and $30, gold. ATALANTA. Captain Piukham, from New York, January 12. BELLONA. Captain Dixon, from New York. February A CP.LLA, Captain Oteadell. from New York, February Id. WILLIAM PENN, Captain Billlnge, from New York, Feb ruary 17. The elegant Frill ah Iron Meamshlp ATALANTA, 3,000 tone, will leave pier No. 3, North rlrer, for London direct, on Saturday, January 13. The accommodation* for paaaengers on this ship are unsurpassed. Freight will be taken and through bills of lading given to Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Dunkirk. For passage apply to CHA8. A. WHITNEY, 66 Broadway. For freight apply at 54 south street. ? ROWLAND A A 8 FIN WALL, Agents. The steamship oreat eastern, having first clam accommodation for 2,500 paaaaogers, will aall from Now York direct to Brcat on the 9tb of April. Further Information, as regards prices of paisage, win be advertised in a short time. The north germav lloyd>s steamship HA MSA, K. von Oterundorp. master, carrying the United States mall, will salTfrom the Bremen pier, footpf Third street. Ilohoken. on SATURDAY. JANUARY 11 BREMEN VUSOUTHAMPTON. TAKING PASSENGERS TO LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BRBMBN, at the following rates, payable In gold or lta equivalent In currency:? For the Oral cabin. $166; aeoond cabin, $7S( steerage, $37 60, gold. To be followed br the steamship BREMEN, H. A. F. Nfty naber, toaster, on January 66.1867. For freight or pasaage apply to OELBICHAA CO.. $6 BA%$ street, HUE HAMBURG AMERICAN FACKKT COMFASTTS 1 Iron naan atoainahtp SAXONIA, P. H. Haack, commandar, earning the United Slaia* mafl. wUniailOa Saturday, 16 M.. for taking paaaengar* for Hamburg, Havre, Southampton and I^Mleabla. $136; aeoond cabin, $76; steerage, $37 60, paya ble In aald or Its equivalent. The GERM AN IA will follow February A KUMHARDT A OO., C.JI. RICHARDS A BOAS, General Agents. -General Paraengnr Agents. 46 Exchange Place. N. Y. No. ? Uarc!.<v at?~3. u v ONLY DIRECT LINK TO FRANCE. The General Transatlantic Company's Mall Btasmahipa between Now York and Havre, calling at Brest. The splendid new vesaeU tra this favorite rente for the eontlnant will aall from pier SO. North rlvor. PERK IRE, Duchesne, Saturday, Jan. 12. V1LLE DE PARIS, Surmont, Saturday, Jan. 6A EUROPE, Lcmarfe, Saturday, Fata 6. ST. LAURENT. Boeande, Saturday, Feb. 23. jr PRICE OF PAS8AOB IN GOLD. ' First eaMn. $160: aeoond cabin, $100; including vaine. Three steamers do not oarry ateerage paaaengar*. Medical attendant free of charge. Passengermnteudiug to land at Brest can be famished on boai-d wFu railroad coupon Ucketaand their baggage checked to Fart* at an eddlttonal charge of $6 for first and $8 for; necond chtse. GEORGE MACKENZIE, Ageot,->58 Bnadway. VTATIONAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. FYKAMKRS WEEKLY To'ILIVTSPOOL. CAILINO AT QCEEN8TOWN La#?1ng pier 47 North rtver'aa follow*:? PENNSYLVANIA, CapUta Lewie, Saturd*y. JaauaiT M BRIN/Caytatn Cutting. Saturday, January 1#. THE QULEN. Captain Grogan. Saturday. JagrorylA DENMARK, Captain Thomaou,Saturday. kebriary 1 Cabinpasaage, ?H>': Stealage. $*i. ? ? Steerage pe***ge ticket*, to bring parties from Liverpool or Oueenstown, for $Si In currency. Throuch passage to Paria, Antwerp, Hamburg. Bremen, Ac., at low rate*. . _* I*aued for any amount payable at atr neat in "ssfflas1.-tte-ssiarire, ??.?.?? '^And'tor weeragdjK'et* at the passage ofllre ol toe com pany. r BroadwaygdiNi Pcari^ nyr REMITTANCES TO GREAT BRITAIN AND IBtLAND.? Draft* for ?1 and upw ird*ap*Tahle on driwnd. iamied at loweat rat?** by TA P8C0 IT, BROS. A CO, M ..outh street, aod'JS Broadway. COASTWISE gTEAMWini North American steamship company. OPPOSITION LINE TO CALlFORNffc,_ VIA NICARAGUA. EVA FY TWENTY PITH. Will d*- natr.b In January, the A ret WaswateemlMpe SANTIAGO I?K OC if A. Car*. Smith. Jamil* 10. HAN F-K VNCISCO, Cant. Behm. JannarW. Prom pier* North river foot of Warren ?? relJ*?* with pi?.ienyrni and fn-Uht, at ye-y low rata*. oonectlng on to- Pacific. Oooaii wit j the flu* ateamaolpe MOnlvS TAILOR, Captain Bletheo. end , AMERICA. Captain Wnfc^aa. For iariher Information apply to tbe JiorthAmariaan 3t*am*hip Company. w rMoU MFrrbange |'l?P, N. Y. I>. N. CARBINGTON, Agent 177 Want ?traet, corner Warren epet N. T. Yi OR CALIPORNIA. VTA PANAMA. . r The Pa Ifle Wall Ste*mihlp Oo-nnauy # eiwunl HI CUACNCBY wdl aalJ on FRIDAY, JAMcABYU, o'oloelt. noon. ire^ o?ce o. oompay. pi*r. O North river, foot of Canal ejwtj^ fARf}0 k Q Sol* Freight Agent*. P. M. 1 B. Co. pACIPIC MAIL CTAMY-. CARRYING^DNITKH^ATKS MAIL, VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Steamer* leare pier 41 North river, iocs of Cenmtieet. et It o'clock. noon. eafoUowe:? ?in? i P*e n-NKW YORK. C*pta!n W. O. Purher. mneetlng -iirvtew??!. with GOLDEN CITY Captain .1. T. . d All departure# touch et Aoapulon; thoee of It end met connect et Panama wlto eteamem for{5Tl!: l?t and Uto for Central American porta, and Use ot let ^"rMmarUire'of "llth *acb menU.cont.w-U wlllbeuew atramline from Panama to Australia and New Aland. SUMoar ofMareb 11. 188s will oonneet witltbe eejn renyTwmm^^"iW0 Yckihaaift and Hoi** ?? H. lHfc>7. . 100 potindu nlloirod Mch ndttai. Moclnei ana UFnr ^rLwUoketa andLall further Infonnatia apple at gtrioiiM. A"D The flr*t elaa* meaniehlp MRRCBDITA. ? ? Carrying the United State# Matia, te new tneelving^tght " t pier *i B?'t river td will aall TCeSdAY, Jlft*UARY S, et S P. M. The bt* of thl* Hne make ennneetian with atoamare from St. loma* for Jamaica, Windward 1 aland*, Aa. For freight or P^y A DUNN TNG. IB Son etreei. MJkIL 8lA**EIP REOCLAR MAIL BTBAMEUS. aaJtng on .e 2*d of F NO?TH AMERICA, Captain L P Timmerman nuaty O. BOUTH AMEBIC A Captain B. LTlnkV.raugh.Lni.TT*. OUIDINO STAR, Captain 0*?,, B. ?? g ThT^*,K and returning. ^a'^Xa^1X1?n! 7,^ No. S Bowflny Oreen, hr York. rR nAYANA, VIA NASSAU. N. P. The Br Utah and North American Royal Rl Steam Packet Company'# w* Sleemer OQRSIOA, CayU Le Me* wirier, will eafl the abore porta, from IhWmpaay'e 5o?DAyJ?TlJua?V0*.aad Monday. fkpIari ? PaiMMge morty to Na?aau. .. ?V Paaiaae moncr to Hav*ea. ? IVirahle Ir Gold or Ita F.f|ulralent. No freight motived on day before aaiUug. IMr freight or pern, ge apptf to No. 4 Bowl NO reea. iX'lt OALVTSTON, TEX aR--8A1LING WEE..Y. P T'ihi Une. Wa Al eteiinerOENBBALgwBWIfIK? r tplaia WhilehuraV will .orCfafreipht et nker Bkarl rlrw, en't *atl en Wedotaiiny ,'anoiry f. whhjmt fed TBSXZ ooks\wi8E mjAMimwi. uVawTwa HUiT VBRA CKCZ. H ^ MANHATTAW wlH mM .,r J~ . ^aSS-liL?^ ou ""? lwh oi each !? " *?' """* TuJiK1 P'rama vaiaJ^o^tig EVBBT THUWtDAY. from IV^i S,#,t* k *'?. *, 4WI* W*W. PUNCTUALLY tfC Oh *? ' Tbe liepwl aids wheel steamshig Ib^trrr.-tt v^ss&jsv I COLUMBIA .t.l?rtM....V'Vr5?''2| jojjjj.ounB...... jjgj ?*SS5?.?l MORRO CASTLE."'..'.'. '.'.'. Adtai .'..'... .^?wSa^ ^S^ QABRIoQft a ALLEN, Agents. Mb. 6 BoWU>S <*?*"> KV' MEW ORLEANS DIRECT. \ ? ^?Dm MVUttlMClUdMMHkl* QEIdRAlAc Caputs B. Naturdsy, JtDuirj U, at? u"elouA I\1I. . ft* yyffi <" !????*. ""H uiiinr>iM*aoem???? *. 0..&A gjssffwatftaw-*r' F?iS5 SSSSSSS 8?TAR LIMB TO NHW ORLEANS.?THE NEW TMJ ? Ball BwiUp CtMufi k* ??? Maaroem Wtf asms""" "^^.'oArxsZTj^ ? MORNING HAS MONTEREY.*. HAVANA. AU Mil* of lading elgoad fW^r?^qAfBjS&^.tfrsal<aaA Ha ? fcrtlM nnw. F?M&*3&\3t-h?SV oaS^AJ^a #" OttB&AL yttStfSuUf T??sMm-MNorth river, al I P. ML. Through passage tickets and bill* of kdlM to al mdndMs eonaoetlon wttk tha Outnl Railroad if Qanrgiaw "*T'fflfiB?.,9&", CO..M-k.UW^. Emmpirb link roR savannah. Every Saturday, from, pier No. II North river. Punctually at 8 n'clook P. M. Tba famnir aids wheel steamships RAN JACINTo. Lowland. eommanoer sails JaanaqajS SAN SALVADOR. Atkins, commander talis J sonar? ll Through tioketa and bills of lading to all potato. Elegant passes* r accommodationo. GARRISON A, No. fl Bowling Green. N. t. \ M The new and elegant Steamship ZODIAC. A. P. MM I commandee, will aatl from pier id East river, foot of wal I street, Tuesday, Jauuary 8, at S P. M. I Through hula of lading and., passage tickets given laaR I points in conneotion with the Georgia Centra*. Rati road Freight received dally. For freight or passage appi) MCRRAT. FERRIS A CO.. A andjsTdoutb s^^H OR SAVANNAH. OA.. EVRRT T0R8DAT. HURRAYS STEAMSHIP LINK. gAVANN AH STEAMSHIP TICKET OPFICK -RTKAM M^to Savannah direot on Tuesday, January 8, at $???? r. M. Passage to Savannah, $13. For passage apply tW DOHERTY ? RF.U.CY. II Rrrmdwny FHOR CHARLESTON, & C.-THE PEOPLE'S MAIL I ? Steamship Company. Tha regular and popular stasia ? abfp MONEKA. Captain Lebby, wiil leave oa Wednesday., January 9 at S P.M., from pier*No. 88 North river, lento lug freight ou Saturday mornlug at Charleston. Through tickets audi bills of lading issued to all South In connection with the bouth Carolina Rati road. LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO., Agents, tw Liberty FOR CHARLESTON. 8. 0., THB FLORIDA . and tbe South and Southwest?Regular United Mail Line?.One of the favorite and elegant steamships QUAKER CITY, . SARAGOBSA, * ANDALUSIA, OR AN ADA, will leave pier 14 Beat river, foot of Wall street, wnj Saturday, at 8 P. M-. connecting at Charleston with Mm steamer Dictator, for tbe Florida ports. Through btfto m lading given to all points In connection with tha booth Carolina Railroad, aDd passage tickets issued toaRof the principal cities In the South and Southwest. Bills of ladfajg signed on tbe pier. For passage or any Information aptSf to ARTHUBLKARY. 73 WllUam street^ TJtOR RICHMOND, NORFOLK AND CITY POINT. JP The aldewhrel stcamshtpa 1IATTEKAS, Caputln Alexander Every Saturday ALBF.MARLB, Captain Bourne Every Wednesday, t At K M., from pier 85 North river, giving through bills m lading. As., to all paints on the Seaboard Railroad and Ms LIVINOBTON. FOX B CO.. Agents, 88 Liberty atraaA 8A1LI8 U? VBSBKLS. jBS r^mn LIVERPOOL.?TAPSCOTPS UNKH ?ishlp RANGOON sails January 11 ? fchip iflREKN 1A to follow. ? For fralgktor pnaangeappir to TAPRftOTfTlBt/rflKBS A CO., 88 South TRATE liLBRI' GUIDE. HHUDSON RIVER AND HARLEM BaIL^H I ? Train* for Albany and Trcv, eonnectlug wit^MH and Western trains, leave Mow York, via Hudson River 1 road. Thirtieth street ind Teeth aveaue, 8 and 18 A. >ul.u,t?>a4Ur M.; snd vta Harlem Rstiroad, TwJT RHslxth street aad Fourth avenue, at 11 A. M. andCU f,B ?a 8 ..10 P. M. trulu via Hudson Rtvor will run pn SoaAum Slaeptng cars aitaehad to 8:30 aad 11 r. M. tr?a. OaldB P. M. train to also attached n sleeping car every day em. cepuug Saturdays, which is run through In Ogdonshurgedn B. W. and O. Railroad, without ehange. roSundajrtraln on Hudson E ver Road, Now York to keeps is and return, saving New York at 8J? A. M., and OB Harlem Road, Forty-seesnd street to MiUertan aad !?!?? leaving New York at 9 A. M. WM. H. TANDERBILT Vice CLOTHING. A TsfTHE OLD STAND, 187 SIXTH AVENCB?BY TU A original K. M1NT2.?Ladles and gentlemen oaa obtain the highest price for their oast off WeanugApparel. CarpBta, Ac., by calling on or addressing a note to K. Mints, 1S7 Rtuh avsnue. Ladles waited upon try Mrs, Mints. You wtB hn dealt with io your satisfaction. Remember, 137 Sixth aveaun A ?LARGE ORDER FOR SOUTHERN" MARKET.?*I A . MORi'IS p.?ya the highest price ror Ladies' pod O?o Itlewen'aCsat Oif Clothing Carpets and Furniture. Fee Pant* $6 lor Coats $6 to $13. Cesses Mto (K PleasoMB at or add reel 194 (seventh at enue. Ladle* at landed te toy Mrs. Morris. AT 106 CHATHAM STREET. MRS. O'REIUCXf will par toe highest cash prloe for ladies' anu |isW Cast OR Clothing. 1 Please call or address. KABSiE MANTELS. amine. ?\JfARBLEIZED SLATE MANTELS?SUPERIOR W JVI appearance, more durable, ha'l the pr*ae of i nrhto T. B. ETB WaKT. 603 Sixth avenue, between Tiurty-hflh aad Thirty-sixth atresia. MEDICAL. AOURKATONE INTERVIEW?WITH tiR WITHW8* medi.-lue, for married ladles from whu.ever caase, by Madame HBSTELL. Profeaeor of Midwifery (thirty year# praettcc).*gl West Thirtydouith street, near Mixta twiasa Advice to married i,adikm.-m adamb 'CELL'S Infallible Fm.iih Female Pills. Mo. L prtea $1, or No. 2, pne- pd. which ca.i never fall; sate asm healthy. Offioe M Weet Thirty-fourth street, star rilxtA arm arte. Bent by msiL Addirse box 1.36). A?OR. OKINDLE. PHTSfCTA* AND AOOOUOHIB* .No. fl AmMy piece, between Bir.eeker and Amity sirweAa, makes ft hie epee^ljirantlee to treat all Iwm.i'.e eoiaplalaltg from whatever eaSt* prodnced. Sure relief M the Bid enxloua palleet Pleasant rouse for ladiee desirta*; goad nursing and median! aUeudanoe. A TRUTH.-MADAME DRSP\R?M FEMALE KTLLB are warranted to give certain rolls! to I sr. las m a* cistw at one Interview. P loe $3. No. 3M llmrery, < Sixth s reel Hours 9 A. M. to 4 P. M Mcdit .nee A -MADAME GRINDLE, FEMALR PHTPTOIAir. NO. . fi Amity place, can be consulted on all female pi Of. Ple.i .an.'rootne for latltee wtte deslrs goud acrwog un m. ileal i.ttendanon. BLESSING TO LVDIES?A LADY WRlTB*e~ Portaguese Female Periodical Pills reliered me in < day without inconvenience, like magto. Price $k Dr. A. M. MAliBICKAU.Vltca 1*9Liberty stmt ? street, or sent by?s> ?* AM. MAURICE ATT, M. D.. PROFESSOR OF KRV . wifery, tlilrty tears prscdoe, at UN Lloertv stress. Guarantee, certain reuef to married ladies. f rom.wliaieees caues. atoro intsrriew. AT ONE INTERVIEW, WITH OR WITHOUT KMX cine.?No deception; madlcinee II to |t; e'.eclrtetty ag plied. Care or no charge. Hoard provided. Dr. and Madame DUBBIN4*8 Third arenas ADVICR TO LADIES.?WOMAN'S FBI END. 1 POWERS, 196 Plat stret. Hie French Fer.odlial I tracts, unfailing In all caaes. A-YOUTUFUL TIOOR AND MANHOOD REG Air . Una Dr. POWERS' Elixir, especLlly al marriage Kuceem certain. 196 Kirn street rail ronten CONFIDENTIAL CONBl'LTATIONH. ?DR. * OOBBIW* mem her of N. t.U. Medtaal Collage and R. a rkmreegn I<onden. can be consulted as usual oaseertaln dlsetaaa. C flee ? (<entre atreet, near Ohamdefn. * R.?Wo fan ualaan eared. >R. PTIY0R8' ELIXIR?THB INVIGORATING lelne so long sought for; the only remedy fur i_ _ ervntisness, premature decay OBce IB Elm street. )~*"d. AM AND. FRENCH PHT9ICIAN-OPW paralysis, rheumatism. cousntnpUon, general dewiBgy lid every dnspersta chronic disease; 19 years _ expwuooe. onsultellor (K cents t? |t st 49 Bteeekor street DR. COOPER, 14 DOANR STREET, MAT BB OON salted on all prlr -tefilseaaea; thirty yesre vsdaatrrty devoted to disoaaoo cn tWoa ?m to warrant s curs lo sR )R HUNTER CAN CURB WORST CASK* Or ON*, tola dlsiaaee, wllhsot mercury, In eborler time Mien sap tbor physician, or no puy taken. No. A Division street, sinen DR. KRNNRDT'8 ONLY GUARANTEED REMMMR* for certain diemees e Den.tlUted persoae, be ssreUg Kennedy'eslnrlgoiwlors. Office 196 Rlra street. LADIRR WHO WI?H TO BR Of RED IMMKMATRI* should st onoe consult Dr. DUR,'NT, No. I Bench street Remedies * Ladles from a fcstaaoa cos iwn the same day. _________ Ladies, bh not impobMD UFO*; bp. careful toobuin only Dr. MAURICRAO'R Ffenoh Uerl'dsesi I obtain only I? .pertain 'a a.1 esses Brum whatever eauos. m rhlet. ' ?> Libert* street LAOfftH7 BKNMA< !OR. INrAl.URL* ftWH lstor -T>r. Po von' .uly Krenvh l'erlodleal Rstrsota. MMr in twenty-feui-ho reguarsnteett KRAONS NEEDING SPECIAL MilPiCAL^ TREAT, menl should eonoult Dr. HAIflll ?ON, U fllith we Cure^ltffne J lately without ughrcury. Cossultswee an tears. ^ yRNTY SUVFN VRARM' SECCr AFUL PRtCTHIAD exp< rlieee in the ire,, may. of special diseases eo AMeo i,l'(Vie, No. 1 Heach sirayft, to ffilect g oertaauaat wu? # in all other* felA