Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 8, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 8, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. "?"~"""""" WHOLE NO. 11,088. NEW.. YORK^' TUESDAY, JANUARY 8, 180?7-TR1PLE SHEET. ' PRICE FOUR CKNia. DBOADWAT STAGE TO NINTH STREET. BATURDAT B afte. uoou The lady who promtaod torture at balf-a MM fear. Floaoo nddreao A. Wlaelow, Brooklyn Poet aBUw.1 |yUX-I AX HOT AIOIT, BUT ANXIOUS. LOO. ?TOW rBBRT.-YBSTEBDAT AFTERNOON. ABOUT ClS'J'.VSU^gSgrf^W? ?vrtx;;, WK ~sv?>K?rrv ^O^Bantld ofloa.^teUag wkan and wknAt Interview tl'. WRFIANB-MATTRR WANTED. FOB iUHW JP Stephen J. Kmmt. Communicate wlU fullmmtMMn^m ?dumwboi l.ttt Fwt offiea. REFORMATION.?SHOULD THIS MEET THB ITS OF Maw^Nt* York. Any tafonnatloa coaeeraia* htr* or bta orharanoouta will be thaatfeUy mdwt Soothera papers HWTORMATION WANTED?or TIB HUM OP GUI J. aopfd Palmier!, who waa proprietor of a harbor ahaa aa Broadway la IMU; want to Beaton In IMS; then, la WW to XBw Otlaana. where ha died. A aaa of bta, Giovanni PaA Mnrt, waa ajao proprietor of a atom an Broadway. By ad Mniligdl. PlL., baa UP Poet okoa, thoy will heerwmue WMngtoihofr advantage. ______ T? JBPKBBT MURPHY 8BKD8 HM ADDBBM TO 4 -Wo friend Of tha Tartfa," R. J..R-e. OwOhl <*?<*.*? atraat, ha wUt hoar of aomolhtag tothto advantage treat, ha wilt hoar of aooaalhlat tathto advantage VP MB. WILLIAM ?. W. JAEGER, WHO, IW 1MB, WAS M hear HaaOantad Btataa Oonanl In tha rltr of BL Domingo, PHI aand Mo addraaa laA. Flma.MB Booth atraat. ha heal al aomallilnp In lila liilmeai AND JAMBS BOWBBT, CLOTH ^^?aaalaetOTora. weald kindly oommunloate with tbetr WMlaaBltaa Ronton, daughter of TTiamaa Itenton. hut lor Motor, at Few Worthy. Mr. Leeda. TarhahWe, England, and aauOAhotr addraaa, aha will be happy to write to then*. MBBwns dhMQ MM Oraonwfah atroat. BP 1MB LADY WOO OALLHB jM SATURDAY AT R/R WTTNT WORTH RICUpCT. FORMERLY AMBRL JV. aan OooanljA pkankfMVfodae.ItHHHMMB n GonanljA FTenkfeHbn-the-MaluvOe/tnanT, wld due informatiima by applying at The underpUnM. rbeen animated hyhlm with omna prlrate buJneaa ^^M^AUOCST MBYTE, HfHBflW (LPEAS RCHklDT. UO WERT TRlBTT-jf IFTH M atraal. ileal eeonnt Wnahfnatoa Market, boring noma ?aaailea en Batnrday. January A, 1967. Any tnformaUen Mneernlnr hMn will bo thaakMBy ntdniat tho above nanaa. In tnearooenr atore. 2L Im. DE8IRKH TO 8KB MRS. AMANDA HILL and bar friend th1a afternoon, nt 4 e'eioek at Four IP O. M. <3. WILL KIND A LETTER IN THB POSY ?BRSONAL.?IF R. M. RICHARDS, LATH IN BM. Hew Toi tT the Miaalaaipnt Olaaa Company, St. Loula, Me., RMMto ??tile addraaa to Wm. Everaon, oox 1,786 Poat o York; ho will boar of eomethtag to hia advantage. 1MUL.-I AM felCK AT THB OLD PLACE; EYEBY. A thing la all thing la ell right. PEDRO. MUXLY-I HAVE RETURNED PROM THB PROVINCES. flTWMtO to Bno through tho Brooklyn Poat offlen THOMAS. T^mX LADY WHO. FRIDAY NOON LAST, ENTERED ^^^^^^^^^^?noar Ninth atroat, wboaa faro oppoiite. who loft be ?HHHHiPHHPtowarda Trinity church, took na Eighth atreet omatbna, will confer n favor on tho 1 a Booth forty erne handed in through IwwWall atreoL then, nSnwho aocfdon lArty^rachod her feot by aendlng her addreae Sm H. boa A 90S Poat offlee. by eeodl: ttss ??'LADY WITH BLACK YELYET BONNET, SECOND ?mdm oar, laat Sunday afternoon, will oonfer a favor sending bar addrase to tba gentleman who aat next to her Bspoketo bar about a Personal before leaving tba car. i kmnbox 8,496 New?York Poat oflloe. 4MB LADY PA88INQ DOWN THIRTY-FIRST STREET X Saturday afternoon, wbo reoognlxed tba gen tie man In RD wagon, may Year of something much to bcr interest bv ami sing 0. Carter, station D Poat offioe, stating when and 44mm an Intern IsW may be bad. ?? ?41 GENTLEMAN WHO, OX THE 1ST OF JANU-I X ary, took an llmbreUa from the realdencd of J. H. lis- I mi.4TAdeiptU sUeet^rqo^rn^rU^sa^eturi^K^anve BUM LADIES?BROADWAY CAR, SATURDAY AFTER X noon, about foar o'clock, going uptown. The geotie gma wbo was sitting alongside one of the lad lea and iwog mtmd by tba one opposite would foal highly boaorbd by ao gmwhwr^ Addrnmtbrongh Pamonaia, or U. F. M., station filHB AMOUNT OP CASH FROM 8700 TO $800, AMD 1 checks from 8869 to 840& WILL MR. A. ROCKWELL, FORMRRLT A TAD W * lyman inloa aiwrto^of^Mbs Neptune Steamship Cam ff p?! Brat LOST AND FOUND. lOO LOST?A YOUNG. FULL SIZED. DABK BROWN, early haired Bpemeit long tall; n strip or white on stand breast. 810 toward will be paid for bis return to (K ?est Twenty-third street. . . - RjtOUND?IN JERSEY CITY, SOME MARYLAND AND Ml Delaware Railroad Bond*, also Cheeks, Rank shares |Mi ether.papers of value. For Information Imialre at 98 Erta street, Jersey City. UND-IN LEXINGTON AYENUE. A HOR8K Blanket. Owner oan hare It by describing It end pay expeuses on appUsatlon to O. J. Bookers, at oiUoe of n. bherman h Co. mn XX It AIR LOST-TWO RINGLETS, WEDNESDAY EVEN Ing, January 2, Fifth avenue stage, Fulton ferry.and n avenue cars. Liberal reward gives by leaving H with Smith, 249 W11 Item street. OST?ON THE DO ULT.. A FIREMAN'S MALTESE J Cross, No. Si. Tba Under will please the eaate at No. 7 trth Moore street. OOT-ON SUNDAY NIOHT, JANUARY 8, MB7, ? targe A meshy et Tflog. with crown settfhg. By return itbe came io-C. A. Rlauvelt, <88 Hudson street, the finder I be suitably rewarded. T OST-A plain gold seal ring, red RTONR. JU In a morocco box marked Tlfity A Co. Tbe finder rt&TfsrjMir,"'"' c~' Y ONT-ON MONDAY, BBTWBRN FIFTH AVENUE Xj Hotel and Eighth street, a PorteiQonnala cnnlatnufg MS md a vat?Me paper. The finder Will be liberally rewarded fcbsvtsgtte eases et 199 Madtsennvsnue. MSB PERSON WHO TOOK A COAT FROM 144 WB8T X Terith street will oblige tbe Owner by reluming to him fiba papers found In the pocket, -as they are of no value ex Mffi to jibe owner. Address W., 134 Sixth avenue. RK WARDS. : REWARD.?HORSE BLANKET LOST. AT THE eerner ef Varftk and Dnmtalek streets, on Jan. 7. Tba > reward wUl be paid by tearing tbe same far Henry hot pier dl North river. - J RBWARD AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED ? IV Lost, on Friday, Deoeesber M, a very emelFMack re Terrier, with black noes and aaoath. Above reward dee say one re taming him to W. W. Tracy, 400 Broad f. M. REWARD.?L<44T. FROM 48 WEST THIRTY aeeond street, en Thursday or Friday last, a Sky# Dag, long brewn hair and brown noae and ayes, - J Fro. Above reward will be paid to any one leaving tet 4? Want Thirty v cond street. IBK REWARD -LOST OR STOLEN, A RUBY AND M" Diamond Ring. If returned to m Leetngtna eve no the above reward will be paid and no gueattens asked. $100. &town, I -fihllla. 7 Rgtab sai -LOST, umt ON SATURDAY AFTWRNobN, In going from' Stewart's Chambera -street store town, by Broadway and Unlvermltv pAser cars, about 8190 Ml is. The finder wt't raeetve a liberal Toward on return | tab same to M. Lepae, 09 Wall street, third fteor. RIKA RBWARD WILL BR (HORN "FOR TRR RK -?JLVv turn of 4b" Mnerachanm Ibfii toben from the ?4mm corner Eighth etrnet and Broadway, en.January A LMOW SACUnB. ROTEL8. _ . fWKT.ICAN HHT?., BROAOWdT AND EIGHTH ?v* asset. New Yerk, on the Kumoenn ptac. Rooms Li MPs erv ingly, at mndetate ratoe. CENTER OP THE CITY ?STATUS UNION HOTEL' amend 90S Market street, PMteMphta. hoard *2 ? fgm day. . Clean beds and Brat elans tabla. (live *s a ealL .ftaBYOS HOUSE, Ml BLBBCKBB NTRBIW, NEAR ' JjF Broadway, between Creene nod Wee-tier, on tbe Euro Mi pUm. rnmlabed R' oma. singly, and Butts lor fi MRend geatlinmn. lb?cleat and iiwaiamnt. fflRoLEWCOD HOUSE, BNOLDWOOO, N. J.-TIIB IJDT above b >u?o* havf nm -sen leased by toe su een iber sod |MUSI tmpre ?-d is ..pen U i the .a of vlsttore; a raw Mm rooms are vaeenA and will be let for the winter et nary .moderate terms. t? MM ef tbe Northern New I MMty Railroad run frdms. eraer City to Ragle wood to aed &"Tortr "r,,T* M?METROPOLITAN" ' IIOTt-il . WASH I MOTON, I). C. -ON aowwet of a- redutaUai In price ef prov latent. Utel ?ntonttbta hotel will he 84 per day MRa md m Jam. I. m;7 POTTS A NHBLLRY. ? Reunion hotel, ^irtt-xkcond nth ret and Fomth avenac.?NewfjT and elegantly famished; llse moat economical hotel in ike city; dooms en eoita er single, table a la Luropean. ?. A. 440IN8ON, Proprtctor, ENTTNK HOTEL. 487 ABF499 BBOADWAT. BRANCH erf the Tontine corner of (Vrtlanta and West streeie. ?vi froin Me. to ?8 per day. Ladien' and ganUataan's yoeUUtonta attacked. ruRffrrvRB.^^^^H /1L4RNF0 HOUnR FURNIgfflNO BUREAU, '*? Vf Broadway, supplies Fnrnilure, Darpeta, Olleioth, Nlr MSta rtennfdrtee, Painting". Mattreaeee. Bedding, "loves, OMee. Wtvar Plated Ware. Ac , upon weekljf ipr nsoetbly tlNOER R Bt RIBO BBDR-WaRRAVTRD TditJHT. O The enly Hprtnj Ryd in market itienufactured b> e rs - nnritPOTwy.^^^M ^^? tau tum eftibb ?NttoflMMk, and evening seaatoag. I ft BUOINBM BDCCATION.-TOWFHBFD'ii OORXER-I A afcl Amfisay, MB Bewery. rvtoato talttoa. Jsy.aad SMT |M BOOEKBBFIFU, WBITIWG, ARITHMETIC. ^Bton ftiftliiitifA himmtoayaiWMiH' JH OIXTLSMiH FROM FORTH GERMANY. A ? graduate ofthe Uatversit;r ef JUltte.wlaheetH^H Itwu l> the ancient and modern languages: rtfmMH iNft. XRwvJtonr. E fiipMr, IjlwwR street. I DAK, FULMT AND BTAOR.?A FULL COURSE OF -D tuesieuiloii n> <r?B?Ut Mhftyihw bye well known grotomsr ?t half tha aeaat rates. lddreee EloouUoa, a*. rvtm.-xm mronto nmaroR fefmanshif V aad ?ilM>li|R|rt OOLDAUHTfCftlastkate.?All who wwU M? advantage of tka uppmtuuMs tn raqueotod to i entor their -?? Unpad mtetj A limited atmber only wlR taToeehnitllktkw ntM. MWMtAnjf nOUKAXf COMMERCIAL ACADBMY, Mi BMAi IJ ?x. baa bean enlarged by Ikt tMdba M Mf private iomm^ia4'Dow offin bbmoiI to miUhmmc^# wuh -practical twh uiettun In MMMMRMMHb log, or Cod>i?tdM TMBHOH T.BtBMAB IF TRBKB MOFTHH BT XT r attraottre, easy; Infallible method. Bukih tamkl to tho French with equal sueooea. ilitrm J. diaaifi. mllao D. fils years' TJIBBFi JJ aoi CH BIPOSITION.?MB. OILLBT jpBENCH IMS!hwT LBfifiOSfi/?fii A MONTH. MORM lit Canton plaoe, Btgbth street. TMPORTANT TO NATI'RALT.T BAP WRITERS A DOLBBAR'B iy?Un *t ? 'tend training," AM Broadway.1 wM positively reioote atlFtesss. cramping, or trembling, and ?11 other difficult supposed to bo oeturei, and suable any person to write with ease, elegance and aettafaction. pEIVAjn^NSTRUCTIOJ^O^BUSINBd^lBf^N ? Bo'4 keeping, Writing, Commercial Correspondence, Arithmetic, Grammar, Ac., day and erenlog. at TOWNS M^^M^toeae psdsmy, MB Bowery. Instructloa la thor ough and pmctl PRIVATE INSTRUCTION IN BVOLISH AFD X Fisiswt etbgly And In etaassa, by a competent and es parlfnssd bUy teacher, at Ne. M Bast Elghtesnth street. The ver^bsjd ^f references givsn. Application to'hsM|| PHBITATK LBfifiORS IN ITALIAN, FRENCH, GERMAN ? and the Scandinavian languages, by WOfiLBF, gradu ate, MA Spring street. WHOSE OF TOOB EDUCATION AND THOSB WHO X wish to etadr Elocntion. Composition, fie., address Rob ert Jamas. Herald office. Tanas Fifteen private lessons. 910. Highest references. iroBUM. A LI. KINDS OF DOGS AND BIRDS FOB 8ALB AT A B. DOVKYMJ, 980 Censl street. Deer Church street. Madiddm for all diseases. Prwind Food for mocking hints. Francis butler, no. s feck slip, has all the obotoe breeds of Dog*. Butler's IafelUble Ma oca Cure and Flea Exterminator, 79-eenfs Butler's new work on the Dog, $9. Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Xedletnee for alt diseases. F?l ?sale?A HANDSOME FAIR OF "SMALL BLACK and Tan Dags, 4 lbs. baeh; and *11 other kind of pegs. I). POSTER, 18 Raoeerclt street fOIlN QRAT. U ROOftffVF.LT STREET, HAS FOR ef sale Newfoundland Dost, email Black and Tan, Scotch and SkwifTerrtera; one Spits Dug. Italian Greyhound Pup*, one Bull Terrier Dog. CA DOGS FOB BALE?OF ALL BREEDS; WELL OU broken Pointers and Setters, Pointer end colter Pupa Watch Dogs ef eU breeds, Rat Dogs of ail breeds, H. GARDNER, 180 William at.. neaTChambers, N. T. HORSES, CARttl AGES, AC. T HORSE AUCTION MART. 80 EAST FOURTEBNTU _ STREET, AT U O'CLOCK Till8 DAY. ?lire establishment-of a private gentleman tearing tor im tupe. TWO I SPLENDID TEAMS, ' ? . ELEGANT DOG CART, CARRIAGE ROAD WAGON, PHAETONS, - HARNESS. BLANKETS, Ac., Ac. Particulars under Auction head. A TTENTION._I8_ESPECIALLY CALLED JO _THE I A RALE THIS DAT BY MINER A SOMKKVf LLE OF THK ENTIRE ESTABIHHMKNT OF A PRIVATE GEN TLB MAN, ABOUT TO LEAVE FOR EUROPE. AT HORSE AtJCTtON MART. 02 East Fourteenth street, Uulio pLoe Stables. Qerticniara under Auotiou ba?A - N ASSORTMENT9f 1) CLARENCES OF OUR OWN e. We are soiling >4U01e*x llian former prices for spring trade. JOHN L. HAM, 10 East Fourth street corner of Broadway. ^T ?f CEDAR STREET?CARRIAGES, SLEIGHS, BAR Sanus*wksVtoVs; wr A8TTLISH BUSINESS UIW TOR SALE CHEAP? Ainoan elegint turnover seat Phaeton; si o a good trotting Wagon, all In perfect order. Private stable 116 East Thirty second street. A FINE CARRIAGE FOR SALE-MADE BT LAW. reuse for Mr. William T Coleman; In offered *or sale for want of use; Is naarly new and In flns order. To be seen at Ferguson's stables, on Forty-sixth street near Sixth even an A N EXCELLENT CLOSE COACH ON "C" SPRINGS, A. for sale cheap; In [>erfect order. Can be (sen at the manufacturers' warerooios. W6 Broad* iy. WOOD BROTHERS. Also, n handsome foil staod Clarence for $1,980. A A.?GENTLEMEN WISHING TO WINTER THETB 1 A? horsM on Long Island. & miles from city by boat or earn, lacom/orUble nab lea. srtih exercising airaie. best of grain, hay, beitdlng and care, oan address box 4,010 Post office. AM IRON ORAT MARE; ALSO A BUSINESS WAGON ? and Harness, suitable tor express er grocer. will be sold rery lew. Apuhr corner Myrtle end Yaies avenues. Brooklyn, A?SLEIGHS, ROBES, BELLS, HARNESS. FOP, ? Food, Da pet and Express Wagons. Truck. Coupe Rock away, Coaches. Phaetons, new arse second hand, at raduoed prices. *7 Wooeter street. CARRIAGE FOR SALE?A CLOSE PANKLLKD Family Carriage. Sold for want ef .use. Inquire at the prtratc stable, rear of W Lafayette plaee; entrance In It * alley. Bowery, above Fourth street. Fart bat horse-hm hands, ?m; bat mars, hi hands. $100; both 7 roars; warranted every way. Butcher's Carts, 040 and 043. At 04 Charles street, earner of. Fourth. JOR SALE.*?APPLICATION WILL BE RECKTVED 7 by the underalg >ed. el 89 Broad street, N. T.. uatR Tues. ay, January 12 oVlook,M., for the purchase of one air Horsea, one Wagon (dog cart), one set double Harness. one pair Blankets and Halters, belonging to the estate vi Rlehard Van Vt'yck. deceased. The horses are bay. long tails, ten tie, well broken, an J have trotted to the pate inside of three minutes. Permits to see above will be greeted by catt ing at 80 Broad street. C. B. VAN WTOK, Executrix. T.J VAN wtck, , .... . K. A. BRINCKERHOrr, < K*,rntort tjpOB SALE-A PAIR OF FANCY COLORED MARaS, P Arebiau sleek. I end 8 years old, sheet 14 haada; also e pair of Meek Mares, extra nice, 0 end 7 years old, Mttg hands: also two stag!s Honrs, e black and bay, that oao trot faat. The above see all sanad and kind, good atria, long tails and doe drivers, the property of a private gentleman. ?ad te be eeen at 14t PaotOo street. Brooklyu. -*OR HALE?A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT, CONSIST Ing of an alreat-f pair of coal black Hot res, vary stylish, . . .. a Park Phaeton, and e double set of'Gold el h years <44, a Park Phseioo, and a double sot of (l< Mounted Harases; sold separately or together: very lew; Merchants' Stables, Twenty ninth street aud Broadway. PR 0ALB-A TIME PAIR OP CARRIAGE HORSES; a No Blankets and Uaroass. WUi be sold low, re the owner la about leant.] the ally. Apply te GRAHAM, 1,907 Broadway. . , ^F" rR HALE?THE MOST HUPERIOB COUPE AND. gentleman's Ben " _ _ leret In the city; brown, 14 bands high ; ^ years oM; perfectly^ a< ind and kind: superior si vie and action; nreeist driver, end oen trot H mdes an hear with ease, or a single mile , u less then three ratnaleej.warranted. he sold at Vavleweter x auction roam. 109 Liberty etrret, en Friday, el 12 toon, only far want ef use. jjtOR ?AT.B-A n\T HAMtll,ETONIAN MARE, FIVE m. years old. 14' Kinds high, watranted soand end kind, broken to double harness and e vary euutrior sa Idle mats; would exchange for oae er a pair of pnuies. Address K. , D., M Liberty si oet. KM>R 8ALB-A DOCTOR'S WAGON. IN VERY OVOD 1 condition. inquire far a faw days at 80 West Eleventh rarest. r>H HALb-A SECOND HAND COACH; CAN BR HAD cheap. Apply at Tallmae's stable*. 33 Great Jan-n street, or So f A. MAH AN. 8S dec >nd St rem, during the week rlR HALE-A HORSE WAGON AND TWO RTIT9 OF llerne-s. sniislile/or a hakcr. also some Hakcrj I in pie meat Apply at Sf (Bushy street, room 01. LtQB RALE?A PAIR OF BAY HORSR4, 14W HANDS JT Wb, 7 rears eld. sound sod hind. Price 0090, Also a six euaUd Kuckawa^ and set of double Hereeae. Psire JtlWU. Arpiy *t 18* EMI Thirteenth street. yOR RjLE-TEBY LEW, FOR WANT .OF USB. A JT.pair ef matched sorrel Hawses, eouad and kind te single , ordtuMe harness, sad good travaOere. Apply el private . ?teMk< on A2Ath street, fleet house west of Sixth arenas, eoeth^dn. Fries >800 ?__?| tpOS AALK-A LIGHT WAOOM. VBBT LITTLE USED: r em Horse and Harness; will red the letligilher ad saner* W. The horse werreated sound aud feted in harness, Ki.* ver^j.ifiy, sadfll^Lorre. Apply at Vrears staWe, ?i:-tin -.iween Sedond end Third are aure. mNVfiRs, EB; tegt, wugau sed earxere, EB El, M. rptw AALK-16 HORSES; WOULD BXOHANOB try D^tg aasr stesrs Trman^ wxw sbt p? pocns harness: DOCK A WAT.?A NEW MHHiVAT TOP 1 BOOOT; | A?WAIIMWAT?rg AUCTtW. ??Aim ' track July. ftfi. in ^?inOii kwbMBdrira topple m4 cm k drtwn br ? Qr Hprn ?M Ikli spring ud sound ?ha, WT hand sums and Sim atylf! . CTBBUI FOB BATE OH SETENTBBNTH BTR1HT, O north-ston. mt at Sixth MMwjut finished: dlmen ?t BA Apply to JOHN J. TOWNSEND, M Nassau iqi?M mm slbkjhesbat poor-, goold O aaakar; tor oaa ar two horses, Also, top Bunr. Raid afiMasvMtaa. At Oransmnn?s stoato, TMtiy aaeanT streat. rd nveuua. WAOMMrm OOTBE.1 WANTED; ADAPTED FOB jL^roejetoeto?p fCK ATTBOB.?TWO HEABLT NEW LIGHT EX PQw paaaa Wiiwr, alao a ebaap Jbabaaaf, pot* aad ttsCto; and MMkt ffilik, ana aat ad double Harness, and flva MgMktafttoBElHMkEIMMEHtaEfeM ebaap. Call at Iff Baat Seventeenth at HWI H'l'WKRBHlPP. A PARTNER WANTED?IN A RESPECTABLE AND SOS Bands idwa. S PfBM ESTABLISHED A gasd'ooaneetSon reus ?f forming a connacttonWi ? aapo t bouae, tor the ante of cotton. Highest n-rer lddroaa H. C. k Co., box C, 61,.Manchester, Kug k GENTLEMAN A laf $3,000 to | Mfa paying bustnnis. Ah special partner can okt rmt per cent ? par month profit by foresting $800 In a legitimate, and respectable business. Rest security given. Address Oora marea, ban 188 Herstd office. A PARTNER WITH $S.A0O WASTED?TO EXTEND A J\. proBtabla easb business. Address, appointing .Inter view, B. Clark, box g> llarald office. * fTOPARTNBRSHTP NOTIOB.?1HB UNDERSIGNED \J bare this day formed a copartner-hip under the name and alvle of Erdman, Pox k Co., for the manufacture and sale of Men'c and Bore' Clothing, aad will oceupv on or be fore Fab. 1 the tofts 8$ Vsnkltn street, between Broadway and Church street. JOHN ERDMAN. JOSEPH POT. New Took, Jan, 1,18B7. HERMAN MENDEL. DMtftROLtmON OP OOPARTNREBHIP.?THE FIRM sent. Mr. L" of August A Fax Is this day dissolved by mutual con aval. Mr. Joseph Pox win settle all elalma due to and owing by said Srm. and wB sign the Arm name In HoitldaUon. GOTTFRIED AUGUST. Nrw Tom. Jaa. I. 1867. JOSEPH FOX. VfR. CLARENCE STEWART BROWN IB THIS DAT ill admitted as a partner In our aeveral firms. New Took, Jan.?<lSW. BROWN BROTHERS A CO. PARTNER WANTED?IN A FIRST CLASS CITY HO. tat. with Bar, Kflllard. lee Cream and Oystvr saloon* attached. Apply atlS Wall street, second fleer, rear oflloes, room No. X " * ? ? ?' DARTNEBS WANTED?IN VARION3 KINDS OF I bos I oeas, already eetaMlshed, paying well: good oppor tunlttes for active men. with Mtne or emit! capital. OHAMBBRLnr, jM Broadway, mom No. & WAjllillX-A PARTNER, WITH CAPITAL F1 TV rt.itto :o ttsimo. In the rarnlih msnnfscttirfoe bu*'i PARTNER DESI RED?WITH $1,000, TO TAHB charge of the flannels! and corresponding I'atfe* efa legttimato enah business. Address where to be sedn. Profit, box Ml Herald olBoe. PARTNER WANTED.-A GENTLEMAN WHO HAS X toafaxperienee In-the End rant Hotel Business wishes a parson to Iota him with about $1.0*0 to forest In the sa-oe. Two-third* ?l the proflta allowed to .any one sdrauclt g the money. Mr. BERRY, W> New Canal street, room N't, t PARTNER WANTED?W??? $113,000. EITHER AS 1 or aetlrc. In a well established wholeaalo boot and shoe boose controlling a large trade, to lake Ihs place of one of the firm wishing to retire. Address, for three days, Ohartot, Butter-fold. Herald office. rflHB ENDERSICNED HATE PORMED A COPABT I nershtp ubder the nnma of Morgan. T-sthrnp A Co.. for the trmnji-V' .>.? ?f a. General Psnktuz fond Commission Pro keraf WAd'. -I. at their offices 83 New snarl and 85 Bread THF.O. M. MORGAN, HH ft k. LATHROP, Kuw.Yoi/llae. 2CTBB6- 1UI. H. CATLIN. ILUaM P. J AFFRAY BECOMES A MF.MTJKR OP our ftrui frouilU* oalfl. Ls JAKFB.IT A CO. Rnw York, January KBOM 'na>a. Ths odv-erilsev I'tarnnjfcty understand* the business of min. ufaeturin?. Apple to or addrsaa Phter Delsp, liX Grand street. Brooklyn, E. P. TT7 ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A.P IJITNER IN A OOOD TV paving business of te.i Tears' at n ling, tflt'i aoi?h e?p. It ,1 of $-i belt. Tula la s lsgitimnts bo Im?? an-l no hurah'i;. Adflrrsa R. F. ?., station A. for one week. WABTRD-A SPECIAr, PARTV^R tJC A LUCRATIVE maotifaefor'rt* bo'fnaaa, aire* i>?-Ua' l'.ahed, Willi a ca.ih enpnn! ol $15,001. Address P., box 1!? fle.r,ld ofllce. WANTFO-A PARTNER, WTTn $&D CAAH, IN A light, permanent and profltaMs busleess. Apply at 163 Broadway, room No. 6. Reterenees exchanged. ITANTED-A PARTNER. WITH flU.OOO. IN A FANCY ?T goods end jewelry Importing house:, one aoquslntod with the b iSnesa p-eferred. AdJreas A. 7... Herald t?' e WANTED?PARTNKR. WITH $3(WO T<a T5W, CASH; a a-.fe business; something new; g >od ohanos. Ad dress Chichester, Ilar.iH oflloe, for two d iv*. Art TO $300.?WANTED TO 1NYPST A<! SPECIAL ?til""" partner tu respeefahle mamffaelunng bu?tne*a Pilot fish or land shirk* need not trouble. Address, stating nature of business, S. M., Ilentld ofllce. -PARTNER WANTED. WITH THI3 AMOUXT. ' , In an old commission business lowii town. <%? tabllshed flftoen years; sure ciah business and not labori ous: rare opening. Apply at 8J8 Broadway, room 18. JiCAA -PARTNER WANPED.-A STEADY MAN sjltjUU. esn step In n pleasant paving business, etl ib Itshed. Inquire of CHAM BERLIN, 106 Broadway, room No. fl AfMl ?FOR S4LE THE HAW INTERr ST IN Ft F.t an eetopuBAd end p(MP*M| Tljiull|M Manufacturing Bnalnei* down town. I? WEIM ? W<p>H partner. A favorable onportunltr to a man who can fevote his whole Urno and energies to business. Add.raa-i'. 8. M , Herald ofBee. ? 7 CnQ ?AN ACTTYB BUSINESS MAI* WANTED' 3>I*4J*F*J. aa partner, with the above sutn. In a whole sale manufacturing bu?tn"*?; profit* very *uti*factory; no aetata need reply. Address for two days. W. C.. Herald office. A1A (inn TO givOOn ? WA NTKn, a partnrrTIxi iplVavV'U loin the eahecrllier, furmah mean* stated, to matter that will pay from flilv to on" hnndird per e-nt In tour month*. Brat rlty reference given. The inreetment will prove attractive to nny one having the means. Addrna* until Wednesday nono Contract or, Her .Id ofllce. ~ ilwija sOTrrE *. A PUBLIC MEETING WILL BB I'FLD AT^MASONTC Hall, between Third and Fourth avenues. en Friday night .Ian. II. hr the dttned and plnndared Irlahnien of New York, to denoun. e Stephens and hla lefamona col lanwir in robbery. AD irlahnien who love their native land an 1 here to aee her redeemed from English tyranny ami ltd It knnvea will plea*- attend. The meeting wilt be 1 to order at S e'etnc* P. M. b': RPtARh-.-ttowR SWINDLING THIEF IB GOING mnn.l Imytng goods for F. I'attirel A Co.'e account, without orders etgnod by ua. Fteaac have him arretted P. PATPRKL A CO. YJtENlAM BROTHERHOOD.?BOTICB. A MEETING V ef the offlcera and delegates of the Circle*. Fenian Brotherhood, of hew York. Brooklyn and Jersey City will be bald at tbs Apollo Rooms. 7* Prince street, at ? o'clock thla (Tneadajr) erentng. TrmOHTS OF ST. PATRICK.?THE REGULAR AN JV nnal electloa ef otnrer? of thla society will take place tola evening, at the Mataea ltoree, it S o'clock. A full and punctual alien dance of member* n rraueaied. By order. JOHN H HARNETT, President. Peres P. Ottsmrn Corresponding Secretary. ME WILE OUT. BOOKSELLER, VALPARAISO AND ? Mautiagn. Chill, reepeetfnllr begs publisher* and hook* seller* m tha United States to sand direct by post to the ful* tawing addieaa:? Br. D. HNILTO OUT. Ltbreria, Valparaiso, (MM, ?wear two sampleeoptea of newspaper* or pertodJoal* pub Halted by them From hie exienalve bualnea* rnlatioua on toe Paihro eoa?t h" I* enabled to evtend the circulation of i newspapers as well ae to make them more generatlv known, < and thl* extension mmld be likely to increase br being en* ; toed to form an opinion of the eowtenta and Importance of toopubhoatlon ttpw-fr oiactly themode of publication and eabaortptlon TKTBW TORN LIQUOR DEALERS' SOCIETY.?THE , la regular monthly meeting of this society will t>c held at ?he Metropolitan Room*, 1110 Heater street, on Tneedev even ing, Jan. I. MH7, at 7*< o'clock. N. It ?No perron admitted without their card of membership. The annual election for iStovers will take place at the above room" on the same day, bwtwean tba honia of It) i . M. and S P. II. By order JOHN II. WILLIAMS, President. Seer* MriTHAIVT. Recording Secretary. /ITFJCR or THE ATLANTIC MAIL STEAM#11 IP V, Coinpasy. No. t Bow' ng oreen. New lork, Nrw. M. led#?Hy order of the Boaad ef Directors, notice la hereby given that In consequence of the election appointed to have been held on toe llili ef November instant, not having hew Md ptamuant to aweb apeeintmcnt. an election of dtrectova ef tb>* oompeuy and three inspectors of the next succeedingalaetiw will be held At the of,Ice of the compear on Friday, toe nto day ef January, 1W7, at II o'clock x. T?a transfer book* at theoBoe ef toe Fafmbre' Lean and Yru?t Compear wUI be slased from toe 1Mb to the 14th et - - j "y*|<. ov>o*?o? AHN iWHflHBNT or Mi IN GOLD PKR FOOT HAS I beentevted by IbeGsXlr Stiver Mining Company. }>?" HiTNMItihHM. Sale 19th February. We are prepared la JruernHMMuu tea by Intern stockholder* LUES A WALLER, A?sau Benkaf California, ? Pine street. Am nwoN or rbbphotability would like to borrow the etna at f KM. Good security will be given and Mittt paid for the em Addresa, staling wMre en Interview een M had. M. cTeietlee G. pITTXRNB? RAVING^ BANK. \> M BOWKKY. CoIWer or CtrNU, RTRRBT. BIX PBB OKNT. PRKS PROM GOVERN INI NT TAX Internet allowed on ah aaenuite from five tmdve thousand deUare Open every dew from K> to S, and on Monday, Wed nesday anCFHdM iviaWi front >to7. Men ay deposttse now will drew tntereet from Jannery I. ROADWAY AND SEVENTH AVENUE l<r per eent dividend, a Finn at met. TOOR RALE-THIRD AVENUE RAILROAD COMPARE **"* ?"^ilSKSIST.oonT. o n~ POH SAM?FORTY-8EOOND STREET AND GRAND r atreet Perry Railroad Compiny Hioek, paving 10 per* ?Mt ALBERT H. NIC.(LAY, 43 Pine street Br sale-central park, north and east River tbeli) Rallmnd tiooapnoy Stock, by ALBERT II.L ICOLAY, ?S Plnnntmel F?f NIC< TNTERBflr ON OITT 8TOOICS.-THE INTEREST ON I 1 the Bond* nud Htooks of the CorpomMon?if the city of New York, doe and payable February 1. ISO. will bn paid and payable February 1. 1867. will bn paid on (hat day by Dwmw iterilo, Esq., Chamberlain of the el it. at tbr National Urosdwiij Rank The tranafcr Instant. Uintmtrr or

You. Jan. 18(7. ^Hne transfer books wll 1 be cloned on Thnredav. the 10th Instant. RICHIV U. QONNOLLt, Comptroller. CnerTHOLXXK'a Orrus, Nrw ^OnCE-YTHB Ruildlag Material Aaa'iclutlon have declared a dividend of throe per eent o? tils'-business of four moot ha dividend of lame per eent en tbemuslneaa or roar months ending November SO. IMA which will be paid by A. M. Row. Trcaaurer, on tbb 1Mb of January, 1867. at bia office, 61 East | Tweoty-ulofh street. O. A. CU.NOVKK, President | ? Naw You, Dee. EI 1S8A M jr OTICB 13 REREBT GIVEN THAT THE COPART ?ship heretofore estntlng between WilMam J. Holiday and Henry Lewie Brown, and doing bua.ocaa In the elty of Brooklyn under the OxM noma of uobdav A Brown, la Ihls day (Unsolved by mutual coo eent; and that nil debt* due to or owing by the lite am will be reaelved by end liquidated I by,Henry Lewis Brown, el 331 Atlantic ??treet, Broolti: <>. M WILLIAM J. HOUDaT. HENRY L. BROWN. BnooKLTk, Dec. n, UE Thhe annual MMm op the stockholders I of the Rchrdber Cornet Manufacturing Company fur thd eleeOon of new trustees and olRcere for the ensuing ye tr, will he bold at the St Nicholas Hotel on Wed icsdey. the 9th^ ot January, 1867, at 12. o'clock M. The stockholders are re spectfully Invited io attend. A K. JUlI.Li-.R tL. Sec. THE DIRECTORS OP THE MILWAUKEE AND ST. Paul Railway Company have declared a dividend from the net earnings of 18U6 of 10 per cent, payable In common aleck, or, at the option of the company, of 9 per cent oash to the preferred shareholders, as shown by their books January 1, 1867. The transfer hooks will be reopened January 90.1867, and the dividend will be dun to those In vn'.iose names the stock i.Unda on that day. Dividend pavaMe on or before June 1, 1867. CI1A8. P. GILPIN, Transfer Agent. THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING BE tweenfhe subscribers under (he ftrm nemo of Nsgel A On. la thft day dissolved'by mutual consent O. NAflEL. T. TIRT. Nxw You. Jan. 4,1867. UNION DIMS RAVINGS BANK, 490 Canal street, corner of Vaiick. NIX PER CENT In $6 10 *6.000, free of tax. Deposits he. fore 90 will bear interest from January 1. Assets |2,.'AM,lSd IK E. V. HAUOJIWOUr, President. 0. tt. "HArm,'Treasurer; T. S. Aanona, Beoretiry. ?OD DIVIDEND.?THE UNITED STATES KIRK IN. UO turancn Company lutve this day declared it seinl an nuel dividend of Ave (9) per cent free of government tax, payable on demand. W. WILSON UNDERIIILL, Seeretary. Naw Yors, January 7. 1867. $2 000 ^NO -*** - 10 T'OA>???M UNBNCUM hered Real Estate In New Ynrktily: Nobro ker.ige charged. S. MUULKI: IDS Broome street fl&Q AA/I TO LOAN?ON BOND AND MORTGAGE ?rl.uAU of city property, Apply to 011inui6 CHENEY, m Broedv^y, N/y. - _ (fi'-lA fi(\t\ WANXED-POR A TERM OP YEARS; Vw.yvv IVrat mortgage on Brooklyn water fryl lota, with bulkhead. On the premises are entirely new hrlek storehouses. machinery, Ac. The security la unquestionable. She entire property east over *101.000. Address J. W. W., ofDue. ftflA TO LOAN ON IMPROVED REAL BS> ipOU.V/UU ute In this city In any ?nm. W. H. WOOD, 65 Wall eteeet. dnnn cu\f\ Tn w*s-ox new york city ?J.W?vF\Mf real eatnre, Erst mortg igc at 7 percent. , J. BOLHFRITTgRBAMB, &> W*llstrcm, Jaunccy court. fcOS.fl fMlft TO tOAN?<)N BOND AND MOUT ?j)aW.uvV/ gWi U ''ue ?r "we'urns,?n real estate In tbla uiw * JOHN r.CONREY, 6!i Wall street, room II f? loan-on bond and mort CVJc/1 J.I/VM/ gair* on?Neer York ctty, NtarJtiwj anil Broeklvn estate. Prompt at tcutlou. OilARUM K. OILMAN, 11) *iTo.idway, room No. 4. ADVANCER MADE ON WATCHES. DIAMONDS, JliW c r>- 07 Omi.|* and Personal Property ol'every ile. ?rrfrtlon. J. A. JACKSON, 111 Uraud street. two doort weal of Bro-idirny. AT 77? MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA MONDS, WATCHES. JEWELRY, Ac... OR THE same bought at the HicuKsr r\tk<?. aiau 1'aWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT FOR DlAMONiDS. WAIOWEH. JEWELRY, .tc.. at 77 Bleickrr itrest, up aUlra. AT ITY,MAICS iBS BROADWAY. CORNER OF BOND street, wll be p*M the Llgheat prloo for lllmmnde, Waiehea and Silverware, or will advance on the above arti cle*. AT III BROADWAY. KNOX BUILDING. DIAMONDS, WATCHES, PRECIO JS STONES, AC. ? THIS OLD ERTABMSlMiD OrrfCii rAYS THE UTMOST VALUE FOR DIAMOND JEWELRY, WATCHhS, JEWELS. PLATE, PEARLS. AO. OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS. AO . AO. N. B.-DLAMONDS. WATCHES, AC.. FOR SALE. OFFICE HOURS KlWHI 10 A. M. TO 4 P. M. J. II. BAKRINUER 1113 Broadway, 100m No. & TVAMOND8, WATCHES, JEWELRY, RILVER.WABB, I / S'lks, I 'ry flood". Clothing. A e. bought at full value, rrmeuvv advanced on the s.une. PrlTato ofllce. KM Bowery, near Grand at.eeI, up ststna, OF. MARKS. 907 BROADWAY. ROOM NO. 4. PAYS . the tilglftat pries* for Diamond*, Watches, Jewelry, old Oold and silver; alto advance* on the eame. Near TwentUth street. PAWNBROKERS* TICKETS BOUGHT-PRIVATE P.OOMS'NCS. 1 AND S IB) BOWERY, Nl^AB GRAND STREET, UP STAIRS. \EW PI' Dial CATIONS JUST PUBLISHED. AN IMPORTANT WORK WAR CLAIMS, PENSIONS, BOUNTT, PAT, AC. THE WAR CLAIMANT'S GUIDE; A Manual of Laws, Regulation*. Inatrn-'tlon*, Form* and Of'clal Decisions relating to Pension*. Bounty. Pay, Prlie Monev, Salvage, Application a for Artificial Limbs, Com pen w.ttoo for Horses, Care, 8te.1mb.1uta, Clothing, Slaves and other properly lost or d'-stroyed- Commutatlona of Ka ttoaa Travel, A'., and the Prosecution of all Claim* against the Gov -rnmetit (rowing out of the war of 186,-48. By Geurge W. Rail, antbor or "Petialon Manual," "Eiecutor'e Ouide." Ar. One vol.. 8vo., *f nearly SOU page*, law ebeep. Prloo 94. Lately puFusim^d. Curwen on Abstracts of Title and Real Property, cloth. $1 60: 'beep, (I 74. Maltha a* nummary of the Law of Partnership, sloth, 91 IN *heep. VI U. Baefon'e Tc-toyy of a Suit la Equity, from It* Commence men I to ID float Termination, with Form*. Dvo., 93 80. fih kuell'.i 'nd ana Criminal Practice, 98. Rl<-knel|'a Indiana Civil Practice, 94. Davis' Indiana Digest. (7. M vera' Supplement to the Revised Statutes of Kentucky, 9?.n Vol XV. Ohio Stale Report*. |5 Auy of the above sent by man, postage paid on roeolpt of price ROBERT CLARKE A OO.V Publishers, Bookseller* and Stationers. Cincinnati, Ohl*. Read the skeleton at the banquet. * Skeleton at the Banquet," by the author of the "Dead Letter" and olbar Uptop atones. Splendidly Illustrated la the new magazine, Northern Light, Northern Light. Nor sale everywhere. Prleo 14 cent*. RUN I HON I RUN I RUN I RUN I RUN I RUNS Why la everybody running to the news stands to get a copy of the February number (now ready) of v tanker notionst The best Comic Monthly published I That's what's the miliar. Try a oopy. ONLY FIFTEEN GENTS. .. \M IM AtADKMlEb. ADODWORTII'S dancing academy, . h?fal3 FIFTH AVENUE. NEW YORK. For days, term*. Ac., pleas* call for a circular. T TRKNOR'S NEW AND SPLENDID PANCTNO A Ai'sdem*. Palao* Hall, 737 Sixth avenue.?New Clns I aw* * * " - ------ are formed on Wednesdays nnd Saturday*. Pupils' Soiree on Wednesday evening, 9ib Inst. The German, Ac., danced. BROOKES' DANCING ACADEMY. 841 BROOME ST. A NEW CLASH FOR TUESDAY. All the fashionable dances In one course of lessons. LADIES Tuesdays and Fridays S tn8M P. M. GENTLEMEN. Tuesday* and Frtdara, 7? to 10 r. M. CHILDREN, Wednesday* *nd Ssturdav*. 1 In |ti P. M. LADIES' Primary Class lnatrui ted hy 'Mra. Brook*. HOIHKF. K> KRY WEDNESDAY EVENING. Dr. GAKBO'H DANCING ACADEMY, NO. ta FIFTH aarenue. southwest coi ner of Foirteenth street; opea TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS, WEDNESDAYS aad SATUR DAY* Lailie*. 3 to 4 P. M , mlsae* and mutter*, 4 to 4 P. M. Gentlemen, Tuesday and Friday evening*, et So'eloek. NEW CLAWS EH ARE NOW FORMING. DHUMAR'H DANCING ACADEMY, M WEST FOURTH street, for children, Indie* and gentlemen. Leeeons every day and night; aUdaaeee taeghl la oae quarter; ma daooea in six lease da. CO A la, WOOD. Me. d>n CD A OHAI.DRON FOR OOKK.?DRLIV8RRD . jMWBTWTt. 0M"T* LAST NIGHT buUjOUK o^tbe (g??opsB?<tt?? o# UlUHiLOL 0? W? | OMMAXtDI (an Bid PnmI ? character entirely itwkiM with u? other eeeuffied by I Mr. U?mi In New York, uu vb iu patheUe ?oh>L?. which m i(nuM tkb ir&'i (kit4r? m ?? r in ? MlMlMiU ee iKecllvfB this mrtll t'C Oe 1 ?* ID? mW"V'n tk? Cricket on theH?*rtk ONLY Ttttl ef ffiBlMALDI, h4 ?? eheald be eeeared In adrenoe. ? m Wednesday?Paul Pry ead Forty Wlnka. tiraday?Hair at Law and Pony Wtaka. l,ta>?Vlctiaaa and People'* Lawyer, lurdev?Baton Shingle and Lira Indian. ?? I Frt-iav Saturday?Solon Kblnglo 8ATC RDA Y?LAST C GRAND OWENS t^LL NHEW YORK THEATRE. Loaaaoa aud Managers J "ckndkillonH Kow kaiac jury gcBHBRY Meeere. Bark Smith S LowU Belter. undar tka Immediate aupervlston of MUM NALLUS A. HINCKLEY. a complete coura ok ballet of fifty ladies POWERFUL OAST. ORAND ORNDBILLON MATINEE, SATURDAY, Jan U, at ^o'clock, gaata aooured *li dayi la advance. H^HARTZ'STEMPLE OF MYSTERY. _ , ? Oadworth Hall, 0M Broadway. CROWDED HOUSES EVERT NIGHT. Continued and iriumphant-iuereM of M. HARTZ'S NEW ILLUSION8. FLOATINU HEAD, I HARTZ'S I MULTUM IN PAKVO. I Thm arming ?t H, ll?<h Woudere and Miracles. ? Striking Welches. J RBAMCE. I Spaeto Resumed. Mr. A. Snlgwlok wlH perform On the Engltab Concertina. Ticket" fill'cents. Rear reed aeata, from 9 till A Hoora* open at 7tt| atZ. Children half prion. Thai these performances. sate, SI For sale at the hell 7V. SATURDAY MATINEE 'ha Chiekertag Piano la uaed at SAM FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, 685 BROADWAY. The trouble commence" at a?ouarter to 8-^m "r DMMu|mmaiujL BlltC.I, WAMBOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS* SAN VK)NC1.V.? MINSTRELS, whoee success has never been etimtUed by aay similar orgaa world. New and cheerful Hurieaquee every lzailon la the world. New and cheerful Hurieaquee every week. Mump Speech, I Am Here. Black Othello. Gain t.rlnua Opera of Lager Beer, Imitation of Acton. Love'e It mbles or CnphFsFal], Cendrttlon. The Screaming Black Co?k and African Ballet Troupe. K KLLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS 730.B ROADWAY. JSfWj evening et_a_<|uaru<r to eljjht._ ANOTHER GRAND RILL $7,000 BY THE ONLY LEON THE NEW OPKRKTTA $7,000 INTKODDCI NORTH K OF SEVEN TIIOI'SAND. $7.00.) BRAND TRIO FROM T.IK MUSICAL TWINS, $7,003 LUCREZIA BORGIA, BOIREK D'RTHIOPK, $7,000 with the only LEON, 8CHM1T MIT A Y. $7 000 R. KKLLBY. ALLEN, TH'i CITY CARS, $7,0* NEL8E SEYMOUR, MR. JACK CADE. $7*000 8. PRICE, BUTLER.,, Ou Monday next Fairy Spectacle CINDER-LEON. Grand matinees for the masonic hall and ASYLUM FUND. AT KE'.LY A LEON'S MINSTRELS Thursday afternoon. AT FRENCH THEATRE Saturday afternoon. Tickets for the above performances for sale at the Agency 111 Rroadwayjat Chickttring's, 633 Broadway, and at Beer A Seliirmer'a. 701 Broadway. STE1NWAY HALL. NINTH WEDNESDAY POPULAR CONCERT. WEDNESDAY. JAN. t, ATS O'CLOCK. Ptret appearance at tnaae Oonoerta of Mita NETTIE STERLING, The celebrated Contralto. Mr. W. J. HILL, The celebrated Tenor. Mr. O. W. COLBY, FUntat. Mr. TILED. THOMAS. Conductor, AND HIS CELEBRATED ORCHESTRA. TICKETS K) CENrS. RESERVED 8 ATS 60 CENTS EXTRA. STEINWAY HALL, TWENTIETH SUNDjfT CONCERT OF SMCRKD AND CLASSIC MUSIC. SUNDAY KttBNINO. JAN. 1$. AT 8 O'CLOCK. Reappearance of the oel*hrat<'d EATBllAN CONCERT TROUPE, comprising the following eminent array of talent:? MADAM PARETA. SIHNOR BRIO NOLI. SIGN OR FERANT1, ^ SldNOR PORTUXA, ? - MM. S. B. Ml LI A. * * MR. CARL ROSA. "D MR. I. L nATTON. *> AMR. ?. W. COLBY. 1H MB. THBODORK THOM AS. Conductor, and I ORANB ORtNIKSTRA. RESERVED SEATS ONK DOLLAR, M idle of winch will rorr.meocn an Wednesday evening, at telnwajf Hail; Beer A Hchrlmrr. 701 Broadway: rood's in. e. Store, M7 Broadway, and Kunman's Ticket Office. Nil And H Broadway. ^, ."j. ? . e J Richmond new theatre, Richmond, va.-this well appointed eatuMiabment being new and aupplled with a eplendld wardrobe. an extenalve ?lock of xccnery and every rejuUlte appertaining to a flret eluaa theatre, can be rented bjr the night, week or month, or may be leaee I for a tenn of ycara byre?ponilbte partUx All application* to be made to C. P. BERNARD, 8? 11 roadway, New York, agent for the owner, Mr*. K. Magtll. rritiKAtitE TifKE* tftrtCBd. A Reacrved fieata for all Grit eUis Theatre*. Couxrlt, Ac., can alwari be outauiod at tit* Til B ATHE TICKET OFFICES, NOS. 112 AND 114 IKt<?ADWAY, AND W6 BROADWAY. RESERVED, SEATS FOR AM. THEATRES CAN llE obtained at TIIBO. H. OI-A'iK'S. Importer ot wluca and teaa, tBd Broadway, near Hit-colter il'reet ^ WM. I.. BATTHB-fON, PIANIST, ATTENDS TO pai ttna, wedding". Ac., at $5 per evenl.Tg. Order* re, cclved at realdenee, COO Sixth aronue^neur Fortieth airect. BUSINESS OPPO.'IT 1'MITIKW. AN UNRIVALLED OPPORrO.VlTT IS HEREBY O!' * fared for tfan lorentmeiit of a few thoiumd dollar*. In a hlql-.iy ra peclubie and lucrative buainec, prut?.-ti-d from competiilon For full p.rticnlara apply to JAMES N. pMr41A'(i, 244 Fulton p'reet. Brooklyn. \N EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY OFFERED TO ANY parte or pcrtlea with a ?mil! car,'.Lai, withlntf to go Into mi eatablmlied kimlllng wool lm?tnoM. Engine and ma chinery c imidetc, with uoraea tru :ii, A-: . In the Tory ?>eat condition. Addrea, or anidr at the fartory, on Claaaon ave nue, three due re aouCb or Myrtle, Brooklyn. \yDwITIO.SAI. CAPITAL RKQW1RKD IN A FANCY f\ bnalnoae, on Broad wry. rnyinj welt, and capable of being largely extended; one third of the profMe will be given to a apectal or acllte partner, with BlAwM to $S0.000 on pi taL 'ibr fuller! tureatiplion afforded and aecurlty given. Ad dre?4 Broadway Herald ofljee. n?NY GENTLEMAN WISIIINO TO MAk1c MONEY L rapidly, and hiring $5,OjO capital, oan learn of an ex traordinary opp>;rl>mlty by Inquiring at 2J7 Iludaou atreet. ?A eure I '-.lug and no humbug. AN ENTERPRISING MAN. HAVING S2.IVJ0 CASH, and who etn fnrulrh respectable referenoet, can meet with a pruGtaMe Inreitmrnt by atldn etiug L.J., box Port oince. Una wbo can command mercantile refereucee preferred. A FEW VALUABLE PATENTS. THAT CAN BE MAN ufootured very cheap and aelf readily with bear/ pro fit" Caplul required, email. Apply to BUNKER k CO., 117 Naaaaa atreet. H g URINES* OPPORTUNITY.?A SUCCBBSPUL OON eern and well catablialied la now preparing to eetabllrh brenchee In other citle*. Good buoinraa men. with trom e.UOS to Sft^OOO capital ean make arrangement? aueh arret in offer. For partlculara Inquire or Mr. WHITE, <D9 | Broadway. CTAPITAI. WANTED.?I DESIRE SOME COMPETENT J and reliable man who oati add RSO.OlM to my bnrlnara and attend to the lio-ikr mil flnaneea. A llbernl arrange ment will he made with the right mm. No acenlr need an - rarer. Beat of rtfarrucea given and required. Addreaa X. u., Herald oflfre. /"I RAIN DISTILLKRT.?PURCHASER WILL RE V.T taught the burinea*. A ahnrl dn.anoe In the eountrv Price $l0,<<00. Running every day. Iuqotrecorner of Keaile and Iludaou r'reeta, In drug atore. OTBL INTERBST WANTKD-BT A GENTLEMAN (lately in the hotel bnrlneea In a Western cltr> who ran Influence large amount of patronage. From $8,0)1 lo $1X010 to tnvoel. Uuaineaa rauat aland a thorough Inveatl. gallon. Addreaa, with full partlculara, O. W-, box 110 Herald office. g PARTIES WISHING TO DISPOSE OP THEIR BUSt ? tfbea. or,Jrav1ug capital lo Urveat, or wtahlng in procuri partner*, ahouid anil at tha Rualneag Agency, 48. Broadway fTIWO GENTLEMhN OP ABILITY, INTEOBITT AND X HtSuenoe are about lo vlall South America oommer etallv They daalre to taka charge of any American buat aeaa mtereata there, taperlailv In the Said of manufaeturM and palenta. They are prepared to glreeaah, If neoeaaary, oramp.v aeeurtty for the faithful management of wbalerer intereaui maybe eatruated to them. Addreaa Pact. Herald edtoe. T'~HE SUBSCRIBER. BEING ABOUlHST REMOVE TO Han Era not acq, la deatrung of forming baalneaa relattooe with reliable partlea In thle State, aa agent or partner, or In any capacity profluble to both partlea. Addraaa J. U. O., bo* 471 Albany, N. T. aJ WM ANTED?A RESPONSIBLE PARTY, WHO Ci N command $1,80$ to SI ftt). to attend the sale* ot a manufacturing eaub.lahment lo ihleeity. Full partlculara onapplleatiqn at Ml Broadway, room No, 7, ? Will, START ANT PERSON IN A MANUFAC ?PAttJ Iqnni buaiaeaa from which a fortune can be.tnade In one year; gooda ?uple aa hour. Call and Investigate at 48 Pine atreet, room 21. Q'-lOft ?HALF INTEREST IN A SMALL MANUFAO <POUl/. turlng concern. Apply between 8 and 11 e'cloek to M. CROHN. 18 Spruce atreel.Vp .Ulra. __ <J?0?A YOUNG MAN HAVING THIS AMOUNT ?P?Kit/# deelrea a altuallon In a ehemleal work*, whole aale warehouse, dletlllery or drug aA>re. ha* n good knowl edge uf cbrmlatry, and to a thorough bnaineaa man. Addreaa Lhcmlat, 171 Fulton at.. Br ">klyn. -WANTED, A MAN WITH THIS AMOUNT TO JptjUU. buy a half Intareat In a plenmnt and prod table bualnaaa. Oall aud examine. Every aatlafaetlon given. 221 Weat atreet. $U nnn ??.??-* bownkss man with ay.UUU tble amount can And n rare rhanee In an old oaUMIahed bualnaaa, where bo will be guaranteed $8,808 per annum and no rlak. Addraaa If.- B. L . Herald oSoa. ?1 f\ HAi) I" WANTED IN AN ESTABLISHED viO.UUU amnufaetnrlag bualueae; an entire mo nopoly of one of tha moat atapla artielee of trade, Addraaa s20.000.-13r. ivau vuas*aB?5 moat naeaplored. Tble la one of ihuaa opperMalUaa aaldam offered. Pertb-ulare explajaadla* Itnqrview, aed refOreneea rt^uajueationaWe eharaclar gBraa. Addraaa Daalaim, baa AMTJEMEMTII. T1I8TORI MATINEE TO-MORROW?BLI8ABETH. rr?A tj^r-TiiKffSS a^&sSrbS. ?ao. TOMORROW (WHO*EbDAT) AFTERNOON. JaNY!, At 19o'otoekpr^Mir. Doon mi M11%. CLOSE OF TOB RISTOBI SEASON. ADELAIDE ?I9TORlBA8^IRAR*ir^inai. OR MOTIOI.?At lb# WXiiilii (^yrnm) MaMaa^ tho pvtee of idnMoe to oB porta of tho house ?M bo $k uJ Mli will bo secured la private botes. wiliOri oaota ui draaa otrelo without uut charge, at tbo Preeeh lb to he and Moo. NR. 119 and lid Broadway. 'UADAU RISTOBI AT MTStlCWAT HAUL M FIRST GRAND ekcitatiow of MADAME RI8TOBL / THIS (TOERDAT) EVENING, JAN DART 9, MM.' Mr. L. F. Horrtooa boa tho honor to ?aaoaaaa (bat, boo lap efected aa engagement wKk M. t, Orau and MADAME ADELAIDE RISTOBI, bo wtil baaa tbo plaaaura of prereuUn* hor at boo FIRST AND ONLY GRAND RKOITATVON, > oa TUESDAY EVENING, January t, whoa abO wfB read front tbo Foots k> IT A LIEN AND FRENCH. Mr. Theodore Tbomao' full Orebootra baa alao baaa au? cured, aad will perform a aotaution of Claaalaal Mitato apt propatata to the aoeadaa^^^^^^^^^^^H The prioee of admit-too wfll bo W DOLLAR TO iMMM ?Rotarved toeU40cooflo?tm.M OMR DOLLAR TO ALL PARTS OF THB HOT SB. I'or aolo at Stain way HaR, Boor A war, and Rullman'a uebot office. 119 I tchata and Baata aaa alto bo obt Sebtrmar'eNt Btoad Rroadwty. evening. RHIRTORPS RECITATION BOOKS TRANSLATED INTO I P.iirfitah oan ba obtained at tba several tMd oihcat and at Slc nwar Doll during tbo anauhtg. rrnsATRB prancam. 1 Tl'ESDAT NEXT, JANPART ?. Last appoaranoo la Now York of Mr. ARnBtEB, tba tonor. Mr. IIDRET LP.VAMOR, froaa Parto. la mail iialiwm La LOtiK D'OPBRA, oomedr ?u < DVE P1LLE TERRIBLE, vandevMe, IpNme act. MM. LAFLKUR, raadortHo. in one act. Ticket office at Mr. Dardanvflle's, <79 Bffladway. HOOLEY'S OPERA HOCKK. BROOKLYN^ A HURRAH TRIP AROUND THB WORLD. Tbo Ooan Yocbt Rare, tbo Novel Combat bitwaan tba Kaar una and Alabama, tbo Buaoer la tbe-fiky, tba Barn Dooa JirTPeter Pipao the Maa About Town, Hamlet tba Dainty, 8M tut to Twtna, Rockoa I'm In Lock, Jook on tba Oaooo, Ao? SYHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. \J Krery night at Bryanl't Halt, 4t9 Broadway, aaaf Grand ilroot. STILL ANOTHER GLORIOUS BILL. Find appearance#r MISS EMMA FOWLER, theekerm. tag vocarLt, and titter of the unfortunate Fowler tlitoro, ro owily loat te THE ETENINO STAB. Flrat week of THE V1CTIN. THE VIOTTN, With Joth Hart and MUt Laura La Clair In tbolr TERRIFIC DWORD COMBAT. FUNNY NEGRO ISMS. GRAND BALLET, FULL OB* CHEST KA, AC. (HURLEY WHITE'S. 471 Broadway. ) 474 MISS EMMA FOWLER. 471 dB 471 471 ?FRESUMPTIVE DARKEY. COLORED ACADEMY. LIGHTNING ZOUAVE DRILL. THE TRUANT FATHER. THE VICTIM. THE VICTIM. WWWWW HHIiHIlH iimi TTTTTT EBEREB S8SSS9. rNT PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE .901 BO WERT. An entirely now local draaaa, entitled _ THE CITY FACTORY GIRLS. Pint time, a new ballet. THE SOLDIER'S RETURN. New Comic Songs. TONY PASTOR. New negro own "OURS," "CENURILLON." "SOLON SHINGLE," "V10. TIMS." An iintaenae bill of novelties. MATINEE ON WEDNESDAY AND SATDRDAT. BUDWORTH'S Ml N8TRBLS?NEW FIFTH AYBNUM Opera Home, adjoining Fifth Avenue Dotal. CROWDS CROWDS. COME LARLY. Second week of the Huccerafut piece. NEW YEAR'S CALLS, with nil IU pleating aeeoatorlo*. enow a'orm. ?katlng<poa4L W. S. and J. II. HudwortU In principal character! MATINEES EVERY SATURDAY, AT t* P. M. Grand concert. OOSIRI.IMBNTABYFTO MISS HENRIETTA HBKHE. ATSTEfNWAY IU1.L THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY Mi ataiatod by the following eminent nrtltU:? " MME. D'ANGRI, HlUNOR CSMTRRPBRI, W. J. HILL and THEODORE THOMAS' full nmhe.ttra-oondaeted by Signer ABRLLA aad Mr. THr.OOOKK THOMAS. Tickets ?L Reoarred tenia, Ute: extra. For anlc at Stent war Halt'. Deer A Seltiaamr'a, 794 Brand way; Rullman't, 111 Broidway, and the prtaelpal MMS torn*. ? ? ? ? glHKSTADPd LAST OIU4A1 FAlNfffNO, ?? tiik r.rony IM TTIE BOOttYMOl'NTAtNB," la now on exhibition at the branch ? of the CROSBY OPERA IIOl'HK ART AfiHOCfATION OPENED FOB A FKW DATS ONLY, No. 888 WtOADWAT, oi.po.U-CHlCKKRIKO'S. ADMISSION a CENTS. FREE TO ALL'MEMBERS UK THE ASSOC! ATiOX. THE GBaNU OAltxiVAL or Tiir. SKA AON'. - AT THE FIFTH AVER HE RICATING PARK (eutron. j Kifty-e/alith street,, A. McMILL.vV. SUNvtlliR. on tiiou-'uay Arrutu.xiN, A.TD A , ORAM) FANCY OXER* CARNIVAL AND MAsQSMLUGh ? IN THE EVENING, w tier peTraLfng. BPLFNtllD MUNTC, FIREW UltS. BDVflHf.K. CHINFP;' LA NTIHNS. M**ti tnnxt bo rem-rud w!?>n |j-fh' the dflo beeper. 8b?)"M t?e tveathe.' pr>y tin* ivr ra!,! ?'ret of p-> 'm ne mont bo gly-n In tho Krtnci; Pr?' .nd"~ij>res? of 1bu k<Uv. under tha of Autu- ".u-pis. f"Tone"art Ti"i Lr.ltV.' -i't-Yri n* a.7nlb 1 '.M.N.' i. A i*'-:UVIMJfV.i, NOW ON KXH'HIII"*. PRt-.K, the Pstn lings of ALEXANDER VtTST. Grand minstrel .i vt.'vfk IN At.I III I.if. MASONIC H tut. AND An . . DM FIND. Tl.e enmuitiloe .in lieii.i'f o: If.- MA :OVfC HAM. AND ASYLUM FIND w-;U4;fu'!r -onWiiu^A that thev haro aee-pt.-d ti.e l, the ueleb.sted KEiJ.Y A L::ON MINSTREL TKOUi'L L> give a GRAND MATIN.IK PEBFOftMANRLat tln-.r li-ll 7J> Broadway, OM THURSDAY. J AN. 10. for lb- benefit of the above (hind, and aconllnaty beepnk th~t p 'ruesc for Ula entertaiu ir-ut to which tli'r fnor us ewcrce < of the management ? and llio ilij.nt flstlf JuellrtuU'' >1. Tlekot. to the KEbLV A LEON MATINEE, admitting to alt parts of the house, 80 ostite. Fo: .ale at lbs box office and tf-oughout the city. ? _____ - U OF THE GREAT MAHONIC ! \IR. Tba public are nottfiod that the Fair In Aid of the Homo and A.yluin Fund w.K po-IMsr-ly close Wedreeday evert ing next, January 9. The EscenUve Committee heve ?"H fur ?ale . variety el goods tn U?e shape of rhinos, fiewinjpMa chinea, Toys, children's Clothing Ao.; oleo aameroue chance. In valuable things to he r.?ll?ed foe At tar old I'rc.hytci .anv.Viioh, corner of Grand end Omhf street*. Adnata-Ion 'iS reuU. AN JO AND" JtO DANCINO, CIAMI AMD iHIftH Jig Dsnriug trufht by tba renowned JOHN MOO AN, 131 Boat llenstim etrcet. Tenet $8 par course. Pupils fitted tor the cage. PIANOFUHTIM. A GREAT BARGAIN?THREE MAGNIFICENT NRVMM I\ octave Pianos for sale foe two-third, their value fee cash; best city makers elegai/t carved ro?ewood cases, r.mnd oornera, carved legs, overatniug baea, rich lone; tint/ warranted In every revtieol; -IikiM be seen and examined to Im appreoialed. Apolv at AM (tilth avenue, nc tr Fortieth street, from 7 A. M. tilt If N. A. L. MATfKltHtiNi AH SPLENDID SEVEN OCTAVE KOSKWOOD PIANO forie, at a great ?accifi-e; by h.'?t rutkara; all Improva, mrtila; losuttrul tone andfiiitsbi uaeiLonly three monlba; coat 9660, at half price. 31 Washington place, near tiroene at. Am* BARGAIN.?ELEGANT CARVED ROBBWOOD? octave Plane, -oat %l?M prl-i-, !f sold thla Week, fJNit At 749 Broadway, opposite Aster place. N. P. M. CliMlH*, A mm FAMILY WILL BBI.L THEIR MAONIFICKNY carved rosewood Ptannforte, wvrtb $IA for leae thaw half; aeean octave, overstrung. Iron frame, beet make, neayly new. Apply MW East Tenth street. . A FIR9T CLASS FUNOFOBTK. BOBBWOOD. BBTKlt A octave, foar ronnd corners, oarred le^ est_>?**>, prleg fiSlfi, nearly new; rosewood Llghle A ? rxmknry rtaqoforUg >180; several new and second hand PhMteforiee very low. in Fonrtk arenas, oppoeHe coopsr lAstltnto. ^_ PIANGU TO LET?AND BOLD ON INWTALMSR1B Al the maaufealory, IM and IBB Bast Twwm^n^NmJ. j PIANO-MADE BT A. H. OAI.F. A CO., BOBBWOOI I seven octere* cost MM, will be sold for BJ79. Apply I 187 Bast Thirteenth stroeA MVilCAIa ABELINA PATTt AND THK WORRELL f were taught In Rlnftng end Piano by B LISA TINI PABavaLLI, prima donna soprano, who res si red pupils at M Waa* KlgfcUwath street. ^ j AH LADY WILL GIVE INSTRUCTION ok thb ano and Singing, at pupil's residenoa, for f 10 per ter; beet of roforenoee given. Addreee, with roeM Teacher, box 110 Herald oKce. AM KXPKKIRNCED* TK,Ut:ilKK WILL OITB IF ? ? etfoeUoua on the Piano, ? ..her at her own residence t the reeldencee ofiMUilla. Tc ..m 930 to $80 par qua tor. Apply at 378 Second n first floor: or 37 Fight; erveiitb ?ucet, or address T. 11. Connery, with lest i ' At CHERR'S MUSICAL INSTITUTE, LCT BBOAD4 A. way (entranee 88 Thb ty-fourth street), Signer BORe RAS' offer of six free lessons continue* sit iRIs year. A/MB one olass of dou has talskei, another of tho asms a em bag will oommenee. At thb national conservatory OF music, m Madison evonoe, terms All By arraageoMBt Wltg George F. Brtstow, professor of dusto In poMMmmma Md gla a^ttendla^schools M per gnarUr. The Ctiaeex ratety a lady will oiym instruction on thb ^ Mr ??Mler. N"??" CI n YES QUARTER MB PIANO LBSSONJ (I