Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 8, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 8, 1867 Page 2
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iw udi or brpinbment. iria ??y, WlsitM | iftu*UOC u bOU**k**p*r, ? etiHrw profaned; tr M l ***? ?toil ?f roferaao** gDao. Udr*n NUMBER OF WILL RECOMMENDED OBRMAN ??ut situation*, at Mr*. Low*'* Oimil Iuatl A N0MB1 Ql, fflSUn A PROTESTANT (MBL WISHES A B1TTJATIO* AS A abambermald. and would bo w 1111a* to aaalat la washing S?S Iwlig Call for twt days at IIS West I7th at., between 7tk aadSlhars. PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO ? general housework la a email private family; itotoi XV general homework la a mbou prtrat* rautoly; aba toi not beaa long ia this eouotrjr; oaa gfr* good city ref*reno**. Call at its Wart BUS, Am LADT WISHES A SITUATION lit A CONFECTION ? MJ atora; oaa apeak Franch, English and German La guagta. 0*U at or addraaa 117 Brooaaa at. 4 LADT UNDERSTANDING MUSIC, AND HAYINO A ***** furnllui*. aaajr a***t with a party wtlliag to aoenra and aid la r urn taking apart me ato. by addraulu* Mac rotary, fcox 3.HP Post oBcs. wftk particular*. One * ;fh a boy pre ferred. Ahraltht widow, who lost heb child, wtake* a attnatioa aa w*t nura*; boat city refer*no*#. Call at $1 WmtdSth at A LADT WISnKS TO OBTAIN A SITUATION FOR A young Amen.-an ftri II year* old. Apply at SS> Qaaal at, earner of Uroona, for two aaya. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A GOOD PLAIN OOOC: who la willing to do washtng and Ironing, hi a amall prtrat* family. Aiao a aeamalreaa wlahea to go oat by tb* day or weak, oan cut aad it ladiea' and children'* drnaaaa; would atop in tb* bouao If required. B**t of r?fer*ac* girau. Call at 40* w?*t 114 at,, firm floor, front room. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS CD OR, A who thoroaahly underatanda bar baton*** la all It* branches. alao boning and Lrdlog; no obioatton to a hot*'. Best of oily reference. Oaa b* a*an at III OUnton place, near Sth ar. 4 OOHPBTRNT SKAMSTRK88 WOULD LTKB TO BN XV gag* to go oat by U>* d*porw**k; understands all kinds or family aewlag; city reference. Apply at IIS Weat Sflb at 4 BBSPF.OTAALB TOUNO OIRL WISHES A .A Btuatton, to do gaoaral housework. In a amall prtrat* Irooar, and Is wtU. family; ia a good plain cook, smahar aad Ironer, and ? ing to assist In any otber work: beat city reference. Cau be noon fbr two day* at SltXFwt J8th at COMPETENT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS *.*. oook: underatanda ber business thoroughly: all klnda of soaps, booing, larding, gam* and j*Ui*s. Call at 133 Weil Blot at. ATOUNO QIBL WISHBS A SITUATION AS OOOD p ain cook; la alao a good waaher and Ironer: good city reference from L*t employer. Call at M Weal Attn at, be tween Sth and 7th ars. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE XV yoang girl, to take oar* of children, and would do plain sewing, or onsmberwork and tin* waahing and Ironing. The beat city reference. Call nt 411 Eaal 13lh at A RESPECTABLE AND EXPKRIENCBD WIDOW lady, of refinement, need 36. wishes to go aa companion to a lady or child, or would take the entire charge of a gen tleman'* house; or would keep house for an oldTgentieman.; oao *o,w, cut and make No objection to lesre the uity. Ad dress for two days Mr*. France* Droll, atotlou K, 8U> ar. A _ PROTESTANT WOMAN WI8HE8 A SITUATION AS XV Oook: la a first rat* eook and a good baker; no objectlo* t*a boarding bouse; wootd go a short distance in the coun try Oood olty referuoce Call at 136-Attn at., between 6th aad Ttti are. A PBOTBSTANT OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS XV nurse In a prirate family. Can take charge of a baby from Us birth. Beat city reference. Call at 16U 19th to., near gib nr., for tor* day*. 4 RESPKCTABI.F. OHtL WANTS A SITUATION TO XV do general housework in a small prirnte family; has Ik* boat of city raferanoe from her last employer. Call at ?3 West 4Mb at. A FIRST CLASS COOK WTSUKS A SITUATION IN A ? nrtrata family; oen glee Hid boat of city refer?nae. CeSaiM Wot Waahlngloa plnoo A BRSPBCTABLM WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A aa cook: uatoiUnti eooktog to att tta branehaa. Ktout paatir; mooblrcUontoyeaahort dlataboo In too imilii boot oily referenon. Coll at 100 St. Mark t place, botweoo lot?' pad w. A. EERPBOTABLB TOUNQ QIRL WISHER A SITUA - ? aad uiKi to woehtnr 9 uoo eou bo (iron from two day* at WO Weot A WOOD DBRS3MAKBB' WOULD LIKB TO OO OUT * s?3 m. dSttdl Woof Sid it, one RlfGt of otalra, a. '2?^?^.vz:yjizg'?v& Prnaoh. Inquire ai <?? Broonto ot A EKBPSCTANLB OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS A chnmbennold Aid laondreae; andermtouda wailing; la willing to d? general houaeworkin eamell family; haa good refaeanoo. cSlkl K4 Kaot lUh ?t A RMFBOTAMLS WIDOW WOMAN WANTS WASH A log At aar m hoaoa, or to go oat by tho dag. Call a Wtl at., to tho oAoro. . "aT RRSrBOTASLB YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SIT A aattoa at aaamotmoa; ?? a good ooarator; lo a I?***"' brotdoror by band eMaaeblee; m ould aaoUt at chamber jrocACaa AO oooa at tot Root ldik ot. third door, back. ~A RESPECTABLE PBOTBRTANT TODNO WOM\N A waala a aitaatloa at cook, waaher tnd lrontr to a prl rata family; good oRy yoforooca. Call at 1W Waterlay plaoo T~ SITUATION WANTED?HT A RESPECTABLE A ooiuic girl. aa chambermaid and waltreea and to a?atal ifth iho^VtoligV boat of city loforaaco. Call at M Weot NUM. SITUATION WANTED?BY ? A RESPECTABLE young flrL at chamboraaid and to dn plain aawlna; good oily rmaroace. Can bo oaoa for two .doyo at l?f A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BE'jFBCTABLR c-? ? ASTTUATIOM WANTED?BY A YO |p aTktodo of tSUif*taming; alii aUklndO o^at^ hi ilSMtog aa muoMa and frtaneL AMty at tho otora 0W >d no . featSadaya. If not atoaor oogagod. dressmaker would like A FEW "moSTSts tamaraby thaday; a abort tlaao from Tana; baa a) Uta tptytatylaa. Call at ar ad dram WBKdth ay a SITUATION WANTBD-BY A BBSPKC TABLE A gtri, aa ekembanaald or wait ran, ar Intake car* of w U% ra<sikr 1 S^1 tnm h?r r1*0*- Lall A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BESPECTABLK A ywins girt, at eompetoat waltraee, or to chemtarmeM (^||?miUie bent of dly refereuo* ton ? l TRRT RIIPBCTAIIiB WOMAN WIIUIRA A SITU. A aUoa to imKi otom fomBy oa oook; rery boot olty rofo 111-r~? Call ol W ?Tlb ot. ooar lib ar. a REhPBCTABLB WOMAN WISHER A SITUATION A aa plain nook In a tm?ll family; la a good wither and ii iar"T Jin 1 ?r ? Call atU* 7tk ar.. between ilth mod Dlh ata. A BESPKOTABLH niBL NiMH A SITUATION. IN ?*? ? ? Arespkctablb oihl wants a situation to tag* oar* of ehlldmn aad do llibt work. Call lor ^WQ dn^ot!U7 "th ar.. bat wean XtR and ?th ?.*? TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO OO gi ffdTtoTr. Jto tk* bamment of lh? rhnrcE. A LADT WISHES A SITUATION AS HOUBKKKEPKB A or aeperlnUadent In a fantowiian'a iwiy. Vnaoceia t oaahto ritorono*. Addreon wRh real nowia^and what ih? ptrtiti An/ bn ????, C. A. Browa, Jemny tltj one & A WIDOW LADT, AOBD TIIIRTT, TUOROL'.nL,V. A com patrol, whoa* praaaol *ngay*ni*nt o a wll aapir* oa tba SOih of tola month, U <?*<"??',"f *7Ir?d tng n ymtttnn of tk* aam* or a* tumpaalan to aa toralto, (n^HnottteU |?od; do ??cumbr?no6. Addroan bos 9,119 l ?Mo* AM MLDBBLT LADT. UNDBRKIANDINO ALL BINDS of buumkaapm*. would Ilka to obtain n atluntlon a* ai. k norm ar to take car# of an Inralld; to compaianl to taka eharga of a boarding houm; obj**' no! for aala?y, b'lt fur n aomrortabl* horny; ean pmd'ica the haat teoilmvniala Apply at ar addram B78 Hudoon at. alt the week. YOONO KNOI.I8H LADT DESIRES A SITU ATI ON la a fancy or baby Unaa alma. Addram fer ihrea day* YOUNO WOMAN WISHER TO TAKE CtiARUR OF a child to dry naroa. haa lately loat har own baby; make? oomfcrtabl* home for It. Call at lit lit ar., to awd tdd am., drat Soor. bank room. AM I.AOT WRITING AN RLF.OANT AND RATH) HAND ,mn iiiituTagbi do, or would aet aa amaiiuantlaar gMMtary. AdSraaA Mlaa itordon, aUHoa O. | a PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A SITUATION Asl A chambermaid and to watt apoa labia. Call for two Ri^aatD Banket. 4 I A S mi ATT ON WANTED-ST A RESPECT A RLE OIRI. A tit drot ctnoo oook nnd to ooolot with the w?aTlag aud /r .ninm kao all yaara' rarer*no- from her laat pla.-* CaM affcl EW MtTat.. between Tib aad Stb ar.., third! Bead, front ream, far two daya. TvttvoN wanted?Bar a respect able dint , 'm to, MBeraThoUaework to a boarding bona# or hotel. m dWWhdhtogl? tk. room No m ABLE rEBRON BERKS A SITUATION I oa Jnrahd ar to do ebomberworh and i SIR Woat l*h ok, near 7lh ar., ?bnad Rafarenooo glren RBSPKCTARLB good rook wooHlr m Applr at MR ok ?"2LwJif .tlbSt ofelty refer*., r* from Tool piatn. Call A fOUNO WOMAN WW.AB^ATION AS CEAM ^5m^^rswaLiSf-T?:r' a LADY AOOUBTOMKD TO TBI SUMRR1NTEN. A de?eof Aratcta- hsae-aad nrfHrwInONlii Mr duties would Hke ? w gMH.** housaepar; the poalllon ami be a thoroughly reapaclsbia ?M,_b*i rafar ea? Call o* or add?aft? tan?1. 07 Kul 2Mb at. AH SITUATION WANTED-AS LADT'S MAID: UNDER | elands halrdr?all?: oaa operate on aaasohlne; b?t city referenceB">. oSltea two daya atM W*at20lh at. two doora from Rh OP. A^m FAMILY. BRKAKINO UP HOUR'- EKE PINO, | wishes to duds good at?alien for a MHO reap? laMa woman, who hub? * faithful aerraatear? years. Ap ply at ldl Kaat Wfc at. Ah first class laundress desires the wash | tag of a few ladles or g?ttamaa, or faoull?; fluting dona If required; alt at iwjr moderate oh srace, beat of rif HHglT**. OalLat M Kb ar., batw?a flkd and Od at*. AH LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS SEAM8TRF.8S: ? nan do all kind* of family tewing; baa bar owa eawlag at, between Lexington-amd A EBSPBOTABLB WOMAN A bar owa ban?; eaa fie* at SI Waal dOtb at. batwaaa Pth WANTS WASHING AT lb?t of reference*. Call Ah rbspec&ble woman wishes a situation ? aa-cook. waaber and Ironer; tba baat of city refereno*. Call at M5 Baal Bd at, batw?a lat and 9d are.. In the A * RXPKRIENCBD OOOE WANTS A SITUATION IN tX a prirate family; no objection to,go tba oonntry and would aaaiat with tba washing and Ironing If required; good raferanoa. Apply at Ml W?lttth at A SITUATION WANTED?BT A FIRST CLASS eook; underatanda boning and lirdlng and nil ktnda of dessert, and la an exonUant i.nker; good city raferene*. Call for two day* at TP Weat SDih at A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE il young girl, to dnehamberwork s nd waiting; baet of city reference. Can be aeen for two days at Ml WeatMtb at, between 7tb and Stb art A WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A PEW GUN tlemen'a or fawlli?*waaking. Inquiraat 108 Waat 1Mb at. between flilpand 7th ara. ? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION J%. In a amall family, to do general housework. Call at bar present employer's. W8 2dar., batw?n 81st and S2d Ma. A SITUATION WANTED-BY1 A RESPECTABLE girl, aa ft rat data eook; aha make* excellent bread and pastry and all klnda of do? art; beat city reference, lor Are {ears. If required Can be a?n at 20) East 41th at, cast of 1 ar. A YOUNG GIRL WI8HES TO OBTAIN A 8ITU atton aa chambermaid or.cook, and would In waahlng and iroolug ; good reference. Call for two day* at <60 Greenwich at. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A POSITION aa plain eook, waaber and ironor, or ? chamber maid; the beat of reference from her last place. Call for two Jaya at 196 East 14th at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to cook, waah and Iron; haa good city reference. Call for two days at S22 East 33d St., neor 2d av. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A situation aa laundress; good city rcferenoa. Apply at Weat22d at., second floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do cbamberwork. and will assist with Iba waabing and ironing; rlty or ?untry; the beat city refer ence. Call at 420 Bd ar. A. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa good plain cook; la willing to aaaiat in washing and Ironing; good city reference bi- given. Call at SSI Weal 22tb St.. comer of 7th ar., entrance on 28th at. Can be seen from 10 to 4. A GOOD COOK WISHE8 A SITUATION; ONE WHO perfectly understands bar bushiest; will exist with tba washing; good cily reference. Call at 74 Weit 10th si.. In tba rear. _ ATOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS WET nurse; has a fr? h breast of milk. CaU for two days at 81 Batex at , Jersey City, room IX ATOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS 0IUM bermaid and waitress, or would do geaoral housework In a small family; can glra the best ef city reference from bar last place. Call for two days at 42'Hamtmflpl st. A TOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION. IN A PRI A rata family, aa Drat class seamstress; would bad* no objection to do a little chambet work. Call or add re? E. W? n: East Hat at. - ATOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO cbamberwork and waiting In a amall family; b?I of city reference from her last place. Oallmt 490 4th ar. A WIDOW LADY WISHES A SITUATION IK SOME A r?pactabla family ? wet nurse. Apply to Mrs. L. WWaon. > Owryisur .far Ihfwe day. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN DESIRES A 81TB n alio* In a pritsta faaally 1* da chamber work or watting HMgnodcMy afeteaco. CaBelia Madl?net A SITUATION WANTED-BY A BBSPECTABLB n ytmag ladr. as eook or laandra?; good city refbranc*. Appfy at Bo. 0* Eaat (Mb at., batw?a 3d and 4th ara^ back boa?, ascend Sear, back roam. A SITUATION WANTED?POR A OIRL. AGED-14. BY a endow woman, to mind a child or make bar?If use ful. Apply at t)S Waal 17th st. A mutation wanted. by a respectable wo A man, u cook and to assist In the washing and Ironing. The beet Hlr reference from bar laat place. Can be aeen for two days. ir not engaged, at Ml id ar., entrance on 38th at. A SITUATION AS COOK WANTBD?BV A WOMAN A wbo undarataiMla bar bnalneaa thoroughly; la a first class baker and peetry coot, also desserts; baa good city reference. Call at 276 6th ar. until suited. Nona but a prf rata family need apply. A RB8PKCTABLE MARRIBD WOMAN WISHES TO A take In washing at her own houaa; la a good w?aher and ironer: beat city rnrarenoo from laat place. Call at ttl 6th ar., third door, back room No. 6, for tiro daya. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES a HITIT at ion to do general housework; boat otty reference. Call at HM West 19th at A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, WITH A freah breast of milk, would like to take a baby to ber own house lo nuree. Can be aeen for two daya at UJ let ar., aaeood floor, bark room. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO HATE LA dl?a orgtaUemen'a waahlng br thedesen or month; un derstands baMea'and lad lea* laertea. Call at 149 Weet 4th at., Bret floor, frond room, aoor 6th ar. AYO&NQ BBALTfTT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as wet nuree; ber own (Brat) ohUd la thraa weeks old. Apply for two days at.197 Platbuah ar., Brooklyn. A RMPBOTAILB PROTKHTANT OIRL WANTS A SIT A nation aa nuree and seamstress or chambermaid; beat ?ty rsfB:-enos. Cell [y jwo days at 113 Baal ttd el. AYOUNO OIRL, LATELY LANDED, WISHES A situation aa nnrae and to do plala sowing or ohaaber work. Apply at Ufl Waat 27th A AHBSPBCTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO TAKE IN soma wsahlag at her own boose, or would go out br the day. .Call at at West Ifltb si. between flth ana 7th ars. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITU A* t!on aa chambermaid; ran operate oa Wheeler A Wil son's machine, or would do housework lo a stnallprirata family; good city reference. Call for two days at 33J Ea.t Bd st., top floor, back room. A SITUATION WINJKD-BT A YOUNG Olltl., AS /V chambermaid or plain newer; would be willing to as sist in houoiwork. Apply for two days only at 828 Green ? wick at. Good city reference. A SITUATION WANriiD?BY A RESPECTABLE young glil. to take care of children and do chamber, wore and waiting, sity reference. Apply si 37# Wet 4?t>h Street. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do ch?mberwork and waiting or general hou->r <ork. #ity reference. CaN for two day* at 37# Wcu *th at A SITUATION WaNTRD-TO DO OB A M BER WORK A and sewing. and will sestet in waahlng aod Ironing; good city rmereuce. Apply at 227 West 2Td st , Iwtwseu flth and iih ars. A PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A SITr tTION T?' A do honae-vork In otty or enuittrr; is a good < ook wn'her and irener; be? eity refereiv... if reqnlnxl: is wiUlag an<l obliging. Cell st No. 8N ar , near Houston oh \ MIDDLE AOKO WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO OBT In eomc reepeefbMo famiir to dopliln msing or take oare of childreu. Address *?vuh sr.. corner of 26tb e\ ARIiEPKCTAfBLK PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A situation as ace metre**; thoroughly understands ber bustnesa. Call for two daya at 208 West 24th St. A SITUATION WANTED-POB A YOUNG OIRla TO A do hon-ca ork . Is a good plain rook, washer and ironer; also a goo.1 In-eed and cake baker; beat citr refereu't from ber last employer. U8 Rest *th st., tirsi flight A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS C1IAM A berm.ud .inJ wsltre.*, or as ? hambrrmald and plain seamstreas, good city refer* not Call at 463 fth ar., ooraer of astk at. A SITUATION WANTED-BV A VERY *EHPKCTA tie young woman, as seamstress, by the day er week. Can be seen at 3>l 9d ar. ^ ABITt'ATION WANTPO-BY A RRSPECTABLk , yonug elrl, in do chsmlwrwork and waiting or as plain oook. ws?her ami trouar for e small priests family; has the Met of Hit reference. Can be eeea for two days at 612 7th aw., hot wren Mth and 2#<h sts. A YOUNO WOMAN-WISHES A SITUATION AS A flrot class cook; >indcr*tsods ber business In all its braackes; will take the enure charge of a klichen If re a aired; the nest of Hiy ref retice from her lest place Call for two daps at 111 Wtat 17th St.. second floor, between 6th and 7th era. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A LADT WHO 18 OA J\ pable of taking charge of a house; a widower's pre. ferredTcan Sire the boat of referee.* Address, for three days, bottle Erane, Wllllamsb'irg Post oSb-e. A COMPETENT DRRSSMAIER WANTS WORK BY A the day or week. fl?id olty refwence. Address 107 Bast ?iet., third floor, beck tasen. AYOCNO WOMAN. HONEST AND OBLIGING. IS A good weaker and Ironer, ean do plain cooking and fancy sewing, wishes employment io seme prlrsta family. Cell at U Pltk er, roam To. A A RBflPRCTASLB YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITU A A ties aa child's nuree or ohambmmnM. or would do cbamberwnrk and assist la the care of children; Is willing to make hermit useful No objection to the country. Has good city reference. Cell at M Wool ?fltb si, oeconrf tloer. A RESPECTABLE girl WISHES A SITUATION TO do ohsatberwork and waiting, or chsmberworb sod plain sewing. Good reference c?u be glree Cell for two days at Ufl Bssi list st., n??r Id sr. AN ENGLISH LADY BRQI IEBS A SITUATION AN A mametrem In a gentleman's family; understands dressmaking; would assist In the light part Of the botiK work. Aaaioes H. H . Brooklyn Post oflloa. ARWflfuTRB''* woman wishes a sUltaMop ae wet nnrae; hat a fresh breeat of milk: good isursKt. ss&ns.xr<!5s2? ?? ?? ? A tlao Ml operator oo Grover A llfart machine. 1 Ilk* empkeyrarnl by the oountrjr. Address MUs B. like empleymeot by ihe dor or week; m objestlea k Um ibik. niilT- D. AH NESPBCTABLB PROTESTANT TOUNO WOMAN. ? not long in Uli couotry, WUkeeo alt sell 10 oe children's mold ltd to do pUIn Atlantic ft, corner of AH RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AN I seamstress in o private family orkotei; son eat end dtUdlee1 end children'! Iiniii. end cen glre ally refer eooe. CoB for two doye At W jfriag et A WIDOW LADT WOULD LI KB A POBtTTO* IN A A nioe plain feoeOy, to aaelat generally la eawdeg. Ac.; con eat and M Iodine' oad children's liiiill. Coll at or oddreo! Seenutreee, dd loteC. rear building. 1 RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIBL DESIRES A A situation oe nhemkeruld and to aaelat with waahlag iwill fiwky. Oad and 8th era., Ironing, or to do bouiework la a acaell family Can ? at lW West BTth eC, lulwtea 7th AH RESPECTABLE woman wants a situation as cook; nnderatoada all kladi ef cooking: ehela willing to aaelat In the eoerae weak lag; would fa a abort dlataace in the oonatry; good refaraaaaa eaa be (tree. Oatl at MB Want 18th at., In the rear. A| rrrprctablb touno AHBRIOAN WOMAN.! I who baa leal her baby, two aaentha old, wtehae a aliue a respectable family ae wot aarae; heat city refer-1 Can be aeen at 167 Weat trth at., Mini Seer, freotl lion la a reaneotabla family aa wet aarae; beat elty refnr A| SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE ? young glfL to da ehamberwerk, or aa auraa and plain sewing; can elm two yearn' ally reference from her Ust plaoe. Can be aeen far two day* atB Baiiew ah, tat the rear, third door, two doora from Bleeoker aA BBSPBOTABLB OIBL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid and Uundreaa: or would hara no objee- i If required. Addraaa or call at It Waat ITtk at., front TOUNO OIRL WISHBS A SITUATION AS NUBSB and to do plain sewing. Call dt 61 Bast 83d at. TOUNO WOMAN WISIIBS A SITUATION aa good eook, exoellent waaher and ironer, or would go aa aeamatre** and chambermaid; ao objections to elty oroouniry; beat of city reference from her laat em ployer. Cell nt 441 Weat.tttb t h at, between Mb aad 10th era. AH SITUATION wanted?bt a KESPECIABLB ? young woman, s S chambermaid and nuraa. or waitress;! tha beet of clly referenoa gtren. Call at M Mnlberry at.,I a r Spring A YOU NO OIRL WISHES TO OO OUT BT THB DAT or week, with or without her own machine; is a Drat class aeamstross end does all ktnda of braiding and ambroid - cry. Can be seen for two days at IS Little Jones at, be tween Bleerker and Fourth ata. Beat of city reference. A TOUNO OIRL. AOED 17. WISHES A SITUATION to tike care of children nod do light chamber-work. CaH at IB East Nik at. for two days. All families wantino good'servants imme dlate'y, and German rlrla, oall nt Large Employment House, 108 8th nr., below 9th at. A8ITUATION WANTED?BT A RK8PBCTABLB woman, as plain eook. waaher and Ironer. Can be aeen for two days at 67 Macdougnt street, first floor, front room. City reference. RESPECTABLE TOUNG OIRL WISHES A BITUA. tlon a* cb imbermald and lo do fine washing and Iron ing or to do ctuiernl housework in n email family; good city reference. Call at T ' i 83 West 19th at. A SITUATION WANTED-BV A SMART OIRL. TO DO general housework, la a email family. Apply at 69 Amity st. A SITUATION WANTED AS NURSE AND SEAM stress; is wl'.tinz to take chares of a baby from Ita birth. Mo objection to go a aboit distance In (lie counter. Tlaa the beat of reference. 14S Seventh av., between Slat and Bid Ms. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE J\ voting girl, aa chambermaid and to assist with tha washing and Ironing: underalanda drosatna and curling ladies' hair; beat city references given. Call for two days at 99 Weal 28th at. ARESEKOTABLE TOUNO OIRL WANTS A 8ITUA lion lo do general housework: la n good cook, waaher and ironer: wilting end obliging; or would take care of children: well recommended from her laat place. CaB for two dara at STOjWeat 19th at. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE woman. as good nook; best of eRy refoeaneu. Call at US Weat ISth at., In the rear. Ah situation wantrd-ry an bxcbllbnt ? eook; oc.e who thoroughly nndarstanda her bualnaaa; has the beat of city reference. Call at III Weat Mtk at., bo tween 71 h aud 8th are. A LADY DRSIRKS TO PR04JURR A SITUATION BOB an ekcellenl. faJthrul girl: le a good piala.enok and an cxoeUant waaher and trocar. Apply at her praaeol employ, afm l?w???Athai. A SITUATION WANTED??Y A PROTESTANT young woman, aa Infant* a aura* and to do plain tng; beet city reference Can ba *aon at X Onion ? Uqtverdty place, S?twaanllth tad H>t ota., . A SITUATION WANTED-TO Ml CH AMR REWORK and waiting or plain aooaing, waahlog and Ironing, by a reportable girt; good cfty reference Call at M Want MlU at. between *th and tOth an ATnmo PROTESTANT WfiUH GIRL WISHES A situation to onok. waab aad iron, la a email plicate family: (beat of etty reference; no objection to the country. Call for one day at 118 Eaat 18th at, betwaea av. A and 1 ?? ae. A SITUATION WANTED?AS OOOD PLAIN COOK; will neilat in weahlng; le a good baker; ba* good city reference. Call at 411 Id ae., near 34th sL, second Boor, front A SITUATION WANTED?AS IIKAD MBAT AND PAS try cook; prefera a boarding h>iu?e; alio one for waiting and rhainberaork; beat city reference. Cell at 411 Id ar., near :4th at., aneond floor. A YOUNG. HEALTHY MARIIIKD WOMAN. WITH a finsh breast of mllb.deis.rea a sltuaitan in aoafe prirate family; it lifter flrnt baby, and will not giea It ont until engaged. Call at 181 Madt*oa it., front baaemcnt A YOU NO WIDOW LADT DESIRES TO PIND A BIT nation ae housekeeper In tha family ofawldoaarar baehrlor; no objection to where there are children, for further mr iculara oall at 61 Lanrena at, aear Broome room 10, lop Soar. A RESPECTABLE WOMA-N AND A GIRL WANT SIT uationa aa tialn eaok and chambermaid. Apply at lit Weal Mtb at., thalr preaent place of employment. A LADT WI6HKS TO PROCURE A SITUATION, , either a* laundreea or aa plain cook, waaher and boner, for an obliging, boneet and eompcleat girl. Call at WO Eaat 14th at_ _ _ __ _ A WILLING AND OBLIOINO (1IRL WISHES A SITU atlnn to do chimherwart aad to aaaial la tba waabiug and Ironing; can glra good etty refer*ace. Call at ar addreea WO Eaat 1Mb it. A ulftt A PBJYaTb fAMir.r. 1\ to wait on sable and maka hareatf generally useful. Apply at W Eaat Broadway. A SITUATION WANTED-BT AN ACTIVE TOO NO woman, to do the housework of a amall family or cbamberwork and wailing; city reference#. Call at 411 Id ae., near Nth at., in tha batter a*ore A SITUATION WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitress. ?r to d<> cbamberwork and Una wanking; or can lake the entire charge of a baby; beet city reference, fall for two day* at 101, th ar.. between lath aad 10th eta A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE ?'\ young girl, sa wa'.(re<a or to taka care of children; aood reference. Apply at I'd Kaat Hth ?k, third floor, froat room. ASITCATION WANTED-AS KIRST CL VSS I.AUN dre"*; U'ldrietande Fi-ench flntlnr. Hae Hie beat r|ty reference. t:?ll for two dnya at 460 flih ae , between Wth and 3Uib eta . room 18. COPTINO WANTRD-BY A LADT, AT HER HOME. Addrce* .lennle B mrne, elation It Coon.?situ ation w anted, bt an enued woman, who nnderetande KiifRaii and French cooking; be?t i Ity reference. Inq lira at W U'cet 18th et. "L'ANIBIRX WANTING liOOD. CAPABLE SKRVANTS, .T German, English, s ' itch or irt?h, can be auitod im-nr. ( at I'Aitt'KNTliR'S Employment OCQ a (cMabliebed ttficcn yeare). IIS lllh el., corner of flth ?T. /IKttMAS INSTITUTE FOR REM ALE SKRVANTS, 114 VT Ba d Hoiiktoo at., between Ban ere aud !d ar. HOrsERKKrKlt'S BITl'ATION WANTED BY A lady of education; no oh) "nUlia to me .? ?untry; can glre beet of retererv e tddrraa P. tl. S., Herald office. IANNDRKS-.-A RESPECT \ RLE WOMAN WISHES j a eMaatlau ae tanndreae. Apply for tw o days, from it to I'ioMock, at 40 Went SHh at., net ween 6th and 3th net. Nurse.?wanted, a situation, by a uomuk teut nnrsr And eeauiitnm; <an t.ige cr.tire charge of an Infant or an tnrali 1 lady; t en fnraleh the hlgj??t cdr references. Apply at ?17 'th nv.. betwe-n Bill and 1Mb eta. N'URSB SITUATION WAN'TFO-HY A RESPECT thl.V. American women thoroughly eipcrlenaed in Iba care of gitlKfiaiM do plain ?ew nv: an American family pre fei red; CO.rl rite reforenoe. Hail at 48 Waat 13th at., be lie ran 6?h aud Ibh ?ra., lor two day A NTRSK'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN WHO la i-otnpe'.r-ut to take the entire charge oi an infant

Horn lie blrtn, or io bring it up by hand; the boat c.ttr refer ence. Call at 3M i.aat JUih at., aecond floor, froat roam, far two dare. CEAMSTRKSS WISH MS TO GO OUT BY THE WF.KK O or mrnth; ran do all klnde of family aawlng; would take it home. Call at 141 Eaat 13th *1. S~2Ka1ISTRBSS.?A RKSPM'T A?BL*E Tot; No "WuMAN 5 wiabra to make a few engngementt to go ont hy the day or week in private familtre; undeiataod. all kinds of family ecu lug. haa lor beat of refewni-e If req"lred; no objee to BO a ?bor' dl.tance in iba country. Call for two ttaya I Bleei-kor at., BOcxmd floor. front. 8BAMSTBRSS.-A BESPRgTABIJ: TOUNG GIRL Wlahaa a eltuaiion aa aeatnalraaa and to aaaiet with . bit ?Iran; ean embroider; woulii go out by tba week or month; kaa the boat of reference, t an ho aoen at 141 Went 1Mb ei, between 7'b and 8th aea ________ Shirts madk to ordkr and all kinds or lamdr aewing done by hand. Inquire at MSI 6tb ae., top floor, backroom OITUATfON WANTED?BY A TO UNO WONAN, AN O tnfant'a nnrae; perfe-tly i-ompe?aui to take eb.irge of a babe from iva birth; la alao an eicetlnnl nuree for na In ont lsti babe from iva birth, m alao an eicettent nuree raltil lady; beitcity re.'areooa, Call at 343 Eaat 13th (1, be tween I at and M aea. SITUATION WANTED-BY A BEkPRUTABLB OF It man girl, for co-king, waahlng and imning. Oood refor eare from bar laat place, (tall at III baet 33d at,, betwaea CMTUATION WANTED-BT a YOUNG PROTESTANT u woman, aaebambermatd and waltrre., or would acta* chambermaid and aearaatreea: elty reference. Una bo (MB Ibtaday at 114 Went NNh et, fwnt Jraaemeat. ITU ATION WANTRD-BY A RBflPRUTABLB. OF R 1 man girl, f ce from bar 3d aad 3d art. SITUATION WANT81T-BY A RESPKCTABLF GIRL to do oharebarwnrk and waiting and to aaelet In waahlng and Ironing to a p lrnta family. Can ba aoen for two daya al 843 Eaat 10th at., between let and Sd aea , third floor. BTOUNO of ehildroo H ATION wantrd-bv a rrsprcubl rl. to do light rhambeiSrnni aad taka care o I ITS lib et. la theater* arruAiio* nmm aa*ao < O flintaaii bar business partaeliy ta aS IU1 Hlftilnl to Mm dfaMr andseamana ?rk Om< city w<mm OnM t?M* 1st aad M ata., tor two dap*. ? S5??5! ^Kferouco. AafltT at 8M a*., east aids, top QlflTATIOM WANTED?BT A OMfRM WOBU, O Mlnl?hM<Mk; uaflerelanila by bnatoim ta aU Ha QITUATION WANTED?BT A RBPBCTABLE WOMAJT O aa maami, ar ta tea* ???!! abilities Apply at M Hl^ii ai, la Uw bui aiit SKTVA1MH WANTHD?BT AM AMERICAN PBOTB8T HT aatgM. as children's auraa; Is a good plataaawaa aad willing ta make horaolf generally aaafwsaaod city refereM^ Apply at ar iltwii (w llmBfi IBTAttoraay at, SSITUATION WANTED?BT A COMPETENT VtWAl. M to dageneral housework or to cook, wash aad iron; goad city referenoe. OaM at Ml Waat What __ QRUATIOV WANTED?BT A BBgPBOTABLX QIBL O to doaaoaral housework la a aaaaB arirete family, pood city refhreaeee. Call far two dayaat m Baat ltd at SMTUATION WANTED?BT A COMPETENT TOUNO ? woman, to do ekaaaberwerk and Baa washing, or as regular laundress; root reference. OaB at MT Boat BB at, mind floor front. FltWO RESPECTABLE PBOTBBTABTB WANT 8ITUA 1 tlona; oaa aa anraa; tbo other aa good rook, weabei aad Honor. Can ba aaaa at ffl Molt at. la tha store. rno MILLINBRB.?A TBOBOUQHLT COMPETENT 1 French trim mar, whoee prcaaat iippaMi pttb a laading bonaa mill aeee .esptre, la deafroee ef a etaattee. Addram ar apply ta a Jolly, WBroedway. rpwo RESPECTABLE tocko woken WISH SITUA 1 liooa-SOnoae Brat class eook, aad tbo ether as ehaatber atald aad laundress, who oaa giro tbo boat of rsfereaoe from tbotr laat plaoa <?fa at ?B Waat ldtb respectable oirls w ^?ouu Brat obtaa cook, washer and nuTM and seamstress or ohambsrmaidL; WISH SITUATIONS; ply for two daya at lit Baat SWh ot. betweaa lu'aodtN aro. jmtMTOUN^WOME^riS^BlTUATlON^^IN^H oook, washer and Ironer; tbo other aa chambermaid and waitrem; good city reference. Oaa baaaaa for two days at 197 8th ar., one door abore 30th at. W ANTED-BY A SCOTCH LADT, A SITUATION IV TT a fanoy, dry good* atore or wua a draasmakar; tha pay aot aa maeb the object aa a permanent ptaoe; rofereaoa g|m Addrem J. M. station 0. far oaa waek. TIT ANTED?BT A RESPECT A BLE MARR1BO AMKKL "r can woman, a baby ta bring up with the bottla; will barn a good homa aad a mother's oare Apply to or address for two dgya Mrs. Tomlln, 318"Weat 33d at ANTED? A SITUATION . BT A TO UNO OIBU, aa chambermaid aad plain sewer and embroiderer. or eg chambermaid and to assist In watting ; no objection iHHHBmHBbBBd refemnce from bar laat to Iba country : the beat ? __ ?Coll for two day* at 108 Sd ar? between 13th and da. la tha basement. ^TAMTK^^l^^RKHPKOT^BL^YOUN^HKI^A attnatioo ta do light cbamborworfc aad take, "are of a baby; will be found honest aad faithful. Inquire at 78 Madison it., second floor. WANTED?A SITUATION AS NURSE. BT A COM 11 peteul Welsh girl capable of taking earn of an |M lag care of aa infant from bTrtb. Call this day, trom 3 io 4 P. M.. at 188 Broadway, room No. A RANTED?A 8ITUATION BT A TOUNO OlftL. TO TT lake care of children, or to do aberaberwork ami plain sewing ; good reference front ber present place. Can be seen Cir two daya at 187 Clinton aL, Brooklyn. WANTED?BT A BklSPECTABLE PROTESTANT Tl girt, a situation aa seamstress; would assist la lb? cere or children or aew by the day or waek. Apply for tw< days at 33 Poplar at., corner of Mulberry A, Brooklyn. W? ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PERSON, A 8 ITT A ^Btlon^und?^?taBdaoeoklnglatbe&n|[llekeylO|| end! a a good botuw cleaner. Call far two daya at HI In the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A PROTESTANT OIRL. TITANTED?A * SITUATION, NT A RESPECTABLE V v woman, lo do chamborwfrk and mwnr Em a ma ax* WMANTRD-A sfTUATION. BT A YobXO BNOLISH ? wrau. to cook ud to assist wfTh lb* VMtloiud ironing; beat otty iwfaraac*(tree. MtMM Tibar., Mtr "TT7 ANTED?A SITUATION, BT AN ABKUCAN WO. YY man, U Ao plain cooking, washing.M Ironing la * erneD pclrare famrtv; beet ef eftj wferenee gtved. 0*0 et 1W Btb ay., aeer Wk et. - ? . . ; WAKTIB-BV A YOUNG WON AN, TO OO OCT BT TT the day to operate o? wheeler A Wilson'* eewtajat. chine; understands ell kind* of fern!!? sowing. Celt el or address Bkt Woet 4Mb et., between 9th end 1Mb are. WANTBD-A SITUATION AS OOOX. BT A RBSPROT able woman. In e pi Irate I'amilr; understands all kluda or oenklag. and la a good baker; ( od city refer*no*. Call for two day* at 1* Real JOth at, Brat floor, front room. WANTED?BY ' A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT (tit, waahloc to do at hor mother'a residence, or to ?o oat by the day; reference If required. IMMat., la the roar, between 1Mb end 16th eta. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT girt, e situation to do citamberwork and plain tewing; 'or wonld take care of growing children; good ellv refer* cnce. Call forftwo day* at 141 We it JUta at. near fete a*.. In the rear. YITANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT young Ctrl, to do chamborwock and waiting In a am*'! private famuy. Inquire at 77 Weat 39th at. Bent of city ref w| obliging Baalflht VA' ANTED?A SITUATION AS WET NURSE. BT A TT mott re<peqt*bis young married woman; can giro the beat of reference*. Call aiflW Ut a*., entrance In 30th at., ?ecood floor. WANTED-A SITUATION BT A PIRST'OLABS MEAT and paatry cook; ah* understand* both French and Amarlcan cooking, alao ten cream and de?~crta of ell kiode; the beat of qtly reference* If reqalred. Apply at 8304th ar., near Mth at. _____ TXTaOTBO?BY a RES r EC TABLE WOMAN, a BIT TY nations* Bret elm oook lo a private family: goad city reference. Can be eeea et *? Boat Mth at., top floor, front room. WANTED-BY A respectable MARRSBD woman. a situation aa wet nun*; nure ng her flr?t baby, on* moat hoi A Call for oa* day at 3ft Beat 1Mb et. ANTED-BY A YOCNO OIBl. A SITUATION AS good plain cook, wether and turner, willing and log. Has good city reference from her last ptaee. IIS h at., second Boer, bach room. TAT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITU*. TT Ann to do general housework to a private family; no objection to tb* couutr/. Call at Slfl West iflthei.rear building, flret floor; WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU atlon ?a couk; uuderitaeds ocoking In all tie branohea: willing t* a??l(t witb plain war fa leg nod Ironing. Beat city reference* given Can be seen for two days at 111 Eaal Hiatal TITA STEP-BY a respectable woman, some TT wanhiug. to take to her own lion as: door In the neatest manner; alao fluting done. Apply at 80 West 38?h at. WtNTI.D BY A RP-S PR OTA BEE PROTESTANT WO man a altnatloo r.a unit rate cook: has good city ref erence. Can be seen for two dan at ACT Mb sr., between ?M end M ate., In the miiloej-y store. \lf ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A 8ITUA TT lion at nurse; la ispabie of taking charge of nn Infant from lie birth; no objection to travel. Call at 101 At arv in the atore. TyANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT girl a altti.ktinn a< chambermaid and to atsin In nra?h Inr and liming beat otfy i*f*u-Bce. III Ttli sr.. thwd (Inor. YJ7ANTBD-BY V RESPECTABLE YOUSfl WOMAN. A TT situation e? ch.tin!>ei maid and warreaa; or la willing to nasi*':n wa thing and irnnlug. Call at 178;* Chryatle at., room No. 8, for two day*. wanted?by two respbctablb. protectant >1 w-omrn, situation*. to cook, waah anil Iron Call at 1M East llunatoo it, be. ween Bowery and 3d aa. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A KITCA Yr tlon. la e geod plain cook and en ri. ellent waaber and lioner: good re*?reii'<?# given; la willing to go ? ahorl dta ? Ui -e |n tfao country. hall ?t Mi Weal Will at . between 7th and 8'h ava.. In n: base went. TV ANTED-\ SITUATION, BT A BBS I' ROTABLE TT tonug woman, to do chamherwork and Waiting, or general housework in a aniall private family; good refer sin e from last place. Can be seen et tSboth ev., room No. ?? W~ ANTED-BT AN * EDUCATED YOCNO LADY, "a situation aa lady's companion or govern***; has a thorough ancwie Ige if inutlc and French; money not ao m trh nr. nh|r,it ea a ocmfniinbl* home. Call for two daye at 8-1 Bitot lltb at , In the fancy atore. V17 ANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RE 81 TT joung girl, as ? im. M or waitress, . housework in a amail family, t en he seen et WANTED-A SITUATION AS FIRST CLASS YY waltrea*, or at chambermaid; no objection* to go a abort d'atan. e In th* country good country and city refer enoe. Cell for two <l?y? Hi TJI Tat at., rmr l??b at. WANTED-HY A RESPECT tRLE MARRIED WO man, a baby to wet nurse or dry mine at her own hmiae; ha* leather own lately; road refereno# If required. ? ad at 68 James et, in the atore. RESPECTABLE ? re#*, or would do housework Tnn small family, ran be teen *ta87W**t8Bd at., between 8th end 10th ara. tip ANTED- ACTUATION. BY~ a RESFKrTARLB TT Weiah girl, a* nurse and plain sewer, or a* ubnmoei. mat Apr it plain ?r wer Can be sees at 819 East lgth ah, be twcaB let and M ava. Tlf ANTF.D?BY A YOUNG' OIRL, A SITUATION TT aa (Stam?*rmaM sad In aaalti In waiting; like* ktnfl care o; children: oan sew on machine. No objection a Iwarning house. cStU et It* 8d ar., la th* rear. ANTED-A SITUATION BT A RE8PKCTABLB girl eg chambermaid and waitress In a private fam Iff, or NWM da ) ou?*w iik in e email family ; good elty reference. Cell at I7fl Raat lltb it., second fleer. WANTKR-A SITUATION BT A TOl'Nn (1IRL IN a plain family in dn general heuaework ; it egood worker; reference given. Cell et 86 East 1Mb et., (op floor, front room. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Wo men wiabe* e situation aa chambermaid or waltraee, or to do general housewerk In a smaltprlrale family; beat of elty re I ere noe |lvee. Inquire et flt Weat 41ei et. ANTKD-BT A lU'PRRIOR COOl. WITH EXCEL lent elty reference, a situation la a private family, an jniS&K. fih# w ^?r&THMI WWII IBl'Aiai. TETANTBD-BT A BBSPBOTABLB WOWNM. WHO Vv HowwHlr MllHIUli her buAim Lb ellTu hrayhii; a It?Mw m Mok; ?Nli b* wflltag IW'WUf 'wkobMnli, VtTMxnst-n a ooirrrpBirr skam?trbsn.| ." BlfWIj W the WHL HMStk; M CUt MMll <***?? *** ?* ? ^'"I'l (ANION TO I M KM TXTAMIWD?AT A RESPECTABLE TO (/NO GERMAN "I. situation to take aw* MtMor 8we yeuaf children. Inquire to 88 Hulllraa to.. near Canai. gjf "i*.***eftetolmseUle, ogloeof the awM tor fug tafarmsHea. AH COMrBTRNT lady. as partner, wantkd ? Who thoroughly nuderetoads outline and etttna MB auequtvuluat for toptUL Address A. B., SwWW A RomcnrK wanton?bt a okntlbblan A wMhsw1 towttMy; ?tola a tody of geed Hiin, to AAdr? I. War. Be?Id lHai. ;~ f Ah otel WAirrKD^^gSSSiSBS6H| ? tor *? petrels ot5^a^d-^^to?Tas^S?ibpJ1 Hfrtna family; mart be ft good plain rook. pnd ?toHMiMLpBr aTMaRCrUnton pUoa, HA GMOOK WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY; MONK ? need apply who cannot fttrulah good ufty NfareooM u to hoaaaly. capacity, Ac. Apply to No. ?TTito W to. T\RES8MAKINO. ? WANTED - APPRENTICES TO U learn the buaineea. Apply a! H Eaat Ponrth toreeCH FHRKMOH nurse wanted, who can speak I for ft child two yet?n old: null hora beat eity reference. Apple nt 44 Weia Thirty-ninth street, baa 11 to 1 oVIoek. Oood wages. H^B Ironing. with the auluUnco of ehambonatod; three In family. Apply, with oily reference, to St Beet SUt to., aear Madleoa ar. QPBRATOR WANTED?TO WORK jON WHEELER A Wiluon'a maehine, at Lord A Teytor'e, Broadway. Entrance to workroom In Orand atreet. TX7ANTED?A FRENCH OR OBRMAN WOMAN, AS TV teeober for two children, in ? private family. One cem petent aud obliging may cell from 10 A. M. to 8 P. M, for two deyt la Lexington ar.. fourth houie from 8M to. yy ANTED-A OIRL AS NURSE AMD SEAMSTRESS for crowing children; nene but n capable girl. With city reference, need apply. 108 Best 87th to., beeement door. yy ANTED- A PROTESTANT OIRL, AR CH AM BER maid, nune and aeinutreea. Cell to 01 Beat 49th to., between 10 A. M. end 8 P. M. None need epply without good city reference. WANTED?A VOUNO OIRL TO COOK FOR A SM ALL VV French private family: beet city reference* r required from the Let place. Inquire to-day to No. 7 Albion piece (68 Eaat 4th at.), before IS crolock. WANTED?A* OOOD PLAIN COOK, WASHER AND Ironar for e family ef tee persons. Apply to fl Wert What , between 10audi. ?yyANTED?A YOUNO OIRL, ABOUT lt^OR 18 TEARS ^^?of age, to take ehergn ofcthree email ehildron; one wltoihw the comferta ef a rood home mere particularly lb ah wagea, may apply to 819 Wert 34th art. near 7th ar. W^HANT .D-A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT COOK,I ? eae who under*tends baking end eeu bring good eHy retoreneea. Cell at (17th ar., between 14th end Hth ftemHA.BL tot P. If - Whanted-a faithful, EXPERIENCED, pro tntato nana, to take charge of children fr.-m four yean upward*. Apply, with beet ef eHy reference^ for two dare ekiH Waal 14th to. Of ANTE D?CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS: OOOD yy city reference# required. Apply at 108 Weat <gd at 11/ANTED-A QOtlK FOR A PBITATE FAMILY. ? Apply ar < Bead at., helere 18 t'ctoek. TIT ANTED?A COMPETENT OTCXSTBREM AID AND IT aeamat re*a, qiiaUOed aiao to aaatrt la nurarry; a young wwpea prefaired Apply after 10K A. M. far I we daps at ^Aj^O-yy(riR|^OLAS^OPgRAT^R^)N MBBMBBBMIh sewing machines. Only those .who can fnrniah machines need a poly at OB Leonard to. WANTSD-A STEADY TOt.NO OIRL, FROM FOCIt teen to aerenteen year* old. lo do light indoor work and on anu" " ' " "" ~ " ** idaray. jjo^on small errand*. Apply at Mile. H. Bernard's, 788 yy ANTED;-A COOK, WASHER AND I RON PR, FOR a email family ua Staten Island. One who know*.her buainee* may apply to E. t. Wooater A Co., M Murray to. yy ET NURBR, WANTKPrPUB WITH A FRESH breaet of milk, fore child two mouth* old; muit be respectable and reliable. Apply for two day*, between 10 A. M. and 4 P. M., at 41 SI Mark's place (8th el.), near ?4 ay. yyANTED-JN A PRIVATE family, a steady, re spocUhle young womta. as ciiamhcrmatd and wait' res* and is .*m*l*t in the wishing and Ironing; good eity reference required. Apply at 817 West 23d at yy ANTED?A OIRL AS W.UTRE88, TO ATTEND TO furnaeeandte make her?elf ceneralir useful; good city reference* required. Apply at 118 Want 44th at. ?yyANTED?k FIRST OLASS COOK, TO GO SIXTEEN mi ire In the country; one who will aatost at washing ptufet red. Ap;<ly at IH Wall to. ?yyANTKD-A COOK, WASHER AND JRONF.R. IN A ?m.ill fatuity of these persons; reference required. Call to 818 8th sr., tour door* ahoy* 14th el. ?yyANTIU^^iPK^rolWV^tROVHI^^AKEIVS machine. Referenoee required. Mayer A Bern hard. 88 White ai. WANTRD-A LADY'S MAID AND SEAMSTRESS; miiat understood catting end tilting end Wheeler A Wtleon'amachine, and brleg good dtp references. Apply at WANTRD-A NEAT. TIDY OtlL, 18 TO IB TEARS of age. to attend aa ice cream saloon and work In the Hew, to WO Be wary. w ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A WET NORSE. APPLY ?tUIA UtHM'i, No ? dth at, near Bowery. tlTANTED?A TOCNO LADY TO ATTEND IK A TT uI-iob. Apply at 107 Grand at Wanted immediatlly-pirst class milliner and aalean-nman combined at IE. Spring at. Flfht elaaa reference required. SITUATIONS WAirrED-nALH. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNO MAN SO yeara of age. In anr wholeaale biiatneaa: grocery or commlreton preferred. wQl go for a entail aalarj. AAirw boi 5U0 Haraid oUire. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS PORTER ?*\ In a More, or waiter, or anything he can take hold of: a atom, able "man, It ream of am, from thcoonntr; and recently from the old country Call at or addreaa St Mar ket at. _________________ AflENTLRMAN. JUST ARRIVED FROM ENGLAND, of lirge ? nmmeivlal experience, wMhreto meet with ear situation in a r. -rehant'a ofllca where ho ran make litmaolf genrrallr naeful: he pne?e*eea a j erfOct knowledge of bookkeeping; la energetic and (ndnnlnoua. Addraaa B. H. hot lit 11 ai old oilier. A YOUNG MAN WHOSE EVENINGS ARE UNKM plnyatl wlahra oocnpat.nn aa a copy-at; wrltea a fair band I) J. MiImEhNKV. 21 *1 ar. t YOONO MAN, INTELLIGENT AND ACTIVE. WHO /l ep??ka and wrtte# the Frenrh. Herman and Eng llah langtiagea, and la a gc>d penman, wlehea a altuation in any capacity. haa good refeiencee. Addreaa for eight day* V. L. * 11 era M office. _____ _ a young Man DESIRES a NITUATtOB IN A J\ whnl"?rle i-ommUalon bon?e, where app'lcailnn to bn aineta Win bring preferment; uodemunde bookkeeping and haa had tome experience. Addraaa Y. J!., autlnn O. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION TO TAKE ram of aown and horaeaj la a eplendld milker: willing to go to any part of tha country: haa Set vaan' reference. Addraaa box Aid Herald uffih't. A YOUNG OKRMAN WHO SPEAKS AND WRITES French, Engllah and Spanleh wanlaa altuation aa head waiter or waiter ; haa ranch experience. Call at 1*4 and KM 4th ae? the-Oerman Clnb Houae. A YOUNG MAN ABLE AND WILLING TO MAKE hint If generally meful la aiuloua >o nktinaillu atlon la noy capacity; would take a amall ealary to rora tnence; wrftea a fair hand and la quirk ntflguree. The vary heat of city reierancet can be given. Addraaa J. L. N , boa 191 Herald office. lotuation WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE man O aa porter, or In any onpaolLy where he could maka hun aelf generally uaaful. Addraaa A. M? Haraid othoa. r HOTEL AND SALOON PROPRIETORS-A etrktly aieady, aoher and t-uatwcrihy man, of many yeara' experience and perfectly undnafandlng ibe bnalneaa fn all it* hrannbea, having been tinauceaefni on hla own ac count, I* doairooa of procuring * poaltion aa bead barkeeper, or to lake the entire charge oflaome flr?i claao ratnhll*hnicnt. Refeioncoa of the higtieal order. Addma* A. Y , Herald office. fKTANTKD-HY A GERMAN MAN. A SITUATION AS YY "aoachman: nnderatanda hi* bnalocaa thoroughly; can gtre good reference Addraaa for two days C. F., Herald WANTED?A SITUATION, EITHER AS BARKEEPER or porter In a atom, by a young men who la callable of fllNng either aitnallon, and whe haa >ho l<Mt of reference. Addreaa .laanea foonoy, Tl Suffolk ar. WANTiCD-A SITUATION, NY A YOUNG MAN, IN A reape-table hardware ?tore; ha* had Are yeara' expe rience and can ahow Brat cla-a reform Addraaa A. R, h. i X, Haraid nfOoe. WANTEP-BT a gentleman from the west, a eltnailnn aa travelling agent In the Jewelry, watch or plntedware huaine*a; la well acquainted with the Southern and Woatern trade. Addrea* Winter, Haraid oRire. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A WELL EDUCATED yeungman; epeaka Franeh, German and Kng'lah; In Kwholaaale or importing houae Addea** Unt'em t'oai of ?. Reference Mf Btei-lway mn-vjn.-v* HAITIIMUl'M CPiOl? AMM> X irrwiirrow^WA?T*i>-?T atodno ***-** ^jsaas^sggHs^ irawsflffia fTe.t 18U el, UUrd floor. Vm* worn. ?IdeRee. ? |||M ?rifM?? aipmS fiJfir perfectly fhmWar wttk ?2fcajffloubted reference; wonld mi J?U.I*rtedwtn?theeemlM*eir. ' hut. Mew Tori. wa: HMI 4 SSjST 5!?tieraVl WAHTBD-BY A OOMr*L1L^T.T,2S22J{XAidrw?5'. uUMualkMiM: olothlnfl B?"M- Aflareeen. T. 0.. bo? MB Herald oRoo . > rin? nl.aSH TBAVILUXO MI* WANTED?A riMT CLASS TBAVELLJWQ BALW taEldy*??othMneAdHgrT^ |sr?ss.u,BUr8-",?5Js: srsA-as | Philadelphia. _______ ?? I titaNTKD?IY A PAPBB WARKHOU8B. A TOON* Sr^rKKa | applicant. with reference. A. ?? C., Herald <?? W^u^Mr8 iBin acquainted with dty jobber, deed apply. Addree. be. 1 fl,76? roA offlce. ? WANTED?A DRT7Q CLERK, WITH OTTT BSMB> enoeq, corner iwii M. ead let at. ntviv?A you no man that undkbbtarw I cenerally u*eful. wltb g#* r?lffreo<?*- eelary IrM? seeem | |w). Addreaa A. B. c". Herehl olBce. ? WANTED?A TOUNO MAN AS .CLBBE^ IN A? {ffjj* I . I oeg| Address I* M. B?? Uw*M olflcf. n r /\ ?THE ADYBRTI8ER WILL TAT WW $50. .mount to ?VP"^*wuriM htmsdt^ye I ? el.-rk in the otlco of . merchandise broker. Alliuimi. 1 Herald ofliool t^MTHD^iU L?. _ | j^DiinSiopen;ealerieefllflto<S?perwe^fc *7t ? ?.^ytiag. I A?KS U>e tminodieio relief of cou^he, co<d?.A* ? U* ?oebfleNR' ur ^ JUo^itij^ybWHSS^ *.. *erwy 0M?_ A OHMTS \TA*TED^fO SEAL AN AWWOfM j^. A Urtl' now and wanted erorrwbo?e? e rare '?y ? \ssxS&SSS?ma^s%mr a N RXPKRIKNORD BOORKRKrKR, Al* jiffl l .A, loom No. A . N OtiS TRUMAN WANTBO-ONK WHO?1 Am-ud*?pentad oyelere. Apply ?t Earl ? O/flter I S&8 81 h av. "??*?? 1 ?VHMf \VTRl)-A RRSPEOTABLE. HOMW. A"g B iodtnt'rtoue youth, to JiSThle et a tern >t"re; one reeldinf 1? ?}?' neighborhood sntnme^ I reuu preferred. Apply at BWbprmg d. ^ /3ANYASSERj? WANTED?IN EVBBT OITT. WW xsr& sfja'S? S"^?Sks3 Libert, at New TrnW. Partlee mu.i inrariabty pmenmtM to pay for oewpMR rar,'iT5* taswwtt | M at WBBeado?A. rnoond floor. BTft^SS^SS^St'*8 | hATft fod raooMmwidiRtoiit and lire with hta parnU. wvs^ssf ^?*? i nly^iiUCft?> ?C, fr?I II A. ?? Md?wwrw.^ WANTED-AN ^IfllSTANT DBNTIST, AT DR. MA? eellWi, W *th ?'?? eemer of ?*? et- ., . . Wsgfsz. usaaas'f gasCTggg inamiT ftn rtrr speuial sdvsaUSW to ieniwnw wr pulmrt Addrt?i wHk rediftiiMi,, Ac.? 0 ^ACTBD-A JBAITEB. APPLY AT 1M BTH AT., WANTED?FOR A RETAIL GROCERY 8TORE, A ywuu man of noma expeneuce I* the bualneaa; map. underotand driving horeea. Arfdreaa, with reference*, O. K. L., box 8,1(11 New York Poat office YtTANTED?A YOUNG MAR AGED 1? OR IT AS RAM-' jrf Jkeeper. Apply earner ef Cnmuertand and Fultuaeva^ Brooklyn. 117ANTED?IN A LAWYER'S OFriCE. A MEAT, TIDT YY lad, ona from aehool preferred. Apply at 46 Plan ?4_ l oom No. A batwaan IS and 3 oMuox. U7ARTED-A FIRST CLASS WAITER. FOR A 8 MALL YY private family; tha b'ighext wage* will ha paid for a thoroughly competeut and honeut mau. Apply, until Rotor* dap, tha tilth iuah. at Id aud 74 South at., balwaaa IS aaBI o'clock. WANTED.-A STOUT BOY WISHES TO APPRRR. tlca hnaaalf to tha tin mod ahoat iron trade Applp ta ?I"ha Flood, 87 Kca luteal at. Rataranoaa exchanged. WANTED?A CITY COLLECTOR FOR AM IR8UR anoa oUaa. Appy. with references, atatii expected and ago, to box - 078 Poat ofl.oe ITT ANTED?A SMART, ACTIVE BOY. FROM 18 TO IB YY yaai a of age. ,o go an errand* and maha hlm*o|f gen erally useful. lla mu?t lira with hi* paranta, who will apply with bnn at 618 Broadway, Mcood floor. W. C. VORIIITRQH A 001 TTTARTED?ACTIVR ME* TO TAKE THE AOBNO* YY of a Llfa Ineitranc* Company for Goaben, Mlddte 'own, Newburg, New Yorh; al*o tbh city. Good Indue*. mauls. Local reeidents preferred. Address Inauranoa, has 'A* Herald office. WANTRD-A KMART MAN. WHO IK ACOUAIETE? with the Auction bualneaa: nna who can ?ji?t tha German language prafarrad. Apply at nwrn No. 4. t'llntea llall, 8th *t. Wmm ARTED-YOURO MAR IR A NEAT PACKIRtt buatne**. Oae having About in ea?h. willing th devoi* hi* whole attention to btulnea* may addre** PaclrtaR Business, box 166 Herald office. __ WHBARTED-TWO youno men who WRITE A GOOD hand, far two or three weah*' employment. Addreae ui r *iiilwr,ting box l.lap I'o*'ofline ^ _____ WARTED?KRAMER. ORDINARY SEAMEN AND YY landamen for ih* United Ktalaa Naxy: also machinists, boiler maker*, btaeksmli ha, carpenters and oAipeis, Apply At the rendexroue, HO Oharry ?tree(. ANTED a GOOD MAN COOK, FOR A HOTEL. Anply AtM Warrtn at. w *oe -WANTED, A YOUNG MAN WITH THIS iPw'). amount In A Aral cU(* atAimrsclnrtng hu*lMMt al*o on# with SSIIO, guarantee.! profli* $48 per wraRt aa* ?1,9(0 la Aral ale** billiard 118 N*?*au at., Re. 8. FRB.YIH ADVERTIIKItBiri. ON DEMANDS URE BONNE D'SNFART FRANCA 1KB, pa riant ranglali, at capable da *e charger du coin d'nn enfant de detn an*. 11 r?ut four air lea inellleitrea rkfh rencea de la rlila. B'adreeaer an 46 We?t IP ma rue. Antra II hauraa at mldl UHNB JBt'RS DAMR BIEN RKCOMM A VOEE BONNE colffaure, dselre aa planar comma gnuxarnAata d'ea fantaou lemmr da nltainbre. No. 1 Walker at. wap.