Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 9, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 9, 1867 Page 1
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H YORK HERALD. i ?' 1 1 ? ? ? " ? 1 w ?m m/ J-JML. ? J ? WHOLE NO. 11,089. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9, 1867. PRICE FOUR CENTS. FBIIWIA*. A| R?APPOINT A PLACK VOl AN INTERVIEW I i vfli rriflB jfPlL Afidrnm tfwry B. fotnfom a, Spetng RwH few to-dky 1 Ij>OB ADO r nH_i 1 AAdfi^^JL^., Herald GRORG1K?TUB DOCTOR WILL MBET YOU COB ? n?r ?l Hinhar ?d Broadway, 00 Thursday evening, at Ike usual hour. B?"MOM CHER > TOUR LETTER MAKER . me cry. Come and ace me qm tuna before I start to BROWM VEIL. ORRKN BOOK, 8UTH AVEND1 ?"-Srfey.y-p^ jxzr v~" "?** ^ IDOB ADOPTION?A FEMALE CHILD. ONE MONTH r oM, ?r^toard ^wauled for MM. in a respectable family. TN FOR NATION WANTED?MISSING, ON TUB *? 1 July last. Richard Wilson, ehoeamhar. having left km Name at Mount Clair, N. J. AnyJlafawfolm of Sis where abouts wtfl tminb oblige Annie WUaoa, kia wife. Address Syracuse rem odfoe. Syraouos, N. I. d Clinton HUk B. WENTWORTH BICKBBff. FORMERLY AMBRL asm Consul at Fimakfort-oo-lhaAUlaa, Germany, urlil receive dne foformattoaa bf tppMui at tbo undersigned, who baa baaa enuruefod by htm ?Mb some private buaheaa ?dfaira. ACGMT |BTTK, Ram Attfoata, ^ ? j ?RfflREING-LUKAa SCHMIDT. OO WERT THIBTY NINTH JYl ctreal. Laat aacn at Waabiflgton Market, buying aoma groceries an Saturday January ft. 1887. Any information concerning htm will be tbankfnDy received nt tka above place, In foe grocery (tore. Mmm STATION H.-A LETTER FOB TOU TO TBB . old address, from J. C. H. Mb. lanodon-johh, comb and see me immr dtately. Write U> 17. J. T. NO. L?ALL RIGHT. IE THERE NO HOPB OF OITB meeting toon * I will never neglect you. Writ* often fo year awn SNOWDROP. Pm* BR8ONAL?IF R. M. RICHARDS. LATE IN EM ploy of the Mississippi Glaea Company, St. Louie, Ma. will tend hit ndiireea to Win. Ever.on, 00* 1.796 Poit office. Mew York, he will Mar of aomething to hia advantage. SALLY?I HAVE RETURNED FROM THE rROYlNCEB. Write to Sue through the Brooklyn Poet office. THOMAS. FTtHK LADY FROM ALBANY COUNTY. WHO TOOK A the boat for home lent September ie requested to write the gentleman who assisted her. as bis letters are unan swered Addrese A. 8. A., boi 107 Herald office. W??ALTER WHELAN. FORMERLY RESIDING AT Tonkers, can receive Inform.tion from a friend by aalling at the Herald office far a letter. WM INTER GARDEN. JANUARY 7, AND BROADWAY stare to Cortlandl etreet?Will the young lady in black velvet cloak und hat address in uonfidenea. stating wkan and where an interview can be had, H. K. Jackson, baa A867 Poai office. TWO DRQMIOS. WILL BCBELT TRY AND BE ON HAND FRIDAY evening: same place. KATB. IA18T AMD rOVBD. TkBCPPRD-IN ONE OF THE UNIVERSITY LIMB Of U uta, thia day about neon, in passing down, n Wallet containing my eheckon the Bank of America for |78A pay ment of whm baa bean (topped, three Coupons of Chicago nod Rack Island Railroad Company of $88 each, payable Mtk Inst.. about 80 odd dollars In bills and a few Memo randums. A liberal reward will be paid upon tka return of the wallet and Its contents to * West Thirty-Urn street. WM. MACKAY. ! SOQ LOST?A YOUNG. FULL SIZED. DARK BROWN. early haired Spaniel; long tall: a strip of white en mt ana breast. $10 reward will be paid for hi* return to df Bant Twnnty-tklrd street. F1UMD?A SUM OF MONEY. ADDRBS8 J. T., CARE pf W. a. BlaefcweU. ftfi Pearl street. If OUT?OJf THE 7TH. GOING THROUGH BOWERY, 1 JLi Catharine, South street and Peek slip, a small Trunk, esataintng boys' clothes, marked Henry E. Burr. $38 will be given for its return ta Monnt'a Sxpreas office, VI Eighth ?venue. ___ ] OST?ON MEW YEAR'S NIGHT, A MUSLIM LINED J Envelope, containing some papers of tmpertaaoe erilwto foe owner, Will the finder plena* 8*?Mnisaia with box W Paei office _ Y OPT?A PLAIN GOLD SEAL BINS. RBD STOKE, JL* Inn moroooo box marked Tiffany A On. Tb* finder wlR be suitably rewarded by returning the ring to Mr. Cook, ?t Tiffany A On. 'a, Hfi Bread way. OST?ON TUESDAY MORNING, IN A THIRD ATE Nurd ops, containing ninety two dollars In ne stamps The fioder will be generously unieettns with C.B.. beg RftG Feet offies. LOST?A PORTFOLIO. OONTAlNING RECEIPTS, a at as, aartlficntas of staphs. An, of no aeoouet to any body butthe owner. The finder will reoatua a liberal reward ee returning tka asms to naaltartoh A Mans, 4fi? Pearl street. Lost-on Thursday, on broadway or ninth street, a Pocket book. The fin Bar will be rewarded by leaving It at 87 Perry street. T OPT?ON SUNDAY EVENING, A MINK COLLAR, ON Li Thirty-fourth etreet. between Fifth and Btith avenues The finder wll. be suitably resrarded by returning it to No. lfifi Clinton ptece. ? OST?PAM BOOK NO. 4.M, THOMAS BANNAN, IN Li trust far Worth Ledge, No. tlO, In Mecbanios and mudera'Ravings Institution. The finder will receive a re wnrd of fit on Moving It at the Rank, Bowery, near Hous ton atreeL SOGT-A PARCEL OF LAOE. IN TWENTY-SIXTH street, between Sixth and deven havenuaa. Tka finder I be rewarded by calling at the? ghen Hoop bkiri Fee , Twaatv-alxth etreet, between f Breath ana Eighth ova. Y OST.?SV WILL BE PAID. AND NO QUESTIONS Jj asked, for the return of the following articles, wrapped em In a newspaper:?Three Fans, three Black Bilk Ties and ? Book of copied letters, lost in going through Bleecker L Bowery, Broadway and Sixth avenue to Korty ?iith tt or the farm and Ilea may bo retained If the letter A. which Is of value only to tka advertiser, ta returned to ? ?7Broadway. Y OST?A NOTE FOR M.9B, MADE BY OhO. W. J J Thompson. The public are cautioned ngelaat negotiat ing u. A reward win bo paid oa its return to 3fit Greenwich ?Mai rlR PERSON WHO TOOK A COAT FROM 144 WEST Tenth street will oblige the owner by returning to him papers found la the pocket, as they are of no value ax aept 10 the owner. Address w., lfifi Sixth avenue. EBWAIBft. ~ lefijtOE A REM MAT, VI BROADWAY. WILL PAT I fiMO for return of the geuda stolen from their store ea w Year's aflereooa. GO REWARD?STRAYED, FROM NO. 4fi BAST W?) Twenty-eateud street, a Maltese Kitten. Tka above I wiU be paid for bar return. Gf MKWARD.?STRAYED FAOMS FOURTH PLACE, Brooklyn, Jau. A a large Palalar Dag. spoiled liver aaler and gray. Apply as a bora. in REWARD?gTRATBD, FROM ? THIRD AVE 1J nae. a small Black and Tan slut, oa Sunday svealaa. 1 leet.: answers to the nam# of Mlaala, bare of balr on heck, white metsl collar with rod ribbon on neck. Whoever return* her in the above address will receive the above re eased nag thanks of the a a net. REWARD?LOdT. A LARGE POINTER DOG. liver solar and white, short tall. Return him to Idfi ty 920 Forty-fourth at root and the reward will be paid. REWARD.?LOST OR ITOLBN, FROM On IJV ?i I fig* ton street, Breokiva. a Scotch Terrier ?sea odor, short ears and la! I, vary fat and answers t > the naaso of BulL Tbo above reward will be paid to any one : ?? torn tup him to 88 Jnralomou atreol GOA REWARD?LOST, IN OOING TO OR FROM A WwU carriage la East Tweaty-ildi J street, near Lealag fao hvenue, or lu Fifth avenue, oear Twenty-first (t.ewt, a ? >yh lace shawl. The finder will receive tbo above reward ee leaving It at 141 Fifth avenue. J-|k REWARD.?I A)RT, ON MONDA T.JAN. 7. A ROLL ? )U af Rill*, haiween Tweaty-thlrd and Twelfth a ? Tbo finder will receive iba above reward by apptyiag ?e Waet Twoaty-sec'itid stred. m REWARD?THE ABOVE REWARD WILL BE paid for the lecoverr of a wallet abwul In cerrercy. and peoors valuable to ihe owner only. Lost in n Slltli ..t-enue uar from Vee?v str?0l at !?% P. Ml, Jan. , I9C. fall on or address A J. Biovena, fid Plu* street m 14* West Twelfth ett eel >7 - nRWfiltl) ?LOST GR RTOLBV * H1RY AMD ?4 ?) Diamnad Riuff- If iwturnod in 16 Us.uiftoa ?vw aa Ike above toward will ba paad and no quntions ashed. MRU fiTIUffi. ? A PHYSIO I.Of) l?'AL VIEW OF M ARKIAOE-OO* tainloh nearly :??) pages and lilO fire ptslev and to, ?>f the hiwmniy ui the human ntvina in a stale <>f Itli and d'snaae. with a treatise en 'MT'r error, its deplo h- rarseeuenreo upon the mind and tmdy, with the a'hur's plan of ireatreent? the Oulv rational and successful ? i of sure, as shown by the report of rases tested. A 1KAD T7fE "RET. ETON AT THE K A Hiffl'T. I< Rbeletua at the Han' ,i?t," hy the *<>Misr of the "Dc*d l^ttc," and other tipiop stones, hplecdteiv lllustrat,-d la tvejucw t,w.ear or Niotbvn Light, NdHhern'i.tgfo. for aale every where. Prt-e lleer.t* ?A VI I, LI A H PR. LfiRGK NUMBER OP NEW aNU HFTDNDHkNIt KNltseil Pautos. with fur imp, ? red combination ihinns. whu b Jiavc heap proved tsV the isna, nrreet I dtivahle ? ii-hioss c,er .,.a?ft ep? Imens of par tehlr# Hhat bare hccu 11 ? BBstaul 'J0c fot many yeara tnav ba seen foe pr n-tpal 'icela and ? *.e, n# In thlar'tv Parties m MM to piinhsaa will find '.t fo K*ie'V I tit arcs' to mil and ??amine our aic-g, which is tha Ikrsesl sod 0neat m the nrtd Bovv' Tabias for hoibb., prasat.ds PHEi <N A CALLANDER; tin.,an "ready street N. Y m ' SHARP II*rn A LARGE /"tklKTMK.NT OF i,*w an, nsconri hatid Hilkaril Table* ,\lv?A)r ,n iiand hia niati'iiacio y . if is nail kn.inu thni Hl,a?l ? I'lishM,,* evuncrdc u> ant ,s> uar Mui'ufticion 48 Mrrtur ?eev auroa, ul Hi mi. A mm 0OVHRNB88 WANTED?TO TAKE T HE ENTIRE " yjoro nidi maet be G?m?. n^ffiaSteiasS^iissSr Hoi IJM New York Poet office. A'wjsaegw'Wgai. .asKs-* acr.A*ia.'.sj-.Afr 'as A BDCCAIIGN-TOWNHKND'S CQ.VXEK ?O. del Academy. VO Bowery. Private tuition. day end FulUfri Hmk Hre>tlyii. Innraoiloa <j?y Mtd ?Tfruing; A EJSWfcj MH In the ancient etveq. Address Rerer. aeatheraatiee. composition, correspondence, nomei mlnn. ?SS?3"kSk A'enounce me inr ' " -tA REDUCTION TN TERMS. OOLDBMirH'H """?T-SBryrAfSiPor?"? YOUNO MKN A liDT TEACHER WILL OIVB LK880HB IK PEN. .?e iSgX;'.,yo'al%yr.'rn,y % isfe.11' would uko idTAotA0 of Um nwmrtuulin are roqueaUd to ontor their nuinea iinnodiatelv A 11 mi bad mnmbsv oni. will be received ?tth,"toyynS): No. 7M B?oS?i?r 0OUNTINO ROOM! FO^R ^PRACTICE AND IN8TRUC BOOKKBEPMO AMD BU8INE88 AFFAIRS, r> r> w.wonBatabliahod and conducted by C. O. MARSH, author of the populer Works on Bookkeep ins, ?lfl Broadway. Circular*. T)OUEAR'S[COMMERCIAL ACADBMyTbO# BROAD. ~~ been enlarged by the addition of new private ronrns, and now offers untjauar fTctlltlea to gentlemen who wl?b practical laatructton lu Bookkeeping. Business Writ log, or Commercial Arithmetic. ?? wra FRF^?5. LEARKAD IK THRKR MONTHS BY MY attractive, easy,- Infallible method. English taught to n " I? w,.Ul 'I".*1 ?ucceM- Addree* J. rterard, station "? en years' practice. and ?J5**AK LANGUAGES latin, and ether branches of a gentleman'* education. 7BS Broad way. All lessons private. Established ISM. Terms g90 per quarter. Prof. E. TELLERINCL SPn2iS?.eVt?,?ITA0,!vTPB,0r A DE torno9 IB w? ?JB*M3I?. hU ?? Mercantile Li RFamiHSs $40 <2Vlffg?$J?tg' AS?JSKK3g purou"- Address Abel Whitloek, Dan bury, Conn T gPORTMO, ~ A ^n S2?? ^ EDS FOB SALE ~AT w ?' I" c*Ml Street, near Church street. bi?ds! diseases. Prepared Pood for mocking D- POSTER, lg Beoaeeelt street. sap^a?^a ggrtttsnc ?????.. naawahisa W*T!rD7* OpOD OBT RIOOBD BOAT, BRAI.L wj^g^^j^gjasastNA ., eo??am. caamiASMS. we. A HiSPifflLlilS y-eu. sit soiiu itefcssjSfe?i?Tastitt: gjxasr YaSKctsf-jntaraS At ?f CBOAR STREET-CaREIaHES. slbiohs, hae sees. Blanksia. Re., at a eeortSee. Buggies ef all kinds. open, e one, eoupeu eta seat, and ettiuader Rocks ways; Phne tens. Depot and Express natnna Ac Some great barsdsi for the nasi thirty days. JOHN M. TOFTS, JrT ?uccSesor to Rom m Tufti. A mm -attention is palled to the auction ? e of YANDS WATER. 100 Llbony street, this day. at J? ..- ?tl? comprises a selection of choice Trotting and Gentlemen's Horses, Carriages. Wagons, Sleighs, SeT. Ac. For partteulara see aootiua sales. A FINE CARRIAGE FOR RALE?MADE BY LAW # r*"c*'or *'? William T Coleman; la offered 'or sale for want ofnse; la nearly new and In One order To be aeen CN-, at.i Me*, on Ferty-aiklh street, ?? SUth A?8LEIOHS, ROBES. BELLS, IIARNESSTOF. ? Hoed, Depot and Express Wagows. Truct. Conns Rock away, ivyohes. Fhseieny new affZSend hind, etrodSSd prices V tt cosier street. AJ,?' BOOitT?MADE IT WOOD BROS.. ONE Coupe, 'hree Cabriolets sad one Phaeton, seuond hand ? KSad!.":^^?4_M-r? "%-gt Meyhaa J? K**? Feerth si rest, coiner Breed way. A SECOND HAND WAGON WANTED-POR A PED Hr s use. Apply Is LYON. Kg Cortlandt street. ABEAtTTTFCL STEEL ORAT MARE, FIVE YEARS old next June, long tall, it hands high, well broken. 1w.* ^' '"S of ?*" ^ *** of in thecoaa IjT. Abo a brown Horse, eit years old next Mey, long toil M bands high, periecrlv sound and kind andflt fee ??> wwk. Any trlalgiven. Inquire stiherorn" afrom-!^ nod street r.nd Third aveone, in J. Curry's liquor store AH and harness, coach. throe Topjffegous. Baker's Wegjn. tv# seta of HaraoM rTw ' ""'*?* Elnntoia Re., to be sold this day' ei Na l,?l Broadway, near Forty IIra street. See suction It'0'1 "Al,E?A GENTLEMAN'S TCRNOOT. CONSIHT ?-5%"'??? kst'jk 3s? s? jrogBaiiSMBagSawp9 r>OB SALE?VERT LOW. PER WANT OP USB. a I " .1*^: matched sorrel Hoc a*, sound aad kind In single or dunMe harness, and good traveller*. Apply at prlvatn flr*1 ho?- w",t aFs*i'h "***? fjM>R SALE? Id HORSES; WOULD RXCEANOB i.' wT if '?1r*r horse*, also four >?u ol eoun. wy Double Harness To be seen at ft Oroenwtch arenas. "CKOR SALE-A SPLENDID WORK HORSE, SUITABLE ienmljSf ttU?#r ?? tj004 i 90 Id ch+%\> f?r w?nl of u?. Homo ?t TU lUst Twqatjr.ttfth mirmi. F0?!.? m*?~u I!1?*?170"**0 EASE, SIX Yi A.'.M ?>hi_hH_ driven by a lady all au.n merj roa urot la ? M" To be seen at rftevena' stable*. Msnd 1 Twenty-ninth street. Inquire far Peter or Heller r* jr.EXT COACH nORSES. M hands, land g years old, clone matched and very strliak war. an tod sound and alnd. Apply at IS Wsat ThiHyiSJ^.t! LlOR HALE-a" TWO SEATED giuiOH. Wfrtl POLE ,Vr A^dv between ? and II o'eleek A. * ga Id red Twenty eevenin etreet ? ?... . ,n,; .1...-r. ? re*r? oiu, anotitlh hem ? high g'tg. | gray tonre. ISA bead* Meb. g years eld, csnV.t ><40 Alio lUght ?Itymaie Read Ha gone, with and" terns. OP-O. w. .ibnVinr HAMBLRfOXIAN MARE?RICH Ray. TO UNO." M t1"!?' I?"*-' u"d ?"d Re?d Wagon and liar ness II tt mr;, |M,b <tn^ ^ of rblTavenue. Horses f.jh salr-threr horsks and carts _ Apply at 776 East Eleventh ?treet. ROCK A WAV, D<M.Ml.E harmrsr.-a nrw rocil . S^.m .l'7 Kll,"5L ,nr* S!* "*?t Fheeten, also Her r?V?td'iSJ*"?"f - isffSiJsn rpiilc HLST TEAM OK CANADIAN iroRSRS IN Tliu ew?'?Lni.-, ,l,? ?d"?me.. ?t for anv u*e. war. .>nte.l m street. ,r l,r|t? very low 46A Po*rl WANa7?'k?r*. "'Mm 'AMILT HOPtsE, NOT LESS ? v est. bv, immiaj -.-iM kind. and agimd *tenper Tor u ui0* *? ROMrVeoR, 4tM Atlaede avenue, Hr.e,k??e. >.ef?re l" A * < M (Mil) A( . 1 '"A' *T $7 -lliWl AND tpiVK npn ?sir >>? n Vj White Aat- r r a few d?r* ?niV B' * ? ash an D THUS O. ilEEsRY g Co., 4> Pnncg tiroek $1^ "?0 * ''"XLOSOS FOE Conn.?DELIVERED . '' ?' k*u Apply... ...? <sr ? ',e , ?Ttw.. V().?H sr. a l<yen<vi.p*i ?... ,, .,,. ,*n .? A * P. S'IK?\V(H?D. Jf;7 i)(l V ,KK0 AKW LPUililL and ' Lm . ail'.. ' wonnlaln Coal. iy. Mg.s, ?! fl S) per lent I .I..RM)'be TMOMaH fnuDFOND I iwrnlt seventh street evxt Rlnth nvrnee | COP AK'r n K H SM1 fft. AHEHFONRIRLa PARTT, WHO CAN COMMAND . R1.U06 lo $1 MM. wanted. to attend lb* sales 01 .. uwnu larturing ?stJtl.lisi.uMiit tu ihu clly- Apply at !xW Broal w*y% room Ifo. 7. j?' r," ."T T ????' Clothinf, taa win Dii 'ipr on or dp *0<T'?^?Tthe lofts ? Franklin street. between Bru.uiway and Church street JOHN KRDMAN. JOHKTH FOX ?_9*r Tor*. Jar. I, HERMAN HENDKL. '.-THE FIRM ? CJUV MW wj ninKimtu by mututU eon 1 "J? settle all claims due to and owing Will sign Ike firm name In liquidation Nrw Tor*. Jan. 1. 1W. JC TVRNOLimOM or COPARTNRKKHIP.-TUL >?l NUi day dished by mutual eon Mnt. MyT JKtph Bex will aotqc aH clatma due to and ( by aald lira, and will sign the irm name tn liquidation ssssflnggnP^^ OF PABTNERsiaiP -TUG PARTNER ** ?xl^n* W??n Robert r, Rmlth and Ttnnfou is this day (tlaaolvwt by mutual consent. . Rrm tor*. Jan. ? im. mglfiff a rfioShioti. M*- CUARKNCK STEWART BROWN IS THIS OAT admitted aa a partner In our sererai firms, ft aw Ton*. Jan. UW. BROWN BROTHERS * CO. tWQf.IB HBMWBW ~QITKM THAT TUX OOPART narahip heretofore existing between William J; Hob IJi.T?'T w*JL5T?Arn. and doing business in the city whip. Ik* Arm name of Hobday A Brown. ? b^tb7 n^l*1 ik*t *? oeMRdtaa ?aar'PuIffi^ PARTNER WANTBD-WITH $a?.0M. EITHER AS i ???**.'? ? aataMlthed wholesale boot [ sigsfsasra Mtsr. tElHESSw: Charles Butterftaid. Herald office. PARTNER WANTED?WITH $20,000 AVAILABLE cash capital. to MtabUah a bnatneea with the advertiser. wno will guarantee succena, and In which not one dollar of the SapttoiwHlbs risked The bualneaa iaeoiamlaaioa, and Flrstclass references given and required, and trifling Inquirers will not be resModed to. The advertiser "?J."?* P">?P< and energetic business mam would prefer an RfflfrRsssailsW. Addreaa Bigma, Herald office, NawTork. P*?T.?^R. WANTBD-WTTH 9BJB0. TO TAKE ONE 4 Wf Interest lo an entprprlslnf baclOMt to travel SrMgk the United State.. Addree? Enterpriser HelaS PARTNER WANTED-IXA BAW MILL IN A SOUTH erP ?R' m,u co*' 125.000. and la In complete working oraei; half Interest will be sold for a few thousand dollars. BOUTHMAYP A 00.. 64 Cedar street. PARTNER WANTED.?$800 TO $1,000 WILL PUR ebase part or entire lutereat in an established profitable ?"dfewiecUbl# business. For partlenlara addreae T. box UH Poet offlce. P?TNBR WANTED-IN A FIRST CLASS HOTEL, "frf'.'"toft. I?*. cr? and Oy.ter aaloona room wl2. rireot, second Boor, rear offices, PARTNER WANTED?WITH FROM $6,000 TO $10,00? advertleer, who 1* now In basineea. In we auction and dry goods trade. The money een be don bled In a year. Address jTHenry. Herald oflloe. 21BE UNDERSIGNED HATE FORMED A COPART nermhJp under the name of Morgan, Latliroe A Oo. for e transaction of a General Ranking and Commission kre yy Business, at their ofllces a S?* street and M Broad ?(??*? THRO. M. MORGAN. ' New Tot*. Dec. 23. lOOfl. W1L B^CAT^aS'. THE COPARTNERSHIP hereto fork rxibtino ij. ?** a'5*'( Hdward Muhsam and AugustU. Raohaufonr, under the Arm name of Sanders. MnSaam A Co.. is this day dissolved by mutual oonaent All outstand ing claims win be collected, as also all liahilitlaa of the late Sanders, at the offlce of Jacob "? ? ?? w?-wJWl^" K. January 7, It-.. EVA BANDERS, I.'muhsam AUorM7') A. D. E8CIIACFPOUR. r? PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING BE '??" ?>? eubeeribore under the Arm name of Nagel A uo. is this day dissolved by mutaal cousset C. NAOEL. - _ . T. TIRY. NNw TORE, Jan. 4, ISST. C?fS2sSSt"CVKA?T80" ?TOANTED IMHEDUTHLT-A FaRTNB* IN A OGOD Address B. F. 0 . stattenXTw one WA2J*?-* i*a*tner, with $iu,aou, in a fancy TO-ANTED-A PARTNER WITH BIRNrI I Jj. ? S*rtJ^trilriRg, tn a safe caehl bnameae, established nine yeere ago and noi ? ^ Frinrinal crockery nad xlasew the United Btatoe and Canadns. Address A. TO TARE THE M maaufstSRilag and now doing alarne b xlasew are Jobber* of ^^M O. Herald I t^A to $1 Ad*?wanted to invest as srx V*-A/V rial partner la a reepectable business, br a Ger ???^ho has lived 16 years la the South: agents need not ^ tronbte. Addreae. stating nature of buslaess, M. L., Herald ?500 -WhWTOD. A FARTT WITH TniS AMOUNT TV""' to ongage U a first class, well established strietiy j ?**h Wring business. CHARLES H. WILSON A CO.. ? Wan street, room No. $. tf. 0(|ft -A SI IE NT PARTNER WaNTBD, WITH MVI.t fUl'. d?e above smouat to Invest In ? haeratfvsesd ^WlsMc bnelomi. The best of referenees girea sad re Xf&. *?"v hJ relate. Address er apply at *74 Third arenee, corner Twsoty third street, for three Wye. i. BOLIVAR. M. P I &? OOO ?r?R Sdl-E. THB HALF INTEREST IN ? 'U. an ostsbUehed and profiuible Wholeeale and Manufacturing Business down town, to replace an outgoing pertnsr. a favorable opportunity to a sun who can devote I "J"* A1"** energies to bnsinoas. Address F. S. M? lierald ogles. POra OOO 10 I""?? WANTED?WITH PARTNER. "P?,'.U1!U In the steel rail huslneae; no risk: profits not lorn than ? per cent, with monopoly of the market. Ad dress Principal, box in Herald office. ?10 OOO -HCTIOi A PARTNHB, ACTIVE OR wU.Ul/U. special, with this amount. In an eM eetnb lUbed brewery nad malt house tu Philadelphia, to take the ptaoe of sue of the partners who is actively engaged in an ??her business and is desirous of retiring. Address box LM PestcCue, Phil. _ JDRYr WOODS. 1 ORB AT RUSHAT BOTH BTORES, ?*\ Auetlou rooms our beedeusrtors. Two store enable us to buy Mg lotsckesn and to keep be*h supplied with bargains IMMENSE LOTH DRRRS GOOD* 31c. IMMEME TjOTS flOe. ".?NN? W?T-27,^. We hooaffit there for cheap hetldsy dresses. ..... A HEAVY CRANH IN HURL!NR. "Kg JfCRUNR USc ? former print 90s. mm?* The decline tn Musllnn tsf rem fir. to lor. a yard. Far eele, 10 OfiO AUCTION BLANKRTH And 16.660 yards ALPACAS and MRRINOS. reto and fmriUnT' Rndanckm Ac., wbela WPI4JI MATHEWS, >4 Cathsrtnt treat CATHARINB RTRIET ?GREAT CLEARING OUT THB LBtTtRI NKAROW. "HALT AND DANTE.'* 1 LBCTURB RHV. FRANCIH VINTON. D. D. HUEJECT HOTRLI. CK2I1* "J THE UITT ?RTATNR UNION HOTBL' and tMM Market street, PbHadelpbla Board R* II pWdny. 'lleen heda esto n^JT * DE LANrXu HOUR*. 7S WENT POBTIRTH RTRBET, t ir"o!iIL?*!2ra0,r ***?? ?nd '"?"nodious Thole 41,1 aire one on seoend. Table ENOLRWOOD HOURR, BNGLEWOOD. N. J.-THB ?t?^,inTBr!!S^d*l.^SL',,^b**w ieeeed by the snoerrlber and * , improved Is open for the reception of visitors: s few ?rv 7i he let for the winter at j!2s."rX^i lrml" ?f ??? Northern New JerseyJUilrusd run fmm Jersey City to Rnglewnnd tn and "reive ''tjjre.ue'ly ; runnfug time, forty Mlinilee. FRANCIS RIliRK. Pmpriplor. "j*?* OWAHLBBTON. R. C.?THE FR<7 , 7*?*'^" * *he Nssasn to Inform the (rare linq pub iw ?hit he has completed eirses?lre alieraiiMis sad unpen e W'Si*t *n Ike shove establishment. It is now rendvier the rqeeptlonet guest*. Regular "ummunl'siion is now nceu With Flnrkla bnd nil prints *ou:h. J?)SRF|| Pl'Rf'KljE^ Reunion iiotei forty rroiind rtrrbt and Fnur'h avenue.?Re,r|y I|M| clegetiWy furnished; the most ecjincmi al h-iel tn th- R**orm en -ulte or stMcle: aj* E11rnpeen. j. *. korinxon, pr.,pri#t..r. rj'OMINK HOTEL 127 AND IJR HKtlAltWAV REAM "1 I of the T-cutlne corner of f orHandt an-1 West street* 117ALL HOURR BRtfORLYN, K D., OFFKRH rT-PK VV rior nccomtiiodetlmm, Rome, en suite or .dugte, with flret - |as? table Wit bin three mu.ulea of the for nlri ?'"? ihlrty minutes of New Ynrk City Hall. |a5|;7 PARIS EXHIBITIM*. " Ir1!!! . HOTBL 1?PF DPI'* Mtiyj>?? No R Rue d Antiti tli?t r!a?* hou-l pntreiured by the Ameiinn fnv'llea. 1T<|TKD'tlTATBjJ TRKAUUKY. Jj^Lrv SA*ii rre-L??ry. A??i?taut Tre.i?ur?r. M ASSESSMENT OF $#0 IS GOLD PER FOOT HAS L twente.ted by teoOptur saver Miuuic ( <Hup?ny. pet lqneiil 2Rth hi t Sale 13th V'cbrnary We are prepared la nnftiuti amtMiau du*i by Kjuttern stockholder*. LKK8 s A' tmnl- JHHHII WaLLEE, ATM* Bttek ?d CbiifVHUk, S3 i'lne *Unrl._ i GENTLEMAN, THOROUGHLY ACQUAINTED A Willi WaKiog and it ck brokerage, and abln to com mand mm biyyae**. it <kitroa# of fortune a lutruantbip with >uM?*r panfuL or of eotciw hoov wIkh* bin beet eddeafnr* wffl be devoted to thimt -re?t* of bit priuei p.i. xtia but boot broker'* reierenre jmn Ad dreea H. V.. Uu 1,(10 Pu* uflc*. ..... STREET. hWNMKST TAX. ^SITIWII^ ?^TI^S>_B^NK. r f , MIX PER CENT FKKB FROM GOVERN I terea' allowed 9b *11 amount* from five to Are thousand ir*. t'p??i every dav from 10 to X and on Monday, WeA ny and Wolf evenlnge from A to 7. kiey rlrpoetted now will draw Interent from January 1. ?fTHBKT MORTGAGE BOWDB-DRAWING RBVEW MSB r tent tateMat on verv valuable raiufag property felly do valnped In the State of Pennsylvania; trill <** change la part ar ike whole foi real eatate. Addreae Enterprlee, Herald (He#. . . ' . . AjOnCB -THB TRURTRRN OF THE MECHANICS' I J.N Building Materia^Association hare declared^ a Nanaitra nraiy-t New Your, Out #8. 1WA IfillB Airs DAL MEET 1MO OF TUB ?TOCKHOLOEBS I if the Krbrtlber Cornet Maeofaetaria?t Company for tho etectioa of bow truMeee and oftcar* for the eneufog year

will be held at the St Ntoholaa Hotel on Wednesday, the Mh e* Jtnnary, BIT, at IS o'clock M. Tho atockboldnra aro re aoeetfnlly lnetted to oUead. A. B. Jl'ILLKRAL, ?tea. UNION DIME S A VIVOS BANK, . HP Canal atreet, corner of Varied. MIX FEB CBNT la gt to St,tOO. free of tea.* be fnre January SB wUI bear lawroet from January 1. Aeaete tC.atS.IW lX B. V. HAUOHWOUT, President. O. S. Cnarii. Treaaurer; T. s. Aaaooa. Secretary. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A LOAN OP $&.'*? FOB aiaty daya, on aaurltr worth three timet this amount; ?eun^per cent and a large t>oaua will be paid. Addreea bo* ? O Kflfl WANTBD-ON FIR8T MORTGAGE ON A <P?.9UU 14 room brick Houee and boa Lot; beat part of Tanker*. Title and bond perfectly good. JAMBS RICHARDS, 35 Name (treat. BOA nnn WANTSD?FOR A TERM OP YEARS; vOU.UUU Arm mortgage on Brooklyn water front lota, with bulkhead. On the premlroa are entirely new brlek ?toreboneea. machinery, Ac. The aeourtty It iiaqueatlonable, the entire property out otar $100,000. Addreea J. \V. W., Herald ofltee. A1AA AAA TO LOAN-OX NEW YORK CITT g>l"V.l'UU real aataia, tret mortgage. at 7 per cant. J. SOLIB BITTBBBAKD. W WaU atreat^Januoay court. (OCA AAA *0 LOAN?ON BOND AND MORT fitlU.UUU gaga, la one or more sums, on real eatate la thta olty ar BrookEwT JOHNf. CONEBY, W Well street, roam It acAA AAA *? loan?in snus to shit, on fOUU.UUU cMp real eetate.dC per cant of raloattea; prompt attenttee. Sayad awrtmgaa bought. . C. K. WILLlSA CoTsI Pine timet, basement XaOAIV OffMU. X BUILDINO. PBBCIO US STONES, AC. SHED Or PICE IAMOND JEWBLBY, FLATB,1 PEARLS. AC ? 1M U> Broadway, room No. X DVAhCES MADE ON WATCHES, DIAMONDS. JEW ? ? - *? * ? 1 - -f every u> deere went A DVA1 SUS ef Broadway. #iry!"Dra Ooede "and"rareoaal Property of every 4c. Boa. J. A. JACKSON, 1U Grand (treat. tweV A T EYMAN'S, SW BBOADWAY,C0RNR1 iiKg tAeSSvenrtL aad JewS^r advaam. madeirtjflo.^SSf^r. T SCI BROADWAY.-I FAT ' Dlamocdt Watchee, J ATM A far ATM?, THE HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOE MA A mend*. Weir he*. Jewelry. Ac. N. B.?Pawnbrokers' ttcgete heugkt at M7 Broadway, raom No. 4. center ef AT NO. S TWBNTY-THIBD STREET fifth avenue Hetel?The high ret price paid far Dtatemda, Watcher. Be., Be., er adeeAeee made en the aarae. v ? . . . . ? T\IAMONDI. JEWELRY AND INDIA SHAWLS It baught at their fall vahm Fine, alagte BrillieaU Wnatl A Lean* aegstlated. Yalnatieaa 1 per cent FLUMN. Dlimewd Brakmr. *U Stendwy. ?tin A n l. ledebsn b oo.. at no. m fears, street, i X/, aaanuaoe te Ibetr meed# aad the pabMe yeaarallf that they hare opened e new Lean Ottaa. where tbey win adranne cam at reasonable wrma an all vnlaaMa property. Watchea. Jewelry, Diamonds, Be., er purehnee the urn. ?l/SIK ESS OPPORTT: WITIEIS. AN I'NRIVALLED OFFOBTUNITT IS HEEEBT OF fared far the larertment of a few thoound dollar*, la a high ly rupeelahla and lacretlve bn*lne*s. protected from competition. Far fall partlcalara apply to JAMBS N. FEELFS. M4 Fulton .treet. Brooklyn A N EXCELLENT OFFOBTUNITT OFFERED TO ANY A party or parttea with eamall aapltal, wtahiag te go late an eaiabUshed kindling wood husiaeee. Engine aad ma chinery omptete. with berw*. track*, Be., In the very beet eoedKiea. Addreea or apply at the faetm-y, en Olaeaoa are. nun, three door* eooth ef Myrtle. Brooklre A DDITIOB AL CAPITAL REQUIRED IN A FANCY J\ banineea, on Broadway, paring well, aad capable ef being largely extended: one thud of the profit* will be gtrea lo a epeoClor active partner, with f!k.(B0 to fjeoOO capital. The fulleet mve*itg*tkio afforded aad eeenrlty given. Ad dreea Broadway, Herald elBre AN INTEREST IN A SAFE. LUCRATIVE AND E8 taMMhed buHaaat I* offered lo a gentleman ef ability aad character, havlug from F 0O0 to gig ooo. SuUTHMAYD B CO.. M Cedar etteeC Along betablished eat jobbino business for aale?Baa good State aad Weatern trade; la excel laetlv located, aad with a good aad etnall stock. For partle Avr OF.BTLEEAN WISHING TO MAKE MONEY rnpully, ead havirg$3,00# capital, nan teare of mm tuoidtnary opportunity by Inquiring at 087 lludaen etreat. A euro Ihlag and no humbug. _ A*N INDLSTBIOIIS. COMPETENT MAN, HAVING $180 to MOO. oak Mara iff a safe caoh butlaeea, paving $0,000 yenriy/Half Itttereat fbr sale. W Warn Twenty <fth te ili pnrohnee add Intereat. Far InveettgaOen i ar particular*, a3 meaning bu*Umn can enB for i week, wfth nadenbted reference, at II# Naeaaa etreat, ro IX aad obtain proof of the facte. Business oppostunitt.-a successful con earn ead well emabllshed la now preparing lo eeubllah Ha braacbm la etber efftaa Ooed bualaeee men. with frem $3,000 to SO.00# capital ma make arrangement* suoh *?**!? dam offbr. For pert teller* Inquire or Mr. WHITE, #0# Broad tray. ijtOE SALE-IB ORAND STREKT, WILLIAM8BUBO. A r Meat and Butter mora; one of the boat eteada la the ally. Apply at M# Waihlagtoa atreet, N. T. /CAPITAL WANTBI.-r DESIRE SOME COMPETENT V ead reliable aaowkeeai add $10. OS# te my buataeaa aad attend to the boma and flnaaoea. A liberal arrange, ?meat wilt be meite wlla the right man. No agent* need an ewer. Rem of lefetciea* given aad required. Addreae X. P., Herald offer j /"tRAIN DISTILLERT.-PURCHASER WILL BE IT taught the baemeaa A abart dtatanne In the eountrr Price #10,0M. Bnnaag every day- Inquire corner ef Eaede and Rudaon atreata, in drug.etore. JOB PRINTING OFFICE FOE SALE.?A SNUG 0#e*. ea a vary matril atreet. near the Herald office, will ha sold reryMowfer cash, ae the owner te about leaving UwcMy. Inquire at :ll Faltoa atreet, room No. X PARTIES WISHIfG TO DISFOSE OP THEIR BC8I neaa. er having npltel to Invaat, or wtahiag to procure partner*. *bould oaBat the Baeineaa Agency, til Breedwar. I WO ORNTLKMBt OP ABILITY, INTEGRITY AND In# tie nee are atoet to vleH Month Amcrtc* aommer Uy They deal re to take charge of any Amerkwa bnat ne*e In 1 create there, wpeetally In the Held ef manufaeturee end parent*. The, aw prepared to give caah. If necesaary, or ample aecurlty rer'he faithful management of whatever ?t bo eatmated te them. Addreea Fact, Herald oMca. ro LIMBER AMI' WOOD DEALERS.-AN KXCKL lent npportnnlty in aow offered le purchate the half or rhole of I.?K1 acrea ef Timbered land, with steam mill*, rlthla te mileo ef Mte York etty; plenty of pine, nek, cedar, te, aultahle for InaDw end mahnNrturlng purp?*ee. Ap tly to er addreea C. budge, cere of lloorer. Stone A Co , <44 t roadway ^ ro MANUFACnVtEEfl. A SPLENDID WA TMM i Power one honrfrom the Hly, near ? railroad nutlon. IVie owner wtehea te argngn wbh reliable part lea having a well established busitsaa. Addreea bor IX atetloa X roet Moe. rllK NOVELTY /N? OCR MPErtALTT-FOR PAR ties .eektng l)U?M***, aow on eihihltlon at our anise. ?eoai. 3W < .la' . - t ct CUSIUSO A WIN ?onn cami' aao ralano orrT of the bcsi TVMIW neaa win sure one.h*lf iatr-reet In a h *lne?? paying fltu per week Apply at Mt Broadway ronni So. 7 b l/Wt -FOR S.LB, HALF INTEREST IN A glrJ"'"". stesll maturacturlng ? ?uncern, paylnr fuHv JiR rwreeot Inqntre of ? t' UHN. IV "pruee afreet, tip all*. AO noil OR LEW IN AN ESTKRPRIVE of rake tri."/"'" merit frfeclly aafe, inanufect rlng te order, r??h aale* proCN wy Inr-e, b'Hinea* nnohjeetionehle, l?*rtf Inreettrig .hall lire fall rhara,r. 'Kilter a good aal.irw. With equal protti* C II at ?g Naaanu alree', RrOOklrn, N. Y. I<MI n/tn amount i r> to fklMH/o. ijpet a n*w field of huetr.eaa. hitherto *|. Ignet ane id lured 1 ht n Otw of t>?>ae npporiunltie *el<lom offered rarUt-ulara etpuineg tt interview, and r-feremwt III 'inquevtioiiahle rbaaete) gtvan Addreea H-iatne*- ho* l#0 He mill i?l#?e ANtKKMIITS. ll|i)AO? ?? THKM'HK. ADMISSION M CHHTS. JJ* Poors open *t 0V- Begin- ?t d'etojA. J tltOWDKlt lltH^KS. STt'DING ROOM ONI.*, u >( atrlr hour. rervtern 11 dartr-ibE- tliat ?nts shouU Ml-: SECURED IN ADVANCE. WEDNESDAY. JAN. R Inat ttiglu but tbree of (he gre>t Comedian. MK. JOHN K. ItWKNK. w be will. an thia outesdeii. appear in two characters, PAUL PRY coolr lime), and hi* grant t-r^r,?ad ilftr nlghU last season. rOHr? wl>K.j?. THURSDAY, JAN. lfe>M nii|* hut two <only Kmc). HRIK AT I.A? end MMtTY WINKS. FRIDAV, JAN. II. f'iKt night but one (uuly tune), the two famoua an J lu.mtteble hits, VICTIMS and SOLON B1IINULE. SATURDAY at l V. o'clock, laat Grand Owens M-itraec. j -"""u' VTBW YORK THEATRE. Mark Smith A Lewis Baker. CENDKILLON, now being produced with RNURELY MEW SCKJIF.RY MAGNIFICENT WARDROBE, under the -^5^" "iNCKLKV. _ AI>nfR A COHPLETB CORPS 1>B BALLK'f OF FIFTY LADIES POWERFuf fPRILl Sgat aacmted ?U *aj? in adr jr ? '? ??>??"? benefit or Mr. (lF.ORGE T1RRELL. BLACK BYED BUS AN FORTY THIEVE*. h*ssk?pKct' sssa * osowKf D^otHS. SyjFIT5JS2T;.ra IMMENSE SUCCESS or THB mysterious OOBLIN HEAD. MULTUM IN rARVO GROWTH OF FLOWKR8. STRIKINGWATCHES. Sum performances. ?frnt.l.T A LEON'S MINSTEELS, 710 BROADWAY. THB ONLY LEON, Thnrnah unabated.? ? OADB. NKW OPERATTA, The ledlee Bock HEAjj TRAGRDY *7 Ann |T i)00. In Huoh number* NEW? BBYMOUK. THE GRAND TRIO, that the auditorium MUSICAL WINS. LUCRKR1A BOBOIA. becomea one ra?t A LLE N PRIOK. BDWIN BELLY, bouquotofbeeeiy. HOI o..^ ,h JSEL ; Greeted nightly, by erowded houaea, with enthuaieam. . NAM FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, S? BROADWAY. & 5 the ttSF&TnHUil f BIRCH, WAMBOLD, BERNARD A BACKUS 8AN FRAMClfcco MIN8TRKL8. whoee surcicm hu nerer been equalled by nay simitar organ Kuon tnthe worli K.w luitoquei^r weak. Stump sSStoU Am 2?T The Sereemiag Black WBBA DIUUkV ?l^"l ? brinua Opera of Lager Beer, lmlta Rambiee or Cuptd'a Pali, CendriHon. Cook and African Ballet Troupe. G ssn^us^r^.'T^asst JgzXi js^srus^ fSL-aa."-+ way; R oilman's, IIS Broadway, and the principal munte ?tore*. - I te,^X^A^RA^5s%BTHE HOLIDAYS A ^t COMBINATION or TALENT engaged opremly for r thilr erroat REVEILLE g^a??*; ^TSr. ifuliams, the CogtuaMr, will hatro a fun aaaortment of dm*"*,TICKETH OF ADMISSION. 10 CHITS. Th# link wlfl bo open at 10 A M. ICHMOND NEW THEATRE. RICHMOND, TA?'THIS wall appointed oatabilahmont being now and supplied with a aplenatd wardrobe, aa ostonaire stock ofscsnery and bo owner, Mm. B. MagtH. foe U> rpHKATRE TICKET OFFICES. n?msin. An. 1 Reaerred Aeoia for all Brat class Theatres, Oooaeeta, An, can alwnyn he obtained at the --TATRB TICKET OFFICES, IS AMD 114 BROADWAY. AND MB BROADWAY. BBT OF 8TBRBO aa enblbtUoa. Ap ia Uairaraity place. HthbJ NOS. 113 r EXHIBITIONS.?WANTED. A MUSICAL. A T THE NATIONAL COWBB WYATOBT OF MUBIO.JB A Madlaen erenne, forma BW. Br George F. Brlatow. Profeaaor of Music In public achoola. pu IMla attonding schools $S per guartor. The Conaerralory la atruetlon booVa froa. A DKLINA F4TTI AND THB 'J?!?'*T A wer? Uughi la Rlngiac aod Flaoo by BLCSA VAtjjj nm pa RAVALLI, prima donna soprano, who reoatrea pupils at M Wom Eighteenth street. A T CBERK'S MUSICAL INSTITUTE, L?7> BROAD way fentrance C4 Thirty-fourth street). Stgaor BOR S'oSnr o fidi free lemons oonttauee ell this year. After a _w?w y J .nniVaa nf ike eama nnmVr Will T*a^.TLEMAN WILL OIVE INSTBUCTION ON TUB A atWil-r^Jdenoe for ?? for quarter; Nat ?f iwferracM glrau. Address, with rooMeaoe, feaoher. hoi IU Herald oOaa. A LADY WITH SOPRANO YOICE. HAYINO thorough knowledge of churoh music, la deWroue of an eagagemaat m a FroteoChtohuruh choir ia this nlf- AA diuanin (old No >1) Baet Thlrteaoth atreet. riCTTAB. PIANO. YIOUN. SINOING. HARMONY \T Central Normal kashal Coeaerratory. M West twenty aisUi stroat. tool won Beronth and Right b arouuea. Call or load forOlwolart. LomoosqtrloUy prtrate. Nociaaaea. LFRSONB IN SINOING BY AN ITALIAN OBNTLS ?fo!hoi 1R> Herald a?ea . nnPRAMO WAKTBD.?4 TBOROUOHLT ACCOM Hartford. Coan. WANTBD?BASS AND TBNOB BINOBBS.FOR A rotuiiteer quartet in an Ertaoopal church east of the Bowery. Address Wesley, Herald ?BW W" antbd-a situation AB OBOANlft IS A n?. IHlBiit church. Ad4riN O. A. B.? MP Burt Md rt. gin FEB QUABTEB FOB FIANO LRSSONB (NO S 1 u nisisii r- in other maaiee! eeedemtea). No. 1ST fit Bourn.* street, comer of HWkjmmM. HaaWw for per too. OOee hours from alnetiU two. UAKCIBO icADBBIBh. A. For dggo. torma. Aa. pteoee aaB for a ciroutor. T TBENOB'S NEW AND SPLENDID DANCINO Academy. Palace Hall, TJ7 With nrssno.-New Ctosma uw formed oa Wednoedays and Saturdays. Feplla' Seireo his (WedaeadayTerwaiBe, Sth laat. The German, Ac., TVB OARMO'B DANCING ACADEMY, NO. ? FirTH JJ areaua, southsrest corner of Foortoonth sWeot; ?pen TUBMDAYS nad FRIDAYS, WEDNESDAYS end SATCB DLadtee,? tod P. M.. miseed and masters, 4 toS P. If. ncutlemea. Tuoeday and Friday ^rentage, at ? Feloeh NBW CLASHES ARB NOW FORMING. WWCIAI. KOTK KI. | Mmh" km ilk orr, boobselleb, Valparaiso *\d . Santtasm, t'hSl. respenfcllT begs publishes and be-'k mllaram the t'ntted Stales to sen-1 direct by poat to the ful towtngaddiem:? RMILIO GUY, Llbruria UniTerml, Valparaiso. 'Til .? One or two sample eopiee of a-wspapers orpertodk ?-topub W<h? to form an opintoaot the eoataoto end intpurteocs of p?1^etartly the mode of publtcetlon ?nd snhserlptleu 0' FF1CE or Til ATLANTIC MAIL "EAMSHIP lifsyssi *lN#n thai Hi reeuywuee of hilwiM uTan U held er the i!Hb of Nore abet nstqnt. not hartng iteen MM pursuant to aueh appo' -Vaeli^f t"a ne? dlrei-tore of thlseempanf aed.tlire?^ jnsj|-suUt< Of ? S liest rr^.'uS'Mt^d.T The transfer lioobs at 'he oBU'' of the Trust < omttenr Will ha stosed from the 10th to the 14th of JaT.aryltCr The Itolla wttllw ouan from II to 1 ooloch. January, ?. ?"?? praNKLIN ALLEN, Secretary^ Imtu CGNTKA' TORH.?RION WILL BK RECR1VRD I for tahiug out a iarge amount of rvk In Ptftr-fourth ?treat batwaau Mailis itt sud Fifth u-.-eaueo, at the olldt ot J A J at-enua. A <11 SKMKVTtt. RISiORI MATIN Kh TO-DAY?ELIZABETH. TO-DAY (WEDNESDAY) AT 12 O'CLOCK. KUZaBKTU-CLoHR OK THE BEASUN Tur comoanv ai>,iear* Friday In Detroit. Trench Thwirs....UiBKCTtm AND LESSEE. J. GRAU. THIS I WKDNEKDAY) AKTIiRNOi-N, JAN. K, Al 13 o'> luck pre. Ui'lv. I)uO< * 01>en J t 11X CI-O.SE OFTHERiSTORl SEASON. ADELAIDE RIETORI^ AS^ ELIZABETH, QUEEN OF NOTICE.?At the Wednesday ,to day s, Matinee, the prise ot sUnmsLiu to ell pert* of the houee ?ill he $2. and aeaf* will he xeeure 1 In private boxe*. orchestra an A dre?* circle without extra charge, at the French theatre, and Not. ml, 113 and 111 Broadsrey. 'RENClf OPERA. Koui lucuth street, near Sixth avenue. wednehD vy. January ?, issr. LE TROCTEBE. Mile. ELVIRA NADDI oa Leouurc. Taken. for sale u'. Beor A Sehirmer'a, 701 Broadway, anr 112 and lit Broadway. Poors open at 7 o'clock; to eommenoa at "D ROOKL YN ACADEMY OF MITSIC. JL> THURSDAY. JANUARY 10, 1W7, DON JUAN, GRAND OPERA, IN THREE ACTS, BY MOZART. Seat* can bit secured at the Academy of M udc, Brook'yn. andlMaud 111 Broadway, New York. Poor* open at 7 o'clock; to commence at 8. OBARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE, livery night at Pitiut'n Hall. 173 Broadway, near Grand struct ANOTHER ULOKI0C8 BILL. EMMA FOWLER, EMMA F"WLVE. TtIK VICTIM. THE VICTIM. EMMA FOWLER EMMA FOWLER. THE VinTIM. THH VICTIM. TEltRTFC SWORD COMBAT FUNNY NEOROISMS. GRAND BALLET, FULL OR CHESTRA, AC. r sH\RLBT WHITE'S. ITS Broadway. MISS EMMA FOWLER. PRESUMPTIVE DARKFY. COLORED ACADEMY. LIGlirMNO ZOUAVE DRILL THE TRUANT FATHER. THB VICTIM. THE VICTIM. | TITONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. JJI BOWERY. 1 grand matinee to-day, at 2l o'clock. ORAM) MATINEE TO-DAY. AT 2.U O'CLOCK The great local drama, abounding In interesting mo mirthful eceuea, THE CITY FACTORY GIRLS, THB CITY FACTORY GIRI.K, Received by crowded houeee with about* of applause an I roam of langhter. The New Bellet Soldhtr a K.tun . Tony Pastor's New Song*. A ep'endtd verted [ rogra.nme by the greet Comic Troupe. BUDWORTH'S MIN8TRKL8?NEW FIFTH AVENUE Opera Houm, adjoining Fifth Avenue iIntel CROWDS CROWDS. COME EAIti.Y. Second week of the auceeeaful piece. NEW YEAR'S GALLS, with *11 Ita pleasing accessories, snow ntorm skating pond. W. S. and J. H. Bndworth In principal cnar.v tern MATIMBEB BVKRY SATURDAY. AT 21-. P M. aOOLEY'S OPBRA HOUSE. BROOKLYN. A HURRAH TRIP AROUND THE WORLD. Ocan Yacht Race, the Naval Combat between the Kear ?arge and Alabama, the Banner In the 8ky, the Barn Door Jig. Peter Plpea the Man About Town, Hairnet the l)a* my, Btameee Twin*, Reckon I'm in Look, Jack on the < liven, Aa. Brooklyn athkn.eum. MR. KBMNEDV, TO-MORROW. AT 8, Will Nag, by vaguest, "lloTNIE ciiarli OTEINWAY HALL. O THRO. THOMAS' THIRD I ON SATURDAY 12. AT 8. THIRD SYJm.UypBdfRRE CARD.?Mr. THOMAS taxtt pEaeure In announcing II.* t the well known Choral Society. THE MENDELSSOHN UNION, under the direction of Mr. WM. BESOM, win slag la this and the remaining eolreee of the mason. THB GRAND ORCHESTRA OK EIGHTY PERFORMERS. PROORAXMB. Suite In C. Op. lM (new) TUB Are rerun Corpue Muiarl. Overture i from the i Chorue?"Arlee and Shine".. < Oratorio > Mendel seohn Choral?"Steeper* Wake"... (St. Paul. } Symphony No. A D minor, Op. 120 s. Uuinann. Condoetors?THKO. THOMAS, and Nr. WM KKROR. IWEm, OMR DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS includ ing? lasnl neat, ana ho had at Bear A-Set rimer1*, 701 Broadway; al Irving Hall, aad at No*. Jtt and 111 Dvewt f '.;**? Appearance at thane Concert* of Mim nettib sterling, The favume Tenor. Mr. O. W. OOLBY, PlauUt. Mr. rain. THOMAS. Condnotor. AND HIS GRAND ORCHESTRA. TICKETS 10 CENTS. RSSSRVED SiiATB IS CENTS EXTRA. CONCERT CLOCK. STBI^5^^CTsi^uDsA.J SUNDAY EVENING, JAN. 19, AT S O'CI Reappearance of the celebrated BATEMAN CONCERT TROUPR. NAJ^AR0^A<BEPA>W1D* <BlM" *"** of talent:? 8IONOR BRIO NOLL S1GNOR FERANTI, SIWNOR FORTUNA. MR. 8. R. MILLS, MR. CARL ROSA, MR. I. U HATTON. MR. G. W. COLS Mr. THEODORE THOMAS. Conductor, and his GRAND ORCHESTRA. RESERVED SEATS ONE DOLLAR, the Bale af which will noameaee on Wedneedav morning. Inway Hall: Beer A Sehirmer, 701 Broadway i^cud'aM Store, WTBi lid elnway Hall: Beer A Sehirmer. 701 Broadway: Pond's M i Store, M7 Broadway, and RuUman'a Tioket Office. 119 a*? I Broadway. G ,the Uherai oShref the cejebraied K9U DAT, JA1 nelv bear ... generous oourteay of Ibe management and accordingly bespeak that patronage for thie entertain meat to which the generous courtesy o" **? - ? - and the object Itself seem justly entitled Tickets to the KELLY A LEON MATINEE, admiu >ig ta all parts of the house, 10 seats. For sale at the box oflke and throughout the city. The orand carni val or ran 8KA8ON, AT T1IB FIFTH AYENCB SKATING FARK (entrance Fifty-eighth street), a. McMillan, manager. ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON. ADD A GRAND FANCY DRESS CARNIVAL AND MAHQUKKADE IN THH EVENING, weather permitting. RFI.SNKD MUSIC, FIREWORRS, BONFIRES, CHINESE LANTFRdd Maake must be removed when peeving the doorkeepev. Should the weather pmve naferorabie. notice* of pnMpune meat win ha given ia the Evening Peat and Esprern of Thursday, under the heed of Amusement*. rt LOSING V OF THE GREAT MASONIC FAIR. The pubffie are aotlSad that the Fair In aid nf the Heme sod Asylum Fund will positively rl?*a on Wednesday erei. Sneit. January ?. The KiecuUrnCommittee have etin lor a variety ef goods In the shape of PIbd-m, >ewleg Me et, Ttft, children's Clotbiiif. Ac , al*o nuinareua cbaaees la valuable thing* to be rallied lor Al the old Presbyterian church, corner of Grand and Crosby street*. Admiaaion 29 cent*. IDW. MOLLBNH ACER'S E1 MUSICAL CONSERVATORY, ^???^?STCAL GRAND CLASSICAL ,-OIREE, On SATCRDAY. Jao. AT IRVINO HALL. Oa which eeeaelort Mr Molleehauer will he Malatad by Madam* Marie Frtdertd, and Mr. J. N. PaUiasn, the ceie ^Tof^particutre see email Mile. To commeaaa at JJ o'elock F. M Tekate |l May be had at J. seaubertli A Ca't, US Far rbplie ef the Coaeerveiory admiaaion fye fINB ART OALLRRT. ? FirTH A VP NUB If Hit "on EXHIBITIO^r FRKM. the Painting * of Nf 'OTICR.-REV. < HAS. B. SMYTH, LKCTURB8 AT j Everett Room* next Sunday afternoon. Leeaoa* far lb* Clergy oa a Comparison of the Stage. Pulpit and Pre**. RATHE FRANC Aid -FRENCH THBaTRF. TO LET, for evening* and matinees, for opera*, dramas, con certs, lecture*. Ac . Ac. Apply to Rous DKIFKT, office nf French Theatre^ Banjo and jig dancing, oloo and irish Jig Dancing might hy the renowned JOHN MOO AN, Ml East Hourton street Terms $9 per coo:**. Pu| is Sited for the stage. P1AMOPOHTBG. A SPLENDID SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO forte, at a great ?seniles; by best maker*; all Improve ments: beautiful tone and finish, uned only three, month*; oo*t $880; at half prtoe. 91 Washington place, near Greene at. A GREAT BARGAIN?8IX NRW SEVEN OCTAVE square Piano* (rosewood) with carved leg* for Ike low prtoe of $179 to ?2?. To be ?eeu at d<2 Second avenue, *or - iter of TweaWatb street. In the factory. AFIRUT CLASS ROSEWOOD REVBN OCTAVE Pianoforte, four ronnd corners, carved legs, eovt fiTWH; price BM9: nearly uew. Iloeewood Lights A Hradbtiry Fia"? lorta, $18(1. He* era I new and second nand Pianoforte*, eery tow. M Fourth a*KUue. opposite CtHiper riiMttnte. A MAGNIFICENT FIRST CLANS ROSEWOOD HANO i\ forte for sale, made to order; city maker; ami f999, i?r |:?i0. Including stool and cover. Parlor, chamber and dining furniture at a xaorlOce. 44 West N|*t?enth *|c?el. heiWeea Flflh and Nllth avenn?a ______ _ PIANOS TO LIT?AND SOLD ON INSTALVF-Nffi AT the manufactory, IM and 1? Eo*t Twenty frst street Ia. P. Cj V H Mlrt'fn, lANOFORTB.?FOR RALE TMMEDIATBLT. FINE Piaimforte. brilliant and puwerf ,1 lone, large *e?lo, round corners, iron fiame; good .tool and rover: price file'. Apply *t I2VM Twentieth street, near Third avenue. PANON.?ELEGANT ROSEWOOD PIANOS : ALSO i srneta ollcl'iih* Fumltiiia, Heddmg, Psrlor *au Bed room I3K Ac., *( BRNDALL A WOfPL enrnef or Ca; 1 and Hudson street-. Payment lakve by weekly *r munti. y ? ivmci ti If preferred