Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 9, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 9, 1867 Page 2
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w HTPATlOmi WAMTKP? yiCMALKI. A NUMBER Or WELL. RECOMMENDED GERMAN il KtrU waut situations at Mr*. Lowe'* German Iuetl bate, IT Htaolon st . a ear Bowery. A COMPETENT ERAMRTRKfW WOULD LIKR TO EN. pn to go out bf the .lay or week, understands all kinds or family towing, city reference Apply at 110 Weal A RRflPRCTARLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, IN (X. a small family, to do general housework or aachamber laid and -seamstress. Call at WO Watt Mtk at., baaemant A LADV WIolIEB A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER t\. or superintendent la a gentleman's family. I'neioep tloaabU rofartuen. Address. with real name and war re tha part e* may be eeea. ft A. Brows, Jersey City Poet A WIDOW LADY, AOED THIRTY, THOROUGHLY competent, whoso preaeat engagement ?* hnu?ekeepe: will expire oa the gnth of this ainnth. Ix deelrntit of procur ing a position of the same or as companion to en invalid; testimonials good; aoencumbrance. Address box ?,!!? Poet A LADY WRITING AN ELEGANT AND KtPTD HAND wiabaa copyingIO do, or would act aa amanuensis or nonrotary. Address Miae Gordon, eUtloa G. LADY WRITING AN ELEGANT AND KtPTD HAND wtofc eareatery. A SITUATION WANTED?NT A RESPECTABLE GIRL, aa a drat class souk sod to assist with the washing and Ironing: has ais vaari relarenee from her last place, t all nl 111 West lath at., between 7th aad flth an., third Boor, frout r.iom, for two days. A SMART. INTELLIGENT GIRL Wl.-UKS A SIl'UA Uen aa ehambermald and waitreaa; has good city re fereaco Call at M Bast lltb at. A WON AN WOULD LIKE TO TAKE IK WASHING at her ..wn house. Call oa or idiir? Mrs. Davis, XH Had Ilth si., top Boor. ARRHPKCf ABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITCA tlou ss b arse; between 1* and 17 years nf age; can do plain sewing, or light oharoherwork aad waiting; beat city refsranaa. Call for two day* at IIS !7lh at., beta sen 7th and Nth era. A COMPETENT DRRHHMAKKR WISHES TO WOBK out br the day; one who can give every ealtsfaotioii to suiting sad 'Itting ladtaa' dresses. Gall at ?i West T3tli at. A RESi'KC f.AHl.K YOUNG GIRL WlbllKR A tilTUA A tioo a> rhainbermald and wsltress, best of <tly refer wane. Can ho teen at DM 10th at-. between 7lh end Alb avs AltK.Ht-KcT.AHLK YOUNG GIRL WISHER A HITU ttoa to do - hsmharworh atnl w tiling, or to take eare of nhlldieu; no objection to do general housework in a smalt prlra.e fatally; ha a the best ol city references. Can be seen tor two d?"i ai 'J&J 7th av. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOU Nil GIRL TO ?to ehambei or house?, .irk for a small family; has fonryeats' lefnreiiee from her l*<t i lace. Can be area at No. KulW.u St., Brooklyn, nwui door, back -atom. \!UTUtTtDN WANTED?AS SEAMSTRESS OK TO taxe care of s chtl-t. or to a<:i on a lady: ran do all Iliads! nt sewing; can operate on Ulo tinea's and Wheeler A Wllsau's machines; the bom ejty rctorenoe given. Call at 16(1 Went Stsi ?t., earner of 7th av." A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE J\ young girl, u* rook, washer and Ironer: is an exrellntit haker of !?: -sd ur.d hi u:uit: und* elands I rati h flu: lug has g.<ud city reference. Can he seon for two days at Ml .'kl nr., ?-rrnar Bth at. A SITUATION wanted by a kbrpectable wo man, as cok; understand* hrr busiuesa; h is no objwe t-on lo aae:st in liie washing. Cau be sai n for two days at 73 Dlrlsloa ?t.. iiTtl four, front room. \ sn ATI ON A MIDDLE AGED -x. Reofeh .vomau, us child's nnran; run take an (mailt ?rum lis birth. or would nnrsr .n invalid lady; nonhjn-ilou to lha "Ouutrr. Apply at No. S Sth at., In 'bo lamn store. \l.Ai?T WIHHE.a TO TAKE CI1AUOK OP A CHILD at lie- ss.i h 'tae. where If will nave a mother's dais. Apply at 10 Wf-nter St.. third floor. A LADY WISHES Tl> TAKE A CHILD TO HKII tV own home: has no children: It will leeelve s motbci's oaro; Peal rafrience. Call ut I!?< West BOIb at. ARKsP! UTABMI YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A BJ1 uatinn aa se mistress; r?u cut ami fll ladies' *ud ehtl drens'dr*****; iiirome lilglCy recommended bv her last employer. Call for -wo days ai Btl lawny St., third floor. 1 co.K r-mm ARBRPEi TABLE GIRL WlHllRS A HITUATION AH eooh, wasiier und miner In a email family or would do -otik'.u* and .<*.? st wun the wishing; beat city reference. Cad for t wo days at Ilu \? eat SHi.h at., rorner 7th av. ACONPBTENi' young woman wants a ritua linn ns waitress or r-hamhei maid good rltv references; Can be nen.i tor two days at S! Vftm' I3ta at., holween lku sod rt'.h svr A lady rejQqccyg up house keeping wishes to procure it ettuathm for s trust worthy girl, who h?? lived will herthrr" vdgv;. (>J ge:d plain rook; no objection to asaisl utih asking und Ironing. Call at or address 76 West Hist sr. A HIGHLY 111 I'KCTaKLT. GIKL WANTS A SITUa. Moo as goo 1 nlslr. rook; uud*' -lauds linking and des smts of various uin.u; ts a good washer and isuuor; best of reference. Can b? teen as Ml 7lh av., soi iad floor, front APHiiPP ti ll OCMIK IN ILL STYLES, SUCH AS soup*. menin, poultry, game, boning, Isrdi.ig, and <l*s eertJ of all hinds, wishes* situation; beat leloieneo. Cau be seen at AM-" 7tb sr.. near SSlti sA , srrord Boor, front rooui. ARKSPEt TARUC YOUNG GIRL, LATKI.Y LANDED fmo, eng-st.'d wen'.s s situation to lake .-are of a eiuld er tnaks b?' -'li 'isefut in any capacity; or wuold assist la w*-blng an ?. .rotiiag. Can be seen st 1X1 1st st., botween av. A and lti av.. acoud Boor, rouna N >. 4. ARKftriiOTS HLE GIRL DK'ilRKS A RITl'ATTGV AS rhamiMM-nsld and w*i;re?s vr an nurse aad to do plain sewi >g; no d|.. tion to .?<> a short listsi; w in the country; , .vi . ,i. ? - -'i- ?s. Call a M" Ks it 3Sd sc. swrond fl'ior. \MTI A I UiV AA ANTE* A< CII.A VKERM AID?BY' AN Amert'-r-i alrt; w--n!d aisiai with tho wiah'ng; Hly refarenne Call at 171 Weal Snti, su. i.iseuaeut d>e>r. A GIRL WIBHKN TO OBTAIN A RITI ATlliN AR rhaui: erinsiil and sraliiwas iu arulrate fatally: tha to-st el', refcte-; If re.^olred ?.f?U *t at Hhecfl at. for two days A ?fM?n P.VSTRT COOK .ENGLISH PBENCH AND f\ Grrtn iu . vrhliaa a itfnauon in a conrertlonery. hotai or on a sioam-t. Vidt??? A. B.. He' dd r-".i \SIK\I?A WOMAN WIMIILS A SITUATION AR *.>"' . i- an ? . rllenl '> ??r. ??M a?sl?' with Inn ? u-htiir i: ' mi i|5 I' iwcpinre ' ."it n ' reference giten. lutt. r seep :ot two' d*y* at Ut, AA est HRh ??., two pair nf A U. ??.MILIEU \YANrr\.l i' APAKLK SRUVANTS !?"ii'? dv red Gennsu rirla? At l.atgs Mmptuy is ,.t li'stiie'r . illt., iv.. Iiet-.o 6*lt -' VP.' M'r. lAKI.r TIDING G'RL WlyiHY.S A dl'CA tiiut si ? us": i^tnslit ?nd wiUress; erii'tM asskt in ffco wsri'inf. lti 'As t*?t of iy rr'en neei 1*11*1 177 liflMlh el. s ' AI" III HI .111 ??? tPl 1 I AHILITY dk ."a ?? -is s. ,u' is ?? he-uu'r n * CTllsTin'i ram If; with n ?! >bi 1. eft imnini. ''I ll prtra'o Ism id >? g hoi.- t re e etiargid. < ?U<in o. iddi sS Mrs. OnRfly* IN W est U' I at. a SITUATION v \:.l ID BY A BYKfKCTABI.E t\ vridun n- . i. to o | t"il I . i ewofi' 'b a ati:*',l V . nilv . Has s p.-! II years ii ' tr .i' 1 1 to 1st* heral .g. i ii tu? seen w t le' syeet heJ Last lAtli #t.. 0r?t h"vr ;? im It) I II .A it'.'!'a <?.? I city mlei.i.oe a IG-.-Pi:ri".Bl." GI"I. WISHES A ,GTCATION T'i u\ do i re -.'l .i" ts'snr'. In a am ill p..??'? lam.'i; Is * 'tg'D'lnol iu,'. ''aiifticte 'leys at lit 4th nr.. tie. Is en ifrh and ittci ?t*. A YI>1 NO i *D>" WDtltEf A s.TUAHON AS STEW , Y antes* - a Im. I a* oassi utn. ,ud Himid tiake liorsi If genermty usef'i'. .n any rtpolity. Csll tar inu la at llfl ? . se. \N BKrt r.lUNCI.D WOMAN WIallF.> A -ITtTATTGN a* CKik. atid i. wlllli.e tosAs' t wtibibr washing and tr-niig run give su'tef iauiry r*:?r*tua I alt at IB'1 List 17;I. m., bet w ID aod g-l ars 1 \ltr p YOU Vs* ATOVAN DM.AfNKK A ?IfilsUon a* ehanibe'tiinh! ar 1 wslireu or tu dncram ^Wratork and I'lsiu ?ew.i g Ibe S#1 .If . nv reference given LeWi hrr is*! pNns thsll at ail East 14'. #t., lulr4 tlopr. friso! rOMU. A HI'i '!'? 1'AHLL PHGTLdl AXI WON \N WINIfKR /V a stcisllo; t? d" getiersl Itniienwfirk ?? ? r *>k. ws?h and . m to go a-h. liid oontp. s aged r ty tefereatW. C*n fir two ai hNI !AS as., J 1 flow, u KKRIKCi ABLE <J" R!., AN CiHlK. WA^IIKK AND " Imti-r srl s. ? , i.tnafion: r i*i city '*lr* on lr .?m I it pls<.v. all a* 2At Ham I ku si., ueinoeu fltk sad Itlili IfA X NITl ATtuN * ANT"'.D?BY A Yol AG G1UL, Til L.? f\ ? ??ani,'*ri?i.rk sud isaltlnf, and wiml i aaeiel with the s-if tits I l.-im't '; ttti m**'.nils wdt*a'nsUdt?*s>*g Csll at IY V sv . smsin.faottr irom 34?b si X YOIIRil GIRL MaM'i A Hlti: VTfON AR P'.AJN <?<i*, ? tsb. ar.4 inm w g el elt* reference gtv?n. Ca.i at 4P4 <A o#i it h St.. h*'***" .US an t ll*tA sr.. X YKRT HKXPKCIABLH YOUNG c.IBL WISltwB A fa sllustion sell aierrisid lu a ..rsl <"Se prlvai* board ??5 none- nr -n d.. e'.isui bar work *nd plain nawrng In a ims.l laiM:|y call at if, rui si<: w. neawren B4 and M sv*. Elac tu* lasli. A^m RB.iiTrrABi.EYGi no watav trAvr.4 a biyua lion as .nil, wasaer end . s.?r lo a s-tsall priiats family, eso ri> * aaadsiiy reft: *a. "us nasesa lor two da/sat the funrv "Pfe 444 3d at. A MiNPEiWABLK YOUNG Win AN WlMliKd A TV nlui iUoii a* i hatnbiirm* 1 oi sv. .a , ana?Aasi at washing and Imnlng. Call stile, .t ssh'uglon sA. A VERY RESIT.CTaRI r. II1RI, WAVTi a NITCA _ _ Hon a* rhai'ibrr'deU aod wail-tss. -r woold Ithe r?r? ?f or 1 Wp rhlMrrr !? t eej kind m Mldr'ti sad "IsUglrtg, but prefers tip staiik w ork. ml lonx lisre. i*%i| *? ei < s. woo street, second Bo>>r, for iwn days, lag ily* ,n tba lattny Corn. a S7TI- * i r??>. wa\'vi-;i? a- ntisT ci^asr lain. ^ drees; unders'md* flue We hlng *< J PvetioH fluting. Also una to do chsinberwurk and HsiUny; lly rnf?i.-t.c{ Call st ttl M sr.. nesr 44 b si., second fl'tur. frout. JSIfUATUyN WANTED?BY A FIP*T OLAH Cim)K; Mtornitgh'y ned;r*t*nd* her b s:n? s. Alsoawaltms and e.honiliertuald. best nf HI/ r-ferrn-e ' -mn !Srtr Im (Meant I'nil st 1,471 Mroadwey, belweeu Xi<i ami .Wd sm., in Us g>?> JREflPRUTARLR YOUNG GIRL WlellKR A NITl'A. tlon as < bam,'ertn.ild (n a jjrr ts faiu.n : nn give g.eid idly reference; |e strtsdlr b'.ness end Obliging I'sn be sc?n fl?' two day S el '.id Weei fltli <i 4 bRruRctani.R woman wfiiiri a situation J\ as tail ml rr s; would eisik. . salt and hop In e small fsin'ly; g'md l!y feiorrflre i Hi si .fflW?*l Iflih ?L, IK I seen .lb and Ah art., in the bei'-nimh for two days. RriPI UTAMLK GIRT' VS1"IIEMA NITUATI'IN ah eook; is an even;ietit Wnih*/s d tMoer; I as referent* i ill for two days at 144 W?*' 48* i s| , be'wsen fib nod 4tk Ha. ha eumnt. YE IT ERdPEdf ABLE. IVTI.LUGENT YOUNG _ _ Kngi h fill *>nlf s altue.'on se rlienC'ertnnld and waiter ss In a ente'l family, or S? ehaiaberotald In a frs* A A wait Mess ntlra:* li'iftr ling bouse h? cop-' tefrrenee from teat plrnm. i all at Mi AA aa* 4Ut * . tie'wr*n dtk and 4*k SITUATIONS W4NTND?FSNAliCA ALADT ACCUSTOMED TO THR SUPKBINTRN. doner of flrat Flaw houaea and perfectly tinderaUnd'ng brr duties would Mkr a re-engigwmenl aa boeaaagae; the position must be a ihor?u(klr r-<|>*ciabl* one; beet refer ence Call on or addreae M taa Correal, 47 Real flfltB at A SITUATION WANTED?AH LADV1 MAID: UNDER aland* hatrdre*slng: caa operate ae a marble*; beet eitr reference riven Call for tea days ai Ad Waal Wk at. two daora from Mb a?. A SITUATION AS COOK WANTED?BY A WOMAN J\ who underauodi Bar bealaraa thoroughly; la a Ar t elaaa ha War and P??trr oeok. alaa daaarrta: baa goad e?r refer-ue* Call ai >7 A Mb w. until auMad. Maaa bat a prl rata family need apply. A TO UNO HEALTHY WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION . > 'J h*LS"E '?'*? ehIU U three waaka aid. Apply for lwe days at HT PWibeah ae.. Brooklyn. A respectable PROTESTANT oibl wants a ?t?!2?",J?VS ??""Ireoa. thoroughly uadaraUeda Bar mulnaaa. Call for twa daya ai KB Waal I4lh at. A COMPETENT PERSON WANTS A SITUATION AH rook, washer and ireaar la a private family; load ally rermenea from last plaoe Call for two days at V west 13th ? ww Boor, book room. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A BBSfROTABLE . PI aa eaak, waahar and troeeror ta da general house nba. *ftwtttj; bret at city referanar Callalin AS DRB88MAKBR OB SBAMMTRBSi, ST TUB DAT ar week. ?Wanted, bp a Protestant girl. Aha work af oaa ortwn families. goad otty refarenoe. Call al MT Sd nr., naarlBth at. for I be weak. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE girl, a* cbamharmald and weltraaa: aa objection la do ing general housework, beet af ally refareaoa. Call al 00 8th ar. A COOK'S SITUATION WANTSD-BT A REHPBCTA - ble woman: good refer* are from leal employ or; woe Id aerial with washing. Call at 77 Weal 8BU el. ' A TOUNO WOMAN WOULD LI KB TO OO OUT BT day ar sraek; enderstands dreasmaktng aad mltlla ary. Call ?t or addreee W8 Weet ?>d at., belwaae lOaad A A SITUATION WANTED?BT A BBSPROTABLB OIBL fn- l?"ndrom: haa the beat af ritr references. "all at 10811Mb at, between 1st and 2d era., second Boar. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO TAKE IN 7\ wnalilug al her own residence or to go out by dare' wnfk Call at 17 Waal 21th et., third floor, bank room. \ SITUATION WaNTED-BY A VOUNO OIRL TO DO plaiu sewing and mind children, or would do chamber work and a rial wkh the washing and Ironing; nan do all *ji U or embroidery; haa the boat of rity reference Call oa Wednesday and Thursday (ram lt> to 8 at bar present altna Hon. IM East Broadway, near Clinton aL.whea the lady ren ha seen. A A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIBL . \ as flret >-l*ee (v<ok. would be willing to aaaiel In washing " nd Ironing; willing and obliging; it a obj^tiou ia tl?* conn lm rgfemncA. Call for tiro dajs at Writ Mi* at, N?Urw?u flth and iOtli ova. YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO "Jit .. r^TwrWOrii..^I - w"hln*- or Kh"ftrel housework. Call al f<M Sd ar., third floor, front room. APTRHT CLASH LAUNDRESS WISHES TO OBTAIN gentlemen', or ladles' fine washing al her own house: e-iii do French fluting: can glee the beat of reference. Call or addresa M. Canloa at. Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?RT A RESPECT A RLE roiingglrl ae laundrae*; good e'ly reference. Apple al iw? Weal 87th el., between 8th and flth era., second floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WO. nun. as plain roek, and to a*.tat with tba waahtng and Ironing In a email family. Apply at Ns. 184 East ?8d at.. front houae. Call for two days. A situatton WANTED-BT a RK8PK0TARLK /V young girl to aaalat In a house where there la another Addreaa A. T.. sUtlnii D. A TRENCH WIDOW LADY WISHES A SITUATION / " houeekeetier. inquire at news depot, eorner t?r "roeae and Prlnoe eta. A SITUATION WANTED?AS COMPETENT COOK: la a good bak*r; will aaalal in waahing; pond city refe ranee, t all at 411 at sr.. near Mtb at., second floor, front. ' 4 RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHRS GENTLE il.. *w'"k'55 ?' .h#r ?*? bourn; good reference 841 .kinit ni., top floor, buck room. ARKSPKCTABLK LADY WISHES A POSrTION IN charge of e linen room and store ch"9 ftf " ?5!? **** or Ptt-Uemaa: A<Mr?,or ,hr~ A RESPECTABLE TOUNQ OIRL WIHHKH A SITUA ttop In the country *n nurw nudl to de plain sewing; naa good rliv refereooe. Cell for two day. at 64, oornar & wn st. end flth mw. A *sPK"*-*-"LR (HBI. WISHRS A SITUATION AS II chambermaid and wallraaa. urea wait rem; goad otty ^;re:vthrir^.,n^b,,u' A aK!<TB^r; AMERICAN WO BAN. THKWIDOW OP J% adeeaearid reldler, wants work Ut city; will *> the arm* of ?> small tamtly or go aa chambermaid la some nr|. rnta aantiamou's boarding houaa, ar go out by the day. ML tW? *' >*>lto** ^ ??.. fourth flonc, beok. 4 PROTWTPANT TOUTfO WOMAN. LATBLT LANDED /V from theeHrounUr, ? attuallon la do gan-ral houapworh: U willing lo we undsr Inatrurttooe. Can he ?n ftk twe daya at K Weat^at at., bakwaan 7tb and Mb are., flrat etalra, bask room. SITUATION WANTED?WTIBRK "J" baieetbar BonaohoM dalles, or lo takeaere of ,*JK.7m? n t:i li >*t : kM rcfefruce as ta repebllUr. Call at 1ST, 8d nr.. betweon lok and 15th ala.. In ibe heir drsssnr's. * Asrrt ATION WANTEO-BT A NKAT, TIDT UKRMkN gtrl. to do onlr light nlumbet work la n flrat otas. Arner hen famllr: e,.? l.rlug good reference#. Addreaa Na. 848 East UotMton at. flrat tour, front mom. \ COLORED WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO general homework. (i< would do fatally wa.hlng; good r^FZr*"**- Inquire fog bllm. IreadweU. |a th, .wurl Wo. j 118 West 8Sd at. \RE^pRirrtBi.p. Tfirxn woman wtshes a srr. naimn aa er?W; ta willing to gulst lit wa.hlng and imnlng; reuaivatha be.t of cRy rofmanae. Call far two day ait* flth ar.. rhtrd floor, hank reona, Mn. A ARI -tPEtTAMLB MARRIKD WOMAN, WITH 4 frr.h bream of milk, who haa Inst hsr own hanr, niahea , bahi-to wel mime ether own ham*. Call all the <?f*k ar 443 Itth ?r, between M'h .nd 87th at* 4 RESPKCTABI.K TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A BITH rl albin e\ gteid reok be?( nltr reference glren; wonld ? ratal with waebing. Call at 113 West 1Mb at. A MIDDLE ACBD HERMAN. PRRKKt'TLY KXPB - a r'aarwd In Yre w-b and Oarmna i-ookary, wants a alto?. 'Ion either In a gentieuian'a maaaiun or iu a hutel or reetau ?ant. Apply by I -liar t, H. Virgin, ?M 10th al. SITCATION WANT D-TO DO CHAMRIIRWORK an-l rewing end will eaei.t in wnahina and Ironing' good city rafart-ncee. Apply ai 40U 7Ui a... nomas of Mtb .??' 4 RK?*PPCTtBl.R TOUNO WOMaN WISHH* A -V .itiiannn a- rhainbrr-naid and waRrem. or ren do Una wr-.HIiig and I riming ihe b?.? of cfly referenr*. Call far t?n day, ct 87 l aeex *t, fir.' flour. A SITUATION WANTRD-HT A RESPRCTARt.B ymm^ nomao, a* -dinmn -"neid or waitr*?a, heat of |i> re:or--i. e. Can he ..fc lor ton days at 343 Wast 36th 4 RERPKCTAHLE WOMAN WISHES A NITWATtOV .*% a. rook: t? n giaA iiread ?n ' btwnll baker: Bn.amoh -loe'lon in a reap-.-tabtn boai ling bo<i?a. City refernnee. ? a. at .727 M e.t 35th ?t,, belw -<-n and 1>th ,tra. A COMPETENT DRE1MM4KRR WOULD UCM TOOO niit by the dar or week Is <-ut and hi ladien'*. Call r ? 18) ra-lKin el , Kflwern 2d and 3d am, brat fliair lurk room No intre answered. k S'Tt ITION WANTED AS NIW4P. AND HKAM ."V wreee: i? willing u? t?k? rbarec of a hnby frmu IU Imi-i!. Nn->!? ertion ta r? a abort d .tanr. lo . be cm at" r Ua. !hfl he.? ?r ir'ar- nre. Itfl .uerentk ar., uetweau 8tl'b and 2i*? ala. 4 eONPETKNT WOMAN WI-'HKN A SITUATION AH /V "emoireee: *an mH and fit niitlit'en'a rtotblag aad la die.'plain dr-aaea, and l-.e'l klnda of remllr aewfng; hem jd referent# goon 4!4n ha aeen lor t?o .ieygat 17 4 VOUN'. Oim. WrsllKH 4 SITUATION AS Kl Bat f ,'T it?. e'ia -nhermaid In a prirnto ho?rdinc honae; hut!, way. llred p- Irate brarllng hnu-e*; Inaa Ife* pe?l "It* re. ferenee Cnabeerenet her employer'*. UN East ICth at. a YOUNO tilBI. WISMKR A SITUATION AH CII4M ? ? heprtia d .1,0 w.itre.. ha. no nb,?rt:ona to do g*nerei h--i.rework, "all for two ,|nya at 8M Wret jnth *4., amwud Odor. Irani room. A ,it? ai. he, we*a ',10 and 8th ark a WlllOW T.tDT AOED 3\ UNDRRSTANDINO Aid. ,4 k'nda o' houreliMaptng. would like loonufti a alum rtoaa reaamgofriit to tea* charge af a boarding bmire; ob jeel u- f<-r a-tlary. hut for a ca-mfertahie home Apply at or I ad |rem 477 7th ar. r ' A YOUNO l'RU\f'H LADY DfldfNEN A NfTU 4TION in an Anoriiwn family to take eere of children Will Mech Ui"iu F ei-'li. Addra*. tn Hiennie et. AnK.Ai.riir tounu woman, with a prpxh I>rre-| of it"lk. -lerirea a altuaiue aa wet ntirse in a prlr jMJr-tliOy . i? Uii-dna he: dr.t biiw. I.ood refarenre H (jAil At tt? H*iwi?ryf rrvom I J. A SMART POUND WOMAN WfullU* t SfTVATIltN aa laaibire?a; Hwro'tdblr under.tunda her biieloagg ?o-lcltr reference. Can lie wren al her la m j loci-. 38 St xmi'i p!? AOOOD DUK??MAKF.n WOt'lfD I IKE TO (IRT entl'lurmmit lw h* day or wi-eg. Call ,t ,,, ad-lrem ror two dl.ty ? 44 H e.? J4:h in the haeerneni ABBflPa.iTASLE itrady woman wmnF-fl a sit Uattiifi aa flr*t nla** plain rank. In a Inge nr email flam.ty. la an ei-vllni 4 bak*.r and waalie* and 1p?,er a g,> m home ppeierr-al; In city or country; good latere woe (,'ali far two dare at 23Mh af.. third floor, rear. ARKUPRCThBLR TOUNH AMCRIOAN WOMAN Wb > ha. lo.A her baby, two mitnfh. aid. wl- hra a Mt?a Urni -n a r-reneruble Uinllr aa wet ourae; hem ettr ra'er. *o.e Cm he men at Ifl, w?t 87th at., aroond floor, front ebnm. I nrTUATrOV WANTPn BY A "MART OIRI., TO DO .1 genera! homework, In a ainalt family. Apply at IP tobty ?f, ARRSURCTAHLE WOMAN 4N|t A OIRL WANT SIT uv'oni an pMn iflM-k and eh .m sematd Apply a< 130 Went Tfli.h m.. ikali preaenf of empluytnant. UOV'?EhRBppR-g SITUATION WANTED- BY A . *''7 pf e.1 .nation ? no oh|*e-tion lo iii* evmntry; mo T'O be,- d Add re-. P. I. H , llera.-l nfllre -WANtRD, A SITUATION, BY A OOMPR ', " n? i"tem end ?onflow; can lake entire -haige of aei infant m an biralid U ly, ran the iufbr.ieiir re!*r*nire. gp.,', M ?1; ? betwrem *lth and Kah ata. S 1 ^ ' Na i'TKD- \" t il 4 MREUS A f [? AND I. a. *; r* d" abumhm a Of* and lluo WMahmg; ran if." l.n '/" ?f ? habr i won d do the gen.-rel nou*ew."-k of ? t n.U Call foe two day* at It? 1th ? r. between let. .. p> ? ' triONA WANTED dY two YOUNO (ilPfiA; *? rw-.? waflber and imner, the-<(her a* ehncC'er no orijeri ion to , noardtng boutr: oeet ?fereore Atmie at v? w ,m Mih a? HOTJATTONHMWMTBIUIrSNALRf. CjHIKTO MADB TO ORDBR AID am. KfNDt OK ' ' fvtallr eewlng dons by hand. Inquire at Hi 8 h nr., tor OITUATION WANTHD-BT a ODHmTRNT WO*AN. >N to do renernl housework: casnblr in do ail kinds of work; good referent* Oatl at U rt?Klru at. _ ?tto? wantbd_nt a com put* wt omr*. ah andt-ess; an sblertlon to oharabe-werk; good o'l? refer mm Hall at V Waal tto at, Mar M a?? far twa days. QITUATIOM WANTED?BY A EBHPROTARf.H FRO trains! woman, as nttraa or aoamntmsa: Hratetoaa dtp reference. Call for sue day at IM Wast 41 at at. QTTUkTIOM WANTED-BY A RP1PD(W*RI,R TOO WO v * woman as tsuadrnaa or chambermaid; sstod Hty refar sons. OaU atWItt or., katwsaa HUH aad Hit ata. QITTJATIOK WANTED?AH WWf NTTRHB. NT A HP ~ arwtnWa young woman: aaa atos tka has* of references Call at tO East talk at., katwsaa M aad M arm., totrd Hear, froatraoaa. CmJATIOW WANTED?BT A EIRBT Of.AWH ORDER O noak. ta a raataaraat or hotel; raflarawaa If required. iaU at 1>4 Moll at. ta tkaraar, Hrat Hoar, aftor IHa'etoek. STTCATfOM WANTED-BY AM AOWYM WII.T.tWO girt as ekamhanaald or waHraas ta a prtrala family. OaU at m Waal Mtfc at. OmTATTOW WAMTSD-HT A RENPBOTABLB HCOTOH O woman, to teks ears of aa lsr*ttd lade. 4a plain sawing and aatnd o??ar twa ehtldraa: toad city ranwaaaa Call at W Waal Mtk at., katwsaa HO aad Htfc asm. CtrniATlOW WANTED?BY AM AMRBTOAB TOCNO tart aa auras and ehambarmaUt kaai of ratanaaa. Call forTsra days at HQ Wssatar at. QfTOATIONH WAWTMD?BT TWO TOOMO WOMMW; n ana aa nook aad to wash aad Iran; tka atkar aa laua , dress. Call at O AUsaUa at.. Braak'ym. QITCAYJON WAWTWD?BT A HBHTMOTABI.M WO O aaaa. aa sank, waakar aad Iraaar. to a aaaaH prlrate family. Oaad aWy ratoraam. Cadi at WH Wast tOtk at., raar. SITUATION WAWTMta?BT A YrtUWO OIBL, AH ohamVWaald or nnraa: fond attr rafaronaa froaa taat Ones, (toU at UH talk St.. naiad Hoar, koak mass, katwaea 1st aad Id awl SITUATION WAWTWD?HT A BWHTWOTABLW OOT DB. ad woman, to do general kansawork lo a prlrato fami ly. Apply at ltd West BM at., la tka atom. BBAM i ok lid from Its and 18th ata, ta the s'ore. WASHRR AWD a gentle. generally neefttl; pood eiry rsfsrsasaa. Call at 17H Laurens at.. Bleacher. Hrat floor QITtTATlOW WAWTMD?BT A WIBHTJ CLARR WAIT ?n mna: under?'*nds bar business: ynod elty references. Can at 87 Was* w.h at.. aornar Breadway. SITUATION WAXTBb-BY A BTSADT RRHPKCTABI.F. woman, na first olaaa eook la a prlrato family: bast of elty rofsrsnsnt: ondsrataods enoklop In all Its hreaehaa. Can ho aesu for lwo days at IB Wast Uth at., batwoea 6th and 6tk ara. SrrUATfDH WAWTBD?BT A ERRPBOTABLR OfBt.. to do tr-nsrnl housework or okamborwork la a small pHrnte fnmllr: best eltr refsrenoa ylron. OaU for two days ai No. 4 Hester at., Hrat floor. TWO TOl'NO WOMBN WISH HtTtTATION"; ONB TO car*, wash and Iron, and tka othor (o do chamber* or It and watting Can be seen at (1 Downing at. WANTED?BT A TOUNfl OIBf.. A H1TITATTOW TO TT attend either In n bekerv or ronfontlonery; has bad experience In both. Omit IM Wast S8d at. TJtTAMTJ'D?BY A RKSPBOTABf.B YOITNO WOW AW, M a sit nation aa rook In n private fnmllr. either Honninh or American: rood c'ty references. Caa "ba aana for two di.y? at IBM Weal T7-.h at. T*fANTKD_BY A RBitPRCTABI.K MARBfWD WO. TT man, with a fresh breast of milk, a yon Of bahr lo wet mine at bar own residence, MB Boat 16th at., near ar. A. Ilood elty references glren. WANTED-BY A NRBPECTANLH PROTBWTANT TT girt, e situation to do general housework In o small nrlrste family. Apply at tS^ fth at. three pair stairs uo. beak room. ?' XSTANTED?BT A HKHPBCTABLB YOTTXQ OIML. A TT situation aa cook, weaker and iroaari throe yaara' raf eranea from last plaoe. flail at 160 Hd ei.~^lll)auisburg. WAKTED-BT A BBHPBCTABLB WOMAN A BTTC. TT alien na cook; lo on eaaollont baker of breed end soke; has objection to assist srlth wash'na; tko boat of elty reference. Can bo aeon at M7 Wast tld at. ANTKD-A NTTTTATION AH HOUHKKBEPZB. BT A QITtfATION WANTWD?AH HD1UM AMD il atreaa: la aonobla of taktay ease of a ohlld birth: heat oltr refersnoa. OaU at SB flth no., koto and 18th ata, la tka store. CjrTUATtON WAWTWD?AH COOK. . WASHH it Iron or In a prlrato family: no eh lectio a lo man's bnerdtnt house: la wtlltor to make karaslf W R*. ra?t<sctnbln P.nfllsh woman; aroold not objest to gooa k nod honaekonper; hoe tka beet of otty raferanooa Ap st 164 Want ttlk at. between Id and Hd art. TtTANTKD-A NITPATTOM. BT A TOITMO OIMU TO TT do pauaral boaaawork la o small prtrala family: rood city refarcutr. Csdl at SB Waal Mth at.. In tka baaameuL TATATfTBD?A HXtl'ATfOW MT A tWONO OIRL TO DO TT panaral kansawork: aaa ctra otty rafrraaec Address B1 Waal 46tk at., botwaoa ?h and btk arm. "XKTANTMD?HlTTATIOWi, BT TWO RMTB8R fKM TT aMahi, one ?. to toko oam at children, the other. 1A would Tito to do ekambarwork add Waltiact Aft not been lone In the country Call at *!t dfh ar., In the shoe autre, he betweeo Sfltk an S7ih ale., till salted. TIT ANTMD?A HITTTATIOW, BT A BBHPBOTABLR TT yminr flrl, lo do general housewarfc; no ebjtetlea ta a abort 41st snoa tn the eenntry Call far two days at Mt Beat Houatoa at. near the Bowery. TITANTBD?A HTTOATIOX BT A COMPFTEWT COOK: TT understands oU kinds nf American nnoklng; Are yeota ritf raforeuee frrnn bar last plson. (toll at III East 2Mb at. TKTAWTPrrt-BT A RMBPEOTABM PROTBKTANT TT young woman, a alluatlon tn da ceuarpl bouaawnrk to a amall family: Wo nTiloattoo too ba?MwW?a?e. CoUot City iHU^bamytoarth aad mth ata., taymmi. hark i WAWTBD?BT A ?mffTASLf (MIL, A BfTVATlON to cook, n ash and Iron; has the boat elty roferet.-oe. Csll al 8* West Mtk at. TTTAWTBD?A NTTVATIOM AH WAT MVKSB, BT A TT rcsimctable widow womso Hsrlad tost her awn Infant; no eblentl jns lo anlng n short dietsnao ta the aowntry. la. quire at 161 Baal Uth at, first floor. T1TAWTPD-HV AM EIPRRfFWCSD BNOUHH HER. TT - rapt, a attention aa mambermild or eook. Call on or add teas E. It. 488 Ifith or., between Mtk aad Slat sta^ lop floor, frvat. 'toll after S u'elo- k. ANTED?BT A RF.8PKCTABT.K TOTNU WOMAM. A VT sltnstlnn in a email prlrato fanfly, tn d? plain eook oercral l-n<iecwnrk. Can ba aeoH for f trig or flercrol hoiiecwnrk. (toe ho acau for ten davs at (ha hT'.se of bur la't ctml.iyer. Columbia Oailege. house noruer Madlann a?. and 60lh St. WANTED?BT A rKSPRCTABtB (MRU A SITT tTION ss wsrasiiert; eon cut aad It; nadarataada family sowing. Csll sv J6Ti 7th sr . eorney JLlh-t TKTANTBIt ?A HttVATlOM. BY A MEHPBfTIABLB TT ynuap woinsa. as first c'nsaeork. aaa lb-- h?-l of nlti referr re. Csn be seen at 111 WeatHPlA at., between Broeil ft) sud 7th av.. eacoml floor, from r-w. tirAWTKD?BY A YOV.WII <HRI/. A Pl.iCW AH CHAW YY bcrnurd end wailrese or cJ?nml-toUciM a?l to assist wllh the tf*->hliu[ so.I Intnlon. boat of rrty rrferenre from Inst nlar-c Coll at 67T V' sl SHk qU hedwaea PUt aad 10th srs . intrd floor, back r-mtn IBrAKTKD?A BfTOATWN Aft PIIUrf Ct.AHS OOtiK : If under stands her Imeliintt 'Wf-qj. eaa gtre the rerr ho?t diy referaoi-e. t'an be aern at 483 Mb as.. In the fancy slb re. j, ?TANTBII?A dfTUATlDW Bf A TDVNQ OfRU AH TT flrst cls?s waitress, or rbombermaM aad seamstress: cin tof e the best iW rlty reference lor a<taer Caa be seen -.t ddbt.'h sr . la tbo isncy ssorc WAWTBD?BT A l.ADT, OF ? ttARA KJPRR1. "i?A a sltnstion is Uds's moniblf anrso ar lo stiand ?a triml'd. Addtres Mrs. Plokinto, HflABaai aC AMTKD-HV A RnsPKCTABLM HOOTCH WIDOW sroineit. Ir.ties' and (rnllemaa'a peeking lodnat bar own room- 311 T7ih at., near Hd a*, lotpilre for laundress. WANTED-A MITCATM6N BY A OQiflPKTKXT TO UNO l'roto>i tot w m?n as child's nmoai can take tbo en tire charge from lis torch; has two yearo'teferenoe from kar lest ptosi. Appi ? ar 77 Want tHUl st.. seodnd floor. TX7ANTED?BY A MTF.AOT RKSPMlTABLF. TOFNO TT woman * ho has no relations In llda erointry, a eltno tinn oa child's nni?r; las noa' plain aeoer. or won Id take rare nf tnd h j-.nnyi hfldren; has godd rttr referonnot (toll al 10|t<: Wesi 73.1 at., aanuad floor, renin. WANTED-?Y A NPSPECTABI-R MARTMD WOMAN, who bsa lost kar batty, flre mortbajeld. a baby to wot nuroo si bar own rrsMcnoa. Call at Kb ? KIrlngton al. in tka rear WANTED?BT A TIIOROUUH SKaMRITIKHR AMI) n ir-e. wtth aa-rllsnt oily refer-aoe a elt'iat'oo la a private foruity. or with a lady who boa Ma; ruts and flu ?iblLlren's |..thas, quick at tka needle. WVgsa flia OaU al I?1 K.?t 21st at. tTTANTl'D?NT A PlItHT CI,AHA CllfK. Wltn RT. TT reliant city re*erruoe, s sit jstloo In ?.krirale fsmUr or bcosrdlng ha-ise ? the en rse waahlni m-keo pss'ry, ?mips anil jelltaa, gamm sad fancy dlskas Call at list Kaai Hat ai. f A NTP D BT A PHUTRBTANT ftRU l.ATRUT landed a annstion aa abaaihonnail aad sraitrees; raod nl(r refpronoe. Call at 16 Mtdlow as.j tar twa days. w w* WAWTRD-BT A FfBWT Ot.ABB WA Fill NAB, A HITtl attnn tn 6 prlrato family; best city rtfsraaas. Call at or address MAI 1st ar. In dry goods slum. til ANTED-BY A HP,BPECT?BI,r P)f>TKHTANT WO TT ntsn. a sltnailan aa mnk: 'a a raid da .a or aad Iraaar; r ,t re fare n ? Apply al *77 West 4lh at/up auir% WANTED-BT A REBPElfTAHf.r TffTWr. WOMAN, A situation 'a do g?**rsl housework B a small prtrala Ismlly; lately landed from England can gymrsrltr sepun T for bar honeaty. Ota ba seen for iwa pays at MB Bant

iflst at . near M sr. | WANTED? HY A KEKPROTAHIiR UAHHIKD WOMAN, with a trash breast nf mill, wha psa ju?? lost 'tor own ba><y, a child in wet nurse m her ow Jhoma, best refer enne girea aad required <'all I or uoe we^k at 4ft West IdUt ?t aar- ad tutor, frost mm. _______ WANTI-.D?RV A RKHI'RtfTAHLK wiMAN, A HITUA 'Ic,r. se waitress ta a prlsaic fsmiq; baa tko hast of "Itr refer runs ttoa be aeon for two diss at No IB West loth ?L T WANTRD-A MrrUATlOW, BY A i RRBPBCTABLK young girt, as chambermaid is s aimll private family, or lo take care of - hiidrrn and du pi-la afr'-ng. Call ai her preesnt employer's, 7T I.est H4th at. | 1ITANTPD? A HlTUATlnW. BT (N tNdl.HO fllBU TT todoehsniberwnrk or e siting (lal at B7 Kaai HHtk si., this week. 7 ____ ?yY"ANTF.D-A MTUATtON. BY Aj BI'.hPK?7TARJ,K nam . ? , . Brooklyn, front hatoment WANfRD-RT A RRAI'BCIABI.E MiRKlKD WOMAN, s si| tali-m na wet n'trsa, niir?,'ig P?r flrst baby, one month old Cnll lor one tUy s' 644 P utt pth st. |17ANTKD-RT TBO RK.-PE' TAB<P. PROTBdTANT st WMoOP mtiis t <0't', lo r-uk, srssl sod iron Call at 114 Fast lionswa si baiwsen Bowery arl H gr. girl, as good cook, wasaer sad >ruwir; good city refer epee ('si. be seen for two dsrs at HI srmU st, Booth SITUATIONS WANTKO?TKMA1 WBBANTRD?BY A 8COTOM LADY, A 811 PATIOS III dry guoti tore or with a dratamaknr; the l?r not an rmioh lbs oiijert u a permanent place; refcranca gl?nu Add raw J. M., win <?, ft. dm >wt W ANTBD?A SITUATION AS OOOK BT A NRSERUT arte woman, la ? pel rate family ; alt kinds of oo-king. aad '? a good baker; g od <dty reference. CaH far two day* at U Baal 30U> .1, fid flaw, froai r? TIT ANTBD?BY A BBS TV girl a all nation aa cUaia laj^intjrralni; boat oUy r RKHPBUTABLB PBOTBBTABT abermatd and to aaatat to waah rofaraaaa. OaU at II* 71b or.. HKI.P W AIITK11-PKBALBA AH COMPETENT HOOTBKRKPBR WAWTTO-IbJ* I private rarnlly; muat bo Oeraaaa eapebia of ayaaklyg BagBah: aba moat understood her business la neur/ pnrttc. ular aad bay the boat of taatlaaoalala OaU at tho Oaahtorto office of tba Herald for faM to/eraaaiion. Ah competent lady, as pabthrr. wamtkd ? Whe thoroughly ueflaratouto outUng aad lNtof lad lea* draoaoa; Preach prefMted; aaraaRal re quired. Uo adrartlaer hortngan aiegaat aaU|HH^|: oatad la the boat pari of MoarYorfc an; lab aidaaad aa oqniratoat faraapitoL Addreaa Herald oHoa. oatabUahaaaat, to wt will bo ooo A_ B . box 171 THOROUGH OOINO. IimlMOID AND OOM pelent hiuiihnpar wanted, la ajlualto hotal ay low*. I?ly. wttb arrlttoa city referees*,atMdtha*. LADY OPERATOR WAMTBD?TO TO?I OI PRO ear A Babafa oowtng aaaablaa; ataady war*. Inquire p; w.w?y ?m -iw A LADY. 0MDRRSTAKDIRO MUSIC AH DB ATI HQ aad^^to'farniabCj^artjaaBjpyaffitra&g fla? if. boa K007 Toot offiaa, with poittoutore. Oaa witb a boy preferred. fir ANTBD?A TOUHQ LADY TO VT aolaaa. Apply at W Oraad at ATTEND IB A TXT ANTBD?A OIBL TO COOK. WASH AND ICON WT aad do gsngral baeaawort. Apply at Ml Loroy at. WAHTBD-A CHAMBERMAID CALL TO-DAT. from M UMI o'clock, at IID WaatMU at. TXT ANTBD?A PI EST CLA8B COON, KKOWINO HBB YY paofeaalaa la all lie braaaboa; alaa ? Bra* rtaaa ?nltreffi. OaU at WBaat Iltb at. batwcaa 1 aad I o'clock. WAITRESS WANTRD-EOB A PRTYATH PAMILY; one underloading her buatoam, with good rtty refer ?now. Call botaroea Id and 18 o'clook at U> waeartoy ytoaa, w ANTBD? A TOUNO IffRL, TO ASSIST IN TAKING f cara of abator wad da plata sawing. City rafaraaoa re quired. Apply at7HMar. ? TXTANTBD?A NEAT AMD INDUSTRIOUS OIRL_A8 VT wt aaomatraas aad chambermaid. Inquire at 141 Baat lTth at, bqtTMB lOand IS A. M. it W11TMM UXIU. WANTED-A WOMAN TO cook, WASH AND IRON. TV Apply, witb refaraaaaa, attAt Waat Ud at IPMTS#"* WKT NURSK. TO TAKE CAR* Of A VY nany at !-*r own houir. Inquire at 74 Baat Slat at. Oaila la the VYTANTBD?A COMPBTRNT CHAMBERMAID AND TT waitress. Apply, with city rtferaaoaa, at UB Wad tub it. _ ANTBD?A KRHPRCTAttl f QVS/I if OH AN, AR chambermaid and waltratd; oaa Who oaa aaw, aad 81 ra good dty reference. Apply at B Unirordty place, near lib at RANTED?A GIRL TO DO QBNBRAL flOURKWORK. wbo la atao willing to lake care of children; good city reference* required. Apply at 110 Tth at. yyANTAD?A WBT NURSE FOR A NKW BORN baby; uiuat come weU recommended. OaU between 0 aad 11 o'clock A. M. at SI Amity at. TXTANTRD-A TIDY. SMART OIBL PGR OBNBRAL T* homework, a weeping, dusting. Ac; good raferonco re quired. Apply at m Broadway, fop floor, houaakaapat'a WANTED?A SEAMSTRESS PO DO PINK BBWINO, VT with good refers now Apply at IS Wnel Wth at, be fore IS o'clock noon or after 7 o'clock In tko orentng. WANTED -A GOOD COOK; ALSO A CHAMBER TT meld nod waitress: auat uodorataad tholr work thoroughly. Apply after II o'clock at 54 Beat HA at. WANTED?A GOOD COOK AND TO ASSIST AT TT washing and Ironing, la a gaaUaataa'a boarding house. CaBatSSd Wk nr., Moulgomory Hooaa. Oeod rafertuuo WANTED-AT A OKNTLEMANS C. OUKTRY BEAT. Al VT ladr wbo la from tho eoantry, (o act aa aurae aad aamaWraw and make boraetf gaum aUy uaefnL A Now Eng land lady preferred. Addrnaa O. M., boa !M Herald i WAHTBD-A GIRL OB BOY "WHO UNOKBSTABDE Apply aT&mtoSVBMto^otra** '"fi""" P Al#ltisi) I?' WANTED -A SMART, AOTITB OIBL TO DO THE gnnoral hunrework of ? email prirato family. Apply V aaiimal H?I InnnadUatoly at *7S Broexae I WANTED A LAUNPRKBS; OKE WILIJNQ TO At rial la the ohamberwork. Nona bul tlioee uompatanl need apply at lit EartSSth at., kclwnaa It aad IS o'clock. WANTED?A PEOTKBTANT YOUNG WOMAN AS waMroao and chambermaid; abe moat underwand her bualaom aad bare good racotumendalliMia. Apply, boiwena 0 aad S o'rlook, at 107 Waat Md si. UTANTBD?A OIBL TO COOK, WANK AND IRON VI Apply a* IM Unaaoa at. WANTED-A GOOD PLAIN COOK TO ASSIST WITH TT the washing; goad rafaraaee. Apply at SI Elm piano, Brooklyn. JOSEPH HLURMaN. \TonNO WOMAN WANTRD-TO TEND A BAKERT A aad eoafeetloaerr; muat bo well acquainted with toga^order* aad aaakfn? out biU*. Apply for two da; a at STrUiTlOKR WAITED-MALES. A YOUNG MAM ABLB AND WILLING TO MAKK kinwelf paoerally useful In aaxkma to obtala ? a'tu atloii In any capacity; would take a air all aelarylooum morrno. write* a fair baud aad la quick at tgdraa. Tba vary beat of city refereeoae can be gireu. Addraa* J. I. M? box 191 Herald oOtoa. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A CARPET autre, baa a thorough knowledge of the but.acre; b> *t city referenc- a Addreaa J. Rurany, station B. ^ YOUKG GENTLEMAN OP, OOOD PAMILT, HAVIMQ a lhou-?u<l dollar* oaah. with blgUeet r.laaa rrf?rnaee?. btar obtotu a aituatuin eotnmaading two thouaand dollar* a year. Full addreaaglren by tor a^?k*hl, or twmmtiuktU oa u ituoui notice. Fifth arcaun and Wall street. Ilerald bfltor IaI MTT7ATION WANT'.II -NT A YGUNG MAN. TO ;\ work la or .lrtra for a feed store, w w II f in the uann try io take rara af hornet. can drtra tr required C?U al 1SV Hart 17th at . top floor. P\RIR EXHIBITION OF |Hfl7 ?A YOUNG PRKNUH man dealrae an engagemeial to ?o to Pari* <luiin? toe roodng fair, ftofertoe ? of the blgheal order. Addreaa II Cbambre. (U7 Pool offlee. ami ATI ON want?;d-ah A FIRST clams bahtrn. der In a rlub or a hotel. Addreae or aeil ua U. A. Went baoh. SB Monroe at. OITUATION WANTED-NT A KS8PKCTAMI.B MAN 11 (German '. aged St. as porter, or in any napadty where be eonld auto himself generally umful. Call ou or add ri-ae 8.. W Jey at. rHOTRL PBOI'RIBTORB? A iTRICTLY IITKADT ?ml rallaide young arna uf experleara, hariug berw nrcprtr' w of a tonie city hotel and fully understanding hotel I tialne#. in all lis b-#uc!,e?. d-atroe a pnaitkm aa out door and rallaidn youag aua of experteara, harluc here Mly? ruaoagor and boyei. or would take ootfra oharge of o eltr or ai?nm<-r bnuan no aa Vary or ponton of profile Undouhtr I retererre as to ability, rhoraetor. A" Address C. H. D., Ilornld ? ID re. AAFf At)?A SITUATION. BY A WELL BDUOATKP yeung man. speaks Frenab, German aad Rngllah. in a w'iclean In or importing houan Addreaa Horlem ?'o?? ef fine Reference M7 Broadway. ?WANTED-IN AN OfPIOP.. A PI.ACB FOR A BOY VT Ifiynara nragn. who een apeak the German. Pr j Pnmcb, Italian and Kugliah langnagra. 100 Bloomfleld at. Hn bOfeOW. nraXtPB-A BlTt'ATION, BY A YOITNO MAN. AS V* porter; write* a for baud and to tweet at ugnta. Address A. If., bog Mfl HeraM offlce. ai ryin ?A respectable man and sow uf ?pi .lyryy/. quire alluaiiiue It *btch hit.eety *??' a'?d 'indue* are required , both nan ? rNe T ell and kerp arrounia ir required, and will pUra 'be abemamouut fieaerartir; boat mferooee In city and r >uatr>. Audreaa. for four deya, J, K L., Haraid offiee. COAI IIHKN AlbO QARDKKRR9. A SITUATION WA.MKD?AS CROOM OR COACH men. In Oly or mu'ttry. by a rrrjaettible ruau, cuod rofsretaoo. Addreaa J. It.. b"X IM llanld office. ^S OOACHHAK-WAKTED. by an .ENGLISHMAN i single', who thoruugtilr uader-Wnd? th* rare of ho-w a and norrlagno, a alluoUon; la a dm -l??? drlrar; bsafi . It* refer"tine fram hla ia*t rmptoyor. fall at or addret* far two day* al StlJllne'a bnrnnao at ore, Broadway, botwenn Pith aad futb ?ta CM 1 ARDRNKR'S SITUAnON WANTRD-BT A YOLN'O J man wbo haa b?en brought np to tba bttainaaa; im> ob jer'lou to go Wrat or South; unctceptioonbl* rrforanara. AAdrnOO G.. bet IBI Haraid office WAirnin?a srn'ATTON as gardener, hy a TT man; baat rlty refrr-nen; would llko to go South. Ad dreaa Gardaner. Hrr-vld office. w ANTBD-A NITUATION, BY A YOIFNG MAN. AN nployrr aati at otmffiffiffifiH hi. groom or porter; to willing to giro bt* .fac'orr aortlcot; ytod Hlr refm-noR. Call No. d J.rnoa at . hmweon Hlaaolior aad ?to. ?^"ANTED-A COACHMAN, TO OO A SHORT DIE tancr In the country, toka cara of two now. and do lie la told; on!/ Ik oar who understood utrlr liuatooaa and oar bring gaud ronoanoiandatiom aaod app y at 10 Pearl at. ( I.KitKB AND M.ALKSNRX, ^ RBSPEOTABLK YOUNG MAN WISHES A SIT0A tioo aa roUectoc auipping clerk X light potior; Drat ctooa raferouuaa. Addreaa William. U King at. YOUNG MAN, a GRADUA/E OP BANTMAN'R Ri.rtncaa C"Unye. dealre* a 'ItnaOon aa bookkeapar, aa ?lata a I bookkeau pakkeejec, antrv or ahipptng olarfc; I* a gw"d paw man MM r<eT*?i at llc>trre: w. uM mrt mind going out Wcat. Addreaa for three daya J. tv K . Herald ufUoe. ii . ???1 WISH A POsrnoN AH CLERK IN A BUT :\. tor i _t and ou?eae or grocery store am m Iddie agad. a na l?o of Vnrmnnl; heel reference* furulohod. A Ureas for two days (1. P. R . Herald office. j^ BOOKKEKf'RR AND 0ALRSMAX WANTFII -THIE morrtng. for llrat ela? luhing b .uaa ?n ilrnadwgg, and four m- n who write fall hand; Im ueJtol* amtduymfifit. US Nooaeu aL. room Nn 0 vbaiKI AID lAliBIWWI. t^tur4 s^ma haodwrttlng. J H o. HaruU aWea. JteJT^p^Mf^TUmm. at * Mr** " ?f*Wr? HOBIBKY. YANKEE NOTIONS ABO WHITE OOOPB? Am old MtaMuM4 bo?M. n*wlf w S^HSESrSOTS Ma. Mas diMFMleKM . PKBARYBBINO . ??f rutallera rf MM or ratoranoes. SnSStf 5iJ25^SL2!"-2fSM CMTToa? budMHHmSd "AM*. "?* .IL JBWELRT WTANTBD-A 0LRRE8BIP IN ANT HOKWAIU n maiiHj byeyuunt man of mrdarala pcetenaloui; W mre old: a a fair peamia ul oorreot at Imiw: ban a Urge acquaintance amanc woollen maaufaoturera. aad would da waUIn wool or waoUana; goad rofhreaoe. Addraaa W. H B.. Harold ^3 CST^ulfiTiEtafaaa Boattaar*. ka? peam&n as ?Of Her*Id thebEtnewe. Addrene Manufneturec. MS North ad at. WANTED?A DRUG OLKRK, WITH OITT BBFHB eaeea. earner 10lhei.M^ IB y, . - WABTBD?A 8IJWATION. "ITHM AS ?^* kaaaar, agi*Um bookkeeper or clerk. AaiMlaaa* ? s.srta'H^si?. taus? ?xasfti* Herald o?oe. WABTBD?TWO OB THRBB BAIJWBBW^ JB ,* boot aad ahoe heuee. who oaa nrmST ?a BB<i Mart"?** trada. Addraaa baa 1.1W raat omco. WABTBD?A SITUATION. BY A YOUHO BAB. Afl W t1*"*" aad ehlpplaK ctark la a wholeaala and rate*, atelioaery ? oaaa. bar tag Ailed that Htuattoa to Jaay^L Boat of reference flren. Salary moderate. Addraaa Harold offlce. WANTKD-BY A YOITBQ BAB. A MTOAVTON AS W aatomaaa or clerk la a wholeaala or relalj tea and rot fee bourn: underetihda hi* huame*a thoroughly la every breach. Salary not ao much of aa object aa a rood aUi* Uao Far parttouinra addraaa O. H. A, boa 214 Ilarald ottoe. rfV ANTKD?BY A FAITHFUL ANpBTRAD* *?,P,!10 Vf maa. a el Mixtion aa aaaUiant book keener arrter*. Raat of elty references. itrtrtraaa Braytaa. Herald oAteo. refereeoogleam ^greKlT B. Haroldodlca. UTANTBn-A BALBSMAB IB OUR HOSIERY OR W pertinent; none naad apply but thote who thoroughly onderataad the boetoaa*. W. K. PBYTON. ST* aad 174 Bowery. 12 iff TO ANY BODY WHO CA? PROCURE MB A t) eilitadoa aa dark, eaieamaa or porter. Addraaa O. Herald r~? AffO -Till ADVERTISER WILT. PAY THIS #5(1. amount to any peraon preenrlM( him a altmitton aadrrk in theeBaeof amarehandUa broker. AddraaaClark. Harold odteet HBLP W A MTM D?K ALK*. k GENTH WABTBD?TO INTRODUCE BY OELR AORBTH WABTBD-TO IBTRODUCB BY ORLB _ jsssjttsJseten& sssstfs -nttrBMriSpsu am Aoknth aBD pbdlbbs dab bake I ? Ma day :aa rlek of aapttat. Apply at ? Boar fork, er^t Balk ot. BroMlya, taMMti. AT NEW Broadway; derka. , riBITTW WAMTBIT IP BWBBY TOWB, TO 8RTJ. A oaatawainai^n ?T!~* prcdu largt; art Ida ?4"H* r"ttSb tTtxSSTMSTi. Ha. T. A OENKRAI. AHBBT WANTBD-TO takeihk en 'iiatre aala a? a apleaWd work of art. In the aril Slate*; a fortune to the rtXl maa (tell an or addrraa A B Dauiaraat. 9k Liberty it. B. Y. Small capital re quired Aov.xtp wantrd-to sell am ABTIOLE bsti re It new and aorfid; a Una chance far inaurenre and at Iter aarnii te ntal their time adraaAagaoaalr; ??? per daraiaiiy taadr. fc Uhrrty at., aaala ioer. 1 TOVBO HAB WABTBD AA OTBTRRBtK?ON K . who uadaratead* tba boelnea*. Apply to f.. W. Parker, ?lb a?. . A YOUTH WABTBD-TO LBARN THK DRUO SrSI naaa; awatraatde with Maparaate. Apply at?A Weal Broadway. LL DBMIB1NO BXnBia.RMT SITUATItlNS, IK ALL it 4?nirtmcDUiof nil ChawJjjwiM. Hh ?treble raemiciae apda thin day: eeiartea AID to fW par week. A OR AWk CAN OBTAIN A Refer i-oca* A Mm TOUNO BAN. WITH fHS OR $400. C *' daiuraUr altuattan, aa/laa t? pe. weak. ? ? ? eichauerd. HILL A CO.. *1 Waa^u office No. A',. AFRW WOOD WBTPHBS YOUK<l BBN) W ANTED At? Kaamo aL, Ar?l Boor. Tho-a oaly who iwa wall a ttmn for pay and eommaacr to-day. need apply batnean b and 10 ?hl? mornlnf. iT SI F.ltITITH AVRNUB. OORNEP. TWENTY-FIFTH 1 aifvet?Clurha. ?alc?oiau and mechanic* can ha ?<x?m lodaUMl with Hoard. Term* inoloralr; HMi week. nOV WAKTXD-AN INTBI.I.IUENT ROY, AB HIT uOeen K clyhtiwo rear* of ape. to atirn<i a h liter Mmd: one .hat m>c a?d bi .ng e.<ad Bvkcl >ka fiurmaii praftircd; muat be a mod rnekonar ?od larAUimcodat.oo. Call at 121 W??hJi>i<toa licit. ntllP.CTOBY CANY AS?KBS.? RKV rAAl* ?n>t ete*a advrrnaing irtrtraanora, ft ?merle ice and nndmil'ted capaolly la act ?? no ic.'-oa r?w i.ln .lliwiin.iiU lu Baldwin'* Contondate.1 Bu?in*a? INJrclan r Nt* li'rt, ham* a*<l Piylatla olii*. for ? >?? II. A. BALDWIN A CO.. PubltaNer*. W c.edar Ktrret. IJtWPLOYBENr.?A COBPKTBBT MAN CAN flAVE A J peemanant Itl<i*;i?* and JJO-I lrapri. *? (lelirernr or eoai.Uy *pmL Apply at fT r.eakoiati m . lhir.1 flour. UE. IrtNTNll TliK AtiENCT FOR A l.\ROK HABlt | laoturiiHI clU'iai. hi ?nytc* In bu?ine?? Lw ?r?U. I all ?*ci.rathe Mlnallon lu >a> reapcetahM- l*f?n wIIMiia ^M 'i.r r-B'i. flriurcs A" Add "ear MaoUo.iy. Ilcmlil tr? f>?jr (<*r ' cMer\ yntil the 16'h lost. KTEU?AQHATA; 4IA< PRK MONTH AND AI.I. kJ. *'**"?"* ""i? ""? c<detoeat*?l lUkrr Fntnilr haw nr *.. hijjfc Prk* nuty AMI F-u- pn-ti-ulrr* ani.iy 10 ureiurreaC. CLARK A CO.. UP Sreadwar. Wantfd-cabyakhbrs to Kv.rxRKumou' and mtlo'.al picture*. Rted HKUteaieaaU tn wm WItb fir* rule refcrracaa. App-y ?? ?U? AlUatm at.. Amoblya. w ANTr.O?AN ASSIST AB T DBNTTST, AT DR. MAR iflui'*. A?t fib a?.,conar td SAtu *1. w ANTED--A WAITER. APPI-T AT lit fffH AY., baiora 1 a'cloek. __ .4. UTANTI D~A FIRST l'I.A"f WAITER. FOR A SMALL 1 nrtrate fhaflv; Ihn ' i*bcat a M*? wlli be pr jd far a II or.n.ably onwipeteut o?4 honeat man. Apply, unfit batnr fl y thr tft?lai.. at 7J audit South at. G?.we?i. It and I o'clock. . .Raf Inlrlll WANTED?AOBKT- TV hfiLIOIT FOP- A Fl ciaaa Ufa lae-irancr Cnmn?nr Ornltemon of Ini ... rrnca In food ?undtnr rrtll raoclrr a Hbaial nonipenwtlon. AddraaabuiSn Pml odlc*. \I* ANTRD?A COMir.BD WAIfFR. CALL TU-DAT, V> from lb till t e'idueA. at 1*1 Weo: MUi ?L WANTBD-RT AN IMPOKTINO nOUSE. A VOUNO man. te anil fanny panda aa eommlaaloa. Addmaa. with refer no oca. tt. tl . Herald o Hue. llfAHTFD?A STOUT. ACTIYR VOUNO MAN. TO TV work la a ptucery atera. Appte at Off ?tb ar.. rnrner nf STlb I \\rANTBI??IN A WHOLESALE IlOUhV, a SMART. . ' fof Aim Thoi^ bsrl uc first eiaaa refaranoea may ad drew In on a handwriting, uoi I.M w ANTED-a WAB ACCUSTOMED T?? SORT BRtKIM Appty at ATT Pa*i t at-em. un atalrn rtTANTBO.-AW AORNT. WHO HAS TRATkl.l.RIl FOR " * rap?r cot>ar b",lt>aa.. will And aattuniten. Kclar raera rwjuirad. Addraaa latter baa 1 Ate Pu*t oAhn WANTED? A RRI.IAALB AND NFFICIRNT tanrnT Vf ant penmal apanl tar an old eateteUhnd md^,"n,n, WtOteTl'lte^SrMTjV'wUh* jjmprr A" .lltcaateaa ? !!. f7Ty ?*"1 Aloe wanted, a fan ??** aiun. L'yg.,!1^*?>?"? uhnr?, c,?mC *wm* win M pmid. Artdrmm* Lify Imrifiua HtraUi ofioy. ababkm. riME. Nary. Apply nl tha rendnaron^, sp ,?fVS.,air,B25: ISFW" B- Rf"a A Co.. n Naaaau T. New V^i ""** **'? an * t?1 rn A MONTH?FA LA BY OB OOMWtS?IliN; RITRL !Klt>U nea- permanent. Call and a?*mi;i?. or addr-a? K. Havana. AB lirowdway. mom No. It THK TKAIXKB. A PRACTICAL M Et'HANKlAl* RMIINKRB *Nn A Ot*"fhl?man, tho-ouphly mnrarram with aonalmc^ twin and ratmir nf martno and und *?n*? wmchlnetr nnd ironwork teneially; baa anpannteurted *T'auiiTr worfck; ha* been aichi year* In hla i?.-*nm aUu*tlnn. now wtaEca m nlutiitu omaieyer*. Auy baa dodrlud tha i<w* ofawnna perwui will addmaa .1. C. Roman, PhPadatpl'ia 1. INETBAR PLUMBER RTARThD-A FIRST iwnrkuteo. Apt lr at nnrw to l*xka A Munroa. ?dwty. CTtOAL DRAtHinTBtN, RNOlVRER AND ? Intwk of ten pnniu' ?ir>crifwic? on unv-nuittta ard ro.fc. yr?ab?A kk.l'?bti?n, Ad'Kcte tt . bo> PR ?nun TBI AH MR XT CLASH BKKWH WANTBD -Ki>K MAt? ? fhatoitBgela. Am*/ kVHMHMB A featuring*!*. Apply Ufa B. Hawklea. ? Wi befaro 19 o'HmIl fTARD BKOBATKB WANTED?PIRNT CLASS; WlfA. LOUIS DRBKJ I .IAS Cheateut at.. Mill J OB PEIMTRRM.-WANTRD. IS FIRST CLASS oaaapo allure at Praak MeKlrey'a. 119 Naaaau at. INATTHB* MAKBB WAMTBO?A COMPETENT MMS 1 aaa it* aM m faniaa; m akt thbreaghly MM Mead* tiaMUHiiwI pattern*, dreeing*, Aa. ApSf at/.L. Em'* Iron works, Stt at. iat M tr.^Ytv far*. rno SO ATM AKRB9L?WAMTRD, BT A FRA0TBM8 1 map. e nHenUan aa wiiMliii o*a aeak* all H* deal faoay aaS family aeap*. Addraaa Baapatokar. Ramld aBB r^m CtTTL BNOIVBRBS. SUBTBTOB8 AND AEOJB BpPtae^-AjgaattoMaa^g^ia^a tathaaby* T? **?r*TK*A?TWO QOOP JOB OOMf i k*t Brat oUaa wartime aaaS Q7AMTBO?A FUST GLASS OLOfROHl CCTTBB. W 'ttsr a Wedoudof. J a*. ?, Saa ISK I* 19 a'oteck. WH ANTBD?IM * OOTTON FACTOBT. A MMSfH I weaver; ana atn Baa Uaf auHrwaMk and la aepaABe {VAanS-A FBW GOOD MARBLK Yt K. L. Jehaaea'a. Cyprae* THU*. L. I. UrAHTBB-TRRK OOOO BAUDS AOGI ?T -naklag atara pattern a: sla* a gaed 1 Addn^ xmlth A Brawn. tit Marth gneaAet. AOOBROpiMS YXTAMTRD?A WATCH MAKBB; ALSO A FILLAOUB ff warhiaaa. taaata Haw Maslaa. Only Brat alam wedB aa? need apply ta FaUawa A Oa.. ITMaldeaUae. WANTBD?A MA011INI8L USBD TO SMALL, AO* Sural* warfc. A)WO M IS Parana at., third Bee* Brooklyn. rTTAJCTRQw-A FIBHT CLASS FRBNCB FOUMHH " uoaAatharaaoa apply. 1* ChAtham aaras* ?l TVrANTBD?a FIRST CLASS ABT1HT. TO PSIWf I V* photltfFajpb* In (Hi; a permanent situation and ana* pay cnaiantnnd. Only a flrat triaaa hand naad apply at Br, ?xpehh1* fishery, 909 Broad at, Newark. N. -> VRBlfCH ADVBRTI9RMBTTS. UHNI: JKUKK FILI.K FRAN'CAISK DKHIRK BK FLASH ? riana una faraSe (prtrba aott comma Sanaa IWt?M ?Hilt comma fetnm* Aa ehambre at ooutu' iere, ella f iniMmi lee malilauraa reoommaadaUoni. a'adraaaer aa M SfMlr eray. ^JSK J RUNS PRANOAISB DESIRE SB comma cutelater*. alia eat bian aa oonraat da i at mum* de bona renenlgnemaata. M'adreaaar an Ha* IF Rector at. Maw Tort. USB FILLS FRANOAISB NO0VBLLBMRNT rlrhe Aba Ira aa ptaoar oomrna boa no d'enfana. aer gu 118 laaatrd at .. t HACIIlSBttT. Y7VSGIRK FOB BALM JCt power portable Engine; W. H. MAILLBR'S, 1<B Wa CHEAP?A TEH but little used. Can bo all atreel. IR 8A1.H?A TWENTY HORSE POWRK HTKAM H> ytna and Hollar, alaa the leaaa on a two atorv sad basement brick bulldlnc containing tba engine,i in Heath Brooklyn. Apply at Na. 6 Liberty streok up etsira, N. T. m JjIGK HALK-A SUPERIOR FSOINK i.ATHK. Bit jl feat bed, ??? Incbna awing; Screw, Cutting fleam, Aa.. complete. Apply at JOB. NiYiJoB'S, U Railroad r Newark, M. J. 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A PARTY DKRIBBS TO RENT A KTORK Oil Bit TV arrnne to cariy on a dry good* b'taloaaa, for wl MM will I* given. Addraaa K., tiaraM nltioa. Avert responsible family wants a bb Iraliy located, wall furnlabad ar unramlahad Haw Willi Immadlata noaaaeeion. Aptdv ta ADAMS A OMt.1 B: twaJway. near Twauty-third atraot. A SMALL FAMILY WANTS TO MIRE A !\ or third Floor of a private bouse io t*e ward. Addraaa J. H. O., ?,A'l Po t adit*. L,'dtr??KY WANTED?BY A MANCFAOTLRIMU r i-any, for a term of year*; moat be wlihia IS ' Raw York dta; Itt.rrol raat ta advance. Addn bib Poet oftlc* liHRST OLAi?S FlfRMISItKn HOI'HR WAVTEIk?A P t.nni|v of tbraa atlul'a, who can aadafi ilta inoat aiaat law Si in leapo' and rc*pacuib:llty. w.?li u? biro a atrtclla brat t-l.taa fiti ni-nrd lion* ? wi.u o- wiihuut MadF, lor two y??ia ftum day ?r Jnuc. neat. Tlncx iiivi aiak la Inapn their pratnlaai .'* U?? car* of a "mall family of doubled rrvpaasiinlltFand aoonetano'd to ocmi' iriug a i'Am bonaa, ran addraaa M. 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Hoard of Education, eprart of (Hand aad Bins cdaaabb W*<lneaday. me fid day of Jtawiry, HK. a? Id ekeB fee the eronlon and oetngfeace of a new eaimery I bouse on the l?a 1 taet giteihd ?n seaomt atroek,ea* i a ran lies U and D. N, aatd ward, plana aad "perdftew ler aelS afiloxiiluin*1 ran be seen At t.i* ofltaaaa awe Hntcndrntot BcUeol Bnlldltigr, No, ?? t'rTLhjr <4iM. wale muat elate lb* / ?Htn.cie ft* eerb brenrb "f W* ?eperateiy. and be andnree.i "Pinrnaaie for omen a ? *|i,1M??ai* lor o.rpaatei weak " '?i,inp<i??I*- law ing? Two reapnaellila nnd apprnred eeratiea all to red iroae each >m 'cecful hiodrr. aa/i en propnval wtH Ktderad In which no ? ireitcc erw named. I i Pebaol 1 ruateea rearm the rtghA I? r?jeet any er eB . nrnpoaata iiffvict. If dec mad for the pahttr lelereea IIIKAM KDWASD MnrtMNll, Sat "Clary. Board of Triiel*** Kleraalh wawt. ad linTtrntll. I**. K,'R?OTl,WK. A pertor'ald bwDw^f *Ai'uT ?K "SvrKBL s^vKs,y,'S5a>wa.-s?SE ? Furnitus* op rvkrt dpncriptkir, (vaspctr. 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