Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 11, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 11, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,091. NEW YORK, FRIDAY. JANUARY 11. 1867. PRICE FOUR CENTS. ^ PBRfORtL. ULLBN.-BROTHER PRANK RECEIVED MOTE Tfw. JM lata. Forever r?l?UHl from fukiheeul ol promm* MM tfia* h was Anxiety far k-um ?i>d Mare happiness will eacura entire end ? heerful submission ?o her odaoae. Only roquet* hate At*it to wake it w* I aOTicei of physical ao4 mental cenJkion. He will - ' i until requested. Ooeatiy. T N FORM ATIQJi WANTED?OP JANE SKABKAY. AN wbo ttnrel An* In I or received at York INFORMATION OP CAPTAIN ' FERGUS WALKRR, I foraaedr of Ike Thwty-etghth New York \ oluMtwr-. would be thankfully merited by W. Norria, of Coanpao* P. Thirty eighth Maw York Votwnteere, at French's Hejel, Matunlay, Jan. IX Wlf MOKK1H. 1 A*FORMATION WANTED?OP TUB WHEREABOUTS 1 of Anne McUevwrn, landed In New Tork *T the ahlp Virginia about the 0th November. Any tafermeiloH will be thankfully reeeieed by her brother, Polar MoOov. orn, etnamebip Tan la, Jereey City. IK ANY OWNERS OP CALIFORNIA VESSELS IN THE Hear, who had thotr lioaneee reroked at Ban Kran eteeo In IIN, by Collector Collier, end their eeeerlwthrown out of bnaf eond their addreee to box 1.881 Poet oSoo. Mow York, thoy will hear of eorarthlMf tothersd v&otAgc. JOHIl r. JAYliE, Alton*>y. TP THB MOTHER. BROTHER OR STBTE* OP JOHN 1 MdDooald, who are euppoeed to be 11*1 gtaNewTortt or Brooklyn, but formerly of Tyrone. Ireland, will write to f|tinr. SI North Culvert street Baltimore, Md. glv. fog their aitdraan, valnabla Information of him wlB bo given. Ho waa a bakar by trade, tfaiek eat. below tba middle height, a be* it twenty-two yeare of age In 188A IP BAQOIB 8. WILL DROP a NOTE TO 100 WB8T aueat aha wlB bear of J. G. Peck, Ulrard Houac JlTAMtA.-WAB OBLIGED TO LEAVE BEFORE THE performance waa over. I have no epngemeuU for next weak. Add rate H. K. Jaeknon, box 4,047 Post efllre. MB. WENTWORTH RICKEBT. FORMERLY AMRRI can Consul at Krankfort-on-the-Malne. Germany, wlil receive dee Informatloaa by applying at the undersigned. who baa been rniruatad by him with , aome private bualneaa AUGUST NETFE, Ban Antonio, Texan. affaire. AUOl Mary cawley, maiden name mart ruddy. Aaklone, near Poxford, county. Mnyo, Ireland?Call and aee R. Hawka, 80 South street. Mrs. b. d. if.?do you remember the inter national Hotel in August 1806. "I auppoae ao." A1 to In town for n few day a, and la anxious to are you, nine tlaoea; found yen had moved from W? P?. Addreaa me at Metropolitan Hotel. AT.. A UP W. WILL OBLIGE AN OLD FRIEND BY aendiug ber addreaa to C.. Herald olllee. ?, STATION O.-A LETTER POR YOU FROM J. C.' H.. to tho old addreaa. w M M. NOTICE.-MR. a. p. DAVID, WHO SIGNED A FIVE hundred dollar 7 3 10 Treaeury Note. No. 82.046, A. but dto not endoraa It. will pleaae communicate bla addreaa to P. A (tier. 145 Chambers street. New York. PERSONAL.?FRANK, LOOK FOR A LETTER BE fore twelve o'cleck. ELLEN. T>AUU?I AM VERT SICK; WOULD LIKE TO BEE I you; if not, write. PEDRO. INNE.-I KNOW THAT YOU ARE IN THE CITY. Come home again. All le forgiven. I aak you to coma. Now or never. J. WALLACE'S. WEDNESDAY EVENING.?THE LADY v* in. arehaatrn chnir, who fnvored voung gentleman neated name distance behind, with so many kind glances, and saluted him near the done, would greatly oblige by ad dress! ag-A. 8. M.. station G. 3 P. M. TRAIN FROM NEWARK TO NEW YORK Tuesday.?W1U the lady In lavender dreaa, IMteoned. black velvet basque, white oounat, ermine muP, oblige an admirer In the waiting room, cars, boat, and up Rrendwav abert distance on same side, by stating where a communica tion may raaeb ber. Address, In confidence, Claymore, JJewnrk post offlce. . AYD POl'YD. ~ 1JIOUND?ON MONDAY EVENING, A BLACK AND A Tan Terrier. The owner may have the above by prov tog properly and paying lor adverttoement. Call at No. ? Mast Fourteenth street. KjkOOND?IN THB (MNMtB OP W; fp. H OR TON | CO.. f 94 Hhshiagliin atroai, n sum df Money, which the owner ana have kg giArtng fiopwty and paying for tAM idveraae T EFT- IN CABHIBR'B OFFICE ON PIER V NORTH U rlvar, a Poeketbook eontaloing a eem of money Ap ply to Geo. B. Jouea, Cashier, prove property and pay Lor ants advertise maul. T EFT. AT CORNER OP N1NETRENTH STREET AND Jj Eighth avehue, In the year 1842 or IMS. a Tin Obey. Finder will pleaae leave It at Alexander HUT a, >44 Beat Fifty-fourth street. Left in a car of the mew jersey railroad. 0:30 A- M. train firem Newark to New York, yesterday < Mtb teat ,), a Bundle, marked In pencil "W. C. Oris wold. 19 Mercer eiaeot, N. Y." Any one returning the anme to I* Mercer street will he libeially rewarded. Lmobt-off a cart, going throcoh OKKK.Y ? wkjIi apd Murray to Kail Rivet boat, a blsrfc Bai ?nntainiuC Sundries. The tinder will be liberally rear* by returning tbe aame to V Corntlee alip or eeodiog word where It may be oblainML Tbe tag waa marked "R. Kbauhrr."^ . LOST-O.N WEDNESDAY F.VFNINU, IN GOING TROM Ninih street. tbrough University place to Twelfth ?tract a brown leather, cu taming between $00 and $60 In bfllt'aod no one i'aprra ol no value to any one but the owner* The Under will be anil ably rewarded by leaving the aame dt 70 >mlh street Or et 106 Pearl street. ]08T?OBHiCTDAT EYF.NTNO. JAWCaMT 8, COM J lug I rum No. S timet .lone* id reel to tbe corner of inlh "treat end Broadway, a l?dv*a Kur Collar. A liberal reward wiUhopatd lor tit retard to Bra Bigelow's, No. H Union aquare ONI?I IN THB8TC OK JANUARY. A TOWNO SCOTCH I Terrier Do#; ?newei* lo tne n.trie Of Tlpor. reward wig he given awl no que*tion* asked to any person who will iw-Lag aim to 47 Lafayette place. L Lont- jVitiUrtt tfoN Mxth < venue, between Thirty: third and Thirty.lourth Streets, ? l,edv's Pwket book .?onlnbilngAb 91, two letter*. teuelplg, finger rmga. ear rings A< , Belonguig to useesrelative* The flnder can retain the motihw $W re nerd will lw gtvan if returned to Julius Cittipluguent. -13 Sullivan street LOST-a 'bLA?* OYERFQAT. ON TUB 0fH INST.. fretn Itie ante room of Eureka Fudge, No. 30. at .'#4 Broadway, made by K S. Manu. Ry leaving aame at IV Vesey etree^wUI be liberally rewarded. LONT?ONTHB fTlf OF JANUARY. A FOX HOL*Nl?. Mark, brown and white, with white metal cutler and lack. A llhfrel reward will be paid at lib Forajlk eireei. Woo Vera, or by Or. C. O. Jeeekel, Astoria, iMMg Island. ?Bin J Mot _ _ _ . ?4 Aruaaot colored Uat.Ro> a*.I contenU, marked A. J. It. ^^?Maihewa, at Utoeteble, ll^OHninn place, tortha return naeet colored> age I contents. marked A. J. it., ining ltd tea' clothing. la sets. Coot the Rreroork ttooae si. on Monday evening, between the hotel end ttorltondt ?H) MBll'AKn.?LOBT. ON TTIHMD AY RVFNINO la Fifth uiaw. i Bern containuag a aeettitae wwb ? large heed. The Under will please return it to710 Bread, way, up stairs. B<M\ WiLL BE PA IB ABO NO QUKWTHVNR ASK RD If I he two Overouat* nod content* taken Item 3d Went Thirty^ilath elrnei Wednesday evening ere rrrnrned to titaewner. W. B. Gilford, 08 Liberty street ? <1A REWARD AND NO qUBNTIONB ASKED-IF fli*l'(i|hc diamond ehnped Amethyst Ring, with the letter W (aid Kngttsh) eet in diamond*; also His*dpio nuiiUtn e ?f little boy neluted in a cloud, taken from IS* Fifth avenue Jmmmmry 8. are iwturafldt ? ' ' u ? ? ? ' ' ^ ?()C REWARD AND NO QUESTIONS ASKKI1 ?)*??# too a bo* of Jewelry taken from 18 rename ?treat oa CIS tetaiee week Apply ?t It Csualue meet. In' *.<trk RKWARD.?LOUT. ON MONDAT NlftHT, A B9?HJ single atone Diamond Pin. hlark ar't'ng. in going Treat WrsnklM sweet to Thirtieth street In a Fourth avenue ?tape Apple to Nr. ik.C. Wheeler, noraer of Cburob and KraohVn streets, N Y ? -JI reward.?lost, a i'OCketbooic. contain B?v Wv Ing M im of money and some pipers, in Chambers ?iteel .on Wedaeaday aDerwoon. Airr <?n? iwtorulng tha aaine t) Isaae WhltSOti Bancock street *ul Head a valine, Brenfeiyti, win revethd the above reward tagt'T REWARD AND NO QCRRTIORs A"KKD - wlsfat stolen from livtront of livery -la hp M and PS kilt llvaa alvvel, a light Business Wagon, runnmt |mrt painted red and etrlned Glsrk.tpsnCIrd, liodv pelntad Mara : ha* lieen ^ad hy a path'er : niurRatf .hall oauiied red, iiwa striped. ? at 06 Sicilian street to Mnasal Lagan. f. rvi yi . . .--rm;.llr-ifi .* B: ** OHY WOOD*. a est- * ' ^ r ^onite Tan -tin *. BP" Slf he.idr|ll.ll l?r* tail, si.ojilie.l a 1th b?rgallM" T b?? K?s< henn end So keep IBSthNAK l.ors tills.,? ? 1M v PAKE l/WN Rk . "'MFA'SF. LOTS We lamabl three for riiean liolliltr ilrea* A IIEWV IN MUBbls FINK M4TMMNBJ2'k?ti I'lgpifrprh Ale. FINER i.HDDS IL and I A. K x Tit a tyiiAuri Be. audita. BEST4-4 WAMNCTTAB Nth;. Ttie dreliae in Bu*l(iis ial ruin dr. In lib!, a veril. ForaeW, liia?? AJBfTflON HI*AMKflTd Aid ?4?k?l v.ird. AI.IMi'AS and MKRlNfW. At reuil. ei. half priro. VORTKK BROTMPUAt, <?< K|giun av . near Klgbieenth *L. And fONTEIt BROrilERN. i.8 IHe?- ker straet. \KV IltHilfS AT TIIR AUCTION MALE HJ ORANII 9 street. jaaMuov} J'.a?.t Jlr >iJwav,T We r?|d .yeweiWa' Wec'r PefiriB' *?lrih"Bf tbr fldr , do worth g'l if> for $1 IA e en'il all weal Jetug .SUeals wurth-KW lor $i. do worth Kin AO Toe $7 ?I We k<dg Hleekrl * worth SIO tor gtv AO hi fpet all oar ??iek iA Jneee CpmlK Rlwwla laldv l.iedee. B hder fl?. aee.Ws" ? nWnflBe; flu'ihry. A. , does not real ha hair the nnglifgl |WA F'BBE. ' ? K ?' SLUflNti OP* fUlJI oK i.tiiitw t in iit ?. 11 its. i> NINE, ' RTMIAN RARER. BOTAI KB WINK. hIRRRIAN syiJIKHKI, ANTRAK 1MB, Be.. ATSRKAfLT RKDVCFD PRICEfC FA RHIA OK AND NliElfl U KoUl IN V A R'RTV BI'BR E. 00V IRswdwek , hreerl .80 Fnltoa eireei I INSTRUCTION. BUSINESS EDUCATION.-TOWNKKND'S oommkb ABtfRINKBB Butl JIIUB.-Iiin nrmu n wi?*r.ii cial Academy 360 Bowery. ?Privat? tuition, day and evening, in Bookkeeping, Writing, Arthiuetic. Heading, duelling, < Irammar Thorough Instruction git eo. No cjaaae*. Ladies' department A LADY TEACHER WILL GIVE LESSONS IN PEN f\ mansblp, or tbe English hreuehee. ad the residence of the pupil Apply at Goldsmith's Academy, 766 Broadway. A GRADUATE OP TlUt UNIVERSITY OP CAM bridge. England, prtseinan and ex-scholar of big col lege, baa tune for one pupil disengaged: highest references. Address or apply to Cantab, room No. 9, University Building, WaalpLp^ton square, N. Y. A FRENCH lady, hioiily educated and a thorough teacher. wishes a few more pupils for French or mustr. Lessons at the pupil's realdenue. Addreee Gram mar, Herald office. AN ITALIAN GENTLEMAN WI8HE8 TO OIYB LR8 A Mha in tbe Italian language end matbemattea. Refar enoe given. Address P., 181 Pearl street, room No. 9. AYOUNO LADT WHOSE ATTAINMENTS, METHOD and patronage aer eUicily ft rat class, visits and .receive* adult pupils and mArrled ladles, or children, for notnaiou snd higher English branches. mathematics, composition, corres pomien,w. convertatlon, criticism, readingUie poets, history, English literature, music. Reference* Box TV station D. COUNTING BOOMS FOB PRACTICE AND INSTRUU TION IN BOOKKEEPTNO AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS, Established snd conducted by ? Works < C. C. MARSH. author of tbe popular Works on Bookkeep log, &I6 Broadway. Circulars. TXOI-BE aR'8 COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, 609 BROAD U may. has been enlarged by the addition of new private room*, and now offers unusual facilities to gentlemen who wislrpractical instruction in Bookkeeping. Business Writ ing, or Commercial Arithmetic. MONTHS BY MY the Fiench with equal suwmi IK??"?h Uught to D. Six years' practice. Address J. Gerard, station IJiHtENCR LANGUAGE. GERMAN. LATIN AND U other branches of e gentleman's education. 759 Broad way. Established 1852. Terms $3U per twenty private lea eons. No classes G OLDHMITH'S COMMBROIAL INSTITUTE, No. 756 Broadway. SPECI ALTIF.8? Penmanship and Bookkeeping. LOW C11AKOE8 FOR A FEW DAYS ONLY. NOTICE.-?As the lessonsecured at half prlcna are to be completed by May 1. It will be to the advantage of the pupil to commence immediately. sr$ Jlaeaes for ladles a' his reaidenoe, 838 Fourth avenue, with his NEW COMBINED METHOD, published by D. Appieton A Co. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER i AMRRI ean). to instruct tn tbe forenoon tbe English branches, matbematlosand bookkeeping; must bee thorough discipli narian. References requited. Apply at 3U2 East Broadway. WANTED?A TEACHER. FOR THE ENGLISH BLE mentery branches end to Mr. Dnenatng, director of the daman American of the Nineteenth geography, history and gram u mediately; salary #800. Apply 1 the daman American School ir in tba higher classes, lour " director of t ward, At end AH East Flfly-seoond street. ?PORTING. A STEAM PKOPELLKK YACHT FOR SALE?FIFTY eight fret long, tew rest beam; about Are mouths old; built of oak And copper fastened: hat accommodations for eight persons besides the urew: la well found In every ra tpocL Apply on board at foot of Eaat Tenth street. ?- p' m - r i ' i iw ? i s !????-luiii ? KINDS OF DOGS AND BIRDS FOR SALE Af _. DUVET'S. 360 Canal street, near Church str&i. :lnes for all disease*. Prepared Food for mocking TjtOR SALE-A HANDSOME PAIR OF SMALL BLACK J* end Tan Dege, < lbs each; and all other tied nf Dogs. D. FOSTER, IS Reoaevgli street. rjAO^S^dB?NRWFOUNDX^SI^DOO^^BI^^TKR- I JOHN GRAY, 11 RuomvsU street.. HORIBS, CARRI4GRM. A?ATTBNTtON 18 CALLED TO THE BALK 0# X . gahwMe Roadster, by J. L. YANDBWATBB. M0 Lib erty street, to b* sold this day at 13 o'clnok. a eery desirable auiroat; tlx years aM. 16H bamls; aoand and kind In every way; blood sleek, end will travel ams ui 3:91: this horse was aired la Rockland eountv by young Abdullah, and sun he relied upon la ovary parti, alar. A RADDLE HORRK WANTBD? BAT, LONG TAIL. J\. Lftk hands; good walker and easy on gallop; If amble all tbe better. Any gentlemanThat has such so one for sale cheap, may eddies*, with particulars, Henry Teppeu, Rail way, N. J. ATOP BTTOGYk-MADK BY wdoD BROS. ONF. Coupe, three Cabriolets snd one I'haeton, seouud hand ; also BOO new Carriages and Harness at 'JO per cent jess tbdn Broadway store*. JOHN C. HAM, 10Bast Fourth street,' oorner'Broadwsy. HACK OOACH, IN GOOD RUNNING ORDER. FOR ?ale, price VW0, *< 318 West Twenty-seventh street AN ASSORTMENT OF SLEIGHS AND CAFRI AGES? Closing out tale; 1U0 new and second h*ml 8l*ighs. also Family Uernages. BuggJc* Grocer's and Business Waguna. 184 Fulloa avenue Brnoklya. Anew kodkaway. top buggy and harnkrr. at Fifth Avenue Stables. Sold at a sscrifte# furrier of Fltth avenue aud Forty-fourth street. a NEW TOP BUGGY WILL BK SOLD Af HALF f\. price lo-dav. at Grossmen a stshies., obd treet. l?iwae.n.Letiuitlnn and Third avenues. Ahorse, wagon and harness for sale at a saci idew. Can be eeen ai '.IST-q Pear', si reel, cigar s'ore. after 10 A. M. Board can- be had for two or three borne*; tn Orange. N. J., at fib per munth. Address A., Herald office. CLOSING OUT BALE OF BUFFALO AND FANCY Riitwa. *1 greatly reduced prices. Rl KICK. 469 Rtoadway ; branch 128 Fulton stieet. LAOR SACK?A FINE PAIR OF CARRIAGE UOIekA; L *1-" Blanket* and Hi-rn?<*. Will lie sold low. a* the ovsnecta about leaving the 'Hy. Apply u> GRAHAM 1.337 Broadway. FOR SALE?MORKKL HORSE. 16', HANDS, sound and mud, $90. fou. years old Colt. Ashland stock, black, $140 turret Horse. 16 bauds, 5 vears old. sound and kind, IIUU 144 V>*?t Twenty ninth stMUt. l?OR SALE?VF.KY IA>W, PGR WANT OF USE. A J? pstr of metelied aorret Heron* iniisad end hlad lit stasia rdietbln harness, and good Do* at private viable no LMth Street, fliti bouse west of Sixth akeeae, south aide Price fAOR SAlifi-AN EXPRESS W A04IN. MORS* AND S Harness, with a wvll eatspllabed set of rnstomere, in thaBowery Apply at 3H ITenkfort sqaet rRSALE?A LOT OF LIGHT AND FIRE DOUBLE and aingie ?ats of. Haw,eta; elsu Riding Aeddlee a ad, Bridles, trunks. Ha(?, *?- Ac., below eeai, na e-mupt of citing up harness iiusiueas Inquire at I9U Canal direst, 9e tweee B?Wev% ehdEHssV- a street. J^TOR SAl*-ONF. DOT81.E TRUCK AND ONE TEAM hi Ilbiyes, will, ?? .ins burlsesa. Address Biowning Herald olice. W A<iON, at met. 1,10 R 8Al'.E-A NEW ? khKP.'H 1 I? rUm. A nid? ?i t*? Went T7IOR SALE -A FiNK BAT WARE. EIGHT TEAK* P did: warranted sound and kind: life hands high; any Inrljr ran driest her. Iaquna ai Wltson'a ainblae, ? Tnlli eueei near Fifth >r?au< Priee A*", no lest H LV)R BALK?fTRR TERY' rfJIK FOUR SF.AT KLKIUH ; r ?l?< min nt?l rim lli. -est Altlfh. Tail *i So. M W?M Twenty* fourth eireei JsTOR SAFE CHEAP. FOR WANT PP tJSJI-A HAT IT Mare, A'taai'a old, sound, w*ll?h. and trots in three minrt'es: also k light ihinioauta fc?<l Warm and Narnaaa. Mm MAD *ppi? m r. i . riMkn, urnad straei amf Haw own Km I mad slantea . Hwykiaiet areniie, Williamsburg. H?o* safe HMr<-nra must ct,ab* n'uriis6 F iatul Unai li??, irunitvd bin* shilling |iaim!a*hd',iii tains; atao several top and nn ntp Wi^nni. an (no t aa new: oaa ?f oupe and oaa good Ha' k ANflK A MONK> I no Hint Ik: Trnsby strer; near Bleetkfr (NOon Home. TRPOf. HARNESS, CCTTOMI fin* T and six bin Fit litres, gr.. al a great hangnail; 11 erne TO hand*, 7 naarn ntd ?!all ?> 1U Fourth atrnel. neir Cnarlaa. U. PALMER. i)USE A FOR RAFF -THREE HOME* AND TARTS and Hit rone- Apply at 'JW J'^at Elaveulh street. Harness?a \Etv si.r ok mum,It iiarnbss; ala>' A "OKI' art: also a turnover ne*t Phaeton. Sold at a iwi(ain. at Huh a retina dtehlea, eoraer Fifth avenue and K?i I r fSmrtli niree . Miirtu\i;rf. Rtl.E OF IIORSPV. WAOONS, HAM r.nn*. Rolie-, Nlrigba and Bella: nrte veiv line Team of mii rr 1 (loi a, tree year* Ol't. to bn sold Una day. ai UH, n'nlir k, at let West TT?( :y ninth streak, near deviiilh are. true. Anniion nnU> nt. OI.KIISII KIR RALE - AN ALBANY Hl.KIUll. TWO jo'eln, I*i|e and aha'ta: ten little used, and will Ire sold Vpylv at 81 Cetlai atn-at. una ka li. S1 $Hjfcr.t-<Pk UALF. IN KTOIITEK.VTII Bl'RKKT, "VB * tfrit 1)1 ans, full strej stable, at a r'VTMii^iiin i.k.?m I. .re, - 13 airbiSKtfe,'t "'?e "JSSn" t",e. HVNkMltMJ.BT TRAM ?JPtaAJ, Arajrt efAmAniimra Iq the nlty. A twae. .n? ia> itaatlr. ??. VsaVQd la e> ery r*spsirt: .mind .ltd gout I* i*i?. aad nyuah Ailae.a. MA Pearl ?tfee(. . t f j TX ,n\ .ytrt ? "*r..Ve#..t* ?? ??t'lii'vi ert-ire. W AtClE*. .IKWKIiRV. Alt'. | WmOOA ND RETAIL. A. \J WAWH* jKfaP I 4?0 , Au<l n?>)? mAntifM*lu< Sljfi1? 3ru^n>t for y French OMacIii. Jew ?irfe "iWir *110 I IftVil hRff, .warn. F'tANtriRLn A Tit ?? R|?W aaeiiae. earaer or i'<.>n temth Hi ee?, a?0 Slf fclghtli' a?eMR r oraer ?f I went ?>>th mneei t'OPAHTNEHKHI Fi?. A PARTNER WANTKD-WITII 91,000. TO MANl'PAC ? urr ? *U|>ic article of unlimited demand and ready ?ale fur caab, prodta 1*0 per neat an ealea; no na*. Address II. Mori la, box lot Herald office. 4 PARTNER WITH $3,600 or fJ.OUU WANTED-TO EX .V tend a profitable oaah boeloeee. Address, aptiotullnff Interview, P. H. t'lark, boi SM Herald office. A PARTNER WANTKD-ONE who CAN COMMAND 9910. In a ranh maoufe<'iurine buaiaeaa. Inquire for J. H. H.. at 477 Columbia street, Kuulb Brooklyn, Hamilton, areouo ferry. A N ACTIVE MAN, AS PARTNER, WANTED-WITH A A email capital, ta a aafe and profitable btulneHit. CHAMBBELIN A CO, M Broadway, room No. 9. A CHANCE. A RARE CHANCE.?PARTNER WANTED In the auction and eommleiiton business Apply lor one week to P. J. HANBURY, City Marabat, 199 Eaat llous A YOUNG MAN WILLING TO DEYOTB HIS TIME and 9HI0 capital to a fapoc table, permanent and ktobly. remunerative business wan tod ae partner. Particulars oaa be known on iplerrlew with those (giving name and reel deuce. Address Y., Herald office. COPARTNERSHIP ?MESSRS. OBORCE A SOLOMON Heyman hare thi? day formed a cufwrtnership for tbe manufacture of Beddinfi and Mnttroaeaa, the firm to be ti. A 8. Bey man at 374 llndaon alreet, N. T. NltwYona, Jan. 1,1897. . T\I?ft!OLUTION OP COPARTNERSHIP.-THE PIRN OP AJ B. Herman A Co. la thin day d la attired by mutual con. aenfi. Mr. George Herman will settle all talma due to and owind by aaid firm and will elan tbe firm .tame In liquidation. KZKKll.L IIEYMAN. LKNOARD REKEMAN. New Yoaa, Jan. 1, 19B7. UliOKGL UEYM AN. consent. Dissolution op partnership -#iTik partver ehip heretofore existing bMtvwn Itoucrt I. Smith and Ilenry II. Thomiison latbia dar dissolved bv con neat. The business will be conducted a* lieietulore bv Kobeit L. Smith, at 128 and 140 Fulton' atroet. ROBERT L. SMITH. Naw Yoaa. Jan. A 1997. HENRY M. THOMPSON. MR. H. GOLDSTEIN IIaVING RETIRED FROM OUR firm, the undcraignnd will oonttnue the business under Ibe old atyle, "P. Landecker A Co.," at 37 Warrno alreet. P. LANDECKER. N?w Yoaa. Jan. 9. 1987. 8. A. OUTMANN. R. CLARENCE STEWART BROWN IS THIS DAY : admitted aa a partner In our aernral prm*. Naw Yora, Jan. 1. 1967. BROWN BROTHERS A CO. M Notice is hereby given that the firm known aa II Jacob* A Co., No. 9 College place, la this day dissolved. by mutual consent, and that ail Indebtedneaa of the above firm la aaaumed and will be mtld by If. .lacobr, and all moneys due tbe abote firm will ne collected by H Jacoby. T. KELLER. Naw Yoaa. Jan. 8. 1887. H. JACOBY PARTNER WANTED-WITH f.t.OK) AVAILABLE oaah capital, to establish a buatnasa with tbe advertiser, who will guarantee success, and in which not one dollar of the capital will lie risked The bualnea* la commission, and strictly oaah. First class references glyen and required and trifling inquirers will not be responded to. The adveriieer being a prompt and energetic business man. would prefer an aetivs associate. Address Sigma. Herald office. New York. PARTNER WANTED.?A GENTLEMAN of RE. spectability tan Israelite), for mane years engaged In the wholesale liquor wine end oignr trade, and having an extensive business acquaintance throughout tbe country, wishes to associate himself with a party able to oontributa from 98,000 to 914.000; best of ret'eranees given sad re quired. Principals will please address, with particulars. Copartnership, box 103 Herald office. All communications considered confidential. "PARTNER W ANTED?WITH FROM 91.(90 TO 93.000 IN A an established business. Address K V? Herald offioe. The firm op bernhard a michaelis has this day been dissolved bv rantoal consenl. Either partaer la authorized in sign In liquidation. A. BERNHARD. Naw Yfftff. Jan. 9,1997 J. MT BARMS. The undersigned hare this day formed p copartnership under the firm name of A. BERNHARD A CO.. and wtll continue the business of mauufaoturlus fine .Tow. elry. Chains, Diamond and Hair Work in all Its rati eil'S at Ifli Broadway ifitlaer Building), room No. I. A. BERNHARD. Nnw Yons. Jan. t, 1997. H. SOMMEEFKLI). fnHB OWNER QP A LARGE BOOK STORE RBQUIREm 1 "a partner witb 94.900 tn $3,990 to extend bis business. An intetltMBt young man will bars the opportunity to be in a pMafiaht business ai the saps* lisps that be win rareiae a fair ropauncrstltui far hts ca'pl'al and hta lima. Address, .wforjalnaAPS.JK*., Hpiald oAkoe. WILLIAM r. JAFPRAt BECOMES A MEMBER OP W bur Arm fiem this data. 979'J AFFRAY A CO. Nxw Yens. January 1. W95. WjS can nam ma i D-BT A YOUNG MAN WHO HAS HAD i mars' experience la tha banking baalneee. and , aaaad a?sldeiakls custom, a partnee-wbo ean fur. atoh fioul 910 rou ?.<? 916,00# cash capital. Ksferenee* given and required Addraaa A. B.. bps 4B9 Past ofitce. N. Y. ? .-*? ? ??? ? ? #0 AHll OB LRUS?IN AN DNOBJRCTJONhRI.R fli.VVO bust noes, manulecturing to order: easb sales: profits large: party investing to beee efiarge. under a good salary, with equal prafita. OaH pa er addreee O. E P., 48 Neeaaii street, Brooklyn. M. f ___ AAA -* SILENT PARTNER WaNTRD. WITH ?pJ.UUU. the above amount 10 tovset la a Narrative aad respectable buetasaa. Tbe heal of reft leases gteoa sod re uuireB. Moaay secured br real estate. Addroas or apply ae *74 Third arenas, corner Twenty-third street, fee three days 8. BOLIVAR. M P. ?/? AAA -fOK 9ALJL .THE HAltP INTEREST IN ?PO.U" air ss'ablislied sad prefiiable Wholesale and Manufactqring Business dewu town, to replace aa outgoing partaer. A favorable opportunity to a mat who can devote bis whole time and anergic* to business. Address I'. K. M , Herald office. 4?1 r AAA -AN ACTIVE OR ULMT PARTNER ?Tlt).UUU. wanted, In slug* (1MB grlat mill. eligible altueted in a leading ?ilj in Teurraaae. TIm mill n wail known In the principal cltleh nf the I moo. aud liar juat been put In good running order. U aiaeaaed at $4A (Vm. and unencumbered by debt. Tba mecainary la uf (be he?t, capacitated lo turn Obt S00 bbl? of Donr par da*. A partner with 0l5,t*)O will be entitled to half tee pr<dti?. which arc large Apply, for further particiUaia. to J. .1 BONNET, Real Palate Agent. 34 Liberty alroet, N. T. Bl'RINEM OPrt>RTrBFriR!ir A DDlTfONAL CAriTAl, REQUIRED IN A FANCY A bittlnaaa on Broadway tiering'well. and capable nf being largely ctlendad. one tnlrd of tba prnAla wilt ha glran butlnaaa an Henadwar nayinr' wall, and capable nf ' " Ird of " ~ ? with The ftillcrt lorcaiigatioti aBorded and aecuiitr glean. Ad 10 a ap'-eia) or actiee partnar. with (IA??l t? BAO.UOOcapital. Tbe fttllen luveaitgation dreaa Broadway. Ilerald A mm LUNO R8TABLIMHKD HAT .lOBBING BCHINEOP fur sale?llna good Htaie and Vfaaiern trada: it e*-e|. ientlg located and with a good and email Por partlr. ttlara addreaa, wtta name Hat*. Herald office. Arrnponsirle party. who can command D M) to tl SOU. wanted, to attend tbe aalea of a mania faeturlng eatabltahmeiil In tbla city Apply at 134 Broad way, room Mb 7. TOMHERMEM ATTENTION?EXCELLENT OPPORTt' ?J nllf.? For aola. Ue bait ur whole of 1.4UU errea of Ttiabae inittd. with staam nulla, W milea fiom Naw Vork city; plenty of pine, oak, cedar, Ac., for lumbar and inaau feeiarlng. Appty hi or addr-iae C. Mndge. cara of Rearer. Htooo tie , 444 BroadWay. PH ARTIER WIRHIMO TO DfNPO.dR OF THEIR BOB I ue?a or ha<log capital to tneaat ar wtelung to proeara partner*. ahoa? call at the tBialneaa Agency #1 Biaedwee ro GF.BTLRMRN OP AMLITT, INTEGRITY AND Mffina ly Tltey t ... ? Integrate there, evpe -tallr in tba Bald of guimfaetwree and pa tee ta Tba* are preNoeed to-gare eeah, If neceaaai t. er aftpla eoanrlte for the faith'ul toanageaaeat of whaleyr.r leteraala mar be eatreeied to them. Addreea Pact. Herald rMANCFACTURKRR. ? A SPLENDID WATER Pffiret oaa boar from tba city, near a railroad elation Tbe owner wlahee to engage with reliable part tea having a weUeelabliabed bnaineaa. Add roes bet M. atailen A. Poet T> MQCOR HOUftRP AND OTHERB.--ADVERTISE*, acquainted with liquor*, targe acquaintance In tbe trade, baring old eetabllahnrt patented article need by them well adapted t# connect with liquor*, will aell half Inlereai: howe with tneaaa In e?tend btiatneaa: peye; would lake partnei. everything Id carry on end ei'end aicepl mora eaah Ad dreaa. Itaiabilabed, full name. Hhrald office r RE HOLD-1HE COPYRHII1T AND EX4TLD8IVE owhetahlp of two PnhlicatMna, now relilng at a net glU.UOn per aanum. and dally ityr.caaing In te* r value end poynltertty. Any bnaineaa man can manage them. all edted being for -wait and anienaea very email Addreoa VAtu; v bit* I I office. New York. JANl.E INVESTMENT -SSMNO WILL bny hAL or the whole tnterert In three yalnnble palenla, which are lioieaaant and great demand, aad where an entire uinnopohv ran be arm red. No ageula need apply. Addreaa firontUKN MILL. WITH MACHINERY COMPLETE ?Y for making wmiirn eatn bnlmoral akbU, boiaerv. woolled cloth Sc.; neror I ailing water power hit Dwelling Hoaaea, price low. *'* B4NTRRT. No. IS) Broadway 4?9 (Wlffe -?* "<*'0 OPPORTUNITY IB OFFERED ?D 4l.i IaYaJ. toaparlv with thla amount lo go Into an etlahllahed Kindling Wood bnaineaa. engine. machinery. hereca, iru< ka, Ac., complete. Applv Immediately at the fwtory, <'leaaen avenue, three doors Aotiih of My rile. Brook >y $5 1.000 UAHH ?^RAffiE OPPORTUNITY, HRI Mffiffi ? dom offered. to a eeiuleman with the ebnve amount fo aaaociate hlmaelf with a party In the nme and I fruit bueinya; tba beet etore and loiwltoa in ihla city, where anta noticed. there te a fortune ami no humbug Agenti Addreea, for two daya. T. 0 N? Herald office. $10 01111 ,;A8H a'*n ruv a patent in sn iri'F.'/l'U ccsaful operation by wnicly. wllb prope atienlinn. BMlOflO can be realized In a year, i'ewae of aale. ih departure of tbe uwrter for Europe Adtheea Henry B Herald other. ' $90 IIIU) AMOUNT IH RK(|L'IKKD TO adtf.tyiyN/. open a new Held <if ioiaiHvwa. bubrrlnal. M?ri. uimtilflllMl, *1 tlf* nf*thn?# opfiorittaltiPH ? ?Bared. Parte ulata explained at miaroiua, au4 ?? l?r?t.?-ea Of uAuucatiouabtc chara. ier ghee. A lJeeaa Kua n MB Herald nffiftr. IVBI/EAKUE. TtiRK LIVE miJCK rAtri.E and ma, wATJSfrTaPiesva, "?* *wtm jwaRfAoESr. . -1 *i T'lmtZH ?P"> '?tf ? abort tieirte'tbe'emMaA*1 ?? 'diilpVia the i .be< rip. Tmaieee aolhorlgerl to receive ai,li?'-i mm,,,. * CHAKLEN 0 Hi.em.Vh ...HAKVKV BAfeDWIN ' ? AJ< ^ WIU.UH i> OftiM *r % RrotM?*\?k), <K>?a + u FINANCIAL. NITKD KTATBS TKKASURY, Jamdabt 7. 186. Schedule* of (30) thirty or morn 7 30 Coupons due January IB, UM17 will now,be received for examination at the United States 1'reasury. 11 II. VAN DYCK, Assistant Tiweanr. Citiebnh' savinon bank. M BOWERY, CORNER OP CAN I I. STREET. BIX PER CRNT PRBE FROM GOVERNMENT TAX. Interest allowed on all amounts from fire to fire thousand

dollars, (ipso ovary day from 10 to 8, and on Monday, Wed nesday and Friday evenings from ft to 7. Money deposited bow will draw Interest from lap nary I. TyVIDBNDS -SAVAGE SILVER MIXING COMPART U $100 per share, payable on demand. Yellow jacket Silver Mining Company $<0 par share, payable 16th loalant In-cold twin, less exchange, at the agency of the Rank of Cdilfornla. LBBB ft WALLER. S3 Plna street. SINGS COl'NTY PI RE INSURANCE COMPANY. . B roe kirn. January 1 1SBT. ?The Directors of the above named Company hare this day declared a semi an neal dividend or Ore per cent, free of novei nmeoi tax. pay able on end after the 19th Instant, at the office, No. 1 Nassau snbet, New York. The transfer hooka will be closed until that date By order of the Board. flBNBT FOFE. Secretary ARRET KIRK INSURANCE COMPANY, JANUARY 8, _ _ 1887 ? A semt-annusl Interest dividend of three and a half percent '8)<), aa covernment tax, has this day been declared on tha capital stork of the ootnnany, payable on M*S I, as loveroment tax, has tbia capital stork of the oomnanr, HRNRY P FRKKMAJf, S demand. HRNRY P PRBKMAJf, Secreury. N OTICE.-THK TBU3TFFS OP THE MECHANICS' Mutual R sliding Msierial Assnclstlon bare declared a dividend of three per eent on the business of four months ending November M. 1886 which will be paid by A. M. Rosa, Treasurer, on the 10th of Jannarr. 1887. at hit office, 5'.' East Twentv-ninth street. G. A. t'ONOYKR, President. Rkw Yonx. Pec. 80.1868 _____ rVKIOE OP THR MERCHANTS' INSURANCE COM. V i>any, 188 Bro.tdwav. N. Y.. January 9, 1887. A semi-annual dividend of ten JO* per cent was Ibis day declared payabla on demand, free of government tax. J. L. DOUGLASS. Secretary. rjlHK TRUSTEES OP THE SEAMEN'S BANK POR J Saving* have ordered that interest < free of government tax) bo paid to depositors entitled thereto for the eli mouths ending December 31 aa follows :? On soma of $600 and under at the rata of all per cent per annum; and On sums esreadtng $600 a* 'he rate of five per eent per an num. payable on and aftar Mooduy, 31st Inst. The interest will be placed to the rredll of depositora aa prinripal. WM. U. MACY, President. Wiiuau Nstaon. Serretary. Nbw Yobx. January 10, 1887. |TNION DIME SAVINGS HANK, I,' Canal afreet, corner of Variok. SIX PER CENT In $6 to $8,000, free of lax. Depoaits be fo.nJanuar,' 80 will bear lnt*reat from Januarv 1 Assets $i:?#8J68 19. K. V. HAUOHWOUT, President. U. 8. Casern. Treasurer; T. s Aaupi-s. Seneiary d.1 A /|A|I TO LOAN ON FIRST MORTGAGES ? sD.LU.UUU Cash ready on agreement of term*. Ad drsaa H. W? Herald office. |>yi QQQ wanted-kor a_term op years-. (Iral mortgage nn Brooklyn water l'ront lots, with bulkhead. On the premises ? entirjlv ne\y brick sinrebouaaa, inanhinery, Ac. Tha security Is unqaesnonahle, the entire property eoet over $109 000. Address J. W. \Y., Herald office. ?i nn nnn T? loan-on new york city ?P.LUU.UUU real aetata, firai mortgage, at 7 per rent. J. SO LIS RITTERBAND. # Will street, Jauncey court. ?o^n nnn *? w>a*-on bond and m^rt ?Pajt IH.UtH' gage. In out ur more sums, on ieal estate In tbia city or Broomi. _ JOHN P. OONRBT. 88 Wall street, room 13 ffi-nn /Win TO loan-in summ to' SUIT, ON #eJUUaU'/U city real asiate. 8$ par cant af valustlan; prompt alien Lion Second morigages bought. C. E. WILLIs ft OO. lT Pine street, baaement. scrn nnn TO loan-on bond and mori , !$?)? lU.UU'l gaea on New York city. New Jai ery aad Broohtyn real aatate Prompt attention CHARLES P. OILMAN, II* Broadway, room Ho. 8. LOAN OK KICK*. ?T 77-MOMET LIRBRAI.LY ADVANCED DM DIA MONDS. WATOttUi. .IKWELHV. Be.. OR THE SS|&v?Yitw?fe >An um. JEWELRY, he., at77Bla#cher auaot. up Slatrs. A T HYMAN'S, m BROADWAY, OOMBR DP BOND Ls^ixjst r-iissx1?. 's. assa Mm. _____ At $tt BROADWAY.?I PAT TWW HIGHEST PRICBS for Diamonds, Watehaa, Jewelry, he., ox sdvanee an ha same " ISA ACS, Diamond Brohar, . tippoaHa Waifack's theatre._ AT St BROADWAT, KNOX BUILDING. OPTICE HOURS PWOW 10 A. M. TO 4 f M J. M. BABRINGKR $19 Broadway, room Nn. A AT BO. 6 TWENTY-THIRD BTREKT. PIPTH AVENUE Hotel. the btghastprlea paid for Dlamooda. Watehaa. Ac , aradvaares made on the same L. LEDERER * CO ,Vf NO. m PEARL STREET, IMHM to their friends aad lb* public rnoerally I they hum epaoed * new Loan Office where they win E. iumimi ?i their friends I (piMdiwir Louo adranae caah at rraaonaMa t?rm? on all valuable property, Watchee, Jewelry. Diamonds Br A ar purehaaa the at?. DM IAMOKDS. WATCHES. JEWELRY SILVERWARE Sifcu. I>ry Goods. <'lnih>n(. Ac . bought at full ealne. or money advanced on the same. Private office IV Bowery, near Wfand afreet, np aulra. OP. HARES. <07 BROADWAY, BOON NO. 4, PAYS . the h If heat prleoa for Dlamooda, Watehaa, Jewelry, old do Id and dUrer; aim advances made on the aame Near Twentieth a treat. Pawnbrokers', tickets bought.?private ROOMS NOM I AND 2 IV HOWRRY, N'KAR GRAND RTRKBTJTP STAIRS. SPECIAL. NOTICKB. A PUBLIC MEETING W1LI. BE HELD AT MAMONIC A Hall, Ttuilaanth airaet. between I bird and fourth are Ptlday night, January It. by Ike duped ami plun dnrnd Iri-htnen of New York, to denounce Stephens and lua iulbmotir rolleoguet, In robbery. All Irishmen who lore their native land and hope to are liar redeemed ironi English trrannr and Iriah knavee, will plenae attend The meeting will be called to order at A o'clock P. M. TN THE ISSUE OP THE HERALD OP THE <TH INST., under tba head of Pollen Intelligence. tvhereto it o, an Muatel that W. J Bym? A Bin., of 30U Broadway, were ? olihad kr their carman to tba extent of $7,000. I nerueiee thai W J. Hyma makes tba allegauou that a clerk or book kni'par la at year awlndled them to the amount of (A, 001 Hamng brew tbatr bankkeeper np ?o the ISlk day of Aogn?l la at. In justice to myself, and to aattafr toy nnmeroua frleada, 1 demand a correction of W. J, Hyma. to save fur tlmr trtmble. THOMAS P. PRROINANU. New Yobs Jaw. 10. IM7. J A McOI.KI.LAN TR NO LONOER CONNECTED . wttb ear ewtahRalMwaat. All baatinaa tommnuica'ioua a ho n Id br addreaaau to tb* undersigned SAN PORD. HABROMN A CO., 0M aad 04B Rroadway. Nr.w Yataa. Jan. A, IB). NEW ENGLAND SOriR-TV -A MEETING OP THE Hew BngUad Seemly will be held at Mto Plfth Annul Hotel, t bit 4 Krtdar i aramwg, at ?'t o'clock Retire* of Wet Kaatoaiti er the anna ei a natire, are twrlwd to attend an hacJtoa Iweuikei? eftkar aoeirtr. t. D. MORGAN, President. T? P. Hnea*ar>. Reitratorr. OBWail dtawew t\rrjcji OP THE ATLANTIC MAIL STEAMSHIP Xfrmmpmr. Ne. I Rowttng tlreen. New York, Nov.TB, IMS.-By order of tba Beard of Dlreotora, aotloe la hereby gtren that In consequence of taa etertiee appelated to hare been held on the IStb of Ner?mber instant, not harm a been held ptirroant to aaeb appointment, an alertlon or nine dim-tor" of tbie company aad three Inspector* ef the tint an creed'eg eieeilon will ea bald at tba office ef the eempewr en Friday, the llth day of January, IW7, at 12 o'clock M. The trantfer booha at the eBlee ef the Panaera' Loan and Trust Company will be eleaad from the Itoh to the Itih ol January, 1*7. Tba pella will he open from VJ to I o'cloek. PRANKLIN ALLEN, Secretary TALKS?TAXES.?OrTTENHERO, WEST new YORK, Van tHahnartlle. The collector of Unlob ToWn?hlp, ,N. .1., wilt iwtwtre the unpaid la tea on Tuesday January 19, l*B7, at tB Walker street, New York between Hroadway and t'hi.irb etieet baeement. MATTHEW KLEIN. Collector. NEW PIBUC ATIONA. ^MF.KH AN PASTIMES. The Boat of Atoerleaa Paaiimea, ronuttmng a briery of tbe principal Yachting. Rowing, Rase Ball sod Cricket (Tuba of tba halted Slater, BY CHARLES A. PRVERKLLV, Reporter of Out Door Sports far New York Journals fii$ mm/ yearr. will ba puhliaba<l on SATURDAY NEXT JANt'ARY IS. SubeotikeT"'copies at the Office of the New York Leader. No. 11 F'rankfurt atratt. It am., Illustrated; o?0 page, price $2 V. Essay oWratarkh. by henry a. danirls, m. D.. Surgeon. No 2 Union aqaare Mailed on re alpt of red stamp. READ TIIE SKELETON AT THE BANQUET. ? Skeleton At the Raau'iet,'' by the author of the "Dead Letter" ead other Upton atones " Splendidly lllimtia'ed In Letter" nad other Upton atones Mplend thejnew ineganee. Northern Light, R.nbei l or aaleevery where. I'rMa to cents. rtbern Light. PHOPIMALS. Q BALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED BY THE 0 I ruateea of the Klaeentb ward at the ofBce of the Clerk of the Hoard of Ktbicallon. corner of uraml and Elm atreeta, until Wetl?e?d*? the CM dar of Jamiary, led), at IIn clock n ?on. for Die twectlon ami cotnplcil..e of a new military school hotire on the twn Iota of found on Second alreei. he. tweeu areai.aa C and ffi, in Bald ward. Plana and "peiiflna Uona rot whoolhtiuwi can be aeen at the nfllce el' the Superintendent ei iefioot Building". No. M Crosby at-wct I'rnpowla maal at at. toe eetiaiwwi'or vaftli hranwh ?>( 4tie work separately, and-ha ewdnvawd ??prnp<wai< fk?r aout nork," 'Pttaauh for carpenter work,'1 "Pviporala tor path'loaf' rw,i responsible and approved sureties will i.o 1 ctmlr.iL'ciiiw e it It ",H- aeaCil hlAler. aad no prop,Mat wilt He ,-oi nldrartl in aliwli in aarottea tpeyiaaind. The tkhiail Tro?|tna reaerya ih* i iglit to ra tai t say or all of ilte jiiopi ??'? offeied, If ileented for Uiepuldi. iniaieatia MIRAM HISRER. RDM %HI> WI fti?T,I tRrf Secietarr^l llaafd of Tr?at??a Eleventh Ward Dated !?t? SI T'HK I.KTTI RR B>C A SON. IMPORTANT LRCIURI.S DaII.Y-Td dkNTLUMHN I eelw I.t ibc New *..r? Mtim .ni of Anatou y. A;| Hma.i wat fbooi ni xMeio ntlrnd II,wee lacl nea oiay imnlyy a ropy I > lot WHO,I a ten taol? Aitoiewt Se, retarf of N'aw Bark I valval r? Aaakomy, giF B.,a<lwa) AMCNK MMNTM. BROADW AT THKaTKK?ADMISSION 00 CENTS. Douraep-u at ?\ . beirina at 7V o'clock. OHhfcKVK. LAST NIOHT BUT OMB Of lb* (treat eonutdian and wond?rful iwitlll actor, _ MS. JOHN K. OWENS, Who, It la to b? regretted. troui imperative arrangemwfa, I* compelled to ekwa tun brilliant engagement to-morrow TO-NIGHT (TRIPAY). JANUARY 11, 1M7, Ha will, byjMrtfil fequeat. appear in Mil two ntmoua ana inimitable htm, ^^^^to U JOSHUA BUTTKRBY; 'Aad wheo you weaiMUhink of ma. IB VICTIMS, TT^rK?) pJ?rsiA vv YF R Saturday, Jaauarr 11 at IJ4 o'clock, teal grand OWPNS MATIN KB, Monday. January 14. the yonng and beautiful ysTv^AHALiAMAM Thalia-thalia. 614 Broadway, botweaa Boring and Broome ati-eele. FRIDAY, JAN. 11. 1W7. ^aiisJfeE. Ticket* for tale at ticket eMoa, front 10 to 4, at 113 and 114 Broadway, MERMAN 8TADT THEATRE, 40 ABO 47 BOWERY. ??R ... r II wU1 ^ p, eacutcd. German stadt theatre, 40 and - Thla (FRIDAY) eyenlnc, January 11, ? for the benefit of ApPTION&B RRRBONI, KOMONT. Clamical tragedy, by Hoc the, with the original niuala of Beeihoven, on which ooeaaloo , MH. BOOTTMIL DAW1SON hae grneroualr volunteered to appear in hr? great cherac DUKF OP ALBA. H* RYE'S TRMPLE OK MYSTEKY. DOOWOBTH HALL, 806 Broadway Every evening at 81 Saturday at J P M. M. HARTZ, THE ILLUSIONIST. CROWDED HOUSES every night. 1MMRNHE SUCCESS or THE MTRTERIOC9 ilOHIJK HEAD Ml'LTUM IN FARVO. GlUtWTH OK FLOWERS. STRIKING WATCHES. Mr. A. Hedwt 'k win perform on the Engllah concertina. Ilokeie atkv: re wrved aeata $1. Fur aale at the Hall from ? Bll 4. Door* open at 7'a- Matinee, doora open at 1^. Children hairprice. The Chickering piano la used at tbeae performanoea. K1 ri'XLT * LEON S MINSTRELS. 7*1 BROADWAY. THE ONLY LEON, The ru?h unabated. Mr. JACK CADE. NEW OPERATTA. The tad tea flock HEAVY TRAGEDY. B7.000. S7.U0U In aiwli numbrra NKLSE SEYMOUR. TIIE GRAND TRIO, thai the auditorium MUSICAL TWINS. LUCUKZIA BORGIA, becomee one ran ALLEN PRICK. EDWIN KELLY, bouquet of beauty. SOIREE D'KTUIOPE. Greeted nightly, by rrowdnd hoin-e*. with enthukiaam. CAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. SM BROADWAY. O The trouble comment e. at a quarter to 8. THE CRKME DK LA CRF.MK OP MINSTRELSY. BlltCH, WAMKOI.n. BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whoae au> ceaa baa never l>eeu . quailed bv anv atmllar organ Ixatlon in the world. New and cheerful Bnrleauuea every *? *- " ? - ? ~ Othello ? week Stump Speech, I Am Here Black Othello. Gam bnnui Opera of Lager Beer. Imitation of Actor*. I.ove'a - ? " ffa]| fin ? - " ~ " Ramble* or Cupid'a Fall, CVedrilloii. The Screaming Black Cook and African Bullet Troupe fftONY PASTOR'S OPKRA HOUSE-NO. 301 BOWERY. 1 The btot written, beat acted, beet mounted locel Drama r n THE CITY FACTORY GIRLS. THE CITY FACTORY GIRLS. Rer*vad with burata of applauae- T 0. Rigg* a* Mr* Plowerbiig, the"Tllter Builder," evokltu acreama or laughter. Every pbaae of life in New York.?The Factory Girl, tbe Wall Street Broker, the Fatten lurbrwte, tbe Feet Clerk, the Eiqnlaite Tourlat. the Lawyer'* Victim, the Policy Player, the Local Character* all represented to the life. TONY i'.ASTl tR and ht? great Troupe in a choice Variety Programme. Matinee on Wedueaday and Katnrdav at 1M E. M. 0 LYUl'IC THEATRE. Brum of J. U KTUDDART SATURDAY. JAN. IF, 1817. l.aet night of T1IK LONG STRIKE. After which the MISERIES BP HUMAN LIFE. Woni>?ttiiiF creak or nature?"To k wash INi.'Ki\ i w INS." hern alive, having two heada, four inu. aad ten ...??? oedv and one pair lega: else the head and right *rm or Proem, tbe murderer of the Deertug family ; te gather *nU. He- .amdoeet otfleetten of object* la Phyinelo ~ " ' ?>?? I'a.i?togy and Natural 11 takery?aB ef which gy% Ann (on v. ,,, ??. w are llluatraird .Utly by Leeuirea ewd Mh reerwpte View*, at the New York Meeewm er Anatomy. 418 Broadway. Ope* freer 8 A M, te 10 p. M. taiyow^wk r BROADWAY THBATHt. FarSWk FAOL PRY." eftieek. ITINRE. TblCHMONPNRW THBATRX. HJOMMOND. VA.-THTS ft, ?3WS2Sfci?m?S^SSm. eyeryyeqiSaUe aegin talnt*t lata Bret rim* theatre, can be reetad to the night, wear er ill ale, or mty f* leaeed for a term 'Of yeera by reapoaatmp pnruee. AS apnfUrtwna te he made la C. fi. BERNARD, 84B Bt aad Way. Mew .York, agent for Urn owner, Mra. IjBagilL ' OHILIl* PHILIPS. "THE GOSPEL SINGER OP OUR X laflaeL" win sing hie?oeletortaa aengw In fill ewa in tmttnhle atyle at the Sere ad aMMM. R. Obiireh brtweer aveuuee C and it. thia tFriday) areolae, lor the benefit of the Sabbath School. Ticket* thirty aad fifteen rente, and can he obtained at the door tHB TENTH ANNUAL BALL NSW YORK CALEDONIAN CLUB will be bald at IRVING IIALL. FRIDAY, JAN. It, 1??7 Ticket*, M /! RAND FANCY DRKBH IT AND MAHqUBRADB BALL, given by the CBRCLS FRANCAI3 DR L'IT ARM OMB. AT IRVINO IIALL. FRIDAY, JANUARY 18, IMT. TrttU may be sbtalued of A. Htlan. No. 10 Warrwn etreet, lxmlk d'Arco. Spanish Consulate, No. If Broadway; L. Koppel. No. 11 Ana (treat; J. Blum, No. U warren street.. E. Deokent, Howard etreet: A. Flauraud. No. 439W Hro?.1 way; ? Dardoavdle. No. 87& Broadway; Dehnonk o'a. leur teeoth street Francis Kinder, HolTmao House. Twenly nf?h ?ir??< awd Broadway, and 112 and 114 Broadway. OFFICR OF TUB FRESF.NTATION FESTIVAL, NO. <18 Broadway. Now York. Caao to raa Fciuo.?Xha Distributing ComailtUa bag to annotiarr to tho public that, owing to lbs great labor attend ant upon preparing tba ballots ana procuring the additional presents arising fioaa the aale of a greater number of t.okete than was at drat contemplated, that the distribution thai w?a ei parted to take pUca on the 14th lost. Is unavolJaMy roeipourd until the SSth ln*i, when R will positively take P'*^ 8TRWART VAN VLEIT, ) FJtANCIB 0. BARLOW, f JOHN H. WHITK. >Committee. Nathanikl jahvib, ja , i WILLIAM ORTON. ) Mr* Tons. Jan. 18, 1M7. AORAND BANK HALL MATCH ON HKAi'ES. RK tween tbe Kckford and Fallon Market clubs, on "tat unlay next, 12th Instant at 1J4 o'clock on the Satellite skating lake, corner of Broadway and Union avenue, Wil liamsburg. A band of music will be In atlentlat.oe. rjlHI TENTH ANNUAL BALL NKW TORN CAtRDONTAN CI.UB . ? will be held IRVINU HALL. FB1DAV, JAN. It, 188T Tickets, t* Antonio fabavalll ~th? adcohplm? k u Tanfr. sad bis wife. Kllaa Velewtlnl FamvalH. catebraiod soprano, leacb both Hi agios and Fiaaot VThmatva pupils st M Wdbt Ktghteswth street. They, wish wpniuli at a UatbsHc rbrtrrh. A T THE NATIONAL CONHRRVAY0BT OF MU8IC, ? A Mstliton arenas, terms 818 By arrangement with BiiStga I. Rrlatow. Fmfeeeor or Mnele In imbhc schools, pu pile nttrsdtng sehoele 88 par yoartar. Tbe toner salary in struction bonk* traa. .. t CRERE'8 MUSICM, INSTITUTE, I.K8 BROAU L way 'anlranee 86 Thlrty lounh street). Nigaor BOB A I.ADY WILL OIVR INSTRUtrriON ON THE uisao and singing at pupil's residence for fW per quarter. Address, with residence. Teacher, box 118 Herald ' OROaBINT wanted?in a catholic church, in Broeklyn. R D., one r-unpeien' lo take full charge of a volunteer npoir., Ajiply at 28 Sent a nth St.. Braehlvn. K II.. or addiesa box .1,287 Kof odkie M. f. * RISTHRT POf.RA A VFRV BEAUTIFUL AND BUI I. I la nt iMaapo^lien, by Lewis Borge. Fubllsbed at FT Bleerkei street. Sent free oi postage on rernlpl or 2tc SMINOR H. STR1NI, THF. ''F.I.RBKATFD BAEMO, WJIJ. lake a few pupils in singing has nn objection to tale a situation as principal basse in a nrsi class chunk. best of refereacda given. Addreat Hall * Hen. M l Broadway. Alfk FHR QUARTER FOR F1ANO LKMONB (NO ?FlU rlasaes, aa In nther mu?lcal ar .demies) No 12." west Rleventh (treat, norwer oi Hitih avenue, riaaiata for per lap. 08l<? hours from niae nil two. BILL1AHD8.A4. ~ A LARiiK NUMBER OI NF.W AND SECOND HAND A Billlaad Tables, with our Improved combination cushions. which have berg proved to be tae mo>l rot ram and dursbld rnshidns ever made. Specimens oi enr table that hove l>een in consten' see (or mini rears hist be seen In the principal bolels and s .oons in duality Parties in lending lo purchase WIU find It to their liuriest to ? ail and examine our stock, Wklcli la I be huge-1 and flnast in lbs esenla lo mi (Ji nab? iirent N. V BMILLIARD*.-WW. R. GRIFFITH 1*1 El I .TON aire. i. offers for ssle a Una (took of n?w sad vecend hand Tables at reasonable prices Call and eisminc. rtr J. Nil A Rl" HAS A LABOR ASSORTMENT OF vv . user end second hsiul Billiard Tables atwey* uu nsnd si his maniifNetory; It Is well known thsl blimp's < mhPma sresnnetlor u> any now In use. MauufaUoty ?* Manor street, cottier of Broome. world Hoys' Tables for holiday presents 1' a Chi,lander! tfci Mill., WIH1D, ^r. AMDKB $2 80 I'F.R CHALDRON. I* THE YARD. AT iheMdnlmran Has Works foot of lis t F.igntcoiith street end fool of Rest Fourteen li itrstt LWIlinrM at SlO per dUHtdron by CRAPS hi? A KIlt.NS, AT'.', IT?.i e'eeruH er?e? and JOHN NMl ffT, cmon ilf' aVenne c Kast Flfteenih street a,.i 'J| t en u.DI.'iin FOR <'"KE. ?C'KLIVF.RKD ?v>.?)lP ImiueJiriely. Aigily at uiy vpka edb- ?i o>e M4W 1 hfk iTo'be, A, TWeSt, ? 7 nil ? -WENHINE RBl? ABIT T.Ftllfin 'AND 4 vl'F. I.oeutl VoinialP Coal, ail (isrs. ai Riper ton ftf Acodids thoMah tiikofuko. Twenty seventh (treat and Ninth aiebue. rt;- W|\ MR1FNT MOUNTAIN. LEMtUH AND Itrn ^1 4 #M' ? sb ? * el. Alsn nnnsiSPflynn hatid f*h( Ob* aiHlUirk ry Wed II H HKMNEY. ???rr?r of ?' mngr (?>?1 and even* s' eete, Brooklyn. amttskmkntk. T1 rPHEATRE FR.vNOAlB?FOURTEEN III STREET. L SATURDAY NEXT, JANUARY U, HKLOJSB PARaNQUKT. Cam^dv la 4 acta, by M. Aria and Durantin. L? StTPPLiTjE DE TANTALE VAUDEVILLE. NHIT TUESDAY. LES BON8 VILLA.JBOIK. Ticket office at II. Durdonrille'a. H9 Broadway. VTEW TOR if THEATRE. AT Lciacea and Manager*, Km?. Mark Smith A Lewie Baker* CKNDRlLLoM. Hew being produced with ENTIRELY NEW SCENERY MAGNIFICENT WARDROBE, [ under the immediate auperrietoo of JfMR^SALUB. A. IJINLK LK Y._ A COMPLETE CORPS DE BALLET OP PIFTY LADIES and a POWERFUL CAST. GRAND CBNDRILLON MATINEE, SATURDAY. Jan. 11 el 2 o'clw-k. Seat* aeeered aiz da;a in advance. B"00"? Mr. Bate man beg* to announce lit* I be will fire ONE ORAND CONCERT at the above eetkbliahment oq the erenlug of MONDAY, JAN. 11 n formau' The aerie* of performance* drawing Id a close renders this the LAST APPEARANCE IN BBOOKLYH. ef hit unequalled musical troilpe, who hare juat eoBb. plelcti a BRILLIANTLY SUCCESSFUL WESTERN TOL ii. MADaMF. I'ARKPA. ?IONOR ltKIONOLI. SIQNOR IEKANTL 3IUNOR PORTUSA, MR. S H. MILLS. MR. CARL ROSA MR. HATTON. and MR. rnKO? THOM AS' celcbrafed oreheatra. Door* open at concert ?'.):am"noea at 8. Box htxiV aow open at the Academy. TVIKNIAN'S FENIAN'S FENIAN'S FBNIA1 P OATH. OATH, 0\TH, OATH NHXT WERE. Neat Week. Next Wwk NEXT WE FKNIAN'f -J|fw? NEXT WEEK. Next Week. Next Week. NEXT WEES Look oijt for charlky white's, lookout for OOK OUT FOR Charley While *. LOOKOUT FOB THE FENIAN'S OATH NEXT WEEK THE FENIAN'S OATH NEXT WEEK. ^JHARLBY WHITE'SJTROVPE. THE GREAT MATINEE, TO MORROW, at ! THE ORKAT MATINEE, TO MORROW. TUB GREAT MATINEE. TO-MORROW, THE ORKAT MATIN RE. TO-MORROW, at *V K, at 21a I. at iS. I, at 2?{. L> ID WORTH'S MINSTRELS?NEW EirTH AYEXL\ .. . 1Jotfll % ABLY. x> Opera Hnuae. adjoining Fifth Ayen'ie Hotel crowds Crowds, combe Second week of the uuoeeerfui piece. NEW YEAR'S CALLS, with all Ite plea*ing acceeeiiMea. ?*mv worm, xkatlng pondx W. S. end J. H. BudwoKn In principal enaracterx. MATINEES EVERY SATURDAY, AT 3* P M STEIN WAY HALL. SATURDAY. tiUKO. THOMAS' SYMPHONY BOIBEKS. THIRD SEASON, JM7. ON SATURDAY EVENING JAN. M. AT 1 THIRD SYMPHONY SoIREK. CARD?Mr. THOMAS takee pteaxuro in announcing thai the well known Choral Society, THE MENDELSSOHN UNION, under the direction of Mr. WM HERGE. will olng in tbia and the remaining ootreea of the eeaaun. 0g(T|f THE GRAND ORCHESTRA OF EIGHTY PERFORMERS. PROGRAMME. Suite la C. On 101 (new) RafT. Are rartMl Onrpue... ,...M?,iart? O'. MM f from the j C? "iruee end Shine".. I Oratorio >. CI lOepora. Wake"... f St. Paul. ?fir No. 4, D minor. On. 130. .Ycbumaniy Ing a rraerred teat, can be had el Beer A BediMon*!. Broadway; el Irtlng Hell, and at Noa. 113 aad 114 Bra way 8BTEINWAY HALL, I WENTIE rH SUNDAY CONCRM? M OF SACRED AMD OlJkfSIC MUSIC. . _ , SUNDAY EVENING, JAN. MTaT EIGHT O'CLOCK.'I ?THE CELEBRATED BATE MAN OUNCttMT THOll PS, ' hanqg returned from their emtweatlj through the wSt The gran* tntereet heretofore naanMeated la thaae mag. I ulftcent antertaiumenia win doubtleex be renewed en thin occaatoa, probably the laM. og wkioh the fallowing grail ret a bin a turn of talent can appear at a Sunday Oeaeert I* 81GNOK F&tTPKA. ??^aaiaaa m. a w. ?iol . tSOLMh Mr. THEODORE THOMAS. Conductor, aad hie RESEE^^f^LLAB. _ Far mle at seel away Hall; Beer 1 Behlrmer. 7C1 Ff?fe way; Pond'a Mnatc Nlorr, MT Broadway, aad RnBmaa'a Ticket eflee, 1M end U4 Broadway. . . Ed# mollbvhaukr'b MUSICAL CONSERVATORY, SB BROADWAY OR AND CLABBICAL oOTREB, ? On SATURDAY. Jan. tST^ AT IRVING HALL. On which occasion Mr. Mullen beosr will be assisted by Madame Merle Fnderld, and Mr. J. N. fa It I ten, the oala Fot particulars nee small bull To rommeane at 8 o'clecR f M. Tickets $1 Mar be had at J. Hchuborlh A Co.'a, SB Broad war. For Pupils of the CoBaerratory' admlaelon free. /?TH GRAND SACRED OONOKRTMmDER THE DI ?) leetlon of Mr R. 'Jouialez. at PL CoJuniha'a clmreh, Twenlr Bfth Street, near Rlgtttti arenuo, Sundry evening. Jan. Ul by aererai leading artists and a grand cbonm of B select roloea. Ttckebs flpo. To eominrooe at 8 o'clock pre cisely. Last owbnr Battene -pacl fry* SATO RIMY. .Ian. If al IH o'clock. BROADWAY THEATRE. FAREWELL MATINEE. LMNB ART HAI LRRV. V FIFTH AVFNUR P (MINER A SoMKRVILLE'Sj. now on exhibition, frle. Us Pahitlaga of ALEXANDER WUBT. THK 71 NTH ANN HAL HALL or ti NKW YORK CALEDONIAN CLUB wHI be held at IRVING UALL. FRIDAY, JAV.1l, 1887. Ttaaeta. |?. UR AVI A II ALU IW7 RIVINOTON STREET. CORNER or Otteien.?Cenoorv eoort night; handsome ylria *U tending, with ? oh? wines, beer, Ac. THK artists who ark to appear AT t;i? Mailed-al the Ftench Then 1 re on Saturday, January 12 for Hie Iteneb. of Ibe Masnnc Ball and Asylum Fund will meet In > be green room at II o'clock this I Friday > mora PIANOFORTES. AH RPI.RNDID SEVEN dCTAYE RORKWOOD PlaNOb rorle, at a great sacr I tire- by boat umber*. ell menta. heautmfl land indftntah. used eoh gfaf 'i"i!!tfJ' a 'wSgJ^VSMgg AH ORBAT RBDrCTION IV PRllJAS.?BAUUtMON'B I Ptaeoa the rbeapeat tlrst daaa piaae m lbs mukit. Warranted for Bye yean. Sold for raah or o? InsUlmaaiw Plane* to rem (TJ Ml-NOPR, CM Broadway. A HIGHLY CARVED HAUiXT. 1MVT? A ?D. f1*i*a but) Ifttle used < price n?w fP&O . ?n bo seM ret 8408, or 0w banged, aererai rcry flne soc-nd band FIsaM sitae p. Am tr.TS-r orr.vs CSlCtSSiM# Piano fot sal- for RUN, Also a splendid seren o*ta?a rosewood PlanofoVIe, rattle by Yanripar, iot $SUU; Peth hive 11 8 lone, round curaars and modern IsoproretaaeUj at bargains ever ottered Alstlnr sale se s?lre sktad Pisneb plate Pier (llan. In nasgnldc at gilt frame; modaru ?nTier rear 940U. prise $228 tl BATTKh.BON'.u furnilui* aaieSMeuai (WO Stub avenue, uear ninth street. It. B ?The above era a -lead Uargaia for somebody. AUb lYLFNnm JTNOTOWr NPrf, TONED PTaNO-WITK all bi -dern liopi oremeaU. and warranted, will be ?old lew or let and rent allowed If purchased Apptg et Ibt Meet nutty-third street near Letuifcion arenoe. Ah Roffwood ftaro fim ?first clabb pianos, tit gam and Mrlodrona. new and old, for root or sale lew for ouch, or on iaatelmeius. _1 _ " ^1?*??*. W? Broadway ItlON PIANOFORri: THE BERT IN TUNE AND . a finish, and lieal agroff arrangement. for aale aad te lot, and tent allowed If purchased. Manufactory and warns looms Is: so-1 I AH B-erery. MANNER A CO. A MAflNTFlCENT SF.VKN OCTAVE RORERltOD j\ Planoiorte for tale, made >0order, oily maka coat $000, for$N*i. 1 rtrt'idins stool and Coyfr Parlor, cbaaai and liming Furniture ai a aa- riflce. 44 West Slateeuth .uert, between FlfiU and NlttU avruuss Ah lai>> miAj .' a RPT.ENmn rorewdod ? arrtri octave Pianoiurte, Intituling Soot and Cover, a $M0 instrument, lor'nearly half prtoa, Brat alarn meanest | nearly new Call at 18 Third atreat. HHaRi-MN" TO CASH Pl'RCIIARKR.H,?ELKO ANT | insewood aeron ottare Pianoforte, coat 9780, for 9:135. I Oae un 9l<8. mahogany Pianoforte, 9*> Roveral new and see.-nd 1' 1auofortea, very low. Oall etfa Fourth arenue. f^HlAMiF TO IJtT-?AND RDI<PJW'JW9TALMRNT8 if the eianulaeiory. 188 and IW East Twenty Brat street 1 . f L r. ci'mviv. PlAN08 -FI.R0 ANT Riwrwoon PtAVON ; AJ fcfy carpet.. Oilcloths Furnitnrw. Wedding. Parlor anffBed. room Knits. Ac., at RKND.vLL A fW.'OTTH, censer of Canal and Hudson street'. Payment taken by weekly or raon'hty pavmtnte tf preferred. ?? - ? .?*?? '. - - ? ? ^s.n. e mi 11(1 liksm?meesaeami lie ,..,4dUm?4 PIANO TO I tcllAM'K-PABT CASH. AND I'JUtT ? foods f hat and I ap h ade C?u bo selosted from a | large stuck. Address htchange. Herald ofB-.-e. piANOFORTN ? FDR PT.F.OANr PIAMI. ! a fit lit of the unrest quality of lone, Nnnoa A cta'rk a eelsbrssed tRatS; In |te- le-1 otdri Htool. I nfer, Ac.; p. um I 9lh*i. A|?ply tmiio-iiistelv at IW1, Twentieth atreat, near 'bod at -duve. A* At. UAAt lbB Al AIIKHIM. HOOWORtir* r DANCivV " ACADM*. Nd 311 Flf iH A VEND R, NRW TORE. dayf yerth* Ac . please , ,1| tbr a dre ilar iSft ??aRNO'S DANrlNil ACADRmT. Vlk W FIFf?f I * syenite sent sweat dor tier of Fourteenth street, opeis TIshwcaUs end FRMMYA. WROVFADaTR and RatTk. I* AYR. I Alios. 3 104 F N ml 'sea and masters, 4 to 8 F. M. itenilemen, lessday end Friday evening*, at 8 o'clock RRW CI.4HMK9 ARE NOW FORMINH. ' 1* aM'iNit acaiikmt, ?? r JAoribwesi oernwr rwemy.eighib at reel and Rioedns Classes neilttrerieveaod Psiordaya, aid P. M.