Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 11, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 11, 1867 Page 2
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& ?m*TMMI? WtNTBO-rKI4LEI. competent woman want* a actuation as *k?A. undanAaada fear hudr-aa 't> .roedfely, al! kind* hwAtng. larding. m? and ja.wa. Caflat SB Wait A NUMBER Of WRLL MM* okUKIHD OKRM AM JV Wrta waal attuail? >,? at 1 lata, ft iMaalou aA. Mar Bwwery nwaal die admit al Mra. Ledg's i>traa. luag. A WIDOW LADY or ABOUT THIRTY. WHO HAS AMIDST CUM DIMSIAIII WANTS TO OO OCT Mr ttw Sar ar Awll al US *? l Mr Ikt day ar take >? work at home ivaaeaakls mar FIRST CLAM-- BMRTAMT WISHKS A SITUATION te take fell <-ka-ae la e*tAer ape. u> ?<?#> uaaaoaaOanah^ ?Sara a aaa be had aa la _ raaaMS'r as* tharaMar. Car twedayeai llA Waai IRfe al. all al tfea A RMSPMCTANi-r VOfM OIRlStISHRjI A SITU A JV ttaa m a privet* taiai y aa ?'?* <daae aaafe, would willing to a? tfea \ i?.? wa?eing if ladnA Jfea Mfea tfea baal ar <*Hr reference ? all far Mas day* aa 61 Waal Wfeaklug lakHaaa A SITUATION WaNTBD-BT A WRSPXTTADLR J\ middle aged woman. aa aaraa ta aa la'eitd leiy fear 8:w.i?!r5iiSKn ?*? AH RKMPECT AllI.B PHOTDSTaRT WON in wmRPf a ? arittauan a a ganOamee'* family > ' ?- ? ? aJ. _ JfMWMMNMMWWI , aiaada M la all U# arearhm. aaa take thaaaara bar*# at ike klK'kaa would da ikaaHWVwTraoatr-a. .aaW>* f?* (Mr reference Can ha aaaa uaD muted*! ? Waal IRA al, troaAiegm. aaooad door halow MA el.. up aia*ra ? SITUATION WaNTRI>-DT A WOTKMTAICT Tt?CN? woman. aa laundraaa. uadaretaada Mi>| upladlee' had muaiiua aud Preach Ruling fallal ASau>as., eaaggpaf N AMERICAN OIRL, AGED SIITDDN, WIMHKM A I dlueltau w take oara at a ekiM ar Sa Ughl ?r alalia irk. Inquire at 67: Sit ar. A SITUATION WANTED-NY A AKSPNCTaBLR OIRL. J\ Aa Aral clam oook. la A arlt ata 11 air ? baa tfea hart Mty refereauea from bar laat pl?r* Call al I C* Broadway, be l?Mt SM an l aM la Iba -tore, far low day a A SITUATION WANTED -AB SALBdWOMAN IN A oonfn-.1 mrrjr or ItaAarf. tea Mra tha feaal a< referraee aa to capability and haaaMy. t all fur two Itfi al IS life ar. J^ SITUATION W A.N TBI)-BY A YOU fell WOMAN, AM chambermaid and welireee or weahi! with Ifea washing and Ironing, tfea boat of ally rafaiaweaa If required Call at *K nth At., uaar 33d at.. ta Mm Uurr ^ TOCNO LADY WHO It OUT Of A SITUATION would be glad of rum (dormant aa laaaur e*ameir?>ea tindsralAOda dressmaking. mtlliarrr and general family " ? Tff r ~ aawlug. Can b? aean at "n South '.'ta ai. Wi liaru-liurg.oa Saturday, or by addressing P " A SITUATION AS (OOk WANTBD-DY A WOMAN xi who understands her haainnaa thoroughly, urn firat data baker and paati) cook. ala. deaeeua. good city r-lrr aoce Call al ST# ?tb ar. uuUl aulted Nona but ? pHrala family nan.I apfily. a rRorKssF.i> cook or sours, meats, uanr ?rt In all atylrs baking. Ar., daaanrlt af rarioua kinda, Imai of refereuco, a young woman aa ohamtwraia.d aud wall rem; bnai rnfereuon Cau bo area al 3S7 7|fe ar.. top floor, front room 'A HKAMSTRJSSS WISHKS A MTUATION?CNDRR ?fetnda fam'lr aewlng ia Wllbng Ui aoalat m lha nam of i hildran ar do light cl.auibnrwoi k, bnal ? ity rrfM-nm Can ba aeon at the aiorn.MI 3d ar .Ixiwrm 4?ih an I Mb ata YOUNO OIRI. WISHKS TO t.O OUT BY Til K DAY il or waak, to do plnin an wing la a good oiwrator ou Wbonlar A Wilaou'a mwiug mai bina Call ai WUTibar . balwron 33d and Ulth almeta. j^ KESPECTABLB MAKRIRD WOMAN. WITH A frrah breaat of milk, wUhea a altuation aa wai uuran. with Iba Ural baby. In a grnllamaa'* family. Ingulrr al Ui Oak at., In tba baanmeuu RRSPBCTABl.R WOMAN WISHKS A SITUATION to do general bouaework; good riiy rwfamaoa girea. Call for two days al so lat ar.. lop flour, room IA A SITUATION WANTSD-BT A RKflPKt'TAHI.R young girl, aa walimaa or obaal-artnaid. no objrwUon to the eouulry, good cily rafarauoa. Apply at S7 Kaal Slat at. baaement. A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A COMPETENT COOK, underalands all kluda of KnaUab and Ameneaa noaking; flra roara' referenee from last ylaea. Apply al >17 KaM Slat ^N AMBRICAN PKRSOM W1BUBS A SITU ATI OR_AB aaa mat rota and nurse; operates aa W heeler A Wil aofe'a maoblne . or lo take oara Of aa Invalid. Clly refer enec. Call at R North 7th si., Williamsburg. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO OIRL NOT long In ihta eouulry ta do chamber work and plain ar wing. wr would do chamfeerwork aad walling In s prtrale family, la willing to make herself geaarally useful Call Tar two day* at MU Weal JT'h au, rear hausa, lop floor. ^ SITUATION WANTKD-AS COOK; NO OBJECTION to aaaist In washing and Ironing, ran glre eterra month's referrm-e from Ear present employer, where she be seen, 10 U nlveraily place. A RESPECTABLE ENOUBH WOMAN WANTS A .A altaaUofe fee aaamttrees, and would take care of aaa ar two grown tWIldren. The adrertlaer la a 1'roteetael; aha would be found kind and aueottre; would bare ne ob tac tion to traral with a nice family Call at or address for two days, 713 fllh av. A YOUNO OIRL WANT8 A SITUATION AS CHAMSEI maid and wal'.raaa, and la willing to assui with Ik washing and ironing. Cos ha aean Tor two days at 161 I nr., lathe* a oaody a lore. A^m IIIOULY RESPECTABLE PERSON WISHES A | situation aa nuraa; la a aloe aeamatraaa. would Ilka lo watt on grown children; good oily rafarenoe. Call al 6*6 Sd nr.. between 36th and Wlb ata.. first floor, front. H All pamilibs wanting capable bkrvan and good Garman ctrla. Al Large Employment InaU luta, 106 flth av., below fllh at. AMERICAN woman wishes A SITUATION as nivtM. I( lulljr compeiaal to brlug ? ehlld up by band, or would lake oare ef aa ln?a!ld lady, can fir# the best ol r li reference. Call at M West BU ?( A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS TO TAKE IN ' ----- washing and Ironing al Mr re Ad an aa or go out by (ho Sari aha la n splendid laundress: oaa do an* kind of fluting ?;ail for two dayeat 471 Id nr., Iilrua SMb aad 17th ate., one main, bash rsotn Baal city rofataaoa. RESPECTABLE SCOTCH PROTESTANT WOMAN J\ wlabaa a altuatton In a amall private family, la a good plain eook and a Drat rata woeber aad tronar, baa good ally reinrence. Call at MM Mulberry al.. eornerof CanaT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT NOMA* WISHES A situation aa chambermaid or waltreaa. or la da A all nation aa chambermaid or waltreaa. or la da general honaawork In a small private family, beat of city raaaroaca glfao. Apply al M Waal llat at. A steady touno woman who has no re la tionn in this country wtahoa a situation aa child's Bursa, la a oaat plain sowar, or would la ho oars of aad taacb young children, baa good city rafaraacaa. Call at ISM Waal Sd al., second Boot, front room. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE A youog girl, to do general housework ia a private family, g.xvl otty reference Call at I'd East lfth at, aacoud Boor. A SITUATION WANTED BT A RESPECTABLE young Protaatant woman, lately landed, aa cbnmbar makl and wailraaa, or to take care of children, good refer ence. Apply al 8M Hudson at., ia Ihe rear, room IE A COMPETENT (MEL WANTS A SITUATION AS coo Ik Would do lha housework of o small family. Call at HE4th at., near Sd av , second floor k OOMPRTBNT NURSE WISHES A.SITUATION.-IB wall eipeneflced la the rare of children, and can Uka endra oharps of aa tafhat or grown children No obieeuon to do HOTit chamberw. rk Beat o I ally reference. CoL at Mi WeilMihet. city riRirr class cook wishes a situation who usd el stands all kiad* of priests family cooking la lha style Would do some coarse washing if required. Boat reference. Call el SM 7th nr.. entrance on Sd at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, M good oook, washer and troaer, la a jgrau fagBNijsaodaH^rofarsnaa ana be glren Apply at A TOUNO OIBL WISHES A SITUATION TO DOCHAN berwerk. and would aaaUt with hautework. CaU far two days at 80 Horatio at AriRST CLASS DRESSMAKER1TISHK8 TO GO out by the day or want. Call at Ml dth a*., betweea BOth aad flat ata A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A BBSPBCTABLR youog soman, aa ham barmaid aad waitrom. beat of city reference. Can be tun for two day* at MBWaatMlh at., between 7th and Sth era A RESPECTABLE OIBL WISHES A SITUATION; IE a good oook; good olty references. CaU at SM Wait I at, between 7lh and 9th ava., 1 4 RESPECTABLE OB EM AN TOUNO rERSON wlabao a altuaUoe m n good family aa oeefe, OT to do housework. Can ha aaan at 17 aad M Bowery. A TOUNO OIEL WISHES A SITUATION AS OOOD oook: good reference giren Call at M Atlantic at, ho dwooo Bleka aad willow IB, Biooklyn. COPYINO WANTBH OR ENYRI/1PKH TO ADDRRRS by a lady Who writes a ptaia buatoaas hand. Call aa or address Copy. HLoroyat * Experienced woman wishes a gentleman* wash tag. or a family's, to do,at hor place of retldeais. ?ufl M nr.. Mar 4Sd at. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WaNTED-ST A fuMy competent, active and energouo pnraaa, aecue tnned to all lha rartoua duties of houaabaaplng, in oily and oountry: understands bar buatoeaa la every particular, m able and wflBng to do ha res If as wall aa to direct others, the moat uneioepttonoble taallmonlala from two families, who can ha aaan peraooally. with,whom the advertiser has lived m Housekeeper.-a trustwoetht lady would Ilka to moot With a party or parties of gentlemen to ids charge Of tRotr buneehold affairs Address Mrs. M , i t tfoa a T ADT'S MONTHLY NURSE, NOW DtSENUAORP. IJ would llk? ? make engagement* with r ??sponsible pertlaa only; has Brat aiaaaalty reference. Call at or ad drees I4T Weal idth Si. Nurse wanted-a person competent to take aura of an infant and mind growing children, mot be ?willing aad obliging, etty refatenoe required. Apply at Jacobs', MP CMIiam si. (Now number US.) >LACE WANTBD-RY AN INTELLIGENT AMEEL -an woman, aa seam "trees, housekaapar or aeleswo Good rafaraucaa. Address if R. h? WllUamaburg SITUATION WaNTED-ET A GOOD COOR, WHO thorouctiiy undsraiamla her business; good city refer aaefl. Call far two dayt al Tfl Omra at. _ SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRL, AGED IB, aa waitress and rhambarmaid; Mat refereiett glrau. U at 1M Watt Mth si SITUATIONS WANTED-FHMAL.E8. vJITUaTIOK WANTED?BE A KKbl'KCTABLB YOOMO ' o >MUU u euok la willing and obliging. Beat city i sfnrsr <? > all far two Jijri at ?v< t*h ar-lii the roar. SITf ation wanrn!? as cook. by a kkrpboya bo w Jinaa. 10 oook. >uli or ironjor would do tbe house worl of a auaall prtrai* family; bask of refnroaao gtvea If retired Apply at 1.141 Br.?Jway uaar Nth ak. from 10 to 4 o clur-h SITU ATI ON WANTK1J-BV A KKHPKOTABLR PRO te.laut ?t<D.u u cook. wa.lirr and troner; good oily refaraara Call at SO Wmi 17th at. bat woo n Oik aoa Ttk art. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A KKHPBOTABLB TOO NO O Ctrl: las good nook aod eioalleal wasber aad Ironer; baa boat of eiiy refaraooa. Call M IB Waat 1Mb at., third floor, book 'ooei SITI ATION WANTED?BT A riBST OltABB OOOK. Who thoroughly uajaralanfla bar business la all Its branch?a. at*u bouiog aad lardlag; as obieoOou to a botal or club bouav. brat cut rsfsrroaa. CaU for two days at U tth at, oppuaila Toeapfclao a^rkot. ' laiiugteibw as a if. good etty rafarnoaa. Oalfal ?? Wagt ITU at. between ud Mb ara s Qlfl'ATIOB WABYBW?BY A BB8PBCTABLB OOIr t> rrad waaaaa. I* da mami keftaawork in a private family; aa?d etty rafaraaaa. JSSwat jffWaat ttd at, la tba atom, for twa days. QITVATION WANTKD?BY A BBSPRCYABLE NAB pSS ^^^^^^road floor SITUATION WANTKD-BY A KRBPKCTABLS OtRL, WH Kill NO WANT AD-HI A FI Birr OLAHB. OOMPK ? toat lauadroaa. aba understands all kinds of lamily I waabtag, doaa lona aad Unary. also fluting and laoo curtains la tba aaataat maaaaAwmaag|oaaamowaawmk|m w am *?aw iiuvii < aiat# Buauif ussva wiai vut wnta i manner family washing dona on raaaoaable i rafsroaea gtrea. Call oa Mrs. Cain, U Wast YETANTBD?BY A LADY, OP ? TEARS KXPBR1 YT anas, a situation aa lady's monthly nurse or to attend au Invalid. Address Mrt Dn kaoa, lib Alloa at. WAKYND?A HI TV ATION Art KIRHT CLASH COOK, in au Amsri an or Buaaian family, by a Herman girl; flrat rlaao references given. Apply at 1W 7tb at., third floor, boiwoaa ova B MA ? (lfABTBD k "I f aTION TO DO COO KINO OK URN ? YY oral housework, by o smart, capable girl; la a good ft?k aad aa ntoslleal watliu aad troaor. la neat eeonoml sal aad raaaaaKal, aHp or aaauiryi boat rafawoa girou. Call at 131 Atlantic at , Hronklya. 117ANTKD?BY AN INTKLLIOKNT AND INDUHTRI YY one u-<rami, English a situation aa nuiaekeeprr, or lha cars of i nm and store i -o n of a tchool or botal, or as oasis-raoa, English a situation as housekeeper, or re ?>/ tinea and store i -o n of a tchool or botol. or companion to au invalid. Call al ttl Id ar. and list at. UrANTP.D?EMPLOYMENT. BT AMONTIII.V M7MJL who thoroughly understands bar bualnoas; oan gat certificates from Tba iwst physicians Call al bar present emidoyer's Da Lanoau House. Mb at. and IdUt at., room 43. U'ANTRD?A MITUATION AH COOK. WAHIIKR AND I r utter, I-eat ctty reference Call at IB) Weal Y7tb St., l)LrANTKD BY A RBdPBCTABLB WOMAN, A HITUA YY lion ta a good plain rook. ta wdliag to aaslet with tba waakina aud ironing, uudsrataada baking. and is willing to p> a abort distance la tba country Apply at 344 West 1Mb at, from baerueetit tl'ANTRD?A SITUATION, BY A REdPRCTABLK YY young waaaaa. aa cook, washer aad Ironer. Three years'ralerooctr given Call at 7*7 Bast 1Mb at., between 1st and 3d art, fourth floor. W'AST*P~A M>T1UT'?'*- ?* * RR.trROtABLK zs silts; 'uxSmL. ? W*5?P-? WITCATtOW, BT A EH8PECTABLK JLLSfl ^ r%lJr>?; frl11 Mrtulf ?neui ai 7T Hudtao nt tack Kt>?tr APBOTBHTAHT tounowoman. a MIaAUAB II IfkfMll's UttfBA Bad In d/> nut. ... YV ZlmZ^Tmw A WTIBUHT YOUNG WOMAN. A Ito ban? oTatt* rif'Jr?y?? To* 22? * 40 P1*'" BSWl?s; ima w??*?? ?>??. U7 ANTKD?A HIT V ATI ON, BT A BBATBOTABLB -jl; ?*? W AHJ!tD~*r A Abbpbotabu woman, a writ. a?truuff atgaSk isrrtwi wA_ **?**ota?LR woman, who A ABSwr' KjgrJtr?;~? &ra*3S?s=^--i^? WAMTBP-A A1TPAW0B, BT A COLORRD OTRL AS rhMNraul i*4 to Aa plus M?tu or M toHJ'a NoT\to rnnr^?? txTAMTKn-A situation aa poos, is also a snonhmwimnim mWuAmu ?ii ? Ik* NtoSlap ?M trntoSR Asp? 1 W BSSim a WTXa? V 122TCL2JSL2 Call at IM Raat I4lb ?< , in ilto rear I" AflSM* VP ANTSD?A STTVATIOII AS OOMPBTBRT SB AM IrMtiaca lj arr^ Wggatgagawj^"^ ??.j ?u w" to aaas for t?a ff35?aggam^ ?ijH_rjnr>BTBiii >??>!? TI A KBKINKD. INTRU.1UBNT LAST. WITHOUT ANT A inaumbniKa, and trilling to into tfc* niia at a buuaakaaprr to a .tdwroft tZLuj mmj toar ^ t^r PU"> Pf MM WIUIM IM iMiwrrS "' ^ stt" iif za;. 5;^BratSSttS?m w^^j^s.gaars.?jgag Apply at N?.IRa? BM at toaan ut fck .r VirANTKD-A OOHrRTMNT LaUNBRBr* POR A JL/EXJUtt*^8 ?"?? w W^HSWHlM-A OOOQ UOBB A SMART WOMAN wHh toad any rotomaaaa, aaa apfWatJM WM Mlk at WAjtTKA-A nDT, SMART OIRU POR ORNNRaI. ? bauavart; Aa mm to aa rto^'tma ?>? aaa ironnr . 1, I a r**l PUi. ?3 M EtoG ' i?~r. a., at, arwr is o Unas .,ta nipT^T stay apply at M W^Bsntro- a* Bosur. issbiiibbri mm* l - "*"?"d>'r .otopfni to ill ito ptara it tor ?f ,t. ^ "iy??ga ? ? w AK&?t. 'srrsrr.jKssya I siRsrssi'SKs'i.Ta?-~ *?? W^HASTED-A MKaMntrrsh WHO t tPltaTtlU rulka, ut lttto Mi. m?S rtMaaVtoMi jIt ?sa aart on > baalar A . itaaa a aawUM naptiaa toM S*a toilaa frotn ito rtiy App y tf aat M*St lI 1 Bprmm m, *S tM ironing Apply, vith rat* | a* ar. ataa ehaatonaaiA aal watiraaa to an.M to vaa togaMlrastss Apply with rafarato. a. as W.3 Ma m tATARTRD-ST A PRITaTR PaRILT A Ito..* R?W X^SU???XSZUSttS 3Tj2 g.S?7.-',-yLiu XVAjtTRD?A PTRST CLAMS OOOl (WHR1 OB ff oototPS). to a Mil prirata lastly Maat < pa?*tl- Call at MS SraMaay, >tp awn WHARTID?A TOCNO (RBL, AMMT M TBABS tf apa. to taRs atorpa of Htraa aaaal, atotora. <sa artok lag Ito ssaWorto af a Mto Mm bm** ppaaaraiarto mm ??patoy applyat ll> Waalfitoat , TuTa. TIT ANTBD?A RURSB AND HRAM?TRRSS oNI V "inlisil to Ito nararfctotoraa ato .to to./ r '?ranoaa toay apply at No Ml Laaiaptos a* WANrHD-AN ABBRICAN WI|m?W TO P? TMR H .ark or aad taka atorpa at a tow. mm antk a as.14 r'-rrH Aysly torSMtraakal III BsatlSibat.7tot.aaM Sr.?,i.>T and UaliMMtp ptoss. \A'ARTBD? A (URL TO OO TUB ORNBMAL Mors* ? ??nail fntoMp; to > pand toatoil nto t*n:iV.T5.TTT ' 'fstotoa toftotod. * pAt aa II <tost it., In lurnitn a atom, v N1 n. ATltyNM W A N I'KIt?W A I.Mn A M1T'- " TKABB OP AOS WANTS A sir Ay.Jt *?i"0'r Ob r 1 rtniaa, aaa apaak Rapliak and s^^r^^nTdaLb ^r7u,<wi^u* I.I. NOT^ -* VOCNI, orntijuian prom THB r_, natanalon nnipiatotoato. .totoa n po. Tu T.r27!^*2TnX " ? Nbotoanto ton. to., pILSalir ' *"? 4(1<,r*" L R Bdwnrd. toa t ant ?irnATioiw WAirrsn-HALBR. SITUATION WANTED-BY A BMP*OTABUi ToONO lalfly United, aa bartender or light porter. U will . deaeraily useful. Best of etly refer euoo if required Address p Kiqq. 103 Monroe street WANT8D-A SITUATION, Bf A WELL EDUCATED *V FPRRf men *p**lu French, German end K ngiiah, la M o*?1* or "JJJ'rt1"* Addreee HarlemVosl of 0c*. Kefortnoe 647 Hro*dwajr. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG MAN WHO has had seven rears' aiperteaoe la the dry good* and .h,u?lne"'? [reload and EagUnd; ha* been In one of ?!Jh Jl T^'1 h""^ ,in Broadway for the laat three monttia First claaa oily reference given aa le character and abilitlea. Add rev* H R. 7# Pulton at, Brooklyn W\?Z?D,-*r A OOLORBD MAJf, A SITUATION, either u> drive a oart, treek. or wagon, or aa porter In a ?'ore. ca? ?<re the heat or lafereoeee aa to aohriety and hou eety. Call oo or addrooa N. W. L, 171 Baal Ah at., la tho Ua llOT0. WA!52?3i iTO^a ^ KMrtn.'WsstMssai's! COACMiaiB A?P BABPIiray QITPATHW WASTBdZbT^a' TOUBO MAN AS asro ??.%?wW.-aw? 'U4P?v?. 1. X y-w""' "">!? ftAJ^riawntMe and write* a good ( - wwaM m liiutQoo it boouMptr in in tniurtDM I 0117 r**?' AOJB-fAlAaMAN-A. VOVMa MAN Of hrter.'abiUy. . r|BT GOODS CASH JOBBING HOU3B WANTS A JzL. 25 cUV "kiu good* man. One acquainted with a good trad* aad capable of buying the gooda and Uklng charge of the department may addrea* Tor three day* box 3,537 Feat ofllee. eUtlng where laat employed, Ac. j CLERK-ONE FAMILIAR WITH TUB RE 17 ta0. o? . Pi^ecripllon baainea*. Apply, with refer encea, at >1 Pole* *1., corner 4th aL. Jeraey city. HOSIERY, YANKEE NOTIONS AMD WHITE GOODS.? An old eaUbllahod houae, newly organlted on a more extenaive wale, win make liberal arrangements with active aalnameu who can positively control a Targe trade of their own, none othere need auswor. Addrea* box A MS Poet O flier. RELIEF-RETAIL DRUG CLERK WANTED. MUST be well recommended, speak the German and Engllah languages well, and be capable of uklng the entire charge of tho prescription depaitment. 4M Grand at, Williams burg. SALESMAN WANTED?IN THE PROVISION Busi ness, a young energetic man, not afraid of hard work, to assist In selling goods and to make himself generally use ful. good relerence* requlreil Address box 4,837 New York Post ollice Yaknthii salesman wanted?one command- i ding a Urge trade will reoelve e corresponding aaUry. Address W. V. !>.. box 1,1188 Poet ofllee. . WANTKO-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN OF 1?. as enl ry clerk or assistant bookkeeper in some whole sale houae; oan refer to present employer; good riiy refer ence. Ad.Ires* Entry Clerk, station A. WANTED-fi? OB THREE SALBSMRN, IN A boot and shoo houso, who oaq influence s good Dear by , cash and ahuidtime trade. Address box -J, 161 Poat ofllee. WANTED-A YOUNO MAN AS AN ASSISTANT salesman In an importing bualnesa; an American and one who has an acquaintance with the dry goods job bing and notion bouses preferred Address, stating salary expected, with refernncea box 7.630 Poat ollloe. WANTED?A YOUNO GERMAN WHO WRITES EHO 1Mb cormellw, ah eotrt olork in an importing fancy good* house, mu*l be feoilliar with this line, and well re commended. Apply to A A E. Wallach. 3?7 Broadway. WH ANTED?A FIRST CLASS TRAVELLING SALES man, lor painU. colors. Ac., one who has sold and can ?*'' t*r*ely In tata line of goods. Noue other need apply. To a e-i liable man If be ml oompenaation aud future internet in Address Manufacturer, 36V North 23d au Philadelphia. WAJfTKD?AN EXPERIENCED 8ALERMAN, IN THE ? coal trade; none need apply unless well recommended rorou.lnm. capacity aad integrity. Address Minor, Herald HELP WANIKD1.HALBS. A OfBBTISINO CANVASSBRS WANrKD-ONB OB /^ikaVkH1^/? ???**?*?**' l? procure odrertiaemenu for Ue I htladnlplu* i^ty Directory. Apply from S to 6 P. M. this woak at No. 1 Exchange place, Jersey Ctty, top floor. Liberal coounisaiuns will be paid, A OBNTH WANTED?ARTICLE NEW, SELI A ?hero at eight, parslw mu oeat, samples Addreae Mores A Powell US Wail mat St.. Phiiadi SELL8 EVERY > by mall 8te lelphta, Pa. A ?**TS AND PBDLBRS WANTED?FOR CITY AND oariah. Apply at W Grand el, New York, or 79 Ala at, Brooklyn, base A GENTS WANTED?TO INTRODUCE MY OBLK JUMM dlMMoN. U1 Hoodotoon street, Jeraoy City A0?"?* WANTED?IO SELL AJf ARTICLE EN a?sk 'i^g?5aawf2ias! sg ^ .. wap ir tin fonn y. ^ WENTS WAMTBD-TD SELL "jSMOWN'H OLAM IX tleewtam I'oltah." for mtrrera, wiadnagotd an? attror ?hjtr tmsxzgL ,T i7^w?3ar5LWiSSt-re? A SEABT HAH WANTED?I* THB AUCTION BVSI ^ur^yTreiv^ rt at* I Llf SITUATIONS IN ALL ataef bualnew call at g| Chamber, ot. De ?o epeo IhU day .^atarlea $10 U-MO per week. > MURING SITUATIONS?APPLY Rmpteymapt AaoorUUoo. 10 Broaa yeaeera drl?e*w ?d all oUere. AT NEW AM soon nale Pastrt cook (English, fbbmch ??4 Germaa) wiehea a situation lo a coaiteotleoepr hetator eo aeaeemar Addrea. A M . Herald i.flioe ARALBBBAB-ALR<> FIRST CLARK BOOKKBRPKK, lor Dl?>ilw?| bouto. a youftf man to maka hi?ftif naafai tola aaaralap IIS Haaaau at., room No 9. A ROT WARTRO-TO HBLF ARO0MD A KtnN doptaftn ptfcliaf. point arar airna, anil moka bt?air naafwl ooa batiua akaaalattoa of Iba bua'uaaa preferred. Apply to H?|ar A limkaa. ft? Duaae at 4 PTRAT)T HAM WITH UN. MAT BNOAOK IB AND A ?pa a par?oaal aa.: ready panna tin tloeae at 74 Rtaaekar atraat ftoranr >f Rreadwar. raom > , 1. KI PKKlRMt RU AMU RRL1AMLR CANVARSSBB Paatap T? aoltoti aPrartteamaata IB Raw York aitjr Ratably a. far ifta Ataer?a F. mortal Aftrertlamy 0? a <5*aa Ifl Rread?ey. am jtot. -A COBFBTBWT mam cam aitiatlaa e?<l peaP wanna oa JaUrnrm- or Ha at M Rank?en at .ft.rd Rear. _ OF BIFBRIBMCR IN LIFB IRRUMAMCB. AMD atbeta ? bo a?aa bnaiaeaa, wtU i at?to better tor? b* VVtmmVtXkSrfiBBPb l>ORTR R ?W aMTBU IB A WIMMoBRALBTBIMMIMO Jr aMto, ft ?toreP aaa ao pnrtar Apply at MM Maaapttay, Of ??0?|* fftO TRA?*IXI?rt ABBMTR-WANTBO A | ?a to aall a etepte . f? aaaapfta< aa a?a at i? eSWTl ?srsS^-** WtNno mimi in oaMiiH nian. laafta?a wl atla aura far tba UpMei Rutoa nary Apply at tba BanOateona. ? Charry at iMMftdHftft Wi "ftft ? ftlMBV'ftft 5m ft ptftftMMRl ftPMl SWdMftfcAft ?StEr wnin-im ? . ? ,? inr tmii or oooa tbaft Mm MM 'at? Una aaaaaftaaaa WftRiiH. liiw -ra r 1 R?IMU a Mil.lif MR hta at. wS^vSKbT asr&tscsvjft ?am .OARMftM, RPBAMIMO W-? aBTBB tM'i OOTID MRU. TO WORK 0 A ROB Af? fnoyry oba ao>innftMto?>?a? Ron Apply I? ?Matolr atft Ubarip at tA* ftBTBU am IMTMLI-.?|WT rot adoitm tmarr TV ato. to aAI aft an aO-? M?o aaiAt >a M?? l-a ettf. ?ft briny niaftBa?b.l la??man- ft Mraaa baa A ? IMMBMAflUUT?AM B?'b*IRMi'BD M ? pi AM NBRNRANMptotorra?al nnaR ntbwt uafti foMy ?? nftaai aaaa anab a ptntd aa aw aiatftpw -a toe "tope w.i ???If ftftftiaai aita retor aaaaabaa ? Fa* atone MaP*KK W J (|.* AMTBU iMftf* MM FBI .MONTH ABM ALL TV Parana? paap. to aw tba n?Bra?4 Raa*r FaaMlf !rag?SgnS.lBrc ^ WftBTMJr Af ARMRTftMT RRMTtMT AT MR. RAM raft?a MR ton aa . ?aa?p# Nto aA WAMTMM- a "OLMRf W OOOB. FUR R OR ALL fa?Rp AftRfta a* ? Baaa IDA aft paar Maa MAMMLM MfVRUi ~ MARRRL MARTRLA -VMM BR?r FLA> t IB TNI amy to I'nRiaw MarBaa Man? ? af t*> ?i?i taa?a p| rary to* pa?>*a m aft A RLftRAR A Ba<? OarRa. I'A Rant ipb? to aftr ? ? TiftaP aa . B > t'a? tbta <at llftRiunw rlatm iftinu trrttiM im MB ftnaa?aaao?pft A?PAR RpB ft? f ? ? aaarbto f ? rtlftIT ? ? toanaa.? toaaa Ttnty tot tal Tbarti Pub tor ? UAftll l BABTbBP ATBBMM4-SM F% RP ft flBR M aatoatmn aa baaft at B RLaBMR ft ?*?*'?. tara, M Ft? aaRBBR a? Tanib aftRMA baa TaftM ' nt! aaP M ?AL.KN at Arrnw. * CCTIOf NOTICE F H >TH AUCTION KB A A AN KXTRaoKI'> M A K V UFM?Tr?irf POI ?OUHKKFKrKR" AM? TIIK TRAM. OYlllglt u) WORTH OF elagant aad mimi Heusrh 44 Furniture at public earn >a Una (?rtday t ai tern...,#. Jeeuary 11. at IK o'WoelL al Urn larga residence llVLtiiiloii Mm*, Rlfhth aC. mm tick ??? nue, consisting of aiiiiilliMI rv?awood rianafnrte, Nisei and Cover, nil Modern improvement*. r ott eovew sad a half or U?, riohly carved Ugv and <M?; three beautiful rartor Suiu, aovared with tha n -bM .Iwrwha of Fsonah sails brkcatal: Works of Art Hnnm oil Painting. by eminent aruaU. Valval, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets; rosewood Etaaaraa, atria of Louia XIV ; a.lid Maak walnut Rnaaama Table, Buffet and Dtnin* I hair. |aMH|l Oval and Pier Mirrora. Mack walnut Suits, c-ebM with hair rtoth and green re pa. black walnut and ro*?wood Bedsteadsiaad Bo raaua, (Ruing aad Hair Mattresses. Sana aad Mosbeva. Vaaea. Claaa. China aad Mirer Wara. Cutlery^ Aa. M.B. Reliable man la attendance to oart, pack aad ship goods far purchaaerr at a raaaonabla charge thla dap. at II o'elock, assigns'* sale of silver rinted Warn, constating of a Una aad varied aaeertmeot af ueaful aad ernaaaental Qoada HtSifW'?aiSTaS afiJS sag Jiyega; Kaaolaauraa 808 vMumns Clock. Vaaea, 1B?T HXKBT&JLAMM 4J0XBE. OOF^l D A9ClM'rr B^^^BSShJ^^^n'a*'the'f"LKKr>b A KT*U k'u J?HKIRti'' 817 and 819 Broadway, On THUMB AY Is/atoaStof^hI??at?TMR". rbooImbS*uSavr? comprising aevaral very floe old original pictures, alto aome mag pieces of Mutuary by Joes; alio aome fine orifinal Pic Hm, bv order of Mr. Charles Adama. now reatdtng abroad; turea, I tlata. Among them will be found ibe following, rte -? EUROPEAN ARTISTS. Bug Verboeckhoven,W. Oentg. Uerocna, Calame, Ohifflart, 11 so Lance. a on, A I'bapoel, LauU Laaaalld, eras, l.lndUr, Rlbol. Cb. Hue, M. I.ancrel, StannelA AMERICAN ARTISTS Than Cola, Van Banal, Thps Dough tv, Uiuklay, T. Buchau Read. J. M. Culverbouaa, J. V. Cropary, O. II. Houghton, E. D. Lewie. And outers. They are now oa eihibttlon free at tba above Oallerlea, from 8 A. M. tot P. M.. and two eveninga pravioua till 18 P. M. Ben. r. the all, auctioneer. LATE SALESMAN WITH E. W. LUDLOW A CO. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. MIRRORS, CARPETS, AC ByTUEALLA BEOS., on SATURDAY, January 13, 1987. AT 10* O'CLOCK, At their Salesroom. 81 Liberty street. POOLTON, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THIS DAT. . Friday, Jen. 11. et 11 o'elock, at |H8 West Thirty-ninth street near Eighth avenue, ell the Furniture of a family, embracing a general assortment of Pallor and Bedroum Furniture, black walnut Chamber Furniture. Qniabed In oil and green reps; Parlor Salt, Oarpets, Oilcloths, Turkish

Chair, Extension Table and Clialrs, Refrigerator, China and (liana Ware, Hair Mattresiea, Feather Pillows Deposits required from all buyers, and goods must be removed tkla day Henry d. miner, auctioneer salesroom st Nassau street, opposite the Poet office. ARTIST S SALE OF OIL PAlNTIKOS. MTNER A HOMKRVil.LK will sell at auction Monday evening, January It. at 7K o'clock, at tbelr new and spacious FINE ART GALLERY, S2 Fifth avenue, aouthwest corner Fourteenth street, the entire collection of Oil Paintings by oar favorite American Artist ALEXANDER WURT. comprising about thirty-live clotures of European aad Amer ican rcencry. Included in the collection erv the two Point ings entitled A NORWEGIAN WATERFALL BY MOONLIUHT. for which Mr. W. was awarded by Kovel decree the gold medal at last year's exhibition in Bruwaia. and A MOUNTAIN TORRENT IN NORWAY, for which he received the gold medal at the Hague nt Mm last exhibition. We earnestly cell the attention of thwart publio to en examination of these One specimens of art as representative works of American talent, which have received the encomiums of foreign connoisseurs, and we feel confi dent in stating that they need only to be seen to be likewise endorsed by our connoisseurs at home. They are now on exhibition dnrlng the day from 8 till fi, and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, the 10th, Ilth end 18th In stant. from 7 till 10 o'clock. Henry d. miner, auctioneer?salesroom 3T Hunu street. opposite the Pott office. MINER * SOMKRVILI.B will a?U at auction Ihla day (Friday). at their salesroom, 17 Naasau atmrt. a collection of modern Oil Paintings, eom prlatn| a varint? of subject*, cople* from picture* of th# i various modem European aohool*. Alio, for account or whom 11 mar concern, to par ad vances. Ira Italian Palatini* by Luoa Carleraria and L. Long hi?now on oahiMlton. , Henry d. miner, auctioneer.*?salesroom, 87 Nassau atraat. opposite the fort oflloe. 8ALB or HDKSRS AND CARRIAGES AT AUCTION, IIY MINER A SUMERYILLB. SATURDAY, JAN. U. AT II O'CLOCK. IN FRONT OP 8ALB8ROOM, 87 NASSAU STRKBT Regular Horae aalea at ST Maaaau atreet every Wednesday and Saturday, at II o'clock. JJENKT D. HXNBX, AUCTIONEER 8ALB OP HOBSBS, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, SLEIGHS, MINEE k SOMRRYILLK. TUESDAY, JAN. IS. AT II O'CLOCK. AT THEIR HORSE AUCTION MART, UNION PLACE STABLES. SB EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR FOURTH aTBNUE. Meaara. MINER * SOMRRYILLK offer unaurpaaaed ad. vantage* la loeatiaa, experience aad bnatneea oapaetty to partlea wishing to buy or desiring to eell Horaea. Carriages or anylhlag pertaining to the horae boataeea TTHNRTO. BY ANS, AUCTION ERR. O. N8IX SKLLTOIS ftAY^ ATI O'CLOCK, A Hob essoriaeeotefFrench*?btna^^Bobemlan Olaaaware, Parian Marble, Prenah Clocks, Ac,, the oompleta Importa tion of BTiehrleeh, MB Broadway. HHENRY PELTMAN. AUCTIONEER, SELLS THIS DAY, ^?ai 10k e'otcck, the Sleek and Futures of a Boarding Hewn, w Liberty street; four alary houaa. N. E ?The aaia adiaitlaui yesterday to take place to-day by catalogue la poatposed until further notloe. TOHN L YANDKWATER, AUCTIONEER, ISO LIBBRTT U atreet ?Tbla day. at UN.. Horaea, Wagon* aad Hornsea. Dart brawn bay cob, Ahdeilah stock, S year* old, coming C, Wi hands btgh. kind la all harness, very atyllah, perfectly seuad end kind, an uneieeplloaabie horae. sired In Rockland county, bred In BtockbrMge; will trot In 8:80 aure; a gentle man'* roadater, and aaM oaty for want of urn. Also several raluabla Horaea of choice stock; Wagons, Sleighs, Harness, An. Partlealara at aalet T BOO ART, AUCmONEBB-SATUBDAT, JAN. U. AT t| ? iota o'clock, at the auction rooms, No. 1 North WfUtem at rest. Household For* I lure, oonaistlng of a large assort ment of Parlor. Bedroom, Dining Room and Kltohen fur niture; also the Effect* of a l.eger Beer Saloon. Bagatelle Table; alto Horse, Cart and Harness: 1 set new Mirer plated doubla Harness. Marshal's sale, new Carpets; also. Mar shaTa sale, It Tuba Butter. JOHN ll. H ILLBR, Marttml, Marine Court. T JENKINS, AUCTIONEER, WILL BBLL. AT ME I if, Pratt's stable. BI West Thirty-ninth street, near Serenth avenue? mortgage sale?I Horses, 1 light Road Bmmi. 1 Top Watjon, 1 Lap Hebe, eel of Single and Do tibia Harness, oariiday. ltth last., at 1014 o'clock. J. RPRATLKY. Attorney for Mortgagee. DAWNRRGKRRS' BALE?THIS DAT, AT BELL A IN- 1 JT GRAHAM'S. SB New Bowery, 300 lota Men and Wo nsa'a Clothing, Order J. White, 117 Kirlngton street. Said Monday- Mr*. Cohen. 10B Eighth avenue. SHHRBIPrs SALE-RICHARD WALTERS, AUCTION H ear, will sell this day t Friday>, at 11 o'olock. al 'JTBcast Broadway, one lane double Truck. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff, .loan C. Lrav, Deputy. W^MM ABBOTT. AUt'TIONKKR?OPffCE 170 CHATHAM square. Mortgage sale this day. at 1IU o'clock, at SM Broadway, two Pveaslaa Machines, 48 Iron Blocks aad Tope, OHe* Furniture, Oae natures, Ac. E M. LUSmTAlloraey for Mortgagee. WR WITT BBS, AUCTIONEER?SELLS TH1B DAT, vv at I o'clock, at 4M Canal street, 40 new and second hand Carpets, large let of second hand Oilcloth*, Parlor Satta. War Olasaaa. Curtains. Centre. Dmlng and lea Tablet; English Hraaaata Carpets. for Iwe parlor* and attention room; Chamber Suits, la mahogany. Mask walnut, en amallail Spring and Hair Mattresses, Bolster* and Pillows, Bhltea. Blankets, Sola Bads, Rooking and other Chairs, Chi na. lUaaa. Silverware, Stoves. Ae. Also office and cash tar* a Osaka. Also Plituree at a millinery store. Bonnet Stands in! variety. Chairs, stools, Store Oilcloth. Iron Sawing Machine, Una PU lures, An Alas 100 barrels Vinegar, Sperm CeuMue, ja DBIfTIHTRT. A MOST WONDERFUL DISCOVERY.?TBETH EX, Masted wtthaut pals (tan vers) by original benumbing aapHmllm (narcotisation) Laughing gas fresh dally, ?eantlf el teeth, gl. J. JAY Yl LLKB*. IIS Grand atrect BEAUTIFUL PULL SETS OP CONTINUOUS OUM aad Rubber Teeth, with Plumpers to restore youthful aggearaiiBS. $? to ?IE Petnleea eatractlng with gas. Ope r&Eue warranted. IM Grand street. ______________ /SOLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION ORIGINATED AND V make a ease, ally of the use e< Nitrous Oitde Gas, aad aWalalaler it In the only way which uniformly destroys pain. We have given It taevnr 14,1)00 patients. Cnmn tn heed qua* teea DM* IS Oooper Institute DR. WHITE'S NRW AND IMPROVED ARTIFICIAL Tbtth. ?Mala It gS, glU and gift; anpenor la beauty and aaafalacae ta all eahera. Pare nitrons oitde gas adminl* IM Bleacher street Dr. FANNING, Mi IX. la Br mar I ell. dentist, m sixth ayrmpe. tare* doors shove Thirty-ninth street.?A rubber set of Ik with Plumpers, $7 and $10. El trading with nitrous elide gae. without pain. M?t BLLANHOI M. A LARGN BIKE PIRR AND BURGLAR PROOF 1IER A. rtag'* Safa, with glOO patent oombinatloe lack, coal few In g?ld. will be cold al a bargain for want of use. Ap piyte wM C ROGER*, 111 FulCm dreak _ Beef rladdrr* wanted.?io oun per dozen paid far gsad beef Madders. Apply at 14 aad 1* Cham - L*""T LATHE WITH HLIIIE KEMT AND UNIVgR r ml ahrach to malrh wanted. must be eoaapb-ie and la gned wwrkteg order. Address Jamcr P. J. Gunning bot las* Poet owlce. _____ OIL RRPIMBRS?PLACING MY APPARATPS IN the lire he* without alteratloa. each etill furnish** Us ewe fuel?thus aavtea your entire coai bill Period unlet/. ? 1*-e*t RMMHm Poet eglcc PARR'S EARSAPABILLA and PILLS PttRIPT THE ?yetam. reaovute broken down ooimltntlona. and to In valids three toned with oeaaeatpUna give fle*b. lire and new Mwed Try ilMMh_ It* Rim ?tr*et PIIToN'KRHEATTOgTHACHE REMEDY -IT NEVER fail* ta effect eluuxi tiwttanWn >??* and irarmaaeat ,mro. Fifty wttta par battle Sold al No ft Clinton plane w ANTED?ltd W HARD BRICK. ADDRRSS. BfAT* tag tawaat prtoa. B inder, baa IM Herald <jMue RI ROPRIK rPRANIHIN. 8TRAM TO OLAHGOW AND LIVERPOOL, Calling at l*>n ion terry to land puviinn ? ad null*. THE PhfoRITK PAHoENGF.B STEAMERS OP THE ANCHOR LINE .EV RAIL STENT SATURDAY HIRRRMTA Mil* Saturday, Jan. I) UNITES KINGDOM Mil* Saturday. Jan. 19 IOWA Mil* Saturday, Jan. 2b Proa* pier 44 North rlrer. RATER OP PAriHAOE PAYABLE IN CURRENCY, ^To Ll.y^.t. Ula*f<><r aod Derry, cabin*, R9U and $70; Prepaid certiorate* from tbaae porta to New York, R3& To Baere. Hamburg. Antwerp. Ac., $100 and $>7. Pur farther information apply at the company'* office*. FRANCIS MAcDONALD A CO.. Agent*. _ Wo. R Bowling Green, New York. ION DON AND NEW TOflfe STEAMSHIP LIME. 4 P ??*?*> to I am don, MO RIO and RSO, currency. PaaaageTrom London. fS, RIO end R30, gold. jjATaLANTa. Captain Plakham. froaWow York, January NR LLONA. Caatala Diana, from Raw Tort. February % mfnBB^fasrxss'^s? jTrrr? *,>to"'?? *?***?* Yro%bt win be taken and through hUJg of ladtag glraa to H|eiMAaO*rw^Eo?tarda*, AiaiUrdam and Dunkirk. pgr'-t/ * jfo&A J!?" ? Et^way. BOWLaNP A A8PINWALL, Agent*. T" weaiubip 1/kNpON. EATiarMtf^MPTOW AND BREMEN, at the fotiowtaR ratoa, payabta lagaidar tu equiralaat la ggX-aaem. ? ?md ?a. *1?; ~~e. Te be followed by the Meuaabla EEEMEN. H. A. P. Ngy. aaber. Meter, oa January a. Ifw. K?r ftHfcff. , 00.. C0NARD LINE OP EXTRA BTKAMKRB. Steaai weekly batweaa New York and Ldrerpool, calling ^^^^HrtRlFA tail* llth of January Steerage pum* from New York RM, to New York RIB, all payabteTn currency, and Including a liberal allowance at nrortaton*. Draft* oa KngUud and Ireland far tale. provision*. Draft* on England and Ireland for tale. ^N aRD'R Steerage Offioe. ? Broadway. The Hamburg American packet company's iron mall ?te?m?htp 4 SAXONIA. P. H. Haaek. eemiatnder carrrlng ike United State* mall, wtll eall on Saturday, January II. at It M.. for SaKECRO, taking paaacngera for Hamburg, Ham, Southampton and London . Ftral cabin. BIS: amend cabin. R75; ?terrain, $37 M, paya ble In gold or It* equivalent. The OKRMANIA wlU follow February 2. EURHARPT A CO, C. F. RICHARDS A BOAB. General Agent*. General Paaeenger Agents. 45 Eiohange place V T. No. I Barclay alreet. N. T. ONLY DIRECT LINE TO FR ANCE. The General Transatlantic Company'* M*ll Steamghip* between New York and Hatrre. calling at RreoL The apien.lid new reuel* on thl* favorite route for the continent will eall from pier BO North rlrer PRRKIKR. Dticheenc Saturday. Jan 11. TILLS liE PARIS, Surinont. Saturday, Jan. X. EUROPE, Lemane, Saturday. Feb I. 8T. LAURENT Ha tarda* Feb. B. PRICE OF PASSAGE IN OOLD. Plret cabin. RIMO: aernnd cabin. $100. Including wine. These ateamer* do not carry ateenge paaaeugcr*. Medical attendance free of charge. PiuMengcr* igtendlng to land at Breat can be furnlahed on board w|fk railroad coupon link eta and theirbafgage checked to Pari* at an additional charge of R6 for Brat and R3 for second class GEORGE MACKENZIE. Agent, 18 Broadway. STEAMER PERKIRR. POR BREST AND HAVRE, WILL laare pier No. SO North rlrer. foot of Morton atreet, 8aturd*y. 12th January, at 10 A. M. Paaeenger* are requested to be on board at 9M o'clock. GEO. MACKENZIE. Agent.. NAVIGATION COMPANY. 1) * MTERPOOL, CALLING AT OUEEN8TOWN. Leartng titer47 Kortn rlrer a* follows:? PENNSYLVANIA. Captain Lewie, Saturday. January H. DIHN " A - J ? ft ? ? e a tmg P*t,.wl.. T in VTATIONAL STEAM NAVIGATI0 Ik (Limited.) STEAMERS WEEKLY TO LIVE I ERIN. Captain Cutting, Saturday. January 19. THE QUERN, Captain Grogan. Saturday, January a*. DENMARK, Captain Thomson. Saturday, February A Cabin passage. $100; Steerage. Ran. Steerage passage tickets, to bring parties from Liter pool or Qunenatnwn, for U> la eurreney. Through passage to Pari*. Antwerp, Hamburg. Bremen, Jko.. it low ritM. - Drafts las tied for any amount, payable at any bank la Great Hrltaln or on the continent. Tor freMht and cabin passage apply at the office of the company. 57 Broadway. And t or steerage tickets at the paaaage office of the eom. paey. rBrmdway and 171 Panr! ^Ftfjjn. ^ OTKAM TO LIVERPOOL AND QnREBSTOWN TWICE O A WEEK. PASSAGE B? CURRENCY. Prepaid tickets from Liverpool or Queeostown $35, epr-n TAf SCOTT BROS. * CO.. M South (treat and 0 Broadway. TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QURBNR. eaUing aeatl-wnakly. coy lag CITT OP"BALTIMORE Saturday. January IE (JTKAH TO blYBBPOOL^^^^^^^^^^^H O town. The Tqmnn tha United States Malta cm or BALTIMORE MPHP CITT OP LIMERICK Wednesday. January If. CITT OP CORK Saturday, January 1*. CITT OP DUBLIN Wednesday. January 0 CITY OP MEW TORE .Mturdav, January 0. ana each froon pier I ^uoeeedtng Saturday and Wednesday, at By the man steamer sailing every Saturday. . Payable In geld. Payable In currency. TIBET GAPIJC $0 I BTEERAOE. ATB8 OP PABEAflB. F?S. to Louden, N to I te Paris. 10 I to Pads. Phaeage by the Wednesday ateamera?Ptrat CaMa. Star rags, $0. Payable In Culled flutes currency. Passengers alto forwarded Is Havre, Hamburg, Ac.. 0 moderate rates. Stasias* passags from Liverpool or QuPsn0ewBi $S7 our reset. Ttaketaoan be linagil here by pe rasas sending far their friends. XkMataiu. ?S&mStSrKir'" It Broadway, Maw Tot*. LIVERPOOL. CAI.LINO AT QUE EN STOW*. Ounard Steamship OHIMATfram Boston Ma Halifax. ....January If. PERSIA, from Naw Tork January 0. ASIA, flam Boston via Halifax January JO. rsanson sonar mow wmw tobk. OsMav $101 Saeond CaMa .....$M0 rsessae nornrr maw aoatew. Cut | Saeond Cabin 40 Parable In geld or Its equivalent. Por freight or passage apply to H. CUNaRD. Me. ? Bowling Green. OTBAM TO QUBBM8TOWM AED LIVERPOOL 0 Prom Naw York every Wedneadav aad Saturday. Tha MANHATTAN sails from Now Tork on the 0th of January, fromplrr V East river. Cabin paa?e$S$0. gold. IHoornga $30. currency. Passage to New Tork aad rsmit tanore to Ireland at law rates. Apply ta WILLIAMS A OUIOM. 0 Broadway and 0 South street T) ASSADB PROM OR TO LIVERPOOL AMD QUEENS 1 town, by steam or paehot ship, at lowest rates. The PENNSYLVANIA ealla Saturday, 11th. Drafta. pay a hie In any part of tha old country Apply at the Black Star paa s, *71 Paarl street. n STEAMSHIP GREAT EASTERN. HAYTNO PIRST ass areommndatlca for MOO naaeengara, will sail from New Tork direst to Brest nu tbo Mb of April. Further Information, a* regards prtaaa of passage, wHI ho advertise* in a short time Remittances toorrat Britain and Ireland. ~ Drafta for ?1 and upwards, payable on demand, leaned at lowest rates by TAPSOOTT. BROS. A CO., 0 street, and 0 Broadway. COASTWISE STBAMIHIPI. TpAOIPIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S X THROUGH LIKE TO OAMPOBNIA CARRTTNO UNITED PTATBS MAiIts. ?IA PANAMA RAILROAD. Steanaara laava pier O North river, foot of Canal etrsst. 0 1* o'clock, noon, aa follows:? Dee. M-NEW YORK, Captain W. O. Purbev. maaeWIag with CONSTITUTION, baplaln Cavarty Jan. H. 107-HEWbT CWAL NCBT. Captain A O. Oray, connecting with GOLDEN AGK. Captain Lsptdje Jan. M-RI8INO STAB, CaptoiaT A Hsrna, ooenorttng with GOLDEN CITT, CaptalnTT Vottrtn.. All departures touch at Aeapuloc- '.'essi of MR eni Hit connect at Panama with etoamere for South PhelSe ports, let aad IIth for Central Amatlwa porta, and those af 1st touch a M ansae lap. Departure of llth each month connects with tha naw steam Una from Paaenta to Australia aad New I**loud Steamer of March II, IMT. win eooaect with the com pany's steamer COLORADO, to laava Ha a rrenetsco for Yokohama and Hong Knag, on April I 107. . 10 pounds baggage allowed each aduiL MOiBehms end ess^J.f... frm* For passage tirketa and an farther Infovmadam apply 0 tbooffloe on the wharf, fb0 af Can0 swosj. North river, Naw Tork. P. R. BABT. Agent. r>R ST. THOMAS AND BBASIL. _ UNITED H4ATE8 AND BRAEI b MAIL STEAMSHIP OOMPANT. REGULAR MAIL STEAMERS. sailing an tha 0? of NoSrTf AMEBIC A Captain L f, Ttmnsermaa. January R SOUTH AMERICA. Captain ETL. Tlnklepsugb. February A GUIDING STAR. Captain Goo. B. Riorum. ... March A These elaganI steamers sail on ?nhednte Urns and oall 0 St. Thooms Para, Paraambuce. Bablaand Rio Janeiro, going ff" ? No. HofrllnffOftM, Now Tork. 1r?r, M * novo, on Hatoroor, jaotiAr? ^?ur. ?? '^?fSOMt*SN?ErW Havana, sjsal and vena cbctt. The sidewbeel steamship MANHATTAN wfll sail from pier N*. S North river aeebove. onVhe 1Mb of each month. CIIANLES A. WHITNEY, Agent. No. 0 Broadway. Fob Havana via Nassau, it p. Tbo Pettish and North American Royal Mall Staam Paehot Cmagany's new Steamer CORSICA Captain Le Me*, sorter, will sail for tha above porta, fr ma the oauipnay's MUNDAVfjA?UAi(Vn0. aad MONDAY, FEBRUARY A Pananfr BMnay to Naaoao ?? < 'mil- T~~r ** * Parabio In ttald or Its Kqntval No freight received nn day baforo soiling Per fraigbt or passags apply to 0UP-??h No^t Everv fl r" three P. M.. ?very faVortto steomahlps HAVANA Whitman Saturday, Jan. II woRRO OASTLA Adams 'SKS* -0n. 0 JauLK, ...Saturday. Feb. I For freight or passage applv to OAHKISGR A ALLEN, AgvnU, KS, 5 Bawling Green, W. T. E EET WEiT. FLORIDA AND NEW ORLEANS.? The atearaahip win sail Wedn'Aday, Jan. 0, for the shove porta, Viral rabtn, $0i second cabin, $15. Por plltage apply to ALLEN \ rSOEMi CO. rfa. ? Bowl IgQlWh m Or,T -W. ^ ooaitwihu rrcaHiniPi. _ r? OALYESTON. TEXAS.-WAILINO WRBKLY ? TiiuIim. The AI Mtuner WILMINGTON CwUi. spencer, will rawlif freight at pier 90 JSanl river, end mil am Saturday, January 19. For freight or paaaage, having superior ?mimmnltrtmu, apply to O ll.liAl.LOKY A CO., 193 Maidnu laaa. Fob mkw orle a no?black stab limb.-ma steamship Hl'NTSVILLR. I'aptatn Ryder, will tear* fier 19 North river, on Katurday, January U, MT, at I M. For freight or pea*a*e, baring baadaumo atmmiuods Uoaa, apply loR. LdwDKS, Agent, corner of Cedar aad West atresia. DAVID MoOOAKD. AgvnhSa New Orteauo. tpOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. I? The new aad first class steamship ORNERAL GRANT. Captain B. W. liolima wtS learr pier No. I North rlrer. on Saturday. January IX at I o'clock iTlf. For freight or peaeage, baring unaurpeaaod aNNMMdo Mont. apply to _ H. B. CROMILL A CO.. Ma M Wast stoat The OENKRAL MEADE will follow Jaauary It NEW ORLEANS STEAMSHIP LINE. For Now Orisons direst every Saturday. Meala and ... Apply ta ALLEN 8. TaOMASRCOlTMoi. ?BowlingQraoo. SOUTHERN LINE FOB MEW ORLEANS.?R8DUOHD rates. The etowMp AMADId, Captaua Sawyer. In now leading at pierM Baal rtmr, and wNl ant an Wedwse day. January 1A18W. For (night or passage (peas 1). apply ta C. 8. MaLLOBY A CO.. UN 1 S1\&l1g?ipM2Z?r?E.a-?S nwwrtws W??r* n4?r4$ North rirer, at a o'clock P. Iff., mm follows:? H MERRIMACK'.V ' :.. On SepTraey JwJN ?All billa efladUg algaad at tha oOoa npon thn pto. For Nta ABowhngitotoB TpOR SAVANNAH. OX. BTBBT TUESDAY, f MvEBATS STEAMSHIP LINN. _ . The now and riigant Steamship LEO. H. C. Doartorn. commander. will aalT from pier la East river, foot of Wall .!??. -o.? Mints in oonnnation with the OeorDa Oeataal Rattrooilj TpOH SAVANNAH. OX. EVERT THUR9DAT. ?TEE I AtlanOo Const Mall steamship Company's stdewtmi Through | oencctfon HERMAN LIVINORTON. Capttin Bator. sails Than**. January 17. GENERAL BARNES, Captain Morton, asils Thursday, January 94. From pier MNorth river, at S P. ML. precisely. [h passage tickets and billa of lading in all points In >n with the Oeulral Railroad of Georgia. For irmgui or passage apply to TlVINGaTCT, TON A CO.. Agents. 86 Liberty street EMPIB8 LINE FOB SAVANNAH. Every Saturday, from pier Mo. 19 North river. Punctually at 9 o'clock P. M. The favorite aidewbael steamships SAN JACINTO, Loreland, commander sella January 19 SAN SALVADOR, Atkins, commander sails January tP Through tickets and hills of lading to all points, in oooneo tlon with Central Railroad of Georgia, Atlantic and Qulf Railroad and Florida steamers. Elegant passenger aooommodatloos. GARRISON A ALLEN, No. 6 Bowling Oroen, W. T. FOR CHARI.E8TON, 8. C.. THE FLORID A PORTS and the South and Sou I hweat? Regular United State# Mail Line? .One of the favorite aud elegant steamships QUAKER CI1T, SARAOOSSX ANDALUSIA, ORANADA. will leava pier 14 Neat river, foot of Wall street, every Saturday, at 3 P. M.. connecting at Cbarleaton with the steamer Dictator, for the Florida porta. Through bills of lading given to all points In connection with the South Carolina Railroad, and puaaaga tickets laaued to all of the principal cities in the South and Southwest. Bills of lading signed ou the pier. For pa swage or amy information apply to ARTHUR LRARY, 73 WUtlnm street R RICHMOND. NORFOLK AND-CITY POINT. The sldewheel steamship# F? HATTER AS. Captain Alexander Every Salardaf. ALBEMARLE, Captain Bourne. Every Wednesday, At ISM., from pier 3# North rirer. giving through bills or lading. Ac,, to all points oo t he Seaboard Railroad and tti connections. LIVINGSTON , FOX A CO.. Agents. 88 Liberty street. SAILIRO VESSELS. (DOR LIVERPOOL -TAPSCOTT'S LINE, r Ship RANGOON sails January 19.' Sfclp HIBRRN1A to fallow. For freight er peaeuge apply to TAP8C0TT BBOTHRRS A Of)'. 88 South street. TRAVlLLNRr GUIDE. TTtTDHON RITRR AND RARLKM RAILROADS ? XX Tralaa for Albany awl Troy eonnactlag with Northern and Western tralaa lenve Mew York, via Unison River 1UIL read. Thirtieth street end Tsotb arena* S aad 14 X M., and 1:44.4-JO and II P. M.; aad via Ilarlem Baflraad, Twan ty-euth atrsel and Fourth arcana, at U X M. and LIS P. % As 494 P. I. train rn Hudson River will ami on San do ye. Stoptag eow attaeaod to 4 94 and 11 P. M tolas. On 494 ? Wend O. Railroad, artthoutchange. - Sunday train on Hudson River Road. Now York to PougR. hoepale and return, leaving New York at 894 X M? and am Harlem Road. Forty-aocood street to Mlllsrton and ratona Waring Now York at 9 A. M. WM. H. YAND8RBTLT Viae President. CliOTHUG. A TTHK ORIOINAI. N. MARE'H. 8t SIXTH AVBN0M, A ladiea u< fenUemen onn recaire 80 par oast mn far their cant off CtMktna Oerpeta, Jewelry, So. Piaaae be km! aooufh u sail aa or sllras aa abate. AHT THlToLD-rr aND. 137 SIXTH AVRNUB-BT THt I H oftfiael E. MINTS.?Ledlae ? the hlfheet price for their oust of Sc.. by calling na or addraeeiat a note arenun. lato wailed apoa by Mm. bums. HI dealt with to your mlRfaatloa. Beaaembar. UT Siath ASTROIiOOT. AH FACT?NO IMPOSITION.?MBS. STARR. PROM ? Baropa. bora with a natural ft ft, graeteot boatnaaa aad medical elalrroraal baa a a. ikon jrao a uanaal M? aeaa of future beahand; Man tigilher lae* aepereledt cauaee evecdr marrtaeee; telle Ma naaaa. tike aeeoeeda when all etheio fad. MS To art k ereoue. OaaU aot edmlttad Houston street. Ah fortune for am. who consort umm H WELLINGTON, who raolalme dntakamar unfkithfal husbands, telle of business, pood loot a am bore, theft. M Bowery, appealte Sirth elreeC Honrs fro? PAuM. t?S P.M. CHIAOnON.-ARS TOO Of TROUBLEI HATH TOW MJ baaa Jeoetmd ar triSad wtth f Hera year feed haaaa [been bleated by false promises t If aa. fa la MADAM! Irons for adrtoeand ssltafaotlou. In lore affaire aha arw loessr know to faB. Ska bftesa Hffalbpr thaaa MM Hp kaebael orae lit Warn Pi ft I aBh eted. and ebowa a correct likeness ? | aaat friends Leeky numbers free. street, aasr MHAD A MR WALTERS. DISTINGUISHED OLAIBTDTt ant. Tlalt bar for everything?sickness, bualsma, than, haaeee. numbers. aoad laok. M Oaeal atraat Madame rosa-orbat natural, clairvoyant. reveals your whole Ufa. OStoa No.tQreaaa at real, earner of Canal. CaeeeliaMne ft Madams btron-thr orbatbnt business and medical HptrltusUst known, causae speedy eearrlifae. ?a Fourth araaaa. I.adtaa $1. THB TBAOIR. A COMPETENT MAN WANTS A PI.ACR TO ASSIST ta jinninf^smam power; (had isfsrtrsat. Addraae AM FIRST CLASS SUTRA STTMSH CUTTER WANT ad?By a marehaat tailor hartac a atyRah trade; moat ha pari cot'? alaady aad trustworthy, and from a tret otaaa Biaadway hones aad wtth a torse trade prof?rod. The heal referodes will be reunited, end nana need anawar wba aaat not aS lbs ahara require?onta A good opportunity fbr the nakl Mad at man ta take the load. Address for three dat siatina name. where eiaptayad and tult peritonism. Mar* ohaet Tailor, A FEW MBN WILL BB TAI'OHT CIOAR MAXIMO at lit Kaat Harden atraat. aa trepan an Chryatln atraat, np stairs, raum IS or M Tau?ht la a few days. CiCTTBRs wanted.?onb to tab* r ha bob or / the (ettlas up of boys' atook. and est ta act aa fsrtman ta iha (auiitf up a< man's stoat. noee but drat staaaanas. Dead apply. Address F. C. C? bet ?> Haauid adtaa. fIBST CLASS FLUMRRK WANTBD-FOR PITTS butt Apply only by latter, with refer oast. toHapdsat. OaraA ? e;. W Kl*ame at. ___ _______ JOB COMPOSITOR WANTED.?dZBADT EMPLOY' meat to a ?*ad aead Addraaa V. 1.. boa MP Mar Ml odtoa J^gOULDRR WANTRD-A MAM oonpbtmt for foreman of a ual undo I ana mra Now To*? Peat ?all foundry ta UeMtato; mam tad afcstr fuada and net Kef a Matin I tarn if ha fiint pedants; oas invest Doe l.llf Haw Tare I SHIRT CUTTBRS WAKTR?.-NO?S BUT BBi eaaad half a cutter* ooad eppiy. ahm tret r?paa tet by the year Apply at M War SHTl'ATION wantbd-bt a sbiimar, lately M I the <ld crmntry. ta mo itdor. Ikarwuaklf baeiaaaa Apply tasp address M Jap at r CIVIL BNOINBBBR. M7BVRYOBS AMD AMOStf lode - A fnUantaa of otyirtumt la the abtusimw atone, wtnhee tar aa aaskSasMSA AdSraaa 0. B.. roMffh Hotel. Greenwich si reel. W^H anted a COTTOH PAI-T.tav I wee* rr .n> sk< >>u sstsnssrs teA^^H of Uskina rheifa of A r*m Addriiaa. with eafarfuco Crslpellle Cotter Mills, CustSa Ounpi W. ??-*? men need epply to Fellows It's. IT HMd__ ANTED?POUR OOOD J|Cd1^ | PhitAdelpbla la make Hi poly Usiwsta II aad * am Kut first ohms workmea IShrbmk Brae.. If ' rUaadl eA. MM Thin sdey and Friday la New Tarn. ... OOOD PRACnCAI. FOU*l?HI-!^% W wSu ISUiSS TOSS'S SeTBK? 1, Hi!Jwt WANTBD-AN BNORtTBR. ONE WHO TVLbT Of. V* derntands toe Itutlnwts. eed IS r s I ? tuna ? ' set in the eapnetty of ealaamte la n !<upa sad atnt -.*sa Ceky^nSTtntmaaf Urn Waatara m .... Mmke* al r,'_ Irenes will ba rnqutmd. Apply to title# Wales a < . , It Maiden lean ? TJJTANTBD?A PBAOTICAL MOW' >?B TO ACT st TT foraaean of a fonndty at Tnnkare. suIac BX^Mt Ad> diaaatini Na. t PVtet nltoc. Totikors ___ irtriNTRD?TWO STEADT COMPOS! TOR*. ADTIREBB W "*1 Broadway. entreem on vi? el. WINTBD-A (UNOLB ToONll RAN AS BABBBRP TT air. Ha mttel here ffe-d ?wiy refetsaee sad aepo<-4 ? ateel salary for the Ar?, ysw A?|tty elMi ItaMBMh M. WiBTBD?ONE tlC'D HAND CIIANIB APPLf TO R. MtrickleuB W Maiden *W TtfRNTBD?A PANT CUTTRN IMI.BJJ tTBLl. AP? TT ply al W Day <vrart Ift I n.