Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 12, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 12, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WH^LB NO. 11,092. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JANUARY 12. 1867. ,. JMUOE FOUR CENTS. PERSONAL,. Any information or rkadlky i martin, hea taring man, will ue thankfully received by a near rout ine Address J. Q. Cbai Itou. 27Woo ster ? ureet. N Y. " A LECK?'? HAVE YOU HEARD FROM RTIORTY t A sarotkte. COLONEL G. II. KPRAGUE WILL MEF.T HIS in the reception nanus of (be A a tor House, ou Saturday from 10 lilt? >*cl?ck. !3> Fj'OR ADOPTION-a FINE, HEALTHY FKMALK IN faut, 7 da*r?> <>td. A dor eta M. E. P., box 169 Herald ANNEY"?ARE YOU BUYING ANY STOVES NOW? PIPE. TP ANN BECK. WHO FORMERLY LIVED AS COOK A with Mrs. Mmoaon in West street, and afterwards at MfOomba' Dam. will call at or ado rasa room 17. 191 Broad way, aba will bear of something to her advantage. I F CHARLEY IS IN TOWN HB WILL FIND WILL AT IB* Fifth Avenue Hotel. **Tack."-wear that monkey jaoret on mon ft dffif sltei noon on Broadway. BLUE OVERCOAT. TACK?COME TO THE HOUSE TO-DAY. fj DAN, KEYNEL.-WILL SEE YOU ON SATURDAY AT SAME rjttaoe. at threeo'elaek. BEN. MORTON. MARGARET PATTERSON. A CRIPPLE. DISEASE OF the htp, u%*d a rnncb, daughter of William Patterson wod Lucy Ina wife, who once lived in the rear of SI Greene street. New York. Her fTand father was James Patterson, who lived at HI Creene street, front house, and died therein Mere in tier, 1846. Margaret's mother afterwards married a -Oetsnan cabinet maker In Brooklyn, and moved to Connecti cut (supposed New Loudon* with Margaret. Margaret, if living, would now be 24 or 25 years old. Tufornnition to her pecuniary adianUire may be obtained from Hlat-taford. Sew. <ard k Oriswoid. 29 Nassau street. New York, who will pay for reliable news about Margaret or her <laa(b. Mr. wentworth RICKERT, FORMERLY ameri. cnu Consul at Frankfort-ou-the-Maine, Germany, will receive due informations by applying at the undersigned, who has been entrusted by him with some prlvaie business affairs. AUGUST NETTE, Kan Antonio, Texas. M.* M. , STATION 0.?A LETTER FOR YOU FROM C. E.. to tbe old address. M. M. M.?TO-DAY iSATURDAY; AT TEN. NEW York side. Do not fail. w ILL MRS. AU9TTN MARSH, FORMERLY MRS Wallers, send her address to 12b West Forty-tiftn immediately T MATRIMONIAL. L GENTLEMAN. 29 YEARS OF AGE, WISHES TO form the acquaintance of a middle aged lady of mod al* means, witli a view to uiulximouy. Address Kiuieritas, a 187 Bera'4 office. O BACHELORS OF MEANS. ABOUT 35, DESIRE* the acquaintance of two pi ??possessing yocng ladies, wttfc a Tlew to matrimony. Please address Confidence. MeaaM-office. Tw< LOST AMD FOUND. ffTAUTION. TO BANKERS. BROKERS AND DEALERS IN GOV. ERNMENT AND OTHER SECURITIES. Ike public are cautioned against negntinilng any of tbe fenowtog Government Securities which were stolen from the safe of the Royal Insurance Company on tbe 10th De cember, last, aa the paymaut of the coupons or interest and Ike tranafar or conversion of said securMiea has be*n stopped by a oavbat tiled against them ]u the Treasury Department ox Ike United Ktatea at Washington, and effective stepa have Wen taken To make said securities uusaiable In Europe. The Royal Ineuran.-e Company will pay a REWARD OF ?arihe recovery of said securities or in that proportion for ffiW recovery or any portion of them. ? Pan Obst Uncross 1874 Bovns, $1.(100 Each. Ma MBA 1?67, 1668. 166S. 41*81. Iistus. 10696. 41241. 12SF. 12961, 12932. 12963, 129M, 12055, J29B6, 12*67. 12M8, 12989, IBM. 16699. 14491. 16486. 14486. 14862, I MAS, 15160. 15161. IM1, 16762, 1970S 16764. 19769, 19766. 16767. I07?t 16769, 19719, 16771. 16778, 16773, 16T74. 16776. 16776. 16777. 16778, IOTA 197-0, 16781. 16782. 1679B, 16784, 16786, 16786. 16797. IMA M799, 197*9. 16781. 16792, 1679B. 19784, 19786. 16166, MOT. M79A 19789. 19800, A889. 140J9. ffi Mm Cm Oorros 1891 Bonn*, $1,000 Eton. Act Jolt 17. 1861. 49 the order of Adam Noririo and Benjamin B. 8her mau. iinmmittee, and, not endorsed. ', 99998. 65999, 66000 65001, 66006. i ggon { DM, 06310. 99090. I 1st sttun, li r AND KeSRL'ART. ? __ 2504A 28067. 29 ... 1164B4, 117837. 117888. 11789*. 117830. 11783L 113903, 134719 $10 Mama, $1,000 Each. Dam Novttnaaa 1,1894. Act or Join 39.1864. Ma 9B61. 28870, 39KI9. 388U9, 39907, 38804, SMB. 80087, 38899 < vwa cairr 1361 Bourn, $).U00 Each. Dathb Jew 16, Ma MA 8908. 8909. 8894. 9??, OHO. MA 8911. 8207 . $904, 8899 890A 8101, 890U, 88S8. 8899, 8897, 9896 Ma D67. UNA 1264, 1368, 16186, 16487. $60Ueach. U. S. CorroN Bosps. 6 ni cwt. 10-40. 1st Saaixi. Ma JMA MIA 98814, 102642. $1/900 each. Ma 30276, 36276, 36277, 36278. 65279, 35380, 36281, 36187. $680 aaeh 789 m ctfrt Bokda 2n Suies. IwvHiutiT Patabla 15 km or Jvm axd D* Ma 6M7. 95998. 65999, 99000 95001. 50009. OWE. <6004, 60066 66096, 69067, 66008, 56009. 66310. 05011. 68012. 68018. 66014 9MA-99M6. 99017, 96018, 09019, 99090. 65981. 95022. 8-80 Bona. $1,000 Each. 1st Mtnim, Ixixaaai Patablc Acouxt and Fvbrcaht. 20889. 28045. 10046. 2S<1&7, 25*40, 34530. 76699 KCIXBKR. 1782, 17m, $6 000 each. IMA $1,800. K>eism?> stoch or Mil. $io.uuo Each. Ma 9882. 9953 9954. acts of July 17 and August 5, Rhiitiiixd Stock or 1881, $5000 Kita. MA 7224, 7878. 7275 7M. 7281. 1282,4911. acta of Ju 1881. , , jf July 17 and August!, ltd No. VIS, set of March A 1865 | KMomxD Stock or 1881, $1,069 Each. 17404, 18338, 18289, 18840. KM, acta of July 17 and August A 1*91. rUHD?ON SUNDAY BVEHIKO, IN THE UPPER aart of tho city. ? Pur Collar, which the owner can Imtj describing the property, whore leat, paying for ad veitleement. and calling at 381 Broadway, In the (tore. XNOURD?JANUARY 7. IN A THROUGH W ASHING M? too ear, at Jersey City depot, an. article of f-ntl-man's wearing apparel. Owner will addrcaa box 1W Heiatal oflice, 4pvtng description, Ac. USD?IN NEWARK, A SUM OP MONEY, WHICH the owner can hare by sending his address and pat lave identifying the property to box IMS Now York ros> E L ?T IN A BROADWAY STAQB. ABOUT THREE o'clock on Friday, January 11. a small Package, con tnlaiag pnltern of a silk dress. The Under will be liberally voorafued by lesrlng It at SherUT'S oOea, New York. ' JOHN McKEON. T OPT?A PHOTOORAPH OF A GENTLEMAN', IX I t the rlclnlty ot Sullivan and Bleecker streets. Tbeiindei -will be rewarded by learing it at 99 Amity street. BOCT-A BLACK AND TAN TERRIERDOO; ANSWERS to tho name of Frisk; had on a black and rod collar. A pal reward will be paid by returning hint to fU6 West treaty-eighth street f OCT? BETWEEN NOS. Zkl WEST tWENTY-EHlHTH JU street and 337 Eighth avenue, a black Lace Shawl. 1 ho Radar will be suitably rewardad by leaving It at the former T OCT?ON THE 10TH INST.. AN OLD MEMORANDUM XJ Book, > f no use to auy person but the owner. A guita SSL- will ^be^glven. Inquire for John Poaooy, at lJd T OCT?ON FRIDAY, JAN. 41. 1887. BETWEBN THE XJ hours of 2 and 3 o'clock, a large sized Amethyst Ring, mhing from Ike City Hall to the Comptroller's offlce. A Obaral reward wtll be paid to tho finder on returning the AM to John D. Kellogg. Comptroller's oMeo. X OCT- A POCKETBOOK CONTAINING ABOUT $36 AND U papers, valuable to ae one but the owner, at the eoraer ?m Thirty third street and Madleon arenua. The finder uin hasp the money if the papers sod pocketbook be returned 8b theearner at *4 Beaver street, first floor, or 36 West I't.uty-h X OST-A SMALL BLACK AND TAN DOC, NEAR THE JLi center of Prince and Thompson; answers to the name 4* Tip. Any etie returning him to 89 Thompson street will be suitably at arded. RKWIRM. dC REW ARD.?LOST, ON THURSDAY EVENING, Wtb last., between pier 44 Nonh rlrer and Jersey 4W, a Mink Pur Oauntlet glove The above rewerd will be (Ms far the returner the same si47* Broadway. MC RKWABD -LOST, on PRIDAT AFTERNOON, ?il ream a Steele m Thirtieth street a young setter Dog, White, with liver spot*. The reward will be paid by deliver tag him to 127 West Twenty. sixth street, or lOFulton street. gf?. taker ? REWARD?LOST, ON THURSDAY EVENING, e dark yellow Horse Blanket, by a horse winning from 11Mb street and Third avenue across the flats to street and Plftb avenue. Apply to M. Carroll, under ', 89 Madison atree.t. 0 REWARD -1 OST. ON TTBSDaV EVENING, Jannarv A. -omlt.g from No. 3 Great Jones street to soraer of Nlntb street and Broadway, a ladyVi Fur Ool Thaohove reward will be paid for ila return to Mrs. tw's. 84 Urn m equarr. REWARD?LOST, OH THE MORNING OP THE lllh, near Broadway and Thirteenth Wrest, a roll of betweao $38 and $70, the sav.nga of a year's hard By veturntng tbe tad to 84 East Thtrtesntfe street, Metier wtll rsoelre tbe eoeve reward and tbe heartfelt of the loaer. wan REWARD AHD NO gUFSTIONS AH RED?IF mtZnJ like diamond soaped Amethyet Ring, with the letter ? ia|d English> sat IB diamonds; also Breastpin, minlaluie eg tHWe boy painted in a cloud, iaeen from 839 Fifth avenue ?aw eery ~~ g, ate returned. mntf REWARD?STOLEN FROM TIB TRUNK ZZO etere. No. OTI Headway, on Wsdsce-Iav trenlep, January o, a solid leather trunk. The shove reward wl.i he ,w7?r infermatlea worn REWARD?THE ABOVM RHWARD WILL BR " paid for auv infai motion fhas will lead to the to wgSon anduohvietitm of tbe burglars who brohe into thn sgiMi J nl'iii nf Thomas P Conran, 180 William strtel, on md$e night of Jail-aw !>,and the recovery of the property Eiotea, ennalW1 tigprineipelly of Wosteaholin ? and Bwltb A MU'I peollft M n t YMMl. TIIOMAB N. COHRAH, 130 William street. -y- MAIfTKIJ. "" WafaBP.1. MANTELB?the bnct place in thn 111 tdv to put* 'sew Marble MsnteJs, oMIte latest designs, a? vary id w pri ee, in at A. RLAHPH'B MarMe Worha, Hit ?aat ilgrfsentb sir art , a war Third av., H.Y. Outthlaont AR?LR,'7*D PLATE MAifTBllt-NUPFtlOB IN JIft agMgrkoce. more durable, half thepriee of nerbtg. t\ SfVwAk T- *w 811th avenue, between Thirty dftbaad fhirty-stzth sgrfeth. 1YARRLR MAN.'LRB AT REDUCED PRICB8-A P1NM JB. hWertlea en tt?d H *. KLABMR R Maaefaetorv, $1 mvet avenue neas 'SMh ii'fflt, <*i?W Vovk. < aH aad INSTRUCTION. ALaDY TEACHER WILL OIVK LF.HHONR IN PEN uiaus'a.p, or the English braueha* ut U?* residenc* of the pnpd. Apply at Goldsmith's Academy. 7W Broadway. AGUADl'ATE OP THE UNIVERSITY OP OAM bndtte. Kngnud, prisoner. ami ei-scholar of his col lege. baa tune for on>: pupil disengaged; higheR refercn ????. Addruea or apply to Can'ab, room Mu. 8. University Building, WusklaRtou square, N. Y. A BUSINESS EDUCATION.?TOWNSEND'S COMMER ciai Academy. ?>>> Bowery. Private tuition, day and even t.g, n Bookkeeping, Writinu, Ar-lb metis. Reading, Spelling, Grammar Thorough instruction given No niasana. Ladle*' department A oovernesh WAvrrn-ro take t be entire charge of a young lady. IS ynare o'd. mual be German, vrpeeCing Finch aud English. .> > 1 undeix'.and Hiving lea son. m amain and Iroe ihe 'rent of texlimouials. Addre.e A. G-, box 1.607 Near York Post off,re. AT PAIXB'B BCSfNESS COLLEGER (ESTABLISHED 1S48', 6J Bowery and MS Fulton .treat. Brooklyn, slp deute receive private instruction In bookkeeping, writing, arithmetic, spelling, Ac. Instruction day aad evening. AN ACCOMPLISHED YOUNG lady desires A ?itualion to teach Muaic or ua companion. Addreoa Mill Strong itatlon D. A LADY OP EXPERIENCE. WITH THF. BEST Qt'AL ifi.-ationx and references, desires a situation ai gover Bfi. Address S. C. M? boi 186 Lebanon. Lebanon county. CARP.?TIIE REDUCED TERMS FOR TENMANSHIP and Bookkeeping at GOLDSMITH'S Institute. All who would take udvauutge of the opportunity should enter their naniea without delay, aa a limited n umber only will bo received at the low rate*, '.id Broadway. DOLBEaK'S COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, 609 BROAD way. baa boen enlarged by the addition of new private loom., and now offers 'iimeual facilities to gentlemen who wi.h practical instruction in Bookkeeping. Business Writ ing, or Cmnmer.-iul Arithmetic. QOLDSMJTH'S COMMERCIAL INSTITCTE, No. 766 Broadway. SPECIALTIES- Penmanahip and Bookkeeping. LOW CHARGES POR A FEW DAYS ONLY. NOTICE.?Aa the leaaona secured at half prices are to be completed by May 1. H wlil be to the advantage of the pupil to commence immediately. gPANINH LANGUAGE.?PROP. A. D> TORNOS.? Classes for ladles ut his residence, 3S8 Fourth avenue, with hia NEW COMBINED METHOD, published by D. Apnleton A Go. RANTED?A TEACHER, FOR THE ENGLISH ELE toentary branches aud geography, lilatory and gram mar in the higher classes, immediately; salary $huv Apply to Mr. Dutntung, director of the German American School of tb? Nineteenth ward. Ml and 246 East Flfty-.ccond street. XX7ANTED?LESKOXS IN ENGLISH IN EXCHANGE V? for French; answers froui business men preferred. Add re .a box ISO Herald oUlce. WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER 'AMERI ennt. to instruct in thefoaenoon the Lngllah branches, iiintbenutiea und bookkeeping; must be a thorough discipli narian. Referenced requited. Apply at 2'JI East Broadway. SPORTING. A STEAM PROPKLLFR YACHT POR KALE-FIFTY eight feet long, ten feet beam: about live months old; built of oak and copper fastened: has accommodations for eight persons besides the crew; is well found lu every re spect. Apply on board at foot of Eaal Tenth street. All einds of dogs and birds for sale at It. DOVBY'S, :aa Canal street, near Church street. Medicines for aid diseases. Prepared Food for mocking birds. Francis butler, no. a peck slip, has all the choico breeds of Dog*. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure aud Flea Ej terminator, 73 cents. Butler's new work on the Dog, $2. Doge trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for all diacases. 70R KALE?A HANDSOME PAIR OF SMALL BLACK and Tan Dogs, 4 lbs. each; and all other kl id of Dogs. D. FOSTER, IS Roosevelt street. F? R RALE-NEWFOUNDLAND DOGS, BULL TER vices, handsome ItalLu Greyhound Pups, oan Eaqut >ux Dog. small Black and Tan .Scotch and Hkre Terriers. JOHN GR AY, II Rooaevelt street. iHUKT RECEIVED?A LARGE LOT OF FINE CANARY I Birds, with nlgbtiugala wmc. Far sale by F. MORIK, ?Chatham street, corner of WILUam. HOR8ER CARRIAGES. ?C.^^ Ah splendid team of morgan ooltr, very ? dark brown, 4 and 5 rears old. full brothers; one of Itbe best teams In tbe etty for disposition, style and action; very fast gnlted and enduring; also s light shifting top Road' Wagon, very little used; also a set of light double Harness, In good order. The above to be sold together or separately, as the owner bas no further use for them. Inquire for Gbarley, At stable W West Twentieth street, between Sand S o'clock. A GRAY MARE, WAGON AND HARNESS FOR SALS, at a aaorifloe. Can be seen at 807>? Pearl street, near New Bowery, cigar store. FINE YOUNG CARRIAGE TEAM OF BLOOD BAY f\ bay Horses, Id hands high, 6 years old. Can bo seen at Brings stable. Fortieth street and Slstb avenue. Most be Ahn assortment or sleighs and carriages? | i "loving out sale; 100 new and second hand Sleighs; also Family Carriages, Buggies, Grocer's and Business Wagons. lit Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. A COUPE FOR SALE?IN FINE ORDER, AND RUN but a short time; built by Brewster A Co. Apply at private stable, W West Twenty-eighth street. A NEW ROC RAW AY, TOP BUGGY, LIGHT TURN A. over seat Phaeton, also Harness, sold at a vscrlflce. at Fifth Aveuue stable*, corner Fifth avenue and Forty-fourth street. a ?SLEIGHS, ROBES, BELLS, HARNESS, ROAD, fV. Ton, Depot and Bcpreaa Wagons; Gig, Truck. Rocks rays. Phaeton*. Coaches; all to ba -old low; new Sleighs, 60 each. J7 Wouster street. A CLOSE COACH AND CLOITI HEARSE, BOTH IN good order, for sole cheap at No. 86 Montgomery street, Jersey CHy. rR ?ALE?A FINE PAIR OF CARRIAGE HORSES; hIvo Blanket* and llunen, Will be told low, as the niur k about leaving the city. Apply to UKAllAM. 1,237 Broadway. For sale-vhky low, kor want of ube. a pair el matched sorrel Horn** sound and kind in tingle nr double barneas, and good traveller*. Apply at private rtable on I3&th street, lirat home west or Mlxth avenue, south side. Price SoUU. rn SALK-A NEW BaKEIPS WAGON; first ?Jaas. Apply at 13U West Eighteenth street. F ,-lOR SALE?A FINE TURNOUT, A PAIR CROSS Hatched llmaes, a eray and black, kind, gentle, Ac.; Harness, I'ony sleigh and road Wagon, the properly ol' e geuUemun who bns no further nm fort' man's ftia'ole, XI Great Jones ?lr%l. FIOR SALE CHEAP-A MAT MARE. SIX YEARS OLD: sound stylish, and can trot In three mlputea: also light top r<>ad Wagon and llai'ucsa; all for MOD- Apply to E. E. CooK, Seymour's stables, corner of Forty third street and Siath avenue. Irons 3 A. N. till 1 P. M. /TOOD HORNS. TRUCK. HARNESS, CUTTING ROX \JT and Stable Fixtures, gr., at a great bargain; Florae lg hands, 7 year* old. Cell et 844 Fourth street, near Charles. G. PALMER. fcOOfi -SPLENDID NEW TOP BUGGY. 8 APLEN VAAO- Illd R.askawars, 8 aplrmdid Kimball Sleighs, gtgl eaeh; 140 lb. Trotting Wagon, best maker. Cell ana ex amine. Stable 440 Seventh avenue. AKW PIIBLK ATNINR. A XER1CAN PASTIMES. The Booh ef American Pastimes, containing a history of the principal Yachting, Rowing. Base Ball and Cricket Club* of the United State*, BY CHARLES A. PETEREI.LY, Reporter of Out Door Sport* for New York journals for wUl be pubMshed on NATUR^aV'nRXT. JANUARY 18. Subwrlbsre' -epic* at the oflh-e ef the New York Leader, No. II FrnnStort street. 18 mo., illustrated. 570 page*; price $8 50. A PHYSIOLOGICAL VIEW OP MAKRIAOB-OON talcing nearly 300 page* and 150 One plates end *?? graving* of Um anatomy or the human organ- In n State of health and S'aeaae, with a treatise on early error. Its deplo rable <on?e>|u?-tv-es upon the mind and body, with the author * plan of treatment?the only rational and successful mode of cure, as shown by the report oi rases tested. A truthful ad vis-r to the married end those contemplating marriage, wbe would know their physical condition. Bent, tree of postage, te any address, on reeelpt of 28e. In stamps er ne*u lenrren w. Address Dr La Croix. 31 Maiden lane,' Albany. N. Y. ESFaT ON i.'ATARRll, BY IIENRV a. DANIELS, M. D? So gaon. No. 3 Union square. Maii??.' on re-elm ef red ??.ton Jr?T ftRT'BD?MY PRINTED I.IBT OP PRIVATE Dwellings. Country and Tenement Property snd City / ?ta forstanuary llad on apclw.ttlon or by mall. KILPATItlCK, H ill's Head Hank Building*. 11E Aft TI'K SKELETON AT THE BANQUET. JtV ' Skeleton at the Banquet," by the a. thor of the "Dead Letter" and other tiptop storm. Splendidly illustrated in Uiefnew m igo/lnn. N iethem Light, Northern I 'ght. for sal*everywhere I'n-e 18 oents. *<fflHE AY.KRK'AN SHIPOWNER." PUBLISHED *Y A ery Saturday. o?ee 144 Pearl Street--Invaluable te shipowners, 'mpovter* and evporter* American onplsln* bound to foreign port*, nnd foreign eapU'us 'omtog Ml tils lornlry, ?ho?.!d not ?>? without a copy. Hie the only publl ?b'o M Ova kind to he had. ' l-OAL, HOUO. AC. ~ (~IOhC $8 81' PXR CHALDRON, IN THE YA?D, AT J iho Mar I at tag On* Work*, foot of West KlgWeenth etreet and foot of Beat. Fourteenth ?treat Delivered at ffi iOper Chaldron J^CRAPftpR A buhnn, SU8u West Aw ? Q A CHALDRON FOR 0"KI?.-DFLITKR1M> ?P*',J-'V_J,N3?dlnvVy. Apply at myn?t e?oe at M New York Dm Work#, at Twenty *r?t ?treef aod arenu^A. fl. F. HMF.RWOO Hltft BKD *8B- * ORBERRY AND fiHA 80 and M Weal Twenty 0 fth street, nenv Iigktb nv. COPAUTVHJH.SH 13 A PARTNER. WITH FROM $2,00u to $3.(100 TO take ooe-balf tnteiest in a wrj enlerpri) ing uusioevs. AiIdr'Hh K J . Herald office. A LADY IH DESIROl'S TO MKKt W'.ill A OOBPK tcnt person a# a partner or vooul sell or let a Furnish ed Hnui-a; there aro noma boarders. Apply at Vj i;a<t Tweuty-eiglilli street. A CHANCE-PARTNER WANTED IN THE AUCTION buaiii. -a. with aiiuill capital and *OQd rufereucei. This ia no humbug. Apply to HA.NBURY, City Marshal, 163 Eail Houston street. /~10PARTNLK.SHI1'.?MESSRS. GEORGE A SOLOMON \J Hevumr. have this clay formed a copartnership for _ Hevinsi. have this day formed a copartnership for the manufacture of R aiding and Matires-es, the lirm to be O. A S. Herman, at 3"4 Hudson street, N. Y. Saw Yona, .'an. I, le07. CNOFARTNERSHIP?DR. O. 1IADFIELD, INVENTOR j of the Equaliser, for curing |>araiyala. rheumatism. neuralgia, railed mi veins, gout dropsical limbs, weak chests, weak backs. waated liuiba, curvature of the spine, Ac , has funned a copartnership with Dr. U. C. Lansing, So. IB West Twenty-fourth street for treating chrome and acute di-?aaes, breaking up .ougesitona and inflammations, by cqaalixiug the circulation of the blnod and nervous fluid. Send for a circular. DKS. GEO. HADFIELD A LANSING. 46 West Twenty-fourth atreet. DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP.-THE FIRM OF E. lleyman A Co. la this day dissolved bv mutual con. sent. Mr. George Hevman will settlo all claims due to and owing by said firm and will sign the firm name in liquidation. EZKKlr.L it BY MAN. LKNGAKL) PEEKMAN. New York, Jan. 1, 1867. UKoRGB HKY.M aN. Mr. u. Goldstein having rltiked irom our firm, tbe under-igued will continue the business under the old style, "P. Laudecker A Co.," at 27 Warren street. P. I.ANDECKER. New Tore, Jan. 9,1867, 8. A. GlTTMANN. M R. CLARENCE STEWART BROWN 18 TUIB DAY admitted as apar'ner In our several firms. >bw Yohk, Jan. 1. 1867. BROWN BROTHERS A CO. Men of capital, wishing to invest in a valuable invention, ??an of an extraordinary oppor tunity by applying at tbe Business Men's Emporium. 117 Nassau street. BONNER A CO., Proprietors. VJ-OTIOE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE FIRM J.N known as H. Jacoby A Co., No. S College place, is this ? lay dissolved, br mutual consent, and tbat all Indebtedness ot tbe above firm Is assumed and will be paid by II. Jacoby, and all moneys due the above firm will be collected by II. - ?- LER, Jacoby. I. KELL1 New Yore, Jan. 9, 1867. H. JACOBY.' PARTNER WANTED?WITH AAUti TO $1 <W0; WHBTHER lady or gentleman respectability Rial be undeniable; a handsome Income can be realized; none will be communi cated with tin leas real name, with references, be inclosed In reply addressed to H. Devereux, Herald oflloe. PARTNER WANTED.-A GENTLEMAN OF RE S.kllU. T. lli-.l ..a.aa, .aa.eaA in X spertabllity <r.n Israelite), for many years engaged In .... .. 1 baring the wholesale ll-jtior, wine and cigar trade, and having an extensive business acquaintance throughout tbe country, wishes to associate himself with an active partner having from $5,000 to $16,000; best of referen -es given and re quired. Principals will please address, with particulars, for eight days. Copartnership, box 1U2 Herald oihce. All com munications considered confidential. Partner wanted-with from $*? to $1,001? Gentlemen desiring a large return from a small invest ment may apply at 668 Broadway, room 37, top Door, between land 4 P. ML, this day. TXARTNER WANTED?WITH PROM $3,000 TO $10,000, X to be used In developing a legitimate business, sure to nay well: best reference given and required. Address D. L tL, Herald oflloe.. FIRM OF CARTER, HALE A CO. WAS DI8 ?^?ved on the 1st InsL by its own limitation, Mr. Beth W. Hale retiring. A. CARTER. JR. BETH W. HALE. W. HOWKIN8. DAVID DODD. COPARTNERSHIP.?The undersigned have formed a co partnership and wlil coatinue the manufacture and sale of of Jewelry, under the name of Carter, Howkina A Dodd. at No. 2 Maiden lane. A. Carter. Jr.: William Howkins and David Dodd are alone authorised to sign no tea. checks and drafta A. CARTER, JR. W. HOWKINS. DAVID DODD. New Tow. Jan. II. 1887. A. K. 8L0AN. WILLIAM F. JAFFSAY BECOMES A MEMBER OF W our firm from this date. B. 8. JAFFRaMB^H . ? _ IT ACO. New York, January L 1867. ntah from $10,000 to WM? cash capital. Reference# gtvon and required. Addreaa A. R., box 423 Post office, N. Y. WANTED?A PARTNER IN A WELL ESTABLISHED cloak, mantilla and clothing bustnosa, with a capital of from $6,000 to $10,001); best etty referenoe given and re quired. Addresa A. B. C., Herald office. U7AN1SD-A PARWER, WITH ABOUT $2,000. IN A fv Ronrishihg i and elegantly furnished first class bathing establishment: X rare chance for any business man, espe cially a physician. Address R R 22 Allen street, h. t. w ANTBD-A PARTT WITH $500 CASH. AS PART ner In s travel 11 ^exhibition. A^ipD, between l_2_snd I o'clock, at Merchants' Dotal. R. A. YANWARD. fcf? Ann ?FOB SALE. THE HALF INTEREST IN ?Q.UwU, an astablished sad profitable Wholesale and Manufacturing Businaaa down town, to replace an outgoing partner A favorable opportunity to a man who ran devote K whole time and energies to buslneea. Address P. 8. M., Herald otlioe. ?1 r Ann WANTED.?THE ADVERTISER, FOR ?lu,"vU merlv of Boston, with three years' success nil experience In cotton rslslug, having purchasedouo #r the ?Ml deslrsMe plantations In North Carolina aud expended $10,000 In erecting mill* and other permanent Improvements on the same, and having a complete stock of mules, agricul tural Implements; Ac., required to work the desi rous of forming a connection with some party willing to In vest $16,000 In the business fur one year or more, to whom an Interest will be given which will make It a safe and profit able investment. Satisfactory Boston and New York refer ence given. For particulars call on or address S. B.,184 Water street. New York. $30 000 _WANTB0'- A PARTNER, ACTIVE OR _ . special, with this amount, in an oM estab llshed brewery and malt bonus in Philadelphia, to taks tho place of one of me partners who la actively engaged In an other business and is dsslrous of retiring. Address box 1.942 Post office, Phil. , BUMMCNS OPPORTUNITIES. AS OPPORTUNITY IS OPTS RED TO BUY THE ?lock of an old and valuable corner Store In a Urge and flourishing piece hour* from the buetnese parts of the city: business Is crockery and fine groceries; Block at present ll'.-ht; any other kind of business could be added: etore large, rent low; the advertiser nwoa and ha* occupied the name lor over 25 veers and wishes to retire. Inquire personally inot by letter) of C. A. SMITH, Esq., 117 Vul ton street. Additional capital required in a fancy bualneaa. on Broadway. Paying well, and capable of being largely attended one thin oi i?? pi oiita wiii he given to e ape* lei or active paitner. with gIS.OUU to fflO.uUPcapital. |Tbe fulieat investigation alforitaWw^H dreea Broadway. Herald odlee. The fullrat investigation afforded and security given, liei * A VALUABLE PATENT. SUITABLE POR CARP EN tern, htuMera end manufacturers; It will work In ad mirably In doll tlmea, aa hardly any capital la required. Ap ply at 117 Naesao aireet, rooui 17. A WELL ESTABLISHED BROADWAY REAL ESTATE A Office and Bualneaa for sale, or a pa. tner taken; but little capital from the right maa requited C., box 1M Herald office. A LADY HAVINO EROM B1.G00 TO $3,600 CAN HAVE entire charge of a large hotel and boarding lionet* on Broadway, now paying handsomely Thia la a rara chance. Addreaa Hotel, aunon U. BCHINKDS OPPOKTCNITY.?a SUCCESSFUL CON cern and well eitabllebed la now preparing to eitablleh Its branches In other cittoo. Hood business men. with from B8.UUII to BAUOO capital can make arrangement" inch ae sel dom offer. For particular* Inquire or Mr. WHITE, dOS Broadway. Half interest in a real estate business can be had by an active man for $9,000; .resets $10,(100; arrvlcea aa much aa money required. Address Ledger, Herald offloo. Rare chance?any gentleman to maha money rapidly, and having ti.Oao capital, can meet with one or the most extraordinary opportunities over offered by applying at 387 Hudson street r O GENTLEMEN Or ABILITY, INTEORITT AND Influence are abont to vleH South Ameriea eomroer daily Thev desire to take charge of nay American hual nese Interests there, especially In the Held of manufacture* sad patent*. Thaf ere prepared to glv* rath, If necessary, or ampla aacurtty for tba faithful management of whatever interest* mar bo animated to them. Adelines Fact, Herald office VALUABLE INVESTMENT?*?.000 $W 000 WILL bay half or the whole internet la three valuable patents, which art la InaUnt and groat demand, and where an entire monopoly can bo secured. No ageota need apply. Addreaa ho? l? Herald oEce. WANTED-A GENTLEMAN OF FIRST CLASS ABlLi lle#, thoroughly "ompatent to aolldt advertisement# for an excellent medium for advertisers. To th* right men liberal commission and salary. Addreaa E. O., Herald office. WANTED-A FIRST Cl^lSS HOUSE WHO CAN SELL a large tract of Southern land, ono-half amount to re main a* special capital: advertiser can secure vel ixMe con signment#. Addre-s. real name, la confidence, Finance, Ilerald oltlea, AO nnn -* <?OOD OPPORTUNITY IN OFFERED ?pae.UlJU. tea party wllh thia amount to go into aa netabllabed k .adllng Wood huaineaa; engine, machinery, horeea, troche, Ac., complete. Apply Immediately at the factrry, Claaaen avenue, three doore eoutb of Myrtle, Brook E/vTinn TO $iU.ORl SPECIAL CAPITAL WAN FED *?? eomm'aoioa tioslssxa. no risk. #30,000 -THIS AMOUNT IN REQUIRED TO al $? 9H Onn -**?? AMOUNT in required wMsVI'v; wen a new field of huotnoaa, hitherto moat yeir'ored. Thia I* one of thooe oapartunlltce stiff fhio Is one of thooe opaartunill** saldom ?Mora explained t* Interne#, and refereeceo Ma3e eh areolar glvon. Adffmae Bnttngaa, boa isaiRAgcB. B. NHADBR, Maaager. AJk ntnior?, vwu?. office m and 187 Broad l.srnreo agaiaxt . DKATHEY AUOIDBNTR of avf deowipttoo, wMA liberal campaaaallan la saw of nn|>i>T*F j r xzr*** *** *m fw ** FIWAWaAL. UKITED ST A TK^ TREASURY, JaKCARY , 1S?". Schedule* of - thirty or more 7 90 Coupons dun Jstuuary IS, liW7 will received for examination at the.United t-tatesTrea-ury. II II. VIN DYCK, Assistant Trouattier. C1TIXENS' RAVINGS HtNK.

Im HIIWKHY.COKVKH OK CANAL STREET. SIX PER CENT KRKK FROM GOVERNMENT TAX Interest allowed on all amount* from five to live thousand dollar*. Open every day from 10 to X and on Monday, Weil iie-day and Friday cventugsfrom 6 to 7. Money <t<p?.sited now will draw In tore at from .fanuary 1. Dividends.?savage silver company film pnr?hare. pay*hie ou demand. yellow .ntcket Silver Mining Company $60 per ahare, payable lfth lii*t*rtt In cold coin, lr a excbnti.-e. at tlie agency of the Hunk of California. LEES % WALLER. S3 Ptne -trn.-i. DIVIDENDS?GROWN POINT SILVER MINING I Aim pan v $11*) gold per foot; Imperial sUvcr Mining Company, $8 fold per share. payable 15th in St., less ex ehnnge. at the agency of the Bank of California. Jan. 11, UK). LEE8 A WALLER. 3d Pine street. Dime savinus bank of Williamsburg, cor ner South Seventh and Fir-t street*. Sir per ceut Inter eat allowed free of tar on snni" to five thousand dollar* Pe rn mil* made on or before the 30tb of January draw mtereet from the latof January. First morigage bonds, drawing seven per '.est Interest on very tain able mining property, fully de veloped. In the Stalo of Prnnavlvanta. for s..le. or w.'l ?x chauge in part or ihe whole for Real Estate or Merchandise. Address Coal and Lumber, Herald oflh-e. Like insurance?a party desires a loan of $76,000 for sir or nine mouths. Security one or the m?si valuable copper ralues In this country, with other good unilateral*; will -flVcl lUe policies also for above am.mut. Address Finance, Herald Otllce. OFBICB OF THE MERCHANTS' INSURANCE COM pany, 100 Broadway, N. Y., Jattuarv 9, 1S-57. A *eiul-annual dividend of ten (10; per rent was this day declared payable on demand, free of government tax. J. L. DOUGLASS, Secretary. The trustees of the sbameh's bank fob Savings have ordered that interest < free of government taxi be paid to depositors entitled thereto for tho six mouths ending December 31 as follows:? On sums of $600 and under at tho rate of all per cent per annum; and On sums exceeding $300 at the rate of five per cent per an num. iwyahle on and after Monday, 31st Inat. The interest will be placed to the credit of depositors aa principal. W.M. H. MACY, President. Willi a a Nntso*. Secretary. Nxw York, January 10, Idol. UNION DIME SAVINGS BANK, 429 Canal atreet, corner of Varick. SIX PER CENT in $6 to $6,000, free of tax. Deposits bo fore January 30 will bear interest from January 1. Assets $3,30*, 168 19. E. V. HAUOHWOUT, President. G. H. CHArm. Treasurer; T. S. Absocr. Secretary. COD DIVIDEND?THE UNITED STATES FIRE IN DO surauee Company have this day declared a semian nual dividend of five to) par cent, free of govarnmenl tax, payable on demand. W. WILSON UNDERBILL, Secretary. Naw York, January 7, 18*7. ?-n AHD -WANTED $80,000 TO $60,000 FOR vpsJU.UUU. three to Ova yeara. to be sccuro.l by first mnrtgage on one of the moat valuable properties in the Sag inaw Valley, Michigan, worth four times the amount: latge Interest allowed. Money wanted to purchase the interest of retiring partner; or active partner with above amount would be received on very favorable terms. Addtess H. M. Fits bufh, box Ml Post offloe, Bay City. Michigan. New York reference, Fltxhugh A Jenkins, 40 Broad streets. *inn AlkA TO LOAN?ON NEW YOEK CITY ?lUU.\JlrU real estate, first mortgage, at 7 per cent. J. BOHR B1TTEKBAND. ? Wan atnwLJaunoey court. $250000 T? LOA!*~?!f BOND AND MOBT __ W.rga, la one or more sums, on real estate la this cRy er Broehnrn. JOHN P. CONBBT, ? Wall atreet, room 11 *enn niUb *0 LOAN?IB BUMS TO BUIT.ON ?pOUU.U'JU city real estate. M per eent ef valuation; prompt attention. Second mortgagee bought. C. K WILLIS A Com Pine street, basement I liOAI OFFICES. ^^BROK^P TTClLa. wiwit run DIAMOND*. WATCHES. JBWBLRT. Sc.. rtnilmrhfttm. up Hlw. AT $2J?"?*??U*P WEPa nrtn avknub tt, IWoD,u, *?'<*?* At m wemr rmvextb btrbet, near sixth avenue,cash advanced cm Furniture, Planofortee, Dia monds and nonti Furniture. Furniture families moved city or country Fiwnlture boivd, ahlpped. ' ? T NO. # TWEJITT.THIRD STREET. FIFTH AVENUE . Hotel, tbe highest price paid for Diamond*, Watcher. . or advance* made oa the aame ' El L. LEDERER k CO., AT NO. Ml PEARL STREET. ,? ?nn?'lnc* toeir frlenda and the puhlle generally A^TL.tTe. Loan Ofllce, where Key ?tfi ?aranoe caik at reasonable terma oa all valuable property. Watcher, Jewelry, Diamond*. Ac., ar pure hare the same. DIsr^Kiw,n!!^T^?f- JEWELRT. SILVERWARE. ?1.8i'k.*Lgg._(l0o<1*' """ng, Ac bought at full value, or money advanced on the came. Private offloe IS) Bowerv near Grand street. np aUlra. "" ?niAMONDS. JEWBLRT AND INDIA SHAWLS L.9 bottgbt *1 IbHr foil vol tie. Flo*. atari* Brilliant* , wanted. Loans negotiated. Valuation* 1 per cent. | PLUMB, Diamond Broker, 411 Broadway. I till A OF. MARKS. W BROADWAY, ROOM NO. 1 PATS "ooM* b?!f m?' prleT Diamond., Watch#*, Jewelry. Twentieth aUeet^'' ?" lil* 'p AWN RRO K BRS7 TICKETS BOUGHT.?PRIVATE OTRlfETJU8pXlRS,fD 2 ? BOWERY- SEK* URA*D PA WN BROKK BH TICK BT>TPURCHASED. OP CLOTH inc. dry goods Ac. A large lot of Unredeemed Pledges jnet received at half the original coat. CI7 Bropme alrbeT corner urusbr. OEO. LEVIB SPKCIAL IOTICK8. C??67 "adirV'y {rNSURAVCE UOMPaNY?OFFICE At the annual ofect on. held on the 7th Inst, the following Ieuilemen ware elected Directors for the urreot year - t. F. MASON, FRED. MEAD DAVID DUWS T w. URIFFKjf. M. W. HAMILTON. BBEN SUTTON JOBIAII M. KISKK, JOHN M WHITE C. H LUDINuTON,' GEO. B DOUOLA'S THOMAS T. STL RUES. O K VAN ALLEN ? n a^HmRJu\l- WM * MLTHBH* J. D. BP ARKM\N, K. J. LOWMKK O. W. F. RANDOLPH, A. F. OCKERSHAUSFN 2KMUF."f?- ivAA i^NOSTONE. * J AMES k. PLAI.K. W. R. FOSTER WM. J. SCIIKNi k. r. CT BUCKLEY JOHN W IIaIT. WM. MILLER PAUL WORTH. HENRY PI Nek A. HAVEMEVkR. F. B. O'CONNOR O. W. VAN HO.SKl?RCK, U. f. WHITLOCK H. D. WALHRIllOE, tr parish HENRY BRUN Kit, IL 3. BROWN J ??B A' H f'lLLIPH. l' u ^?r.ADAM VAN ALLEN, J. H.IIERRIt.K, A. T. BLACK MAR. 5A?d<,f,*mecU?f Directors, held on the ?tb inat 1 L^ur^r^r'Te,'cM rre"d?nt< >"d J?*? 8KOROK A. DRESSER. Secretary. a?8xkR.K' { ' CITV dTuoTUKtII yl'N.P' Thoea desiring the above work for ISU7 and ? ^MfawaU^'w J* 8l*pLe" Uoltro?h, No. 3 Mechanic JS. McCLbLLAN IS NO LONGER CONNECTED | " ?*! ?".r e<t*bllaiment. All business communications o to 'he undersigned. *co ?W44DUftw Broadw?, p&wwevartsui: 'srCr Oeary ? lineal tables, Manufactured by D. D. rolling. At , 'J' ?toloNnd? ehotee and selected aaaortment of Llquove and Cigars, and In the larder all the delica cies of the aeeaon. JAMES A. BOYLE | WILLIAM FOWLKR. ?r F^KCTICE BOTH' LP DUE NO. 7. a m ? A L ^notBe4 ?" meet at their Ixvtge Room, at W A *:??n Rittoay. to attend tbe funeral of our fate Brother I.barte* A III* Member* of stater lodges are Invited to attend. Puneral leave* foot of Christopher street at U A^nMCv^a,Kt "?LATBOI-RNE.W.M. MOVST VERNON TAXRS.-WABHINOTONVILLE, ? ? ?^n fowl Vernon, Fleetwood Ac. aonday and Tm aday. January l?ik and 14th at tbe ooraeraf Grand and Elisabeth street. niluarai' I?,R,H.H; Collector. CWIST. MILLkK. School Collector. PARTIES OWNINO PROPERTY IN NBW TORE OR Brooklrn sold fas takes or assessments wl.l learn smnethlng of advaategtby addreaslagj. O Connor, Herald DRY GOODS. A^m ract-no humvto i-ladibs" walking" and sf.toanllful article), worth fs. filing at ee; genjlemea a Water proof Roola, wortb gin for gd, Over ahoea 74c lo II. Boots Shoes end Trunka of every Jeecrlp* ?' *b3?!iS"iyiil(ot th" to0"1" ""Ifh "Ggf. 1RWII, UO Bowery, corner Bond street. XpURB. LADIES' r?oM SALE ?? MINI, ROYAL ERXTNB. Rl 8f,lA!* fiA?LB. SIBERIAN SQUIRREL, AT GREATLY REDUCED IR!* CARRlA^i: AND. W>EIOII ROBES IN VARIETY. r ?'mdway; hraneh, IU Fulton atreet. m.i.r a run. a< ~ A VW* ?r *"W A"? StCOND HAND to^yyto Xy??to'toSi ' ttreet N. Y W ? Rp HA* A J. A ROB ABBORTMRNT OP .II. ? keeond land Rllllaed Tablea alwaya ea Sand to fas man iMotory; M Ig well knows that Bharpi fiuahtono W ***.1* *** NaaifaeloT AMUSB.WKNTS. ROADWAY .THE XTKE ADMISSION M CWtH J.A&T APPEARANCES H of lh? grer.t delineator of e<o>'u'.rt. i y, ?>< JOHN f oW;:ns THIS PAY 'SATURDAY). Jan. 12, two tierformao-ws. M ClINKK. KVKNIN-1. Open* ill !2>X. it--gins l ttf. Opens 6X4- IK-glu* 7M. Over nt o'clock. FAREWELL Affording ?I11 pi,: ti.iie 14) To the2 famous unl west ail suburban rati- INIMITABLE HITS, ro.ul train* SOLOS' SHIKULK PXUL PKY, *?<t "I hope I #nl intrude." LIVE IMiltN ilON DAY. Jan. 14, the young and bcauulul WOltKELL SIHTcRS. Bugaged for a limited number of night*. will appear loan Extravagant Arabian Mights Entertainment, CAMAKALZAUA.N AND BADOL'KA. lntrodu-log the three slater* (Sophie, Irene and Jennie) In their specialties. Seats secured six day* in adranee. M RS. F. B. CONWAY'S PARK TiiUATRK. THIS EVEN!NO, IXBHAVOGliE; OR T11E OUTLAW OP 98. LI A THEATRE, JWAY. opposite St Nicholas Bote). ri'KDAY. January 12. lbt>7. CSEHWAN THALl T 614 BROADWAY, SATURDAY". January E1N LI'STdPlKL, comedy In four get*. HAKTZ'KTEMPLK OF MYSTERY. DODWORTH HALL, 806 Broad war P.rerr evening at 8. Saturday at 2 P. M. M. HARTZ, "THE ILLUSIONIST. CROWDED HOUSES EVERY NHIIIT. IMMENSE SUCCESS Or THE MYSTERIOUS GOBLIN HEAD. MULTUM IN FARVO GROWTH OF FLOWERS. STRIKING WATCHES. Mr. A. Sedwlck will perform on the English concert! u*. Ticket* 50c.; reserv ed **ata SI- For sale at the Hall from 9 till A Door* open at 7V Matinee, dour* open at IV Children half price. The Chickering piano is used nt the** perforiunncef. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. S8J BROADWAY. Th* trouble comma noes at a quarter to & THE CREME OE LA OllEMK OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH, WAMBOLD, BERNARD k BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whose siu-cess has never been equalled bv any similar ergan Ixatlon in the world. New and cheerful Burlesques every week. Stump Speech, I Am Here. Black Othello, flam brlnu# Opera of Lager Beer, Imitation of Actor*. Love's Kamblea or Cupid'* Fall, Condrlllon. The Screaming Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. Tony pastor's opera house?joi bowery. GRAND MATINEE TO-DAY, AT 2K O'CLOCK. GRAND MATINEE TO-DAY, AT 2ft O'CLOCK. Last two performances of the great local drama of the day, THE CITY FACTORY GIRLS, THE CITY FACTORY GIRLS Which must positively be withdrawn to rive place to the new drama of SAILORS ASHORE, which will be produced on Monday next. TONY PASTOR'S user Song*. The grand Ballet, and a splendid bill of novelties by the entire troupe. I^ELLY k LEON'S MINSTRELS, 729 BROADWAY. THE ONLY LBON, The rush unabated. Mr. JACK CADE. NEW OPERA1TA, The lidies flock HEAVY TRAURDY. $7,000. S7.UOO. In sueh number* NELNE SEYMOUR. THE GRAND TRIO, that the auditorium MUSICAL TWINS. LUCRKZIA BORGIA, become* one vast ALLEN PRICE. EDWIN KELLY, bouquet of beauty. SOIREE D'KTHIOFB. Oreeted nightly, by crowded houuea, wub enthusiasm. Edward mollenhauer's Ml SIC XL CONSERVATORY, 820 BROADWAY. GRAND CLASSICAL SOIREE. ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 12, AT IRVING HALL. Mr. EDW. MOLLEMHAUEKwtU be assisted by the fol lowing distinguished artist*: ? MADAME MARIE FRIDERICI. Mr. J. N. PATTIBOW. Mr. HENRY MOLLKXHACER. Mr. BERNARD MOLLENHAPER. MISS W. WIIABA and J. ZEISS. PROGRAMME. Mozart - Quint#*, op. I0S Beethoven sonata Appaeionala f. piano Beothoven Sonata op. 12 No. 11, T. piano and violin Neumann Duo f. > violins Schumann Fruehllogsliod, sung Chopin Rondo do Coaoort To eommen'-e at 8 o'clock P. M. Ticket* One Dollar. To lie bad at J. BCHUBERTB k CO.'S, 820 Broadway, and at the door. (Admission fre* to pupils of the Conservatory.) Masonic.?French theatre. GRAND DRAMATIC MATINEE, In aid of tho Masonic Hall and Asylum fund, this afternoon, commencing at two o'clock. Ticket* to all porta of the homo, $L OLYMPIC THEATRE. Beoott of J. H. STODDABT. SATURDAY. JAN. 12,1867. Last night of THE LONG 8TRIIUL After whtah the MISERIES OF HUMAN LIFE. WONDERFUF FREAK OF NATURE.?"THE WASH* INGTON TWINS," born alive, baring two henda, four arms, and but om body and one pair leg*; also the head and right arm of Probst, the murderer of too Deering family; to gether with the magnificent coUecllotJfV objects In Physiolo gy, Anatomy, Pathology and Natural HUtury?all of which aie Illustrated dally by Lecture* and Microscopic View*, at the Now York Museum of Anatomy, 618 Broadway. Open fromSA. M. to 16 P. M. ("l RAND FANCY DRESS X AND MA8QUBRADB BALL, dm by the CEROLB FRANCAIS DB L'HARMON IK, AT IRVING HALL FRIDAT, JANUARY 18, UW. _ Ticket* nay be obtained of A. Salmon, No. M Wtirw *trf<-t; Louis d'Arxe. Spanish Consulate, No. 0 Broadway; L. Koppel. Na 11 Ann street; J. Blum, No. 16 Warren at reel. K. Dhuui, Howard street; A. Flauraud. No. 48$tt Broad way: H. DardonrUla. No. 678 Broadway; DelmonloeV Four teenth atreet: Fraoeia Kinxlcr, Hoffman House, Twenty flftk atreot and Broadway, and 11$ and 114 Broadway. Grand carnival and masqubbadb-on mon day next. 141b Inat., afternoon and evening. at tbe Sat tell He Skating Lake, Broadway and Union arenas, Wil Uamabun. GRAND DISPLAY OF FIRKWORKS. The lake will be BRILLIANTLY ILLUMINATED- A band of marie will be in attendance. Coelumea can be bad at tbe lake. Admiaaiou 20 cents. Weather proving unfavorable, the Carnival will be poat poned to next abating day, ___ UNION HALL. BROADWAY AND TWFNTY-TH1RD ST. Open every night, commencing Wednesday. 16th. bPnyan tableaux, painted by Huntington. May. Kyle, Cropser, Church, Dal las, Hurley ,.nd 1'huI Itiugsn. illustrating BUNYAN'H PILGRIM'S PKOORE8S. Admlsalnn. M rents; Children, 25 cents. Doors open nt 7; commencing at 7\. ROKT. J. WltELN WOOD, Manager and Proprietor, Masonic.?fkrnch tiikathk. GRAND DRAMATIC MATINEE, In aid of the Ms^onlc Hall and Atylum fund, tbla afternoon, commencing at two o'clock. Tickets to all parts of the house, $1. OFFICE OF THB PRESENTATION FESTIVAL. mS. hit Broadway. New York. Cano totuk IVai.ic.?Thn Distributing Committee beg to anuounce to the public that, owing to the great labor attend rut upon preparing the ballots snj procuring the additional Esents art-ing fimx the sale nt a greater number of tleketa n waa at brat contemplated, thai the dlHtribullon tbnt waa expected to txke place on the 14lb lost, is unavoidably postponed until 'bo 3?tU mat., when It wlU positively Uke place. STEWART VAN YLB1T, ) FRANCIS O. BARLOW, | John If. WIIITK, 1 Committee. NAiifANIKL JAKVIK, JR.. 1 WILLI\M OBTON, J New Yom. Jan. 10. I%7. MR. KBNNEDY, IN BROOKLYN ATHBNMCX, MONDAY, 14TII, AT S O'CLOCK. SUNOS OF BURNS-'TAM O'SHANTER," ??Ye Banks and Braes." "Highland Mary." "Duncan Gray." Show Wha Has," "The I.srvd o' the Leal," "Auld Robin l J ray " Pianoforte?Ml?s Kennedy. A ORAND BASE BALL MATCH ON SKATES, BE tween the E< kford and Fulton Market Clubs on Sat urday next. 12th instant, at lit o'elock. on the Satellite Skating Lake, corner of Broadway and Union avenue, Wil liamsburg. A baud of mnsic will bo in attendance. MUSICAL. A FAMILY WILL SELL Til KIR MAUN1FICENT carved rosewood Pianoforte, worth $140, for le?a than half; -even octave, overatrung, iron frame, nearly new. Ap ply at $67 Eaat Tenth street. AT THB NATIONAL CONNERVATORT OP MUSIC, 83 Madison avenue, terms $10. By arrangement with tieorge F. Hrtstow, Professor of Music ID public schools, pu pila attending school a $8 per quarter. Tbe Conservatory in teraction books free. a; T CRRKR'S MUSICAL INSTITUTE, l.STO BROAD __ way ientran"e 66 Thirty-fourth street'. Hlgnor BOR IAS' offer of si* free lesson* continue* all tble year. After one claae of tup baa finished, another of the same number Willi At 68 THIRTY-THIRD STRKBT, CORNER OF Broadway, inetraetleu on Piano and kinging. In ea?v and progressive leneotis, by a lady teacher Tei ma within sen of all. Practice dally. A GENTLEMAN WTLLOIVE INSTRUCTION ON THE Piano, at pupil's residence, for $10 per quarter; l>e?t references given. Address, with residence, Teacher, box 111 Herald office. CENTRAL NORMAL MUSICAL CONSERVATORY, J42 W. at Twenty-onb atreet, between Seventh aud Eighth avenues, Piano, Violin, Ouithr, Singing. Harmony. Ac. Les ion* private. No r'assea. j7T WATSON, agent. The mibhbs sloman. professors or ha?f. Piano and Singing, will give Instruction on Ute mo*t approved meth ?ta bow used la tbe Kuropeea a-iadsralr*. Apply at BI KR A SCHI RliFR'b, 701 Broadway. WATERS' ORAND SQUARE AND UPRIGHT PI ANOS, Melodeona, Cabinet Organs, wholesale and retail, to lat, and rent applied If purchaaed. Monthly payments re vived. Second band Pianos at bargains. Prices from $w to $116. New 7 octave Piano* for $773 and upward*. OH pianos taken la exchange Caak paid for se-md hand pla ner. Factor, art ware room. 401 Br gdw^. N. PROPOAAM. ^HlEDPROPOSALS WILL BE JBRCKIVRD BY THE ^PMrueteaoef the Eleventh ward, at thr office of tba Ctei k of the Board of Eduoatlon. ninet ot -fraud and Kim streets, uattl Wednesday, tbe list day of January, J887, at? o'elock jK>on, for the erection and completion ef a bow primary aebool house on the two lota of ground on Second street, be. tween avenuee c and D, Mi mid fMd. rian. and sptc?m. BMm for said sebooihouee ean be men at the office of Ate |lnt.T?l*nl of School Building*. No. $4 Crneby street. ^^Haala muet state tbe ?rtt?n*'e for aacb branch ef the ^Haepayately, aed ho endorsed friposeis for meson ?M ' 'Vrojswa'.a for oarpenter work,'; "Propeaala for palatum" Twe reeponaM* sad approvad aaretlea will Ml rwnulrsl from m*b suereaeful Mdd*r, aad no propoaal will Da considered in wblebeoeumm*arenamed lbaiiiboat Trustee* lamrva the right 4o re tec t any or all 0t tba peopoeai* adored, if d6?Md for tbapublic lateraet to wao. ... ? . HI RAX WISNBR, chairman, RDWAJtn M t EH t,r-* - Dated Dkwhi 91, lit upward mtfui.iv(i, iii I,|M -icm Flevtrlb Wrrg _ tlUOSUNKN14. rpHEAIT FRANCAIS?FOURTEENTH 8TRI 1 SATURDAY NiiXT, JANUARY I*, IIELOHK PAUaNQUET, Comely tn 4 ?cu, by M. Arutand Duntntin. I.P MPi'l.uT. DE TANTALK VaUDEVIJ I.E. NE.\f Tl'KSOAY. tKS RON ; VILLAGEOl - 1 lakel ui.ioe at 11. Uurd.inTille'e, 6,n Hi .idw.... NEW YORK THRU'llB. Leeaoee ami Manager*, lle<i-r?. Mark Smith A Lewm Bailer. CKSfiRlLLOM. Now being produced una ENTIRELY NEW SCENERY mid MAGNIFICENT WARDROBE. under the immedlnte *urerv'*!on of MISS HALL1M A. Ui.VCikl.EY. A COMPLETE CORPS DE BALLET OF FIFTY LADIES and it POWERFUL CAST. GRAND CKNDR1LLON MATINEE, TO-DAY. Jan IS. at 2 o'clock. Heat* it-cured alx day a in advance. Brooklyn academy or music. KATE MAN CONCERTS. Mr. Bateman beg* to announce thut be will give _ ONE GRAND CONCERT at the above Aabllshni-ut on tha evening of MONDAY, JAN. 14 The norma of performance! drawing to a close renders thia the LAST APPEARANCE IN BROOKLYN of bla une< musical troupe, who bare yiel oora ple'cd a BRILLIANTLY SUCCESSFUL WESTERN TOUR. MADaMK PARK PA. SiUNOK HRIGXOLI, IIONOR VEHAn'TT. SIONOll KORTITNA, MR. S. K. MILLS. MR. CARL ROSA. MR. HATTON end SIR. THEO. THOM AS' cel. brated rcbt-?-A Dor re open at ?'4, oooc-.t nomm-tMi at 4 Box book now open at the A fit "my. BUDWORTH'S MINSTRELS?NEW FIFTH AVBMUB Opera Hours. ml joining Fifth Avnue Hotel CROWDS OKoWDM. COME KARL*. Second week of tha suceeesf'ni niece. NEW YEAR'S CALLS, with nil Its pleasing .icccssoriea. snow atom, skating pond. W. S. and J. H Bndaorth in principal characters. MATINEES EVERY SATURDAY, AT 2!? P. M. _ BUDWORTH'S MINSTRELS-NEW FIFTH AVBMUB Opera Huime, adjoining Fifth Avenue HotrL GRAND MATINEE TO-DAY AT 31, P. M. FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN. NEW YEAR'S CALLS. With the Park Skallug Pond. Know storm. W. 8. A J. H. 1UDWORTM. Au. Admlxeion BO rente. Children to reserved team 25 <en*. CHARLEY WHITE'S MATINEE, TO-DAY. I.EH MUSCOVITES. TO-DAY AT 2*. OOLOllKD ACADEMY, TO-DAY AT 3K HAPPY OLD MAN. Ttl-DAY MISS EMMA FOWLER, TO DAY LIGHTNING ZOUAVE DRILL, TO DAY RHYMES FOR TUB TIMES, TO-DAY AT St;. THE VICTIM?THE VICTIM, TO-DAY AT S>*. ENIAN'8 FENIAN'S FKSIAN'8 FENIANS _ OATH. oath. oath, oath. _ NEXT WEEK. Next Week. Next Week. NEXT WEEK NEXT WEEK. Next Week. Next Week. NEXT WEEK. F LOOK OUT FOR CHARLEY WHITE'S. LOOK OUT I OR OOK OUT FOR Charley White'*. LOOK OUT FOR . THE FENIAN'S OATH NEXT WEEK TUB FENIAN'S OATH NBXT WEEK. CTBINWAY HALL. SATITKDiY. O THtO. THOMAS' SYMPHONY SOIREES. THIRD SEASON. lmS7. ON SATURDAY RVENING. JAN. >3, AT 4 THIRD SYMPHONY SOIREE. CARD.?Mr. THOMAS takes pleaaure la announcing that the well known Choral Society. THE MENDELSSOHN UNION, under the direction of Mr. WM. MERGE, wlD etng la tkie and the remaining rolreea of the ecaeon. THE GRAND ORCHESTRA OF EIGHTY PER FORMERS. PROGRAMME Suite in O. On. 101 (new) RaB. Ave verum Corpus M<uert. Overture t from the ) Cborua? "At lee aad Shine".. < Oratorio > Mendelssohn. Choral?"Sleepers. Wako"... f St. Paul. ) Symphony No. 4. D minor.On. 130 -.. .Schumann. Conductors?THEO. THOMaS, and Mr. *M KU.KGE TICKETS. ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CKNT8. in -liid be had at Boer A Sohrlmsr'*, 7M and a* Norn IIS and 1M Bread Ing a reserved eeat. can be bad at Beer A SabrUnev'n, 701 Broedway; at Irving Hall,MM' ' *47 STRINWAY HALL TWENTIETH SUNDAY CONCERT OF SACRED AND CLASSIC MUSIC. SUNDAY RVENING, JAN. IX AT RIOHT O'CLOCK rnlt celebrated sateman concert troupe. having returned from Vbotr eminently aueueeafut tour through the Went will appear for TI1IS NIGHT ONLT. The great Internal heretofore inanlfeetdd In theae mag nificent enterulnmenfs will doubtless be renewed on tine oecailon, probably the last, on whteb the following great combination of taleal can appear at a Sunday Coeoen lu New York: MADAM PARP.PA, SIGNOR FERANTI. SIUNOK FORTUNA, MR. S. B. MILLS, MR. CAKf. ROSA. MR. J. L. HATTOV. MR. O. W. GULHY. Mr. THEODORE THOMAS. Conductor, aad hia GRAND ORCHESTRA. notwithstanding the above extraordinary attraction the pricee will remain aa usual. Tickets BO eente. RESERVED SEATS ONE DOLLAR. For sale at Stelnway Hall: Beer A Rohlrmer, 701 Broad way; Pond's Muete Store, M7 Broadway, and Ruliinaa'a Ticket office. 111 aad 114 Broadway. Masonic.?French theatre. GRAND DRAMATIC MATINKR, In aid of the Masonie Hall and Asylum fund, this afternoon, commencing at two o'clocc. Tickets to all parte of the house, $1. Fine art gallery, m fifth avenue (MINER A SOMKKVILLB'S). NOW ON EXHIBITION, FREE, the Paintings of ALEXANDER WURT. The great carnival at oatmanvs rink. corner of Fifty-ninth street and -Sixth a verm e. on Writ tie*, day evening, wbl"h g.ire ench univviaal "nU-fi.Uui. at 'he request of thousands will be r?pr. ted on SATURDAY AFTERNOON AMD EVENING. TAN IT. THE KINK will be splend.dly illuminated wiih fxiiJun, Calcium Light". Colored Lantern". *e. A full Hand will be In attendant* TICKETS M OKMTS. Mr. PHILLIP. lh? Covtiimer, will bo In alleo<lat>e* Alao the finest HAND OF Ml'SIC In the city. nnd< LKADl.RSIIlP of tl\e CELEBRATED Frof. E.N(iLI. A RKAUlIFUL PLACE, EXCLAIMS EVERY ONK A EXCELSIOR. EXCELSIOR ONWARD. OUR MOTTO. 0>W\RJL ATTRACTIONS ATTRACTIONS WITHOUT NCMKER. WITHOUT Nt'MIIKK. NOV LI.TIES UPON NOVELTIES. under the MAN, perform" every r.ight ,.t the REVEILLE MUSIC GARDEN. <37 BROADWAY. UP STAIRS. 617 BROADWAY. No CHARGE FOE ADMISSION. CTH GRAND SACRED CONCERT-UNDER THE DI ?l motion of Mr. R Gen rale* at St Coluinba'a chureh. Tweiilv-tifth atreet near Eighth i eenua, Snuday . venlne, Jan. IS. by aeveral leading enlata and a grand churn" nt Si "elect voice". Ticket" Mc. To commence at 8 o'clock pro ciaely. MASONIO.-FRENCH THEATRE. GRAND DRAMATIC MATINEE, In aid of the Masonic Hall and A'ylum land, ihla a He-, commencing "t two o'riuck Ti' keta U>all partaof the hniteF. $1. SKATING -GRAND PRO JKN ?DE CONCERT AT STL van Laka. Ilobokon, 100: or Seventh atreet, ihla ifiatur day) aud evening. Jen 12. Theatre fb a ncaib.?French theatre to let, for evening* and matlnnea, for opetna drama* eon. eerta. leetnrea, Jr., Ac. Apply to Mont. DRlVKT, o?ee of French theatre. PIANOKOKTEN. A 8EI.ENDID SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PI "NO forle, at a great aaeriftnn; by heat makara; all improve. m*nl?; beautiful ton# andflulah: uaad only three mom hat .eat |WB; at half price. 31 Wa?hinvton plara. nearUreeueat A HIGHLY CARVED HALLKT. DATI8 A CO. PIANO, but lttUe need (price new gMdi. WH be add for ?*?, or exchanged; aereral very flna aoeond band Piano# cheap. Will be rented or a?ld en . T. S. BERRY, MB Broadway A ROSEWOOD PI "NO. gMD-FIMWT CLARA FIANOE, Org.ii," end Mel- Jeone, new and old, for rent or *ai# low lor oa?h, or on In.uliaeula. ( S. T. GORDON, 7W Broadway JUOn"PIANOFORTE -THE REST IN TCNH ANfl finish and best eirroff art ngrnt-nl. for aate and to let, end rent allowed If purehaeed Manulaelorv and were* rooui. 181 and l*? llowery. ^ MANNER A CO. J A MAONIPICBNT ROSEWOOD pianoforte pod J\ aale. made order; rtty maker, uaad Ave monthe; eogi MfiO. for Kim tnrlud'ng alool, covtr; alao Parlor Suite, Kto* ?re", Roekea". Painting#, Bronze", Chamber, Dining Fur niture, china, olaaa, Silverware, An.. a sacrifice Inquire M IVeatHiitaanth street, between Fifth and Rlxtb aveouaa. ? LADY WILL SRLL A SPLENDID ROSEWOOD JY ?e*eu oeteve Pianoforte. Including handaome Stool and Cover, a gidO lu-trumvnt, for nearly half prtna. First ataag makers; oearly new. ?'sll nt 'J" 1 hlrd avenue. , Bargains to caiu pcrcharrrb.? elegant rosewood seven actova Pianoforte. oo#? M75, for ItA) an# fii- $175. mahogany Pianoforte. MO. Barer* 1 new an4 aecond hand PUnofortea very bur. Call at *) Pourth even net Guild a co :s celebrated borton pianos, of the flnt"t tone, atyl" add workmanship. Also see >?# band Plsnoa cheap. 0. G. SAXE A CO., 417 Broome SL , PIAMOR.-ELF.GANT ROSEWOOD PIANOS; ALBO Carpet", Ollcloih* Furniture. Redding. Parlor and tad room Su .t". la, at BAND A LI, A BOOTM, corner of Canal and Hudson street*. Payment token by weakly or monthlf payment" if preferred. PAWCIlia ACAWI?? , AX TItENOA'8 NEW AND SPLENDID DANCINa1} A-ademy, Palaen Hall, WRItth a??nu? -New classed! bt* formed on Wrdnnndmfi and Raturda?* Fnlaen Unix can be rented for kHwc, belle. 4c. a7 For days, terms. Ae.. s lea a a naj fee a etreuhw. ' T\E GABMO'B dancing academy. NO ? FIFTH U evantie. soethwaat eornaf of Fourteenth streetijjpen TUESDAYS and FRIDAY!^ WEDNESDAY( and BATTfe Ladlee.1 to I P. M.. 1sw? and maetan. 4to> P W. ? srjry;>;gKuri^3%g,'W:'"<'*k ; FKBBBBO'S dancing academy, Northweat . omer Tw#niy?i?hth "treat and Rrwkdwtfa 'Tssaee fitiiHwi and BMurdnya, at 4 P. M.