Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 12, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 12, 1867 Page 2
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_??TCAT10!t8 W.\ SITE I??KK.M AUKS. A ^V'MMt.8 or WELL ItKt-OM llKMu L> Of.KM VN jtirU want ?itu*ucm?. at Mra ix>we'? uom>?u I.??u 17 Si an Ion ?i, uear HoMnry. < A I MIDDLE AGED LADY WOULD LIKE A SHTA A Doo *1 h-n: u-t?eper. where there ere servants; ? plees tit home more of an objer-. than couip-.iasv >u. Kt,j?:tncai l?ea and required. Address H. A. L., Horrid -Mbce. 4 SITU ATION WANTED?BY A PKUTf TANT WOMAN J.M. 01 stead? !.-bits, u> <lo up :t?ir? work and ;ew or lake ?*r? uf an lnifnH/1- im ?A ? .i to to .n.t ..r ???. uawu, fcu UO up Itun -?or? >ew vr Jitr ?i invalid; la willing to assist wild a-iy kind of house* ork. in a good plain cook; wages nor so inu-h re tarded as a good noma; tba beat of oily reference. Call at 144 Ad nr. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A KIISFECTABLK young gt-l, as cbamb>:.-maid and waltrws; no objeotion so assist v-itn washing and lmn-iig: Is kind to children; kaa beat of oltr referanoa. Can be ueen at 1*.' 7th av. till united. ^ WOMAN W1SHEM TO TAKE WASHIl)Gi IK THE bou- Inquire at 74 Chryalle at. AWKT NLKNE SITUATION WANTED BY A healthy young carried woman, with a fresh breast of rni.'k; haa lost her own baby two months old. To spare ti-uhle Bane out Hr.t class ram'Uea nerd anclv; beat ells cefr-er.te. Citn be *e?u at 171 Weer ,'ului at., third floor, baca num. for two day*. A BKSPEUTABLE MARKILD WOMAN, WITH A A trash hr-n t 0f tailk, wubua a situation :im WjI ntu.e with the fir 'i naby, in a gentleman's family. Inquire until suited ?i M> Hat sc. In the ' aaement. a grri attob wanted?bt a respectable YY youDtgin. sa waitress or chambermaid, no objection ;o the country: good rnty reference. Apply at 317 East Slat ?t, basement. A f* ,'u.KA j,ILIPM WBJJTHIG GOOD SERVANTS 1MME ~\ >'? ind footl Oarroan girts, at Large Employment In.utute, iiM 6- nar., below Mb sr. AKF.SHFCT.VBLE PROTESTANT C.IKL WISHES alUiaUnn as seamstress: oaa do all kinds of -mbrcld *J7- be seen, with the beat of references, at 18 East mth at. near 6th as. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS a gia-d cook: no objection to assist In the washing; la a goodi baker of bread and blaouil; no objections o go a short distance iri the eouut.y; haa the be?fc of city refer ence. Call at 3J7 West 2?tli at SITUATION wanted?by a GERMAN WIDOW, to cook, wash and ir->u In a email Atoencan family. i he w ?t JUh Kant Moavton iL, flni floor. HOUSEKEEPER'S POSITION DKMKED? BY A LADY of retl- inert, sited 3? None but Iboso w ho are libe rally dlspor.i; nee.: address Mrs. 1 .title, Albany Post of-e. (JITITATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MAR sh rled wo.nuc. .is wet r.urse in a private finally; has a fnU, r- -th hivar:, of tnllk, and bat lost her own uaby. Call at US atli at., beiwcun ay a. A and B, top floor. SKAMSTiiESt*.?WANTED, BY A YOUNG WOMAN,.A sitae J-1- as iiiatilua maker; on leratands working on a tewing mash'no; baa good reference. Inquire for Mrs. A Aran, g.'r tS4 Kan 3d sk 'IYWO RESPECTABLE GIBIJ1 DESIRE SITUATIONS I one took, w?ab and iron, and one to <i-> cbaxnber work and we -.lnq, good rei'eroac*. Apply at 1Kb Weai SVth al., room If. WTANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE > I girl, as chambermaid and waitress; will nuke hara- lf ?yaerafJy useful. Inquire at 77 Hudaoa ?i? back ba.w tt'AMl.D-BT A REmPECTAB/ K WOMAN, FAMILY ?r, at her own bouse or to go out by the day. Can be well recommended. Call at 327 7tb sr., ourner of abh St., in the lyooery store. UTAhTKD-BY A RESPECT A BLE YOUNG OIRI-. T? aliuati-m to do general housework. 1n s small'e (amdjr. Boat of city references givoo. Call at 3D East <Hti d., second fl ->r. Wanted?by a* knglibh widow, a situation as a dcrnaatloeled houaeb-oper; is willing to toke thargn uf a r.-dowar's bouse and ciilldree. Apria at No. 1ft Beat 3dth at., j-jtwren 1st and 3d era., third floor, hack. Washing wanted?by a respectable wo man; * lew respectable get Uemen'a or la dies wash 'ag done r i >n td sr., mom Id. AlTAirrKD-BY A GERMAN GIRL A SIITA HO* 4Y as chambermaid. Oau be seen at her ores?* em ployer's, dS Kaa! 771a au HELP WAYTKU-FENAI Ek. a COM HE TP. NT HorsEKF.KPt.?t U < NTED?IN a l\ prir.u- fumlly; mint be Gemjan, capable of gpeekiag Koglirh; an nraf undnratand u?- ' 'lalneaa luerc-r nar'E ntar and horn the best v>l uwtitroala.s. tail at toe Ouehi-r'a ofll -s o( the II.-raid for lull triorrtu' -uo. A SI OHA'-iKMtMAlD AND SEtMSTP.LSS WANTED? ttli i liy ? ???ren< ns. Apo.y at IM West 80th at. OTRL TANTED-TO TARE OF A SMAI.L cMld . id i!i ae'.rlng. oue who can work at H t">r .4 Wilson a aewl ig uiaohlue preferred, agjod. ciri finds a good lip!: at 311 Wast 30th at. heiwe-m itii and Nth ars. Apn NURsi: a ANTBD-A PKBSOS COMPETENT TO I ARE c??? oi tn -qtHut and win! gr.-wing children; mu-.t be Atlling and <?-igirg; eRy re fa re- rrquiied. Aptly at isoeb- , 10u Chai 'STi at. <Ncw ouusher lltk) *17ANTED. ?* W.I* VN AS WAITRESS VND CHAM " bormai-j ranted, at tfit' Weal jM it. to whom lib -al aagea ir.Ii fc gi- -j, to am"ii?i?ly. U7 ANTED-- t CH AM UK HM AID AND WAITRESS. IN " ? emal- Ir family. Apply wnh gt-cd eli. reevn oer.dat! >r , ut 12 West lfiih at, bet-veen 1: and 3 ci'oi wr ANTED A COLORED C.-oR, Kfit; A PMAi.L At-e'-. at "d fcust 1. ih ?t.. nea 't at \v i. UEi.iAB - "USC -.IHt., in d T .!gbt w-rk ?i' a ?-ii*il family ran eUcient eerr?;i .111 ?. u.-'e wjrR. Apply si -.7 ? Har! ? Vy ANTE!'- V WOMAN TD I iOK. WASII AND IRON In a umit. Ape',-. wUa ni renc Post ? M jit 'tea -e N w y-i-k w tM'lli- A PKOTI.MT.i.NT -JiKI li-COOK, Wa-'I ami a -n \np r ?: td -veal 3Stb et. Ih ;woen auf 11 Vk'ANTED? BY A HMAI-t. FVNIf.Y WfTHt'I'T rf ' .? steady gM fcr g?ni-i?l houesw.-ik" ?'lMi;ll-A?lltl, HE.WEiIN 14 Ahil 24 YBAKN, "? f ""Fire to-lies in .if .. .?< an's ailu ?+ * i-dey l-.L-.weni 11^ au.l IS, at Umo s yer - lun h rbo-u Ih.' Pe. ri ?t .in t nois w amt k:??m\ Vvoi .si man. ukewa.s, who aheakb imb I 7-ue'.!-. lsiig.-si;e -jen-i), * he- - silu-tiuuie --ir-ig i >1 lsbor.itory. u-.- ul-'-ctrn to s-i r I K . ilrr.'d '- s. a Sin ATI- N f H-'Ul * WATCHMAN W VSTf.L. h j. s fai-hiuL Igilan. aed ?ap-:rt- -a u ac no .(qps P m ur ??vru:uii.y hmite Fefensaceq u pel. ? r-tj-'sl-. , SO of t-U' On-H" -tl ; ' ru.ll e<t uzeus .Wtlli'7 ?U(H.rt ite. Add;. " C , IIon D. A IK'U I't.AAS HEAD W'-lf't, WHO iTF tkS g'.- U Ere j an, '.rin-n. wishes n .-station. o Jrr: ? I'. T. ll< raid ofi. -e MAMDXDi.-W'ANrr.D A Alt'. tTION \ STIW .HD of a ci ih, -,?iatl or or..ate w..iis.-, --r hc:ke< o-r. bv ,">:i ... by sn in J bniih- - . ?i--k -? .eral F. M.. II w akt? r>?a i^ir; ation fw oH, li iuv wn W AM'KD--BV A llK 11. al at , -i - tta'-ke a* ??e ? >-?> bje- ilnn i - eft ? 't? glrea. Add: AAtANtl ->?r-V A YOCN-i Mas. ACU AINlKl- WlIH ? tl- 4- -tea .- si ? , Ad-t. -a F. H. K., Hera-d ufli.W. SITUATION WANTED?BY A BKbPEi f \Bl.t j ncdd.-i cg.:d wduan, a* nuraa lu an lut-nd lady; has and many yei.ra* expertrnoe: be?t of city reference'given. Vitli at Id C*ronua al., uear BImcaw m An .vmekican oiru aged sixteen, wdihus a atn.sti-m u> uke care uf a ei-iid or do light up utairs work, inqmrr at?77fc'i at. A situation wanted-by a rkbphotabi.e young girl, to do general housevrork m a urtva-.a faiuliv g-'ud ally reference, call at I-*6 uui l.ih an. aocoud fl-.-.r. A MI.fPFOTAblb widow woman wants a situ. P a!loii aa wet nur-w. willing to go a fbnrt distance in the couutrt. Apply at hi Marion at., aiwre pftncj. two blocks of Hmalwar. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A PEACE AS OHAMBFR A mat I and aiirt as or aa chambermaid and : ? acdsi With the IVaaiiing and ir-miag. boi t ollr reference fr-in .-?r Aat place, where -he aas lived eight vears. Gail at 377 Weal H at. bet wear yih rnd Ititb ari., third fl.?>r. ba-'k ro-im. C I.K.I- Kf? ?KO SALBIlM>:X. Alorv t trrKtiUoKKT M VR c!.:.*AN' vho* 0?bM, Be^oanied <*lth Um -fllci Am mora. has ?n0? etaaA know.* Ira of i' * Bogllati U-.f i?aa ?iud xrrit* < ? got i oaad. ?n Im ? a ?.i-, .??. ? M <??"??s?0|>*' in an li snrirro ?Mrnm ?? fa rho' ,.ii* Ijua*, ol'J rwi* ? Isf A'l-t.*?? I". !?. la, ilsrafd odlno. ? ?rf*ur h<!'!*K Kfcrr.R ami Alt it cobrks poad<nt, i.wui. hating -tad ??.<? alto. formtrlj u *nnf?M?a jwl, w.r.i|(*4,n? ,n itBhttoa; j>.*t'rr.. ar*nona at. ? i *?<? salts'*, tori o> ptataUnaa. Ada.**a W. I, hot I'll IrraM i ft"*. IRABU SALE-MAN.-4 TOl VtJ MAN OF J ti**jr.*rs' <!tl> r.*n*a in fha r t?in??* w be* to t::ai>0 an ?mt?Jtnurh arthoyv.1 ho. ??, l> , and twin, A > I oMr rod Con d, ihM* rof * ir*. ax to hi at ?at*, ahtfty, Ac Ad<.?a?s r. H. W.. eat* t>nt >97 Pot; "fflr*. UMBPr.VAMCBt NoTTOsfi > s > wif , K of, ABOldh.-nlilr.bad bo tee, uawls . i-.n'tol 03 nu rg adtMoir* acat*. Will maka ItboMkl arrsnaeneata imh ?e it? ??lh*m?. whuoa-1 poalUtai; ivutrvl a ?are* trail* nf (heir osm; nana tMhora n.a<l ?n??rt *<Mra*a hat Ant- Post ?aifc ?T ABi El?-A ?YOBBO Man a- AN amIBtaNT ?? aaiaaatan Id an ?mttnr'ie* btMloeoa; sb \-v- ,n Bad onn wh ' ia'at MQtiMMAMI witlm-a dry ?v*t* oh. tout and no." p iiojaaa pr?.rrf..i Ad <rood, ? oi-it iltrr atpact*4, aith r*rar*norhot lt?w) p0rt cJIce. U'ANTJ ?? A FTMS* RATI, SAf.rjs* ,n TO CANVAS* t.h* ! !<? far lb* ?<> of a at - ?lt>- la i gr cart Unr ?MInrfaly AhqaaloMd ".lb lh<< cta"< of irst* prr'newl' Add man, with , ari.tuiara, X. ?>. J.., Uerald olfon. W'ANTl l>--4 UH-T CLAM K. fAlL 1IO-IRRT aalai nth: Bona toil lb ?r t ior uhly a' il? mondial tha trada n?< u also i mod tieiinan aal'sntan. M. ROUKNTK, JH. A CO 181 *h a* lAf ANTKH--A 1 HOBOOOilf Y KSf I HIT* f Kf> BOOK. ?? kaeae . h- d 17 g I- t*mjii"?ii.a i?m?n aj. 4t*wrtrlta rxfa-aa***, bn? i,IC. foal oiBee. Ildvfjf* WA1I>;jh.?tu?, a DtKRTThIRO CANVaRaFPN WANTKH.r-ONR OR J\ tan a-?? rata mnPAx-w* tn pr>Mitt) ja-wr,taam*> "or *? Pritr i#l;dua City Piract-try. A frMal tooT. U. thl* tt*M -st no. I f,t?hn'i?* bUoa J?roo> Via. lor lonr. IAH?*0. ?Y*m t*flo?IO Will ho BoHl. Am SAl.piiMA V -AbMO F1R' I t'ltAMB ROOKKBF.PKK. __ for n houaa; * /0 M mat I t niakn himself uoafitl, Hit innrn.Ma. ID Raaaou at.. MB Bo. *. HKI.P W a ?TE1VM AtWk 4 LI. 11;Jill.INU KX< KLLKN I 8ITUATHHI8 IN ALL ikiikiiw auol t>u-'.iM?a\ catl a. > hsmoer, street l>. -1r?ou: v?e^iR,e? opeu this d*J. (?Lr.?i|li(?P par week. i Oh NTS WANTI ID?TO SELL REYNOLDS' WELP i\ Faaien lug Kla?uc Strap f'-r pants, vuats aud drawer*. :n Liberty eueel. AGENTS wanted-to SELL BROWN'S GLASS I'liiniiij Pol lib for wind >w*. mirrors. gold and etlv.r pUtod ware, uu, Ac. Discount la the trade.. C. LIKwVVA, 74 Hleeuker St.. New York. A N EXPERIENCED BOTTLER WANTED?ONE WHO J\ b tan) with bottling aoda and mineral water. An dress f-pr't **. Herald office A LI. DESIRING SITUATIONS. APPLY AT THE NEW .\ Turk Bnt|do.vmaM Association. HR Broadway ; clerk*, aaicraan, uriecra, porters and all others. a N EFFICIENT AND RELIABLE MAN WILL BR ,? uaid a tegular salary to canvas* fur advaiYlarmeuta tur a weekly paper of good circulation. Call at room No. 4, No. V Spruce ktruet, between 12 aod I o'clock. A 1'VKRTISI.hO CANVASSLRS WANTED?FfKnT ? ? claaa, to work on Baldwin'* Consolidate^ Diroctoiy. Apply to II. A. Baldwin A t o., 6k Cedar street. BUT WANTED?IN AN OFFICE. WHO WRITES A 1 good hand; aalary glut! first year. Address O. M., Herald office. OT WANTED?IN A LAW OFFICE. APPLY AT 9? Nassau at., room 35. B Experienced and reliable canvawserh wanted?To solicit advertisements lit New York o?ty and Brooklyn, for the American Pictorial Advertising Com pany- Office III Bruad.ay, room No. 7. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?ENTERPPIEING MEN. witL a capital of $500. to go to Philadelphia and other loading cities, to take charga of a pleasant and profitable business; to the right men a flue chance Apply at once at IIS Cortland at. Ot SUING A WING. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN (GERMAN, SPEAKING English welli, who has had experience tn a ehemu-al laboratory, to go Couth. Those having good references aaay address box 6,SS6 New York Post orttce. Wanted immediately?an experienced ? travailing agent for a drat etors vamlsh establishment; none other than a fully competent man. with a good ac quaintance in the trade, need apply. Address, with refer ences, box NIO Post*, Newark, SL J. WANTED-AUEA'iS; $150 PER MONTH AND ALL etpcn.,e? paid, to Bell the celebrated Baker Family Rawing Machine. Price only $??. For particulars apply to or add rata C. CLARK A CO., loll Broadway. WANTED?A BOY IN AM INSURANCE OFFICE: must be smart, write a stood band, and furnish good,. Ajdnreu* box 6 41? New York Post office. WANTED?A GERMAN BOY ABOliT FIFTEEN years ot :>ge, to work in a fruit and wine store. Apply at 685 Broadway WANTED?FOUR ACTIVE YOUNG MEN TO ACT AS agents for the .sale of an article used by nearly every business bouse in ;he c.ty. For particulars call at 1,130 Broadway, third door. References requlttti. WANTED?LIKE INSURANCE SOLICITORS IN THIS city nnd In buy part ot the United bia'os. A leading and popular company will make very liberal terms with Cntiemen of experience. Address, with reference*, C. A. , Herald office. WANTED?ACTIVE AGENTS FOB NEW YORK and the mar.ufacthting dwrict* to contract with American exhibitors for representation at Paris; fair coin uiisaioc. Address, ktatiog references, box 0,707 Post office. New York. II * ANTED?A GENTLEMAN PERSONALLY AC vy quumted with tb? notion trade of this and adjacent cities, to caavaaa iur a new and useful article. First claaa salesmen oc; need address box 3,600 Poet office ANTED?A FIRST CLASS OYSTERMAN. APPLY after 9 o'clock at 678 Broadway. WANTED-A MARF.IKI) MAN WHO THOROUGHLY und.-ri.ta.tdv .rming * :.d the rare of stock In all its branches, to take charge of * large farm in Orange county; his wile ranst be a drat otsts dairy woman. Adores*, with references and term* expected, box 1,128 Post office, N. Y. w TXTANTCD?TWO GOOD MEN TO SELL RELIGIOUS V V and patrluti" pletit'ftv on time. Apply at Kelly's old stand, 56 New Chambi r? at., near New Ho,very. WANTED?FOR ONE DAY ONLY', A GOOD AND rapid pecmus. -vho can read all klud* of writing In English, to copy a quantity of letters: f.alarv $u and break fiat and ..inner If deetxuo. Actress bet ore 1 P. M. to-day, B. Henry, care of Bin-merer, 1911 Fnsr! sL THE TRADE*. AFBOTOGIufiup OPKr.ATOR WHO IS THOR "?>* Jy *o<ittA.iroc with all the tranche* of thrbuai. wifheaaaoiiirageiBentma flmt. c'?aa gallery where tsigets11 sss Vrot'LDRR W INT*I)-A MAN COMPETENT vnn 1U foreman ? a uull faaud^ln Sut^-hlnch work; uuM understand nhdlf Roods and isi'Sr fD ta? *Sm '"a >f h" dMllCT- ^ddPB" x?H"^W0?lbl? WANTED- A GOOD PRACTICAL FOLWDREMTVP ?4iN tender nou. ^ArXunWi; SpraBos'"1 Inqnlro uf F. K. Wrlher, M WANTED?AN KNOKAYKB; ONE WHO FULLY EjT ujratan.l* the bnrirtMK .ad ia <ww?bli .nd w Jllur V. ?" '[? :t?' Of la 7%? .ad flSi ?1.? jewelry Atone, In of ttir Wektern ettie-.; ;h- h-st o' rr W Apply M oSS'Wotai6* Co., 13 WANTED?BONNK1 WIRV.RS, AT THK ARCANI'M Hot Manufactory, M Md it iiioeao .c * - JON. P. TBAIXEBA CO. WANTED?A PRACTICAL MOULDER TO ACT AS h ? fouu trr at Yoakoni; salary 11.200. Ad ? ?caobor No. 9 Pn.t otficr, V"ukor*. VI* AN.KD-OV;; GOOD HAND CHASER. APPLY TO ?? 1- Xtrl-<Uud, 17 Maiden Une, New York. Xlf ANTEI>_AN INTELLIGENT MAN WHO UNDER i. * '*tbe. '-?n?!Tn<'.tloa of kiin* for heroine boi.e* ' - practice knowledge of the hit" to ts'ke 55dT"U?^'Ap^ ?l ? batween 10 UL '?"> ? " a MAN AS si ???; :'Mi:,.i(.vr ,,n xts. ?? .tor of a *]???. ia uny; mt>" be of iemparmte hshlt, A(.tJnr ?, with t ere.-en ?*?. ifltm Compear, IJeraid oUce. VV1?.ri:P7Ar.00.CM'r "AN" "i-K "foRoKR. xn-T 'i D'.rr ie A iltKhor, W ?t, * "'ORoi ciiLV EXPERIENCED BRANS o%c: ;<r ?- ?'?? W42l:.W"K .?? SMART BOYS TO Z . . - ,? ;; ERK.NCil VDV KinikKJILATH. r!"' rT nn "AM-A! v.. Ml SIP.K IP. ..V'.j*WF? Wrumi* ma. ?* i I'haurr ... rt. r'.^mr . o?.";.,'dM tUu St! >? < i|L .A ^. |{' '' "' i - . o [lD.->n CIKTR rfianacm fPr. Jtrii,?'' * AP..-,?atW .PU iJSS! a**** Kr I |K B. N I'l *! x-j f,r | ?nM I,. i v ht:i AIV U HJ"K DE Ii\ 1MIX. FARIff ? - ^BJUiHf \(? Fol; HI" iv rvii FASHION ^aLK Pfer-:-;. Af rjs f,. ia'r h.a,dk.roh?nf. ? . ? _KA I .'-ix rivALB I or thr hair ' !>...? i oi.Nl - i-i I...A.1 ., iklr.) P*\'!S Aov'^'V ?.*Nl>i?Af,0*4U R"K Apntmnit? p'0> jrd Cu^?, |>Ai{|- BFItlUlTION, lAAT. -JOHN AUTHtJR * oo jfei"' r/C^r-^xhr pAKR s KARNAPARJM A AND PILLS FUHIVT THR 5UW3 ?5W35SB d?? Woo-' To thrin. El.o wiot? 1 * *ntf fHOMAH M, ALEX ANORK. a late of ha'.timorr. LAW OFFICII 99 AND 4l Wall sf&RKT. HOI *K?, Rouiff, ACh WjiM Pt, A ^mm i. FAMILY of ad; ;,ts rq; r.? ortaVm a floor of are* or four Roc uaf .r Air.. jnojuoa prr.orrrd. Add,,.. ^ ?? l^ST.e^S Ft RNtSnr.D hoi st: WARTKD-aNY FAMILY nrnia^ abroad aod dr?rlnj to la,., thnr On .!? ??,I a in ?nod taad.. m.y h-,: {Eg* Boot who rrlU .oka ? j. of ll durln. i;?l ? .rr! l*T.T' ai%E "* *?"rm ^swjsysa-; WAirrW-RY A OKTTLRMAN AND WIFE, HAYINO v. , chHdrrn. ooa Flocr on (woa? d or U n) "orV i? #a Vlf ANTED- RV A NMAL1 FAM LT, A FIKStTr , ' Sartnd 1, not ln.?s than Or, nnak la a on- .. irar *Mu ^ VyANTED-fO RENT, UNKURNIM1RD. FOR A ktSvrorteJBwaarsI "^v"-lr' ?ml r i rtr ft.nnh ' V1'"" b.vt, liutwra* (Lain Aboni ?*i iA? m I,T ;? ,rMl Kl?:'w? axioiw. fpr b..rWrrWw^ a*1iw? H i, ^t-wtth the PAmuniH or moff p. ^ Tj?L? ?,?r! 5 .1 i0 3?rfi?,.r S D. Uarwdfii^^Viia d^Bft*^k' J' Addr"^ VV Aci., a 'TH imnkdiate roxs. s. Mir NT UK prr.ooa? AdTrJrr;^,,'^'^;: ? IIOL'SKM. KUU.11. <W.. TO L.'^T. AT ill# FDUKTH~AVKNUB -IKKDOfn TO LET; IMC /1 HSU; oily and nuntrv; ftirelnhed *nd unfurnlahe-t. Dunu toe se-aon send vi*kljr lor U1T ll< .1 K*t itt t'tre iltr. SI'AM.KY day. Artxmit ok four rooms to let?is hocsk m .triixfi Dtit dtiji, MCvud dour, or to J. O. bAI I.K Y, Id Klfth street. AnO0?R AND STABLE TO f.KT-WITH Pit-i' S ?ton of part ol thr house (right gu .1 riuuni an the Ut dav of Fmruary. p?a .eawmi of the h ".!?* and stable on the lit day at May; stable sufficient for U borar*. with largo Lo.Y fur hay and graiu. E L A H. T. BURNHaM. *?? Hudson street. a NKATI.Y FURNISHED HnllSR TO LET?PIIRNI j\ tore for sale?on fairtontlh au-act. near nlgth avenue; posse Ion near too 8to of Ap U; real S9u0. kurniUwe near ?2.500. Addreaa Thirteenth Street, Ueraid office, for Inter rises A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED TWO AND A HALF atnryHouse, down town, near Canal street; nvc bod*, puno; $1 ,b a ioo.n.h to ilayor lotiver. Call early. AD AN.4 A CO., 653 llroadway. A BEAUTIFUL 8UIT OP UNFURNISHED ROOMS to let -la a prirate house. Alio an office. 16 Bret jort place, near Broadway. A LARGE HOUSE ON NINTH STREET, NKAU BROAD way, to r?Dt from May 1 for millinery, drese making, or tailoring establishment; fJ.OW. O. W. "" SIMMONS. JR.. M Broadway. A FEW HOUSES TO RENT-FURNISHED, $60. ?76. ?IU) to ?400; a coay little Houae in Hiooklyn, eight roomit, gas anffi water, for aalt- $S 7U0; tenaa easy. FREEMAN A CO.. 31i Broadway. A SUIT OP POUR ELEGANTLY FURNISHED Rooms, with hot an* cold water, gaa, ba.h, Ac., on same lloor, to let at 1,140 Broadway, near Twenty-birth afreet. A NEATLY FURNISHED HOUSE TO l?RT?<PCKNI tare for aalei ou Twenty-sixth street, near 8 ith eve sue; ready for immediate uae; rent ?1 300; furniture 63.0001 JOSEPH mason. fine alreet AT 47 AMITY STREET?A FURNISHED ROOM AND Bedroom for housekeeping; also tingle Keom; no children. A FURNISHED ROOM AND TWO BEDROOMS TO let, wlta rnnventimc-ri for housekeeping, to a gentle man nod hti. wife. Apply at 2tt Went Twenty-fourth street. A STORE TO LET-IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OP the Fifth At.*nun Hotel; rent ?3.2110; immediate pos ?eaa'on. Apply to U!RAM MKKKITT, real estate office, 46 Third avenue. At the wiiitnet house, broadwat. corner of Twelfth street?Furnished Rooms, en suite and alu gly. Meals furnished to order or by the week. A FURNISHED EOOM AND BEDROOM AND TWO large Pantries to let, without board, at 411 Hudson st A N UNFURNISHED HOUSE AT REDUCED RUNT; A one furnished, suitable for prirate dwelling or board ers; Room-, sittglv or In suits, furnished or unfurnished, for bottukecpinr. 56>- West Twenty-fifth street. A COST UNFURNISHED COTTAGE AND SEVERAL \ Floors to let; rent ?12 to ?35 per month; also splendidly furnished suit; immediate possession; open day and even ing. 114 Third ayenue. A BROWN STONE FRONT ENGLISH BASEMENT Houae to let. furnlshad, at ?375 yer month, ou Ninth street, near Fifth avenue; part taken in .board. THOMPSON. 760 Broadway. AN ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR, WITH ALL THE CON veruencei, amply and elegantly fur,or. d. may be had by early application at lao West Fourteenth street. Family prirate. Bast reference. /COMFORTABLE. FURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT? VJ Corner of Sixth avenue and Twenty-fifth street, over the carpet sture. Desk room to let-at no. 7 pinp. street, room No. 2, suitable for a real estate or ooal broker. Eighth avenue btorf.s and dwellings to let?Northwest corner FIfty-secoi.d street and Eighth avenue; r.ew buildings; splendid location for busltesb. Ap ply on the premises. First class house to rent-furnishi- d, for one or two years,'<n West Twenty third street. The owner expecting to go abroad, would rent to a first etnas party only, at ?600 per month. It is one of the finest and most ripenaiTely furnished houses on Twenty-third street; 1 story, nigh sloop, brown. JAMES R. EDWABP8, 277 West Twenty-third street J1UBNISIIED HOUSE IN THIKTV-FIFTK STRKKT. between Fifth and Sixth avenues, to rent until May. lt*?, at #40C par month; tally an.1 elegantly furnished; will only he rented to a private family. Address R., box AIM Post office. __________ Furnished second floor to let?consisting of three rooms, suitable for housekeeping, with gas, at No. 6 Blrlngton etreft. Housekeepers or persons ooino to housb keeping ean buy Carpets, Furniture, Bedding. Parlor ? ~ " lie, Be., at BKNDALL A SCOTTs, r __ Sulla. Be., at BENDALL A SCOTT'S, corner ?f Canal and lludaon streets, and pap by weekly or monthly permeate If preferred. Hotel to lkasb-at buthrrford fare, on the Paaaaie river (Omiautee>;6 miles from .lew York, ? from Newark,* from Fatereoa. Accomodations first class for lOD guest*. , affi _ MOORE * BEOWSTk Naacuti street^ IN WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. BF.TWEBN FIFTH aud Sixth s venues. aa niegantly Funusl. -.a H jure tu let, to a private family only. Apply to BLLECKER A DENI SON, No. 5K, Pino street. OFFICES AND LOFTS TO LKT CBK.AC?AT M2 AND 544 Bri adway, near Spring street. Apt-iy or, the preut 1??m, to tha janitor, or to tho owner, at SB8 West Fifty.>moond OFFICES TO LBT.-iiEVBRAL VERT DESIRABLE OILoer to lei. is the new building en the coiner of Water end Piue atreel*. Inquire of fAibil, WILLIAMS A CO., 191 CfcUfebere street. "PROPOSALS WILL BF RECEIVED TILL FEBRUARY J 1, 1867, for renting fltoree and Office. In the New Hr.-ald Building, on Broadway, Perk n>w nod Ann street. Plaue of the pretni3'"- een be eaamlned ct the outer of the Superin tendent, corner of Vnlton aid .Nwuu alraeu, to wbou, the prop tea'. may h? directed. "PROPOSAL? WILL HB RECBIVKD TILL FKBRPART X 1, 1157. for renting Store* and Offlc-s In <he Herald Building comer of Fulton and Naeavi at rente. Plana of the preraimi. can be examined at the office of the Supe.lalend ent, to whom the prnpoaal. d.ajr be directed. Room and bedp.oom to let?at tut canal atreei. corner of Sullivan; fumiahed or uefurni lied; no chUdreu taken; tent tt& >>r fllb per tnnnlh. STORE TO LET-OWE DOOR FROM BROADWAY. A large, new and convenient Store, about tbxlOd leet, baecTTu-nt and Mh-baaement, every floorbeing well lighted; rent low. Apph at once at SI and 90 Leonara .treet QTOKE TO LET-AMD FIXTURES FOB SALE. IK O quire at 134 Ninth arcane. STEAM POWER FTBBT LOFT. 388 BI.ERCKEF ?trect, to rent- fine room, aplendldl) lighted. Inquire of O. M. JACuBH, 172 Pulton street. TO LET-AMD FIXTURES, AC., FOR SALE. THE;-.t 3tf Washington a'rr.'. corner of Yeaey; a Oral rate a'.-.nd for tl.e bate r. ?ht e and egg bualneaa. Apply Immediately on the premier* TO LET?A PARLOR STORE. Willi ELEGANT SHOW wlr.d.iw*; aim. Baeement Store, with adjoining room*. YtrSm splendidly fitted up; nl .oone "tilt of Kcoma and two aluele Room a, with or vrlnotr. furniture. 107 Hleeoker ?t. Itti LET?LOWER rtKl OF HOUSE 170 BAST TltlR. ty fourth atreet, ti rat floor and t: artn'ent,nine rooms, in goo J . rder. Poaacruon lmtr-'dlatol . Real 916. E. U UlNli, 676 Second a venae. TBI I.KT?A FIRRT CLtsH FURNISHED HOUSE. NEAR I Fifth avenue. 2ftiq 'eet front, three room', fleflPi wdth '1 the modern improvement'; poa*"s?1on glv.n Mty I. For further peftirnlare apply at 19 Watt rwenty-flret atreet, between the houre o 10 and 12. TO LET?ONE-HALF OP A COTTAGE HOUSE. ON K guty third a.reet, fourth cotiafle from Fourth a enuo, south our. rno birr?a fckni hxi' BOUSfl; located down J town, peer Canal afreet: completely m> ? for $1,"5 n month; p -**# i"U lirmediately. CalA at No. 4 Kenwick atreet. between llndaoit aim Oreonwjeh. TO LET?WITH IMMEDIATE nsSESSIOW. T?B 8.W at'iry ha em it Heuea !?*> UiceAor atreel Lease wrtfl Imgltre. W. J REUMaNN A ? Op Wl'% Went Twenty lift j atmet, corner Siuh avon-vi. ypo LI T A NrtT TIlKEIl S A piste.'v 'in uL.Led, to a smell 1 1st o Eobritery. Ia<t?!re at "i Wae door, .r.ini filth areni-e, batveflee 1 TORT HOUSB, COM Ihraily inic, p> , iraalmt .Slneirenit aire*), two I KB 'l B o'clock. nio i.kt-hroakw vy stork 1 ol.iaa. above t'aral ?lr.'n . tngH alaea. Apple to M. ? VYfcllb, ?? 1 I AND LOFTS, FIRST e-r or 'operate, or all imadwsy. mo LET -NICE APARTMENTS 1 aireet, ccetiar'M Thlnl avenue, l m'Ki, a, 3JS Third areaun, be >n $*f. A AT 101 TWKI.rTII Irec Rooms, also Apart' rweu*).ei-hth atreei, at IiaM 9W Broadway. 'fO LET-A HANDSOMELY I story front Bcir ? m. for one or I imp wecnenM; tsrv u?mi hflaso; ni hood. Apply at leg W eat^ FURNISHED THIRD ku persona; all modern lencerMonable ueiKuO'>r irth atrett. fflO LET?F'./OORS OF SIX RO'lidH EACH, W 1TH OAS, J. Ctuton marble mantels, Ac .'en Eightv-Ui.rd itre't, near rhlrd ivemne; reutflM. Apt# to LUl'Lli A DAVIS, onrti-r <tr-et and Ftraiprenne. fio LEASE?TUB pnoFi-RTT 1 I v? t ci and near Broadway. | MORL. 1 At) Spring u?rp 100 PRINCE 0TRKKT, rqulre of S. H. Skill. O RKNT-A SMALL. COMPLETELY* FURNISHED HO'iar, located in Harlem; Ma all modern Imprave. meiit , to a * nail oarwfiUI an,.,/ W itlld he rented low. For an interview addrwas Jaekaon, lierddoffioe PFR MONTH?A TWf BTORT COTTAGE Houee, 7 rooma, eonrt raid eed varanriah front; aiao two Floor* on Broadway. ? rboma oaeh; to let. by t:. WOOD, agent, or P. VAN DKlSKS. stove store, I,ae9 dua l way, above Flfty-fleet mreet. V .$30 oon Hudson strekt, neaM canal-a wroow ' and eon would let the aecLirt floor Front and Back Ifo in. and Hal' Bedroom, separably nr together, to a parly ?if resectable young iweo or * man wit* a mnell family. ?>U ? 'I Tenna in Morale $(W1A -A TWO STORT AffD ATTIC IIOrSB IN Baak atree: toletfrori May ueit; haa tiercel era renveo'rncea. AJdrct- B. t. tarteu. :3 Wall aAreet. l?l t'DA -*<> l-BT' THE TIlRKF RPLE'lDID vIaiUUi Lofta. 3J7I Canal atreet, between Church and V.'e?t Broadway, with 1 or 4 rears' leaee, to a reapnaal In Ely. lnqni.w of ti. SlDENBBHG A CO., MA Broadway, iigante need apply. IIF.hTISTtt. A MOST W?tNDF,KFIIL DISCOVRBV.-TEETH EX 1Y 'racied without p.lo ttefi rare) bv orlgioai benum' iug applliatlcn (rrmotiaatlon). Laugjunf ??? fn*h dally. BeaiiUfetJeeMi, flt. J. JtT VILLI >tc. IA6 draud atrent. BKAUlKtL KI LL SMS OF f'DMTINLDl'S UflJl sod Rubber TeeLi. with rl im, e? < to reel' re yoiphful appe?ran"e, M to fllh Tsmlara >'>i: ? ttng Wlih gaa. Ope raii'n.a warmnic.'. 199 (Iran I "e?t. i lOLIUh MXTAla AMOOUffini DRIfllNATMl AND V make a apet aity of theu'eol Mtrn^a ovide r .a, and pdniliiietcr it (n the "nly.way which unlfawinlr ileatf<?* pain.

We heeegivr ., t to over IRnuopatianie. Oedke le hendquar Hn Oflfce 19 '' /upei lnaU'.u'r. SAl.K'o AT AtlOTllMI. ^ A^m -sarukl w yv.s a 041.. auctioneers -ait ? I"hi *<?? ?>< <if nut pufluniii llouaeluhd Furniture, Piano forte. Hi J many r.ire noil eoatly W\-rk? of Art this uav f-ittu-.iayi, ( t tint elegant mansion 4IW??l KUtrtir.,a auii'i bei ween Rtftli aiu Mxth an inian, **le c .omii utini el 11 o'clinMt?Drawtn* Krn.a Fttrntur-. m? nnI Ii ov.uil: Fu.vtf. -"><?? ret*'v Hi- Kn Kn-oigru u"S 2b T ilu/nes of clioior tin >i.*, 1' urpets. Chandelier- rtrvuxa l I I uMi, I'aullnr bj .Iii0aa.1t and .uop-'n artists; su p-rt. riim aii <1 Piui'/wb. rkshvat instrument offered it auo tluu till. se,i??iimanned ai d w-luiil llur- I- Btl-teid W?nlnit?i. Mat treat r*. Hednnx. Turkish ReUnita* Cnaira, Coueiie. Kxtenst-n Table Huffet oli-ijunt Ml China. (lies* tvare. hllver War*', 1. bl- Cutle-y. Lluen, Rmaasiciit ami Kitchen furniture V. H.?Cnmpeleui person* in at lind ane! to pac". or rt wove life good?. A^HLULRT H. WALDRPN, AUCTIONEER. ?46 BROAD was.?-HYLANDT A W iLiJKON w 11 ??il at ar.etloo thl? (tar. At 1) ocbefc, continuation aula o:' assignm'! stock of Silver Fisted Ware, oonsi.U.'gof the usiivl v rl-lf. A UCTIliN NOTICE.?BRILHON A M0H0L8. Al'O J\ U -neer*. will a,Hi on Krhlsy. Jan. 18 at 12 o'clock, within their sale room, 113 Pearl siren, .laaever auuire. for aoooum of whom u ni*v <*>nc??rii. liiuk ?'^an.-'-ihe oopptir fn?t<fuod Mark Ocfatt. *b7 toti* burihrn, ** she low lie*, with all her *p*r?, mas'.*, Ar.; U ca;?p*r fn*t?ne<i wtth hrti4a'y -jkjpper and jfcHow oietal bolt*. ia weil adapted f jr a b irge, coal hulk or Can Oe aeon at Robert* Wafi *ire?t elore?. Brookiyn. AUCTION SALE OK OVER flO.ntlO WORTH OK MAO nlflnent Household l urnilnre.?K. Kill It. Auctioneer, will anil thia (Saturday. afternoon, Jan. 14 at 2 o'e'uek, all the c.egsnt Household Furniture of til's lour story house 110 Wwi Eighth Atreet, few door* from Sixth arcuu", near Jef f' i>on Market. A m-.enirtcent rosowood Puuofortc. 23 Da# Oil PaiuPnga. Worka of Art and itronre*. IS Hruaaala and Ingrain Carpets, a lot of nek 1'arlor. Bedroom and Mining Room Kurnfture: Spring and Hair Mattresses, (llaas, China, KtlfW Ware, ilu ltrj, Ac. Sale p ;LUve. _ AMUCTION HOTIOK? M UOUOnTT, AUCTION EBR, will ael I this (lay at 10!* o'clnrk, at the aurtlon i oonta. 7V Vaaaau eiree.. a large and general assortment of Parlor, Cbaoiber and Dining Kooai Furniture, BtuswsU and Velret Carpets, Hair, Musk and Straw Mattresses. Painting., En graving!, lias El Hurra Chsndelierx. China, ('rtcicerv. iHaaa ware, Mantel Vases, maitingV lar<e aasortmsui worthy the attention of housekeepers and the trade. A BSIUNEB'S SALE.?H. ACCTIONEUR, Kuit< jl will well, on Monday 14th inst.. at ltft; o'clock, at 17SX Fulton street, Brooklyn, Hat,, Cape, Fur* and Strgw (loo ts; together with alt other (Mods in said atom. Al.-o the Lease of said premises, with Fixtures therein. By order of Assignee. BY HENRY H. LEEDS A MINER. HE.NHY H. LEEDS. Auctioneer. EXECUTOR'S SALE OK FINK MODERN AND ANCIENT OIL PAIhTINOS. On THURSDAY. January 17. and FRIDAY. JaiuaryM, at 7E o'clock each evening, at the "LEEDS ART (iAL LKRIL8," 8t7 and 810 Hro dway, THE ENT1KE COLLECTION OP PICTURES AND STATUARY OF THE LATE MR. K BOON:4N ORAVKS, romp:ieing several very tine old original pictures; alto some line piece, of B'stusry by .Tuos: also some Que original I'm turns, bv order of Mr. Charles A lain*, now reliding abroad; a'so an invoice of line European Pictures, by celebrated ar tirts. Among them will be .ootid the followtug, vis;? KDKOPEAN AKriSTh. Kug Verboeckhoven.W. Oenlx, (Jerome. Caltrae, Chifflvrt. Ueo. Lance. Troyon, A. Uhsppel, Louis Lasralte. Scbeere*. Llndlar, Ktbot, Uh. Hue, N. Lancret, hUuitteld. AMERICAN ARTISTS Thus. Cole, Van Boost, Thos noughts, Uinklc/, T. Hue hail Kced. J. M. Culverhonse, J. K. t'ropscy, O. 11. Boui'h'on, E. D. Lewis, And others. They are now on exhibition free *t the abov (Ja'.lerie*. from 8 A. hi. toft P. M., and two eventtgs previous to sale till 10 P. M. B'~y minerTsomervillr. EAffcNblVE hall OK liOUSKlIOLn FURNITURE, nt salesroom 37 Naaseu street, MONDAY. JAN. 14. AT 1(1^ O'CLOCK. Particulars in to-morrow's Herald. Benj. r. theall, auctioneer. late SALESMAN WITH E. H. LUDLOW A CO. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MIRROR, CARPETS, Ac. THKaLL A BROTHERS will sell by auction, this day (Faturday). January 12. I8S7, ntj ll'Jtf o'clock, at their sales room, t>2 Liberty street, a general assortment of Household Furniture, consisting Is part of ro? and walnut Parlor and Library Ruils In satin and rep., French Bedsteads, Dre.sliir Bureaus, Withstands, Bockcaaea. Chairs and Easy Chairs, Qne Feather Beds. Hair and Straw Mattresses, Satin and Damask Curtains. Velvet, B'ussola and lugraiu Carpet*: Chins and (llavs Wave. Also an Invoice of Silver Plated Ware. Catalogues at auctioneer's office, 62 Liberty street. DRY GOODS TK1B DAY AT AUCTION AT ftlU GRAND street, near East Broadway, at 10 o'clock, superfine all wool Blankets, French Mennos, and a variety of otner Drees Goods, Shawls, Flannels, Table Linen*, clothe, Casulmerrs, Satinets, Undershirts and Drawer's, Hosiery, Glove*. Son tags. Nubias, Honda, Ac. We sold Uuderahirtaaad Drawers yas-erday wortii $1 S5 for Morula. rMt ?oee' AMERICAN ARTIST g BALK. MI**R t bohkrville win*g?*3*gS*u2Z?& BYKNINO. Jhhtihry M. 1 V* ? ?ao?' " spactoue oallkkt. k fifth atkkpb, >T our *m*? TU ??7 AM Awn^nijrt't^ who b?? woently Aura?d f^^?fb^.6v" S*^re!tf S5^?r>?5&^wSrt5d?Wth* ?*? ^nl "T ?wW aSEWHk. fiyaas,k58SK*K?s ?????- - ???? ?1 f wrnnffl '"KSVSaIWiW? for which he reoetend the oouv *1.^*-" m the K?i'^i"l!S?ioSiaw?t?. T^r'fMlhrouik The thhdhlhejidehcaiPP^B/^ OB exhibition. aud effort *? the Secre'err ofStata. *r'?/-L.-io? for thi b-et wne lnthlh apportuoitf to vhc public or *~?_ ?_an - n ?? n! * of supf^tt* SKtrrtt.? only ..urViatt ssssra: ^'? ??* mrf? fr<OT 8A-M'UU 10 P.?- ? ? ? th. roe; ?? HORHF.S AST) O^KlAOBH tTA00?. THM jSVroAt Of AuKMWO*. 3T X ABSAU BK1KKT. ORAY MARK hbout !? bhud. huh. ?y? old. kind In hU ^?RBLVrBK,^t'l?Hlh?d. hl?h.l ye?old. kind in all harnee* ? u'hendh hl?h, * y**? old, kttjJ -sitelto--" ^PJSfW.m.S.0 I* we h BAY4?^* ySsiii ?" M BEOMLAR^IOBSK sale* **^EDWgstTr XSgWcHPAV. AT IS O'CLOCK Me-re. mm * T,0tt7Utal& ? b? " Wrln? to s,-U, Cerrtafre. TtESB* i? MiSElL AlCTIOXBEB. SlK OF houses. CARhI auSR. UaRBESS. BLBIOHB. *e ? MINK* AKOMK KV II..1. AtfUE < ?>AT. JUL LV __ . ?< Vren. h China, Bohnml n Mai ewere, A rieh ?"^?^aitTwi-h. *C.thn complete import. "l BOOABT, AWCTIOBEKR^Ht^ /Vv.rth \T-n'2n> ?J. O clock, ?\.1 ? tore \V?,"11A llarn?e? Re? street?ito'ixehnld FnrnWtre. "?B . MyenA iffeeo 1?B "t mi42B0 e*i'e5S' kbS uIi'wmSm JMotnti ?Mod.; Mack ^ ?iy .r <) it. ?? C?M>cU. mahopeny Vrlrct, Rrueee." , rvf^K-r ArtnehMr*. i BhiaWll* ThWh", hidot^rh.??neac?t' ba^A rti; llair iMMM. as^?^^ serr!iiffiitw^ rpi; wolf a^. M. ?ucUfln^r* w lLr i? l eert itrehl Thh?e?. Chairh, rr- ^r *? arso iVl e "I ?ell HHe dej- at i? ??' *? MvChtnv for f??tcUn? 1 Norti WULem THOMPSON. MafhaL boopsVtrt*. ' 1 ' "" qnarvt'r firklh* Batter. W Bnd?1^ ^ u'tLLIKM, MafhbeL JOHN "I * ' " ., . _ ~ S,.iTui ???ott. .iSUVS! ?? W Hr.l2Sr^' top fltJorTof two Mai Pfraetoj Ma o'ioPA, ht ?* Mjjjjj'1 "Ind ToW, ijflioe Fumiture end Uaa cblneJ. f? lr?n Bloe^ i LUhH. Atturne) for MoHtagee W"V7T7Iir^ A?sott auctionkkb. orricH ito II.L1AM A*3"tt- Kt two o'clock, on Chatuam "J! ., thr wrurr <? Thltly Cwt eoeotintof former P1"* ? f0?r.pUll rueew.jod F.ngilah ? =:r^-" FinniTiRK. wThVi F^BOITT~BRKAiSno CP HOCBKEKKP \ T^offcr ?? r Ohio. tnre; **V*ngu?"^, BronW*. *?.; a r.u.abwcejl Omner J^J^V wbtSh VHl be nold at e ?wtr.o? Apply A~"w? tlipToN dfcORBTAIlY BEDSTKAO PLIMPI'JN hi, sAlJJ x;,,r.Afo, hh BONO ST'tRLT Y^rx M1TC ItP. or EVKRT r>ESOBlPTlQB_, CAHPKTB, Hreeu Pay?c*i take? XT "<??! ?/ or P*5"" 12 ptl ,,||||r.? ^ ? ? "* n".Y,iftt-e SPKISH bkos-b akrantkd rHi. &'. asr-'i..ttHsaws*51^ where ??<TtvvL^U^nire_eUPet. ? \VAll^dV"^nA'-*'"^ lull* Hin.An- ft tr#im I A1w> * Urg? **?***\ N?rrK W ES^?a?a??' E( ROPEA.1 STEAMSHIPS. OTH?M It) WL\JKM>W A?iD UVliKPc.lL, ' ' tla'liag at Londonderry to lend pe?? agora and mill* TUB FaVURITK PAB-iRJIOKB STKAMERtt UP TaB AMCftUK LINE BAIL EVERY 8ATUKDAY. HI BERHA .*11. Saturday, Jan. It UNITED KINGDOM sell* Saturday, J;,n. 19 luWA .Ua Naturday, Ju. M From pier II North river. RATES OP PASSAGE PAYABLE IN CURRENCY. To Liverr'xvl, Glasgow and Dcrry, cabin*. $*' and f 70; ate-i-age, $'.1 J'reo ? id eertiAcatM from the?? port* to New York, $16. To Havre. Hamburg. Antwerp. Ac . J'.OO and $37 For further information applv attbn isimfinv's office*. FKANC18 MAODO.NAI.D A CO.. Alter a. No. 6 Bowline Green. New York. IONDON AND NEW YORK STEAMSHIP LINK J Paa-*ge to London, (flQ (AO ?nt $'t0. outreucy. Passage from Lead ??. $75, $#) and L?>. sold. ^ATALANTA. Captain Ptukhara, from New York, January BELLOXA. Captain Pi ion. > rom New York. Kebrusrv 1 CELL A, Captain iHeadell. from New York. Paluuort Id WILLIAM VENN, Captain Bi'.linge, from Now York, Feb ruary 17. The elegant British iron steamrhtp ATALANTA. 3.000 ton*, will leave pier No. A North nvrr, for London direet. on Saturday, January It. The aooomraotteUaa* for paa*er.ger* on lk<? ship are unanrpaaied Praight will ha taken and through hill* of lading riven to Barm. Antwerp, Rotterdam. Amsterdam and Dunkirk. For passage apply to CHAR. A. WHITKRT, 1$ Broadway. For freight apply ?t M Sooth street. II OWL AND A AB PIN WALL. Aganta. fTHE NORTH QERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP I HAXSA, K Ton Otrmidorp. iiisjter earrytng the United State* mail, will anil from the Bremen pier, footer Third street. Unboken. on SATURDAY. JANUARY 1$, BREMEN YIA*S*?rTHAMPTO*. TAKING PAR8KXGKB8 TO LONDON, HAVRE. SOUTHAMPTON AND BEEN EN. At the t olio wing rata*, parable la gold or ita equivalent ta currency:? For Urn first oebla. ?11$; eeoond cabin. $78; steerage. P?' jrtiu. To be follewad by the otaamahip BREMEN, H. A. P. Ney Baber. master, or. January 36. IS67. For freit-hr or pasange apply to flglSniHS A CO.. ? Broad ofreef. CITNAKD LINE OP EXTRA RE AM FIRS. Sleim weekly between New York and Liverpool, calling at QueeuetowB. TARIPA sails ISch of January. Steerage pnjt*.i,-? from New Turk $30, to New York $25. all payable in currently, and including n liberal allowanoe of provisions. Draft* on England and Ireland fot *ale. For passage apply at E. CfNABD'fi Bteerago Office, BO Broadway. THK HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S iron mail steamship HAXOVIA. P. H. Haack. commander, oarrving the TTnitnd States mail, wilt sail oe Saturday, January IP. at 11 M., for HAMBURG, taking passenger* for Hamburg, Havre, Southampton and London. First cabin. $125: second ctbln, $73; steerage, $37 60. paya ble iri goM or ita rqnlvaiect. The GERM INIA will follow PebrnaryR KTTNHARDT A CO., C. B. RICH ARDS & BOAS. ?Jenerei A:*nta. General Pavsenger Agents. 45 Exchange place. N. Y. No. 6 Barclay street. N. Y. ONLY DIRECT LIVE To I RANCH:. The Gen< ral Transatlantic Company"* Mall Nteamshipe between New Vorfc and Havre calling at BresL The npleudtd new vessels on this lavorite route for the Continent wlH sail from pier 50, North river. PERK IRK, Duchesne Saturday. Jan. 12. VILI K DK PARIS. Surmout, 'S tuiday, Jan. 36. EUROPE, Leniai-'h, Saturday, Fob. i'. ST. LAURENT Hooande, Saturday, Feb. 23. PRICE OK PAS- AGE IN GOLD. First cabin. $IP0; second onbio. $10U: inctudi'ig wine. Thr.i- steamers do not carry steerage passengers. Medical attendee ;* free <>f charge. , Pa.-ier.gers la tending tu land at Brest can be furnished on hoard wbl. iwiiroal ctmpoa Motets and their bagg tge checked to Paris at *a additional charge of $5 for firs' and $3 foe second clam OEOROH MACKENZIE. Agor.t, 5S Rroadwsv. STEAMER PEREIRB. PGR BREST AND HAVRE, WILL leave pier No. 50 North rlcr. foot of Morton ttrcct, Saturday, 12th January, at 10 A. M. Pattscngera are re>iu?:st.>d to he on hoard at o dock. OBO. MACKENZIE. Agent. National steam navigation company. (Limited. t STEAMERS WEKKLT TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QUFIINSTOWX. Leaving pier 47 North river as follow*:? PENNSTLYAIflA, Captain Lewis. Saturday. January 12. January $b. . - . February SL Cabin pasauge. $100; Steerage. $.10. Rtoenge paxaare ticket*, to bi ing parties from Liverpool er Queenatown, fur $25 in etirroney. Through peasage to Paris. Antwerp, Haralrirc. Bremen, Ac., at low ratee. Drafts Issued for any amount, payable at any hank In Great Britain or on the continent. For freight and cabin piu.?*gc apply at the office of the eompthy. 8? Broadway And for steerage tldVela at the passage office ef the com pany. 27 Broadway and 275 Pearl etmet. near Pulton. P. W. J HURST, Manager STEAK TO LIVERPOOL AND Ql'k.F,N.*TOWN TWICE a Week, passage bso currency. Prepaid U?jc??* from Uyervool ar Queraetow* ISA ?nr. rencv. Apply t? V' ?' TAPSOOTP BROS. ACO, SS south street and S B roan way. OTBAK TO LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT QUKEN'j. 0 town. TV Inman Linn, sailing eeml.weekly. ?anytng fhe United otautR Vails. CITY OP RALTI'TORF Saturday. January 12. CITY OP LIMERICK "Wednesday. Jau tary Id. OITY OP CORK Saturday, JsmuarY 19. CITY OP DCULTN WAr-esdar. .T^na,-,- ??. CITY OP NEW YORK S iturdav. Tanner* X ann eaeh *1,1 ;.;.e?din? Raturd.r and Wednesday, at noon from pier 45 North r ear. RATES OP PASSAGE. By the tnall ateaiuer sallies Ocij Saturday Payable In cold. Payable tu cu'ieimy FIRST CABIN. SW I STEP RACE, ?*i to London. 9b to London, IK to Pari". I'M I to Vai-ij #5 Passage b\ the W?,!n?>.k? ?' earn era? Pi rat Cahia, $i<i; Steerage, 9"'i. Payable in United Sw'-a mntMR Peaaengrni alao "forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, At at ruodera*" raies. Steerage "aware from L'remool or Quern t own, $47 ear renev. TinVeU nn S- bor.-lit hereby por-ona sending for their friar''*. Par farther information, apriy at the Company's oMrta JOlIN n. DALE, Agent. It Broadway. New York. OTEA* TO QPRRNSTOWN AND LITER POOL kj Prow. .Vew York >reiv W duesdvr end Saturday The MANHATTAN ealia f-<n Naw York on ilwSMh of January. 'toir plei 17 Eaat i-i- er. Cabin pj??a* $90. f*M Stee:a??? $))". urren.iy. Pa1 . .*? to New York end r-mlt tenor* u> Irrljod at 'nw ratr.r. Applt to WILLIAMS A OUTON. *9 Broadway and S. -'outfc Mn-ri "p.lrtdtGF FROWOB ro LIVERPOOL aNT> QfJKIiNS. 1 t'?WTi. >re *te*m of pankot ship, at I wrr rnfea. T'ur PBNN"VI.vA!flA aaOa Saturday, ISlt. Drafts, payable iti ar.y >f he ei : nintry AppL at tha Hlack Star pas ynjc orfc". 27*> rear! atreet TnP STEAMSHIP OKI IT K49TKEN, HtVIVO FlLST olao *"Oomaodattm f > a..w? im? eo?e-.. will na>. tram New York sll eat to Bre?? I o Lie 9; . .,f Arffi. Further lr*"TTn ti" *? rr^arta p:1ee>Mif passage. will lie advert V < If- ? i.ort. "Iiie REMIITAKI ESTtlGRI * ? 't'i . MS AND IR! LAND.? ? Draft* kit ?1 a r up ? .0* p#? 'dee' demrwd. i?*u*?t at I '??? . rate* by T.t I'SOOI f, UKOS. A CO., *1 South vtrret, and 3 Umaowey. COAtTintE STKA.n<HIPS, PACIFIC KAIL STKAMBflW ,COK "ANT'S I THBlH ! i LINK TO CALIFORNIA CktRYTNO I MJTRD kTai's Mail, VIA I'A.VWVA RAILPOAD. Steamer* le-r* pit r 4? N.irtb rivor, fo tor Cans' ?tre*'. at IV o'c'o it, itooii. at in'ow:? ive. r NPW VOTiK. ? ?p CnW. O. Fnrher, eounertine w'lh f'lNsTm ITON, Cams iCam ,'v. Ian. 11. MPT?HRNBi tJHAtiVCI t. Capteln A. ?L Gray, Opn ) ot'r.,; with GOLDKN A'?K. Cans,in Lapl ll Jan B?OCHAN o' REN, Captain , connoctin* with GOLDEN i 'TY, Captain J T. A i.aln*. *11 deptrtnrpe touqh at Aoapuleo; thoae of I", and Bet eonriert at Panama wi'h e'eamer* for .South PeeiSa putta; 1" and llth for '"antral Amoriean ports, and tboae of let loach a Maoranillo Departure of llth aae!i mon'h ?w>?i wet* with the new steam l'ne fmin Pan?m , to Ausc.yiiauml Now Ee tUnd Sb-n'ier of March 11, IS67, wl'l or,' with the com. r? ,? ? ?>*Tnei OOliQKADO. to iimyc saa Franairco for \ ,mama ?nd Hon* Ktine, on IpnlS. lMf. 100 "ounds be (gat' allowed each ad ml Mwbcines and al' free. Porjraseeye'leVetasad el! fn't!.e? Infoi-mation np'.y at the odice on the aharf, foot of Canal *tre?\ N.-rth rtvar, New York. F. it. rlAKY. Acetic Ii?OR ST. TITOM AS AND BR AXIL. 1 UNIT :D SSATK9 AND BI.A7.II. > UL STEAMSHIP COMPANT RPGPL.AK KAIL BTKAMKK*. sailing on tha 2Sd at every noiiili ? NIIRTM AMERICA, Owhl* It P. T -omrrman, Jsnuary 82 Hf>i,'TI' AMKRIOA. OapU.S R. I Ti;ir>rpau*h. Eehr iiryttt. Gl'1 DING STAR. Oantait) Geo. M. Hioeum Mare# it These eieganl eteatnerv sail on ? nad e time, and eoll at St. Thornh?. Para, Perunmbnco. Habiaond Klo.lareiro. eo n* snd returnine. For eneyjpetrieu' f 'relr'.ii or pa-*.ice. apply IP " " ' " GARRISON A AI.I.Pv. Apents. No. 6 Bowling Green. New York. CISAL AND VERA GRi'Z -AMERICAN AND MEXl O call Ma!) Steamship f'.intoany.?'The flne alw m?hlp C VRLOTTA, Captain Cofllna, will sail from nt?r No U North rirer, as a bore, on Satordat. Issnwy 19, at 3 P. M. For freight ar WinViTNY. Agent. UNITED STATES MAIL TO HAVANA. WK3T INDIA MAIL STEAM HIE COMPANY. CHANGF. OF 0 AILING DAY. Erenr Saturday, at three P. M., Tha favorite ateamshlpe HAVANA, Whitmau Saturday, Jan. 10 MOKRO CAHTI.K, Adams Saturday, Jan. 24 KAOLE. Greaoa NalufSay. Fe,>. J kor freight or ii.iw .ue apply to GARRISON A ALLKN, Agaote. No. S Bowling Green. N. Y. For key west, Florida and new orlkans. The eteaasshlf will nail Wednesday. Jan. IS, for tha above port*. ?'lr?l cabin, $46, eowmd o*ota. gJS Far paa>age apply ta ALLEN R THOMAS A CO., No S Bowl ng oraau rR OALVKBTON, TEXAS.-SAILING WEEKLT. Teta* line. The a I etoagtot WILMlNtlTON. Capum Bpanrcr, will rwtalre freight at pier W Kaat rirer, aud Mil on Bator Jay, January 19. For freight or pa?t*ce h iID* anparior aoeommndattona, fioly to 0. W. MALLORY * CO.. W Maiden lane. apply to r?R NEW ORLEANS -BLACK STAR. LINE.-rilB ?teemebip liCNToVILLR. Captain RyJrr, will lrave Plyr 13 North river, on Sa'urday, January 13, IBM. at 1 . M. For rreiglit t;r oaaaace, having hendao- -r eeeommoda tiona, apply ta it LOWDEN. Agent, ocrner of Cedu end W?-.t etrrrts. DAVID McCOA Rl>. Ageat In New Orleena STAR LINK TO NfW ORLBAM^TITR NEW TOHK M?!l yt'amvhtp Compeny'a fl^^matn Meamere will leave ntcr ?4 North river, al Jo'cluck^M., n* follow* ? MISHOiiRI.-, On Saturday. Jen. If Monterey ..on vedno?day, Jan. is HAVANA On Saliirdey. J*n. 19 MERR'MaCK On Saturday, Jan. S All hi tlx "finding rigneii at Ute oMoe upon the pier. Far freight 'irnew ?ge ai ply to C, r. ' 1 aRhISOS, Preai<1 mijta. I Bowling Oraag. southern line FOR nbw ORLBANR-RRDIHRD C ra'e* The *te*m*1ilp AHttDNE. Crpiam Sawyer I* now loading al pier !tt Beat river, and will eatl on Wodnea tar. JAnnafy 14.14*7. vXttVl'* Y iCBoSv IcirSllllSU'lS rOAITWIW STEAMSHIPS. liSOR HEW OEI JEANS DIRECT. 1* The new end Ini claar steamship OESEKAI. ORMT. Ceauiu E. W. Ilolm'i will Um?c pk No. * North river. en Saturday, Jsnuary IS. at ? o'okx'k P. S For freight or poasage, baring uii-urpaesodaroommodfc Uooi tiK)|t u> H. B CEOMKLL * no.. So M West Ureal The GENERAL MBADE will follow J ouary 10. Fou savannah, oa.. evf.ry tcesday. Ml'RRvYb 8TEAMn'IIP LINK. A The now Bad elegant st.srasbip LBO II.? commander, vr in self from pier la Kaal river, fool of atroat, Tuesday, January 14. ?t S P. M. Through LiDh of lading and pannage tickets Minima points in connection with the Georgia CeDtraT Railroad. Freight received daily. For freight or paaioige apply to M CRKAY, FERRIS A CO.. 61 aud tii South i CSOB SAVANNAH. OA., EVERY TII V KSHA Y.-TtUS r Atlantic Coaat Hail Steamship Company's aide wheal ala?uhlpa HERMAN LIVINGSTON, Captain Baker. aatU Tbaradw. January 17. O.iNKKAL BABNE8, Captain Morton, aaUa Thuradag. Januarr SI. From pier SI North rive*, at IT *.. precisel v. Through pu?r ticheU an<1 bills of lading to all poiat* la connection with the Central Railroad of Georgia. Far freight or passage apply to TiVlNUSTON, Vox a CO.. Agents. 88 Liberty i E MPIitE LINE FOR 8 ANT ANN AH. Every Saturday, front pier No. IS North river. Punctually at 3 o'clock P. M. The favorite aidewhrel steamship* HAN JACINTO, Lovebird. oomnunder anils Januarr H SAN SALVADOR, Atkins. oontroaader sails January In Through tloketa arid billa of lad<og to all points, in ooaaaa Hon wtta Central Railroad of Oaaafia. Atlantic and Mt Railroad and Florida ateamera. Elegant passenger aocutnniodattons. ^ilABRISON A ALLEN, Na 6 Bowling Green,?. *. tvoB CHARLESTON, 8. C., THE FLORIDA . P and rue South aad Southwest - ? Re?uUr United MtaAan Mail Line?.One of the f? vorite and elegant steamship* <Ji.Ah.EK CITY, 8ARAGOR8A, ANDALUSIA, GRANADA, will leave pier U East river, fuot of wall street. Saturday, at S F. M.. connecting at Charleston with IM steamer Dictator, for the Florida ports. Through billa aff failing given to ail points in connection with the South Carolina Railroad, and passage tlokota issued to all of thai prtaoiual ottiaa in the Hcuth and South we*-,t. Bill* of lading Uguod on UM pier. For passage or any information apply to ARTlftrRLKARV, 7S WtlMsm atraaA^ The GRANADA will sail this day, Jan. 1L ' Freight received up to hour of sailing. FOR RICHMOND, NORFOLK AND CITY POINT. The s.dewheet steamships HATTKBA8, Captain Alezan-ler Every Saturday. ALBKMAKLE. Captain Bourne Every Wednesdays At 13 M.. Lorn pier SO North river, giving tiirough blUsoff ltdiug, Ac., to all points on the Seaboard Railroad aad Mo cutinec Ions. LIVINGSTON , FOX A CO., Agents. IS Liberty street. TRAVELLEKti' GUIDE. Hudson rjvfr and haklru railroads.? Trains for Albany and Troy, connecting with Northern and Western trains, leave New 'V in k, vis Hudson River Rail road. Thirtieth street and Tenth avenue. 8 and 10 A. )L. and 11 ? 46, ti:80 and II P. M.; and via Harlem Railroad, Twa ty.'iith street and Fourth avenue, at 11 A. M. and 4:16 P. ML The P. M. train via Hudson River will run on Sundae* Bleeping cars attached to 6:40 and 11 P. M. trains. On 6:98 P. M. train la also attached a sleeping car every day en. ropting 8a'urdays, which is nta through to Ogdensburgvin B. W. and O. Railroad, without elrioge. Sunday train on Hudson K'Vtr Road. New York lo Fougfc kerr,sir. and return, leaving New York at 8:30 A. M., and an Tlsrlem Road. Forty-nocnnd street to Mlllerton and retans leaving New York at 9 .A. M. WM. H. YANDEEBTLT Vice President BKLlfclOf* NOTICES. AN^^Fa?NOOKj^<' Rooms. i -^ ^^L^gsON^PJH^Hil CT.EKOY. rROMt TcomtakI^ ofthk staok, tub pulmt ajup l^KSgm^bard?. of ssSMS ? pm*d oil). COMI. ONK! UOM& ,, mi . v t: prown chaPKU wv.i.l i,i<;iitkd, HjUJP A anHiaVed for ?*> "Sg^ *S3SZ ana one ?? two ?-?t evening*. App./ At .J ?*? *???<??? it*?fer Vorty-K^Oikd etr^et. , 1 meeting vob PRAYER. ?J^eB T?K AU8igC? A nf thn Fro'e.taat hpt*c:.p*l Cl*r**l J^SrSj' JT every at'teriwou uni' week. twAtnalB* Monoay. iw? ?a&s? Ohnstinn* of all den<>aa1in.?fma ara cordially *"*"**?___ /VlSRIBTlAX CHURCH, TVt ET1.'T RI(*HTH ?**"** Kj rear l.rr,a.lw?y^er?W K ^S, 7*4 P. M. Preaching by k.rb?n^. Brewer. paainr* j-len morning and w/emr.y- 1 ^ t '? niH KCH OF THK BKKUKBKCTIQV THIRTY-P^TB ( J rtr??\ pear a venae.?Her. Ed wart O. l> rector will preach raornim and arening. itrrrLuei. ld)i .kl M.jrdT',,. P. ?? BISHOP SHOW, OK MOUNT 71103f, W11X PttBA<* In the Untraralty. Waao.ngton winere, on 8'tnd?3\?* I*. M. Heat* frea. >ubj?c'.-"Tha Approaching (-ondaffa Bf.ror in daiK (HNTHE ?nctrrsi OF THK ^toriuwiFpopularCrcturrs. IN TUB TmSlENTH 81 f^W.HIAN Br* wren Sixth %ad ?e\to?h nfenuet iR^r. W* Mo^Uy evening. Howard Ornby. ?? ? Snb> t, Egypt aad 'be rv ram I dr. ? R Tuesday evenlat. J an. d?He.. n v>. Hwer, ir. a* l^SSSfiZSZ*. *-? AW* BATlWd. "*Tu?t.iay evening. r?b. 5 -Hoti. Oaleb Ljoa, of ty?d X. T. Bnbjeeu Atom the Plain* ? vrnmenolnc at s o ewok. . Tleke't for the eouraa. ?l;2^i?a admMon. M rtm*. Fifth avenhk baptist church. ?iobnk* or Portrluu 111 eat. Rev. Thome. Armltitge, jrreach eermon to the^iw"^ w*Sd^31u Son and Sabbath ?ehnol on Suudar. ?'?J1' a*n*Ll V., to young wotoeu, from HoIo.uotPn Troeerb* em w MBS EMMA HARDWOII WWCOUgafd ""Bff Htioti bafo.e Splrit'ial^ n hS 3d' and 7?% oM. ok. Sob;ne'e, ^1-lfo, I*'11* n*m? Birth,"Mooee Prophet of dinal. - pRl.AlllllNO IN KimKTHSTBRKT L chnrch w-ihiuy. eettuary la, ay 8e?. H. w. m>ow. -m A. M. en.j 71, r. M. L f ?vv j SMVTHR THK SEItfll'M iyF THIS TAlr S;s.t&";iSK83^-rsS'!ssa lUtnnnn ? iu? rl ? 'H ? ?? l? IV 1?K. PP.10K HKCTOR OK ST. STKFHwA'j | VEpiojopal cburflh, wl? b, re-.u. -t. rene-^ . ' I i. ri.?.,k.?i tin- liiv iu the 1 reuch etiurco,? mor riSnf <f 10^ o'doct Tbd rt*or will preach. l>tv OH. PEKMrt WIL.X. PBKACH IN IHK t HAFBL rt, of *he l.'t Wur.: j. ? a?hitw(t...t <M|tiere, to-morrow taof? IOB, at 11 o'clock. The .cau .rr frer; ._.,,, M13v. ph. jauWn VnX p^Kf"Htloy1, r'rfa^t? I\ mnrtii'lf l*"? th** :fia ?>r. in t2r5r*ehap?l *f the liniwelnr, oa Wa.bWtttoal!5*S ?ar ".ixsresR SF'^t coo'itct, nil- u->tlc^ I" glren I" rtp'ana:. h. .er ASS'S VTtKK, fill BCII, KKlHTKRhTH STBRCT. S uenf rtrth .ronum-Tjeaaom e ^?B anrt lUeTS Ho'i.i 'ml" win prejeh al .< afwi^^WrtS ft tlell.udot at v aud. .X F. m. ?the .rtntaoou ? dt-af inulea. mr rr?iivTri s IX liiibUlH I1VKHY dOHOAY M'*r.MllM> ^ .oO .earn* a the V rea 1. jhtlvb, "? 1 "??J.1 "'jSSj . Vtwaoh Fifth aoa Suth atoonea. Bcv. 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