Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 12, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 12, 1867 Page 3
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BOABDERI AMD UtDSEM Wi*TEH. A YOUNG MAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH Board in t small respectable family. Terms $t pat Week Apply Al lfi First avenue. A T WO BLEKCKKR aTRKET. A ROOMS TO LET. WITH BOARD. Terms mnderata. AT FRANKFORT HOCBE. CORNER OK rRAXKFOBT and W ilU'im street. 2an ro-ims. gi*it reduction In prtoes; 31 to at) cents per day. $1 30 n? fc pei week Open Ml Might. A PRIVATE FAMILY. AT 4* WEST TWELFTH street ran accommodate a gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen with furnished Rooms and Board; servants and children not taken. Keiorencee required. AT NO. ? BKAl'II STtlEFT. NEAR BKOADWAT AND Canal street?Plain cooking and shuudant table, with isant Rooms on second and third stories?closets, water, and gr a tea?for gentlemen on reasonable terms. J I FIXE Sl'IT OF FROXT ROOMS, WITH ALL IM L provemeiits. to let with lirat class private table or table bote; also a pleasant Room. Wiudnor Holel, tt Fourtaeutb atraet, between Broadway end Fifth avenue. AT 171 176 BLEEt'KER STREET, BIX BLOCKS WEST of Broa.iway?Pleasant Rooms, with excellent Board, f" S3 Ml to All! per week; families accordingly. A PRIVATE family will let a few hand .A -Mur Furnished Rooms to ceiulemen, with Board if reqnlrvq, at 210 West Fourteenth street. A FEW YOUNO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO dated with Board, on reasonable terms, by sailing at 31 Monroe street A RUIT OF ROOMS-ON FIBBT FLOOR, WITH BASK JL ment: aiso single Rooms for families or gentlemen. Apply at S72 Rroadtyay. A lady living dp town world like to let a handsomely furnished Room for gentleman and wife ?rsingle arntleman. Teima very moderate. Address G. atation <l. A FEW NEATLY FURNISHED HEALTHY BEDROOMS to vt to sit-trie gentlemen, without board; gas and bath. Reference required Apply at 57 Bleecker street east of ?roadway. A handsome parlor to lep?with board, to a gentleman and wife; also two large Rooms to single gentlemen. Terms moderate. Apply at 191S West Twenty-seventh street. AT THE NEW AND NEWLT FURNISHED RESI XL dence. No. 2 Van Nest pUoe (Charles street), cho ce of Seoms wttn hot end cold water; chandellera; be?t of table and unexceptionable location. Terms reasonable to select parties or families. IT 110 MACDOUGAL STREET.?ELEGANTLY FUR. niahed Rooms, with everything necessary for house - m order tbnt a family may bave a complete home. HANDBOMR PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET? To gentleman and wife: to let en suite If required, large Room suitable for two gentlemen - can be accmi l.ited with Board If required. Apply at 173 Thompson et (Depsu place). WELL FURNISHED ROOM. ON TH i SECOND . door, to let, with Board, in a first class house, occupied a highly respectable American family. Apply at 163 *? Forty- ninth street. Xi M ELEGANTLY FURNISHED FIRST FLOOR. PAR yitb Plympton bed. to let. at <3 Clinton place; ale room and fourth floor Room, for gentlemeu. A M1CELY FURNISHED ROOM. HEATED AND GAB. il (6 per week; central location; cars to all parts of the ?Hy. 3fi Third F.treet, two Blocks from Broadway. Re. farwnecs require I. AT NO. 23 WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET. A NICELY furnished ltoom, on fourth floor, suitable for one or two gentlemen to let, with first class Boord. ATM WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET?FURNISHKD Rooms on third and fourth floors, with Boarding, for gentlemen Reference required, T THE GRANT HOUSE. 44, 46 AND 48 NEW BOW try, near Chatham square?Rooms 36c. to fiOc. per day; 7fl to $3 per week. Open all night. I A ?FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, WITH BOARD. ? forjtenUeiuen aud thair wires or single gentlemen, n t West Twenty-fifth street, between Seventh and Eighth wanes. k > AMERICAN FAMILY HAVE FURNISHED ROOMS I to let with Board; location good; no objection to a fain r?f adults. 168 Went Thirty ninth street. A KDI A Baa PwrtMs SUIT OF ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR. WITH Beard; also Rnoms for single sontlemen, at 139 West ' ith street. Referenrea exchanged. it 107 WEST TWELFTH STREET?IN A FRENCH i family, a large, nicely furnished R-. uu on the third og to let. with first class Board. References. LADY HAS A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ream to let, ton gewtieinwts, at ldt Weak Tenth streak A ?A* DROME FRONT PARLOR AND BEDROOM ?n first floor, and 'area Room on third floor, may be with Board, at 3b Ninth at reel, near Fifth avenue. PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TWO NI4JBLY FEB . nkhad Rooms to gaotlciaan, with partial Board. Ap at 339 West Sixteenth struct. ,T NO.*7 GREAT JONES 8TREET?ELEGANTLY I furnished Roome, single and double, with first elite HALL BEDROOM TO LET?WITH HOARD. TO A . gentleman, at 41 West Tivenly-founh street. A1 & HANDSOME BACK PARLOR AND ROOM. FOR A single gentleman, with Board; house Drat class; term* raterenees. Apply at 243 West Forty-second street, una t west ui Broadway. A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM ON SECOND STORY to tot, without board, to a stogie gentleman, at S3 pgr ^g^lf^wrmaueiu^ss and bath; location good. Apply fit A PRIVATE FAMILY' WILL LET. WITH BOARD, A XL nleely furnished Par'or. also a pleasant Room on flu# stirs. Apply at 381 West ihlrty-seouad street, oegr Eighth avenue. 4 MICELY FURNISHED AND WBI.L KEPT ROOM A to lei, without board, at 88 a week, with fire add g?*. Ifttj at 104 Weei Twenty-sixth street. , * 71 EACT TWENTY-THIRD STREET. A GBNTLK i and wife can find a handsomely furnished ?ut A on second floor, with Ural cuu Hoard. Kef i exchanged. NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, ON SECOND floor, with tuts and fnel; full or partial Board Cor a Mas and wife. Apply at 39 West Washington place, HUth avenue. TMAltO IB NINTH BTRERr, BETWEEN FIFTH L and 8litli Avenues?Two elegant Parlor floors and ?e line Room- to let, with urn class Hoard, in French and flUt etylee. Private table If desired. PRIVATE PANILY WILL LET. WITH BOARD. TO , a man and wife, i'nice It fu aiabed Room, on w< >od v, at 140 Weal Fiftv thud street, near Broadway. Pleas I location. No other boarders t.,ken. LARGE AND PLEASANT FRONT ROOM. ON THE l third floor, to let to a gentleman, with or without par I Hoard at 42 sirg street. POiJRTH STORY WBLL FIIRNIHHIiD ROOM. SUIT L able lor one or two gentlemen, with Hoard, at 146 and I Fourteenth a reel, corner dcevnd avenue. a HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?ON Broadway, price $6; also one for fMl, auitabla lor two gentlemen. Apply at Bffl Broadwuy. ATM LEKINOTON AVENUE-CORNER TWENTY. XX, fifth street, plain -coking and aonndant table, wHn or Without newly turntahed Bourne, en sutta or el ugly. Aaao ?laaiuus fli si clans. PARTIES OF ADULTS OKSiRIN.: PLEASANT. A- well furnished (second floor) Roemn? cveellent t Mr., ?retetaen ncign oranod?spi'ly el No. fittest Thirtiethstreet, HMween Fifth and Madlena are nuee. . T$4 TO fl7 PER WEEK?A FfcW GENTLKMKN CAN L obtain Hoard ; also geatlemaa aad wives. Apply at I Charltoa streak PRIVATH FAMILY WILL LET. WITH BOARD, A Room, well fnrn shed, for a gentleman end wile or WO single gentlemen; gas and hath; terms moderate. .Apply 1MB Kaat Thirty-tilth street OS BOITOF PARLORS TO LBT?ON BROADWAY and Ninth street, furnished or ?aruraiah>-d, with or Board; also other Rooms lor linoaakcenlng. TriOHIY'l.V "fltl H road way. i T m WBBT TWENTY-FIRST STREET?BBTWKEN I Fifth and Slith avenues, a eult of Ke>n< ?i second or with first sleaa Baaed; saaauta ler a family. Refer see exchanged. A DB8IBAB^^UT^>^o<nj!^^^^iN[^^niK _ stly furnished; third flour. furnished,, uetn 4a>, with or without Hoard; alto single Apartment*. 74 Wait Thirty-seventh straek near itroodwsy. JARD-AFKW FIRST CLASS PARTIES CAN OBTAIN haadsomely fnmlsh?d itooms sad Board, in * private lly. Apply at K West Thlrtt-Brat street, between Fifth me and Broadway. Board -parties wishing firbt clakh rooms, wltn or Without Hoard, ga In POWLKK'n Free Hoa-d aad Room Directory. Twenty third streak corner of Hit I, Avenue Hotel, basement. 1IOARD?FOR A YOUNG MaN, IM VICINITY OF It Haventb svenua Arsenal, ptalo Room ample tabic, hi respectable lair.lly: will pay flflh per month. Address 9. B. W , llerald <m,oe. I20ARD ?*4 MACDOUUAL 8TRKKT (ST. GARMENT'S MM pace)?Large second floor ftoIt Room. with o'oseta. 2teo urge Room on third floor, furnished er nafarutebad, sellable fee oartv of gentlemen or men sod Wlvee. Term; ?Mderatc. Ketcrenees eicha ged. H OARD t?B 8TUYVK8 tNT FAR*.-AN ELEGANTLY rnratehwd Milt of Rooms, with (Iral class Ho ml, in a fsmily. 161 East Fifteenth streak Reference* at ?rtvat* Wan ged HOARDING -ON f. OR TWO II ANOhOMBLY FUR J) wished Parlors; slso nice siag> Romue, to let, with or tatabant board, lor single geathitaea or laoiillct, without aht.drcn. I'n*x :eptlosnbhi references required. Apply at M Bond street. HOARDING.-A FINK. LAROR, HANDHOMKLY FUR J* rnsb-d i ront Itonm, ??>> lire, ga-, hut and onid water amt nrssrd for twa, 9*1 a week, m the Hot daw modern ami wrksrii tor iwa, *su a wees, in tne nr-? can moucra how as, MM East Tbirteenth atroet, two doors betow Hec-iad areaaa. BBOOKLYN.-TO LBT. WITH B1IARO TWO LAROF, Rooms wltn (Ire, g s, clone's. Ac. I eras* moderate. Apply at 94 Joralemoa ?trce> Wall turret fer y. IIOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A LAROn PLhA.dtNT It from Room: in?H?.ii Improvements, with flrst rata Board, c n be obtained at *W Washington Street. M inlauta-' walk from Fulton Ferrr. References exchanged. BlROO sLYN B ?ARD WANTED-BY A GBNTLRMAN It aal w fe, wltnln tea minute* of a ferry; terms atiil fa reasonable. Address, Mating lerme, aperuw, box *Vt Post KV tWen LRO..NTLY FURNISHB? ROOMS (HOUSR AND loeation first cisssi with or without Beard, at No. 8 Waet ily fourth street, four dot. a I'ro.n Film avenue. ? JJtLEil AN ri.T FURN.8HNB Rot | RR TO RB<T-WIT1I. 'J nutboird or with pr.vate tuhta, In first eUaa house 88 arth Washington square. Refer fen requires. BOARDKRS AWD LODGRRf WASTED. I/UitNIHIIbD PtRLOU ANliillNGLK ROOMS, WITH r .mi B wird, with une leepuoulbh) refcreuc ??. Apply at (I Bund street. F)UK OR FldTB YOUNO MEN CAN FIND SINGLE Rjntri* witti Bo rd from $1 per wok; also rovn Mid wife. Room* to lei w lhout board. 64 New Ubsiauer* ?t. F^UKNISHKD BOONS TO RE NT?WITH HOARD; NO. 1 ?: East Fortieth street; f..mily small. Uuexcepllon*. ble reference# roqutred and given. ________ FURNISHED BOOMS?Li ROE AND SINGLE. TO let, together or sejiarately. without board. In a house with modern Improvements. Aoply at 140 Waverley rUre. IjTI'RNISHED ROOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD? I? a14 sixih avenue. cornar of Tweuty-flfth atreel. Klrat elf, gooj cook wanted. MADISON HART. Good BOARD AND LOUGIVO. with FIVE ROOMS, and er?ry comfort and attention, for single gentlemen or traveller*, at Sd and $7 per weak. Apply at l?? Elm ?t. Handsomely furnished rooms to let. at 7* Ninth atieel. near Fifth avenue. With or without Board. Rcferenor* exchanged. Handsomely furnished rooms to in ?up orilngly. with Board, bv applying Immediate;* at 31 Clinton place. Reference required. OST DESIRABLE BOARD, AT 33 ST. MARK'S place. PLEASANT ROOMS WITH BOARD. OR MEALS ONLY, fur gentleman and wife, or simile gentlemen; teruia modernt.. 347 Eighteenth atreel. corner Ninth avenue, over drug more. ROOMR VACATED BY PARTIES GOING TO EUROPE: aUo oue *r ;e K.,um. nn reasonable tern.*, at 39 Filth avenue, eapeeially deairable for gentlemen. QPI.ENDIDLY LOCATED FURNISHED SUIT OP 17 Room, to let. with first class Board. Every eon .science. Private table if desired. No. SO Went Furtv ?Bven:h atreel. Private family. SECOND SToRY ROOM?HANDSOMELY FIIRNISH ed; also vlngl.: Rooms, with or Without Hoard. No. 134 Ninth etreet. SECOND STORY BACK ROOM. SUITABLE FOR TWO gentlemen or a gentleman and wife, to let, with Board, at 34* Weal Thirty tilth street. T l 8TKANGE,.S AND OTHERS.?A HIGHLY RES T'ertable German lady will let it choice of handsomelv furnished Booms, with Board or private table. Apply at 115 Eighth street, Clinton place. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?WITH OR WITH otit Board, to gentlemen only. Terms moderate. Apply at 148 West Twenty-sixth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. M <J?0 -a TO $tl FOR FURNISHED ROOMS. COM ?P?i *J\r fortaMy heated. No. 3 Rlcwcker etreet, one door from the Bowery. w 5TH AVENUE. SO. 23?ONE GOOD ROOM. ON FIRST floor. suitable for a aluglo geulleiuau, to let, with Qrst class Buard. 1Q RT. MARK'S PLACE. NEAR COOPER INSTITUTE? I?7 Neatly furnished Rooms to let. with or without Board, to gentlemen and wivea or klugle gentlemen; lire and gaa; terms moderate. Q7 WEST THIRTIETH STREET. BETWEEN BROAD 0( way and fifth avenue?An elegint Suit of Rooms It. let. together or singly, nn second floor, with Bo .rd; also a double Room on ll"i floor, tn flrst class families or gen tlemen. Reference* exchanged. OA WEST SIXTEENTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH vis? and Sixth avenues: large Furnished Room* to let, with firu class Board; suitable for jingle gentlemen or gen tlemen and their wives. References required. IAD NINTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY?TO LET, A" JO with Board, one large Room suitable for a gentle man and wife or two single gentlemen. Beiereuces ex changed. 1 Q'a East thirty-eighth street and third LO'J avenue.?Furnished Bedrooms, tor gentlemen oniv; $1 SO to $2 per week; double Bedrooms $3 40 per week. House heated; private hou?o. TOf? MACDOUGAL STREET?ROOMS TO LET, WITH lO'J Hoard, to gentleman and wife or two single gentle men, fur $20 and fill: flru and gas; one Room for $8. QC7 WINTTtROP PLACE?NICELY FURNISHED _?) I Roods, on parlor noor, with Board. Terms rea sonable. 4?Q-| GREENWICH STKEBP, BETWEEN NORTH ? ve/A Moore and Bench; good Board, $4 per week; perd<y, $1. Moels puncin *1. Fire In room* If nenessary. (Jjr BROADWAY?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED IJ'X'J Parlors and Bedrooms, srom $6 to $16. Meals served. ? COtNTRY BOARD. $6 A WEEK - siWestTwruZf g00i Uete BOARD ASO LODGING WANTKl). A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DESIRE TO ENGAGE A furnished Room end Board in a house where'there but few hoarders. Address, stating terms, watch must he moderate C. B. J., Herald office. A RETIRED TEACHER (LADY) DESIRES BOARD il In a quiet family of refinement; term' about per month. References exchanged. Address Teacher, ata llon D. A YOU NO LADY OP RESPECTABILITY DESIRES Board and a small Room, with fireplace in a family where the: a are yeung people of both sexes; will pay $7 per week. Rest references. Address C. ?., station D. Bible Board wantf.d-por gentleman, wife and three children 'flee, three end two yen a old) and nurse; private family preferred. Addrene. stating tense, which muit be moderate. Merchant, box tW Post office. Board wanted-bt a gentleman and wife: furnished Fsrlor and on first or second ioor, with private table; Morray Hill preferred. Address box Post office. ________________ DOARD WANTED-IN BROOKLTN. FOR GENTLE D man. wife, child and nurse, near WallorSou th ferries. Address, firing terms, W. E. H.. box J,8? New York Poet Board wanted-by a gentleman and wi^e, In a good location, not above Forty-second .-Ireet. with front Room, on second floor which the peruse desiring will furnish nicely. Address, slating terms, location. A-., Ac. Shine, Herald office. First class board wanted-by a gentle man and wife: a second or third storv front Room, or front Room and Bedroom oimnectlog. ioca'ed between Fourth and Eighth avenues and Fifteenth and Thlrtr-s?v ert.h street*: torm* from $136 to $1<M per month; a strictly private family preferred. References exchanged. Address, for three dare. k. B. J., Herald office. ro YOUNG FRENCH GENTLE*'<N ARE DKSI ro-is of obtaining two wall furnished Rooms, commu If possible, with Boar I, In a genteel, strictly pri. rate family; loctiler between F..nrth and Twentieth ?treet* ?tot fgr from Broadway Terms moderate, srlth dinner at fi* o'cln-k: best references rec, ilred and gtreo. A,ldr?s? stating :erms and location, J . 8., box I.IBK New York Poet office. 117 ANTED FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH BOARD, V? for a lady; would prefer a private family. Address B., hn AK9 Post ofliee. W7ASTED PERMANENTLY?BY A SINGLE GENTLE v? man with a net optional references. a neat It fur nished I'arlor ?nd B< trnom. with breakfast, In a private faruilv where French Is spoken; Ore. gaa and bn'.h Included. Term must be moderate. Address boa 2.201 Host office. WANTED?BT A OEHTLEIaN A IK ATM FUR ntehed R "W. n th or without Board, between Kiev-nth sod Twentieth alreeta. near Fifth avenue. Ad dre<e M , bos 3.101 Port office. HOTBU. ATLANTIC HOTEL. CHATHAM SQUARE.-WELL furnished Hoowit. a* mod'-ate prices, by the d*y, week or month. Open at all hours. JOHN OF.RKEN. Proprietor. Barcelona hotel.?small and labor apart menta and slng'e Rooms. Brenkfaat from A to 12 o'clock. Tic. Splendid dinner, 'aide d' hole at 0 o'cl>-nk, at ft. French ami Spanish wines on m derate term*. Call. Ureal Jones alrcet. fTENTRE OF THE CITY ?STATU UNION HOTEL' ly finfiandduH Market street, Philadelphia. Hoard t? 23 per dav. Clean beds and drat class table. ijive ua a cm I DE I.ABEAD HOUSE, 72 WEST KORTTE TJI STRK T opposite Keser olr park- One suit of three Rooms on first floor, snd one on second. Table d'hote. E VMS HOUSE. I OS BLKKCKE* ST HE T. NEAR Rnad.v ?? b- lwen ??reene and Woe?ter. on the European plan Fnrotehe 1 Rooms, s'nglo and in suite, for families and gentlemen, transient and permanent. DON.ADI HOTEL, CORNER OP THIRTY-TflIRD street and Mroadway. Fine Salts of Room* on fie and second fl. crs; also single Rooms, with or without Hoard Table d'hote. 17 HOLE WOOD HOUSE. THOLE WOOD, N. J.-TI1B PJ shove huu'e hsvuig been !eared by the s.ins-nbar and greati;- improved's open tor the r ?repti n of ?. .aiinrs: a few atnta of rooms are vacant, and will be \ei for the winter at very moderate terms. The trains oi the Nor. hern Naw Jersey Roilrn .d no from fetscv t'Hv to r ng ewood to and from N-w York time* daily; runniit time, forty Minnies. FRAN< is RIliBH. Proprietor. HOTEL?VERY DESIRABLE ROOMH. FRONTING Union square, can be now had. either en suite or singly, for families and a.ngle parlies, at the A meiiean (Tub Hotel, enmar H-osdwar ami Se< enteenth atreet. Meaia served from W?slmn*ter Motel If desl'ed. '? ON MNK HO BL. (STa HI iAWRTp f AI > WAJ.BR AHC H I of the Toiidue'firner of f ?<irt]anrii and West s'reets. Rooms from We. to $2 per <Iajr. Ladies' and gentlemen's reslaurnnUi Attached. I) 1867 ?PARIA EXHIBITION. HOTEL DBA O.iUX MONDRfl, Ho. H R'lo d'Aniln tint class hn'cl. piitionUcd by Uie American families. AMTROLOUY. \Cf,AIf'VoVART WHO HAS HO EQUAL?AHD 1 10,01) reward is ofleresl to any pe--on woo ran sur pass in gf.litg ? ?.?rra.t mate pent* on nil ami'era of m On le sea, sickness ?nd liuetnass she never fslla. Please all nnd test bar ??ill. If R.?She does not pr?-tend ??! *??>?, f'tttr* husband's likeness. Officw Ho. IW Naat Thirty third street, between Leilngton and Third venuo AKAOTe-KO IMPOSITION.?MKd. STARK. PROM . Europe. born w th a natural gift. greatest bu?lne?? and inedleal clalrvpynnt known, show * you a correct liku ne*a of fiiiiw Ipiebnnd; bring* together Ion separated; causes speedy .narrtage*; tells ins nsate. She siterved* when aU others fall, 112 Podrth avenue. Uenta no', admitted. MAB.AMB WALTERS, DISTINGUISH ?'? OMIRTOY ant. V loft bee f?r everrthinf - slrknes*. business, theft. ? antes, numbers. aood luca. Jsl Canal street. Madam bobs is the only medical and bubi ne?s clairvoyant in thlsotty Ihnt can be rel ed upon. I this fact that induces Illiterate p eiendara to Imitate her rthr shows the i k diets snd tell* the name of the pet ? eon ymi will marry. <'dice 110 West Fltteeeth street, near Htilo avenue. 9Ua -*?**- ROED8R, KNOWN TWB^rr-fWO AivAU* fsra lor giving true Information on slkaPalrs. on h alth. wealth, marriage, love affairs, absent friends, law ?alia, bun nets, sickness. At W Muwer*. CITY RBAL ESTATE FOR SALE. HOMER MORGAN, N<>. ? J PINK STREET, , . . H Ah FOR S \!,K A wide first claw House. on Mart -ton Kqusre. for $126,010 A, A wide corner end extra Lot on Atb avenue.... ItU.buO A full sfxe :3cl00. on 8th rveuu??, with elegant Furni ture, for ICO,300 ;. _ ?, Aonmj'iete Fugllxh basement on 6th avenue, with Fumdunt, for 15,000 A full nine tirstclasa House* 25x1911. on 8th av., for 80,000 A House 80 foot wide on corner of M> avenus, for,. 118,000 . ? ALSO, A wide Uouio end extra ground on 6th avenue 116,000 . ? AI.nO, A House About dO feet wMe and Stable Lot on 5th av. 135,000 ALSO, A first d iss House, second north of 44th street, on west use 5th avenue, ju t dnlshtng 80,000 ALSO. An English ho*, men t House on 6th avenue, Mur> r?T iTlll. for 82,000 The m ore ere between 38d end 45th street*, on Murrai Hill. A1.SO. A superior Boum, 80 feet wide, for 110,000 ALSO. A Bret eleae Hotter, furnished elegantly, V feet wide, for 100,000 ALStt, A Bret elaee Hotter, ebont 40 feet wide, and extra lot earn* me, for 125,000 ALSO, A superior Hotter, about 60 feet wide, and ground 100 slCO, with Furniture, for 160,003 ? ? ' ALSO. A flrat elaaa Ilouee and Steoir, on Stb avenue, for..,. UO.dOO ALSO, A Irtt class full aixed House. for 60,000 ALSO, A 6ret class stone front for 60,000 ALSO. A first class full steed Tlouae. completely finished, on Madison avenue, cast eidr. first north of 41et ?t. 66,000 At SO, A corner House, extra eidr. for 100,000 ALSO, A atone frout corner House, elaborately ffnl?hed and planned by e gentUtinan for hie own uee. with extra dining room 66,000 ALSO, A Tlouae about 46 feet widn, with 75 feet of ground, and furnttnre, for 135,000 ALSO. A first class la 2Mb at for $46,000, and one for 60,000 A LSi >, Two first class Houses In S8th si, for each $45,000 and 00,000 ALSO. A first class House and Furniture on S7th at., for..., 68,000 ALSO. A first class House on 6tb arruue, 38x135, for 60,000 ALSO. A House and Furniture on 16th street, for 80,000 A' SO, A House and Furniture on 13th street 80 000 A LbO, A House and Furniture on 6th avenue, for ...... 66,000 And many others. A T 819 EOITRTH WENER?HOUSES FOR SALE, 1W? iA '67; cell or ??nd for my reel cststo circular, whicb la correct* 1, published weekly and mailed free. STANLEY DAY._ ABAROATN.-TWO FOUR STORY DOUBLE TENANT 1!onsen for sale; tince $8,010 each. The hou??s are 51}? feet front, In good condition, and are now oocuplad hy stnctlr fimt class tenants; location central. Address Grant, box 1S9 Herald office. A N IMMENSE WAREHOUSE PROPERTY FOR BALE, ."\ in Water street; might bring $80,010 fter annum. In quire or EUGENE CHEV ALLIKR 81 Cedar^alreet. A NEAT TWO STORY ATTIC AND BASEMENT .V House on We t Washington pla-iune ir 9lxth avenue; all improvements and nto- order; price $9,500. JOSEPH M ASON, 29 Pine street * ?FOR ALL TRANSACTIONS IN AND RALE OF S\ . real estate In thla ellr and vlcinltv see ?? Tnunrnnce and Real Estate .lournsl," published every Saturday at 39 Nas ?nu street. Annual subscription, $8 Fir sale by Atnericau News Company, established 18BB. Vol. 8, No. 2. A "fine CORNER ON ~ EIGHTH-AVENUE, FOUR stories, 35.Ax5)x70, with lot on rear, 90x80; a very desira ble properly: pr ro $25,000; very easy terms. KfLI'aTltlOlt. Bull's Head Bank Bulging. Desirable lobs on third and fourth aye niira: also go id paying tenement property In all parts of the city for sale cheap. 17RMY A COPLAND, 4104th av. For balk?by d.m. seaman, u pine htrekt. Bowry-^ ?tory brick Store $40,600 Kim St.?Noe. 198 and 195 ue.r Broome 30 000 Hmiston at.. near Crosby. 26x128 35,000 Houston st.. Corner Laurens, Store and Corner 10 MO Ieuiren?at.. near Grand 6.1x90 and Buildings ItffOOO Roosevelt ?t. ne'.r Chatham. Tenement, 35x100 13.OU0 Sullivan St., thrre story llriek 0000 W.ewver at., No. lg|, three story Hides. 15,009 3ht si. rear 3d at., two three stury brick Houses, each 6,000 I7tb St., oar. Irving place, extra wide House, furnished. 19th sL near 6th av.. Tenement, 49xiU, and four brick ; ( 26,600 Also Houses on 1st. Id, Set 4th. 6tfi and Lexinrlou avenue*, ten. 0th. lib. Msk, 1Mb, 13th. 10th. Bd. SL 8Mb Gtwme. foasMa Gslfi Jacob. Ltbartv. Letwy. Mulberry, Madison. ? tlivor. Pearl and other streets. nSALE?DWELLING BOUSE AND LOT, 97 HBNRY swat: lot 26x100. house 35x60; terms easy. Apply to MINER A BOMESY1LLK. 37 Naexau trust. foxperoU. JJIOR BALE?PROPERTY NO. 89 CHERRY BTRKET; r lofJ?x7?; front and rear buildings; tsrms aaav. Apply to a bOMKHVf LLK, 87 Nassau street for permit. For bale-in brventbentii htrest. near Fifth avenue, a well bulH four story, high stoop Hou???, wltn two story back building, maklug the house three rooms deep on first and second floors. Apply te E. H, LUDLOW A CO.. No.? Pine street rR SALK-A BPACIOUB FIRST CLASS STORE IN Pearl street, near Wall street. Apply te HENRY SWIFT A CO., 168 Pstwl street. IOR BALE?A FIRST CLASH FOUR STORY BROWN stone front English basement House. 146 Lexington avenue; prise, $161X10. For permit epply et HAYWARD A BRIQUhTiBO Broadway. IR BALE-TWO ELEGANT FIRST OLA if FOUR store brown stone frout Houses, on the northwest cor ner of Lexington avenue and Sixtieth struct. Inquire at 86, next Las corner, of G. J. HAMILTON. Fc f?: PMOR HALE?A THREE 8TORT HMH RTOOP BASE. | met.. tnJ sub cellar House: sUe 20*40*100 with Im provement*: Fiftieth street, near Broadway: floe location; I prove menta: Fiftieth street. naar Broad way: floe location; at a bargain. A"ply to DYE A THOR.NaL, Broadway, be tween Forty- elf htn and Forty-ninth atraeta. POR SALE?TALC ABLE BUILDING SITES IB WER cer. Greene, Grand and Houaton street*; very dcsir I1 oer, Greene, Grand and Houston street*; verv destr. able. For particulars apply to TAN TINE A MTERS, a Tine street. PUR SALE-A VALUABLE PROP-fRTY ON SOUTH side of Grand treet, east of the Bowery; can be bought cheap Apt It to DYE A T'lORNAL, Broadtvay. between Forty-eighth and Forty-ninth streets. pOR SALE-PRIVATE RESIDENCE; FIRST CLASS, eitra wdih, bpiwn atone five story, on Eaa'. Twenty second atreet: one on Fortv-aeventh Atreet; price $90,0011; one on Twec.ieth street; 810,90u. A. SERGEANT, 11 Wall street. ?i?OR SALE-ORE LOT, S FRET FROST BY 100 1'EET I # Inchee deep, on north side of Plfty-flrat street, l>e. tweeo Broadway and Eighth avenue, 300 feet >..i. i.i Bi'r'iRVIliM in at..H.n east of Eighth avenue. Apply to BUCKBNHAM, 10 Maiden lane. So agents need apply. pOR 8ALE-FOUR STORY BROWS STOSE HIGH _ itons llstiw, In perfect order; toeition Tbirtv-elghth street. between Broad war and Fifth avenue, will be anil furnished or unfornlabed. Address valentine, bos 8 '<07 Post office tjtOR SALE?IS WEST TBSTH SI'RE -T A HULLTOR r i partially fumiehed HdOaa, In an nney-eption tb!e neleboorhool; will he s?!<l mueb l'ss lb tn It* value If pur chased Immediately. Apply to ALLAN ING It All A 51, 81 Cedar etr ?t. COR SALE-AM ELRGANT CORNER TIOUSB OS r Wadlwin avenue' (Hurray Itill). heautlfully fitted up and In aplend:d condition throughout; large dmlnt room <is tension. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., So. I l'ina at reel ?OR SALE-THB LARGE NEW FIVE STORY PHIL A. POR SALE-THB LARGE NEW FIVE STORY PHIL A delpfcia brick House* on Forty *iith atreet. between Second aud Third avenue*. 86 ft. wide, built In the best m in ner: rent$a,2?. At ply to LOPER A DAVIS, corner Thirty - alxth street and Flrat avenue. # POR BALE CHEAP-THREE 8TORT BOILMNG OS Greenwich street. 88 feet front, 110 deep: Trinity lease 31 year*: (<>ed buboes* stand. Aildreaa for three days, Greenwich, llersld n'tce. Rouses for bale-by a. journbay, ? pise bt. Went 34th St., four story high stoop brown' DO West 8>at at., three story h'ah *toop brown atone SI 800 Weal 43d St.. three story high sloop brown stone 1\A 0 WeH 08th si. f<Mir story high s'oop brown stone 14 .VIO -MP? West Add .at., four afnry high atoop hrown stone 96 or*l West 4*d at., four etnrv (ugh atoop brown atone 86.0JO West 48- h at., fnor story hgh sloop Hrowo stone 86 DO" Weal H4th hi, three alary high stoop hriek 18, DO West 88d at., three story high a'oop brick 13 DO ?eat 84ih St., three story high stoop InlHl I4.5D East .VII at., three story high sloop brick ll.UOO I UPPER FOR 8*3.000 A POlTR HTURY HIGH STOOP brown stone front II mss. In the Iiest Mock between 'hlrd and I^ihigt- n avenues; I* handsomely frescoed nnd In the most complete order from cellar to root: s the cheap est honte <n the market: $10 0*0 cash: appreciated when >ly to KILPATRICV, Bull's T teen; slsn OtSOildt). Apply to K1 LPATRIOK, Ball's Head Bank Bull ting*. WADDKLLA ARMSTRONG. 11 PINE STKKKT, OFFER fur sale?Four story brown alone House, high stoop, 37th af. near Park avenue, furnished, If desired. Floe brick House; lol27il'JU; M-rk's $??!!. DO II' EST 51 ST ST?4 B. B. fl. II. 8 $4S0JU Y? We l 13th si.-4a. h. a. ti. a 4HM West 8'M at.?4 a. h. s. Eng. b 89.000 West 4 oh ?t?Ss. brick h. s I'.YUIO Waal J7Ui st ?8 s. br < k, h. s 'J8.IM0 G. W. hi."Mi (SB, JR.. M Hr Wdwag. UROUKLTI URAL. BM TATE POTl I4AL.R. L"R>K BALE?THE THREE STORY IIOU8E. IfOCAItl r ton aranne. near Washington I'nrk Brooklyn, conttln Ing 14 room* and basemen:. has halhr ?m. gas beater, .te. Free $4 Otu Can be uccupie.t .in or before the Is! uf Febru ary neit, ln<|iiire at lb" prem-ac-. L'OR SALE. IN BROOKLYN?A THR",R HTORY AND I* Imaemet i <naa In from Htm-e, ocitlv furulshod, tl? a flrst class n-iithisTh,ad, near be City Hail F ir particulars address A. K. G. bos 8 W Sew York I'nst o dee. H'ok vale r?K Tfi let?is Brooklyn, biuldinu. #TA> 'Onsntlv used as a hat factory, and former1/ a* amp wirrka. on Hlt-htog avenue near Kant: hollar slid ateum ptpva v.mrpi. te, 2 fan . fat, be ua ul for *07 other bttslnaa , App y to J. K. C- iRJMLG 14 (1ni4 -Irsat. FHJH BfOORt.T.V NEW TtlBK. JERSEY 4!|TY OR Newark nroperty, I otfer a (,ond .fersey Farm, with

8 nek at'am valuation. Principal* address Farm. bo? lit4 Her Id nfflcs. nnn-*"* ibroimilyni, kindling ?DTT.UU' "? Wnrnl Yard wth th e? Infs of 1 Oman I on enrjer, near (lowanii* t anal, with all msohlnart; -inly $1 IIOl) eaah required Apply f. R, CORNKLi, 16 U.iurl St. (J4IVMTHY REAL BB PATH Pilt MAIaft. Avkrv nr.HiKAKLS farm on long iblasd, io<? acres rieh land; 8 0(kl ei,ofea dwarf pear trees: tinea hnuae Old fri,tie barn. Prion *10,.'?JU. AdJreaa Farm tan 8.l.'d Pu- tifflaA A N "MPRU'UP FAilH T't R*f llASGil FUR A Y kind of mamh.ndt a, In West vtilri tin. on ?n? mil road, at a eraat bargain; go id nuftdings end steam pi' * RIUGb. 77 Rasaau slTMh ruOUi 10, COrSTHV KBAL KHTATE FO K ALI. WANTING FAKMN-GOOD SOIL. MILD CI.I mile IN miles smith of PhlUiiclphl*. Price un!v $25 P*r acre. Ai?o Improved Krnn Hundreds are WtUlllK. Information -eol free. Addieae 01 K. LaN0IS.VIh.Uik1, Nsw Jer-rv \F4RM OK m ACRE*. WITH 8 fOCK, CROPS AND touut, vary obuap. Also a number ot Farm* arid vil lageiliaHence* for sale. by K. F. IIA H MO IT. 14 Pineal., or HAUItlOIT, VAII. a Co., at I'UUnfioid, Nuw Jrivov. A NBAT PLACE OP IS ACRES HOOD LAND, HOURK, . J?"1.; fni't, healthy and f?at lroprovn* wiMuo'hoiid At Newtown. L I.; ??"/ of joeon: eu?n>nmu ration hourly: tuna 4$ mlaula*. Price $12 OUl. Apply at 177 rwl street. /TOTTAQH AND PARK FOR HALB-47 ACRES, WITH A J nrat Collar* of 1$ Muru'; pleasant location: clnae to churches Post < (Dee, school, Ac.; rente he Ene Kallro-id to Middielowu. Stock and Furniture for ?al* Apply at once. C. II. ol.lVEK, No. 7 B"*kmuti street. DR8IRABLK FARM ORCotTNTIlY NRAT rOR N VLB llalf a mile from the Ibrtviug villa** of Hempateid, T<- T.. contelnlng $5 sere* of hifhlv Improved laud; good two elory house and ousbulldiog*. __ A. SERGEANT, 21 Wall street FARM* AND TILLAGE RRSIDENCB FOR SALE? At Railway, Woudbrtdgs. Melucben, ?*1 ..ntl*ld. N. J. Farm at Rubivsy. 17 arras: large House; $5110. Oue i'oub at RahWAv. (rooms: $1701. Farm of <0 acres, $13,50>. By CAMPBELL, KELLY A CO.. All UruaJwav. FOR SALB-A HANDSOME COUNTRY SEAT. WtTR 314 acres of ground nt Peekskill. on the Hudson: flue river view healthy, and c mvrmsat to cars >nd tltuunbnuu. Apply nt 442 Washington street CH)R BALE -IN HOBOKKN. THREE STORY BROWN P atone high stoop, all Improvements: stable Ac,: first class neighborhood, fine river view IP perfect order through oat. tnoutre In Paul Store, corner of Canal and Hudson atreets. N. Y. FOR SALE?CHOICE OF ftftt building LOTS, pO. es $350 id $<kw? Hudson City, fifteen uiuntea' walk from Hobokeu ferries?several go>*l Corners; neighborhood built up and well Improved. Also Cottage. 7 rooms and esi tu r. new: po*?" stop Irrmodlatnlv. Apple to owuer, CHARLES CLIN ION. 73 Washington street. Hob,.ken. rR BALK?ON 1I4CKHNSACK PLANK ROAD, about two mllra north of Hoboken ferry, corner Plots, 21418-12 feet frontage; contain* overnight full !ule. $2 501. One "I'm. j-lj i eet, rontage; contains over three full lots. $1,8 HI. One Hi6 feet frontage, over two kit v. $1,300; near two car routes; unobstructed rtews of otn r thirty roilua of country. Apply to owner CHARLES CLINTON. 7b Washington St., lloboken. P)B SALE OR EXCHANGE-IN WESTCHESTER county, a fine country Sent of thirty or fifty acres im provements first class; In perfect order ono hour from the city by Harlem Railroad. Full particular* to be had by calllug on the owuer. F. 6. M., 143 West Fortjreecoud street. New York. CIOK 3ALE LOW-A VERY FINE FARM OF 100 f acres, with good Improvements: 24 miles from the city. UltMY ACOPLAND. 410 Fourth avenue. PC. ANTHONT, 28 NASSAU STREET, OFFERS FOR ? s.le or exchange, n valuable Country Sent at Tall aades. Hudson river, for $40 00). Also a Far in <961 acres. in Illinois, wltb Stock aud Improvements, for $15 000. Also a neat Collage. Barn. Ac . BlouinUrld, N. J.. for $12,000. Alio several House* up town. PRICK $1 (*10?RENT $800?FOR BALE OR TO rent, the Hotel at Five Mile river. Rowaytnu. Apply to CHARLES I,. RAYMOND, Noutb Nor wait COM. PROFERTT FOR BALE IN NEW A RK?BARGAIN. A fine furnishcl House, with gas and water large yard, slobl*, Ac. near depot. Fur particulars Inquire at coalyard, corner of Twenty-first etreet aud Sevi-uth avenue, N. Y. SUPERIOR FARM. ? ACRES: LARGE NEW HOUSE aud Hurn; under high cultivation; 22 utiles in New Jer sey; whole premises la complete order. PARSONS A WAJI1), 79 Cedar street. K15AI* ESTATE WANTED. TO REAL HSTATE OWNERS.?WAITED. PKOPBRTY on Bowerv, Third. Bialb ar.d Eighth avenues. Mercer, Greene. Woostier. Sullivan. Laurens, Thompson, Crosbv. Grind. Broome, Spring. Prince. Arnitv, Bleccker. and other streets; also first class and medium prtoed Houses in good locations. D. M. uEAMAN, Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker, 14 Pine street. W ANTBD?SEVERAL GOOD HOUSES TIP TOWN. AT various prices, for whom customers are watting; please send description immediately. WM. H'lGKItT, Real Estate Broker. 157 Broadway. W7ANTED-A GOOD MEDIUM SIZED THREE STORY vY H mse, with nil Improvements (brown stone or brick), worth from $12,000 to $13,000; located In some god neigh borhood, between Fourteenth and Fifty-second streets and Sixth and Ninth avenues. In exchange for a good Farm of <*) scree, with all new buildings, witbln l.t? miles of cttv limits of Poaghkeepsle. 79 milea up Hudson river. A good npp'irtnnity Iter any one who wants a ul"a summer country residence. Address bag 4388 Poet ofllne, N. Y. WANTED?IN A GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD, A SMALL House. at a mederste netee. Must have all toe mod ern ounvectenros. Address Dry Goods, baa 3.3(6 Poet offioa. FOR SALE. PA'fRN'f RIGHT, USEFUL IN EVERY FAMILY. . for sale. Apply at M3 North Seventh street, Philadal phis. CORNER GROCERY STORK FOR HALE.?IN quire In the flora >7$ avenue B. A A A LEASE. STOCK AND FIXTURES FOR BALE?OF certain Building within a few font of Broadway (west), aa Canaj etract Bant $4$$fi. A por.ion of pramtsae now rented for $2,000 to good tenant Building 26 feet front. Excellent stand for retail business. Capital required $8,000. Andreas hox 3 701 New York Post office. 4 W An A 8PI.KWDID"CHANCE.?CORNMR LIQ...... Asm -FOB SALE. A CONFECTIONEBY AND CIGAR -? Stww. find ciaas oorner Bakery. Liquor add Lunoh cms. Restaurants, Ala and Chop House, Hotels. Meat Markets, Produot Htanda, Billiard Saloons, Brawn Brood Bakery, fine Photograph Gallery, Sample Booms, Book ?to roc, Grooinfit MlTCflELJ.'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. |UrtR HTORK, _ _Iqnnr Store*. L. DEYO, 183 Ninth avenue. A -PHOTOGRAPH AND AMBROTTPR GALLERY. 087 . Bowery, for sale very cheap; everything in good order; plenty of stock and Instruments. Cell for three days as above. A HOTEL FOR SALE ON BROADWAY-HAND comely furnished, with Restaurant. Bar and Dining Raksnn attached; now In good running order. Or would dispose r.f one-half Interest. THOMPSON, 730 Broadway. CIlOAR NTOKK AND SAMPLR ROOM POR KALE, tn good loestton. Applv at 383 Madison etreet. DINTNO ROOM ON BROADWAY?HANDSOMELY furnished end now doing a good business, i? for salo or wNl exchange for real estate. Address B. II., box 140 Heiald office. F'or sale?a large factory, near Atlantic dock, with 30 burns engine. Ac. Apply to JOHN Wi>QD CO.. fig Liberty street - POR SALE?A SMALL HOTEL. ON THE EUROPEAN plan; the whole boose elegantly famished; long lease; rentverylow. Apply to D. SANFORI1, 38 Liberty street. FOR 8ALE-A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY ? more, one of the best locations in the city now doing a very large br.M*?*ee; a rare chance. Apply to E. A B. T. Bl'KMHAM, itOtf Hudson etreet. FVIB SAI.B-DOWN TOWN LigUOR STORE; THE best In New Y irk. The proprietor Is engaged in ether hnslcs-ie and "annul attend toll. Inquire of 'J. F. W.-.I.I. MA.N, 158 I'enrljtract FitOR RALE?THE STORE AND STOCR OF THE VIL 1 lluerj end Mlllinerv G iod? of the store No. 361 Canal street. Rem l-wv and sales targe. Gall as *' 8*. P)R SALE?A BUTTER, UHEESE AND POULTRY HUnd !u Fullon market; will be sold ehrap; terms cneh. Apply to M. Rib IK, 138 Baekman street. FOR SALE-A VERY DRUKARI.R BOOK, NEWS and Stit'Junery B'tsiness In nr.o of the r.ioet t'ourlsl.lng towns In Pcnnsylvarta; a good chance for nn Industrious young man: pays wrIL Far particulars apply in the store 827 lludsnn street. New York. F" OR SAl.R?AN IRON VACUUM PAN, FOUR FEEi' In dlvmeter. Pump. Ae.; all complete; nearly new. In quire at 1$ Rose itr""t. ?CtOR SAl.K?THE 8TOOK, FIXTURES AND FIVE U - - ?' Lestea uf n first "lane Liquor Baluon arid Restau rant (full lirense ps'd., in first rale locatt..n; adjacent to New Haven and llar'em depot. Apply :it SBT)* Fourth av. rR SALE- t FIRST CLASS GROCERY, WITH (Fix ture*. Leas* ai d Good Will; good luoal' m up town and ?nod run of rustomera. Apply to 8. A. SPENCER, 281 Grand street. For sale-stock and fixturk* or a book, stationery and toy store; a grand stand. In Brooklyn. Apply to M. WILLIS, WNasaau street. For rat e?in Brooklyn, the stock and fix turee of a gent"- furnlshlr.g store; one of the best 1 hra tion* for l.netni sa In thaetty; rent low and stork small; good reason* for i-dllng; a splendM loostlotl for the dry go da and fnnry hnslpess. Apply nt the Skirt Fnotorv 248 Hroadway, curnerof Wsrren street. .,**r Devlin's elothmg -lure Fvqr 8ai.ii?a light manufacturing business; 1 ten vesrs established: eneh connerllon. Price $2 OtIO. Call st a address 84 Murray street, up stairs. |j"OR SALE?THE LEASE OF THK RTORF. OF AN r old commission pr elu.-e house, vicinity of Erie H Hid ings, Dusne street, or take a partner. Address Lease, Herald ofilee. I I^OR SALE- NIB OOOO WILL. STOCK AMD FIX. r tur-? of *11 old eatixhlinhad tlr?ter fnldon. now doln* * good ?>'!? n???, ?n the corner of Tlilrtjr-Olth drcot anil Third av-noe. Apply at t? Third erenur. FNOK SAIR?THK FOUR YFARB' LEABF AND FIX. 1 turn* of * Store; lha l>e?t (tend In tha city for tr ,u Cent tride; near ??*r?l hotel*, opfKW'te City Hxlt: rent low. *old *t a bargain. Addra** J. 8., hex 1A0 Herald ofllee K j?OB HlLE OR TO LRT?THK HAKR'tr. BCIIINF.BS. Stock and Flltnre*; a ?o to let. three itoema on the flrnt M Willi Uia huaery nnd bttalne**. Apply to U. J,. Mlt'MA*. Hatha nan ak. N. J. tpOK BAL'4 till I.KA8R?A VERY LAROK, VALUABLE X1 l)l?illlery. In eimulete open. I ion; Uriel* locat-d. Ap p'f to tV. I*. MI'YKOIR. 171 Broudwiijr. Oysrr.R baiakjn for hale, stock and fix. tnrr?ln mid order; oanre for ?atllnt>. tile proprietor had otfce ? twolna*. Far pentcnUra )n<|iitr? ot ho .1 New Chamber* *tre -t, eorner of North William, on the premNe*. EttnroCRAPII GALLERY, 411 CANAL ATKRoT. F?iR nan' nrt.> let; in complete onler; r.?r- thtWl for the ritfhl own; pHw $4frJ; or lowie, without aMMMM re jr l*?. il'Wtl FIRST I La<S NEW TEN FEBT BHO'.Y CAH EH X for n*le; price $40 ea -b. Inquire at 48 Murray ntreet, up rial r?. mwtl DIHlILMiMKN IN COMPLETE ORDER. Ftfll J ?ala. lnqairr *t iliV Baet Tenth ?trnet ? -f"R NALR, A LIQClR I ORE WITH VUvVi Lmenaa. doing good biirtneaa. A1 o ?n Interenl In * |.l(M?*nt b Union* e'oh.i JAII Rear -toI .op, $I'A Dr. Iti5\f fli.t, No. ztlrnene or ml. *t? iU\l\ MU, A t'MWAriFK MANCtAC ?PI J.' " '' '? I"' im* biwin***, well fatal liahad. with a una i mi of on lomer*. None i??i re* ood but Uiikn havi M . ha le i.ljr owe b and manatee buninaaa. A rid i ear W. Y. Herod aticu. MAC II IN EH V . T?N01NKS AMD BOILERS OK AUi SIX *". BSAYTMfl. Fj Pulleys, Henpira. PMpa, fw? Sh-uii* F. tings* K.pir.g , ud 01 , i ..unfO'M VwklW' tsfceap. *t DAY lb M ..i neiy Yard, Ki w Ul M(itwi MMi J?r ejrC 'v |j>OR SAI.B--HORSK POWER SLITCINU MACHINE. C 1 not> Screw PTIX4, IWDIJl' t Machine, Wim? Working MmIIubi, p.-lun> shaft n?. I'uUeysand Hangers. ? .Bit. L. CU M MINUS. 148 Centre fin-el FOR 8ALIS-1 1Q0 HORHR POWIR O'ICLISH A Nighilngale f.Bia Eagiae and Butler* two), l?rtj .eet long, lour foot iMli will i>e put >t> perfect orarr If required. Apply to 1'. J. IN ->LRK, l&t t'voire street. F^OU SAIK-A HVROAIN, MUST BR REMOVED. MOW 1 running; to hor*e Engine, tin horse tubular Boiler, ne rly new; 10 horse Eogioe and Boiler. So Park street, Fire Ho ntu. For bade cheap-two paor'8 mills, I AO in E and Holler, Smut Milt, Bolt and Shaftlug. Apply at No. 8 Dev street, to J. BAYLLV. GREtiU'8 EXCELSIOR BRICK PRESS. This powerful and beiutlful labor nanny ms-h1ne vriJI mould 38 000 brisks per day. It receives the oliy In its natural stele, tempers It in working, and uiAs the flnort pre* ed brick. aa well as the lower snides; sit of Must sl/? and of a quality nnaurpaased ia be-tity aud durability. It will also make superior Ore brick. The value of the machine may be ascertained from the large pi outa made by those now ruuntng. For rights and machines address TEXCEI.KIOR BRICK KRESS COMPANY, office 211 Chestnut street, l'hil idulphla, Pa. ortTbiTe Steam engines and _ ~~ CIRCULAR SAW MILLS. The best and most complete In uso. Circulars -cut on appleallsn. WOOD A MANN STEAM ENGINR COMPANY, Uilea, N. V., and 88 Maiden lane. New York OTEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS ? NEW AND u semnS hand: all sizss. Machinery of all Uindv, Shaft log, Pulleys and Belting. _ _W 1'it t RC A Mir.I,WAun 284 Water street. THE LECTIIWE ?F.V.?OV. IMPORTANT LECTURES DAILY TO GENTLEMEN only, at thnNew York Museum of Auatotuy. 618 Broad way. Those unable to attend these loctuieii mar reeeire a copy by forwarding teu cents. Address Secretary of New York Museum of Anatomy, 618 Broadway. AKM1 AND NAVY tl.AIM*. NEW BOUNTIES, PEN8IONS, PRIZES. AC.. OF soldiers, suhslltutes, sen men, mailut-s, widows and lielrs, at the Original Union Claim Agency, 25Caainbgr* street only, bock r.mra No. fi. W. H. WOODMAN, Attorney. KXPRKHSKS. A-BURNHAM'S FURNITURE EXPRESS. OFFICE III ? West Eleventh street, near Sjjth avenue.? Furniture moved, city or countrj; furniture stored; 1'uruiture parted and shipped; money advanced on furniture. THE COURT S. COMMON PLEAS?GENERAL TERM. DfrMM III til* c*?r *h'' K**"1"* I??w?'Th* Injunction* T*?*WA-A lli^rncrfnl Tk? Decision of the Court of Appeals C ailed "Hoguo," and the KenwrU Applauded by the l.lquor Dealers-Kebulte of the Courl Opinlons of the A?.? Before Judgea Duly, Brady and Cardozo. Yesterday morning there was a grand rally of the liquor dealers at this court in anticipation of the decision of tho case of Holt va. The Excise Board, which it was understood would bo given at thai time. Tbo Court stated that the order of the Special Team (grantine the injunction) was reversed, and that the order for them U be vacated would be enterod. Mr. McKoon, who is counsel for several hundred ilquoi dealers, asked the counsel for the Excise Board if tb? lsw was to be enforced immediately, or whether notici would he gW ^un(wl fo(, Board of Exclee, etated that immediately after the decision of the Court of Appeals was anuouueed on the 3d of Jan uary. an order wae issued by Superintend, ent Kennedy notifying that the law would be nut in execution upon th# 12th. He though tint eoo-l and goftl lent notice to all the parties concerned, as ^r^-ours. expecting that before thai time the injuno | UonrS^od wo"?d be dreolved. The 12th wa. to 1 mZ,* There were certain proviaiona of the taw whWhVA5? "hould probably have taMDNpl do For Instance, the takina down of the s.gna. h aaa Inlaw! art to-toorrow to pal thoee provmo**In fnn-a* hr.t the provisions that required paWirtnanti to close on Sunday must be eomplied with undoubtedly. Am to tho provision which required them to have 'taanaai be was not prepared to say; but he auppoe*d thatthe rata would ho applied to those parties alee. Several hod appliad for licensee, hut from the ^ commissi oners they could not be granted before to m ID? McKeon wished to know, if the parties w*r* really anxious to get e license, were they to be subject to arrest '' igr. Bliss thought that they ware. A fair notice bad been given that they might make application, and many h*A tnotranwas thee made that the order ahould be withheld for a fow days to en tblo the liquor dealers Ul jUy&S3?b? If the last day of our term that we have any control to decde the question. rauneel for plaintiff thooght that the order might be withheld and not oome down like n thunderclap upon tbo people. He would inform the ceaneel that the cjty of ifarYbi* had ready denounced *?>? ***?_*?* Court ot Annnali b? a nwyonly of otgt fitly thousand, llr. Bit as?It it sign* montlM DM# Uilfi tow tM '"Sr. ^itcKeoe?I denounce the decision of the Court of App als as a bogus oorcern. (Applauee, clappiog of h^udgeDi^g-it la not traditionary In this court to bear the highest tribunal to tbB fliata thus spoktn of and rs* main intant. ThaOoortof APPonl* have antttad all the questions of this case The teodencyia ministration of jostles into degrade ion. 1 ?ru"t, iMo tors that if snyihlng of the kind takes place, It will be muMdlta (Sacked; Md If any demonstrations neb m Save taken p'sce are repeated again, ! shall ueethefoll author.ty of the ooort te resimln them, end if thai fails 1 shall adopt other meesuree. tK? Mr McKeon?This Is not the place to answer th court I submit to the rebuke, but tbose are my convtc^ lions. 1 stand upon that, end in the proper time aod P'Voeneel'for the liquor dealer* w shed for a week, wh in counsel for the Excise Board agreed that tbo law should be *nf<>rc*.l until next Friday, wtih the exonpi[ton or the provieinn relating to the ttalBc on tho Sabbath, which would be eniorced next Sunday. .. . Tho quest ion arising in repird to t,10M r,"hlnts? have not lwen argued, the Court decided, that those ca-e? wre to be considered as having been submitted, and the decision shall bind them also. unstop or genua DALY. (it-rot W. Hut ns. The < .ymmiMiontn rf grefss. .fc ? All the questions attain ' in this ^ weraMnenUi.?? na??ed upon in the four cases decided by Ibe Court or Appeals. Wa are a?kad to disregard these raise* u|K>n tile ground thai ibey were voilualveiy made up lor the purpose of obtaining tho Orel donwhich hoebeen rendered; and that as submissions of s .^"'rover-y without action, they were not in the mods in whtan the roderequm-no, % matter Tor ihia court to | Icouiro into The remedy, If any, is to be sought in th? trfbenel where these anions wrre 2*t and in the Court of Appeata It is enough lor cu to know that the Court of Appeals in coses wh r.h we , STnta assume were tarlt.mately before ,t. the (mentions that are praa"Uted hare, an 1 it- > iterpre utiou ot the court, os the court of last rew', upon all other trigonal* In the Mate. ***"1 ivHirer to 'oof '"to a decision of the Supreme ijjurl of the Cnrted f iates to rettafy us thal ths act In V**"* >" In violation of the constitution of the United Stale* It :s sufficient for us that the Court of Appeal-i nave de cided Hint It is not. end the plainlirs remedy la not to romo into this court and ask us to disregard tho hlgheit ludl iary authority in the Blah- ; hut If he ilunka that tho decision or the lourt of Appeals was erroneous, he moat go to the trlb.nai?the Supreme < onri of ibe Culled Slates?where the decision of that court 'au alone he reviewed. The order appealod irom ahould ha reverse i. _ orwios or irrxi* nxAtrr. Ike S'imr *i. the .tern'..?We have been asked to die reasrd lha decision of the Court of Ap|?e?is in ca-es involving questions Blinllar to those prrecuted t or c?u ?lderntlon In tnta and otb?r catea, upon the ground that tho Supreme Conrt ol the United States, to wh.swi au^ tnori'7 we owe higher allag once, has n effeot deciared the act 'unconstitutional, wh'ch the court of Appeals ha* determined to be otherwise. This prenos I on can not be enierintoed. sod we must hold ibe declsloii Conrt of Appouls conclusive upon ns tut to all qn??tlous to widen It relates. Wlreiber the eaaw heard and deter mined by that coor? were loua .fcf -aiies or not, M eug gested br Judge Daly, la a matter which aho .Id have been addressed to the consideration of the tribunal to winch these casea origtnaied or the C >urt ot Al'l^'*'^ The judgos of the Court ol Appeals are eq"t"y bound wi?h us to obae. va all obligation tu the ilawii o, t ta tand as declared by toe Supreme Court of th r Cnlted Sist s and they have congtdeied them, and snld lliat 111 in qnretxm ts n<t a vl-lailoo of any clsuso or prro of the conrti ulioo of this Mate or of the'Inr.ud !*lihre Thar* m n>? rearon rherefore, to change thS 'piui re tained by the ??? view, of W.a wjwnd ant's coun?ai were pr.venied In rcMloo to t >e < of the ? ourt of Ar eals, and its eff ct and ths order of appeal Irom should iheri f >r? l?a reversed. onsr w or Jupos i *i h"*?- ^ Thtmtte r. Tse am-. -I U?t? aaamined the sr the Court ol Apprela, ^',b*rw;!iht ^wbvb - re sub tribunal, wrltrea ny Judge Wright, wbt.u ^ ^ mttled to ua hv the counsel for toe' ^,mrt ?f argument of the sppaal fr *** * Si ? MBs-Uon lo be API?ah* iro^iree.i ree suture of coiislrtullonal. Tlirit detreton, ?* ruiht the curt .if last ie-..n in *'''^ al*nS'crewv aiid must I hi reverse our Deal Judgment, la lhi, KSW ass?St3 V5 ?naVolTrt'ofTpireniV!TtToilows, in ^ SUPREME C&U'T-CH. MIEW. Artlons tgslnsl Bewjwwtln K. llwtlcr fwr Al Icfteri 1 w.*r Imgrlssnmeat nnd I nlnwful t ssvrtnlss of I'roprvty Itwrlnff th* Wsr. Bafora Judge <3. 0. Barnard, t'oft* ff- f"',r e?. It rytwin f. ftutier. ?Two more acthius sgainet tbva deftodant cam* up *? 'his court vet te-rtay ?n a m >tton lor the removal of the irrals of the csuse* to it* Uuutd Hint** Court under th* provlrlous ad the act of <'ougre-s of 1*61. rhli met lea was linllai to Jbe ca-es reputed lo the Hkk*lo <?f y-sUrUay, and woe argued on the part of the jwuuoner by Jol.u C. Hackell o! Counsel. T. C. Campbell, for tin* plaintiff, opposing. The complaint of John U. Letter acta forth suhHtan tiuliy that h?t is a nat vo of the Slate of Connecticut aud ha ut nil timca beeu a loyal citizen of the haled States, and ha* for many years been a r- stdent of New York Mate. In tlciober, 1S??0, the ptaiutitf r moved with lr? family to Kirhniond, Va , for the purpose of carry ing <>o Ilia bo m--"s and establishing hiii ?? f at that place; aud shortly after 1>Ih arrival llmre, li toe vear l*ol, a reliel l.on broke out and continued up u> about thu month of Apr I, 1866 during whu b time the plaintiff mas, by force of circumstances, coui|?e led to remain in Kichmoud, but without taking my part whatever lu the insurrection In a civil, military or navnl N capacity. On the 17th day of Jnly, 1902, an aot ?m po*aed by Congress providing lor the suppression of rebellion and the pun ishment oi treason an ! on the Slh dav of Duoetsber, 1 bbd, the President Issued the amueaty procl .ruslion. Ou the Itlth day of January, IStff, a" soon as praoflca l>te thereafter, tha plaint!(T proceeded to MartiaRburg, IV. Va., for tho purpoee of availing him**:! of the eon dihxm of llita pro- Imiution, and took thn prescribed oath of allegiance before one A. Palmer, Provost Marsha1 at tnat place. On the 24th of January plaintiff hI lege* be proceeded to Waulnngton and obtained id tha usual manner a pa-s from the Secretary or War allow ing him to go through lo Fortress Monroe to receive hla v. iic and children, who were to arrive at that pla. eby Sag oi truce boat from Richmond. tho piaiu'.tr went to Fi.rtrors Monroe and waa there arrc* ed by order of Major General B. F. Butler, the defendant, and placed in pris n, and after being confined for about a month waa taken from confinement and med by drum bead ?murt martial on certain rpeciflrailoua aud chiir,;?js, and n ?ntenced "to ho confined at hard labor w tli a heavy hall and chain to be annexed to bf* limb*,'' at such place b., defendant should direct, "for the period of ten years," sntl to forfeit all hi property. In pursuance of this sentence the plaintiff alleges that he was confined in a prison in Northampton comity, Va , and in a military prison ut Hatterus, on the coast of North Carolina, Iroui the .'oh duy of March, 1864, io thn 2'Jd day of Aprtl, leflo. hiving the ball aud chuin munched to hi* limbs and t>?ln? compelled to perform hard manual labor, the clothing, private papers, books, amnesty oath aud pees Oom the ,-ecreury of War wore, It Is further alleged, loreihly end without his consent taken frotn him, and for the injury inlictcd hy this Imprisonment the plaintiff seekn damage' in the t urn of (100,000. A second ectopia ut of John H. Lester, charges the defendant with unlawful conversion of property end effects, embracing about $200 in money and a number of books, papers, bonds, io., m-longing to plaintiff's busi ne?B, and alleges tnat by reason of tne r lielng taker from him he haa sunta ned damage to the amonntof $75,000 by reason of not being enabled to fulfil contracts, attend to hums at laav then pending, fcr , and cia ma judgment for that amount. The gruuutie urged by coun sel were substantially tho same a< t iose taken in the proceedings against the anw de ecdaut reported in the IltiHAMi of yesterday. Papers taken aud decision reserved. UNITED STATESJJIRCUIT COURT. Another Bairb ??" ('timirrlVlirra In Court. Before Judge Sural ley. Tin United States tw. John Dittnow.?lba doreuOiut, proprietor ot the Arbor in Weei Houston ctve-i, was in tilted with having ou the fcih day ot June tail uttered Btld u?ld a lar;:? quantity of counterfeit fractional cur rency?Bi\ty three pieces of, llfty-cent currency?with intent to ilefrr.ud tome person unknown The facta of thu css;> m; detailed by Mr Ball, Assistant United Males District Attorney, are briefly as follows?A detective 0f the eecret service division or the Treasury Department from in.nrmatlon ho received Willi regard to ?artail operations or tba defendant and other parties acting under him, rind who were to be met at anv time at tba Arbor in Hou.iton str-ct, came 10 the c ity and entered at once into negotiations with D sbrow for the -ale and pur cbaae of counterfeit money, having an ntro.iuctloa from a counterfeiter doing business in another city. I he de fendant at tho first inlorvlew remarked that the detec tive could not come baiterrecotnmended. The detective staled that ho wanted ten and five cent currency stamps These the defendant wad not at the time supplied with. He was then asked If be bad any of the last issue of the Ofty cent currency ; he replied he had not, but had a tunali slock of the previous issue to that; detective reroatIced that aftor all ho kept b t a "dry cooceru;" defendant said be would have had Just then an ubunaaut cupply. hat that be nad that very morning sent off by three dealers m the stuff $3,000 of the lain hfucs to rttuaviile, I'm The detective then said be would take $1$ worth of whatever he had which, after remarking be did not u at in each small quantities, Use prisoner oenaaated to accommodate blm with, and fixed the next morning for the trade. Ac cording to appointment, the detective on the r? .'owlnc morning put in an appearaaoe at the Arbor, and in reply to defendant's question If be had come after thatwuff. *ld yea. The laitar was than told to wait a whilo^md ,ite would either give t to him Mmaelf or be would aand it to him by another party named Brad lor, a confederate present at the time (Bradley was Jointly lodcted with Dlabrow, but at tbe opalng of tba ca*a withdrew bla plea of not guilty and pleaded guilty.) Tbe accused and bis confederate then went out, and afier a short absence Bradley returned with a package of the counterfeit money and handed It to tbe\>ffleer. who inquired "Is this all rtaht; am I to pay you or Disbrow;" Bradley replied that it was all tbe -ame. that they were both In the "thing.11 Tbe mor-y was then paid for the stuff, and, after making 4iran?~mcute ror ac other trado, the officer left the aaloon. On tne street ae met Hebrew, who asked blm if tbeataff war all right . me1" f"O ?*?* ?? iMd twld Bnsdlov for It; to wbich tho defendant aald It was all tbe same tbln* that tbey were both la it, and were working the thing in' company. ? Tho detective, officer Brace, was then called te give his testimony; but, after a few qaestioat, defendant's coun sel, Mr. Stuart, roee nod, addressing tbe Court sold tbat bhivxperlemso of lata is lb tie cases, tbe maimer in whiob similar coses bod bee* got up and submitted by the prosecution, and bte own knowledce of tbe law. be felt oonvlnood that a conviction would Mlow; and. therefore, for tbe sake of bis client, be deemed it hie duty to ssy that tbe plea not guilty would be withdrawn and li.s clwnt would plead guilty to tbe Indictment. He hoped the (ourt would defer sentence till C'donel Wood returned to the city, wben aotne facts would be sub mitted wblcb might move tbe Co in to leniency io the sentence. * Mr Courtney, United States District Attorney - Tour none.-. I will more for Judgment In una cave to-morrow morning. Judge .-mall-y?In the case obBradley. who was joint 's iudicied with tbe defendant here, and wbo withdrew | the plea of not guilty and pleaded guil'y, I Jeferred aenteiKe lor a week, and this will also be tho rule la ib it oaoa, Thu prisoner war then removed. anori'KR coi'5iT*er*iT?jt rLtatw OOH.T. The United .Statu en Thornnj Ha r.ngt<m ? f he d-fend uni pleed-d uoi guilty to uu indictment charring bim with paving counterfeit United tfute< currency' sud was defend-d by Mr, Mluart. At the opening uf 'tho cans dofendaal's counsel sa'd this ?i< ' another coon that don t want any ol tb> funnel Attorney Ore.'' The de fendant would withdraw hi* plea of not gnuty and plead guilty to the Indictment, wb cb be did and was removed, sentence being deterred. Joseph Bradley, jointly ind uled with John Plsbrow la abuHi) .a?iic seni-uoe was deier.ed lor a week withdrew under the pro-sure of tho proeecuttuu his pi.-a or not guilty. and pleaded guilty. Sentence, as in (he other cases, deferred. Cillomvr Domicilii# also Irdlcv-d as a counterfeiter, withdrew his plea of not guilty and pleaded guilty .sentence deferred *" .\ locvixaraiibK sTavns his num. asp is novvi.-ran. : rinilip Martin charged witn pas-lugcounterfeit I nlied elates currency, deleiided by Mr. rarnpbeli, put himself on irial b-orv a Jurv. Aner a bnef examination of wtin .--ses in support of the prove-tion and an :ngeu ous defence on tbe part of tho coun<el ibn jury rvn defirt u verdict of guilty. Sentence deferred MARINE CPU IT. Before Judge Beam and a Jury. Inarahaen vs. MeSa.naa ? In this ease, which, as already reported In tbe Hnna, was an act on to ro j cover damages lor Injuries ? auvd 10 tbe plaintiff in ? on-equonce of briny run over by a truck, tbe pro perty of the d?>n>latii, the jury i?und a verdict for the plaintiff for i-ud Before Judge Gross and a Jury. I'aul KJfter ?<?. ,/ jm 5 At ht ,.n and J tmm tfamilL ? Plaintiff owned a lior.-n w nth $160. wl>h which he won enabled to ee<n a good d-sl of money The defendants, be alienor, und-rlook l<> -lion thu b rae in a proper man ner; b .1 the plaintiff says that th t work wan done In m unskilful and unworkmanlike a manner that the hone was rendered w.iritile-?, nal s having been driven into Its quck and flesh. The d-feueu is a Kcnerai d Dial of the aliega*. ons made by the pialntltf. l'U~ jury fouad a verdict for the plsintiff for $'?26. COURT OF SttSlOU?R$MLTII. Owen ffrklinne f'sstlrird af .tlanalauuhter la tho Fourth Degree. Bofore .Judge Dlkemao, Jtiatlors Huyt and Voorhisa. Owen McStianc was tried and cnvlct-i In tbe Court of Her .ms yesterday of maiistn ighter In the foorth , In killing Tlmma- ?tieasnn, a two o'clock <>n the moriiliig ?l tbe 28t-i u ttct- ber la-t. The d ceased rs> * ded in str?ei, near ets e. On lbs nivi.t pre w IIs the p le-uer, Mio dccnaswl and several other* bad L rfl". "i ,L"W H ln* '?""ler ?d Mate h l! L ' *r "r wh,ch ?hey weui V> the rest fi. n e or the doc-used nml remained there until nea ly twoo elock A. M. ilmotliy MoJuUff, uaeof th- partv, I,, '' '. ;Lr,Cl *? '" m*. hul was followed out by tbe pr| one-, and ant amed flortnn, whom he Otudrdatt rapled to robli ,m io the Iw leav He made ? s.niggle t" g-t awny tp.m mem and me n?V attracted the dec, n ed and bla wl e, . im cumo out io sec what the iroublo wan Mn ..a blows wete then eacban. ?d and Me auiiit *hi Knocked down, ine parties nnally go nut upon the sidewalk, wiu-n deceased altempt it to protect McAubff fr m any fnrth-r injury. Mo-^haae knocked bins ?town a id h.? died without *p a* ng Owe of the parties on going out of the room ne>lt a fla-irun, *b ch was after wants found near the spot wtiuiu tbe deoensed was knocked down, and wliicli h ts believed as u td by the ptU'iuer In tbe afbuy. gjrw Gbasun, the ai e> 1 oemmeed, lesnfled ibat she raw the pr.roa r strike hsr bu-band, and '.legged b:m at the Pmu lo stria- her instead; alter knocking ber bush-rid do < n he ran off; *in was not aware that her hiiAliaiid was dead unlit be bad been picked up end take* m the tiou - The mis' singular fact wtj ihnt Hr. Louie Bauer, who nu t- the poet mortem ettmiaetloli on th# Imi Iv, tes tlbed tbat there were Oobrulsos sofflci at to have cnu-ed death. Those who examined th- body the morning alter the murder, however, noticed s i ue larrw brnis-s on the rlsbt aid*. Th- trial wee cnnclud-d at Ave / o'clock yesterdor afternoon, end, ailcr an ab-ence of hg'f en hour, ihn piry brought m a vtrffirt of "?au a slighter in the fourth degree." Tbe prisoner wee then remanded for seuieaca