Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 14, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 14, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,094. NEW YOR*, MONDAY. JANUABY 1). 1807. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PERWNAL. Brunette an me, call at station d for InMenU'i uiMty. NICOLKT. 44/1 CS8IB M-K-TLB" WILL HEAR OF AN OLD \JT friend from Walla-Walla, W. T., by sending bar ad dress to boi Mi Brooklyn Foot office. YTEJIRY WINSER. OK TENTF.RDEN. KENT, ENG. Q land, came to ibis country ten or twelve years ago. waa keeping a grocery More on corner of Veaer otreei, tula oily, ?one two raontha since. Ilia friend, Charles uiorer, wletfrii to communicate with him immediately on important busi ness. Address Char Lea Glover, tie. 16 Kichange place, Ro chester, N. Y. IF THE PARTY WHO TOOK A PURSF. FROM A LADY la a Ktalon ferry stage on Wednesday evening about a am uarter past 7, and got out near Mblo's theatre, will return le papers that were inside to Mr. Rogers, 36 Barclay street, a reward of $10 will be paid and no quealiona asked. Tbe papers are of uo value to any one eicept the owner. INFORMATION WASTED OF THE WHEREABOUTS of Joseph King, formerly of Syracuse, N. Y. Address George E. Hltns, 1'oat oOioe. New York. INFORMATION WANTED, AS TO THE WHEREA bouts of Mary Keenan, of Carrick Macross, county Mo aagban, Ireland, and who came to this country, about fif teen years ago. and Bret lived with her uncle, Patrick Ma lone, and when last heard from lived somewhere In Albany, M. Y. Correct information will be paid for by her brother, Thomas Keensn, 73 Washington street. New York city. INSANE MAN MISSING.?LEFT THE EMIGRANT I.U natlc Asylum. Ward's Island, on Tuesday, 8th instant, Alexander l honms McCormlck. aged 22 years; height 6 leet 7 Inches; dress, gray pants, black coat, blue overcoat, drab hat ; iusanlty of a religious turn. Information to be given to Superintendent Dilks. Police Headquarters, 3u) Mulberry street, or to John II. McCormlck, 63 Third sveuue. LADY'S Fl'R COLLAR.?IF THE GENTLEMAN OR lady will return ihe Fur Collar lost by the lady that oc cupied orchestra chairs Nos. 1 and 2 Wattack's theatre. Saturday night at the box office at Wallack's, bo or abe will be suitably rewarded. I>o not spoil tbe set. Margaret Patterson, a cripple, disease of the hip, used a crutch, daughter of William Patterson and Lucy his wife, who once lived In the rear of 81 Greene street. New York. Her grandfather was James Patterson, who lived at 81 Greene street, front house, and died there in November, 1846. Margaret's mother afterwards married a German cabinet maker in Brooklyn, and moved to Connecti cut (supposed New- I-ondon i with Margaret. Margaret, If living, would now be 24 or 26 years old. Information to her pecuniary advantage may be obtained from BlatchfonL Sew ard A Griswold, 29 Nassau street. New York, who will pay for reliable news about Margaret or her death. Mrs. langdon?you greatly dissappointed me on Friday. Do see me to-day, for your sake and mine, and all will be well. J. T. M. O.. STATION G.-A LETTER FOR YOD FROM J. C. H.. to thfl old Addrctn. The lady in black, who attended the ma tinee at the Olympic on Saturday, will confer a favor upon the gentleman who admired her at the theatre by ad dressing Oliver, station D. Bible House. LOST AND FOUND. FOUND-AT WALLACR'S THEATRE, ON SATURDAY evening, January 12. a lady's Fur Collar, which the ewner can have by proving property. Apply to Robert F. Maeoy, 112 and 114 Broadway. LOST-A PflCKET BOOK, MARKED E. B. GATES, containing a small sum of money. The finder will be rewaided by leaving it at No. Charlton street. LOST-A HUDSON BAY LADY'S FUR COLLAR, AT Wallack's theatre. Saturday evening. If the finder will return It to :be t>oi office, Wallack's theatre, hn will be suit ably rewarded. LOST-ON SUNDAY MORNING. FROM A LADY'S shoulders, a large brown fur Tippet Whoever returns it to 36 East Thirty-lib rd street, eaet of Madison avenue, will reeelve $6 reward. LOST-ON SATURDAY, BETWEEN BOND STREET and Wild's candy atore. Broadway, an embroidered Handkerchief with an Initial H. Any person returning (he ' same to 180 East Fiftieth street, will be liberally rewarded. T OBT-ON THE AFTERNOON OF FRIDAY, THE 11TH JLi last, in Bowery, between Fourth and Great Jones atresia, a gold and blue and green enamelled lady's Eyeglass. A liberal reward will be paid to the finder on returning it to > HgtS - LOST?A LADY'S BREASTPIN, IN A THIRD AYE not Railroad car.golng from Fifty-first to Thirteenth street, thoneo to Bail. Black k Co.'a. Tha pin waa enamelled and had three small pearls la the oentre. The finder will he nw aided "by galling nt 233 Kaat Fifty-Brat street. ? STOLEN?FROM H. B. HAWLEY k CO.. 112 FULTON street, January 13. 1867, Five Hundred Dollars. In U. B. 71.10 bonds, numbered as follows:?163.146, $100; 102,000, ?100; 102,106, $100; 162,698. $100; MR332, $100. RK WARDS. REWARD.?LOST. DOWN TOWN. A BLACK AND VU tan Terrier Slut, Injured nt one time In left hip, an swerlng to name of Fanny. J. U. l'ARRAIN, 27 Bond at. I ? *1 n REWARD?LOST, ON SATURDAY NIQHT, TWO qllU Newfoundland Don. Whoever will bring tbem to 01 Allen street, earner or Broome, will receive the shove reward. ? in REWARD?LOST. ON FRIDAY EVENING tIv last. In going from S West Fifteenth street to Wal leak's theatre, a lady's whit* Brmin# Fur Collar. Tbe above reward will be paid for Us return to Mrs. Heuberer, 32 West Fifteenth street. CIA REWARD-PAWNBROKERS. TARE NOTICE? 911/ Stolen, Monday, Jan. 7, one purple calico Ore as. very long, and trimmed with black braid; one black merino, ike bottom of the skirt trimmed with white and black braid: ene ?llrer thimble, marked Anna M. Hall. Apply to Mr*. Hall, IK Chatham street. C9A REWARD?LOST, JANUARY 3, A OOLD NP~i'' Chain and Glaaaea attached. The shore reward will be paid to tbe finder by oalltng at 20 West Fourteenth I. ? street. ? or: REWARD WILL BE PAID AND NO QUEB ip^O lion-); ,k'd for the brown Overcoat stolen from 21 Irving place on .-atnrday evening. Return to Superintend ent Registered I.--"er Department, 1'oat office. ?')C REWARD ?LOST, SATURDAY EVENING, TV WfdO Centre) Park, about 7 o'clocUbeaver ?kln Lap Robe. Byrt|uriilug tbe tame to James W. Bell. 171 Fifth will receive tha above reward. $1,000 "Wi-? ITOLRK TWO TREA9URT OOLD CERTIFICATES, $6,OhO Each. Out of the following number* ? ? C, No. 23.166; A. No. 23.149; A, No. 23.163; C, No. 23.147. -Payment has been stopped and the public la warned Uhlmat buying. The above reWiri 67 $1,000 will be paid to an v one who Can information which lead* to the recovery, and no quea ns asked MARTIN MAAP k CO., 48 Exchange place. "PEriAL NOTICES. FRESCO M4I.KH VF.REIN?MR. ED. ENOEL HAS deals red thai bo will not pay tbe wages Used by the pagulatieaa of ibe Fresco Mahr Tsrola (Frisco Painters' Association), "auuday, January It, 18*7, sura genera" mass meeting. By order, A. WKfOERB. T nCEBRBOCKEK COTTAOB?466 SIXTH AY., N. T. A. Ala establishment having been. ealamed and Im proved, will be opened on Monday, lb# Mth lost, to lie pat mm and the public. In the Billiard Room are feur of ?eary'S finest tables, manufactured by D. D. Collies. At At bar wo) be found a eludes and selected assertnient of wiaea Llquore and Clgpma, aad la tha larder all the dellea a. T JAMES A BOYLE. WILLIAM FOWI or^svz^,.imssrxT"m nKT,tiL' *>? Caaa to ran Foauc?Tbe Distributing Committee beg to ssrssraTei^gisr ^ to *? ?*??? I J r-'-M l ? ?be additional J f? ih? of o ffroautr nuaber of tickets ?ushmmui eoalaeapla?ed, iha? tha distribution that etpeetad to take place on the 14th IneL is nnavoldablv gsadpened uaUl tbe *fch met., when It will positively take "THWART TAN YLEIT, 1 jarfwSf* WffiVJ'o'iSs? ?? Y?W Teaa. Jaa. 10.1K7. ' PLjS!55L?"<m12L^ MMTINO OF THE Md%5!y_wlil be held Thamday Jvcu^'Jan^!* THE BALL HAWK. EXCKLBIOR. SIXTH ANNUAL REUNION OF EXCKLBIOR LODOB, MO. 1* P. AMD A. M., IN AID OF THE MASONIC HAUL AND AjBYLUM FUND. IRVING HALL, TUESDAY EVKBIBO. .IAN. 1A okafula'b seventh regiment VROMENADB AND 8TRINO BANDS. TICKETS TWO DOLLARS. I RE DEPARTMENT BALL. r The Thirty-Eighth Annual Bailor the lata Volunteer Biro H apartment will uho pUc* at tho Academy nf Mnde, wnw of Fourteenth Great end frrlng plan*. on Thursday ovenlng. February 29th, 1AS7.ttotdi fh e*ch, admitting a tanilamaa and two ladle*: oxtra lady'* ticket*, S3, to ho procured aa nanai ?t tho officer* or any mam bar of tho com ?fcttlOQ* Tb* proceed* aa horetoforo win ha applied to Uta relief or the widow* and orpham of otir dacaaaad aaaorlata* who BOhly aaertfloed their lire* to rtdrlng to protoat the llvaa aad property of their fallow dtlaana C. GODFREY OUNTHER, Praaldant, M2 Broadway. fu. P. WRuaJtMptary. MS Pearl afreet. A. J l)?L*TotiaTTi*rurar, 15H Wall atraet. BILLIARDS, AC. LARGE NUMBER OP NEW AND SECOND HAND Billiard Table*, with our taaarorad combination auahlnna. which hare be?n peered tobetbemM and durable etiahtona aror wade. Specimen* of our tabled that have boas la oonatant nee for many yearn may be aeon la the principal hotel* and aaloon* in thl* city, radio* In. toadlng to purahan* will Bad It to their Internal to call and anamtna oar dock, which la the Urgent aad Saiaat in the nEor; 'colLaNDER,7luTw Cronby atroai M. T J. SHARP HAN A LARGE ASSORTMENT OP new and naconrt hand Billiard Table* alwaya on hand al hi* manufactory; It la wall known that Sharp'* Cuthlona ? or* ru perl or to any now la nan. Manufactory ?? Mertwr ' itreet, uoinar of Broom*. INSTRUCTION. A r E^12rBi K''-V,NKS< COLLEGES, Si BOWERY f Fultcn Mrect, Brooklyn?student* receive pri. I^?k?!..rUCS?"- d?y or evrriug in Bookkeeping, Writing. -^.5tJr?mm*r K?al"ie Spelling, Jtc Gov. King eifSlUoufc" * 1 ^ lu,trjcuo" '? systematic ana A iJ*)VKRB,sss WANTED?TO TVU THE ENTIRE WUTK A ~AnY,TEAC5?E".Vm'L OIVK LESSONS IN PEnT ih? JUS ^ ?? English brunohes. at the residence of the pupil. Apply at Gold?muli,? Academy. 756 Broadway. Apahisun lady, just ARRIVED FROM PARIS _ to ?lv? le**on? in French and conversation, prt ilt t"'r ""'dance, 93 Thompson street first door, between the houre ot til A. M. and St V. M I TEACHER. i AT TOWNSEND S COMMERCIAL ACADEMY -MO ' ntnv7"rJ' aniT Private tuition day aud pondence aritmneHe % Commercial Corre.- ! Grammar, Ac. Ladle.' De- | gtlOKEEEPINfJ \VRrT| NO AC., FOR BUSINESS. practic'i./ it bUMue*H tenmen' or '"mbllng, and makes elegant orSr Gentlemen can secure private rootmTday C/Aani~nilnaREPl'CEr> TERMS FOR PENMANSHIP llllilgp^ I)?waviTMa^n,MM n'lCLAL; ACADEMY, 609 BROAD offer.Tnus.ial farih ? . ,a al'l,ng J""' beeD bn'?rged now charge. aecure private deska without eitra DKEN'f H LANODAUE, GERMAN LATTN AND OTHPR NEGLECTED EDUCATION-AN FT T^TANTED?BY A YOUNQ LADY, A SITUATION AS -rrKi swriHS ^)R1A!* UNLIMITED COURSE PENMaNsiiip SPORTING. ALB KJJOVKinI ??an aND BIRD8 *F0R ?ALe""aT Medicine, for ali *dlMaaSJ!' P^red" FU'^mo'cklSg li,R^N'CI8 BUTLER, NO. 3 FECK SLIP HAS At r fiPHMBKE: J" r^RE?]?I^?.'V~A LARGE LOT OF FINE CANARY gcu^mT'^?'^rTe?? wisur?r ,aje by f-mokis. I HORSK9. CARRIAGES, AC. tLSgmr&sr,^z^jsss-sg A COUPE FOR SALE?IN FINE ORDER AND Rrv but a .hert lime; built by Brewiter A C? alii. ? private .Uble, 66 \Ye?t Twepty.elehtT.irLr Apply .t A ROBES, BELTaS. RARVFS8 Roan I Ipsais! hand, high, at 165 E?.t Twenty fourth stmet ($&& LIOR SALE?VERT LOW, FOR WANT OF ITflF A I south aide. Price $500. we" ?? 8l*th avenue, F^weT I^h.dPAl,5X h2d?\R& i homes. Apply nt the .table 516 We.f Alrty^ffhetSet^ F*1R, TVS-1 FINE TURNOUT, A TjClR CROSS SSETthe*"property' Apply a mi. F?!fr^A,'.?~AT 1 401 BROADWAY. A LARGE STOCK I (KM.-ran.Ikt.'liiir.Alb*n?,SIel?hnew and .eoond hand; I',** ?t?P* Belle, 800 pair. Blnuket*. 101) net* Haine.a Also !. i . , 'ol1"' ( Rocknwav*. Phaeton. Ae Sec. eral go' djwork and road Hones. Au. tlnn .ale at the above pleccon Wednesday,January 16. at 11 o'clock. L^KaLE-ONE VERY FINE SIX SEAT SLEIGH A1., al,<V1?? flr?t claw four seat, Sleigh, front Mat vhlfti.i' Call at 66 Meat Twenty-fourth .treet.^^j^^wAAMlof' F?for ?AQ^??^rHRE^BAT SLEIGH, to Mo It a Ki2*5*: *?y f01 wanl "f ??'. cheap. Apply to Mot I a BURR, coach makers. 203 Mercer .treat F"* ?Aw?a ,nRan f'i1 ANV?~A SECOND HAND DOC. Sir susztrr^ .rsva rK_npERIY-BLANKETS, NEW $2 8(1 W. A. CARTER, 6. ortlaudt ?treet, near Greenwich. Sleds-suitable for farmers- use for salp H,a Inquire .t loe Sheriff .treat, N.T. IL'ANHiD TO PURCHASE?A GOOD SECOND HAND ?Ian UPu ' '?rru,w'1J'ual; alao a modern built Clarence sit i FFJ. Harare., Ac.. muit be in good order end reoair Addree. Hnneet cSt Frtoe. ho^l.Mo t'OTt offlo^ Newark feSySKBaW free and tly Pearl etreeu fr e and^ Biyllah driven; very kaudsoma Trim low. M6 mifOFORTEl A"'0"LJ carted hallet. ravir a co IpiANfv but little need (price new $M0j will be wild or "'changed: mvmuU very flT S^IStd PuTJoe IhS?' Will be rented or oold oo monthly paraenW h**p T. S. BKKRT, 583 Broadway. AliIOiI!(..EIl||OiRT SEVEN OCTAVE CARTFn . r?^J*2^ Bjano; eoet $500. Price if cold this week ??*. ot 75$ Broadway, opposite Atlor place ' IT F. B. CURTIIW. A CHEAP PIANOFORTE FOR BALE-IN GOOD i^fftn. f?r*rir" e0r,*f*' carr*d '???. elly maker.; end - J. BIDPLB. 1$ Amity imtt, ae.r Broadway. A Go^AbTr ^AR0.Ar!f-8EEEND,D "AfO. HIGH MrfeelTrdei ^I?!?^!!^*' "JI*"1 ?kort ,u"'i lolly warranted, etrwet niim b* oold, owner leaving. Mg Hlneekut A Ii>e y?AyE BOSKWOOD FIaNOFQBTE FOB Sre bm-'k *?4 olegaet; bee four round eor ^r?" "?o pi*; c^b^n,,^^lk,f.;V?.^2S* foStw S5L ??r*Lhiii*i!5 PfliT'".1 Vnn'- '? Perfectly new; 1m!tL 'JTr* w,u be Mid for $575 oa.h. Apolr at 9t& tilth areuuo, near Fortieth street, from 7 a. M. UII 7 P. M. AFAMILT W!LL_ SELL TntlB MAONIFIORNT s w,orifc ?**n f*r ?*? than piy?w iffi%^:?^tun?' '????-'ir oew- *P A PU^tJtaT^iL I N|L*?OBBWOOD 7 OCTAVE ?rovem^nULT^,,^." l.1?,^ ?'?*Wuog bass, and latest tm "or nearl v^alf nSw*A i *nd ?*7Br- wor,h ?8?n. will ..II A or'lj^M^?8.! CL|HH ROSEWOOD PIANO'. .ouwdTT^ u!u>, ?r* ..? w^t .V.i-?.il,.":irvri:;:rr?i;.b~rj?,i7? ,'.r1 SMortment new Plaoofortl^ f0r 5:Wi 11,0 Fourthuwenuo, prt"*' 30 GP!he 5Tivle f> "OHT"" PIANOS. OF """*?> Q iULTl'.fj."";;- casir* L. P. CUMM1NQS. W V5!!dSen?R Cablne?UnAkRR AN? UPRIGHT PIANOS, let, and rent applied if pure based' "finMbi1* **<l r*uil? rat ???? FMlory aiiu war? room? 481 Broadwsv NY - HORil.k waters. millinbbV 1"""~ MB MR. IMOGKNR WALTON CW nROan?7^ Mil the halan -e ?f her ??ti .-a WILL rMueed prices, to moke room t? h^f^i A.M MLEN AT AUCTION. -8A M I EL WYNN A ?'<>.. Al'CTIONBKKB. ?AUCTION b>l<i uf iiisgniflrcul Houwholdh-uriiUurB Pl*nof?r?l I'uiutirm-, man) ram auil coativ Work* of *' .. . *7 ('.MoiiiiAy). at the elcgmit inansian 44 B street, ?aid commencing at fl o'clock. Draw :.?? Koom Furniture, covered tiro-ate , Llaflerca. Secretary Bo?)kca>?> l'.u^j! *V volume* choice Book*. (arpct?. .< hnndsi1crs.Bron?a Clock, Veaea. Painting. by auclcnl and inol**?i artist*, au park roiw.wo.Hl !' suofort*. riebcil instrument offcrcd^nt aiiciiou this eneaou; rosewood and walnut Huraiua. Bed ?leads. Waulrobe. MitlimkM. Bedding, luikish Reclining Clialri, "*1cl,c.;V..tcnv ,..n Table, Ruffel, elegant seta China, Glassware. Silverware. Table Cutlery. Linen. Huaem.nt and Kitchen Furniture. N. H. Competent peraona in aiicndaooo to pack and teuiote the good#. ______________ * UCTION NOTICE.?NEILSON 4 NICHOLS, At'O A tiiinMH, will tell on Friday. Jan. 18. at Id o clock. Within their aale-motn. 113 iv.irl street anover aaRere, fo* account of whom it may cooceru. Bark Oenan.-The copper fastened Hark iWtn, &" ton* burthen. aa she now Ilea, 1 liSLCUCIl n?IA 3/VTWII, ?? . _ C with all her spar*. must,, Ac ; la copper fe*?oed w tk heavy copper and yellow bolt,- rhe la well adapted for abargvTcoal hulk or lighter. Can be .eon at Roberta' Wall street itorea, Brooklyn 4 LBF.RT B. WALDRON. AUCTIONEER, 1MB BROAD \ way ? BYI.ANDT A WALDRON will aell at auction, on Thursday and Friday, at 11 o'clock each day. Marble Statuary and Vases; alao >aucy Goods, importation or Siguor Totiello llenai. ________ ASSIGNEE'S bale.?h. 8CANLAN. AUCTIONEER, will aell, on Monday 14th inat., at 10); o'clock. at li&X Fulton alreot, Brooklyn. Hats, Caps, Furs and Straw Good*: together with all other Goods In said store. Also the Lease of said premises, with Fixtures therein. By order of Assignee. AUCTION SALE OF CROCKERY, GLASS AND CHINA. Plated Ware and Table Cutlery.?HENRY-O. E\ ANb, Auctioneer, will aell from the shelves on Tuesday, Jan. la, at 10 o'clock, at 13 Barclay street, a general aaeortmeut, In lota to suit retailers. Bala positive and without reserve, and goods carefully rep ached for shipping. Auction bale of over $10,000 worth of mao nltlrent Household Furoiture.?E. ROTH, Auctioneer, will aell this (Monday) afternoon. Jan. 14. at IX o clock, all the elegant Household Furniture of the four atory house 119 West Eighth street, few door* from 8tltbl avenue, uear Jefferson Market-A magnificent rosewood Pianoforte, J6 fine OU Paintings. Work, of Art and Bronre^JlS Bru**eU and Ingraft) Carpet?, a lot of rich Pwl?rt 5? Jroom and Din lng Room Furniture. Spring and Hair Mattreaaaa. Ulaia, Ch'na. Silver Ware, Cutlery, Ac. Sale positive. BY HENRY II. LEEDS A MINER. HENRY H. LEEDS. Auctioneer EXECUTOR S SALE OF FINE MODERN AND ANCIENT OIL PAINTINGS. oil. rAi.v __ 10 On THURSDAY, January 17. and FPI,2,pn's AR^AL at 7X o'clock each evening, at the LEEDS ART UAL at 7X o'clock each evening, at the "LEKDb Aiti uau LTHE SfcNTIREd COLLE^n&l OK PICTURES AND STATUARY OF THE LATE MR. E. HOONEN GRA\ E8, comprising several very fine old original pictures; also some fine pieces of Statuary tiv Ives: also some fine original 1 it tures. bv order of Mr. Charles Adams, now residing "broad . also an Invoice of fine European Pictures, by oelehiated ?*? ilata Among tbeni will be fonud the following, via; ? EUROPEAN ARTISTS. Eug.Yerboeckboveii.W. Gents. (Jerome, Cab me, Chlrtlart, Geo. Lan* Troyon. A. Chapuel. Louie Laeaalle. So.heerea, l.iudlar, .a Ch Hue. N. Lan. ret, SlanHeld AMERICAN ARTISTS, Thos Cole, Van Beeel, TDo? Doughty, Hlukley, T. Buchan Reed, J. M. t.ulverhouae, J. F. Cropaey, O. 11. Houghton, E. D. Lewi*. And other*. A11U DIHCIB. Thf?? are now on *ihibition fr?e at the ?bo?t OfBtrl?a. from 8 A. M. to 5 P. M.. and two erenlngii previous' to sale till 10 P. M.V BY MINER A SOMERVILI.K. AT SALESROOM, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Poet o?oe. HORSES AND CARRIAGES AT AlOTION. WEDNESDAY, IAN. 16, AT U O'CLOCK. Regular Horse sale#, at 37 Nassau street. Wednesday and Saturday. H ENRY D. MINER. AUCTIONEER. Salesroom, 37 Nassau Ktreei, opposite the Poet ofiie AMERICAN ARTIST'S SALE. MINER A SOMERVILI.K wlil ?elt atenciion MONDAY EVENING, January 14. at 7X o'clock, at thef,r new and *flUOylSK ART GALLERY. 82 FIFTH AVENUE, Southwest Coi tier Fourteenth Street. The very fine collection of OIL PAINTINGS by our favorite and celebrate] American artist. ALEXANDER WUST, who has recently returned from Europe, alter an absence of foui years. The collection comprises thirty-five piotaiesof European and S-.-snevy. Including the two paint 'T NORWEGIAN WATERFALL BT MOONLIGHT for which Mr. Wual was awarded, by rnyal decree, the three year GGLD MEDAL at the last veer a Exhibition nt Brue *"*' *A^ MOUNTAIN TORRENT IN NORWAY, for which he received the GOLD MEDAL at the HAGUE in the Exhibition of the same year. ... . The medal* and accompanying document*, received uirqtign the Secretary of State, are alao on exhibition, and afford1 an opportunity to the public of viewing for the first time In this country the only aubauntlal acknowledgment* of apprecia tion of American art ever received by one of our artiats abroad, and we feel confident In stating that an examination of these elegant Paintings la only needed to insure for tbera the same high encomiums from our connoisseur* at noma that were accorded them In Europe. Now on exhibition free, day and evening, from > A. M. till 10 P. M. TTBNEY D. MINER. AUCTIONEER. SALE OF HORSES. CARRIAGE*. 11ARNEM. SLKD*??* " MINER UNION PLACE 8TABLKS, 6 EAST FOURTS 0TREJBT. WEAK FOURTH AVKKUK Me?tra. MINER A HO*BRVILLK off#f ranUTM. Id kxraUon, and ba1_P?? partlM wishing to buy or detlrlng to wll llonn?. camagao, or anything pertaining to the horse business. Henry d. miner, auctioneer.-salesroom zi Naa*au street, opposite the poat office. MINER A SOMIvRvlLLE will aell gsiaap Curtains, uHA^^iERs.^PJy'ft $90b. Henry o. evans, aCoH^eer. WILL SELL THIS DAY. AT 4 O'CLOCK, AT 499 BROADWAY. A rich assortment of French China, Bohemian Glassware, Farian 'urbTe F^nch Chick*. Ac,', the complete Import, tion of B. Behrisch, 439 Broadway. TORN L. VANDEWATER. AUCTIONEER, Notl$$ vi Liberty atreet.?To morrow (Tneadayi. *t.'? .? ?"'? regular sale of Horses, Ac. Several very superior rrotilna IL^ae-, blood atock and fully warranted. Alio V, agona and IlarneM. Particulars morning of aale. M.MI5k1??'SOo,?nEo"u?H0LnF??m'.l, ROSEWOOD PlANOFOWrE. ON TJl^,l)iY,.''Ac'll(i14'in at 11 o'clock, at salesroom. 79 Na??*u Fflf J" brnratal and green rena, anperb roeewood F-tagere 'tdetioarda, extenalon Tables, Brussels and Velvet ft"* ^ZT wood and walnut Chamber Suite, 3 large French P*a(e Pier Mirrors 4 auperlor Oil Palntlnge, 4 *1* Tight Gas chandeliers, 4 fouTugbt Bmck'ta, China Dfnner Seta, with a large amort mailt ofllauaekeoplng Good*; one beeeweod7 ecln^M* laeo lorte. Bale peremptory. By order of Louie J Herlbeer, Attorney for Moftgar* m Catalogues at aalm. rAB8HAL3>"fALE-J BOO ART. AUCTIONEER. gf?2.5r:fi,o'orfitor.. Bar.^-ur.^akasby^ io.JlN#rth William alv#Hi* n. ntAii'im?i ??????" . wSdMaday n large aamrtmaat ef Heuaeheld F urnltur* at * I auction rooms. p'ssksv: ? gy order of Mrs. Cohan. *M Eighth avenue. 2HBRJ KIC IFF'S SALE-STEAMSHIPS ANDfTRNITUR*. 7 RICHARD WALTEIUt auctioneer; will *eU on Mm ,v Januarv 14. 1$ o'clock, at Atlantic dock, Brook rn,' all tfce^lgbL Title and Inlereat of the North Ay!^*? loyd, of, In and to the alenmablpa Atlantis. BakF, Wavtwn !,troif?ro ; c*^:iy ""mLA? & 22"!^. Crook,,F' ra*K JOHN KELLY, Hbertt. tWoMAa brivLAr. Deputjr ____ VHEBIFTS BALJ^ RICHARD WALTERS, Auction niUnARV " V T' . J M iLel will son an Monday, January 14, at 11 o cloek^ atNO; rS^T, <4 JOHN ilgLLrsWE ' Jn*m' Cavmuv, Depnty WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER OFFICE IB Chatham square, atUa on Tua^ay, at U>X?'?)?***? Stock and Ftlturea of the Grocery Store No. O Elm street, eocne^of Leonard; Barrels of ?ujar* and Flour, ' heataar Tea. large lot of Soap and 8tarek. Platform and other BcaMe, Ulam Cases, Conntere, Ac WILLIAM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. SELLS THIS day at I o'clock, at 464 Canal atreal Ribbon-, Bonnet Trimmings, Counter, he., by order ef Mar ssjasriaa 2i3T,K*F,ci!!'.<'ffS f'SSf rSS5?Ti.?ta5 aldpped Alao cEUllere, Fendnnte and Brackma, from a jirgn utow on Broadway.) WM M WITTERS, AUCTIONERR-SBLLS. THIS DAT. al 19X o'clock, at 4M Canal street, the entire atork ef WitmiturA la tho itoro and baaamont, aonnlsllns of Parlor Hutu, French Plate Mirrors, Carpet*, Oilcloth ?raining and _.w_. T.hica: black walnnt and mahogany FarnJintW.Halr other ^IbleaT blalm walnnVand fchogmj^rnl^JW^ I and other Mattremea; Curtains, rain tings. Bngrnvlnm. Shades, CloehA Vmm. UmpR^h ^r Tnr?tarmim,R the owner hi declining bualnaaa. Depoelu mqulrod. By < of J. Gilbert. _____ THE LECTURE BEAW*. gROR lN DATE <ON THE TICKETS) OF THE FIRST THE THIRTEENTH ST. PRBSBYTBRIAN CHI RCH, Bnh iiSTteaToffi/ia M-Eev. fa Alvln Bartlett. sub 'needay evening. Feb- l-JI?- Caleb Lyon, of Ly Y s uh leet. Across the Plains. Commencing at $ o itotk Icketa for the oouree, $1. Mngle edmleoloo, Nmtg /A-* * RROaOWAT.?"'D^BOUBWIOB Oil TUB BOBAjt4 814 lafiueim ef ArtreUgJ and Puhtu Te*a every Men day night SeaUfrew riXAxriAh. UN 1TKD STATES TKBAKI'KV, ?Uncart 7. 1H67 8ehedul*s of <*)' thirty or .nor* 7 :*> < oupnus due January 16, 1867. will received for examination el,tbo Uauea btatca Treasury. H. 11. VAN DTLA, Assistant Treasurer BANKING AND EXCHANGE om<;gOK JOHN B. Ml'KB A V, W NASSAU STREET. Certificates of deposit payable on demand at the UNION BANK OK LONDON. Sovereigns, Na|ioleona, Kranca end Thaler*. ClTlhKNS' S A VINOS BANK. NO 68 BOWERY. CO li ner of Canal streeL New York. JanuM'^ 1867. SIX 1'P.R CENT KKEK KROM GOVERNMENT TAX. 1887?JANUARY INTEREST. The regular ?eml.annual Interest, at the rate of BIX PER CENT peraunum (free from government taxi, will be paid on and alter MONDAY, Jan. 21, on all sums of five dollar* and upward, which have been on deposit for three or all months prerloue to the let Interest not withdrawn will be odded to the original de posit, and beer Interest from the let of Jauuary. _____ MONEY DEPOSITED NOW, OK ON OR BF. FORK JANUARY 20. WILL BEAR INTEREST FROM THE 1ST OK JANUARY. Bank open erenr day for the reception end W?""1 ?* money, from 10 to A and aleo on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and raiDAY EVENINGS. from 6 to 7. Rank books In German. French and English. nana w?. GEORGE FOLIIOM, President. SitTTOrR A. Bntce, Secrsury. ___ TNIVIDENDS.?CROWN POINT SILVER MINING U Company! tun gold per foot. Imperial Silver Mtniug pany, $s gold per share, payable 16th Inst., lea* ex Company, ?. .? ? .... change, at the agency of the Bank of California. Jas. il. 1867. LEES A WALLER. 33 Pine slreet. B1MK SAVINGS BANK OP WILLIAMSBURG, COB ner South Seventh and First street*. Six per cent Inter est allowed free of Ux on sums to five thousand dollar-. De posits made on or before the Alth of January draw intereat from the let of Jauuary. IJUNANCLAL.?WANTED. A LOAN OK ttO-HOO. ON " Improved otty property worth more than double the Amount, noeommUsion paid; prlooJinli only dealt wttn. Address Loan, box 100 Herald oflire ^ Money to loan-at nf.vkn per cent, in Urge or small amounts, on Ural class proiwriy to th" ?"y- KING k CO., No. ? Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel \TEW YORK LlYK STOCK INSURANCE COMPANY FOB THE INSURANCE OF HORSES, CATTLE AND FARM STOCK AGAINST DISEASE. ACCIDENT. KIKE, THEFT AND DEATH The books of subscription will remain open for a abort time at the office of the Trustees, to complete lbs aubaerip. tiou to the capital. Trustee* authorized to receive subscription*: ? CHARLES B. BOSTWICK, HARVEY BALDWIN, WILLIAM D. DIMOCH Office So. 7(1 Bioadwav, room No. 4. o

KKICE OK THE MERCHANTS' INSURANCE COM , cane, 106 Broadway. N. Y.. January 9. 1867 A semi-annual dividend of ten (10' per . eut waa thia day declared payable on demand, tree of government tax. J. L. DOt'OLASS, Secretary. THE TRUSTEES OF TUB SEAMEN'S BANK FOR Savings have ordered that Interest (Iree of government tax) be pern to depositors entitled thereto for the six months ending December .31 as follows:? On sums of $MX> end under at the rate 01 alt per cent per annum; and On xuuia exceeding $600 a! the rate of five per rent per an nutn. payable on sua after Monday, Slat Inst. The interest will be placed to the credit of depositor, as principal. ?? ?? ? WM. II MAfY, President. WltxfXa NeufiN, Secretary. New Yon*. January 10, 1887. UNION DIME SAVINGS BANK 429 Canal etreet. corner of Y ariclt. BIX PER CENT In $6 to $5,U)l), free of *?? ""P"'!1;.!:'. &UK 30 wi" ^K'vhuuGuw'miT^P^^ G. 8. Cnanw. Treasurer; T. 8. Aaaoca. Secretary WANTED ON BOTTOMRY?ABOUT $3,600 WANTED on hull and freight of DominleM schooner J ulia. Vor, Uffel, master. The fundi are required to pay f0rr?pairs. di*tmrMmi#Dtji Jte., ram' baring luffeitd MBUMf while coming to thlajjort from Turk's Island*. She i? now buund with cargo, to Port an Platte, via Wilmington, aad the bond will be made payable ten days after her return to New York frlimTuarprnd. 'the Julia Was built at New Brunswick in 1B6\ la N tone (Kagliah) register, and la a good yeeeeL Baaleo offera addraaaed Capt. II. Vou TOM, In care?f J. W Cart er. Esq., Dominican Consul, m Broadway. New Terk, will be reetifed until Wednesday. 16th mot., at noon. af) rvA/\ TO $3,500 TO LOAN, ON UNENCUN $?*l)Ul) beiedreal or Br',?*^n' an brokerage cbaiged. b. BUHI.BR. 3W a I 7 /WY/Y TO LOAN ON IMPROVED REAL KM $47,IK)U umlathUc,tv. ln?SJi.uSw>ii ^ dbfY/YiY AAA TO LOAN-ON BOND AND MONT CO.. 15 Well etreet. NEW TORE CITY a. at 7 per cent, auncey court. $100,000 Ml NBta to"arrMMS | J. SOLIB RITTEBBAND. 3 WaU streecJa c"aA AAA TO LOAN-IN SUMS TO "UlT. ON _500.000 dty real aetata. 6$ per rent ef raluetlea; prompt ^ Hejnd mgrtgai^Wg^ gTerA nnrTTO LOAN-ON BOND AND MART $: >; )( I.00U gaga, oa New York dty, New Jersey and late. Prompt atteetion. K. OILMAN, III Broadway, room No. 6. COP A RT NKfkB HI BMB. a' Vartneb wantbd-in a LI.?"* A turtag business; one who can furnish $B.0U0 or ?*?? and attend to the financial part of the business. Apply for three days at 848 Pearl etreet. np stairs. Benton a willis having admitted mr. i t into AotMrfnorKhip, tb# bimne** will tw contlnu^'i under firm nam* oi Benton, Willis k Caa^MJ^uajdat., | ? WflilH. M Jan. 1.1667 * *? 6i R CLARENCE STEWART BROWN I? THIS DAY -.-^?sriSTiSr <v>_ iraMR MaLF INTEREST FOB BALK OK A VALUABLE 0 PaSiit now l?ued, for the whole VnhedSU.W, for MfkM in ipriIv tuih of M CAihpri|* |l,0t<0 in ready uaan, ^ y^oMPSON. 750 Broadway. P>st?kr WaNTKD-IN AN EBT BLIBHKD CASH Ab.f.^M WI V.? $600 required. Hasinas* will pay iUt $4U0 per oiontu wituoul list Apply at W? Broadway, WANTED-IN A 8^0N^N?| OK TUX $l,m Apply to J. M- MOODY A CO., 46 Pine street. ABTNEB W ANTED?WITH $1.00(1 OE MOBS, IN THE gou'r and provlalnn business, a daairmble opportunity. I .1 41A Hi nail way. room No. For pertksuUrs apply si 534 Hioartway, room No. TtTaRTNMR WANTED-TN a FIR6T CLABt HOTEL. P with Bar, Billiard. Io* Cream wnd ?J attached A*pply St SO W alt etreel, aecond Boor, rear offices, - i N*. X PARTMKB WANTED?WITH KROM $100 TflfhO. IN six months $5 <00 can be reelliod. Ample eeeuvlty glvenf Ap|6y a*6M Bi^edway, room Si. lep dor. betwme Tl A M. andn P. M. rpHE FIRM OF CARTER. HAI.B k W. T solved on the tat In-A by He ewa W. HOWKINA DAVID DODD. W. HOWKINB. DAVID DODD. New Toaa. Jan. H. IB$7 A. t SLOAN. ;,.y a iXffRAY BECOMES A MKNBEB OK W1L,Vr 6ra fr^thUdIu. E. B. JAFFRAY k CO. Raw Yoaa. January 1, 1867. B-fiSajgroj&a&i wgTaMTED-A KARTNER, WITH ABOUT $!??. IN A W flourl-blagand elegantly furalsbed Bretularniethlng eetabilehment: e rare ^aace for any bualnesa raan, eapv SaSy a physician. Addraaa R. B. M Allan etraet. R. T. ? . . A . aw ART HONEST MAN CAN HAVE AN Greens street. At r/\/Y -WANTED, A FIRST CLABB MAN, WITH 3x1 fSOO. the above amount rash, to purdiaee one.half iTlaraat in an Insumaoe aad Real Fa late office; receipts good' bualaess Increasing. None hot the above wacted. Sraae Business, box * Herald office. ?i'SINK?l OPPORTWMITIKN. T"VALUABLE KATENT. SUITABLE FOR CARPEN A tare builders aad manBfeetureraj It will work in ad mlrably In dull times, a* hardly say capital Is required. Ap ply at 117 Nassau street, room 17. . fateniTrioht. USEFUL IN every, PA*11'* for ante. Apply at 818 North Reveatb street, Phlledel k a; N BXTKNSrVE EEOTIFTINO HOUHB AND ALCO r. h0| Distillery for sale, on advantageous terms Apply to (OOI.IIXIK k YOUNG.186 FrontrfreOt. ^A DDITIONAL CAPITAL REQUIRED IN * FANCY loTspeeCl or active P^rtaerjWlth The fuUeat Inveatication afforded end aeeurlty gwea. Ad drsaa Breed way. Herald affiee. ?OUBINKSB OPPORTUNITY.?A 8UCCEBBFUL CON H cere aad wall eotabMahad It now preparing ?e establish lit branehoo In other eitlea. Good Imataem ?ma ^tBftffiffi ILLINRRT.-A FBRBON ABOUT RKTinjNO FROM business, la a nelghberteg "yl^Sm^SoekeM?li ride from the dty, offera a goed and deairable stoes or mih !m eryaond*, wlto good vrtlf of plana, at a vmj low fir ire. Hons* and Store, Jlth Immediate paeBeestOp. W let or for sale. Inquire, for particulars at J. "A*??Rlts 'H? way. The business haa booneetabllsh^l f-.r 14 years nut gBaNCB?ANT OBNTLBNAN WISHING TO R make money rapidly, aad ?N|a$_ffM**J?il2?!l ?wttb ens of the nsoet axtreord?nare opportunltlea ever Iby applylag at WTHadaee street Dy eeglml ?ACOO FACTORY IN OONFLRTB RUNNING OR eer fnr eatUog chewing aad smoklag, will be aeld for nsab, this ?? e etuTnoe fee a peraoo with a small L AW* at 1M Ntaffe aroane tnUMKHKNTH. BROADWAY theatre. admihsion Ml obnth Door* open At ?V- Be? n. at 1\ o'clock The young, beaultf ui and anted WORRELL BISTES, MONO A V EVENING u.l SATl RDAY MATINEE, la Aa extravagant Arahun Nlghu Kutcrta . . . ... .. Kutertaluraeut, l? ,wo ku, by the Mrotlier* Hruugb. ?untied <'AM A K ALZAMIN AND HADOURA; ?r the PERI WHO LOVED THE PRINCE, wdtch bet been some time la nrapatollon. la uow prodeeed with new Scenery end Appolntmenle, Introducing THE THREE SISTERS (Sopul*, Ireue ana Jeuuini la tbelr epeeialtfea of Ballade, Duett, Hi ogle and Duo Dab. ea, Jlga Reel a, Banjo Solon Ac. Ac. To commence with the ferae of OUT TO NURsK. HUNT (Song. Ban io Solo and Hornpipe, ...Hiss JENNIE FKIDAT, JAN. 18, BENEFIT OK MISS SOPHIB, Seata may be or u red nix day* In adranea. THAUA THEATRE, Broadway, between Broome and Spring air'-ait. MONDAY, January 14, 1W ? tilt a.VD HERMAN OPERA. FIOAKo'N WEDOTNO. By Mozart. Ticket* toraale at the Theatre ticket office; Beer A Sehlr mrr'a, 701 H road way. and IIS. IU Broadway KELLV A LKONS MINSTRELS 73b BROADWAY. MONDAY ??renin*, Aflat time In America, The excruciating Fairy Spentac!* of GIN DKR-LEON I CINDER-LEON I Nut ream Theatre da Cbatelet. Nor from Astler'*, London. cfNDBR-LKON! ONDKK LKoN' in appropriate printItire coatunie. from deal gnu by Smyth with a Y? CINDER-LBON ! ClNDKK-LEOlNI Premiere Defttettan' The only LEON 1 f The only LEON I Theonlv I.fiON? Kellifaiite Seyiuourcall, Allen a II, l'rlelnt. and celebrated MADAGASCAR I'. ALLRT TROUPE. CAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, 389 BROADWAY. O Th* trouble ??ommeocex at a quarter to S. T1IE CKEMK DK LA iJKENI'. OF MINSTRKLST. BIRCH. W AM HOLD. BERNARD A BACK OH* SAN KKANCISCO MINSTRELS, whore turret* lion nerer been rdnalled br any similar orgnn Ir.ation in tho world. New unanheerful Burlesques every w eek TrottblcH ?t the Metro) olt'on Hotel. Norma and Greasy, An muled Photograph* Mr Polly Ann, "Ours," shadow Pantomime, the oo. earning "Block Cook and A Irlcan Ballet Trout*. f1BARLEY WHITE'^ TROUPE. I; Kfery night a Hi tant'a MttiulM' Hal! 47V' Broadway. FIK>-T WEKK lit' TUB URKAT IRJS1I D __ _ DRAMA, FKNIAN'S OATH, FKNIAN'S OATH, fvsiANs oatii. kema.vh oath. FENIAN'S OATH FENIAN'S OATH, OR, THE IDIOT OF KILLAKNKY. OK, TUB IDIOT-OP KILLABNEY. New Scenery, new Music, new AppoiotmeiiUi. Ftrat ai'i-earane of tbe celebrated liynnniat, sENoftiTA Lopez, SENOR1TA lAIPkZ, AND HER TALENTED ACROBATIC COMPANY MISS K.MVA FOWLER. MISS EMMA POWLKK. aud In conjunction with the .-.Born, CU A RLEV WHITE hiaoRFAT VARIETY COM PAN V a, ill appear lu A NEW BILL OF NOVELTIES. rJNY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, 201 BOWERY A u?w, patriotic nautical drama uf great Interest. mti'ted SAILORS ASHORE, * BAILORS ASHORE, SAILORS ASHORE, SAILORS ASHORE. OR. YANKEE TARS ON A FROLIC. In whlcli tbe popular vior, M r. OEO W THOMPSON, will make hla hrzt ippuai t arc aa BEN BLOCK, a Yankee Tar. TWO .MOKE NEW SON OS by TONY PASTOR. A nrw grand b.'ie), called I 'ANDANOO MRXICANA. THOMPSON as .IOUN ,-t il.bID'f, the Dutchmau In Dltticea. New Ethiuplanlaiua, flonga, Dsncea, Bur'.nsiiuea, An. MATINEE on Wednesday a.-d .Saturday, at 9^ o'clock. H lAsaraa AKTZ TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, DOOM olt ITT HALL, 800 BROADWAY. This evening, Jan. 14, at ? o'rlork. 19RD sk ANCK." when will be laptodnoed, by request. IIIK REAL INDIAN BASKKT TRIt'k." the most exulting leal rrer Witnessed; ?THE PUiAJ'INU HEAD," "GROWTH OP PLOWERS," and ?be "tt o.VDEollfl llA'f." pronounced by the prima and the pubh- "FOUR GREATEST ILLUSIONS") erer pre Denied l< I, audience. UERK HARELMAYER will per, form a Bole .hi < tt?- Wood and Indian Rubber Instrument, in Tented and i.i.ole hr himself. Tickets Mlo , reserved seats 11, lor aa!e at tb< '.*> ,<u> P till 4. I loora open at 7,'a. MATI half price. The Chtckertng NEE Salinw . < ciidreu Plane rs u?e,l .. . -? Seancoa. OTEJNWAV L r* TENTH IV SOAY PCI"I'LAR CONCERT. WEDNESDa. . RHINO. JAN Id, AT S O'CLOCK . SetOUu appeal a n - el the celebrated contralto, - .-S NETTIE STERLING Pirat nigbt ol the new orubeatral faataaie, i ARRIVAL OF VENICE. With solos fur ever* inwittaneni. VISIONS IN a bRRAM, for the thirtieth Ume. ? v??c A T t* IU| ???" il?M4ir??l WWW, MADBLUaE WALTZ--LAEAYKITB GALOP. THEO. tHOMAH' CBLEBRATRD ORCHESTRA. TICKETS M OKN1U KESBRVBO HBATH Ml CBNTS EXTRA. UHMDN HAI.L, BROADWAY AND TWENTY-THIR! ? ififcarwfflBBr"''',,,c D ST. BT nted by Buntlngton. May. Kyle, Crepeer. Cbnreh. Dal ?Durl? and Phul ham bcnyavh Adraiseton, 00 eantaiH Doors open aA 7: comun KOBT J. 0 MM Gmrand concert. I Twenty-? rat street Reformed Duteh Church (betwarn Fifth and Hlxyh arenas#.) nrm ana nixt* arenas#.) WEDNESDAY EVBRiRO, JAN. IK rRED H. PEASE, the emknant) "teaiet. awd a Ihrw r Amateur YoatltataThave ai.?*i? eoloate need the! TICKETS ii. Per anient Utu Scrlbner A Co. "a. SB Broadway ; Randolph'a, 770 Broadway, and Swan Vein lyre's, corner of Broadway aad Bighteenth atreet. Grand national sratino tournament. COMMENCING JANUARY SR. 1807, AT CENTRAL SKATINO PARK. PITT8BURU. PA. PRIZES 1400 and $300 in ORBBNBACKB, aad tha Champion Medal, worth aboat $00. Tha neat gantleman Hkater will racelre a prize of $400 in Oreenbaeka and the Champion Qold Medal of America. The beat Lady dhater a prlae of ghuo and the Ladlea" Medal. Three of each to enter to aeeure a conteat. The winner of each, If challenged nest seaeoo, to Skate the conteat no th>? Park. Bntriea to tioae on the 90th. Addreee THOR. A. SPBNCR. SECRETARY OP i.'RNTRAL SKATINO PARK, PITTSBURG, PA., Bos S7I Post offlce. Por entries and partteulara. CT RAND FANCY DRESS AND T MASQUERADE BALL CEltCLE FRANCa'h'dB L'HARMONIK, will take place at IRVINO HALL, FRIDAY NEXT, JANUARY IB. NEXT PBIDAT OREAT ATTRACTIONS. SPLENDID DECORATIONS. GRAND ORCHESTRA, WITII MOLT, under the direction of Mr. A. Oefre. ASTONISHING SURPRISE*. The programme contains, among other piecra, for the Bret In New York. T1IK OREAT BATTLE QUADRILLE, f PUEBI THE CAPTURE OP At II o'elook precisely, the Infernal Quaffrine of Le ftUa Da rith Itmi L Enters, with flarame Brngaletto. La Camp Du Dr?r D'Or. Grand Historical Proceealen and March in Ooatuaae. ft BAND NATIONAL SKATINO TOURNAMENT. IT At 0ATMAN 8 RINK, wrner of Fifty ninth atreet and .Sixth arenue. en WEDNESDAY. JAN. IK glrlng all ef the amateur sod profaaatooal Pkatara In tha United Bute* an opportunity of meeting each other and haw low a fine day's aport. Those coming from different parts of Oae country trill mako ibetueehea known at the oBoeand tfili admiaeloa tirheu will be fnrniebed-ikem, The Rink le epm. from ? A. Pr^rM?r IINB ART OALLERY. S3 FIFTH AVENUE (MINER A SOMERVILLE'9). NOW ON EXHIBITION, FEES. ? Painting a of ALEXANDER WIT ST. THEATRE TICKET OFFICER. _ Been rod aeaia for *11 the first ?li? theatres, concerts, 1U AND 114 BROATiWAY. rIATKF. franoair.-frkncii tiikatrr to let, fur evrainga and on-line*?, for operas dramas, con ySe'fcSSG* A>P'T 10 MaUt' DE,VKT' o0c* of MUSIC Ale. A LADY WILL GIVE INSTHUCTIOB OR THE PIANO end ringing at pupll'e real dene* for 910 per quarter; reei of reference glren. Addreee, with rrrldence, Ti In.* lis llereld "See. ANTONIO PARAVAtU. THE ACCOMPLISHED Tenor, end hie wlto, Kllse Velenilnl Pnrernlll. celebrated soprano, trace both flinging end Pleoo. IBecelre pupils nt M Went Eighteenth street. They with engagements at a esthetic chore h. MUSIC?$1 PER MONTH POR INSTRUCTION ON the piano, with privilege of practice, by en experienced leer her. el JM Weal Tweaty arth etreel, near Eighth avenue. M URIC FOR PARTIES?? THIRD STREET. FIRM floor, oner the ehoe More, between ereuuea ? end 0. NEW MUSIC?THE "TATCHTINO OI.BB AND _ Chorua,"by Sullivan, 74a.; 'MlomeTo-nlght," by Thomaa IN Chorua," by Nelllvati,76e., "HomeTo-night,'' I Sc.; "Croquet Quadnllra," by Moeateln, 4flc. Uehed, at DALY'S. 414 (trend etreel. Juat pub AN ft PER QUARTER POR PIANOS LESSONS (NO iplU claeaea, aa el other musical academic,).?M7 Weil Eleventh street, corner Sixth evenuc. Plenleta for pertiea. Offii e houra 4 till 1 UANCIhO AUADRMIBS. T TRKNOR'fl NEW AND SPLENDID DA NCI NO AT TRKNOR'fl NEW AND SPLENDID DANCINO Aaademy, Palace Hell, 7*7 Sixth arenue. ?New elaaaw are formed on Wedncwlaya end flelurdera. Palace Hell eee bo raotod tor eotrere, hnUa. Ac. DOT)WORTH'S DANCING _ ACADEMY, No. Ill PIPTH AVENUE, NEW TORE, 'dap*, terms; Ac., ploeae call for a circular. TJROOEES' DANCING ACADEMY, Ml BROOME ST. I ij A NEW CLASS POR TUESDAY m All the fashionable deoeaa la one eonr?e ef lessens. ? LADIES meot Tueadaya end Krideyt I to 4)4 P. M. ? GENTLEMEN. Tuoodiya end Fridays, iH to lO P. M. ? CHILDREN. Wsdneedayiend Ratiirday., 4 to 4?P. M. I "T&afiS&wssBSaV Kft-'sr B,R OARMO'fl dancing academy. NO. a PIPTH 1 erenoe. aonthweat corner oMM .(reel, open ESDAYfl and FRIDAYS, WBDNBHDAfi and flATOR. DAYS. LftdkWeS io4F. 11., mm! muiwi, 4 tot P. M. DUMAE'B dancino academt, m west pourte street, tor children, ladles sad gentlemen Leeeoni ?vary day aad eight. All Deoeaa taught la mm quarter Btx MM la alt leaaoae. N ANl?KIHE!ITI. F.W YORK THKATKK. /,?/ and Managers. . M?<r? Mark^mlllll ? -w_. CKNDRILLON. Row being pruduned wt th ENTIRELY new SCENERY MAGNIFICENT WARDROBE, under the lmm?dutr anpervlalon of . , *""* SAtl-IB A. HINCKLEY. A COMPLETE CORPn 1)B BALLET OF FIFTY LADIES, ?*D A POWERFUL OAST, GRAND cKNIikILLuN MATINF.E. SAT I KDAY, JAN 10. AT 2 O'CLOCK. Seat* Mowed six dart In advance. f BENCH THEATRE. Fourteenth atreet, near Sixth avenue. THURSDAY Evening, Jantmrv 17, l*}7 GRAND FRENCH OPERA, ORPHBB ACX ENFEKK Mr orfeubach. Ticket* tor sale, from Monday, Jan. It, at Hovr A Sehlr. mor e, 701 and 112, lid Broadway. Theatre francais, TUESDAY next, fanuary IB, NOS RONS VILLAGE! H" Comedy, lu lire acts, by Yiciorieu S.irdou. Next Saturday, LA PaPILLONME, comedy, from the aamd anther. Ttckoi oBttlt II. Dardonvllle'a. 678 Broadway. Brooklyn academy or music. RATKMAN CONCERTS. Mr. Batemen l*a, to aim,.unco tint lie will ghre ONE GRAND CONCERT at tbe,abOTe eatabl' ?h in.-nt on the e< eniitg of MONDAY, JAN. 14. The aertee of pe rlorutanree drawing to a clove render# thla the LAST APPEARANCE IN BROOKLYN ot hie unequalled inunlcil troupe, who have Just com BRILLIANTLY Sl'Oi!ii.vsi't L WESTERN TOUR. MADAME I'AREPA, BIGNOR RRIONOLI -lUNOK MiRANTI. SIONOR FORT U\ A. MR. S. i(. MILLS, MR. . a It I. ROSA. M I' A i ruN. and MR. TMEO. T1IOM AH' cat. brated orchestra. Door* open at 7',, concert rum mo noes at 8. Box bonlt now open at the Academy. Mrs f. h oonway's park theatre. THIS EVENING, IN8IIAVOOUB; OR THE Ol HaAW OF 'SB. BUDWORTH'S minstrels.-new FIFTH AVENl'< OI'ERA HOUSE, adjoining Fifth Avenue Hotel, MORE NOVELTY. UN BALI.O m asoher t. RUNNING TI1K BLOCKADE, LORD LOVEL, DANCING ON THE BRAIN. SKATING AT CENTRAl PARK. ORIGINAL \V 3. BUDWORTH, Ac. MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY, ai 2t< P. M. HOOLRY'S OPERA HOUSE. BROOKLYN. The great pantomlmtal, A. M. HERNANDEZ, in the Night or Adrantnre; Or, Mlatakee In the Dark. French Dancing Matter, wonderful Guitar Solo, great Sere nade Scene, a Hurrah Trip Aro v. nil the World. Liquor Ileal, cia, Soap Suda, Shoemaker Johnny, Brian O'Lynn. Kanejr Fat, Ac. DRY GOUDB. T KINZKY'S. L CLOSING SALS. LOTS OF BANDS. Bo., 10c , 16c., 20c., 26c. LOTS OF LACES. EDGINGS, RUFFLlNOg. LOTS OF LIN IN BITS AND COLLARS. 2u.ouu handkerchiefs. LOTH OF HANDKERCHIEFS. 4c., 5c.. to.. IUo. LOTS OF GENTS' HANDKERCHIEFS, to. 10c.. lto LOTS OF EMBROIDERED HANDKERCHIEFS, U^e. LOTS OF HEMSTITCHED HANDKERCHIEFS, 20c , 28cl IA?I0 LADIES' FINE TAPE BORDERED, 10a REMNANTS OF RIBBONS. . REMNANTS LACE GOODS TO BE SOLD THIS WEEK. 2A00 VEILS. 5.000 SPRAYS FRENCH FLOkfcR8, So., to. RIBBONS AND VRLYBTR, too. ON THE DOLLAR. , tt'OLE AND BRAD GIMPS, Be. and toa TRIMMINGS 280. ON THE DOLLAR IIRESS AND CLOAK BUTTONS! CLOSING OUR lYAJc. BUTTONS Sc. DOZEN. I OJ^ORIN^JU^^nUTTON^^t^Kir ctoM 0LOSING OUR toe. BUTTONS l2Me. DOZEN. KLOSINO ODE $1 BUTTONS SethDOlEN. AT HALF PRICE. oral BUGLE AND BEAD ORNAMENTS AT toe. ON THE DOLLAR. CLOSING DRF.8S GOODS, NALM0RAL8, SHIRTS AND DRAWERS, SCAR Vs. SHAwLRTAc., So. CLOSING HOSIER1!, GLOVES, TIES. SCARFS. LEGGINGS, Ac., Ac. WOOLLEN HOODS, to., ISMe. WOOLLEN HOSIERY, to .to., lto.. l?<e. Must be sold. JOB LOT CLARE'S COTTON. ?c. SPOOL. LOT BLACK MACHINE SILK. lto. SPOOL. STAR AND CROCHET BRAIDS, to PIECE. LOTS OF NBCELACB8. SLEEVE BUTTONS, CHAINS, BELT BUCKLES, HEAD ORNAMENTS. An., Afr LOTS OF OTHEB GOODS CLOSING CHEAP. WM. KINSBY. 321 and 223 Eighth avenue, between Twenty drat and Twen. ty aeoond a tfee ta. _______ A GREAT RUSH FOE OUR CHEAP MUSLINS. Strangers who tore net bought any s4 ton had totter deae at onea aa our supply la rnntp an* to Dated. You can aava full Ida. a yard. IMMENSE LOTS AUCTION MUSLINS, lto and WMc. IMMENSE LOTA, lto, lto. and Me. IMMENSE LOTS, 2to, toa. and lto. BEST Ad WAMBUTTAS, Da AUCTION ROOMS OUR HEADGUAJTRR8 BIO LOTO DRESS GOODS, Me. BI? Ln^^E*LOTS1*MBWNOg EMPRESS CLOTHS, REPPS, ENGLISH OTTOMANS, AO.. AC., IMMENSE LOTS TABLE LINENS, CLASHES, FLANNELS. BLANKETS, CAS81MBRE8. CLOTHS, PRINTS, DBLAINBS, SHAWLS. HOHIKKY. SHEETINGS, AO., FROM AUCTION. At any price yon wl?h BLACK ALPACAS,lie., 87He. and 8te., Worth 48c., 80a and TSe. Theee are the eheapeal Alpaca* of the year. FOSTER BROTHERS, If / Klfhth av? near Eighteenth at. And POSTER BROTHERS, 272 Blocker street, Benton, willis a case, m Leonard strebt. would tnrlie the alien lou of tne trade to their atoefe ef Eagllab German and Domcatlc Cotton Hoetery, wbleh they aro offering at reduced prmea. Government ooods.-por hale cheap?navy . Overcoat*, Jack eta. Pan U, Sblrta. Drawers. Caps. At Aleo6,000 palra Army Blankets vary low; IO.OUO Hair ana Straw Mattreaaes, Pillow*, tjutlu, Bedaack*, Aa, whole sale and retail by WILLIAM MATHEWS, 84 Catharine atreet INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLS. GEORGE A. HEARN, 428 BROADWAY, WILL OFP~KK FOR SALE, on and after Monday, January it, int. Ilia entire stock of REAL INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLS AND SCARPS REDUCED* PRICES. _______ n IT. MACT. IV. DESCUAMF'S BEST quality French KM Olovee. EVERY PAIR WAT.lUNTED. RIBBONS. LACKS. EMBROIDERY, 11A<0KERCHIEFS, WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, GLOVES UNDER WEAR, AC , AT POPULAR PRICE*, We are new Importing all the Perfume- Kirrnett S*epe, Pomade, Pewdern, Ac , uf the celebrated Manufactory of the MAISOM VIOI.l'.T, PARIS, M Fourteenth atreet, between Fifth and Sttth aver new 204 end SOS Blxth avenae. Fourteenth atreet and Slath avennn. SELLING OPF. "'"rVtftr EMPRESS CLOTHS, REPS. MERINO*. DKKS.X itOODS, _____ SHAWLS, CW1AKS, CLOAKING*, FLANNELS, Rl ANKBTH. HOSIERT AND ALL OTHER WINTER GOODS. ... AT AN IMMENSE ESO^ION IN PRICE. Alto n Bee line of WHITE GOODS. LACES. LINEN* Aa. at eitremel, low prtoto ^ MeCNEERT. 471 Broadway, m r pbyton LINBNS. DA*A ? mapsins. TOWIM, .L?, CUnR ,m MOBUNR, ALL WIDTNB AND QUAUnU, at ttit mrr Inweat flftirra. WAMoOTTA RUhLINS AT BKt. Kf W YORK VILLA NUNLINITaT rWf. IIILL'S "SBMPKR IDEM" MUSLIRsTt S#e. |>iNsliALK MILLS AT Me A^DKUHCOOOt* MILLS AT Me. AMUHKBAO MILLS at Mo. W. B. PBTTON, 171 and gl Sawary. WE. PBTTOR, i ITS Ml r? Bowary, . Will offer thia waak . 1 EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS | PRBNCH MRRINOS, BNI'HRHH OL 4RIOHT PLAID POPLINS STRIPED PRRNCfa POPLINS. RPISOLIN POPLIN* 1. IBINBS AND COBCNO ALPACAS, BOM8ABINRS AND _ CLOTHS. Preach Merino* at QH? mI upward. Cloth*, all wool, at Mr., (OM la OtMMr al Preneh Poplin* at Me., aold la Oetohor at $1 M. ^Kjjjntlla Popllna, all aUk and wool, a?Mr, aold **Hl0r al B lark a ad Colorod Alpoeaa front Me. paryard upward. Slack andBCotornd Paramatta* from Me. par yard *P" trd. Bit Plaid Poplla*, doubt* fold, at Mai, **M aaMMS ad Popllna al 17Ma., aold aoriler at 71a Plaid Wpllaaal aold wartlaral WWa W. R. PEYTON. 171 and 1711 C 4 CATHANINR STRBBT.?ORBAT OLRABINO 00* Ot aala of fall and W la tor Dry Good*. aomprlalnf Draas Gooda. Cloiha, I'aaatmeraa, Plannol*. Blankn*. Llaana. Do