Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 14, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 14, 1867 Page 2
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WTPAT1OTI WASTED-FEMALES. ATP??0 LAJ3Y, SPEAKING GERMAN AND KMG liah who hi* I wn tending stor* tuorr than sight ys r?, J9hRj}6.situation In tks (mm capacity. Addirss John Ksl lar, lit) 7th at. AN AMERICAN WOMAN DhtilKKd A SITUATION it housekcrjier, or would ansLt m doing the work, where she would be treated it out of the family would Lave no o hi return to go i thort JuUu. o in the uuuutry. Ap ply it 161 Kitl 3*1 ?t, for two daya A NUMBER OK WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN gtrla win! situation,*. it Mr*. LovtVa German Initi ate. 17 Stanton at., near Howtrjr. aytu ot oh KUROPBAN LADY. OF REFINEMENT, WITH THE best of references. who Kreuoh, Italian nod iiaii, wishes a alius Uen In a private family to take care children. Term*- Small -Hilar; and fall board. Addrean M , box 9u0 Herald office A MIDDLE AGED LADY WOULD LIKE A 81TUA tloo aa housekeeper, whore there are serrante; a plcaa ant home more of an object than cotupensatiou. References Riven and required. Addreaa H. A. L., Herald office A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A alt nation aa chambermaid or to take care of children. Can be teen at 137 Went 19th at., corner 7th av. * RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WI8HRS TO OO A out by the day. week or month to do plain aewiug, uu deratands all klnda of family aewing. nlao Wheeler A Wil. ton e machine, haa food reference. Call at or address 1W Weal Ittth at., near 7th ae., for two days, third floor, hack lopm. RESPECTABLE OIRL DESIRES A SITUATION aa up stairs worker and waitress; the beat of city refe rence, Call at 977 8th av., between 47th and 48th eta. A A RESPECTABLE woman wants to get wore by the dav or week; washing, ironing, housecleanlng, <>r any kind of work: please keep this advertisement; etty reference. Apply at 48 Weal 13th at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A GIRL 14 YBAR8 OF -fx agr to take care ?f children; is willing to anaUt with light work. Call at 304 East 37th at., third floor, bark room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman aa waitreaa or chambermaid; beet of eity reference can be gtveu. Call to-day at 368 Went 36th at A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECT A BLE young gtrl aa good plain cook, washer and troner; or to do the housework of a ?nutll private family; beet city reference front her last place Call at 149 Bank it., naar West at.. New York. A SITUATION WANTBD-BYA RESPECTABLE OIRL A aa nurae or aa chambermaid and waitress: or would do llilit housework for a small family; good reference. Cull at 997 Moll at. A YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A RITUA _ _ tion a? uhambermaid and waitress; good city reference. Inquire lor two days at 271 Eaat 12th at A YOUNG GIRL LATELY LANDED WANTS A SITU A J~\ tion to <*o thft work of a small family or would mind children. i? willing to horaelf generally useful. On d? aeon for two day* %t 141 7th aMcoud tloor. front room. AN ENGLISH WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS nurse to growing children or to wait on young Indies and sew; has had long expet len'e; can give good refereuce. Call on oraddrexn L. V , 3b 4th av. AN ENGLISH OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO the housework of a small family: la h good plain cook and excellent washer and irooer; has the best of rltv reler enoe. No calls out of town need apply. Apply at 276 Mul berry it , near H oils ton. A YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM - bertnald and to lake care of children or to do plain sew ing. Can be seen at her present situation till suited, 187 East 19th at. A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER WISHES TO OO out to work by the day. Addreaa Dressmaker, 92 New Chambers el A HOUSEKEEPER OK SEVERAL YEARS EXPE rionne wants a situation In a hotel : would take charge of the linen room or storeroom; no objection to leave the city. Beat of referenoe*. Call for two dava at 2b 4th av. A8TRONG. HEALTHY YOUNO GERMAN WOMAN, with e fresh breast of milk, wants a situation aa wet nuns. Address Mr. Mulier. 181 Laurens at. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER AND 8EAMRTRKR8 wishes to go out to sew by the dav. week or month. Call at 181 Bast 39th at., between 2d and 3d are., first floor, baek room. No notes answered. AT CARPENTER'S LARGE EMPLOYMENT OFFICE. IB! Uth St.. oorner 6th av., famlllea are immediately suited with capable servants. A LADY (PROTESTANT) OF SUPERIOR EDDCA tl ?, aged40. seeks a situation In aptoua family, or aa companion and housekeeper: can leach English. French and musie; Is a good copyist; would prove generally usefnl to persons of neglected education; would go South or West; noma comforts chiefly desired as compensation; can be re ?si?ended for integrity aud diligence. Address for one weak E. NTT. L. I., Post office. YOUNO GERMAN GIRL. WHO SIM A' S PERFECT ? English, wishes a situation in a private family ae cham bermaidor nurse. Good reference given. Inquire at. 118 Bllxebeth St., flrst floor, between Broorue and Grsud its. mm A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU stiou to do general housework in a small family; beet eity reference from last place. Can be seen for two days at 149 9th i 149 Ith av., between 17th and 18th eta., In tbo rear. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS a first stage cook end will aeeiel with the waahing and ironing; has the beet dig reference. Cen be seen at No. 24b fast 19th i i at. between 7th and 8lh ava, In the basement. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A situation; Is a professed cook of soups, meats, poul try, gams; understands booing, larding, dessert of various kinds. jallies, pastry. Ae.; best of referenoe from higbest famines; none but prirale families need apply. Can be seen far twe days at 181 West 99th at., second floor,beck A YOUNO AMEBICAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION A to take ears of children and make herself generally iaefuL Call at 4317th av.. top floor. A SITUATION WAMTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE wemoa, as flrst releoook; Is sd excellent baker; would nestst with the washing and Ironing; beat or reference can be given. Cen be seen for two days al 104 West 19th el, be i 9th and 7tb ava., third floor, baek room. A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH OIRL WANTS A SITUS JA Hon to cook, wash and iron; is willing to do general hotisswsrk; no objection ?.? go In the country; good refer Call at 411 (old number 218) Eaet ISfh su TK. wants a situation as cook; understands her business thoroughly; ae ebjeetlon to the country. Cetl at >40 Weel 19th st.. flrst floor, front room. i RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITC k atloa aa chambermaid and waitress, no objection to ks pare of children If required. Call st CM fd sv. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESECTABLE young woman to cook, wash and Iron; baa the best city reference from last place. Call at 89 Weal 3Sth at., be.ween 8th and 7th ava. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO to geuerat housework. or assist in washing and Louie*, ?ad duaberwork In a small prteale family. Call at M Wait Mth at. near fth nr.. for two day*. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE yonto girl, t? da chemberwork and waiting; ran auxin with washing and ironing. Brut city reference Call at 40 Waet Mk at. Am BKSPECTABLB YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SIT nation aa chambermaid and waitre?? in a prime fam Ut. Ona ba aaan for twa dare at 3M Waal 'Ibtb at., bemeen ?'b and Kb in SEAMSTRESS WISHES A PEW ENGAGEMENTS by the day or week, "en cut and SI ladiea' and bora' ? * i Wheeiar A Wllron'a machine, ( all alolhaa and operate on at M7 Woat Itch at., third floor, frout room. Do not riofl the boll. A TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO A funeral housework In o small private family, referrore If required Apply for two daya at III East -Tib at, between Id and lid are. A GIRL. WOULD LIKE TO ORT A SITUATION AS JY nursa and seamstress; Incompetent rntakacareof an Infant from Ita birth: baa eight yearn'reference from her lnet place. Can be aeeo for two daya at J44 Baal AOtb at, aaar Id ar. ARBSPBCTABLE WOMAN WI8FIES TO TAKE IN __ _ ? gentlemen's and family waabiug. fall at 14J -JUt at , batwean Id and fld in. Aral floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RE3PF.CTABIR English woman to eoek. waah and Iron, a'to ber daughter, to do chnmberwork and waltiug or take care of children; the beat of reference glean. Call for two daya at PI Oreenarloh ae. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE JX. young woman, na cook In n prleata family, cither Span lab or American, baa the beat of city ralareneei. Can ba aean at lgflTth ar., second floor. AUMnOTUU WOMAN. SPEAKINO THE PBBNCIt and Kngli?h languages, wlahea a aliuailon In a French family to lake charge of a child. Apply at KB Weet SOth at., left band door, second flight up stairs. Mood city reference A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN OP ate?dy habits, to cook, waah and Iron, or to do the housework of a small faintly; clly retereuces. Call al 411 Id to., near Mth at., second floor,-front A SCOTCH PROTEBTANT OIRL WISHES A 8ITUA Uon na Aral class waitress or chambermaid, can fire good reference,, fan tie seen al *J0 Wast Jfrtb at, corner of 7th nr., top floor. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A situation aa chambermaid and waitress or lo do general ^"ITwWemoKTi b~lof ?l? ?r<rcD"- *P A WOMAN, WHO HAS NO REI.A J\. Urea In this country, wtsbea a situation a, rhild'a nurae "'P**1 or would take care of and .each young A TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A 8ITU J\ atlon aa nurae and ?eamatreen. can Ukecharaa of i a^kfftpea Its birth and cut and fit children's cloiheaand d to"?y'rom ? ninn ana ? " children's ciuihes and d alt kinds of family sewing; in take cere of a Dahe preferred boat city reference. Cell at V Waattfch et'mtba reaTflS floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO fV do general hoiiaeworh; good reference fall at 10* fast IBtb at, third floor. ,l SITUATION WANTED-BY A PIRPT CI.ASB MEAT and pastry rook; understands jellies, soup* and game; no objaotian to n first rlAae boaidmg house or to go a abort ... tq,, at glgga^? distance Hi tha country. Has the beat of city reference Call at No. fl Mb at , in die rear. A LADY WISHES TO PROCURE A SITUATtON POR J\ a lespectahle. honeet. Industrious girl for general h'MiMwork. In a small family; la willing and obliging. Call at IN Kaat Mtb at. A SITUATION WANTED?AB chambermaid and will has. In aprtrale family by a reapccianle. nhllglti^ ftrl who om gtre tha beat city references Ith at A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE Protestant women, aa a good eook add baker, would !2ilUh* *nd Ironing, flood reference Ap ply at IS4 West 17th at., between 8th and 9th ae*. AMfPRCTABLK WIDOW WISHES GENTLEMEN'S and fbmlly waahlng; qui do Prenrh fluting and polish ing t all at or addro?a IM Baat litli at flielet oUr to? orouoa aire* t' i I A SITUATIONS WAWTBD-PEWALBS. YOU NO WOMAN WIHIIKb A SITUATION TO OO ? hiunbcrwork and children; ran ilo pUIn sewing nionW; bu no ol>t? u*0 U> nu?H'- luusell generally uael ul. Call for two ttaya at *M K..I 9in si , Iwivmu 1st and ll ara A SITUATION WANTED?A8 FIRST CLASS LAUN drc*. by a rcspecuMe ProFaUnt glri; or would do cooking, washing and tonlna '? a anuli private family, understand* plain flutlag. good reference. Apply at 89 We-tl 4flUi at A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE, colored woman, aa chambermaid aad laundress or w nitres*. Can bu aeen for (wo daya, from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M . at ISA Weal 2Kb at. aooond Boor, book room. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER AND SEAMSTRESS "anli to go 011 (to aew by the day, week or month. no ootea inawsred. Coll at Ml Moat SKh at. botwoon Sd aad Sd art . drat floor, Lack room. KKAMSTRBM WISHES TO OO OUT BY THE DAT _ or Diouth?a good culler aad filter of lad tea' and chit dren a dresses; worts no Ororer A Baker's maehloe, good rcleranoa Oall for two dago at T1 Wool Rlth at. AYOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS OOOD oeok, waahar aad Iroaor la a pnrata family; la a good taker; goodle?b raforoooo. Apply for two daya at 90lllh at- ooreorof Rrd or. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A aliuaUoa to do general houaework la a amall privet* romlly. Call at 9MftMb at. fourth door, haok room. A 14 AMBRIOAM TOUMO WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUA [V Uoa ak saa mat lies, la a prirate familr. Addreaa for hroo daya Sonant rosa/boa Md Herald oaoo. A WIDOW WOMAN WHO HAS A BABT POUR J\. mootbaoid weald Ilka to get a place la oily or country, where abaeaa lake bar baby along; oan do pteuty of work; we gen no objact Call at tn Rowery. room 17. SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE OIRL. aa aura# aad eaamatrcaa. Call at 17 Kant Hist at.. her preaeat employer's TOOMO AMERICAN MARRIED WOMAN WT8HES _ a attuaSoa aa wet name; Bret child. M let aw., be twoen 1Mb eod Ittaota.. km Beer. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN a prirate family aa eoek. weaker aad Ironer. or to do geaoraf houaework; eaa be well recommended from her text place, where ahe haa lired ata yearn. Call at 290 Weal Slat at. between Mb aad 19th ara AYOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM bermald and wall re an, or to do light houaework. Call for two daya at 219 Sullivan at. lo the rear. A PAM1LY OR OENTLEMEN'S WASHINO WANTED? -? by a respectable laundreaa. Term* moderate. Apply for three day* nt 100 Vfe?t 19th *t. rear house, oecond floor. Best of city reference. A RESPECTABLE WIDOW, WITH THE BEST OF city reference, want* a situation its wet nurse; uo ob jection lo go a short distance lu the oountry. Apply at 19J r<iiMt 38th St. Dressmaker, who understands fittino, wishing to work out by the day. wants the work of a [.?w private families. Call at 292 6th ?v., between 18th and 19th *ta. Respectable oikl wants a situation as chambermaid, or would do general houaework; la a givod washer and tront-r; the best of oily rofereuce. Aildreas M. D.. 81 Orchard ?t.. rear, flrat floor, for two daya. OITUATION WANTED?AS COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS l"> and machine operator, by the week or mouth. Apply on "''"''?y. between III and 12 o'clock, at ker present employ. er*a. 82 West 11th at. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECT ABLE WO men. a* chambermaid and laundress, or a* rook, for a amall family; good city reference. Call at 282 7tli ar.. aeceod floor, back room. CITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL kl ua cook; is agood washer and Ironerj haa good city re ference. (.all at 338 26th at., between 8th aad 9th ava.. sec ond floor. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO to Ctrl aa chambermaid and waitress, or to do plain sew ing and take cure of grown children; best of reference from her las' employer, where ohecau uow be seen. Call at 77 East 34th at. SITUATION WANTED?AS NURSE, BY A COMPE ' tent person: baa acted lo that capacity for sixteen years, aud can taka I he entire charge or an Infant from its birth; can g're the best of ctty references. Can be mien for two daya at 273 ?d ay., between 32d and 23d ata. la the sloi*. OITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN O as nurseand seamstress; capable of taking charge of of an infant and operating on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; bast city rnforMoe. Caube aeen for two days at 219 East OITUATION WANTKO-BT A RESPECTABLE OIRI. u *,,>od Pl?la nook; i? also a good washer and ironer; good twoeu 8thaod 7th a" a" "**" for ,wo |U'* *l w 84111 (SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, _ J" ro0?'*MJ1?r*',d Ironer. or to do general house work. Good city tofereuce from her last place. Call for two daya at 190 West ?0th at. V T SITUATION WANTED -BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO V woman, aa chambermaid and wattreaa; has the best of I city references. Can beeeen at 99 Weal 20th at., front base nteut. for two days. OITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO O woman, to do general housework: ta a good plato washer and troner. Can be seen at 99 West 20th St., for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A PEW YY more ladles' and gentlemen's or families' wnahing and Ironing; fluitag done iu the uleed manner. Beat dty rarer ?Ntlfat ^T#?' ou or ?ddrM* Nrs. Carbtey, 127 West WANTED?BY A RB3fROTABLE WOMAN. A FAMILY'S or a few gentlemen's washing. Good reference siren Call nt 182 Wes. 94lh.t., oornerof'thaytop ea^ WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN. A aitoation as cook and to aaatat with the washing and Ironing; or would go aa laundress: la perfectly competent to do bar work; no ob.ectloos to go a abort distance in the ecuotry. Excellent reference. Coll at 910 Stanton at.. In theatore. Use he seen for twodays. WAN'tRD-A SITUATION BY A COMPETENT SEAM stress; oan cut and flt for ehlldron and do all kinds of family sewing aad shirt making; will go by tha waek or mould, City lefarencoglraa. Can he aeon at 49 Kdat 39d at# WANTED-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS AND ohambeimaltl. by a steady, respsctable girl; or would go out by the day or waek; would not object to a abort distance In the oountry. Apply at 131 Kaal Md at. for (wo days. VirANTED-A SITUATION TO TAKE CHARGE OF YY and Instruct young chlldion. or as housekeeper and companion loan Invalid. Alan a situation wonted. Myanei oeLent saleswoman. Apply at Ml 3d ay., near list at. WANTED-BT TWO RERPRCTABLE TOUNO WO men, sitiio'luns; ooa l? do general housework, the oiberaa chambermaid aad waitress. Call at 147 East 28th at.. In the rem . WANTED-BY A NEAT. TIDT OIEL, WITH EKCEI. lent city reference, a situation as waitrssa and cham bermaid, or as children's maid; does plain sewing; quick at the noodle: wages $19 Call at 191 hast 21st at. WANTED-BT TWO S0PERIOB SERVANTS. WITH excel,eni city reference, situations lo one family one aa Oral class cook; the other ae thorough chambermaid and waltreas; does the flne washing. Call at 192 East 21st at. TITANTED?BY A HIGHLY RKcPKOTARLE YOUNO I ? ?"'?stion os wet nurse, with flow rug breast of milk. Can glee the most satisfactory reOteiioea inquired, either medical oi otherwise Apply till suited at No. 38> H ggfl I. til Ml WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA* turn to do houaework or up stairs work, lo a small private family. Can bo aeon at her prrerm employer's, where relereocca will lie given, at IU Spring at. WANTED?BY A COMPETENT WASHRK ANDIRON er. genileineo's or family washing; also fluting done '?VilT "."it**1 raiou*I- AMP'r ?ll this week at Mra. Koran's. I<4 West 31st *4., top floor, lark room. TITANTED-BT A GERMAN I.ADT WHO SPEARS YY g??d F.ngl ah a altuation to do general housework for an A met loan tain.iv Inquire at 180 Orchard at, rear house, rtum Mo. 9. * WANTED-a SITUATION BY A COMPETENT GIRL Yf aa Chambermaid and nurse or waitress; will make heiaoif generally oaeful Inquire at the roaldeuca of bar present ?-mployer. 148 West 40th at. 1 "*r W'ANTED-A SITUATION BY A TOUNO LADY IN A . bakeiy, con fecit otiery or fancy store Refar to Mr .lames Peacock, bakeiy. 7lb ae., corner of 20th at WAN! ED-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED Wo. yy man with a fresh breast of milk, a situation aa wet nurse in a private family. Call allCI Molt at. VyANIED-BY A RRhPRCTABLE MARRIED WOMAN Y Y who baa loai her own baby, one month old, a baby to b^iu'en" a a Cr..0,"is,r".'1*I^T refareneo oan gnew. #18 Kail lib , b?t?re?ii ?venue* R and C. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A~"resPECvTbi young gti l. aa rhamtwi maid and <yattreaa; can furn 153 ami Jo W J*'" <r,u ??? fen for two days. Call ?1il n.iwvhat heiwevu ?.h and IkPh aia., room No WANTED-BY an AMERICAN wTdoW WHH girl ????? y#ai-M old, a ?ifuai??D in a amall family* e I w.U s'eV *, ?ood hf"?* preletahle to hi ?!".?? as . .L 'J'' nt ohioeuon to week Ad,lr?" W'dnw. ?'8 Ckrtton at . Brooklyn, for o TVANTED?BT A RKflPECTABI.E TOUNO OIRL. A iMw'amrtkV0 '?JL?"sT,r ,a * ?? WANTED-A BABY TO WET NURSE. BT A RF apectable young woman who haa lost bar own child apod refetptxy given and required Call all the week to Dougla aa at. flrat bouse weal of Bond at., South Brooklyn TITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A TOUNO PROTRST YY ant gill, to assist In the care of children; or would do rbemherwork and sawing Mas dly reference. Call at IM Bast 22d at, third floor, back room. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A FIRST CLASS waitreao. In a boarding ho.iae; la neal and smart about bar work; understand* bar bustoeas; ha* the bast of city retoreuc* from her last place. Apply at IM Weal Mih at , betwoou flth av. and Broadway. WANTED-BT A YOUNO OIRL. A SITUATION AS aeamatroaa and drta*maker, caa operate on VYheeler A wilaon'a maohlue. Oan be eeeo at 41 9th et, bat ween Mb and flth ava, WASHINO AND IRONING BY MRS. SHERIDAN. A ill first rlaaa laundreaa, at her own residence IDS West 'Tilt st- The beat of reference given. WASMTNO-A WKIH, RECOMMENDED WOMAN h,Ik.**"'* Ib* washing of a few gentlemen or a family, by tbe week or month. AddrMS A. B , 270 Tib sr. \yETNIggg_A RMPECTABLR 'HEALTHT #OU w7l nor., o l "["Wsa (her flrst bohy) wsnta a altuation aa wet flth a* in raao V* f,mtl.v heaf of relcran, o Call at 4.T * " ? Iwtwcn 99th and Wth ata HELP WAYTBD-rilMALE*. A WANTED?IN I Knsllah alic mo ! i"* Herman, capable of apeak ni ular an^ hare the bel? oMmh'1 her ?Y"rT pcrtie A UOOK TO WAsil and 1*110* wanTrd liTili i HKT.P WiHITBP-PBWM'g*. A CHAMBERMAID WANTED?WHO UNDERSTAND* washing aui trouing ?uil can aaalat lu walling, nl ?/ Olio tot. plate I'IR-tT CLAtMCOOK AND CHAM BET1M AID WANTED? r To go a abort diatom* la Ibe country. n<>n? bat flnjl olsaa need apply, oolered prefurrod. W WflrtSltl al. La between II and 4 o'clock to-day. . Nurse wan ted-must have city reference. Apply al le Baal Tturty Uiu-d street, Monday morning. before IS o'clock. ANTED-A NEAT AND TIDY W?MAN, AH NURSE and ?eainstrcaa. Apply al the basement door al *64 Weal ad at Reference required. . WANTED-A WAITRESS AND CHAMBERMAID. TO aasiat In washing and Ironing; alao a aeamalreaa, who underalaudi diraauaklug. Call to-day <*0'"}?yj " 144 Laiingtoo it . between the heura of 10 and 1 o olock. ANTED-A WET NURSE. WITH FUEL BREAST of milk, for an Infant a month old; oue without .a husband or child and willing to leave the city P?fer"*l Apply at room 41 Do |Laoeaullouse, oornor 4#tn street and Wsr ? WANTED-A FIRST CLASS COOK. IN A FRTTAjTi family; no washing roqulmd. Apply for Ikroo d*y? at tha corner of dkHlmaa *t and Park a* . Brooklyn firanted-a neat, industrious oirl. as nurse W ami seamstress, one wUlIng to make mar apply, with city reference, al SI East 49th at, between 10 A lTeod 1 P. M. YXTANTED?A LADY'S MAID AND SEAMSTRESS^ W ost who uaderstando dressmaking. heir drr?etng._^d a Wheeler A Wttma machine; alm~YTaundren. owe who uederetoads Sating. Beth mast brin* the beW Mty refer ence*. Apply from 10 till t o'clock, at SB West 401 ?t. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS COOK. TO ASSIST IN washing and Ironing. In u prt?i?f*ra,ty- Aoply. refernnoee, from 0 to 1* o'clock, at 140 Wooi lab at., between 0th end Tlh ava. WANTED-A FROTESTANT COOK WITH THE BEST references. to go h> .Npuytco River Railroad: family amalL Call st 74Leonard ?t. second floer, between S and ? P. M. WANTED?A WOMAN AS WAITRESS AND FINK laundress. Good references required. Apply at M West Fith at., between the hours of 10 and li A. M. WANTED-TWO SMART OIRL8; ONE '??fcT?* general homework of e pnvste family, the other for up stairs work and to mind children. #41 Weat 18th at., bo tween ?tl? and 10th avenues. WANTED?TWO PROTESTANT WOMEN (AMERICAN preferred'; one as thorough num. lhe other a* com petent Good reference red"'r?L Apply two days, after ten o'clock A. M., at 84 Eaal l*th at Wanted a woman to cook, wash, iron and as ost in housework of four keferomie quired. Baawnent door, No. 9 Giilord place, iftlh aV.? be twe?m Islington and Third h**. - TIT ANTED?A WOM \N WHO 18 A. GOOD _gOg*? W ws Apply at o'clock. WANTED?A OIRL TO COOK. WASH AND {ROB-. Must thoro'igtily understand her business aud bo well recommended. Apply al 150 West 34th st. WILL THE OF.RMAN LADY WITH ROUND HAT AND blue veil, liviua In Thompson street with hrr husband, last week with regard to lesching. Ac., please call n?am at Lexington aveuue. four.h houae ffom Sixty-second atreet any day before II or after 4 o dock. SITUATIONS WASTED-MALES. A SKILFUL FARMER, WHO THOROUGHLY UN deretsnds the btnlnesa in all lta branrhes-st^k dairy grain, vcgeubles or fru.t, would like the management of a go.hI farm for a salsrr or abs-e of th? n?J,"7 'lr' , ,5 ref*renoe and evidence of character aud ability giveu. Aa d.est Farmer, bo* 'All Herald o flier. __ a STRONG. SOBF.R, MIDDLE AGED 8F'APARlNO A man wants a situstioa as night watchman or portor, has Iwtni accustomed to a Btallonsry engine; no ojrj< the country. Can br seen at Rice's grocery store. Green av., near Eckford aL. Oreenpotut. s N AMERICAN ROY OF 18. WHO SPEAKS AND A writes French and English. wanU a situation In nn office. Address F. C. L.. Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A SWIidS rARMKR, TO take charge of a gentleman's farm by AprU l. Ho has had 12 years' e.perlenre in this country; stands the management of a dairy well. Best teferenoee can be given. Address P. E. C.( Herald ofllee. WANTED-A SITUATION IN A WHOLESALE AND retail grocery store, by a young man ?;!T t?ti a the business. Best of city reference given. Addreee H. B., Herald ofllee. CLERKS AND 8ALB85IKM. _ AYOUNO MAN. 24 YEARS OF AGE. HAVING BKV oral years' experience la the clothing. irtmmmg mad gems' turuUldiig business. is desiroua of negotiating with some good house to not as salasmaa or travelling| agent. Ml of refitreoce given n? to houestjr. IntegrttT. onwtolllty. Be. Address for tureo day* R- M. Trover. Riu| ? Hotel* fio Doy ?treat _ Coal salesman -wanted, a. person who has etpeHetioo iu the builuew tad can command ? cood cash I rede with families, restaurants. Be. To such a one ? fli-nt class coal yard will offer a liberal oommlssloa or allow a permanent aalsi y after trial. One who Is active can ad drear, with references, only Lewis, bo* 144 Herald ofltoe. Hotel clerk?wanted. an assistant; one who writes n good hand and ran bring the beet elty references. Address, with full name and refemuoeu, bo* 944 I'oet office. . QrilKRY, YANKEE NOTIONS AND WHITB GOODH Aa old established hone*, newly organised on n more eitensive eeal*. wlU make liberal arrangements wilh mMvu salrsiiirii Wti" tea v?ali?velg oonlrol 4 .large trade of their own: none othere need nnawer. Addrert he* 4.441 root office. - f ANTED?AS BOOKKEEPER AND BHIPPINO WANTED-A3 BOOKKEEPER AMP _?Mtrrtwu clerk, at a moderate aalary. a young man of respectable puronlAM, living with hi# fnmily. Thn bwt of rpfireooM required! Address S. S., Herald oHco. Wanted?a first class salesman, ir an old established Importing house and .r>?t*' fnrnl,htng goods house; none need apnlr unless famluar with the bneT nee- end having a well established trade. Address bo* Wit Poet ofllne. ANTED-A SALESMAN FOR THE COMINO SEA see. fully e*port*ne*d. good errors end a thorough knowledge ol One embroideries. Apply by letter to Miller B Grant, in B coed war COACHMBN AND OARpiNER#. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS OROOM and eoachinsu; has been in etablen nil his life, and would make himself generally useful; no objection to the country. Address J. M.. bo* 101 Herald ogee. A PROTESTANT YOU NO MARRIED COUPLE. LATE lv landed Irom England, desires a situation In tome respectable feinily: the wife a* plain cook or to do up tUlrn work; the mau a* coachman, groom and plain gardener. He ha* bad 14 years' eiperience in the cure and management of hoi sea, and Is a Aral elate driver; he can drive from two ?e four in hand No objection to city or country. Apply at or addreee Tor three days #1 East l*h at .^oroei of 4Gi av. Gardener.?first class in ktert depart meat. Orape houses, hot and oolo. stove and green house plants; vegetables end fruits of all hinds. Address Gardener, Herald office. HELP WASTED-HALE*. Agents wanted-for every city in tup. Union to sell an article entirely new and wanted everywhere; email capital will insure exclusive territory. #8 liberty et. Agents wanted-for leutee'S celebrated picture of Washington Closiug the I^dge. the most saleable and profitable picture in the country. J, L White, Agent. 4SJ Broome si. - - ?u_< u. * ? Agents wanted-to sell brown-s patrnt Double Cone Dauiper; great Inducements to county agents, town agents end csnvaesers-a good chance lor all. ADAMS A FLINT. 119 Nassau St.. room No. 7. A FIRM I'CLASS CANVASSER WANTED-TO GO TO JV Washington to canvas* for Milieu's medallion* of our generals and sietevinen. a splendid work of art; good ad dress and email capital indispensable 6ft Liberty at Advertising canvassers w.anted-first class, to vroik on Baldwin's Consolidated Uirectoiy. Apply to H. A. Baldwin A Co.. 59 Cedar street. WAITER WAN TED-IN A TRIVATE FAMILY; nmsl have eltv references; an Fngllkhmnn preferred. Apply at 109 Madison av . to day, between 11 and 12 o'clock. A mill desiring excellent situations in all departments of business call el Rl Chamber* street; desirable vacancies open this day. Salaries flu to $30 per week. A<ikntr-malr and female; $io per dat easily made in any oily or by travelling In any part of Iho world; sample mailed. 5ikt. PONHONBY'S. 78 Nassau sr., oflh e No g AOK.NTH WaNTED-TO SF.LL BROWN'S GLASS Cleaning Polish, for windows, mirrors, gold, silver, Opiate 1 ware, fin. Ac. Large dlsmnut fo the trade. fC. BRGWN. 74 Bleecker street. New York 1~nmploymknt.-wantkd. two experienced I 'J book oanvaasers; to good men liberal terras; reference required. Apply from 11 a. M. to 4 P. M. to Joseph Prlco, 114 Nassau St. WB ANTED-A YOl'Nll MAN TO ATTEND A FRUIT and paper stand; most be honest end willing to work;| German preferred Cell early at 234 Grand street. 'OTANTRD-A good carver for a dinino FT saloon. Apply si 4#0 Grand et. WANTED?A YOUNO MAN TO OFEN OYSTERS AND wall on tables Apply at 48S Canal at WANTED?A FIRST CLASS BUSINESS man to su perintend life Insurance agents In this olty snd abroad; n Ufa insurance man preferred; liberal inducements. Ad dress Insurance, bo* #06 Herald office. TXTANTBD-A YOUEO MAN IN A PAYING MANUFAC TV to ring business, one having about $1X0 will b* given good ehanee to maka nice living; stru t attennen requited. Addres* Piano, Herald oflloa. TANTED?CANVASSERS FOR A NEW. SCIENTIFIC work of great maril, on liberal terras. Apply to T. D. Wallers. 13 West 4th si., near Broadway. w ANTED-TWO SMART, INTELLIGENT MEN; Ibsen who have acted aa salesmen or canvassers pre w

ferred; noon othere. Apply from s till 1(1 p. M. M. M. SIIRLI.KY. J4 Rsekmnn st. r ANTKD?A Master^ataiTms for the u - i vv Heron: none bill Ihoee having had etperlence need app'y Apply althe Rroohlyn Navy Yard, on board. Wanted?a married man who thoroughly undaretanri* farming end the care of atoak In ell Its branches, In lake charge or a large hi m In Orange oortnlv; hi* wife moat lie a fleet olaa* dalrywoman Address, With relereoces end terms e? pec ted, box I.I2R Post offiro, N. Y, WANTKD?A MAN AS SUPERINTENDENT OR MAN agor of s glss* faoiory, must be of temperate hebita. Add i ess. with refers nee*, Glass Oompsny, Herald office. FRENCH ADVERTIIRMKNTN. ] U~Vh IIEMOMKLI.R "oRSIRRBR PLACRR COM MR muturl! re dan* una faiuiUg piiveu. Adienegr Mme Uiobft. V> b?M ?? the trades. TsfiWtiiSSfiruWu]?jjjgo '? THOR hu^arvtalf ?" eu*",''m*Tit Hi a drj| ^f?Uu* of ">? bu?' H^^^^gp^.rrc &<zjzyz. i?z: JEWELRY ORNAMENTAL ENGRAVER AND OK signer wanted Address, with reference, box 474 Tost office, ThlLaJ?l:.h:a Pa. Moulder wanted?a man competent for foreman of a small foundry in tlx? State; in wily bench work; luunt understand shell goods and getting up brass BtUrn?; can 1 linnet s limited vum If ue desires. Address x I .SIT New York Post office TO JEWELLERS.?WANTED, A FIRST CLASS QEN ersl workmen, noue else need apply ;ffiesL? W earn the business. *1 O. JOHANNES A CO., 23 John St., N. T., or 1S2 Lafayette sr.. Brooklyn. WANTED?AM INTELLIGENT MAN WHO UNDER stands the construction of ktlns for barnlng bones end has a practical knowledge of the business, to take charge of a manufactory. Apply at 72 I root at, between 10 and S o'clock. WANTED?A PRACTICAL MOULDBR TO ACT AS If foreman of a foundry at Yonkers, salary sl.lw Ad dress box No. 0-Post odloe, Yonkers. w ANTED?A DOUBLE HAND PILE FORQER. IN quire of Durrle A Rnsher, 16 Beckinan st. TIT ANTED?A TAILOR APPLY TO JOHN LUNNT. VT Stspleton, Ststsu Island, second landing Ooed wages end steady week. WANTED?AN ASSISTANT PHOTOORAJH OPB rater; one capable of making negaiivae or Fev*eo typea. Wages moderate end reference required.' Apply in gallery IN Chatham square, after 10 A. M. WANTED?TWENTY STONE CUTTERS ON NEW Dam. Putnam ouunty. (Croton Aqueduct Department.) Inquire of Kueeh, Jeukine A Co., Contractors, High Bridge, Now York elty. FOR MALE. A HERRING'S PATENT SAFE, FIVE FEET HIGH, will be sold oh cap $27*. Also. WUder's medium sire 8afe; ell as good st new. H. C. DEXTER. Ne. ? Broad street. SPLENDID CORNER BAKERY FOR RALE; CON fooUouery sod Cigar Store, htm Photograph Gallery. "?stoo Billiard Soloonx, Boston Brown Bread Bakery. English Shades. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street A SODA WATER FACTORY AND FOUNTAIN BU9I ness for asle. Liquor and Lunch Rooms. Restaurants, Hotels, Nest Markets, Produce Standi. Book Stores. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street A WHEELER A WILSON, AND FINKLB A LYON Sewing Machine, boih silver plated, half cum. for sale aheap, at 140 West Eighteenth street, second floor, rear houae. A DOWN TOWN CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR sale, doing a first clan trade, with lease of the house. For Information inquire st 122 Washington street. BUTCHER SHOP FOR RALE CHEAP. APPLY ON the premises, 135 Haiti Eleventh street, near First ??. A rare ciunce.-for sale, whiskey still, nil new, ncrcr been used; building, nine tubs, engine, boiler, 1.20(1 gallon still, with worm and doubler; heater and cooler tubs, nil In fine order. Price $5,208 Apply at Oreenpoint Iron Works, corner Clay and Franklin streets, near Tenth street ferry. Greenpolnt, Brooklyn. CIGAR STORE AND SAMPLE ROOM FOR SALE, cheap: in good location. Apply at 323 Madison at reel. Dining room on bkoadway?handsomely furnished nnd now doing a good business. It for sale or will exchange for real estate. Address B. II., box 140 Herald office Druo stork for sale?in one of the best localities In Brooklyn, well slocked, and doing a good business. MITCHELL A SW'aIN, 73 Cedar street, room 15. TARUO STORES FOR 3ALK--ON R,0"T" 1 / Third and First avenues. Bowery, Brooklyn sod ooua try: an excellent -lore for a physician. STRICKLAND'S Druggists Agency. 240 Broadway. For sai.e-a smai.i. hotel, on the European plan: the whole house cleg uuly furolshed: long lease; rent very low. Apply to D. SAN FORD, 59 Liberty street. For sale?the meadk photograph qallery. 233 Broadway.?Tics, for amount of business done sod material olfered, I* a great bargain for any business photo grapher. An Investigation as to particulars will convince any one. FM)R 8ALE-A SOAP FACTORY. EVERYTHING NEW sad la complete working order. Any person wanting aueh wtU do well to call at factory, northeast corner of La fayette and Clasaon avenues. Brooklyn. Would exchange for Brooklyn property. r)R BALK?THE FIXTURES OF AN ENTIRE STORE; Si .... m also counters, tables desks, show rases, sash, drug, bar, and oyster stations, shelving and drawers; will be refilled. Appiv to JAMES HODGE. 35 Jane street, west corner of Eighth aveotts. FOR BALK?A LARGE. AND BEAUTIFULLY FITTED up Tea. Coffee sod Grocery Store; long lease at nominal rent; (no store Is doing a profitable business and la sold on account of the owner going into the wholesale business; to a man who understands the business and can give it his whole attention, this is a Favorable opportunity. Address for one week Johnston, Herald office. JjTOH SALE?A WELL ESTABLISHED LUNOH ROOM. m. situated In n good location, near Broadway; or a part ner will be taken. Apply al 4SI? Llspensrd street. F? R SALE?A MUSIC STORE. WITH 8TOOK AND flrtures. In s neighboring city, In s flae looslity. Price Address Music Stare, station B, Nsw York olty. FOR SALE-l.EASB OF HOUSE. DOWN TOWN, POR 2t? years, at a very cheap rant, suitable for a wholesale grocery, Uquor or rectifying business. For particulars apply at 17 Harrison street. rR SALE-SIX YEARS' LEASE. STOCK AND FIX lures of a well established dry goods store. 25x7$; splendidly located, end doing s flne business; store can be let for $4,01X1 a yaar ^present rent eery low; owner ^otng Into the wholesale business. None but these with $25,000 to $$0,000 capital need addrees R. O. B , Herald office. KNOB SALE?AT A SACRIFICE. A OIOAR STORE. A with Slock and Fixtures; good business plane; must be sold within throe days; owner goes In the country. Ap elv at the store. No. 4 Ackermaa place, between WUllam and hatha m streets. >R SALE?LIQUOR STORE, DOIMO A GOOD OASII business. Apply st M Old slip. fjTOR BALE?A SPf.fiSDID SALOON; WOULD LET THE f same. Atse first class Billiard Table for sola. Apply at SI Macdrugal siroet. la saloon. rR SALE?IN BROOKLYN. THE STOCK AND Fix tures, together with one year's Least from the 1st of May, IM7. sf s Hat. Cap sad Fur .store; one ef the best lo cal ions for business In the city; rant lew and stook small; good reasons for sailing. Apply at atora 1M Fulton street. F? B SALE?JEWELLER'S TOOLS AND FIXTURES, nearly new. together with Lease of shop, at n vary loir I. la John street, cheap. W. A. CARTER. 52 Cortlandl street, near Greenwich. fjtOR SALE?SEVEN BARRELS OF VARNISH. FIT J for roofers, painters or others; it Is st clear as boiled oil; price 75oenta per gallon. Call on or addreoa DAYIi, King of the Roofers, No. 2 Court street, Brooklyn. For sale-a saloon, with two billiard Tables, ou the best business block In Broadway. In quire at H. CLIFTON'S, Houston street, near Crosby. tfOR SALE.?$1.IKE) WILL BUY STOCK, FIXTURES F sod lease ol nu established Jewelry Store la the best part of Eighth avenue?the proprietor retiring. Apply to AKRANDALE t CO. IfiJ Broadway. JjKOR SALE OR TO LET-THE BAKERY^ BUSINESS, Stock and Fixtures; also to let. three Rooms on the nrtt floor, with ihe bakery and business. Apply to D. L. SflVMAN. Hsekenjiek, N. J. q _ Hotel.?for sai.e or exchange, for cash nnd lmpiove.1 .est es'ate, the I .ease. Stock, Fixtures and Furniture ol a Hotel ou European plan; about (W rooiua. Address European, box 200 Herald office. Hotel for sai.k-or will sell one half; elegantly located, long lease, tow real, doing a good business; this is a flne Rban< e. ISAAC A. BluGS A SON. 77 Nassau street. r JEWELLERS..-FOR HALE, A SMALL JEWELRY Shop. Address S. B., Herald office. TWO DISTILLERIES. IN COMPLETE ORDER. FOB sale. Inquire al 279 Eaat Tenth street. WHISKEY STILI. Ft IB SALE-SIZE HSI) GALLONS; new. and la complete running order, with eight fer. mealing Tubs sign I.XVII gallons each. Inquire in Hudson avenue, opposite Park arenas. In the blacksmith shop, be tween the lours of ID and IX *,"rn -FOR SALE, A LIQUOR STORE. WITH FULL ipvIv/Uv license, doing s good business; sold on account of sickness; will be sold al s bargain. Dr. NEWTON, No. SOreena street. A?> nnn -K0K SALE. A LUCRATIVE MANUFac. ?g)O.U\/Us luring business, well established, with s fine run of customers. None need respond but those having the ready cash and meaning business. Address W. Y., Herald office MACHINERY. Engines and boilers, new and second hand. from S to 100 horse power, Planers, Lalhee, Drilling Machines, Platform Scales, Shafting P id I Us, Anvils, Vice jj. Machinery of all kinds at HOFFMAN A FlNNEYS, l?7 Water street, Brooklyn. tfOR SALB?A BARGAIN, MUST BE REMOVED. NOW I" running, 411 horse Engine, ?) horse tnhulsr Boiler, nearly new; 10 horse Engine and Bolter. H6 Park street. Five Points. pOKTABLE STEAM ENGINES AND _ CIRCULAR SAW MILLS. The hast sad most complete in use. Circulars sent on application WOOD A MANN STEAM ENGINE COMPANY. titles. N. Y., and W Maiden lane. New York. CTRAM ENGINE AND BOILERS FOR RALE-MO O horae nower Engine, horirontal, SO Inches 'by 8 feet. Super-ot Portable Engine, IS horse power, built by Prwvi Sanaa Steam Engine Com com puny. HOWARD ROGERS, SO Vesay street. NEWSPAPERS. For all the logs, diaries and accounts of the great Atlantic YseUt Usee, and othgr very Interest iagaporlfn.- matter, sac WILKES' SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, ont to morrow. DENTWTR*. U a DELIGHTFUL PROCESS." -TEETH POSITI A extracted "without |mtn," with ntlrous oxl-l Splendid seta of Teeth, unsurpassed for cheapness t ability, at TAN TLBOK B. 175 Sixth avenue. SOLTON DENTAL ASSOOlATION ORIGINATED AND make S spen.alty of the llSOOf Nitrous Otlda Gas, an t alnister ti In the only way which uniformly destroys pam. Ws hers given It to veer Ifi.nuu patients Come to headquar ters. Office If Cooper Institute. DR. MARTELL. DENTIST, AM SIXTH AYKNUB, thrae doors shore Thirty ninth street, a Rubber Sat of Tt?th, with Plumpers $7 *n,l $19. Enroling wuh oGivus oxide ass. Wotk wwnaaitd. sTfe\irtrtn??. V /o'Nakh LINK OY Km A BTRAMIM York and Liverpool, coliiog c.w fARIPA sail* 18th nf January. ? "f" from Nr.* Vork ?T0. lo New Turk $35 ,i| r?rre,,.'c'' ' l?dodJn| a liberal allowance Jf pK?js:?f?;;3v,a *n* fur -?-? E. CQNaKP'B Steerage Office. H9 Broadway. TVtfKtfL*lCAS ^ackkt COMPANY^ p ? ? . SAXOKIA. will r" 01TT1"* ">? "?'??<? SUlM null, win uu oa Saturday, January 14. at (J M., fur London*"*611*"? flR Havre, Southampton and r5; ???"?? ** W- W* ^sr ^3?aaffi&. A BOA.,. ^.jhan^ATSr. ?To^^Ur^Ts'Y. n*5lj direct link to prance Steamships KratasasBfec::* Jfedtnl P??ger* >* furnished on ?o Part, at their baggage cheeked second olaaa ~~""un*J c**r*? <? K for flrrt and $8 fori JUEOROEMACKKNZre.AfBnt,MBroa,1lrar. ??vwzr?"<Tnic* ^Prepatfttcketaf.? ^ ^ Apply to ?aaT^r8COTr BROS A CO.. ? South atront and ? Broadway. reney; prepaid tioketa $?. Draft, on Rn?ui?fJ.^5i . the Unitod States Malls. * mi W??*IP. <?rrytug CITY OV DHBMW.."' Wednesday" uUu*" ? crTJ 8? BSSBai1 ."^tu^V/awS: riTY OK bostow v: ? '^SS^-Assi! * ann raeh eureeedtng Saturday and Wednesday U^oon from pier 45 North rivar. Jf " noon RATES OK PASSAGE. By the malt steamer sailing every Saturday FIRS^^'ABIY ,oo | 8TEE!RAOErUrren0y-$W ? l? I topJnl00' % Rfar'HHFa-iX W^n--^r. ?'?*"!'rs-PIrst Cabin, $90; steerage, $90. Payable in t ulted States currency. A^rXletiirn/,^""1"'1 '? Hamb"r? , ?^?'>'rn?' P'?aage from Liverpool or Qneenstown. 197 cur. UiJflr friends ^ h0"*1" her? bF P?'??n? eending for For further Information, apply at the Company's offices. JOHN O. DALE. Agent. ! 18 Broadway, New York. J F?8J2J?5ISSJr? CAUJ*U AT sramiowir. z, "SSaKTI'iii-wis-iWi:-^8 CaWB Second C'btn $100 Cabin rassaor 5??*T?rao" eoaron. C*b,n *18 | Second Cabin $80 ?cc u.u Parable in cold or Ita equivalent. For freight or paaaage apply to R. CUWaRD. No. 4 Bowling Oreen. J^J"ATIONAL STB AM NAVIGATION COMPANY. STEAMERS WEEKLY^'IJYERPOOL. CALLING AT PH*lwn cP<*r 47 Hw ?" rollowai fui nten Cutting, Saturday. January 19 fas?? fcSWi "SSSMSB"- fcSSw? ?r^S^tS^rU'IfeSS^. P'm" from Liverpool Atv'at'low faula*"10 PWlt- Hamburg. Brernoo. O^^ror^ ,b7co'?T? l*r"bi" ?' b"?< "> company!*7'Rrmulwav? ******* " lh# ??<? of ">? And for steerage ticketa at the passage office of the cam pany. ? Broadway and 17$ Peart Street near?u?tou K. W. J. HDE8T. Manager. rpilB BORTIT "KRMAN LLOTS'R STEAMSHIP was SH- k.?. SATURDAY. JANUARY ilB FOB BREMEN YTASOUTHAMPTON , LONDON. I?WD BBEMFV currency"!^*'** I*t*' P*7,bl? '? ??ld ?r '?? ?qulvalent'ln $.97?80 b,** e*bta' 91*: #*oond 0Ah">- r?; steerage, t.?0^rtoS4rX,^S7?fc'p CMIO,r' J-H ?? For fright or PMtAgf apply to - OHLBICH8 4 CO., 6B Broad atreot. S"^mffW!2yEttf? LIVERPOOL TheW^'T^N "it,7 J?g""T. fmja pier $7 Baat rlrcr C.Wn ^..^ $?.^,M Steerage $90. currency. Paaaage to New Yofk i^i tonoea to IreUad at low rate* *?* rem,t* Apply to WILLIAMS A OUION, ?* Broadway and 8$ South street ?ELLONA. Ot ^iASTSlhr.C?.?l.w TnLuy P.^a*\S ^ rt""r for Londo? d'?^ ?>? n.^VnT^^'^/irand'ounklfl**0 W HOWLAND a ASPINWALL, Agists. TH5.1raA*8"^RO?RATBA8TERN. H ATI NO PIR?T In'rSh^ui^. THU*M fri0m ot h? ??A*T3!C!fa n,SAM8Hip$; ' i&oino ??, jjujjjj CA8 vTA^w^tp?8***?8 "AIL. STfcJoUTi rlT6r- r^?fDC?oal street, at with Pnrber, conoecting A. O. 0?y. Jan 11-ocTan ^QI/MN%Jlffi,a,a Cipl<1*" w .rOOLDEN Cm; Captain J^ wTtkln? ??0Dn?<;"?f 1st and 11th for Central South Paetfle porta; touch a Manianiiie? American porta, and tboae Sl? atja^M?^ ^tb ,7??f?" ?lth tho now "srtas&*rJr alteniance free.^**" ^ Mcb Medicines and WSSJ^TBJFtl. "? A- BABY. Ageut. IpiBap ?er fretght o, p.^ .ppiy ? Midway " " CBARLKS A. WlirtNEY, Agenl. ? London, $78. $?). and $90, gold. . Captain Dlion. from Now York February is Main CNeadaU. from Naw York Psbruary 14. F on ST. THOMAS AND BRAZIL. UNITED 8SATE8 AND BRAZIL MAIL 8TEAM8HIP COMPANY. REGULAR MAIL STEAMERS, salting on the 2td of every month: ? NOftTH AMERICA, Captsln L. P. Timtnermnn, .Inouary U. SOUTH AMRR1CA. Captain B. L. Tiuklepaugh, KehruarvlB. OUIDING STAR. Captain Geo. B. Slocnm March 93. These elegani steamers aall on schedule lime, and call at St. Thomas. Para, Prrnambuco. Bablaand Wo Janeiro, going and returning. For engagement of freight or passage, apply lo ? GARRISON k AI.LnN. Agents, ?1 No. 6 Bowling Green, New York. UNITED STATES MAIL TO HAVANA WEST INDIA MAIL STEAMSHir COMPANY. CHANGE OP 8AILINO DAT. Every Saturday, at three P. M .. The favorite ateamsbipa HAVANA, Whitman. Saturday, Jan. 19 MORRO CASTLE, Ads mi Saturday, Jan. 98 EAGLE, Greene Saturday. Peh. $ For fretght or paaaage apply io HARRISON A ALLEN. Agenla. No. 8 Bowling Green, N. V. Havana and new Orleans. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 98. GREATLY REDUCED HATES. NO DRTKNTIOW ON BAR AT NEW ORLEANS. The new and elegant aidewbeel steamship MANHATTAN, P. W. Turner, Commander, la now receiving freight, and will aall aa abort from pier No. 3 North river at 9 P. M. RATES OF PASSAGE fin United states currency). Ftrat Cabin ? $801 Hteersge $30 RATES or PKBTOHT FOR NEW ORLEANS ID renU per cubic foot for dry goods. Ac 98 tenia per ruble foot lor bats and boola and shoes 8 cenU per gaPon for all Itqunrs I cent per pound for heavy goods. All eases must lie stripped Havana freight eugageuteiiU made at the office, S8 Bmadtvsv. <*? A WHITNEY. Agent. Moll HAVANA. VIA NAMAU. N. P. r The BriUaii and North Anteinan Rovol Mall Stenm racket Company's new Stenmcr CORSICA, Captain Le Me-. sorter, will aall for the aliove i?Ms. ft mi tho comnsnv'a what f. at Jeraev City, on Monday, January h.miI Monday, February to Paaaage monev pi Nassau ?SA Paaaage inon?v to Havana gj, Payable In tiold ui lis Equivalent. No freight received <m day beioie sailing For freight or passage apply to E. CUNARD. __________________ No t Bowling Green. WOR GALVESTON, TEXAS-SAILING WEEKLY JT Tetas line. The AI itcamcr WILMINGTON Captain Spencer, will receive freight at pier 80 East river, and sail on Saturday, January 19. F - 1 ? ' ?PI FOR NEW ORLEANS-BLACK STAR LIN! steamship MONTGOMERY. Captain Fatrelr leave pier 18, North river, on Saturday. January 19, P M. For fretght or passage, having handsome ten Una apply to It bOWDKN, Agent, cornel of Ci Weat street*. I)* V[D MorOARD, Aueut lu New Ui ror freight oi itieaage, having superior accnmmodaHona, rply to 0. It. HALLORY A CO., 158 Maiden lane. I COIIttniB w*OR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT ? -S r-e. k. Die new anil lliat rUu steam,hip GENERAL MFADN, r 4. W Aampaon. will leave pier N?>. V North river, on Capt.. v. Jau. IV, at 3 o'clock P. M. Haoirta. -hi or psas.tge, bavin* un,nrpassed acrommoda Kor to II B. CROMWELL A CO., Hum. W a 8t> Weal at root ThaGEOIG* ^AflHtKQTQM will follow Jan. 38. S"OR NEW ORLKABH.-RKDUCBG OUTIILRN L1NB. I RIGHTING ALE. Caul. Breaker, rates The ateana'h. ? nrer, and wUl sail on Wedueo ?a now loading at pier 23 Ea?.' ***??? vntii!7 . v aeeomtriodotions ti osur I or freight or jt&KMgv (paiwoit \ ay.. jtV Uoy^ PmNj apply to C. H MALLOR STAR LINE TO NEW ORLEANS Avvi? ^* VANA.->TMAt New Vork Mall Steamship Com pen ^ ? I' J!6^ *tM* era will leave pier 46 North over, at 3 afshPCk t> *?. ta lot lows ? HAVANA (calling at Havana) On Saturday, Jaa. ? MONTEREY.. T. .. On Wedneaday.NM, ? MERRIMACK On Saturday' ^ MARIPOSA On Wednesday, Jan. All billa for lading signed at the office upon the pier. Ear n*w"c?rj*'i Preeldent. No. 6 Bowling Oreen. rR SAVANNAH, OA.. EVERY TUESDAY. MURKAY8 steamship link. The new and elegant 8teamahip LEO II. C. Dearborn, commander, wtll sail from pier 1# East river, foot of Walt street, Tuesday, January 15, at I P. M. Through bills of lading and pasaage tiekata given to aU points in connection with the Georgia Central Rallceadl Freight received dally. For freight or passage apply to MORKAY. FT?KRIS A CO.. 61 And ?f Smith street. TTtOR SAVANNAH, OA., EYBRY THURSDAY.-TUB J1 Atlantic Coaat Mail Steamship Company'! airtswhata HERMAN LIYINOSTON, Captain Baker. eaUa Thuradap. 'oKNEUAL BARNES, Captain Mortao, eaUa Thureday, Januarv 1M. ? , , From pier 3d North river, at 8 P. M.. precisely. Through passage tickets and bill* of lading In all potato Ul connection with the Central Railroad Of Georgia. Foe ^'feVY^g^rgSrA CO.. Agcatx. as Liberty street. Empire line fob savannah. Every Saturday, from pier No. It North river. Punctually at 5 o'clock P. M. The favorite aldewheel steamships SAN SALVADOR, Atkins, commander salt* January It SAN JACINTO. Love I and, commander sails January 20 Through tickets and bills of lading to all points, In commo tion with Central Railroad of Oeorgia, Atlantic and Gulf Railroad and Florida steamers. Elegant passenger accommodation*. GARRISON A ALLEN, No. 8 Bowling Oreen. N. T. PO* CHARLESTON, S. C.-TH8 PEOPLE'S MAIL P Steamship Company.?The regular and popular steam. ship FLAMBEAU, Captain Everson, will leave oo Wednes day, Januarv I& at 3 P. M.. from pier Mo. 80 North river, landing freight on Saturday morning at Charleston. Through ticknts and bills of lading Issued to all potati South in connection with the South Carolina Railroad. LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO., Agents, 88 Liberty i TjtOB NORFOLK AND PETERSBURG.?THE STKAM r ship RALEIOH will leave pier 116 North river SW Wednesday. January 16, at M M.. giving through bills ?f Is ding to all points on the Seaboard and Roanoke Rallroed and its connections. LIVINOSTON, FOX A CO., Ageuta, 88 Liberty street. FOR RICHMOND, NORFOLK AND CITY POINT. The sidewheel steamships HATTERAS. Captain Alexander Every Saturday. ALBEMARLE, Captain Bourne Rverv Wednesday* At 12 M.. frum pier 3b North river, giving through btlla or lading, Ac., to all points on t he Seaboard Railroad and Ha connections. LIVINOSTON , FOX A CO.. Agents, 88 Liberty street TRAVELLERS' Gl'IDE. Hudson river and harlem railroads.? Trains for Albany and Troy, connecting with Northern and Western tralus, leave New V ork, via Hudson River Ball road. Thirtieth atreet and Tenth avenue, 8 and 10 Ai M^ and 3:45, 6:30and 11 P. M.; and via Harlem RallroaB, Twen ty-sixth atreet and Fourth avenue, at 11 A. M. and 4:18 P. tL The 6:30 P. M. train via Hudson River will run oo Sundays. Sleeping cars attached to 6:30 and 11 P. M. trains. On 6M P. M. train la also attached a steeping ear every day en* rectiag Saturdays, which is run through to Ogdonsburgria R. W. end O. Railroad, without change. Sundav train on Hudson Rlvor Road, New York to Poughe keepeie and return, leaving New York at 8:80 A. M., and on llurlem Kond. Forty-second atreet to MUlertou an J return, tearing New York at 9 A. M. WM. H. VANDBRBILT Vice President. MISCELLANEOUS. A?PERRY'S FAMILY OINTMENT 18 CURING HUN ? dreda dally of Burns, Scalds, Gathered Breasts, Sere Nipples, Piles, Rheumatism, Sores, Chilblains, Co roe. Chapped Hands, Ac. Price 25 cento. Sold by all drugglsto Depot 167 Chatham street. Try this Invaluable cure. AT 330 BOWKRY, CORNER BOND 8TEKT?YOU OAK buy Hoots and Shoes et about half the usual prfoo for this month. Cut this out. DETBOTIVE.-PARTIES REQUIRING THE 8KB vices of a special detective who will faithfully and expeditiously atteud to oil kinds of criminal add civil bsiM oeaa of o private nature and strictly confidential, can pro cure the services of ouch a oua by addressing H., bos Uf Herald office. pARR'8 SARSAPARILLA AND PILLS PURIFY; valu blood Try i Itnn 9 anu rtnna ruairi nana system, renovate impaired constitution*, and to theSw Jul threatened with consumption gtre flesh, new Ufo nnd ood Try them. 188 Elm street. Rattan snow, rattan street and rattan > Stable Broome; Batten and Whalebone Flue Brushes. E. J. RICHMOND. 808 Peart street. SBWINO MACHINES WANTRD-CHEAP FOR CASH. Singer's, Wheeler A Wlloon'a, Howes' and Ward's. Ad dress or apply to JOHN CAWOOD, corner Sixteenth etroo> and Sixth avenue, hair fnotoiy. T HE "LITTLE MARVEL" IS NOW BRADY FOR l|IO. T HR "LITTLR MARVEL" IS FRER FROM danger. T HR "LITTLR MARVEL" IS A PARLOR STEAM Engine. THIS "LITTLE MARVEL" IS SECURED RE ? ROYAL LRTTRRS PATENT, And by PATENT IN THE UNITED STATES. II diffuses a delightful perfume when required. It to the London Mtereoecoplo and Photographic Company's Utoat novelty. 870 Broadway. N. B.?Trade supplied. CHOKE 02 60 PER CHALDRON. IN THE YARD, AT ? the Meohatum Gas Works, foot of West EtghlssntR ?tract and foot of East Fourteenth atreet. Delivered ak (3 SO per chaldron by CRAP8ER A BURNS, 8MKWeek Eighteenth street, and JOHN SMITH, corner of avenue O and East Fifteenth street. <t?Q ffl A CHALDRON FOR COKE.?DELIVERED f0.t)U immediately. Apply at my eoke office ak Mm New York Oat Works, at Twenty hratgStree* a^areau^A. a?7 en -prime r ?p I ,OU, mokio toed. Only for a few M and (0k West Tweoty-fifth street, near Bightk nr. RED ASH. LORBERRY AND BHA tog and Stove. Full weight giisrea ?ye. MORGAN BROS., -LARGE ORDER FoS w.^?? - . MORRIS nays the hlgfceil^fWToFTaSCsTHd Oes. ticmen's Cast Off Clothing Carpets and Furniture. Far Pants 05. for Coats 86 to $15. Dresses $5to $80. Please aai at or address 194 Seventh avenue. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Morrl*. AT THE OLD STAND. 117 8IXTH AYBNUE?BY TUB original K. MINTE.?Ladles and gentlemen can obtain the highest price for their caat off Wearing Apparel. Carpets. Ac., by calling on or addressing a note to E. Mints, III Sixth avenue. Indies waited upon by Mrs. Mints. You wtU bo dealt with to your satisfaction. Remember, 137 Sixth evenuet. AT THE QJMOINAL M. MARKS'. 00 SIXTH AVENUE, ladles ahd fkBtUinen c*Q reoflva 80 per oeat more than by any other dealer In the citv for their Cast off Clothing. Carpels. Furniture. Jewelry, Furs, Ac. Plesee be kind enough to call en or address the number as above, welted upon by Mr*. Marks. ASTROLOGY . A FACT-NO IMPOSITION?NEVER FAILING ?MRS. STARR, from Kurooe. greatest Business and Medical Clairvoyant known. Born with a natural gift; name- Uke ne*s. This is no humbug. 812 Fourth avenue. Goats nek admitted. AFAOT.-MISS WELLINGTON TELLS OF BUSINESS then, good luck and numbers. 392 Bowery, opposite Sixth atreet. Honrs 0 to 4. All ladies and gentlemen wishing to oom sult the only genuine Clairvoyant In America wUl C" Asa call at 189 Eaxi Thirty-third atreet, between Tbird ewd xtngton ? venues. Office hours from 10 A. M. to ? P. M. Madam robs is the only medical and Busi ness Clairvoyant that can be relied upon. It la this fact that Induces Illiterate pretenders to Imitate her. Rkto shows the likeness and tells the name of the person yen ' marry. Office 11* West Fifteenth atreet, near Sixth avenue. Madame btron-thk greatest business and medical Spiritualist known, causes speedy marriages. 310 Fourth avenue. Ladies $1. Madame Walters, distinguished clairtoy ant. Vteit her for ever?thing? sickness, business, theft, names, numbers, good luck. 381 Canal street. The eminent clairvoyant mme. dbgolam baa returned. Consultations from 9 till 8. Past, pres ent. future foretold. 49 East Twenty-eighth street. oe SEVENTH AVF..NUK ? MME. BAT. CI.AIRVOT G" ant and Aatrologlst. Lucky numbers. Speedy li nage*. Ladles, U cent*. Geuto, 60 cents. ? ? - i . c??? MEDICAL. A -DR. ilRINDLRriCCOUCHBURTO THR PRIVATE . Lying-in Institute, No. 8 Amity place. Good roouxa, board, nursing and medical attendance. All unfortunates should consult db. ORfNDLR. No. ? Amltv place. Sure relief in all apo dal cum plaints. Consultations free. Advice to married ladies? madamb rer TKUj'S Infallible French Female Pill*: No. 1. prtow $1, or No J, prtoe $8, which can never fall; safe end healthy. Office 64 West Thtny-fnnrt h atreet, near Sixth ave nue Sent by mall. Addrext box (.369. Also told at drug gist's, 159 Greenwich street. (NONFfDKNT1 ALCONHtlI.TATIONR.?DR. R CORBRIt J member of N. Y.U. Med'eal College and R. C Surgeons London, nan be consulted ae usual on certain disease* Of flee 20 Centre street, near Chamber*. N. B.?No fee ualavo cured. nK. POW ERS' KI.IN IK OF LIFE REltTOREN TIIR Bloat shattered system in one week; eiicoeee eertaia. 198 Elm street. DR. KENNEDY fR THE 8UCOE8HFUL DOCTOR TO consult, at 196 Klin street, the only office for panuaneah onree IMMEDIATE RELIEF FDR I.ADIEM N<> TRIFLING. 1 from whatever ran**, by DK. POWKRtt' lufaitlblw French Extract. 198 Elm xireel. LADIEU' BENEFACTOR?INFALLIBLE REGULATOR. Dr POWERS' only French Periodical RxtranU. Heat thing known. Relief In twenty-four huu<* guaranteed thg moat aiiiiou* patient i Ladies, br not iMrosKo cponj be oarefoi# to obtain only Dr. MAURICF.AU'fl French Periodical F.xtraets *n oertain In all caaea from wliatevur canto. M. Mud tot uajuoydt. jit Ltb?tv gtregt.