Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 17, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 17, 1867 Page 1
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fl'l w WijOLE NO. 11.0117. new YORK, THURSDAY, JANUARY 17. 1867. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PERSON Kt,. A 5* ^.ALTHY FAMILY. WlTHOl'T CHILDREN, * alio* to adopt a cltlld lioia in months up to eighteen lr.sold. Addiana. Italia* where the child cau be seen, . W ilia rd statiuu A, Spring street. ? iyion.-a Muuvrrii boy, Itx months d with dark h.ur and eyeet Heo a now born infant. topted out, at the Private Lying lu institute, No. 4 ^gafty place. llROAIlWAY THEATRK, TUESDAY *VENlNU.-ONE X> of the two gentlemen that did not touok tha lady'a 2?t TfOUld Ilka to hear from W. Addraaa E. CUuton, 86 Weat Thirty eighth afreet FOB ADOPTION?a little GIRL, ONE tear old. lit 1 {spec tabic American parent*, fall at 906 Seventh ? venue, near Thirty-brut alreet Mr*. Brown. & pERTY-WHERB ARE YO0! WRITE MB AT HER. aid office. HORSEBACK. & C. P.-A LETTER IN GENERAL POST OFFICE for yon. J. A. 8.. Mexico. H ^HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD BIGHT O'CLOCK EX pre8* up train, Tuesday morning.?I dropped It Did yon pick It up? Address the name I showed you, New York etty. To see you again would afford more pleasure (bans jmythmg on earth. If name ie forgotten address C. T. elation D, New York. INFORMATION WANTBD-OP MARIA STEWART, BY L her aunt Ellen Gibson, 77 Dteiaton street J^MES -ARE TOP SICK OR OCT OF TOW* t ^ VvAVENDER DRESS.?WAS THERE; WAITED HALF JJ an hour; go to Post oSloe lo-dar and ask far letter ad* 1 to Mi?s Lillian Grey. Want to bear fromjrou. C B. M C.-I WILL PAY 09 FOR ALL THE PAPERS lost l*u** August. miDKIUCK HENDRtCKSON, Jam*lea, L. I. -T.-LOOK FOB A LETTER TO-DAY. o. ~7r?~ MO., STATION G.?RECEIVER TV '* rr?: ? Georga N. Will he please ??" ."If* 9 & Qi Or after, for a letter addre?- ?u at station G, Thur *da| cu to the name he gives. 3J l^*N 1 V.?MRjr~? AT TuE NEW PL^cB TO -V* morrow at three o M LILLIAN M I HAVE RETV^jjeD FROM >a the Weat to New York. A letter for /0u st station Ifc ^ CHARLIE. RS. CLING, FORMERLY OF NO. ill EAST TWENTY ttrst street, will hear o( an old friend by tending her " to Mrs. wUtio^F'. Third avenue. 2i ?WHAT. IS THRfcBANINO OF YOUR CONTINUED _j ab*eivee? Ymumrthat I am free. Reply at once R'a ]eit<vf?, ami *11 will be right J. aE. 'A-NhW YEAR'S DAY 1 <5aLLED AT YOl'R I'y?tplae^W residence, Clinton street, Brooklyn; wae ?old y s,j tjiL-l tiered lu the country; Is your birthday March 0?1' fit. l'lees* send your address to O. M., Poet office, Torn. ''/WE GENTLEMAN WHO DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY /. waited at the oumer of Franklin and Broadway Tor a dafrrUgo From flic t<> pass, would be made supremely happy ky^a line om tlic light hatred lady wfco sat in the carriage. Address Weillngloi, Herald. fl'ME PERSON WHO TOOK MY OVERCOAT FROM THE A Custom ll'iuse will please scud tha Cigar Case contained In the pocket by Express to Custom House, it being a pres. '?a* from a valued friend. B. F. MODUBTT. WXTANTED?INFORMATION, BY A DISTRESSED VT widow, of her youngest son, a lad of fourteen years, ?e was of ordisarv site dsrk Uutr and black eye*, and h ad en at the time ul' bis disappearance a black fait hat, dark gray coat and rents. Hi* name is Frederick Gorz. Any in formation May l?e sent to Mr. Ernst J. Lruige, box 134 W1I burg, Long Island. Editors will confer a favor by oopy jbrn^u. w ILL MRS. E. M , FORMERLY OF N. H., DROP A Hue to lier old friend Harry! Address Harry, Herald -$-I Ml.'ST SEE YO'T IMMEDIATELY; CIRCUM aUtires make it absolutely naoessary. Write me when Where. V. LOST AND FOUND. AT LOST.?TAKEN FROM THE FOOT OF JACK ?on itrcet, on Sunday evening. January 13, a 17X fbot DO. Bow Boat,"named the Dictator; painted white,"blue upper ?mti. red stripe. The finder will be suitably rewarded lij applying to Wra. P. Phillips, 88 Jaekaon street. EHOUND-FLOATING IN STATEN ISLAND SOUND, T eight barrels or UK which the owner o?n have bypay fug expenses and proving property. Address 8. L. Whlt eunb, Bergen Poim. N. J. jUND?AT WTBLO'S THEATRE, ON SATURDAY night. January 6, a lady's Fur Collar. which the owner a hare hr proving property and paying for advertisement. " at 864 Third avenue. w*ou 1.1! OST- A BUNCH OF TRUNK KEYS. THE FINDET J will 1* rewarded by leaving tbem at ihe ofiice of the sw York Hotel. feO?T?ON TURSDAT AFTERNOON, IN A MADISON averee stage, e Silk Umbrella, with portrait on handle. > finder of same will be rewarded by leaving Hat 106 Weal raty-flrst street. r 08T?ON TUESDAY EVF. sINU, NEAR THE CORNER J J of Twenty-sixth street and Msdlsen avenoe, a Cameo Breastpin. $a> reward will be paid for Its return to No. 16 Seat Twenty-sixth street, Loot?ON SATURDAY, GOING FROM Fl.ATBCSH aveaue through Carlton to Hudaon River Depot, N. T., asi old style gold Watch, with short Chain attached. Ths be suitably rewarded by leevlag It with Mr. Welit, JLM W OST?ON TUESDAY, 16TH, A BLACK BNAMKLLED Gold Bracelet, either at the St. Nicholas Hotel or In fkom there to Thtrty-Brat street In e Fifth avenne The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving It at en's, fill Broadway, under the fit. Nicholas Hotel. T OST?A BROWN MINK FUR MUFF. IN GETTING Aj oui of a carriage at No. S West Twentieth street, or No. 4 ?eat Thirty-seventh street The Under WtU be liberally re I 1 by returning the aante to No. 4 Reel Thirty-seventh street, np etelre. REWARDH. REWARD?LOST, EITHER IN A SIXTH AVE (O nne eer or Fifth avenue stage, a gold patent lever ? l. Che# _. No. S.fiW, Henry Paee, King street. Cheapslde. Loo The above reward will be paid and no imest'ona asked ?? return ef the watch to A. Rumrlll A Co., 9M Broadwav. A All REWARD, AND NO QUESTION'S ASK KD. FOR ?SOU the return of the coal, taken from St East Twenty tmlh street, on Tuesday night. Address ban 4,771 Post *rn REWARD-LOST. SATURDAY RV^NIN flold Watch and Hair Chain. The above r jIU bn paid fur their recovery and no question* eSksd I NO. A reward i boi 24b Jersey City Post o?ce. REWARD?LOST. TUESDAY. IN VICINITY OF Eighth avenue nnd Forty-aermnd street, five one 7 )B rnited Stats* bonds, two uoupons on paoh, be: raed so' * n ret orned soldier. The finder oan retail one of ward on retnrnls ?*-*? orty.flrat.aireet. REWARD?LOST. ON J AN V ART Id, SIX VMS if I Du vv .1 IbV, ~"6AWJ s? SNOT " .WOT V ANI Mi Dl ? $140 United States Treasury note, and about $8J msali bills. The above reward will be paid on reterniag mo to No. 4 Focfc allp. In the paint store. RgWARP.-STOLRN FROM MY HOUSE AT tMMrthMaillMBMkMMMiui J A at arte, en Monday ntgbt last. theMth or Mth r lfifi ponede of Pork and llama, 4 Shlrta, marked B. ; Drawers and Undershirt, a large number of pfeoea mUnderrlethee, Feeket Handkerchiefs, Ac . most of Be varlonely sserhed M. W. Sleek well. L, 0. Black I Aknma. H. B. Howard. L. A. Anderson, M. W. M^^^HPlUow i'eeee, marked MM nirn k I H. M. B.: one pair of new fihoon the nook and sundry other article# belonging to net bare enumerated The above sum win be recovery pi the goads and arrest and conviction thieves or e fhlr proper Hon for the goods recovered, ?for the oenvtctiea of the thlevet only. BENJAMIN blossom. is, Jen 1$ 1817. $400 BBWAR)>?WILL BE PAID ON RETURN OF the Jewelry stolen from 117 East tiitaenlb at. AFNnA^IOTI^?.B HlNT ^XCHANOR INSURANCE COMPANT?OFI7CB A??" annuelefctlin, held est the 7th Inst., thh fallowing Semen wore elected Dlra -ters for the current ysor ? Mm f r i.VBL BcTfT MiS iki A. T. HLACKMAR. ? '"TSrtw. a, itttaMia. a?ma f WILL RRCKITE THE POET HAMIL1 i " ? ?-?. - wwl, LTON TA-fU. CollecterV IMPORTANT TO NEWS 0BALBRS?FRANCIS W\ A LemN genaral egent of the Ave .Merle, n f'etholic jonrneUt wl to reoelTe orders,^ai<f gtvojhgw ?Mere. Be , #t his BJEW YitRK CITY AND COUNTY iVQIOR DRaIBR*' **' "t 1 rniMsiV *- M'tH r "r csaw Jti Twmm MoCpLpne?. Recording frcretavy. it. 1WSTRUCTIOH. AGKNTI.EMAS WOULD INSTRUCT IV i.atin, mathematics, penmaushlp sod Englix'., tuition; e-. ellSMed for bo?r<l If desired. Best city l>*', M or sddrcss H. Everett. 86 Islington aveur,e. A.-J0VERSB8S WANTED-T^ TAKE 1 TIE ENTIRE charge of a young lady. 1^ years cud: must be 0?mi?n speaking French and EnSiieh, and umVvirstaudglvlug lea sons tu and bive rbt beat of testlnrvoulals. Address A. o box I <M Sow York Tool oflloe. v" AT TOWN8EN D'8 OOMMERCIAL ACADEVv *? Bo were, nwr Houston street, private tuition tf' ""{ evening lu Penmanship, Bookkeeping, Commcvx.i flLzl poiulonce, Arithmetic, Spelling, Unuamtr, Ac. L-du.> ru" partment. Terms UMKi >isle. % a/s AT $S0-PAINE'8 BUSINESS COr tKrtRB ,reran lubed 1840), (B Bowery and fh.Uon street it?!!" igt-T1"*?. 'Wction lu fcokk<?j?u!g, Uon Acl ^ ' Aeading. Spelling, Punctua A LL LETTERS FOE "TBACHBRS, SCHOOLS OR PP. ?r tP i froIl?.'>^' Adxwered by adtlreaalug the "National Teachers' Inst.tnte, 532 Broadwar." Teachers and adm? tlonal correspondents wanted everywhere. sduoa RICE A ANDREWS, Frincin?to. A fOrNO FRENCH LADT, LATFLT ABRTVyen _. , ?A the city, of good education stid perfectly r JJ5 with the French language, wishes to give Fr?nJ Hi" Bhc will elvo l9iion? in the o* lMSOns it five or .fx scholar." ???KRHW in ? ?rbOol; h' a ro??uouoc ur ?v iiv* ^wu, ?fit*. Call on or Addons O. ? dp**1 rftfe?n*eiterjaif *?<& " ,8 a Mfartinei. No. 2 Carrol plao^ BJeeclwr street. Hours' ?? MtnlueiXo.2 C.rr^ plan ? P. M. to 8 A. 1 to J1'. *M or after Boorkebfiw- /f' ?? - i ? BU&fSF.SS AFFAIR8. |U' EDITIONS OF ? -ASri3 WORKS ON BOOKKEEPING, .irsh' _ Printed in oolora. vis:? Mar ?^?tttie of Double Entry. ThJptx. Svo $3 00 v Coarse or Single Entry, 140 pp., 8vo 2 50 " Sht of Blank fiuoka. cap, 8 to the net 1 78 **?ivt Bank Bookkeeping and Joint Stock Accounts, ?0bp., quarto 8 00 bkir sale at C. C. MARSH'S Private Commercial College for Practice in Bookkeeping and Business Affairs, 616 BPtadway, New York. Remitted par mull, free, on receipt Vt price. N. H.?Half the teachers and authors of bookkeeping In the country own their knowledge of the science to these works. Circulars. BOOKKEEPING. WRITING, AO., FOR BUSINESS.? Mr. DOLKEAR, 609 Broadway teaches bookkeeping practically, iva used In the beat New York houses. He also removes stiffness, cramping or trembling, and makes elegant business penmen. Gentlemen can secure private rooms day or evening. French conversation taught by a wbll educated lady lrom Paris, in classes or private. Apply to or address Mile. G., Bancroft House. Goldsmiths commercial institute, 766 BROADWAY. Penmanship, Bookkeeping and Business Affairs. ONE HALF THE USUAL RATES will he charged for a short time only. The attention of YOUNG MEN is especially Invited to tha opportunity. Circulars nt the institute. HOUSE TEACHER.?A touno man, lately ar. rived from Chile end Peru, who in perfect In English. Mpanlsh. French and Oerman, and a very good piano and zither player, wishes to get n * Ituatlon an house t?a> her '? ? fine American family iuthevty or country. Rest refer ences can be niveii. Address .Harm. Lochner, etabon D Poat oBlce, or on Sunday In the St. Jlnrk'a church Sunday school i Second avenue and Tenth etioet). from 8 to lu?j A. M. and atoJ'j p. m. WANTED?A SITUATION A3 GOVERNESS, BY A latlv uot long In thti country, who spent a German and French fluently, and la used to inatruct children In ?lt branches of female work; t good home with a respectable Jewish rurally will be more of an object then high salary. Inquire at 86 Pike at. WANTED?A SITtJATKON. AS TEACHER OP FRENOfl snd Spanish, by aagetitleiiian who has had oonslriera ble experience; a position in a Southern institution would be preferred: would teach Engllr'i branches If desired. Ad dress M. K, V.. box 11S Post office, Went Cheater. Pa. WANTED-A POSITION AS GOVERNESS OR COM patilon. In a reap) ratable private family, by a young American lady, who teaches the French and English branches: no objection to the country. Address Miaa De Vore, 212 Broad at.. Newark, N. J. WANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY, A SITUATION AB governess to sraaAl children or as companion to nn in valid lady: wages not a* much an object as the comforts of a borne UuexcpUomOile refeiencca given. Address Qor eriie?a, lock box 3.324 Host office, New Haven, Com:. SPORTING. ASTEAMPROPET.LbR YACHT FOR SALE-FIFTY eight feet long, ten fbet beam; about fire mouths old; built of oak and copper fastened: has aecommolatlou* for eight peraous henries the crew: la well found la every re epcct. Apply on board at foot of East Tenth street. All hinds of dogs and birds for sale at B. DOVEY'S, 366 Canal aireet. near Church at-aat Medicines lor all 'iieeaaea. 1'ropared Food fur mucking birds. CHAS. REICHE A BROTHER. 86 CHATHAM SI REF.T. have received, per sle imer Bremen, and hare on hand, A,000 German Canst lea. Goldfinches. Linnets, Blackbirds, Thrushes, Larks, An. Dealers and bird lander* are hereby Invited io call aud" examine for themselves. We are pre pared to tell at the lowest rates. Al*o Golden and Silver I'heasuuts, Swans aud annual* suitsh!e lor showmen. FOR SALE?A VERY FINE BRED SCOTCH TF.R rier. tea months old. Apply st room I, 314 First av. YTHIR HALK-ST. BERNARD AND NEWFOUNDLAND J1 Doga, Setters, Black end Tans, .-ootck and dkye Ter riers, and differeui other breeds. DANIEL FOSTER, IS Roosevelt etreet. IRRANClfi BUTLER, NO. 1 PECK RUP, HAS ALL r the choice breeds of II"j?. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Eitermina'or. 76 cents. Butler's new work on the Dog, ft. Dugs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines fur all diseases. J" OHN OR AY, II ROOSKYfeLT STREET. HAS FdR SALE r of handsome Newfoundland Doss, Bull Terriers. Spitz Doga. small iiallsn Greyhound Pupa, Pood la Paps, small Blank and Tan. Scoieh and Skye Terriers. OTICB.?Jl'ST RECEIVED A LARGE T/?T OP GER man Canary Bird, by F. MORIS, 43 Chatham atreel. N At HOHSEA, C ARRIAUKMTAC. DOUBLE SET OF HARNESS, COVERED MOUNT. Inga, city made; aleo Ouarter Second Watch, very fine. BAG. DURKIN, 878 Canal >treet , TEAM OK MOUSE COLORED MULES. 14)* HANDS. ? styliah, kind In alagle or double barne**, and wlthou' fault or Messiah; aleo ablack Mare, lotted and kind; .old only for want of itae. Apply to G. F. YOUNOMAN, 490 Broadway. A LARUE ASSORTMENT OF SLEIGHS, WAGONS, Ptoaetooe. Harnose. Robes. Bell*. Blankets, Bridle* and Whips, to be aeen and for aale at 1.9W and 1,401 Broad way, near dial aireet A ? AUCTION SALE OF HORSES, WAOON8. J\. Sleigh* and Harneee, Friday, the 18th Inst, 12 M., at salesroom*: several very superior trotting and road Horses, to wbtoli aitention la invitee. Particular! morning of sale. JOHN L. VANDF.WAIER. Audloneer. 100Liberty street. Avert handsome team or dappled gray Vermont Morgan Horses, #year# old. 16 hands; war ranted sound and gentle; price very low. Alto a fast Tony, cheap. 4dH Peart atreel. LIGHT SLEIGH AND ROBE AND BELLS FOB aale lew: price f?S Apply at 3E7 Bowery^ N ASSORTMENT or clarenoes-our own city make; $400 leas than former price*; RIO Carriage*, twenty per cent leas than Broadway stores. HAM'S. Broadway and Fourth aireet. t NARR1 AGES, SLEIGHS AND HARNESS; A LABOR " alock of first claa* woe*, vary low;, Conpe A and Oermaatown Rockawaya, Bugglsv, JOHN M. TCFfS. J: *., 17 Cedar street. rR fALB-A PINE LARGE DOUBLE SLEIGH (BKC oud hand). Can be aeen at stable lis East Treaty sixth street, southeast corner of Third avenue. will Ki a^^^lgb.N "ra.V'oid "^unfTnSi" Tweniy-nloth ZmiJVUiVw?%???','? F?S rR mU,K?A PAIR OF CLOSE MATCHED SOBRBL Mares, 6and#years old, 14,'* hands high, warranted sound and kind In all haroeei; al-o a platform Spring Wsgoo, almoet new. Inquire In the livery stable. XV Fourth street. MR hAf.K?A FA6T BAY IIOBSE, W,i flANDS HlOft. Will he told cheap far want of use. Inquire of M. COOK, Atlantic street. Brooklyn. FIR HALF?A PINB PAIR OF CARRIAGE HORSES; also Blankeia and Harnesa Will be sold low. at tbe le about leaving the elty. Apply io GRAHAM, 1,287 also Blankeia and Harness. Will be sold. low. a a tl Broadway. B BALK-A SORREL MARE. 16 HAltDS HIGH, ?year* eld, sound and kind; oan trot enre la 2.66. riaa flni. Atau a Mark Mare, aero In one fool, can tret la 40; ryears old. 1%H kaada high. A food chance !o get leap i ronsra. Inquire at dot Third aranue. In the harness cheap trotlera. Inqnli maker'*, user fort* second street. HHfi HALP-A HARK HORRKL MORBK, 16 HANDB ?ugu. of fine can rage sad very stylish; suitable for a I ?wupe or cArriage| 8 years old. To be seen at the elabla of i I Arnold, Constable A i.'o.. 168 Mercer etreet. E^H't BALE a PAIS 'IF BAT Iiorsn'h". uuiiand* ^Bigb, seren rear* did: wound and klad; price fdDO. Ap H-1* Fast Thlrteealii street. [yiLffifcr' ?"nr"",Eafflwa* IpOBf ALE?TEAM OF HOMES, BLACK AND BAY, .v near I ortyseaond street. _____ -nCTOndF. EXPRESS WAOOM AND |74*NB?6 FOR P *el* ?Jmep.?Wafcin made by Abbott A ?? tWoeal yebtLAevaegeT Bttleenth dtioat and SevAgthav. mv*y?dU\&A? w I u*,w<3VsJi& Apr,..Tr.ii_m?.<, ?,,o... I ?\?H tt'J ? ? ? >1 AP VRTNER IV \ NVYE?" AMUAKMKXT-M'-JiS To pay; $300 u# *414 investment Addrees Sum ller.,d Office, A PARTNER WANTED?IN AN OLD KtiTABLTSUFD prudnre commission house In Washington timti. or will ?oil the lease uf the sturo. Principals address Samuel, Her ald offer. A I.L WASTING ASSISTANT PARTNERS OR CAPITAL should apply immediately at 533 Broadway, room No. 7. Banners.?a yowo man, with ten years' experieuce In the banking and stock commission bun uesa In Wall street, woulJ like to make a connection with loom pari* with capital; can control some trade. Address W. 0. U.,"Herald office. 0I88OLCTTON OP PARTNERSHIP.?THE FIRM OP Jackson A Co.. of tl-< Grand street. Williamsburg waa dissolved on January 14, lw>7. b? mutual i'rtafikifik Akere retiring. AeoRUB JACKSON, JAVB.DVH1 FREDERICK AKLiiS. S, VOORHRI HASti'F.L 8. VOORilRER. The undersigned will continue the tlrm 0f Jae'rson A < 0., receiving and paying oil debra. GKORGE JACKSON, SAM DEL 8. VO'JllHEEP. IHAVB THIS DAY FORMED A COPAR f.SERSHIP with Franela J. Suhmid, late of Brldf?i<or( Conu. \vv BOSTON. The came of the firm will be Boston A Bchmhl, tlate Wm. Boston I, maufheturors of Coach Lace, Prince, Tassels ami Speaking Tube * AUo all k.uJi of fancy Fringes, Taaiels, (limps, Cords, Ac.: Rubber Tolling fir seesjL,^ Tubes, tSP9 Broadway, and Nov. Saudi "ZZhu .Lee5. New York. Entrance on Fourth ""--.j " I**. Clarence stbwart brown in this da* jJU. admitted as a partner In our several irm?. New Yoke, Jan. L18J7. BROWN BROTHERS A CO. ? PARTNER WANTED?IN A PAPER HANGING FAC I tory, already established. To lb* right kind of a man liberal Inducement* will be otferod. Small capital required. Inquire of WILLIAM PRYER, 113th street, ueat Third av. PARTNER WANTED?IN A WELL ESTABLISHED retail grooery .tore, with a capital of from $St>' to B1.3U0, with a view to carry on the grocery, flour and I'oed busln"*?. Inquire of or address Orooer, 6.4 E'cvenlh av. PARTNER WANTED?WITH $1,000 AND UPWARDS, In tho ptovislon and produce business. Apply at 534 Broadway, room No. 7. PARTNER WANTED?WT T:1 $25,000, EITHER SPECIAL or active. In a well established jobbing house, to take the plaoe of one of the firm wishing to retire. A good oppor tunity In a good aafe husiuea*. Address for two days Al vord, Herald office. PARTNER WANTED?TO ENGAGE IN MANl'P.V turing ^patented article by which $5U.U0tl can be made in 1*.) mi.nihi Amslv In .11 111 V SI Tl III V.-l 1V "?! Vlntti in U months. Apply to JOliN M. JOHNSON, 33 Ninth avenue. N. Y. PARTNER WANTED-IN A FIRST CLASS HOTEL, with Bar, Billiard. Ice Cream and Oyster ^alonu* attached. Apply at 30 VS all street, eecoud floor, rear offices, room No. A PARTNER WANTJSO.?A GOOD MAN, WILLING TO inveai $801). mar get in a steady, honest and profitable business, at 74 llleecker erect, corner Broadway, room No. 8. Partnership or otherwise?capital and hiiaiuess man wanted fur a new fondly machine, with whleh a child ran make an article of unlimited consump tion that mil pay over one hundred per cent pruld. Ad dress s. O. O.. box IHt Herald office. V|) AN 1KD?THE RIGHT MAN, TO BUY OUT A RE TT tiring partner. In a pleasant and profitable manutao tilling husluese. which may be extruded to A very "big thing ' wllh capital: $8 000 to $10,000 required. Apply at 70 Nassau street room No. 3. WANTED?A PARTNER; A MOULDER PREFERRED, with a few htindred d >ll?ra, in the Iron foundry and brass business; the foundry la In full o|>eraii<in and oolite a food business: situated netu-New York city. Address Iron ottnde.r, Herald office. 1VANTED-4 PARTNER WITH A CAPITAL OF TT ftttm $10,(100 to $13,0110, to extend a manufacturing bnatnoss whirb has heeu in successful operation for the last four years. Address H. K. 8., station A, Spring street, N. Y. W> 'ANTED?A PARTNER IN A CIRCUS READY TO open on Monday next: or would hire u man to act as treasurer, who would lend from $3*) to $1,000 on goodie curtly. Address (1. P. W., Herald office. 1VILLIAM P. JAFFRAY BECOMES A MEMBER OF TT our firm from this date. E. 8. JAFFRAY A CO. Njcw Yon*, January 1.18B7. $400, -THE BEST CHANCE EVER OFFERED TO secure half the Interest In an established n.*ou. lacluring buriness; If is clean genteel, pay* large profit, end will be tcght free of expense. Must be sold tht- wee'-as the ovruet leaves the city. Apply at 34 Duane street, top floor. $500 ~K MASl Wmi T,lls AMOJST CAN BUY A half inteveat lu an established and proQtablo For part'culare oeh at 3.1 We t street. ? ^nn -A PARTY WANTED IX A FIRST CUSS iJtJuU. established business, paying a euie and perma nent income; tllH) cash required In baud. Apply at 634 Broadway, room Ho. }. SI 000 T0- tM*&?PAjBTNEB WANTED, JW. i rafc ale bits.retA now In success ful operation. Pro_i? f .i 10 ?'J? wcekb. J. K. MOODY A CO., 48 Elne street. Bl.isX).?TtiF, ADVERTISER WILL IN vest itir amount, with hia ecrvi?es, ,n some' established business that wfll bear rinse Investigation. Ad dre?? J. ('., H. raid office. Koagenta. , ?in nn/? T0 $I5.0n0.-WANTF.D. A PARTS] iJllUiUWIJ with this amount in cash, to engage tn general L?xfher OemmiMfot, Isislueee. already e-tabl!'!! PARTNER. . , . 1 to tan general Leather Oeermlsatoti b'mliiese. already eatablIslcdt best of reference# given as tr charact?r and ability. Address Leather, Herald c._.ce. No cuticc taken of broker* or agent*. $15 000 AS AOED MAN- WIIf^ T-**? an uetlvepsrtiier or a manager with means; tru?lne??.m*iiufsot": tng in th nountry; tttivu.-psssed pro?U: four hours' rid* from the city, Addresa Buaiueaa, box 13$ Herald oflt-e. fiit nnn WASTRD-IN AW old ksta bltsukd engine work*, now (n i nil operation, for the purpose of tnt'odiic..ig n r?e?nt vtlueMe Invent.on {or railroad construction. A aafe snd profitable Investment. Full particulars furnished to oincere parties only. Address C. R, box 2,&i9 Poat Oliice. "Bl'liiiil OPPORTl MTIIi. ASPI.F.MIID OPPORTUNITY 18 OFiERED FOR ? businessman, with ? capital of about $1,600 to buy a well established down tow:, manufacturing buslnoaa Ad Addrass E. N., box 190 Herald ofllce. A NY PI.It SON WITH CNDOIJBIED REFBRENOB, A having $1,000 to invest, ran hear of an extraordinary opportunity to make money in a business where tbore la no competition, and which ran bo Increased to auy extent; wtll be sold at a -acriilce on acoount of airknesa in family. Call for oue week at lib Nassau street, room No. 12, and Investi gate to your owa aatiafartlon. a MAN' WITH FROM $60 TO $1,000 CAN MAKE A fortune. Na humbugging. Apyly 10 WM. TAN, Park row, room No. 33. A VALUABLE ATRP LADDER PATENT?? FIT A BLR for carpenters and manufacturers; capital required to control; small itad large profits. BuNKER A CO ,117 Nas sau street, tea inventor's emporium. A GENTLEMAN OP RESPECTABILITY, WHO IN leods to settle in Florida. Is open 10 any prtpoMWoa relative to this undertaking. Address Florida, Herald office, with part leu tars, location. Ac. A COMPANY OWNING A TALCANLB IMPROVE A ment on lowing machines, patented, would make a favorable arrangement with a party disposed to invest a email amount of money to Introdnee the same. For parties lore address box LAM Post oftice. A RARE CHANCE FOR A PERRON WITH BUT LITTLE capital to bey out a Bindery, arllh steam power; them baa been done for many years a flourishing uiiatnesa la book binding) albums and other stationery article*. The bnyor will Bnd alio wall oalaMlahed city and countn trade for tbe goods. Inquire of CAMPBELL A ARMSTRONG, * Ano at rest. An extenrivb rectifying house and alto. bol Distillery for aalo. Oil adrantageons terms. Apply to COOLIPOE A YOUNG, 136 Front street. AKBR8 WISHING TO SELL THEIR Bl'MNESS 1 will hoar of a cash purchaser by addressing K., boa Ml arsld ofBce, giving fnll particulars and prise. fOR RAI.E?THE Bt'NINEM AND THE RIGHT TO manofaeture an article need In every hotel, banning and private bouse, after being once Introduced, wherever tt has bean Introduced U la having an extensive sale. Pari over BOO per cent profit, and requires but a small capital. No machinery used In mannfaetunng. Will be sold for eeob, or traded for real estate. Call en or eddreee R. P. BRIGGfi, No. 1 Chamber* street. ER RALE AT A MAORI PICK?A GOOD, SAFE, CASH tu sines*. many years established In the city and through ?rta of the country, In the best central location In Hie clip. To a smart business man and wife. or any teapwtaMe business party, t bio wtll be feeed m safe and profitable in vestment eed ae risk. Alekneaa la the aause for selling out. None ueed apply wltbeul a ressousble amount ef oaab capl toL Appty Immediately at t73 Ninth avenue, between Twen t^-efpbth aud Tweatjjr-ciuth atresia. No algbl Work required. PAPER MILL FOB RALE?A'X BNOINEU, FOUR XT drlnler Machine, In auecetsful operation, at Little Falls, N.T. Address W. B. Woodbttdgt, care of A. 0. Goodman, M Baekman street, N. T. Rare chance.?any gentleman wishing tu mob* money rapidly, and baying $6.0#) eepttal, ran meet with one or tbe moot extraordinary on port icll've ever ?Mind by applying at $37 Hudson street. rBARRRB. ? ANY ORB HAVING A BAREST far sale or t4 root In tbe country ean find n cu 1M East Broadway. DID~WATB1 railroad station, rilae having a rtatten A fiat AO AAA -a ooop opportunity n offbiiro wASyU, Mi)tji wi>b thtasnbountto go MMan ^?l IWtTl aa IBAROS. m fSBUS, i to alidad I ?3. FINANCIAL. A UHSRT U. NICOLAX, Al'CI IoNKKR. J\ RLGt T.AK 8 W.SB OK gTOCKN AND BONDS. Al.hi-1. f H. N10UL4Y will hul t his regular Muti weekly suction talc of Stocks au.t Bonds i Hik iltbv t Thursday) Jan. 17, UW7, at 12', o'clock. at the Excl.tingtf u'e.rmmi til i.road way. Koi lull particulars-acatalogues, which can be ob tained ,:t ilie otii*;. aLbert ii. nicohy, Stock Broker cud A ictloooer, . 43 Tloe street, New York. TLANTK PAVINGS BASK, CHATHAM SQl'AKB.

Saw Yo k. A Six flh cent, fheb from government tax. DIVIDEND.?A ?Ami-annual dividend, at the rate of sit per cent per annum, free from eoveromem tax. or. all sums flrom $3 ro $fc,<wn will bo paid an and after the third Monday In January. Depoaila mada before Jannary 21 will draw interval from the 111, Bank open dally. HARRIHOX HALL, President, J. F. Coorrtt. Soerelary An assessment of $is in gold pep, nUAiuj ha-- been le led by the Belcher sliver Mip- Company, Jellu- rut 1st of February, T>elin<y,.ont so',. .ttHor Mirtq. Wear, prepared to transmit amount* doe. b, Eastern stock boldatr. LKE& ? WAL1 EK, Agent*. Bonk oj California, 33 Fine street. CONrrSTAL IXSllUMOE COMPANY. Office 102 Broadway, New York. Cash capital H.VO KID 00 Rurpiua I,l6ti,l86 57 JoUlsKaaia ?1.IMJ.1M 57 Tusures against loa? byFlreon BuiMlux*. Merchandise, Beats, Leases and other Insurable property, at fair rates, and divides Ihiee-i'onrths of tha profits of Us buaineaa to Ita Customers. Tb<- Board of Dtrr'tore have thtl dny declared a neml. animal dividend of a even per cent, payable to tha stock holders, on out! after tin- 16th Instant. GEO. J. HOP*. President. H H. LAM FORT, Vice President Ct*c? Pbcx, Secretary. JasLAKT 15, 1867. Dime raving* bank of wii.liamrbcr?, cor ner South Seventh and First streets. Six per cent Inter cat allowed free of tax on sums to Bra thousand dollars. De li . made on or before the 20th of January draw interest rom the 1st of January. ft DIVIDEND.?EMPIRE MILL AND MININO COM p my. $10 per share, payable ou demand, In gold coin, )nsa exchange, at the agem-v of the Hank of California. LEER A WALLER, SS l'ine street N'EIV JERSEY ZINC COMPANY.?AT A MEETING OF the Board of Directors of this Company, held this dev. a acmt-aumui dividend of four pet- ecut was declared on the piefet-ed stock, payable at the transfer office of the com pany, CI Maiden lane, New York, on and after February I, m vt. The transfer books will be cloeod from the 2Cih Inrt. to the 8l*t., both days exclusive. Jaximry 16, 1807. B. 8. OIBLIN, Soeretary. Northwestkitn states. Banking and Collection House of Geo. C. Rmith A Bro., Id La Sal'in street, Chi sago. IIL Special attention given to colli etiotlH, plain and with documents. Draw on DKE.NKL, WIXT1IBOP A CO., and WIK8LOW, LANIER A CO.. New York. CUT PER CENT INTEREST, O FREE OK UOVEKNMENf TAX. MARKET SAVINGS BANK, Hi Nassau, near I niton street, New York. Deposits made on or bclore January 21 will draw interest from January I. WILLIAM VAN NAME, Preridant. HxNitv R. Cons LIN, Secretary. tTNION DIME SAVINGS BANK, 429 Canal street, corner of Varlelt. SIX PER CENT in $5 to $5,1)00, free of tax. I)e|?oaits be fore Jsr,nary 20 will bear Interest from Jan-tarr I. Assets $2,558.158 19. E. V. HAUGHWOUT, President. O. S. t'tisn*. Treasurer; T. 8. Armour. Secretary. (fcinn Ann TO loan?ON NEW YORK city ?X'js',U"'" realestste, first mortgage, at7 per cent. J. SOLIS R1TTERBAND, 89 1" " - * I Wall street, Jauncey court. Ann 70 loan on bond and mort. ilpsjtlD.l/UO v- c\ in one or more sums, on real estate in this city or Brudlh u. JOHN P. OONRBY, 62 Well street, room II $500 000 T? I,OAN?TN S,TUrt TO.8riT. ON . . _ _ _ city re'.l e late, fid per eent of yelnatfou; prompt attentlo-i. riroond uiurtcazes boucht. C. E. WILUrt A CO., 31 Pine street, beeement $550 0001,0 LOAH"U)N bond an? mort, gage, on New York ctty, New Jersey end Brooklyn rual r. Ut?. Prompt attention. C11APLE8 F. OILMAN, 113 Hied way, room Mo. 8. NBSWgPAPEKB. KEW YORK BF 7 INTER. 86 CRN To TEK QUARTER, delivered in New York or Brooklyn weekly, payable to the enrrlou. T'.c great advertising medium (or city or country. Sabs'dY. "Ib'?TB t..;-y ? ff SEE THE IELLT$TBATRD POI/TCR NEWS For full nctettt* of tho FTEWART nn'OHOE CASE. PEHSONNBL ON THE PARTIES. THE TRIAL. Slsvllinft army of ebsrgea egalnst the young dirine. Open hey of the conneol for tho proseoation end the de itu:1 ATlPSLTIIRy. .weaerAUpjg AND PROFI-TGACY. The oT Mrs Mfind ck??d with PoUonlng 1 nlnd el the snfe egainrt her husband. mini'ct ihe srtfe at(ainrt her husband." """ " ~~~ As'e"i.dmg revc.t.tione. Visits of Mr. Stewart to hoaeea of Ui repute. Ha slug- vulgar songs, and makes Mm self a profligate. Bzm rilU ILLUSTRATED POLICE NEWS NEW YORK ORIMKm.VIOBS 4*D FOLLIES. A Br*on of Me-'dleome Cd;kn?-ya Id the "Blur-led Lock up"?A B'im Mill llarglary?"Free Bi?w"?A Prowl-r? "Enuoks" Captured?Patty Dana aantenced. and Other Thlces D'rjvsvd of?A Pocket Picked?>6trtiling a Ride?A Ktliigbt Intruder? Hro??l Aae nit?''Shaken Down" by a Wanton?A fcielgb RHe?Dlaiioneat Heaaenger?Thieving Domestic?A Ooat Thief claim. to be an Actor?Robbing a Lodger?A Neat of Harlot*?Crowding the Ladle*?A "Spirit uatBon"?uaeleea 'i hefte. THE ILLUBTRAi&D POLICE NEWS ill* eontalua HISTORY OF A FALLEN WOMAN. Heretranyc Matilmouial Experlenoo. Her Debauchery, Rr.ln and Dlepalr. ALSO IN THE ILLUSTRATED POLICE NEWS A STARTLING SKETCH OF A Vlnd'rUa* Wife. Her Rereoue upon her Recreant Hue band and bin Duldnea. Criminality of the Huaband wth a Country Ceueln. THE ILLUSTRATED POLICE XEWS CONTAINS An Attempted Elopement final Flight of the Letharto. THE ILLUSTRATED POLICE NEWS CONTAINS THIRTEEN STARTLING ILLUSTRATIONS AS FOLLOWS ? A Wife Shot be her Huaband at Rock I aland. An Aged Worn, n Violated by a Negro. Suicide of a Woman from a high Bridge. Slobblug the Perpetrator of the Norwich, Conn., Outrage. Fight Between an ei-Polioo Court Judge an Another "Honorable" Gentleman. A Plendlah Huaband Choking Hta Wife to Death in ha Bed. A Cltlaen end hia Daughter Shot by a Dteoarded Lorer. A Yonng Woman Bunted to Death. P'irtralt of the Her. Hart L Stewart. Portrait of Mm. Emllle J. Htewert Portrait of John Moron. the Murderer. Portrait Of a New Torm Pickpocket. THE ILL VIBRATED POLICE NEWS U {IOW RBAPT and for tale by Newalealen throughout tlie country. Single copleM ID eento. THE NMW YORK NEWS COMPANY, SI and 83 Ann atreet, New Terk <itr, Oeneral Agenta for anyplytng the trade. S * TO I ILLUSTRATED POLICE NEWS For full aeoeunt of the PERSONNEL OF THE PASTIES. THE TRIAL. Startling array of nbargea against the young diriae. Open ing a poach aa of the oouneel for the prosecution end the de ''"aDULTPRT. DISSIPATION AND PROFLIGACY. The father of Mre. Stawert charged with polaonlag the mind of the wife against her huaband. ^djtnanding rertlatiooa. Tlalta of Mr. Stewart to bouoee lie Huga vulgar tonga, end mahoa himeelf a profligate. 8"" THB ILLUSTRATED POUCH NHWS NRW TORE CRIMES,*V?CES AND POLLIES. A Brave at Meddleamne Cockneys In the "Blarated Lock! no"?A Rum Mill Buiglary?"free Blow"?A Prowler-! "Rnueke" Captured?fatty Dart* Sentenced and Otbel Thterea Dlapoaed of?A Foeket Picked?HI?ling a Bide?A ?2r? tight Intruder?Brutal Aa-auR-' ghakrn Down" ido-A r by a ??A Sioigb rtide?Dlehonaet Meeneager?Tfclenng tic -A Cool Thief elnlin* to be aa Astor?Robbing n ?A Neat of ijarlot*?Crowding the Lodioo A ''Spirit PemanHc-A Lodger-A N UgjSen"?U ?' THE ILLUSTRATED POLICE NEWS ?lag ootit*!n? HISTORY OP A FALLEN WOMAN. Her strange Matrimonial Btperiooce. Her Dtkonehery, Rule and Despair. THB ILL nSTRATKD 'rOLICB NEWS tA STARTLING SKETCH OP Tlndtatire Wife. Her Rerenge upon her Rotrennt Hue ad end hie Dnlctuea. Criminality of the Huaband with n Country Cousin. TRB ILLUSTRATED POLICE NEWS Contains An Attempted Elopement. Final Plight ef the Loihorlo. THE ILU'HTRAThD POLICE NEW* CONTAINS THIRTEEN BTARTLtNfl ILLUSTRATIONS AS FOLLOWS:? A WlfoBhet by her Huaband at Rook Island. An Aged Woman violated ey n Negro. Stands at a Woman nam a iMnPdELl Robbing the For** ftobktaTIho Porpaunter of I bo Norwich, Coon.. Outrage. Fight Between an aa-Potion Court Judge and Another Honorable" tlontl'man A Fteadiah Huofaandchoklag Hio Wtfo to Death tn Me ed. A CiMeea nod hie Daughter Shot bp a PieenHed Lore.. A Young Weman SnrZed to Death. Fortran at Mrn. Rmiita j, Stewart, portrait of John Moras, Hie Merdarar. PiiSgll of a Now Tofk Plohgoefeot, V . Yftfc ILLCTTRKTRO POLICE NfeWS ? to oww nog My and for sale by npw.ioalera throughout the oountry. .m>>. ft e?d ft Ass at root. Now fork etty. Oinirai Agenta for eugplyt"Hthe trade. AnVsKHESTS. Broadway theatric admistiom w cents. Corner gi Hro.idwav and Hrooioe t'.raot. THK WoRRELL hlSTKRS. received with ilie ei.tiiusia-in and their personation* marked * th acclamation* of ?tnlau>-?. 1101 sk Fashionable and crowded. Till* evening and Saturday M*Uuee they will appo?r In the Citravagunta of CaMARALZ Vt^N^A.sp UADA'u RA; Oft PERI WU.i LOVtD THE PUINCE, pre faced by the diverting farce of Kn?RS OUT TO Nl RSE. presenting the THREE BISTERS iSoph!*, Irene and Jen nie,) In tbalr ??Jettief 'Ji dancing an 1 hingle an4iJui> !\-;?'ea. Jigs, Heel-. 11 ritptiiea, ~ tu. <*ni Hatted* Oiiemtic oema, Duet* 'Tiaruaee, and Mis* Jennie in rer inimitable Raato Friday, January 18, Ri NBF1T OP MISS SOPHIE. Se.te may be secured sis day* In advance. KELLY a LEON'S MINSTRELS-7J0 BROADWAY. Splendid triumph of Oie new fairy apecu.-ln. CINDER LEON THE ONLY LEON MADAGASCAR CINDER-I,BON KGLMFANTE BALI.BT TROl'PK CINDER-LEON BEY MOl'ttOAU$ MADAGASCAR OIK 1>BK-LEOM ALLKNALIXI BALLET TROUPE CINDER LEON PRICESIEYK_ MABAQABCAR CINDBK-LEon OUERSTIO! INI BALLET TROUPB lutroducing a large cor pa ot gentle corypbcee, teruunatine with delightfully enticing apolheoo* of tue Fairy of the Sil ver Spoon, ami other fairies. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. 883 BROADWAY. The tr.uale commences at a quarter to 3 THE CREMfi DE LA CHEM . OP MINSTRELSY. BTKCil, WAMRoLD, BERNARD A BACKUS' HAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. ? whooe tueoena ha* never been equalled by any ilMUr organ iiuMon in the world. New and cheerful Biirtegpoea every week. Trouble* at the Metropolitan Hotel, Norma and Greasy, Animated Phutnqraphe. My Polly Ann. "Our*," Shadow Pantomime, the Screaming Black Cook and Alriean Ballet Troupe. /"NIIABLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. \jr hrf.ty night at Uri int'i, Mechunle*' Halt. tW Broadway. sr WEE ? FIRST WEEK OF THE OREAT IRISH DRAMA, FENIAN'S OATH, FENIAN'S OATH, FENIAN'S OATH, FENIAN'S OATH, FENIAN'S OATH, FENIAN'S OATH; OR. THE IDIOT OF KILLAKNKY. OB. THK IDIOT OF KILLAKNLY. SENORITA LOPE*. AND HER TALK -1 HI) ACROBATIC COMPANY. In conjunction with the above, CHARLEY WHITE and hi* OREAT VARIETY COMPANY will appear. T) ROADWAY THEATRE. MATlhsfe. IF SATURDAY, Jan. IP, at 1? o'clock WORRELL SISTERS In their SPECIALTIES. HARTZ TEMPLE OF MYSTERY. DODWORTH HALL, SHI BROADWAY. THIS EVEN I NO AT 8 SATURDAY ATI. BY REQUEST, "THE REAL INDIAN BASKET TRICK, " the nii>?t e.roltliig feat ever witnessed: "TIIE FLOATING 1IKAI1," "GROWTH OF FLOWERS," and the "WONDROUS II AT," pronounced by tha pres* and public tho "FOUR GREATEST ILLUSIONS" ever pre eented to an audience. HERR HAHKI.MAYER will per form a Solo on the Wood and India Rubber Instrument. In vented and made by htuieelf. Ticket* 30c., rMerved seats $1, for sale at the Hall from 9 till 4. Door* open ?t 71? MATiNEK, door* open at IV. Children half price. The Chick,-ring Piano i* u*cd|at the*e Scancea OLYMPIC THEATRE. THURSDAY EVENING. JANUARY 17. THE ETCHINGS ORAND ENGLISH OPKKA COMPANY In Donirett! ? delightful opera of DON PASQUALE. Mi** RI CHINOS, Meier*. CASTLE, CAMPBELL and SEUUIN In the principal role*. To-morrow (FRIDAY) evening. BENEFIT OF MISS CAROLINE KIOHINOS, LA SONNAMBULA. Grand Matloeo on SATURDAY. DOCTOR OF ALCANTABA. Admission to Matiuee. 76 cent* to *11 part* of the house. 8?*ta for ti.eMrtinee maybe secured at the Box Ofllee without extra charge. STEINWAY'9 BOOMS. CARL WOLFSOWfl SIXTH BKKTHOVKN MATINKH. FRIDAY, .Jannnrr 1H, tt 3 o'clock. Door,) open at 1:38. The Srograrnme for this concert will Include the celebrated ON ATE PATIIET1QUB. in C intnfr, op. 13. Adniiibion SL Subscription Tickjet* $o each. Fir sale at Btelnivay's. STEINWAY HALL. TV. BNT1-PIRS1 GRAND flTSIItY TOHOSM. II1RMY, J A*. ?, at 8 o'eloek. Flret appearance at those Contei'U of the wonderful Boy Hopiu no. MASTER RICHARD COKER. Flrxt appearance of the f-.rortfc F"*fo, BIG NOB HTIMNI. DR. H. S. CUTLER. KB. <A. W COI.BT. Til BO. THOMAS AMD BIS FULL OKOHKSTBA. Ticket!Mcents; Beeerve'l Heats BOcents?in?. STE1NWAY HALL. POHTIYBLY TUB LAST NIGHT OF TBS BATEMAN CONCERTS. Mr. Betetnan ben to announce to the public. t4 New York that ha "'.11 (tire the Cotmert of hla ?ee*-?vf M8S-87 On WEONF.bDAT. JAN. S3, AT 8 O'CLOCK, on which occasion the following arti its will appear:? Madame FA Ft EPA, Plgoor BRIO NOLI, Signer FBKRANTI, Signer FORT UNA, Mf. 8. B. MILLS, Mr. CARL ROSA, M. J. 1L HATTON, Mr. O. W. COLBY, Mr. TfflEO. THOMAS, AMD FULL ORCHF8TRA. Tlokete fl. Vw-erred aeite fiO cent, extra. For a*le at Beer A Ketiirui~?'? 701 Broadway; Food A Co.'a, 647 Broadway: Rtillttiau's ticket oatee. >13 Breed way, bud Beinwxy Hall. The eele of tloketa will commence on Saturday mornlna SIGNOR 8KVERINI, TFR FAVORITE LTR1C TENOR, will ting at PBABH'S ANNUAL CONCERT on SATUR DAY EVENING. ^IROSBT OPERA HOUSE ART ASSOCIATION. NOTICE. OET YOUR CERTIFICATES TO DAY, AND AVOID THE CROWD AT TUB LAST MOMENT. . BALL ON ICR?THE RETURN MATCH BB tween the Eckford end Fulton Clofca, to be pleyed on Friday next, January 18, on the Satellite Skating Lake, Williamsburg. A eplendld pair of akatea to be preaanted to the beat player on the winning tide. The cart laoYe Peck slip ferry erery five tnlnuteh. TICKKTS AND RERBVHVED SEATS FOB PSARE'S ANNUAL GRAND CONCERT FOB SALE AT BTEINWAY'M. RASE ?> twi G RAND FANCY DRESS AND MASQUERADE BALL or Tita cebcle francacs de l'Haemonib ID DECORATIONS, PERFUME FOC GRAND ORCHESTRA. WITH SOLI, under the direction of Mi . A. OAFRE. Aaiotuhlna atu-prlaea. The programme eemelna. among other nuveltlc., for the flrat tlrao In Now York, The Ureal Battle Qnadt die. The Capture uf Puebla. Tleketa may be obtained oi a. Salmon. M warreu at reel; Louie do Ante. KpmiMh Coneulate, 89 Rnwlwae: L. Koppel, II Aun atrret; J. Blum, 88 Warren etreet; R. Detb.iua. Howard atreet: A. Flauraud. 48PjU Broedway: H. Pardon rllla, *78 Broadway; Delm?nk>o's, Fourteenth at melt Frencla Blnzler, Hoffmann Hoove, Twentyflnh atreea end Broad, ?ay. MUIK'AL. T THE NATIONAL CONURVATOKT OF MUSIC, 88 A Madison nvanue, ternae *10. By arrangement with George E. Brlatow, Profeaaov ot Muale in pttbile erhoola, pu pile at lending aclioola $8 per qnat ter. Tho Conaerratory In bowk. free. /TUITAE, PLAMO, YIOI.IN, RINGING, HARMONY, y Sr.?Central Normal Mu.lcal t'ooaerraiory, Mi Waei Twenay.eiith street, lietweeu Hcveetb and Eighth arm nee No elaeebe Lemon, pilreio. J. J. WATwON. Agent. T RSRONN IN RINGING, BY AN ITALIAN OKNTLK JLi man, thoroughly competent and of eipnlenoe in toach? lag rocal and (he pLtio. References gtren. Add rem B. P. O., box 170 Herald ofltee. IT AND MBSl R. UOXZA LKbTtKACHRRS OP M USIC, Pianoforte and Organ, Theory, bartuway and Com no Vocal, CnTtiratlon and Management of (few Ac. Residence 188!* Beat Tweotioth s'reet, near Tblid avenue. VfUdlO FOR PAHTTE8, AC?A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE 1x1 Piano, second band, hut In parfeoi toon and order, can be bought tor glwi. including stool. Inquire at dtt Sixth avenue, In the watch .tore. Ml alion, Voloe, CIGNOR M. ALBANO, FIRST HARPIST OF THE o Theatre San Carle ol Naplea, harlug e .ubll.hed himself In New York, le row prepared to MM pupil < la the eboye instrument. For (arm., Ac.. addreae Beer A Sohh mer'a nil. etc store, 701 Broadway. SOPRANO WANTED?A THOROUGHLY ACCOM. pliahi-d end experienced Sep ratio, qualified and willing tea oh roral mnelo. ran obtain a very de'lrable all nation in e ftret cleaa oholr In an Bplanopnl church In ? neighboring elty. None but thorn capable ol the gen of leading eeprnao need apply. Ad drees Muato box 44 Uatiford. Conn. rftHE misses sloman, professors uarp, piano A and Ringing on tbe approved method of European maaleel academies. Addreae Meier A Re* If Sr. Broadway, and at residence. No. 88 East Seventeenth street. txTIfrkD-A GOOD clarionet plater, por XT Lloyd A Rldeux'e Mln?trele. Address Lloyd A Btdaus. Rt Charles Hotel. New York. A1A PER QUARTER POM PIANOS LEHRONH (NO ?IU, ex at other muakel academies)?187 West Eleventh street, eorner Sixth avenue. Elenlate far parties. OBce houre 8 till 8. IsOAM OPPirHI^^^I a T 77?MONET LIBKRALLT ADVANCED ON DJi A MONDH. W A TCI ItS. JJSWBLRJ. *o. OATH A TSU BROADWAY?I PAY THH MMMMT PRtCBB ?ffvMvif. ^ ?zx.'&TT.rjSra e5h'w"""-1 MYONRT TO LOaST iXl Advances naode on WfOoheek IBMioede. Jewel, y end kwTST.^ft Hl?I. 4M Broadway, oge door be AMUBKAIKXTS. ^"F.W YORK THEATRE. i-i I.and Manager*. Mcnara. Mirk Smltli and Lew.a Baker CENDK1LLON. Now being produced with ENTIRELY NEW SCENERY bill] magnificent wardrobe, upder the lmmaiUtr ?uprrv!?io:i of MImBILLIK A. HINCKLEY. A COMPLETE CORPS 1>E BALLET OK FIFTY LADIEH and a POWERFUL TAST. GRAND CF.SDRILLON MATINEE. SATURDAY, Jan. 19, at J o'clock. Peal* secured .ill (ley* In iitn^e. EVrEM'U THEATRE. J" Kouri-f nlli meet, near Slkth avenue. THURSDAY Evt mug, Jenii try 17, Isd," - GRAND FRENCH OPERA, ORPHEE Al'X EN KERB. Hv Offenbach. Tickets for sale, flout Monday, Jan. It , at Boer k sen., trier's, 7<>1 ai d 112, 111 Broadway. THEATRE FRANGAIS?t'OMEDIE. Saturday next. Jnnttiry 19. LA PAPILLONKK. Comedy lit three aoU, by Vlctoiieti Pardon Next Tutwdajr LE VOYAGE I)E PKBRICHOY. ? omedy In four acts. Ticket ottice at H. DardouriUe'a, 67H Broadway. MATINfTe OF THE WOftRRLL 8IBTER8. BAT RDAY, Jen. 19 Open ItMi begins l?< oV'oofc Extravui.oii, Hinging and Dancing. Ai Broadway theatre. BUDWORtll'S MINSTRELS.-NEW FIFTH AVENUE Ol'EltA HOUSE, adjolnlnc Fifth Avenno Hotel. STAGE KTI'UCK HI TOHER. IN SAL. DO MABOHER RUNNING THE HI.OCKADK, LOUD LOVED, DANCING ON IHK BRAIN. SKATING AT CENTRAL PA It K. ORIGINAL w. S. BUD WORTH, Ac. M VT1NEL EVHRY SATURDAY, at 2M P. M. Tony pabtokm opera house, 201 bowery. CROWD!'.D HOUSES ti ghtly applauding to the echo. The are.,t drama nmtlr 1 SUDORS ASHORE, SAILORS ASHORE; Or, Yankir I'aiis on a Frolic. Mr. Geo W. Himmi?on ?- Ben Block, "the heart of a trie Yankee sailor." TONY PASTOR'S new song*. "Jessie of the Railroad Bar" and The Emerald Sprit of Klullclih. * Tliepenccuted Dutchman, the Grand Ballet. FANDANOG MEXICAN t, the Ran.iitmg Olho, Board of Brokers, Ac. Gran.I Matlueeon Wadneadav and Hntnrday, at 2',; o'clock. LOOK OUT for Tony Psatoi'a orlgmal panoramic TUCK ?'ND THE WORLD, the most STARTLING kit 01'.' , _ sOVELTV OK THE PRESENT AGE. on Monday next. HOOLKY'B OPERA HOUSE, BROOKLYN The grea ~ u the Night m.I. I,...,... ?r,p.|c|, n'.yM' urn yiiivn ni'?,, KP'ni _ rah Trip Am tjnd tlio World. LI<|uor era. Soap Slid A Shoemaker Johnny, Brian o'Lyun Nancy The great paotomtmlat. a. M. HKKNANBUR 111 the Night oi Adventure; Or. MUlake- ,n the i). k. French Dancing Master, woudefful OmtAFSolo, iir-nt Sine nado Scene, a iTuirah Trip Ary und the World. Lbpior <?cal era. Hoa| Fat, AC. w ORKELL SISTERS MATINEE. SATURDAY. Jan. 10, at It*o'clock. Broadway the ,tie. Burlaeqtie, Singing and Dancing. UNION HALL. BROADWAY AND TWENTY-THIRD ST. bunyan tableaux. painted by Huntington. Map, Kyle, Cropaey, Ohur.-b, Dal laa, Duiley an,l Paul Dutkan, UlnaWattug BUNYAN'8 PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. Admisalon, 60 cenu; Children. 25 cent*. Open every night at 7; commencing at 7J4. Wednesday and Saturday at 2 o'clock; com neiu iug at S. ROBT. J. GREENWOOD. Manager and Proprietor. Alfred h. peasr'S annual grand concert at STEIN'WAY HALL, SATURDAY, January IV. at 6 o'clock. LLK. CAM1LLO URSO, THE FAMED VIOLINIST!", will play at PEASE'S ANNUAL CONCERT, ou SAT UKDAY EVENING. M Dramatic instruction.-a first class actor will receive private riflpll* and reader them oompeten t to perform the role*of the drama. Address Manager, elation F, New York. C1B08BY OPERA HOUSE ART ASSOCIATION. J THE DRAWING WILL TAKE PDAOi IN THE AFTERNOON OF THE VIST INST., AT.SX O'CLOCK. OONGS OF SCOTLAND IN AMERiCA -MR. KEN NEDY tn Jersey City to-utght; In Brooklyu on Friday. Last appearance. VfADAMK GAE2.VNIUA WILL RING AT PHASE'S M ANNUAL CuNCBBT on SATURDAY EVENING. ROSA BON H HUB'S HORSE PAIR, aad ciher valuable Painting* now on eihlbtilon *t H. V DERBY'S now art room*. MB Broadway, uout Fourleeutn atreet. Admiwton to ovnl*. fX7OMDBRFUL FREAK OF NATURE.-' THE WASH IT INOTUN TWINS," bora alive, having two head*, foi r arm*, and bat on# body and one pair lei#, al*o the hoad and right arm of Probst. the murderer of the Dear in# fam M; together with the magnificent collection of object* In Pfivatolopy, Anatomy. Palbologr and Natural HUlor?-:iH ?f whirl art J dally by Lecture# and MlorosOopiv View*, at tha New York Mu?cutn of Auatomy, 61U Broad way. Open front k A. M. to 101*. M. CROSBY OPBRA HOUSE ART ASSOCIATION. THE DRAWING WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE APTERNOON OP .TOE II6f INST., AT OCLOCK. OKATINO AT SYLVAN LAKE, HOBOKKN, POUT 0 of Seventh itrvfet, tea minutes' walk from the ferrj Muaie by the Manhattan Braaa Rend every afternoon and evcalag. Iluidlo Race to take p'aoe on Tburaday afternoou, January 17. WANTED?FOR A TRAVELLING MINSTREL troupe, bono plarer and renenij performer, rlol.ii player, cornet and violin player, plcolojjl.iyer, Nona but expert* naod apply. Addreee Minstrel, Herald offloe. ?firANTED?THEATRICAL-A SINGING LADY POR A TT concert hail; one that can platr the piano preferreu Apply to Darte A Co., Theatrical AgunU, Sr Broadway. Notice to stars, managers, bc._ant par Ilea denlrou* of renting a Aral olaaa London theatf* (West end) for the coming epilog and dimmer can do as upon application to II. D. PALMeR, cat* of John 11. $el wyn, No. 7 Varlck place. Theatre ticket offices. Reserved aeata for all the Brat daaa theatre*, ooneei t*. Ac., caa always bo ohtalaed at the THEATRE TICKET 0PPIC% 118 AND 111 BROADWAY. PIAHOPORTEI. AN EXCELLENT PIANOFORTE WILL BE DISPOSED of for $100 If removed Immediately: I* aaven ee'eve. In goodjordar; "tool and cover. Apply thl* day at IttH Eaal Twentieth ?treot. A MAONtriCENT ASSORTMENT OP THE FINEST JX and cheapcat new and aeeond hand Piano* In the city for aale and to rent at WM. OANDlDA'a wareruoma, No. M Bleeckrr atreet. A mm SPLENDID SfiVF.X OCTAVE ROABWoOD PIA.NO forte, at agreataaenfler; by boot maker*; all Improve ment.; beautiful tana andflntah; used only three men that coet $6Mi; at half price. 81 Waahlngton plate. aeer Orient at. ORRAT REDUCTION IN PRICES?EMP.RBON'S Planoa for ea.h or on taatalmente; tha eheapeat ftl ?' re years. Ptan to rant. pino in A SPLENDID PIANOPOETB FOR SALE TKKT LOW? J\ Taken In payment el a debt aad aavar beau moved from the manufactory. Apply to W. C. ROGERS, 111 Pal Ion e'reet. A MAGMPICBNT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE POR d\ sate?Maile order, olty make., fullv auerantaodi used ire months; coat $000, for $^0", inrf-c'ing Stool end Cover. Parlor Sulla, Niagara*, Booica.e, Chamber and Ittntog For nttnrs. ('bine, Mlasa end Sllror Ware; o aaarltoo. M Waat ?Ixteonth atreet. aoar Math avenue. A LADY WILL SELL A NICE ROSEWOOD SEVEN ocuve Pianoforte, Stool and Cover, worth ISO. for loaa th..n half: U'eal Improvement#, carved lege, thl claaa makm. Call at 3 Third street, near Second avaaae. BARUATNB.-ROSP.WOOD PIANOFORTE: OELB hrated mukrr*. $17*. aeven octave; Pianoforte, Hainan Brother* maker*. ??V ro rwood Concert, grand, oaot ttw gold, $87?; aiaortmcnt now Pianofortes, manulacturera' price*. No. 80 Fourth arenua, opposite Cooper IneMtute. MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE BOEEWOOO PIANO far sale.?Splendid lone, iatoet Improve meats and r In u?e four month*. Tb# owner, going to Bui ope. *$ sen"for oa.ii at *lmoat half prlea, namely, $380 Apply is Mr. BATEMAN, No. S Fourth arenua, oppomte Cooper In stitute. VTCW AND SECOND HAND PIAN08 POR BALE OR Is jo rant at rat/ low pricee, at 7$ Chrtamphar atreet. by JaME$ P1RHWOM Pianos to let-and sold on riftrfALMBNTs, at the manufactory, ltd and Its TXJ aTERS' GRAND SQUARE AND CPRiaHT PIANOS. VT Melodenna. Cabinet Organ*, whit I amid aad retail, to lot, and rent * pptted If pnrchsaed. Monthly pay moot* re ceived. Second^ hand Piano* at bargain*. Prime from Bdt to$Z*. Now fontaro Piano* for AM end upwards. Old " Cash paid for aeseod band pla *? m ""luiRfrlfi' I'aTEM piano* token In v?change, net. Factory and ware rootaa DARCMO ACAUIHIlt. A. D WVBA, far day, terms Sc., pleam coP for a circular. academy, m piyth atiLI r of Fourteenth ?Mwet.-Or eadaya end fcjurd^A ^ Dp** C| Wadneadayindlaturday,otd P. M. I ?t