Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 17, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 17, 1867 Page 3
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go AK !>KI S ASD M'PqWM WAJTTRD. "Tt HOUSE. UOKNKR OK FRANKFORT A -t! 350 I a- us. r' it redo "lion to OTae* SO to 50 a. uU per day. ?1 M tj id ,>or week. Open at clgHL _____________ 7"pki yati: family a r 49 west twelfth street. A oun sc omul law o trutlomAU sn.l wits, and two ??ntlomen, with fnrniaha t Mount* and JJpird. SerTkaM mm! ?tildfOn ut; taken. tyia.eooea required. AT ISO BLEEt'KKH HTRRRT. Pleas. lit Humt* tn lot, with Hoard. To t m ).*? and ?Initio nor tVmon A PI ''ASA AT ROOM ON IOURTII KTORY. WiTH BcmJ, ??' liMo fork f?Mitlemm and wlf?. References given r'mI required. Aiuly at Mo. ? East Thlrty-aecond street, a w huu?t from Fifth ?wi.t?. A T Iff 176 RT ECf'tCER STREET. ?1X BLOCKS WEST J\ of Rroudaay?Pleasant Rooms, with elcailaot Board, $S 3# to 910 per work; families hoc >r<1ingl]r. A AVFLTi PWMIIIlH? PROMT PARLOR AND P' d J%. room on third floor, to rout to ? kontl?man W ithout awh or with breakLull. 51 Weal .Slxtanaik atrqa*. u^a. ?at references requited. Avert pleasant front room, nevtlt rrR. msbed. with Bo.irJ to ? gentleman and wife, or two mnglo gentlemen. II mee now end wit*. aU aouveulancea. No. 1 Van Neat place, Charles afreet. A FINK SUIT OF FRONT ROOMS,WITH ALL 1M Ji provomenta. to l?v with Btal class iwiritie table or table AV>te: also h pip iMUit noom. Windsor Hotel, B Fourteenth ?tfe t, between Broadway end Fifth amende. R BCJIT OP ROOMS. WITHOUT BOARD, AT U EAST _A Brvenicenlh street, between Union aqmare and Fifth l T A09 SECOND AVENUE?ONB LARUE ROOM.. WITH L Are, and small Room ad jol'to-;, on fourth floer; alio ?0 BouiOom. on third floor, to let, with Bo.rJ. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE ATHIHO STOIlY FRONT A It una to tot, with or w'thont Board: also two single SUnra<; awry n'rr and comfortable In every respect. Ji o. 50 Lexington avenne, corner Twenty Cfth atreet. 4 CCOMMODATION FOR A OEMTT.RMAN AND WIFE A at a* wear twenty-third street, OPPOSITE LONDON TERRACE. A CHEERFUL. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SF eond 6.or b ok Boom, with Aral class Beard, to single emer or gentleman and wife. $95 per week. 143 Weat ly-i'cnnd afreet 4 LARGE ANI) WELL FURNISHED ROOM, SUtTA A. ble for one ar two per tinmen mnv ho had. with or wfthoot Mo.nU, at the flrot clean residence. S3 Lafayette 4T THE OR A NT TIOrsH. 41. do AND 48 NEW BOW. A. ery, near Chatham sg.iare?Rooms Be. to 50c. per day; 41 73 to A't per week. Open all night 4. SECOND FLOOR-FIRST CLANS BOARD. TN A Wort ? waTTtteth ?tre*t ne-r Fifth avenio. Inquire ot the library, 40 Liberty atiket, or adJrean Mra. Maok., Herald .T 19 WASHINGTON PLACE. ONE BLOCK FROM L New York Hotel. In a fl'at rt -es h e-a. three Hall Bod ems. to rent, with f.rot class Board, to single gentlemen. luL' ALAR'lE FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET?TO two gentlemen, with Are and gat; will be kept lu order; terms S10 per week. Address Adams station C. ANEAT'.Y FURNISHED RONT ROOM TO LET?TO a conilomsn and wife with Board for the lady otflv ; Aaatns $lt per week, Including lire and gas. Address A, sta tion U. OENTIEMAN ANO WTFE STNOT.E OFNTLEMEN, or <i rarty of gentlemen, can obtain finely fnr'tdied a. with Aral clasa Bo.ird,'lerma moderate, at 189 Waver aay place. ^ 4 PARTMFVTS?VERY DESIRABLE, SECOND FLOOR, J\ elegantly furi!lg'i?d. en oulto or atr.ylv: aim thtrd Floor, with <>r without Hoard gao. bath, Ac. 74 West Thlrty ??eaiiih etrect near Broadway. AT 140 NINTH AVENUE. CORNER OF TWENTIETH ??rest?Two l'ar!f*o and two or three Bedrooms will to let to suit parties, with Board. In a private family. Splen H>d apartments and good Aroommodat ona. 4 PRIVATE FAMILY WILL I.FT AN ENTIRE THIRD J%, linnd-nmely fnmiahed, with hack parlor ,.nd ntenslon. to partlet doelrt ,g Arst class oeoommrHlotlon*. Frlmt' t'ble ?nlv. The Mgheat reference* rc-iulred. Ap ply a* 31 West Sixteenth street. 4T 19 AND CO NTNTn STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH Jk. and S'xth avenues, two e'ettant. Pi rloe "loors and mme iw Roo-no to let, with Are* class Board, In Preach and tler ?aaa styles, i'r.vate table if deal red. 4 LA ROE AND HANDSOMELY FURNISHED POO* In let, to p gentleman and wMa or two single gentlem?n. math full Board and g'io; price $19 per week. Apply at St Barrow street, corimrof Hudrna. ALART.E and DESIRABLE ROOM TO LET. WITH B<mrd. In n pHvui.- family; refcrcncas exchanged. Ap plf al 184 Bleerker rtraet. LARGE WD "LKASANT FRuET ROOM, ON THE THI'ill FLOOR, TO LET. with ou wirno't part at> board, AT 43 KINO 8TKEE r. 1TB* THIRTIETH STREET. "TEARTTTIRD AYZNT^ J\ ftirn'ihdYJ Room on *"con1 floor, with Bmrrf. ani table liar two persons; also single Room*. lte'erenuce requtreJ. Farm* reason tble. i T *4 NINTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH AND 8IK7H L avenue" handsome Rooms to let, with B?n. J. suitable r families or single gentlemen. PRIVATE FAMILY OFFERS A NEATLY FURNISH, ej Room to a gentleman and wife or ou? or two sen in frisnda Inquire at 214 Eut Tenth street. itefrr roquired. * SI EAST FOURTH BTBEET-TWO BOOKS CON Meting, to let. to families or gentlemen, with flret cm -* Private table if desired. COMFORTABLE ROO* TO LET-TO A BIN OLE ntlemnn, without hoard, in Canal "treat, near W>?l ay. Apply at No. 2 Oey (treat, room No. 9. LABOR SECOND FLOOR FRONT ROOM, WITH closets ISO per week, two persons; also large Room or. bird floor, Jlf\ two ueraina 74 Meclou^al atieet ;St. ad's place). Reterencea exchanged. 8EOCND STORY TO LET?WITH BO ARB. UNFUR. nlahed. toeeiher or separately; alao aingie Room, fir. "* Terma moderate. Apply at 231 A eat Fourteenth ahta go Wast N LADY FROM PHILADELPHIA WISflBS TO LF.T A few Rooms, with or wlmnut Board, to unoiception pntlemen only; alas a handsome suit of Parlor* 119 Nintii street t* 91 EAST TWELFTH STREET, SECOND BLOCK frotu Broadway?Elegantly furnished Rooms to let, in i or singly, with or without meals. PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET. WITH BOARD. TO a man and wife, a r.lo-ly furu shed Room ou second r, 140 West ruty-tnlr.1 street, near Broad**/; uioa loca i. No other hoarders taken. A ?' A at Before PINOLE ROOM, WITH BOARD, AT 80 NINTH street, b'tween University place and Fifth svsaut ncos exchanged. ? PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET, WITH BOARD, J% a furnished Beuond blear; good location; good table; Bad of raferaaee; dinner at una. Call at 118 West Twenty, ?lath street, near Sixth arenue. LARUE fCRVISIiri ROOM TO LET?WITHOUT bo rd. In A house wita modern im,>;oveni:nt.,<; gss, - and closets in r job. Api-.y at 164 WaTnrlt,/ pi*<*. N ELBOANT ROOM TO LET?WITH BOARD, IN L the Moflit Mansion, at 82 East Scronteenih "Ires', be ?an Hroadway and Fourth uvcone. N ELEOA.VT BACK PARLOR TO LET?WITH A Bn-.rd, nt 2.3 Wast Forty s. -oad strre', on# !>!?.' k r cat 1 Broadway; house first class; terms eery teasonihte; ret. PURNI8HKD ROOM TO LET-WISH FIRE AND , no hoard, at 87 par week; alee &ntry Room, at $3. Twenty-a'xtb sneak LITTLE CTRL CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITII Board. In a Cathoite family, where she trIR hare tiia foils "I I. h. me; alao a uleaaot Rootu, with t>re.kf??t tea. to e rsntiam .a or lady. Inquire in Sixty ihlrd sweet, md door ?f?t of Broadway. To. uts very m .dnraie. fi?3 FBW GOOD ROOMS, NEATLY FUKNIRIIED, TO let to atsgle gentlemen, without hoard; gas and bath: ?Cores required. Apply at 87 Bleechar street, east of I way. I V BI.BOAN r FURNISrtPD FIRST FLOOR TO I<ET, four !ijP.l^t,rom i to .ee'tn^. Private tabic if da* Block wlia Fifth Arenu-t l_ KINO A C"., No. 8 \v<si Twenty.third street. FURNISHED ROOM TO L{T-IN A NICE ILtUMK Wllti fire sad get; terms low. Inquire si 9fl fltsnton et. lady has a handsomely purntfiied front room to '.et, to a gentleman, at 146 West Tenth street. FEW DEMISABLE BOOMS BN SUITE OR SINGLY to let, first class Board, at M Wast flerenteenlh ' aasr Fifth arenua. tT 88 WEST TWENTY.FOURTH STREET. N11AR h'lfth A?euu# Hotel?A Meond floor, handt'.aaiy fur *d. With dry; class Board, suitable for a (ami y. Refer. 1 axonsnged. A LARGE BACK ROOM, ON THIRD FLOOR, AND jBL. tsro Bedroom* to let, w'th Board, si 117 Wsyurley pis re. PLEABANT FURNISHED ROO* TO LET?WITH or without Hoard: Alee a Room ta let on parlor fin jr. ablo for a dostar's utBsa. Apply at 181 Hades a street. , T $? to $T PER WEEK.?A FEW OENTLFMEN OR ladles who are engaged during the day oeu obtain 1 at 118 Charlton street. gentleman and wife will find pleasant, well furnished eeeond floor Front Kama, with alcove; silent tatlo: at No. h Cast thirtieth street, between Fifth I Mediton aroouea . T M WEST TWBN1Y.THIRD STREET?FURNISHED L Booms an aecond floor; alao double Roam on fourth or. with Board. Referenaea required. B? IARD.-AN ELEGANT ROOM FOR TWO CAN PB bed 141 Want Fourteenth etreek Refers noes required giree. BOARD.?BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.?A SPLENDID SUIT !> of Itooma, with cieeeta, water, bathroom, do, will ho ?, together or sap irstaty, to Maaceytlumtbtu parties, da ring superior accommodations, In the private residence at MMmubte street, overlooking the bap, aud near Wall street ad Foipiii ferries. tOARD?ifi WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET ROOMS I handsome!'. furnished, separately or In suit* far (am as or aingie persnns. Board.-a furnished room to let. with B.oard, to a single geatlomaa. Apply at M Foarih ?rount. HOARD.-TWO OR THREE HANDSOMELY PURNWL Mt ed Kootus. second floor, to a gentleman and wlfs or ?mall family. |J r.aatertino plana (Twenty-ninth street?. Bafamnoes Terms w?d? re'e. |?oa O e oakd.?a flw mingle gentlemen can bb ac. cotnmodsted with gt >d Bored ned pleaaanl Itooma Hoard. Apply a! IW Oreonwloh sireat, Wyoming fcOARIl.-A uT'NTLEMAi? AND WIFB CAN BE AC Twaatj. fourth aires* BOARDFU9 IIP tOOOlM ffAWtift. BOARD?FIRST CLASS BOARD CAN BE HAD IS A private family, in a r^ant ^ T ride ?f tltU cily. luoiilre if W. K. WB8T, Mite street, hrnt 4oor from onrorr of Flaiao* Id, N. J. DOASD.?A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM " i> let. to a |fu:i uuii and wife. BoarJ for lady o. yiiyy |i 41 ftjawtcfc street. ROARU Second ir;v;r, to m. ?iu?^^ HJLYN?A S^RI ?^?*kYM?A STRICTLY PRIVATE family would Kt, with Board, ? 0 ? gentleman and wife, ui entire hacond floor, with IMP of bathroom; bomi* that looat ui> food, and Pulte n atraue vara i>a?? tbe door. Addreaa. refeieooea, Oliver, Ilerald offloi. po'.RHINO?A FEW ROOMS, SINGLE OR EN SUITE, J * neatly and rlcw furnished. with or without meala. Tbe proprietor saa'irea bis pitrona that no pulita will ha ?pared to in ike ?'..U one of the pleaaanto- " ?pared to in ike '..Uoneof the pleaaante.t flrat c!:ou fami ly hntela in th? city. Term* niml.ira'e. Apply at the Re uniou Hotel. Vorty-aaaood street, near Fourth avenue. BROOKLYN BOARD?TO LET, A LARUE ROOM ON third "dory; ga? and Path in the houae. Apply at 21 Waal Baltic aireet. Dinner at AM. Raferenona each >'ng?d. INOONOMY?A ORXTLKMAN AND WIPE OR TWO !i gentlemen can flud a very desirable home, large Room, Ac., at 1? Waat Thirty-eighth atreet, at a very moderate price. E LHUANT FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?IN SUITS or ainglv, at 1,127 Broadway. Elegantly furnished rooms to let-on second aad third Uinra. with flrat elaaa Board, at 41 Ninth street, near Fifth avenue. C?OWLEB'S FREE BOARD AND ROOM DIRECTORY P Twenty third street. earner of Fifth avenue, hotel basement?Parties wlahtog rooms, with or without board, will find It a great convenience. French board?a handsome suit of rooms, on 'frond Sair, to let; at an Roama for alngle gentlemen. Apply at No. S'CUntou place, near Broadway. Spanish and German apokeu. TjWRNIRHtD rooms to let?to gentlemen r only, nt No. 70 West Fourth atreet, oppoaite Washington ?Nuare. Raferencaa regntred. H ARLEM?TO LET. TO A GENTLEMAN AND WIFR, I a Sitting Room and Bcdreom, with good Board. Terns, 'llHIna Am and AM AIT nan was V IMatL ateaai nlelk Including Are and o*a. $17 per week." IPdh street, stitli house eaet of Second avenue. north aide. Private family. Hotel accommodations for gentlemen at 42 Clmtnn place, corner CulversItv place. Tranatent S2 .'?0 por day. U HAS. LEK LB R, Proprietor. N] EAR UNION SQUARE?TO GENTLEMEN ONLY, in a private fatnl'Rooma to let, with or without Board. Call nt 72 East Fifteenth atreet. VTO. ? EAST FOURTEENTH STREET?TO LET, WITH il Board, aeveral deairahle Rooma for famtllea or a party of gentlemen, on flrat and second floors. "N' O. S BOND STREET. ? FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, WITHOUT BOARD. ?pLE ASANT ETRNTRHED ROOMS FOB GENTLEMAN _ and wife. Board for ladf on y, or fentlamea without board; 'rem* moderate. Addreaa A. S.. atatlon G. PRIVATE FAMiLY WILL LET FURNISHED ROOM, on aeeond floor, with full Board. No. 82 East Twenty seventh street. R OOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD. APPLY AT 101 ^ West Twenty-seventh street. Rooms to let?with board-, a large back Boom, on the recoiid floo"-; and also ?1n?rl? Rooma for yomi"; gentlemen. I all nt B7 East Twentieth n.reet. Refer ences eicbansed. Terms reasonable. QF.COND STORY FRONT?A HANDSOMELY FUR. it n'ahed Room to I ? let. aa abov?, with Board. In a private 'amit- near Everett House. Keferenet.* eio+.atige'l too East Nineteenth street. SPLENDIDLY LOCATED SUtT OF ROOMS TO LET? Furnished with flrat dost Board, with private table if desired: private family. ID Went Forty.seventh atreet. Three fult. lots. k.w. counter third avenue aufl"Ninety third atreet. for $12.0(0. THOMSON S, 8-J Cedar at. and 1 TTt Third *v.. Near liighiy-third atreet. TO LET?WITH BOARD, A LA ROE FRONT ROOM, on revond rtorr. -viih la-ge p.n'r.- hot er.d cold water, and all other couveulenoea. Apply at add Weft fwenty-acc ond atreet. TO T.ET?WTTH OR WITIIOIT BOARD. A 8PLKN. d'dlv Fiirntahed Parlor Floor of tnreo r-s-ima, with go* end closet-, will In" one or both parlors, or one parlor ai><t bedroom, to ' anIre willing to pay a fale nice. Arplv after 12 to Mr*. B'.'iWEN. 1W4 ffeit Twentieth atreet. To let? t parlor asp RF.nrinoM, f-trmsukp, Wll h or without'Board. Apply at 48 King street. TO L*??WITH BOARD, BOOMS OS THE SECOND to gentlemen r.;-d tbfili- jrlgcs. or single gentlemen; also ? hall PedrAom. Apply at it Himmood street. Refer cuees excna- gad. rp<> LFT-WITH BOARD. A THIRD STORY BACK r -Rnom. with plenty of closet room, gas, water, An. Ap ply st 33 <ijlaton place. Al?o * 1-rge front Room, on parlor flclor. without board, at l.lfil Broadway. TWO fl AKDSOMF.LT FURRIR'TKD PARLORS, OR first flour, together or scparately: aleo a Urge furnlabed Root, on third flu >r *Rh flrat oUaa Board. Term* low. At C'l Weg! Thirty-alttb itroat TWO OR THREE tJKNTLEMER CAR BE ACCOM MO dated with pood Board by applying at 180 Bridge street. TX7KLL PtTRVISHED ROO*._WITH OR WITHOUT 11 Board; modern Improvements: (Ingle Rooms forgen tlemen or ladles: housekeeping If required, or private tamo. Pinner at 0. 4# Kant Twenty-eighth street ? <) l'KK WKEK-TO LET, A FURNISHED H ALT. i)\1 Bedroom. Inquire of Mr. BANCKKR.400 West Twenty fifth street. 3 OB FOUR SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAM BG ACCOM, ro.i.isted wtlh p'? jean* Rooms and good Board hy apply, lngat 107 Worerh y plaoa. between Fifth and Sixth avenues. 5m a VENUE, no. as?a laroe bittino boom and and Bedroom to let. or would be rental *cr*-.'elj aa Bedrooms. with fr-jtc'.w Board. tHgboat lefetruoea. 1Q UNION SQUARE, WEST SIDE?UAVDflOMELY 11* Aparlmenta, en suite, second floor, front. Just vacated, to let, with or without Board. Refereuoe re quired. Off WEST EIGHTEENTH BTP.EKT.-FLEGANTI.Y ?K' fur'.t had Rooma to let, with hoard, to strictly first c:a?? ,.,rt!ea. A A VRIO.R SQUARE. EAST SIDE?A RECORD FLOOR 'Li .nit to let, with Hoard; also a single Boom for a gee lleruan.* rcgulr >d. 4 W WThT TWENTY-NINTH STREET.-A VF.KY DE 'II a '*bl*. lama Room, hai.lsotr.ely furnished, to let with Hoiiid, to a gentleman and wtie or two slngta gen tleme n. LEXINGTON AVENUE?FURNISHED BOOMS, with -at board. A Q lETEMTR AVENVK. COBBER OF POI7RTEERTII T?T street?A handsome suit of Rooms, Wl'h or Without Koaid. Ua'isttac*. flood board or no pay. No hoarding bouse humeri need apply. ff A SIXTH AVENUE?A FRONT ROOM TO LET. WITH u'l or without Board, suitable for a ganUauian and wife er two etngle gert'emeo. no WEST THIRTY.riUBD BTKEET?ROOMR IR \)tf aults. on first Hour, t Viable tar f ami lie.; J!"*1' Rooms f ir gentlemen, with er without Beard, fiom $U In $14 pe. week. BIRTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAT.?TO LET. *t-;i iinat.l.-Iiiaie Rooms, to gentleman; also a few day b'srder-. taken. Korersnoee exchanged. 48 108 109 IHfi BAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, ORAMVWH Y iU'J Perk? Suite of handsomely furnished P.wins t - lei, oo scour.d lloor, suitable far families, with Board. House and Inc.. .leu drat rlaea. NT. MARK'S PLACE.?TO LET, DESIRABLE _. _ _ turn, h-.a Rooms, coutaRwag hot and odd Water, with largo c':>.n r, with or without Board, at vary moderate tat me. Table ^ge'leuu "lift SIXTH AVENUK-A NKATI-T FURNISHED LlVr H?. h l>rl?i' and Hall Bedroom to let to nntleuien, without ana h Terms modorato. Apply flrat floor a boy a Riot the ML H?7 WEST HOUSTON RTRBKT.-TO LET. A HAND. 4 ao- jely furatshed Prnat Room, to a gentleman aad wlfa ala<> two small Rooms, to gentlemen, with all modern It* ovemente. Dinner ate o'eloek P. M. iff NINTH STREET--A FEW DOORS WENT OP Kf Brm r otn, oi gon'lemeu. 1()' RTKTH SfRBBT?A PEW DOORS WENT OP L*j%) Broadway. A btndaomely furnished Pnrlcr aad Bedr-out, f.o seaond and third floors, enltaMe for a party of 2^ 306 FOURTH TRF.RT, CORNER OP WENT TENTH, a picaaent furnished Room to let, without hoard. Kant thirteenth otunet.-purnihhpd Ronnie to let, srth Hoard, suitable for gentleman and their wtrca er vugla gentlemen, oaa doer from flecoad esecuo. House lirst class. aOARD AMD MDI1IXO WAMTRD. t GENTLEMAN ANDWlVs DRllIRE A COMFORT* Jl sine aud we.I furniabed Room 00 second floor, on Band ttree'.. near Bro .Jwsv, Hoard inrludadt lerma must lie r-imlerate; refersnoee. Ad-lross W. B. M., bo* Poet Board wantrd-et a ladt, in a small fatally; one or two Routes would be required, for wlijeh e i-beral price would bo p .ld. Loeetlnn between Third and Ptxtb avenue*. Address B.. box tXI# Poet oOoe^ Board warted-por a eunineh* ladt. in a small plain family, between Canal and Forty-second aires', west side, t-rlce $4 to $13; reference# gives; no bmrtiing houses nerd apply. Address for tnres days Bel sou, llorald ofllr i, stating number iu family, An. Board wanted~por a oentlemar and wipbi location preferred between Eighth nod Twenty-th'rd streets and Third and rtltlb avenues. Address, elating terms, b-ootl-m, Ac . H. C. C., ho* Mlfll Poet ogles. MED WANTED-BY TWO TOUNO MEN. IN A lore lion below Twenty.&flh stieet. AA UOARD wanted-b D private famllf: loos dress <1. V., Herald sitae. Board wantrd-bt a oentlemak and wipe, in central loaatlsn ead flr- t class nelghburhoo-L be twoso Vu HSnenih and t irtleih etres't. on modomte lorma, Refereeeet Heed end raqrareA Addnas 3. M. L , Herald eraeas- . . . Z'^,.<? . Brooklyn board wanted?a hbntlkman rraii'e Bea-1, near the forrlea: amsR Reom and Are; dinner el 4. Address fl. W. H? Herald 1 C SlI'T-UB BOARD WANTED-AN TNTT'.REdTINU J HUIa girl, beallhy and good looking, over three years or ags, would be pleasant company for a reapectab.o widow or In * smell America a family; charge board irg house ro'stress need apply. Address Child, station A, Hprisg street. WAN fED?PURNIflHRD ROOM Pf?B A RIMflLK URN. Uoneea, helow Fifteenth etreek Term* moderate. Add re >a 0. O. N., Herald omco. WANTED?A NEATLY PUENINEBD ROOM FDR ORN email and wife; fall Beard fey lady and Partial hoard far gentleman: mast ho ep teat elds, below Thirtieth at reel. Tcrma not to eiesed HI par tmujlk, teeludlng Ore h< J par- Addrne* A, mTb., uwaidoiMm BOAR? A4Vt> LODQIYO WAti'W" ^TTAVTFft^ijT A ~8?NOLF OFVfTrMa?^ * ' ^ Art n ' IV), .??? ??-*'* ' i fl'ABL a eomfort bit- ?' >o|B- " ?? A Afrtsat- w?-'* f'll' or r?n;?1 h' ' ftw if ?n ? b#"'-" .r'Tf are no cli11 tren ??,i ft' iir l? ?- -?""?? I oeatlon between Konrtk, and i; ?' -eta, i oi t o f*r irom HroaiLvay. jtdlitas bo* R.oM Pti't off ce WANTED?IN a FIRST OLA^S NRf<iT*#?tnnHO m IV Rrn-klvn. an entire bi-hiJ Flenn. of Pur'or and two Redrooms ndiolnlnr. unfurnMieI, w'Vn full Hoard, for ? w'dow ltdr and h<r son; llolirh'" iiro^>m I- hrsr* nf refer encH. Ad Irrn L A. P., boi 8.858 itrw York IVwt office WANTED?I'ARt OR AND REDROOM. FDR GENTLE* man, wl'e and thill, with room for nnrae, hetr-r*n Rmcdw,y <nd Irving place, not above Tw ntv.ihlrl at -el. Private table. L. J. HOWE. 1<4 Hrndway. HOTKlili AMFR'PAN HOTEL. RROADWtY AND F-TOHTIf street, Voir York on tbr Furopean plan. Room*, in ?nit* or a'ngly. at moderate ratee. Atlantic hotel. Chatham sqc.a nr.?wf.ll fur*'the J Rooms, at moderate prices, by the day, week er month. Open at ail hour*. JOHN QERKEN, FropHetor. DE LAVF.An HOU9E.72 WEST FORTIETH STREET, front 'n* Reservoir Park. One Suit of three Rooms on serond doer. Table d'hote. NOTTCK.-WFDDFLI, HOUSE. CLEVELAND. OHIO. On nd after Jan. Id. 19(17. Board per day SB. Leaa than a^da* charged by the meal, *t? :? Bre?kfa?{ 00 Dinner 1 AO Supper 1 00 Lodging 1 00 Xh.' a A.' w." kVbkwooW." Proprietor!. ?prF.RREFONT ROTTSK, BROOKLYN HEIOMT8.? L Suit* and Stnele Ro ma to let. permanent and trnn a'ent. Table unsurpassed Those dealrlug home oomfort* we recommend the llerrepont House. ffONTTNE HOTEL. 417 AND ASP BROAOWAT. BRANCH I of the Tontine corner of Oort'andt and Went street*. Room* from Me. to |8 per day. Ladies' and gantiemen'a restaurants attached. WALL HOUSE. Wl LLT A M3BT'RQ?WITHIN TTfTRTY minutes of New York City H*!L Fine Room*; excal lent Board; moderate rates. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. AT 758 THIRD AVENUE-FOB PALE. THREE AND J\ four s'ory high stoop brtck and hrown stone House*. One West Wishinrrton place, one on Washington soun*e 81 ?t at . 821 84'h. R8th. 9Pth fhrtween ?th ?ud8'h as* ).40th, ?Hth. 4#th, Itoih. 81st. MM, 8Mb. 87th. 89th 60th. 61*t. 6M, 66;h. 78d 78th, 79th (choice). Mat. *2', Mth. and up toltdth nTao 1st. 2d. 8d. teilngton. 4th and Madison avs. N. B.? Particulars recetsed at my office. Reliable references and printed lists net reanlred. Just out thla on' and keep it. J AM MS ROWE. AS YOU PASR UP THIRD AVENUE JUST LOOK AT the Isit a I ruve for sale mi the northeast comer of Per* entT-reeond street, 76.8x881. Terms eaev. This la a chance seldom met with. JAMES ROWE.'786 Third avenue. A VALUABLE ESTATE FOR PALE?CORNER OF V Birth avenue and Twentv-lhird atreet. Three bnek three atorv Bulldlne* on Sixth avenue, etch lot about SW bv 74 feet: elan. Immedla'elr In rear four full Tots on Twenty third street, each 28 bv 100 feet. Raid two psrc?!s will be sold tojrether or sertrtratelv. Annly to WASHINGTON HUB RAV, Executor, 17 Broad atcect. \T 810 FOURTn AVENUE?IIOU5KR FOR BALK. 1988 '67: call or send for ntv real estate clrenlar, which la corrected, published weekly and tualled free. STANLEY DAY. A full sized pour story furnished houpf. wanted, or, Fifth avenue. with immediate pimiosaliin. A"?nU need not answer. M. L. M. H., 108 liroadway, room No. 4. \FOt7R STORY BROWN PTONB HIGH STOOP Home, 55 feet 6 Inchea hv 65 feet deep, on Twenty-first ptreet. between Fifth and Sixth avenues fnr eela: price $45,006. KINO A CO., No. 9 Twenty-third iitreot (Fifth Avenue Hotel!. Broadway leisr for sale-eleven years* T.ea-e o' building .V0 Broadway, For partlenlara In quire of TIKNRY D. FKLTBR, 500 Broadway. Brown etone houses <two adjoining! for ??!o?In Fifty-third street, near Lexington avenue; gae flituree and furnace*: gift oon each. B. II TAYLOR, No?. 8 and 10 Pine street. POR SALE?HOUSE A NO I.OT 141 MACDOITOAL "tree:, corner of Fourth atreet: $86,<W0. House and Teit 89 Went Wnehtneton aqua re for sele or rent, furnished: price $47.1X10: rent 66,000 per Annum. Warehottees 48 and 44 New street; $.18,060. Apply to A. P. MERRILL. JR.. 88 New St. For bale?by j. c. bailey, 10 Fifth atreet. Three story h. a. brick in Second nr , near Eighteenth at. Four rtory h. a. brick in Fourth at., Bowery. Four atnrjr E. b. br'ck In Tenth at., near Second a v. Three atorr h. a. brick in Tenth ah. near Second ar. Four rturv h. a. b. a. In Twenty sixth at., near Madison ay. Four story E. b. brick W Wet?'Nineteenth ntM near 9th ay. fGOR BALE?A FIRST CLASS BROWN BTONE FRONT r limine. In Forty-seventh atreet, near Fifth avenue. In flue order; sold 1 urnUbe t or unfurnished. App'y to or ad dress SIMPSON, 811 East Fifty-third street. For sale?the property situated on the northeast corner of Duane and Carolina atreet*. oppo site Erie Buildings. For particulars inquire at No. 6 Care line atreet, from 10 to 4 o'clock. IGOR SALE - A cnOfCB FLOT OF ABOrT 8BX1(? ON I1 University plane, aultable fur a pianoforte as tearoom, Ac. Term* easy. The old buildings will pay Interest. Apply at 61 Greene street. l^OR SALE?TWO CENTRAL PAKK LiiTA, OR WILL r exchange for a smell fsrm In the country, convenient to the city of New York; price $8/00. Auply for three dart at ?1 East Eleventh street. Mrs. McMAHON. FOR BALE?IMPROVE!) PLOTS (IN FEE! ON LAtT. rent. Woostcr. (iraene and Houston rtreete. Alas Ely! th avenue corner pn-pert* *'M. H. ROOMS, 948 West Txsra ty-flrst street, second door east of Eighth avenue. For sale?a three story high stoop brick House, West Twenty.fcurth ?i;eet; lot Ah.98 fL 9 lu. PHee $18,000. SMITH A MEAD. 864 Eighth avenue. WNOR RALB-A KJW BBOW^STONK W?*"R?5 ,mi>rOT*a,eDU: dial* poase*slon. AMKAD. 854 Eighth avenue. For sale -a superior full size high stoop brown atone Huuue, in Tlilrty-fourLU street. Imme diate possession. HOMER MORGAN. No. 8 I'U.e street. For sale-a magnificent four btory brown ?tnne high sump TIcuse. on West Twenty-third etreet. wjtii eve. * umdern improvement, nenrly 26 feet wide by U feet deep; 'ot 9* 9. This la cne of Use taost perfect end splendidly frescoed houtee In the dty of New York, the en tire house from roller to reof without a blemish. The Car pets. Oil loth*, flhede* si.d (las Fixtures, new, will be sold with the bouse for $30,000; poorer houses sre offering fer $45,008. JAN. R. ED WARDS. No. $77 West Twenty.thlrd street. V?Mooa Housa!Thr?;^I2l*rf nroR BTOOP BROWN >.*7Po?oac?N.w,'Ck.,W7i PrfM b? poR 8ALB.-THK FLOT OF OROCND.80FEET 1Y 100. ?Itm-cd oa the ecuth-wset corner of Second avenue and Twnuty-soventh street together with _three brirdtDw^ ling* thcrem Terms eaiv. Fnco $2C,(KW. Apfly HKHR1CK, 16 SuU'h street. IGOR B ALE-HOUSE AND LOT IN M ADIBON STREET; I1 good Iocs thin. Inquire, hctwee.i 1# A. M. and 4 P. M., ef B. GROSSMAN, 81 Chambers street, third Boor. IGOR BALK?FOUR STORY AND ENGLISH BASE. F men: hrlck House In Ts-enivxeen-.d ?'.rest, between Fifth end Sixth avenue*; 18.8*46x8* 6. price $81,000, or wl'h Fnrnltu ??. $?fl,j0C. Also three story English basement In Weet Thirtieth street; 16 9x40xl0P; price fta.nuu. Also an elegant four story high stoop basement *nd snbtellsr l-revn ?tone front House: 88x70x100; cenlmlly locnteds price $M.doa Terui* easy. JAB. R. WATKBLOW, M Nassau street, raoot 1$ ?pOR HALE?VALUABLE PROPERTY ON DTTI8ION r jstreet; ttxiel. pries $9.0flC. Apply to BLI.KCKEH A DENIBCN, No. 6t< Pine etreet JIOR BALE-LARGE FOUR BTORY BROWN STONE _ llonve. In flee order, en Murray Hill, between Fifth aad MedJboti evenuea PAIWONh a wakd, 79 Cedar etreet IGOR BALE?THE STRICTLY FIRST CLASS FOUR r elory brown atoae House end Let Ne: $78 Lexington avenue. Murray Hill, beiwaea Thirty-seventh and Thirty-1 eighth streets; tuIt *L? en_d_e^?yuiitj *1 t usted. __ For further Information apply la HOMER MORUAN, No. 8 Pine street. FR SALE CHRAF-A FOUR BTORT ENGLISH basement brick House and Lot on Tsventy-flrth street between Sixth end Seventh avenue*; prion (11.000. MITCHELL. 77 Cedar street. JjlOR $$.LE OR TO LET-FIRST CLAfW_ BROWN ^?stone Amies, handsomely fnrnlabed. Nc 17 We*! Tblr-I tleth street with immediate possession. inquire ef Dr. I MARCT, $1 Ess! Twenty-second street between 8 end 18 ?'sleek A. IGOR SALE OR FOR RBNT?FURNISHED OR UN F furnished, e three store high stop brown stone Mouse, on Islington evenne, Murray Hill, raplete with Improve uoals; else JUxSOiW: desir*Me terms to good parties. KLLPATRICK. Bull's Mead Rank Building. DAMlN-roR BALE, A THREE 8TORY_ AND Snlahed biaensant French reof brown stone flense, IflSth etreet; ell improvement*: price $10 000; or would ex change. JOHN LACT, ?S Reada street TTARLRM.?THIRD AVENUE HOUSE AND LOT FOR AA sale: e'so Lota between Fifth end Sixth avenues. In* quire of J. NEIL, Third avenue, oorner of lltlh street pjOUBk^ FOR BALE IH CATHARINR, bTBBBT. ON lease ground, long lease: ground rent $160: It ia a four etory, with Tine tlore, sod a rear house, three story; lot US

feet; runts for $1,806; will ho sold for $5,<W0: only $8006 easb. Call In tkaliquor store 86 Dtvisloa street; tba sdvor* Heat wt'l be there. OURKU FOR RALE?BY A. JOURNEAY, 6 PINE ST. ""obi 84th St., four story high stoop browo eteua.$*i,(?U II Wosi mill si., rour Story tiigb stoop brown staae.pui.uu wbetllstet., three store high *U?ep brown atone 32 506 WoetOd sA, three6Mry klgb stoop brown stone. I6.0T0 West 46th si., four store high stoop browa stone MOT WoesMt 61, fear story MA woop blown etona $1,860 Went Mm., four story Mtmli eioop brown stone 6? 0J6 West Iflta at., fbur etory bigb stoop hrowa etc a# 86.006 ten* it}* U"** story kwh etoop brtck 18 ?E6 meet MM St.. three stery high sleep briek 16.006 ?est 84th td., three story high stoop brlnh 14 M) ?set MM St.. threes tery hlghstoop brick. ^I.OUO TSAAO HON 10, 1 ??!wfftssr A magntflemt Houeo en FN Ik even no .SsMstdO. Two splendid lloueas on I9tb rt f0s66sM. OT*c,Ma Houeo ea Went 464k rt^^OTOTHHI A flrst claaa llnuso on West 464b si BhMslOO IA flret clean House on Weal 33d st 16i6UslO<6 A rifc-fntOcent Hrnne on I'lil avenue 94x64il<* *????* .36t60xlOO A Bret clsss House on Irring piece HxOOasO A flrst etaee Homo en Ps k avenue... .^^^^???OTIOTB A eplond Id Honse on East HUtk st jgiso! IS A splendid Housa on Bast 46th st....... MiMlxino A msgulfloent House on 7M si, near Ptt.h sv.. M.6Hi 108.6 A mogniflccni Hones on M sv., between lflth^^^^H ? ?_ ? aiOxMillO A magnifleent I loo-eon Lei-ngtoa av.. between A megnl6eaat*Slense on Hist'iitb it'.'."'"'.'.'.'.'.'.V .'.'.'?6?l5 Aad trtbur I ? i CTTV HP. Ui ESTATE POft MI<B< TVU? HOl'PCrt FOR SALE, VERY LOW PRIOh-POt'K I *t >ry brlclt. no r B' >arfw .y. good order ?!3.6>t>; liral | olaa* wuralory brown ? one. Murray Hill, rlflli and SH'h , ?nu ??. ftira ?! e '. Jel6 0 mrn r in n< to Europe. Al "ly avnu*. fiirn #. e$3b.v ): owivr go n< to Europe. Ap"'T Kl'orr .K BltOTHWL- A BEL./.\UY, No 3 Pin# atreot, up attire. <)1 YEARS' I KASR FOR -'At B?OF !? tOP 'ftTY OX Z L the ncrilin l corner 0/ Bowery and < null street. In tjture at 87 Bower/. Sill Him -Ff>? HALF. THRKX STORY BPIOK 11. ? t'" '* '? high etoou House, V. ?I? Fifteenth at rent; gas (litutoa, bath, Ac : goodreptlr: Uvttlm tlrat class; Has rear. WM. H. WEST. Broker. 57 Veaeystreet BRMOHLYX RB AL ESTATE FOR iAUR. MODERN BROWN RTON'E HOIWR FOR SALE? Id Henry street. Bronlclrn; price $ 0 001; cheap. It H. Taylor, Nos. 8 and 10 I'lne street A FIVE HOt'SE FOR SALE-TIIK PROPERTY OF AN nutate; loott'on one o( the heat tn Brooklyn, and hrit class In every reeoeot, co-irenlert to earn and feirtes. llou"? 88 feet wide (double), three abulea and baseni nt: built in the must thorough innnner for the late nxner: In nerect Older. C D he seen at urn- time by appl.'lnc at 191 President afrret, Brooklyn. t.ot ftOxlOO feet, with lota adjoining If wanted. Price MO 'TK); term* favorable. For tei uia apply tn E. R. KKLLOOO, N Cedar atreet. N Y. N ELFOANT P.FSIDENCF, IX BROOKLYN, ELIOI t Mr located and handsomely furnished with inimedl l po??es?lun. owner learlng the city; a great bargain. KUWAKD B. VAIL. WARREN UARI>KN HE ROtf. 88 Walt street BROOKLYN HTOBK KIlOt'EKtY FUR BALE-'OR Fulttin street. Fulton avenue and Mvrtl* avenue by WYOROKF * LITTLE, Montague street, near Court street, Brooklyn. Property wanted on the above atreeta. Brooklyn heights.?for sale, tor fur. nlahed llnuae No 89 Sidney plane; hat gin, bath hot and oold water. Po;s??alcii can be hod at once, droit* to 9. HONDI.OW or D. 4 M. CUAUNCEY, Montague, near Court ?treat, Brooklyn. |i*OR HALE-AN KLKOANT BROWN STORE ITOU.RE. F In Finn rlsr*. Brooklyn, recently painted and orna mented In the moat thorough manner; house and location first claaa tn ?wr respect. For permit* apply to Q. H. BENEDICT 4 CO., SI Plua street. rR SALE AT A SACRIFICE?THE BRICK HOUSE 87 Sixth street. Wllltam?bnrg, furnished or nnfnr nlahed. gas and water tn the house; respectable nelghltor hood. five minutes from either of the ferrtea. Immediate poaeestlou If desired. Call oi. the premises. HrtO ?roR H*l'E (BROOKLYN). KINDLING ?p r,U"aJ. Wood Yard, with three lota of Oronnd, on it eorne-, near Oovranus Canal, with all msrhlnerv; only SLOOOcaah required. Apply to J. E. CORNELL, 18 Court street. COFSTRY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. All wanting farms-good soil, mild cm mate S4 miles south of Philadelphia. Price onlv 326 Kr acrr. Also Improved Karma. Hundreds are settling, formation sent free. Address C. K. LANDIS, Viaeland, Kew Jereey. A T THE WESTCHESTER I.AMO OFFICE, NO. 8 NEW \ Chamber* street.?lfi ncre Farm, $4.MO: 10 acres, ?3.000: It II Acres, $11,WO; ln7 acres. $.20,000; 2 acres, $3,600, and others. DITCnETT, No. 2 New Chambers street, up stairs. CIOCNTRY RESIDENCE FOP. SALE-A MAGN1FI ' cent Conntry Ftesldenee on Plata* Island: house forty feet square, and about twenty room*, with bath and all modern Imtuov'ments: twenty acres of ground, heauilfnlly laid out with rrulis and evergreens; barn, stable and toe house now tilled with Ice; distance one hour, hv boat and railroad, from ?he cltv: rrlre $21,140. For particulars apply to ISAAC HOMO, 26 Ptre street. FU ARM WANTPD-TO HIRE FOR A TERM OF YEARS. ? Farm of about filly scree, within twemy-flye miles of New York, must be convenient to a railroad. Address, with particular*, C. P., no* 2.H12 Post oflloe, New York. FOR 5 ALE?FARM OF 108 ACRES. DERIR ABLY LO. csted near Monilcello, N". Y : buildings and fences In good order; auperlor appio orchard; 88 sores under cultiva tion. Datance heavy timber; price $2,000; must l>e sol t. Ap ply from 10 to 2 at office of CROWLEY* HON, 848 Pearl at. FORSALE-A VALUABLE PEAT PROPERTY: LO nation favorable. Address J. B., box 3,0jp New York Post office. FU OR RALE LOW-AND ON E \SY TERMS, A FARM, of 88 acres, one mile from Eugllahtown, Monmouth tviunty, N. J., and one-eighth ef a mile from railroad station. Three dwelling houses, t arn and carriage house. Possession gltcu Immediately. Applv to FRANCIS WOOD. No. 98 East Nineteenth street" New York, or B. T. PAXTON, room No. 3 Darey Rutldlrg. .fer??y Cliv. OA ACHESs NEAR MILFORD-NEW TWO STORY Ol' house and kitchen, apple and pea*b, Ac.; barn, one horee. ooe oow, two calves, chloleans, wagon. A,'.; for all, price $1,8C0; 13 acres under culttvrtlon: possession at once. P. KKCU10, 12 Centre street. -nn ACRES TIMBER LAND. BITUATED IN LYCOM iJUU tug ounlv, Pa., 8? miles from Wlltlamepori, on* mile from t allroad and sawmill. t?j exchange tor Welches and jewelry >w stuck of ready made clothlugj For parlle.u tare address lock box W Wtlllamsport. Pa d?/* AAA WILL B0Y A GOOD HOUSE ANT) BARN vUiwU" and about one acre of Ground In the village of Sing Rhtg, or would exchange fur otty rrooerty or mer chandise. Apply to WM. CLARENDON, 38 Vesey street. REAL K8TATH WANTED. r?R RALE OR EXCHANGE?A COUNTRY SEAT AND Firm of 80 or 80 acres, tn Westchester county, one honr from thi*ctt7 by the Harlem Railroad. Address or call on F. :J M., 148 Weet Forty second street. I WISH TO PURCHASE A HOUSE, NOT BELOW Fourteenth ftreei. between Third and Hlxtb avenues; Rioe ianglux_lr?m$U.0j0 la $)6.90U. t!late best terms. Ad MS O. w.t box 4.888 Post nflag. TEWEI.SV .?T'I f t..- F.'it 11"J- '? ^>r SRNKMRNT HOl riRg WAllfWO?TO BUT OR LEASE. The haci-est market value given. Apply to B. H. UIB R8 4 TFl., 646 Broom* Mmt IXrANTED?A GENTEEL RESIDENCE. OTTY OR V? country. not oear on* hour'* tide from the eHy, tn eg change for valuable coal stock* or ronl land*. Address bug 126 Post oMee. YXTANYKD?TWO FIRST CLASS HOU8B8. LOCATED Yy between Fourteenth WOOD 4 WILSON, REAL EfTATE AOENJR HO. ?R Brnsdway, have several cash customers for furnished and unfurnished Houses In oesIn.Ws loca'lons. Also have for sale, several valuable Estates on *ieeedln<lj liberal oi ya^tneuL Parties wishing to purahaae or sell would do well to call and eratnlre our lift. HOD BBS, ROOMS. SC.. TO LET. AT 819 FOURTH AVENUE.-RoUPES TO LET; 1M7 1888; city end country; furnished and unfurnished. Daring Use I earns sen* wvkiy for my Be-1 Estate Circular. ^ BiANLKYDAY. A -TO LET. A THREE BTORY HIGH STOOP DWRL ? ling, tn 124th street, near Fifth avenug: possession Immediately. Apply tf J, B.M^E Y, Ij fifth street A?riT OF PARLORP FRONTING ON BROADWAY, with kltchea, laundry. 4c.. to let. Apply at $72 Broad way. A FINE PUTT OF PABLOKN. ELEGANTLY FURNISH A ed; also two or three single Rooms in let, without board, at 189 Btgbth street, between Brood way and Fourth avenue. ^ A FLOOR-BROWN BTONK HOUSE, EIGHTH AVE nue, near Fifty-second street; all Impioreiaents; an rooms; rant $36. Inquire at 778 Elchth avenue. FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM, WITH _ riosei*. water end Ore, In a first el?m prim** house, te rent, together or mpera'.sly. Apply at 181 East Fourteenth street. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHRD FRONT ROOM, CON. A taming all modern Improvements, to let, without board, el 884 Fourth avenue. AT 7M THIRD AYR NUB?TO LBT. VERY DESIRA Me 'hree sterv high sloop brick House: all Impruv meats; ran* only $808. JAMES ROWK. ATRRRR BTORY WIOH STOOP HOtTSB TO LEASE ll"-M Yi ?l?if r*nt" fuccllur*. w*rtk i^w, win be said for $1,099 If soM Immediately FREEMAN 4 CO.. 212 Broadway AMFURRIMBD BOOM AMD BEDROOM TO LBT. suitable far housekeeping, te a gentleman aed hie wife without children. Apply ald$SI?4b avenue. ^N UNFURNI8HBD FLOOR TN GOOD LOCALITY TO let to ? amall family. Other fioors furnished sad tin furnished. One, furnished, fur young men In Leiington avenue 114 Third avenue* 4 HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BOOM AND BBD A room, te ? meat desirable part of Broadway to let. end furniture for sal* Addreso Jordan, boa 4,782 New Terk Poet office. box sXt " *"<> %dd5S "ir Local'on vegp dnelrable. ANTUB FLOOR. FTTH BOOMS. IN FBIYATB HOUSB, to e unlet small fx mil v; rent $86. Houaga, nnfarntsbed and furnished, at reduced reals. IDt Wsst Twenty &fth ??. MODBRN THRB8 STORY HOt'lR TO LET-NEAR Thlrtaamb street end Fifth avenue: 8 rooms; $700 yearly rent| furniture far sale: In,m?4 ate possession. ADAM9 4 UD . m Broadway. THIRD FLOOR OF FIVE ROOMS, WATER ARD I gsa, to let. Boat $26. lugnlN of C. O. BILLINOH, I Rust Forty-flret street AM LARUE FINE CORNER ATORB TO LET.-INQUIRE of U. O. BILL1 Nod, tm Kant Forty-trst street A| ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LBT?PURNfPHBD with eonvennneee far bensrkeeplag, or will lei Lower Psrt. flOQitfttiif el parlor ioor and front basement nsrOiy fernlahsd; with rteno sad all the oenrtalesoes for house keeping. DO Best Thirty-sees nth street 4 SMALL. IIIOII dTOOF. WELL FURNISHED HOUSB A 1-1 Wees Tenth street, near Weverlev pine*, te rent te e private family, for oee year, fop $260 per month. KINO 4 CO.. M Kit. $ Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. 4 FIRST CLAM. BBAUTIFULLY FURNISHED HOUSB A en the most fashtoeahlo part of Fifth avenna to root for $160 osr month, to e private family. UNO 4 CO . No 9 Twerty third street (Fifth Avenue Hetsl). ALAROK AND FINE ROUSE TO RRRT?ON WENT Twenty A >lrd stresrt, sad Furniture for sale, eossesslun hn media lew; mn (?* Map I, IIB, rent ft 066; rnrn'tnre e. out $A UiA, eetghb,wnood 6rst class sod will be dtsposed ef eely te e envn.a in-nilv. Jam. R. t DW A kI?A 277 West Tweety-thlrd si reel fir" ARRMKN1. - HtNKH 14ROAD AND KXUIMNUR plso* with ?;< yea re' lease to 1st: sultsble for berhep C|'|N6 4. U. UBXTMR.ll*. ? Breed street. _ jood *pp.y n V'aW, t'?? vT7~tnores to ?XVr-f ".vo very dehi. .fts-M'usttss-iSS'?sssTrsiTvi^ .t O >., No. 3 I'lna street TTjuTKij t<> i^se-at Ktrnr:^j?j? J^Jw II tha Pae-Oo rtver (4tmmu!w>^ mie?iro?etU>ae York. ? fium N'*w.irk, 6 trcui i *u?fcuB? ' j firat clwe for 100 ?,,'J};;ORE k BRn\y!f B 8mw? atre?L_ j IV'ZUIAZX^ VKEI & Airnrr of Franklin and Wonl-cy -.UeeU. fee'it low. AU J dre.a l>oi 4.1*1 New Voik Fo-I I T OFTS TO LET.-L.tROB LOFTS IT JOHN | j urar William, aulutMe lor a manufactory. a lease lo b? had if w.ulcd. Addraaa bor &.3HU I'oat office VTICELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND TWO BEO \ roonia to rani tor b .u*aheaplug. $13 per wart, with attained gas; on other lodgera, no que.liona amid. Ad dreae Thirty fifth street. station O. .. M UltOADWAY.?TO LET. A SPLENDID SUIT >F Roonia ?tih F.i'enaton on drat floor, or the Second Floor TSmmM. ??b? Heaemant and Parlor will be lot. TuUehli b..-tne?a; location near Oraca church. Apply to WM. WILSON. ?U Hroadway. hTROl'OUALS WILL BK RECEIVED TILL FEBRUARY Pl.lWTfor ranting Store, end tMBoae In thd 1 Building, on BrottJw.yP^r:^>wand A nitres.. # FUnaef uX^.~ofbFul"nm^<ft?k? atresia. to whom the proposal. may lie directed. | "PROPOSALS WILL BE BKCEIVED TILLPEBRC ARY ? ! lHfi? for rrntinff Store* hml Office* 4n *|l? l,y" * S?bsr ?^^5gS?? 8u^uu",d' ant, to whom the |.it.poa:ila may ba rt.recta ?? Rooms, two bedrooms himiKS to at t(19 and ?tl Second aven-ieend ttlWceli Wtyawrn. I atreat. Rent $U to ?1? par ^Bth. AU? R'^j^n 01 ae locations. Inquire of OlBHOKS, 1?* Bleeoker atraat. 1 nnraM POWER?FIRST LOFT 8SI BLEEt.KER S"uSt; room aplendhtlj lighted 1 good .tend, power. Inquire of PiM. J Agoj?S.}Ti Pulton ?&<** I riTARF TV RROIDWAY ABOVE THE FIFTH AI E i wawsa ?rcnue. ? OTORE TO LET?AT M THIRD AVENUE, AND FIX ij turee for aela cheap. UTORE TO LET-ON THF. BOWERY FOR FIFTEEN O month". Apply et IHtMJ Boweryeiter lOA^JR. r-irntlP TO I.FT?AT USD BOWERY, BXM TEET. StJlX S able for any extrnalre retail bunlne-ia; apleadid location; poaanaaion March 1. Apply on aacond Hoor. nrmira BTOHFS 8TORE8 TO LET?LOFTS Tti LET, S! Homes far sale. The bout place In this city to rent or Ullj^ty ts e"^ 0. BISHOP'S, 67 Liberty .treat. nrnRV<4 j npTfi AND BASEMENTS IN WASHING S ton. Veeay. Broadway. Mnrrer ' for importer ^cy^de.^ mo LET?TI1E OLD ESTArtUSilKn OUOOERY AND 1 Feed Store, corner Spring end Mulhcrrc etrnat quire at 1HI Ellrehath atreet JAMES BUKA.K. fTtO I ET?FRONT AND RACK PARLOR. EXTENSION T end llatl Room, furnished, together o??,renme hnuaekccping, *?. 1M Wnverlcy Place, near Sixth arenue. Neighborliivid good, honae genteel. r LET?TO OESTLEMEN ONLY. WITH<It'T eomuiodlous aud well furnlahed Apertmente. et hh VAeat Tenth street. LET-AND FIXTURES, AC.. FOR 8ALE THE Baaement *17 Washington atreat. coniar of 1mm . a Orel rate aliiml for the butler, cheese and egg bualneaa. Apply Immediately on the prainlaas. LET OR LEASE-BROADWAY BTORES AND Lofta, In drat clnas hxiutiona, alao tome on the aide etreeta. together or^ HYER8. 49S Broadway. rwt T KT? FURNISHED. A LAROK ROOM AND TAN Hri^nq"?atlWWo.t Forty-third etre.t, northweat oomvr of Eighth ftvenuo. mo liBT?PBOOND FIfOOR AND BASEMENT. BRICK T ta' t"?'r ^'ght,"'??!!?^1^ xuoMI'iBONS* Are nam., ttroton. gai,. ranur?l, Thlfd aranua, near Eighty-third atrcct. rnn 1 FT AN UNFURNISHED FRONT ROOM. WITH T twi wlndowi In the new house 166 atreet, between Second auil Third areuuea. Inquire on fourth floor. ? mZ^T-K^^SMALL ^OBN^^rhVa^lidlenf Febimar" "inntSwSainhil Add'^am M? box 4*1 Poat offloe. New Vorh. mn t.KT?PART OF A FLOOR IN A NEW HOUSE. T co; ner of Ei'ty-thlrd street and SaTentlt aTentie. JOHN KAVANAOH. nor the ait oorncrof Forty-accuad atraat and Sixth avenue^ ?xsrt t FT SFYEBAL FIRST CLASH FLOORS IK 1 Eighth aven&a, araat Flftv-tnlrd ilrooU: to lot to food tooantw. JOHN KAVA NAOH, northeast oorner of Foriy-aooond atreet and diath ee. mil 7vt "liTiiRV AND 1IOL HE TO EBT. 1BQU1IK T aiil2>a Bowery, between Houston end Bleocker airoetr. mo LET.?FUDNT8HF.D RaOMS TO I.R'r TO ^INQLE 1 gertlemen, gentlemen and wlrea. Lnd'.ea can be aocuminodatad with good aoontfc Apply ?t <IS Broadway, room 48. IO LET?TTIR SECOND FIATOR AMD PANTOFTHR Third. In first claea brown atone houeo 161 KwW Forty [hth street, toe email family. Arply at Ute hoaae. B OFFIO? SHADBR. T?i eight HONIO, *5 rine afreet mo LET. TO A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY? A Part oi" a flref daee Honae; has nil modern hnprora. mantel Inqulro on the premisea. 101 haet Kigbty eereath street, hotwean Third and Fourth arenuee. Rent low. nark YWP?not'SR 64 EAST FORTY-FIRST STREET. T newly painted throughout; rent $1,000 per year. Apply WCFLA N At. A N. 11/7 <"ury.tie etjaev r LET-FOUR ROOMS OVER STORE IK THIRD> AT auuo. near Twenty-eighth street, now being pointed and pope red; rend, 2tth tnat.; g CO,. MS Broadway. mo LET?THREE OR FOUR ROOMS. FURNISHED OR T unfurniehad, oa aeoond Bor. gaa and water tnaemsll family, infarencerequired. I<3 EastTweaty-flret eueet. ?oTf ^.b.loh JLm> ba idea ba?ement and l-.lub n; c?rfeU A fid fitrtlltnre ssrsirix'wSaSnu p^.e,ion-, ^%-a No. 9 Twenty-third ilrget Avenue Hotel > r.RT?UNFURNISHED. WITH IMMEDIATE FOB seadon a good Flnor i'l? three atory buck houe-i the flnur rona?u^ eixgai>d rooms In perfwd order; rent reaa-m ahle located en wed Thlrty-aerenth eirueL near Seventh ; on the t|o?; no .^hborho.^ wod. For infinite apply to WM. VAN WAOBNEN k CO., mi Btxth arenue. mo IRT FraNIBTfED, DR FOR SA1.E?A FTRHT T cla"e Hoarding Houae. below Thirty-fourth treat, la a laading evenue" conutna ?0 rooma; bar and attached; now doing a good buiiitoan aod full t?r boarder*. Apply to DYE k CCHTfas, Sixth arenuo. ^^N:r,L'^ l?Jr WhhCr. brick Hon mi. rent #? p^mon th^ngulre afl t?n atreet. aeoond houae north from Myrtle avenue, urooxiyn. T?~(T IFT~ IMMEDlATELY-rHFURNISHED. FIRST c'aaathreo " " yhlgt atcop brick Honaa Wi month; or l.?^ n? fSt-CTUi atreet. between Broodwey and Stxtb avanna. Car r .etas; flea order; beautiful eurreeni Applv en P'emlaee. ? Spring atreet. oornar of MotA Apply to T. AMtRMAia. ?? Warren itwtl sasis'.Kwi.?- ???? - una, Comptroller ^ ^ cokmolly. Comptvollar. CoavTveLMta'a Orvtca. Naw Yeea. Jan. IT, Hal. r_ msp FOB A TERM OF YEARS?THE t.AROB a?i?vaad basement brick Building eontheert car ner of Hudson and Rroome etreeU. for ibUi iuh?t ii a furniture iIan. Apply *o JOHN hbatiin, no wSSl^erJOHN HATS, ?Tlnd.on utreei. Fatecutei^. mo LEASE. FOB A TERm"oFTBAR8. THE BUILD 1 Inge Roe. T, ? and 11 xjght BA|LKT M Mflfc r^_ .....NEATLY FUBNI8HBP HIOH , SYOOF three ntnrv blown atone Uooee, 1J* West Thirty-atxtli ?Jr7!m?tLe eeeeeeelen; see be ?eea between ? and ?J without permit Bent SUA. Address J,7b.. box t.<# t ofPce. rMH RENT?ONB-BALF OF A STOBJt. IN A <IO |c cation, with i mated Utenoieertma. Hv well Hgbtedq in the reef. Apply N a Dey etreet. sVrinJT^'^ ^lW-n Foutrt?tb s* ^(OUB. 17! Breedway. V^FRT DEMIRAELR FURNISHED ROOMS TO l?T K* -atlamen in a fir.t claaa houae,wlth O-l Parlor, f-tnilalied, auiuote for two gentleman or pbyaican. ? Seoond avanua. $30 BSaTagKegjias?8W way, above Flfty-flrnt ? treat HOUSKI, AOOMi^Co^W "Y*?NICB SECOND FLOOR, fWyOD yHlATlON.?WA^ a ':?5^V?H"^ beerdare. A houae In VeW York,,Ertoh!yS0f JOT^fWy. lemd lw"tUenn|iUoart" Addrem laqulrtr, etsUon C. for 1 JSvV^L^^iTJU^" wtaXand beM? E,n,rie?at> .treet jaafervad. AdZaaa. Ith price and letMion. U t., TfTelg omee. t "l AUY OR "FNTLKMA* in new yore or 1 sap . ting to gri abroad and desiring to leave h jyti r?"aiSi,~'."":s? s *3lftS&7Vl./fo let Bern\A olee, with Mm Mi m WM | HOJ I, "HIMII. to .. WWTEO. [ /TODNTRY Rrtl' ? gf>_I a?|4fi urinnS I * > f0.r*%riicip }'.r ""i ' m'1 t.x? r-r duit.nt from the <;?i. tt?uk tau.i ?>? ulidt^S j iJdrea A. H.t ill llerald om e. |j?l ROJ'E.-WANTfcD, MAY I (OR W' i' >Ux~Toa yj ? lis or mure years, by a well k:.o en uid r* j. -table phy, 1 *.c.. n, a huudsotnelv furnU'.xui llonac, la a good neighbor, ho-al, be, ween Klij.ith aa.l Thirtieth stieetii. Fourth and Mich areniu-t; rent muti be reason .bio; iffcrMrm |lfei nnd reunited. Princlpu'e only dealt ur 1)1 Address for out week. i'byslclan, rare of Hesetusn A Co., 75$ Br >adw?y. Hotre wants d?a three sro.ty, 1,0. j.rrl a'xire Fourth street, oast -lie 1'iM-ut stun be f ore Jl?y desired. Address Ad i ns, box ltd Herald olioe. fT.\Pl'RX|RHED MOUSE WANTK3?BY A SUALE U or vi to family. Address, wlih price, licstloi ard sutf when puiorij ion ?. *y bo bad, F. B., cue box $,UU8 Fo?l off.M. TIT ANTED?A I.A ROB B ARE.MR.V1 FOR A OHOCO. M lite maniifartorv, to take pos?e?alon of immediately. Inquire of A. lilAVCilI, 14 Id-pen trd street. WANTED?A IIOIJN P. IN THE VICINITY <>F BERGEN. Hob< ken. d-user Oily, or other neighboring pUtoe of rmi sete-s lo this city, suuablr for a small family, AddreM J. R. C., box J til New York J'ost office. WASTED?BY TIIE 1ST OK FEBRUARY, IN A OOOB thoroughfare. ? oecond or third Floor with privilege of show cam at entrance. Hitslnes* light, clean manufao. luring. Kent $1010 >20. Address SI. D. More, Herald office. Tl^AN'TED?ONE OR TWO BOOMS ON FIRST FLOOR ?T or lit basement. i illahle for a phve'rUn. Term* null be moderate. Addreia Physician, Herald office. WANTED?BY A SMALL FAMfLT. IN A RESPECT. ? Me locality, three unfurnished Roo n?, snltnhle for h msekeeplng, 20 minute< walk of the Onnoer Inetitute; rea* not to exceed IT). Address J. L. Lod now, ntatlon D. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?FURNISHED AND U*. furnished lluuiHi In contrel Io,nil!t->s for re-ponst. bla tenants. WOOD A WM SON, Real Ksule Agents, 08 Bioudruy. Ilf AN TRD TO RENT?WITH THE PRIVILEGE OF ?> purchasing. n sma'1 House or Cottage. furnisbod. In a f leetnui locality, near the can, and not orer one hour's ride rum New Turk'. Address, giving particulars, Ac., James U II., Herald office. KUtl lliUiK. A RARE CIJAKOE.-FOR SALE, A F0HEIONAND Domestic Fruit Store. Inquire in the store, 899 ir'ulion svenue, Brooklyn. ATTENTION I'll<iTnoK41'HKRIt.-POR BALK, AX old estsb'.nhrd Ualtorv, doing a good business. Inquire of WILLaRP A CO.. 522 Broad ?vsy. A GENTLEMAN, WHO 18 COMPELLED to lravb the city fur a warm cllmite In consr>neneeef ? nkneea, would dispose of a nicely third up nnd well -ticaed Ten Store, In a first dtis nnghboraoud; u.uui 4 J, 500 curb re quired. Address w. H., sutiou C. A FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR STORK TOR (ale. on a principal avenue: fivn yeare'len e: chc ? p rent; rati aide; license granted. Apply in 1*. UAFF.NEY, 21 l>uune street FOR SALE, Si'LKNDID CoRNEU RAKMiY. ? Liquor and I unch Rooms, Pestii iratiln IfutcN, Emi grant Hotele. Hllllnrd Ralnona, Markets. Produce minds, Groceries. corner Liquor Stores, liioudwsy Saloons, Soda Water K.?etorv. Butteries. Mitt hem 8 8 ere Agsney,T7(Mir street. \ SMALL. NEATLY KITTED CIGAR SI ORE, LONfl e?t itdLhed und doing n thriving hUHlne?e, to be disposed of at s low price and easy tertn>. i.20 .. rand street. A CORNER I.IQUUR STORE FOR BALE.?APPLY to HKYO, lEM Ninth nvenue, or S.*) Wn blngiun etr-et. If not sold wtU be sold at auctiou Friday, al 11 o'clock, positively. BUTT' R A CIIEE.SE STORK. ON SECOND AVENUF, will be sold very cheup for u??h; must be sold to-day; owner going South. WALLER A BRUSH, 2H Chambers street. UROLAR PROOF COMBINATION LOCK. HI R. ?' ring's, cost$1,100; also Herring's, flee fee. high: b- th will be told very oli6*j>, $2oO; wurnniiinl good ?n urw. DhXTEIl. No. 9 Jlroad street. B CYTOAK STORK AND SAMPI K ROOM l iR 8AI.E-1N J a goo.I location and two years' lease; price $1,1UI>. Apply al 430 tiran.l street. DAMAGED FLOUR, 8UITABI.E FOR HOO FEED, given sway at 171 West street, near Mutst. DINI.NO ROHM ON BROADWAT?HANDSOMELY furnished and now doing s good business, is for sale or will exchange for real estate. Address II. II., box IW Herald offke. Distillery, of large capacity, in complete operation, finely located, for sale or lease. Apply to W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. DRUO STORE FOR SALE?ON A LEADING AVESCR In Brooklyn. bandautnely Qt*ed, well stocked and doing a flist class bnainesa. Applv lur three days to MITCHELL A SWAIN, 78 Oedar street, room 16. DRUO STORE FOR SALE-DOING A OOOI) BUST ness in s densely populated neighborhood, well ads pled for a phsslci'itt; others la Hruoklyu and country. STRICKLAND'S Driiggtsta' Agenc . WO Hrosdwsy, LYOR KALK-TME FIXTURES" AND LHA<8 OF THE r Wine and Liquor Vault 49 Walker s'-eot: rent 1nsr! Battsfactory reasons glten for selling. Inquire on the pre Uses. I NOR SALK?A SMALL MOTEL O.N THE EUROPEAN ' plan: the whole bouse cleg tnlly furnished: lima lease; rent verv tow. Will be sold on liberal terms. Ari'ly to It. M.ANFOKD. W Liberty street. FOR RALE-TWO CORNER 'LIQIT iR STORKS. ON the most prominent avenue In the city. Apply to WN. KFNNEi.LY, 14 Pine street FOX SALB-THE GOOD WILL. STOCK AMD FIX turei of ati Orster Saloon, SIS Ninth avenue, near Hud son River Rail read depot. For ralk-a corner ltquor store, one or the best In the Twentieth w?r l. wltb I e >oae and lease. In r-meeq.encc of the health of the proprietor. Inquire of P. BOLTING 2ii2 Washington street. Is'OR SALE?A RARE CHANCE.-LEA88. F/XTURER. _T Ac., of s corner BaTOom In the Bowery. Also Lease of tho entire Building, second floor having been ovcuptcd as a club room for the last twelve yam: an extraordinary ciianee for a -mart man. No agents need apply; none but principals. Address Club Room. Herald office. For sale-a large cistern, tx oood order. containing uotween T.OOJ nnd 8,0 Al gallons. will fc.-. old low. Inquire at 89 Maldsu lane, or 91 Front at, HreAlyn. LYOR BALE-UQUOR 4TOPE. WITH FIXTURES AND r elghkm months' Lease. Apply at 80 Old blip. FfOR 8ALE?ONE uF TIIR BUST RAMl'LX ROOM* 1 up (own; now .1 ilng s splendid bush ess. Will bo sold at s sacrifice. Apply to Mr. MUOKK, 746 Sixth av. LYOR BALE-TWO LIQUOR STORES WITH LIC "NBE P paid. Applv at 71 Tenth arsnur corner Fifteenth street FOR KALK-A BUTT'.lt. 4:11H PI A K AND PR >Dl'CB Store d-i'ng a good each trade; goad teaeona for eellng. For particulars Inquire a' the store, 3ai Iludaou street, base ment. _ F'bl SaTE CHEAP-PLATFORM SCALES, FROM 140 to 6.MN'pound* capacity: Counter, Spring Stole*. Ac-; warranted. Constantly receiving nee ind hand Sea las. D. YOUNB, 64 CorUandt street. FOR male AT A SACRIFICE?OR WILL TAKE AX linn- -able and res, actable partner st a fair valuation, e Drat class Uer slid Dining Saloon, located on the west aide of Broadersy, down town. Thv business his been established for four years: It hes a lease now for Ova, wtth lie-use. and a very iow rent. 1 ne re wlpts dell* aver go from |W to $100. Tl.le is no humbug: therefore oone but those wlsalng to en gage In (he shove bualnett need apply to WM. VAN WAOENEN. A CO.. 471 Sixth aietiuo. | Hotel.?for rale ox exchange, for cash and?<provod real estate, the I-ease. Stock. Flituree end Furniture ot a Hotel on European plan; about 69 room*. Address European, box 169 Herald office. SAFE. UPRIGHT IiKBK. I.RTTBR I'RKSR AND TABLX for sale low. Apply at 146 Reedo street. S CHOOSER FOE SALE?OF ONE HUNDRED AND ten <110; inns burden, draft of watevdlf feet: In jtou order. For partl<-u:?rs Inquire al I bo ogles of HAINES, HoLL'iCK A CO., lis Hudson street. Jersey City mOBACCONiaT-FOR RALE CHEAP. THE STOCK 1 and Fix In res of a Smoking Tobacco Manufactory. Ad greso Tobacco, station D. r PRINTERS.?FOR BALE CHE (P. TO CLOSE OCT. a good Dcgairer Card and Bill Head Prsa?. Also Typo, Tvpe In vr.riety, brass Galleys, "'ou?s, Ac. Ill Fmtou attest! room No. I from II to I P. X. Aqan WILL BUT A FIRST CLA6B OYSTER AND $1 PVrU Dluing Saloon, will bo sold eheao no tbo ow osr to going to the old ooun.ry. Applv for two days at Ml, MB and 469 Canal sural, comer of Hudson. lfel>AA WILL PURCHASE A TOBACCO FACTORY IX BOUU complete running order lor catting smoking sod chewing tobacco. There to a room tt by Threat long with power In run the mscfc'us; al 9" Tor month rant. This Is a ohsnco seldom otiered Apply si tfl Ninth svsnue. " Bl tlHlkEHY. A SMALL LATI1R FOR BALE-FOR MA CUBA p. Including bench and foot wheel. Apply to J. O. WHlt: COMB, 36 Bast fuirtoeotb street, two doom west of Brood ??/? A CALORIC ENOINE FOR RALR-ROPRR'd PATENT, in go-rd order; will bo oold low. Apply ai M Marcor str?f KtOB RALF.-A TWENTY HORRK FOWF.? STEAK EX gtne, Roller, Ac.; alon tbo 1/Osee on a two story and be-o ment brleh building containing tbo cnglao. to South Braofc lyo. Call at No. 01.toerty stroel, up fairs, N. f. T SNOIK GAS RNGINRR. JLj FROX HALF HORSE TO FOXR IIORRE FOWFR, FOR PUMFIMU. UOIbTING. PRINTING. TURNING, RAWING AND ALL BMALL INDUSrRIES. TUB LENOIR OAR BEGINK HAR NO ROII.KR, USER NO FIKB OR COALS, MAKES NO 9Xwf K NOR DU8T, AND NEEDS N?) KNOINKRR. COMPANY'S OFFICK,rNO. 19 NASSAU STREET, N. Y. TA,LB W0,-C#,^LA. SAW MILLr" at sad most oompie's la use Circulars sent oa anpMoatloa. _ WOOD A MANN STEAM ENOI NB COMPANY, "'ties. N. r. aod 96 It sides toaoVNow t^orh. Q1KAM ENGINES. BOILERS AND MACRINRRf. NEW ^??d soooad hand: Prsipol'er Bagmss. Straw aod Fo err Froes, Mhaltlng. Pulleys and Soiling. WILLYRD A MILLWARD. 164 Wafor stroel, t<f|YMB GREATEST INVENTION OF THE AGE."? . 1 WINTER'S Imnrovod Portobls Circular Saw Mill. Also depot of general Msoblosry. WINTER A CO.. ? Broadway, hlngtoo Iroa w >rhs. Nowbuig. N. Y WANTRD-A FULL SBT OF WodLLRN MACHINE RY lor 0 Southern manufacturing eampanf, Indudi'ag eardlng miliinlog. w aving and duirblng Addreso Joseph Dawsoo, II Sroodwsy. WANTED TO PURCHABR-A SECOND HAND CfR. sular Saw, with isbie complete, m porfeet ronhiiw or lor. Addraoa issmcdisisly f. J. hUmmo. M6 Wool ToMn ty sixth tfroet. New Yn.a