Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 19, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 19, 1867 Page 1
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.-#1 THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE FO. 11,099. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JANUARY 19, 1867. PRICE FOUR CENTS. VER80NAL. WEALTHf FAMILY. WITHOUT CHILDREN, A wishes to r dopt a child from six months up to eighteen old. ..dureee, sutiug u hero the child ceo be seen, lire. WUlMft. station A, hp rim etissl DOPYlON.-A GIRL ONE YSAR OLD, BOY SIX ntbs old end e new born Infant, at Nat Amity A?SK! ***V J^A8(^UE?BROOKLYN.?CALL MONDAY NOON. HFTH AVENUE 8TAOB.-DID NOT RBCBIYB F1RHT note. Will be there en Saturday morning, at 11 o'clock, "t faft. KID OLOVB. OTJDSON RIVER RAILROAD BIGHT O'CLOCK BX AJ pre*? up tran, Tuesday morning.?I dropped it. Dtd ftm pink It upf Address the name I showed you, New York etty. To aee you again would afford more pleasure than anything on eartt. If name to forgotten address C. Y. Oar is. station D, New York. H. P. C.?BEND ADDRESS IMMEDIATELY Cousin, steamer Id ilia, Herald office. JP MR. MAW, PASSENGER PER MANHATTAN PROM ho will bear of sonae tLiverpool, will call at our oOo g to hie advantage. WILLIAMS A GDION, 71 Wall street. TNFOR NATION WANTED?OF DR. WM. V. WOOD, OF X England; married about four years ago; last heard of resided 'n if ales avenue, Brooklyn; lelt h>m? December 27: atoee then he haamot been heard of. lie Is an artist in water #"ior*. Per-one eanplbvlng him will center a favor by seed ing his address iff the undersigned. He la a small man, dark ??, black curly, hair, bald iAi top; side whiskers; wears ?ens; scar under right eye. Should this meet the eye ef wtfe she will confer a favor by addressing George L., Ml last Forty-sixth street. English papers plcm* copy. T ADY WITH A CHII.DglN FIFTH AVENUE CARS, JLi Friday, &,litres < L. G., station D, appointing meeting With gentleman with bandaged aye. C.-I WILL FAY ?? FOB ALL THE PAPERS lost last August. FRKDhRIOK HKNDRTCKBON. Jamaica. L. I. M. M IBS LILLIAN M ., I HAVE RETURNED FROM tha West to New York. A letter for you at station D. CHARLIE. N ORMAN CAMPBELL.?PLEASE CtLL AT NO. It Beaver otregt ( HAS Third avenue car, Thursday evening.?lady with curia aad green vail around hat. Please fend note la gentleman whose mat she took. Addresa William Harline, Station D. w HERE YOU GOT OUT, SATURDAY, 4, OTHERWI8B Monday. CAP. w ILL THE YOUNG LADY WITH PLAID SHAWL send her addresa and state when an interview may be Address G. Randall, bos 230 Herald office. MATRIMONIAL. T>AULINE-MY REPLY WAS TAKEN OUT OF RTA JL tlon D by another party of tbe same name and returned la me. Fleam give mo a more deUnlte address. CHARLES, Box 32 station G. LOST AND FOUND. Lost or stolen?from no. w maiden lane. an Angola CaL Whoever returns her to the above somber will receive fS reward. Lost-twelve coupons, from nos. 22007 to 22019 980 each, in gold, due January 1, 1867. A aulta reward will be given by leaving the same at 90 Rr?a LANE, SON * CO. T OBT?ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON, ABOUT TWO ULf o'clock. In a Grrnd etreet car, or stepping out of the laid car at the. Bowery, a Pockethook, containing $19 86. Any person finding the same or giving information to its re aevery a 111 be liberally rewarded and receive the sincere i thanks of the owner, as it ia the hard savings of a poor girl. Apply at 22 Lalgbt street for Mary 8. Carrtgan. CTOLEN?ONE DARK BLUE DEBH9 COAT AND ONE O fine Beaver Overcoat. Pawnbrokers and second hand dealers will please arrest those parties offering the same. Address John Kehea, 981 Sixth avenue. - JUWABDS. ^ACTION. T *? B^IS52f^SJ?A1SI'w?A!r? DBALBRS IN OOV __ BRNMMT AND OTHER PEOUKITiKB. ?ESSSSSSkF?^"!: ?. -^r- ~ nu ?ronim udmiao i, ? In UM,t ?,r?p^tea * Kie*. Acr Jtnr Parable to the ardor of Adam Norrie and Baajamin B. fikar Vea. Mar mam"'?~ m-1're 122$. DOt gbdoreed. H'Hr S?1 JS21 iS91- Ron, dm mm moos i w HSSS* ? ?iS: ?a ss sa 0 DI1' ?>.??.law. lar Raataa, Imutr Paiabls Moa. 1WI 3006*. aawa" MOM JMB7*" ntMft MM ,aaaa WTKWfefi SK.-S."?! 85> e.df* *"*> ssaso, Km, M r TeES>WwKarf I?deBS?**8 **?' - IIn thaak.^?^ *.n?ner *0^*0 the above raward and I H5 KlfS??y)IT' RTRATBD or stolen, on I SmJL Mn?!f Inaafl!?**?*'.f ?5' Too Terrier. not I ST- . ?n ? ^ onawarlna to the nana of 8pry. The above Dwrard win be patd on returning It to Ma 1 tfedleon avenue I ?rfatora I Fifteenth atraat. HO ?0? the rbtitrn rf V "l.o eanan #ol4 W?tch atoieoSpna raqan M Barla'a ? oahad. Sand to !#dSO PieSsaggf .gg? thn horsB ? I ' Q*T|h|>lU_C?*!i!li V^I ?orto,*^??>U IwlSt ituJheA tThi I ?~5SlK35sa?j55ws&s ss1 fcaR. Pawnbrottera wtn ptaaoa atoytha aala. ?50 ?r.^^w;^.?5;svi.,?,''^S' ftlSSf A Nw!?l?f nan"f"*U.^ Hoa* L,VP<?t. maker.; No. | Ej^jxagnztiss??323*2 REWARD?LOST, on WEDNESDAY BVBN .'a* **** Houee. in a tk???L?3!i L&LE4S&' ?P*? '?*. detaebed vSwESaMmGS^S I IHiff,?Tft nettm the abora reward. ?F1CUL IOTICII, J?BRCBANTS> DISPATCH. AMERICAN ^MM^lirANT^BOPRHTORS. ^ SPECIAL R0TICB. ?E!'"AU;,JS2T^,'S"^^SuI,*n"'*' I! CGMMINOS, ?aSfsftS8S>-gH51 ooumnr.-TWB undbb G'KMaaaMMHH MITjitCTIOS. A LADY. AM RXPY^tlV.NCFD TKAOHKR AMD OOOD disciplinarian WDhf* to give lesson* la French. Ger man, Hatbrmatica aad the higher English braachee in schqa's or private families. Address K., care of bchuberth APR, M AwUetr AS GOVERNESS.?AM BNGLI8H LADY, EDDCA ted In Kraaoe, a Aral rate pianoforte tad French teach er, wtu exchange music lesson* for a comfortable home; ref erence*. Add rear hu*i, Herald office. AY #8A-BUSINKg8 COURSE, BOOKKEEPING. WRIT tag. Arithmetic. Grammar, Reading. Spelling, Ac., every day and aveniag; twelve private room*. PA1NB, No. Q Bowery. Brooklyn College removed to 849 Fulton at reel. BOOXKEEriMO. PENMANSHIP AMD BUSINESS AFFAIRS. GOLDSMITH'S COMMERCIAL INSTITUTE, 700 Broadway. KutabHthed IIMO. VapUe received daily at Ute reduced lerma, via: O-NE HALF THE USUAL RATES. A BRIEF OPPORTUNITY Sl'BCIALLT OFFERED I'O YOUNG MEN. Particular* la circular. ? ? BOOKKEEPING. WRtTINO. AC., FOR BUSINESS.? Mr. DOLBKAR, MM Broadway, teachet bookkeeping practically, as need In the beat New York houses. He alio remove* stiffuetn, cramping or trembling, and makce elegant bo-.ues* penmen. Gentle men can iccure private room* day er evening. pRIVATE COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, Vo. 516 Broadway, New York. Established and conducted by C. C. MARSH, author of the popular works on Bookkeeping. Circular*, with term*, on application. rpKACHER WANTED.?A YOUNG FRENCH LADY AS A resident governei* In a faintly. If the lady should be occupied In giving priTale lessons In the city, n portion of the day wdl be granted to her to continue In this occupa tion. Apply at 44ft Went Tweuty-eeeond atreet, between 10 and IS o'clock A. M. * Teachers wanted immediately-ladies. for oil painting. rudiment* of drawing. French and English for city and country schools. Apply at the National Teacher*' Institute. 5SS Broadway. WANTED?A TEACHER (ENGLISH BRANCH1. AT the St Mathew* Academy. Jersey Citv. Apply to Rev. Geo. Eroh, 385 South Filth nreet. Jersey City. _ SPORTING. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR SALE-FIFTY eight feet Ibng. ten feet beam: about Ore month* old; built or oak and copper tautened, ha* accommodation* for eight persona besides the crew; Is well found la every re spect Apply on boerd at foot of East Tenth etreet All kinds op dogs and birds for sale at B. DOYBY'S, 850 Canal street near Church street. Medicines for all 6l?ee?ee. Prepared Food for mocking birds. * CHAS. RBTCUE A BROTHER. 55 CHATHAM RTREF.T, have received, per stesmer Bremen, and hsvoon hand, A000 German Canaries. Goldfinches, Linnets, Blackbirds, Thrushes, Larks, Ac. Dealers and bird ianoiersare hereby Invited to call and examine for themselves. We are pre Pired to sell at the lowest rates. Also Golden and 8llvar heasants. Swans and animals, suitable for showmen. FOR 8ALP-8T. BERNARD AND NEWFOUNDLAND Dogs, Setters, Black and Tan*, Scotch and Skye Ter rier*, and different other breeds. DANIEL FOSTER, 13 Roo?evelt street Francis butler, no. 8 peck slip, has all the choice breed* of Dog*. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator. 75 cent*. Butler'* uew work on the Dog, |X Dog* trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for all disease*. JOHN GRAY. 11 ROOSEVELT STREET, HAS FOR SALE a pair of handsome Newfoundland Dogs, Bull Terriers, Spit* Dogs. small Italian Greyhound Puns, Poodle Pup*, ?mall Black and Tan, Scotch and Sky* Terriers. NOTJOB.?JUST RECEIVED A LARGE LOT OF GEK man Canary Bird* by F. MORIS, 48 Chatham street HOR.MKB.CAHJtIAoixg.dfcC. AN ASSORTMENT OF " OLARENCR8-OUR OWN city make; $400 lee* than former prices; 800 Carrier" twenty per cent laaa tbeu Broadway store*. HAM'S, Broadway and Fourth stTee A GREAT CHANCE.?FOR BALE CHEAP. SPEED, 4 JX Trotting Horses; can boat 8:40: and 4 Horace, can beat 2:48; all yonng. sound and kind: also two Kemble Portland Sleighs. Inquire at O. W. JERKINS' Waverley Sale and Exchange, 1,587 Broadway, ooruer of Thirty-ninth street A LOT OP FIRM ALBANY MADE BLEIGH8; ALSO A number of la# Clarences and Coupes, at greatly re 'Trow A CO.. eonur Fourth gaj XwmretrsoU. A * ABSORTMMBT OP SLEIGHS ARM CARRIAGES A-SLEIGHS. SLRTOHf, 8LBIOH8; BO ? Bells, Bells; Harngs*. Blankets, Ac. time. For sale eheap at WTU. GRAY'S, gyp ORTMEHT _nfQni tola. ^ also Family Carriage*, Buggle*. 1 184 vultonavenue. Brooklyn. A LAME TRUCK SLEIGIL WITH DOUBLE RUN nera, for sate eheep; aleM double Truck. To be teen at the feed a tore 107 Worn Thirty-ninth street, near Broad way. A FINN SIX SEAT SLEIGH-ALSO CUTTERS; GEN. eral aasortmant of Carriage a. Harness, Ac. The cheap est plsoe In the city, at 18 Oedar street. _ TAYLOR A HIOKB. A PORTLAND CUTTER?OF KIMBALL'S MAKE. IN A very good order; two Robe*, one buffalo and one Rocky Mountain wolf, the Utter very 8ne; one set ef light double Harness, made by Dunaoomb. Can be seen at stable* of Fischer A Co., corner of Lexington avenue and Twenty third itreet "" A SLEIGH, SINOLR SEAT, AND A ROCKAWAT, BOTH A in good order, for sale eheap. Can be seen at the wagon shop. 31 Sullivan street. - A CHEAP LOT SLBIGIs, BELLS, AC ?ONE TWO seat Sleigh. Cutter, Box Sleigh, Farm Sleigh, two Cart* men's BelU. Buffalo Blaaketa. CARTER'S, 83 CortUndt, aear Oreenwloh street. riAMIAQES, 8LEIOH8 AND HARNESS.?LABOR aSBonmenl of Jrat da a* work g> very low nrteea at ?T Cedar ?UYsk JOHN M. TUFTS, JR. (euocemofto Rosa A Tufts). -??. ? Ww <? Ar . > w -wm (TtAMILY SLRIOB FOR BALI?AT KRRLRR'S 8TA r bles. Broadway and Twenty-eighth street*. jIllOB SALE?FOUR TWO HORSV BOB PLBIGHS. J suitable for truckmen. Ioqfltrs at 85 Vandam atreet Ask for WKbTBROOK. For sale-chbap. a light two meat alb ant Sleigh, ia good order. Apply At 80 West Tkirt y-first street. P)R SALE?A VERY HANDSOME RAY HORSE, Id hands, heavy. Tjraara old; will sol' low. or will trade for a smaller one. FISHER, at Jackson's steals, Atlantic ave nue. corner ef Claseon. Brooklyn. For balb-onr of stiyrr's first class out ters, Folo end Shafts. To be eeeu at MoQuade A Oo.'0 stablea. Forty-third street and MtxU avenue. Inquire for Gwrgo. Fir sale-a black hahblrtoniam hark, F?X ? or 4 at Anno at 28 Beaver SALR-A HANDSOME SLMBBHtWILL SHAt t r* SALE?A NBW COVERF.D VPA40ON. SUITABLE for the greaary er kafcsry hoalasm. W4B k* soM cheap; to bo seen at ? very stable, corner Bright sod Bat I'e# atraam, Jersey City. For term*, Ac., apply at 88 Maldaa lane. New York. F. D. PARKYgDO. -XDOR SALR-A VALUABLE FAST WALKJNO SEVEN r year old Home a ad Harness, together or separate. Apply la front of the drug store, earner of Beta no and New Chamber* streets. rR SALE CHBAP?A FINE TWO 8BAT FAMILY ^lelgh. Apply to F. F. RUS8RLL, 188 Hcoth atraot. "PORTLAND RLRIGH FOR SALR.?IS PERFBOTLY T new. and bells under shafts, which arc neatly trimmed. W0I be cold at a bargain. Hay be seen at N& ? Warn Eleventh street, opposite rtu Deals Hotel. SECOND HAND SLEIGH FOR.BALB.?APPLY AT private ruble, f! Ninth street SLEIGHS.?A FEW LETT, OF HY OWN MAKE. NBW York style and light Portland style, for trotting; one large three seat, two skirting seat Albany style; also let lew priced Part land make, one Ana Clare nee, at R. M. STI VERS'. Hto Baal Tklrty-flrat street QLBIOHS, SLRIOB8?TUB RALANCR OF OUR RTOCK O selling leas than coal; fe?r second head Coaches, one PoarTh ***** Mvngr Broadway and SLEIGH FOR SALR?A YRRT HANDSOME ONE bora* Cutter, nearly new, aad In good i in Mil in. la qqlre atl| Vandam strait. QLRIORS AND SLRIOH HON, FORMRRLY OMNI Eighth twain, or to J. FINCH, 418 lMk area a*. | QLETOHS AND SLRIOH BELLS ?THR BALANCE O 88 Sleighs will ba said law to Mow them out Flea* Ble^hs^aU^kJad*^grooey^and buslnaea Blade; LMetr ' O. WITTY, ? Broadway TWO FIRST RATE EXPRESS SLKIOHS. WITH DOU X WeKnnora. for mle: also one oalr Robs. Inquire ef S. D. PRTBB*, IM Hadeea atraot, or at 110 Frowt stroot SECOND HAND huflt Clarence ' and repair. Hewlett. I Shoiowtubs in MYAL NRHINR, AJT^ . . ^ OTnym unwi m. rr. ?*. RBDUOWFRICRH. FNLTON ST. SALES AT ACCTjQil. ADRIAN H. M0LLKR. A'J&Tl'/NKB R.?ADRIAN l? MULLER. 0. R. WIXuKINS 4. CO., will nR it auc tion 00 Sa'ur.lay, Juwn )g, i.| l?u o'clock, at the r.x. rhanxe salesmen!, 111 Midway, for aeoount of whom It mar concern, 8,91)0 iluu Koaacll Pile Company, hold aa col lateral. Auctionso.ft._E. roth, auctionbkr. LA ROE AND POSITIVE PALP. OP ELEGANT AND C 'bl'LV HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, BE a r'TTFUL PARLOR SUITS IN BROCATEL, TEL VET, BRUSSELS AND INGRAIN CARPETS, Tbla Saturday afternoon, Jan'T IP. at lid o'clock, the ele gant llouxehold Furniture of the fonr atory houae 119 ITeat Eighth street, few <ioora from filxlh avenue, uear ?Ii-ITPrgon market, a maxnltiornt rosewood Pianoforte It due Oil Paint tngs Works of Art and Bronzes. 19 Bruasela and Ingrain Carpeta, a lot of rich Parlor, Bedroom and l'lning Hoom Pur allure. Spring and Hair Mattresses, Glass, China and Silrer ware. Cutlery, Ac. Hal# posture. A?SAMUEL WYSN A CO., AUCTTONBER8.-$16.WO ? worth ?-f nurnlBee'-t Houaehold Furulptre at public P auction this day (Saturday), at the Avestory brou-n mon* home 44 West Slxteenih street between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. sale commencing at o'clock. Parlor Nu'ts, Kt ageres, Bookcase, Turkish Easy Chair*, Cou.-hea, Koonlg. nenrs, Cabineta. Mirrors. Cart-eta, Lace Curtains, Clocka, Vases, Oil Pa'nllDgu by eminent nrtis-.a, 100 rol umea choke Books, artistic Hrorixe Statuary. Rosewood seven octave Pianoforte, Canterbury, Rtool. Mm'n, rosewood and walnut Bureaus. Bedsteads. YYa'drohee, 13 pairs of Blanket*. 24 pairs of Sheets. Counteroanea, 12 Hair Mattresnea. Rxtena'oa Table, Sideboard, China, Ulaaaware, Silverware, Table Linen. BY HENRY H. LBED8 A MINER. HENRY H. LEEDS. Auctioneer. EXECUTOR'S SALE OP KINK MODERN AND ANCIENT OIL PAINTINGS. On FRIDAY, January It, and SATURDAY. Janusr* W. at 7>t o'elook each erenlnc. at the "LEEDS ART GAL LERIES." "17 and 919 Broadway, THE ENTIRE COLLECTION OF PICTURES AND STATUARY OFTHK LATE MR. E. BO.lNKN URAVES, comprising several very tine old original pictures; also some One pieces of Statuary by Ivee; also some due ori dual IV turea, br order of Mr. Charles Aduina, now residing abroad: alao an Invoice of line European Picture*, by celebrated ar tists. Among them will be found the following. Vic? EUROPEAN ARTISTS. Eng.Verboeckhoven.W, Oaniz. (Jerome. Calaroe, Chlfflart. Geo. lenee, Tr.tyon, A. Cbapuel, L?ul* Lassalle, Seheeres,, n% Rlbot. Ch. Hue, N. Lan> ret, Stanln-ld. AMERICAN ARTISTS. Thoa. Cole, Van Beeat, Thoa. Doughtv, lllnkle/, T. Boeliau Reed. J. M. CulverhotiM, J. F. Cropaey, G. II. Bouzhlon, E. D. Lewis. And other*. ALSO, A splendid eopy of Boydel's Shakspearn, in flite order. ALSO. A very valuable life-at re picture of Napoleon, by Dartd. Thev are now on exhibition free at the above Galleries, .from 6 A. M. to 9 P. M., and two erenlngs previous to sale till 10 F. M. HF.NRT D. MINER. AUCTIONEER -SALESROOM 87 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. SALE OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES, 8LEIOH8, ROBES, AC.. AC.. AT AUCTION, BY MINER A SOMEKVILLE. THIS DAY (SATURDAY!, JAN. 18, AT It O'CLOCK, IN FRONT OF SALESROOM 37 NASSAU STREET. Regular Horse tales at 87 Naaaau street every Wednesday and Saturday at 12 o'clock. RAY TROTTING BTALLION. 1SE bands high, 7 years old. warranted perfectly sound, klud In all harnea^ and un der saddle can trot Inside of three minutes, TOP ROAD WAGON, In good order. BAY HORSE, 8 years old, warranted sound, 16*{ hands btrh, kind and true. TWO CARMAN'S SLEDS. In first rate order. OPEN TWO BEAT SLEIGH for family use, with pole and shafts. OPEN SINGLE RE AT SLEIGH. Lot Buckskin Driving Gloves, several Robes, Blankets, 40 Straps of Bells, Ac.. Ac. Messrs. MINER A SOMERVILLK offer unsurpassed ad vantage* in location, experience and business rapacity to part'es wishing to buy or desiring to sell Horses, Carriages, or anything pertaining to the horse business. JJBNRY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER. MALE OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, SLKIOHS, MINER A SOMERVILLE, TUE8DAY. JAN. M, AT 12 O'CLOCK, AT THEIR HORSE AUCTltPN MART, UNION PLACE STABLES, HI EAST FOURTEENTH STREET. NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. Messrs. MINER A SOMERVILLK. offer unsurpassed ad vantages. In location, experience and business capacity, to parties wishing to buy or desiring to sail Horses, Carriages, or anything pertaining to the horse business. Henry feltman. auctioneer-office, room No. 8 ritntom Hall, Eighth street-?will sell thta day, at 10)4 o'clock, elagant and costly Furniture, contained in house No. * St. Mark's piaee, Eighth street. The Furniture consists In Bert of very one and elegant Velvet Carpets, rep Bulla. Mantel Mirror, seven octave roaewood Finns, with Steal; Lace Curtains, valuable Engravings, and ether things teo numerous to mention. This sale la well worthy the aa teaUee of good furniture buyers. Bale will he la tats, poN Bvsly, and no postponement whatever. H"fNBYG.SVANS, AUCTIONEER. ?^ WILL BELL THIB DAT. AT S O'CLOCK, AT 41P BROAD WAT, <1 A rich assortment ef French China, Bohemian Glassware, T BOGART, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THIS DAT. tl ? at 10J4 o'clock, at the auction room a No. I North Wil liam street, a general assortment of Houeeheld Furnitorn reeuaan! Chairs, enk and black walantEztensien Tablet, ? -T 3 ~ " )Al? Hair, white mahogany Sofa*_and Loungaa,_ Brussels. Three-ply and ls grain Carpets, Feather Beds, Pillows and Bolsters Husk and Straw Mattresses, Bedding. Ac. Alas 100 _ Wool Blankets, a large quantity ef Men ami Women's Wear ing Apparel. Fancy Uooda,Ar. Also throe as wing Machines, ?tores. Ac., Ac. TAMES JENKINS. AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL AT el section, en Saturday, January 19, at 11 0'doek, at l.MP Broadway, near Forty-Brat street, a lame stock of Albany and Portland Sleighs. 800 straps of Bella, three cases or Sleigh Robes, 100 _p?lr of Blankets; also a lot of Bear, Wolf, Skunk, Genet and Fox Robes. Sale positive. VfORRISWILKJNS. AUCTIONEER. M fTJJUltERRY BOAf AT AUCTION. K. H. LUDLdW 5 C" Tffl e?JJ At ftBOOn on Tuesday. Jen. B, 1887. at II o'clock, at tM Exchange salesroom, ill ^PiUTlrRRRf BOATnfbHN ADAMS?Ldngth, lM feat; beam, O feel; hold, 11 feet; draft of water, 8feet a Inches; an# Hit feet stroke, metal bottom; the above Is staunch tight; engine and boiler In good working order, and can be seen at HobofcOn. Brat pier north from the ferry. (SHERIFF'S SALE.-RICHARD WALTERS, AUCTION 0 ear, wtll jail en Setnrday, at II o'clock, at No. ? Ninth J areuaerOBf DoUM; Tntfk, need for down town work. J Cm* 1 gAMUEL WTNN, AUCTIONEER?SELLS THIS DAT. at I o'clock. Ftxturea of saloon B Greenwich avenue, as bar and beek Futures, Tables, Chairs, flne Range, Mir ror. Ac., in lota. rBE BOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION-ON SATURDAY. January IP, at U o'clock, at L407 Broadway, near For. Sr-drat street, 1 bay Mara. 18 hands; very stylish; can tret Br :40 or betler; 1 pair of bright bey Hemes. 7 years old; very stylish; the oweer thinks ean trot in three mlnnlee; 1 pair black and sorrel. 18 band* high, 7 years old; ean trot to the pole In 3:80. I brown Horse (Htata of Maina); 8 years old: sound aad kind; has trotted on the Fashion 1 rack in 2:88; good pole horse 1 8ne Kimball Sleigh, with pole. Robes, Blankets. Ac. JAMES JENKINS, Auctioneer. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 170 Chatham square, sella, this day, at I0? o'clock. the eon tents of the Orooery and Liquor Stare. 74 Met' street, Teas, Sugar*. Soaps, fctareh, Fleer, Hp lees. Scales, good Counters end ether Fixtures, Beer Pumps, Lease, Ac. TXTK. WOLF A BOM AUCTIONEERS. OFFICE HO. ?M vv Pearl Stress.-I. WOLF. Auctioneer., will sail. thie day. -recwr nquor IMNUMI VKtMT RriK, VtiilUiCML THREE MABOBH?BRAD THE BRA- NPIRrTBD DB JP paikaial Iwiil to the Craft Right page*, forty eel a mm, prise Pcesrte; publlsksil at No. FSpruceBreei " JNDOMITA1LE AND INDEPENDENT." ? ?OTT. BCOTT. STORT HT ALICE CART. STORY BY ALICE CART. STORY BY ALICR CART. POKM BY GEO ROE FRANCIS TRAIN. IT GEORGE FRANCIS TRAIN. ? POEM BT GEORGE FRANCIS TRAIN. Masoido DarAnrmurr by R. W. JOHN H. ANTIION. MAeomo DerAnrnairr by R. W. JOHN H. ANl'HON. JOHN H. All HON. john h.^Zmtbom. SS RSSSS g f: 8:8:8 MMiitH: ?NBNRI WTRRfNl1 Re W, On ntxgwBHr by P. O H AND PUPILS pubHahod at He. # Sprues ?IBkR tSwruee street. DD PHLLOWB?BRAD TOR BRA. ONLY WB8KLT Joumel deveted te Odd PuUewsbla, Prlee 8ve cents r-.?pnbBhed at Ha ? Sprues 0D ?W pegee, forty eotamna published nl Ha I Sprues streek vr&rjis DnroRCf cash, . RmnUf 7. BtewnVt, and Rev. wife to m :4! DAKCIWO ilgggjjggp* ffVf0? PMM?K-&0.lgyT' .-, ?...?.., ?L?? i^VSiSLSJS ??. Jf financial,. a NNUAL STATEMENT OF TUB WADDINGS AM k.- v V .7 . *r Vu,,'P?"y. olUoe 62 Broad street, Yot k city, unwary 16, }&><: Amount of moiuU.. , 11 200OK) 00 ? mount untied m pa>Tneui for purctmic of min* ?n* property j { jq no fuSiiHuLJi? *> uxlfi amply secured.'." "40.1W W LiiiHiHiciof too comptoy.., 17 CIS <M B,T?h KSJffifi?, tJ,B c'"JP^nv consists of valuable mlnre In B t>tn Botje, Alt *.r?? couuif, fdatoo Territory Withaafteam 'i?u> ' boiler of W hor.-e power, a mill and sumpa torn

*"*? MARCPfl HrNTER, V^ucu t iL^e'ds. HKNHY 8f LBKIIHORI. joH.NPTNLWKI^, WWONWaDDIXGUA*. But. of Xsw York. City ./?*?. no?ai. ?*?'2R **y? tliat ha 1? a resident of I?! ? V Pr**l4'"'t of ?he Waddiughau Gold aud .-liver Mining Company, and that the fort-going report Is true. JAMKS T HOluftT Bjmrn before me thia 18th ofJanu.ry W U AKT> Mew York*** Rd*"LI" Koury ?"J u>d county of A T NAw1Yo'kRAVING8 BAN^' "HATHA* SQL'ARK, 81X I'ETt CfiNT, FRBB FROM ROVRRNVFNT Tay DIVIDEND.?A semi-annual dividend, at the rate o? six tier opnt per annum, free from rovernmant tax. on all anma from $i9 to $5,0U) will bp paid on and after the tiilrd Monday in January. Deposits made before January 21 will draw interest from the 1st. Bank open dntly. . _ HAKiUBON HAtL President* J. P. Coorxn. Secretary. ^ A LBERT H. NICOLAY. 48. ? pine raSSSn SilSi^ pro-* and Mining Storks receive special attention. CITIZENS' PAVINGS BANK. NO. SB BOWBRT, COR ner of Can. J street. New York.&anuary. 1887 SIX PER CENT FREi: FROM ffOVERNMENT TAX. 1M7?JANt AKY INTEREST. The regular seml-aunual interest, at the rate of 8fX PBR CENT per annum ffree from go-ernment tog), will be paid on andafter MONDAY. Jan. *1, on all annia of Are dollars and upward, which hare Been on deposit for three or aix months prerlous to the lit or j an usury. Interest not withdrawn will be added to the original do. P?"1'-?"d bear Interest from the lit of January. MONEY DEPOSITED NOW, OR ON OR BEFORE JANUARY SO. WILL BEAR INTEREST FROM THE 1ST OP JANUARY. Bank open ereiy day for the reception and payment of ?d?5fci^ WnKSS^rSi72$DAT' weBi?esday Bank books la German. French and English. Br?,* FOa?"- *""?* FNONTINTAL INSEEANOE COMPANY. " r^.a ?.u.i Broadway. New Yerk. A?Sl^P MOO 000 00 Son*1" 87 Total assets 11 am If iT Insures against loss by Pit* on Building' 'Maixhaudtse itf *n<1. otb?.r Itburable Property! at fair rates, customer?* ^ profits of Its business to its The Board of Directors hire this day declared a semi, snnnul dividend of seven per cent, payable tolhe stodt holders, on and after the ISth InsUnl GEO. 1. HO PR. President. Cars Pxcx. Secretary. LA*FOBT' TB? F?id?" Jawcaut 18, 1887. TklMB RAVI NOR BANK OP WILLIAMRBI'RO, COR. E ? 8'^n^^rorri,n^ ttSTfs'tS Janoaiy! *"h ?f J*nUA'T ir*W l>t,rart For sale-cut railroad btockb. 7birrt Avenue Ralroad, Belt Railroad. Forty-second Street F?re^lreim*? *7 R",lr0".',,cBI**<:ker ??<? Pulton ?r?*"*aT ?nd Seventh Avenue Railroad, EXLzZ k;JlYiJ!ro?l4fnlL'knl.Utterr ?>*> in. suraiice stocks and other BeonrUies, paying from 10 to ID por cent dividends, all at low rates. ^ ALBERT B. NIOOLAT, Block Broker and Auctlonoer. . 48 Pino unit. GOLD, GOLD?I OFFER FOB SALE 10,000 FEET OF MM of the richest Gold Ledges In Ootorado. In the rirtnlty of Central City. Will sell the whole for cash and Jj* ?f merchandise to suit the oountry, or win Join with tTuS*"'- ?**1 of. r?.f?">ocew TlUee per _?r Ad^reM bos IW. cat* Sweeny's HoteL NEW JBR8KY ZINC COMPANY.?AT A MEETING OF the Board of Directors of ibis Company, held this day B. S. OIBLIN, Secretary. fliTSS^K^ to the Slat., both daya exctoaiva. JAXPAXT 18, 1887. j PAOO. QU riR CRNT INTEREST, " MARKET SAVIN _ ,Ji Naiaan, near Fulton street, New York. Dwells made or or before January a will draw lalarest from JIQUATT I. an.., a T" *""?r^" TTNION DIVE SAV^NOS BANK, ' fee cent j. * AartST-jr-KsrsiS: O. S. Omafie. Tr? ?ursr; T. i. Amnocx, Seanigff. R^sirs^,,rn;'W?,cra?*Js.a; j*nf?,ln_loro"' allowed: money wanted to purchase the Inter est of retiring partner; or active partner the above f?DU w W- fn rtrr faTor?ble terms. Apply |e H. M. FiTZHUQlf, box 141 Post nfflee. Bay City, Mlchk m. Jttw Terk reference, Fiuhugh * Jenkins, 40 Brotd itrtot I ft! ftft 000 T0. WAN-ON NEW YORK CITY qi lVHMrl/U real estate, drat Mortgage, at 7 per cent. J. SOUS RITTERBAND, ap Wnll slr^ ?iiu"cey rotlrt ?9.^0 000 T0 V0A* ?* ,OND AND MORT. 5~ ?"M.onsmaert.u JOHN F. COKRBY, ? Wall street, w Ml tr,00 OOO w loan-in sumh to suit, on ?Pl(UU,UUu oltv real estate. 88 per cent of ralnation; prompt attenUen. Second moi-tgafte bought. C. K. WILLIS A CO.. 31 Fine street, haeemenL lUiniM OFFORTl'YITIKI. N KXTENNIVr' RECTIFYINO iroi-sit AND ALCO L hot Dictllicry for sale, on advaatagcons terms. Apply to COOLIDGE A TOPNO: 138 Front^Seet. W1 A PARTY HAVING ?2,?X> TO INVEST IN A REALLY .8??^ enterprise, which will Insnre e very large return, witl find an opportunity by calling at *28 Broadway, room 14. third floor, between the hours e? M and 11 A. M. and 4 and I P. M. AM MERCHANT OF THIS CITY OFFERS BUILDING Lots In tiartlord, Conn., In esrhange for aalablei mer chandlaa. Addreae Merchant. Herald ofllce. Ab\53E.tL4SF>inabt offortuvity-a partner with $1.<W0 wanted; hualneee will pay S30.0U0 par an num; highly honorable and literary hi character. Open for inrr?ttgat!on. 181 Brusdwey. room 10. Chemical works. Wanted?to lease or immhaee, one or mere bandings suitable tor or thai could be cheaply converted Into a manu factory for sulphuric, muriatic or nitric arid; also a practical person tolly mpaMs of managing the same. Address D. O., box M Post office. Raw Yerk. 1DINV OPPORTUNITY.?I WILL OlYB A FOURTH r Interest In aa eatcrprise lu England worth a million dollars, whta developed, for $5,000, to bo need m the bnsl h'oTcL^feV7or!L??** Addrees A. B. C.. Suuthem | R SALE ATA SACRIFICV-tTOCK AND FIXTURES ef a fancy dry goods etore. Apply at SM Third avenue. F?i Rare chamcs.-any gentleman wishixg to make money rapidly, and baying S8.00D capital, can meet with one of the meet extraordinary opportunltlss ever offered by applying at 2(7 Hudson street. $/tOft ~A bcminess nan waxtrd as partner ?p J Uv. In a light, established msnufartmIng bueloess which pays large progta. at 24 Duaao street, top Boor. Aliri WANTBD-IN AN 6LD~BBTABLIS?KD ?T? fU.UUU steam engine works, now in full operetlon, for the purpose of tntrududng e reoent valuable invention for railroad construction. A safe and profitable Investment. Full particulars furnished to Nnnere perils* only. Address C. P., box 2.8R Post oNee. LOAI WP1CII, I JKWRLRY, *e.. atfTBlooekar itrwt. also POR DIAMOND*, ?tract. Of (talra. DTASCJW M>DB 08 WjTCHM niAM0ND?,JBW. Rrsonti rropenr 01 ????/ I On*4 Srifi, Iwilomw' A T IU WIST XLBTXNTM mil XT, MBAB SIXTH A. iTNM-lmr ilWMii M furniture, rtmoforto*. Mirror*, Carpet*. Ac. Furniture aoral all? or 00MI17. Furniture ttored. Furniture pecked and skipped. Diamond jkwblrt and indla shawls bouoht MMMS mine; flHMip Brilliant* wanted. Loan a?f?ttal?t. Valuation* 1 Mr cent. Hoar* ? tin I o'olook. PLUMB, DteeaeBd Broker, >11 Broadway. ? n LM MJ, amonaee to IS* tt*r MTO or SSSLTtw! VTONBT ADTANOBD OH DIAMONDS, WATCMBS, ^.ro*'?'iiiarorrjrassL,r~XT kxS: js? ? AMDSEHRST*. BROADWAY tUBATRK........ admission (0 CENTS. Corner of Hrn?<|*ay ?nd Hr.wnno aireet. Saturday evening, Jan. it, TWO PBRi-ormaNUHB By the young, beautiful ami gifted WOKKbLL BI8TKRSL MATIN 612 AND KVKNlf?, THE RIVAL PAGE*. Mont positively last time* aud for oolr throe night* mom, CAM All RALZAMAN AND BADOURA. 8IKOINU AND WaNCINO by tho chargem. The TXIKEK SISTKR.u (Sophie. Irene aud Jennie, In their gwctaliUea?Ciog Dance, Duo Pence*. Duett* and Oporntle Thuradny, J*. H ^ Friday, Jan. M. benefit of Mum Irene. In aour? nreBaraiioa (iio buiJwtiuii of ALADDIN. TUB WONDERFUL SCAMP, may bo aeeured *11 day* In ad ranee. N IMMENSE BILL AT THE MATI*KB OM TUESDAY i next at the New York Theatra. CBARLBY WHITE'B MATINBgrO-DAT. CHARLEY WHITE'S MATINBB JO-DAT. FENIAN'S OATH WILL BK PLAVBD fO-DAY. FENIAN 8 OATH WILL BB EHix v FENIAN'S OATH WILL BR PLAYED TO-DAY. FENIAN'S OATH, COMMENCING AT IH O'CLOCK. IT ELLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS, 7? BROADWAY. JVC onalderod the greatest hit of MM *eaaon. ___ I mmenee excitement, THE DKMON DANCE. N ever equalled I y anv Mlnutrel troupe. D ellgntfully enticing apotheosis et tee a clock. E very eeat occupied to eee the fun. R ueh for secured seat* *ttll unabated. L BON the greateat of thein all in Ballad B nthuataal rally greeted after oaeh daaee. O pera and burlm que ererv evening. N elae 8eymouigale. KeUlfunto AUeaalllnl. JAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. 385 BROADWAY. The trouble commence* at a quarter to A KMli l)B 1.A CRKMN Or MINSTRELSY. ?him ORKME _ BIRCH, WaITbOLD" BERNARD A_ BACK US' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. ? whose success has never been equalled by gay almllar organ isation la the world. New aud cheerful Burlesque# every week. Ttoubles at the Metropolitan Hotel. Norma and Greasy, Animated Photographs. MyPolly Ann, ' Dura. Shadow Pantomime, the Screaming Black Cook and African Ballet Troupa. Grand combination of all tnb principal artiste in the eity at the NEW YORK THEATRE on next TUESDAY afternoon. HMARTS TEMPLE OF MYSTBRY, H DODWORTH HALL 808 BROADWAY. THIS EVENING AT A BATCRDAY AT A ^???MMMf>'I'lA)l BASKET T1 BY REQUEST. -TUB REAL INDIAN KASKET TRICK," thamost exciting feat ever witleeeed; "THE FLOATING HEAD," "UROWTH OF PLOWBR8," and thd""WONDROB8 H AT ?' pronounced by the pmsn and public the "FOUR GREATEST ILLUSIONS" ever pre eented to an audience. HBRR HABELMAYER will per form a Solo on the Wood and Ipdla Rubber Instrument, in vented and made by himself. Ticket* 50e., reserved seats $1, for latent the Hall from 8 till 4. Doom open at TM. MatINEE. doors open at 1M. Children half price. The Chlckering Plane is usedjot thesd Seaneaa. j^LFRED H. PEASE'S ANNUAL GRAND CONCERT, At STEIN WAY HALL, this evening, at A o'clock MADAME GAZZANIGA, Prima Donna. MBLLE. CAMILLE CRSO, VloUntote. BIG NOR SRVERINI, Taaor. MR. G. W. COLBY. mk. u. w. uutiai. i piaalata. MR. ED. HOFFMAN, J Ticket* |L and reserved a hair* H 10. For ante at BWInway'a, Beer A Schlrmer'a, Ml Bread way, and at 111 Broadway. at >o'clock P._ N. f(jr at tfea Secretary-; GRAND SUNDAY OONOMBT. SUNDAY, JAN. W, atto'eteek. ranee at theee Ceneerta of tho wonderful Boy Soprano, MASTER RICHARD CO rimt appearance THBo!l'TH'OMA8DAND^M8BkuL^'OR$iSTRA. Tickets SO oaute; Reserved Seat* 80 cents ex?a. STBINWAY HALL. FOBITIYBLY THE LAST NIG BATEMAN CONCER1 ? Mr. Bateman begs to announce tol BIONOl MIL^|^^^?^OA MR. J. L. HATTON, MR, Tickets $1. Raaaned aaata W cents MR THEO. THOMAS and fnil orchestra. and Steinwny^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H flRi For sale at Boor k Itch inner* a. 701 Broadway; Fond k Co.'a 6*1 Broadway; Rullaua'a ttukot offloe, HI Broadway, land 6 tela way Hall. The ante of Donate will commaaee this morning. fflHE ONLY MAT!NEB IN THB CJTT ON TUESDAY X takes place at tho Now York ThtatWK ?G AM-v -w> PHOSTFONBMRNT OP THB SIXTH BBBTHOVEN ? Matinee.?In eonaeqnence of the snow storm Mr. CARL WOLFSOHN was prevented from arriving in town yesterday M|teMMMMMMMIlMMM of Bmlfaoren Matinees ;i In time to giro the sixth of bla aeriea < consequently the programme announced for Friday will be fulfilled TCY-VAY, way's Rooms, at o'clock pre clael^O^hh^ooaMon Mr. WOLFSOHN will play the celebrated HONATE FATHET1QUK in O minor, op. IK Admission **7 Am grand tempbbance demonstration w | take place this evening, in honor of tho new B^H law, at the great Reveille Ma etc Garden. <07 BroadBH Thirty beautiful yeang ladles will serve Hot Coffee and all the other Beverages known to the temperance community, ^RhltuB^j^ijMd^ttererenn^n^MeorMii|^j^ The public generally are Invited to call and "stamp*" with thorn to the great Reveille Mode Garden and Temperance Restaurant, Atf Broadway, up stairs. Admts BHAN JO AND CLOG DANCING. JIG, SONG AND ^?Daaee and Irish Jig Dancing taught by the renowned JOHN BOO AN, at 1*1 Bast Houston street. Terms |fi per rBATRK TICKET OFFICES. Reserved seats for aU the Brat class theatres, eooeerta, sen always be obtained at the THEATRE TICKET OFFICE, 111 AND 114 BROADWAY. COFARTRERSHIFB. A PARTNER WANTRD-WTTH THE BUM OF AA000 to ioveat with the advert!aer^in an enterprtse whlcb promisee a very large return. Address B. M., station G, flew Tork Post oSlce. A PARTNER WANTED?'TO AHHIHT IN SAM rat: taring a patented article by which $300,000 can be made In two yearn. Terms liberal; investigation solicited. Ad dress Merero. Herald odloe. The^underMgned w01 oontteu. rwwivta^^ka Naw fonn. Jon. W, IMF. ISAAC ON GEE. MH* CLARENCE STEWART BROWN IS TlltS DAT admitted an a partner In enr snveral Arm*- ?, m Raw Tons, Jan. LUff. BROWN BROTHERS k CO. HANGING FAC ?t kind af a man T>ARTNBB WANTED.-THB ADYEBTISRR HAS A f popular medicine, wbleb has good sale andean ba vety jerge^Increteed with capital. Addree* Oaali, Troy, B. T. ^P^man^th M ?W?Mteoo'w.'^5l;,,T,tIolT? YOUNG ?ir.*asj PARTNER WANTED-TO TAKB THB PLACE OP ON* retiring, in a buelnas* a*UbH*he<l six yaar* with ?8,080 1ft 000; also s partner la tka tin and - eaboeaa buatnesa, oroughly establtshad and doing n smart trade. Apply at 1 Water street PARTNER WAJOHD?WITH ?KSM TO ?MM, TOfAMM IT eoe-balf Interest la an ?nterpr'sing bnsineaa. to travel through tho Statsa. Apply at Mt Broadway, room No. 7. Hi WANTED.?THE UWDBBSIONBD HAS 1.088 soma af very saporlar long notion land, with labor f nrnlsh the part. Man Brnome At give satis* ?money to stosk aad provision lb* pUntatien* ta an be seen for n raw days at the offlaa of J. I. Co. 88 Broadway, whara he wfli ba prepared to D. JOHNSTON, ef Flnrtd*. mHB OOFABTNERSHIP HBNETOFOBB EXISTING X between the aubaertbers, nndar the trm name or Ben* ten A WUUe. has keen fiimstvsi by mntyl sengwt ? Hnw Tons, Jan. A MM. S. J. WILLli! ' The bnalneas of the late Arm will be souMmmd at M Lee ard street under the srm name ef Bratep,^rUH|A|CMe. fTHR FIRM Of QE8CSKIDT A MOHlt IS THIS DAI 1 ?iiilt br mutual HtNlt Albort r awbbiW tt alonb to Hen la lHaMsltoa. ^ Altort I^Metoitdt wfS'aMttkM IfelMMI M hlb MS go^ggfemoA with a (Arab aapttaL AdSmaa boa _____ ARgMmy^ron l, MOT I AMVHKMKNTN. __ NEW YORK THEATRE. Imim sUd M > :i4?r?, Meeira. Mark Smtlb A Lewli Faker CENLKILLON. Now being prodMed Willi aNWKELY NEW SCENERY WMlNmOBNY WARDROBE, under the ImmM'ate inpeaiinnn or Him, A, HIBCgLgT? A?T,a A COMPLETE Ct'KPH DM JJALLiST(ft FIFTY LADIES -??. - - a'fl a * **?>*' ? DOlniRFl* OAST. , ? GRAND CENDRltLON MATINEE li '-DAY, Jan. 19 at'J o'clock. Peat? secured *1* days In ndvane* ? Theatre thanca1ifc=?flJ'?Pis. Suturdny neat, January tH. LA PAPILLO'SNB. Comedy !n three actH?b ? ViotorMU Pardon. Next Tuesday LE VOYAGEuR PERRICHON, comedy la four art*. Ticket office at II. Dardonrfl'e't, 978 Broadway. Ci RAND COMBINATION OP AI L THB PRINOIPAk T *rti?l>t in the rlty at the HEW YORK THEATRE on next TURN DAY afternoon. _____________ IPIPTH AVENUE OPERA HOUSE, t 4 ? adjoining Fifth Avenue Hotel STAGE ?THICK BUTOHHR. UN HALLO MARCHER. _ . _ RCKNIVO HIF: BLOCKADE. LORD Lpvr.L. DANCING ON THE Hit A IN. Rk'tflSO AT CENTRAL PAHK. Ot<>. CM in STY IN NEW ACTS. S??NOj, Ac. MATIN HI''. EVERY SATURDAY, at P. M. Tony pastor-p ohera iiousf. mh bowery. OK AND H.YIINUK "O-DAY AT %% O'CLOCK. ORAND 11AT!NBC TO DAY AT SW O'CLOCK. Ton; Pastor, (I. W Thompson, au-l the entire company In a. SPLENO'D RILL OP lYABLK NOVELTIES. SPLl.NDID BILL OK ENJOYABLE NOVELTIES. The great dramk, BAILORS ASHORE, for the Uat time but one. EXTRA MOI U E.?ON MONDAY NKXT, Tony Pastor a grant original eeneaUon, A TOl'R AKi). Nil THE WORLD. I APT GRAND MATINEE?PGR THE BENEFIT OP J the Masonic llall and Asylum Fund, take* plaoe at the New fork Theatre on Tuesday, January El, ai I o'clock. Box office now open. OLYMPIC THEATRE. SATURDAY Jan. 19, 1997. RICHING'S GRAND ENGLISH OPERA. MATINEE, Commencing at 3 o'clock; doors open at 1. Only performance of the DOCTOR OP ALCANTARA. Admission to Matinee, all aeata, 79 oenta. No extra charge for reeerrlng. To-night only repetition of Auber'e beautllul romantic opera of KRA DIAVOLO, ? rRA DIAVOI.O, which achieved a moat unequivocal eucce^a on Wednesday evening. ? Monday next, THE BOHEMIAN GIRL. Tuesday, MARTHA. Wedneaday, DAUGHTER OP THB REGIMENT. ^ Reserved Seats for sale at Beer A Schtrmer'e, 701 Broad way. and at the theatre. ___ George jordan appears at the new yore Theatre Tuesday afternoon. (TRAFULLA'S SEVENTH RF.GIMENT BANO.-THB t sixth Concert wtU take place at the Seventh RcfkMnt Armory on Saturday evening, January 19, 196. ? YleleU '<> be had from the members or the regiment and front C. o. ORAFULLA, Wo. 1 BtanUm street. Miss fanny liMUOT XT TIJe ~Ye^" York Theatre TUESDAY afternoon. TTNION HALL, BROADWAY AND TWENTY-THIRD ST: U bcnyan tableaux. _ aglnted by Huntington, May. Kyle, Cropsey, Chureb, Dal Admission, Si) oenU; Children, 39 ceOW. in every night at 7; conynenrtag at J}i- Wfjnaedag aturday at 9 n'ojock; oommenelug at Mr* " A ROWT. J. GREENWOOD, Manager and Proprietor."* Ope^^V and Saturdo, rnn only matinee in the city on Tuesday A lakes place at the New York Theatre. Grand gala day at oatman's rink-corner PifW-ofith street and Sixth avenue. Ihla (Saturday), January II. All the fancy skaters In the Unlwd Slates are expeeied to be present. Splendid illumination With 2U0 gas lets, calcium lights, lantasus, Ac. 1 full baud. TiAeU BO cents. THB "OCUAN ?ICHT RACE"-GRAND MARCH POM the piano, by Konrad Truer, sparkling, triumphant, and brilliant, with illustrated title pass. Price Wc. Sent mailed free. RUDtGEIl A HILL. Muate Fubitahosa. 996 Broadway, New York. Theatre prancais.? prench theatre to let, for evenings and matinees, for opens, dramas, concerto, lectures, Ac.. Ac. Apply to Mens. DIUYET, office of Preach I mSOFOBT?. I A FAMILY WILL _KKLL THEIfi . _ MAG in PICBN Y I A carved rosewood Piaaeforta, smrffi SEW. far less (Warn sSmfStSKt1, ***** AplMr ABHLADT WILL sell a BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD SET. Hen octave Pianoforte. Stool and Cover for half Its origtaal I price; nearly new; a SwO Instrument; latest Improvements; I first elass maker*. Call at ? Third street; near Second I avenue. Aim MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD | Pianoforte for eale; made to order by sRy maker; fttfiar I guaranteed; used fire month-.; cost $900 for (39a including I Stool and Cover. Parlor Hutu, Ktager e, Beokaate, Paint lags. Bronzes, Chamber and Dining Furniture. (Trim, Plain I and Silver Ware. A sacrifice. M West Sixteenth Greet, near I Sixth sreane. I "DARGAINSPLENDID ROSEWOOD SRTBV OC I D uva Planoforw; eeleomted makers; everstrnog bass; [ full Iron frame; SOb; one for $179; handsome Pianoforte, flOO; mahogany Pianoforte, 990; assortment of new Piano fortes, at manufacturers' prices, at 99 Fourth avenue, oppo I cite Cooper Institute. ItBOR SALE-A NEW ShVEN OCTATB, POUR ROUND IT corner carved legs rosewood Piano; first elam maker. 5S,)l??fflR5rw* "? E Emma, hale cheap-a second band seven oo Hu>r Piano, in good order. Apply to mediately at 198 M Fifty-flfth street W^HATERS' GRAND SQUARE AND UPRtOHTPIANOS, ? Mclodeona. Cabinet Organs, wholesale aad retaS, to I let, and rent applied If ptntotoHH|||MHm|A| oelvsd. Second hand Pis I to $331. New 7 octave pianos taken la exchange. ?m, Factory aad waruraomari|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H JtVMCAL. 1 GKNTLFVAN WII.L OJVB INSTRUCTION OR THK A I'lano at puplln' resident* for VM Mr e Barter iMt of reference riven. iMrw, with rosldeneo, Toolbar, boo 114 U .M 1.1 ?A?o 111 Herald aSce. AHT THE RATIONAL COSRHRVATORY OF MUBIC, ? ? Mediaoa avenue, term* 910- Hr arrtngrmaat with. ? teorfre K. Hrfrtow, Pi .fewir or Muolc fa aobllo serioota, pw otrurtlon kuatl froe. gHl ITAH. PIANO, teem MNOINO. HaRRoRY. I "i emr?! Normal Musical Conservatory." HI Wool ^koly.allth street between Seventh and KUbtb av^^M ^Kaua private. Rend for olrrulor. J. J. WATSON, Lemon* private. Road for elrrulor. J. J. 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