Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 19, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 19, 1867 Page 2
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BOARDRRI AND LQPOKEI WATtTBP. 4T 190 BLF.KOKF.R STREET. . 1'lNMt Kooot. L' ^ ^ To fsmlliw *ol> *i0<1 gentleman. A SUIT OF ROOMS. WITHOUT BOaRD, A. '! ... hcveuloeolh struct, between UoMa hum nfl4Filth fttoau*. ^ AT * NINTH STREET. BETWKEN FIFTH T ? avenues, two elegant Parlor Floor* and mm fine Rnoni to lot, with flrat iliu Hoard, In French and Gar man styles. Frlvate Uble If deal rod. A FEW GOOD ROOMS, NEATLY FURNISHED, TO let to single gentlemen, without hoard; gas and bath; rejerynoea required. Apply at 17 Bleacher street, east of Broadwn/. AT FRANKFORT HOUSE, CORNER OP FRANKFORT ?O and WUUara streets, 250 room*: groat reduction la. pnoea; St to to couU per day; $1 50 ta ?J per week. Open all night. AT 107 WEST TWELFTH STREET?IN A FRENCH A family, a largo, nlcrlv furnished Room oa the third floor to let, with flrat class Board. Refereacae. AM ELEOANT SUIT OF FRONT ROOMS to lkt wttb a flrat class private table; also a nlot Room, at Windsor Hotel. U Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Filth avenue. A FURNISHED BOOM FOB GBNTLBMEN ONLY, without board, nt S7 Amity street, near Broadway and the Southern Hotel. A SUIT OF ROOMB. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED. TO rant, to gentleman or to a gentleman and wife. Ref erences exchanged. Apply at 19 Fifth avanua. PRIVATE FAMILY AT dB WEST TWELFTH STREET. nan accommodate a gentleman and wife, and two geatlemea, with furnished Room* aud Board. Servants and children net taken. References required. A LARGE WELL FURNISHED ROOM TO LET? With or without Board, to ooe or two gentlemen, or gentleman and wtfa; refersooea required. Inquire at 89 Amity street. A SECOND FLOOR, 8LROANTLT FURNISHED; ALSO Third Floor, with or without board: gas. private bath, Ac Single Rooms vary desirable. 74 Wast Thirty-seventh street, near Broadway. LADY HAS A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM to let to n gentleman. Apply at 1M Wast Tenth street. AT 140 NINTH AVENUE. CORNER OF TWENTIETH street?Two Parlors and two or three Bedrooms will be let to sint parties, with Board, in a private family. Splendid apartments and good accommodations. AT a BOND STREET.?A LARGE ROOM NEATLY furnished, with flr.t class Hoard, for a gentleman and wife, or a party of gentlemen. Also single Rooms. LARUE ROOM. FURNISHED; ALBO A SMALL Room, to let, with Board, at 44 Wast Twenty-flrat at AT 110 MACDOUGAL 8TREET.?ELEGANTLY FUR ul?lie4 Rooms, with everything necessary for house keeping, in order that a family may have a complete home. AN ELEGANT FURNISHED FIRST FLOOR TO LET, four large light rooms connecting. Private table if de. sired. Block Fifth Avenne Hotel KING A GO., No. 9 West Twenty-third street. A FRONT ROOM AND HALL ROOM. COMMUNI eating, on second lflx>r. handsomely furnished, to rent, with flrat clxsa Hoard. 8H Madison avenue. A ROOM. WITH OOOD BOARD, CAN BE SPARED for 'wo gentlemen. In a small family, with a few se lect boarders. 147 West Eleventh street, near Sixth avaoue. AT ? EAST FOURTEENTH STREET?A VERY DE airabl* Hail Bedroom for a single gentleman, with first Glass Board. . ? FRENCH FAMILY (PRIVATE) CAN ACCOMMO A J\ dates few gcnt'emcn. or gentlemen and their wlvr *, with tsComs and Boxrd. comforts of a home, at 97 Egsi Tweltth ?trtel. h?e{ Broadway. A FEW VERY DEMISABLE ROOMS, RN SUITE OR singly, to let, with first olass Hoard, at 'JO W eat Seven teenth street, near Fifth avenue. ArUlVATR FAMILY WILL LET A LARGE AND pleasant furnished front Room on ihe third floor. or without iwrttal Board; terms mo legg'^i pleasant location sad pouveuient to cars. Ajft-ly ut U TC:ng street. At the new And j&iflt furnished pleas. ? No. 9 Van Neat place (Charles street\ ? , lwj isw. ? ? swes ivrat |ii>u,(i i vumi t? n nganoi , nearFonrth reet en suite or sincrte Rooms, with first class !i. I'ot parties: all Improvements; a rare oppor tualtv 10 -grnllcmen desiring permanent and moat plea-am in,|?tton4; very reasonable terms; convenient to ,?ky cars. T II CLINTON PLACE. A handjurmr'r furr.iched Rn?m, with Board. REFERENCE REQUIRED. AFLF.AKANT ROOM. WITH BOARD, POR TWO gtint'.meu, at 116 Charlton, one door from U^tn wioh itrw,t LARGE FRONT ROOK, WITH BOARD. TO I.KT, with X*?. I* ?> gentleman and wife or two atngle gentie t. at $16 a week; family email. MI West Fifteenth at. A KICK SUIT OF ROOM* TO LKT?FURNISHED. AT ISA Ninth street near Broadway, convenient to all tbo principal hotels and theatres. T M WESTTWENTY-THIRD STREET.?FURNISHED L Room a singly or ?a suite. with Board. References. A I WIDOW LADY HAB A NEATLY FURNIRHEP | front l'arlor and Bedroom to let. to gentlemen nnlv. where the comfort* of a boma can ha en hired. Call at <M Eighth avenue, between Thirty aecond and Thirty-third sta. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WILL FIND FLEA8ANT, well furnished aecond floor Front Room, with alcove; eieellent table; at No. B East Thirtieth street, between Fifth and Madiaon avenue*. Board.?a few rinolk oentlemen can be aorommodated with good Hor.rd an 1 pleasant Room* on reasonsL: e term* Day board. Apply at SSI Greenwich atreet 1Wynmlng Hotel i. BOARD.-CBNTLEM an and wife OR two -INOI.T: r* n lie man can be aorommodated with Inr-.e front Room ?rar the pnrlors. Those In pmrauit of a home cell at 3JH Waet Tweaty-rtfth atraet. BOARD.-A GENTLE* IN AND WIFE. AI SO A SIN gie aeutleman. oa be aceommodated with plennatil Room* and Hoard, within 5 minute.' walk ni the ferry Appiy at At Re-ci *tre?i. Jersey City. BOARD. ? HAND-OMKLY FURNISHED. WARD aunny, >-con d story hack Parlor and Fxtenslon, with eumtnelio t? tannics, and attlt.ihle for thr.<# or four person*, to let, with Board; alan a hall Room; tahlr excellent. Term reaaonnhle 74 K: Mark'* place. BOAPD.-NIOFLV FUKNI UIKD ROOMS. WITH FIRS, olaaa Board. In a p. hate family, at 113 Wont Fuity-altlh street. (HIE VP BOARD-AT JPl EIGHTH AYHNCF. C 1RNI.H ' Twenty fifth street l'emonx wishing a comfortable heme for the winter ahnuld cell. FOWLER'S FREE BO ARD AND ROD* DIRECTOR' . Twenty third atreet. corner of fifth avenue, hon-i baaement.?I'nrtiaa wishing rooms, wllh or without board wtU had It a great eoavvninsre. LsURNIfiHKD BOOM TO LBT-AT 46 UNIVEKSITI P place fatrtlNISHBD ROOMS TO LET TO LADIT.o AND F gentb men with n wl'hout honed. Term* 'o advantu la ti?'< of re'eranoe. Ida Waal M uncouth a.r.e. near r.iyht-. avenue. HANDSOMKLY FURNISHED SUITS AND SINGLE Kontua with private table -id nrsl rDaaFr* ich eUMioe, at the New York Reel ittrnat. THt and 7.16 Brn id? av. HAND "HIM 1 ,LY F1IRNIHHRD SUITS OK ROOMS ON fltat ami acooa * Boo-* with private lablo and .li*tol?*' French ootslne, at 64 li**t Twentieth treat HANDSOMELY FURNISHED RitOVl* Tti LUT ITB .vtnth Mrre*. it* Firth ?v aue with or without i?vd Refnreaeee e?c>, inged. HANPsoM ,LT FWUUailM) WOdMH. Nl'WT.Y til ted up, en *n'le o rurlr. <etth or a .'honl Ito,rd. or with pel rale table, at 766 Hro-dway. H andsomely ?ewjtt<itKn rooms to let?with full Roatd, ta a petvjte fnm'H: I c-at'oo and hone ?oei ept oliable. Apnly at 7B Weal Foety-dflh c tract. Handsomely'Fr*NHHF.o rooms to lkY to gentleinea; Bre and fu with ur without Am -ply at IT7 Went Thirty -flflli ?trc?t Nicely furnuhied simile rooms to lkt With Hoard, at 17 East Twelfth atreet. Dtunerat alt a'olock. Haiti*, flea, Be. NO. M WEST TWENTIETH 8TRKET. THE WltoI.R St CON D Fl OOR and other Rooma, with (tret clea* Hoard. Apply Immediately. Pleasant booms with boarDm-tlrmb modbr. ate. Apply at M ORarMoa atraet. TO I.ET-TO TWO OR MORE BINttLK liE.VTLEMI'N. two Carlora, neatly furniahed, on aecond floor of Dtrtoi >n atreet. rro LBT-WITlloirT BOARD. TO (fENTLHMEN. A J haedaomalr farnlatied Parlor and Sleeplna Room; alao atagle Koorua. App y at 161 K??t Tenth atreet. r LET-A OOMFLETBLY FURNISHED ROOM, ON hrw floor, to one n. two (end -men, or gentleman and wire, with board, at $11 a week. No. ? 11 arrmob atraet. r BOARD?IN TWKNTY-SF.YBHTI street. between Fourth and l<eil"xto<> avenuaa, tfl ^^'Ad^T.?%v&p;atrx,,l,'4; r'f"",o, rjm O PI.F.asaRT fron r rooms To I.KT?WTTI mbt^'itiiiij*?'>h-1?' I*ble and deairab'. Shirty aero ad alrret, batwllea Elrtib TSr Apartmepia. with flra and (u In tba erecini herma fll par weafcj refcreaea required. Apply at 67 April aft wMl or vHAMt f>iri .HI < b?rlkm itrtti - CTH A YE NUB, K(f *-ONB GOOD BOOM, ON FIBjIT SJ&UTiSSr ?avwiB 19 r ^-"ArpsoMr Ml iofbiwi^b nRoovOfl 00 .oowOa Ooiir* ftw J oat race ted, to tot, With ST Without Board Saleroom LY I oat quired. 7ft FIFTH AYBNtfB. NRAR DRLMONICO'S. FRONT I 13 Rooma handaomely furniahed. to lei ar tu ir or toaflla, with or without Board. Mflferenrea exehnuflnd. mm WEST HOUSTON RTRBKT.-TO LET A HAND. anmely furniahed Froea Room, 6a a noma If dealred; meets FUMtual and tin I flfl p?r weak; flra 16 mm tbeMwneeeaam*. 391 I BO A K# flW tdHXHBB WAiryp. ? OBNTLEMaJTORStEFN A PLEASANT HO?k WITH ? a private lamdy who live well and In a arntiunocnlion up own; la wdlHaa to paf* fair prloa ftw(ood aaaimme dalleu Bnardlna house keepera OP prtvale families Wbe ex pect to aaake a Urine out of one or two boarders need Ml | etUiwas little, twi M hew York feat eflica BOARD ARB tODPIIQ WMWO. AUhNTLBMAM AND H 8 SISTER WANT TWO hi OK adjoining Rooms. wiU Board, or without if OOO veutent for housekeeping. not shave KlfhiU fUOeA Ad dress Ik>i illl fnat uffioe. ZZtMjr competent TO 4 TOUNO OEfttUK L*rrr_L.m?** A taaeh the modern laaffiMfB a.s??w a he? English branches. I? doalTUiis a - ? l..?-*.* *** * r*" ?pectaMe family. where aama I?esoos n day wlU be oon.ld 1MB for bar board. Apply to P. W. Ohris arad companaa tarn, foreign bookaottor. 888 Broadway BHoard -a okntlkman and ukown daughter ? require a Urge ?.nt small Room, oommunioating. with? ? rdT\?Slon b?t?em. Affibth ?<? twentieth strmfc, nod Fourth and Sixth aveoeea; terma not to exceed MO u> $1 JO par month. Adurosa, with /oil ptltiatltrai Baakar, ata* tion IJ. Board wantrd-bt a t<Mnqlady. ina pri ?ate hoarding house, lwtweea IWnrth and Eighth atraata. Addrew. J K. 0., station D, Eighth r* Board wanted?for a obntecmam. wife and little girl. Address, stating ti i ina, Francis, box 117 Her ald office. Board is wanted?bt a gentleman. wife and aon. It vaara old, with parlor and two bedroom*. which they will furniah all except carpets; will pay from gto to tit? a month. Addraaa L. L. L., Ilernld office. B OARDKR8 WANTED?AT NO. ? BEACH STREET ?i nair Broadway; pleasant room*, with gas, grates, wa ter and cieaeta; abundant table, for gentlemen, at eery rea sonable prtoes- Also a few ladles to board. /1HIMVS BOARD WANTBD-AN INTKRE8TINO ' > Utile girt, healthy aad good looking. __ orer throe years of sga; would be pleasant company for a respectable widow or In a small American family; charge moderate; no board ing house mistress need apply. Address Child, station A, Spring street. "TITANTEIV-IN A RESPECTABLE FRENCH FAMILY, It full Hoard, with Bedroom end Sitting Roam, by two ganlleanen. Address, stating tcrmt. box 4.018 Post a Bice. YET ANTE It?A CHAMBER AND HALL BEDROOM, VT ad joining, with good Heard, for aladr. child and nurse; the price mustbe mode rale and location between Second and Eighth arenucs. not aimve Thirtieth street. Address, with price end particulars, box ASM Post office, for two daya. YX7ANTED?BY TWO YOUNG MEN, A FIRST CLASS v? Room aad Board, below Fourteenth street and be tween Seventh end Third avenues. Terms must be moder ate. Address R. B.. box 6.888 Post offiee. WANTED-A ROOM, WITH BOARD. PERMANENT, by two young gentlemen of quiet habits ; best refer ences given. Addraaa, slating terms, Ac , box 6,687 Post offloa. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, BOARD FOR A lady and child nnd an old gentleman; location between Fourteenth snd Thirty sixth streets. Address C. N. M., box 1,043 I'nst office. WASTED?BT A GENTLEMAN, A WELL FOB. ntahed Room and breakfa-t. lu e private family. Hvpig betweeu Twentr-thlrd and Forty-seienth street* end I .ex. tngton and Eighth avenues; terms not to exceed Mil per week. None need reply but those willing to funrsh the heat accommodation to a steady tenant. Address Tues day. IS A. M.. Onod Tenant, Herald office. HOTELS. DE I.ANRAt' HOUSE. TS WERT FfORTIFTH SfREKT. fronting Rseervuir Park. One Suit of three Rooms on second door. Table d'hote. XTOTTC E. ~WEI> DELL HOUSE.,O'. EVK LAND. OHIO. ?I* On end after Jan. It, IMJ, jloard Per day 88 Less then a day charged by the rncwl, ? Breakfast SIM Dinner I'.'.'.'".''"".'.".*."" 1 00 ??xppe?r V. 1 80 Lodging ' \ uo "j. H.' A AL W. KIKKWIKID, Proprietors. PARIS.-OB'aND HOTEL MIUABKAU. KO. ? KTIK DE LA PAIX. fill masnil'-ent first rl*M Hotel. recently fratselllihed end el??anUy furnished, ha* horn patronized during the J'1**"' century b> the fir* families of both hemispheres, end justl fle* It. renewn by 1ft un'fiuo sttusHo-) 10 abln ot furl*. tU ^*Zil|irUiLr l*1,1 **r?*n. n * ral<i<7&f sere. ftflOTrtAiKh wttb s pertetuel.T win* . SflfraiirteTilfadrfiutjupa aa to publl^MUh wh^h x-isn m^towbSSsjsasr? jasffitBirtas ??3?j???' SH nuffli, letter box, ! nteiTretem. carTUpcs. A _??_ nil1 RltlfOTf H'lUsK, BROOKLYN H K P Suits end *ln?> Rooms; pnrmanent end transient U >le. HnmirpAss"! h^nno OfttnforU. Apply oriy? ?*n?nan<fia HOTRL. ON THE EUROPEAN PLAN - PT^tf^Ula rMju^ gentli men. W tttith ireniM, corner of Fifteenth aireM. C*T. JOHtT HOTRI ?ON TUB , "j*nd and vlufti* gto*ttein*n, ai m?Ur?o?n? frtm ft V** *?wr __ lent Board ijnodernte mteA_ iisafi'jnjafxsa... UTY RBAL BtfATB W? >MiK' corrected, published weekly end a?U hTANLKT DAY. A. ^h"clr.r * * ^HIMOTON M UR RA*, liiecutor, 17 Bro'd I'reet ?"uim F*nin riKOR of business FRorBRTY for A ,.^ 4f"(" wooit,r sirset by m fe^ on Greed ttreel. Apple it ?*>' West Twenty-suth Mreet. IJ ROADWAY, ABOVECANAL BTREK T.-TOIt * 1807. Oal. a'.Jel Broadway. rstiR sat E ?THK PROPERTY RITL'ATgD ON THF. F northeast cornsrof Dnann and Caroline ?\rr"l?- ?VP? sfte Frle BuiMinn. For particulars le^nire ?t No. t. t sro 1 lie stre.d, i'roiu 10 to 4 o'clock. tm^SSU^ li v-Orst street, second door cut of Eighth avenue. ^ ElOR SALE-A THRKE -TORY Hiofi RTOGP 'BRICK r ii(|l??e W?*mL Twen<T-ftDirih ftrwl' lot 20i98 ft. " "n? i Price #IS MO. SMITH A MFAD.aMBtgbU eeeeus. ?-TiiH HAT.K?A NEW Hlt'tWN SfON'K FRONT HIGH ^ "?o llou*c. West Fifty first street. .?rtrtJxWO; fonr storler hi/h, first rless linprovemer la, name jjtiale peeseselen. ,T? VmkaD. r.iel.thaTcnnr. t-si?)? raLE ?TIIK PLOT OF (IROUND 90 PERT BY HW. Fsuuf.; en I be southVcs,; of ?REf ? nil r?r?nly-*c?en:h strcM ti-eth-r ?"] ting* ih T*ri?n?Mf? rrtc? f?,0a?. W'TfcfttCK. 10 South at rent . _ no* s am: -Ttnt "RirTt.Y riRST (M.933 rorn P story brown stoes Hou?e snd let Ne. ?78 Jwt.actoB ? v.nic Mcrrsv IIIIL t tw en Thirty.*-troth s?d T'crte rtshth streets; tuil stir ond rlecently siiuetrit Vor fdri irr I M.fflrnt .iT. spply te IIOMBR MOR<?AN, No. 1 Ptne strdet. FBSOR RAWt?FURNISHED HOUSF, -ENOLtRD RASR merit, or w ? stoor; lot fit1, Iret; hO'?"o_ 14,--. tor nrrmssnd Msr'iruuri si OS Tm% Twrut/^el rt, trosTil A. E te?P. M. only. r,v?R UMTKONITY PT.ATB, A CKDtUB p rtot of St*or N X lttO; eery euttei Vh tor jjteocfo. t?./ur itnir.Ar vdr-rooTn*. Thr old bitlW?u?s Pry toterr.twi ,Trx?r Vlivi-N. "eft. Apply el >? 91.. reoi.1iWA t 'i>|t ,v\'R -A VOTE rTtiRY HIGH STOOP BHOWN r fuss I jtttw. hMidw> nrly f"irot?hrd. shrer on*.' for hoL sea Dmsltcre, ?I7 ??; SSX'Z iVr'g'igr. Ar.plr at ill Ka*i >o ?tre?4? be iwt-fin -Ywnl and Third ?**rn**. . .1 (.NiK HAliK?A* VRP.Y FINK FOUR STOT'.T HIW P "to p brown stour House, fielshsd t'i the erry t^?t m nerr. wth wslm.l stetrs, wslr.ut temfintPg. it'.ins. and e rptendid b'l urd room; complete With ell m.*trm Imrnirrmrnu. Must be **ffi 1,1 be spprertstrd. \;,nly oo the pretnises, Ot West Hfty-sei ood slixirl, be twrrn Brrsdwxjr and I.i*hth areetM. ______________ I po? ralk-vah ari.f. oobner PRDPRRTT ON T Kirfhtn f?nuc bUx'.UO; now P*T? U.J>lrt?Jilvl? * piiee asked. A good tsxrstrornt. Ap;?ir to BLhKCKKR A nftNtSOJt, he. ?H Pine strost. VOF SALB-WKST FORTY-FIFTH 8TKBKT. NBAR P Firth errnne?Foer story brow,i ?t( or Ijaitw. JPsMk id) Pnmwius snr lime. Ftne erter, Pnre l?RS . I oeee*s.oQ any w p p oRRELL. T? Cedar strmR. t>It"?ALB ?ON CANAL 8TRRET. BEAR TARtCK I frect. a xalnshlr piece ef iirnperty. wlUi two froeti. Apply to E. M, LrpH.ttA A CO.. No. S Plnr street. | 0|? ?U.II, ON WBRT TWENTY-AKCOND RTBBBT-A H foV'tocr KngtUh basement House. In so SI piste order from Tip to bottom; sU the modern> tmproTeuienw; good neiwKhAPHiv>r1 front And rilf I'rlW! gl6.'F*i. JAB. R. KDWARIFM. tn Weet Tweety thtrd street. YTnit irrr OK TO Lfifr-FIRST CLARR_ BRttWN l< Honn IIoum, hmndpomnly firn'iliwt, Hn. IT Wwt TWf ttritaterndteU P?r?ton jn^ehnssfbr. JIAR("y* Beet TwsetTsecoa J street, between ? snd It o'olook A. k. - ? mow ArX "Oti FOB BBNT-FURNI8HKD OR LN? b fsi stshsd n three etorr htgb stW'P menU; etke ?^p^pATRIOIC. Bell's Heed Benk UutldlBg. Vnt stoer Wsst4thSt ; fonrreWWT b'gh 't^ 'WOWB stoee...... seg Weei Htth st., flirre stofy^kmh ejJJF kjy RjS Esq 8^ et^thimeTtSy^^p Rest s?l ?t, three sfiory ktge meop brtck .*.,. ".'r* ? T^rJXJSSrf^"^ ltd. Mscu. ? o^u, mrem. bbooklFn rbalmtatb n?*fiMf*' . A MODfilK. NBW. THRBR *TOBY BBBOB WOU*E rawaig?; Brooklyn rriohta.?for bal& TWB FCBNIBH lsa?sgix? ||X)R HALF.-THRBR STORY BRICK RTORB8, d?.4T' r sad US Feltoe ersnee, northwest oornsr ef Adetphl street. Also Rot 4 end ? Do?*r street Pert sen remain cm 1?Tr *? H"d M W YATt AltmadRJU WiUdMRSL BBOOK1.T1 MtL ESTATE POE ipom BAL1-4B 1UI VICINITY or BRDPOR0 F (fcnklyn, L 1.1, ? moat desirable brick Reside noe. ?tTM story and feuem-at. Pre* ch attic, having all the mot. ?m |mpru?enient? wtila three minutes' walk of Pulton "d AUanu. ?? ?" hafora 1st of **? 9uZ r?* ^ m,wm nww F?ta 55S1KX2*25" Bro*B HOtJSR .1, ??>? P1"? J>l*? Brooklyn; tee view of the new Park; mention and house Brat claaa Id iieery particular Par ocr mlU apply to Q. H EDICTAOO. K I^OB 8ALB-A PINB, COST HO COB OP EI OUT FBgfeMAW A CO.. SIS Broad war F??*8ix2 ?,t??.L?RJ,-Tli? ?*">? HO ORB nlaherf l>ibl,p?' furnlakad or uafur nuoN, gM una wiUr (b the bonne; rMDccUbl* n?*4#hh**r. LIKE8l&Pd!u-^U?c P??^orU>*i;OKIIK UUBVAL ??)H,,THLH*JlL KITATB for salr' JHk at Tarry town, m (ho Hudson.?Maasloa Itrrn. aU "immTr lB.. Pffhet order, and suitable for . ???r? "?# "a lea la led for a family ,af mean a hulGraaa honaaa and (rapepea. The out. bujld'nf.are numerous and ertsnalve, a brat ? arraa of mid oat with all klrda of fruit waNtT^ *k4' ^ ornamental trees, graraUad roada and WKHll^wof lfc* ?nieon. surrounding oountry and neigh, fbr^l? ??o the few place* of iu class :"T1!Llp tki? Pnotoe tooatloa. with the furniture, gardea "J .f?f?!nf ntensUe. lamed I ale possession will be given. Sfiaimav *utt- farther particulars with HOMKR av nu ' * "w b. jfBBliRdON. 431 Eighth A?*.?* ?0R B*LB OR KXCHANGK-? ACRES, hair well Improved, remainder trood land?oak. hickory and eVatnnt; noli Pick U Buildings good. Thlrtv*flvi mlleo from hew York and three miles from railroad depot It la a good truck, grate or milk farm. Will sell or exobange w 8^??W V Tmlu*llon- ***?" "?J- Gr"ai ALL WANTING PARKS.?OOOD ROIL, KILD OLI mete, i mllee south of Philadelphia. Price only (A per arm, Also Improved Karma. llundreda are settling. ^7^ ??' ??s. Address a K. LaMDIsTtSS A*-PAra-T(:ri.NI.CJL>,TTLR COTTAOK. 7 ROOMS. eo.fmt.bly furnished, ready for housekeeping large garden, fruit Ao.; Bye minu'ee' from statlou; i( trlnedacv Otommntatinn Si. Prl-r fiS.fuO r?ah. Can be seen anv day h>"Jrri PP ' W WM KLY L'UILKON, Passaic, Ijl LEG A NT COUNTRY PI.A-hT NEAR RARATOC.A - J For sals, a flncly situated aad urodtvuve farm oi 98 acre*. Jtg i??.,es ao?t of Pi.'igre Spring atSan toga. The hftuse Is new and thoroughly constructed In m idem slylc. with cupola snd verandahs. nad Is una of the mmtl 6on. Ty"00"* siraogml nnd taatefnlly proimrtloned dwellinra In tbaeour .rjr. It occupies the moil Aommandlng and attrao tlve situation In the region: baa 18 rooms, three marhle niHUtela, plate glaaa wtaAnwa throughout, L e'euinlly pspered and In line order. The out bii l.ilnya p.rid tenant nruae ere new nud Tlie nearnesa of this a'tna t'on to the moat eeleorstod walerlng ilaoo in the courtry the well to own and remnrkuhl* aaluhrliy of ibe loc.tloo, witho'her advantages, make tbl? s v.-ry deairahle place, and U vtll "OW St * bargain. For PA. .Iculurs addrcea Or. W. J. Yon man, 41 "9~>nf rw, New York city. IpOR SAT.R? A FIRST CLASS TUB^J STORY. HIOH I Sloop brown front Howe, 28ftuJ Wttb ?n mouo-U Improremeati, cnipeia, oilcloths, mantle and pier tlasse*' in h'u r lit ri"u1 VVd ?*V?v*. between tho PJJlL * ' j?w' M' au<1.4 1 ? M-; tUunle.1 No. 81 Urand street. fr^eirher^JrT' '?*?*<?*. N.J; flyr minutes'walk F0nouvIoaT-LMlinfKR/:RN' *? J- A >?AR'IR ?_ lV,"h",f "J1?1 "n ?1"are In flret rate neighborhood, jsc "nzvss zssl.*?s: s ?"???? fjlOIS RAT.F. OR EACH tViIR?A (lOTTADI AMD TTTTiTV, ?ores of Land, beauii fully eltnntad. fire mi Ice fr..m :?*. Nit'k Haieu Rail o-'d. Extensive view and perfectly heatlhy. Address E. J. Grangur, 193 Broadway, room If. wi'avLiwaaga SfIRJ"KR!! plantations witti valcablb iV proteinoni? for mfo or *zrb?nc? nn^m1"rl*i.0'l? *1 wiE"? "wnora who hare SoulUeru property for sale. No. *7 Nassau street, office No. 3D. ? a- B. LENT OOHIITRY RRRIORNCEH PGR betw^n\) a'rni'raic-'u c""!.1** ""?hln* L. I . midway Ua '!T. ?*"???? station and the steamboat lftB i.uK, Vr.^?fltoo?, Fdr mipi .md further DortftenKfa ^??^HTGN.Pon th?iSWTOSS WaNykh?to^ rwj, or bxchanar por city 1? 0|?fty to.MO aerss vslusbi- IMae Loads In the Atkte tS "j *!!?u x?'fn?m a railroad and sixty miles from bt I onia. Every thousand feet or lumber dellverwd i., St. Uuw will pay . profit of gu. Addmm Tl? hSTllBBmSi 1 000 ,lrRKR' WITH RAW^smiToLB. LATH AVtt i" 1 i wnasUut Bsltta: all kind * of wood turnlnr aad iHwitl?,1 ***' the city iuohsttor buaiuase: wd3 sail Herald oflloe. w"tfc meaos aJdraM Lumbar, KNTATBS WASTED, f/l^eimhSTd5Jki<n"A 'A,RTY LABORINO tNDBR Srty ?TTe a!ITvitl e m' "w",n? ? valuable Mining Prop. SsS^^ttirsr&s??aS,r H?HS1 1"., ir, 0"-""' ??*.... I ^Inl^T0.BlTT A.J1?KK 8*f?RT BRICK HOIT8E faetT^m?/faabloned hrlck nut lea* than sS ^W?l?/w^CT?B^^em7;f^ndfC'!p>K'cukr? ?OURK8 WANTBt) -TO BUT OR LKABR Apply to R. 11.^ WAi*I.EU-T,E0 R!BRT CLAiW noURRA LOOATFD ??= rSTrn one at $V8,OHO; not l"se than 31 feet front w ith WOOD * wiisoNWyS VVANip.G?^FOL'k LOTS, BETWKKN VIFTRFVTH a Hknreh hu^Lim,?t:' s?oon'- ?"<1 Fifth avenues Tsiarffg.savttjR'" ~;'u ?-?? W A?o!?,!'7rRVR C ASM RUSTOMBBS. THRRB BROWN RUth averuns. atgBtaig ioAvrSn'""' b*l'r,,e,, ,%*rk ?nd iO?y'iN.MlgLBtkHALL.? Na,?u_,fr^t. "YyANTKIl?1t> Pt'KCTfAsJC IMrRftVRII (|R t'VIM "'"r?cin? f~,n two to six U'm Dunne and Usual, i^h frITir?^?S *T'* h",-Tr''" fertfid. Addr s. Me^mTt! & ACM Potl alfflee. C?r,"r ^ E?SSr^ would do well to c?a .nd e.lnd. e o^, li?t or "" HOtfBKB. AtMJMI. dKH TO IsKxT AT|2i? 5?7,lT? d'^NUR.-HOrRBR TO LPT- I?r ? a r an i.gT pry. Po<t A FAMILY WIUa LliT TVFO KrpNKnrn chuudcller hot nn>i oo(M vratar bath l?*f?sp^rx^T' .I"*' Apply at A NEATLY FURNISHKI? SITTING ROOM tlh Trn Beurvtcm. to let for houseksaplnt CsBal?T7 <&IS? ?*"?* thraajlnors shore TMrly-nintfi strAt "?T??h AWsL"?w W^r^?V VnV:rT-'^,Hn*D WITH imil. m Sixth avenue, Kg P^A,^ J. H. TRRNOR. A LABOR PLEASANT second' PLrion rerun *1. it. Clsmant's plaoe. iXhnve*, wkauged!^ A JJHST FLOOR AND BASBMRNT AND OTItPn A SUIT OP PUBNISHBP rooms l^lSrllTOaRW Uemen nn r, ni 70 Fourth mi?.i ',"m^r' ?OhN. efiuara. Boferuimn raqutrid. A ?PP*"s Wnshtagton A "U1T ?P "lATLT PURNISHRr> ROOMH WfTH mm- U aTaBB ft Cll VlSar1 "e-e Tf aKaftJILe^ ?ew NBAB OA/iAL BTRBRT.?PIRBT CLAM 'Fgasmagga smaton. ytdgreasitT Hsr*35 W? ET ef.r*^,ART> ^fTT yrnsT NTRKBT.? F'llcail'^lw In1?rKI|i?T?^.1r >TOOP BRICK rL.igS^IT.ia,? rortw-flrih atrwwt. b??unfitly ssSkSsajr'Bya rrar HPUMCMv ROOMS. (WwTO LET. OTBL TO LEYMt-AT RUTHBBFORD PARK OH the "inn Iff river (49 rat a tit**); f miles from New York. ? Dec* ?>Mrk, ? from Peterson. Aooumodmtlou* ** M for iao r-i4-ORB k BBOW? ,, Nmmu Ilr^ HANDSOMELY FURnIsHRO E00M8. EN SUITE OR uaM, hewly ?u-4 ?f. with or wtthwl Board, at 7M -joORE TO LET AMD FURNITURE FOB 8AtBr.IKJ* El dealrehle part of Brooklyn: * neat private <<otdoo?*? It la famished with new ol rd walnut furnltare, oUflUSb* csrpete and i*bl* ware autUbi* for a *mall family; *"? Noun ha? every CMfHlettM, aad rraU for 8**pvj aa*un?. none need apply unless they with to pnrehsa* the furniture Address )L, boa i.757 Post sffioe. Wear York. rv? broadwat.-to let. ? splendid surr op 1/ Room a with Extension oa first floor, or the Second Ploor, furnished, or the Basement aad Parlor will he let. suitable for a me* business; location, near Oraoe church. Apply to WM. WILSON, 813 Broadway. Proposals will be rbobitrd till February 1,18*7. for reaMine Stores and Offices In th* Row Herald Building, on Broadway. Park row aad Ann street. Plana of the premises can be examined at the oflioe of the Superin tendent, corner of Pulton aad Nassau streets, I* whom the proposals may be directed. Proposals will re received till February I, 1*47. for renting Stores aad Offices la the Herald I Building, corner of Fulton nod Nassau streets. Plena of the promises ran be examined at the ofloe of the Superintend ent, to wham the proposal* may be directed. STEAM POWER.?FIRST LOFT M BLKKLKKR street; room apteadldly lighted; good steady power. Inquire of O. M. JACOBS, 171 Put too afreet. STORES?FIMR LOPT8, AND ONE-HALF OP P1RST Fleor to len?e. In Dey street. MOORE A NICHOLS, 40 Cortlandt street. STORE TO LET-ON THE BEST PART OP THE Bowery. Apply at 1R3X Bowery. STORE TO LET-LEASE AND FIXTURRR PORHALE: a Cigar Store, on the west side of the oity. Inquire ef H. ROSENTHAL, No. t Catharine street STORK TO LET AT %Q TIOWERY?23X90 FEET; SUIT, able lor an extensive retail humna**. Splendid location. Possession March I. Apply up nlsirn.

STORK NO. 43 YESK.Y STREET WILL BE TO Kit NT Mayl; premOes will be improved to nult Address K. P. Kneels No. 13 Fifth avcoun. STORE IN BKO.VUWAY. ABOVE THE FIFTH AYE nuo Hotel, to let; rent, $3,300; Immediate possession. Applr to HIRAM MERKIT1, real estate office. *? Third asanas. ?? TO LET-AN U FIXTURES, AC.. FOR SALE. THK J Raoemeut '2V7 Washington street, comer of Vssey; a first rate stand for the b'ltter. oheeee and egg businesr. Apply Immediately on lira prem'ses rLBT-A HMA I.I. FURNISHED HOUSE, IN OLIN Ion sir.set, Hio -Llxn, f ir six months fiats mKtdle of February; rout moderate. Address M., box kW Post office. New York. TO LET?UNTIL MAT 1. TWO I,OPT*. LA ROE ANT) 1 well lghtad. In premises No. Kit Broadway: rftnt J.-? , low. A| ply st office of J. A. VaN EVRIUJj. av nue. corner Tenth street. . ?? Fourth rl.RT?In A FKlv'VfK HOUSE, FURNISHED, for one or two gentlemen; $d pei mouth. lab West TbirtssMth street, between Seventh aad F.i-uth ars. TO LET THK ST 'UK \ND DW T.LI NO HOUSE NuK. 419 and 421 F ilton street, nnur City 11*11. Brooklyn, fitted up nnij a'.ocke I <rllh i. good relection of House Fur nishing lioods. Fancr Hood*. Notions, Ac. The prevent ooeutu nt going iu:o wholesale.* belnff the bet stand and doing the nest paring mall tr.ide la Dnoklji, la an ex coiiei't opportunity for a smill rspttnliL ->n the preoiLes tr to HA LOW IN A HON, Agents, renter of Wash ington snu V niton streets, Brooklyn. Stock and Hxturoj at valuation. Leuse over four ye >rs. aYO LNT-l'IltRT. THfRD 4ND FOURTH LOFTS, HIXE 35 by S3 fee., at t?l Wxireu street. Inquire oo first loft. IIO LET -TO ONE OR TWO MINGLE OK MILKMEN, A comfortable fttrulsbrd Ronin, third f.uor, with firs and gas. Apply at 8d Last FtiteentU street, near Irrlng place. TO LET?FOUR NIC"! ROOM*, JUST PAINTED AND papered, at 3ft* Third avenae, I. clour Twenty-eighth street; now ready for ocoupany; real $.4. Apply to aD AM8, PM? Brosdtvsy. rl.ET-A LARGE BASEMENT HTOKB, ABOUT 31 by 49 feet, on Broadway, 736. with lease. Inquire oa the pramisax, at ft. HUUILLON. r LET?TO A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY? Part of a first clas- Hones: has sll modern improve mania: restlnw. Arpir on ihn promises, 101 East Eigk'.y eeventh street, between Third and Fourth sTenoea. mo LET?Pi.XASANT USI'tiRNISHED BOOMS FOB A 1 email family, at 3fiJ TVeat Tblrty-tlJrd etruei. rLBT-A HOTEL: FEW MILKS FROM THE CITT. Far partteuUre apply at 14 Jeba street. f|W> LET-DESK ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR. APPLY 1 tu W. B, HttAJYEK^ ar.d 131 Broadway, room Ne. T. mO LET-HOUSE 64 EAST FoEf? FAtti Ml KBRT: Awl' ? r LET?AT SO BLBBCKER STREET, BETWEEN' Broad*ay aad B"wery. a Second Finer, furnl?hed t->tn pifitii tor houi?kf?npiu|; thru* bfdn>onn inrior, dliiiasr room, heth room end gas. Call for lb res dayaT T?? G LET, FPBNIMIIKD?WEST NfNETKRNTTI MTREFT, m. near Sixth ayesue. three story brick House; $330 per motttt. D. D. OKRK!,I? 78 Cedar street. Tn LET OE LEASE-FOE A FAMILY OKOCERY store, frum 1st of May negt, the Ptws and Cellar No. 30 Knrlng titrret. comer of Mott Apply to P. AMEKXAK, ldl Warren strret TO LET OR LEASE FOR A TERM OF YEARS?Til K rat:re Horned and Thlru Floors of the Daily News Building hn. litt'hatlinm strnrt. For furthrr psrtlculsra apply to the Collector of City Rare, nue, Cemptrol ire's f lttre. Klt.'H AltD n. CONNOLLY. Comptroller. Courttioude'sOiriCk. Stw Yoex. Jan. 17, 1947. mo I/Kksli roK A TERM OF YI'.A IIS-THR LARGE 1 fttn4l?J7Ahdb\Um?nt br'-bk Du l'Vr.g ?oqthos*t coy. nsr i-TOudaue and Brjuuie slrtb U. fuf thr if year* eataV llshedal a furniture ?l >re. Apply ?? JOHN MBXTON. 46 flth streak or JOHN HAYS. 363 (lud.^t ?l.cet, Kxeeulora. lO LEASE, FOR A TF.KM OF YEARS, THE BUILD inrt Noi. 7, 9and II Lalghl etrr-et. ?" J. C. BAILEY. 10 Fifth street TO P.ENT-A TWO STORY AND BA8KMKNT FRAME lion's. In % desirable location Aoply to W. B. WALt'M:ON A CO., IhJ West Frrty-trrth street, qf?r Eighth avotitie. . m ? ??? TWO HANDSOME FUKNISIIKI) HKJOMH STORY Front Ke- ios. Inquire at !?) Wea' Ninth strret. 70Q BHD\DW AY?VERY T?E*II'\B!.E FRONT I OO aeoetd niM>r*tiuW occ Ipled by a i:ulltn*r, L> ie* or and llltures fur tale. Appijr to M . MAKUOU, $1 Duat.n street. IIIH SES. ROOEUs AC., WMTBBt A FAMILY OF TUKVE OBOW? PERHON8 WANT part of a House, four or llfs Room* tor ho isekeep ug; below T*!.rt)-four:b e'reet preferred. Addrraa, with prtee and lt>c.ilion, II. A. II., Herald uffiw. A FULL SIZED Foil It STORY FURNISHED IU>t'*B A wanted, on Klfih avenue, with Inmiedlate puseasion. A cuta need tot nuawer. M. L. M. U , 148 Broadway, room No. 4. AKURMBUKI) KOOd WANTF.D-IN A RKHUKCT abiti Fftueh or Atn?rl"in fsnttly. Adirutw, Wltfc te. i.ts A. D , Hotel du Ni>m, ho. *9 l.owery. Droo store.?wanted To buy. a well paying atnnd for cash. Agenu m-rl not aeewer. Address, with particulars, A. C., llcrsld u.. -e. F?VROrK.-WANTNO. MAY I (OR BEFORE). PON !s one er mute yrar*. ly awrii known and re>pertat,Je^>hy atrdan, a h?ed?om*lv furnKi>ed llouee. In e gt?di aeqptuor hocd, beta 1-en Eighth sad Thirtieth sheets. Feurtb and Sixth arenueg; raul must he renaoesble; references gt?.m and lequtietL Principals inly .belt with. Address for eae week. Phv?lc4en. care ol Hn>; A Co.. 754 Broadway. Manufaotohy wanted, must be fxoekd luglv well Cabled and abu idautly supplied with water. Addrrvs.'wltb full partioulara, Miua Kslector Company. 638 Broadway. _ ROOM WANTED?ccitablr for an amateur Dnun'.Ur Axsis-'attun to be used permsnently. Upper fio..r uf e dwelling or store wou d auswer. Looet'on- not to be aboye 1 wesity-vlith street or nest of Second avenue. Ad dre-s for three days stage Manager, station A. USFURNIMIED HOUSE WANTED-MAT I, IN A DE. slr.vble looatlon; eentrsl nre. erred. for a first class panv. smaU family. A Idrsee, with particulars, Johnson, box 301 Herald < WANTED?A SMALL STORK. SITUATED ON SOME I good buataeee street, ta New York or Brooklyn; rent not to be svl $3u per month. Address O. C., box AIM Poet office, New Tcrk rfty. WANTKO? FOB A RESPECTABLE BUSINESS, which lakes much room, e vsoant eburab er e hall, er a sbep building from two to t hrre Om.ra. Apply le J. CON RAD. Commtaalnn aad Btn'nnss Agent, offioe 401 Mlnth ar. WASTED-FOR THE SUMMER MONTHS. A COM YY ptately ferelebed Country House, with Stable, within aaa beeria rereseuadeatlon of City Hell; reel not to eieeed $70$. Addreest with full pertleutare. box 3.4W Feel office. Wanted?a furnished boom on first floor, with aa unfurolabed Roam, bye lady elooe, for the dreemaabing business; loeatlon from Fourth to Twentieth ?XreeL.b#>wnee Foufth aad Blitlt even use. Address PsptaUn, ANTED-TO BENT, FROM 1ST OF FEBRUAKY OE let ef perch next, a three story House, hetweeo Four UffAMTBD?OHB LA BOB BOOH, B1TITABLR BOB A Vf btaek book maau factory, er eae large Boom and ^^jrsy.tfsayjr^gig WANTED?A FURNISHED COUNTRY HOUSE; FITS (l^BbWafieSea* W,J" ^ *?* lark. Ad WANTED IMMNBIATSIaY?furnished and ue^ feretahed Homes* la omMral locahtler for reopoMi btatee?ta. _ WOOD A WIlAcN. Real Batata Ageau, 68 Broadway. IDitlf*) TO MINE?A SMALL PLACE; A BASIL If MMlfsw SMSwer; rant moderate, between Fultee aad Ohemhtu etroata, West end Ureeawleh rtreeta. Ad Irea* far foRr Jay* Frodecs. bee Ml Meratd effic*. - i^ENTIAMKNTPLRtOHAUR Y4MTE CBOlOK CtOABS Ijr at m Bros<f*ty. of the pretty agar gpu The frmgranea M Savor ef her weed* will empty repay fof th* euL 881 aad MMfM _?UKOPE4I ITB1WIHIPI. X*?*" *2. ltowool, calling at queens. E* oiZi 8uii"iSisi.UM' -*"? ????*"? TIT? or nrWr'ni BaioMMj, January ML CTTY oJ wwm&.W Wedaaeday. January S rirj r!S Jtotury^ Air or bostom08:;;-.:;" ^SS&'rwS 1 w-^rrsu. OP PASSAGE. rV" PayJ&ftJSE "WMWr "*?? STEP S|"W2^* I to Parts. 41 StoerZ^nsd ? w5<ieedey steamer! First Cabin. $80; Pumm .^"Table la United Bute* oi.rreocy. Ar raa^sr1-10 h"t*'H*mbur* r* ff '1* Liverpool or Queenstown, $87 eur *h "rTi I .ju *** bought bora by paraoua aanJinf lot Enr further Information, asplr at tha Company's oBw, JOHN 0. DALK Agent, \ Wow ^ M Broadway, now Tort RATION AX 8TBAM NAVIGATION COM TAN T. 8TEAMBB8 WEEKLY ^LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT Wrlnii ptar ?T N?rt?l|?4?^TrJSwn:. Snv Ani'!lt!> Cutting. Saturday. January 111 T5wi?y?wIt (^"Pt*^Oro??n. Saturday January ML VT?mlri. ,n i^'.nola*,n 1 Sumrday. Kebruarr 1 J^sssxx^kEss. * ^Thro^paaaayi to Parta. Antwerp, Hamburg, Ermaan, oSSm'STI'S p*ymhU u*ku For fralarht and esbiu paaoege apply at the offloe at tha company, ?7 Broadway. AndjH,t##r"s[# tlekeje a* the passage offloe of the oom pany, *7 Broadway and SI Pearl street, near Pulton. r. W. J. HURST. Manager. Tub north oprmab llovd'b steamship BRRMFN. TV. A. J. Naynabor. master, carrying tha United Hmtee mall, will aall from tbn Bremen pier, foot Of Third -tree!. H oho ken. ou V BrWM? SATURDAY. JANUARY IB BREMEN YIA'SoCTHAW'.TftW TAKING PARSENGK* awn?* LONDON, HA\ ItE. SOUTH AM'-raw ien iitFVFIf currency"^*1*' rmtB* in gold or iU equlvele'nt'tn 0*b,?? *1*" oobln, $78; steerage, ?'?*,neblp UNION, J. H. Yan Ban ten. mister, on Febrr . ?g ljur ' For freight or loT-ugn apply to ? _ OK LWcHg^A ca.JB Broad atreat. T'lP. GREAT R48TRRN. HAVING PTRRT v._v - oonmmodatina for A300 passengers, will aall front *> " <llr' "t t0 H,*#t on !h* *" of April Further In ,'Vi* a* regard? prtoe* of passage, will bo advertised ?J^^ort iimo. r\NLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. \ / The Oeneral Trantatlenllc Company*! Msll Steamahipa between New York ana Hay re calling at Brest. The splendid new rrteele on tWs favorite route for tho "T-l.T Sill) rmm cter 50. North rirer. wnwiwD , PART^. Bnrmont, Saturday, Jan. It 5r Saturday. Feb S. uen!>?? 2! ' Boeande, Saturdev, Fob. DSL PRRKIKh. Huehecne, Saturday. Mar. P. aw. u. T,L'K OF ""ABBAO* tN GOLD, rirst atwn^fihq- oecoudctbln, |l?i; tnciu ling wina. Afioaa <?*?',men, do n?W Carry iloei*,i|4 paaieuceri. Mrdieal attendnn j. free of ehnr?e. Paaer igere intending to land at Breel eae be furnlahed on botn-d wlih railroad coupon tlckeunnd theirbagtface checked to Parle at nn additional charce of $5 fur tiret and $S for accond claea. OEOROE MACYRNZTE, Agent. IW Broadway. CTEAM TO OI.ASOOW AND LIVERPOOL, 1 ' Calling at T.ondonder.-y to lend pawengeri and malla. THE FAVORITE PASHRNQKB STEAMERS OF THE ANCHOR LINE BAIL EVERY SATURDAY. KINODOM anila Saturday, .Tan. II 'OWA. aufle Sotarday, Jan. SB CALEDONIA aalia Saturday, Feb. 8 From pier 44 North rlyer. RATES OP PARB.iOB PAYABLE IN CURRENCT. To Ltyenmol, OUegow and Derry, oabina. $MtandB70; steerage, Pren Id oorl'Hcatee from tbe*e port* to New York, B8A To Hayro. Hambilbg. Antwerp.>c , $100 and $87 ror rurtlier iriforn'.tlon ipnlyatthe enmoanr'a ofllrea. FRANCIS MACDONALD A CO.. Agents. No. fl Bowling Oreou. New York. TONDON AND NKW YORK RTKAMSIIIP LINE. J Pneaage hi l^indnn direct. $W, $d0. and $30, eurronoy. P*?"?e from London $75. $A>. and $30, gold/ 'Nf.LONA. Captain Dlznn. from New York Pebruary B. ?2*SJ*Y,A. Captain Oleadoll. from NewTork Februarydl. WILLIAM PRNB, Captain Billing#, from New York Fa oru*py 37. AT4LANTA, Captain nnkham. from New Yerk Marrb 11 The British iron steamship HP.I.LONa, Captain Dtxon, will Jeuye ptor No. S North rlror for London dlreR on Tuesday, Pebruary 1 ? ? Frydght will he Ukeo and through hUta of lading ylren to Rarre, Autworn. Rottnrdam, Am<te.-dam and Dunkirk. P***VI "Pf'T CHAR. A. WHITNEY, M Broadway. Por fmight apply at M Booth etreet. ' ' ROWLAND B ABPINWALL. AgenU. OTBAM TO QUBBMBTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. Prym NewYork orary Wadnmday and Batu-day. Tha MANHATTAN sails from New York on Thwrodny. Jan. 84. fromjpAer 87 East rlror. Cabiii paeaago $8U, gold. Steoroge $30. ourroncv. Passage to Bow York and retnlt tnneoa to Ireland at low rsieo. ' i a . ^PP'FW ^wILLIAMB A OUT ON, * M Broadway and 88 Sooth *4root. The hamburaj American packet company's Iron nnll eteajnahlp ? ? .. 8AXONIA Hoeok. commander, esrrytag the United States matt, will sail on Saturday. Janiur^tR^A U M.. for XmdoifWeee,,*e? '* Hlkailml* Rnrro. Southampton tad First cabin, $1?; second eabta, $78; steoragn. $37 N, paya ble In onUVor IU cnulyalert. The uI'lKMANIA will follow Fehmary 8. KLBHARDTA CO.. C. B. RICH ARDS A ROAN. _, <*euera! Genml Pitsj?uiRr Aietiii. <5 Exchange place N. Y. No. t Barolay street. S. Y. CTEAM TO LIVERPOOL AND QUKKNHYOWN TWICB k> A WEEK. PASMAOB8JOOURPKVCY. Prepaid licksts from IJyorpool or t)noeustomt $33, car rfincy. _ . TA PBCOTT BROS. A CO, M Boulh street and (8 Brrwdway. STwnYwTO 9l'EENSTOWN AND LIVKBPOOL- T71K KRIN Kails Rsturday, January It. Passage $30 cur rency ; prar.iid ticketsI $3ft Drofu m England !n.l Ireland at lowest r-tas. Aimly at THOMPSON'S parage ..ffloe, 873 Pearl^slroot, near Fulton. TJKY.,T7A?''^STnaRh*TBnlTAf*ANniRhLAND7 Ur?fu f*r ?' ?nd npwards, payable nn demand. Issued at .uwest rale* hrTA I'St'OTT. BROS A CO., m South ?treel, and J& Broad way. COABTWI ?pACIFfC KAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY^ *? -> PJjJ. THROUGH LINE VIA PANAMA i*4IL30 4D. ^ n??*? *?FMt, at WtMmLDKN CITY, C.puin .T.^r v ?k|r~ 0<mn"rttn? AllI departures touchi at Acapuln,,; ib,,s,- of 1st and 21st Ut s'nd ? lh'fn^ T ^ fnr South Pacific p .rto; 2?Kt ManraniUo An.erle.n ports, sad thoro of 1st ,?f ',th """h month connects with the new slasin line fmu, Fsnam, ,o Australtaand N-w Zealand. 8te?mei of March 11, I HUT. will cnnect with the rom. pary a steemer COLORADO P, s ?n FranolKco for ?ervl non? Knn"- "* Ami a IW7 ,or altptL^^fiallowed each adu.t. Me.l'Hnca and .. J "^'"e-Age tickets and all further iefnrmetlon "apply at th, .rty^on the wharf, feet at Canal cireet. North rT?^ now rort. y. R u\lv. Agent. XltiR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA aT'FFX^rtn^.Y2t",,n*',l? f-WMMnye steamer OCEAN riii.7 Monday, Jan. If, at 14 o'clock noon. ?e-igl.l rn<y:?H as *su:M mZrmi&iftl Icgu're at thefreight oitoo, on cnmpeoyk r wr, 41 North river, foot of (Vtml atreM. WB1X.S. FARGO A CO.. Bole freight agents P. M. A. 8. Co. F03HT. THOMAS AND BRAZIL IJNITKO H4\TKs AND BUaZIL MAIL BTRAMSHIP *"L OF the Sd of sninn .4w?.K,RA> f;?Pt'ln L. P. Timmcrmsn, January 83. orilu, A.Captain R. L. Tlnklcpeugh, Febriwrra ii , HTAK- Captain Geo. B. Slocum. Maroh S. Theac elegant ele?mcr? eall on schedule tlma and call at St. Ihnmas Pans. Prrnaml'tico. Bahtaand Rio Janeiro, going ? """*? ttmrrAtm -? No. I Bowling Green, New York. OPFCIAL NOTICB ?SIMAL AND VERA~CRUZ-POST. - ... poo^m."nt '? consequence of the serone atorm. -The oalllns of the staamer ALABAMA, from pier No. 8 Norlh rl?cr baa lean postponed until Monday. January 31. at 8 P M. Passagu and freight ofilee jg Broadway. _ CHAJ^R^WHITNET. Agent. FOR GALVESTON. TEXAS.?BAILING WEFKLyZ Teiesiiae. The AI steamer WILMINGTON. Captain KKSuk'SLzyia" a.KU'1'',"CTrTAi3SR,y?s:??as'air HHavana and MBW oBLRaMS ?? ? WKDNKSHAY, .'AVfART WKDS ORlAI tkntio, ^^^???iTLY Kbt>; ckd rata-:. ? NO DKTKjmO* ON BAH AT BEVY OttLK VM*. Tbt new And oUgaot aldewborjjMeaouklp MANHATTAN, . TiimtAH U now neoMag freight, And will toil u Abort from pitr Mow .MorUrtmTOCjr OR PAMAOR (It Hoi tod Malta tori owcj \ rtr*t 'bates or riwi'rtlfr1 tor^Cworle an a'" SO maU per ruble (tool for dry good*, Ac. ? conto pat eablo fool for bat* aai boot* And thorn, II C mato prr galloa for all liquor*, ocat par pound forMn^H^ I^^Hkairy good*. Imu.t ho otrapood fttlghlMgtgtrntBtO mado At Ihooffiot, C. A. WKUTNEtTAftnl. ?a? U*a FOB MEW ORLEAXB-TRK NEW TURK I H <>n oatan (teamen will Sglfet .. OB Hatarday, r.hl fisISfu.'^K A"1 n??arn*jr. ^^^^^HrRISUM. rreadeat, No. I Bowline Omen. MB AY ORLKANB DIRECT, The new and M ola*. ?lr*m*h!p OENRRAt, MRADR, ?Wi" <-?~s,'7 -smfcr^ Tht Q BO BOX WAAH1MQT0I wUl follow"***1^ OOltrWOT TOAM?OT. POI NEW ORLRAMS-BLACK STAR LINK.-TUB F ?*?*?*** BONVGOHBBT. Captain Fairotolh. wSI leave North nrer, oe Uaturtay. J an nary It. IH7, Rl *! <L For I might or naeeaja. having haadJM>me iomiiibii^ R. LuffDli. Act at, ooraer of Cedar Md A fen I Id Nov OHstu *. A For I night orpaaaage, having hi '.?baa. apply 10 B. LOWdZB, Agent, Wool street*. DAVID MoOOARI) Are IjTOE 1AVAMNAH, OA-. BVKRY TCBBDaT. J BURftATS BTBAMBHIP LINK. had elegant Steamship VIROO. R. M. RnlMos will hJi from ptor ft Boot rlror, foot of WoB ir. January BiliP B. The IbbPHHBIPIBIHI street, Tuesday. January BtllP. B. Through btflaof lading and paoaafo llckeU glvoo taBB points ta connection with the Georgia Control lUArnsSt Freight reeoleod dally. For freight or paasue apply to BDBBAT. FERRIS A CO . S and 62 South at EBFIRB UNB FOB SAVANNAH. Brory Saturday, from pier No. IS North rtvpr, / Punctually at Jo'clock F. B. The favor 1 e sidewheel steamships SAB SALVADOR, Alktaa. oommaoder aalle January It HN JACINTO. Lor eland, commander aaiU January 18 hrough Uekata and bUla of lading to all point* la 00aaoa. tlon with Coairal Railroad of Georgia, Atlantic aad Oodl Railroad aad Florida ateamora. Harrison a allbn. No. a Bowling omen, b. t. rR SAVANNAH. OA.. BVBBT THURSDAY.?TBB Atlantic Coaat Bail Hloaiaahlp Compauy'a aldoarhM "oBNk'SaL BABNB8, OapUla Morton, oalla Thiiradag^ jLIVINOSTON. Oapiala Baker, aaDa Thniodag. J^?roa7p*er M North river, at S F. B? araataaly. Through paaaaga UckeU aad.bigs of lading to aB potato* eonneclion with the Oootrel Railroad of Georgia. 9m CO.. Agonta. SB Llborty stiaaj _ lTiOR CHARLESTON, 8. C? THB FLORIDA "Foiai t aad tao South and Boothweat-ReguUr United SUM Mall Una?.One of the favorite aad ologaat atoaaiahlpo QUAKER GIFT ^alusxa.^ lading glrea to all pom la la connection with too Ma Carolina Railroad, had paaoage ticket# Uaaed_ toaMpf.lhf principal cltiea la the South and SouthweaL Btlta of lading aUaadea the Bier. For paaaagn or any Information opal# Mgnea on ibo pter, wtUUua **2(7 The 8AKAQ08LA wUI rail on Saturday, January IS. FOR CHARLESTON, S. C.?THE PEOPLE'S BAIL steamship Company,?The regular and popular Boom ?hip BONBKA. Captain Lehhy. will leave 011 Wadneadag. January 21 at 3 P. M., from pier No. M North river, land. In* freight 00 Saturday morning at Charleston. Through ticket# and b!lle of lading loaned to all petada South In oonnectloa with the South Carolina Railroad. LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO.. Ageata. SB Liberty .treat. CH>R RICHBOiD, NORFOLK AND C1TT POINT, r The aide whogltUnnaoflfp* "* HATTEAA9. Centaln \leianMg... Every Saturday. ALBEMARLE, Captalu BourW. Everv Wedneadtjk At It M.. from pier 36 North river, giving through bill* of lading. An., to all peinto oat he Seaboard Railroad had Ha ronure' loot LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO., Agonta, *8 Liberty 1 TRAVRLLRKS' OriDE. Hudson river and harlem railroads.? Traina for Greenbuab and Troy, connecting with North. ern tra na leave New Tork, via Hudson River Rallroa^ Thirtieth atreei and Tenth avenue. S and 10 A. M.. and SriK 6:30 nnd 11 P. M.; and via Harlem Railroad. Twenty-aiath etrret and Fourth avenue, at 11 A. M. and 4:15 P. M. Thu 6:11 P. M. train vU llud-?n River will mti on Sunday#, sleeping car* attached to 6 30 ahd 11 P. M traina. Sunday train on Bodaoa River Road. New York to Polish* kft-nsle and return. leaving New Vork af ?:WiA. M.. and < lfnriein ltnad, horty-Reooml atreet te Blllerton and Leavlug New Terk at t A. M. WM. H. VANDERRILT. Vice PrealdeuA PRESIDENTS OFFICE, HUDSON RIVER RAILROAW Company, New York, January 14, 1867:? The Hudson River Railroad Companr give* notice that thu arrangement heretofore existing between thla company aad the New York Central Rnlroad Company h ivlng been tee initialed by the Directors or the New York Central Railroad company, UiU company will, after Thursday, the I7tb day off January, Instant, ouly aell tickets and check baggage over their own road, and will ouly recognise UckeU sold at thdlr own olleea and by their own agent*. I'naaergera will after that date be ticketed and baggaaa checked to and from Qroenbtuh, or Khtt Albany, the termL nua of the road. The aame rule wUI be observed aa to frelaht. C. VANDBKRlLT, PreatdeaL PROPOSALS. SEALED proposals Vill'biTrbcrived BT 1 1 rosters of the Eleventh word. at the office of the Otoffe or tke Board of Education, corner or Grand and Blm until VtdiNdir. the Slat day of January. 1067, at U o'c^l noon, for the erection and completion of a new primary school house on the two lot* of (round on Seoond street, bn tweooarenuee C and D, in aatd ward. Plane and epodflen ttous for aald aehoothouee can be aeon at the office of lha I Superintendent of School Building*. .No. M Cruelty etieet. Proposals muat atnle the eatimate for each branch of the work separately, aud be endorsed "Propoaala for e?wa I work," -Propoaala far carpenter work.1' "Proposals fee painting" Tworeaponalblaand approved sureties will be required (knot each successful bidder, and no prapaanl wm I lw considered in which no auiettee are named. The School Trustees reserve the riant to reject nay or effi dCthe propoaala efferod, If deemed for the public taterectan HIRAM WISH BR, BOWARU MIKHUNO, Can rotary. Board of Troateaa Eleventh wild I Dated Paompn M, HM ~.W ? H I IIIII.IHI > d FACT.-NO IB POSITION.?MRS. STAHR. rtOB A. Europe, born with a natural gift, (resteat budge? aad medloil Qlainrovaot known, ahowa you sn?? I neaa of future husband; brings together long aaparatadj cjsiscs speedy nrmrrlagea; tells his name. She aneoeedatr?B aQethara fall. SO Fourth avenue. Oenta not adnii'ted. MMADAME ROSS, MEDICAL CLAIRVOYANT, HAM I removed to 119 West Fifteenth atreet, near Slatb a? nue. She shows you the likeness of your future hnshanA M ADA MP, WALTERS, DISTINGUISHED CLilRYOT. ant. Vlalt her tor everything?sickness, MH" theft, names, numbers, pood luck. SSI Usual street. MEjm'JA ... A -MADAME GRIN OLE, FEMALE PHYSICIAN, N<E . 6 Amity place, can be consulted on all female com. plaints. Pleasant rooms fur ladies who desire good aarMnffi and medical attendance. _____ A M. MAURICBAU. M. D.. PROFK8SOR OF MIDWIFE at r?, thirty years1 practioc, at 131 Liberty street. Gear autre fjftatp relief <o lal'ea, frog) wM'.Crpr Sg"9L A BLESSING TO LADIBfl.?A IaDY WRITES:?FOB* lugnese Female Pills rnMeved me In one < ey, without Inconvenience. like mucin Price *9 Dr. A. M. MAORI* CK AD. office 119 Liberty hire*'., or sent by mall. VdvicF J1 tie, Bel fflFs, till Greenwich street Always certain.?a lady writes?"i sfbnt ?A) ou other doctor*. Dr. Powers1 Venule Pills ? lined ni- In six hours, without inconvenience, Ilka magic.'* I'r re (0; sept by matL Ifj Kim fctffeet. A TRUTH.?MADAME DKSPARD'S FILLS ARB WAR* ranted to givr certain relief to ladles. Prior ?&. MB Bowery, opposite .sixth street. Hours, 9 A. M. tog F. BL Med-clues sent by mall. A -DR. ORINDLB AOOOVOIIKDB TO THR PRtVATM .I.ylng In Institute, Its. 6 Amity place. Good board, nursing and ie*die.xl sttcn.Unae AH. UNFORTUNATES SHOULD CONSULT DM. CRINGLE. No. 6 AmUy place. Sure relief lu aU spe cial complaints. ConetiltalIons free. -....* (NONFIDBNTI AL CONSULrATIONU._[?R. R. CORBET* } member of N. T. IT. Me llrul Collets and R. C. Hurgeoee London, can becou.utt^J as nan>1 oncecum dueitea Of fer at Centre street, near Chambers. M. B.?No fee i nONFYwfSTUr. I'oNilfL'fATIONS.?DR. KENNEDY \J can be con-iilted with nerur fulling atom Office ISA Kim struck N<Mee unless cored. CHARI.SS LUTZ8, M. D.. MB HROADWaT. UATIM iwe itv yenr.1 atiprdasful practice in this city, | W? a o-/?llf*e and Immediate relief to eve-y Lady requiring special medical nt surgical treaunnnl from whatever causn, During this time thousand* ef ladies have- been relieved ? their difficulties wl.bout one tostaaue of failure, lliseusg . and safe mode of treatment is endoraed by the whole medi cal profession. N. II.?The best accommodations fur ladlaa who wish to remain during trealmeil. / lONSI.LT NEVER FAILING DR. KENNEDY, 1?S MOT* V' street. Only offioe for permsoont|curee without meg. eury. DR. POWERS1 ELIXIR OF LlFB RRBTOB8S TUB meat shoi lured svatrmtn one weak, .success ce rials. Only office IHS Elm streek R. KFNNRdTTsThF. SUCCESSFUL DOCTOR D eonault. at 196 Kim street, the only office for pei cures nithout mercury. DBB1LITY.-DR. KENNEDY'S MAGICAL INVIOORA tors will Immediately produce a perfect in niriHsW. Consult personally or address for circular, 196 Elm streek Dm. hunter oan cure worst cares of obb, taiu diseases, without msrnnrv, In shorter tlma than a? other physician, or ? pay taken. No. * Division street, slaag DR. POWERS1 ELIXIR.-THE INVIGOTIATING ' eliie long sought for, never before found. The net* remetly lor debility, nervousaasa, liny. Office 196 BMffi street. Call there or write. DMK. LEWIS1 PRIVATE MEDICAL IMrflTUTE.? ? Balabbshml fur the protection oi the unfortunate, and perfect cure of diseases so little amis mood in general, and so miserably treated by nnprlnrtpled pretenders. OA? Re. T Beech stroek KsUhllshed Ibffi. EHLKCTRICTTT PObinVKLY mblibtbs at onob. ? without twin or etposure. Avoid dangerous drugs sag TBeratlona. kemedlea gA Dr. and M ismi DUaOiST* Third arsons. Board provided. CinetiU tmjtoo. CHMBDIATB BBLHIF FOB LADIER?NOTBIFLINOL Hbm whatever osase. by DR. BOWER*1 tufa Whig ^?ieh Extract. 196 Elm si rest. sore at easd trial. Offioe ll? Kim street T ADIKS'^NBFAOrOR-INFALLlBLK BKOULATOB. L Dr. rOWXKr only French Ferlodical Rgtracta. Dasg thlny knewn. ^ Rsltef in twenty-foar batua guasaaMOd Iffik TRRAT aBRitmn. NREDING CONyTDENTIAl. MRDlCAi ' trealment sbeuld eonault Df, II AREiBUN, ?9 Ruth a? Bi ffiPH ytlh eaOsfaritoo. Oegsoiiattee all home. mHRH .VrSTTfi Coatultal fpHB AflToNlHHlNa 1 of Ufa renders II tl giaeovartd. It stands o 1rD0CBS> OF POWERS1 RLtxm the most vslusbla proparaUia grog uurlvaUed a?d aiuue. Offieg IMBiaa